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j>v rut
To Fori Wathington, Mount Vernon, und Indian
Head, June 10/A, 1851.
v TIiib Mcmlx-rs of tl?? above Band take
rii'ensure in presenting this Excursion ti
tuo puu.ie, uuii would state that it will be conducted in it
way that will ensure an agreeable evening to every one
that will honor theui with their company.
During the uftcrnoon the Band will givo a Concert, em
bracing some of the most beautiful and popular quick
steps, waltzes, and operatic | leees of the day.
The steamer Columbia, which ban been engaged for the
occaMon, will leave Georgetown at 2 o'clock p. m., Wash
ington 3 o'clock, Navy-Yard 4 o'clock, and Alexandria at
6 o'clock; the boat will leave these points at the hours
Supper and Refreshment*, which will be furnished by
a celebrated caterer, can In* had at reasonable rates.
Tickets $1?may be obtained of any member of the
Itaud or Company, and at the following places: I)r. 0. M.
Sothoron, Georgetown; J. L. Savage, 1st \\ard; 11. Kuhl,
and Butt's Drugstore, 2d Ward; Hooper's and Dr. Patter
son's, 3d Ward: J. E. Powers and Sliillington, 4th Ward:
Hupp's and Casparis, 5th Ward; Dr. Walsh, Navy-Yard;
and Dr. Stabler, Alexandria.
Committee of Arrangements from the Band.
J. Massoletti J. II. Kberhacli
Win. Bergman J. K. Tucker
W Rupp.
Committee of Reception from the Company.
Captain Tate Ensign Meade
l ieutenant Tucker Sergeant Kichey
Lieut. Clark Sergeant Powers
Private Hutch. Private 1'iek.
may r.l?oo3t&MTu 11. Kuhi, Treasurer.
rpiIK SUBSCRIBKK most respectfully acquaints lib
_I_ friends and the public that he is now prepared to re
ceive company at his Establishment. Ilis Saloons and
Drawing-Rooms are commodiously fitted up for parties ol
ladies and gentlemen, where they will be served by
obliging and attentive wai'ers. Separate rooms furnished
for prnate parties. His arbors and grounds are being
put in proper order. Arrangements have been made witli
the United States Marine Hand to perform on each Tues
day evening, until 11 o'clock His Creams, etc., will Is
always of the best quality, and at moderate prices. No
effort will be spared by him in making his patrons com
In order to insure a quiet, unannoyed promenade, In
adopts, for the present, the following course: I'atroin
visiting the Garden. when illuminated, will procure a
chock at the ticket office, near the gate, for which 1 -
cents is requin-d, and which check is redeemable in con
fectionaries for the same amount.
An efficient police have been engaged to preserve order
on gala nights.
Thankful for patronage thus far, he hopes to deserve a
continuance of the same. His expenses in carrying out
the above are, it is obvious, very large, but he relies upon
the liborality of the citizens to be able to proceed.
F. 1I0LDKN, Proprietor
of Locust Grove Garden.
June 2?<ltf Corner of F and 20tli streets.
From New York and intermediate I'lar.es.
delphia and Trenton Railroad lines leave Walnut
street wha-f, Philadelphia, for Now York, as follows:
1st class. 2d class.
At 6 a. m.. via Camden and Jersey city,
(Sundays excepted,) fan; $3 $2 00
At 9 a. m., via Tacony and Jersey city,
fare - - 3 2 50
At 10 a. in., via Camden and South Am
boy, fare 3 2 00
At 4 p. in.; via Camden and South Ain
boy, fare ------ 3 2 00
At 6 p. in.. via Tacony and Jersey city,
(daily.) faro 3 2 50
Emigrant and Transportation Line from Philadelphia
at 4 p. m., via Bordentown and South Amboy, (except
Sundays.) fare $1 50.
Merchandise transported at low rates to and from New
York. may 7?d2m
riMIR SUBSCRIBER has received another lot of very
A cheap Dry Goods, which will bo run off ?t very low
prices, owing to the lateness of the seasou. Such as?
Beautiful styles of Bareges. '!!> cents
Lawns, fast colors. 12 10, 18%, 25, aud 31 cent
French Jaconets, fast colors. 25 cents
20 pieces more of those Brown and White Lawns,
which were so much admin d by the Liulles ot
plain tastes; colors perfectly fast, and styles en
tirely ucw
1 case fine bleached Shirtings, at 6l? cents
I case extra good bleached Shirting, 10 cents
25 pieces ri al New York Mills Cotton
25 do Alleuxlalc Shirting
loo do of other oelebrated makes of Shirting Clotl.
50 do fine Collar and Bosom Linens
75 do extra heavy Linens, for Shirting, Pillows.
Slips, lounges. Ac.
With many mon- gnat bargains, too numerous t<
itemize Persons will find a go<*l stock, at prices that
cannot fail to please, at <1. W. Y'KRBY'S,
ma\ .la?il2*if l'? av. Iielween 7lh and Nth sts.
IT i* well for |>ersons generally to know, and particu
larly the LADIES, where good bargains may be had
in Dry Goods:
tuat puce is at O. W. Y'KRBY'S;
For he is now sidling wide plaid Checkered and Striped
Muslins at 12 J/?, 10, IK, 20, and 25 cents
Very fine fast colored Lawns, 12 lfl, and 18 cents
Fi ns bleached Muslins for Shirtings. cents
Extra wide and fine bleached do., 10 cents
Good fast-colored Calicoes, bcents
Wide Silks. 25 and 37 ]/^ cents
Bareges, very pretty styles, 25 cents
Barege de Lalne, 10, IS, 20, and 2j cents
Good Crash for toweling. 8 cents
Fine Bordered IIuckerback Towels, 12 cents
Beautiful Toilet Covers, 50 cents?worth 75 cents
And, lu fact, almost every article In the Dry Goods line,
embracing Ladles', Gentlemen's, Y'outh's, Children's, aud
House-keeping Dry Goods, at corn-spondlng low prices.
Call and examine. may 30?d2wif
Dr. Marchisi's Uterine Catholicon.
I~\R. MAIlClllSl'H Uterine Catholicon Is In truth the
t greatest discovery of the age, and will prove the
greatest blessiug to woman, because it will cure '.'5 per
cent, of a certain class of uterine complaints, of the moM
grave character, and of very general prevalence, being
the source of more suffering, misery, and danger to the
female thqn all other diseases combined.
For particulars, certificates of cures, Ac., see Dr. Mar
chisi's Pamphlet, to be had gratis of the Agents.
For sale by J. F CALLAN,
mav 30?tf Corner K and 7th stns*ts.
TIIK BKAUTIFUL SALOON, on the corner or
F and .Niuth stn*els, near the Patent Office, is
now open for ladies and gentlemen, where the
best Cn-am of the season will Is: constantly kepi j
on hand. A'so. a choice assortment of Cukes.
Families supplied with Cream and other Confectioneries I
in any part of the city at the shortest notice.
juhc i-eotf 11. KCKARDT.
