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AHKANQJSMKNl 0 iullim(jn) puiiHdelphU,
The (Ireat Eastern Mall *?>?. *<?., will uo?l?t?
N?w York, Uutftou, mc.*"u tjie Mail to be **lit
ouived by 9 o'clock, ? **?} *Jiuf^ will boeioeed a*
from U?l* olito*, "j p- u? ?> daily. _ ? ??
heretofore, ui 4 auu " .,1 olofnni hereafter dally at ?
Tlui Southern Mm' ^^ved, ai heretofore, daily
o'clock, a- ??.' ?"d "U1
by 5 "'clock, MlJ1 aud (jreat Western M?
The *??* nud closed at9, p. w ,daily. The Mail
received >y' P->f pbUada^Ui*, an to arrive there lu Ume
Train*. norta lho Tiaiu for llultiim.ro, which bring*
to ooui'-t -^ ? Mr.vM hBN u> u k m No Kwtern
mSi STwoelvei at thi* otttce on Sunday night, and no
J^Lru Mail, to bo seat beyond lUKllWore, u made UP
ou^ Saturday night. Norfolk, Ac., three Unit* by BtJti
mor^-ilouday, \Vo.luca.lay, ami Friday; :,UX times by
Hlohmoud?Tuesday, Tbur*lay, t^tu^y. a.id hWay. ^
The Mail lor Annapolis, Maryland, *"? ,,,* -..t
adjmiout plaoe* iu Virginia, i? clo^ every n^bt, 1
Saturday, at 9 p. in., and in received ( i turn* a
with a Mall from Baltimore, Maryland, by? U in^ Jai]y
Tlic Moil from Georgetown, D C. u wc<_ jeu al
by 8 a. in., and 5 p. in., and it w closed for tw? v |
the name hour*. . received Monday
The Mail from Rockville, Ac., Ma., ( fl m ( allj
Wedneeday, and Friday, tj1B ?amu days.
U ii>-. 1 for those places at 9 I1- ? ^ i(| ^....-ived by 5 p.
Tli ? Mail from Brookville,, ??>? wuek( nml closed for
m. of Wednesday and Saturday, ^ ThurH. jay.
those plane* at 9 p; ol Halved by 4 p. m., Monday,
Upper Marlboro, .*>??> ? ?? ji( 8allie days at U p. m.
Wediuwday, y^Wland. received Tuewlay, Thurw
dJr-d^febyVp- m, closed Sunday, Tuesday,
ftldJr1^'^fMiadliburg, Ac., Va? received Sunday, Wed
nesdar^aud Friday, by U p. m? cloned at 9 p. in., Mon
day Wednesday, and Friday.
^eesburg, Ac., Va., received by aud closed at .9 p. in.,
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
The postage on newspapers, and that on n printed
matter addressed to any foreign country, is req .ed to be
paid in advance. The postage i? also to Ik? pr? paid on
lettors and packet* addressed to foreign countries, other
than (Ireat Britain. Ireland, and Scotland, and Bremen,
In Europe, aud some places to which they pass through
the Bremen jiost office.
The Office is open from half-past 7 o clock, a.m..
to 9 o'clock, p. m., daily, except Sunday, aud on that
tlav it is open from hall-past 7 to ten, a. in , and from 7
* Postmaster.
A Xcttkly jouTiiul to bt published in Washhyjtoil,
under the sanction of the Washington National
Monument Socie.ti/.
JAMES C. PICKETT, Editor anp IVulishkk.
The Monument Is Intended to be a literary , a^ricultunfl,
UUraure of the day-t'he bi^t U.at c"n hi! found in Arneri
uopsis of the proceedings of Congress and every thing
that such a journal might be expected l..| contain with
tlie exception of party politics, which will be at all times
mTlLri^omiment will be published for the express and
the sole purpose of aiding in the erection of the| nob
column now rising ou the banks of the I otouuvc, ui h >n
or of the Father of his Country, and which every one ,
who venerates the name of WAsmXOTON would n-joU ^ .
se? completed. AfU-r deducting out of tho subscription |
U?u expenses of the journal proposed to be
the remaining funds will be faithfully applied, apd
out reserve, to the purpose indicated. The aid, therefore,
of all who are willing to contribute to so patriotic am 00
joct, and one ?P entirely national, is earnestly requester!.
By subscribing to the Mouumont, a valuable journal at u
low price may be obtained, while it will be doing some
thing, at the same time, towards completing that uisjestic
memorial of the Nation's gratitude.
The Board of Managers recommend Mr. Pickett, former
ly Fourth Auditor of the Treasury and Charge d'Allah s to
Peru, who proposes to edit and publish the Monument
journal, as one well qualified to perforin the dul:.*s ol
editor, and to conduct the paper fiiithfully, and satisfac
torily to the subscribers. They assure their fellow-aitiienB
that this enterprise is not a speculati got up for indi
vidual emolument. Mr. Pickett will make the experiment
with his own means and at his own risk; it successful, lie
will receive nothing more, and he asks nothing more,
than a very moderate compensation for his services. Not
one dollar, therefore, of tho direct subscription to the
erection of the Monument will be, in any event, applied
to the support of the paper, nor the Society in any man
ner held pecuniarily responsible.
To give the public an idea of what may be done witli the
journal it is proposed to publish, it may be stated that a
list of fifty thousand paying subscribers, at two dollars
each, will yield an annual net profit of from fifty to sixty
thousand dollars.
The postmasters, and secretaries of all organized bodies
throughout the Union, are respectfully requested to act
as ageuta in obtaining subscriptions, thus aiding the great
object of our exertions.
As aU editors and publishers, on account of the objoct
for which the Monument newspaper will be established,
must wish it to succeed, it is hoped thut they will oon
?-??mte to its success by publishing this procpectaa. .
*"*7;, ""S will be remitted, aud all lettom and monej
All the general au?nt of the MeMuaent
Society 1 Ion Klisb a "vTMUlescy, Washington
(>rru Eas?Millard l?illmo.> President, A**.
? I _ ? wirt Vice President: ?alter Lenox, (Mayer
^'wMbtngton,) Second Vice President; Thos. CarWy,
^ird^l'-ideut; J. B. H. Smith, Treasurer; Geo.
Walterst<>n, Secretory.
0, m^aoeiu'.?TVinfleld Soott N. Towson. Thos.
W A Brail lev, P. K. Kendall, Walter Jones,
Wagden, I'Ser Force, W. W. Beaton, M. F. Maury,
T. Hartley Crawford, Benj. 0??e Tayloe, Elisha Whittlesey.
Trrms. The MonimitnT will be printed on a rt'inblo
royal sheet?the paper and ty pe l>elng of the best quall'v?
Jj in nnarto form, containing sixteen Ian-* pages, that
rLay Cmore eaMly preserved. The price wifl be two
dollars pe' annum, payable on the receipt of the ^secon'1
mitnl>er The ni.ture of the enterprise not admitting ol
'Xdetie'-'andclX wilfbe furnished with the Moxumext
on the following terms: 3 copies for $?>; 5 copiek, $H, 1)
??fc* who w disposed to patronise the Mo.nitmkjtt are
r*onested ;o forward their names to the General Agent,
Jrilhout delay. The first number will be p Misbed early
In Mav and tlie second oil the seooud day ol August, and
wwkly thereafter; time lieing allowed for the Prospectus
to b. circulated, and for tho agents to n.aa? return*. As
*11 subecrihers will be contributors to the Monument
Itself, their names will be published in the paper.
WaBkijotos, April 'i3,1861.
<?tl> F K F. . P M 1 I . * ?'?> '?V NK\\ M UK
. f tAk< leave to inform their friends and Uw i>ublb'.
that tbev b-vve token up the Importinf, on thell
own aewmnt. For the future tliey will confine them
??lvi? strictly to the Oimmittiim Jlunntu, for the pur
chaw >f dry goods, in Glasgow, Scotland.
From their long experience In the trade, they feel con
ftilent that they nan promote the interest of those engaged
in the lrai*>rtation of dry goods, and they resjw tfu.ly so
licit orders, which shall have their heat. *u,'n^"n'
The name of the firm in Glasgow Is changed to Godfkxt
Pattisow A Go. . , ,
The New Vork firm being dissolved, they will he pleased
to rooxive orders through their agent, James Pattison, No.
