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New Britain herald. [microfilm reel] (New Britain, Conn.) 1890-1976, March 26, 1926, Second Section, Image 26

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Denver, March 2J (41) Tlie "Cou-'mill exltUs ami men travil ly burro.
ln Jack," 11m luojpectoii Hfu-r!1" utomoI.i.-s or aroot tJtHn.on to
gold, are pan,(. Hardly a ek mni n'V.V IT'T: A"n,"''n
now koi by bin onl conns don!wor,,' ni,u1ll8i, 11 loM tb.. title to
that another baa bwn found di'ad In iviral jilacfa in I ho Clilkau Andtn,
rotting cabin In tha "ghoat cltlra" flunnlaon. Colo., on tli WMilern j
that dot the I) I 1) country of Colo-;MPp. 'artid a a nilnlng town, It!
rado and the mining vn. ha b'-comu Hi" enter of a rich!
Tho town, many of them, arv dy- much and livestock rcclon. Oura. i
tng loo. Once wull worn Mm Is am tho moil fnmoii cold camp In lh
grass grown, and pack rata hiiunt I Juan illMrlct In aotjthwentern
the building. ; Colorado, la Htlll cvlxtMit but only
Dwav u aort of drv rot hus ! a country town. Tom Walah
lug Ita flmt occurrence of the kind
alnco HM.
"I'urlntf tlm pnbt year flvo alutes
which had pruMoualy bun on tho
honor roll, namely: Arkanaaa, Ohio,
Virginia, Alabama and Vt.ih, loal
their place bucauaa of inob luiir
der within their border,' 'thn com
mittee declared.
"I-'our slatea, HllnolH, Kentucky,
South Ctiiolluu and 'jynni'Hwje, w hich
had been on th roll In foinier
years, were rcNtord because thilr
hordera were free of lynching In
Tim couucH'h roll of honor fol
Htiiir that, luiv.i never had a reoi.
ord of a lynching: Mawmchnaolta,
New l!iiiii'tfhlr, lilioda Inland and
Vermont. Additional atatoa that liavs
no record of a lynching tinea issd;
Connecticut, Malno and Nw Joraey,
Additional atnteatliftt have no record
of a lynching during tho paat twenty
eara: I'elaware, Mlvhlgun and Win
coimln. Additional mates which have
go record of a lynching during the
part ten yeara: Idaho, Indiana. Iowa,
Maryland, Nevada, Nw Mexico,
North IHxkota. Oregon, I'ennaylvanltt
and Houth Dakota.
Additional Mut which have no
record of a lynching in tha pant five
years: Arizona, California, Colorado,
KaiiMia, Minncfiotu, Montana, Ne
brnsltn, New York. Washington,
West Virginia and Wyoming. Addi
tional Maim which hav! no record
of a lynching In tho past two years:
North Carolina and Oklahoma. Addi
tional atatea which liavo no record
ot a lynching during iro, : Illinois,
Kentucky, fouth Carolina, Tenilesaet
and Texas.
Total glutei free of lynching In
1!:5: IS. Total slates still having
lynching: 10.
Overtaken them. Doors creak mourn
fully In tho breeze or grumblo at
a mountain gale, sunthlno and rain
pour alike through gaping link In
roofs and the, skeletons of housm ni'e
outlined through walls bared by
Tho name "ghost titles," la apt,
descriptive In tho direct way of the
names of tho old camps; Chested
llutter, Uald Mountain and Crazy
Woman ranch were all named In
dian fashion for obvious reasons,
l'ovvn In tho southern part of Colo
rado, there Is even a Cannibal plat
eau, so called because u guide nam
ed Tarkcr charg' d partba of hunt
ers and tourists high rates and then
discovered thn Camp I'drd mine
outnlde Ouray and sold It to r.rltlnh
Intercuts for .millions of dollars,
The. late Senn'or Samuel P. Nichol
son, rose to wealth In the Pan Juan
dIMrl'-t by ownership of th" I'M nnd
I'l.iy properties. fillverton, Tellu
rlde and Lake City wr other lead
ers In the district which embraced
a population of more than twenty
five thousand.
The towns one spelled romance
In rnpltnl letter?! to :i large pnrt of
the, nation. Tle y were built, with
Infinite labor and moiKy, thn mat
rlnls often brine hauled for mtl"H
over treacherous mountain trallH.