' i|. rsigned will sell, c/irtifi, a most eligible Building
let, (hinting 25 feet, with a depth of 155 f.-et to a 30-foot
alley. The Lot Is situated on a corner of the main stn-et
ami a 15-foot alley. Those wanting to erect n-sldences
cannot find a mon1 healthy or beautiftil site.
Real Estate Broker, Seventh street,
may 8?eotf opposite Intelligencer Office.
Groceries, Wines, Liquors, Ac.
riMIK subscriber would respectfully inform his friend
JL and the public generally, that he has taken the
Store lately nccupb-d by V. K. Kimo, where he Is now re
ceiving a fresh stock of Family Groceries and Liquors, se
lected w.th gn-at care, and which he will sell as low as
goods of similar qualities can Is? bail in any other part of
th? city, vl?:
linper al, Gunpowder, Young llvson, and Black Teas
Loaf. Crushed, Pulverised, and Brown Sugar
Java. Maracaibo. and liioCoffee
Family. Superfine and Fine Flour, in bags and barrels
Ham Shoulder, and Middling Bacon
Sperm Adamantine, and Mould Candles
Brooms whisks, Scrub and Shoe Brushes
Pepper, Ginger, and Spices
Croekerv, Glass, Stone, and Wood Ware
With a large assortment of Wines and Liquors
may 10?colm cor. 7th st. and New York av.
Soft Crabs, Lynhaven Oysters, -nd Pickled
JUST received, at the KM PI RE RESTAURANT, these
delicacies, together with the regular Bill of Fan), viz:
Scrambled Eggs, I lltm Omelet,
Fresh Fish, Lamb Chops,
Fried Pigs' Feet, Spring Chicken,
Poached Eggs, | Coffee and Cakes,
?which will be served up at s
Beef Steaks,
Broiled llatn,
Veal Cutlet,
Sanllnes, Ac.
... _r ..iiort notice.
Also, Real Havana Cigars, and Old London Dock Bran
dy. with Private Rooms for supper parties. Prop In, if
you wafit the delicacies of the season, at ALLEN P KM
PIKE RK8TAURANT, near Four-and-a-half street. Penn
sylvania avenue. may21-eodflm
GA J. R. HENDLKY, having opened a store on 7th
. street, near the General Post Office, for the pur
pose of conducting the Tin-Plate, Sheet-Iron, and Copper
Work, In it* various branches, would respectfully solicit
from their friends and the public generally a portion of
their favors, as they are determined not to be surpassed
for neatnesa of workmanship, durability of material and
cheapness. may lft?-codlm
Mar Ms Cutter and Sbw tptnr, corner nf Entui Sinth sit.,
Prepares Mantels, Monuments, Tombs, and lleail-stnnes.
Alio fency chiselling and carving. mar 27?tf
Gkobqktown, June 9?12 ra.
At all the churches in our town, on yeater
diiy, there were large congregations. At Christ
church the Rev. Mr. Morsell officiated ; at St.
John's, the pastor (the Itev. Mr. Tillinghast)
officiated ; at the Presbyterian cliurch the pas
tor (the llev. Mr. Atkinson) officiated. At the
Roman Catholic church the services were unu
sually solemn, interesting, and impressive, from
the fact that it was the taking leave of the ven
erated temple in which they and their forefath
ers have worshipped for the last seventy years.
| Several strange clergymen were present. Next
! Sunday is the day on which the new church is
to be consecrated.
The congregation at the Methodist church
was unusually large both in the forenoon and
at night. In the forenoon the Rev. Mr. Lan
ahan preached, and at night the Rev. Mr.
Murray, of the Methodist Protestant church.
In the same church, in the afternoon, there was
a meeting of the teachers and friends of the
Sabbath School, when they resolved to celebrate
the Fourth of July in a body, and appointed a
committee to procure a suitable place.
The work at the Methodist Protestant church
will be completed by the 2'2d instant, when it
will be re-opened for divine worship. The Rev.
Thomas Stockton nnd Dr. Reese will officiate.
Oak Hill Cemetery was visited yesterday by
I hundreds of our citizens and strangers. ' The
work is fast progressing to completion, and 1
feel authorized to say, that the lots will be sold
either the last of this month or the first of next.
Mr. Henry Thomas is constructing, at the
foot of Market street, an extensive wharf for
P. T. Berry, intended for a coal wharf.
The heavy easterly winds of yesterday and
the night before, caused the tide to overflow
nearly all our wharves. There was no damage
: done.
1 was pleased to learn this morning, that the
\ young lady who was thrown from the swing at
! Miss English's Academy has nearly recovered
! from her injury. Her namo is Miss Fanny
There is nothing doing this morning in the
] flour and grain market; there are sellers at
I ji-1.12.}, but no buyers; $4 was offered on
! Saturday but refused.
Captain Moore's beautiful little pleasure boat,
the Lone Star, has gone to the Great Falls to
| day with a pleasure party.
Arrivals?Hark William Chase, Jones, Porto
I llico, Sugar, to F. & A. 11. Dodge; British sch.
; Relief, Johnson, Windsor, N. S., to E. Lyons:
| sch. Oak, Marshal, Port Deposit, to Jos Libbe^
'& Son; sch. William & Matilda, Jones, Port
i Deposit, to Wheatly & Walker; packet steamer
1 Columbia, Harper, Baltimore, to E. Pickrell <>
! Co.
Sailecl?Packet sch. Pampero, Pennfield, to
N. V; packet sell. Harriet, Garrison Scott, to
' Philadelphia. Electro.
Bridge street, 3 doors from Conyress st., north side
RoDIKK A liKOTHKK respectfully inform their friend!
and the public generally, that they are daily recci\
iu|i in addition to tlieir already large and extensive stoel
new patterns uf Paper, Ac. We now have in store one e<
he most extensive assortments of Paper, Ac., in the Di>
trict. Persons will find it to their advantage to give us i
?all In-fore purchasing elsewhere, as we can sell chcupe
liun uny house in the District.
hvery article ill oiir line made to order, such as Iiaii
Shuck, and Cotton MATTli t.SSKS. Pew Cushions, Cui
tains. Feather Beds, Kasy I hiiirs Lounges, Ac., Ac.
ltd ? Patented llair Spring .Mattresses uiadc to order,
.(line 4?tf R<>l?IKK X BKOT1IKK.
II,. KIDYVKLI/8eelchraU*l Son* Fucntaim husopenc
, for the riunimi r Campaign, at his headquarters ii
? eor^etnwn. where his numerous friends nod cu?tomc
??an be supplied with the above article.
Visiters from Washington and strangers generally wil
Is' iuu< h relieved from the effects of a dusty ride on a bo
day by calling at his Drug Store on High street.
miiy 16?tf
I )L'1XS celebrated Son* Fountain Is in full operation
13 Hood Syrups and plenty of Ice.
Call In nnd try it at BUTT'S Apothecary
may IS?dim and Drug Store, cor. 1'a av and 12th st
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
I)KACT18KS in the Courts of the District, and prose
1 rules claims of eTery description before the Severn!
executive Departments and before Congress.
