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Vol. 14, No. 34
The Alleged Inconsistency of The Jeffersonian
1 N painful remembrance of the many, and
* sudden somersaults turned by President
Wilson, his well-bought admirers derive a
meagre diet of comfort from the back-num
bers of this paper—which have engrossed so
much of the official attention of Judge Lamar,
Solicitor for the Post-Office Department.
These well-bought admirers of our gyrating
—but always sanctimonious —President, have
discovered that in March, 1917, The Jeffer
sonian was a bitter foe to “the Prussian idea.”
Bring the date down to the present, please.
I hate the Prussian idea more than ever,
since Judge Lamar and other officials have
dosed me on it.
The Prussian idea was intensely hateful to
me —a typical democratic civilian who be
lieves in letting every man attend to his own
business —when it was confined to Germany;
but piow that the idea has taken possession
of our Government, and our men are being
criminalized for peaceable expression of hon
est opinion, my loathing for it is so aggra
vated that any attempt to express it would,
I am sure, bring down upon me additional
severities from Judge Lamar.
The well-bought journalistic worshippers
of President Widson remind mankind that,
oxi March l&thijrAa Jeffersonian advocated,
the sending of men, money, and to
Frapce, m case Germany sank a sin>«, one
of our ships in violation of international law.
Very well, what of it!
'T'HE President of the United States has
* again edified mankind and given a notice
able uplift to democracy throughout the uni
verse, by spying that every soldier should be
equipped with a Bible.
Unfortunately, this admonition came too
late for the negro soldiers at Houston, Texas.
Those colored brethren had become so accus
tomed to shooting unarmed civilians in Mex
ico—where the Army was sent to get Villa,
and didn’t get him—that they couldn’t resist
the temptation to resume the congenially safe
practice, after we started into the European
However, the score of white folks that the
negro soldiers murdered have been quietly
buried, and it will now be the proper thing
—not to summarily shoot the murderers—but
to remove them tc another camp and supply
them with Bibles.
To what passages of Holy Writ should the
attention of the man-killer be directed?
The war will hardly last long enough for
him to read the whole Book.
To start fn at Genesis and go straight
through to Revelations would require too
much time; because, it stands to reason that
the man-killer must give the most of his time
to eating, sleeping, recreating, and prepara
tions to kill his fellow-man. Comparatively
little time can be devoted to Bible-reading.
Besides, the chaplain is paid to keep the
A Bible for Every Soldier
Tfioikstm, G 0.., Thursday, August 3Q, 1917
We had been sending munitions, for two
years; we had been sending money, for two
years; and volunteers had been going, for two
years. Col. Boosevelt was clamoring to be
“sent”; and he vociferously declarer! that
nearly 200,000 men were ready to go with,
him, as volunteers
All that Col. Boosevelt asked was, that tho
Government accept him and his volunteers,
and “send” them to France.
The Jeffersonian favored the sending of
these volunteers, and all others, as our
Congress side-stepped the Boosevelt propo-*
sition, and passed it up to the President
What did the President do with it?
He turned it down, alleging as his reason
that, this was no war of “amateurs.”
(Col. Roosevelt had served in the Army,
at a time when Dr. Wilson was teaching
Jurisprudence at Princeton.)
Whatever amateurishness clung to Col.
Boosevelt and his Spanish War volunteers
might have been trained out of them, in less
time than it will take to train some of the
boys who have recently been called from the
fields, the stores, the banks, the offices, and the
As many soldiers as we need, Here or else
where, could h<v& beexj enlisted under the
tofemteer systems,'had the proper Wurse been 5
pursued, and had the real object of raising
a great army been what was pretended. J *
troops supplied with the greater part of their
devotional exercise.
This is where I invoke the aid of the Rev<
Dr. J. B. Gambrell, who led off the Southern
Baptist Convention in that Indian War
Dance, where Christ was suddenly made the
usurper of the things that are Caesar’s.
Will Dr. Gambrell cite me to those verses
which the hurried soldier may digest, before
he goes forth to shoot the soldier on the side s
icho is also reading his Bible?
Will Dr. Gambrell cite me to the verses
which will give the tired soldier the most
comfort, as he turns in at night, after having
shot the Bible reader on the other side?
Will Dr. Gambrell cite me to those sacred
passages which will pour balm upon the
lacerated hearts of the fathers, the mothers,
and the wives of those sojdiers who, according
to President Wilson, are going to be sacrificed
by the million on far-away fields of blood ?
This is no war of Faith against
This is no war of Christianity against Pagans
Where Christian America goes forth to
slaughter and be slaughtered, in a war which
divides Christian Europe into blood-dripping
halves, no scriptural text about Canaanites
and other idolaters will apply.
We are face to face with the ghastly fact,
that the Great War rages, all the way from
Bethlehem and Calvary, to ancient Nineveh
The crux of the whole matter is, the hidden
purpose to revolutionize our Government.
A great standing army is to be maintained
in time of peace, to silence the people, over
awe public opinion, and quell internal resist
ance to Dollar-Despotism.
A greater army than has been sent to
France is being used now, against ourselves;
and these plain-clothes hirelings of Dollar-
Despotism are going around, telling every dis
contented citizen to keep his mouth shut, else
he will get into trouble.
Even the women and children are being
warned and threatened, against any expres
sion of opinion that is different from the
policy of the Government.
Germain autocracy, at its worst, went nd
Two years ago, it was the Kaiser who
shocked the world by saying—
“ There is but one will in Germany, and
that is mine. Whoever resists me, him will
I crush.” '■
President Wilson now assumes the same'
tone, and adopts the same methods; and in
one of his recent public eddr: “ises he threats
ened destruction to “those who oppose us.”
i I defy anybody to produce the {slightest
'evidence that on March 15,1917, such a policy
■ The clause pf the Army Increase BiJi which
(continued ok page two.)’
and the Garden of Eden, and from thence
all the way through to where Paul planted
and Apollos watered.
There is no hiding the awful truth: the
whole Christian world is blood-mad, raging
with insane lusts, furious with a clamor for
destruction which has no parallel in the an
nals of time.
Every soldier should have* a Bible! Surely.
Will the President add to his pious thought
fulness by indicating the chapters which con
vey to the military reader the greatest
amount of spiritual good, in the shortest
time ?
There is a large quantity of raw butchery
in the Old Testament, but those chapters
hardly fit the case.
The rugged Jews of those old times were
bent upon appropriating to themselves the
lands and portables of their enemies; but our
military aims are not of that low degree.
We want nothing for ourselves—as we as
sured the Russians—and we are not in the
war because of any special grievance of our
own—as we assured the Red Cross brethren
and sisters—and we simply mean to bank
rupt our country and deplete its young man
hood for the general, good of our soul 3 and
the democratic elevation of humanity
throughout the world.
Consequently, the sordid aims of the an-
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