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MARCH 1 lf2.
lUnofficlal House Commit
tee Defers Its Own Hear
ing Which Was Set for
Next Wednesday.
Washington, March !5 Ci The
house, unofficial committee for modi
. f-u'ion of the, Volstead act will gi-e
Hie senate 'uiiciary committee first
"I""'!; at testimony on prohibition
ei.i v'iU defer Its own .hearing !
for l,..::'. Wednesday
Trie commute fill coopers'
1:ly with the finite official bod?
tn-l in addition has appointed a
spokesman to pietei.t i's ies and
those, of modification senators to the
ro.mnii-.'ee, nhirh win begin its
siot,.s (Mi April ?
'!-. ,vor! sir.m is William H
f 'avion. -s?'ri' j.ai of the a?-fcci.-ition
against th prohibition
Rj:iimvnt. and chairman of tee
:oun ig,s:vi-.t- committee- He 'ill
be assisted by Julian Codman of
J'ofitcn, n-fc.-j will difnir legal as
p -cs of prohllTun Wc-r the com-
r i.-lon I.a- t Nlq'it
This ac'mr; decided upon a',
conference last night of 54 repre
sentatives a n tight senators !n
favor of modification, "ho met un
fi'r the chairmanship of Rprcn'a.
'i'e Hill, republican Maryland. The
! ) : -r. : f-f. Mr I r i ' I said, com
V"!. a'! l-.-.r !!m members of the
vr-okila! molifi'viw committee c!
'ft, borne, of which h is tfe head
When the aenate committee con.
i dudes I't hearings on April 17 the
house moltflcationlsts may decide to
hold, their bearings, Mr. Hill said, tn
; tha belief that "the time ha coma
I to unita on one specific method for
modification of the prohibition law "
In the r.ian'lme. there ii no in-
' dkation that prohibition discussion
in ar.d out of congress la to lag In
j anticipation of an exhaustive ex
position at the nae hearing. The
subject was linked -ith the next
preslirntial elec'lon In a speech tn
'he smut yesterday by Senator
1 Bruce, democrat. Maryland, one, of
the wets. He suggested that the
democratic icket in 19:? be led by
some on "like Alfred Smith of New
York, or Albert Klrchle of Mary,
land," pledged to see that conditions
of !t ehservar.ee, decency and re
spectahillty are restored In the
I'nl'ed State "
All Not piotspd
That ho idea did not set well
-ith other lmoer' was Indicated
by Relative- gestures by som. in
cluding Bleas of South Carolina
ar.d Glass of Virginia, --nils the
speaker was heckled at times by
McKellar of Tennessee and Neely
of West Virginia. Senator Bruce,
who was replying to an address by
Seiwer McKellar In fa' or of pro
hibition, declared the 'law la ab
tolutely unenforceable" and that
'he reason more liquor Is, not made
In homes s "because It Is cheaper
and easier to buy boo-leg liquor."
The s-lr created In the house yes
terday by the statement of r.epre-
. sen'a'lve La Guardla, socialist, Nc-w
York, that an attempt had beer
made to dispose of SCOni'n in
whiskey certificates which had be-
long-J to George, IV-mus eonM"td
I Cincinnati boo'les-gr, drew an echo
j!st night from Mutt Hlukel, Clee
i land sportsman named by Mrs l.a
jGuardla as the ager.t through whom
th transaction wa? to be made
Mr Hinkel said he had handled
'thn certificates as a broker and that
. 'Kh operaMons are recocni:ed as
legitimate transactions He said h"
received the certif!cats through an
attorney, while Mr. La Guardia
charged they were supplied by
Franklin fe. t'Odge, former depar'-n-.en'
of j-js'ice orera'lve
Scoffs at LiGunrdia
At Indianapolis. Vnifed P-af-s
Mirshsll Linus P MerediMi mil"
lieht of Mr. La Guaidi.Vs s'ant'-r.t
that part oi the 3f.tM li'-juor stocl;
taken from Kemus m n.-j na $,t.
tri'"-ared from ls t'oi-ehins'- bu'
p.vr'hle he. anno-inced thj nv
' In-entory 'ould begin at pro.
To he gfnoral discussion of
prohibition is added the comment of
fir Mat'ht.'w Nathan, former go-er-soj-
of Queensland, v ho has stopped
he.re en route to England from Aus
tralia Sir Matthew viewed prohibi
tlou as a "splendid thin? to have
dared." and he hoped it would be
gi-en a thorough trial here H-.
added that two votes on prohibition
.In recent y,-?.rs in tju-rslar. 1 h i
gone against it.
Spokesman lor Workers Prom
ises More Than 60,000 Votes ,
H.irntburr Fa. March :s i.T
The United States mine workers and
'heir friaods are dtters'.ined to elect
Governor rir.ch.ot to the United
?'a'-:s sena'e nl defeat Senator
George Vhartoa Feppr and Cor.-
tiessrn-.n Vjium S, Vare. the go--. '
f r s cppor.ema In the three cor
nered r-i ;
fo ssser'e-d Philip Murray, lrer
rviona! vice-president, Ihoma!
