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New Britain herald. [microfilm reel] (New Britain, Conn.) 1890-1976, March 26, 1926, Image 12

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w ho I M
Asks Pledge That
Wife, "The Tiger Girl,"
Go Free Supposedly
Respectable Business
Men Believed Involved.
Now Yorli, March 16 W Promis
ing (o tell a story that will st.irt !
New York, Itlehard l;..Mi Whit'e
more of lialtiniore, Ir.a'J r of u guni;
lui)IieuUil In at IkikI lour nun '1. is
wi'J in roljlicrl'8 totullinn S I .''' .
W.luy sought frc.ijom (or his wife.
"Hie. tist-r glri," Indkt' J for a holI
ii of her own,
llninlUs C'iifo.slii
WVaU'.iie-l by to confesMonr, the
N iu ii uink-r urtiu In one of tin;
most highly orsani.r.l Larels i-v
tubln I'lr-lni s nu n. "My
energy ik I). 'Hit; jt-iit on 1 lit-
, .llJl.ri-llrll.-loil of the, p' w'10
HlS iiiui'Jo It uff i t ;i I to commit tin su
U rlme.." Mr. JlaMoii Nidi,
Sjsti'in Almost I'fi'fi't't
The confession, In hi tip ly pollen
"fl hours lifcaure It outlines sen
lein almost fuilum proof, rw i.-u lt-d
tllllt the (JIH'S OptTUt-il lth tin
in cinoii of u ljiisini'Mi rorponitlnn,
I'lif I'll pnt;i' ilO'Uim-iit (;ri'j Inll
ma'ft il tall of a -n of liiyMi n
out rnhlici h s nei .h m nl" 'I I Ik
minute precautions Ul.'il In each
Woman Governor to
TliroDgti Spring Rites
she run show t lis men a trick or two
jai.out liousi-'Ufifplnir. Tha tuba mid
; bucket place J In t ho Semite chamber
to.i'aleli rain tuiil tho wooilon unp
, ports In the attorney general's oftlco
'19 keep tlu I'laster In plttco nru any.
it hint? but l"HsliiF, anil the Aictis!
i of lilrlliK a nun) to fb'Volc III Ills timu
io repairing tho floors Is anything
hut economy.
It revrilr.1 that tie ha ml noiite.l
Ins a unit, each man iismu'O to his
part ami r.he.-ii. ! In a-lvanrt-WhMM
'.er posMlil ' ttibcrn of ll;e
;cai;(r WMK'Ily inlv-'l with p.-iMTn-li-it
the Hn r.o of a rol h ry, v;ilrie.l
', with loa.h .1 pistols for possible In
' 1 r r-f r-ri nee nii'l thui joiivil the uctu
.al robbers latpr.
Vhilnl Hy l'nlhor
Whitti'inoie's olnr tn tell every.
1'hiiiir came after a x i.it frnn' his
captured, have, bfrpun to talk, Whit- ( father, who arrive il f'oni l',;i llmiure
temora hitherto dcl.ant, being thu
latest to "crack."
"If thty will reltaro my wife,
turn her out on llio street, i'll
startle New York with what I can
tell," he says, "I'll give up the works
and astonish the city."
Dlstri'-t Attorney Uanton wild he
noull Rive consideration to the re
quest provided W'hittemore would
Kiw: definite information on half a
dozen recent robberies In which
?53n.i.'O0 In cash and Jewelry was
Kracnirr Near Hreak
.lack Kra 'tne r. who Is regarded as
the rial brains of the band and the
man who disposed of stolen dia
monds, was also on the verg of
breaking down. Mr. Banton said.
Already implicated In four mur
ders, the pari; has been connected
with the slaying of Thomas I.anirello
through a ronfisslon made by Wil
liam tnkell.nok. Detective John !
tinld'.tti of llackensack, said last j
night. I.angello, known as "Chica
go Tommy" wnn found dead in
Xorlti Arlington, X. J., last 1'ebru-
a ry.
Jewelers I'.oillit 1Cuit
The '-pfrfeet crime" system out
Inieil by Anthony Paladino in a con
fession Wednesday named the jew
elers through whom fie gems were
sold. The "fences." his confession
raid, paid within three or four days
for stolen jewelry and on one oc
casion made payment and look the
loot within a few hours of its theft.
