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KzoiAitoi Pa?m.?We continue to receive by every
mail nuw?pap?r* cuuUliiiug our little curd "To the Pub
lic," and aoklug an exchange. Our otter la that tioa boon
long aiuce revoked. tf
Tax Island or Cuba?Reported Proposal* of
Sale to the United State* by the Spanish Oovern
ment.? The followiug is extracted from the
London Leader, of the 6th instant, an able and
highly respectable journal of the liberal school:
Terms for the Sale of Cuba.?On authority
which we believe to be quite trustworthy, we
learn the terms of the negotiation now going
on, in London, for the sale of Cuba to the Ame
rican Government. It is anticipated that Qen.
Lopez will be repulsed ; but after the Spauish
governmeut has thus cleared its honor, the isl
and will be sold to the United States for a
round sum of money. More t)mn one douceur
will be given?among others, an immense sum
to the Queen-mother of 8pain. But the most
remarkable bonus is the allotment of half the
purchase money to the English holders of Span
ish bonds.
It is said that Lord Palmerston dislikes these
terms. Credat Juditus.
We do not know how far the late explosion
in Luba and New York will effect this negotia
tion ; but, acoording to our authority, it will
make no difference?Gen. Lopez, the English
bondholders, and other influential parties, hav
ing been engaged in the negotiation before the
nntoward event, recounted elsewhere, occurred
at Havana.
The Boston Celebration.
The accouut of the doings, feastings, military
reviews and marching?, welcomo speeches and
replies which took place on the occasion of the
great Railroad Jubilee at Boston, on the 17th
instant, has come to hand, with all the speeches
made by President Fillmore, Mr. Webster, Mr.
Stuart, and Mr. Conrad, on the occasion, as
well as the speeches of welcome made to the
President by Governors, Mayors, and other dis
tinguished persons selected to do so.
The speeches of the President and his Cabi
net Ministers are made stale by their sameness,
in the matter of fulsome lip-praise, and by their
repetition. We have no room for them. But
we have room for the neatest, most chaste, ap
propriate and patriotic speech which wo find in
the whole batch published. It is the address
of his honor Mayor Bigelow, of Boston, and
does high credit to bis uncommon head and
heart. Read it, everybody, as follows:
Sib : The people of Boston now crowd her
gates to receive with tokens of honor the great
head of the republic, and in their name I bid
you welcome to this metropolis. We regard it
as a happy omen that we receive you on the spot
where our fathers gathered to hail the comin*
of Washington, in the first year of his Presi
dency. The contrast exhibited between that I
period and this is striking and instructive. The
salutations extended to the first President were
the offering of only eighteen thousand inhab
itants, while the welcome proffered to his suc
cessor this day is the voice of a population of
one hundred and forty thousand. ? The ruler
who was then received administered the affairs
of less than four millions of people, who had
lately emerged from the smoke of battle, and
were but beginning, under the influences of
liberty and union, to take rank among the na
tions of the earth. You, sir, we receive as the
Executive Chief of a population of twenty-four
millions, living in the enjoyment of an amount
Of prosperity and happiness almost unparalleled
in the history of the world.
By a remarkable coincidence, which doubt- I
less has occurred to yourself, you visit us on
the anniversary ef the completion of the Fede
ral Constitution. It is a day peculiarly fitting
for the reception of him whose authority as the
* ederal Chief Magistrate is derived from that
great compact. The day has also a special in
terest for this city, for it is the anniversary of
its settlement. While the occasion thus calls
to mind the Philadelphia conclave, and the Pil
grim colony, I trust that you will recognise in
the character of our people and their institu
tions the happily blended influences of the pu
ritan and the patriot.
You have recently, sir, visited Virginia, and
now stand upon the soil of Massachusetts. The
names of those States recall the story of the
Revolution, and the noble part sustained by
each in that drama. Your reception in the Old
Dominion indicates her fealty to the Union, and
her attachment to the principles of other times.
This day will furnish evidence of the regard of
the Bay State, also, for that Union and those
principles, by the manner in which her people
will testify their respect for the faithful admin
istrator of the Constitution and the Laws.
It has been the oustom of war, sir, for the
inhabitants of captured cities to bring forth
the keys and lay them at the victor's feet. A !
nobler offering is tendered to you than was ever
surrendered to the conqueror: The hearts of
our people are here to greet you with grateful
and affectionate salutations, and bid you wel
* come to our homes.
((?larth the Arttat, and Latham tha
We believe in luck, and especially in Latham's
nek. Fortune never showers her gifts but the
choicest fall on Latham. He was born to good
luck, and has never disposed of his birthright.
We have to-day seen a Walking-Stick, cut
from the old iron-braced mulberry tree at the
Hogarth House, Chiswick, England, and sent
?a a present to " R. W. Latham, esq., the libe
ral and successful Banker of Washington,"
Whose fame, we are proud to know, has reached
the opposite shores of the broad Atlantic.
The mansion in which the immortal Hooartii
lived and died is at the ancient town of Chis
wick, on the Thames, about six miles west of
tha Crystdl Palace. It was formerly the resi
dence of Sir James Thornhill, with whose
daughter Hogarth fall in love; and it was from
the window shaded by the boughs of this glori
ous old tree that " the great painter of man
kind" stole his future wife!
Hogarth's subsequent fame induced Sir James
to invite the young couple to the homestead,
and it became their home until they saw " the
laat of earth." Under the venerable branches
of this gigantic mulberry it was Hogarth's wont
to imbibe his beer and inspiration, and amuse
himeelf with his faithful dog Pompey, and bird
Dick. 'Here, too, Hogarth reached the noblest
point of art, and conceived those moral pictures
whioh oharm the mind, and through the eye
comet the heart.
