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I 1 ? , ? L. ?
YOL. I.?NO. 8L
muuw linn aktkkkoo*,
On fth itv ?ppoaiu (Md-r?IUwi' Hall,
At Ten Cenle Week, or
To subscribers served by the carriers, Dm Mp>r will
be furnished regularly for ten oe?U per week, |?Y*bl?
weekly. To mall subscribers, $6 ? year; $3 Ml tin
sU months; 11 26 for thrve month*; 60 wiU a mouth
No paper mailed unless paid for In advanna, and dlanoa
tinned when the term i>ai4 for expire*.
Half square, (8 lines or lass,) 26 cent* for each Insertion
1 square, 1 insertion . $0 60 1 square, 1 month.. . $4 00
1 do 2 insertions 0 76 1 do 2 mouths ..TO'
1 do 8 Insertions 1 00 1 do 8 months .. 10 00
1 do 1 weak .... 1 76 1 do ? mouths . . Itt U)
1 do 2 weeks ... 2 76 I do i year SO 00 :
Twelve linet (or over tir) make a square?longer adrsf- |
tlsements In exact proportion.
ADVUtftsEU Will please endeavor to send in their fovors j
before 11 o'alock, if possible.
To Hotel Proprietor! and other*.
published DAII.T UT
IS circulated extensively among the .Merchants of that
city, and travellers find It In all the Hotels, Steam
boats, and Railroad conveyances diverging from Phila
delphia. It contains a correct list of the names of those
persons arriving at the principal hotels dally, and conse
quently Is the best means the Proprietors of Hotels in
other, cities can have for extending their business among
the travelling public.
Messrs. Connolly , Wimer & MoGill, Publishers of I
the American Wegraph, are the authorized agents for
Washington oity. mar 24?tf
The New York and Liverpool United State* Kail
The ships comprising this line are the?
ATLANTIC, Capt. West.
, PACIFIC, Oapt. Nye.
ARCTIC, Capt. Luoe.
ADRIATIC, Capt. Grafton.
These ships, having been built by contract, expressly
for Government service, every care has been taken In their
construction, as also in their engines, to insure strength
,and speed, and their accommodations for passengers are
unequalled for elegance or comfort.
Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, $130; ex
clusive use of extra size state rooms, $326; from Liverpool
to New York, ?36.
An experienced Surgeon will be attached to each ship.
No berth can be secured until paid for.
4^- The owners of these ships will not be accountable
for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones,
or metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, and
the value thereof thereiu expressed.
For freight and passage apply to
KDWARD K. COLLINS, 56 Wall st., N. Y., or to
BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool.
E. Q. ROBERTS A CO., 14, King's Arm Yard, London.
l>. DRAl'JSR, Jr., 8 Boulevard, Montinartre, Paris.
HMT24?d _
PACKETS?Sailing from Philadelphia on the 6th,
and from Liverpool on the 1st of every month.
Ship SHENANDOAH, Capt. Wm. II. West; Ship EU
ROPE, Captain William McDowell; Ship MARY PLEA- I
8ANTS, Capt. Anthony Michaels.
The above first-class ships are built of the best mate
rials, and commanded by oxporlonred navigators.
Due regard has been paid to select models for speed,
With comfort for passengers.
Persons wishing to engage passage fbr their friends can
obtain certificates which *111 be good for eight months.
Those who wish to remit money can be accommodated
with drafts for ?1 sterling and upwards, at sight, without |
Goods for the continent will bo forwarded free of ex- |
pense of commit ton, if addressed to James Mcllenry, No.
6, Temple Plaoe, Liverpool.
mar 24?d No. 37, Walnut street, Philadelphia.
AT a meeting of the Board of Managers of the Parke- I
ville Hydropathic Institute, held fifth month 16th.
1850, Joseph A. Weder, M. D? was unanimously elected
Resident Physician in the place of Dr. IJexter, resigned.
Having made various improvements, this institute is
now prepared to reccive an additional numlter of patients;
and from Dr. Woder's well-known skill and practiced ex
perience In Europe, {acquired unde?- Vinecnz l'reissnitz.
the founder of the Hydropathic system.) and for several
years past in this country, and particularly in the city of I
Philadelphia, (where be has had many patients,) the Man
agers believe the afflicted will find him an able and an
attentive physician.
The domestic department being under the charge of a
Steward ami Matron, will enable the Doctor to devote to
the patients whatever time may be newssary.
Application for admission to be mode to
8AMUBL WKBB, Secretary.
Office No. 68 South Fourth street, residence No. 18 Lo
gan square, Philadelphia.
General Dene,upturn of the ParkevMe Hydropathic Indituts.
The main building is three stories high, standing back |
from the street about one hundred ftwt, with a semicircu
lar grass plot in front, and contains thirty to forty rooms.
The grounds around the house are tastefully laid out with
walks anl planted with trees, shrubs, Ac. On the loft of
the entranoe to these grounds is a cottage containing four
room*, used by male patients as a bathing house, with
every oanvenlanoe for "packing," bathing, Ac.; on the
right of the entrance, about two hundred feet distant,
stands a similar oottage, used by the ladies for similar
PUIn<the rear of the Institute, at the distance of one hun
dred feet, are three other cottages, some eighty feet apart.
One pf these Is the laundry, with a hydrant at the door;
the other two are oocupiod by tb ^rvants.
The hydrant water fs introduced into these cottages as
well as into the main building, and all the waste water
carried off by drains under ground.
