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For ri-portu and oorrwpouienoe, so#
tliinJ in>gi>.
KM.iiujKMKNT or th? Capitol.?In our 111 at
number we expressed ? hope that the Presi
dent in oarrjrug out the law of Congress in
lvlntion to the enlargement of the Capitol,
would, if possible, avoid interfering with the
beauty, symmetry and harmony of our venerated
Capitol?oonceived by the great Washington,
and executed by Thornton, llallet, Hudfield,
llobnn, Latrobe, Bultincli, Andre, Franzoni,
Jardellu, Bouaui, Mariiini, C?usici, and other
nrtisis of distinguished merit. We have since
then pondered over the subject, and sought
further information in regard to it, and the
result has been to establish us more firmly in
the desires we then expressed: that a proper
respect for the judgment of our first President,
nnd a just appreciation of the fair fame of the
distinguished artists employed upon this noble
structure, should forbid the destruction of its
fair proportions, either by the addition of wings,
or by an eastern extension, or by " gutting" the
interior and mutilating the exterior. At the
same time we expressed our preference for tin
President's Inst suggestions, of an entire new
building for "the senatk," and one for "the
IIepuesektatives' Hall"?the former to bt
placed north of the Capitol, and the latter at
the south, distant therefrom not less than fifty
feet, and connected by low and subordinat*
galleries and corridors, so as to produce an ap
peavaucO' of individuality and distinctness in
each structure, and not to attempt " to establish
one grand massive structure" by making the spaci
between the old and new buildings only twent?/
feet, ns proposed by one of the architects. To
construct the new buildings upon this plan
would utterly destroy the fine proportions 01
the old buildiug by making it too long for its
height, and would likewise destroy the sym
metvy of the new buildings by the attachment
of the old structure to them in the manner
In order to gain sufficient space for a suitable
Representatives' Halfand surrounding galleries
for the multitudes of visiters who will pour into
Washington'from all parts of the country t<
, hear our distinguished orators on special occa
sions, it appears to us that the size of the inte
rior of the south wing building for the Repre
sentatives should not be less than 150 in length
by 150 feet breadth, which would produce an
area of 22,500 superficial feet; from which will
be deducted 11,250 square feet, occupied by
desks, seats, aisles, lobbies, &c.; and the re
mriining area, 11,250 feet, being divided b\
nine, the number of square feet which each per
son will occupy shows that the hall and galle
ries will not comfortably seat more than 129(
persons, including members, officers and visi
ters. These dimensions should in truth b<
doubled, in order to meet the increasing de
lininds of our rapidly increasing population;
but this cannot be done without producing dis
proportion between the wings and centre build
ing. The Senate wing must be as large as the
Ilouse wing, to produce uniformity. Fortu
nately the site is sufficiently large without pur
chasing more ground, being upwards of 1500
feet wide, as we are informed.
Cabpentkr's Wages in Philadelphia.?The
journeymen house-carpenters have been on a
strike for five weeks?struggling for an advance
of twenty-five cents per day. They have not
been paid their full wages at the end of the
week, not more than five dollars being given t<
each journeyman weekly, the balance remaining
in the "bosses'" possession, and in too main
instances, says a writer in the Ledger, " it if
never paid at all, and there have been cases it.
which journeymen house carpenters have been
discharged for simply asking for their ful;
wages." This is a sad state of affairs, truly,
but we hope it is now near its end. The writer
whom we quote goes on to state that "an or
ganization is being commenced, which will give
the journeymen the entire trade of Philadelphia
City and county. A carpenter's shop belonging
to the journeymen themselves has been estab
lished, and to it they refer builders, architects,
owners of property, and others who may want
work done." We sincerely hope they may be
nided in this just and honorable enterprise bj
the working-men of this and other cities. The
prosperity of our country is dependent upon
the just reward of labor, and tiiis can never be
obtained but by the concerted action of the la
borers themselves. We are all interested in
this thing of making a day's labor represent '
the largest possible amount of property, and they
who do not approve of such a thing can take
their only remedy, and do their own work.
Capital, being the augmented product of labor,
is as powerful as many laborers. Many labor
ers must therefore unite to defend themselves
from its oppressions. There used to be some
talk about " the criminality of combinations,"
bnt we hear nothing of the kind nowadays, and
probably never shall any more. The sons of
toil have been slow to learn their interests, but
they are getting the lesson pretty well now,
and will not again forget it.
Medical Prescriptions.?A correspondent
of the Philadelphia Ledger says that if physi
cians were compelled by law to write all their
presciptions in English, we should not so fre
quently hear of medical manslaughter.
We think so, too, and that responsibility
should be made to rest upon any physician
whose prescription should prove defective, or
ambiguous to the plainest English scholar. It
is the pride of enlightened medical men of the
present times, that pedantry and mysticism are
not needed to sustain them in the public es
The Erie (Pa.) Commercial Advertiser flies at
its masthead the name of Scott for the Presi
Appletor's Mechanics' Maoazine and En
gineers' JorRNAL, for Juno, has been presented
to us by Messrs Taylor fit Maury. This is the
sixth number of the first volume. It is edited
by J alius W. Adams, C. E., and published by
1). AppletoD ft Co., New York, at twenty-five
cent? a number. It is worthy the careful ex
amination of every scientific man and intelli
gent meoliaftir.
It it stated that Senator Sonle, of Louisiana,
intends to sail for California in a abort time.
Organization or i hk City Councils.?The
Councils assembled to-day at 10 o'clock
Th# board of Aldermen organized, by the
re-election of its old officers, B. B. French,
esq., President; W. U. Magruder, Vice-Preai
dent, and E. J. Mlddletou, Secretary.
The Board of Common Council, also, re-elect
ed the officers of the lust year: Silas II. Ilill,
President, and Hichurd Barry, Secretary. Jacob
Kleiber was chosen messenger to the two Boards.