31 Pine street. New York.
GODFREY PATTISON A Co., Cbmmunon Mrrchanti,
Glasgow, Scotland.
Messrs. Dennison, Wood A 0? , New ^ 1 Tk?
Messrs. W, C. Pickersgill A Co., do.
Messrs. Merritt, Kly A Co., do.
Joeeph Walker, esq., do.
The subscribers being alone entrusted with samples ol
elotl and patterns of these go<sls for the United States
market, Invite the attention of the trade.
Office. 81 Pine street, New York. mar 24
()K Fit BROS A JONKS, 82 Market street, Philadel
phia. invite the attention of the tradetothelrsplen
,M(i stock of Kancy and SUple BOW NETS an.1 HAW, of
all kin 1? tiurchased for cash in Europe by one of our Ann;
and also *.n assortment of city and easti-rn inaile Boots and
Shoe*. All of which they oiler at very low ratos.
the State Fair in lHWt, wUl be seen b> th award of Pre
miums below: ? ,, . . . .
Awanieil to K. Whitman, jr.. No. fiS Light street, Balti
more, by the Maryland State Agricultural Society, at their
3d Annual Pair, held In Baltimore 23d, 2tth and 25tb of
October, I860. , .
For the l>est Plough In the ploughing match - $10
For the best ploughing with ox team, (special pre
mium.) * * " " " t
>or the best plough on exbi;..ir i, 1st premium ? e
For the best Hallway Horse Power, Whitman's Im
proved, 1st premium - * ? " 1J
For the best Hay Press, 1st. premium - -2*
For the best Cornsheller, 1st premium - .6
For the best Field Roller, 1st premium - - 8
For the best Oorn-Stalk Cutter* and Orindeni, 1st
Trf-eminm ...... 6
L> or the best Ohnrns. 1st premium ?
For the best Hsy and Manure, Fork, 1st premlnm, 2
For the best Hayrakes, 1st premium - , ?
For the best Cultivator, 1st premium - - 4
No exhibitor f Agricultural Implements at the above
named Fslr, having received one half the smonnt of pre
miums awarded u* on the different kinds of Implement*
and vlachlnes. It Is eonduslveevldence that.onrs werecon
sidered the best and m<wt valuable on exhibition.
At the great Fair of the Maryland Institute, for the pro
motion of the Mechanic Arts, held in Baltimore In Octo
ber and NovemW. I860, the first premium (a he*? . ilver
Mixlal) was awarded to Kara Whitman, jr., for the larireH
ami host display of Agricultural Implement*. Also first
premium 1 snotheT Silver Medal) for his I mproved W roOght
Iron Rallwuy llorspPownr, which was uwde for exldl'itlon
at the World's Fair, in London, in May, 1831.
Our stock this season will 1*> the largest ever offered In
this city, snd probably the largest In the world, consisting
of more than 8,000 Ploughs, 260 Threshing Machines,
10OO Wheat Fans, 1000 Oorn *helWs. 600 Htraw Cutters,
600 Cultivators, Heaping Machines, Wheat Drills, Com
and Cob Crushers, Burr Stone Mills, f'i.ler Mills, Hay and
Cotton Presses, together with every article which a farmer I
or planter conld wish in the prosecution of his pursuits;
all Of which will be sold on reasonable terms, at whoUu*,|?
or retail. K WHITMAN, jr., A 00.,
At the old stand, 66 Light St., Baltimore, Md.
CAMPER, BKRKEI.KY, A PRUFF, No. ?46 Baltimore
ltrw>c, hava received an cutlrely uew awl r^"l0K
?aaortiurui of Hugiudi, Frwuflt Gtnnan, M*. j
Dry Uks-da, suitable for th? Bating Vade, emV, "f*!,
Un. various sty Uf pertaiuiug ?o thai* hue, *J- !
Llir v l urlU: Uio kXU-uUuu >f their customer* a
ituiU tiriicrully vinitiug this iua-' et. ,
ThoJgoud* have boen M with great cjre and
attention, and will be aoldon as feroraMo WraMM mtMf (
similar establishment iu the country
DRESS GOODS- embracing ? choioe VWWJ.
Or.. do Rhine*, rich lucres, iu ail widthaaud cptfcUi**
Matin de ChawM . ,
Kxtra super i'much Rareges, 1" *Jl oolors
do' do do plain do
Silk and MUX J^P" Poplin., a new article
Gro do Naples, a uew aud beautiful article
Barege de r 'ues, extra super silk and wool
do rich chint* colon
do 11 out nty l?n
.Super, all wool French de I .allien, all colon
.iper Toil l'lude, entirely uew
French Lappet aud Emb'd M urilins
l.nih'd Bron uotelle4, a beautiful article
Oolored Silk Kiub'd Fancy Muslius
"iuted liereges, entirely new designs
j 4 aud 44 Su|m_t French Law lid and Organd lea of latest
styles?all qualities
Super Fancy Lawus, embossed Silk and Wool
English ami ticoteh Ginghams, iu blank, white, and fancy
04 Silk Warp and Heal Alpacas and Canton CI oths
French Chintz and Turk' y Bed Prints
Spring Priuts, a lieautiful assortment, An., Ac.
CLOTHS, CASS1M KBKS, Ac.??Super iranch 131ack und
Colored Cloths, 01 all grades, by the most celebrated
Super Black CIotliH, English, German, and American
Super 04 Cushmeretts, Cashmere Cloths, and Drap de
3-4 and 54 Summer Cloths and Crape Lu.'tros
Black Cassimeres and Doeskins, of "Sedan" and other
best makes
Fancy Plaid and Striped Cassimeres of new designs
do Union Drillings; Zetland aud Plymouth l'lakbi
Bleached aud Brown Linen Ducks uud Fancy Drilling*
Super Frenoh and India Nankins and Coatee Checks
Tweeds, Kentucky Jeans, Farmers' Drills, Ac.
VESTINGS, &c.?Super Black aud Fancy Silk arid Satin
Duff Cashmere and Cashmerett do
Plain White, Fancy, aud Buff Marseilles do
Silk and Worsted Serges of all widths
do Levantine do do
LINEN GOODS.?4-4 Irish Linens, all qualities Rlchani
son's, Barkley's, Grey's, Young's, Ac.
?'M and 4-4 Blay Linens; 4-4 white and brown Ilollando
Russia Barnesly aud Scotch Linen Sheetings, all widtbjj_ i
best makes
Pillow Case Linens; Table Cloths and Napkins
Pleached and Brown Damasks aud Diapers, 8-4, 10-4, 12-4 j
Bird's Eye, Russia and Scotch Diapers and Dowlas
Huckaback do and Crash
No. 1, 2, 3, and 4, Burlaps
Mueu Cambric lldkfs, of all qualities, Ladies and Gents
White Goods of all descriptions
Insertings, Edgings, Linen and Cotton Laces, Ac., a large
DOMESTICS.?3-4, 7-8 and 44 Brown and Bleached Must
5-4, 64, 7-4, 10-1, 11-4 and 124 Brown andBl'd Shirtingi
Maryland and Potomac Bagging
14 and 7-8 Cotton Osnaburgs, plain and twilled
Blenched, Brown, Blue and Corset Drills
Plain, Striped and Plaid Chambrays
Bod Tickings, Shirting Strips, Apron Checks, Ac.
Plaid nnd Stripe Domestics, liest makes.
PAN'iALOON STUFFS.?Blue Denims, American Nan
keens, Checks and Plaids, Rouen Cassimeres, Striped
Osnaburgs, Kennebec Tweed*, Ac., Ac.
The above Domestics were purchased in December last,
I previous to the rise in OtUon (hoU?; we are therefore en
abled to offer them at prices that cannot fail to please.
| mar 24? C., B. A B.
A New Route to Pittsburg.
1 press train of cars will leave Calvert Station daily,
with the U. S. Mail from Washington and Baltimore, at
8% a. in., connecting w ith the Fast Line at MMdletown at
1 p. m., arriving at Harrisburg at lUp. m? to dinner.