Consist of a circular stone building, standing on the brow
Of a hill, surmounted by a lanjecedar reservoir containing
five hundred barrels, brought from a never-failing spring
of pure cold water in the sido of the hill, by " a hydraulic
ram," a seltactitig machine of cast iron, that is kept con
stantly going, night and day, by the descent of the water
from the spring. The surplus water Is carried from the
reservoir to a fountain in the water-works yard, surround
ed by weeping willows. In the first Story of the water
works Is a circular room, containing the douche hath,
which Is a stream foiling from a hoight of about thirty
feat, and nan be varied in site from half an inch to an
Inch and a half In diameter. Adjoining the douche room
Is a dressing room, with marble tables, Ac.; the rising
douche (fbr the cure of piles, Ac.) is one of the most com
plete contrivances of the kind, being entirely under the
oontrol of the patient using the same.
There are many other appliances, which can be better
understood by a personal examination. mar 24?^
fancy and staple goods.
fOULTON A CO., Successors to .Two. Kamjo*e* A Co.,
84 Oedar and 92 Pine struts, New York, invite mer
chants vtsiMng New York city to their immense stock of j
Foreign and Domestic, Kancy and Staple Dry Ooods.
Their stock Is entirely now, and, in addition, still receire
by every stammer new and elegant styles, confined exclu
sively to this house, consisting of every variety of Dn ss
Goods to be found In the French, OW'hlhtl, English, and
Ameri?in markets, and at prices that will defy competitors.
Cash buyers and morchants generally will do well to
call and examlno our stock, as our goods are adapted to
every section of the country, ami we are resolved to spare
no efforts to make It the interest of every merchant to
favor us with their patronage.
New York, March, 1M1. mmrU?
BO eases Gum Copal, med. and fine Zanzibar, Ac.
400 bbls superior Coach Body, Carriage Oil Cloth Polish
ing, Flowing, Sernplng, Cabinet and Venltlan Blind Var
nishes, Nos. 1, 2, and 8.
10 bbls. Sign and Graining Varnish.
6 do white flowing do
6 do outside do do warranted.
6 do White do do for maps or whips.
10 do Iron Varnish.
30 do Painters' Japan. ,
100 do Spirits Tnrpentlne, in glued bbls or half bbls.
1000 gallons American Linseed Oil.
10,9M I ha pare White Lead, In oil, at manufacturers'
Also, Gum Shellac, Sandrao, Litharge, Rod Load, Dry
White Load. In 100 lb. kegs, wholesale and retail, at the
lowest market rates.
Persons purchasing the above will do well to call and
tftie for themselves.
M. B. Peraons wanting Varnishes manufactured will
?IMM nail, as the subscriber Is prepared to manufacture
?U muds. ben>. o. Hobnob,
Na 8 La Grange street, running from Second to Third, he
tween Market and Areb streets, Phlla. mar 34?tf
To /Wnm out of Employment.
Jm* y*MWw4 tm H BKAHIt, fcr wh ?t No. 1?
??mm ftmti, Hww York.
4 MMUAN UMT ImiHH KOlt 1*41.?ApenU are
Jul ? VMMIMMiki the ii ?Bowing i** ukI beautiful
?uAi,(i?tell pri<?. $2 M per vol.) A new aad oowpWtu
wit* a Jo* riytlr* twvuil of Qiom rawtriM llxl their
l?k>l4t*aU, Inw tbt ttrlM |? r1?*l of lutktinlli1 history
to Mi* ???*?-. ?t Hum- la wh*rh U? editor has tnaled but
?>uly m tti< hlstorieel *veats, but al?u of Um utnn?n,
?mtow, rel%kM>, IHeiww*, aad 4eia?etln habit* of Um
lawli1 <>f Uhw I men? ??ai4r?.
Tlu- <ml*.llUbm?-uU an ?l?>ul two hundred, and of the
flrM iinkr, illaslrating vhalnrf I* peculiar to the ItihiW
(ante, nicanllug their Aw, ik>UM->?lr ocvupatiuu*, their
umb of agrteullnrv. ouauarrrtai pursuit*, art*. Ac. They
M acourata, and each om baa been matin expressly 1?
the work.
The volume fonas a large ariavo, containing between
Ave awl ail hundrwd uig?4 printed la the l??l style, awl
I* (Mil substantial wtitia p?|-r It |i furul?h.-.l to agent*.
liaii'l*uiuel> b'luud In K?u>it? gttt. or leather, aa the pur
I'hwtr may pcoter, at a very liberal discount, wheu quan
tities of not lees Uian twenty copies an ordered at out
comprising the mo-t striking au<l remarkable event* of
the Revolution, the French war, the Tripoli tan war, the
Indian war, the ?h<ouU war with Ureat Britain. and the
Mexican war; with three hundred ?ip?rlnn?! Itctail
price, $2 M per volume. Order* respertnilly solicited.
are decidedly the limit Ismks that agent* ''an |>u*sihiy eui
ploy their unte In supply iug to the people of the llultoil
State*. They an valuable for reference, and ahould he
possessed by every fondly In thin great republic. There it
not a city or town in then* Uultod State*. not even those
of intall importance, but < outaiuo iniuiy eitixens to whom
thole work* aru indispensable. They are adapted to thi
ll Urury want* of the Christian, the patriot, the statesman,
futd tliu domestic circle, got up in a superior stvle of art
and workmanship; and are not only fuch book* an will
sell, but are such aa an agent of good principle will fool
free to reuouimemi, and willing to aea the purchaser again
after they hare lieen bought.
Our I'lvm.?The plan jjtio publisher has no successfully
carried out for eeveiwl yearn, la the obtaining responsible
men aa agent*, who aru well knowu In tliclr owu counties,
town*, and village*, and have time and disposition to cir
culate good and instructive book* among their-neighbow
and friend*. Any peraon wi*hiug to emlmrk in the enter
prise will rUk little in senilis g $26 or $60, for which he
will receive an assortment a* he may direct, at the whole
sale caah price*.
