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wasiujuuton ?
Judge Jobs C. W riuht, the distinguished
editor of the Cincinnati Gazette, (and formerly
a conspicuous member of Congress who dared
attack the bite John Randolph of Roanoke, to
his face,) is in town, stopping at the " Na
We perceive that Wm. W. Cubcouan, esq.,
and not Mr. Postmaster General Hall, accom
panied President Fillmore and Secretaries Con
rad and Stuart on their excursion into the
mountains of Virginia.
Instinct.?Last night a mouse's nest was
discovered in our neighborhood, in a wooden
box about ten inches high, with several young
ones in it. The box was placed on a counter,
aud a large pane of glass, weighing a pound and
a half, placed over it. This morning the box was
found gnawed at the top, and a hole made almost
large enough for a mouse to pass through. The
gnawing was done from the outside, and the
mouse must have reached or been held up to
the height of ten inches. There was no food in
the box, and no other mouse than the parent of
the little ones would have taken the trouble to
enter it. It may be possible that she could
climb up the smooth Bide, and hold fast while at
Work; but it does not look probable. Could it
be that her friends came and held her up ? As
great ingenuity as this must certainly have
been practised.
Immigrants?Extensive Arrivals.?From noon
on Saturday till noon on Monday the following
vessels arrived at New York, with the numbers
of passengers annexed:
Ship Devonshire, from London .... 387
Ship Dewitt Clinton, from Liverpool . . 252
Ship Crescent, from Liverpool .... 279
Ship Minnesota, from Havre . . . , 294
Ship Reliance, from Antwerp .... 162
Ship Neree, from Bremen 192
Ship Splendid, from Havre 265
Ship Kennebeck, from Liverpool ... 406
Ship Constantino, from Liverpool . . . 460
Ship William Sprague, from Liverpool . 245
Hark J organ Beoh, from Copenhagen . . 9
Bark Adelheid, from Bremen . . . . 180
Bark Rheim, from Hamburg .... 280
Bark Menapia, from Wexford .... 76
Bark Fanny, from London 165
Brig Harriet, from Limerick .... 82
Brig Aurora, from Hamburg .... 135
Total ????.... . . 3759
Despatches fbom Europe John S. Cun
ningham, esq., of Virginia, who arrived in the
Atlantic with despatches to our Government,
passed through this city yesterday afternoon
for Washington city. The treaty with Portu
gal, which he had been awaiting it is under
stood, is not yet concluded. The present dis
turbed state of the government of that country
may have caused some delay.?Bait. Sun.
Mr. Cunningham arrived in this city last
evening, where his family has resided during
his absence. A letter from his pen will be
found in our paper of to-day.
Advicb, Gratuitous and Unprofessional.
"We have excessively warm weather upon us
again; and now, more than in July, it behooves
every one to be cautious. Prostration from
fatigue should be avoided; give attention to
your labors, but work moderately. Drink cold
irater when you require it, but stop drinking
before you are quite satisfied. Eat freely of
ripe and sound fruits; but do not surfeit your
selves, nor touch them if unripe or unsound.
When very good, they are your best medicine.
Melons are good, and so are pears; but peaches
are eminently so. If you find you are getting
sick from any cause, pass a day of repose in the
shade, eating very temperately and cherishing
pleasant feelings: mental and bodily excite
ment should both be avoided. Bathing should
not be omitted, and every person should retire
and rise early.
Thi Elections.?Some telegraphic returns
from the elections, which took place in several
of the States on Monday last, have come to
hand ; but they are not sufficiently explicit or
fall to enable us to give to our readers any
satisfactory information as to what party has
been the most successful.
In Alabama, it is thought, there have been
elected to Congress six Union men, one of
whom, Mr. Abercrombie, of the Montgomery
district, is a thorough-going Whig. He is
eleoted by Mr. Hilliard's old district. In the
Tuscaloosa district, last represented by Mr.
Inge, William R. Smith, a Union man, beats
Mr. Erwin, a Resistance man. If our memory
serves us correctly, Mr. Smith was formerly a
"Whig, whatever he may be now. In the Hunts
ville district, Mr. George S. Houston, a Union
Democrat, beats David Hubbard, Secessionist,
Who was in the last Congress. Houston seems
to be popular at home, for he was formerly in
Congress for several years; but a more unpop
ular man m Congress has hardly ever been
known. He assumes to be a great parliamen
tary lawyer, and is almost always, when the
House is in session, on the floor or attempting
to get the floor. He is a very talkative, but a
very poor speaker, and exercises no influence
over the House. No doubt he will set up for
the Speakership.
In the Mobile distriot, Charles C. Langdon,
the Whig Union candidate, is probably beaten
by John Bragg, a States' Rights Democrat,
end the brother of Colonel Bragg, of the artil
lery. If Langdon is defeated, his defeat will
cause deep regret among his many warm friends
here, as well as among his warm friends in the
Mobile district. We know him well, and we say
lie deserved a better fate at the hands of the
Whig majority in that vicinage. A better or
truer Whig, or one of more practical good sense
than Charley Langdon, does not live in Ala
bama, nor anywhere else.
Messrs. Cobb and Harris, of the last Ala
bama delegation in Congress, we believe, are
Also, a Union Democrat is understood to be
elected in Bowdon's old district.
In Kentucky we learn that all is as yet doubt
and uncertainty. Further returns must clear
np the fog.