A joint resolution was ottered in the BOard
of Common Council, by Mr. Pepper, directing
the Mayor to cull a meeting of the citizens, to
make arrangements for the celebration of the
approaching fourth of July: adopted. This
resolution was luid on the table by the Board of
Mr. Wilson, of tlio Second Ward, introduced
into the Board of Aldermen a bill appropriat
ing $500, to be expended by the Board of
Health for cleansing gutters, &c. ; which was
read three times, and passed.
Mr. Morgan, of the Seventh Ward, submitted
n resolution, asking the opinion of the Corpo
ration Attorney as to whether Councils have
any power to prevent the erection of a gas man
ufactory near the Capitol grounds, which would
iend to the depreciation of the value of public
and private property in that neighborhood:
The two Boards subsequently met in joint
meeting, for the purpose of examining and
counting the returns from the several wards ol
he votes for Collector, Register, and Surveyor,
<nd the result was declared as follows:
For Coi.Lr.0T0R. Ut il 3d 4th 5th <ith 7 th Total
oburt J. Koche, 302 480 297 281 08 87 186 1701
vYilliara K. Howard, 81 55 110 230 285 302 18'.t 1318
M. Chapin. B 5 56 20 9 2 1
>i. B. 11 obitiHon, 6 7 5 5 2 4 0 29
iohii llauds, 5 5 1 4 2 1 4 'i'i
For Keuistf.r.
A'. J. McCorraiok, 310 315 325 408 270 235 263 2101
r'rancla Mc.Verhany, 43 233 14Q 132 83 210 112 953
?icattiring. 010 0101 3
For Si-rveyor.
?. W. Hall, 199 225 230 320 303 339 294 1910
.r?w. L. Cathcart, 173 90 21 11 6 3 32 335
VV. \V. DeMaine, 18 124 152 146 28 60 31 655
II. Cluskey, 8 100 52 58 25 41 20 304
Robert J. Roche was declared duly elected
Collector; William J. McCormick, Register, and
II. W. Ball, Surveyor of the city of Washington,
for two years from July 1, 1851.
A joint resolution was passed in the Board
if Aldermen, directing the publication of the
Council proceedings in the American Telegraph.
Monday, June 30th, was fixed as the time
for electing police magistrates.
Steamer Champion.?The new steamer Cham
pion, Capt. Strnndberg, arrived on Saturday
?veiling from Washington city, aud will to-mor
row commence her regular tripB to Annapolis
uid the Eastern Shore. The Champion was
ouilt at Washington at the ship-yard of Mr.
vieorge Page; Mr. Win. Smith, of this city,
ioing the work. Her engines are of one hun
dred horse power, and were built by Belknap,
?jf New York. The Champion is a comfortable
ittle boat, and looks as if she would be a fast
die. The captain informs us that she run six
'een miles on the Potomac in fifty-one minutes.
She is not yet entirely completed, the finishing
touches of the carpenter and the painter being
yet required.? Baltimore Sun of this morning.
About one hundred and sixty feetlong, twenty
four feet beam, eight feet hold, and three hun
dred and eleven tons capacity, is not so partic
ularly little, good neighbors of the Sun. We
admit the skill and taste of your mechanics to
put on finishing touches, but at the same time
assure you they cannot excel some more of the
<iime sort among us. Mr. Wm. Smith and hU
sons have done themselves honor, and had it
not been for Captain Page's desire to meet the
demands of his Baltimore customer, we would
have shown you embellishments and finishing
touches your folks would have looked upon with
idmirution and delight.
But we have a beauty under way, of which
more hereafter.
The Pi'blic Gardens.?We have often had
?ccasion to comment upon the good behaviour
>f youths and others visiting the public grounds
of Washington. Wo yesterday, however, were
grieved to notice a couple of exceptions to this,
in which rude young persons attempted in the
| way of taunts and ridicule to give offence to
I unoffending visiters. The boys and young men
| of this city are interested in preventing such
things. They enjoy privileges worth preserv
ng; and any sign* of unruly and indecorous be
haviour may lead to the restriction of their privi
'eyes. If rowdyism shall once find a foothold
here, we shall all suffer alike. But the admirable ,
order preserved in past times induces us to !
hope that the transitory forgetfulness will not j
Moonlight Excursion.?To-morrow after
noon, the steamboat Columbia, Capt. Guy, will
leave this city for Indian Head, forty miles
down the river, passing on her way Alexandria,
Fort Washington, Mt. Vernon, and other inter
esting points. This excursion is gotten up by
the Washington Light Infantry Band, whose
.ielightful music will lend a charm to the pleas
ures of the occasion. We are assured that every
possible care has been" taken to provide for the
comfort, safety, and gratification of as many
passengers as shall desire to unite with the
Band. Mr. Eckakdt will supply the substantiate
and luxuries of the table, and no better com
mendation can be given to that important de
partment. Good order, beauty, sociability, and
a safe return beneath fair Lnna's smiles, are all
most confidently predicted.
City Lots at Auction.?Mr. A. Green, auc
tioneer, will to-morrow afternoon sell a large
number of valuable building lots in different
sections of the city. Sale at his rooms, Penn
sylvania avenue and Sixth street.
The Rights or Labor.?It often becomes a
matter of grave necessity in our cities for the
operatives in particular branches of industry to
: " strike" for increased pay, limited time, or
some other desired change or regulation ; and
at such times groat inconvenience and often
privations are experienced by individuals who
' cannot be tempted from the line of good faith
with their fellows. Would it not be well in
each city to hold a select council of deputies
from all the trades, to whom might be sent, in
every case, a statement of facts, and by whom
should bo assessed and collected a tax for the
relief of the "strikers." whose cause the council
should approve ? Injudicious " strikes" might
be thus in an advisory manner prevented, and
good ones rendered efficient. Working men and
women might both be protected and benefitted
i by this arrangement.
