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auu rim . . . pii.itfm. j auaiwt* . . . eh. ^8ai
I P? SINGING SOCIETY will give a
?nL 23** Arliugtou Spring, on Monday, 26th in*t.
boat will start iroin l4th Htruet bridge at 8 o'clock,
a. m. A superior baud of music lias been secured, and
*irnuj^t,lui;u' matIe that will render the cUy agree
Itefrenhments, at liberal prices, will be served on the
ground. v
??r a l*otlwilu and ladles, $1. No charge for
UuJdren accompanied by their parent*.
rickets can be obtained from any of the members, or on
the boat previous to starting. (au 10?dtd
I^AYLOH A M A Lit V, Hookvelleri and
stationers, Pennsylvania avenue, near 0tli
Sf??& .,h*vo ?MUtantlj on hund a full assortment of
rAI'KK, of every variety, for sale at New York prices.
ITU'ISOOPAL Prayer-books.
J, Catholic Prayer-books.
Methodist llymu books
Unitarian Ilyiun-books.
Presbyterian Hymn-books.
Baptist Hymn-books. In every variety.
For sale at tho published price, by
? ,m?K4MADKY,
June 88?tf Booksellers, near 8th street.
ALL?r Harper A Brothers' Publications!
All of Appleton's Publications.
All of Putnam's Publications,
th^^r;,,Boflton: anj au ^ i?ubiish?d >?
For sale at the publishers' prices by
jJuno -8 tf Booksellers, near 9th st.
ULED LETTER PAPER at $1 2ft u ream.
"v '? 1 tallli
-- f\"lod Foolscap Writing Paper at $1 26 a ream.
Good Envelopes at fl, $1 26, and $1 60 a thousand.
Steel Fens at 26 cents, 60 cento, and 76 cents a gross.
Small Wrapping Paper at 26 cents a ream.
June 28?tf -Book and Stationery store, neur 9th st.
HAVINO removed from Pennsylvania avenue, the
subscriber has taken and fitted up the store on the
corner of F and Eleventh streets, and is now prepared to
accommodate his old customers and the public with fresh
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Ac. Prescriptions put up
with neatness and care, and warranted to be of the purest
materials, lancy and toilet articles, a large assortment,
constantly on hand.
Tho articles at this store will be found to bo what they
are represented to be, and any one returning an article
purchased hero, with a certificate from a regular physi
cian or chemist that the article is not as represented will
receive double the money paid for it in exchange. '
Jy 29?eotr corner of F and 11th sts.
HN. GILBERT has opened an office In Washington
? city, where he will give his prompt attention to
all those who will favor him with the agency to sell farms
in Virginia, Maryland, or the District of Columbia. Having
followed farming heretofore, and being a northerner by
birth, he can appreciate the wants of such as come from
the North for the purpose of locating farms in this vicin
ity. lie has the agency to sell a goodly number of farms
in Virginia, and those coming from the North would do
well to call, before purchasing, at his residence on Penn
sylvania avenue, first square west of tho Capitol Gate,
may 29?y *2m
A New and Beautiful Style of Painting!
THE undersigned have tho ple;uure of announcing to
their customers, and the Public generally, that they
are now successfully using that now, beautiful and dura
ble article, but lately introduced into this city?the Zinc
Paint from the Sussex Mines, N. J., which far surpasses,
In beauty of finish and durability, tho best of white leads.
All disagreeable and poisonous effects, common to other
Paints, are by this avoided. We would respectfully rofer
those who wish to bo better informed of its merits before
having their houses painted, to?
Com. C. W. Skinner, Com. Jos. Smith, ,T. Latlirop, esq.,
Navy Agent, Major W. Reilly, and Thos. Ratcliffc, esq.
D. FINCH & SON, cor. of E and 12th sts.
N. B. All shades of different oolors made from this
article. June 17?tf
Under the direction of Aaron Haioht Palmer, of New
York, and Wortiiington Garrkttso.v Snetiik.v, of New
Orleans, Attorneys and OuumcUon of the Supreme Court
of the United States.
This establishment is formed for tho following olyects:
1. For practising law in the Supreme Court of the Uni
ted States, and conducting professional business before
2. For tho prosecution and recovery of all claims, inlaw
or equity, against the United States before Congress or
the Executivo Departments, or against foreign Govern
ments before Boards of Commissioners.
3. For the settlement of accounts with the State, Trea
sury, War, Navy, Post Office, and Interior Departments,
and obtaining the remission of fines, peualties, and for
feitures for alleged violations of the revenue, post office,
or other laws.
4. For scouring letters patent for inventions from tho
United States or from foreign Governments, and procu
ring land warrants and pensions under the various pen
sion laws of tho United States.
6. For collections generally, embracing debts, legacies,
and inheritances in tho United States and foreign coun
6. For tho purchase and sale of lands in any of the
Status or Territories of the Union, and loaning moneys
on mortgage of real estate lying therein.
7. For investment of funds In United States and State
stocks and loans, collection of the dividends thereon, and,
generally, for the transaction of all business pertaining to
a law, loan, and bnnking agency.
All communications addressed, postpaid, to Messrs.
Palmer A Snetlien, American avid Foreign Agency, City
of Washington, will receive prompt and faithful attention.
June 30?ly* Office No. 6 Carroll Place, Capitol IliU,
*V^ WE would invite the Ladies to call and examine
jffr our extensive Stock of Green, Ulue, and lilack
f ^Watered, Bordered and Lined Silk and Satin Tuer
PARASOLS?tho largest assortment in the District, at
greatly reduced prices.
Also a choice solection of UMBRELLAS, all of tho latest
fashion, and the work warranted.
JUST RECEIVED?a handsome variety of Silks and
Scotch Ginghams for re-covoring,
A?r-Repairing and Covering faithfully and punctually
executed. . A. COKBJT k CO.,
may fl? 6m Penn avenue, near 4 street.
Lines, Grass Lines, Ac. Hooks?Limerick, Kiiby, Front
Flies, Ac. A. GRAY, Bookseller,
June 17?eotf 7th street, opposite Odd-Fellows' nail.
McLAIN A HARRY have In store a good assortment
of tho above-named goods, suitable for Men, Boys'.
Ladles', Misses, and Children's wear, which must be sold
for some price by tho 1st of September. [June 9? tf
For Fitting up Stores with Fancy Fronts.
Ijl E. GK1GKR, Builder and Architect, would respee.t
. fully inform his friends and the public in general,
that he Is prepared to fit up Stores and build Fancy fronts
on an entire new plan, embracing all the latest improve
ments. The work can be done without stopping tho busi
ness while the work is going on.
He Is also prepared to do all kinds of work in the build
ing lino, at the shortest notice and on the most reasonable
terms. All business entrusted to bis care will be promptly
attended to.