In Indiana, ditto. The telegraphic reports are
thus fer too contradictory to be relied on.
Annual ExiuniTiON or the Franklin Insti
tute.?This gratifying exhibition of American
industry and skill will take plaoe at Philadel
phia ia October next.
Who is th? Do?tor I
That this matter may be fairly understood,
we republish, as requested, the anecdote from
the Dayton (Ohio) Oautte, and the "order" in
" To a friend of ours who saw him [Mr. Cor
win] the other day at Lebanon, he gave a most
amusing, and we doubt not truthful, account of
the condition of things in the Treasury Depart
ment when he entered upon the duties of Secre
tary. The clerks he estimated were tick, on
an average, about half the time; but it struck
him as somewhat remarkable that, muoh as
they were sick, none of them died. The fact was
apparent, at a glance, that they did very little
work for the public, and the inference was ir
resistible that something must be done for them.
Accordingly, the Secretary turned physioian,
and began to prescribe for the invalids. He
issued an order that all clerkB who were absent
from their desks a certain number of days?say
two?-on account of sickness, should submit to a
proportionate deduction from their respective
salaries; and that all who were absent longer?
say one week?should be required either to die
or resign.
" The prescription worked like a charm, and
in a short time there was uot a sick clerk in
the whole department. A healthier set of men
than they are now, Mr. Corwin declares, cannot
be found anywhere.
"Treasury Department,
" Washington, April 28,1861.
"Sir; I am informed that the business of
your bureau in some of its branches is muoh in
arrear, and in others, especially in the duties
arising under the late bounty-land act, there is
absolute necessity for prompt action. I must there
fore require a strict observance of the following
" First. Every clerk must work at least seven
hours each day; and if the business assigned to
his desk is not well and promptly .done, and his
attendance constant, he should be reported for
"Second. Where the business is of acharaoter
to require closing monthly or quarterly, if any
clerk's business is not brought up at the end of
such period, he should be reported for removal.
"Third. When any clerk is sick for a longer
period than one week, he must resign, or-fur
nish a substitute, (to be approved by the De
partment,) who shall serve only till the clerk
is restored to health, but in no case longer
than one month. THOMAS CORWIN.
"J. S. Gallaher, Third Auditor."
Counterfeits.?Tens on the Farmers and
Merchants' Bank of Carroll county, Westmin
ster, Maryland, are said by the Intellu/encer to
be in circulation in this city. The signatures
are J. Mather, President, and J. Reese, Cashier;
letter A; number 453. The signatures are
pretty well executed. Notes of other denomi
nations on the same institution are also said to
be in circulation here.
Third District Schools.?The Bchools of
this district assembled in the Ebenezer (Meth
odist) Church, near the navy yard, yesterday
afternoon. There were present, the Mayor,
the Secretary of the Board, (Mr. Davis,) Messrs.
Farnham, Adams, Walsh, MoKim, Randolph,
Pearson, and Abbott, trustees; Messrs. Brent,
Miller, Gordon, and Thornley, of the councils.
In this district there are five schools, number
ing about five hundred a^d fifty pupils.
I An opening song was very beautifully sung
by the pupils of the district schools, and several
songs were prettily sung during the evening.
An address was then delivered by B. B.
French, esq., President of the Board of Alder
Medals were then awarded as follows: To
Joseph Morris and Georgiana Evans, of the
third distriot school; Charles Pumphrey, inter
mediate school; Geneva Reid and Susan Peirce,
first primary ; Georgiana Holroyd and Margaret
Simonds, second primary; Mary E. Nokes,
third primary ; and Martha French, fourth pri
| mary.
One hundred and ten diplomas were also con
ferred upon meritorious pupils.
The number of medals was limited, or the
following-named pupils would also have been
thus honored, viz: Miss St. John and two Misses
Acton, and Charles Simms, Benjamin Vanhorn,
and Israel Cross, of the district school; and |
Miss Yates and Miss Kennedy, of the third pri-'
mary school.
The cxerciscs wore closed with addresses by
the Mayor and G. J. Abbott, esq., one of the
I trustees.
The Mayor then announced that he was au
thorized by a friend of the schools to offer to
j the best scholar in the first class of each of the
district schools a silver pitcher at the next an
' nual examination.
The schools of the fourth district will have |
their celebration this afternoon, at the Smith
sonian Institution. The address will be by the
Rev. A. Given Carothers.
Small Notes.?On Tuesday, Mr. Radcliffe,
I in tire criminal court, demurred to the indict
I ment against J. F. Callan and T. M. Hanson
i for issuing notes under the denomination of
five dollars. One of the points presented was
j "uncertainty, in this, that it does not appear
that the note or bill mentioned was issued and
passed as currency." Yesterday reference was
made to a decision of Chief Justice Cranch, in
the circuit court, in the case of the United
States v*. Stettinius, in 1889; and on that the
oourt sustained the demurrer. Therefore the
indictment falls; and those against William
Selden and R. W. Latham Bhare the same fate
on similar grounds.?Republic.
The San Jacinto's Rudder, manufactured at
the Washington Navy Yard, weighs about six
thousand three hundred and fifty pounds. It
is about twenty-four feet in length, composed of
i a centre wrought-iron spindle weighing two
; thousand two hundred and forty pounds, turned
and finished; upon this^ spindle is cast, for
nearly the entire length,*a composition casing
of copper and tin (for the purpose of insulating
the iron, and thereby preventing the destruc
tive effects of galvanic action) of one thousand
nine hundred and forty pounds; to this casing,
flanches project nearly the entire length of
spindle, to which are riveted the copper plates
which form the rudder.? Intelligencer.
