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VOL. I-NO. 52.
1.1 V-ail.-i .?*f.i Hi! . ? ' j
On Tth Itii o^poiite Odd-P?Haw?' Hall,
At Ten Cents a Week, or
To MulM0db?M Wwd, to UnMrrlfr^ the paper wUl
be" Wftdahed regularly for ten Cents j*r wide, payable
weekly. *3"" To mail subscribers. $5 a year; $2 50 for
gj* months; ft 26 for three months; 50 cent* a month.
No paper mailed unless paid for In advance, and discon
tinned When the term paid for expires.
Half Miu*re? (8 linen or Was,) 26 cents for each insertion.
1 X lo**rUou . $0 60 I 1 square, 1 monUi... $4 00
V>do ! < 2 Insertions O 76
1 do 3 insertions X 00
1 do 1 week .... 1' 76
1 do J months . . 7 Oo
I do 3 months . . 10 Oo
1 do 6 months . . ltt 00
J do 2 wirtw ... 2 76 I do 1 year 80i 00
..A2 WtMMU ... i 10 x uu * jw ?
Tvrglxtt lifter {or over six) make a square?longer adver
tiMuiusitte In exact proportion.
MmrtStpi will please endeavor to send in their favors
belsiie U (o'clock, If possible.
To Hotel Proprietor! and others.
circulate extensively among the Merchants of that
dty, and travellers find It in all the Hotels, Steam
g. and Railroad oonvoyanees diverging from l'hila
hta it (SontainB a correct list of the names of those
i arriving at the principal hotels daily, and conse
the boat means the Proprietors of Hotels in
t c?x have for extending their business among
__ jju^r^CoNNOLLY, Wimk k McGill, Publishers of
the American Tetoffraph, are the authorized agents for
WaflWng^n Mjt mar2A-tf
The Hew York and Liverpool United States Mail
The ships comprising thin line are the?
ATLANTIC, C?i>t. West.
; ;PA0U'10, Oapt. Nye.
-AWT10, Capt. Luce.
AJJHIATIC, Capt. Grafton.
These ships, having been built by conk-act
for Government service, every care has been taken in their
ex instruction, a* also in their engines, to insure strength
and speed,T?nd their accommodations for passengers are
unequalled for elegance or comfort. ,
Price of passage from New,York to Liverpool, $130; ex
clusive use^eSra size state rooms, $325; from Liverpool
^An ex^*'nc<!d '8urgoon wlU be attached to each ship.
.1 Ho berth flan be secured until paid for.
Jar- The owner# of these ships will not bo accountable
fbr cold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones,
or metds, tmless bills of ladibg are signed therefor, and
the value thereof therein expressed.
JWfrelgbt and passage apply to
BDWARD K. COLLINS, 56 Wall St., N. Y.,orto
BHQWN, &HIPLKY * CO., Liverpool.
K. G. ROHBBT3 k C0t, U, King's Arm Yard, London.
1. DRAPER, Jr., 8 Boulevard, Montmartrc, Paris,
mar 44?d
PAQKJBT 8?Sailing from Philadelphia on the 5th,
ttMi^oin Liverpool on tha 1st of every month.
Shin SHENANDOAH, Capt. Wm. H. West: Ship KU
*Wtlliain Mcfoirwcll; Ship MAllY PLEA
BANTS, Cipt. Abthonr Michaels. . , .
? The above ftrs^daM ships are built of the best mate
rials, and commanded by experienced navigators.
Doe regard bM been paid to select models for speed,
vfHta eommrt for paswmgnrs. .. ,
Persons wishing to engage P??age for their ^
obtain certificates which will be good for eight months. j
TW?JiWTio wish to remit money can be aceominodHtod
sorting and upwards, at sight, without
d!(>^Ut for the continent will be forwarded free of ex
pense of commission, If addressed to James McHenry, No.
6, Temple Place, g McUENRY A 00.(
mar li d No. 37, Walnut street, Philadelphia.
parkevIlle hydropatuic institute.
At a meeting Of the Bnaal of Managers of the Parke
vllle Hydro p?UUic Institute, heW fifth month 15th.
1860. Joseph A. Wider, M. D., was unanimously elecU-d
Strident Allttician In the place of Dr. Dexter, resigned.
fil ffrark,*. liprt,vom.uU, this institute Is
how prepared to receive an additional number of patients;
and from vT Weder's weU-known skill and PracUade^ ]
?tefaw*-tn Europe, (acquired nmta* V reoeni Pistasoltz.
TOeT&Under ofthe Hydropathic system,) and for several
-gjril past in this country, and particularly In the city of
inigiML (where he has had many patients.) the Man
afflicted wlU And him an able and an
^J^JStkarpartment being under the charge of a
Hfceward an J Matron, wlU enable the Doctor to devote to
'the patients whatever time may he necessary.
Abdication for admission to be made to
Application IV SAMOKL WKBB, Secretary.
Office No. 6R South Fourth street, residence No. 10 Lo
?tau suuare, Philadelphia. ....
Ornfroi Description of Oie I\srTcevQlt Hfdnpathic Institute.
rZf main building Is three stories faigb, standing tack
from the street about one hundred feet, with a semicircu
lar kcass plot In front, and oontains thirty to forty rooms.
Xh/^Tuids wvuud the bouse are laid out with
walks and plantad with trees, shruba, Ac. On the left of
tlut entrance to these grounds is a ootUfls containing four
rooms, used by male patients as a bathing bouse, with
i^conrenience for - parkin*," bating, kc ; on the
right of the entrance, abottt two hundred feet distant,
staad* a similar cottage, used by the ladles for similar
PUlTthe'rear of the Institute, at the distance of one hun
rtred fe?-t, are three other oottages, some eighty feet apart.
