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Washington seminary, d. c.
TOiSw? KXERCI8E8 of this Institution
X wili reooinweuue on the first day pf September
The course of education In the Seminary embrace* two
department,: the Ob** andXTe^nUlT^
Murcan tile departuiout oumpri^a the English and French
fcXSft Geography, Hiatory, Book-kuepiug, Algebra,
M^hemaUcs, and English Rhetoric. Special attention
? ? English branches ol education.
I he 01as*ioal department, besides the above specified
studied, comprehends the Latin and Greek languages,
nUUcs' ' ant* 'be higher branches of Mathe
Besides the olassioal and mercantile, there is in the Sem
inary a Preparatory department, which includes English
Urammar, writing, the elements of Arithmetic, Geogra
phy, and History; the object of which is to quality the
pupils for the higher departments. No one will be ad-t
nutted who does not know how to read.
Tile Classical department ....... |12 60
The Mercantile department 10.00
-The Preparatory department 800
^ 21 - TuThAS Ot President.
On F street, between 12th and VSth.
THE DUTIES of this long-established Institution will
be resumed on Monday, the 15th of September, and
ins desirable that the pupils should be punctual in their
attendance on that day, for an early organization of the
r ?i1"88*8; Paruutfl and guardians who wish to en
tor their daughters are resjMjctfully Invited to do so pre
vious to the opening.
The location of this InstituUon is in the most healffiy
part of the city, the water excellent, the air pure, and
the play-grounds sufficiently largo to permit the pupils
to use healthful exercise. The several apartments are
spacious and well ventilated, and the health, conve
nience and oomfort of the pupila at all times regarded.
All apparatus necessary for illustrating the various
branches ot natural Defence is furnished, and the services
of a professed French teacher secured.
For references, Ac., circulars may be obtained at
the book-stores of R. Karuham, Taylor A Maury, or at
the Seminary. After the first of September, the Princi
pals will take great pleasure in showiug those wishing to
enter scholars through their establishment. ^5
leriuH, in advance.
Tuition in higher branches, including ornamental
Noedle-work and Drawing, per quarter, - . $10 00
Preparatory Department, do. - - - 6 00
Use of Maps and Apparatus, do. - . - 60
Fuel for the winter season, - - . . 1 60
Music, Painting, and the languages, extra charges.
MB8. KESLEY'S seminary fob young
South B street, Capitol Hill.
TIIE NEXT TERM of this Institution will oommence
September 1st
Members of Congress residing on Capitol Hill who mav
have their young ladles with them will find the situation
of this Institution convenient, as it is bat a short distance
from the South Capital gate.
au 10?lm [Nat. Intel.]
Corner of Third street and Indiana avenue.
O. C. WIGHT, Prinoipal.
A. O. CAROTHERS,') . , . .
D. L. SllOREY, j As?stants.
Prof. D. E. GROUX, Teacher of Modern Languges.
Prof. R. GIBSON, Teacher of Drawing.
The next academic year of this Institution will com
mence on Monday, the 1st of September.
For Circulars apply to the Principal, to Mr. Carothers,
or at the bookstore of Mr. W. M. Morrison. ?
au 10?tf
Second story, Old Medical College, corner of E
and Tenth Streets.
11IIE duties of our Institution will be resumed on Mon
day, September. 1st, ensuing. Circulars may be ob
tained at the bookstores of Austin Gray, Taylor A Maurv,
and R. Farnham; or of ourselves, corner of E and Tenth
street*. JAMES NOURSE,
au 14?<12m JOS. HARVEY NOUR8E.
Corner of 14th street and New York Avenue.
T| HIS ACADEMY will be opened on the 1st of Septem
ber. L Richards, A. M? Principal; Henri Cuase
A. B., Assistant Professor; A. Zappone, Professor of
French and other modern languages. Prof. Uiuso.v has
charge of Drawing and Painting. Those wishing to en
tor the School must make immediate application, as the
register is nearly full. Circulars obtained of the Pnnci
auTl^tf 14th aDd 1: ?r Et R' Farnham'? Bookstore.
Under the care of Rev. Alfred Holmead, Rector,
and Mr. Charles Tucker, A. M.
TIIE DUTIES of tills Institution will be resumed on
the 18th of August, in the lower Saloon of Mr. Ca
rusi's building.
lu Knglish, Mathematics, Greek, I^tin, and French,
the course will be full and thorough. Pupils fitted for
the Counting-room or College.
The experience of fifteen years, In the management of
boys, induces the confident belief that the satisfaction ex I
pr?!ssed by their numerous former patron*, both in Mary
land and Virginia, will be shared by those who may be
pleased to entrust the education of their sons to their
For terms and further information apply to the Rector,
the Rev. Alfred Holmead, at his residenoe on 9th, between
E and F streets. [ jy 2??dtf
Tmclur cf French, Spanish and Italian?Translator and
? (Jeneral Agent.
A FEW BEGINNERS may be taught on the Guitar.
Classes of gentlemen meet at his room, Pennsyl
vania avenue, uorth side, between 3<1 and 4}^ Htreet. ?
Jit WHITElfURST has extended the field of his op
. erations over more ground than any daguerreo
typlst in the country. Ills Galleries may be found on
Pennsylvania avenue, between 4^ and bth streete; No.
207 Baltimore street. Baltimore; oornor Broadway and
Leonard street, New York; No.77 Main street, Richmond;
Sycamore street, Petersburg; Main street, Norfolk; and
Main street, Lynchburg, Virginia.
(lis beautiful and highly finished electro-Daguerreo
types are an extraordinary improvement, insuring faithful
and highly finished likenesses in a few seconds.
J. U. W. calls the attention of the publio generally to
his elegantly furnished Gallery over i>ane and Tucker's
new store, where a free exhibition of picture* will be
Notwithstanding th? unusual competition in Daguerre
otypes at the recent Fair of the Maryland Institute, he
was awarded the first medal by the judges.
Likenesses of every description copied, and post-mortem
cases attended to. ap 30?dllmo
RMCKIVH.D THIS DAY fresh Norfolk Oysters, which
| will be served In every known style. Also the above
delicious Birds, of which the undersigned will keep a
supply?as woll as all the delicacies of the season. Pri
vate supper rooms and persons living in the country can
be served at any hour with dinner, and Oysters for them
selves or ladies.