Further Iktrllioencr bt the Europa.?
France.?The Minister of Finance has presented
to the Assembly a bill authorizing the formation
of a bank in Algeria.
The Chamber of Commerce has declared that
Algeria cotton is of inferior quality to any of
the American.
The harvest no longer inspires serious appre
| hensions. Every body agrees that there will
be a fair average crop. At the worst the crop
will not be below mediocrity.
It is stated in the " Watchman and Reflector,"
that two hundred Baptist ohurches in New Eng
; land are destitute of pastors, and from five to
i six thousand throughout the oountry, of the
) same denonu&atioo, are destitute.
Cam in ax. Court.?The verdiot in the cm?
of Day ha? not yet been rendered. At hood
to-day Judge Crawford km informed by the
jury that they had not been able to agree. Mr.
Wardell, the foreman, continues much imlis
poeed. Thin jury has now been menteen days
engaged upon this oaae.
Hatti.?The brig Fairy, Captain^Sheed, ar
rived at Philadelphia yesterday morning from
Port au Prince, whenoe she sailed on the 23d
July. The empire of Hayti was perfectly quiet.
There is no confirmation whatever of the recent
reports of battles between the Haytiens ami
Dominicans. The people of the island had been
thrown into terrible alarm by the accounts from
Cuba, of insurrections in that island. Fears
were entertained of a visit from the Filibus
ters in Hayti also. The markets were well
supplied with American produce. Native pro
duce was scarce and ruled high.
Prom Cuba.
The following despatch, from New York, ap
pears in this morning's papers:
Nkw York, August 6?9 p. m.?The Cuban
Invasion put down ? Insurgents Shot. ? The
steamer Cherokee arrived here this evening
fromChagrea. Her accounts from California
are no later than those of the Empire City. She
touched at Havana. Private letters are said to
have been received, announcing that the Cuban
insurrection has been subdued or put down,
and that a large number of the insurgents had
already been tried and shot.
Th? Faij. Exhibitions at Baltimobn.?
The Clipper of this morning says: " The State
Agricultural Society, yesterday, determined to
change the time for holding its fall cattle-show
from September, as heretofore announced, to
the 21st, 22d, 23d, and 24th of October, which
will bring it within the period appointed for
the holding of the Exhibition of the Maryland
Institute, at its new hall. It was announced
to the meeting that the Secretary of State, Mr.
| Webster, would deliver the address before the
I Society. A^distinguished Senator is also ex
pected to deliver the address before the Insti
tute. The Agricultural Society is to hold its
exhibition on the new grounds about being pur
chased by the committee of citixens. We are
desired by the officers of the Society to request
the favor of editors to notice the change in the
time of holding the cattle-show."
"Victor Hugo, it is said, has ready for the
press, three volumes?the accumulation during
a five years' contraot with the booksellers not
to print any new work."
j The world has stood it nobly without these
I intellectual lights.
Ah Ambbican Entertainment to the Oueen
of England is talked of in London by the Amer
ican visiters to the World's Exhibition and the
Americans residing in London. The London
Sunday Timet says:
"It would be a most interesting sight to be
hold the republican sons of Columbia entertain
ing the sovereignty of their ancestral country,
casting aside the petty jealousies and absurd
rivalry that have too long subsisted between
John Bull and Brother Jonathan, and, in the
face of the world, renewing, by kindly and
generous intercourse, the ties of blood and lan
image that should unite Englishmen and Amer
icans across the broad waters of the Atlantic,
i The sight would be very interesting, and to
us gratifying, if we could hope that even there
the Yankee republicans could be secure from
unmerited reproaches; but of late these things
have been more frequent even than in past
times. a
Centric Market.?Marketables were abund
ant this morning. Peaches sell at 20@60c. per
peck; apples, 12?26c. do; eggs, 16c. doz.;
butter, 16@26c. lb.; honey, 18?20c. lb.; po
tatoes, 25@87c. peck; tomatoes, 26c. do.;
Lima beans, 16c. qt.; green corn, 16@20c.
do*.; watermelons, fine, 20c. a piece; cante
lopes, 3?18c. do. ; egg plants, 6@12Jc. do.;
chiokcns, 20c. each.
Georgia Whigs in Motion.?We have heard
it Btated, but do not vouch for the fact, that
distinguished Georgia Whigs are making an
effort to induce the Administration to remote
from office Messrs. Ewbank, Butteriield, Col
lins, and Sprague, upon the ground that these
office-holders are too much tinctured with Abo
litionism to be retained in ther respective
places by a Union administration. Upon Mr.
Hocretary Stuart's rule, laid down in his fa
mous Richmond speech, they may have to
"walk the plank;" though we do not undertake
to define the shade of thought or opinion
which, in Mr. Stuart's judgment, constitutes
Mr. Clat. The Paducah Journal says that
it is highly probable that Mr. Clay will resign
his seat in the United States Senate soon Mr.
Underwood's term expires in 1863, so that the
Legislature just chosen, which holds for two
years under the new constitution, will have to
elect one United States Senator at all events,
and two in the event of Mr. Clay's resignation.