Kosciusko Cab* in Chancery.?The argu
ment in this important and interesting cane whs
opened on Saturday last, by Major Tochman
for the heirs, and he addressed the Court from
10 a. m. till 3^ p. in., when the Court adjourned.
It met agaiii this moruing at tin, to hear the
further argument of Maj. T. lie is still address
iug the Court, (nt2? p. 111.,) and his argument haft
been throughout exceedingly interesting, is well
arranged, and delivered in admirable style und
taste. All who hear him, amoug them some of
our best lawyers, express their admiration and
surprise, that a foreigner could have acquired
so profound a knowledge of our law and prac
tice as he evinces by his argument in this case.
Major T. said on Saturday, that the preliminary
| question which seems to require to be settled,
before all others, was : " Have the complainants
' such interest in the estate of Gen. Kosciusko
' as would entitle them to such a decree as i
' prayed for?" In other words, "are they or ie
j either of them the next of kiu of Gen. Kosci
usko?" To prove the heirship of his clients,
Maj. T. produced a decree of their pedigree,
given on the 7th day of May, 1843, by the Court
of Assembly of the Nobility of Grodno in Rus
sia. After he had established the authenticity
of that decree of pedigree, he proved by depo
sitions, taken under a commission, that sucl
decrees in Russia fall within the scope of decreet
in rem, and biiul upon all the world, lie thei
proved by numerous English and American au
thorities, that such decrees have the same effect
in England and in this country; and, f'oiuidin;. j
uis argument upon this law, hoshowed that lieri ,
as in Russia, the decree of pedigree of the heir.
of Kosciusko is conclusive evidence against al j
j the world to prove their right and title in all !
j civil cases having for their object the recover '
of Kosciusko's property, in whatever country is
may be found. It was also shown, that (Jen.
Kosciusko made four wills; that the first an
I second, 17'J8 and 1800, are void, and have beei
I revoked by his third will, of 1810; that by flit
! fourth will, of 1817, he disposed of property, only
| therein specified, and the will of 1810 is also it
' full force.
Major Tochman also showed that Gen. Kos
ciusko's domicll at the time of his death was in .
I France, as had been conclusively shown by Hon.
Reverdy Johnson before the jury in Armstrong's ;
case, tried last week; and the Validity of tin j
will of 1810 was also made manifest?revokiiq j
all former wills, according to the law of Kosci- I
usko's domicil, and as such must take effec j
upon the personal property disposed of by it ;
The property disposed of neither by the will o. j
1810 nor 1817 must also dcscend to the heiif |
under the statutes of distribution in wliatsoevei
country it may be found.
At the time our paper goes to press, Majoi
Tochman is arguing that the securities of Coi ;
Romford, deceased, (administrator of Kosoius
ko,) the present administrator de bonia non o.
| that estate, and the administrator of Col. Rom
I lord, are liable to account for the assets of Kos
ciusko. We will hereafter notice the points o.
his argument in this respect. The case con
tinucs to excite great interest, and among tin
audience on Saturday and to-day we noticeo
I several distinguished ladies.
Upon inquiry to-day we learn the Hon. Rev
erdy Johnson will reply to the defendant's coun
sel probably on Friday or Saturday, when it if
expected that this protracted case will be sub
?nitted for the court's decision, which, however,
will probably not be made at an early day.
The Lynchburg Tragedy.?The death o
i Mr. Saunders was communicated through tin
papers of this morning. We are permitted t<
copy the following letter from a gentleman o
nigh respectability in that towu:
Lynchburg, June 5, 1851.
1)kar Sir: We are in the midst of a tre
j menuous excitement. A rencouire took plac<
this morning, just iu front of tlie market-house
oetweeu James K. Saunders (the son of Doctui j
James Saunders) nnd A. W. C. Terry, the edi
ior of the Viryitfian. Mr. Saunders made tbt j
attack by striking Mr. T. with a stick; where !
i upon Mr. T. drew u revolver, and fired?Mr. S. |
J arawing oue nearly at the same time?and three !
lires were exchanged, oue shot taking efl'ec> ;
upon the person of both parties; and, remark j
! able to tell, both were shot nearly in the iden
lical same place upou the body?tlie ball enter
iug just about oue inch above the navel. Tin
wounds are considered by the physicians to b>
mortal: neither can recover. This difficulty
J grew out of some strictures which appeared in
die Virginian of this morning, upon the cours.
I of Dr. Saunders (the father of James R. Saun
?Jers) in the convention. 1 send you the Vir
giman of this morning by the same mail that
conveys you this letter. In haste, .
P. S.? Four o'clock, p. m.?Mr. T. ami Mr.
d. still linger, but there is little hope of then
recovery. This is an awtul and appalling oc
currence?a most unfortunate and distressing
circumstance. Our community is overwhelmed
with sympathy for their families. In the death
of these two gentlemen we shall lose two wor
thy and much respected citizens. Such is tlu
state of feeling amoug the citizens generally,
that business is almost suspended.
Masonic.?The 24th of this month is the
anniversary of St. John, and will as usual be
celebrated by the Fraternity of Free and Ac
eepted Masons. We are informed that the
brethren of this city, with others probably, will
charter a steamboat and make an excursion to
Mount Vernon. An oration will be pronounced,
a sumptuous dinner prepared, and every ar
rangement made appropriate to the festive oc
The Patent Office Building.-?We stated on
Saturday last that the special commission, ap
pointed at the instance of the Commissioner of
Public Buildings, to examine into the adequacy
of the external walls of the new portion of this
building to sustain the arches of the gallery,
made their report on that day, recommending
additional strength to these walls.
