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Ou Ttli at., opposite OUd-Fellowi' Hall,
At Ten Cents a Week, or
To subscribers served by tin: carriers, the paper will
be furnished regularly for ten cent* per week, payable
weekly, iyr To mail *ubeeribers, f j a year; $2 60 lor
six mouths; $1 20 lor three mouths; 60 cents a month.
No paper mailed unless paid for lu advance, and (11 neon
tloued when the term paid for uxplres.
Half miliars, (0 liues or lens,) 26 cents for each insertion.
1 square, 1 insertion . $0 60
1 do 2 Insertions 0 75
1 do 3 insertions 1 OU
1 do 1 week .... 1 76
1 do 2 woeks ... 2 75
1 square, 1 mouth ... $4 OU
1 do 2 months .. 7 00
1 do 3 months . . 10 UO
1 do 0 months .. lrt 00
I do 1 year .... 30 00
Unr* (nr"ver *") >nakt a square? longer adver
tisements in exact proportion. auver
AuvjsRTiBhiut will please endeavor to send In their favors
before 11 o'clock, If possible.
General Emigration aad Paasage Offlc^
r.;V''" a7 Aur-Lmo S/tp, New York, near fulton tYrry.
I Or. m.hHe'mJP IUBV? t0 in,urm hi" Wends and
,:f- that his arrangements are such for brin ?
hv#? '?'? f".r*,ird,n? passengers to and from Liverpool
by tuoi old aud lavorite Mack Star Line of Packets sail in
to auJ troin New York and Liverpool every week as to
Drisui^ thiTR U'iJ '1UnCk ?"UVu/Ha<'?s. The ships' com
mind ?l hi , T T nuw a!,(1 ttrst packets, com
manUed by old ana experienced commanders
Also, Agent for the Star Line of Glasgow I'acket- sail
In* every month. Also, Agent for thT^Undld Juk^ol
New York and Louisiana Line of New Orleans p^ket"
sailing every week. pacaets,
Draft* at sight furnished for any amount on England
Ireland, and .Scotland. I'll03. O'lilllKV '
mar 21? 87 Burling Slip, 2 doors from South it.
The New York and Liverpool United State# Mail
__ Steamers.
The ships comprising this line are the?
ATLANTIC, Capt. West.
PACIFIC, Capt. Nye.
AKCTIC, Capt. Luce.
ADKIATIC, Capt. Oradon. ,
These ships, having been built by contract, expressly
for Government service, every care has been taken in their
construction, as also In their engines, to insure strength
??... P1^'. ? i lF "cco"?rao.lations for passengers are
unequalled for elegance or comfort.
Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, $130- ex
toNew Yo'rkS" roomH' W*' ?'">? Liverpool
An experienced Surgeon will be attached to each ship.
i>o berth can be secured until paid for
fnr^i1^f1OWn1r8n.f ^'P" not be accountable
for gold, Silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones,
the 1 u! "'h" r ?t! ? 1"di"l{ ilro "?UBa therefor, and
the value tiiereof therein expressed.
For freight and passage apply to
Kl)WA!ID I{. COLLINS, 56 Wall st., N. Y.orto
BHOWN, SHIPLEY 4 CO., Liverpool '
L DitAPKKKJr Vita' ,14' !n?8 Arm Vard' London.
l.. UltAl hit, Jr., 8 Boulevard, Montmartre, Paris.
mar z-k?a
-i iA packktS'im 1ArA^ui!yekp00l unk Olf
I ACK.r,Ts-?sailing from Philadelphia on the 5th.
and from.Liverpool on the 1st of every month.
Ship SHENANDOAH, Capt. Win. II. West* Shin pit
scat's Pm^'a V'11Uaia..Mcl><>w?ii; ship maky plea
iS, (.apt. Anthony Michaels.
rj.t'1" 0r'^c!!^, "hiPR ?? hullt of the best mate
rials, and commanded by experienced navigators.