4na.of tbeee is the latuidry, wit h a hydrant at the door,
the other two are occupied by the servants.
The hydrant water l? Introduced into these oottages as
well as hrto the main building, and ail the waste water
carried off by drains under ground.
consist of a circular stone building, standing on the brow
?f a hill, surmounted by a large cedar reservoir contain^
flvehnndred barrels, brought from *
nwrvol' to a wuntsln In Ae water-works yaM surround
ed by weepTng Willows. In the first story of the water
works Is a circular room, oontalnlng the douche bath,
which Is a stream fclllng from a height or about thirty
feet, and cap be varied In slse from half an Inch to an
inoh and a half in diameter. Adjoining the douche room
I, a dressing room, with marble tables, Ac.; tbe rutin^
<lm<rv7forThe cure of plies, Ac.JU one of the most com
plete oodtrivanefcs of the kind, neing entirely under the
control of the patient using the same.
Tbe? are many other applliboes, which can be feller
understood by a ^ersona[ exsminntoon. ,nftLrZr"_l
MOtlLTON k CO., Successors to Jito. Faioose* k Co.,
M Cedar and 22 line streets. New York, Invite mer
chants visiting New York city to their immense stock of
Foreign and Domestic, Fancy and Staple Dry Goal".
Their stock is entirely new. and, hi addition, still recei re
by every steamer new and elegant stjlw, confined exc,u
trtvely to this house, consisting of every variety of Dr< ss
Goods.to. he found In the French, German, English, and
American ttiarktrts, and at prlcus that will defv competibirs.
Oaih htlYeM and merchants gcnerallv will do well to
call and examine our stock, as our goods are adapted to
everv section of the cOdntry, and w?< are resolved to spare
no efforts to ?slw It the interest of evrtry merchant to
favor us with their patronage. j^ ^ ^OULTON,
New York, March, 1(151. mHr24=
fcO oases Gum Oopal, med. sn.l fo>e Pollsh.
MOhhls snp"rior Coaeh Bmiy, Csrrlage Oil Cloth Polish
Ing, Flowing, Scraping, Cabinet and Venitian Blind Var
nlshes, NBs. 1, Sfasid 3.
10 bbls. Sign and Oralnlng Varnish.
# do whittt flowing *>
5 do ontslde do do warranwvl.
5 do White do do for maps or whips.
lft4o iron Varnish.
?>do winters'Japan.
100 do fl^Artte Turpentine, In glued bbls or half bbls.
10M gallrfn* Atwerlean Lin'see<l Oil.
10,000 Ug^pnre White Lead, in oil, at manufat turers
Also, Gum Shellac, Sandrac, Litharge, R<>d I>ead, Dry
White L">ad? In 100 lb. kegs, wholesale and retail, at the
lowest market rates.
Parsons purchasing the above will do well to call and
examine for themselves.
?- Persons wanting Varnishes msaufaetured will
nlnniiaaaU. as the subscriber Is arnpared to manufacture
li fctaSr BInYc. uouNyU,
ff, oTTdrange street, running from Second to Third, be
tween Market and Aroh streets, Phil a. mar 24-?tf a
To Persom out of Employment.
Just published by K. SKA KB, and tor gale at No. 128
Na&iau street, New York.
American gut books for hjoi.?Agent* are
wanted to circulate thu following now and beaptifUl
works, (retail price, $2 60 pur vol.) A new and complete
with a descriptive account of those countries and their
inhabitants, from the earlle?t period of authentic history
to the present time. In which the editor has treated not
only of the historical events, but also of the manners,
customs, religion, literature, and domestic habits of the
people of those immense empires.
The embellishments are about two hundred, and of the
first order, illustrating whatever is peculiar to the inhabi
tants, regarding their dress, domestic occupations, tliuir
mode of agriculture, commercial pursuits, arts, Ac. They
are accurate, and each one has been made expressly for
the work.
The volume forms a large octavo, containing between
five and six hundred m??, printed in. tfeu best ?t.vle, and
on good substantial white paper.. It is furnished to agents,
handsomely bound in mualin, gilt, or leather, as the pur
chaser may prefer, at a very liberal disoount, when quan
tities of not less than twenty copies ore ordered at one
comprising the most striking and remarkable events of
the Revolution, the French war, the Trlpolitan war, the
Indian war, the second war with Great Britain, and the
Mexican war; with three hundred engravings 1 Retail
price, $2 60 per volume. Orders respectfully solicited.
are docidodly the best books that agents can possibly em
ploy their time in supplying to the people of the United
States. They are valuable for reference, and should be
possessed by every family in tliii) gruat republic. There is
not a city or town in these United States, not even those
of small importance, but contains many citizens to whom
these works are indispensable. They are adapted to the
literary wants of the Christian, the patriot, the statesman,
and the domestic circle, got up in a superior style of art
and workmanship; and are not only such books as will
sell, but arc such as an agent of good principle will feel
free to recommend, and willing to see the purchaser again
after they have been bought.
Oua Pi/u?.?The plan tho publisher has no successfully
carried out for several yearn, is the obtaining responsible
men as agents, who are well known in their own counties,
towns, and villages, and have time and disposition to cir
culate good and instructive books among their neighbors
and friends. Any person wishing to embiark In the enter
prise will risk little in sending $25 or $60, for which he
will receive an, assortment as he may direct, at the whole
sale cash prices.
Enterprising and active men of respectability and good
address, would do well to engage itf tho sale of the above
volumes; and all postmasters, clergymen, hook pedlars,
and newspaper agents, are respectfully requested to act
as our agents. A handsome remuneration allowed to all
who engage in their sale. For particulars address, post
paid, ROBERT SEARS, 128 Nastau street, N. Y.