Plaon of business on D street, between 9th and 10th.
may 1?6m
Death to Rats, Mico, Cockroaches, and Ants !
riMlK North American Exterminator Is
I warranted superior, and cheaper, than
auy and all other articles heretofore offered
to tho public, for extorininallng IUtts, Mico,
Black and Red Ants, from dwelling-houses,
stores, granaries, vessels, Ac. They will eat It readily, and
Rats and Mice arc not likely to die In tho building. For
further Information ask for a circular, to bo hail of the
agent gratix. If you want a truly valuable article, ssk
for the North American Rat Exterminator, and take no
?tiler. Price, 37cents per box, which contains suffi
cient to dear an ordinary building several times. Sold
wholesale and retail by A. GRAY, Bookseller,
au 14-?eo 7th street, opposite (kid Fellows' Hall. '
SO widely celebrated for Bilious affections; Dr. Stick
land's, which Is the 1'iil for Dyspeptic, Ilillous and
Liver affections, end Female complaints; Wright's In
dian vegetable Pills, and Hurd's I'ills, for sale by
A. GRAY, Bookseller, I
7th ?t., opposite Odd Fellows' Hall.
Also for sale by Dr. II. 11. WOODRUFF, Druggist,
jy 26?eo cor. of F and 11th sts.
Comer of Maxtachusrtls Avenue and 12M street.
'I^llE SUBSCRIBER respectfully Informs tho citizens
A of Washington and the adjacent country tliat ho
opened a large and fresh assortment of GROCE
III ha, contesting, in part, as follows, viz.:
Fresh F? *" ? ? ?
crel, _ ^ ^ ?? ?
lot of superior Sugnr-eurod llams; a 1 so"*LI qnorV,'ctin'sist
Ih* r^T ""J" y> V1""' 01U ".V Whisky, Ale, of
Shoes Ao ,?e '' * " awm,rtmo,>t Boots and
Ho 'pledges himself to sell his goods as low as any
house In tho city, having reference to quality
To the country dealers !.* particularly invite, them to
give hi in a call. He will take any kind of ??untry nro
duce In exchange for goods. '
He solicits a call from all.
Don't forget the cjieap comer of Massachusetts avenue
and 12th street. K. W. HALL
ir i&?u
IMSHINtJ Tackle hut rectdvi
. Patent Slides, Cane, llazel, Ac. Linos
GaoftaaTowif, August 21?12 m.
The magnificent packet boat Delaware pawed
up the canal thin morning, for the first time,
with a company of ladies and gentlemen, bound
for the Great Fulls, on a pleasure excursion.
Quite a large number of persons gathered along
the canul wharves to see her start, and all ap
peared highly pleased when she floated oft' in
beautiful style, with the broad stripes and
bright stars fiying at her bows.
Yesterday we had a gloomy, wot time of it,
and but little business of uny kind was trans
acted. This morning, however, things look
more cheerful, and all along our streets may be
seen suspended in front of the stores the va
rious emblems of trade. Along the wharves it
looks rather dull, owing to the fact that there
is not to bo found at them u single one of either
line of packets, or any other largo vessels, all
having been loaded immediately upon their last
arrival with Hour, grain, &o.
Owing to the unfavorable state of the weather
yesterday, there was no transactions of moment
in flour or grain.
Tho packet-boat Fashion arrived hero last
night at eight o'clock, with quite a largo num
ber of passengers on board.
Arrivals.?Sch. Alevia, Courtney, Westmore
land county, Va., wheat, to Charles Wilson.
Caiuil Trade.?Arrived, T. W. Gale, Cumb.,
coal; Southampton, do.; Frances, 23 miles,
flour, &c.; Annawan do.; Martha Frances,
lime-stone; Charlotte, 723 bai'rels flour; An
drew Jackson, corn, &o.; Wm. Jackson, 02
miles, lime-stone.
Departed?John P. Smart, Benjamin Frank
lin, Star, and Delaware. Electro.
[From tho Philadelphia North American, August *20.]
A Novel Demonstration of the Eaiitii's
Rotation.?Messrs. Editors: Tho phenomenon
of the whirlpool in a funnel, always moving in
the same direction, if not counteracted, has long
been a subject of unsuccessful investigation
among scientific men. The public will be pleased
to learn that the Rev. E. D. Saunders, of Potts
ville, lias submitted a demonstration of the
principle to the Academy of Natural Science of
Philadelphia. It traces tho cause to the earth's
rotation. That we should have so simple and
beautiful an illustration of the earth's movement
is unexpected. The demonstration will appear
in the next number of the academy's proceed
ings. It differs materially from the solution of
the problem of the pendulum, and of Professor
Strong's wheel, as the motion to be accounted
for is in the opposite direction.
L. L. Lanostiioth.
. modated with comfortable board at Mrs. Palmeu's
Boarding-house, Bridge streot, botween Qrecn aud Wash
ington streets, Georgetown, D. C. au 1?3wTu&S
Bridge street, 3 doors from Congress si., north side.
RODIKK A BROTHER respectfully inform their friend*
and the public generally, that they are daily rocelv
iug in addition to their already large and extensive stoek
new patterns of Paper, Ac. We now have in store one of
the most extensive assortments of Paper, Ac., in the Dis
trict. Persons will find it to their advantage to give us a
call before purchasing elsewhere, as we can sell cheaper
than any house in the District.
Every article in our line rnado to order, such as Itair,
Shuck, and Cotton MATTRKS8B8, Pew Cushions, Cur
tains, Feather Beds, Easy Chairs, Lounges, Ac., Ac.
fir Patented llalr Spring Mattresses made to order.
X EVIDENCE THAN THIS, kindly handed to us by J.
Stockiikidce, esq., of tho Fountain Hotel, Light street, a
gentlemau extensively and favorably known. The writer
of the letter, Captaiu Cauot, is tho brother of tho cele
brated Physician to Louis Napoleon, President of the
French Republic. Numbers of our most respectable citl
lens will give equally strong testimony in favor of
curc for Dyspepsia, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, Ac., and
all diseases from impure blood.
Baltimore, Juno 4,1851.
Mr. Stockbridge of the fountain Ilotelj Light street, Balti
Dear Sir: Being on the point of leaving tho city, I
avail myself of a few idlo moments to thank you kindly
for the medicine you sent mo, and which has restored me
to the use of my limbs. I bog you to send me four hot
ties more, to carry on my voyage. Since I had tho for
tune to use Dr. Hampton's Vegetablo Tincture my confi
dence is go strong that, in gratitudo to tho proprietors of
said medicine, I beg you to present my rospects to them,
and Induce them to make it more publicly known as a
sure Rheumatic euro. Having called on me on the 19th
of April last, and seen me prostrated on my bed, useless
In all my limbs, you can appreciate nearly as well as my
self tho prompt relief I received from Dr. Hampton's
Tincture, and I am positive had it not been for your
strong aud forcible rocoinmuudations I should still hare
been in bod.