First Impressions.?Mr. Greeley, writing
from Cirita Vecchia, says: " Aside from those
engaged in fleecing us, I saw but three sorts of
men in Civita Vecchia, or rather men pursuing
three several avocations?those of priests, sol
diers and beggars. Some united two of these
callings. A number of brown, bare-headed,
wretched-looking women were washing olothee
in the hot sun of the sea-side, but I saw no
trace of masculine industry other than what 1
have described, and the place contains seven
thousand inhabitants."
Railroad to Canada.?The boundary line
between Canada and the United htates, on the
west side of Lake Champlain, was crossed on
Friday last for the first time by railroad; an
excursion having been made from St. John's to
Rouse's Point.
The Hon. Edward Curtis, of New York, U
at the " National" in this city.
BurFALo, August 6.?We had a terrible gale
last night, which attained its height about two
o'clock this morning. The schooner II. N.
Gates, from the Upper Lakes for Montreal, lost
her sails and put in here for repairs. She will
have to discharge her oargo of grain. The
schooner J. 0. Ward ran on to the pier while
endeavoring to make this harbor, and sunk
almost immediately. It is feared that she will
be a total loss. The schooner Sam Hale also
came in badly injured. We expect to hear of
further disaster from up the Lake. The gale
ha* subsided.
Inaurgenta Shot I
Bodies of Armed Men oh the Florida Reef.
N*w York, August 7?2 p. m.
The steamer Georgia arrived here this morn
ing with four hundred and thirtj passengers.
She brings Havana dates to August 2d. The
meeting of the Cuban sympathisers at New
Orleans created a great excitement at Havana.
All war vessels, except the Pizarro, have left
Havana, in consequence of the news received
by the government on the night of the 1st inst.
It is rumored that large bodies of armed men
are collected on the Florida reef. The govern
ment hourly receives expresses from the inte
rior. The government paper was filled with ex
citing matter on August 1st, but its issue was
prohibited till the sailing of the Georgia.
Several insurgents have been shot, and the
Captain-general has issued a proclamation of
pardon to all who would lay down their arms,
with the exception of the leaders, who will be
executed or sent to Spain, if captured. Tho loy
alty of many regiments is doubted.
[Here our despatoh was cut short, in conse
quenoe of interruption of the wires by storm.]
Columbus, Ohio, August 4.?The Democratic
State Convention.?This convention assembled
to-day. Tho attendance was very full. Wil
hani Seymour was appointed chairman, and
Charles L. Tiller secretary. Committees were
appointed to select offioers for a permanent or
ganization, and to report resolutions.
New Orlsans, August 6.?The fine ship Jos.
Badger, which sailed from this port for Liver
pool, was totally destroyed by fire on Monday
last, while in the southwest pass. She had
2,600 bales of cotton aboard, all of which was
consumed, and is a total loss to the insurance
Spencer, the slave of John R. Shaw, who
stole $4,600, has been arrested, and $1,200 of
the money was found on his person. He had
sent $3,000 to Henry Dandridge, a negro
preacher in Boston.
Boston, August 6.?Samuel H. Walley has
been elected Mayor of Roxbury for the unex
pired term of the late Mayor Dearborn.
Philadelphia, August 6.?This morning
several unfinished houses in 11th street near
Girard avenue were burned. During the con
flagration a fight oocurred between the South
Penn and Independence Hose companies. The
polioe interfered and were assailed by the bel
ligerents, and several of the officers beaten.
One member of the South Penn, named Diddle
back, was shot twice by a policeman, one ball
passing through his neck and the other through
his shoulder.
New York, August,6.?The steamers Connec
ticut, bound east, and the Commodore for New
York, came in collision on the Sound last night
during a fog. The latter is now being towed
up to the city. No particulars have yet been
It is rumored that three hundred men sailed
in a brig from Staten Island on Saturday for
Cuba. It is certain that five hundred men,
fully armed and equipped, are only awaiting
the Georgia's advices to go.
Litchfield's extensive storage warehouse, at
Brooklyn, fell this morning, destroying im
mense quantities of grain, flour, sugar, molas
seB and dye-stuffs, including also twenty thou
sand bushels of corn.
Arrivals at the Principal Hotels,
Up to 12 o'clock, m., Unlay.
United States?T R Brown, lady, throe children,
and servant, Maryland; W T Pepper, Charleston, 8 C.; P
G Reading, New Jersey; J Sailer, do; A J Hodadon, Ber
muda; Capt Johnston, U S N; V Moreul, New Orleans; 0
L Stewart, New York; R P Harding and lady, D C; W A
Samuel, Virginia; II II Joorne, Philadelphia; E Roggio,
New Orleans; W G Webb, Virginia; G A Cole, Maryland!
Review of the Northern Markets for
Office of the American Telegraph, Aug. 7.
Baltimore, Aug. 6, 6 p. m.?A small sale of fresh ground
Howard street flour, from old wheat, was made to-day at
$4. Also 600 bbls. city mills flour at $3.87% and a sale
of 200 bbls. at $4.
Sales of white corn at 63c., and of yellow at 69c.
Oats are quoted at 28@33c. for new and old.
Sale* of bbls. of whisky at 23%^24c., and of hhds. at
22%&23c. Baltimore bbls. 24c.
Philamlphu, Aug. 6, p. m.?Sales of 1000 barrels of
flour at $4.12^<?@$4.26 for State brands. Rye flour $8.3714.