Enterprising and active men of respectability and goisl
address, would do well to engage in the sale of the alsive
volume*; and all po*tma*ter*, clergymen, book pedlar*,
and newapaper agent*, are respectfully requested to act
a* our agent*. A handsome remuneration allowed to all
who engage In their sale. For particular* address, )x?;t
pidd, ROBERT SKAKS, 12* Nawuu street, N. Y.
To publishers of newspaper* throughout the United State*:
Newspapers copying till* advertisement entire, without
any alteration or abridgment, (including this notice.) anil
giving it a few iuaide insertion*, shall receive a copy of
iiny of our $2 50 or $.'1 work*, (utyuct to their order, by
sending direct to the publinher. mar 24?
The JJaltimore and Philadelphia Steamboat
Have Tesumed their operations for the
year with itirreusod means of accoinmo
lating tiic mule between l'hila<telpliia and Haltimore, in
the most regular and expeditious mnnner. and at their
former materially reduced priwi, being, on dry good*,
hardware, An., only 1U cents |mr 100 pound*, and but hall
the price charged by other line*.
Persons wishing to nvail themselvo* of the facilities and
moderate prices of the Liue, areiulvised to give explicit and
positive direction* for sending their good* to tile Krlcaaon
Line, and they should 1st particular to pOHsea* themselves
of the receipts which are invariably given for their goods.
In those uro stated the price charged for transportation;
and It will prove a protection against the double rate* ex
acted by other lines, who have no published rates.
Goods destined for the West, South, or other places be
yond Baltimore, forwarded promptly on the day of their
arrival, with every caro and ntteution, free of all charge
whatever for this service, in the shape of commissions or
New York.?Good* shipped from Now York, or other
place* eastward of that city, should lie distinctly con
signed to A. Grovis, jr., Philadelphia, to Insure thefr con
verance by this Line.
Freight to or from Baltimore, as above, 10 cents per 100 |
pounds. Coarse freight* taken at still less rates.
The established character and knowu reputation of thi
comphny is an ample guarantee to those disposed to oon-1
llde their proporty to the can of tho company.
One or more of the company'* boats leave* Philadelphia
from the up|Kjr side of Chestnut street wharf every da.v.
(Sunday excepted,) at 3 o'clock, arriving in naJlimore
earJv next morning. Apply in Philadelphia to
A. GROVKS, jr.. Agent,
No. 19 South Wharves, above Chestnut st.
In like manner a boat leave* Baltimore, dally, (Sunday
excepted,) at half-past 2 o'clock.
Apply in Baltimore to
J. A. SHKITKR, Agent, No. 3 Light st.,
mar 24? near the Depot of the 11. A 0. R. R.
New York India Rubber Warehouae.
DIIOD6MAN,27 Maiden l^ine and SB Nassau street.
. (first corner from Hro* Iwair,) New York. Factory
foot of Twenty-fourth street, Kast River.
Merchants throughout the United States are respectfully
Informed that my spring stock of India RubberGood* will
bo found far superior to any liefore offered, having be
stowed upon each individual article the beucflt of my long
experience in manufacturing, whii"h enable* me to war
rant entire satisflu-tinn.
Among the most important, I would call attention to
my extensive stock of Carriage Cloth, of all width*, from
.'4-4 to 0-4 inclusive, and made on the choicest drills and nl j
the !>est of gum. Purchaser* will And that It will neither
crack, peel, nor lieoomo sticky, as Is the case with much
that has been and continue* to lie Hold in thi* city.
Consisting of Coats, Cloak*, Capes, Pouches, Pants, Over
all*, Leggings, Boots, Caps, Ac., now *o extensively worn
by farmers, physicians, driver*, sen captain*, sailors, Ac.
Baptismal Pants,manufactured expressly for theclergy.
Ladies' and Oentlcmen'sGlove*?a perfect core for ch*p
ped hands by woaring them for a short time, at the same
time bleaching and nndering them soft and delicate.
These (lloves are also much worn by Hatters, Tanners.
Masons, Ac., being a perfect protection against acid and
lime. _
Machine Helling and Steam Pncking,
In every variety, and cheaper and better than any thing
which can lie substituted for either.
Also, a large stock of Overshoes. Garden and Engine
Hose, Whips, Horse Covers, Horse Fender*, Hoof Boot*.
Bed*,'lift) Preserver*, Breast Pumps, Syringes, Tobacco
Wallets, Finger Stalls, Paper Holders, Door Springs, Ac..
Ac., beside* an immense stock of
India Kmbber Bath,
and other ftinry articles, snch a* Klastlc*, Dolls, Dog*, and
other animal* of varlon* kind*. Pun- Rubber Cement Sir
halters' u*e. All orders executed with despatch.
mar 24? D. ItODQMAW.
New York, New OrleaM, and Mobile Expre**,
CONNECTING with the swiftest and most responsible
expresses between the principal towns In Maine, New
Hampshim, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, ('-on
nocticut, Lower Canada, New York State, Dulawara. Penti
sylvan in. Maryland, District of Columbia, Indiana, Ohio.
Illlnoi*, the Western States generally, the Mississippi and
Alabama river towns, and the prominent places In Geor
gla and the Carolina*.
Our facilities are so extensive and porfi'Ct that we can
secure tho safe and speedy transportation of freight
trunks, package*, ami valuable parcels, from one end ol I
the country to the other, and between the most remote
From our many years' experience in the express busi
ness, while connected with Messrs. Adams A Co.. and our
numerous advantages in other respects, (no* the least of
which Is the confidence and patronage of tho New York
community,) we frel assured that we shall never cease to
give the most entire satlstu-tlon to our friends, the Jewel
lers, hankers, and merchants generally.
