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News of the World
By Associated Tress
Average Daily Circulation For
Wet'k Ending i o OO A
March 20th. 10)0o4
Private Detectives Are Scorning
Conn, and Mass. Cities j
lor Some ;
New Britain Voting Woman Said to
Have Important Information ml
loiig Island Young Man Is Said
to rtavp Volunteered Testimony
That He Siw Skelly's SlHjor and j
I he Man Was Not Condemned j
llandlt. J
. w York. -March 16 lP
An old common law writ known I
;.s "coram nobis" may be in
voked in an attempt to eavo
lb raid Chapman from hanging
n Connecticut next April 6 for
'lie murder of a policeman,
Frederick Gi'oehl, Chapman's
counsel, said today.
The law, Mr. Groehl said, Is
somewhat similar to the pro
cedure used for seeking a re
trial, but has the added advan
late from a legal standpoint
o.' b-'-ing a means of staying
xoe.ulio:. It will be. invoked to
jrfvrt ibo condemned man's at
torneys a chance to file a mo
tion for a new trial on the
grounds that they have new
i". idtnre.
A writ of habeas corpus may
also be, brought, in the United
ijiates courts, Mr. Groolil added,
Hit such a petition must come
culu r liefore a federal judge in
New York, or one In Connecti
cut. Meanwhile, investigators who
!riv.; been searching Lynn,
.Mass., and Hartford and New
- Ilritiiin, Conn., for witnesses
who lire expected to reveal new
i videiica in Chapman's favor
hiu" failed to report to the.
condemned man's counsel.
New York, March 20 P Sev
en,! mystery witnesses, including u
woman, wee- sought today by at'or
u for Herald Chapman, in last
eil'orls to save the robber
::oi,i hanging at W'-'her-Ji. id. Conn.,
.April i; fur t. murder of a New
Britain policema n.
Hotetthrs .iill.il In
Private ib-tee, i -s today were
canning ciiK'S in Connection!, and
.Ma-Kacii'.is.-' is for some of tile wit-jict-wn.
whit' Fred-rick .1. Orochl.
ehiif counsel for the rutin w, un
pen id t..i tiie press to li.:lf local
others. At a council which lasted un'il
midnight hapican's attorney, in
cluding Frederick Gro.-hl. decided
t-"- make another effort to sace their
client. Ihrough a writ of habeas
corpus. Win tin r this v ill be sought
In the circuit court here or district
court in Hartford will be decided at
another conference.
The testimony expected from tho
New lOnglnnd witnesses was not. rc
vtaled, but the lawyers said that it
v,;.-; important and concerned with
a p. "I.tii 'ly new phase of the case.
Was Not Chapman
A yeung man living on Long
l.-iand, whose identity was not dis-
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Winconsin Man Studies
Engineering, Makes
Valuable Invention
Milwaukee. Wis., Ma. -eh 26 fPi
years ago Walter McDaniols en
tered the state penitentiary at Wau
pon as a convicted gunman, a dur
ing, desperate youth who believed
.'e never had had a chance in life.
"n May 2S, McDaniels is lo be
i' e ased from prison by executive
c u-r. a qualified electrical engin-
ar.d inventor of electric devices
' 'm il he holds valuable patents.
Hack of the penitentiary walla !
m.ie' mr.n cri,., , . i I
..... ,...- .... ., . ,.1. ,iu,.; nira
II in. o loii
1,, .tn if... ..
!o:- then, to go back to the world.
Melijni-ls planned a new life, even
taough the court had ordered him
C'ir.iiti''d 2"v years.
His edi.-'-a'ieii had been lieglect-
:. so M Daniels, through a univer
sity v; Wisconsin extension course,
tj'd; up siinpie arithmetic. He had
la puy :or tiie course and that meant
L' had to work overtime in prison.
Finishing arithmetic he took up
a v.. bra. and ..lee1 ileal engineering
i...i''ieii.a'ics. Then followed count-
s ill e.eiiiral engineering studies.
In e;,minatioris he made high
t- a b-s. l.:ia r Mcpaniels began
v..rk on an electric sign and flash-,
v.1. a device in which electric cur-j
tents arc open" J and closed to il-1
1'iiiiiniite outline figures on sign j
lo.irds. This was patented and now!
1." 's wording upon two oiler do- !