We admire this present. No man deserves
theee tokens of appreciation more than Mr.
Latham; for who ia blessed with a kinder
haari, * generosity more active, or whose every
4ay lift more practically illustrates the sublime
idea of doiag " the greatest good to the greatest
number t"
Episcopal Church i* New York.?The an
nual Convention of the Diocese of New York
will be held on Wednesday next, in St John a
church, in the city of New York. The election
of a Bishop, we are informed by the papers of
that city, will be the chief topic of interest.
Last year, it will be recollected, there was a
division between the clergy and the laity?the
former being in favor of Dr. Seabury, the lat
ter of Dr. Williams. The friends of Dr. Onder
donk, comprising a majority of the clergy, cast
their votes for Dr. Seabury?the opponents of
the ex-Bishop, mainly of the laity, voted for
Dr. Williams. It being necessary that both
branches should agree upon one candidate,
there was no election. Since that time Dr.
Williams has been chosen Assistant Bishop of
Connecticut, and of course cannot be a candi
date. His party of last year, it is said, have
resolved to nominate Dr. Kip, of Albany. An
other prominent member of the New \ ork city
clergy, Dr. Whitehouse, has been elected As
sistant Bishop of Illinois, the venerable Bishop
Chase having become so infirm as to be unable
to fulfil his Office. ^
j^?Tha steamer Washington, from South
ampton for New York, waB to depart on the
10th. In our next we shall probably be able
to give her news, four days later than that of
the Europa. _____
Crime vs. Education.?The whole number
of persons convioted of crime in the State of
New York, from 1840 to 1848, inclusive, was
27,949. Of these 1,182 were returned as hav
ing received a common eduoation ; 441 as hav
ing a tolerably good education, and 128 only as
well educated. Of the remaining 26,226, about
one-half were able merely to read and write;
| the residue were destitute of any education
whatever. , ' ,
j Thk Richmond Daily Dispatch.?This lit
tle one-center is published by James A. Cowardin,
.ind edited by Hugh R. Pleasants. It says of
itself that it is " nearly a year old, and a more
> healthy and thrifty yearling we know not of.
i * It is very surprising to some people that it has
4 lived so long. As popular as it is, it is grow
? ing in popular favor daily. 'Young Richmond'
' has taken to the Dispatch?your go-ahead en
' terprising men nearly all seek its columns to
' advance their interests. They know a thing
? or two." We trust that all the laggards may
yet have their eyes opened to the wisdom of
cheering it on to the highest point of success.
Diath of a Missionary.?The New York
Tribune announces the death of the Rev. Wm.
T. Biddle, which occurred in that city on
Wednesday, at the house of Rev. John Dowling,
D. D., where he was awaiting his departure for
Burmah in a few weeks. Mr. Biddle was a
young man of groat promise, of whom high
hopes had been formed ; his personal worth was
not inferior to that unassuming merit which
made him a bright example of unobtrusive but
efficient usefulness. Circumstances of a pecu
liar and affecting nature make his death an
occurrence of unusual interest to the public.
Five weeks previous to his death he was or
dained, the day following he waa married, three
weeks ago he graduated with honor at Hamilton,
and in a short time was expected to leave his
I native land for his field of labor as a missionary
in Burmah. His labors are ended here. On
I Friday laBt he was attacked with a complaint
I in the throat, which assumed a malignant type
on Tuesday, and he closed his eyes in peace
and hope on Wednesday morning.
Murder or a Youno Ladt.?The Warsaw
(III.) Journal relates a case of aggravated mur
der in McDonough county, a few days since.
A young man was paying his addresses to a
young lady, and had been engaged to her, but
was discarded. He went to her residence to
effect a reconciliation, but was unsuccessful,
and he stabbed her to the heart. The miscreant |
was pursued to within six miles of Warsaw, but j
Improbable.?The editor of a Western paper j
gays that he has three times put on a clean j
shirt for the purpose of calling on the Governor
of his 8tate, but did not see him. No Western
Governor expects such etiquette?no Western
editor practises it?and it is the custom for
Governors to wait on editor*, and oourt their
favor. The story has no probability in it.
Remarkable.?A friend, says a New York j
paper, a short time since met two individuals |
at Utica, Clarke county, Iowa, having the same !
name*?John Prather?whose fathers were bro- j
there, whose mothers were sisters, and whose
wives are sisters. ,
Terrknce Bellew McManus.?This gentle
man, one of the martyrs in the recent efforts of
| the Irish to achieve religious and political lib
erty, has opened a commission house in San
I Francisco.
' Iron.?The Wheeling Gazette remarks that
immense quantities of iron are arriving daily
from Europe, although one-half of our own iron
workers are lying idle.
N. P. Willis.?This gentleman, whose family
have been passing the summer in New Bedford,
has been confined to his bed for two or three
weeks, with a severe attack of pleurisy.
Annexation or the Sandwich Islands to
the United States.?Rev. J. C. Holbrook, one
of the correspondents of the Independent, in a
letter to that journal upon the Home Mission
ftry prospects in the West, makes the following
"Even the foreign missionary field at the
Sandwich Islands may become home missionary
ground, Bhould our Government accede to the
proposition now before it for the annexation of
those islands. A friend of mine, the United
States Consul for Hawaii, I learn by a letter
just received, is now in this country, the bearor
of such a proposition."
Fatal Aocwent.?Exra Robbins was acci
; dentally shot dead with a rifle, by his son-in
law, John Roberts, in Clarentont., N. H., on
Sunday. The parties were in the woods gun
We have never before heard of so many ac
cidents of this kind as have occurred throughout
the country during thejprewent year.
Do you mean "Galphin" Gardner my, friend
Telegraph ? And if so, do you speak from ex
perience t?Bait. Argus.