We beg leave to call attention to ourCalifomla Expres*
from New Orleans, and our Express between NewOrlean*
anil Mobile.
Offices t St. Charles Hotel Building, New Orleans, and
19 Wall street, New York. mar 24?tf
cine anil the Collateral Sciences for
March, 1H51.?The Maroh number of this well estab
lished journal is now before the public, containing original
communications from the following talented writers of the
Modlcal Profession: W. 11. Van Bonn, M. D., case of ova
rian tumor, in which death resulted from entero-perltonHl
arising from a novel cause, illustrated by a plate; remarks
on tetanus, by E7.rn P. Hen Wet, M. D., of Connecticut; rup
turn of bladder, by J. Kneelnnd, M. D.; reports of hospital
cases, by F. D. Lente, M. D., and other* of much Interest
by Drs. Sweat, Church, and Star.
The Foreign and American Medical Retrospect Is fnll
and complete; Wblloftrnphleal notice* of all the late Eng
lish and American MmfcM work*, Ac.
Published every other month, at $3 per annum; each
number containing 144 itRges. .....
Specimen number sent to ?nr part of the country gratis
on application, pott paid, to R- V> HtTDSON, Agent,,
mar >4 t# Wall street, New York.
Hardware, Cutlery, Edge Tools, &c.
CHARLES 8. LITTLE, 1m hint nil and
-tguuurul Uouler in Eugllidi, Herman, aud
, American Hardware, Cutlery, Edge Tools,
tic., 33 and 84 Fulton street, opposite the
United State* Hotel, New Vork, respectfully invitee the
attention of .Merchants, tuaktug tlicir pureliaMM, to his
very extensive assortment, comprising every thing in the
lino, and to which new and constant supplies are being
added. Ills variety ?rf Tools in adapted to all the variout)
branches of mucbauicM, especially Cooper* and Carpenter*.
I'articulur attention given to all order*, all of which are
offered at the lowest market prices for rash or on approved
ntiidlt :
Cut and Wrought Nails, Lock* and Latcheta
Kuivc* aud Fork*, I'eu aud I'oiiket Knives
Razor*, Scissor* and Shears, in great variety
Skate*. Slides. Sleigh Bella, loom aud strapped
Shovels, S|i*dc*, Hook, Forks, ScytUus and Suuthes
Hides, Black U<ad Pots, and Sand Crucibles
I'uuips, for well* or oiirterus; Force i'unips and Hydrau
lic Item*
Awe*' I'ump, Augers and Kunivor*
Turkey Oil Stone, dressed and undressed
Scotch Water of Ayr Stoue, for marble polishers
Ooupera' TooU, In great variety, of the most celebrated
manufacturer*, AlberOton, Conger, Horton, Barton, and
Coach makers' Tools
House and Ship Carpenters' Tool*
Blacksmiths' Tool*, Cabinet makers' Trimmings
House and Ship builder*' Hardware
House furnishing Hardware, in great variety
Iron, Bra**, Copper, and Steel wire
(ieiiuiue Haarlem Oil, and Nuremberg Salve.
mar it?
Office, No. 1 Heinle Street, New York.
[N consequence of the great number of complaints which
have for a long time been made by Emigrants, of frauds
'ommitted ujhmi them in the sending of money to their
frieuds in Ireland, and to aid and protect the Emigrant,
the Irish Kmigrant Society established a fund, deposited
in tiie Bank of Ireland, upon which they draw drafts,
payable at sight, at any of the branches of the Bank.
Persons residing out of the city, by enclosing in a letter
i he sum they wish forwardud, with the plainly written
direction to whom and where it is to be paid, will have the
same remitted.
There is a great advantage in purchasing the Society's
draft*?that the Bank has a branch in each ol' the princi
pal towns in Ireland, and thus the losses by discount, and
otherwise, are avoided.
The Society keeps an office at No. 22 Spruce street, to
which Kmigrant* can apply to obtain situatious for which
tliey are fitted.
Orders from employers in the country, stating the ser
vices required, the wage*, and the cheapest modes of con
veyance, and giving a respectable reference, will meet with
prompt attention.
The Society will he tliMnkfu! for all circumstantial and
early Information of any fraud, imposition, or outrage
committed on Kmigrant*, and will endeavor speedily to
ipply a remedy. GREGORY DILLON, 1'resideut.
JAM KS MATHEWS, V Vice Presidents.
Edward C. Donnelly, Corresponding Secretary.
Klk&nah D. Daly, Recording Secretary.
Jogfcpn Stuart, Treasurer.
Felix Tngoldsby, William Redmond,
William Watson, Francis Mann,
John Manning, James Stuart,
Terence Donnelly, Stuart J. Mollan,
James Olwcll, Cornelius II. Sheehan,
Charles M. Nanry, John Nicholson, mar 24?
Inventort and Manufacturer? of the Ethiopian and Fire
proof I hint, Wilmington, Ctinton co., Ohio.
A\/~ MYERS, No. 319 Main street, near 8th, Clncinna
Y T ? tl, Ohio, to whom all orders must be addressed.
The superiority of this paint "over all other, for carriage,
house, and ship painting, will be seen in it* rapid sale.
It Is not over four months since this paint has been intro
duced into market, and our agent ha* been ablo to order
one hundred ton*. The paint is ground in oil, and put
up ready for Hue, from the finest black down to any shade
to suit the fancy.