.e. s 'ot ne in kni ting hosiery.
l -i;nicls and a companion in !
l""'i held up a Milwaukee nu'oon i
wuh li'. w;i guns, ceitlng Four j
hours later the ni'n were arres'ti j
nd next day they went to prison. (
Stray Cat. Sparrow.
Electric Wires, and
Business Suspends
&1a r'Ver' Ma"""
this morning for ,ho .J,,,,, I ,
o the activate. 0r KuU Hiver'B
1U mills. au lta stor(l(I fMt0i
and business places. The Tom
cat had had no breakfast and
when it ,w R ftn fat llpiln.ow
on a transformer it made a
flying leap for tho bird. In
o doing the cat caused a ),,.
circuit in the huge tronsformor,
suspending electric service In the
entire city for nearly half an
hour. Service was back to nor
mal after repairmen had mudo
food the damage.
The cat will recover.
Skierkowski's Scalp Cut
With Jimmy in Main
Street Store
Despite a clout on the head from
a jimmy which momentarily dazed
him, Patrolman Peter Skierkowski
captured two youthful robbers last
night at 10 'clock, when they were
alleged to have been in the act of
rifling the money drawer at Oecu
pin & Johnson's paint store at 4ti
Main street. Florian Laskoski, aged
17, of 435 North Burrltt street, was
bound over to the superior court
this morning in police court by
Judge Henjamin W. Ailing, under
bond of $1.0"'.! on a charge of rob
bery. I.askos;ki's alleged 15 yea' old
accomplice, will also appear to an
swer charges of rohhery tomorrow
Oflici r Skbrkowski was trying
doors on Main str.'.-t Ls! night
when he found that the rear door
of the paint store was open. Lx-
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It t
n. c. Hicks, colored, ' of MAINE'S OLDEST WOMAN
Hartford, Ground Under IS 105 YEARS OLD TODAY
Heavy Freight Near '
i..i:., choih.n
miun oiauu.1.
Standing directly in the path of a
south bound freight train about 2:30
o'clock this morning, liarkivdale I,'.
I Hicks, colored, of 32 Denton street,
' Hartford, was struck and immedi
l ab ly killed near the Berlin station.
I While no official statement of sui
, cide has been forthcoming from the
authorities, they admit that the
i possibility Is a great one.
Appcard to lie Daced i
Hicks, according to information
secured today, was a real estate
operator. At the Berlin station It
was said that he arrived In that
town on an early passenger train
from Hartford. He appeared to be
in a dazrd condition and seemed to
have little idea of where he was.
Noticing this, men at the station
asked him where he was going. He
. plied that he was bound for New
York and. in answer to their iiues-
lion as to way he had leit th train
.it llfrlin be salit That be must linve
f. - ilten nstefn and became confused.
He was directed to the waitin
room across the tracks and no fur-
ther thought was given him unin
M ra l-lfc. a uou, ,e- aoer tretgnt
tra n. souilinounu. maue nn or ne- ,
tvveen 9n and 100 cars, ground into j
the station amid a squealing of the
emergency bralow.
Stands llclween Hails
The engineer said that the train
had struck the man as he stood in
the middle of the tracks a short
distance north of the depot. Accord
ing to the engineer Hicks had ma le
no attempt to ,-et out of the path
of the approaching Irain. lb' stood
between th" rails, looking apparent
ly to one sid '. It was impossible
lo bring 'he train to a s'op before
striking him.
Assistant Medical r.vimiin r Mat
thew H. Grisnold of !! riln viewed
the bolv and gave pr mission for
Its removal to the umb i takinir nr.
lors of P. O. Port' r Son.-. Now
Dri'ain, v.ti. re It Is being pr par-d
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$180,000 Structure on Main St.
to Be Started at Once
Hares Construction Co. Will rtulld
Clubhouse T'hnined ny Architect
Mi Kay Will Afford City It Lars
rt Aiidltorliun.
Work will be started at once on
the erection of a f ISO, Him fraternul
building for the Y. M. T. A. k. B.
.society at 5,1!l Main street, to be
ready for occupancy about October 1.