Important Arrest.?Benjamin F. Brown, a
few years since a respectable nnd reputable J
officer in one of the public departments of the i
U. 8. Government, and afterwards a candidate
before the House of Representatives for the
office of Doorkeeper, has been arrested and
brought to this city, where he is now in jail, in
default, we believe, of $20,000 bail, charged
with a fraud committed upon the General Land
Office by means of forgery.
?'The Student, a Family Mueellany and
Monthly School Reader," is edited by N. A. Cal
kins, and published in New York by Fowler &
Wells, to whom we aro indebted for the June
number. It is an instructive pamphlet.
" Notks ok New Mexico, by Ilenry Hardy,"
in the course of publication in the Washington
Aews, are full of interest, and worthy a tnore
permanent form than the columns of a news
paper offer. As soon as completed, they should
be collated and put forth in book-form by some
influential publishing house.
Gone Home ?George Davis, about fitly years
j old, a baker by trade, was taken up in the
! streets this morning by Officer Handy, for being
! drunk mid disorderly, and sent by '?><juire J. L.
Smith to the familiar scones of the workhouse.
: lie was obfuscated and obstreperous; and,
j when they were about to fasten his hands, made
! sorao remark about tying h?11 in a band-box.
, \et the "ruffles" were put on his wrists.
Interesting to the Agitatku !'?The great
I " Agitator' fancies his pursuits in this country
?><? well, that he is to return and dwell among
as. The New York Tiibune Bays:
" George Thompson, M. P., according to an
nnouiicenient in the Liberator, will take his
leparturo lor England in the steamer which
leaves lioston on the 17th. We understand that
ic will resign his seat in Parliament and return
to the United States in the fall?probably to
alee up bin permanent residence here."
Mr. Webster.?A call for a mass meeting 01
'lie citizens of Massachusetts to nominate Daniel
Webster for the Presidency is in circulation at
Mr. N. Ha/.kn, of Cincinnati, jeweller, was
| 'obbed last week of $0,000 worth of gold ami
silver watches.
Gold Hunters?We see it stated that hun
Ireils of men are leaving the cities of Gardiner,
ilallowell, Pittston, <S;c., in Maine, for the gol<
?nines lately discovered in Somerset county, in
that State.
A paragraph going the rounds of the Eng
'isli press gravely states that President Fill
'nore has determined to grant a charter to i<
company to run steamers irorn America to Gal
Review of the Northern Markets for
Saturday, June 7.
Office of the American Telegraph, June. 9.
Baltimore.?Small sales Howard street flour ut $4.18%rt?
1.25 City mills held *t $4.37J4 Corn meal $2.7o(a
t.^11/^. Rye flour $3.50<&3.56'/{.
Sales of red wheat nt 92@96c.; white, 97@104e. Also
?f yellow corn at 57@58c.; white. 58?59c. Oats, 39@42,.
'tye, 67<SHi8e.
Small sales of Rio coffee at 9@9%c.
New mess pork, Bacon?shoulders. 7
'c.j sides. 9(319 J^c.; hams, 9@llc. Lard, 10%@Uc., ir
!>hls and kegs.
iOur telegraphic despatch to-day reports a dccline in tli
"hove prices for flour.]
Nnw York.?The stock market is steady?IT S 6's, 1807
'lf.%: I'enn ,V* 94>4: Readme railroad 03^: Eric 88^
Canton 71 : exchange on London 10'
Sates of 5000 hhls of flour at V% forcommo
?tate brands; Ohio $1.26, and Southern $1.50; O.-nesc
Small sales of Gcnce-" wheat at $1.12? 1.11; red, 100
'' **n qui"t?'a es of 10,000 bu-hels at 5fi/Ji oYe. for mixed
md 68?59c. for yellow. Oats. 45fa>?e. Sales of rye at 70
On the 5th inst.. by the Rev. IMr. Cai.aha.v. A I,LKX f
IORSKY to Miss MARGARKT SIlRHKVK,all of this < In
Vi5 om Jf!1 the Rev. J )iin Lavaiian, SOL.
.. STOVER, esq., of Frederick county, Maryland, t<
'1ms II K.ST Kit A. TRA VERS, daughter of Capt. Jabi.
1 RtVKK8, Of \\ ashington.
Illi Georgetown, on Thursday morning last, at 7 o'clocV
.y (he Rev J. .1. Mlkuav. W. It. DOUG A l? eeq.. of Wasl
ngtou. to Miss M. \ IRGINI A.daughterof Mourns Adlei
ol tn<* forinor placp.
At Goodwo-d. I'rince George's county, Maryland, oi
\ ednesday, the 4th inst nt. by the Rev. Mr. Ma( KK\h.
laughter of Chviukh H. CtnTKB. esq.
On the 3d inst.. WILLIAM E. McCLASKY, son of tV? .
. McCluet. aged seven months.
" Weep not for me, tny parents d nr:
I'm gone to rest?you need not fear;
My stay was short, you now may see,
Therefore prepare*to follow mo."
[City papers copy.]
pLOTIH, Catilmerei, mxl Veillngi,
selling lor lew ui.tii ?m, u> cuabie us uj oust: on !
? usmess soon?at wholesale or retail.
CLU'I lli.NG?during out at
.1 une 9
1 TRUNKS, VALISES, Ac, lost than cost. Traveller |
should itv?di themselves of this opportunity to suppi.
"eir wants. J. UALLIOAN A SON,
?In"'' IVnii. ST., one door east of 7th st.
nOARDlKG. MRS. JULIA a. .-.Mini, bavin*
1> luat-u lOut ucsirabie risideuoe on M street, between
? uonU and Tlird. is prepared to accommodate from 15 U I
?W Dim ham' s, anu other geutleim u, with Imard and li?lr- I
.iig. Also, board without lislguig, if uesired. i.very at- j
laiitlon wlli las paid to the comfort or' those who niav pa ;
romze her bouse. Shi* can a.mi ai-oonihiisli*t? Iruusji lit
I 'swtrders. (hie or two furnisbeil roi'iiis i?ir rent.