Have no experience of that sort?no propen
sities that way?irreproachable. But when
you pray, always say, ? Lead ns not into temp
tation I"
.. .
Tk? Ckrlitlank Bmiw.
The Baltimore Sun, of thi? morning, pnb
lishes the following letter from the ttev. Mr.
Gorsuch to Go*. Johnston, in which he replies
to the letter of the Governor:
Wabhimqtoh, Sept. 18, 1861.
Hon. Win. F. Johnston, Oovtmd^f Pennsylvania.
The undersigned, a son of the late Edward
G01 such, the victim of abolitionist enthusiasm
aud high-handed rebellion, is sorry that so
painful a duty is imposed upon him as that to
which he now addresses himself. He writes to
you, sir, with no vindictive feelings, but ouly
to assure you, what be desires every one to
know, that be thinks tbe lock of <^oial prompt
ness on your part has resulted in the escape,
hitherto, of tbe slaves, and some of the princi
pal murderers of bis father. It would have
tended in some degree to relieve th?canxiety of
the family and friends of the deceased, to have
known that the Governor of the State in which
this foul murder wus committed had acted as
promptly and efficiently as the circumstances
1 know that you passed within a few yards of
where the body of my father lay, the afternoon
of the same day on which he was murdered.
Tbe cars stopped at the door of the house.
Some of tbe passengers went in to look at tbe
ghastly spectacle. But, sir, you did not. You
who ought because of your responsible station
to have been most interested, showed the least
concern. And this is not tb be wondered at. It
would seem natural that then you should have
been rejoicing at this, the first fruits of your
official and personal hostility to the rendition
of fugitive slaves. Did we not well know what
you have doue to render inoperative the law
under whose protection my father entered your
State to secure hiB property, in a mauner
Btrictly legal, some excuse might be found in
our minds lor your strange inactivity. But we
knew your course. We had watched it with
pain, and we did not expect you would be in
duced to change it even at this extraordinary
Allow me to call your attention to a fact
which, perhaps, you will remember. Those
slaves, for whom my father was searching,
were to be free at the ago of twenty-eight.
They were detected in selling stolen wheat to a
free negro. Before the writ which was gotten
out against him could be served he escaped to
Pennsylvania. This brother of mine, now so
near to death, was sent to you with a requisi
tion from the Governor of Maryland for that
free negro, "Abe Johnson." But you would
not deliver him up, and sent my brother home,
convinced that further effort in that respect
was unnecessary. That " Abe Johnson," it is
said, was present among tbe rebels on last
Thursday morning.
I have read some letters whioh you wrote to
some gentlemen of Philadelphia, who were
urging you to action. 1 marked the strong
contrast between your words and actions. Now, |
sir, if you were so anxious to vindicate the |
honor of your State?so proud to have these
offenders arrested, why did you not imitate the
noble example of the Executive of the United
States ? Why did you not issue your proclama
tion as soon as you reached Philadelphia ? If
it ought to have been done at all, were there
not stronger reasonB to have it done on the,/?nrt
day, when tbe murderers were at band, than on
tbe fifth, when most of them had escaped ? 1 ou
cannot plead ignorance of the riot, for it was
well known to you. You will not pretend to
say that it was more necessary when several
prominent actors in that tragedy were ar
rested, and the whole neighborhood scoured
by vigorous young gentlemen from Maryland,
I by a host of your own citizens and United
States military, than when every one that
desired tbe punishment of these murderers and
traitors was afraid to move; when the rioters?
still wet with the blood of innocent aud peace
able men?were triumphing in their victory, and
their confederates congratulating themselves
upon successful treason! Why, sir, did you not
show your promptness then? You applaud the
decision, energy, and promptness of the Lancas
ter county officers, and in this I most heartily
concur; but in proportion as you praise them
you condemn yourself. You knew of the insur
rectionary movement before they did. It they
had waited, as you did, until the fifth day, to
do what ought to have been done on the first,
you could not have applauded them. You must,
therefore, sir, be self-condemned.
Do you know that thirty-six houra passed
before one writ was taken out against these
men? Do you know that Mr. Thompson, tbe J'
State's attorney, and Mr. Keigart, to protect
their own lives and to quell the spirit of resist
ance which fortified the traitors and terrified I
the loyal, had to collect a posse of men from
iron-works and diggings on the railroad ? Do i
you know that not a magistrate or constable
would act uutil compelled ; that the sheriff re
fused to act; that j our attorney general, true
' to bis superior, would not aid these men whose
I activity you now bo zealously commend ?
J With these facts, Bir, before us, we cannot j
be charged with calumny in saying, that We do |
honestly believe that your proclamation would ;
never have seen the light, bad you not feared
that the activity of others would censure your
own indifference.
We believe that the majority of l'ennsylva- (
nians are right. We have been pleased at the
zeal, and gratified with the sympathies of many
we have met. But, sir, if the laws shall now
be sustained; if the couutry shall be satisfied
that Pennsylvania is right; if the South is to ;
find that this law will not be inefficient; be as- j
sured that not one particle of the honor will be
given to the Governor. We will not say that
lie has acted traitorously ; that by his previous
course he has been the indirect occasion of this
outrage; that the blood of Edward Gorsuch is
on bis skirts; but we must say that be has not
been " clear in his great office," but recreant
to the truBt imposed in him.
Much more in Borrow than in anger, 1 Bub- I
scribe myself your much injured friend,
J. S. Gokbcch.
California.?In the news just received there
is nothing of much importance. Business was
brisk at San Francisco; the mining operations
were very successful; society was improving
the preparations for the elections were actively
going on. The steamers have probably brought
a million and a half of gold.