To publishers of newspapers throughout the United States:
Newspapers copying this advertisement entire, without
any alteration or abridgment, (Including this notice.) ami
giving it a few Inside insertions, shall receive a copy of
any of our $2 50 or $3 works, subject to their order, by
sending direct to the publisher. mar 24?
The Baltimore and Philadelphia Steamboat
_ , ?ir- k. nave resumed their operations for the
year with increased means of accommo
dating the trade between Philadelphia and Baltimore, In
the most regular and expeditious manner, and at their
former materially red/teal pricrt, being, on dry goods,
hardware, Ac., only 10 oeuts per 100 pounds, and but half
the prico charged by other lines.
Persons wishing to avail themselves of the facilities ami
moderate prices of the Line, are advised to give explicit and
positive directions for sending their goods to the Ericsson
Line, uud they should be particular to possess themselves
of tho receipts which arc Invariably given for their goods.
In those are statad the prioo charged for transportation;
nod it will prove a protection against the double rates ex
acted by other lines, who have no published rates.
Goods destined for the West, South, or other places be
yond Baltimore, forwarded promptly on the day of theii
arrival, with every care and attention, free of all charg*
whatever for this service, in the shape of commissions oi
New York.?Goods shipped from New York, or other
places eastward of that city, should be distinctly con
signed to A. Groves, jr., Philadelphia, to insure their con
veyance by this Line.
' Freight to or from Baltimore, as above, 10 cents per 100
pounds. Coarse freights taken at still less rates.
The established character and known reputation of this
company is an ample guarantee to those disposed to con
fide their property to the care of the company.
One or more of tho company's boata leaves Philadelphia
from tho upper side of Chestnut street wharf every day,
(Sunday excepted,) at 3 o'clock, arriving In Baltimore
early next morning. Apply In Philadelphia to
A. QROTB3, jr? Agent,
No. 19 South Wharves, above Chestnut *t.
In like manner a boat leaves Baltimore, daily, (Sundaj
excepted,) ?' half-past 2 o'clock.
Apply in Baltimore to
J. A. SII RIVER, Agent, No. 3 Light ft.,
mar 24? near the Depot of the B. * 0. R. R.
New Yorlc India Rubber Warehoaie.
DI10DUM AN,27 Maiden l<ane and Nassau street
. (first corner from Broadway.) New York. Factor j
foot of Twenty-fourth street, Kant River.
Merchants throughout the United States arc respectful! j
informed that my spring stock of India Rubber Good* will
be found far superior to any liotbre offered, having bo
stowed upon each Individual article tho benefit of my king
experience in manufacturing, which enables me to war
rant entire satisfaction.
Among the most Important, I would call attention U
mv extensive stock of Carriage Cloth, of all widths, from
34 to 6-4 inclusive, and made on the choicest drills and oi
the best of gum. 1'urchascrs will find that it will neither
crack, peel, nor become sticky, as is the caw with much
that has been and continuos to be sold In this city.
Consisting of Coats, Cloaks, Capes, Pouches, Pants, Over
alls, Leggings, Boots, Ca)>4, Ac., n?w so extensively worn
by farmers, physicians, drivers, sea captains, sailors, Ac.
Baptismal rants, manufactured exprossly ft?r the clergy.
Ladies' and Gentl?m?m'sOlo<ves?a perfect euro for chap
ped hands by wearing them for a short time, at the same
time Mearhing ami rendering them soft and delicate.
These Gloves are also much worn by Hatters. Tanners,
Masons, Ac., being a perfect protection against acid and
Machine Belting and Sran fueling,
In every variety, and cheaper and better than any thing
which <?n lie substituted for either.
Also, a large stock of Overshoes, Garden and Kngine
Hose, Whips, Horse Covers. Horae Fenders, Hoof Boots,
Bods, Life Preservers, Breast Pumps, Syringes, Tobacco
Wallets. Finger Stalls, Paper Holders, Door Springs, Ac.,
Ac., bWHM an Immense stock of
India Rubber Italh,
and other fiincy articles, such as Mastics, Dolls, Dogs, and
other animals of'varlous kinds. Pure Rubber Cement fbr
hatters' use. All orders executed with despatch,
mar 24? 9. hODGMAN.
Nrte York, New Orltan*, and Mo hilt Expre**,
(10NNKCTING with the swiftest and most responsible
J exprusses lietwccn the prinotpal towns In Maine. R?w
Hampshire, Vermont. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, C<rti
necticut. Lower Cano<la. New Vork State, Delaware, Penn
sylvania. Maryland, District of Columbia. Indiana, Ohio,
Illinois, the Western States generally, the Mississippi and
Alabama river towns, and the prominent places in Geor
gia snd tho Carolina#.
Our MHttea are so extensive and perfect that we can
secure the safe snd spedv transportation of freight,
trunks, packages, and valuable parcels, from one end ol
tho country to the other, and between the moat remote
From our mnny years" experience In the express busi
ness, while connected with Messrs. Adams A Co., and our
numerous advantages In other respects, (not the least of
which Is the confMetiee and patronage of the New York
community.) we feel assured that Ire shall neve? cease to
iflve the most entire satisfaction to our friends, the jewel
lers, bankers, and merchants generally.