June VI?'ltaw2w
A Good-sized ItUU.M, t?mlt expressly for a ST >R|,,
j"? situate on the eornnr of .New York avenue and Ion.
*??<? trvet. A One opportunity fi>r engaging In bu*ii.e>*
vita inou.'rate r. nt, js now pres. uted.
Inquire on the premises. Juiia 9 trim
\ | Atiltl DKIl A CALVEU1' bate just opened a new
1 and M-autiful K's k of Gooiis. Their stock wusirL
fetch Clone Silks, styles entirely new
1>? pieces lit h liroeaile, among tliein some very cheap
JO do bliu;k and colorixl Turc latins. Iiougiit mi
11 do plain changeable, some beautiful shaikh
'A) j\u Har p's, Tissues, and Grenadines, plaib
anu figured
10 do Iloniia isalM'lla, in plain color*
25 do neat Victoria Isiwiis, 12 ^ cts. to 25 cts.
50 do embroider, d Swiss and llishop Musiius,
patterns uew
25 do embroider,si, wrought with worsted, 12'.
cents, worth 2ft cents
do Lar< -striped and piaid Cumbrics
40 patterns neat stri|? d and check tfllks, lower than
any we have ever bail
7 pieces SU|HT black Gro de Rhine, very rich, and with
that fieeuiUr gloss such its we tTsually keep
5 pieces striped tud ciieekel Indiit Silks, low price
10 do plain limey colored India silks, first in this
250 do hue Calicoes, at (l"/4 cent*, worth 12 cents
25 real Marseilles (Jo,lis, 2ft per cent, less than the
nsnal prlw-s
ft cafes hue sinrling Cottons, brands new
60 pieces real lri-h l.inens, an article very scarce
6 do flue and medium Ckiths, for gentlemen and
15 do fine oiack and fan^v Casslmeres do
Table Damask l.inens and Cotton Sheetings, Diaper
Towelling of every description, and every other article
such as aic usually kept in our business.
June 9?3taw2w
\ I v<-iti in K A, CAI-VBRT have just re
XtJL oeived in MoUII.ninu Giaina?
10 pieces fine black Alpacas, rial silk warp
5 do plain shades, suitable for mourning
'2 do plain black Silk, for mourning
20 do plain black Alpacas, pn vs ranging from 25 to
62^ cents
5 do plain black Bareges, Grenadines, and Tissues
2 do plain real black Twisted Silk, for dresses
6 do plain tine black liombazines, bupin's make
4 do plain fine black, medium prices, do
20 do tine I/awns and t alieoes, neat figures
5 do half-mourning Harege de Ijiines
4 do do Silk Muslins
Love Veils, Oloyes, Hosiery, Ac. [June 9?3taw2w
SHDE8! 8H0E8!! SHOES!!!
McLAIN A HARRY have in store a good assortment.
. of the above-named goods, suitable for Men, Boys',
LrftuieS', Misses, and Children's wear, which must be sold
for some price hy the 1st of September. (June 9?tf
llanjain* ! Bargains ! /
McLAIN A HAltKY, Sttvuyni Siar.cT, would most re
spectfully inform their friends and the public getie
raiijf, that they are positively selling off their stock of
Spring and Summer Goods at prime cost, for CASH, fur
chasers may rest assured t hat there is no humbug about it.
All they ask is a call, and they promise that none shall
go away dlsappointM
D?at ,h'ir fr,r the present; Is on
8E\ J-.NTH STREET, between II and I. [June 9?tf
Arrivals at the Principal Hotel*,
Up to 12 o'otaoiti ???> hKUiy.
United States?K Wood. Frederick county, Msry
IhihI; J Urlffeih, do; |) J Gompelte, N V; Mrs Mary M
Til lair, do; 8 b Walk ley, Alabama; J Bheeley, Geriuau
town, Ohio; J M Johnson, Virginia; L I' Thompson, do;
W li Gillhttui, Columbus, Tennessee; It C Chapman,
lluutsville, Alabama; John Robinson, do; 3 Lockett,
George tow u College; ?lames Lockett, do.
?-To tiik Puinic.?From the 1st day of July, 1851, the
| postage ou tlie Daily American Telegraph, Washington
? city, 1>. C., will be, fter quarter in advance, a* follows ?
j Fifty miles or under, 25 cents; over fitly and not ovi r
j three hundred, (>0 cents; over three hundred and not ex
! ceedlug one thousand, 75 cents, Ac. Any person wishing
| to bo served for three months after the above date need
| only pay bin quarter'.* postage, and send us a gold dollar
| itltd a bilver quarter in a small letter?postage paid, oi
| course; or five dollars lor a year. The Telegraph is inde
i iundent in politics, polite, moral, agreeable, and familiar,
prompt iu furnishing the news, and a terror to all evil
Editors of weekly and other pajiers desirous to ox
ehauge with us can pay the differenco in the prices ot
subscription by giving a few insertions to the whole ol
this notice.
WAbiUNU'i'ON, May 27, 1851.
i?if T lie New Const It ut Ion?probably adopted
by the people of Maryland?contains no clause forbid
ting the use of the liest of tobeooo and cigars, ami It. M.
Downer, No. 5 Pennsylvania avenue, between 11th anil
?2lh streets, will continue to flourish like a green ba,>
tree. June 6?