Police today were making Intens
ive search for these men, Several
of them have, been regarded a
and urged his son to make a chan
In-east of everything.
At first Whittcmore listened with
out apparent emotion to his father's
pleas, but later said he would break
his silence If "the. tiger gill" were
"W'etl, Pop," he said at one point,
"I gu'ss It's nil over now." The
older Whltlemore. grief stricken and
in tears, soon aft.:r left for his
Faces Murder Trials
Whether Whittcmore will be re
turned to Baltimore to stand trial
for the murder of a prison guard a
yi ar ago, will probably be decided
Monday. Assistant State's Attorney
K'lgett of r.altimore, believes that
the Maryland authorities are entitled
id the gang loader. Although Mr.
Banton has indicated New York will
not press lis right to try mm. nui
ifalo fi Us him for the murder of
iwo bank guards in a JSUit'O hold
up there.
More Iloblars taught i
Another gang of "night club" roh-
bers. most of them still in their
terns, also was in custody today, j
youths and three girls were held .
in a series of robberies In small
jdiops. Vive of the youths were Ivlfl
on homicide charges as tne result
of shooting a Jamaica man.
The youths, all dressed in the
height of fashion, and the girls, one
of them a bride of three mojiths,
made their read uarlerfc In a cab
in t in the negro section of Harlem.
I'.I.AI) 111 RAf.D ILASsiril.l) ADS
Aus'ln, Tex., March (PtA
unman guwrnor's domestic Instincts
are not H'CfSavily
lairs of Mai . (lev.
I'li-gut-on Is com-i'lering a little
sprniL' house cleaning, lb r board of
control plans tn ask the next legis
lature lor i 1 , Ti i 1 1 , e 1 1 1 n for repairs on
'he capitnl and the governor's man
nlon. A disc. riling hniise-nifi-ly eye per-
"elves that almost a century of male
rule has dull'' no cr'!i! to man's
winnted pi uehaiit lor keeping his
eas'le In order.
! The T'as cipl'ol stands like a
Hntran battlement, magnif ic.-n!
without but crumbling within, while
the teac-liin is plainly a r:lic of
a by-gone age. Sarn Houston. the
i.'b oii;.' Washington of Texas liberty,
built the mansion, and th" bed he
I slept in still stands in the j;uest
i room. To say that one has slept in
Sam Houston's bed, 's a coveted
! bn:it of overnight guests.
I Mrs. Ferguson, however, would
i rather have n cozy collage and M f
Jsomeene else have the honorable
antlquii ies. even 'though the Male '
does allow her fa.fif'O lor fuel, Water,
; ice, lights, telephone, furniture re
I pairs, upkeep of grounds, and two
linen servants, This doubtful advnnt
j age. she believes, is off-set by the
harnishness of the house, whose huge
irooms are almost untenable in
.winter, because It would take a
iblast furnace to heat them and a
hot fire endangers the structure.
It is tn the capllol, however, hat
Mrs. Ferguson finds conditions most
I repugnant to orderly housekeeping.
(This great structure, one of the larg
ii'st. public buildings in the world,
has an exterior which Is the de
lllgbt of tourists but an interior that
is the despair of the official family,
'its plaster crumbles and tile fours
buckle, while th" roof leaks in places
and the harp walls are stained hv
Imateh seraii'lies and the dust of
' I ''omplet'-'d tMrty-elslit years ago.
jth" hiiihlini: has an imposing cx
i'erior of pink granite, as bright and
'clean as the. day it was carved from
I the nearby mountains, t'hicagn run.
jtraetors constructed the huililiniT for
::.r,i.n.ni-i"i acres. Trie healthful out
(si'ie apnearancc, however, has mis
led nu n legisln'ors for almost forty
! years virtually tn Ictiore its inside
1 needs.
I Now th" w or. inn governor believes
Knitted Brows Are Said
To Be Aid to Thought
I.oa Angeles, March 26 (Pi Knit
vour brows and clinch your fists
destroyed by nf- and you can think better than when
Milium Amanda Vou relax and smile. Tills has been
deli rmincd by the psychology de.
partini'iil of the I'nivC't'sity of
Soul hern Vilifornw.