This decision was reached last
I night at a meeting of tho building
i committee and is the culmination of
four years work by a committee np
i pointed in ID 1 2 by James1 J. P.ntler,
!at that time president of the organi
sation. i William If. McKay, architect, pre
pared the building plan selected by
the organization in competition In
which drawings were offered by five
architects. The Hayes Construction
Co. of this ciiy will erect the build
ing, that company's bid having been
tiie lowest nf many offered, and is
prepared to 1m pin operations at once,
William J. Kerin is chairman of
the committee and William Ti. Jioyle
is secretary, both are former presi
dents of tiie "Talis." George F.
Kane Is at present at the head of the
society, serving his second term as
I president. Other members of the
building conuni'tee are: William A,
Forsyth, sr., William F. Forsyth, jr.,
John T Fairan. James J. Ttegnnn.
;.iosepn .vt. jiaiioran, ramcK v.
King, Michael ,1. v-nn-y. James J.
! Martin, Charles ! Hums, John
n'Rrlen. sr., liennis J. Donahue.
James Crowe, James .T. Welch, Wil-
Ham J. Parley. William J. Sullivan
and Thomas Grace.
A ill Sell Present Home
Tin committee was authorized sev-
oral months ago to proceed with tiie
work. Although contracts have been
signed with the architect and t lie
Haves Construction 1 o. tne present
cluh house at Lafayette ned Reaver
streets has not been disposed of, and
at a summons meeting of the society
one week from Sunday authorization
for Us sale will be sought. That
meeting will also consider a proposal
for a rf) per cent increase in society
(dues. The committee's plan will be
j formally reported to the society at
a meeting Sunday.
I An interesting feature of the new
fraternal building is the fact thatcreated him out of tho lust of the pre may ror convenience call the
It will afford the largest auditorium ; earth. The author then proceeds to devil, and extending all the way up
and hall in the city of New Fritaln. j relate figuratively his opinion as lotto the infinite apex, railed God."
Since the razing of Hanna's armory '
on Las'. Main street, several years' '
aco the "Talis" and other organiz-
ations have had difficulty in find
ing suitable auditoriums and halls
in which to hold the larger of their
social functions; and construction
of the new hall is expected to fill
the long felt want.
Three Stories Illgli
bbTb" Kf KforT ." wm
first floor while the upner stories
vill lie given over entirely to
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"' j
Impaired Dnt Her j
Her Health Is
Interest In Current Lvciils
Is still Keen
Portland. Me., March 26 (Pi
Maine's ohbsi woman is u.i years
today. She is Mrs. Julia Maria Nor
lon Deland of this ciiy.
"Aunt Jule" as sh" is known to
her frii nds, is m impaired health,
but. in r interest in current events
remains keen and her conversation
She was born when Portland was
little more than a village
ind just i
.after the state of .Maine had divorc-
id itself from Massachusetts. She
recalls clearly the events of the pas',
and retneinlH rs well the time site
sang at the Boston jubilee celebra
tion in 1M19.
Mrs. Deland Is a republican In
politics and an ardent supporter of
President. Coolidge. Ibr views on
gen' ral questions include a, belief
that woman's place js in the home.
She conies of a family distinguished
tor longevity. Former Mayor Thomas
N. Hart of Boston, who recently ob
!...,. I. i.i-l.,,.
' ' oim' lllu" " l,ltis
one of her relatives.
("havlcs Parker. Prominent
Tnsilra Aan. I)JS ToHaV !
' . v
Hartford. March Cfi (f Charles
F.dwurd Parker. New Kngland mon-
cger of the Insurance Company of
North America, the Philadelphia
l'dre and Marin" Insurance company
: t lie Alliance Insurance company, the
National Security Fire Insurance and
line InUeiunity Insurance company)
:of North American died at tne Hotel
Heubl. il, this morning. He was 1
year:; old.
Bridgeport. Conn., March 2ti iP
Th.- creditors committee appointed
to s (;:. up On: affairs of Janus H.
Havens, broker, missing from this
city for several a ,irs and under a
ebnrv2 of etnln izb mi r.l. Minnuio-f d
day that four cents on 'he dollar
''"Id ''e ,, . , ,.r, ,itors. Th
claims Hit .1 against Havens total
1 6,nen.
No Conflict Between Evolution And
Religion, Assertion Of Clergyman
Rev. Vernon L. Phillips of
Kensington Says Man Is
Created in Image of
Cod's Spirit.