??-For aale ut tl?e Store-rooms of the
<ndles' Union Benevolent and huiployiiieut Society, oi
?eventh street, next to Odd-Fellows' llall, and on Capita
' 1 ill, corner of A and First streets, east and south, a va
lety of clothing suitable to the season, comprising gnr
nents for the laboring classes and children. As thesi
irticles are the work of the industrious poor, the Society
nvlte all who are iu want of this description of elothiiu
0 patronise these establishments, and, as a very sma)
?rotlt on the work is added, the prices will necessarily Is
Families requiring such work to be done will benefit th<
?oor by sending it to the Society's rooms to be madt
1 p.
To accommodate families, an Intelligence. Office has beei
ipened at the store on Seventh street, where those iu wan.
?f servants may Is) supplied by paying a small feo.
lty order of the Board of Managers.
All the papers of the city are requested to publish thi
lotice as often as convenient. June l>?
^PECTACLES. in Gold, Silver and Steel frame?.
io W AiC'llhs?Uold and Silver, best qualities.
JEWELUY?of the most approved inauufacture.
Micioaco|?s. Telescopes, Eye Glasses, Ac. Ac.
For sale at lowest cash prices.
June7?5t* Pa av. north side, bet. 4%-lt 6th sts.
'1'HIS IS TO CERTIFY?That 1, LrwiS Au
J. HAKFI.H, will pay no debts that my wife Caroline coi
tracts, as she left my \joard and bed without auv provoca
J une (3?St*
VT Sign of the U'ai Lady.?i.very thing wi
t>e fouuu at (<l BBS'S that can add to the appearance o
lie human head, and beautify, restore, or improve tie
Also, an assortment of the most approved description
Dressing Combs, Hair Brushes
Nail. Tooth, and Comb Brushes
Ladies' sid,- Combs. Tuck and Twist Combs, Long do.
Lubin's finest bxtracts
Batchelor's ce'ebrated Hair Dye
Pomade-, Co'd Cream. Lip Salvo
Tooth Powder, Cologne, and every thing of the kind
hnt is most desirable for the toilet.
Pennsylvania avenue, between Ulh and loth streets, u|
.lairs. Juno 6?6tif
[FRENCH Worked Collars, Lacen, Ac.
1 Just opened?a new and hand oui-- assnruiiciit of
French worked Collars, Undersleetes, Infants' Waists
Cambric and muslin Insertings and Edgings
Valencia and other Laces
Alexander's Kid Gloves. Silk Mitts and Gloves
RIBBON8, llosierv, Flow-rs. Ilonnet Caps 4
Crapes, Laces, Gimps, Straw and Corded Bonnets
FAN'S?f>(H) Palm Leaf, Spanish, Ivory frame A Keathei
.adit-s and Gentlemen are invited to examine tb
->iortmeut of Fancv Goods, Perfumery, Ac. Ac., at
June 4tf Fancy A Millinery Store, 7th st. above II.
Gunsmith, I,ockxmith and Bell-Hanger,
Pennsylvania avenue, between 2d and 3d xtru<t?.
1ANE8 dressed and mounted: Machinery and Lamp
repaired ; Turning done in Ivory uud Metals.
J une 4?2t?o
BY ADAMS A CO.'S EXPRESS, an additional assort
meiit of FANS, of various styles and prices; Span
h Fans. Fea1 her Fans, all kinds of common Fans, Palm
. af Fans. Ac.? old low for cash.
Also, Mohair Stocks for Gentlemen, very thin and oooi
ravut*. beautiful pattern: Brown and Bleached Hosiery
ood quality: very pretty Hosiery for children, at
' MR*. K. M -iFFETT'S Cheap < a h Store.
June 2?tr Seventh stre t. opp. tkld-Fellows' Hall.
For Fitting up Stores with Fancy Fronts.
1 ^ E. GKlGnH, Builder and Architect, would respect
1 . fully inform his ftieuds and the public in general
.nit lie is prepared to fit up Stores and build Fancy Front,
ii nil entire new plan, embracing all the latest improvi
nents. The work inn be done without stopping the liusi
less while the work is going on.
He is also prepared to do all kinds of work in the build
'tig Hue. at the rdiorb st notice and on the most reasonnbh
t-ruis. All busiuesseutrustcd to his care will be prompt!)
Meli-led to.
Place of business on D street, between 9th and loth.
June I,?6ui
I )OUTK-MON'NAIE8.?A new and cxnellenl
1 assortment of Porte-Monnaics?the cheapest in thi
oarket?at A. GBAY's Bookstore,
may 22?tf 7th street, opp. Odd-Fellows' Hall.
JAS. F. HARVEY, Undertaker,
Seventh street, between G and II streets,
WOULD resj-octfully return his thanks
to his fellow-citixens. and those of the sur
hi..-ling country, for their past patronage, anil would in
-inn thi in that he is fully prcpari-d to nil all orders for
?-'uiierals at the shortest notice. He would respectfully
*h\ that he lias taken considerable pains to provide bim
*lf with all manner of conveniences for an Undertaker,
ilis ui'sle of preferring Imdiet in the warmest weather has
never failed to give the utmost Mill-faction.
tj?r lie keeps constantly on band a large supply of
ready-made COFFINS, of all sixes.
June 2?MWAS?lin
(IAN at all times find a large assortment of FINK
j Sill I.TS, Utidurshlrte, Drawers, lldkf*., Cravats,
stocks, Gloves, Siinpeiiders. Hosiery, Ac.. Ac., at
WM. WALL'S Cheap ('lothiuj Store,
June 4?tf Pa. avenue, between Uth and 10th sts.
RECEIVED?A very handsome lot of cheap black Silk
VISITES, which will be sold extremely low for the
ash. II. W. Y EH BY,
June ."V?dtf Pa av. between 7th and 8th streets.
Clothing! Clothing !! Clothing!!!