We t>eg liiave to call attention to our California Express
from New Orleans, and our Express between New Orleans
ami Mobile,
Offices: St. Charles Hotel Building, New Orleans, and
19 Wall street, New York. mar 24?tf
ctne a?d tho Collateral Hctenoes f?r
March, lftftl.?Tho March numlierof this well estah
llsbed journal is now Ixiforc thu public, containing original
minimi ideations from the following talented writers of the
Medical Profossfon: W. II. Van Rnren, M, D., case of ova
rian tumor, In which death resulted from entero-peritonlti.*
arisiug from a novel cnuso. Illustrated by a plato; remark'
on tetanus, by Eura P. Rennet. M. D., of Connecticut; rup
ture of bladder, by J. Kneeland, M. D.; reports of hospital
cases, by F. D. Lent*. M. D., and others of mncli Interest
by Drs. Sweat, Churoh, and Star.
Tho Foreign and American Medical Retrospect Is full
and complete; Bibliographical notices of all the late Eng
lish and American Medfcal ttot-Ms, Ac.
Published every other month, at $3 per annua; ?acb
number containing 14l pages. .
Specimen numlier sent to any part of themuatry gratis,
on application, post paid, to R. F- HUDSON, Agent,
BUT a*-. ?9 WaliBtrnt, New York, .
Hardware, Cutlery, Edge Topis, &c.
CHARLES 8. Ll'rtLK, Ikkiitm and
Sueml <i<-*ler iu English, Gurtutuu, and
luru uu Hardware, Cutlery, Edge Tools,
Ac., 33 and 34 Fulton stnet, ofopMtt* tbu
United Status Hotel, New York, respectfully inviUut the
attention of Merchants, making their purchases, to his
very extensive assortniont, comprising every thing iu the
line, and to which uew and couatuut supplies are being
added. Ills variety of Tools is adapted to all the various
brain-hen of mechanics, especially Coopers and Carpenters.
Particular attention given to all orders, all ol which arc
offered at the lowest market prices for cash or on approved
Cut and Wrought Nails, Locks and Latchets
Knives and Forks, Pen and l'oeket Knives
Kacors, Scissors aud Shears, in great variety
Skates, Slates, Sleigh Bells, loose and strapped
Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Forks, Scythes and Snathes
Itittes, Black Lead l'ots, and Sand Crucibles
Pumps, for wells or cisterns; Force Pumps and Hydrau
lic Kains
Ames' Pump, Augers and Runivcrs
Turkey Oil Stone, dressed and undressed
Scotch Water of Ayr Stone, for marble polishers
Coopers' Tools, in great variety, of the most celebrated
manufacturers, Albertsou, Conger, llorton, Barton, and
others '
Coachmakera' Tools
House and Ship Carpenters' Tools
Blacksmiths' Tools, Cabinet makers' Trimmings
House aud Ship builders' Hardware
House furnishing Hardware, in great variety
Iron, Brass, Copper, aud Steel wire
Genuine Haarlem Oil, and Nuremberg Salve,
mar 24?
Office, No. 1 Reade Street, New York.
IN consequence of the great number of complaints which
have for a long tlmo been made by Bmigrauts, of frauds
committed upon them in the sending of money to their
friends in Ireland, and to aid and protect the Emigrant,
the Irish Emigrant Society established a fund, deposited
in the Bank of Ireland, upon which they draw drafts,
payable at sight, at any of the branches of the Bank.
Persons residing out of the eity, by enclosing in a letter
the sum they wish forwarded, with the plainly written
direction to whom and where it is to be paid, will have the
same remitted.
Tliero is a great advantage in purchasing the Society's
drafts?that the Bank has a branch in each of the princi
pal towns in Ipelaud, and thus tho losses by discount, and
otherwise, are avoldud
The Society keeps an office at No. 22 Spruce street, to
which Emigrants can apply to obtain situations for which
they aro fitted.
Orders from employers in the country, stating the ser
vices required, the wages, and the cheapest modes of con
veyance. and giving a respectable reference, will meet with
prompt attention.
The Society will be. thankful for all circumstantial and
early information of any fraud, imposition, or outrage
committed on Emigrant h, ond will eudctivor speedily to
apply a remedy. ? GREGORY DILLON, President.
JAMES MATHEWS, VVice Presidents.
Edward C. Donnelly, Corresponding Secretary.
Kixrnan B. Daw, Recording Secretary.
Josirn Stuart, Treasurer.
Felix Ingoldsby, William Redmond,
William Watson, Francis Mann,
John Manning, James Stuart,
Terence Donnelly, Stuart J.Mollan,
James Olwell, Cornelius H. Sheelian,
Charles M. Nanry, John Nicholson, mar 24?
Inventors and Manufacturers of the Ethiopian and Fire
pro6f I'ttint, Wilmington, Clinton co., Ohio.
~\\T MYERS, No. 3i0 Main street, near 8th, Cincinna
VV ? Ohio, to whom all orders must' be addressed.
The superiority of this paint over all other, for carriage,
house, aud ship painting, will bo seen in its rapid sale.
It is n?t over tour month* since this paint lias lnicn intro
duced into market, ami our agent has been able to order
one hundred tons. The paint in ground In all, and put
up ru?4y. for use, from the flneiit black, down to any shade
to suit the fancy. '
Also. Inventors and manufacturers of Tanners' Black
ing. This article is so universally approlwled by all who
hiive usof I it. that it scarcely uu?*ls commendation. But
to give confluence to those who may not have tried it, we
would say that Z. C. Ryon, foreman to A. M. Taylor A Co.,
Columbia street, Cincinnati, lias authorised us to use his
name as a recommendation to tanners in general. To all
who know Mr. Z. C. Ryon this would be sufficient; but all
tanners in the city and country, who have used It, have
granted us this privttego. If ft were necessary we could
fill a newspaper with testimonials; but where all who use
arcpleaseu we deem it uncalled for.
The Tanners' Blacking is put up in kegs containing six
gallons, ready for use, ami will be sent to any point on
the canal, railroad, or river, at flfty cents per galton.