That the scientific theory of evo
lution may be true and yet not con
flict with the lliblical stulemeut that
"God created man In His own im
age," was Intimated by ltev. Vernon
I.. Phillips or tho Kensington Con
gregatlonal church, at the closing
service of the Y. M. C. A. Bible class
last evening. l was "Ladles' Night"
and marked the close of the fifth
year's season of tills class.
The meeting wau in charge of
Frank U. Hau, presldelt. B. F.
Armstrong, led the singing. Music
was furnished by the Y. M. C. A.
boys' orcln stra.
Mr. Phillips, who taught the Y.
M. C. A. class in public speaking this
season, spoke on "What is God
He said God had a body, but this
body is a spiritual and not a ma
terial or physical body. "Tho uni
verse is the body of God and God is
the spiiit." la. declared.
Referring to the opening state
ment, to the took of Geneses he
quoted, "In tho beginning God creat
ed the heavens and the earth."
lie explained that God is suffi-
eiently in control of all the laws of
the universe to work His will in the.
universe and in human nature.
"There are many laws in nature yet
undiscovered by man, some of which
man never will discover," lie saiu.
"God is interpreted to the world in
tne experience of man. We see God
j in the events of the world. We s. o
God often alter events have happen-
. e.l." Je cited as an illustration of
i t ho theory that man is gradually
j discovering new laws of nature, that
i a een'urv ago nothing was known
1 of radio.
"If V" expect to know what Cod
i is Hk". you can only know by the.
j revelation that comes in your own
I life," he continued. "The statement
' m-au-u man in mis own linage
does no! mean that Hie image
I'he Image nf God is not
! physical it is spiritual.
"Man is a free agent, possessing
. the powers of self determining action
Ills nature is such that he is able to
distinguish between right and
wrong. Thus we say he has a moral
j consciousness. The physical origin
! of man may not be definitely known.
The book of Genesis stages that God
' FaiIs t Appear as Sched -
uled at "Rule Shop"
Gates Today
A fair-sized crowd awaited the
scheduled appearance of George A.
Quigley for a noonday rally at the
.Stanley P.ule & Level factory gates j
today, but waited in vain, as the .
candidate for tho republican mayor- j
alty nomination had cancelled the
engagement on account of weather ,
An audience of about 40 men
huddled in doorways or under the :
shelter of a "bridge" uniting two
sections of Hie plant.
j Well headquarters released a
i Iruckload of mail yesterday, the en- '
velopes containing literature being j
; sent to republican voters in fur- ;
itherance Of Gardner Weld's candi- J
j daey for the republican nomination. !
; Quigley headquarters will be the ,
'.scene ot a rally Saturday night at
i which lantern slides of one-story
1 schoolhouses will be shown. Quig- ;
i ley Is advocating one-story school- j
houses and his lantern slides will '
j show what has been done elsewlnre
1 with this type of building. Other :
issues ot the campaign win also ne
discussed by the mayoralty aspirant
and others. Lunch will be provid
1 i
and the meeting is one to which the
general public is invited.
A well attended women's rally,
whist, and bridge party was held
last niaht In democratic headquar
ters and Mayor A. M. Paonesia
spoke briefly. There was no men
tion of opposing candidates and po
refutation of campaign statements
uttered by the republican entrants
ill the mayor's lalk. He discussed
city government and told of some
of the improvements brought about
during the democratic administra
tion. Candidate Quigley will speak
at I
' Pa"'
Monday noon and at th
Works Wednesday noon.
A gathering of about 5 women
n publicans will hear short cam-
paign talks and enjoy an entertain- 1
ment tonight ut Weld headquarters.
The nitting will be open to nil
women interested m gaining infor-
1 mntion concerning the campaign
movements. Reports of work being
done by the worn, n who arc hand
ling fta'ures of the Weld campaign
will be presented.
1111. w i:1111n
Hartfonl. .Mar. ill I on a-t
i't Nib- Britain and weiniti:
Haiti this afternoon and ttt
niglil; SaiitnlsT fair and
just how God created man. If be
had been content to statu slmnlv
that God created man .we shnnM
have be n saved from much contro
versy. The essentia! message of
Genesis is that somewhere In the
progressive realization of ids ideal
for the universe, God creat.-d man
in His own image', tints giving men
ja nature or spirit, not a body, akin
j'o the imag,- of God. The spirit
and not Hi,, mat. rial body is the
' churact' rist .c part of man.