'I'llE snWriber would ?ay to his friends mid the puts
I lie, that he has on hand the largest and most deslra
hie stock of Iteady-niadc Clothing (of nil kinds) to he
found in the Di-trict. and he wnnld Invite all purchasers
?vho are fond of buying BABO.UiiS and saving their kotiky
to give him a call, as he feels confident that his low prices
an-l good articles must in all cases give entire satisfaction.
Dors' CtoTHmo in abundance, of every desirable style,
make and finish, suitable for the present season, to which
he would invite the particular attention of parents and
guardians. WM. WALL,
I'enn. avenue, between 9th and loth sts.
?tf-N. B. A fine assortment of piece goods constantly
on hnnd, which will lie made to order at the lowest rates
June 4?tf
XWE would invite the l/adie* to call and examine
our extensive Stock of Green, Blue, and Black
Watered, Bordered and Lined Silk and Satin Tucr
I'AHASOLS?the largest assortment in the District, st
greatly reduced prices.
Also a choice selection of UMBRELLAS, all of the latest
fashion, and the work warranted.
JUST RECEIVED?a handsome variety of Silks and
Scotch Ginghams for re-covering.
Repairing and Covering faithfully and punctually
executed. A. COKBIT A CO.,
may ft?Bm Penn avenue, near 4 l^J street.
4 LL PEBSONS are cautioned against purchasing, or
l\ trading for Military Bounty Land Warrant, No.
32,307, for 1?*? acres of land, Issued 2oth October, 1848, in
the name of Robert Hoe, late of Captain Sooit's company,
U. 8. Artillery, for services rendered during the Mexican
war. The ssid warrant has been lost, or mislaid, some
where iu the city of Washington, and the subscriber in
tends applying to the proper authorities for a duplicate
thereol J. N. SCHOOLfULD
Adm'r of Kbbert Koe, dec d.
Portsmouth, Va., May 23, 1861. m?y 2??wfiw
A FEW copies of "DYKB'8 ANTHEM BOOK," (now
J\_oat of print,) just received, and tor sale kir y
June 3?tf 7th street, opposite Odd-Fellows' Hall. ,
Min rises ? ? ? 4h. 34ia. 1 tuaieU - ? ? 7h. 23m.
^VANTSr 7~
f| WO Httpt'CUble VouiiK Ladlei desire
i 1 homes iu ntucli Ui.-y i-uii be usetui !u nursing,
| acting as chamber-maids, or doing plain sewing. licit r
1 tmces given. No objectiuua to travel. Inquire ut the
corncr of 21at and 11 streets, of Mrs. Cakkoll.
Juue 6?at*
ANTKU.?Several I'A NT A LOON \lAK.JW.8 cau
* V have constant employment auil good price h.
Junt* 5?It E street. near l-r,th street.
II' A TKI), immediately, ft tirst-rate llair-drcw-er,
T f to whom liberal wanes and permanent employ
ment will be given. Inquire at thin office. Juno.4?tf
BY A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
/ 1 ItK AT NALK of Wa?hlu)(luii City
\ J L.ol?.?-On Tuesday, the 10th iustiiut, 1 shall wll
at uiy Auction Kooui, at the corner of Sixth street mid
Pennsylvania avenue, at half-past 4 o'clock p. m., the fol
lowing described lots ami parts of lots:
Part of lot 1, square (K1H, about 10,000 feet.
Lot 26, square 534, do. 3,743 feet, a good business lot.
I'art of lot 2, square 147, fronting 44 feet on the canal
and 120 feet deep.
l.ot 34, square 732, about 7,000 feet, near the Capitol.
Lot 22, square 087, 3,900 feet, north Capitol square,
corner lot.
Lot 25, square 5,0,123 feet, near Georgetown iron bridge.
Lot H, square 14,7,425 f'ct,1 embracing the beautiful
Lot 7, square 14, 7.425 feet,j cedar hill near George
town, and adjoining Pennsylvania avenue.
lxit U, square 37, 5,438 feet, on Twenty-fourth street,
me square north of Pennsylvania avenue.
West half of lot 14, square 37, near 3,000 feet, on M
street, near Georgetown bridge.
Lot 11, square 72, on Twenty-first street, between L and
M streets.
Tkkms : One-tliird cash, the balance in 3, 6,9, and 12
months, secured to the satisfaction of the auctioneer, with
ntercet from day of sale. Conveyancing at the cost of
purchasers. Title to be made good, or no sale.
A. GRKKN, Auctioneer.
Lots No. 14, 15, and 17, ill square 732.
West part of lot No. 2, in square 731.
Lot No. 17, in square 16; and lot No. 10, in square SO.
June 6?St * A. O.
Also?immediately after sale of the above I shall sell
he following:
Lots No. 7, 8, 9, 10, 12,13,14,16, and 16, in square 616.
Lots No. 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, aud 26, iu square 617.
Which will be sold for cash.
i~ A fine chance for speculation.
June 9 A. OREEV.
DIIGAR and Nolasati at Auction.?On
iO Friday next, tne 13th instant, at 12 o'clock, t.11 F. <fc
A. II. Dodge's Wharf, the cargo of the bark Wm. Chan',
from Mayaguez l'orto Kico. consisting of?
356 hogsheads of prime .Sugar.
106 do choice Mollis we*.
June 9?diftds Auctioneer, Georgetown.
Household and Kitohen Furniture.
WILL be exposed at public auction, on Thursday, the
12tli inst., a small lot of Household and Kitchen
urniture, at the ftnme cottage situated on the corner of
thirteenth and N streets. Terms cash for all sums under
SO, ami a credit of sixty days uu those above, if required.
June 9?It*
1USHING TACKLE-Rodi, Keeltf, and
llooka and Linen, 01 eery description, tor
ale at Jirs. A.\D..1COO.>'S Music aud Fancy Store,
I'euu. avenue, between 11th and 12th streets,
may 31?dim [Nat. Int. & Alex. <lax.?2awlml
N BW MUSIC, Stationery of all kinds,
?chool-llookk, Port Folioa ?