10r" i?-j.
pa??ge for their friends can
obtain oertifloates which will be good for eight months.
with drafts'? ?' n'm,t Tney cau 1,0 MoonunodaUd
sterling and upwards, at sight, without
f?r ?onUu"ut wl" he forwarded free of ex
_mar2*?d No. 37. Walnut .street, 1'hlla.lelnhla.
parkeville hydropathic institute
A T?mmuU.n<{ 0r.v1w. of Managers of the Parke
iiV , /jr0'!f,Ul.iu lni,"tute, held Urtb month 16th,
? jrf WeJer, M. U., was unauimously elected
Jiui U.U Phyticum m the plaoe uf Or. lMxter, re.'igne<L
Having iuvle various improvements, this institute is
now prepared to receive au additional number of patieuts
and from Or. Weder's well-known skill and practical ejy
P'rvji.j- iu Europe, (acquired uud?- Vinouns PreissniU.
the founder of the Hydropathic system.) and for several
P*"',n country, and particularly iu the city or
Philadelphia, (whore he has had many patients,) the Man
agers believe the afflicted will Und him an able and an
attentive phynidan.
0(Th? domeatifl department being under the charge of a
Steward and Matron, will enable the Doctor to devote to
tne patients whatever time may be necessary.
Application for admission to be made to
A SAMUEL WEBB, Secretary.
Offl,* No. 58 South Fourth street, residence No. 16 Lo
gan square, Philadelphia.
Oen*rM /tucri/Svm ofU* r^irkrvitU Hydropathy Institute.
llio inaiu building is three stories high, stauuinR liack
from the sireet about oue hundred feet, with a si.midreu
lar gran plot in front, and contains thirty to rorty rooms
The grounds around the house are tastefully laid out with
walks au.l planted with trees, shrubs, Ac. <?n the left of
the entrance to these grounds Is a cottage containing four
rooms, used by male patients as a bathing house, with
every oonvenieuce for "packing," bathing, Ac.; on the
right of the entrance, about two hundre.1 f?,,t distant
stands a similar cottage, used by Uie ladles for similar
-In the rear of the Institute, at the distance of one hun
dred feet, are throe other cottages, some eighty feet apart.
One of these Is the laundry, with a hydrant at the door ?
the other two are occupicd by the servants.
The hydrant water is introduced Into these cottages as
well as into the main building, and all the waste water
carried off by drains under ground.
C'rru'ar "tone building, standing on the brow
of a hill, surmounted by a large cedar reservoir containing
flvo hundred barrels, brought from a never-fallingsprinir
of pure cold water in the sldo of the hill, by "a hydraulic
ram,' a self-acting machine of east Iron, that Is kept con
stantly going, nitfht aud day, by the descent of the water
from the spring. The surplus water is carried from the
reservoir to a fountain iu the water-works yard, surround
ed by weeping willows. In the Brst story of the water
vi ? circular room, containing the douche bath,
which Is a stream /ailing from a height of about thlrti
feet, and cant* varied In size from half an inch to an
luch aud a half In diameter. Adjoining the douche room
is a dressing room, with marble tables, Ac.; the risina
dwM (for the cure of piles. Ac.) is one of the most com
plete contrivances of the kind, being entirely under the
eontrol of the patient using the same.
There are many other appliances, which can bo better
understood by a personal examination. mar 24
??2 * t" Ji?0. KALCorrtu 4 Co.,
?? Ce<iar and 22 Pine streets. New York, invite m?r
?Uy to, lh8ir 'tock of
Foreign and Domestic, Fancy and Staple Dry Ooods.
Their stock is entirely new, and, lu addition still -erel r?
siveW^to thlsTr, "niJ ".,e<?nl ?tyles, confined exe'u
?j lu ^ ?!! r "T*,' co""1',tJng of every variety ,,r Dr. as
Ooods to be found In the trench. Herman, English auti
American markets and at prices that will defy oompeOters
i merchants generally will do well to
our stock, as oar goodg an* iwlart^l t/>
?very section of the country, and weare resolt^to ?
no efforts to make it the interest of every merchant to
favor us with their patronage.
New Tor*, March, 1851. mar
60 cavs Hum Copal, med. an.l fine Zanslbar, 4e.
? "?l>erlor Coach Body, Carriage Oil Cloth Pollsh
Ji5k? J "*! a<!r?P<ng, Cabinet an>i Venltlan Blind Var
?isnes, Xos. 1, 2, and 8.
10 bbls. Sign and Graining Varnish,
# do white (lowing do
do warranted.
10 do Iron Vanish. d? f?r "Mlp" or"h'P?