A DivobciCabk m Connecticut.?Mr. Chan
cellor S. Barber petitioned the Superior Court
of New London county, Conn., at the August
term, for divorce from his wife, Phrebe A., on
the ground that she iB guilty of habitual intem
perance and tbe excessive use of morphine,
which, under the Connecticut statute of 1849,
furnish good cause of divorce. Judge Church
has denied the petition, for the reason that the
practices complained of were encouraged by the
petitioner himself, and the result of his own
fault and negligence.
1MIE SUBSCRIBER hM the pleasure of informing his
friend* and cuntomern that he hMjuiit returned from
the northern citie*, where he hM been for some time put
selecting hlf itock of FALL AND WINTKR GOODS.
IleVs now prepared to show such a stock of Cloth*,
CMlwtN, Venting*, Dress Shirt*, Undershirts, Drawers,
moves, Stocks, Hosiery, Umbrella*, *c.. as he has never
berore had the pleasure to exhibit, in style, variety, and
cheapness; which, together with the comparatively tow
nr.Tr he Is nnder at present, enables him to offer unusual
inducements to those in want of any article of Clothing
in our line, of a quality and style that may be relied on.
t. J. STEER, Merchant Tailor,
Mp 30?tf *tb St., JW door from Henna, av.
E street Baptist Church?The Rev. 0 W. An
derson, of Pennsylvania, will preaeh in this ehnmh to
morrow morning and evening. sep 30
The telegraphic report of Uie Northern Mar
kets had not been received at our hour for going
to preaa. %
[Despatched to the American Telegraph.]
"Wu Grand Lodge, I. O. O. F.
Bawuiokj, September 20?2 p. in.
I ha call of States for new business, and ac
tion on the Wildey fuud, occupied the attention
of the Lodge until a late hour last uigbt. The
Lodge this morning adopted the Ladies' degree.
Yeas?47 ; nays?37. The Grandsire decided
that a majority vote only was necessury.
The Lodge will adjourn sine die at 4 o'clock
this afternoon, and the whole body will attend
church to-morrow. The Lodge had a grand
?upper last night.
The Pmsidkht?Mr. Wbbstkb, &c. ?Bos
ton, Sept. 18.?I have just left the President.
He has suft'ered considerably during the night
and morning from an attack of diarrhoea and
stomach derangement, similar to his attack, re
cently, at White Sulphur Springs, and brought
on by change of water, cold and fatigue, lie
has declined medical attendance, is now much
relieved, and sleeping quietly. No alarm need
be felt. He will not join the procession to-day,
buf will leave this evening for New York if no
Mr. Webster this morning formally received
a delegation from Vermont, and bus since given
u public reception, which was largely attended.
He is now receiving the ladies at the Kevere
House. The procession is formiug, and prom
ises to be a splendid affair.
New York, Sept. 19.?TheU. S. frigate Sus
quehanna was at liio on the 4th of August in a
disabled condition. Her foremast and main
mast were sprung, and her muchinery so in
jured that she would be obliged to return under
Dayton, Sept. 18.?The Cincinnati and Day
ton Railroad was opened to-day, and the occa
sion has been one of great rejoicing. The cars
arrived here soon after twelve o'clock from Cin
cinnati, with a party of invited guests on board,
numbering upwards of 3,000, and the event
has been celebrated with unusual festivity.
Every thing passed off without accident. The
road has been most substantially constructed,
and is in excellent condition.
Pittsburg, Sept. 18.?There are seventeen
inches water in the channel; the weather cool
and pleasant.
Review of the Northern Market! for
Office of the American Telegraph, Fep. 20.
Pnn.ASii.pinA, Sep. 19, 6 p. m.?Sales of 1000 bbls. flour
at $4 for State brands. Rye flour $3.26. Corn meal
$2.87%. Sales of red wheat at [email protected]; white at 90c.
Bales of yellow corn at [email protected] Oats [email protected]
Rio coffee 8}^@9c.; Porto Klco sugar 6(u,0c.
Whisky [email protected]>/?c. in hhds. and barrels.
Nsw York, Sep. 19, 6 p. m.?Stocks have improved.
U. 8. O's, 18C7, have advanced Heading and KrieJ^.
Sales of 4000 bbls. flour at $3.68%@$3.S7}4 for Statu
brands, and $4.18%@$4.26 for new Genesee.
Sales of Ohio white wheat at [email protected] Sales of 20,000
bushels mixed corn at [email protected] Rye 70c.
Sales of 300 bags Rio coffee at 8>/?<&8%c., and 100 hhds.
New Orleans sugar at 5J4(g)6i/?c.
Sales of 1600 bales cotton at 9c. for middling Uplands.
Whisky 22>S(g)23c.
Departed this life on the 3d instant, at Providencc,
Virginia, of dropsy of the chest, Mrs. ANNE P. ROWAN,
relict of the late Rev. Joau-u Row aw, and sister-in-law ol
Mr. R. Okmk, of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Washing
ton. Of this estimable lady it may be said she died as alio
lived, trusting in "111m who is mighty to save." A use
ful member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, she was
ever a strict attendant upon its different requirements.
In the clues and prayer meetings, and in tile Sabbath
school, she was a valuable assistant, and her loss will be
felt in these departments of the Church most sensibly.
Kind and affable in her disposition, noble and generous
in her feelings, and sinoere in her attachments, she at
tracted friendship and won the regard of bll who knew
her. She " feared not deathand let her bereaved rela
tives comfort their sorrow with the assurance that she
has exchanged tbe griefs and pain of earth for that re
pose " which remains for the people of Ood." J.
On this morning, the 20th instant. Miss MARY ELIZ
ABETH HOWARD, daughter of the late Uk.nrt Howard,
esq., in the 26th year of her age.