The train leaves Hnm'shurg for the West at 2 p., m. ar
riving at llollidaysburg at 8 p. m. At this point, passen
gers have the option of taking either the Cars to Johns
town, thence by Packet Boats, or Stages direct from Ilolli
Javsburg to Pittsburg.
Tickets will be sold to the following points, by this
tr. in, to wit: York, Wrightsville, Columbia, .Marietta.
Middletown, Ilarrisl.urg, Newport. Millerstown. Perrys
riiie, Lewistown, McVeystown, Huntingdon, llollidnvs
burg, and Pittsburg. J
This train also connects with the Cumberland Valley )
Railroad, which passes through Carlisle, Shipper, (burg
Chambersburg, and other points on this road.
For the accommodation of passengers from Washington
for any of the above point*, the Baggage Master of the
Company will be at the Depot of the Baltimore and Ohio I
Railroad Company on the arrival or the Morning Cats, at
8 a. m., to receive the Baggage, which will be carried free
of charge to Calvert Station. ROBERT STEWART,
mar 24? Ticket Agent.
To Country Merchants and Booksellers.
Ijl C A J. RIDDLE, No. ti south Fifth street, publish
J. the following works:
Cleveland's Compendium of English Literature.
Ha/rison on the Rise, Progress, and Present .Structure
i of I he English language.
Lynd's First Book of Etymology.
OswaWa Etymological Dictionary.
Fiske-'s Eschenborg's Manual of Classical Literature.
Fiske's C'la-ssical Antiquities.
Outlines jifSacrcd History.
Trego'n Ge?">graphy of Pennsylvania.
V igdes's United States A: thmetic.?Key.
Ring's3000 Exercises in Arithm 'ic.?Key.
I Crittenden's .Rook Keeping, Counting-house and School
, % ogdes's Mensuration.?Key.
I Alsop'g First Lessons in Algebra.?Key.
A1 sop's Algebra, for Uigh Schools, Academies and Col
Gumm.-rW Astronomy, fourth edition, just published.
Mong s Statistlos; translnufl from thf Frenrh, ' v
Woods Baker, A. M., of the United States Coast Surv ?>
juxi |>uh)i.sh#tl.
Maury's Virigatlott, the L'xt book of the U. S. Navy.
McMurtrui s Scientific lexicon.
Peale's Graphics. Controllers'Copy Slips.
Hill's Drawing Book of Flowers and Fruit.
Hill's Progressive Lessons la Painting Flowers and
L'Abellle pour les Enfans.
Handford and Mertcrn, in Fr.mch, by Berqtiln.
Tlie Works of Thomas Dick, LL. D., 10 -vols 12mo, In
various styles of binding.
Select Speeches of Distinguished American Oi .tors.
Select Speeches of Phillips, Curran, Grattan, aud Em
Select Speeches of Chatham, Burke, and Erskine.
Aikin's Christian Minstrel. Aikin's Juvenile Mlnstn-i
Duulr.p's Book of Forms, second edition. Improved.
English Literature of the Nineteenth Umturv. bv Prof
C. D. Cleveland.
Map of the World as known to the Ancients, 01 by 60
, inches?on rollers.
| E. C. A J. H.'s stock comprises most of the popular
School Text Books, which they offer for sale, nt low prices
| mar 24?
Aunt In'a Magic Frteier,
Through in mx minute*. For tho preparation of
Ice Creams, Water Ices, &o.?Patented Sep
tember 19, 1848.
rjMlK distlngulsing merits of this Apparatus are?
1 1st. The astonishing rapidity of the proww, surpass
in^ belief-?htoce the name.
2<1 The Cream <lnring the progress of freezing becomes
charged with atmospheric air, by which it nearly doubles
in bulk, and obtains that peculiar smoothness, lightness,
and delicaey of flavor, for whlnh the Ice Oeam of our
best IVmfiw-tinner? Is so highly prlxed.
3d. It does nut require a t.-nth part of the labor that
the* common Kr???*or
4th It does Its work better, producing a better article.
In every respect, than by any other mode.
ftth. There is a eonshlerable saving In loe. as the tub
needs no replenishing dnringths operation.
., ,|!h* testimonial fmm the Proprietor of the
Kutaw House will pot to rest, all doubt
" Having wHnensed the proeess of freexlng Tee Cream
L" ,!1 " y**?" Kpw,IRr- '?o quarts or f>ean. having
been frown in the Incredible short time of six minutes 1
cheerfully recommend it to the pnMtc "
Butaw House. Raltlmore. May 1ft, 1R48.
"Tills is to certMy, that during the summer of 1848, I
used one of Austin's Patent lee Creem Freesers nf the
largest sixe, (JO gallons,) making from 10 to ISO gallons
per lay during the season; and so far as regards expedi
tion and power, I consider It decidedly the best fri>ewr
now in use, as I have bad with it nu difficulty in making
ten gallons of superior quality Ice Cream from five of
plain ream, in thirty minutes from the time 1 com
menced working it. A II. BROWN.
Baltimore, April fl, J861."
Manufactured and for sale by Uie patentee
ii v ^ F.utaw street, near Saratoga.
Also, by CORTI.AN A CO., No. 203 Baltimore street.
County und Htato ri^htf fV>r ??l?. mnr 24
T "K tliel-rsl^ne.) hating entirely rebuilt and en
arg?| th? above ?, tensive establishment, rontein
woi.1,1 H about thre? hnndre<l and fifty rooms;
would respertfully gi,. that It is now ready for fee
oityP o" " 'he travelling
th" misiirpas?e<l eonvenienw ot
this House I. d? erripd superfluous, ? ihp nmn,.rr,,? im.
provenrnmte whieh have h,en msde cannot he pr<tperlv
! K'T"n " ?p advertisement. 8?ffle,, 1t fo ,h;t n'0 ,.v
n?' hii* Iwo apArwl fo rvrir1..r %n\- n^arf.mont
The fi.rn.ti.re was mad- evpr?wly to order. r?g?r.lless
Of cost, and eertain portions oflt, espeHally the Mrawlng
rooms, will 1k? Poind to lie of the most heantiMI and ta?te
fill mannfaeture. Tho Dining rooms ar*> o?pneiou?. Hnd
the hours fbr meals will be so arranged as to suit the enn
ti n ienee nf the earlv and late.
Every department will be eendneted In an nnexcep
? - manner, and the Proprietor pledges himself that
the American House shall he truly the Traveller's Home
MIM KacuUy uI luatr uution of W?i? institution, uudui
,u evmOati of Uu followii:|i
" i Prrfirir ???'?'ji t. -it;
'ryfessv's'1'!' wf Mental and Moral 8cl? ee,
* Profcsseirihlp Of the Greek nu<J 1,&tin Languages,
. Frt>lt*?amhip of Mathematics una Natural Philoso
A Pro! au^hip of Rhetoric and liellua Lettr.:s,
A P!v*esborship of Chemistry and Natural I lie tor),
A Pruh?utorahlp of Civil Engineering,
A Professorship of Molem Languages and Drawing,
i lie Cbllegiate year in illvid?l into two sessions or term*
11 vv> uuLy ono weeks each. The first session commences
ou the fou Wednesday of October; and the arooud on
the fourth Wednesday of April. Each is followed by a
I vacation of five week#.
Freshman Class.?I. I.ivy, begun; Xenophon's Ana
basis; Algebra, begun; History, iwgun.
II. Livy, finished; Homer's Odyssey, begun; Algebra,
finished; Geometry, begun ; History, continued.
III. Horace, begun; Homei's tMyssty, finished; Ge
ometry, five books; History, finished.
Juxior Ci.wh.?I. Tk. itus, begun; The Prometheus of
jEschylus and Ulnctraof Sophocles; Analytical Geometry,
finished, Calculus; Natural Theology ; Evidences ofChrbe
II. Nigic; Mental Philosophy; The Alcestus of Euri
pides; 'i'ucitus, finished; Natural l'hllosophy; Mechanics,
III. Moral Philosophy; Plato's Gorgias; The Captive
of l'lautus; Meuhaiiies, Hydrostatics, Pueuniatics, and
Sophomore Class.?I. Horace, finished; Xenophon's
Memorabilia.; Geometry, finished; Rhetoric, begun.