It is really a pity this specific should not be approved
by medical men, and like all patentdrugs it should suffer
the imputation the public generally give to such prepara
tions. I mysolf, who was always opposed to a patented
specific, took this modtcino with reluctance, and without
Confidence in it, and it was only through your disinterest
ed, friendly recommendations, and my critical situation,
that induced mo to try this really beneficial Vegetable
You may inform Messrs. Mortimer A Mowbray that
they are at liberty to make use of my name in the sup
port of tho good effects of Dr. Hampton's Vegetablo Tino
ture, as it has cured me, in five weeks, of a chronic /?
JUtminatory Rheumatism, contracted under trojrical cli
mates, and of seven years' periodical duratvm. I haTe only
usod three bottles, and find that even the deformed parts
of my luinds are fast returning to their former natural
1 have been under tho treatment of several physicians
In London and Paris, without any apparent benefit; also,
while in Now York, having tried the Thompsonian and
Homn-pathic remedies, after having been tormented with
galvauic batteries, cold and aromatic baths, and hundred*
of internal and external medicines, all to no effect. I
am, so far, cured by this Hampton's Vegetablo Tiucture
only. Therefore, my dear sir, aocept of the assurance of
my gratitude, and believe mo your well-wisher.
This certificate is from the pen of a gentleman whose
name appears on the journal of Congrew?one who is ex
tensively and favorably known:
It affords me pleasure to stato that Dr. Jesse Hamp
ton's Tincture has elfocted a most extraordinary euro of
my slave boy Albert. The patient was three years old,
aud had the Scrofula?{his Cither is scrbftilous.) The boy
was a moving mass of sores from head to foot; tho upper
lids of the eyes were much swollen, ami turned inside out,
exhibiting horrible mattering ulcers, that protruded over
tho eye-ball so as to producc blindness. It is strange, vet
true, this child?that I felt resigned to see die as a relief
from suffering?has been restored to health under the
treatment of Dr. Hampton. W. P. TIlOMASON.
Louisville, March 20,1861.
Wo have a lar^c number of certificates from our most
respectable citiieus attesting cures made by this celebra
ted Tincture of most every disease that " flesh is heir to."
After all other remedies have failed, we ask the afflict*d
to call on the Agents and get pamphlets with certificates
Baltimore, General Agents.
For sale by C. Stott A Co., Washington, D. C.
Joseph Moffett, 7th st. near E.
R. S. T. Clssell, Georgetown.
jy lti?3mif 0. C. Kerry, Alexandria, Va.
nKCKAHDT &, lUlOTHKIl take this
, method of informing their Customers and the
] Public generally, that fliey havo opened a Branch of their
business on the Avenue ill the dwelling of the late Mr.
; Travkrs, between 12th and 13th streets, which they havo
handsomely fitted up, hoping by strict attention to busi
! lies* to share a portion of tho public patronage. They
1 will constantly keep on hand a fresh assortment of Cakes
and Candies of every description; Ice Cream, Jollies,
Charlotte Russe, Blanc-Mango, and Pyramids of every
stylo for table ornaments?the handsomest ever intro
duced into this city; together with a large variety of
French Confeotionarles. Their Saloons will bo constantly
kept open, where the choicest Creams of the season will be
kept. The most particular attention paid to furnishing
Ball Parties and Private Entertainments.
|\ H?-All orders left at tho Store on the corner of F
and wth streets, noar the Patent Ofllce, or on the Avenue,
} vflU r?c?iv? prompt ftttontwn, Juuv 27?
Dkath Of A P*A?JWOAL JOKBH ?The death
by hanging of young Mr. Wbitlock hab U??a
mentioned. On the day of Ma death h?
cheerful aa u?ufcl- heartily, and told the
uervant girl to wake him in the afternoon As
he was going up stairs, he turned and told the
irlrl that it was his intention to frighten her
and the oouipanion who slept with her, b?fore
his mother returned home. She begged him
not to, for the other girl was very nervous, and
uhe might go into convulsions. He laugneu
und passed on. He and his father were the
only members of the family at home. At the
appointed time the servant went up stairs to
awaken him, and found his body hanging. In
the third story of the house is a staple in the
wall, to which is allixed a clothes-line, which,
when not in use, is allowed to fall behind a
bureau. Directly under this is a mahogany
chair, with one of its legs broken. Ihere was
no doubt in the minds of the coroner and jury,
that llobert saw this line as he went up stairs,
and to frighten the girl about the time that she
was to awaken him, ho stood on the chair, wtli
the noose about his neck, in such a position
that it might appear he was about to hang him
self. The broken chair canted, and the fatal
termination came. That he made despeiate
efforts to extricate himself, is evident from tho
marks of his hands on the bureau, and of his
fingers on his neck.?Boston Courier.
Cuinksk Professionals.?The Warrenton
(Va ) Whig notices a cargo of two hundred and
twenty-three Chinese lately arrived at San Fran
cisco, all of whom were shoemakers but two?
their physician and their lawyer!?as follows:
A lawyer for tho pockets' sake,
A doctor too we find
Hut they coulJ muud their sohs thcuwelvoa,
And loft the priest behind.
JAMES A. CONNER, proprietor of the CITY EX
PRUSS, begs leave to inform the public that he
still continues to run his EXPRESS WAUGNto George
town daily, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. lie will ahw
convey baggage to and from tho Cars, and to any part ot
the city, at moderate charges, lie hopes, byfltrictatten
tion to bin business, and the prompt and faitbtul delivery
of all articles committed to his keeping, to merit a libera)
share of tbo patronage of tho public.
Orders left, with Mr. Lewis F. l'orry, at Glagett A Dod
son's, 1'eunsylvania avenue, near Oth street,
tonded to with promptness and iidelity. I au -i
T II WHITKHUR8T has extended tho field of hin op
.1 . erations over more ground than any daguerreo
tvpist in tho country. His Galleries may be found on
Pennsylvania avenue, between 4^ and 6th street*; No.
207 Baltimore street, Baltimore; corner Broadway and
Leonard street, New York; No.77 Main street, Richmond,
Sycamoro Btreet, Petersburg; Main street, Norfolk; and
Main street. Lynchburg, Virginia.
llis beautiful and highly finished electro-Paguorroo
ty pes are an extraordinary improvement, insuring faithful
and highly finished likenesses in a few seconds.
J 11 W. calls the attention of tho public generally to
his elegantly furnished Gallery over Lane and Tucker's
new store, where a free exhibition of pictures will be
g' Notwithstanding the unusual competition In Daguerre
otypes at the recent Fair of the Maryland Institute, he
was awarded tho first medal by tho j udges.