The friends ot the family arc invited to attend her fu
neral to-morrow evening, at 4',^ o'clock, from the resi
dence ot her mother, on t ilth street, betwocti 1 aud K
Methodist Episcopal Church South.?The exer
cises of the fourlli quarterly meeting for this church will
commence on to-morrow, (Sabliath.) The Kcv. J. 11. Da
vis, presiding elder, will preach at 11 o'clock, a. m.; and
the Rev. Leouidus ltosaer,of Alexandria, at 7^p.m. Th?
public are cordially invited to attend. sep 20*
Bally, Teetotalers ! Sally I?A public Temper
ance meeting will be held ou Oreenleat s Point u?-mor
row afternoon, at four o'clock, to which the public are
invited. A. T. Harrington and others will address the
meating. sep 20
Masonic.?The Funeral of Brother Henry mor
gan, late of St. John's Lodge, No. 11, will take place on
Sunday, the 21*t Instant, at 3 o'clock, p.m.,from Masonic
Hall, corner of Tenth and ? streets. Members of Sister
Lodge# and sojourning brethren are fraternally Invited
to attend. By order: CHARLES CALVERT,
sep 20 Secretary.
'I'HE SUBSCRIBER has just opened a Class in
1 which children aud youth are instructed in Music '
and Singing. 1'artlcular pains will bi; taken that those j
attending shall he well grounded in the elementary prin
ciples of the science. He will be happy to see any pa
reuts who may think proper to attend with their children. :
The class will meet in Temperance Hall, ? street, be
tween 9th and luth, every Monday and Thursday after
noons, at 4o'clock. Terms, one dollar per quarter, I
payable in advance. JOHN EDO Alt,
sep 20?3t Professor of Music. .
we offer at very low prices.
Sign of tbe Anvil, opp. Brown's Hotel,
sop 20?lm* |
. will be sold at a bargain, if early application is made.
Also, FOR RENT, a Dwelling, with stable attached.
Apply on the premises.
sep 20?3t?J Corner Mans. av. and 4th street.
I JIVE OR BIX good hands can find employment by
calling on the subscriber at the corner of 3d and L>
streets, east of City Hall. A. BALDWIN.
sep 20?It*
WILLIAM TUCKER, late of the firm of Lane k
1 Tucker, Pennsylvania avenue, between 4U and
6th streets, is now prepared to receive calls from nis nu
merous friends and the public generally, having Just
opened a very large and extensive assortment of French
and English Cloths, Cassiuieres, and Vesting*, selected by
himself with great care from the most extensive import
lng houses of New York and Philadelphia, all of which
will be sold at the lowest cash price; and the reputation
of his Establishment is a sufficient guaranty to all who
may honor him with their patronage, of the style in which
his garments will be executed.
N. B.?I shall be ready In ten days to show some of the
handsomest styles of Overcoats that have ever been offered
In this city. sep 20?3taw3w
STEVENS (at. the Athenaeum) ha* Just received a fresh
supply of the following standard articles for toilet
um, vf*:
I'halon's Chemical Hair Invigorator
Barry's Tricopherous
Jayne's Hair Tonic
Guerlaln's and Haules's Eau Lustralle
Rowland's Macassar Oil, Ox Marrow, Ac.
Also, a full supply of Lubln's Extracts, Soap, Cologne,
fto., all of which will be sold low at moderate prices.
sep 20?Ot J At the Athennum, opp. Adelphi Theatre.
THE GENTLEMAN who stepped Into my store yester
day morning, 19th Instant, who had a lame foot, and
purchased a pair of colored slippers at $1.60, and gave me
a ten-dollar bill to change, which I, through mistake, gave
hint back and $7.50, making $9 too much, will please
have the kindness to retnrn me that amount, and much
obllga TH08. B GRIFFIN,
sep 20?It* Penn. av., bet. 9th and 10th sts
~un rifMM ? . . 6h.47m | Sunsets ? - ? 8h 02m
Mr. K. W. CASK, newspaper agent, la tho only au
thorized agent for this paper in Philadelphia, and is duly
empowered to take advertisement* and subscriptions at
the rates required by us. lils receipts will be regarded
a* payment*. office at the northwest corner of Third
and Walnut streets.
Tbe privileges of yearly advertisers will be con
fined rigidly to their regular business, and all other ad
vertisements, not pertainiug to their regular business us
"greed for, to be paid extra.
4(jr Every not ire designed to call attention to private
enterprises calculated or intended to promote Individual
interest, ran only be inserted with the understanding
that the same is to be paid for.
Wakhln|ion and Alexandria Fer
ry-boat ( oiupauy<?An adjourned meeting ot tbe
stockholders of this Company will be held at the office
of George I'ugo, esq., at the loot of7 th street west, on Thurs
day afternoon, 26th iustant, at 4 o'clock. A full attend
ance is requested, as business of importance will bo laid
b. fore the meeting. By order of the Chairman,
sep 10?td
I AM ARTINK's History of the llewto?
-Li ration of Monarchy In Prance>
ihe Sea und the Sailor, ,\otes on France and Italy, and
other Literary ltemuins of the Kov. Walter Colton. 1
vol., with portrait.
Life In the Sandwich Islands; or, Tho Heart of the
Pacific; by Rev. U. S. Cheever.
Drayton; a Story of American Life. 1 vol.
London Labor and tho London l'oor; part 12.
Ibis day received tor sale by
P IB-" Booksellers. I'a. av, neur 9th st.
17 u ? JBWELRY-Juit opened on Bib
, rear ?' 'b(f National and Brown's Hotels.