' "The body n.ay well !. t!ie result
I of the progressive evolution of the
' forces of nature, hut the spirit Is.
'according to this view, the object of
j'he special creative province of Gnl.
-The only image that God possesses
is that of n
image of Hin
create man it
"Science a
spirit, and the only
self h, wide), fie could
the image i f :i snirit.
firms that the phyH-
cal body of man Is tho result of the
laws of evolution, by which man has
attained unto his present phvstral
state through th1 action of kaown
physical laws. Religion affirms that
the spirit man is the special object
of God's creation, that fre God
stepped in. somewhere in tiie pro
cess of evolution and man became a
'living soul, created in Hie iniigo of
,God. possessing powers similar to
'hose possessed by God llims f, ami
being free to determine his own des
tiny. "God created man for 'e'lowship.
God needs man as a. channel
through, w hich he can work ids pl ies
for the universe. The spirit of the
universe is one continuous line, ii-
Inning at the lowest form, which
.Only $19,000 More Needed
by Monday to Attain
Goal Set
Teams Pledges
S1. H. Raymond,
L., F & C fit:
(b org: I). Ilawling.H,
Stanley Works . 611
F. G. Hausman, P.
F. Corbin ... 24a
(J. T. Bean, Corbin
Cabinet Lock .. If.S
Larl Kisselhrack,
Corbin Screw . . 2 2
llussell Gold. Uns
! 0 4 .
eed ,t Frwin . . .
Waiter L. Bell,
North & Judd .
A. W. liitt r. Stan
ley P.ule ,st Level
Htanh y Hart. II. ,t
C, H. ,v H
C. I". Stanley, Faf-
N. C. Avery, Xi vv
Britain Machine
Stanley .Hunt, small
W. W. T. Squire .
Anna. Mawe
.1. M. Ward
H. C. Billings
Mrs. J. C. Loomis .
Mrs. K. Smith . . .
(: hi.!.
78 i ";.i
32 41. a
52 Pdi.e
241 2 2 :.'"
Ic" '.'Si'. 7
42 122. "
12 I.Ve
2". -Pol. 7
Hi -tuie'e
'A MM.-.,
a a .I2.M
2 S 47S '"
11 .,1".".
1 : IMc'lt
lv -Ctc
I u P.. W. Pullen .
J. W. Marsland . .
Mrs. Mary Owsiak
William Gry.sbovvski
Steve Charaniut .
I 'r. B. L. Protass .
Kaiph L. Gould . .
' 'liaries Bradb y . .
Today's total
3. "2i $i
Tofal to date . ,
With one more
.12.74H $ 17. "'10. lb',
lay in w Ineii 10 re
port, (next Monday t
week-end in which to
nd ViC,l til"
.onelli.le the
dri vr
the I nited Ounniumiv eam-
paiga. for IMS has alm.ist r-aeh.-i
the $:,0,iiimi mark, and has but Jl:.
""'.' to go to reach the 1-. . 1 1 1 i 1 . d onoia
by noon Monday. The t,,ia! anionir
re.nrted to date is slinhllv ov.r
$17. nno.
1 ne workers todav w.-r.. Hi,
of the Knights, of Colm
I.urrilt hotel. Grand Knight Walter
Ki tiney presided. Solos w. re sung
by Francis Kgan and .lames Sullivan 1
Director L. W. Young aniioenc.-d '
that the quota for tin factory t- ams ,
to date was $11.7"" and they bad
raised $1f-,,l5(, having gon. ov,r
'Inir quota. Team 12, small factor-'
b-s. was given special mention. The
I'afnir Hearing Co. f. am was n port - '
.-d as being ovir its .iiot.i vith 11
total of 1U per cent and still go
ing. The s.-coiid best t-aii) is th.v
of the Hart ,V Hutchison and Hart
Cool, y team with n 'otal of :'::v
per cent of its quota, bnab r' t. am ;
l as rain d s! per ci nt of its quota. 1
(Continued on Tage Tliir'y.fhr' el
Accept Good Offices of America
in Tacna-Arica Dispute
Secretary Kellogg Simply Announces
Facli Nation Is Willing To Abide
lly V. S. Deel-lon And I'rix't'duiv
Is ltelng M.'iiH'd Out Now.