Corn meal $2.87%
8ales of new mess pork at $15.60, and prime at $13.
lard Oe. Bales of Rio coffee at 8c. Porto Rico sugar at
fl' 8 P'm ?8*les of 13,000 bbls. flour
at $3.93% for common State brands. Southern $4.26^
$4.37% Corn meal is selling at (f2.81@$3.12% and rye
flour at $3.60. Sales of 2000 bushels Ohio rid wheat at
?0c., and 16,000 white at 0O@?6c. Salos of 60,000 bushels
720? OaUUihT *n<l 68c. for yellow. Rye 71@
Sales of 300 bags Maracaibo coffee at 9c., and 60 hhds
Cuba sugar at 5@6%c. Rice 8%,. '
In this city, yesterday afternoon, of dropsy, RICHARD
' ,n 1118 forty-eighth year of his age.
His friends, anil the friends and acquaintances of the
family, are invited to attend his funeral to-morrow (Fri
day) afternoon, at three o'clock, from his late residence
Garrison street, near the Wavy Yard. '
Situated on Gth street West, between JN and 0
streets North.
THE HOUSE is a two-story frame, containing four
rooms, with a good kitchen, fourteen fcet front, and
twentv-?ight feet deep. The lot is twenty-seven feet front
and ninety-three feet deep. It will he sold as a bar train
The Utle Indisputable. Inquire at this office
au 7?3t*7
Agenvant Woman Wanted.-A servant
(a slave preferred) competent to cook and wash for a
ramily, will flml a good situation by applying at the Druir
Store, cornsr of h and Seventh street*.
au 7?tf J. F. CAU,AN.
i^JOt'NTRY BOARD.?After the seventh Instant,
VV there will be two or three vacant Rooms at the Cot
from Washington. Those In want of
delightful Country Boarding, may procure It by applying
*? . ^ J. P. CALLAN, *
2t Corner of B and 7th streets.
situated on I street north, between 10th and 11th
streets west. There are new carpets on three of the
floors, which are for sale. Possession riven Immediately.
an 7?8t* north side Pa. ar., bet. t 6th sta.
CtTRAYEO or STOI.KN, from the cottage of
K7., Newton, situated on the west side of Capitol
HriVw-k ,l.C0J."rw ? 0RAY MARK, about ten years old,
twelve hands high, in good condition ; has a black mark
on one of her fore feet, ami a black spot on her back
from the saddle. When in harness she is a handsome
little animal. A liberal compensation will be given to the
P*rI?" wh" brings her home, or a reward of TEN DOL
LARS for the Mare and thief.
Application to Mr. Newton, or at the office of the 7W?
graph, will be Immediately attended to. [au 6?tf
M I \ k i f{ i*. |. s can be supplied
with every variety of Instruments, such as Banjos
Aceordeons, Tambourines, Bone Cast!nets, Strings, Flutes,'
Violins, etc. Amateur Bands furnished ont complete, at
prices to suit, at IIILBIIS'8 Musical Depot,
, w ? *>uth side Pa. av., next to cor. 10th st.
f" ' 1oor"'l",;,nK of three-ply, best quality of
Ingrain, medium, low price cotton and wool; rag ditto,
onoip. A J no? *
A large lot of white Cambrics
Plaid Cambrics, striped Cambric*
8wlss Muslins, book Muslins
Figured Swiss Muslins, black Alpacas
Ginghams, Calico, bleached and brown Cottons
Taking*. Table Damasks, Canton Flannels
3-4 and 4-4 all-wool Flannels
vi fpoths, CmsImeres, and many other Goods,
which we promise to cell low. '
au fr-eolw HALL * BROTHER.
cm obdihaices.
AN ACT in relation to the Smallpox Hospital and Board
of Health.
Ik it mtadtd Uy the Hoard of Aldermen and the Board I
of Common Council of the City qf WuMnqtm, That the |
Board of Health, or any member thereof, be aud he is
hereby authorised to give certificates of admission to the
Smallpox Hospital.
Sec. 2. And or it enacted, Thai the Board of Health, and
the member* thereof, are hereby requested to use their
Influence to cause the removal of any ca*e of smallpox to
the hospital that may come to their knowledge.
President of the Board qf Common Council.
President of the Board of Aldermen.
Approved, July 28,1061.
AN ACT authorising the construction of a cross-gutter in
the Fourth Ward.
Be it enacted, &c., That the Mayor be and he Is hereby
authorised to construct a cross-gutter on the north side
of G street north, across Second street west, the expense
thereof to be paid out of any money to the credit of the
Fourth Ward not otherwise appropriated.
Approved, July 20,1861.
AN ACT authorising the curbstones to be set and the
pavement laid on the south front of square numbered
three hnndred and eighty-three.
Be it enacted, <?e., That the Mayor be and he is hereby
authorised and required to cause the curbstones to be set
and the pavement laid on the south front of square num
bered three hundred and eighty-three; and for defraying
the expense thereof a tax is hereby imposed and assessed
on the lots fronting on Virginia avenue, in said square
numbered three hundred and eightv-three, to the amount
of such expense: I*rnvided, That the tax hereby imposed
and assessed shall not exceed three dollars per front foot
of said lots; the work to be done agreeubly to the provi
sions of the act of the fourth of April, eighteen hundred
and twenty-nine, concerning paved footways.
Approved, July 26, 1861.