K'-r.r.edy international secretar'
ifasurer John Erophy and T T
Fa ran. dis'rict presidents of ts
miners organization, in a statemen'
protesting sfin the sira-e;ien tha
Go'-emor Fmcho-. n'ithdrjf
'"or.ftjn-in :p! March
Comcld-r.- wi'h .-:) , :-? ., rr,,j;,.,
:or wom'ii ;n Turk-'v more 'f item
-rt; lan-iing in prit.cn tht-in e'er i:i
the. hls'cry of -he -cuntr- rw
chief of police of Cer.rsr.Mn'fp' v,
"rdered th arrf. c: me n-c.ai'.!:
found 1'aling in erit"!:ri of 'h
dress and relic-iou? t.-;(iw 0;-dlsse-mina'ing
piopjgan-i.) friijir.?
"Hri :onhl--:ic in Mas-iph.
K'ma! P35h,a.-s co' r::mr.' Ti ...
arres-s alr-ady ha-e been mad'-
-ot'-rs am
i s 11 e de.
labor e!:
aa many more
" i'-es and families
citizens fee! exact!
e believe the sam
true of oieani.''
hrouehou f,i
Clothes that have won fame .
fortune and fair lady
for fifty years
Common Sense laughs or weeps . . . when it
hears some vain man boast that he reached suc
cess in sloppy clothes.
It can be done, of course! But why use bare
knuckles to batter down the Door of Success,
when you might turn the knob and walk in?
Making your own difficulties may be heroic,
but it surely isn't sensible.
A' good appearance unlocks opposition and allays
prejudice. It opens the way to the favor of men
and the hearts of women. Your father knows!
Some day, he'll tell you the important part
played in his courtship by a certain famous let.
ter "K" woven in his inside coat pocket.
It proved a ''Letter of Credit" when he set forth
to close the biggest sale of his life I
For conquests, both of heart and fortune,
Kuppenheimer has been furnishing the ward
robe of success to achieving men for more than
half a century.
KMppeBHieimeF Good Clothes
The May fair Double Breasted
This sack, in its sleek and trim lines, almost delivers what
Ponce de Leon sought and never found. It will drop vears,
in a man's looks, faster than an asing chorus girl drops
them in her memory. And it wilftake off weight, in ap
pearance, more handily than will any diet, in pounds.
Full chested, snug hipped, with slenderizing waist line and
piquant peaked lapels. And it reaches the zenith of smart
ness in the new Kuppenheimer Silvertone and Ambertone
fabrics the new class shades in grays and browns.
tne cont'st for rh republican sena
'oria! nomms'ion
The union le,-dr declared tha(
- ere Mr. P:r.-ho to get out of th
rice ly.;: aid in the election c:
rerres-'i-.'itr-e Vare who they said
- ould fhr. reci-e the vote in the
'"al regions
'. nder r.o consideration," said the
:;r it'-in-tit "-mU v. pta or ri,.-.
limmatinn o! Pmchot ncr for th
r-kcHer. of pepper The United
Mntr, V.'oi kers number ISS.'V'O in th
'-tern part of the sa!e and !(.
:r. vhe e;t.-rn part, and in addition
Thc-re are af V-
2e QolleghteShoppc
Which arc you going
to say on May Day?
Spring is late this year The country side still look's a bit dreary,
there are patches of snow and ice, here and there,
Eight now, out in STANLEY QUARTER MANOR the steam
shovels are at work, the property looks rough, filling and grading
work is never over attractive. A big acreage under development
during the early Spring is not a pretty sight
But what '-ill it the first dav of May?
What are you gome to say when you see hard, smooth, graded
streets and sidewalks, velvety green crass, leaves out on the trees,
violets, bluebirds and a soft warm sun, shining out of an azure
blue sky.. What ill you say then?
A lot of folks are going to say. !,T wish I had made a deposit on
one of these lots last March."
There "ill be, however, purchasers of 45 lots who can say, "I did
make a deposit last March and I now have a home site and a
profit "
How is it going to he with you)
Is directly opposite the new STANLEY QUARTER PARK, just
beyond the new million dollar State Normal School . . . .Landers,
Frary & Clark have purchased 15 lots, we have reserved six for
ourselves and out of the 00 lots remaining in this splendid de
velopment 45 will be sold next week, and only 45,
This is strictly a residence property, it is restricted against busi
ness or manufacturing, not only by ourselves, but bv the city
zoning ordinances.
The foresighted folks who arrange to make deposits on lots in
STANLEY QUARTER MANOR during this next week at
The Commercial Trust Co., will buy a home site for less monev
than they ever can again in this particular neighborhood
Send or call for booklet,
and selection plan
1 7 Court Street

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