The subscriber respectfully requests a rnj? from his
fronds. it. w ALLEN,
Empire Hotel and Restaurant,
au 28?eo Pa. avenue, near 4)/$ street.
No. 5, opposite the Centre Market.
21 HALF PIPES best white French Brandy for Peaches.
We shall be pleased to present our customers with a
recijie for preserving them with Brandy in a superior
manner and with but little truublo.
For sale by JNO. B. KIBBF.Y A CO.
au aa?l'iteod
Under the. direction qf Aarox Iluonr Palmer, of New
York, and Woethihoto* Garrettso* Smithin, of A>to
OrUant. Attorney! and GmnteUori nf the Supreme (hurt
of thf United State*.
This establishment Is formed for the following objects ^
1. For practising law In the Supreme Court of the Uni
ted States, and- conducting professional business before
2. For the prosecution and recovery of all claims, inlaw
or equity, against the United States before Congress or
the Executive Departments, or against foreign Govern
ments before Boards of Commissioners.
3. For ths settlement of accounts with the State, Trea
sury, War, Navy, Post Office, and Interior Departments,'
and obtaining the remission Of fines, penslties, and for
feitures for alleged violations of the revenue, post office,
or other laws.
4. For securing letters patent for inventions from the
United States or from foreign Governments, and procu
ring land warffcnts and pensions under the various pen
sion laws of the United States.I
j generally, embracing debts, legacies,
trie? nrWI 'D United States and foreign coun
*nd ?*'? of lands In any of the
Btatetor Territories of the Union, and loaning mftneys
^ " v.?, of fands In Unite,! States and SUte
?rthfl dividends t.herron, ami,
Juno 30 lj.
Episcopal prayer-books.
Catholic Prayer-books.
Methodist Hymn-book*
Unitarian Hymn-books.
Presbyterian Hymn-books.
Baptist Hymn-books. In every variety.
For sale at the published price, hy
June W?tf Booksellers, near ?th
ALL of Harper * Unthm^ PublioaUoiu.
All of Appleton's Publications.
All of Putiiam'* Publications,
iJfSSlffSt Bo#toB; 411 b0Bto p"bU*e<1
for Mle at the publishers' priced by
Juuo 2H~lt _ __ Bookseller*, near 1Kb at.
RuLkD LETTER PAPER at U k mini
Ruled Foolscap Writing p<?iu>r at *1
Good Envelopes at 41 *12! f? *
w.| p ,*ViT _ * J* > "id $1 60s thouaaud.
^ 36 ?'nu a rL^ * *"**?
XT cil! tk l opened ?u office in Washington
Kir Awi^ "? SS ? SSffStSS?
! ,=5?fiisars:
in Vtr^in^ i8 f^<3acy to ""'I ? goodly number of fsrms
trey Bq,iM weat ?f the a? u?f
1 KiSP=^.
MS?- 'ZC in8tr"0U - Wuno^d'in V*
with the SctonaaofD on the 0rKan andSeraphine,
"" raU??>'" " "??
giu aud follow th? flrC.^ in mU4lS' ,that should be
Saft.? aarja-a ssass
character, and be feels confident that he is ahU t^
?anneirivancBT^bri^ ????
may secure convenient hourMbr theTr'^o'L^)/n?*
&& M^/Jr
< JecWe J?? ' a?,d at the Musical Depot of Mr.
HHbu. where orders left wg, J^gUr at
1 "rtkfesJ wWch l?^nVJSn " *VPP'r?f the foIlo"ing
in this market for oash; MU " '?W M ?* can ^
j.l?.0?"8rTin> bright and leaded, 14 by 20
Bright Tin, 10 by 14; Sheet Zinc
Swede ' Md Square ^-American, English and
CkrtStES "??P Jron. Plough Plates and Landsides
Cast M and *nK11*h Blister Steel
I n at "uBgy Axlei, and Wagon Boxes
Horse Shoes, Horse Nails, and Nail Rods
Cut and Wrought Nails and Spikes
lTPt QiJnd?tones, Wheelboirows, and Trucks
Ploughs, Harrows, and CulUvators - 8
Com Shelters and Corn Mills
Vegetable Cutters and Straw Cutters
>* neat Fans and Churns
Sausage Cutters and Sausage Stutters
2 Cattle Ties and Hull Rings
Root Pullers and Bramble Hooks
Fruit Gatherers and Corn Parchers
vmh v p??e8' Fork*' Rake8' and Does
Folding Ladders and Water Rams
Vegetable Boilers and Garden Syringes
Wire for Fencing and Screw Wrenched
Oarden Trowels, Pruning Scissors, Ac., Ac.
au ll_rw>9m ' *. K- WHEELER,
u e?a2m Opp. Brown's Hotel, Pa. ar.
W. ?-J> ?PP<>site the Centre Market.
? H AVE JUST RECEIVED a large stock of stun.
dard white and clarified Sugars for Preserving
wmcn we are selling at the lowest market prices *'
ulated L?af' <&?**. Gran
^?ps^gsxsgr- A1?- "? -
fu^i&od JN?- B" KUJBEY 4 CO.
better THAN GOLD!
.. T _ _ PORTSMOUTH, July 9,1861.
Mi. Bocsh Dear Sir: I feel it a duty to make
?JT3&?4,?V5? ssrr
LT?" d~""'""""1 ??"*'~
tent that life was really a burden. The attack of it on
me was different to that on any other person of whom 1
'"h;.,rtl " tlmes 11 the palpitation of the
heart, there was a constant thumping and beaUng witb
m?n ab?Ut 016 re?'on ?f my heart, chest, and
stomach; some of the attacks would last for weeks ; my
stomach was much distended, with constant pain, great
weakness, and constipation of the bowels. I could not
eat tie most simple food without pain. I also suff.-md
iff Wk1"^ fr ofthe kidneys, with constant pain
ifE?wal.k?FlWith gr"*t difflcu?y
cal attendance. One of my ptijiticians frank I v told in? it
Srnn^T40, ^ ?iu" him for ^rhe
thought and
n?UMted m^"?? PUrrhMed a f,,w bottles, and
rm^t hln^t 1 aftor takin? jt a few tim-'f', it had
aJ ?. 11 PPTw , on me J my confidence increased and
stern^b w?y or di^of"e
2-SSr "early if not onUrely cured. I now feel
r^ ^f inI<!1r..rnan' Ml"1 ,n better henlth than for vesrM
am certain the cure in my case was made >?v ?>,(?
ton's Vegetable Tlncture alcmT sTnTmy^^e Z
recommended the tincture to a numW nf ^i V
who have also been relWed\>y I Ti?rf .l ^
have b?en as rapid and equally CUWB
1 present my retpecta to Messrs. Mortimer A Mowbray
ite vPJTuPet^v?ef iZZttr*"* 4te &
I iw v?iue w fiooTe prtoe; and from my cure and whmt i
! rn of lu p<feou ?n ?tbftr*<1 "fcaii wLutLI
duty to recommend it to th#? Nufri?v>in.? t u ! ^
many valuable lives'win * by.^"0,^
?**t **Wo the,r 1^^' and rfre it I
trial. Yours most respectfully, (Nigned)
_ Jouiv Luis.