IT. Cice.ro de Amicitia and de Benectute; Herodotus,
begun; nane Trigonometryj Spherical Trigonometry;
RllclODi;, continued.
HI- ?Ciooro ite OHielis; Herodotus, fiuished; Surveying;
Analytical lieoiuetry, begun; Khetorie., finished.
Sav.uji Clash.?I. Political Philosophy; The Andria Of
Terrr^nce; Tho Clouds of Aristophanes; A?x>ustics, Optics,
Kleutrieity, Magnetism.
II. Klements of Criticism; Butler's Analogy; Cicero's
Tuscuian Questions; Demosthenes de Coroua; Voltaic
Electricity or Galvanism; Electro-Magnetism, Magueto
Electrieity, Electro-Dynamics ; Astronomy, begun.
III. The Constitution of the United States; Astronomy,
finished ; The Science of lleat; Thermo-Klectricity ; Chem
istry and Geology.
The College Is provided with a Philosophical Apparatus
that furnishes ampin means of ex|>eriiiieiiUil illustration
in all the different branches of Natural Philosophy. The
sum of three thousand dollars lias recently been expended,
partly in this country and partly in London and Paris, in
the purchase of new apparatus, adapted to the present
advanced state of the Physical Sciences.
At the closc of each study, or branch of study, the mem
I bers of the class are carefully examined, and, Bt the close
of tho year, in all the studies of the year, in the presence
I of a Committee of the Trustees; and their attainments
' are communicated to the Board of Trustees.
In addition to daily morning and evening prayer, di
vine worship is held twice ou every Sunday, and the reci
tation on Monday morning is always In the Greek Testa
ment. At the re^uestof his parent or guardian, a student
is permitted to attend any place of worship which himself
or the parent or guardian may select. One member of the
Faculty will attend at each of the different places of wor
ship (Presbyterian, Episcopalian, and Methodist) in the
village, and note all absentee*.
Two at least of the Professors, with their families, will
reside In the College buildings, and will board at a com
mon table with the students, who are required to occupy
such rooms as may be assigned theiu by the Faculty.
In order to admission to pursue the entire course, a
student must be at least fourteen years of age ; must give
satisfactory evidence of good moral character ; and must
sustain an examination in the following studies, vit:
Arithmetic, Elements of Algebra, Latin and Greek
Grammar, Jacob's or Ke!ton's Greek Reader, and the first
two books of Xenophon's Anabasis, Jacob's or Doering's
Latin Reader, Sallust or Cicsar, Cicero's Select Orations,
and Virgil, or what shall be deemed equivalent.
Entrance Fee.?If the student enter as Freshman, five
dollars; if sis Sophomore, ten dollars; if as Junior, fifteen
dollars; uu' if as Senior, twenty dollars.
1 st .Vjtsion. 2d Session.
Tuition $21 00 $21 00
Room rent 4 00 4 00
Incidental expenses 1 00 1 00
Use of Library 75 75
Janitor's VVag^s 100 100
Fuel for Oratory and Recitation room 1 60
Fuel is afforded to the students at cost. A sum equal
to tho probable cost is advanced by each student; if more
is consumed it is charged to him; if less, the balance is
refunded ?
Board is furnishod with the families of the Professors
at two dollars per week.
Washing, at the usual rates.
All duo.? are payable in advance. The tuition is remit
ted, on if plication, to all students designed for the Min- j
Tho tuition fee for Modern Languages will be eight |
dollars per session, to be paid to the Instructor in ad- i
Pot students who do not design to prosecute the whole I
Course required for a degree, a more limited range of stu- i
dies is furnished, adapted to the sphere and course of life 1
of each uvidunl, so far as such can be reasonably antio- !
The studies of this Course are arranged under the follow- J
ing departments, to wit:
1st. A Mathematical Department?In which, beginnine
with Arithmetic and Algebra, the student will be carried.
seriatim, through all the higher branches of ' Matho- |
ma tics, ending In their k i cation to Natural Philosophy.
Astronomy, ic.
2d. An Exiusn Department?Comprising instruction j
in Orthography, Reading, Elocution, Grammar, Writing. I
Geography, History. Composition, Rhetoric, l/ogic, Intel
lectual PfcilciaOphy, Moral Philosophy, Political Grammar.
Story nn the Constitution, Philosophy, Ornithology, Na
tural Theology, Elements of Criticism, and Evidences of
A Mercantile Department?In which will bo im- I
I ed an acquaintance with all that is necessary to qual- I
ify youth f the immediate duties of the counting-house,
1. J>nnmnnship?Bv an original and popular system of
tbia art, which invariably produces a hold, finished hand,
peculiarly adapted to the purposes of the accountant and
business man.
2. Arithmetic?Comprising numerous abbreviated me
thods of computing Interest, Discount. Equation of Pay- i
mints, Ac., and other mercantile calculations founded on !
per centage; together with all such operations as are re- i
qulstte for a thorough knowledge of the business of th? i
3. Hunk-keeping?Single and Double Entry, by the most j
approve methods. A complete course of instruction In
ahfs branch will tie furnished, designed to fit the student
to take charge of any set of account books.
4th. An Agricultural Department?Comprising a se- j
lection froui the English and Mathematical courses: and.
also, Surveying, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology. Chemistry. ,
and Agricultural Chemistry; the last two illustrated by
experimental lectures.
fith. A Civil Engineer Department?In which are
taught Arithmetic, ('mental and written,) Algebra, (men
tal and written,! Geometry, Trigonometry, Surveying,
with the use ot instruments In uie field. Practical (engi
neering, Architecture, Perspective, Draughting, and To- 1
OUi. A Teacher's Department.?The course of st udy |
will consist of a judicious selection of suljocts (Wan the
other departments. Including all the branches pursued in
ourcoinmou seh<s>ls. Practical Lectures will also lie given
on School Teaching, both as a science and as an art.
Pupils will not only thus receive the fullest Instruction
relative ta the beat and most popular method* of teaching,
but they will also have opportunities of exemplifying
them, by hear ing recitations In the lower departments of
the Institution.
7th. A Department or Mower* Lanocaom?In which
students who wish to take a thorough course can have an
opportunity of doing so; while others, whose object may
be to aoquire sufficient knowledge to translate with facil
ity, and to pronounce with tolerable Correctness, in as
short a time as possible, are also provided for.
Newark Academy.
By a late rc-orgsnir-atton of this department of Dela
rare College, Die ll<?rd of Trustee* have taken measures
to plsce It upon a new and improved foundation, and to
endow it with advantages possessed by few similar in?tt
tutions in the country. The Academy, heretofore merged
In the College, and of course snh)cct?l to all the evils
which have been found tn attend the nmalgamatiosi of the
two departments in the same building, and under the
same government, now enjoys the privilege of a separate
establishment, without losing thoae which result from Its
relation to the College proper.
A large and elegant edifice, with all the nmymsary fix
Hires of a complete boarding establishment, has been
erected and furnished, in which the student* of the Acad- j
emy hoard, under the Immediate charge of the Principal
and his Assistants; and all its exercises are conducted on j
a system of its own, uninterrupted by the interests or
operations of the other department. The furniture of the
etiidv-rooms and dormitories has been choenn with pecu
liar reference to comfort anil convenience for study t and
no expense has been spared in providing the appsratus
nenesmry to render the means of instruction complete; '
giving to Newark Academy facilities for ftrirate study and
comfortable accommodation of students, fully equal to 1
those ?(forded by many of our colleges
From its intimate relation to the College, students of
the Academy enjoy many advantages not generally oh
talned at institutions of this kind. Tlw>?e who wish to
pursue some particular branch which fall* more properly I
within the College course, mny be admitted to recite In
any of the College classes. Stmlent* also of proper age
and discretion, by recommendation of the Principal, and
permission of the Faculty, may enjoy the use of the Ool
lege Library without additional charge. Admission also
may be hail to the l/ettures, snd such other privileges of
the College as ran he profitably enjoyed by academical
The charire for Boarding, Washing, Fuel, Light. Ac.,
with tuition in the English, lAtin. snd Greek, Is seventy ;
dollars for th" Mummer Session, and seventy five for the
Winter Session. The only extras are one dollar per ses
slon for Incidental expenses, and s fee of eight dollars for
Modern Idingunges, and a fee of five dollars for Drawing.