Also, inventor* and manufacturer* of Tannert' fila ek
ing. Thl* article I* so universally approbated bv all who
have used It, that It scarcely needs commendation. Hut
to give confidence to those who may not have tried it, we
would say that Z C. Ryon, foreman to A. M.Taylor & Co.,
Columbia street, Cincinnati, has authorized us to use his
name a* a recommendation to tanners in general. To all
who know Mr. Z. C. It yon this would l?e sufficient; but all
tanner* iu the city and country, who have used it, have I
-ranted ilk tbi* privilege. If it were necessary we could
fill a newspaper with testimonials; but where all who use
arepleased we deem It uucalled for.
The Tanner*' Blacking Is put up In kegs containing six
gallons, ready for use, and will be sent to any point on
the canal, railroad, or river, at fifty cents per gallon. ?
All orders (houkl be addressed, post paid, te
Wilmington, Clinton co., Ohio; or
J. II. IIAVKN8, Cincinnati.
Also, inventors and manufacturers of a Water-proof
Mocking for Otl-rMh, that will reduce the cost fifty per
cent., and will soon be in market. mar 24
IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS, 58 Liberty street, New
. York, fhetween Broadway and Nassau,) are now re
ceiving a rich and lieautlfkil assortment of Fancy Silk aud
Millinery Goods, to which we would particularly invite the
attention of all Cash Purchasers, and will make it an ob
ject for them to give u* a coll, as we are determined to sell
our assortment, for Cash,lower than ever Itefore offered in
thi* market.
Milliner* can supply themselves with every article in
their line, at about trie oost of Importation or Auction
prices. Mauy of our goods are manufactured expressly
for our own sale, and cannot be surpassed tor beauty or
low price*.
Rich Hat and Cap Ribbofi*. a kirge variety
Silk* and Satins for Don net*
I Embroidered Cap<-", Collar*, Cuffs, and Chemisette
Embroidered and Imvrtfmr*, Swim and Muslin I
Thread, Brusaete Val?nr-i?ne, Silk, and Lisle Thread '
Lare*. I
Embroidered Reverie and Plain Linen Cambrie Ifkfr.
Glove* and Mito, Kid, Silk, Lisle Thread, and Sewing
Scarfh, Cravats, and Dree* Hkfa.
Swiss, Jaconet, Book Muslins, and Bishop Lawn*
Embroidered. Damask, and Plain Canton Crape Shawl*
A full assmtment of Straw G<*al*
French and American Artificial Flower*
With a large variety Hot mentioned il?v?.
All wishing te avoid tmviug long price* will make mo
ney by calling and aatWying themselves [mar 24?tf
? "OS ? mini ? M ?? a ? I.
Ac., *e.?Whoumai.* am> Retail? No. ll?* '<J M?rlrt
Street, f'hilaHttfthut ?We offer to our friend* and custo
mer* the la rye* t assortment of Agricultural Implements,
ilanlen Toola, and Seed* ever offered In thi* market, con
dating In part (rf the following, vl*:
PROUTY k MEARS' Patent Highest Premium Self
har|>vning PLOUGHS, right and left handed Side Itlll
tamLol various else*, of superior materials and work
'itanshlp, wsrrantrsl to give satisfaction, or the notici
returned. ?wr Htf/hrd /Wawm im inM to Own
PLOUGHS at the New York State Fair for 1HM). Also
Hear he* and Bar Share Plough*.
Spain's Improved Barrel Churn, constructed in such a
itanner that the dasher may be removed from the Inside
?f the Churn by *imply unscrewing the handle from the
Hay, Straw, and Corn Stalk Cotter* In great variety
iinimg which may tie found llarvey-* luperior Premium
-'(raw Cutter, of every sise
AI?o, Horse Power*. Threshing Machine*. Fan Mills
Com Shelters, Cheese I'nwa. Sersl Planters, Dirt ScTaivr*
"uunr Mills, Ox Yokes and Hows, Turnip I>rill*, Mors#
Hake*. Grain Crndles. Expanding and Extra Cultivator*.
Harrow*, Snathe. Scythes, (Vmcated Hoe*. Sfirin.T tern I
I>ered Cart Steel ttval and Square tlne?l Manure and II* J
Cork*. Pmnlng Shears ami Chtsetv IVn. h ami Bar She, t
Repairing Pecle* and Castings, Peruvian. Patagonia an-i
Preparwl Guano, together with a complete assortment of
flrass, Harden. and Field See<l. all of which will be sold at
'he lowast possible price*, at 1MMarliet street. Pblta
Frenoh and German Lookinff-Glaa* Depot,
No. 75 H'lJttmore Street.
IJARRATT k DKBF.FT Carv-r* and Olldeva. manufrc
? > tnfer* of every varietv of Plain and Ornamental
l*>okhig-Glaaa and Pictanr Praaies. Blmtow Com ^ !
Bracket*. Bracket Tat.les, CeGlag M < Idlnr*. kr? k
Alao constantly on hand, a Bill Msnrt*rnt nf Gilt a4,d
Mahogany Framed Looking lilaaeea Old work re-gitt. !
'lasses Insertnl In old Frame.. Ac. Prices |nw Bn I work
dn*itrpaa*ed in Wnty nf finish and durability bv a?< I
?dher establishment. The public t* reefwetBtlly lavltot |
to examine our stark hefhre pufrhaetnc eisrwl?-re
I MPORTERS, No. Market *treet. Philadelphia. I
1 102 Broadway, New York, are now re? vtvlitK and I
for *ale, at Market prloea, an exorllent as^.rlm. nt ef th- I
mllowlfig goodn*
Cloths ami Do-skln*. of Gever* k S< hmkH. SchnahelV '
Rockachunnann k Sehrocler. and others, consigned U !
tn^in fh>tn the fnnnufiiHiirtT*.
French, Bwlsa, ami German SIBts, Fancy end Staple |
Good*, of the best make* and *tylea, *ultabW Ibr the svriag
season. '
Also, *ole agency for the Tnlted State* of J M Carow
IM*"i4?Bilk Button*, aod other fctiric*.
