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Is Serious Career-Chorines Ob
ject to Criticisms
London. Mnreh !6 VP) Wlin John
Tlockett, Laborlta Member of Com
mon!, rofi'rtd to .the bejewelled
TeereB08 at the opening of Parlia
ment a vulgar, garish mob of un
(JerdreBsfd women, and compared
them to chorus girls, he started
aomstlilns In the theatrical world.
These iiu one may say almot
tuyUiing he lik 3 about the iioMllly
and escape unscathed, but the land
of stage. Of course, Mr. Beckett, who
tins achieved fume by wearing a
huso sonibero which has perhaps the
fctdcsl brim In the country, was not
attacking the stage. He was after
the nobility. But Indirectly he hit
the stage hard enough to get a sharp
"It seems an amazing thing, and a
wicked thing, that frequently when
twople have something particularly
nasty to say about somebody they
compare their victim to theatrical
tuople," declares Mi3S Fay Compton.
"In this country tho stngo Is a seri
ous profession, and our choruses arc
filled with well-bred, highly educated
girls who are working hard and
honestly to make reers."
Miss Compton Is one of the lead
ing nctressifs In Kngland and Is one
Gf the most enutlful women on the
tae today. She Is best, known for
her work In Shakespearean roles
iul other "straight drama."
Miss Compton alro has served
fier time In musical comedy, and
there is not much she does not know
about chorus girls.
"Garish and vulgar!" mpnt'-d
Hiss Compton. "Why. our chorus
girls haven't the money to be garish
Ind vulgar even if ihy were) In
clined thai way, which they aren't.
iThey are hsrdwovklns girls with
iivirII pay and most of them can't j
afford to dress better than I am ;
tressed now." I
Miss I'ompton gtance.1 down d". 1
Proc.-.llngly at an i':;ecedingly tho'!- '
?t outfit of very ordinary material
which she was wearing. She was coe.
turned for the impersonation of a
girl of the KnsL Knd.
'The great majority of our ehorus
tivls have no Inclination to vulgarity
for the simple reason ihnt they com.
from good families and are well
bred," continued Miss Compton.
We take the si a ire very seriously.
Amldiious girls nut" the chor
merely b means to the rod. T 1 1 v
must start soiii''vh'To in )ir prof.---lion,
and the clivons is the loira!
pln.o for ihpse iiii.jii'ling to net ii
nm-sical plays. The iiii'.jnriiy of :'
(tirls have no ;line to think aLoa'
fin..' ctoiii.. . They lne no time in
flksplay them fv;i it' tlv y hail 1 1 : 11 1
they work from morning until mid
tilcht. When they are not on tin
lu?e, they a.e rehcarsinf; and lakini;
lessons in slwriiis, rnd damdng. Th.e
re af Wry '( rrn 'Si lot.
"So far as 'our ehonifes liMn'; vul-tai-.aml
irarish on the stuire. lliat is
Feiun lly untrue. UnpiitiiM irAlu--r
Son't trjr vnl.rai' and garlsli seenrs
li) 1 his enTi:''v."
ni'0ios ef the tn i'al diseos-i,i-
Miss Common cfcrred to t In
tnl. v. Is of the s-'ia". altho'ich Mr.
-".I 1 ad ivi ; 1 no n leia nee lu
mora 1
-li. i,t r
ion of : h-
' is lie' mo
"uMi it is i
eomui'iit y,'
" prevalent
any oth' r
she d"('hif-
I trfdS.
1 :-.
r li
(..1 wii'n :
u VO'i V'T
..ituUo in A 1 n eric
If von visit to
'1 miniied aii'l
l"ir; g; Is a:'.' yrn!
Y,.i en-" Girl's elul
l'"ia- In Pnlm." Mi,ss 'oii
Mr-. 'Mward f'or.'.pion. t
Hm V'fi heiu a not")
''l". urn hnivl-."'; of .
I' - ' inp) 01' I lie m
;i ( ti-.'if u;'.''.;.-h:.
pirl' i-'irt aiv lh '!M7 on
1 liith' inil 1
v to it as moral j
lee rn in t ho'v '
airah.ht our
shanh vk-i! Tin''
lu.-h ivv nirii Ivu' j
other, i
'" I as pirls I
i-br-1. and 1
'IV ii ei'lO'-s. ,
eemi.laiiit levans'1 thry '
.,'. obpL-nd by 1 he rules lo !" ill
r f hven o'.-leek ev ry niht. or as ;
oen r.fter that r,s 1 1 -. - i t- I ll e 11 ' idea I
enr.--s.M.ienls ;.rn'ak. V'li" any'm !y.
of all a T -lior l-v-d-T. fhould
Cer a- to ihein in dlso'i ra'-'ing terms j
l t n.' eoaii'V' hi' i"-'on.'
';.-" ' 'oni a'O'l is at VP'"'!!! plny-
1 '- the ij.).. re'e in .1. t, 1 'i
M; l v rn. ' at ii'"- Itsyiiiark.''. It.-- !
live ;i rho"'.- .b- is rt-tfrijs for the .