All onion should be addressed, post paid, to
Wilmington, Clinton co., Ohio; or
J. II. HAVENS, Cincinnati.
Also, inventors and manufacturers of a Water-proof
Blacking fin- OA-cloth, that will reduce the cost fifty per
cent., and will soon be in market. mar 24
IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS, 68 Libxxtt (nuirr. New
York, (between Broadway and Nassau,> are now re
ceiving a rich and beautiful assortment of Fiuicy Silk and
Millinery Good*, to which we would particularly invite the
attention Of all Cash Purchasers, and will make It nn ob
ject fo* them to give us a call, as we are determined to sell
our assortment, for Cash, lower than ever before offered in
this market.
Milliners ran supply themselves with every article In
their line, at about the cost of Importation or Auction
priees. Many of our goods are manufactured expressly
for our own sale, and cannot be surpassed tor beauty or
low prices.
Rich Hat and Cap Ribbons, a large variety
Silks and Satins for Bonnets
Embroidered Capes, Collars, Cuffs, and Chemisctts
Embroidered Edgings and Inserting*, Swiss and Muslin
Thread, Brussels Valenciene, 811k, and M?l? Thread
Embroidered Reverie and Plain Linen Cambric Hkfs.
Gloves and Mits, KM, Silk, Lisle Thread, and Sewing
Scarfs, Cravats, and Dress Hkfs.
Swiss, Jaconet, Book Muslins, and Bishop Lawn*
Einliroldered, Damask, and Plain Canton Crape Shawls
A ftill aasorttnent of Straw Good*
French and American Artificial Flowers
With a large variety not mentioned above.
All wishing to avoid paying long prices will make mo
ney by calWng and satisfying themselves, (msr 24?If
Ac.. Ac.?Wiiolrsali and RiTail?\n. 104 ^ Market
Mreet. Philadelphia.?We offer to our friend' ami custo
mers the hrgnst assortment of Agricultural Implements,
Garden Tools, and Seeds ever offered In this market, con
sisting in part of the Billowing, via:
PROl'TY k WEARS' Patent Highest Premintn Self
shArptfiln* PLOUGHS, right and left handed Stfh. Hill
Suhsoil, of various sizes, of superior materials and work
manship, warranted to give satisfaction, or the money
returned. Four Highest J'rrmitcms aicardrd to these
PLOUGHS at tho New York State Fair for 1860. Also,
Benches ami. Bar Share Plough*.
Spain's Improved Barrel Hium, constructed In such a
manner that the dnsher may be removed from the Inside
oftheChnm by simply unscrewing the handle from the
Hay, Straw, and Com Stalk Cutters In great variety,
among which may he found Harvey's superior Premium
Straw Cutti*r, of every sire.
Alan. Horse Powers, Threshing Machines. Fan Mills,
Corn Snell?rs, Cheese Presses, fjoed Planters, Dirt Scraticrs,
Sugar Wills, O* Yokes atid Bows, Turnip Drills, Horse
Rales. Grain Cradles, Expanding ami Extra Cultivator",
lliirrows, Snathe, Scythes, Concaved Hoe*, Spring tem
pered Cast Steel Oval and Square tined Manure nod Hay
Forks. l*n?iilng Shears and CM sets, Bench ntid Bar Shear
Repairing Pedea aotl Oistlngs, Peruvian, Patagonia and
Prepared Guano, together with a complete assortment of
Grass, Garden, and Field had, all of which will lie sold at
the lowrst possible prices, at 194Market, strort. Phlla.
French and German Looking-Olaia Depot,
No. 7o Baltimore Street.
BARRATT k DR""KT. Carvers and Gilders, manufac
turers of every variety of Plain and Ornamental
IjOOking-OlsJM and Picture Frames, Window Cornices,
Brackets, Bracket Tables, Celling Mouldings, Ac., Ac.
Also constantly on hand, a full assortment of Gilt ami
Mahogany Framed liking Glasses. Old work re-gilt,
glasses inserted in old Frames, Ao. Priees low and work
unsurpassed In beauty of finish ami durability by any
other establishment. The public is respectfully invited
to examine out stock before purchasing elsewhere.
IMPORTERS. No. 8ft Market street Philadelphia; No.
. . 102 Broadway, New York, lire now receiving and offer
for sale, at Market prices, an excellent assortment of the
following gnodtf
Cloths and Dt>e?kln?k of Gevers A Schmidt.. Sohnahel's,
Bockschurmann k Scbrocder, and others, consigned to
them direct from tlje manufacturers.
French, Swiss, and Gamtan Stilts. Fancy and Staple
Goods, of the best makes akd styles, suitable for the spring
r jSR. sole aftwtcy fta the UAIted Statfs of .1. M. Caron
A Co.'s Fancy Gilt and Mlk Buttons, and other fabrics,
mar 34?
J'Vohi the I*royi<letice Mirror,
love waterlogged.
" Jie'n dr0wnded> you know, Lady Lass-drownded."
n,. tt u-j. " [Ihpt. UuUU.
" <5"! ldK<! at t'rovidonre?
Ureat,' thoy call it?why. I dou't know?
lining on tin- dtagy fence.
Under which the shipping won't go,
ljhraun stood, all lorn and lonely,
upon the river,
looking wise, but seeing only
?onus on the ripple's quiver.
Sad he was, as you may think,
i ? J'1", was In deep water:"
Ix>wer still It seemed to sink,
A? he thought of Jones's daughter.