Washington. March JiJ i.Pi Secre
tary Kellogg announced today that
the governments' of Peru and Chilu
had accepted the good offices of the
United States for the settlement of
tllo Tacna-Arica controversy.
Arrangements for the procedure
Ot mediation, the secretary said, are
flow going forward in correspou
icnee between Washington. Santiago
Id Lima.
Detail-. Not Known
The secretary would make no fur
ther explanation of the latest turn in
tho, long controversy and state de
partment officials professed not to
know whether the resort to diplo
matic setth iu. nt foreshadowed
abandonment of the plesbiscite pro
ceedings now In progrss under an
arbitral award by President Cool
idge. j I'ta-'SLiinalily tiie question, among
others, is involved in the corn s
1 pondence between tin- three govern
1 iinnis as lo methods of procedure
I under the mediation plan.
The Usual Method
The normal m. t.hod In diplomatic
medial ion would be for each of the
.disputant gov. runn nts lo name
either Its diplomatic representative
in Washington or some other person
to meet with Secretary Kellogg for
a round table discussion of all as
' peels of the dispute.
It would then be the task of the
secretary to offer such assistance as
he would toward an agreement be-
C.veen Hie two countries regarding
; the sovereignty of' the two provinces.
; When an agreement had been
readied it would be subject to for
mal ratification at Lima and Santi
ago. j It. would be natural for the medi
ation negotiations to proceed In
Washington rather than somewhere
in Soul h America.
No Definite Information
There is nothing definite to Indi
cate whether Washington put for-
ward In offering Its good offices, a
formula for sei t lenient of the. dis
pute. Recent conferences between
Secretary Kellogg, former Secretary
' H light s, and Gem ral Pershing, how-
. ever, would Indicate that some
scln ie to definitely end the long
quarrel was under consideration.
General Pershing served for sev
eral months in South America as
head of the plebiscite commission,
and Is understood to have returned
to the United States In grave doubt
; whether a fair plebiscite could be
held. His successor at Arica, Major
General Lassiter, declared only yes
terday that although preparations
for the obetlon were proceeding, the
prerequisites for a satisfactory de-
: eision at. the polls had not been fill-
Immorality At Kennebec Jail Is
Told Today At
! 1
Woman Thought Daughter Had
lttm Away But Police I.o ate
Mcr At Irii mi's House.
I'oniieaiiiin,; -!,,; h r daughter.
.lane. is. was genu to run away
and get married. Mrs Anna Milkai- '
.is, 221 C'nir.'li niee', early this
morning asked t'f. ic. r Kumm to
!a ip li. f.
officer Kaairn v.n; to the home
of Jan.- Star!;. 21. Clark stfec'. where
!e found .lane. P'.ie .said Ivr mother
oi.ji o's io h. r going vviili Frank 1
,h',.a, of ll.'i l-'.u iiung'on aveaue, Jane
iiae-d tiiat s! e l:.el cone to Wal'.ing
'."id win, ,la,:a, as he,- inotli. r inti-.
maid, but said that she and lier
: fiend ha. l gone to a picture show,
returning to up- Stark home u' '
1": 1 a o'clock.
Jane sail tie- whole troai,;.;. j,
Mia', ie r moth, r oh'-vis i., Jaza. bu:
s!ie insists that she was going lo
eeiitinue going with iuni Sm ,, .
dare 1 that le-r mother d.s no:
want her to enjoy hers. !; and 'ha'
-he tak'-s ail tin nonay a way troni
,;-! which sh.. makes w.rlving.
Fined and Jailed for His
Insults to Women
New Haven. Mat. li 2'" (A A line j
of $2101 and costs with ici days In ;
,-.iil was imposed l.y Ju ice l ariey in
city court today on a 10.111 who was
charged witii indecently accosting)
vvoiin n on tho street. I.- has a
family of three childr. 11. The man.