The above Is extracted from a letter from a gentleman
sixty years of agi?, and of high character. He says ? ? I
have given but a foint Idea o? my sufferings; I frol inad
faw'rimJ? . a1''0 haTe reoulTed. in the last
few days, letters from two of our most worthy and wnll
d'K rB?t"'rJ?g tW? ^^rkable'cu^. ofdspTn"l"
nm^d th?t hri^ y^?? ?f the ol,lef,t merchants re
ported that he was cured of neuralgia of the head of
pfr^tV r iiDK' !ind 80,Ud that ht" teeth fell out from' Iv
cu^ woliL%n.1 ^ lettfrV Wa? then, ever soTanv
A^Ptle wk of^he0^^^^*^ any otbcr m^'cine
VweTabte Vnetn^ VT '! thmt they tr? ""'npton's
cnTlhr^11 n Krcat PMriflcr of the blood and
Krof^L iLd ^R ??T8',Mwdy,,pcp,,ia' rb?umatism.
scroiuia, and all oomplaints of the stomach, bowels, Ac
, General Agents, Baltimore gt.
Also for sale by C. Stott A Co., Washington, D. C.
Joseph Moffett, 7th st, near E.
i_ i/. j, B. 8. T. Cissell, Georgetown.
Jy in-3m C. C. Berry, Alexandria, Va.
AuJt^ completion of the grading and grav.l
JU it enaettrl bg thf. Board AUirrmm and Board of
2523? tattrste issar
S ,D ??"
to be done under tho direction of the nommi..;
the Third and fourth Wards, and two As.!.^^ .
.loners to be appointed by the Mayor "Unt CommU
| Prttident pro ten. of the Board (\mncil
^ fj B. B. FRENCH,
J'retukniof th' Board of Aldermen.
Approved, Augnst 20, 1861. M^or
AN ACT for the relief of Philip Qormley
twenty-n^ne^doUars ^nd fort,'? en % uZ^T'
Approved, August 20,1851,
thn payment, grading the sld
K street 'between 12th 'TJi"!!' t,i" n,,rth side of
SheTpurpoees 12th nDd 13th 8trwta and for
authorised tohftte' the"palem^"/t^on th '"'rth
the Second Ward; the work to be done under th" dlrec
ion of the Commissioner of the First and Second Wanls
Main?0 AMiRtR"1 Commissioners to he appolnte<l hv the
uayor, [Approved, August 21, 1861.
AN ACT for the relief of T. P. and M. Brown,
nr. V < Th?t th* sum of one hundred and
flfty dollars be ami the same Is hereby appropriated, out
... K"n*ral fund, for tbe payment of the claim of T. P
and M. Brown against the Corporation.
Approved, Augnst 21,1861.
I Im or .hJl*. * .ftlLpr'par*t,on',ou**ftll*,0'*rft>r wasb
I Vp , ^ fhr 4(1 <>?nt. per bottle by
? ? V- CALLAN,
QaoMMTOwa, September 9?12 m.
Around and about our wharves this morning
all is life and aotivity, and every one appears
busy at something- There is also quite a large
number of Teasels, barks, brigs and schooners,
loading and unloading?among them the splen
did packet bark of the Messrs. Dodge's line,
loading for Rio.
The steamer Columbia left this morning with
a number of the cold-water army on board,
bound down the river on a pleasure excursion.
The beautiful little packet-boat of Messrs.
Reeside & Lynn, the Delaware, left this morn
ing for the Oreat Falls, on a pleasure trip.
The Carncross family will give at Forrest
Hall, on Friday night next, one of their delight
ful concerts; and I doubt not, from the univer
sal satisfaction they gave in Washington, and
their great popularity wherever they have per
formed, that they will have a crowded house.
Let all who love sweet muaio go and hear them.
The foreign news which was published in the
Telegraph yesterday afternoeu will, I have no
doubt, make tho flour market more aotive.
There was a sale yesterday of 200 barrels com
mon flour at $8.75, and 300 half do., at $4.00;
also a sale of 2000 bushels prime red wheat to
the Columbia Mills, at 76c.; and a sale of 400
bushels prime white corn, at 5to., and one of
400 do., yellow, at 56c., both to the Look Mills.
Arrivtd.?Packet bark Eben Dodge, Clarence,
Salem, to F. Dodge; sohr. Senator, Kirby,
New York, to F. and A. H. Dodge; schr. Me
ridian, Morgan, Baltimore, to F. Coyle; schr.
Mary Jane, Bently, New York via Norfolk, to
F. and A. H. Dodge.
Below?Packet schr. Eliza Jane, Barnard,
New York, to H. M. Sweeny.
Canal Trade.?-Arrived?A. Lighter, Cumber
land, lumber; Col. Young, Metacomet, J. R.
Annan, and Otho Baker, Cumberland, coal;
Potomac, 48 miles, wheat, corn, &c.; C. C.
Smoot, 134 miles, bark.
Departed?Chesapeake, Baltic, Columbia, J.
Hetzer, D. J. McCoy, Delaware, M. R. Hale,
Col. Crocket, C. Shafer. 1 Electro.
Fortunate Relief.?Oon Sunday, 31st of
August, between ten and eleven o'clock, the
little son of Charles H. Burgess, residing on B
street, near Eleventh Btreet, aged one year and
seven months, strayed from the door to the
culvert, at the corner of Eleventh and B streets,
and fell in, and would have drowned had not a
gentleman (whose name I did not learn) been
passing at the time and sprang in and saved the
little child. The gentleman is a resident of this
city. Too much praise cannot be given to such
a humane act. The parents of the little sufferer
feel much gratitude towards the gentleman, and
thank God for his kind providence in sending
one to save tho child from a watery grave. He
has quite recovered.?Intelligencer.