from those who enter these classes. The sessions and va
cations of the Preparatory Department are the same as
those of the College
President Of Delaware OoUcga. I
Newark Dalawar*. mar 34
FOB. HOYS. -Tills bmututiun u situated In
out of tli? lioiLltlilem pai Ls or tile city of AVilniiugUiU, on !
lirely beyond the settled portious of the town. The uui I
form licalUifulucsH of the location may be Inferred now
tlie l<u.t that, aiuoo the usiatiiUiuneul of the School, about
twenty-eight years, very few oaaoc of wknii Indisposition
have oex-urrod iu^ioii^ the pupil*, and not. a single death
either Here, or Item iIImiimm eoutrucUxi kIuIv liuse,
Tho course of iimtructiou Includes, beside# the ordinary
English branthoH, Natural Philosophy, Oheiaistry, Ph\ si
vh'gyi JIi"'?ry, Rhetoric, the various branched >?f AlaUie
uiatic#, and the Latin, Uroek, and French languages. Prn
licular attention is paid to the higher Mathematics aud
their application to Mechanics and Engineering; the latter
ami Surveying are taught practically by tieid operations,
with tlie (mo of appropriate Instruments. Lectures on
Natural Philosophy and Chemistry, in wtiich ail the im
portant principles ajr? iUu.->uaUxl by experiments, are
regularly delivered bo fore tlie student!).
As tlie object in tb make the instruction as thorough
and practical tut possible, no expense has been .spared in
providing suitable apparatus. it is beiieviid Unit, iu this
respect, the lnsti' tlion will compare favorably *. ilb auy
similar one iu the country. A carefully selected library,
of more than one tlioumuul volumes, containing works on
the various brauchus of I/iterature aud Science, fumislies
ample reading matter; while a laboratory, fully supplied
with apparatus and tests, contains all that is necessary for
prMUw ini-ru ijou in Chemical Manipulation.
The school year commence*! on the third Second-day,
(Monday) of the Ninth month, (Septemlier,) and is divided
into four quartern of eleven weeks eaetl, leaving a vacation
of two months, from about the middle of the Seventh
month (July). SAMUEL ALSOP,
mar 24? Principal, Wilmington, Del.
MOKE iioui: i;videncE~?
1 Mr. J AS. L. HAMILTON?Dkar Si#: Although the
number ami reK)sx'tability of the testimonials of which
you are already in possession, as to the efficacy of your
Medicine, "T1IK GREAT VA. REMEDY," in the diseases
which it is designed to cure, are sufficient, in iny opinion,
to tklabliali its reputation, aud swe-ure for it audi patronage
as will adequately reward you tor the discovery of so ines
limable a Medicine?yet the great benefit which 1 have
derived from its use, aud the salutary effects which I have
witnessed from its employment in the cases of several
friends, to whom I had recommended it, constrain me to
contribute, tor such use as you may think proper to make
of it, this formal acknowledgment of its sanitary virtues.
My pwn case was Dyspepsia of long duration, and very
aggravated in Its character, manifested by an almost total
destruction of the digestive functions, great debility, ner
vousness, emaciation, und impaired appetite, with pain,
and a burning sensutfon in the left side of the chest, palpi
tation of the heart, vertigo ami congestion in the head,
and many other symptoms indicative of the worst type of
the disease, by the use of three or four bottles of your pre
paration, been entirely relieved. The cases of my friends,
iu which your Medicine was taken, were Dyspepsia, Chro
nic Headache, and Sore Throat, in all of which it proved
efficacious, after the trial of a vast number of other reme
dies without benefit. Your medicine is as pleasant to the
taste a* a cordial, ami in my experience correct* all de
rangement of tlie stomach, restores tlie wasted or enfeebled
energies of the digestive organs, and imparts strength and
reanimation Ui the whole system.
Very respectfully, yours, Ac.,
Marshall Buildings,
Baltiifiore, Aug. 24th, 1850.
For sale, in large or small quantities, by the Proprietor,
or by those buying it to sell again.
Office of the Proprietor, 290 N. GAY ST.
mar 24? Baltimore, Md.
~\\ TE invite the attention of the Profession, and others
y\ desiring Uw Books, to our very extensive stock,
which, wo believe, contains the best assortment of Ameri
can Publications in tlie United States. Particular atten
tion given to furnishing or completing Libraries for the
Departments, Associations, and States.
orders by mail promptly and carefully executed.
English Common Law Reports,
58 Volume*, wiln a complete Index to the first 47 Volumes.
Since volume .'59 of tills series. The English Common Law
Reports have been reprinted in full. With volume 44, we
commenced binding each English volume separately, in
stead of, as formerly, two English in one A merican volume.
Price?For the first 4J1 vols., $.'1 50 per vol.
For the succeeding, 2 50 "
Tlie reputation which those Reports maintain in Eng
land and in the United States is known to all the Profes
sion. The low price at which they are offered, compared
with the rates of some of the principal American Reports,
of even inferior merit, recommends them particularly to
the attention of those purchasing Libraries.
A General Index to the first 47 Vols, of the Eng
lish Common Law Reports.
By Hon. Qkorge Sharswood and (JKotVig W. Biddle,
Esqrs. 1 vol. 8vo.?$6 00.
With this Key to their contents, the English Common
I.uw Reports present to the Profession a mass of legal
'i ruing in tlie slis)* of Opinions, Data, olaborate Argu
ments, Ac., Ac., sufficient, probably, for the Elucidation
and Prosecution or Defence of any ease that i'un arise in
our Courts of Ijiw; ami being thus made easily and in
stantly acceiuublc, these Ke|mrts will be found so compre
hensive, convenient, and cheap, as to supersede the neces
sity of other or more expensive scales.
The Index will be found of great value to all possessing
the Reports; and of great convenience to those having
access to, but not owning the series.
New English Exchequer Reports?Pleas and
To bo reprinted in full, in liest style, with American
Notes, by J. I. Cum Hark and H. B. Wallace, Jit ,trs, at
$2 60 per vol., bound.
Including McClelland and Younge, Younge and Jervia,
Cmmpton and Jervis, Crompton and MeMon, Crompton,
Moeton and Roscoe, Meeson and Younge and Collyer?in
Meeson and Welsby, In 19 vols., Wclsby, Hurls tone and
Gordon, vol. 1, published and ready for delivery.
We take pleasure in referring to the accompanying
letters, explanatory of tlie character of these Reports, and
their value to the Profession in this country:
CliuautKii, January 26,1846.
Messrs. T. & J. W. Johnson:
Gentlemen?In reply to your letter, I can with great
sincerity say, that 1 entertain a very high opinion of the
recent Exchequer Reports. In my judgment they suv not
excelled by any cotcmpcraneous Report*, in learning,
ability, or general utility and interest. The eases decided
are discussed witli great care, and expounded with uncom
mon for e. 1 scarcely know of any volumes which I deem
of more importance or value for a Professional Library.
CAnnHinor, January 26, 1845.
Gentlemen: Yonr letter of the 24th has been received,
in which you ask my opinion as to the value of the Eng
lish Exchequer Heports, from Price downwards to this
time, to an American Lawyer, and as to the expediency of
reprinting them in this country. Of the high value of
these Reports, both on the I'loaf ami Equity sales of the
Court, I have not Ibe least do-..'*t?tho divisions of this
Court Or the last fifteen ortor W as.year*, txxth at Equity
snd In Common l?w. betagttnr ,li>l to equal inspect with
any others In England, i >dr .J think an American
lawyer's Library essentially <v -jplete without them.
I am, gentlemei^^ Jy>^A*pe>'t fully yours,
Messrs. T. A J. W. Johnson.
Law JAbrary.
fburlh Serin?fbrtt/ Volumes.
Twelve Dollars a year, bound?Ten Dollars in Numbers.
The cheapest Law Periodical in the United States.