John Poll, erino, could offer no ex- '
euse for his actions.
si I'l ll-tTM l Mtl
Lou Ion, March 2'! IP' Ireland. 1
'anions bre.-ding ground of hale and j
h'-arfy old men. has produced a
sup. r-ceot. n.itien. - Is William
Smith of I'rotnara. coun'y Down,,
and has e-b br.-r. d his 12.Mli birth-!
day. 11,: was nihi'lK'-ac d nccord
ing lo ordinary standards, win n be
w ut off 10 ticlit in the Crimean war. -liis
mni' strenuous ereise nowa
days is walking a mile each Friday 1
'0 ncclve his pension. I
Judge Ritchie Calls Him "A Re
tailer in Falsehoods"
eiv .lersey Senator Prepares Uoo-
billon Which Would Give IMiMIe
Kiglit To Yoke Sentiment On The
Prohibition Question.
Washington, March TS '.Tl Dr.
Clarence True Wilson, of the Meth
odist Episcopal board of morals, who j
was called a liar In the house Wed- .
nesday, was Invited to change his !
middle name today by Federal Judge
Klmer K. Kltchie, of Alaska, testi
fying before a senate sub-committee.
He added that while he would not
characterize Dr. Wlson as a falsifier,
he considered he was a retailer of
The question arose over prohibl-
1 tion enforcement conditions In Judge
Ritchie's district, and (he judge,
' whose nomination Is being consder
' cd, was testifying in his own defense,
i He referred to statements he said
Dr. Wilson had made about Alaskan
' enforcement and defended the ad
ministration of justice In the terri
i tory as being effective.
Proposes Referendum
I While the committee was listening
to Judge Kitchle, Senator Kdge, re
publican, New Jersey prepared a
resolution under which a national
j referendum on modification of the
prohibition act would be held.
I "If, as the drys claim." he said,
! "they have no fear that, public opin
I ion has reversed itelf, then it. would
j seem they should unhesitatingly en
' dorse this plan for a legal national
I "The purpose of this resolution is
to provide a method for securing a
national referendum on modification
Of Ihn Vrcl.a,l n.,ui I
... ...v. a.y l .illlllll iruilfHUtl-
tional limits. The overwhelming ver-
diet for modification as presented by
newspaper polls has been frequently
challenged by spokesmen for the.
"While I disagree with their con-
tenfion, sttll it ha, appeared to mo
that an opportunity for a legal refer-
end,,,,, vote should be provided."
rorrmgton, Conn.. March 26 Wi
Scalds received by Frank. 3 year old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Komo -
sienski, when he fell Into a basin of
hot water Wednesday afternoon re -
suited in his death last evening.
Governor s Probe
Former Prisoner Testifies
Convicted Man Had Girl
in His Cell Also Relates
Stories of Brutal Beat
ings Given Inmates.
Augusta, Me., March 26 Wl Bru-
fal treatment of prisoners at the
Kennebec county jail was charged
by witnesses today at impeachment
proceedings against Sheriff Henry
F. Cuniniings before Governor
Kaiph O. Brewster and his council,
in progress here. Previous testi
mony had related to alleged drunk
enness, gambling and vice at the
lb-erg,' A. Tracy, 0' Home, sen
tenced in January, Ui23. testified
taat he had seen three deputy nher
iffs in flic presence of Sheriff Cuni
1. lings hold a prisoner on the floor
o: the "dog house." a eel! for soli
tary rontincim nt. while another pris
.mr s-ruck him three times in the
Immorality Is 1 hargcil.
Drunkenness occurred almost
every day and once 1; prisoners got
drunk a' tiie same time, the wit
ness said. He aKo t, -stilled that he
had se.-n an inmate whom he had
hi ltev, J to bo unmarried take a
girl into a cell with eios. d tdmt'ers.
while another prisoner and the hit
ter's wife stood guard outside.
PrtsniiiT Beat Deputy.
Be'ore 'lie council recessed, eight
witnesses had testified, five being
former inmates of the jail. One of
them. Lewis Toulouse of Watervllle.
'".stilled that he had twice engaged
in rough and tumble tights with IVp
uty Sheriff Willis Pinkham. while
Plnkham was intoxicated. He decker,-.
1 Pinkbani had been intoxicat
ed w hile on du'y, had called him ob
scene nani-s and abused him until
he went to Sheriff Cunimings and
threatened fo kill pink ham If the
abuse continue 1.