? i" Office and residence 21st street, two doors nortl
of II. ap 11?U
Eighth stmt, neiir the General Post Office,
18 pn pared to furnish, from the shelf or tie
SHI X shop, goods in his line that cannot be ex
f eel lei In any city. Citizens and sojourners ar<
P Kptctfully Invited to examine them.
ap 11?tf
Ow. of JYnntyli-ania A<*enur anil Thirteenth street,
may Utt Wasiiijkiioji Crrr. D. C. diy
tfantwore Dealers, fosUUytvamia oirnur, near (>th street,
offer fiir sale, at manufacturing prices
jplain ami ornamental Wire Hailing,
which fur cheapness and durability can
not fie sur,Mf ?"ii by any article of the kind now in us..
Samples may be seen and prices made known by applying
as above. may 11?2nw\|AW(.in
healers m
No. 6, opposite Centre Market,
ap 10 WasmijwtosCity.D. C. d A y
Old Wines, Liquois, Segars, Fresh Foreign
Fruits, Comestibles, etc.,
Pe.nnsytmnia ?venw, 3 doors east (jf Fifteenth itreet.
may 17?ly
New and hravtifdl ntvlrn of
Funey Hhlrta, with Vests attached.
Also, riiper Lisle thread Under Shirts and Half-Hone
Oaure Moreno Wrappers
Fresh supply of 8!lk Mohair Stocks, a cheap and de
slrable article for warm weather?just received, and foi
sale at CIIA8. II. LANK'S
may 28?if Oentlctnen's Kumishinn Store, Pa ?t.
I vKPOSlTOHY for the Massachusetts Sabbath School
JLJ 8oci(?ty. All of Robert Carter x Brother's publioa
lions, an<l several other extensive publishers; mlscella
neons, school, and blank books and stationery, kept con
stantly on hand by A. UK AY,
ap R?eo 7th St.. opposite Odd Fellows' llsll
r|MH5 subscribers have in store a Rood assortment ot
I House furnishing and Bulldfers'Hardware, Cutlery,
,Vc., which they offer to those in wsntat the lowest prices.
Also, Agricultural and Gardening Implements, com
posing all the articles used. s
J. T RADCLIFF * 00.,
mar 96?tf Odd-Fellows' llall, 7th street.
North side It street, near Tenth.
Iff. WoKTIIINOTON will welcome his friends, at
jt ?ny hour of the dayi and will promptly respond
to tlieir calls for refreshments of all kinds, Intoxicating
drinks bring of course excluded. Breakfasts, Dinners,
Suppers, Snacks betwoen Meals, Lemonades, Pop, Tempe
rance Beer, Ice ('reams, Crabs, etc., always ready. In
fine, gentlemen will be provided with whatever the mar
kets afford, served np in the best manner, amd at reason
able charges. may 17?tf
Exprutly for tint paper.
Baltimobk, Juno 9?2 p. m.
Flour has declined?sales of three hundred
barrels of lloward street at $4.12; also, two
thousand barrels of City Mills at $4.25.
Grain unchanged.
The German Musical Societies are now para
ding the streets with banners, music, &c. They
will have a crowded house at the concert to
Northern markets unchanged.
Hon. Boukrt C. Winthrop has recently been
waited on by the Young Whigs of Boston for
the purpose of tendering him a public dinner,
as a testimonial of their high consideration for
his long services in the halls of Congress. Mr.
Winthrop declines the honor, but expresses
great gratitude for this renewed token of ap
proval of our citizens.
The Statistics of Immigration at the port of
New York for the first four months of the years
1800 and 1851, show an excess of the number
of persons landed from foreign countries, of
21,169 for January, February, March, April,
and May last past, over the arrivals, during the
same interval in the year before. Of the immi
grants who reached New York in the month just
past, 22,135 were from Ireland, 6,409 from
Germany, 3,587 from England, 844 from Scot
land, and 742 from France.
The following named men are under sentence
of death in New York city: ilenry Carnell, to
he hanged 27th June ; James Wall, to be hanged
27th June; A. B. Stookoy, to be hanged 27th
June; Edw. F. Douglass, to be hanged 25th
July ; James Clements, to be hanged 25th July ;
Thomas Benson, to be hanged 25th July.
Seven large buildings are to accommodate
the Erie road at Dunkirk, namely, a passenger
house 300 feet long by 85 feet wide, with a
wing for passenger rooms, two stories high, 98
by 30 feet. An engine house 300 feet by 95 ;
machine shop 300 by 100 ; blacksmith shop 100
i?y 52 ; carpenter shop 100 by 30, and an engine
room 40 by 100. The receipts of the company in
May exceed $290,000. This is at the rate ol
three and a half millions a year.
Fair and Festival at Mount Welby.
'IMIE Ladies of St. Barnabas Parish will give a Fair
1 and Festival at Mount Welby on Tuesday and Wed
nesday next, the 11th aud 12th instant, for the lienefit ol
-<aid Parish.
To those who desire to spend a delightful day in the
?ountry, and enjoy a beautiful ride, a rich treat is pre
A sumptuous dinner will be provided, embracing all the
tellcacies of the season, with an abundance of straw bar
lies, pretty girls, and ice creaxn.
The house is one mile frum the ferry, immediately op
posite Alexandria, where an omnibus will be in attend
inec to convey persons to the spot. Ferry half-price
luring the Festival. The distance by the river road,
rossing the Eastern Branch, is six miles.
June U?eotdUt
Dr. Stickland's American Family Pills.
BESIDES the cathartic and auti-dyspcptic qualities of
these Pills, their adaptation to purify the blood?to
uro the LiverComplaint, Urinal and Abdominal Diseases,
md especially that class of maladies known as Female
'omphunts; to relieve the system of Worms, and pimples
in the skin?may be seen, as set forth in a pamphlet,
which can be had gratuitously of the wholesale agent.
A. UK AY, Bookseller,
7th street, opposite Odd-Fellows' Hall.
X. 1!?The above Pills come to me k> highly recom
mended, from so responsible a source, that 1 do not hesi
tate to believe that they will prove to be as good as tlx
n:?T ever introdmed. and that it will not be long befori
heir popularity aud sale will be unparalleled.
June O?eotl' A. OKAV.
l'\rr tiir, tailing ami tale of Ileal Et'ate, <fc.,
seventh street, (up stairs,) opposite office of Intelligencer.
O. B. A. will give prompt attention to, and active
(Torts in, the sale or leaMng of all property confided t<
lis management. The atteution of property-holders is re
pectfully asked. may 13?Jaw MA \\ tf
Odd-Fellows' Hall, Seventh street.
C. S. FOWLER has in store, lately received, a
XlC/rull supply of French and English China and
Queen's Ware, consisting of Dinner aud Tea Sets,
ornamented aud plain. Also dctacbed pieces, o.
ill kinds.