Ladies fine Sold Breastpins, new and beautiful styles
Garnet and Cluster Kar-rlngs, Ear-drop*
Chased, Garnet, and Healed Finger Rings
Gold and Imitation Cuff l'ins, Gold Snaps
Coral Setts, Necklaces and Armlets. For sale nt
At Mrs. COLLI SUN'S Millinery A Fancy Store,
Oth St., neareor. Louisiana av., rearNational hotel.
GENTLEMEN'S White Silk, Merino, and ScarleUlned
Gloves; Hosiery, and Toilet articles. Isepl9?
JOHN D. CLARK has removed l)is Magistrates, No
tary Puhlic, and Gkneral Aoency Ofkice, to Twelfth
street, third door south of Pennsylvania avenue. Sol
diers Claims for Land, Back Pay, Kxtra Pay, Pensions,
Claims before Congress and tho Departments, promptly
attended to at moderate charts. Persons at a distance
may explain their claims, (post paid,) and suitable form
will be sent back with instructions. sep 19 Gm
r I EMPERANCBMiiTSo !-Amerlcan Tern
X perance Spelling Book, for the use or common and
Sabbath schools; by Rev. T. Sovereign. Also Temper
ance Iracts, for sale by A, GRAY
sep 18?tr 7th ?t? opposite Odd Feliows' Ilall.
HIRE.?Two young WO
k_7 MiSfl for hire?one understands Cooking and Wash
ing, and the other is a good House servant and Seam
stress. Apply to S. J. OB Lit, corner of 7 th street aDd
lyouisianq avenue. sep ]8_eotf
WE"AVK, RECKIV hD a cargo of Philadelphia
Red and White Ash COAL, of good quality. We
''f/r",.1,1!?0,,0," hand a good assortment of LUMBER and
oHINULES, which will be sold low to punctual dealers
_ 1D ? A. ADDISON 4 CO.,
sep IS eo.w Near Navy Yard Bridge.
'PHE SUBSCRIBER respectfully Informs his old cus
X. tomersand others, that he is prepared to ftirnish
Coal suitable tor Grates, Stoves and Cooking-ranges, equal
in quality, and at the lowest cash price, compared with
any other yard. Those whp wish to study eoonomv
would do well to call, as I am prepared to sell lower n't
this time than at any time for the last fivo years. Orders
received at Mr. John F. Callan's, corner of 7th and t
streets, and at my Coal Yard, ViU street. Maryland ave
sep 16? Gteod
Eight per cent, deduction.
"VTOTICE IS IIERFBY GIVEN, that the Tax for the
present year liecame due on the 1st of July, and that
a dduction ot 8 per cent, will be allowed, upon payment),
of said tax made during the present month.
sep 18?eotd R. J. ROCHE, Collector.
HAVING fitted out a room for the sale of Carpetings
we intend to keep a large and general assortment.
We have just received a large assortment of all grades.
Also, Rugs, Druggets, Oil Cloths, heavy Mailings
Damask Linen, Floor Cloths, Stair Linen, Ac.
Those in want are respectfully invited to give us a call
sep 18?lm No. 0, Pa. av., bet. 7th and 8th sts.
in store the following articles, particularly adapt**'
for gentlemen's wear, which are choice and elegant ?
15 pieces French Cloth, black and fancy, of first grades
20 do medium and cheap Cloth, black and fancy
10 do extra superior Scotch Cussimere, entirely new
20 do fancy good styles medium
20 do black Doeskins and Cassimeres, all qualities
and of the most approved makes
150 patterns of the must choice Vesting*
25 embroidered Satin Vest Shapes, rich and beautiful
Also, a very superior stock of Alexander's Rid Glover
with all kinds of silk, woollen, and cotton Gloves, ha.I
Hose, Undershirts and Drawers, Suspenders, Cravats
Pocket Handkerchiefs, Ac.
The whole of which will be sold at the very lowest
gep 18?lm
riOODS IIY THE PIECE.-Persons wi^hi^
" I to buy Bleached and Brown Goods by the piece will
find it greatly to their advantage tu give us a call, a* we
have a very large stock of that class of goods, and feel
disposed to sell them at as low prices as they can be
bought in any of the Northern cities. We name, in part
1 cose 10-4 Allendale Sheeting
1 case 9-4 do do
1 case 5-4 and tt-4 " Pillow-Slip" Cotton
1 case New York Mills Shirtings
1 case Lonsdale, first quality
15 cases various good makes Shirting, from 0'^ to 12k
20 bales Brown Sheetings and Shirtings
2 cases Blenched Jeans
2 cases Plaid Cottons
6 cases Calicoes, from 0 cents up.
sep 18?lm YERBY A MILLER
\\rE }??*? in store now a large and general assortment
f T of Housekeeping Goods, as-follows:
10 pieces superior Linen She. tings
12 do Damask Table Diaper
Splendid Damask Table Cloths, all sizes
10 pieces best Huckaback Toweling
6 dozen superior Damask do
40 do 11 uekahsck Towels, all prices
Splendid stock Table Napkins
Brown Linen Table Cloths
1ft pieces French furniture Prints
10 do Oil-dressed do plain A bordered
40 do 64,10-4, and 12-4 Bleached Sheetlnas
Table and I'iano Covers
Curtain Muslins
50 pieces Irish Linens, all grades
10 do Pillow-case Cotton, Ac.
We invite persons in want, of the above d<wcHpUon
*** Itf1" u< a oall> as we (my great attention to
this class of goods. YKRBY A MILLER,
Sep 18?lm No. 0, Pa. nv? bet. 7th A 8th sts.
Undersigned would respectfully call tho atten
A tion of his friends snd the public generally to his
Stock of the above articles, which he has selected with
care to suit the Metropolitan market. He has on hand
and lain daily receipt of the following OILS, which he
will warrant superior to any now for sale In this city:
Kthcrial, Camphine, Lard, Solar, and Winter Strained
Sperm ; with a great variety of LAMPS of all descriptions.