Likenesses of every description copied, and post-mortem
cases attended to. ap 3U-dt)mo
ATCIIES.?Anxious to reduce our stock of
Matches, wo will sell a few gross of them very
cheap. Apply immediately to J. F. CALLAN,
.. 5 corner E and 7 th streets.
au 5? -
mbs~Sley-s seminary fob young
South B street, Capitol Hill.
riMIE NEXT TERM of this institution will commence
1 September 1st. _ ,
. Members of Congress residing on Capitol IIill who ma\
have their young ladies with them will find the situation
of this institution convenient, as it is but a short distance
from the South Capitol gate.
au 19?lm [Nat. Into!.]
Corner of Third street and Indiana avenue.
0. C. WIGHT, Principal.
Prof I) E. UltOUX, Teacher of Modern Languges. '
Prof. It. GIBSON, Teacher of Drawing.
The next academic year of this Institution will com
mence on Monday, tho 1st of September.
For Circulars apply to the Principal, to Mr. tarothers,
or at the bookstore of Mr. \V. M. Morrison.
au lft?tf
Sccond story, Old Medical College, corner of h
and Tenth Streets.
riHIK duties of our Institution will be n-sumed on Mon
I day, Septemt>er 1st, ensuing. Circulars may be ob
tained at tho bookstores of Austin dray, 1 ?yl?r * ,Ul"7h
?;?' ? '' " "" aSk? Ni'uKSK. ?
au 14?<12m JUS. UAItVEY NOURSE.
OOUBUKY'S ACADEMY.?The duties of)
aSA. ""?1?ui"u?wU"5SS"i!wwi'iJOHr
au 11?fit ?.
riMIIS SEMINARY will be re-opened on Wednesday,
I the .Id of September. Terms made known on . ap
plication to the Principal, at his residence, oorner of 13th
and II Hi reels. kU 12-tlstSep
Corner of Wth street and New York Avenue.
riMIIS AC A.I)KMY will be opened on the 1st of Soptem
1 her Richap.us, A. M., Principal; IIknky CiiAsr-.
A B., Assistant Professor; A. 7,aVP0*k, Professor of
French and other modem languages. Prof. Oibhon hw
charge of Drawing nud Painting. Those "I'M "8 to en
ter tho School must make Immediate applicatbm fts the
register Is nearly full. Circulars obtained of tl10
pal, corner of 14th and X ; or at It. Farnham s Bookstore.
au 11?tf _ ?
Northwest corner of 'Jth and h streets.
''Terms fo"r Wdtog'"S" $200 per annum, including
ECtr day^puptls?per of five months-from
?10 to 822, in English and Mathematics.
Ancient and modern languages, Music,Drawing, Pant
ing &c., extra. Circulars to bo had of the 1 rincipal.
Ik* .pplta*. J.CuSK" ITincipJ.
Wasiunoton City, August 3, 1851.
au 4?dtSep.6* _____
Under the care of lieu. Alfred llolmead, Rector,
and Mr. Charles Tucker, A. M.
riMIE DUTIES of this Institution will be resumed on
L the 18th of August, in the lower Saloon of Mr. Ca
rUM|H English? Mathematics, Greek, Latin,
tho course will be full and thorough. Pupils fitted for
the Counting-room or Colloge.
The experience of fifteen years, in the management of
boys, induces the oonMent belief that the satisfaction ex
uressed by their numerous former patrons, both in Mart
land and Virginia, will be shared by those who may be
pleased to entrust tho education of their sons to their
'Tor term* and further information apply^to the
the Rov. \lfred llolmead, at his residence on Oth^Mwyn
E and F streets. _____
7tocher of French, tyanish and Italian?Translator and
Otnral Agent.
4 FEW BEGINNERS may be taught on the dulUr.
\ Classes of gentlemen meet at his room, Pennsyl
vania avenuo, north side, between 3<1 and street.
? - ?
rTWK DESIGN of this book Is, to furnish proot texts.
' 1 alphalK-tlcally and systematically arranged, on all
the Important topics introduced In the Old and New tes
taments. Great care has evidently been taken in selecting
and classifying these text*. They fill a limo. volume) ol
over 500 pages, airanged under no l(* Ujan 750
topics, with an average of J*rhaps half a down
tonic. Tho book is furnished with a full iudex, whiUi
' ?,iv increases its usefulness, and Is In every respect
Sot only a very valuable kind of work, but undoubtedly
th'Were it^Vic^MlVl^^***1' "tudled, and faith
follv used the result would l>e tho introduction of a now
rn Tn Mblical knowledge. It Is commended to all clergy
men to stu b'nts,to families, and especially to Sabbath
school teachers. The good paper, fair tyH and mechan
eal execution of the work, are worthy of its contents. Ihi
second stereotyped edition of this liook, being Its twenty
flfth edition (issued In I860), Is a groat Improvement on
former editions, In the number and arrangement of topic'.
The fact that 41,000 copies of It have Wn published
a few vears, to meet the gradually increasing de
Agent for this city.
..jweisar asuf
OARf BNTim^Nu' BUI Ll>*?, /'* *
(JLats of the firm vf Walker J- Witt,)
rrii uwiud a shop on B street, oppoeite Twuperaw*
11 Hall, bwtwoeu 9th ?ud 10th ?>WU- , ...
JUaidenou oa I street, north aide, between 6th and 7th
(tr??t?. mar at?tf
Our. of Ittmnluania Avenue and Thirteenth street,
way AVasuinuion Citi, D. 0. a *J
014 Wlne?, Liquors, Safari, Fre?h Foreign
Fruits, Comestibles, etc.,
t for BALK BY
jfttnntylvanui avenue, 3 tloori east of l<\fteetUh street.
may 17?ly ________. ??
Surgcou D?ntUt,
OJJice near Brown's Hotel, J^nrurylwtnia avenue,
Charges New York and Philadelphia priooa, and guaran
ties bis work to be equal to any done In those dues.
ap 6?tf
Dealers in
No. 6, opposite Centre Market,
ap 10 WahhimqtowOity,P. 0. d * 7
(Late of Warrenton, Va.)
OFFICE and Residence? F street, nortk side, on? door
above 10th. mw 87-Th*Stf
Gunsmith, Locksmith and Bell-Hanger,
Pennsylvania avunue, between 3d and Ud streets.
CANEri dressed and mounted; Machinery and Lamps
repaired; Turning done in Ivory and Metals.
June 4?co ?
I Office Evjhth street, opposite Market.
BUSINESS of All kinds requiring the attention of an
Attorney, Magistrate, or Agent, will be promptly
attended to. Claims brought beforo Congress and the
Departments will rcceive prompt attention by being
placed In his hamla. iun? 12 v
gee moderate.
Comer Tin, Sheet-Iron and Stove Manufacturer,
Bouth side Pennsylvania avenue, near Third street,
jy 26?tf Washington city, D^C.