AN ACT authorising the curbstone to be set and the foot
way paved on the east front of squares numbered five
hundred and tweuty-nine, Ave hundred and thirty, Ave
hundred and thirty-one, and five hundred and thirty
Be it enacted, itc., That the Mayor be and he is hereby
authorised and required to cause the curbstone to be set
and the footway to bo paved on the east side of squares
five hundred and twenty-nine, five hundred and thirty,
five hundred and thirty-one, and Ave hundred and thirty -
two; and for defraying the expense thereof a tax is here
by imposed and assessed on the lots fronting on the east
side of said squares numbered Ave hundred and twenty
nine, live hundred and thirty, five hundred and thirty
one, and five hundred and thirty-two: Provided, The tax
hereby imposed shall not exoeed three dollars per front
foot. The curbstone to be set and the footway to be
paved, hereby authorised and required, shall be done
agreeably to the provisions of the act of the" fourth of
April, eighteen hundred and twenty-nine, concerning
paved footways. [Approved, July 26, 1861.
AN ACT to provide for grading and gravelling D street
south, from Seventh to Eleventh street west.
Be it enacted, <hc., That the sum of four hundred dol
lars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, bo and is
hereby appropriated out of the funds of the Seventh Ward
for the purpose of grading and gravelling D street south,
from Seventh to Eleventh street west.
Approved, July 81,1861.
AN ACT making appropriations for the salaries of the
Teachers and Assistant Teachers of the Public Schools.
Be it enacted, <tc., That, for the payment of the sala
ries of the teachers and assistant teachers of the several
public schools in the city of Washington, for the year
ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and fifty
two, the following sums are hereby appropriated, viz:
For the salaries of four teachers of district schools, at
eight hundred dollars per annum, three thousand two
hundred dollars.
For the salaries of three female assistant teachers, at
two hundred and fifty dollars per annum, seven hundred
and fifty dollars.
For the salaries of two male assistant teachers, at four
hundred dollars per annum, eight hundred dollars.
For the salaries of fifteen teachers of female primary
schools, at two hundred and fifty dollars per annum,
three thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars.
For the salaries of five assistant teachers of female pri
mary schools, at two hundred dollarfe per annum, one
thousand dollars.
For the salaries of four teachers of male primary
schools, at four hundred and fifty dollars per annum, one
thousand eight hundred dollars.
Said Bums payable out of the school fund; and that, if
the said fund should not prove sufficient, the balance
shall be paid out of the general fund.
Approved, July 31, 1851.
AN ACT for the relief of the Anacostia Fire Company.
Be it enacted, die., That the sum of two hundred dol
lars be and the sanio is hereby appropriated, out of any
money to the credit of the -general fund not otherwise
appropriated, for the purpose of repairing the Engine
Uouse of the Anacoatia Fire Company; the money to be
expended under the direction of the Mayor and president
of the said company. [Approved, July 81,1861.
ABERNETHY'8 Family Physician, a
ready prescriber in cases of sudden illness and ac
cidents. Price 26 cents.
Guide to Health,or what to Eat, Brink, and Avoid; by
Doctor Culverwell. Price 25 cents.
How to be Happy, an Admonitory Essay on Regimen,
Expediency, and Mental Government. Price 25 cents.
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, and other Diseases of the Chest;
with remedies. Price 25 cents.
Hydrophobia; its Origin, Cure and Prevention; with
important instructions to every person keeping a dog;
by William Osborne, Chemist. Price 26 cents.
au 6? Booksellers, Pa av, near 9th st.
MATCHES.?Anxious to reduce our stock of
Matches, we will sell a few gross of them very
cheap. Apply immediately to J.F. CALLAN,
au 6? corner E and 7 th streets.
chewers can find a variety of superior brands both of
Scgars and Tobacco at the corner of E and 7th streets,
au fi? J. F .CALLAN.
SPONGES.?A large assortment of Sponges for sale
at the Drug Store, corner of E and 7 th street, by
au 6? J. F. CALLAN.
MRS. ESTHER MOFFBTT, 7th street,
opposite Odd-Fellows' Hall, has received to-day an
assortment of Ladies' CufT-plns, Jenny Llnd Ear-rings,
Velvet Ribands, Elastic Sleeve-confiners, Under-sleeved,
Ac. Also, English knit 8u?[>eriders, Mohair Stocks, white
and colored Shirts, two rich China tea sets for children.
Hampton's Vegetable Tincture kept constantly for
sale. au 4?tr
Hat removed to corner E and 8<A gireett, ojtposite
the General I'otl Office.
ALL BUSINESS requiring the attention of a Magis
trate will be promptly attended to.
CojrvETA\ci!TO.?AU instruments of writing carefully
and expeditiously prepared. Also, claims against the
Government prosccutcd to settlement [au 5?-eo3w?
MRS. COLLISON informs her customers and the la
dies of Washington generally, that she contem
plates removing her store in two or three weeks, (of
which due notioe will be given hereafter,) on Sixth street,
near the corner of Louisiana avenue, in the house at
present occupied by Mrs. Choate.
Her stock of goods will be run off at BARGAINS du
ring the present and following week, to facilitate the
abovs arrangement. Those wanting bargains will do well
to call at her Millinery and Fancy Store,
au 6?tf 7 th street, above n.
ALARQE HOUSB AND LOT for sale, Dwelling and
Store, (in an Improving and healthy part of the
eity,) with a good run of custom already established, will
be sold a bargain. The present owner lieing about to
change his business, is the only reason for selling. For
terms, Ac., inquire at this office. [ jy 31?eod2w*
CoLLCCToa's Owes, July 21, 1861.
NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN, that the Taxes for the
year 1851 are now due and payabln at this office,
and that an abatement of 10 per rent, will be allowed by
law upon the Taxes for the current year, If paid on or
before the 31st day of August ensuing.
Jy22?eotd R. J. ROCHE, Collector.
WE are now receiving and have oonstantly on hand
a large stock of Refined Sugars?Crushed, Ground,
Granulated, Clarified and Standard Loaf, which we will
sell at the lowest market price.
For sale by JNO. B. KIBBEY A CO.,
Jy 18?12teod No. 6, opp. Centre Market.
Reeside A Vanderwerken, of the " Union Line" of
Omnibuses, being about to take place, all persons having
claims against said firm arc heriiby notified to present
the same to Robert Ould, esq., Georgetown, D. 0., without
au 6?fit
MAGRUDER A CALVERT, Pennsylvania avenue,
between 8th and 9th streets, have just, received a
fresh supply of seasonable DRY GOODS, which they will
run off at very low prices. Their stock Is large and as
sortment'complete. an 4?tf
?VV WE would Invite the Ladies to call and examine
If onr extensive Stock of Green, Blue, and
Waternd, Bordered and Lined Silk and Satin Tuer
PARASOLS?the largest assortment In the District, at
greatly reduced prices. _
Also a choice selection of UMBRELLAS, all of the latest
fashion, and the work warranted.
JUST RECEIVED?a handsome variety of Silks and
Scotch Ginghams for recovering.
CT Repairing and Oovering fcithfully and punctually
?Xittttfofl. OOR-HIT ? CO.,
may 6?6m Pens avenue, near 4 % street.
W *>*> to ra* etc. Is^Ure
j, iLppJv to Mr H A ^jf"n ?'Porience In that ca
union HoUl,
housework of a small family a sla? ?
? rad. Apply at this office. J *
HJH y?ur"' a WliOKKl> WOMAN, from 20 to 36 yearn
" I6~tf ?or. of 9th ttnd M streeta.
?- Another Important OUcovVrv l
j About five hundred ladies and gentlemen, between 7 a^d
i 10 o clock yesterday morning, discovered that L A ii?.
Hell, the Lest Soda Water in the District of Cohimbu!
Let him who sells better come and get his Are hundred
Jy 26?
FI8HIHG Tackle Jnat recclTtd.-Hod?I.
latent Slides, Cane, llazel, Ac. Lines? Furnished
i.ities, Grass Lines, Ao. Hooks?Limerick, Kirby, front
Hies, Ao. A. OKAY, Bookseller,
June 17?eotf 7th street, opposite Odd-Fellows' Ilall.
D?nW??tion\ hewers and Smokera !
UWNKli 8 popular Cigar and Tobacco stand is well
supplied with the best Havana# and PrinoiDes
Also a splendid lot of Chewing Tobacco, to which he ex
tends a cordial invitation to his friends and to gentlemen
of taste generally. j*n j?_
**r 'Fi"
Vr BOOTS, of my own make, remaining on hand of
old styles, which I will sell very low for cash. I have
also a large supply of Boot* of the latest styles, and Shoes
of every fashion. jAjlNKY
jy -tt?tAug!4 8th St., near the Oen. Post Office.
FFor Fitting up Stores with Fancy Fronts.
ft'n ?,112er and Architect, would respeot
I . fully inform his friends and the public in general,
mat he is prepared to fit up Stores and build Fancy Fronts
new plan, embracing all the latest Improve
ments. The work can bo done without stopping the busi
ness while the work is going on.
t0 d0 aU kind? of work in the build
, ?mi i n 1 .shorU,8t notice and on the most reasonable
atte^.ded to 8B entrusted to his care wlll be pro^tly
JuaTl^em"'""'"' 0n ? "treet' Mweea 0tb 10th.
Cabinet-maker, Carpenter, and Prin
side 4 ftvenue> ??*?? and loth south
-jy 81?6m
)VnctTVUi\ __j - 1 ti* MUAlAiii
JUof CLARKTKW1NK ?0WM KdiTnga BUP?rior article
ii .? .. . "INK, to which I would resDectfullv
TlL ,r ?M*nt'?n o[ Kentl"Den in want of a fine article
Also, genuine lleidseeck Champagne " of Fmrl?i^n
porUUon For sale by """ft,S. T. LL?y? !m"
-jy Pa. ay., 3 doors east of 15th st
T 11 WHITlfiHURST has extended the field of his op^
V ? erations over more ground than anv ilairn^r>-<.n
yplst in the country. His GaUeries may Wfo^nTon
ii7nnn?iHan .0nuf' {??'ween and 6th streets; No.
207 Baltimore street. Baltimore; corner Broadway and
Leonard street New Vork; No.77 Main stree^id*L??
Sycamore street, Petersburg; Main street Norfolk ? ?>. i
Main street, Lynchburg, Virginia ' Norfolk'
fv^.^autifu,1 a?d E'8h,y fi"'?hcd electro-Daguerreo
types are an extraordinary improvement, insuring faithful
and li ghly finished likenesses in a few seconds ^
J. H. W. calls the attention of the public generally to
his elegantly furnished Gallery over Lane and Tucker's
gfvln ' W 6 * ^ exhi^iUon of Pictures will be
Notwithstanding the unusual compeUtion in Daguerre
otypes at the recent Fair of the Maryland Institute, he
was awarded the first medal by the judges
Corner of Mujssachutett* Avenue arid 12th street
rpHE SUBSCRIBER respectfully informs the citizens
i? ' ?L '!ing^n and tho adjacent oountry that he
*< large and fresh assortment of GROCE
RIES, consisting, in part, as follows, vie.:
tinnr.l'.^,Frlil,y/l0Uri ^oloe Tbm ofth? latest import.