Ah, she wmm a lovely creature I
Just sixteen, and fresh as roses 1
But what matters face or feature
" ou a cruel dad opposes I
Betty often said "oho loved,"
In mi!/ ^'PhraJm echoed when sho said it;
T?I p2t'ln> Uk>' ho proved
/T. 'J1an(' straightway to hor read it:
a h ^ ??y' e rftful ttie verses,
And not the (lame?Uiat wasn't written:)
And called aloud lor monstrous curses
Upon his head, if he wa'nt smitten
Hot bade him keep a firm, stout heart:
JleI vowed he would, and left her weening
nd thought that she loved him?him only
^ * * *
One cold morning, in the fall,
A watchman, looking for a toddy.
^ing by Dny'g storehouse wall,'
xvut v w(w w" ? Ixxly!
ith a boat-hook up he brought It:
h ?y i-Phmlni!" screamed Eph's mother
He s went and drowned hisself, odd rot it! '
Cause lletsey Jones has tuck another.''
For the American Telegraph.
tiie dress that is coming.
IL'rrr*8 i?k fnu T,,rki,'h ?*??*???* fUri^
Above the prettiest ankle in the world."
and?IdfpyI1011''*1088?- E',itor8! The ladies?
nd I feci confident, the gentlemen?will thank
you for coming right out, pop, in favor of the
new fashion, which we of Washington have
only seen in Pagination. The authorities you
quote are good,, and I will give you another
ten?US sr and n,0<JeSt writer- Shen*toue
that th? In . 18 " POmt ?Ut 0f doubt with me,
that the ladles are most properly the judees of
dies"''" But?' the m"! ?f tbafc of the la
thnri't *,Br0Wn' W,?? not good aU
W the'mlT' The ^atest part of the ladies
Wthemse'ves Tei7 advantageously under their
dress. How ninny indifferent faces pass well
llw h* w7e|IS f"d diamonds, and conquer
hearts by candle-light, that would make a sorry
igure without them. Every alteration that
happens to a perfect beauty would certainly be
for the worse." Doctors differ; and I am
almost tempted to move that, in this day of
hi'sSrii Y'JT' ?nC aPPoiuted to meet
m some Iia.ll of the inusee, and, after a fall ex
of Shen'Ofi ?f t,?.8U!,ject' ^ the authority
of Hhenstone, settle the matter
askN?Wl')id r1"9- ? ?it?-r8' 1 haVe a rl"csf'on to
ask. Hid you not indite that encouraging arti
l, * I. *he suKff?stion of some fair Haidee, who
J? the 8cen<,s and convinced
you that her beauty only waited some kind en
" All bashfully to struggle into light "
Kissing the lovely creature, tell her to come
on; not to keep walking and fixing too long
lvlrrw ? u 'ooking-ghiss; that no marine?
from the bW ?f thc modfst mo?n
rom the blue sea with more palpitating anxiety
than do I as the representative of hundreds
watch for the "Turkish trowsers," and if, when
>,,?f"irPear' C,VCn nn ."PProxlmation is made to
ie/ ?r,n^ ,,CSCnPtlon' altar will be
crowded with worshippers:
"Of all the dresses, I select llaidees:
I he wore two jelicks?one was of pale vcllow ?
' Wh whnkh u?* .Whlt*'hrr rhem^' '
WiVi?^ .7 r hor rwult 1,enT,,d lik* n little billow
An Ijol,!09"! 7 ?f M larH<' ?S peas;
All gold and crimson shone her Jeliclc's fellow
And the striped white gau*, baracln that Cud'her
Like fleecy cloud* about the moon, flowed round her ?
"Ow* of thr Bo-hots."
ER| 1^n,K>fT ?The correspondent of
te,;8^efonow1fg^.Writil,g fr0m Au^ta'
is wor/h itU,rC' 1 have^ust been U,Lrt ?'?e whidl
ZZTil i "K' csI,ecialb- as coming from thc
does, it must be presumed to be true
ami pretty wci| ,nustratps tho Z0R, with which'
electioneering is sometimes carried on here. A
arge, energetic, military-looking man this
morning met Ret. Mr. Judd in the crowd of
members on their way to the State-house, and
mistaking the reverend gentleman for a mem
ber immediately began, as they walked along
together to urge upon him his claims to b?
made a Major General. This was a pretty se
vere test to the reverend gentleman's peace
principles, but he listened very politely and
attentively to the man's story?the usual*story
of his "services to the party," Ac , ntll
heI finally wound up with n direct appeal to him
for hu aid and assistance in the matter
" | say, my friend!" said he, (with an em
!1 ?!>g0St"ru 1T'd P1Prc"sion not fit for me
u",er,l:""" "?'?
T doubt whether the reverend gentleman en
tirely suppre-sed a sinile; but turning to the
liHl a" thc solemnity which be
nge to the subject and occasion, replied ? "I
will prm/ for you. mv friend!"
hem^thr:^- r"ie di<1 not ful'y compre
hend the meaning of the answer, but it flashed I
upon him in its full force, when the Speaker i
called upon the members to "attend to the ser
LhoVV (.'hnrl,lin " The gentleman who
who had promised to pray for him arose and
mcmbir17 f?rVCntb" f?r him an<1 aH the "tiler
It will bo rcmcmbcretl that, iome years aKo
of RevgT? t're|ti?0k "nf,,m8ettt ap^ace sor.uor.
uh.H ? , r ' W1h,ch preached in hi* own
pulpit, and from that tune, I believe, he has
never been permitted to officiate as Chaplain in I
rim.I k' morning. It is a little cu- I
nous that his restoration should have been at
tended with an application to help to make a
man a Major General!
li^iltTn SkAVM.?Wc learn from an intel
n,an' that from Pix,cp? to twenty
fugitive "laves though this city weekly to
a are often. WW'y destitute, and
? ompelled, out of his meagre resources
to give food ami lodgings to ihajiy of them.