A. HATCH, Jr.,
two doors west of Todd's new msrhlo building, I'enn
av., andC st. nearly opp. the Bank of Washington,
sep 17?tf *
fJMIE nUIIiDIiR'8 GU1DK?containing Lists of Prices
1 and Rules of Measurement for Csrpenters, Bricklay
ers, Stone-masons, Stone-cutters, Plasterers. Slaters, Paint
ers, Glaziers, Ac. Also, a table of lineal, square, and cu
bic measures, rules of mensuration, tho building regula
tions, tho laws relative to buildings, lien laws, Ac., Ac
Just published, aud for sale by
"ep lfl?,1m D street, between 9th and 10th. I
r|MfE UNDERSIGNED resuectfully Informs tho citizens !
1_ "i Washington that he hasopened a JOB PRINTING i
0KF1CE, corner of D and 8th streets, where he is prepared
to execute every description of Job Printing; and he 1
hopes to be able to give satisfaction to those who mav
favor htm with tli*?lr onli>r*.
Cards, Handbills, Notices, Insurance Policies, Bank
Checks, Laliels, Pamphlets, Ac., Ac., printed at short !
Washixstox, Sept. 13, 1861.
Any orders loft at the offico of the American Tele
graph will be promptly attended to. sep 18?tf
7 th Street, opposite Odd-Fellows' HaU,
AN ASSORTMENT of rich Fall styles of Ribbon, vary
ing In price from 12U to 76 cents per yard, and to i
which tne attention of the ladles is respectfully solicited.
Also, rich Belt Ribbons, Flowers, and various other Mil
linery goods. Also, a lot of well-selected Straw and other
Honnets. The ladies will also find a few beautiful pat
terns of Gold Cuff Pins, imitation do., with a general as
sortraent of ladies' toilet and other articles.
The attention of gentlemen is requested to a fresh se
lection of Silk Cravats and Pocket Handkerchief^, all of I
whieh will be sold low for cash. sep 12?tr |
X fully announce a of their inimitable Concerts
at the above 11 all, commencing on M.nds} evening,
September 16th ; consisting ofSong,,, Duetts, Trios Ouar^
tettes, Italian Opera bceni, ?w .i,d Popular
Comic Singing, Yankee liurleMjues, S?j in a*, Ac Ac ?
making altogether a bill of great variety and excellence.
Ticket* 26 cents. A change of programme nightly"
Doom open at 7J4> Concert commences at 6 o'clock.
sep 8?tf
1,^ANCY PAPEIt.? Lmbonsed Gold and Oliver,
. Ultramarine, Enamelled, Green, (Hazed, Blue, Yel
low, Tissue, Ac., Ac., at moderate priced, for nale by
A. GRAY, 7th street,
Sep 17?tr opposite (kid-Fellowa' Hall.
CI AN TIC A LAl'HIS, or American Book
t of Clxurcll Mutlc, by Lowell Mattou A (4. J.
Webb?just out, and universally rootnmeiidcd by the
Cress as superior to all its predecessors.
Fornalu by A.GRAY',
Hep 17?tr 7th at., opp. Odd-Fellows' Hall.
Dll. DUBBIN'S MAP of the Holy Land,
for Halu by A. OKAY,
?ep^l7?tr 7tit at., opposite Odd-Ki'llown' Hull.
ltOARU W ANTKD, and a Fl ItNl.slIED llOUSK
13 for Kent?A small Family having a house much
um large for their uae, is desirous to rent it. and board
with the occupants. The location la very desirable. A
note addressed to "A. B. C.," and left at this office, stating
where an interview can be had with the applicant, will
be promptly attended to. aep 10?tf
HATS, FALL, 1851;
r-w STEVENS, Hatter, wishes to call the attention
lm of the hatrwearing public to the beautiful hat in
troduced by hiin for the Autumn fashion, believing
t1o far exceed any hat yet Introduced, both in quality
and model. Ilia frienda and cuatomera are invited to
tali on him at the Athemeum, opposite Adelphl Theatre,
aep 18?titood
NM. McGREGOK having removed to the now ware
. rooraa two doors front his former stand, and im
mediately opposite the Exchange Bank of Helden, With
ers A Co., on 7 th atreet, ia now in receipt of a very largo
and fine aaaortinent of Furniture and other houaekeep
mg Good a. He deems it unnecessary to enumerate artl
c-lee, as he intends always keeping a full assortment in
his line. Persona wishing to furnish houses entire or ia
part will find his terms accommodating and prices low;
and he hopes by fair aud honorable dealing, and prompt
attention to business, to merit and receive a full share of
public patronage.
Also, two flntt lots for sale, about 39,000 square feet,
! fronting on north L, between north Capitol and 1st street
east. _ sep 13?2mThA8
[NAME IN PART, Wlneb?lleidseick A Co.'a Cham
pagne, Claret, Hock, 0. L. 1*. Madeira, Sherry, Lon
don Dock Port, Ilunt A Co.'s Port, Liston, Cicily, Malaga,
?fcc., Ac.
Brandies?Old London Dock, Otard, Dupuy A Co.,
Pinet, Castillon A Co., A. Seignette, Ac.
Whisky?Irish, Scotch, Monongabela, and Old Rye.
Also, Stoughton's Bitters, Bwisa, Absinth, Ac., Ac.
Fresh Peaches received every morning.
sep 11?tr Pa. av., 3 doors east of 16th st.