Olaes Ware, in all its variety, from rich Cut andt
?est Moulded to plain and very low priced?all ofl
vhich are offered, wholesale aud retail, on the most
avonMt terms. may 13?2awM AM ii
HYMNS of the Methodist Episcopal Church
Hymns of the Methodist Episcopal Church South
Hymns of the Methodist Protestant Church
Lutheran Hymns
The Psaluiist, with supplement
Watts and Bippoti
Watts and Select Hymns
Parish Hymns
Psalms and llyinnn
Episcopal Prayer-Books, with I.ossons
Bible and Prayer?Isiuud together
Catholic Prayer-Books
Bibles and Testaments; large and substantial Fami
Bibles, Pocket Bibles, etc.
All of the above in every variety and stylo of binding.
ap 26?eodtf 7th street, opp. (Kid-Fellows' Hall.
1'IIK SWORD EXERCISE, arranged tor mil
itary instruction, by Brevet Mi\jor Henry C. Wayne,
v. 8. army, published by authority of the War Depart
nent. Price $1; postage to any part of the United States
'2 cents. Tile edition l<?r sale in Washington by
Booksellers, near 9th street.
Also for salo the Army Regulations, published by the
lepartment of War. Price $1.
The Ordnance Manual, for the use of officers cf the
- rmy. Price $2.
The Army and Navy Registers.
Scott's Infantry Tactics, and all other work* of an cfH
rial character published at the seat of Government.
ap 18?-tf
rl.ME, THE AVENGER, a new novel, by the
1 author of "The Wilmlngtons."
Mary Krsklnc, a Franconia story, by the author of " The
(olio Book."
No. 12, Pictorial Field Book of the Revolution, by Los
ing. Received, ?.nd for sale by
ap 1*?tf Booksellers, near Ninth street.
VLL of Harper A Brothers' Publications.
All of Appletoo's Publications.
All of Putnam's Publications,
Little A Brown's, Boston; and all books published in
he U nlted States.
For sale at the publisher*' prices by
ap 18?tf . Bookseller*, near 0th st.
HOURS OF DEPARTURE of the Passenger Trains on
the Main Stein and Washington Branch of the
Baltimore A Ohio Kallroad:
MAIN STKM?Wbhtwakdlt.
Cor Cumberland, Hancock, Martinsburg, Harper's Ferry,
Winchester, Frederick, Elllcott's Mill*, and intermediate
points, daily, at 8 o'clock, a. in. Night Express Train
for Cumberland and the West leaves daily at 9 o'clock,
p. m.
From Cumberland, daily, at 8, a. m.
Do. do., by "Xpress train for Baltimore,
at 10 p. m.
Hancock, 10 a. m.
Martinsburg, 11% a. m.
Hkrper's Ferry, 1a. m.
Frederick, IUt.ni. and 1 p. m.
Passengers going to, or coming from the West., bv the
express train, pass over the mountains in the day-time,
aud those who leave New York at 9 o'clock, a. in., and
come through by the express train from Philadelphia,
will take the evening train from Baltimore. The train
lYoin Cumberland will arrive to breakfast at Baltimore,
?vnd its passengers can take the early line for Philadelphia
*nd New York.
Through tickets are issued between Baltimore and
Wheeling ? $11 00
Between Baltimore and llttsburg 10 00
\nd between Philadelphia and Wheeling ... 13 00
And between Philadelphia and Pittsburg ... 1200
Between Staunton, Va., and Baltimore .... 8 50
The accommodation train between Baltimore and Fred
erick will run as at present, leaving Baltimore at 4l/i, p.
ii., and Frederick at 40 minute* past?, a.m., Sundays
?xcepted. Fare at the rata of three cents per mile.
From Baltimore at 6. a. m. and & p. m., daily; and at 9,
a. m., dally, except Sundays.
From Washington at 0, a. m. and A, p. m , and at 9, a. m.,
daily, except Sunday*.
Round trip tickets, to and from the Relay House, thirty
cents each. By order:
mar 34? J. T. ENGLAND, Agent.
' I *ul"?'riU>r tiM not yet UUpoetwi of but rmu oxuiio
J in Priuve W lllium county, Vlrglult. Ik) in alill Ueei
n?u? ol selling, ami will do k> ou accommodating term*.
It couslhts, firm, of 1)47 aero* of land, in from two uud a
bull to tour mile* of BretiUville, the county towu, tour
teeii miles of Occoquan, thirty uille? of Alexandria, and
from four to tive miles of the Orange and Alexan
dria Railroad, which will he completed to lirent*ville thin
year, Tbi* luud in well adapted to tlie growth of wheat,
corn, rye, oat*, and gran*. It is a mixture of the red and
grey will, and admirably adapted to improvement by the
use of clover, planter, guano, 4c. It in heavily tiuiliered,
and finely watered, Inning larding springs ol the purest
water. It in capable of being divided into tive or nix good
*Ucd farms, and with tolerable building* and small or- j
chards ou tour of them. 1 will nell it all iu a body to a
company, or will divide it to auit purchaser*, at prices
ranging, according to quality, at from $3 to per acre. 1
will only require one-fourth of the purchase money iu 1
| hand, and the balance 1 will divide iu three annual pay
ments, to bear interest from the date of sale, to be secured
ou the property, bund i? rapidly rising iu value iu the
neighborhood, and 1 offer great Inducements now, as I
wish to turu my attention to other pursuits.
Secondly. A square of buildings in the town of Brents
ville, suitable for a carriugo-mtiker, wheelwright, or black
smith, with two dwelling-houses, kitchens, blacksmith,
carriage, ami wheelwright shops, and other necessary
| buildings. $1000 is now my price for this property?on
the same terms as the laud, it is within a mile aud three
quarters of the railroad.
Thirdly. Mile and a quarter acres of land on the turn
pike, just above Ituckland, ou which are a good dwelling
house, a large wheelwright shop, kitchen, stable, dairy,
and suioko-house. It would make a good tavern stand,
and the shop a good stable. For this property 1 will take
$600?on the same terms.
Fourthly. A large lot in the village of Buckland, known
as the tan-yard lot, on which there is a comfortable house
aud kitchen?lot enclosed. The tan-yard Is in bad condi
tion, but might be easily resuscitated, and is a very good
place for the business. For this 1 will take $400?on like
Fifthly. A lease lot in llaymarket, with a pretty good
house, kitchen, a large shoemaker's shop, stable, Acc. The
buildings are a little out of order. The lease may run for
teu or twelve years. For this 1 will take $100.
Sixthly. A valuable farm In Alleghany county, Mary
land, containing 200 acres, w ithin eight miles of the Na
tional Road, aud ten to twelve miles of the Baltimore and
Ohio Kail road. This farm Is in u thriving neigh borliood.
is heavily timbered, has a good aud never-failing stream
of water running through it, aud several mill-seats:
alsiunds in iron ore and coal; has a fine sugar maple or
chard on It, and a mineral spring, which I think equal to
the White Sulphur or Bedford,.and has now some forty or
fifty acres of the land cleared. The soil is not surpassed
by any in the country. I am disposed now to take $4 per
acre for it. Mr. Abraham Steel, who lives near it, will
show it to any one wishing to purchase. The property in
1'rince William county, Virginia, will be shown by Kppa
Ilunton, esq., who is authorized to soil; or by Mr. Edwtu
W. Latimer, or Mr. Kobert llodgkin. I shall be in Brents
ville about the middle of May, and will, in person, show
the property to any one wishing to purchase.