Carpenter Jc Builder, Fstreet, between Vth ? 10th,
TS now prepare*! to fill orders for any work in his line.
I .lOltBING promptly executed, at moderate chargeH.
Residence corner New York avenue and Tenth street.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
PRACTISES in the Courts of the District, and prose
cute# claims of every description before the several
Executive Departments and before Congreci.
Office and residence 21st street, two doors north
of 1L . _ ap 11??
Jlouse and Sign Painter, and Glazier,
^nuth side Louisiana avenue, between 6th and 7th streets,
(Dwelling gout bystreet, lUwoen 7 th and 8th streets
Island,) is jirepared to execute to order all descriptions of
work in hisline. ap 16-to?
Officer, Collector, and General Agent.
BUSINESS entrusted to him will bo attended to in a
proper manner, and may be left with any of the
Magistrates. Residence C street, between V/f and 6th
streets, Washington, D. C. J?
Attorney at Law,
Will practise in the several courts of the District ol
Office on ?Yx street, near First Presbyterian Church.
jy 1&?itf
WM. INGMAN, Cabinet-maker, Carpenter, and 1 nn
ters' Furniture-maker, can be found by inquiring
it NOELL & BOYD'S Venetian lllind Manufactory, Penn
sylvlnia avenue, between 9th and 10th ^reets^outh
side. f*__
Chemist and Druggist.
Also?Agent for the Connecticut Health Insurance Co.
Corner of F and 11th streets, Washington, D. C.
jy 29?dAy 1 ?
Devoted to African Colonization and Civilization,
to Literature and General Intelligence.
rrUIK undersigned propose to publish, in the Ci y o
I Washington, a weekly nowspaper, bearing the above
title, and dedicated to a sound morality in Polities, t" the
Union of the States, to the cause of African Colonization
and CivilixaUon, and te all tepics of a high and general
interest to their country and mankind. They will en
deavor to impress upon the People and Governmentof
the United States and of the several States the importance
of colonUing in Africa, with their own consent, the free
I . ,.r (?,,inr of thin country, and such as may bocome
free ' They will communicate to Uie public ail important
InTo'rmatiTn Uiey may obtain in regard;to;lhe Geography,
Tliev will aim to render the journal an instructive and
f.*i Winilv Newsnauor, and to secure for its columns,
aTtlie public favor shall enable them, contributions, lite
"W'cSSESf^tSS''^ ? *. .f a.
.. ? nr National Era. and ?xcimhI in size the
InteJUffeneer or the Union of this city ; and, with but lew
advertisements, will be nearly filled with matter designed
10It wUl'be 'printed"w I tli'ruwr type, on fine white paper,
and in mochanical execution, be equal te the best news
Pi?Ua-The?c"rSi?n ??an will bo two dollars a
yTX?te?or^o\h"rt, who tn?j 1? pleaded to act a.?
voluntary agent*, will be responsible to tho*o who inav
nay ov^ to tb.m subscriptions; and to the onterofsucl
i . Ar <n imv who limy iuukn romittanoo* for tlit
X^^-Vit wnfL supplied on the following
. |o 00
glnglo copy for one year ? *
Single copy for six mouths ? 1 w
Threo copies for one year - - ? ?
gix copies for one year * " * on on
Twenty copies for one year VV
Twenty copies for six months - -
The first number of this pap?!r may be expected to ap
pear early in August, and it is desired that those who are
disposed te further its great objects, by their patronage,
should indicate their wishes before that time.
communications, addressed (post paid) to Gurley A Good
loe, will receive Immediate attention. r ^ GURLEY,
Colonization Rooms, Washington, June U, 1851.
At a meeting of the Executive Committe?'_ of tho Amerl
can Colonization Society, held or) the 10th instant, the
Secretary laid before the Committ<-e the Prospectus of a
newsrSr to be culled the Christum Xutrsman, and to
W devoted'"to sound morality in PoliticMo the Cnlonol
the States, to the causo of African Colonization and Civili
ration an I to all topics of a high and general interest to
Ui lr%un ry"-to L published in this city, by the Rev
It R. Gurley and D. R. G.sxlloc; alter the r.-nding ol
"'Vf'^'^O'hat we cordially and earnestly reoommend
the Christian Statesman te the patronage of the friends ol
African Colonliattou throughout the United States.
June Its W. Mel. A IN. Sec. Am. Col. Soc.
i (OURS OK Trains or
I I the Main Stem and Washington lininch of th<
H.iltimoro A Ohio Railroad: .
F?r Cumberland, Hancock, Martinsburg, Harpers Ferty
Wineheeter,Frederick. Kllicott's MllU.aad li.tormediaU
noluts, dally, at 8 o'clock, a. m. Night Express Trair
for Cumberland and the West leaves daily at 9 o clock,
D. HI.
# Kastwardi.t.
From Cumberland, daily, at 8, a. in.
Do. do., by express trUn for Baltimore,
St 10 P; ni.
Hancock, 10V^ ?? nl
Martinstuirg, 11 t-In'
Harper** Ferry, 1 Va "? m- , ?
Frederick, 7 W a m. and 1 V p. m.
Passengers going to, or coming from the West, by th*
express train, passover the mountains in the day-tin ,
gnd those who loave New York at 9 o jlock, a. m., ?
ptune throitgh by the express train IY.?m 1 h'!,^ L 'in
will lake the evening train t'rom Ilaltiniore.
from Cumberland will arrive te l.reaktint at B?Itiim re,
and Its passengers can take the early line for l liiladdl hi.
?nd New York. ? ,,, .
| Through tickets arc Issued between Baltmiort s nd
; Wheeling * . ? * ? 10 00
I Between Baltimore and Pittsburg . ? ? ? ? ?
' And betweao Philadelphia and Wheeling . .
And bftween Philadelphia and Pittsburg . . ? "
Between Staunton. Va.. and llalUmore . . . ?
The accommodation train b?aween Baltimore and ?red
erlck will run as at present, leaving lialtlniore at 4 .i,, p,
m . and Frederick at 40 minutes past 7, ft. m., Sundajf
excepted. Fare at the rabi of three centsi per mile.
From Baltimore at 6, a. m. and 6 p. m., daily; and at 9
? m.. daily, except Sundays.
From Washington at 0, a. n?. and 6, p. m., and at 9, a. m.
' dally, except Sundays.
| Round trip tickets, to and from the Relay House, thlrtj
! c?nts each. By order: ,
| joar U4? 3 T, ENGLAND, Agent.
\ . iiuryaim ! liar yam* 11
MO LAIN * UARKY, Sbtmitii would moat r.v
ipsotfully Inform tbelr tricuiU Mod tb* public gene
rally, that they ar? positively selling OS their ntcxk ot
fcpi fug ?""! Bummer OooJa it prime ooat, for CASH. 1'ur
chaoeri iu?y re?t aMured that there 1? uo humbug about It.