1 pleasure in announcing to the ladies that they have
upened and are daily receiving by Express a most elegant
-tock of DRESS GOODS, embracing all the new and de
sirable styles imported for this season. They deem it
useless to itemize, but earnestly tolicit a call, feeling as
sured that they con show and offer superior nice and
.-heap goods, as they have been selected with the utmost
.'.are. [sep 18?lm
YERBY A MILLER take great pleasure in announc
ing to the Ladies that twv have just returned from
New York, and have now ready for their inspection the
'iiost elegant assortment of Fancy Goods to be found in
'.he city. In our stock they will find?
100 pieces splendid Silks, embracing the newest and
most fashionable styles of the season
10 pieces splendid Watered Poplins, all colors
1 case new style French Mousselines, prettiest
goods of the season
10 pieces Cheno Poplins, very rich
Splendid Cashmeres, newest and richost patterns
Figured and Plain Mousselines de Laine, i.om 12%
cents to (1 per yard
A large stock French Merinoes
Do do English do
Palmetto Cloths, in all the best colors
10 pieccs Black Grode Rhine, all widths
Splendid Embroidered Linencambric Handkerchiefs
100 dozen plain aud colored Bordered do. from 6J4 up
Worked Kdgings and Inserting*
Splendid Collars and Cuffs, Undersleeves, Ac.
Black Silk Lawns
Black and White Plain and Ribbed English SUkHoce
Do do Raw-silk do
400 dozen Cotton Hose, black, white, and mode co
lors, of the very best make
20 dozen best Black Silk Mits, long and short
60 dozen Alexander's best make Paris Kid Gloves
Black, white, and oolored Silk Gloves
In short, our stock is complete and elegant, and we are
determined to sell at tlie lowest prices. We therefore
respectfully invite the Ladies to call, whether they wish
U> purchase or not, as it will afford us pleasure to show
hem our stock. YERBY A MILLER.
Remember the place, No. 6, Penna. av., bet. 7th and
?>th streets. sep 18?lm
11TE ARB NOW OPENING a very choice and select
W stock of Black goods embracing all desirable arti
cles for Ladies in mourning. We name, in part?
30 pieces Black Alpaca, all grades
10 do choice Bomba?ins, Lupiu's make
6 do Black French Merinoes
6 do do Cashmeres
2 do do Cashmere de Ecosse
6 do do Muslin de Lames
6 do Second-Mourning Silks
4 do English Crapes
10 do Italian Crapes
1 carton black Love Veils
2 pieces Veil Crape, very nice; with Black Silk, Kid,
?lid Cotton Gloves; and all kind* of Black Hosiery.
sep 18?lm No. 8, Pa. av., bet. 7th and bth its.
WANTED?An APPhENTlCh, Itt or 1? year* of
age. A stout boy, well recommended, will hear
of a good opportunity by applying at this office.
sep 1?tf
Attention, Chewora and Smoker* !
0 OWNER'S popular Cigar and Tobacco stand is well
supplied with the best Havanas and Prineipes.
Also a splendid lot of Chewiug Tobacco, to which he ex
tends a cordial invitation to his friend* and to gTtlemen
of taste generally. sep W tr
/ new supply of these valuable Bitters to-day received,
on sale by the bottle or dozen. J. K. CALL AN,
sep 11?tr ? corner E and 7 tli *ti.
SCHOOL. BOOKS at New York Prteee.
A lull assortment of all klml? now in use; aud the
liest STATIONERY of every variety, for sale by
au 30? 7th street, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall.
| those used in the private academies and institutions
In the District of Columbia and adjacent country.
For sale, at New York prices, by
sep 1? Booksellers, near 9fh street.
tiincer?Fifty cents per bottlo.
For sale by J. t. CALLAN,
sep 11?tr Corner of E and 7 th streets.
VT THE BIBLE DEPOSITORY, corner of E and 10th
sep 1?tf ? JAMBS NOPli
')/ t PIECES rich Black Silk I.aces, very cheap
OU 10 do. Black Oro de Rhine Silk
60 do. Mousselaine de Laines, at 12c., very good
25 do. Extra do 26 cents
100 do. Calicoes, from 5 cents up
100 do. Bleached Shirtings and Sheetings
26 do. All-wool White and Colored Flannels
26 do. Bleached and llrown Canton do
26 do. Irish Linens, very low
Cloths, Cassimeres, Tweeds, Silk and Satin Testings.
Also, white, grey, black, and fancy-colored Yarn. Custo
mers will do well to give me a call, as I have in store a
good assortment of fkll goods, and will sell at low prices.
sep 6?tr. corner 8th St.. opposite Centre market.
CA PIECES all-wool Flannels, nearly a yard wide, 26c.
Ul I Brown Cottons as low as 3 cents a yard!
Beautiful Fall Calicoes, from 4 cents up.
New Cashmere* and Mousselaines, pretty and cheap.
Ticking as low as fl cent*.
100 pieces bleached Cotton from 6 cents up, very cheap.
Persons buying to sell again will here And an excellent
assortment of Hosiery, Gloves, Pins, Tapes, Ac., Ac., at
Baltimore prices. Also, an assortment of Extracts, Co
lognes, Soap, Brushes, Combs and Fancy articles, aliout
26 per cent, less than regular prices I A few Fall style
Bonnets just received. T. B. BROWN,
pep 8?tr Pa. av., opposite BroWn's Hotel.
JU8T RECEIVED, at the Musical Depot, a fine lot of
Violin A Guitar Strings, direct from New York. Also
a fine assortment of Violonoello and tenor Violin Strings;
together with Violin and Violoncello Bows, of all quali
ties, and at all prices, from 26 cents to $6. Persons wish
ing to socure a bargain in Musical merchandise, should
nail at ones and male a salsctlonv as my stock of instru
ments to at this time complete.
0B0. HILB08.
sep ft?tr south side of fa. ?t., next to cor. 10th st.

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