HENRY A. BARRON is now in the neighborhood of
Brentsvllle, I'rinco William county, Va, where he would
Is- glad to see any of his New Jersey, New York, or Penn
sylvania friends, and sell them any of his real estate. )t
is all still for sale, except the Breutsville property and the
farm iu Alleghany county, Maryiaud. Ou the balance ol
his real estate, which he is anxious to sell before the 1st
of July, the liberal credit of three years will lie given.
>ne-fourth in hand to bind the bargain, with legal interest
on the balance, and secured on the land. He respectfully
invites all desirous of purchasing land iu Prince William
to call on him.
1!rkntsvii.i.i?, Pr. Win. Co., Va. June 9?law.i.v
TAYLOR &, MAURY, Bookaellerii aud
I Stationers, Pennsylvania avenue, near Uth
street, have constantly on haud a full assortment ol
PAPER, of every variety, for sale at New York prices.
ap 19?tf
EPISCOPAL Prayer-books.
Catholic Prayer-books.
Methodist lfymn-books.
Unitarian Hymn-books.
Presbyterian Hymn-books.
Baptist Hymn-books. In every-variety.
For sale at the published price, by
ap 18?tf Booksellers, near 9th street.
RULED LETTER PAPKR at $1 i'l a ream.
Ruled Foolscap Writing Paper at $1 25 a ream.
Good Envelopes at $1, $1 25, and $1 50 a thousand.
.Steel Pens at 25 cents, 50 ccnts, and 75' cents a gross.
Small Wrapping Paper at 25 cents a ream
For sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S
mar 21? (look and Stationery store, near 9th *t.
SO widely celebrated for Bilious affections; Dr. Benjamin
Rush's Pills, Wright's Indian vegetable Pills, ami
llunl's Pills, for sale by A. GRAY, Bookseller,
itp 8?eo "th St., opposite Odd Fellows' Hall.
I 8 NOW OPEN, at his residence, ou the corner of 13tl
I and H streets, where the terms will lie made knowi
?n application to the Principal. may f?tf
On I j afreet, between !!//? and 10M, south side.
MRS. BELL would reiqiectfully inform her friends ami
the public that her Senior Classes for the Sumntei
| session are not yet full. In addition to her present tium
; )>er, several young ladies iu the mure advanced tluilit* max
lie accommodated. Drawing, Painting, and Needle-work
44*Terms made known on application, [may 6?d(iw''
Roach and Bed-Bug Bane.
'IMIR Celebrated Destroyer of REACHES. BED-BUGS.
1 ANTS, Ac., may be had at 25 cents per bottle, at
J. F. ('ALLAN'S Drugstore,
may 23?tr Corner 7th and E streets.
M AY FIND an excellent assortment of FISH HOOK?
ami LINKS at A. GRAY'S Bookstore,
may H?eotf 7th stre-t, opimsite Odd-Fellows' llall.
Lemon Sugar- Congress Lemonade.
ONE TEA-SPOONFUL of this Sugar will instantly
make a Tumbler of supericr Lemonade. For sale,
at 25 cents per package, by J. F. CALLAX,
, may V!?tf Corner K ami Seventh streets.
WITn School'Books of all kinds; Pens, Ink, Copy
| yy books, Ac. Also, Blank-books and Stationery In
; every variety, by A. GRAY,
ap 8?eo 7th St., opposite Odd Fellows' llall.
niPIIli llw Celebrated DYSPEPSIA
1 Carer.? A new supply of this valuable im<diciue re
eeived today, for sale, at $1 per bottle. Dyspeptics are iu
?fted to try It.
For'sale by J. f\ CALLAN, |
may 211?tr Seventh street, opposite the Post Office.
White Sulphur Water,
DIRECT FROM THE SPRINGS. Greenbrier, Va., for
gale, in large or small quantities, bv
may 13?tf Cwmtt E and Seventh sts.
G. W. HINTON, Merchant Tailor, respectfully
jll Informs Ills customers and fellow-citireus that he
mA has just returned from the North with a splendid
? allit assortment of French and Knglish Cloths, Csssi
meres, and Vesting*, of all kinds, which he invites tltem
to call and examine. His stock of goods, which is of the
best quality, and no mistake, tie will aell at prices to suit
the times.
Also, constantly on hand, Gents' Furnishing Goods and
Itusiness Coats. Children's Clothing, made in the best
maimer and latest style, by Lock wood A Co., of New York.
ap 21?tf Pa. av.. north side. bat'Dand 6th -t*.
Tloutc and Si</n Painter, and Ghuur,
South ?ide Louisiana avenue, between 0th and 7tli streets, !
(Dwelling South F street, between 7th and 8th streets, '
Island,) is prepared to execute to order all descriptions of
work In his line. ap 15?flm !
K street, between I'M and 14<A, Washington (My, D. U.
MA l( IILE MANTLES, Monuments, Tombs, Head and
Foot Stones, Ae., constantly on hand, of the liest |
quality and workmanship. All kinds of Stone, Ibr Build- j
ing. Ac. All kinds of work in his line faithfully executed
at the shortest notice. ap 1ft?tf j
always on hand, for sale and to rent on
moderate terms, at the Piano Store, on j
12tll street, above F street.
New MUSIC STOOLS for sale.
mar 29?d3m? I C. ROTCHBNBACH.
rpHE VOTERS and Business men of Washington are
| respectfully informed that .1AMES F. TUCKER so
licits all their votes in the way of debts for collection. He
sttends to his business promptly, anil makes prompt re
turns. lie may be found at all times at the office of 'Squire i
Donn. He also attends to all business requiring the !
services of an officer.
may 28?tf [Washington News '
(Late of the firm of Walker ?$? Wise,)
H AS o|Mne<l a shop on E street, opposite Temperance j
Hall, between 9th and 10th streets.
liesidenw on I street, north Ride, between 0th and 7th
streets. t mar 24?tf
Surgeon Dentist,
Office, near ttruum't Hotel, JVnntylvania avenue,
Charges New York and Philadelphia prices, and ruaran
ties his work to be equal to any done in tfcoae cities
ap 5?tf
Gregory's California Package Express.
TUft bl'UhCkiliUtB win
SPECIAL .M fc.br 1.Mi hHb, twoor mora
timet) jx-r mouth, by bkitlurliil*. via
tHAUUi'H and PANAMA, in charge
of puroels.juwelry, valuables aud mail
able matter, which will iu all cmt'o arrive in r*u l/rum-j
claw by tilt* wail steamers, and be delivered lu advance of
tlu- mail.
We beg toauiiouncc to the public (hat we have enured
into connexion willi the heaviest transportation house uu
tliu Mlimin-, who art' bound to us to tram-port our goods
from Clmgres Ui Puuania, in uUvuuct uj <Ut other ttruri'tttt,
and liming made arrangement* with the II. b. Mail und
all other steamers on tlie Pacific, for the carriage of our
goods, we arc prepared lo guarantee their deli* cry iu ban
Francisco within n specified time.