Mrs. Marie Geroux. a Frcnch
Canadi.in unabie to speak Knglish,
t'S'ilbd through an interpreter, that
Joseph Latulippe, an inmate of the
'ail. rame to her house while Intox
icated and annexed her until nhe
(Con'inued on Tare Thirty. thrt)
One Woman, 45 Years
of Age, Later Dies
From Exposure Iso
lation Institution Had
21 Tuberculosis In
mates. One Fireman, Overcome by
Smoke, Carried From
Burning Structure
Financial Loss Is Fifteen
Thousand Dollars.
Undgeport, March 2 ( Fire
early today destroyed the old isola
tion hospital, just west of Hillside
nome, wnere 21 patinnts were con
fined, most of thera suffering with
Mrs. Annie Holmes, iS, one of
the women patients removnd rmr,,
the burning building, died later in
Hillside home from the exposure
and chock.
Tales of Heroism
Through the heroism of Miss Nora
Flaheven, night nurse on duty In
the hospital; Walter McNalty, an
orderly, and others who were eum
moned to the scene, every one in
the burning building was carried out.
Captain Sidney L. Bray ot Engine
company number 1, overcome by
smoke, was curried out of the burn
ing structure.
Mrs. Holmes, whn wn
ill, was helpless In bed when the fire,
oroKe out. Miss Flaheven, the night
nurse, the only nurse on duly at the
time, was taking the temperatures
of the patients when McNally, the
orderly, came rushing Into the ward,
crying out that the building was on
Miss Flaheven telephoned to fire
headquarters and then turned her
attention to the patients.
Carries Out Patients
She got Mrs. Holmes into a wheel
chair as clouds of smoke burst Into
I,, , . ' "
ra "niJ P,lslld her out on to
i Porcn- Sh then rushed bad.
I , ,?, b,llMinr ,0 car'y t font
j1'"'1 Patients,
I V,rs' Holmes cried: "Oh. dna'i
' L!f " V''9 . d ,n "rr
' 3,,. vn'i t. 7
;"n',wfrd ' Pvls. who cam,
iru"n'n P to 'he burning bulldin,
and assisted by other men carried
the wheel chair in which Mrs.
! Holmes was reclining out on to tie
I lawn. The patients were taken eltl,.
!cr to Hillside home or tp the Bridge,
port Fnglewood hospital,
The property loss Is estimated at
! Reduction to Quarterly of
1 1-2 Per Cent Thought
Advisable by Directors
At the quarterly meeting of the
illreofora nf Vrti-tl, J.V- l,,.t XI-
( .. v. -,ut,,, ... w UUU -1L. W,
1 held yesterday afternoon a dividend
jot 1 'j per cent was declared payable
I March SI to stockholders of record
March 25.
I Following is copy ot a statement
I prepared by the board of directors
1 to be mailed to each stockholder:
j "Because of the heavy losses and
i expenses caused by the recent disas
ter, which totally destroyed one of
our foundry buildings, coupled with
jthe use of $:(00. 000 from our cash
, resources in tho purchase of the
jTraut ,fc Hun? Mfg. Co., the board of
I directors at a meeting held March
25. 1926. deemed it wise to conserve
:the eash of the company bv tho
declaration of a dividend of per
cent. Instead o' the usual 3 per cent.
"North & Judd M'g. Co.,
"L. M. WIGHTMAN. Scc'y."
Hartford Man Yictlin In Auto Cra-b
I Near Willimantle Broken l'cnci-
! Hall Hit.- Him In stomach.
I Willimantic. Conn., March 21 tPh
I Manuel Hodiquez. 2a. of 2.03 Broad
street. Hartford, was tak- n to M.
j Joseph's hospital in a serious con
dition with a fractured right arm
and internal injuries, received In nn
'automobile accident here today.
! The injured man was riding with
! Samuel F. Canuck 0 of the same ad
dress, who .as driving. Beaching
a sharp turn near the bridge over
the Willimantic river on the Colum
bia highway, the oar went on the so-'
dirt at the side of the read, skidded
and crashed Into the fence, the end
of the rail striking Hodiquei in lie
abdomen and pinning him dew.
Canacko was uninjured. Linwo.
Scovill. who lives m ar by. helped
free Kodiquez.
I4KM1S III.AD V Mill .'
Hartford, March 26 .Limes 1
l.oemis was elect, d jut sbb id of t
Connecticut Mutual Life Insuta'
Co. today to succeed the late H.
P. Bebinson. Mr. Lonils has I.-xire-presldent
of the eoinpan aii!

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