It Is our iloterinlnation to make the Ijiw Library the
cheapest series of reprints of English Law publications in
this country. The Editorial Department will, we trnst,
be found fully to realise the expectations of those who
have enjoyed Smith's Mercantile Iaw,Touchstone, Broom's
liogal Msxlms, Arrhbold's Nisi Print, Archbold's Landlord
ami Tenant, Crabh on Real Proporty, Smith on Contracts.
The high reputation which the " Ijiw Library" lia* ac
quired thronghont the United States, by the character of
its volumes, and by the cheap rate at which Its valuable
contents have been presented to the Profession, is the best
evidence we can offer of its merits and Ms claims for jour
support. We hope, and will aim, to retain this high cha
Leading Cases in Law and Equity.
In Three Series? With American Notes.
1. White and Tudor's leading Cases In Equity, 1 vol.
Rvo. $4 50; with copious and elaborate American Notes,
by Messrs. llarc A Wallace.
2. Smith's l/eadlng Cases, 2 Vols.?fW.
Thlr I American Edition?with Notes and References to
late Ei fllsh and American Decisions, J. I. Clark Hare and
H. 11. Hallace, Faqrs.
8. A neriean l<f?llng Cases, 2 vols.
Containing vohitulnons snd learned notes o the Lead
ing Case* In Mercantile l<ew decided by the American
Courts. Edited by John Tnnls Clark flare, Esq., and
Horace Binney Wallace, Esq.?$9. j
The English Ecclesiastical Reports.
Seven Volumes - $24 50.
Furnish a Series of Decisions In the Ecclesiastical Courts '
of England and Scotland, from 1790 to 1 H.'iX. and contain
seventeen English volumes condensed In soven.
" Yfce respectfully commend this series to the notice of
the Profession. It contains tho only repoets of the many
important cases of Wills, Settlements, Divonces, Ac., and
covers the whole of that Imjiortant branch of the law em
bracetl in this country hy the Orjihans' Court Practice
" It would lie difficult to point to any English Reports
of more general value in the Uiub'd Htntes, than this selec
tion of Decisions."-?Marvin's Legal bibliography.
Rritish Crown Case* Reversed.
Three Volume* ftt.
From 179f> to 1840?To lie continued.
The Decisions upon the Crown Cases reversed for the
consideration of the Twelve Judges of England, are of the
first importance to the due administration ef the criminal
Justice of the country; ami in committing to the press
those which have occurred during a recent period of more
than forty years, the publishers I relieve that they are mak
Ing an acceptable communication to the Profession and
the public.
The three volumes already published contain all the
Reversed Cases since I/each
Iiaw Booksellers, Publishers, and Importers.
m*r M? Chestnut st, Philadelphia
Tapsootfi General Emigration anfl Foreign Ex
change urtico,
For conYeylng to mid
from (ileal Xtntttjn KUll Ireland, uud
remitting money t*< all parts ot Bllg
laiui, Ireland, (jmitiUnil, and V* ales. |
1 W. 4 J. T. TAP8COTT 4 CO.,H?8outl
rk, V> M. l A PMOO'lT k (X)., St. George's
uV? Koud, Liverpool.
In announcing the completion of thoir arrangements
for the pa fit MMutou iff emigration, Hie subscribers bog
to assure tlieir frieuds and public that every effort will be
imuje by them to ensure a continuation of the patronage
hitherto ?o liberally bestow od ujh>u tlieir iluuse; and
would earnestly Impress on the minds of those wishing to
sond for their friends in the Old Country, that Mr. Ni 11
liuin Tupseott will personally superintend tliu departure
of all person# from Liverpool, whose passage way be en
gaged at Iheir office in New York, or by any Of their
Agents throughout the United States and ('anada. 'I'liln,
they feel augured, is a sufficient guaranty lor promptness,
aud a full security that passengers will be quickly and
carefully dispatched. The suDfcribers are agents for the
New Lino of Liverpool Packets, viz: "Quo n ol the West,"
Gapt. 1'. YYoodbouse; "Sheridan," Captain 0- 11. Cornish;
"Constitution," Captain John Britton: "Garrlck,* Captain
u- J. 11. Traek; "Ilottluguer," Captain Ira llursley; " Kos
cIuh," Captain Kl dredge; " Liverpool," Captain J. Kld
redge; " Siddons," Captain Cobb.
1'lie " Univn" Line of Liverpool packets, comprising tin
"It ap pahaunock"American," (new,) "Niagara," "At
luutic," "Cornelia," " Adirondack," "Sea," "Kmplre,"
" lvanhoe," (new,) "Mortimer Livingston.'' (new,) Ac.
The "9t. < 1 Bona k'h" Line of TJVerpool Packets, com
prising the " Ht. George," "St. Patrick," Ac. And many
other first-class Packets, which this limited space will not
admit of enumeration?sufficient In number, however, to
despatch a Packet from Liverpool at leant every live days,
thus preventing any delay whatever at that port.
The London line of Packets, comprising -i ships, sail
on the 1st, 8th, lfith, and 24th of each mouth.
The Glasgow Line of Packets, sailing from New York
and Glasgow on the 1st and 15tli of each month.
The ships comprising the above Lines are already well
known to tic all of the first and largest class, commanded
by the most experienced men, in the different trades, are
fitted up strictly with an eye to the comfort Of passengers
of every grade, and will sail punctually on their stated
W. & J. T. Tappcott A Co. can confidently assert that
they now possess facilities for carrying on the Emigration
business between the Old and new World, superior to any
other establishment in the country, and through their
own exertions and the combined efforts of William Taps
cott A Co., of 'Liverpool, their numerous customers may
rest aumired tjuit the greatest punctuality will be noticed
and perfect satisfaction given in every branch of their
The subscribers supply Drafts for any amount from ?1
upwards, drawn direct and payable at the Natioual Bank
of Ireland and lira tithes, Kxchange it Discount Bank, and
Win. Tapscott A Co., Liverpool; National Provincial ltank
of Kngland, Bank of Scotland and Branches, Messrs.
James Butt, Sons & Co., London. All of which are paid
on demand, without discount or any other charge.
Persons residing in the country and wishing to send
money to their friends, may insure its being sent satisfac
torily, on their remitting to the subscribers the amount
they wish sent, with the name and address of the person
for whom it is intended; a draft for the amount will then
be forwarded, per first sailing Packet or Steamer, and a
receipt for the same returned by Mail.
Persons having money in the Old Country which they
wish to receive, without the expense of going for it, may
get it safely transmitted by Its being deposited with Wm.
Tapscott & Co , Liverpool, and an onier from them for the
amount will meet promt payment here.
W. A .T. T. TAPSCOTT A CO. haviug the most extended
arrangements for conveyance of passengers from New
York to the Far West of any house in the trade, they arc
enabled to offer them any mode of conveyance, whether
railroad, canal, or steaml>oat, and that at prices as low
as are usually paid for the worst possible conveyance, and
with a certainty of their not being autyected to any delay
or imposition on the route.
Every information given on application either person
ally, or by letter addressed to
At their General Emigration nnd Foreign
Exchange Office, Sti South st., New York.
St. George's Buildings, Regent's Road, Liverpool.
CIIAKLES McDEKMOTT, Esq., Agout for Lowell, Mas
sachusetts. mar 24?
baltiniork amy nrashnfgivn railroad.
ON and after WEDNESDAY next, 9th Instant, the sta
tion on Pennsylvania avenue will 1st vacated, and
the new one on New Jersey avenue occupied.
The Passenger traius will leave the latter, commencing
at fi p. m., a* usual, at 6 and 9 a. in. and ft p. m. daily, ex
cept on Sunday, when but two trains run, via., at 6 a. m.
and 6 p. m.
In making this change, the undersigned desires to call
attention to the rules of the Company, in regard to the
reception and delivery of merchandise:
1st. Shippers axe reminded, that in all cases a bill with
full directions should accompany the goods.
This is for the protection of lioth parties, and unless
complied with the goods cannot be received.
2d. Consignees are notified that all merchandise must
be removed on the same day upon which it is received, as
the Company cannot bold itself rcsj>onsible for any Uiing
left In its house during the night.
The hours for reception and delivery of merchandise
arc from K a. in. till 4 p. m.