In addition to the superior qualities of the line, for the ,
transaction of Merchandise, its manifest advantages over
the U. 8. .Mail and all other competitor*, iu the trauspor
tation of letters and parcels between the Pacific and At- |
l&utic States, are well kuuwu uud already generally a|>
preclated by the public. The value of a mercantile letter,
delivered by us three or four days in advance of all other
competition. being jimpcrly estimated.
We linvo also established agencies in GUAYAQUIL,
CALL AO, and VALPARAISO, for which porta, aud other
cities on tint South American coast, we are prepared to
receive LETTERSand PARCELS, which will lie promptly
despatched to their destination by our agent in I'anamu.
The mail for South America In made up but once u
Malingers aud Agents, i
140 Pear, cor. of Wall st., New York. i
REFER, BY PERMISSION, to Messrs. Johnson A Low
den, 115 Wall st.; S|*)tford, Tiles ton A Co., 48 South st.;
Nesmitli A Co., 50 l'ine st.; and Levi Apgar & Co., 70 l)c\
street. tiny '24?
W.M. II. CA11Y A CO., 243 and 246 Pearl street, Now j
York, invite the attention of the City and Distant j
Jobbing trade to their large and varied stock of gtssis
which they offer at the lowest rates, either for cash or ap
proved credit.
Under their present arrangements they can offer great I
inducements on all their Foreign Goods, aud will give
their customers tlie benefit of the large discounts which 1
they have gained by the increased amount of their pur
They pledge themselves to soli many styles of American
Goods at manufacturers' prices.
Their stock will be kept full during the whole year, anu
all orders will be promptly supplied. They particularly
invite the Mexican and South American dealers lo exam
ine their stock of Jewelry, manut'ai-tured expressly foi
those markets; also their stock of ivory Combs, adapted
Ibr exportation.
The following articles constitute a part of their stock.
Liuen Threads?Various maker)*,plain and satin finished.
black, drab, white, brown, and colored, Nos. '20x80
?Spool Cotton?Clark's, Alexander's, bmith's Eagle. and
Refflngtou's, white, black, and colored, Nos. 10x150,
25 to 300 yards
Capes aud Bobbins?Linen and ootton, assorted colors and
Cutlery?Kazors, Knives, Shears, Scissors, and Table 1
Knives and Forks, Wade A Butcher's, Wostenholm's.
Kodgers', and other celebrated makers
llrushos?Hair, Cloth, Teeth, I'aiut, Varnish, Shaving j
Shoe, Crumb, Horse, Scrubbing, See., Ac., in great I
Musical Instruments?Accordions, Violins, Flute.1, Fifes. 1
Clarionets, Iiarmonicans, Ac.
Fans?A large and rich assortment, consisting of beauti
fully carved pearl, ivory, bone, and wood sticks; alsi' I
plain sticks, with plain, fancy, and silvered paper i
Ivory Combs?Fine S, SS, SSS, and NPU, 1 J,^x4 inches
Combs?-Plain and fancy Tuck, Dressing, Pocket, and Side, i
of shell, buffalo, and horn
Quns?Single and Double, English and American, real
and imitation Twist; also a vuriety of Rifles
Pistols?English and Gorman, Pocket, Belt, and Iiolster: I
Colt's and Allen and Thurber's llevolvers; also, a
complete assortment of Sporting Apparatus
Perfumery?Lubin's, Mangenet A Coudray's, Piver's, Pin
and's, and Ede's fine Extracts
i-oaps?Low's White and Brown, Windsor and Honey: |
Lubin's, Ouerlain's, Pinaud's, and Mangenet Si Cou- j
dray's assorted styles, Ac., Ac.
Also?Percussion Caps, Needles, Pins, Hooks and Kyes.
Steel Pens, Suspenders, Buttons of all styles, Pocket
books. Port Monnaies, Purses, Stationery, Beads, 1
Whalebone, Looking-glasses, Ac.. Ac.
Ivory, Tortoise Shelf, Pearl Shell, Uorns, Tips, Ac., for
Catalogues in the French, Spanish, German, and Eng
lish languages. mar '24?
STATIONERS' WAREHOUSE, '20 South Fourth Street,
Philadelphia. (Wholesale only.)
HYMAN L. LIPMAJi, Importer of French and Eng
lish Stationery, offers to the trade, at Stationers' Ware
house, a complete assortment of
of the licst quality, at the lowest rates. mar 24?
IMPORTERS of Brandies, Wines, anil Segars, No. I Ex- j
change Place, Baltimore, offer for sale an extenaivi j
assortment of?
IIRAND1KS?J. Ilenheasy, J. 3. Durand, superior old
| lean Louis. 1811 and 1838; Maglory; Otard, Dupuy A Co.:
j I'inet, Castillon A Co.; Martell; J. Durand A Co.; A. Seig
1 uette; J. J. Dupuy and J. Kruml brands,
j WINES?Champagne, Claret, aud llcsk, of various
i .trades. Also, Port. Sherry, Madeira, Sicily, Lisbon, Bur
I ;undy. Malaga, and other Wines, In great variety.
SEOARS?Havana and Principe begars. of approved
brands. constantly receiving from the manufacturers.
HOLLAND GIN?Grape and Oray .Mare brand*, of fin'
; favor; also, London Brown Stout and Porter; Bordeaux
uid Marseilles Sweet oil, Sardines, Maccaronl, Vermicelli.
| 'lives. Capers, Castile Soap, Bay Ruin. Roll Brimstone,
'anarv Seed. Ac. mar 24?
l )HINK A UrillllN, Iron A Steel Mer
1) cliant*. fmponers and dealers in American,
-wede, .\orwegian, Refined, Cable, and common English
Iron: manufiu'turers of iioiler Rivets and Spikes. Ilisip
Hand, Scroll, Flue. Boiler. Sheet. Small Iron, Axle Iron
113 North Water street, and 04 North Delaware avenue,
mar 24?
_ street, ubovo Tenth, Philadelphia, have just received
,.er steamer splendid Table and Piano Cover*. Damask
Cable Cloths, Nupkins, Moreens, and Worsted Damasks
mar 24?
First Premium Grand and Square Pianos.
KNABK A G.EllLK, Manufacturers.
Nos. 4, 6, 8, 9, aud 11 Kutaw street, Bal
timore. New tributes to the excellence
of Baltimore made Piano Fortes. The I
1 Maryland institute, at their last exhibition, awarded to
ns the First Premium for the best Grand I'lano, and also
| the First Premium for the best Square Piano exhibited
j It will be recollected that in 1H48, our llano also received
> the First Premium by the same Institute.
Such testimonials are not easily earned, and are not to
I !?? lightly regarded. We may therefore say thut having
taken the First Premium, wherever our Instruments met
' with competition, we offer them to the public with a con
fidence we might not otherwise avow, guaranteeing all
instruments made hy us to give satisfaction, or they may
j Is- exchanged within six months from day of sale. The
| durability of our workmanship we further guarantee for
five years.