IhnMiiont Film . I'oiunany, but h j
oees "ot like app.'ann? on 'ho tilnis. j
ffli" prefer the "h-.Titiiaat'''' st-r.r-s J
and her audinc'-'. j
A r'-nncb firm has -. t --1 1 . 1 an an- i
to M'"l'!''-' favn-y in Fmrh.rd, am' !
r.k.l iir.'i.'.-iee CaO 'er- .kiiiv in ti'" i
V raet fan'ory Inilhiii.s i'i grr-at j
V.ritaki. I
cookies are
stone crocks,
the bread
box usually
GARBER BROTHERS - 2 1 5 MAIN ST. We Sell What We Advertise. We Deliver What We Sell 1
They said it is the finest opportunity to furnish beautiful homes at low cost ever offered in New Britain.
The number of outfits that were sold prove that folks have confidence in Garber Brothers in the quality of the
merchandise arid in the service.
4We have decided to continue this special offer until April 1st. Repeating our last week's message.
Three Home Outfits for three different size homes. Each one furnished complete. Garber Brothers' price of
each outfit represents a saving of $200 to $400 over their regular values.
A worth while saving Which one is the
Don't you think so? f . ,Jp,? one you want?
In addition to Better Service we Liberal Dignified Credit Arrangements
tit ujIu 1 rJ!!L Tl?"lM No Extras -No Red Tape
pleasantly greeted in our store we as
sume all care and detail of your home
making problem.
t .' ' " " 1 " -i .. I' i
I ii. .p. yiiwajuiJ ": ' (','k'""l .'!' K
ij :);V: i Each pieofi of furniture listed m l
jjy :;! ; is of Garber Brothers' Standard of Quality, which ' . f M?f
MpL. liicims that it is the best that money can buy. JrfHI
f'Hwi Quality is a big issue at Garber Brothers. " (8 II
Each piece of furniture listed in these three outfits
is of Garber Brothers' Standard of Quality, which
means that it is the best that money can buy.
Quality is a big issue at Garber Brothers.
The "Jefferson'
4 Room Outfit
Value-Wise People Buy from Garber
The "Nutmeg" Outfit !
4 Beautiful Rooms !
Complete for
- $595
A $1200 Value -You Save $405
' The Living Room Comprises
P-pipe(! Ci'stoiii-inn.lf' .Mohair Sv.ilc.
Sxlo Axmini.--t.er lius
Davenport Table Knd Ta'olf P.iidjie Lump Table
Scarf :! pictures awl a pair of Honk Ends.
The Dining Room Comprises
10-Pioce Suito in 1 1 ip.hli.cb t Walnut. consisting of
lUiffet China Serwr - Extension Tabic Five Side
(.'hairs and owj Ann Chair.
8-;lxlo-(i Delcraft
l'.nfl'ot Mirror 3-Pieco Console Set
18-Piece Dinner Set. 26-I'iece Silvervvare Set.
The Bed Room Comprises
l-Piece Ihmuenot Set consistinsr of Dr.,ser ChiH'or-
otte anity and How-End bed.
bench Iiocker Two 30x60 buss
"2 boudoir Lnnvps
1 Ctuaranteed Spring
1 Cotton-Felt Mat tress
The Kitchenette Comprises
Porcelain Table 2 Enameled Chairs
1 Xeponset Paij
I Gas Uanse and befiigerator
$25 Deposit Will Hold this Suite
The New Spring
Carriages Are
All the new shades
All the new styles
Each one at reasonable price
Carriages from $11.9") to $43.00
Strollers from $7.50 to SJo.OO
Complete for
A $950 Value - You Save $355
The Living Room Comprises
3-Piece Custom-made Jacquard Suite Davenport
Club Chair and Winjr Chair.
8-3x10-6 Axminster Pais
1 davenport Table
End Table
K rid pp. Lamp
Davenport Table Scarf
The Dining Room Comprises
S-Piecc Ilun-uenol Walnut Suite. buffet China
Server Oblong Extension Table Five Chairs and one
Arm Chair.
S-3xlO-6 Delart Rug
buffet Mirror
3-Piece Console Set
26-Piece Silverware
18-Piece Dinner Set
The Bed Room Comprises
o-Pieee HuRuenot Walnut Suite. Consists of a Dresser
Chitforette Vanity Pow-End lied and Pencil.
Two 27xol Purs
1 Spring- 20-year Guaranteed
One 100 per cent Cotton Mattress
1 F.oudoir Lamp
The Kitchenette Comprises
Porcelain Table
2 Enameled Chairs
1 Xeponset Piup:
Gas Rancre
$15.00 Down Will Hold this Outfit
The "Ben-Franklin" Outfit
3 Cozy Rooms for the
Furnished $ O Q T
Complete tor y J
A $600 Value -You Save $205
The Living Room Comprises
3-piece Velour Suite -Custom-made. Davenport Club
Chair Wing- Chair.
1 Gateleg Table
2 Windsor Chairs
1 End Table
1 bridge Lamp
7-6x9 Delcraft Rug
The Bed Room Comprises
3-piece Duo-Tone Walnut Suite consisting of Dresser
Chilforette and Bow-End Bed.
1 Guaranteed Sanitarv Spring
1 Wool Mattress
1 Boudoir Lamp
The Breakfast Room Comprises
A Drop-Leaf Table and 1 Chairs
18-Piece Dinner Set
26-Piece Silver Set
7-6x9 Xeponset Rug
$10.00 Down Will Hold this Outfit
Each Suite and Odd Piece May be
Purchased Separately
Ask Us About Our Credit Plan
Living Room
Sartory aiWarlfbrd
Open Evenings by Appointment. Telephone 3779
Help Fill the
Community Chest
Each organization represented in this
campaign for funds is highly Reserving
of the support you give it.
See the Visiting Nurse Association
Display In Our Window

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