For the American Telegraph.
Love is a beat, full of coolness;
A sweet, of bitterness full;
A pain, terming with pleasantness
Shrewd and discerning, yet dull.
Love's a chameleon, and fecdetl)
Huton the air it inhales;
The tongue, alone of the body,
It nourishes, where Love prevails.
This Love in the mother of lioPE?
Hut her favorite child in Care;
And nhe sometimes tlirt? with the monster?
But never could wed liiu?Desi-aih.
Love is the light of the lowly,
And shines wliure Uw piuu-kuoU burn
Makes warm the halls of th? stately,
And sings from the silver urn.
Love-knots are tangled with glances?
Can not be untied with tho bunds?
Are made fu?t with thoughts, and fingers
Have never yet loosened Love's bunds.
Love is sure killed by dissembling
Ingratitude burieth Love;
One has the choice to begin it,
But who has erased loving that strove I
Washington, June ??}, 1851.
Fiiie Annihilatoh.?The Baltimore American
says: Tho English invention under this name
is attracting much attention in this country,
where the losses by fire, and the costly systems
established for its extinguishment, involve an
nually large sums of money. The wonderful
efficiency attributed to it, in the rapid and cer
tain extinguishment of tho devastating element
by the simplest means and at a trifling cost, is
well calculated to gain for it universal favor,
and therefore it cannot be long before the An
nihilator will be practically tested in the United
States. Indeed, it is already stated, in a card
in the St. Louis Republican, that Mr. Thomas
Davenport has received from tho Patent Office
in \\ ashington an acknowledgment of the re
ceipt of a deed from the London Fire Annihila
tor Company, assigning to him that portion of
the patent secured for their machine in the
United States, which controls the State of Mis
souri, and that he hopes in a few weeks to be
able to demonstrate tho wonderful efficacy of
the invention. We shall watch earnestly for the
St. Louis demonstration, and in the meantime
we give an interesting article on the subject,
lurnished to the ^ew \ork Courier by ix corres
pondent. The writer says:
It is known as "Phillips' Fire Annihilator,"
and is now in successful operation and use in
England. So entirely has it answered the ex
pectation of its inventors, that it has already
been introduced into tho residences of the no
bility, from the Queen down?and also into the
Crystal Palace. Lord Brougham recently stated
in 1 arliainent that he intended soon to submit
a proposition that no vessel bo allowed to go
to sea without a supply of these Annihilators on
"Phillips' Fire Annihilator" extinguishes fire
| without use of water. The machines are of va
rious sizes, depending upon tho use to which
they are required to be applied. Those ordiua
rily used for the protection of dwellings and
stores are about the size of a coal scuttle, and
weigh about twenty pounds each. They aro
made of strong sheet iron, somewhat in the form
of a pail, with a strong cover, and with various
compartments inside. Within these several
divisions are placed a number of chemi
cal preparations, which, when brought into
contact by a simple mechanical contrivance,
produce an imtfft^e volume of gaseous vapor
or steam, which rushes out from an aperture in
the cover, and fills the room.
The Annihilator instantly envelopes itself and
the person holding it in an atmosphere which
can bo breathed, and at the same time keeps at
!my and extinguishes all flame in the apartment.
The London Times says: Mr. Phillips gave a
sort of explanatory lecture, and stated that the
great advantages possessed by the gas employed
by him over water were as follows: The gas
was evolved at a temperature of about 100 de
I rrees Fahrenheit, and came in contact with
name having a temperature of about 300 de
crees, ami under which temperature it could
not exist. The gas absorbel part of this heat,
and not only in proportion to itfc original vol
ume, but expanded as much as a hundred times
more, each part still retaining highly absorbent
I will glance at a few of the advantages of
this invention over water in extinguishing fire.
It is directly at hand, and can be ap
plied at once, without giving an alarm. In
nine cases out of ten, fires when first discovered
are confined to one room; and, although the
room may be so filled with smoke and flume as
to be entirely inaccessible with the ordinary
apparatus of water, yet with one of these fire
annihilate!* in hand, the room can be entered
with safety ami the flames at once extinguished.
With the present tardy arrangement an alarm
is given, and before water from the engines can
I* brought to bear upon the fire, tho whole
house may be in flames.
Stroud. The gas or vapor, when thrown into
n room, permeates every part and performs its
office, without being directed to any particular
point. Water has no effect upon a jinme, that
clement which spreads and communicates the
fire. Plrenien know very well It is useless to
(?lay upon a flame.
Third. A child of ten years can operate the
\nnihilator, for he has ouly to turn a plug,
(live a rap with hin fist, then throw it into the
room on (Ire, and the work is done. Water is
noi always at hand, and if it were, the room
cannot probably he entered so as to throw it
up<>n the burning part.
Fourth. Tin gas from the Annihilator is per
fectly harmlesa to goods, dresses or furniture,
that may be In the room. It ia well known that
i< al?out as injurious as fire.
It may well tie a*ked, why it Is that an inven
tion of such practieal importance should be in
mk'cmsIViI operation a whole year in England,
before it is introduced into this country? The
?nly answer I ean iis, that the English
patentee* and monopolists have hoped to ad
vance its value and price in this country, by its
increasing European reputation. If this be
I me, they hate exhibited a very selAsh and
illiberal spirit toward* us.
According to the Albany Atlas, Phillips' Fire
Annihilator "seems to Itethe same as that men
tioned many years since by Southey, in Es
prella's Letters, which was never got into u?e,
because of the firemen, who, in London, are a
hired and exclusive class."
The Next CongrtKi?The Presidency*
We condense the following atutemeht and
estimates from an urticle in tho Maysville Post
Full delegations have been chosen to the next
Congress from eighteen of the thirty-one States.