! Having just completed large additions to our Manufar
1 tory, we nope now to supply all who may honor us with
their patronage; and we Invite all who desire a su|>erioi
liHtrumcnt, carefully adapted to the climate?a very Im
portant matter, and which we have made our careful
study?to mil and examine our varipus styles, which we
are constantly finishing, and which will be sold at the
i lowest market price for cash or approved paper.
In addition to the above public testimonials, our Piano
! are recommended in terms of the highest praise by the
following eminent artists, whose certificates can Is- seen
, at our Warerooms: Charles Bochsa, the great composer
and musical director to Mail. A. Bishop; Mr. Geo. Knoop:
! Miss Adele and Charles Hohnstock, and other distill
; ^ulshiai performers. To the mnuy accomplished Professors
I and Amateurs, hy whom our llanos ale constantly used
whilst making our tliankftil acknowledgments to them.
I we refer for further testimonials.
j Old Pianos taken in exchange.
Pianos hired ami tuned. mar 24
BOWEN A McNA.VKB. 112 and 114 Broadway, New
York, have now in store, and will receive by early '
packets aud steamers, a very extensive assortment ol
French, German, English, Italian, and India
embracing every variety of the newest and richest style*
offered in this market. Sample cards are now read}
for exhibition. Merchants from every section of the
enuntry, and particularly our old friends and custom
ers, are assured that every attention has been paid to
present a stock of goods, unequalled, either in extent or
variety, by any similar establishment In the country.
Many of our richest goods are manufactured from de
signs or samples tarnished by us, anil will be found
adapted to the best trade in the larger cities and towns.
The following embrace the leading articles of our stock:
Extra rich Cliene and Brocade bilks.
Rich Paris Bareges, Muslins, and organdies.
Rich printed Silk Tissues, new article.
New style English Poplins.
Barepi de l-airics. Paris patterns.
New style French Prints.
English. Scotch, and American Printed Lawns.
Super Black Oros de Khlnes,
French and English Ginghams. ?? <
Plain and embroidered Cunton Crape Shawls.
Rich Pari* Rtblxms, large assortment.
Millinery Silk?, Cr?i>es, Ac.
lire is Trimmings, newest style.
Bombasines, Alpacas, and Muslin de LulneH.
Laces and Embroidery.
Linens and White Goods of every description.
Kid Gloves, ts'st manufacture.
English and German Silk aud Cotton Hosiery.
Long and Square Cashmere Shawls.
Kic.h Silk Mantillas, great variety.
Pongee and Spitalfteld Handkerchieft.
Italian Cravats and Sewing Silks.
Also, a great variety of rich goods for evening di*.-*s
not enumerated in the above.
Also, Sinchews, Sarnets, Fancy Silk Cravats, Bay State ;
Plaid l/ong Shawls, Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs, Green
Bareges, Satins, Silk Scarfk, Suspenders, Plain h'sck and
high colored Mouneline de Laiues, Turkey red "rmUi,
Curtain Muslins, Oil SUks. Belt Ribbons, Serges, Satin j
Vesting", Ac. . ^ . . !
T(io*e who visit this market for .*Hc Qoodt, who
i wonld consult their Interest, and who desire to see a
stock unsurpassed In every department at the very low
i est market prices, *rc respectfully invited to c%?.,
mar 34?
CHEAT chance for Hook Agent* to clear from fboo to
$l.uuo * year! Book* ol uuivernal utility. pf.AI.S"
AMI IDClIUk W Oh Kb?the uioct spleudiilly
iliurtruUsi loluuic* tor iuiiiiIm-* fifr issued uu the Ame
rican comment. containing more tliuu ?oim tuoi?ahi> in
'itUVl.Vo, desijJUnl u>i(l executed by til* UiOht t UilUi lit
artists ol huglamj and Auieriia.
The cutirc series have U*-u can-frilly examined, and
'Jrwiglj rucouiuieudcd id Hui?riiitcudeut?. Truatoes, mid
leather* ol Schools. b) the billowingdi?tillguieln<l KeUtle
uieu: 11 ic- Excellent') Hamilton Fish, bx-Governoi ot the
Hate ol N< * \ oi k ; llirihUi| hn Morgan, tmtitUl) of
fetal*, and Superintend,ut ol Cumaioii School*, N v.; T.
Homey u Beck, I'wj., M. 1)., Secretary of tin* Kt-^fiiU of tho
L'u) Versify, N. Y.; the Is gislative Committee ou Colleges,
Academies, aud Common School*; Key. bdward Hitch
cock, I-1.. D., President of Amherst College, aud Professor
of Geolojjy, Mansaeh usett* .*
Amherst College, Dec. 26, 1H48.
Mr. Xobert Seum?Dear Sir: I liave looked over the en
tire series of your valuable publication* with much in
terest and profit; and uui quite surprised at the amount
of literary labor you have performed, and the research it
in lint liuve cost you to obtain so many fine illustrations,
while you have an active superintendence of an extensive
business. I am also gratified at the flei idedly moral and
religious influence which your books will exert, and can
not but hope that they will do much to counteract tho
effects of that light and immoral literature hlch deluges
tin laud, and, like the frogs of Kgypt, conn s up eveu to
the kneading troughs of our kitchens. Slay you live long
to follow your plan*.
Respectfully and sincerely, your obliged servant,
?The works alluded to as having been eumined and
recommended, are as follows: A new and popular Pictorial
Description of the United states, Pictorial History of the
American Revolution, Scene* anil Sketches of Continental
hurope, Description of Ureal ltritain and Ireland, Picto
rial family Annual, Treasury of Knowledge, Information
liir the I'eople, The Family Instructor, Pictorial Sunday
Itook. liible ltiogruphy, Bible History, and second series
of The Wonders of the W orld.
Gentlemen of respectability and of good address wanted
to sell the aliove popular Pictorial Works. Full particu
lars of the principles aud profits of the Agency will bo
given on application either personally or by letter. Tho
postage must in all cases lie paid.
Please addresa ROBERT SKA 118, Publisher,
mar 'H? 128 Nassau street, NY.
f f AGENCY, Mo. 1 Hi Market st., Philad< lphia.
TAPl'AN (l DOUGLASS, New York.
K. RUSSELL Ji CO., (late Oeo. W. Gordon,) boston.
J. L>. PHATT it CO., Ilaltimore.
WM. II. PIERCE A CO., Cincinnati.
CHAS. UAKLUW A' Co., St. Louis.
WM. II. PIKKCU Si CO.. Louisville.
This well known and extensive establishment Invites
Merchants, Manufact urers. and Hankers, to an investiga
tion.of its system, aud gratuitous test of its records of the
standing aud responsibility i traders in the U. Stales.
Uur increased patronage has enabled us, during tlie past
year, to open offices iu Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis,
and .New Orleans; these, iu connection with our long es
tablished offices in Boston, New York, and Baltimore,
enable us to olfer facilities and advantages w hich time ana
experience alone could accumulate, aud which we believe
are unequalled.
We are prepared to make collections in any of the States,
Territories, Canada, Knglund, Ireland, Scotland, France,
Germany, and In any commercial port of the world, and
will pay particular attention to old and doubtful debts, in
the collection of which class we have extraordinary facili
ties, and have been unusually successful.