1? ',%inUrs' Japan.
iM?.jy,? wh,u
lowest market rates. retail, at the
Persons i.urchaslng the above will dn ..n ?
examine for themselves. 0 W#U ^ p?" "nd
If. B. Persons wantlna Varnishes manufWct?r?,i -.11
alTV^hidii subscrlner Is prepared tomanXtZ^
all kinds. BKNJ 0 HoRvnn
No. 8 La Orange stmt, mnnin, fflfllJIT?!... w
twe?? Market and Arab streeU, Phlw
To I'eriona out of Employment.
Juat published by ?. BEARS, uiJ for sale at No. 128
Natutau streat, Now York.
4 MKHICAN OI1TC 1JOOK8 FOR 1841.-Agents are
/\ wautad to circulate Uio tallowing new and beiiutUul
work*, (retail price, $2 60 per vol.) A new nud complete
with a descriptive aoeouut of those couutrles and their
inhabltaute, from the earliest period of authentic history
to the preaeut Ume. lu whioh the editor ha* treated not
only of tlie historic*! event*, but also of the iuauutrs,
customs, religiou, literature, and domestic habit* of the
people of those immense empires.
The embellishments are about two hundred, and of the
first order, illustrating whatever la peculiar
lailts, regarding their dress, domestic oocupaUous,
mode of agriculture, commercial I^"uita' .^J^-Hllibr
are accurate, und each one has boeu made expressly for
^The* volume ta. a large octavo, containing between
five and ?ix hundred pagei., printed in the beat style, and
,1U jrood substantial white liaper. It is furniahed to agents,
handsomely bound lu muslin, glit, or leaUier, as the pur
chaser may prefer, at a very liberal discount, when quaii
tit It-a of not leas than twenty oopiea are ordered at one
comprising the moat striking and remarkable evente of
the Revolution, the French WW, ^
Indian war. the second war with Great Britain,and tl e
Mexican war; with three Immtoad
>rico, $2 50 per volume. Orders respectfully solicited.
are decidedly the best books that ageuts can p^ibly em
ploy their Uine iu supplying to the people ot the UnitoU
States. They are valuable for reference, and
possessed by every family in this great republic. There to
not a city or town in these Uuited States,
of small Importance, but contains many cltiiens to whom
these works are indispensable. They are adapted to the
literary want* of tlio Christian,the patriot, the ? teaman
and the domestic circle, got up in a superior sty le of ar
an,1 workmanship; and are not only JR will
Hell, but are such as an agent of good PrillUP'"Jl1' '
free to recommend, and willing to see the purchaser again
after thev have l>een bought. . ,,
Our 1'la.n.?The plan the publisher has so successful y
cat vied out for several years, is the obtaining
u en as agents, who are well known in their own counties,
owns, and villages, and have time and disposition to cir
culate good and instructive books among their neighbors
and friends. Any person wishing to embark in the enter
prise will risk little in sondlag $25 or $50, for whlch he
will receive au assortment as he may direct, at the wholo
S'lKnten>rising and active men of respectability and good
address, would do well to ongage in Uie sale of *h? "J**?
volumes; and all postmasters, olergyinen, book pedlars,
and newspaper agents, are respectfully requested to act
a* onr agents. A handsome remuneration allowed to all
who engage in their sale. For particulars address, port
paid, ROBERT SEARS, 128 Nassau street, N. Y.
To publishers of newspapers throughout the United.States:
Newspapers vopying this advertisement entire, without
anv alteration or abridgment, (including this notice,) and
dvlngltVfew inside insertions, shall receive a copy of
any of our $2 50 or $3 works, auly ect to their order, by
sending direct to the publisher. 5i?L~!IL_
The Baltimore and Philadelphia Steamboat
t?? ?i , j , | x.Have resumed their operations for the
rfi- ,ri. . J.javear witli increased means of accommo
datilm the trade between Philadelphia and Baltimore, in
the most regular and expeditious manner, and at their
former materially redtuxd P?**, being, on dry p>ods,
hardware, Ac., only 10 cent* per 100 pounds, and but hall
the price charged by other lines. ..... ,
Persons wishing to avail themselves of the facilities an I
moderate prices of the Line, are advised to give expl^'1 anu
positive directions for sending their goods to the KrieMon
Line, and they should be particular to possess themselves
of the receipts which are invariably given for their goods.
In those arc stated the price charged for transportation ,
and It will prove a protection against the double rates ex
isted by other lines, who have no published rates.