These include the three great States of New
York, Pennsylvania, and (Tiiio. As some time
intervenes bctweeu the present and any of the
coming congressional elections, it seems a suit
able moment to review the ground. The follow
ing table is explicit:
r. a.
' 0
It will be seen that the Democrats have a
clear majority in the above States of from six
to twenty-two, as we count the Democratic
Free-soilers for or against them.
The thirteen States which have not yet elected
members of Congress were represented in the
last House by twenty-eight Whigs, sixty Demo
crats, and one Democratic Free-soiler. It is not
at all probable they will do this at the np
proaching elections. Several of them, especially
Georgia, Mississippi, ami Alabama, are merging
old party divisions. In these States, Union
and Disunion are the rallying points. In Vir
ginia the same issue will enter largely into the
contest. How far they will alter the result is
now impossible to foresee.
In the event of there being no election of
President by the people, the choice will devolve
upon the House of Representatives. Jiach
State, through its delegation, will be entitled to
a vote. As there are thirty-one States, the
votes of sixteen States will be necessary to an
election. In the above eighteen States the!
Whigs have majorities; Vermont, Massachusetts,
Florida, Michigan, and Missouri?5; the Demo
crats, in Maine, New Jersey, Delaware, Penn
sylvania, South Carolina, Illinois, and Iowa?7.
1 The Free-soilers have Wisconsin ? 1. New
I Hampshire, Khode Island, and New York have
j equally divided delegations; and in Connecti
' cut and Ohio the Free-soilers appear to hold
the balance of power.
Of the thirteen States which are yet to elect,
the Whigs had majorities in the last Congress,
in the delegations of North Carolina and Ken
tucky, two ; the Democrats in tho remaining
States, with the exception of Maryland, whose
delegation was equally divided. It is obvious
that the Whigs must carry eleven of these thir
teen States to have the control of the Presiden
tial vote of the House. The Democrats must
also carry nine to be quite sure. It is, however,
by no means improbable that the States of
Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and California,
will elect divided delegations. la that event,
the Whigs having the control of three of the
remaining delegations, it is difficult to see how
the House will be able to make an election.
Thkik Light Shines.?Messrs. Editor*: Some
drawings, executed by Miss Anna V. Young,
Miss Laura Jones, Miss Sallic W. Young, Mas
ters Richard L. and John H. Maury, have just
been left at Mr. Gray's, as an offering to patri
otism and juvenile improvement. The ages of
the donors are thirteen, thirteen, eleven, ten,
and eight years, showing improvement under a
course of four months' instruction, highly cred
itable both to pupils and teacher. The energies
of hand, head, and heart have evidently been
enlisted- in aid of each other, in work so credita
ble to all.
The -success of these juvenile efforts is ex-1
plained, in part at least, by the remark of a
highly skilful teacher in New York, who said:
" My girls arc very apt to grow careless in their
writing, drawing, and other exercises, unless
they are preparing specimens to tend abroad,
when they always do their very best." The
motive of executing work worthy'to go into the'
hands of some Senator of the United States, a
Foreign Minister, or some similar raduihny
agency, doubtless animated these generous young
spirits in high aims at excellence; which aims
they most surely reached, to the gratification of
themselves, their teacher, and their parents.
Giving light to others can probably, in no case.
fail of increasing light, most of all in the foun- |
tain from which it issues. We indeed learn,
from high authority, furnished some time since,
that ?' it is more blessed to give than to receive."
That lesson fully understood and inculcated by
teachers, and parents too, could probably never
fail of securing good lessons on all subjects
from all pupils. Such, at least, is the conclu
sion drawn from very long and very large expe
rience, by "?
Mr. Riddiic, the United States Commissioner
at the Great Exhibition, is now in New York
city, in quest of something more to exhibit.
The New York Pout thinks that if our me
chanics and artisans will stay at home and at
tend to their own business, they will make a
far better exhibition of American industry than
by parading their traps acroBs the Atlantic to
be gazed at lor three or four months, in the
great toy-shop now open in London, and we
think that the Post is not far from the truth.?
Phil. Ledger.
Thk Rbtort CoiaTBors.?Colonel Cunnyng
ham, an Englishman who has just published
his travels in America, under the title of " A
glimpse at the Great Western Republic," com
plains that, addressing a boy at a western hotel 1
door thus: " Will you help me, boy, to carry in
my portmanteau?" he was met with the indig
nant rebuff?" Well, if 1 am a boy, what are
nun in your country t"
A few weeks ago the body of a gamekeeper
was found in the woods near Forfar, Scotland,
where it had evidently lain for'several days. One
of his dogs lay beside the body, dead from star
vation ; the other was in a weak state, yet would
not leave his master's corpse.
By different nations every day of the week is
set apart for public Worship; Sunday hy the
Christians, Monday by tho Greeks, Tuesday by j
the Persians, Wednesday by the Assyrians, ,
Thursday by the Egyptians, Friday by the
Tnfks, and Saturday by the Jews.,
f. a.
Maine ... 2 b 0
N. Hampshire o $ j
Vermont 3 1 0
MuamchuftuttH ? 7 0
Rhode 1 ttlaiul i 1
Connecticut 1 2 n
New York - * 17 M 0
Now Jerw>y - - 1 4 0
Pennsylvania - - 8 15 1
Delaware 0 1 0
8. Carolina 0 7 0
Florida 1 0 0
Michigan - ? - 2 1 0
Ohio 8 10 1
Illinois ... j 7 0
Wisconsin 0 j 0
Iowa ... 0 2 0
Missouri w 3 1 0
Total . - . 55 7fi ft
Mr. Ptncwmr Whitr has been nominated for
Congress by the Democrats of Baltimore.