Most of them wcrt too Inncoestlble
ate them. The graves of some of I to make razing the bull. lings and
V hxptJ v'$ :P b
shipping the lumber out practical.
Po they sro left to rot.
his victims may be teen today.
The names now linger In memory,
but most of tho bonanza mines are
llod''d or caved In. Sclcntillu ineth
ods have supplanted the old time
prospector and Colorado is talking
about a new hind of mining boom
ill deep ores.
Central City la perhaps the mod
striking examplu of the change.
Thirty years ago It boasted a popu
lation of IS, t'lin. Today there are
approximately Mm persons there,
and the place has fallen from a
booming city to a sleepy, though
hopeful village.
('resident Grunt, and his daughter
visitd Central Ciiy and the resi
dents paved the sidewalk from the
street to the old Teller liouso with
gold. The Teller House, a four story
building, Is on, of tha few things
In the town that attempt! to keep an j (h MCord for 1S24, the Federal
air of prosperity. A few trawler j ( Chm.ch,s ,ct forth t0(Uy
stop there and some mining men :
make it their home, in t,s annual report on the sub-
Most of the ol her buildings are I Ject.
All the states in which the lynch-
More Occurred in 1925 Than
During Previous Year
Washington. March ?6. (.D
Seventeen persons all negroes
were lynched In the t'nlted states
during 1 PI 5. an increase of one over
'' ih '('- ""''"' ""'''"? "" ,,' y
&w jj mm
ire:iert':J. Saloon bigns hang over
the fitrcfts and are legible. In one
ot the dance halls tho proprietors
did not bother to remove a grand
piano and It ha.s settled with trm
caving floor. liars are covered with
years of dust.
Hindi Hawk, nar Central City, Is
In the same, plight. Some old tun
nels have been opened, a few people
work them but vacant houses stand
row on row. The towns were the
center of tho Colorado mining boom
which or years held the nation's in
terest. Many of thn towns nro virtually
without inhabitants except for oim
or tvvo old prospectors who slill j
dnain that the boom days will re-1
I urn. NeMidaville has two men left;
A i in li. ij ii City about the same nuin- !
I r. A p. ion can wander through
Owl. Tiuctjp, Mound City, and Ault- 1
man for days at a time without see
inn a face.
.' vadav ille had the first Masonic
lodge charter in Colorado and the
third in Kansas territory, which
teni unbraced this stale. Tho lodge
ings occurred were not named dl
tectly, but the council put on Its
honor roll S8 commonwealths where
no liveo had thus been taken. It
also saw an encouraging sign in the
fact that In thirty-nine cases officers
of the law had prevented mob vio
lence and that there had been a
number of convictions Of mob
The report wda prepared by the
council's Committee on Kace Ha
lations and the committee in an
accompanying Matement declared
"mob law has thrown down the
gauntlet to the churches and all
other organizations standing for law
and order and Justice through the
The goal of achieving a lynchless
land In 10M could not be reached
because a lynching had occurred as
early as January, the report add
ed. Tvvo unusual events were recorded
in l'.i!S. Texas for the first year
since the beginning of rcords in ISS2
I ing free of lynching and t'tah hav.
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A reason
Community Chest Campaign
Sick and in trouble
when I was sick and in trouble ye comforted me' How
many hundreds of families in New Britain last year could have
said that of the Visiting Nurse Association!
tvery day, rain or shine, the little group of faithful women who
make up the Visiting Nurse go their rounds to the sick and afflicted in
every section of this city. No home is too humble, no disease so contagious
that a Nurse does not soon appear at the door in time of sickness. And when
she comes she brings helpful advice, takes care of the bed-ridden and often
gets the meals and runs the house if it is a mother who is ill.
$ ' , $
Truly, this is help when help is most desperately needed It can be made wider and
more efficient only in proportion as your contribution to the Community Chest is larger.
"Give a Day's Pay"
Honeyman Auto Sains Co.
Albro Motor Sales Co.
Whitmore Paige &.
C. A. Konce.
Jewott Co.
O'Neil Tire & Battery Co.
A. G. Hawker.
Capitol Euick Co.
Automotive Sales & Service.
Kenneth M. Searle & Co.

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