Ail they uk is a call, and they promise that none Khali
go away disappointed.
4(jr Rememlier that their store, for the preoeut, in on
SEVENTH STREET, between H and I. [June g?tf
E Street, between 13M and 1 Ith, WathitujOm I\t<j, D. C.
MAKBLK MANTLES, Monument*, Tomlw, Head and
Foot Stones, Ac., constantly on hand, of the beat
quality and workmanship. All kinds of Stone, for Build
ing, &c. All kinds of work iu liis line faithfully executed
at the shortest notice. _ ap 16?tf
General Banking and Exchange Buainoai.
rpilK undersigned respectfully announce to the public
X thut they have entered into copartnership for the
transaction of u general Exchange aud llanking business
in the city of Washington, under the firm of?
All business entrusted to them will be attended to with
promptness and tidullty.
Late Treasurer of the United States
Of Alexandria, Virginia.
Of the city of Washington.
mar 24 tf Of Baltimore, Maryland.
I.IIjY PAPKll.?One sheet of this Paper will de
; Btroy 10,000 Flies. It is for sale, with full direc
tions, at the corner of E and Seventh sts., by
Juno 21? J- F. ( ALLAN.
. S circulated extensively among the Merchants of that
I city, and travellers find it in all the Hotels, Steam
boats, aud Railroad conveyances diverging from Phila
delphia. It contains a correct list of the names ol those
persons arriving at the principal hotels daily, and conse
quently is the best means the Proprietors of Hotels in
other cities can have for extending their business among
the travelling public.
. for the use of Merchants, Storekeepers, and others;
a full assortment of various sizes now in store. The aljove
Chests are warranted equal to any other make for security
against Firo or Burglars, having withstood the test of both
without injury or logs to the owners, in any Instance.
A 1.90?In store and for sale:
Seal and Letter Copying Presses and Books
Trucks, for moving Boxes, Bales, Ac., in Stores
Druggists' Presses, with Cylinders and Pans
Packing Levors, for Dry Good Stores, &c.
Portable Shower Baths, of new construction, suitable for
WHrm or cold water
Refrigerators, for keeping Meats, Butter, Milk, Ac., In
dining room, hall, or cellar
Water Filters, for purifying muddy or Lad Water, caused
bv Rains, Limestone, Marl, or other causes.
61 S. Second, 1 door below Chestnut street,
mar U? Philadelphia
OWING to the lat* revolutions and counter revolutions
among the natious of Europe, which have followed
each other in such quick succession, end of which " the
end is not yet," the leading periodicals of Great Britain
have become invested with a degree of Interest hitherto
unknown. They occupy a middle grouud between the
hasty, disjointed, aud necessarily imperfect records of the
newspapers, and the elaborate and ponderous treaties to
be furnished by the historian at a future day. Whoever
reads these periodicals obtains a correct aud connected ac
count of all the Important political events of the Old
World, as they occur, and learns the various conclusions
drawn from them by the leading Bplrits of the age. l"e
American publishers therefore deem It proper to call re
newed attention to the workB they publish, a?:d the very
low prices at which they are offered to subscribers. 1 he
following is their list, viz:
This London Quarterly IUviiW,
The Edinburgh Review,
The North British Review,
Ti Westminster Review, and
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine.
In these periodicals are contained the views, moderately
though clearly and firmly expressed, of the three greatest
parties in England?Tory, Whig, and Radical; " Black
wood" and the " London Quarterly" are Tory, the " Edin
burgh Review" Whig, and the "Westminster Review"
Liberal. The " North British Review" owes Its establish
ment to the last great ecclesiastical movement in Scotland,
and is uot ultra in Its views on any one of the grand de
partments of human kuowledge. It was originally edited
by Dr. Chalmers, and now, since his death, is conducted
by hl? son-iu-law. Dr. llanna, associated with Sir David
Brewster. Its literary character is of the very highest
order The " Westminster," though rejtrinlrd under that
title only, is published in England uuder the title of the
" Foreign Quarterly and Westminster," it being In fact a
uulou of the two Review!' formerly published and reprinted
under separate titles. 11 has, therefore, the iuIvantage, by
this combination, of uniting in one work the best features
of both, as heretofore issued.
The above Periodicals are reprinted in New Vork, imme
diately on their arrival by the British steamers, in a beau
tiful clear type, on tine white paper, and are faithful co
pies of the originals?Blackwood's Magazine being an ex
act foe simile of the Ediuburgh editiou.
For any one of the four Reviews, $8 00 per annum.
For any two, do & 00 "
For any three, do 7 00
For all four of the Reviews, 8 00 "
For Blackwood's Magazine, 3 00 "
For Rlackwood aud three Reviews, 0 00 "
For Blackwood and four Reviews, 10 IK) '?
Paymentt to be made in all case* in advance.
^^Remittances and communications should be always
addressed, post paid or franked, to the Publishers,
79 Fulton street, New York,
mar 24? Entrance 54 Gol.d st.
( i REAT chance for Book Agents to clear from $600 to
T $1,000 a year! Books of universal utility. SEARS'
NEW AND POPULAR WORKS?the most splendidly
Illustrated volumes for families ever Issued on the Ame
rican continent, containing more than sou*, thousand kw
oravinos, designed and executed by the most eminent
artists of England and America.
The entire series have been carefully examined, and
strongly recommended to Superintendents, Trustees, and
Teachers of Schools, by the following distinguishi-d gentle
men: Ills Kxoellenejr Hamilton Fish. Kx-Govornor of thi
State of New York; Christopher Morgan, Secretary oi
State, and Superintendent of Common Schools, N. Y.; T.
Romeyn Beck, esq., M. D., Secretary of the Regents of the
University, N. Y.; the Legislative Committee on Colleges,
Academies, and Common Schools: Rev. Edward Hitch
cock, LL. D., President of Amherst College, and Professor
of Geology, Massachusetts.*
Amherst College, Dec. 25, 1848.
Mr. Robert Sean?Dear Sir: I have looked oyer the en
tire series of your valuable publications with much in
terest and profit; and am quite surprised at the amount
of literary labor you have performed, and the research it
must have cost you to obtain so many fine illustrations,
while you have an active superintendence of an extensive
business. 1 am also gratified at the decidedly moral ami
religious influence which your books will exort, and can
not but hope that they will do much to counteract tin
effects of that light and immoral literature which delugei
the land, and, like the frogs of Egypt, comes up even U
the kneading troughs of our kitchens. May you live lon^
to follow your plans.
Respectfully and sincerely, your obliged servant,
? The works alludiil to as having l>een examined and
f recommended, are as follows: A new and popular Pictorial
Description of the United States, Pictorial History of tie
American Revolution, Scenes and Sketches of Continental
Europe. Description of Great Britain and Ireland, Picto
rial Family Annual, Treasury of Knowledge. Information
for the People, The Family Instructor, Pictorial Hundaj
Book, Bible Biography, Bible History, aud second serlei
of The Wonders of the World.