Thic ii 1.00Micit Costume.?The Lancoeter (Pa.)
j Union says: This seems to be gaining rapidly
in public favor. Physicians, us far as we have
heard them speak, have but one opinion of its
healthfulness, and the most intelligent ladies
I think it much less oppressive and uncomfort
able than their present long dresses, by which
' the tyrant fashion compels them to sweep the
streets. Persons are daily seen in the larger
cities, among the fashionable promenades,
dressed in this style, and in some places, par
ticularly in Boston, it appears to excite little
more attention than ordinary dresses.
We think that something of the general
character of the Bloomer dress will be adopted
by the ladies. They cannot adopt anything
more absurdly ridiculous than their present
long dresses.
A Splendid Meteor.?Last evening, at five
minutes past nine o'clock, there appeared in the
constellation of Scorpio a most magnificent and
brilliant meteor. Its disc was as well defined
ns the full moon, and about one-half the diame
ter. The color of the front half was a bright
whitish yellow, passing into a red flame color,
and then into a blue, where the tail commeuccd,
which was about oue quarter the width of the
body, and nearly twice the length of the diame
ter of the body.
It burst out at once in full splendor, just west
| of the body of Scorpio, about on the horizontal
level of Antares, and passed with a very slow
motion toward the southeast, right through the
tail of Scorpio, retaining the same brilliancy till
it disappeared behind a wall within two or three
degrees of the horizon, right under tbe arrow of
Sagittarius. It was several seconds in passing
over this short space, us some remarks were
made by the observers present during its flight.
Its motion was not entirely in a straight line,
but slightly concave below.
It is to be hoped that others at a distance
from Washington, who may have seen this me
teor, will give au account to the public of its
course through the stars, or send their observa
tions to the Smithsonian Institution.?Nat. Int.
Com. Charles Stewart, at present the senior
officer in the Navy of the United Ssates, has
written a letter in answer to a circular of the
Navy Department, relative to the abolition of
flogging nnd the spirit ration in the service,
wherein he expresses his opinion against the
reform in question. The change was authorized
by Congress recently, and is now in the course
of experiment. There have been instances in
which it has appeared to work well, among the
most conspicuous of which is the case of the
frigate Congress, whose commander, Captain
Mcintosh, not long since wrote a very strong
testimonial announcing the happy and success
ful operation of the anti-flogging system on
board his ship.?Phil. North American. '
Cabinet Movements."?The Hon. DanielWeb
ster, lady, and a few friends, arrived here last
evening. They leave this morning for Capon
Springs. The authorities of the town made
prompt arrangements for the appropriate re
ception of the distinguished visiters. Mr.
Webster was waited upon by a committee, at
the head of which was the Mayor, and con
ducted to Seevers' Hotel with bid suite in two
splendid carriages recently turned out from our
workshops. Oar citizens, wo trust, at an early
day, will offer the hospitalities of the place to
the great statesman of the North.? Winchester
Virginian of Wednesday.
A Serious Loss.?George Stevens, the cele
brated organ manufacturer, of Cambridge, Mass.,
received a telegraphic despatch on Wednesday
morning, informing him that the propeller Atlas
was sunk on Lake Ontario on the 13th instant,
having on board the large and magnificent organ
which was sent from his establishment a few
days since, destined to Milwaukie.
Interestixu to Somu Writers.?Among the
premiums offered at the Great Fair to be held
at Macon, on the 29th, 30th, and 81st of October
next, is the following : " Best agricultural song,
(to be sung during the Fair by an amateur
club in Macon, and composed to some of the
popular airs of the day,) a silver pitcher worth
$20." The songs must be post-paid to B. ?.
Sties, esq., Chairman of Examining Committee,
We learn that Miss Dix, the devoted and most
efficient minister of good to the friendless in
sane, has returned to the North to recruit her
health, worn down by hard service in Florida
and Georgia; and is now the guest of her friend.
Dr. Buttolph, at the lunatic asylum, near this
city.?-Trenton State Gazette.
A certificate of deposit of the Fort-Plain bank,
dated September, 1840, and sent in a letter to
a person in Wisconsin, was on Monday returned
to the post office at this place from the Dead
Letter office, at Washington, after a lapse of
nearly five years.?Cunajoharie Radii.
Natal Academy.?A letter from Annapolie
on the 17th instant says: Tbe Naval Academy
is undergoing vast improvement in the erection
of extensive buildings, &c. I learn that some
fourteen of the middies have recently been dis
missed. The academy is under rigid discipline.
Dr. J. W. Davis, formerly Speaker of the
United States House of Ilepresentatives and
Commissioner to China, is a candidate to repre
sent Sullivan county in the lower branch of tbe
next General Assembly of Indiana.
One hundred able-bodied lawyers are wafeted
in Minnesota, to break prairie land, split rails,
and cord-wood. Eastern and southern papers
please copy.?St. Paul Pioneer.
* The health of Lady Franklin is said to be ex
ceedingly precarious; in short, that her terrible
state of suspense and anxiety is rapidly wearing
away her life.
Extensive Farming.?A crop of potatoes
growing on the rancho of Mr. Homer, contain
ing one thousand acres, in the San Jose valley,
California, yielded iu gross receipts $228,000.
The Baltimore county Jacksonian has raised
the Buchanan flag.
A card appears in the Salem (Mass.) Omrfte,
requesting the ladies of that city to don the
Hloomer dress on the 4th of Jnly.
The hod-carriers of Cincinnati have struck
for higher wages. They now receive $1 a day,
and they demand $1.25.
The Bank of France has now the unprece
dented sum of ?23,000,000 sterling of specie in
its vaults, while its note-circulation is only

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