During the severe gale that visited the entire
southern coast on the 24tb and 25th ultimo, the
city of Apalachicola (Florida) was inundated to
such an extent, that many of the warehouses,
private dwellings, &c., were entirely destroyed.
In many parts of the oity the water was from
twelve to fifteen feet deep; and a ship lying in
the West Pass, cotton loaded, was driven by
the violence of the gale up into the city, and
now lies high and dry.- An immense amount
of merchandise has been destroyed', and the loss
will be very great. Fortunately, at this season
of the year, the stook of goods and cotton on
hand is comparatively light
Advices from Lisbon of the 9th of July, re
ceived by the Amerioa, state that the Portu
guese government was preparing to decree the
entire extinction of slavery in its possessions,
sb also more stringent measures for suppressing
the traffic generally on the coast of Africa.
Forrest is to itppear on the theatrical boards
in New York, on the 17th of this month.
The Cheapest Netrapaper In the United
For the Country, at Three Dollars per Year.
Containing all the Reading Mutter and new Adver
tisements of the Daily Telegraph.
? This paper is now firmly established. It ii'
independent. It comments with freedom upon
every topic, aBks and expects no favors, tells
the truth without fear, favor, or affection, and
has been pronounced " a terror to evil-doers."
It has been thought by many that a newspaper
could not exist in Washington independent.of
the public patronage. The Telegraph will
probably solve this problem?or at least it will
possess no such pat'onage not voluntarily given,
or obtained by virtue of a right to demand it
No letters received upon which the postage
is not prepaid.
Any postmaster or other person obtaining for
US' the amount of $9 or upwards is authorized
to retain one-fifth thereof as remuneration for
his services. Fractions of a dollar may be paid
in post-office stamps. Address
Washington City, D. C.
Hair Exchange papers copying the above
will be credited a year's subscription.
Encourage your own Mechanics, Manufacturers,
and Seamstresses.
b4 FUffn of the. Shirt, south Ride of
Penna. avenno, respectfully ln
vitas the nitlaan* of Washington,
and all others whodesireto have
BlllRTS of all sites, qualities,
: HH pattern, or price, to call upon
nim at hi* Shirt Factory, oppo
J0Fd-MW rite the United State* Hotel;
J*| ? jjEf where he will exaeuta their or
V I '' fTn ders, and warranto hi* shirt-,
if M MM which are mnnttftuiured by thr
1 K j 9 ll Snmstrfstn of WathingUm only,
I Ffl 7r St? and rood work
I manship. William H. Faulkner
131 , II I Tj ha* SO Washington eeamstrc?pu\<i
onn?tantly employed In making
shirt*. the demand fbr which ha*
peatly Increased since they hare
? - >>een worn and tested by mem
her* of Congres* and other rtti
jens who have purchased them. He would reapectftiIly sub
mit that an establishment like his, which give* regular
employment, nl fair living prior*, to a large number of
respectable and Industrious fttmalea. Is desarrlng of liberal
encouragement from tba eltlaaaa of Washington especial
ly, who are hound hy principles of reciprocity and Inter
eat to encourage their own seamstresses, raanuflwtarcrn.
and mechanics
Shirta, dollars. Bosoms, Cravats, Handkarohtnf*, Bun
pendari, kt., constantly kept for sale. Call and view the
Good SHIRT M AKKRA can always obtain employment.
Juna 1ft?aotf [InteU]g*ne*r oopy ]
Oor.^ Fbmsulvania Avenue and Thirteenth rtrtet,
m,y - ? "-"jn'MOTOW Cwt, p. 0. d A y
Old Wines, Liquors, Began, fresh Foreign
fruits, Comestibles, etc.,
Dmtuylvanui avenue, 8 duort tad qf fifteenth street.
may 17?ly
Surgeon Dcnttit,
Offloe near tirowu't Hotel, i'mmyLmnua avenue,
Charge* Now York and Philadelphia prioes, nod guaran
ties his work to be equal to any done in those cities,
ftp 6?tf
Dealers in
Mo. 6, opposite Centre Market,
ap 10 WawuinutomQitt.D. 0. d k y
Office Eighth street, opposite Market.
BUSINESS of all kinds requiring the attention of an
Attorney, Magistrate, or Agent, will be promptly
attended to. Claim* brought beforo Congress and the
Departments will receive prompt attention by being
placed in his hands.
Fee moderate. June 12?y
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
PRACTISES in the Courts of the District, and prose
cutes claims of every description before the several
Executive Departments and liefore Congress.
jfGf- Offloe and residence 21st street, two doors north
of II. ap 11?tf
House and Sign Painter, and Glazier,
South aide Louisiana avenue, between 6th and 7th btreets,
(Dwelling South F street, between 7th and 8th streets,
Island,) is prepared to execute to order all descriptions of
work in his line. up 15?6m
Chemist and Druggist.
Also?Agent for the Connecticut Health Insurance Co.
Corner of F and 11th streets, Washington, D. 0.
jy 29?d&y
Attorney at Law.
Will practise in the several courts of the District of
Offloe on 4MI street, near First Presbyterian Church.
_ jy lft?tf
TTTM. INGMAN, Cabinet-maker, Carpenter, and Prin
f Y tars' Furniture-make-, can be found by inquiring
at NOKLL A BOYD'S Venetian Blind Manufactory, Penn
sylvania .avenue, between Oth and 10th streets, south
side. jy 31?6m
Officer, Collector, and General Agent.
BUSINESS entrusted to him will bo attended to in a
proper manner, and may bo left with any of the
Magistrates. Residence 0 street, between 4M and 6th
streets, Washington, D. C. jy 29?tf
0B j ji. AUSTIN,
(Late of Warrenton, Va.)
OFFICE and Residence?F street, north side, one door
above 10th. mar 27?ThAStf
_______ _
Gunsmith, Locksmith and Bell-Hanger,
Pennsylvania avenue, between 2d and 3d Btreets.
0ANES dressed and mounted; Machinery and Lamps
repaired; Turning done in Ivory and Metals.