Gentlemen of respectability and of good ad Ire- - wantet
to sell the above popular Pictorial Works, l'ull pnrticu
lnrs ot the principles and profits of the Agency will t><
given i'ii ipplication either personally or by letter. Tin
l.ostuge mnst in all cases be paid.
Please address ROBERT SEARS, Publisher,
m<4! '2X? 128 Kwmu street, N.Y.
\V AGENCY, No. 116 Market st., Philadelphia.
associate ornc*8.
K. RUSSELL A CO., (late Geo, W. Gordon,) Boston.
J. D. PRATT A CO., Baltimore
WM R. PIERCE A CO., Cincinnati,
CliAS. BARLOW & CO., St. Louis.
WM. B. PIERCE & CO., Louisville.
Tl:!s well known and extensive establishment Invite.
Merchant*, Mar.uJaetui-oM, i id Bankers to an Itive tigtv
tion of its system, and gratuitous test of its recoi ds of th<
standing aud responsibility M traders ii. the U. States.
Our increased patrouage has enabled Us, during the pas:
year, to open offices In Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Is uls
and New Orleans; these, In connection with our long e?
tabllshod office.* iu Roston, New York, and Baltimore
onable us to offer facilities and advantages which t ime am
expo lence alone could accumulate, and which we b??B?vi
are unequalled.
We are prepared to make collections In any cf tlv Sf t :
Territories, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, I im ""e
Germany, and in any commercial port. <A the world, nn-l
will pay particular attention to old and doubtful I'" ?
the collection of which class we have extraordinary fa* 'ill
ties, and have been unusually successful.
Having full lists and reports of nearly all th'- Attorney*
In the United States, we are at all times prepared to tur
uish you, gratuitously, the names of good and responslt
lawyers in any part of the United Mtatos and < armdas.
Connected with our Agency Is a Commissioner for n r
lv all the States, who is enabled to afford every mcjllt J
and leiral form for preparing account*. Ac., for imm?ltat<
use, tte?r?by avoiding a delay often fatal to the collects*
of ft debt. Ivn ?
Gregory'! California Package Xzpr*M. .
1H* SUBMClti I it. OH will dMjMteh
times per mouth, by Steamship*, via
., _ ol paroela, jewelry, > al u? W?u and mall
able matter, which wililn all owe arrive In gan Fran
oUtoo by the mall tteamera, and be delivered In adTMio* of
the mail.
^T8 t? announea to the public that we hare entered
ttefuth*1* " u v? transportation house on
f.?! Ph ' Thf *** boun'1 to "? t<> transport our good.
uSwiS?" to ?? odea,** ,,/aU oUur emrutu,
and havtug tnadr arrangement* with the U. b. &U11 and
all other hlearners on the Pacific, tor the earrlajte of our
good*, we are prepated to guarantee their delivery In Ban
i ranoiaco within a it peel tied time.
In addition to the superior qualities of the line, tor the
transaction of Merchandise, iU man 1 (est advantages over
the U. S. Mail aud all other competitors, lu the trauspor
tutien of letter* and parcel* between the Pacific and At
lantic Slates, are well known and already generally ap
preciated by the public. The value of a mercantile letter,
delivered by us thro or four days in advance of all other
competition, being properly estimated.
We hare also established agencies in GUAYAQUIL,
CALLAO, aud VALPARAISO, for which porta, and other
cities on the South American coast, we are prepared to
n-ceive LETTERS an.l PARCELS, which will be promptly
despatched to their dubtination by our agent in Panama.
The until for South America is made up but once a
Managers and Agents,
119 Pear, cor. of Wail St., New York.
REFER, BY PERMISSION, to Messrs. Johnson A L< w
den, 116 Wall st.; S|>olTord, Tlleston A Co., 48 South st.;
Nesmith & Co., 60 Pine st.; aud Levi Apgar A Co., 76 Hoy
street. mar 21
\\TM- H- CAKY A CO., 24a and '245 Pearl street, New
\\ York, invito the attention of the City and Distant
Jobbing trade to their large and variod stock of good*
which they offer at the lowest rates, either for cash or ap
proved credit.
Under their present arrangements they can oiler great
inducements on all their Foreign Goods, and will gi\u
| their customers the benefit of the largo discounts w filch
they have gained by tho increased amount of their pur
They pledge themselves to sell many stylus of American
Goods st manufacturers' prices.
I Their stock will be kept full during the whole year, and
j all orders will be promptly supplied. They particularly
invite the Mexican and South American dealers to uxuir
me their sto<k. of Jetvelry, manufactured expressly lor
those markets; also their stock of Ivory Combs, adapted
for exportation.
The following articles constitute a part of their stock.
Linen Threads?Varuus makers, plain and satin finished,
black, drab, white, brown, and colored, Nos. 20x80
Spool Cotton?ClarkN, Alexander's, Smith's Eagle, . i ]
KeflBngton's, white, black, and colored, Nos. 10x160,
25 to 300 yards
Tupes and llobbins?Linen and cotton, assorted colors and
Cutlery?Razors Knives, Shears, Scissors, and Tulle
Knives and Forks, Wnde A Butcher's, Wostenholm's,
; Kodger.s', and other celebrated makers
Brushes?Hair, Cloth, Teeth, Paint, Varnish, Shaving.
Shoe, Crumb, Horse, Scrubbing, Ac., Ac., in great
Musical Instruments?Accordions, Violins, Flutes, Fifes,
Clarionets, Hnrmoulcans, 4c.
Fans?A large and rich assortment, consisting of beauti
fully carved pearl, ivory, bone, and wood sticks; also
plain sticks, with plain, fancy, and slivered paper
Ivory Combs?Fine H, Sb, SSS, and NFU, 1 %x4 % inches
Com rip?Plain and foaoy Tuck, Dressing, Pocket, and Side,
c.t -hell, buffalo, a id horn
Guns?Single and Double, English and American, real
and ii.iJmtlon Twl it; also i variety of Rifles
Pistol, i .f-'lish and German, Pocket, Belt, and Holster;
Colt's and Allen and Tliurber's He vol vers; also, a
complete assortment of Sporting Apparatus
Perfumery?Lubin's, Mangcnet A Coudray'B, Fiver's, Pin
aud's' and Ede's fine Extracts
Soaps? I/m'ti White mid Brown, Windsor and Honey;
Lubin's, Gucrlain's, l'inaud'fl, and Mangcnet A Cou
dray's assorted stylep, Ac., Ae.
Also?Percussion Caps, Needles, Pins, Hooks and Eyes,
Steel Pens, Susjieiulers, Buttons of all styles, Pocket
books, Port Monnaies, Purser, Stationery, Beads,
Whalebone. Look1 tig-glasses, Ac., Ac.