The undersigned takes occasion to remark that these are
not new regulations, but he has been compelled to call at
tention to them from their frequent violation, which has
caused much and serious inconvenience.
ap 7?d2w T. H. PARSONS, Agent
l'otrr Offics Depahtkitt, 1
March 14, 1861. j
JT being deferable to substitute locks and keys of some
1 other kind for those now in use fbr the mall service
of the United States, specimen locks and keys, with pro
posals to furnish the same, will be received and considered
at tho Post Office Department until the first day of July
next. The different locks will bo submitted to a commis
sion fbr examination and report. Upon this report, con
tracts will, as soon as practicable, he entered into tor fur
nishing such locks and keys for four years, with the right
on the part of the Postmaster General, fur the time being,
to extend and continue the contract in forte for an addi
tional term of four years, by giving to the contractor a
written notice to that effect, not inure than nine nor less
than six months before the termination of the first term
of four years.
With a view of procuring the best lock at the lowest
pri?*, no kind of lock is prescribed as a standard, the De
partment relying for a selection on the mechanical skill
and ingenuity w hich a fair competition, now Invited, may
develop. It is, however, proper to state that a lock suit
able for the mail servi -e should possess the following quel
lies, viz: durability, uniformity, lightness, and strength.
For the purpose of displacing simultaneously all tho
mail locks and keys now in use, about thirty thousand
new locks and twenty thousand keys adapted thereto will lie
required to be furnished by the contractor within seven
months after the contract shall have la-en entered Into;
afterwards the annual supply will depend on the dura
bility of the locks and keys adopted, as well as the in
crease of the mall service; but it will probably never ex
ceed in amount three tnousand of the former and one
thousand of the latter.
No lock will be considered If It 1* like any already In
general use; nor will anyone with whom the contract
may be made be allowed to make, sell, or furnish, any
lock or key similar to those contracted for for any other
purpose or use than that of the Post Office Department.
The kind of lock adopted must be patented, and the pa
tentee will he required, on entering intooontract, to make
an assignment of his patent for the exclusive use and b#n
eflt of the Department, If the Postmaster General shall
deem such requirement essential to the Interests of the
service. Incase of the failure of the contractor at any
time to fulfil fiilthfully the tern is nnc] condition* of his
contract, the Postmaster (toners! 8h?U hare the right,
besides a resort, to the }*enal remedy hereinafter men
tioned, to annul said contract, and to contract anew with
any other party or parties as he may see fit, for furnishing
similar locks and keys.
In deciding upon the proposals and specimens offered,
the Postmaster General may deem It expedient to select
for the through malls the lock of one bidder, and for the
way mails that of another, lie rescrtes, therefore, the
rlirht of contracting with different individuals for such
different kinds of locks as he may select, and also the
right hi reject all the sp<? imens and proposals, If he shall
deem that course for the interest of the I department. The
party or parties contracting will lie required to give bond,
with ample seenrity, in the Sum of thirty thousand dol
lars, for a fetthftil performance of the contract. The con
tract is to contain provisions for the due and proper in
spection of the locks and keys, and also for guarding
against their passing into improper bands; the terms of
these provisions to he arranged t>etween the Department
and the successful bidder, if a bid should be accepted.
No application will lie considered if not accompanied
with satisfactory evidence of the trustworthy character of
the bidder, and of his ability to fulfil the contract.
mar 24? Postmaster General.
Philadelphia Typo and Stareotypa Foundry.
rpilR subscriber would eall the attention of Printers
I to the greatly reduced prices of the present list. They
now offer
Pica st - ?- -??30 ct?.
Small Pica ? ? - ? 32 "
I/ong Primer ? ? - 84 "
Bourgeois - - - - - 87 "
Brevier - - - - ? - 42 "
Minion 48 cts.
Nonpareil - ? - - ? 68 "
Agate 7a "
I'enrl -------108 "
Diamond -----1 no
Determined to spare no expense In making their estab
lishment as perfect as possible, they have recently got up
a complete set, of the Justly celebrated SooTclt-ClIT Lkttkk,
from Diamond to English, to which they particularly
Invite attention.
Having latel y mud* numerous Addition * to their *tock
of Fancy Typos, Border*, Ornamrnitis Ac., their mworttnent
i* now unrivallffl In the United 8tat4?*; and thcrtr im
proved method* of canting, nnd of preparing; met#*!, enwble
them to fuminh orders In a manner to insure satkiflvtion.
Printing Prenne*, (-asc*, Stand*, Chaf?efi, Oallcyn, Print
ing Ink, and every artle.ln uwi in a printing offloe, eon
stantly on hand, at the> lowo*t rat***u
Second hand Presses, and Type used only in stereo
typing, at reduncd prices.
Rooks, Psmphlets. Music, Labels, *c. *c, stereotype!
with correctness and despatch.
N. ft. Jfoedmcn Books will be *?nt to Printer* who wWi
to make order*. ^ JOHNSON A (^<>.,
mar 24?tf No. 6 8aa*om itreet. ?
?dat'h*hal, July, 1 NBy,
' P"5 ^lUUJit*r "pr DoceiuUir, I860, completed tin. twen
I ty-Uiird ueuiiauuual volume. The work lino bwu
, eu urged (since ite ooiasMuceiuent lu July, 1H;iw, aud e?vli
volume uow contain* more than aeveii huudrud Jurue oo
Uvo (l*ge?. A fc. ^1.^ 0| lbo ftwUIU. Zlj be
obtained at the putJUlier'b oftc?, 1*2 Fulton Htreet, New
j lurk, uuatly uuU ?ub#UuiUall, bound, U>t Uu dulWe and
a half per volume.
| 'IV following are a few of the many <>.uunend*tory let
] tern rec eived by the editor or the Merchant/ Mtauiue
from distinguished statesmen I
Letter from the lTon. Henry Clay,
n cl r , . t Auhland, JJOth July, 1848.
Pear Fir: I wlwh to expnaw to vou Uie grutificaUuu I
durived on receiving the July number of Ui? Merchants'
Magazine mid Commercial Review, from viewiu, your
portrait in the beginning, and l'rinn reading jour uddi??t?
to your friemlH at the end of it. When we feel under ob
ligation* to thorns who have contritutud t<> ovjr infornui
tton and aaiunement, we are naturally dcslrou* to pooi-<k.
all the knowledge of them, of thoir uppearanee, of the fea
tures of their couiitvmiQce, and Of UWs etUUMCtttE and hab
iitt ol their minil, which ytj cuji acqulrb, Yuultuv??luccd
our numerous readers (at leant you have me, if I may
? iot speak for them) under those obligations; and the
number ot your valuable work now Ixtiore uie, in some
decree, satisfies the desire to which 1 have alluded.
I have liecouie quite familiar with the Magazine and
eview, and have no he?llaUou in expressing my humble
opinion that it In eminently entitled to the public regard
an support. It collects and arranges, in good order, a large
Wtount of valuable stalisUcal and other information,
highly UMiful iu>t only to the merchant, but to the states
man, to the culUvator of the earth, to the manufacturer,
to the manner, in short, to all ?!?*?* of the business and
reading community.
Entertaining thin opinion, I a,n glad that It has been, and
hope tliat it may continue to be, liberally patronised.
Ottering you cordial assurances of my esteem and re
gard, I am truly your friend and obedient aervant
Freeman Hunt, esq. jj CLAY.
Extract qf a letter from. Ihm. Millard FiUmort.
i "} i>ayf n,'lul 11 (Merchants' Magazine) with a good
deal of attention, and have no limitation in saying that I
think it one of the most valuable nerhnjicaiii that waa
ever published. To the merchant it seems quite Indis
pensable, and to the Htutennun and man of general infor
mation almost equally desirable. It is a grand reponttory
of useful facts and Information, Which can be found no*
where so well digested and so accessible as in these num
bers. I only regret that I do not own the whole work."
L*tUr from Uie Hon. Tlurmat II. Denton.