Goods destined for tl.c West. South, or other I'l^ ^f
yond Baltimore, forwarded promptly on the day of their
?irrlval, with every care and attention, free of all charge
whatever tor this service, in the shape of commissions oi
"'nkw'yorx.?Goods shipped from New York or other
places eastward of that city, should 1? distinctly con
signed to A. <>novel, jr., Philadelphia, to insure their con
''Freight'to*or from Baltimore, as above, 10 cents per 100
pounds. Coarse freights taken at still less rates.
The established character and known reputation of this
compnuy is an ample guarantee to those disposed to con
fide their property to the care of the company .
One or more of the company's boats leaves ihlladelphia
sac WSJ SS^.^SSX'SS?Si
25MU ^5,-ssstS^^
No. 19 South Wharves, above Chestnut st.
In like manner a boat leaves Baltimore, daily, (Sunday
excepted,) at half-past 2 o'clock.
Apply in Baltimore to
J. A. SHRIVER, Agent, No. 8 Light it,
innr24 near the Depot of the B. A 0. R. R.
New York India Rubber W*rehou?e.
D110IMJMAN,27 Maiden Lane and 59 Nassau street,
, (first corner from Broadway,) New York, Factory
toot of Twenty-fourth street, East. River.
Merchants throughout the United States are resp^tfull}
informed that my spring stock of India RubberOwsIs will
lie found for superior to any before offered, having b. -
stowed upon each individual article the benefit of my long
experience in manufacturing, which enables me to war
rant entire satisfaction. ,.
Among the most important, I would call attention U
mv extensive stock of Carriage Cloth, of all widths, from
;U to t>-4 inclusive, and made oni the choicestj'irilU
tho tiMt of fcfum. Purchawr* will And that it will neither
rrack! peel, nor become sticky, as is the case with much
that has been and continues to lie sold in this city.
Consisting of Coats, Cloaks, Capes. Pouches, Pants, Over
alls I,Wings, Boots, Caps, Ac., now so extensively worn
l,y farmers, physicians, drivers,sea captains, sal ors, Ac.
Baptismal Pants,manufactured expressly for theclexgy.
Ladies and Genttemen'sOloves?aperfecteure for chap
ned hands by wiring them for a short time, at the samy
Ume bleaching and rendering
These Gloves are also much worn by Hatters, Tanners,
Masons, Ac., being a perfect protection against acid and
Mil chin*. lulling and HUatu Ricking,
in every variety, and cheaper and better than any thing
which can be substituted for either. , ? ,
Also, a large stock of Overshoes. Garden and Engine
Hose. Whips, llorse Covers, Horse Fenders. Hoof Boots.
it?ii?. Life Preservers, Breast Pumps, ^yrinirc!'. Tobacco
Wallets. Finger Stalls. Paper Holders, Door Springs, Ac.,
Ac., besides an immense stock of
India Rubber Ballt,
and other fancy articles, snch as Elastics, Dolls, Dogs, and
other animals of various kinds. Pure' R?bb?[ Lament for
hatters'use- All orders executed with
8TIMS0N & CO.'8
yew York, New Orleans, and Mobile Exprett,
CONNECTING with the swiftest and most responsible
expresses between the principal towns in Maine, New
Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Con
n?-uiut Low.-r Canada, New York State, Delaware, Peiiu
svlvnnia Maryland, Dlstriot of Columbia, Indiana, Ohio.
iCv the Western Stetes generally, the > issb;sIppl and
Alabama river towns, aud the prominent places in Ueor
^'our fi^mttes are so extensive and perfect thaWe wn
aecure the safe and speedy transportation of freight,
trunks, packages, and valuable paroets,
the country to the other, aud between the most remote
** From our nlany years' experience in the express busi
nef, while connected with Messrs. Adams A 0o., and our
numerous a-ivantages in other respect, (not the least ot
which Is the confidence and patronage of tlio New \ork
community,) we feel assured that we shall MW Wjase to
jive the most entire satisfaction to our friends, the jewel
lers. Imnkors, and merchants generally.