In evry tist the students showed
Pay could think faster and rnoro
ai'iuratily when muscles" were
t' use. I'rowns speeded exumliia
t Kins,
The r-vpr rlments nl; o disclosed
tl at sttiilen's used a .liferent settlna
of lunsihs In concentrating on each
snbj' ct. of their courses.
History Has No Facts on Legal
'William Frame killed a man of un
pronouncahlo name In a saloon brawl
In Frederick, Schuyler county", and
so on. Other records have the nam
of the murderer as Fielding Frame.
Tho murderer and the man ho killed
were probably transients for neither
pan known to tho settlers. Tho case
went to Hancock county on a change
of veiiuo from Kchuylcr comity."
Northern Island Has
Auto for Every Forty,
Dublin, March St) Mn Northern
Ireland, although better served by
railways than the Irish Free States,
has nn automobile for every fort.v
Inhabitant. In Southern Ireland
theru Is only one motor vehicle for
every eighty Inhabitants,
Returning Attaches Are
Asked to Give Talks
Washington, March 23 Wl Com
mercial attaches assigned by the
( 'oiiiniercc department to foreign
eoiiiiiries, upon tln ir return to Wash
ington at. the expiration of their
tori, it'll tours of duty, are now in-
irii'ted to write radio talks on the
business, li-ad'- an soeial conditions
of the countries they have In en lie- !
Cl-e.lit. d tO. j
About led of these talks have I
I ei n delivered in tho pas' six months Jiecord of the
from nearly twenty cities, and let
tirs to the department attest, to the
public appreciation of this new type
of instruction and entertainment.
Carthago, 111., March 26 W
Search for tho namo of an unknown
boy attorney who defeated Abraham
Lincoln and T. Lylo Dickey when
tiny defended a Hchuyler county
murderer in Muy, 1S3K, and for a
legal document Hied In the case In
Lincoln's handwriting, Is being made
In Carthage.
Statineiits that Lincoln would
never defend a murderer are Inac
curate, as court rerords will show,
'said J. A. Thompson, an Old resident
I .-. r ! r. n in mi 1 1, i hrt l nernifi Inl r-A
with the ease.
"Lincoln was a lawyer practicing
before tho bar, just as any other at
torney," Mr. Thompson declared.
'Somewhere In Carthage there is
a motion in arrest of Judgment In
Lincoln's own handwriting, but that
was taken from tho records years
ago, and has never been found since.
The moiion was overruled, and the
murderer v. as hanged on May 10,
"The mutilated records of the
court and tradition give the names
of the attorneys for the defense as
Abraham Lincoln and T. I.yle
Dickey, who later became a, justice
in the Illinois supreme wourt.. ino
man's name who ap
peared against them can be found,
"The wording of the old records
of Hancock county court Is that
Get sure, permanent relief with ,
Kcllogg's ALL-BRAN
Don't )cf, this
hideous d incase
wreck your health
with it? poisonF. Constipation may
be th.1 father of more than forty
ills and ailments. Yet there is an
easy v ay to relief and health
read Mr. Herman's letter:
"Your Keller-.;' AU.-BTiAN is werdrr.
f'll. I h-el hn n SiinVring with ciinitjpn
tion thirty ye.-a-n Hnd was all knocked
cut, l.ariity lit''"5 to v-er!;. I hr.v.' keen
tiMn ynur ALL-bRAN for si: monthi
nn' i ara a veil man, fcl fi". mel es
rei'iil.-r rs it r'.'rl;. t den't l.nu.v ho-.v 1
cuuiil i-.c whliout rvy hrati."
II. T. HrtSMife.
H"nlira: Ppiiny.'. Vii-irinia.
Kellojrg's ALL-BKAN i.i fruar
antecd to permanently relieve con
stipation if reprularly eaten, te
causn it is JOOVe bran. Eat two
talilespoonfuls a Hay in chronic
cases, with every meal.
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licious reaiiy-to-eat cereal. Serve
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make repairs.
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