.. ? _ Washington Citt, Auril 20 lfUft
Mr. Freeman Hunt.?.Sir: 1 owe you many thanks for
the opportunities I have had to read the Merchants' Mag
azine, and have found it in reality to be a ?magarini, and
that well replenished, of all the useful matter which the
title would imply, and presented with a fullness and
clearness which delights while it instructs. It is, in fact
a merchant* magazine in the large acceptation of the'
term?merchants who go between nations, whose large
operations bring many departments of knowledge, and a
view of the state of the world, into daily requisition. But
it is not the great merchant only, but the one of more
modest, but, nevertheless, of most useful operations?the
merchant of the interior also?who will find this magazine
to abound with the information the pursuit of his busi
ness and the elevation of the mercantile character re
quires. Nor is its utility at all confined to merchants, hut
extends to the legislator and diplomatist, and to ail w ho
are charged with managing Uie affairs or the nation For
myself, 1 have found it most useftil to me in my senato
rial labors, and have been in the habit for many years of
carefully consulting it.
Very re^iectfully, sir, your obedient servant,
Letter from lion. Bui. 11. Sewat-d.
My Dear Sir ; Have the goodness to place my name on
your list of subscribers for the Merchant*' Magazine. I
regard it as an invaluable work for the use of all who
would understand not merely commercial operations in
this extending country, but the fiscal and oomniercial
questions involved in the administration of the govern
I am, with great respect, your humble servant
Freeman Hunt, esq. WILLIAM II. 8KWAKD
1 he Merchants' Magazine is published monthly, at 142
(?ultou street, New York, by Frbeman Hunt, and fur
nished to subscribers for Five Dollars a year, in advance
mar 24
\\^ PIHI'FS ^ CO., 64 and Wl Broadway, New
TT ? ^ork, and lti Milk street, Boston, are now re
cwiving a complete assortment of British, Freach, and Ger
man Staple and Fancy Dry Hoods, which they offer on
liberal terms.
N. B. Will receive the newest style of Dress floods by
every steamer. A large assortment of Trimming Uoodg
always on hand. mar 24?
^ ISE & BROTHER, Manufacturers of lioudoir, Grand,
and \/uare J'latwt, request those who would 1? assured
wit? f, Cla? 'Un0/1,o,,L' U,ftt ''"-Ik* can perform on
Uy i^featest possible advantage?one that Uie U.?ch
an be instantly adjusted Ui the exact strength of the lin
gers and movement of music, one Uiat will stand in oon
cert tune, one that the tone will not become shrill and
grating, that Is chaste of style and eltgantly made up of
straight and regular curve lines, that will last an to
give Uiem a call. The ancient standing of the Baltimore
^7" an(,1 HU-ral patronage of clUwhs and others of
the first order of artistic taste and science, conceded at
once the most critical, have been fully anticipated. Tl:eir
recently finished flrand i'iano, minutely reviewed by the
most accomplished civil engineer* and master artists has
denominated truly a Grand I\ur,o; also, that their
late Haudur for style, power, and compass of tone, is not
surpassed, if equalled, in the world. Friends and cu?
torn era, please stop In and exnniine for youn?e]yes?
No. 31 Hanover street, Baltimore.
?KlR*rt,c' ^"usethekeys recover their quiescent place
In time equal to Uie displacing. Universal, because the
same Instrument may be InsUntly alteml to any degree
hard, or wirtbouch, so that ten thousand or mom iwr
t'trmere, all different, may each find the touch Uley pre
l,r^ mar 24?tf
1 OLD .-I'KIM, W A 'J Kit CURIcT
T.i , wientlfic treatment of the various dlscascD with
which Uie human sys^ m is Hmicted, is sltns?r,t aboat
Uiree miles from the city of Iluffalo, In a run , and
so accessible from all i?inU as to be reached without in
convenience or delay.
In ?!,ffri^TlbUT ""H* frolD th" ^eamboat landing*
In IS una to to Uie springs every Uui mtnutw.
KTOUU^ 11 "?r the extensive and
ii> Wreeti-houses ami num-ries of Uie Messrs. Hodges
ni!!2a".!T'M>r'' 1th* mj*"**7 ,n *" d',wtl"ns is iinfiir
a>*e". as reganis either variety or l^anty; emhrai ing
Ints of view, from which may be taken in at a glance
the bro^d expanse of Uk. Krie, the Niagara flowing m?
I jeMa-ally towards the Jails, extensive forests. an>l the
i i" , ' ?f th* its moving jmnorama of
steamDdfttn and (X'mqIom enterprise.
Ukrri Immediately from the celeiirated
old Spring, is unsurpassed as regards coldness and
purity by any in the United States. The house, recently
* co,'t of Bhout thousand dollar#, has >?*n
, ' UP ,n * '"'Bt ?"d elegant style, at nonsiderable ex
an^ ** ^ufftcientJy rapacious to acornimrslate
serenfy-flre patients.
ConnecU*! with the establishment, and constltntinK ona
or its attractions, are the fixtures and crniYenlenoes fr?r In
nocent and healthful gymnastic exercises.
\|Tr!'" und"r ,h* general supervision of 8.
,m P - Professor of the Theory and Practice of
m"1J p-T,tr"' M'"d,c*1 College, and Geo. W Havls
M. n fhrmerly of Dansville. N. y the resident physician
and s permanently aservfated wlti, the before meSSoS
gentleman as counsel, and iissoeiate of Uie medical l^.ard
? m??i r c..'."? of ?'? establishment deem It
Tavr, ! ."l fellcltatijin that the eorvi^s of Miss Man M
Taj or, a la-ly of high medical attainment*, who W itr
tended two couraes of lectures in the Central MedieJ Col
lege, have l>o?n secured, and that female pntients can at
any time avail themselves of her invaluable aid and coun
The steward's department Is nnder the control of a gen
Menu,n eminently quallfie.1 T,n that position; and ,m?ea
U, C l'tiTl l : ,0 h**" 'r'r> ,h,"? "('pertaining
to t-he establishment arranged on a plan, and eondtcted
in a way, to ensnre the comfort, and promote the healtli
and happiness of all who mav wish t*av2 LlnJZl f
ita Refits Baths of all descriptions, sdapt,^ X
mn'r'n T r.0"" ?nd constmelod on a scale
conntrr ' "ny ?tb,,r '""t-WIshment in this
""nt'ment has everywhere repu
I vrhiu (t f i 7T n^0^f'ni^ the tn>atm?>nt of
.' Intolera.bla sufferings and Irroken const.ituti.^ish?ve
mperativeiy ilemande<| "Keform." A return from a w|d*
and fatal depariure from the simplicity of Nature's law*
? calltvl for, alike by a rational love of happlnwes amd the
deplorable exigencies of our condition. Hydropathy, or a
scientific use of water as a rent"railve and curative agent,
is a practical substitution of a simple and remarkably effi
cacious mode of curing Uie sick; for that system ef dmg
| K'"g, depleting, and caniteriring, which, in obtaining th*
mastery over dlscaac, too frequently place* Hw patient he
II yoiKl the reach of further annoyance. The succem of th*
Virlnus Water Cure entabliehment* hi this cOanttw, to say
nothing of any other, has fully confirmed the hopes of th*
early discoverer* and pmmulgatora of the great truths
I upon which the system is founded, and renders veri>al
communications unnecessary. It Is deemed sufficient to
say, that the ?? Oold Spring Water Cure" will campa-re f?.
volubly with any of the w*ll-conducted establishment* ot
a similar character, and will !<e found connl to the best
as regnrds the oCrier, convenience, and de*lr*b)ene*s of It*
arrangement* The Institution is now open fot the reeen
tion of paUenta, and in fnll ojieratlon.
fromrt^i4m^."ra' nnrslng. At.,
from ?7 to $14 per week, payable weekly, varying accord
| ing to the room and attention required Kach patient
40 f"rni"h ""in sheet*, two^tton
imforters, one woollen blanket, and f.mr t/.wel*; or,
" <*>nvrnlent for the patient to furnish them
? i T-'? ^ ""ppl'ed at the eatabllshment by
peylng fifty Cent* a week.
All communication* fnr me,||cal advice should he ad
H M Havls. M. I)., or to OerirgM W I>*?l*,
M. D., 3RD Main street, Hnffalo. N Y
?. M A O. w. DAVIg A Ot., IhiiMo,
Bar. 34?

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