June 4?ed
(Late of the firm of Walker ? Wise,)
HAS opened a shop on E street, opposite Temperanoe
Ilall, between 9th and 10th streets'.
Residence on I street, north side, between Oth and 7 th
streets. ' ' mar 24?tf
SXIIjU ANOTHER of- ovr most talented and
highly respectable citizens speaks for Hampton's
Baltimore, July 18,1851.
Messrs. Mortimer <? Mtnuhray:?Gentlemen: My daugh
ter having been afflicted Kir more than a year with the
spinal disease, and having tried every remedy that was
prescribed by some of our best physicians, without afford
ing her any apparent relief, I fortunately was advised
by a friend to try a bottle of " Dr. Hampton's Vegetable
Tincture," which relieved her of her pain in less than
twenty-four hours. I um pleased to say that since she
took it she has been free from pain, and she is gradually
gaining strength, which I attribute entirely to the restor
ative properties of this medicine. I believe if it were
more extensively used, it would do more good in the re
moval of such diseases incident to the human family than
what is usually prescribed.
Very.respectfully, your Obedient servant,
Robert Kr.RB,
Principal Western V. II. School.
Call and get pamphlet and see certificates of wonderful
For sale by MORTIMER A MOWBRAY, 240 Baltimore
street, General Agents.
Also by C. Stott A Co., Washington, D. C.
Joseph Moffctl, 7th st. near E.
R. S. T. Cissell, Georgetown.
jy 18?Smlf C. O. Bony, Alexandria, Va.
PIAN08t piAjrofTi
always on hand, for sale and to rent on
moderate terms, at the llano Store, on
? * VI u 12th Htreet, above F street.
Kew MUSIC STOOLS for sale.
jy 1?d3m* __ __ F. C. RKICHKNBACH.
For Fitting up Stores with Fancy Fronts.
E. GEIGER, Bulldoj and Architect, would respects
. fully inform his friends and the public in general,
that he is prepared to fit up Stores and build Fancy Fronts
on an entire new plan, embracing all the latest improve
ments. The work can be done without stopping tho busi
ness while the work Is going on.
He is also prepared to do all kinds of work in the build
ing line, at the shortest notion and on the most reasonable
terms. All business entrusted to his care will be promptly
attended to. > ?
Place of business on D street, between 9th and 10th.
may 1?Oni
Devoted to African Colonization and Civilization,
to Literatur^and General Intelligence. ?
rPHE undersigned propose to publish, in the City of
1. Washington, a weekly newspaper, hearing the above
title, and dedicate to a sound morality In Polities, to the
Union of the States, to the cause of African Colonization
and Civilization, and to all topics of a high and general
Interest to their country and mankind. They will en
deavor to Impress upon the People and Government of
the United States and of the several States the importance
of colonizing in Africa, with their own consent, the free
people of color of this country, and such as may become
free. They will communicate to the public all important
information they may obtain in regard to the Geography,
Kxploration, Resources. Commerce and Population of Af
rica; the state of the Slave Trade, and the measures best
udapted for its suppression; and will enforce the duty of
union among all Christian denominations In efforts to dif
fuse the knowledge of our Arts, Liberty, and Christianity,
among the barbarous people of that Continent.
They will aim to render the Journal an Instructive and
useful Family Newspaper, and to secure for its columns,
as the public favor shall enable them, contributions, lite
rary anil scientific, of decided merit.
The ClUWttf Statesman will be of the sise of the
Home Journal or National Kra. and exceed in size the
InUUigenoer or the Union of this city; and, with but few
advertisements, will be nearly filled with matter designed
t? lie of interest to Its readers.
It will be printed with new type, on fine white paper,
and, In mechanical execution, be equal to the beet news
papers In the country.
TEMU.-*~Tb? Christian Statesman will be two dollars a
year, payable In advance.
Postmasters or others, who may be pleased to act as
voluntary agents, will be responsible to those who may
pay over to them subscriptions; and to the order of such
agents, or to any who may make remittances for the
Chnitian Statesman, It will be supplied on the following
Single copy for one year ? - ? |2 00
Single copy for six months ... 1 00
Three copies for one year ... f> 00
Six copies for one year /? - ? 10 00
Twenty copies for one year - - ? 30 00
Twenty copies for six months ? ? 16 00 &
The first number of this paper may be expected to Sp
pear early in August, and it is desired that those who are
disposed to further Its great ohjects, by their patro&^e,
should indicate their wishes before that time. <>rders and
communications, addressed (post paid) to Gurley A Good*
loe, will receive immediate attention.
Coioxizattow Rooms, Washington, June 11, 1*61.
At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Ameri
can Colonisation Society, held on the 10th instant, the
Secretary laid before the Committee the Prospectus of a
newspaper, to he called the Chrithan State fmtin, and to
be devoted " to sound morality in Politics, to the Union of
the States, to the cause of African Colonisation and Civili
zation, and to all topics of a high and ^eneml interest to
their "ountry"is-to lie published in this city, by the Rev.
K. R. Gurley and D. It. Goodloe; after tho reading of
which, It was
ItnoIved, That we cordially and earnestly recommend
the I'hristiitn Statesman to the patronage of the friends of
African Colonisation throughout the United States.
June 1ft? W. McLAIN. Sec. Am. Pol. Hoc,
MoLAIN A HARRY have In store a good assortment
ef the ^btfre-HSMed goods, suitable for Men. Boys',
LattssP, Misses, and Children's wear, which must be sold
for some price by the 1st of September ^.lune 9-tf
B Street, between Vilh and \Uh, Wu*hinyUm Oily, D. O.
MAKBLK MANTLES, Moaiunaute, Tombs, Head and
Foot Stone#, Ac., ooustaatly on head, of Um l?it
ity and workmanship- All kinds of?ton?, for Bulld
r..g, Ac. All kinds of work lu hi* lihe faithfully uyoutod
at the shortest uotkw. *P
General and Exchange Bnaineta.
THE undersigned respectfully announoe to tti* public
that they have entered into oopartuership BW tne
transaction of a general Exeliaage anil JJauking busluss*
in the city of Washington, under the llrin of?
All business entrusted to them will be attended to with
promptness and fidelity.