[Otu'fpo Journal, J
Important from Cuba. The New York Sun,
of Monday, contains the substance of a letter
from Port Principe, dated May 4th, addressed
to a Cuban gentlemun in that city, who vouches
tor its truth aud correctness Nine of the most
eminent, talented and wealthy citizens of the
place were arrested before day, aud taken un
der close guard to the dungeons of Moro, in
Havana. Their names are Joseph K. Betau
coui t, lawyer ; Ferdinand -Betancourt, lawyer ;
Manuel Arango, lawyer; Joaquin Rivera, law
yer; i-rancisco Varona, planter ; Francisco V.
Batista, planter; Francis Qucrada, planter;
and Salvador Cisnero, planter. The pretence
under which they were arrested is, that they
were engaged in the revolutionary movement,
now on foot in the island. The'arrests were
made by order of the Captain-General to Senor
Leimerich, the Governor. The officers are also
in pursuit of Senor Solitarjo, of Cunaquez, Se
nor Augustin, Joseph Castillo and others. The
correspondent of the Sun represents the excite
ment throughout the island as intense, and
thinks that the outrage will arouse the whole
population to a sense of their danger and the
necessity of resistance to the Spanish despo
tism which now rules only to oppress and ruin
Revolutionary Fekuno in Cuba?Spanish
Opmotu.?The Savannah Republican has some
translations of extracts from Spanish letters
from Havana, received by the Isabel. They
come by private hands. After vouching for the
entire truth of its assertions, one dated the 8th
instant says:
Hourly, nay minutely, have we been anxiously
waiting to hear the joyful tidings of your beinj
lauded on the isle, or at least on your way. Do
not believe for a moment the rumors that you
will receive no aid here on the island. Many
Spanish officers and soldiers, independent of
the Creoles, will join the Patriot* hs soon as
they land; and could I, without endangering
the lives of many of my friends here, I would
give the names of some of the most influential
and wealthy planters on the islo, who have
pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor
in the contcst?such names as would make the
throne of her royal majesty tremble. The day
will come and that, too, ere long?when Cuba
it-ill be free! But still I fear for our friends
here, lor God knows if the least suspicion is
thrown out they will suffer, and that terribly.
Havana, May 8.?" Montes de Oca, the un
fortunate individual who was the victim of the
i barbarous government of Spain, met his fate
like a hero.
" Previous to his execution the Captain Gen
eral, Concha, gave him nine days to denounce
all the patriots on the island, and promised him
his liberty and a large sum of money ; but he
only replied that he would sooner die a thou
sand deaths than denounce his friends."
Troops in CvnA.?There are more regular
troops in that small island, probably, than in
V ?>? n?tiaSut.Vf North Americu?tlicy num
ber .,.>,000. Besides this great armament, there
are also several ships and wur-steamers around
the coast?we know not how many. Such are
the props of despotism and oppression.
Tiik Mwbodbt Church Cask, which is a
I suit brought by the representatives of the Gen
oral Conference (South) to recover from the
.Northern Conference of the same church seven
f or eight hundred thousand dollars, claimed for
them as part owners of the general fund pre
vious to the separation, on account of differ
ences growing ont of the question of slavery
was commenced on Monday morning, in the
Lnited States District Court, in New Vork be
fore Judges Wilson and Betts. The court-room
w8.^1 ,f? l.Te been crow,,e<i> and a number of
Methodist clergymen were present. The gen
eral fund, which is the object in controversy
is at this time invested in the Methodist Book
Establishments of Ohio and New Vork, and in
the charitable fund of Philadelphia. Messrs.
Keycrdy Johnson and 1). Lord appear for the
plaintiffs, and Messrs. George Wood and Rufus
t hoate for the defendants. The Hon. Thomas
bwing has also been retained as counsel for
the plaintiffs. The case is a deeply interesting
one as regards the parties and the principles
involved. r
The way of thk wori,d.?If some poor devil
without habitation, money, or friends, is charged
with a violation of law, an account of all the
circumstances is given as a warning to evil-doers
and a defence to the community against the
perpetration of crime from such agents; but let
a well-dressed individual with a fair exterior
money at command to secure friendly aid
with shrewdness enough to evade positive de
tection?let such, who have in the opinion of
hose familiar with their history been violating
law for a lifetime, and been imposing upon the
oommunity, be charged with their crimes, a
studied silence is observed?nothing to guard
the public against the imposters is snid, and he
may continue to outrage justice with impunity.
Battle of New ORi.FAxs.-The late Major
Davetac stated that, on the morning after the
battle of New Orleans, tterlve broiled robins
were placed on the breakfast table, prepared
for General Jackson and his suite, which had
been shot with a rifle, through the head, by one
of the Kentucky riflemen, who had been in the
conflict; he had fired thirteen time*, and missed
hitting his bird in the head only once! This
circumstance being soon known in the neigh
borhood, a certificate of the fact was requested
and obtained from General Jackson and his
aids by the British officers, that by such evi
dence. on their return to Kngland, they might
exhibit to their government the character of
the enemy at New Orleans.