We be* leave to call attention to our California Express
from New Orleans, and our Express between New Orleans
""'lines':'St. Charles Hotel Building, New Orleans, and
IB Wall street. Now York. mi>r Z4~~
\ eine *n?l the Collateral Sclencee for
"?! arch, 1 ?The March number of this welli estab
lished journal Is now before the public, containing original
communications from the following talented writers of the
M..,heal Profession: W. II. Van Huren. M. D., case of ova
rian tumor,In which doath result.-d fromentero-peritonitis
arising from a novel cause,Illustrated by a plate: remarks
'ill bv Ezra P. Ben net, M. D.. of Connecticut; rup
bla.ld.fr, bv .1 Kneel and, M.D.; reports of hospital
by F !>. Lenta. M. D? and others of much Interest
bV,rF^reT,VahnrLericaSnUMe.lical Retrosp^isfnll
and complete: Bihllogmpliioal notices of all the late kng
''"puWIsh^^ r;"^b%t^ par annum; aach
Oj/ice, No. 1 Reade Street, Ntw York.
IN consequence of the great number of complaints which
have fur a long time been uiuUe by Emigrants, of frauds
committed upon them in the sending of money to their
friends in Ireland, and to aid and protect the Emigrant,
the Irish Kmlgrant Society established u fund, deposited
in the liank of Ireland, upou which they draw draits,
payable at sight, at any of the branches of the liank.
Person* residing out of the City, by enclosing in a letter
the sum they wish forwarded, with the plainly written
direction to whom and where it is to be paid, will have the
same remitted.
There is a great advantage in purchasing the Society's
draft*?that the liank haw a branch in each of the princi
pal towns in Ireland, and thug the losses by discount, and
otherwise, are avoided.
Tiie Society keeps an office at No. 22 Spruce street, to
which Emigrants can apply to obtain situations for which
tijey are fitted.
Orders from employers in the country, stating the ser
vices required, the wages, and the cheapest modes of con
veyance, and giving a respectable reference, will meet with
prompt attention.
The Society will be thankful far all circumstantial and
early information of any fraud, imposition, or outrage
committed on Emigrants, and will endeavor speedily to
apply a remedy. GREGORY DILLON, President.
IIUOll liKLLY, )
JAMES MATHEW8, V Vice President*.
Edward 0. Donnelly, Corresponding Secretary.
KuutHAH B. Dalit, Recording Secretary.
Joseph Stuart, Treasurer.
Felix Ingoldsby, William Redmond*
William Watson, Francis Mann,
John Manning, James Stuart,
Terence Donnelly, Stuart J. Mollan,
James Olwell, Cornelius II. Sheehan,
Charles M. Nanry, John Nicholson, mar 24?
Hardware, Cutlery, Edge Tools, &o.
CHARLES S. LITTLE, Importer and
general dealer in English, German, and
American Hardware, Cutlery, Edge Tools,
4c., 33 and 34 Fulton street,opposite the
United States Hotel, New York, respectfully invites tlie
attention of Merchants, making their purchases, to Ids
vei*y extensive assortment, comprising every thing in the
line, and to which new and constant supplies are being
added. His variety of Tools Is adapted to all the various
branches of mechanics, especially Coopers and Carpenters.
Particular attention given to all orders, all of which are
offered at the lowest market prices for cash or on approved
Cut and Wrought Nails, Locks and T.atehet*
Knives and Forks, I'en and Pocket Knives
Razors, Scissors and Shears, in great variety
Skates, Slates, Sleigh Bells, loose and strapped
ShovelH, Spades, Hoes, Forks, Scythes and Snathe*
Rifles, Black Lead Pots, and Sand Crucibles
' Pumps, for wells or cisterns; Force PumpB and Hydrau
lic Rums
Ames' Pump, Augers and Runn ers
Turkey Oil Stone, dressed and undressed
Scotch Water of Ayr Stone, for marble polishers
Coopers' Tools, in great variety, of the most celebrated
manufacturers, Albertson, Conger, Horton, Barton, and
Coachmakers' Tools
House and Ship Carpenters' Tools
Blacksmiths' Tools, Cabinet makers' Trimmings
House and Ship builders' Hardware
House furnishing Hardware, in great variety
Iron, Ilrass, Copper, and Steel wire
Genuine Haarlem Oil, and Nuremberg Salve.
mar 24?
Inventori and ManufacturerI of the Ethiopian and Fire
proof Paint, WilminyUm, Clinton co., Ohio.
W MYERS, No. 319 Main street, near 8th, Cincinna
a ti, Ohio, to whom all orders must be addressed.
The superiority of this paint over all other, for carriage,
uouse, and ship painting, will be seen in its rapid sale.
It is not over four months since this paint has been intro
duced into market, and our agent has la-en able to onlur
one hundred tons. The paint is ground in oil, and put
lip ready for use, from the finest black down to any shade
to suit the fancy.