Late Treasurer of the United Statee
Of Alexandria, Virginia.
b. w. LATHAM,
Of the city of Washington.
mar 24?tf Of Haltlmore, Maryland.
|?i ?IUWall'1 American Family PiUe.
BESIDES the cathartic and auti-dyspeptioqualltles ol
these I'ills, their adaptation to purify the blood?to
cure the Liver Complaint, Uriual and Abdominal Diseases,
and especially that class of maladies known a* Female
Complaints; to relieve the system of Worms, and pimples
on the skin?may be soeu, as set lbrth in a pamphlet,
which can be had gratuitously of the wholesale agent.
A. OKAY, Bookseller,
7th street, opposite Odd-Fellows' Hall.
N. B?The above Pills come to mo so highly recom
mended, from so responsible a source, that I do not hesi
tate to believe that they will prove to be as good as the
bkbt ever introduced, and that it will not be long before
their popularity and sale will be unpuralUUd^ QRAy
JUIlC 6~4M)tl
I Also for sale by Dr. II. H. WOODRUFF, Druggist,
oor. of F and 11th ats.
T8 circulated extensively among the Merchants or that
I city, and travellers And it in ail the Hotels, Steam
boats, and Railroad conveyances diverging mtm Phila
delphia. It contains a correct list of the names of those
persons arriving at the principal hotels daily, and oonfce
luently is the best means the Proprietors of Hotels tn
other cilia can have for extending their business among
the travelling public.
. for the use of Merchant*, Storekeepers, and others;
a full assortment of various sixes now in store. The above
Chests are warranted equal to any otber make for security
against Fire or Burglars, having withstood the test of both
without Injury or loss to the owners, In any instance.
Also?In store and for sale:
Seal and Letter Copying Presses and Books
Trucks, for moving Boxes, Boies, Ao., in Stores
Druggists' Presses, with Cylinders and Paus
Packing Levers, for Dry Good Stores, Ac.
Portable Shower Baths, of new construction, suitable for
warm or cold water ... ? ..
Hefrigerators, for keeping Moats, Butter, Milk, Ao., in
dining room, hall, or cellar
Water Filters, for purifying muddy or bad Water,caused
by Rains, Limestone, Marl, or ANS,
61 S. Second, 1 door below Chestnut street,
mar 34? Philadelphia
OWING to the late revolutions and counter-revolutions
among the narfons of Europe, which have followed
each other in such quick succession, and of which Uu
end it not yet," the leading periodicals of Grent Britain
have become invested with a degree of interest hitherto
unknown. They occupy a middle ground between the
hasty, disjointed, and necessarily imperfect recordB of the
newspapers, and the elaborate and ponderous tre^its to
lie furnished by the historian at a future day- Whoever
! reads these periodicals obtains a correct and connected ac
count of all the important political events of the Old
World, as they occur, and learns the various conclusions
drawn from them by the leading spirit* of the age. The
American publishers therefore deem it proper to call re
newed attention to the works they publish, and the very
low prices at which they are offered to subscribers. lhe
following is their list, vii: .
The London Quarterly Review,
Tub Edinburgh Review,
Tin North British Review,
The Westminster Review, and
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine.
In thew periodicals are contained the views, moderately
though clearly and firmly expressed, of the three
parties in England?Tory, Whig, and Radical; Black
wood" and the " London Quarterly" are Tory, the Islin
burgh Review" Whig, and the "Westminster Review
Liberal The " North British Review" owes 1U establish
ment to the last great eocleniastical movement in Scotland,
and Is not ultra Yu Its views on any one of the grand da
partmenta of human knowledge. It whs originally edit**
by Dr. Chalmers, and now, since his death, is conduct**
by his son-in-law. Dr. Hanna, associated with Sir Davit
Brewster. It* literary oharacter Is of the very higbes
order. The " Westmiuster," Uiougb rejmntrd under tha
title only, is published in England under the title of tn<
" Foreign Quarterly and Westminster," it being in fact ?
union of tlie two Reviews formerly published and reprinted
under separate titles. It has, therefore, the advantage,by
tliis combination, of uniting in one workflio best feature?
of both, as heretofore issued. .... ? . .
The above Periodicals are reprintedin New ^o^k,imme
diately on their arrival by the British steamers, in a beau
tiful clear type, on fine white paper, and are faithful eo
pies of the originals?Blackwood's Magaline being an ex
act fac timile of the Edinburgh edition.
For any one of the four Reviews, $3 00 per annum.
For any two, do 6 00 ^
For anv three, ao 7 00
For all four of the Reviews, 8 00
For Blackwood's Magazine, 3 00
For Blackwood and tJuree Reviews, 9 00
, y0T Blackwoo<l and four Reviews, 10 00
to be made in all rxues in advance.
Remittances and communications should be always
p"* "*ld" Ti!??W?5r^'Si..
79 Fulton street, New York.
mRr 24 Entrance 54 Oold ft.
GT HKAT chance for Book Agents to clRar tVom.^OO Ui
I *1,000 a year! Books of universal utility. BBA.1U
NEW AND POPULAR WORKS?the most splendidly
illustrated volumes frir families ever issued on the Anie
rican continent, containing more than roua thousand en
ora vinos. designed and executed by the most emineu
irtlsts of England and America.
The entire series have been careftilly examined, ant
"trendy recommendi-d to Suiierlntendents, Trustees, and
Teachers of Schools, by the followingdistingulshed gentle
men- His Exoellency Hamilton Fish, Ex-Oovernor of the
State of New York; Christopher Morgan, Secretary of
State, and Superintendent of Common Schools, N. Y.; T.
Romeyn Beck, esq., M. D., Secretary of the Regents of the
University, N. Y-; the Legislative Committee on OoUeges,
Academies, and Oommon Schools; Hev. Edward Hitch
cock, LL. D., President of Amherst College, and Professor
of Geology, Massachusetts*
Amherst College, Dec. 26, 1848.
Mr. Robert Start? Dear Sir : 1 have looked over the en
tire series of your valuable publications with much in
terest and profit; and am quite surprlmai at tbe amount
of literary labor you have performed, and the research it
must have eost yon to obtain so many fine lllnstratlbns,
while vou have an active superintendence of an extensive
business. I am also gratified at the decidedly moral and
religious influence which your books will exert, and can
notbut hope that they will do much to counteract th.
effects of that light and Immoral literature which deluges
the land, and, like the frogs of Egypt, oomes up even to
the kneading troughs of our kitchens. May you live long
to follow your plans.