Uonsand finest flavors; Moca, Java, Rio, and Padang Cof
fee, Sperm, Adamantine,and Tallow Candles; Salt Mack
erel, Herrings, and Cod Fish; prime lot of Bacon, and a
| ot of superior Sugar-cured Hams; also, Liquors, consist
i?? ?f ?u?)erlof Brandy, Wine, Old Rye Whisky, Ale, of
Shoes,"ic lc ' ' * 1&rge a*8ortmeut of Boots and
. He P1(^Ke" thit?8olf to sell his goods as low as any
.i" 01 ty' having reference to quality.
,1? 00Un,t,ry dfaler'\he particularly invites them to
^ive him a call. He will take any kind of country nro
duce in exchange for goods. country pro
He solicits a call from all.
nn^mS't1"0 Ch6*P ??rner ?f Ma?^usety arenue
Jy IS?tf h' W' HALL
TAJ??.R * Book a elle r a
*- o'a'?on?n, Pennsylvania avenue, near nth
street, have constantly on hand a full aKHortrnvnt
I APER, of every variety, for sale at New York price*.
EPISCOPAL Prayer-books.
Catholic Prayer-book*.
Methodist Hymn-booka
Unitarian Hymn-books.
Presbyterian Hymn-books.
Baptist Hymn-books. In every rarletr.
For sale at the published price, by
June 28?tf Booksellers, near 9th street.
LL of Harper A Brothers' Publications
? All of Appleton's Publications.
All of Putnam's Publications,
th^UW^B8Uton^B?"t0n: "d *" ^ ">
For sale at tho publishers' prices by
J.,n? !*_.r TAYLOR A MAURY, N
June 28 tf Booksellers, near 9th st.
RULBD LKTTKR PAPKR at 11 26 a ream '
Ruled Foolscap Writing Paper at $1 26 a ream.
uood Kuvclopes at |1, ?l &y and $1 Wa thoulw.
Small Wrappingl'ape'r at 25?^"a ' 8rW*
Ju-ne.28-*f't and SUtione^itotcfLea^Jh8^.
BWBI always on hand, for sale and to rent on
7 J IB 1 ff tf>" llano Store, on
" * u 12th street, above F street.
New MUSIC STOOLS for sale.
- jy 1 d3m* F. a RKICHKNBACH.
A ?.C0?,NKR' of the CTTY EX
- it ^?K8S, begs loave to inform the public that he
Jtlll continues to run his EXPRKSS WAOON to Oeorge
town daily, at 2 o'clock In the afternoon. He will also
convey baggage to and from the Oars, and to any part of
the city, at moderate charges. He hopes, by strict atten
tlon to his business, and the prompt and fMttyfol delivery
of all articles committed to his keeping, to merit a Hberal
share of the patronage of the puhllc.
Orders left with Mr. Lewis F. Perry, at Clagett A Do.1
avenue, near ?th street, will l>e at
tended to wlUi promptness and fidelity. [ 2?tf
N?^l?=.THE T,MK 'ay In yonr Coal. W. T.
L" tnOW to furnish families and
;,w?r,LWlth.8fhuyIkl" and White Ash. Peach
OrchaM, and Lyken Valley Red Ash, of various rise*.
AIpo, Cumberland Coal, from the mo*t approy?j mine*
screened, and free from slate and other Impurities, at the
lowest cash prims, from his yards on the canal, in the
rear of th? lata Gen. Van Ness's, or on PennsylTania a?e
nue, between 17tli and 18th streets, First Ward.
2,240 pounds to tho ton. Send In your orders.
jy 21?1m
WK would call particular attention to our stock of
Linens, suitable for shirtings; also for bosoms
ana collars; which we warrant to be pure and free from
any mixture of cotton. Also, table damasks, all widths,
brown and bleached, with napkins, linen sheetings, Huck
abscks, diapers, and toweling goods generally.
Perann* wishing to make up the above goods, will find
It to their advantage to purchase them now, as they will
be sold at least 25 per oent. cheaper than during the busy
season. Call and take a look for yourselves.
jy 16?odlm Pa av., bet. 7th and 8th sta.
100 boxes Roofing Plate, 14 m 20. Bright^
Tin, all sixes; Pig and Bar Tin; Sheet
Lead; Load Pipe; Pig and Bar Lead;.
Brasler's and Sheathing Copper; Bolts;!
Zinc; Spelter, Ac., Ac. For sale by
Jy th* AnT'l, Penna. avenue.
rjlHR subscriber, being desirous of closing out his en
1 tire stock of Spring and Summer <3, will X
great bargains In? ' uu,,r
FrU^.'"lr.k0n?U' ?',k. Bareges, Frenol,
SHk oOd'l kimi**' (ilnKh,m"' B*rP^ "e
Plain and embroidered white Crape Shswls.
ln? Marseilles and Silk Vest
TnJthl: ?rTw?h Ih"*? d Kt" and Cashmeret.
nronJu! ^ Tit!1 many oth" (T^s, all of which I
Jy 7~1hi cor. 8Ui at, opp. 0*otre Market.

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