Also, inventors and manufacturers of Tanner*" Black
ing. This article is so universally approbated by ail who
have used it, that it scarcely nuods commendation. But
to give confidence to those who may not have tried it, we
would say that Z. C. Ryon. foreman to A. M.Taylor A Co.,
Columbia street, Cincinnati, has authorized us to use bis
name as a recommendation to tanners in general. To all
who know Mr. Z. C. Ryon this would be sufficient; but all
tanners In the city snd country, who have used it, have
granted us this privilege. If it were necessary we could
till a newspaper with testimonial.-; but where all who use
are pleased we deem it uncalled for.
The Tanners' Blacking is put up in kegs containing six
gallons, ready for use, aud will l>e sent to any point on
the canal, railroad, or river, at fifty cents per gallon.
All orders should be addressed, post paid, to
Wilmington, Clinton co., Ohio; or
J. n. HAVENS, Cincinnati.
Also, Inventors and manufacturers of a Walrr-pronf
Blacking for Oil-cloth. t\w.t will reduce the cost fifty per
cent., and will soon be In market. mar 24
rMPORTERS AND JOBBERS, 68 Libep.tt street, New
York, (between Brondway and Nassau.) are now re
ceiving ? rich and beautiful assortment of fancy Silk and
Millinery Goods, to which we would particularly invite the
attention of all Cash Purchasers, and will make it an ob
ject for them to giTe us ? call, as we are determined to sell
our assortment, for Cash, lower than ever before offered In
this market.
Milliners ran supply themselves with every article in
their line, at about the cost of Importation or Auction
prices. Many of our goods are manufactured expressly
for our own salt, and cannot be surpassed tor beauty or
low prices.
Rich Hat and Cap Ribbons, a large variety
Silks nnd Satins for Bonnets
Embroidered Capes, Collars, Cuffs, and Chemlsetts
Embroidered Edgings and Inserting*, Swiss and Muslin
Thread, Brussels Valenciene, Silk, and Lisle Thread
Kmbmldered Reverie and I'iain Linen Cambric Ilkfs.
Gloves and Mits, Kid, Silk, I.Ule Thread, and Sewing
Scarfr, Cptvats, and Dress Hkfs.
Swiss, Jaconet, Book Muslins, and Bishop Lawns
Embroidered, Damask, and Plain Canton Crape Shawls
A full assortment of Straw Goods
Freneh and American Artificial Flower*
With a large variety not mentioned above.
All wishing to avoid paying long price* will make mo
ney by calling and satisfying themselves. [mar 24?tf
Ac., Ac.?Wholesale Retail?No. l!?4)*j Market
Strft, Philadelphia.?We offer to our friends and custo
mer* the largest assortment of Agricultural Implements,
Garden Tools, and Senis ever offered In tills market, con
sisting in part of the following, viz:
PR0CTY A MEARS' Patent Highest Premium Self
sharpening PLOUGHS, right and left handed Side Hill
Subsoil, of various sizes, of superior insterials and work
manship, warranted to give satisfaction, or the money
returned. Fmr Highest J'rrmxtimn nwanted to these
PLOUGHS at the New York State Fair for 1860. Also,
Beaches and Bar Share Plo.lghs.
Spain's Improved Barrel Churn, constructed in sueh a
manner that the dasher may be removed from the inside
of the Churn by simply unscrewing the handle from the
Hay, Straw, and Corn Stalk Cutter* In great variety,
smong which may be found Harvey'* superior Premium
Straw CutteT, of every size.
Aluo, Horse Powers, Threshing Machines, Fan Mills,
Com Shelters, Cheese Presses, Seed Planters, Dirt Scrapers.
Sugar Mills, Ox Yokes and Bows, Turnip Drills, Horse
Rake*, Grain Cradles, Expanding and Extra Cultivators,
Harrows, Snathe, Scythes, Concaved lloes. Spring tem
pered fast Stoel Oral and Square tined Manure and Hay
Forks. Pruning Shears and Chisels, Beach and Bar Shear
Repairing Pedes and Castings, Peruvian, Patagonia and
Prepared Ouanq, together with a complete assortment of
Grass, Garden, and Field Seed, all of which will he sold at
the lowest possible prices, at 1B4 U Market street, Phlla.