M*. Kmni.K. the American agent at the
World s Fair, says he honestly believes that
the Americans have within the Crystal Palace
the best piano-fortes, the best carriages, wagons
and coaches, the best ploughs and winnowing
machines, the best cotton, and the best dentists'
tools, dentist work, and labor-saving machinery
and that, if justice be accorded, we shall receive
upon them all the highest premiums. Tn the
department of tools and labor-saving contri
vances, which abound in every workshop in the
United States, the representation at the Fair is
Robbery of Government Pine Lands.?The
Detroit Tribune states that extensive depreda
ions have for some time been committed upon
the Government Ian.Michigan. Thcamount
of lumber carried away unlawfully to Wisconsin
and Illinois i? estimated at five millions faet per
week during the season of navigation. The at
tention of Government having been directed to
these robberies, steps have been taken to put a
stop to them, 1
Ladies a la Tuhque.?A young lady, dressed
in the new costume, astonished some of our
staid citizens yesterday, but we must say that
in our opinion it was a most becoming dress,
beautiful feet were handsomely encased iu half
patent leathers. The pantalooua were of mixed
tweed material, similar to the dress, full and
buttoned at the uncle. A large cape, and a
dashing straw hat, completed the costume of the
lady, who was evidently a stranger and travel
ler. We think the innovation will finally suc
ceed. Aeuark Mtrcury, May 20.
Lohoebt Railroad.?The Erie road is the
longest in the world?li)7 miles. That between
Moscow aud St. Petersburg, in Russia iB next
in length, being 420 miles. The Russian aov
ernment is about beginning a road from War
saw to St. Petersburg, a distance of more than
<00 miles; of which Major T. 8. Brown, Ute
of the Erie road, will be chief engineer. It is
noteworthy that the American great enterprise
is by a private company; the Russian is built
by government.
Life and Death in California.?In Shasta
city, California, lately, a man named S. 8. East
erbrooks, of Wisconsin, deliberately shot Mr.
Josiah Price, late of Philadelphia, while sleep- *
ing in his tent. The murderer was instantly
cuught, and a jury of twelve men were sum
moned to try him.. After a fnll and fair exam
ination, he was pronounced guilty of murder,
and hung, liasterbrooks leaves a wife and
three children in Wisconsin. Mr. Price leaves
a wife and one child in Philadelphia.
Canada.?The improvements and large in
crease in the postal arrangement^ indicate the
rapid progress of the province. Forty-two years
ago the great mail from England, by the way
of Montreal and Quebec, was carried once a
fortnight for Kingston and Toronto, in a pair
of saddle-bags by a man who usually went
a-foot. There are now in Canada H(M) post
offices, yielding a total revenue of $400,000 per
Fined.?A young man at Delaware City was
fined five dollars, a few days ago, for enclosing
two letters in a newspaper, and attempting to
send the same through the niaiL This should|
prove a warning to those who have the dispo
sition to defraud the Post Office Department.
A Great 1 ruth.? In the long secession
speech of Mr. llhett, of South Carolina, we find
the following " great truth ;" being a grain of
wheat in a bushel of chaff, it should be pre
served :
"It will be far earner indeed, in my opinion, to
I yet out oj the Union than to keep out of it."
The Strong Argument. ? The Greenville
(8. C.) Patriot states that the people of South
Carolina are grumbling at the heavy increase
of taxes, fifty per cent., besides the tax on
money at interout, levied by the last Legisla
ture, for secession and war purposes.
John Nkal, es<1., of Portland, Maine, of
whose eccentricities as a man and an author
the reading world has been used for many years
to hear something, has come out in the Port
land (Maine) papers a strong opponent of the
atres, as places unfit for moral and religious
people to frequent; and expressing great com
punction for ever having written in favor of the
Col. Humphrey Marshall, Whig member of
the last Congress from the Louisville district,
says be will not support (Jen. Scott for Presi
dent until he shows how he htands on the fugi
tive slave law, and that unless he is right on
that, he is in favor of another candidate!
Wanted, at Tins Orrtam?A bull dug, of
any color except pumpkin-and-iuilk, of respec
table size, snub-nose, cropped ears, abbreviated
continuation and bad disposition, who can come
when called with a raw beefsteak, and will bite
the man who spits tobacoo juice on the floor
and steals the exchange papers.
Col. Fitz Henry Warren, the assistant post
master general, arrived at Louisville, Ky., from
Washington, on Monday evening last, and left
next morning on a short visit to his home in
The steamer Atlantic, from New Orleans,
brought to St. Louis, on the 8th inst., three
! hundred and fifty English Mormons. They were
I to depart immediately for Salt Lake.
In Hamburg, the Jews and Christians have,
for the first time, united in the erection of a
building for lodging poor Jewish and Christian
families who have no home at the end of the
J quarter.
The Smith family linve two hundred and
f eighty-eight letters advertised in the .Nacra
I men to post office. The Browns arc next in
Hats.?A section of a stove-pipe, binding
the brow, is susceptible of improvement.
The best thing to be done when adversity
pinches, is not to sit down and cry, but to risV
up and work.
Health in California.?The Travxrript says
that Sacramento is so healthy that the profes
sional gentlemen huvo to work hard to keep a
patient down long enough to make three visits
This is the case in almost every part of Califor
Gold.?A piece of gold-bearing quarti, weigh
ing 450 lbs., has been taken to San Francisco.
It is about the siie of a half barrel of pork,
crystalized throughout, and thoroughly impreg
nated with the precious metal.
Stirring Aitkai..?- The following appears in
a Michigan paper: Democrats of Ionia, if you
are asleep, awake! If you are awake, move !
If you arc moving, walk! If you are walking,
run! If you are running, fly to the, retcue.'
Valuable Rkuiph.??'A Jersey man" ootn
municatos the following to the Philadelphia
To cure tlic honn fVnm hcnwtching
Up your ^enrrten hetts.
You cut their dainty wratcher* off,
Just below their newls.
Kk.mkmhbh, Mothuk.?A word gently vet
earnestly spoken to your child hath more effect
than the most violent outbreak of passion.
The best medicinal leeches are found iu waters
that abound with frogs.
Flour is an excellent article in its place, but
we deprecate the rubbing of it upon ladies'

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