'together with a general assortment of r'ANCV A K TI -
"LI'.S, ran be purchased at MRS. AN DKRSON'd Music
. Fancy Gootls Store, Pennsylvania avenue, lietwecn I lth
nd 12th streets. may 31?dim
| Intelligencer A Alex. Gait?2awlm.l
FORTES, Violins and Guitar*,
1 I1 lulls.
.1 hand, and for sale at the lowest prices, at MRS. AN'
iKRSON'S Music A Fancy Goods Store, Pennsylvania
tvenue, between 11th aud 12th streets.
may 31?dim [Intel. A Alex. llax.?2awlm.l
VRIIIVAL at the Great 'Western Clotli
InK Eniporiuin.?We have jusi reeen.d his
norn.U)i, by Aiiums K co.'s Express, a large additiou to
?ur stock of CLOTHING?Men's and Bo\s' Clothing at
rices so cheap as to astonish the purchaser; and new
ots continually arriving. PRIEDENWALD A CO.,
June 3?tr I'enn avenuo. I? t'n Htb mid loth *t*.
piS said that I'oetry can move
The very Flowers and Trees to love;
That all Creation feels its sway,
And all its mandates must obey. -
Then this kind message thus I send
To pretty Girls ami gallant Men.
To call on me; and thev will find
Hood articles of every kind,
Which 1 dispose of ih my line.
A MnokiNo-llinn, with rural note.
Swift warbling from his mystic throat,
With twinkling eye aud bill, will tell
Where, on I'eun. avenue. I dwell;
l>ut, 'less too modest he should be,
Iielow, directions you will see.
J AS. T. LI/) YD,
June 3?1 w Penn av, 3 doors east 15th ftreet.
great bargains.
IF. MUDD. Mkrchant Tailor, D street, between Scv
. entli and Kightb. invites the attention of his custo
mers and the public generallv to his choice assortment of
SPRING AND SUMMER GOt'DS. ..insisting of Cloths,
."asshueres. Cashmerettes. and Vesting* of every .1. scri|e
ion?all of which he will make up to order on the um-t
reasonable terms.
All orders punctually attended to. Making and trim
ming done in the best manner for those who furnish their
own cloth.
Thankful to bis friends for past favors, he respectfully
-olicits a continuance of the same. June 3?dim
a f w extra quality imitation "8TRADUARIU8" end
"AMATI" VIOLINS, Those who may be Mma of ob
taining a coon Instrument,arc respectfully invited to call
mil examine thcui.
Also Violin strings, of the very best quality,
may 31?dim | Intel. A Alex. Ga*.?2awlm]
Brass Musical Instruments,
VT MRS. ANDKRSON'S Music and Fancy Store ?
Purchasers can be furnished with Soprano and
fUBAS, and Tenor and Baas TROMBONES, of superior
finish anil warranted tone.
Also, Violoncellos, Tamlsirines, Triangles, Brass-lsiund
Violin Cases, together with a large assortment of Musi
cal merchandise.
Please call and examine Iteforc purchasing elsewhere.
June 2 dim Penn av. l*-t'n llth sn<t 12th ??r??ts.
Pure Milk at Five Cents a Quart!
' IMIE SliBSCKIISKRS, having just opened a Dairy, are
1 prepared to supply the citizens of Washington with
Ulc HARK ARTICLE of PtlRR Mil it.
For further Information, callon Mr A.Gray, Bookseller,
Seventh street, opposite Odd-Fellows' Hall.
j Customers leaving their order* with Mr. Gray will be
| promptly served at their doors.
may 2S?e<*J2w TRUMAN M. A GEO. O. BRUSH.
nN. GI LBKRT has opened an office In Wn?hington
. city, wheTe he will give his prompt attention to
| all those who will favor him with the agency to soil farms
I In Virginia, Maryland, or the District of Oil u in bia. Hating
followed farming heretofore, aud being a northerner by
j birth, he can appreciate the wants of such as come from
the North for the purpose of locating farms in this vicin
ity. He has the agency to sell a goodly number of faima
in Virginia, and those coming from the North would do
well to call, before purchasing, at Ims residence on Penn
sylvania avenue, first square west of the Capitol Gate,
may 29?y *2m
JH. WHITEIIUR8T has extended the field of his op.
? erations over more ground than any tlaguerreo
typlst In the country. His Galleries may be found on
Pennsylvania avenuo, between 4 and 6th streets; No.
207 Baltimore street, Baltimore; corner liroadway snd
l/conard street, New York; No.77 Main street, Richmond;
Sycamore street, Petersburg; Main street, Norfolk; aud
Main street, Lynchburg, Virginia.
His Iteautiful and highly finished clectrn-Dagucrrco
types are an extraordinary Improvement, insuring faithful
and highly finished likenesses in a few second*.
J. If! w. calls tile attention of the public generally to
his elegantly furnished Gallery over Lane and Tucker'*
new store, where a free exhibition of picture* will be
Notwithstanding th<> unusual competition in Daguerre
otypes at the recent Fair of the Maryland Institute, be
was awarded the first medal by the judges.
Likenesses of e very description copied, and post-mortem
canes attended to. *p 30?dflmo
RECKIVED?30 pieces Black Alpacas, all grade*
10 pieces black Barege, some very fine
10 pieces black Silks?3 pieces extra wide and good
5 do Tissue Poplin, very nice for ladie* in mourning
5 do black and white Silks
10 do Brocade black and white Organdie Lawns, Dew
and pretty
5 do white and black French Jaconet
The above Good* will be sold at a very small advance
for tba cash . G. W. YKRBY,
June 3?dlw Pa sv, between 7th and 8th ftreets.

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