Respectfully and sinoerel^o^obli^^v^t,
?The works alluded to as having been examined and
recommended, are as follows: A new and popular Pictorial
Description of the United States mortal Ulstoryof the
American Revolution, Scenes and Sketches of Conttnentel
Europe, Description of Great Britain and Ireland, P^te
rial Fiunily Annual, Treasury of Knowledge, Information
for the People, The Famllv Instructor, Pictorial Sunday
Book, Bible Biography, Bible Utatory, and second series
of The Wonders of the World.
Gentlemen of respectability and ofgood address wanted
to sell the above popular Pictorial Works. Full partleu
lars of the principle* and profits of the Agency will b.
given on application either personally or by letter. The
oostage must in all cases be paid. .
Please address ROBERT SKA RS, Publisher,
mmr 24 1W Nassau street, N.Y.
AGENCY, No. 11? Market st., Philadelphia.
B RUSSELL A 00., (late Oeo. W. Oordon,) Boston.
J.' D. PRATT A 00., Baltimore.
WM. B. PIERCE A 00., Cincinnati.
CH AS. BARLOW A CO., St. l/>uis.
WM. B. PIERCE A 00., Louisville.
This well known and extensive establishment InTites
Merchants. Manulkcturers, and Bankers, to an investiga
tion of its system, and gratuitous test of its records of the
standing and responsibility r i traders in tbe U. States.
Our increased patronage has enabled us, during the past
year, to open offices in Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis,
and New Orleans; these, in connection with our long es
tablished offices in Boston, New Vork, and Baltimore,
enable us to otfcr facilities and advantages which time antl
experience alone could accumulate, and which we l>elleve
are unequalled.
We are prepared to make collection* in any of the j"atse.
Territories, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, trancej
Germany, and In aay commercial port of the wofM, tnd
will pay particular attention to oM and doubtful de ts, 1
the collection of which class we have extraordinary facili
ties, and have been unusually successful.
ill tbe United States, we are ai mtif i
1 #fa iafct.
OKfory'a California Package Express.
tiui?? per month, l>v Mtoamshlps, ?1*
CH AUKES and PANAMA, in eharge
" of parcels, jewelry, valuables and mail
able matter, which will in all oaaes arrive In Ban Fraxi
oiaco by the mail t>te*mur?, and be delivered la advance ot
the mail.
We beg to announce to tha public that we have entered
into connexion with tha heaviest transportation house on
the Isthmus, who are bound to ua to tranaport our goods
from Chagrea to fa nam a,?'? advance oj ail other ?wprws.
and having made arrangements with the TJ. S. Mall ami
all otht;r clramerb on the Pacific, for the carnage of our
foods, we are prepaied to guarantee their delivery in baa
ranciw ,, within a opocififed time.
Ifi addition to the superior qualities of the line, fbr the
transaction of Merchandise, iU manifest advantages over
the U. 8. Mali and all other competitors, in the tnuispor
latien Of lettars and parcels between the Pacific and At
lantic Static, are well kuown and already generally ap
preciated by tho public. The value of a mercantile letter,
delivered by ua three or four days in advance of all other
competition, being properly estimated.
Me have also established agencies In GUAYAQUIL.
CALLAO, and VALPARAISO, for which porta, and other
cities on the South American coast, we are prepared to
receive LETTERSand PARCELS, which will be promptly
despatched to their destination by our agent In Panama.
The mail for South America is made up but once *
Managers and Agents,
_ 149 Pear, cor. of Wall at., Now York.
REFER, BY PEKMIS8ION, to Measrs. Johnson A Low
x,en' 1,1? ^,|U1 Bt-! tpoBord, Tlleston A Co., 48 South st.J
Neamith A Co., 50 Pine at.; and Levi Apgar A Co., 76 Hey
street. mar 24?
M. H. CAliY A CO., 2411 and 246 Pearl street, New
York, Invite the attention of the City and Distant
Jobbing trade to thoir large and varied sto^k of guoda
which they offer at the lowest rates, either for'caali or ap
proved credit.
Uuder their present arrangements they ean offer great
inducements on all their Foreign Goods, and will give
their cuatomera the benefit of the large discounts which
they have gained by the increased amount of their pur
They pledge themselves to sell many styles of American
Goods at manufacturers' prima.
ine their stoi k of Jewelry, manufactured expressly for
those markets; also their stock of Ivory Combs, adapted
tor exportation.
The following articles constitute a part of their stock.
Linen Threads?Vari< us makers, plain and satin finished,
black, drab, white, brown, and colored, Nos. 20x80
Spool Cotton?Clark'j, Alexander's, Smith's Kagle, and
Kefflngton's, white, black, and colored, Nos. 10x160,
26 to J00 yards
Tapes and Dobbins?Linen and cotton, assorted colors and
Cutlery?Razors, Knives, Shears, Scissors, and Table
Knives and Forks, Wade A Butcher's, Wostenholm'a,
Dodgers', and other celebrated makers
Brushes?Ilalr, Cloth, Teeth, Paint, Varnish, Shaving.
Shoe, Crumb, Horse, Scrubbing, Ac., Ac., in great
Muaical I nstruments?Aocord'ons, Violins, Flutes, Fifes,
Clarionets, Ilarmonicans, Ac.
Fane?A large and rich assortment, consisting of beauti
fully carved pearl, ivory, bone, and wood sticks; also
plain sticks, with plain, fancy, and silvered paper
Ivorv Combs?Fine S, SS, 8S8, and NPU, I%x4% Inches
Comb*?Plain and fen^y Tuck, Dressing, Pocket, and Side,
of shell, buffalo, and horn
Guns?Single and Double, Jinglish and American, real
and imitation Twltt; also a variety of Rifles
Pistols?English and German, Pocket, Belt, and Holster;
Colt's and AUen and Thurber's Revolvers; also, a
complete assortment of Sporting Apparatus
Porfumery?Lubin's, Mangenet A Coudray's, Fiver's, Pln
aud's, and Ede's fine Extracts
Soaps?Low's White and Brown, Windsor and Honey;
Lubin's, Guerlaiu's, Plnaud's, and Mangenet A Cou
dray's assorted styles, 4c., Ac.