Having full lists and reports of nearly all the Attorneys
in the United States, we are at all times prepared to fur
nish you. gratuitously, tlie names of good and responsible
lawyers in any part of tlie United States aud Canada*.
Connected with our Agency is a Commissioner for near
ly all the States, who In enabled to afford every facility
aud legal form for preparing accounts. Ac., for immediate
use, thereby avoiding a delay often fatal to the collection
of a debt. mar '24
General Emigration and Passage Office,
A'o. 37 Hurliity Slip, New l'trrk, near Fulton F^rry.
'IMIK subscriber bog* leave to inform his friends and
J_ the public, that his arrangements are such for bring
ing out and forwarding passengers to and from Liverpool
by the old aud favorite lllack Star Liueof Packet*, sailing
to and from New York and Liverpool every week, as to
ensure cheap and quick conveyance*. The ships com
prising this line are all new and first class packets, com
manded by old Mini experienced commanders.
Also, Agent for the Star Line of Glasgow Packets, sail
ing every month. Also, Agcut for the splendid Line of
New York and Louisiana Line of New Orleans packets,
sailing every week.
Ilnifls at sight furnished for any amount on England,
Ireland, and Scotland. 'lllos. II. u'BKIEN,
mar 24? it" Hurling Slip, "l doors from South at.
I^NLARGEU AM) IMPROVED, compiled chiefly from
. j the Magnum Totlur Latlnitnti* Lexicon at Facciolatl
aud Forcellini, aud the Get Hum works of K lieller and Lue
uemann, embracing, also, the clussical distinctions of
words, aud the Etymological Index from Ireuud's Lexi
The present edition of this standard and favorite Latin
Lexicon bus been much improved by the transfer to it*
columnsof the classical distinctions of Latin words, as
given in the l.exiion of Dr. Win. Ireund, of Germany,
und translated by Kiddie. The i liissical degree of each
word is (mill a ted by a figure; ti.r ux it tuple, a word vnihtmt
a figure Is Jutty chun'cal and ( ner> mutt; with the figures
I. '2, and a, word# are classical only in the first, sec
ond. Ac., decrees; awl Ihis distinction the student per
ceives at a glume. Hie Ktymological Index, also from
Freund's Lexicon, has been incorporated into tlie present
edition of Leverett. and will U- found a valuable acqui*!
tion. While transferring these note* and mark*, cata
logues were carefully kept of the word* found in each
Lexicon, whiih were not tound in the other, on compar
ing these catalogues, it w as found that thu value and im
(?ortance of the additional words found iu lieverett, so far
as a knowledge of the Latin language is concerned, very
far exc<**ls that of those found In Kiddle's Freund. 1'he
extensive use of Leverett'* lexicon in all parts of the
country, aud the preference which has lieen universally
gi\en to it over all similar works, render its recommenda
tion superfluous; but attention to this new edition is
res|>ectfiilly invited, as lacing still more worthy than its
predecessors of the distinguished favor which the work
has hitherto received.
W ILKIN'S, CARTER tc Co., Publisher*,
mar 'U? ltt Water street, Hoc ton.
OWING to the lat revolution* and counter-revolution*
among the ua ion* of huro]>e, which have followed
1 each other in such t|> lck succession, aud of which " tht
?ml if not urJ," the ending periodical* of Great Britain
have become Invested with a degree of Interest hitherto
unknown. They oo upy a middle ground between the
' hasty, disjointed, r.ml necessarily imperfect ecord* of the
i newspapers, and the elal>oratc and |>ondei..us treaties to
be furnished by the historian nt a future day. Whoever
reads them- periodic*I* obtains a correct and connected ac
' count of all the important |?>ljticai events of tlie Old
World, as they occur, and learns the various conclusions
drawn from lliem by the leading *| irits of t!.e age. The
American publishers therefore deem it proper to call re
newed attention to the works they publish, and the very
low price* at which they are offered to subscribers. The
following is their list, via :
Thk Lonixis' Qcartejut Rsviiw,
Tiik. Kmniiukoii IU.vikw,
This Nokth British Rr.viF.w,
Thk Wkstmimstkr Kk.vitw. and
Blackwood's Kiiimbliuiii Maoazim.
, In Uie*e peril alii als are contaimil the views, moderately
though clearly and firmly expressed, of the three greatest
' parties in Knglsiid?Tory, Whig, and Kndical: "Black
wood" and the " London Quarterly" are Tory, the " Kdin
htirgh He view" Whig, and the "Westminster Heview"
Liberal. The " North BHtlsh Heview" owes its establish
ment to the last great ecclesiastical movement iu Scotland,
and is not ultra in Its views on any one of the grand de
partments of human knowledge. It was originally edited
by Dr. Chalmers, and now, wince hi* death, is conducted
by hi* son-in-law, Dr. Hnnna, associated with Sir David
Brewster. lt? literary character is of the very highest
order. Tho " W estmiusler," though rrjirintrti under that
title only, is published in Kngland under the title of the
" Foreign Quarterly aud Westminster," it being in fact n
union of the two I'eview* formerly published and reprinted
under separate titles. It has. therefore, the Advantage, by
this combination, of uniting in one w ork the best features
of lioth, as heretofore issued.
The above Periodicals are reprinted in New York,imme
diately on their arrival by the British steamers, in a beau
tiful clear type, on fine white pa|>er, *nd are faithful co
pies of the originals?Blackwood's Magazine being an ex
act far st mil r of the Edinburgh edition.
Til M s:
For any one of the four Reviews, $3 00 per annum.
For atiy two, do 5 00 "
For any three, do 7 00 "
For all four of the Review*, 8 00 "
For Blackwood's Magazine, 3 00 "
For Blackwood and three Reviews, 9 00 "
For Blackwood and four Reviews, 10 00 *'
tn br, made in all ami in advance.
*#r-Remittnnccs and communications should be always
addressed, po*t tmid or franked, to the Publishers,
7? FultoD "treet, New York,
mar 21? Entrance 54 Gold st.
t \ E V A N S' F I K h * N " THIKF l'R(X>F SAFES,
( /.for the use of Merchants, Storekeepers, and other*;
a full assortment of various sires now in store. The above
Chests are warranted equal to any other make lor security
against Fire or Hurglars, having withstood the teat of both
without injury or loss to thd owner*, in any Instance.
Also?In store aud for sale:
Seal and Letter Copying Presses aud Rooks
Trucks, for moving Boxes, Bales, Ac., In Stores
Druggist*' Presses, with Cylinders and Pans
Packing Lever*, for Dry Good Stores, Ac.
Portable Shower Baths, of new construction, suitable fcr
warm or cold water
Refrigerators, for keeping Meats, Butter, Milk, Me., to
dining room, hall, or cellar
Water Filter*, for purifying muddy or bad Water,eawsed
by Rains, Limestone, Marl, or other cause*.
81 8. 3*co?d, 1 door below Chsstnnt street,
nai 34? Philadelphia.

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