Ivory, Tortoise Shell, Pearl Shell, Horns, Tips, Ac., for
Catalogues in the French, Spanish, German, and Kng
llsh languages. mar 24?
STATIONERS' WAREHOUSE, 26 South Fourth Street,
Philadelphia. (Wholesale only.)
JIYMAN L. LIPMAN, Importer of French and Eng
lish stationery, offers to the trude, at Stationers' Ware
house, a complete astortment of
of the best quality, c.t the lowest rates. mar 24?
BRINK a DVJIIBIN, Iron A Steel Mer
cliniitb, Importer* and dealers in American,
H?,'de, Norwegian, Refined, Cable, and common English
Iroii; manufacturcrii of Boiler llivetB and Spikes, Iioop,
Hanoi, Scroll, Flue, Boiler, Sheet. Small Iron, Axle Iron,
llil North Water street, and 54 North Delaware avenue.
mar 24?
,d.roet, above Tenth, Philadelphia, have just received
per s.Vainer splendid Table and Piano Covers. Damask
i Table >.' Cloths, Napkins, Moreens, and Worsted Damasks.
mar 24?
First Premium Grand and Square Pianos.
/rtMar?, KNABE A G.E1ILE, Manufacturers,
Nos. 4, 0, H, 9, and 11 Kutaw street, ilal
IJSfTl tin'ore. New tributes to the excellence
1/ ? If 1/ 1/ of Ba 'tiniore mado Piano Fortes. Tho
Maryland Institute, at 'heir last exhibition, awarded to
us the First Premium for i'Ue best Grand Piano, aud also
the First Premium for the b"st Square l'luno exhibited.
It will be recollected that in l&i'?, our Piano also received
the First Premium by the same Institute.
Such testimonials are not easily earned, and are not to
be lightly regarded. We may therefore say that having
taken the First Premium, wherever our Instruments met
with competition, we offer them to the public with a con
fidence we might not otherwise avow, guaranteeing all
Instruments made by us to give satisfaction, or they may
be exchanged within six months from day of sale. Tho
durability of our workmanship we further guarantee for
five years.
Having just completed large additions to our Manufac
tory, we hope now to supply all who may honor us with
their patronage; and we invite all who desire a superior
Instrument, carefully adapted to the climate?a very Im
portant matter, and which we have made our careful
study?to call and examine our various styles, which we
are constantly finishing, and which will be sold at the
lowest market price for ca?h or approvod paper.
In addition to the above public testimonials, our Pianos
are recommended In terms of tho highest praise by the
following eminent artists, whose certificates can be seen
at our Warerooms: Charles Bochsa, the great composer
and musical director to Mad. A. Bishop; Mr. Geo. Ktioop';
Miss Adele arid Charles Ilohnstock, and other distin
?uished performers. To the many accomplished Professor*
and Amateurs, by whom nur llanos are constantly used,
whilst maklmr our thankftil acknowledgments to them
we refer for further testimonials.
Old Pianos taken in exchange.
Pianos hired and tuned. , mar 24 .
BOW UN A McNAMKE, 112 and 114 Broadway, New
York, have now In store, and will rccelve by early
packets and steamers, a very extensive assortment of
French, German, English, Italian, and India
? >m bracing every variety of the newest and richest styles
offered in this market. Humplo cards are now rc-. 'ly
for exhibition. Merchants from every section of f!n>
dountry, and particularly our old friends and custom
urs, are assuriil that every attention hi. been paid to
present a stock of goods, unequalled, either in extent or
variety, by any similar establishment In the country.
Many of our richest goods are manufacturi-d from dc
idgns or samples furnished by us, and will he found
mlspted to the I<e?t trade in the larger cities and town*
The following embrace tho leading articles of our Stock;
Extra rich Chens and Brocade Silk.i.
Rich Paris Bareges, Muslins, and Organdie?,
Rich printed Silk Tissues, new article.
New style English Poplins.
l'.arege de Lalncs, Paris patterns.
New style French 1'rinU.
English, Scotch, and American Printed Lawus.
Super Black Gros de Rhine*.
French and English 'llnghtms.
Plain and embroidered Canton Crape Shawle.
Rich Paris Ribbons, large a^sortttcnt.
Millinery Silks. Crapes, Av. .
Dress Trimmings, newest ft vie.
. | Bombazines, Alpaca*, and .Muslin de Lalne*.
Laces and Etnhrofdi \c.
I lnciis and White Gocd? of every description.
Kid (Hove-, best maun'' lure.
English and German W and Cotton Hosiery.
I (sun; and Square Cashnuie Shawls.
! Rich Silk Mantillas, great variety.
: Pongee and Spitulftel I Handkerehieft.
| Italian Cravats and Sewing Silks.
, Al-o. a great *"sriety of rich goods for evening dresses
1 not counter ? xl In the hIkwc.
Also, Sin hi ws, Safnets, Fancy Silk Crnvut*. Bay State
plaid liong Shawls. Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs, Green
' Bnrct' ?. Sntlns, SllK S"arf<. Su^t>erdcr?, Plain bliek and
! hifltli colored MotuudSnc do Laiurs. Turkey red Prints,
' Curtilu Mu-Jtus, Oil Silks, Belt Ril'bons, Serges, Satin
' ' Vesting?, *c.
99' Tbode who visit this market for ATX' CotJt, wh?
v.otild consult thdr Interest, and who desire to see a
1 .'tuck nnsurpa-s<-d lu every deparlment at the vory low,,
' est market prillare rerrTtfully invited U> call.
? I roar 21 ?
1'Ki of liiHiidies. W . and Segars, No. I Ea
cl Place, Baltimore, oiler for sale an cxtensivo
? assortment of?
; BRANDIES?J. H"nuessy, J. J. Duraml, superior old
Jean l-oiii-. 1 si 1 arnl 1S;(N; Maglory; Otanl, Dupuy A Co.;
1 l'lnvt, CastlPon A ('<? ; Martcll; J. Durand A Co.; A.Scig
nett<-; J. J. IMtpuy snd J. V'.rnud brands.
WINES?Champnjrne, Claret, and Hock, of various
. uratles. Also. Port, Sherry, Madeira, Sicily, Lisbon, Bur
? * gundv. Malaga, and other Wines, in great variety.
' KW1AH8?Havani and Prlncljie Segars, of approved
brands, constantly receiving from the manufacturers.
HOLLAND GIN?Grape and dray Mare brrnds. of fine
r i flavor: also, London Brown Stout and Porter: Bordeaux
i I and Marseilles Sweet, Oil, Sardines, Macearoiii. Vermicelli,
? Olives, Capers. Casttle S?ap, Bay Rum Roll Brtmstei:*,
I Canary Seed, At aiar 24?

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