Also? Percussion Caps Needles, Pins, Hooks and Eyes,
Steel Pens, Suspenders, Buttons of all styles, Pocket
books, Port Monnaies, Purses, Stationery, Deads,
Whalebone, Lookng-glams.% Ac., Ac.
Ivory, Tortoise Shell, Pearl Shell, Horns, Tips, Ac., for
Catalogues in the French, Spanish, German, and Eng
lish languages. mar 24?
STATIONERS' WAREHOUSE, 28 South Fourth Street,
Philadelphia. (Wholesale only.)
HYMAN L. Lll'MAN, Imj>orter of French and Eng
lish Stationery, offers to the trade, at Stationers' Ware
house, a complete assortment of
of the best quality, et the lowest rates. mar 24?
BRINK a DlRinS, Iron * Steel Mer
chants, Importers and dealers in American,
Swede, Norwegian, 1 eflned, Cable, and common English
Iron; manufacturer!! of Boiler Rivets and Spikes, Hoop.
Band, Scroll, Flue, Boiler, Sheet, Small Iron, Axle Iron,
113 North Water street, and 64 North Delaware avenue,
mar 24?
street, above Tenth, Philadelphia, have just received
per (teamer splendid Table and Piano Covers, Damask
Table Cloths, Napkins, Moreens, and Worsted Damasks.
mar 24?
First Premium Grand and Square Pianos.
KNAUK A OJCKU, Manufacturers,
KmMb ?<*. 4, 6, 8, 0. and 11 Kutaw street, Bttl
U U n 71 an,ore New tributes to the excellence
* \J u of Baltimore made Piano Fortes. The
Maryland Institute, at their last exhibition, awarded to
us the First Premium for th? beat Grand Piano, and also
the First Premium for the be*t Square Piano exhibited.
It will be recollected that in.J810, our llano also received
the Kirst Premium by the same Institute.
Such testimonials are not easily earned, and are not to
be lightly regarded. We may therefore aay that having
taken the First Premium, wherevor our Instruments met
with competition, we offer them to the puhlic with a con
fidence we might not otherwise avow, guaranteeing ail
Instruments made by ug to give satisfaction, or they may
lie exchanged within six months from day of sale. The
durability of our workmanship we further guarantee for
five years.
Having just completed large additions to our Manufac
tory, we hope now to supply all who may honor ua with
their patronage ; and we invite all who desire a superior
Instrument, carefully adapted to the climate?a very Im
poruuit matter, and wlUuh we have made our careful
study?U? call and examine our various styles, which we
are constantly finishing, and which will be sold at the
lowest market prloe for cash or approved paper. *
In addition to the above public testimonials, our Piano*
arc recommended In terms of the highest praise by the
following eminent artists, whose certificates rain be seen
at our Wan-rooms: Charles Bochsa. the great composer
and musical director to Mad. A. Bishop; Mr. Geo. Knoop
Miss Adeln and Charles Mohtmtoek. and other dlstin'
xuished performers. To (be many accomplished Professor*
and Amateurs, by whom our Pianos are constantly us?*<t
whilst making our thankftil acknowledgments to them'
we refer fbr further testimonials.
Old Pianos taken in exchange.
Pianos hired and tuned. mar 24
BOWEN a McNAMEB, 112 and 114 Broadway, New
| York, have now In store, and will receive by early
riickets and steamers, a very extensive assortment of
French, German, English, Italian, and India
??m bracing every variety of the newest and richest style*
offered in this market. Ram pie cards are now ready
for exhibition. Merchants from every section of tho
?"ountry, and particularly our old friends and custom
ers, are assured that every attention has been paid to
present a stock of goods, unequalled, either In extent or
variety, by any similar establishment In the country.
Many of our richest goods are manufactured from de
signs or samples ftirnlsbed by ns, and will he found
adapted tn tha host trade in the larger cities and towns.
The following emhraoe the leading articles of our stock :
Extra rich Chene and Brocade Silks.
Rich Paris Bareges, Muslins, and Organdies.
Rich printed Silk Tissues, new article.
New style English 1'opUns.
Barege do Laines, Paris patterns.
New style French Prints.
English, Scotch, and American Printed Lawns.
Super Black Gros de Rhlnes.
French and English Ginghams.
Plain and embroidered Canton Crape Shawls.
Rich Paris Ribbons, large assortment.
Millinery Silks, Crapes, Ac.
Dress Trimmings, newest style.
Bombazines, Alpacas, and Muslin de Laines.
Laces and Embroidery.
Liqens and White Goods of every description
Kid Gloves, best manufacture.
English and German Silk and Cotton Hosiery
Long and Square Cashmere Shawls.
Rich Silk Mantillas, great variety
Pongee and Spitalfleld Handkerchief!).
Italian Cravats and Sewing Silks.
Also, a great variety of rich goods for evening dresses
not enumerated in the above.
Also, Sinchews, Sarnets, Fancy Silk Cravats, Bay State
Plaid Long Shawls. Linen Cambric Handkerchief, Green
Bareges, Satlnv. Silk Scarfs. StiMienders, Plain black and
high colored Mouaeline de Laines, Turkey red Prints,
Curtain Muslins, Oil Silkfl, Belt Ribbons, Serges. Satin'
Vt stings, Ac.
ay Those who visit this market fbr Good*, whe
would consult their interest, and who desire to see a
stock unsurpassed in every ilepni tment at the very low
net market prices, are respectfully invited to calL
mar 24?
IMPORTERS of Biandles, Wines, and Hegara, No 1 Kx
change Place, Baltimore, offer for sale an axtenatrn
assortment of?
Jean Louis, 1811 and 1
Plnet, Castlllon A Co.:
-LJ- J^PJ Eraud brand*" I
WINES?Champagnc, Claret, and Hook, of various
CSS" s^"Ty, Madeira, SlcUy, Lisbon, Bur
?th" r'fct 'Wiety.
8 EG A RS?Havana and Principe Kegars, of 'approved
rHm*i TStwiVi r*C?'T'n* 'he manufacturers.
HOLLAND aiN Grape and Gray Mare brands, ft flt)e
I??>' I Brown Stout and Porter; Bordeaux
and Marseilles Sweet Oil HarOlnes, MaooaroaJ, TsrtaleeUt.
0?PWS, Oaet?e Sep, ter Rtus Rail Brlmstea.,
Cana^ Bead, ia mu M?

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