French and German Looking-Olasi Depot,
No. 75 Baltimore Street.
BARRATT A DEBEET, Carvers nnd Gliders, manufac
turers of every variety of Plain and Ornamental
I-ooking-Glsss snd Picture Frame*, Window Cornices,
Brackets. Bracket Table*, Ceiling Mouldings, Ac., Ac.
Also constantly on hand, a fill I assortment of Gilt nnd
Mahogany Framed l-ooking Glasses. Old work re-gilt,
glasses Inserted in old Frame*, Ac. Prices low and work
unsurpassed in beauty of finish and durability by any
other establishment. The public Is respectfully invited
to examine our stock before purchasing eWwhere.
I MPORTERS, No. 88 Market street, Philadelphia: No
103 Broadway, New York, are now receiving and offer
for sale, at Market price*, an *xoellent assortment of th(
following goods:
Cloths and Doeskins, of Gevers A Schmidt, Sehnabel's.
Hooksclmrmann A Sehroeder, and others, consigned to
them direct from the manufacturers.
French, Swiss, and German Silks. Fancy and Staple
Goods, of the best make* and style*, *ultable for the spring
Also, sole agency for the United State* of J. M- Caron
* do.'* Fanaf Wilt aa4 Silk ByOUas, aa4 ether fckriee
J"' ? ! ? " - i- ? ' ?
For the American Telegraph.
A Patriotic Poem.
j Part 3b,?lUretu the Pntt Jirst discourse* of himself,
then pursue* the "I'rofrtu f* sings about newspapers, and
i other interesting and sublime mutters; concluding Ute JUrt
Willi u Grand hall at Hhumwndide.
Though few believe the papers, still
I tihouid, aud by the gods 1 will,
Deny ? charge I've read in one,
Here published. This should not be done,
Nor would 1 condescend thereto,
If me my gentle readers knew :
A stranger must himself defend,
Or haTd 'twill be to find a friend.
Now here's the charge : they say I'm paid,
That ail my patriotism 'a?trade I
Tis no such thing: I only write
To show affairs iu proper light
I "jtatiLl" If so, pray tell me what?
My little purse no larger's got;
I ppeul',lie 'lay in honest toil,
And read and wijU by " j?i*uigl?t oil."
I "paid!" No "Progress" can I make,
No Summer recreation take;
I stay at home, aud there review
The nothings that our great ones do.
Nor can I think my situation
"Will mend in this Administration,
However much my truthful rhyme
May aid in patching up the time.
At least I have no office yet,
Though soon I'll make the nation's debt
To Plutarch Puffer large indeed:
But merit, here, can't have its meedt
Reflecting more, I scarcely think
I'd let my iiulependence sink
So low as offices require;
To spread my doublet on the mire,
As Raleigh did, that Majesty
May pans with dainty footstep free!
I wouldn't even my threadbare coat
To such vile purposes devote!
60 much for matters personal;
And now the Progress I recall,
Now follow fast the flying train,
And "Richard is himself again!"
The cars arrived, that afternoon,
At Charlestown?aud arrived too soon,
For none at depot gave them greeting?
It happened all the folks were eating.
When engine whistle loudly poured
The tidings, each sprang up from board,
Ran out with knife and fork in hand,
To see the magnates of the land,
And 1eouUl have shouted, but, awhile,
Could only "grin a ghostly smile;"
So full their mouths of bread and butter,
No salutation could they utter.
Howe'cr, Ills Excellency knew,
Though duuib their mouths, their hearts were true,
And did himself congratulate
That all were in such thriving state.
"Ah, see !'* he said, to Banker near,
'?What charming evidence is here
Of Whig Administration! See
How much the country owes to me!"
Erratum.?The 39th stanza yesterday should havo
" And shouted loud the happy throng."
Board of Aldermen, 1
Monday, September 22, 1851. J
Present: Messrs. Dove, Magruder, Bayly,
Wilson, Towers, Borrows, Sweeny, Maury,
French, (President,) Wirt, Thornley, Gordon,
Morgan, and Pnge.
The bill from the Board of Common Council
to provide for laying water-pipes from the cor
ner of F aud 13th streets to the northwest cor
ner of E and 18th streets, in the Second Ward,
was taken up, read three times, and passed.
Mr. Thohnlky, from the Committee of
! Claims, reported unfavorably on the bill for the
relief of Mrs. Sarah Butts; and the bill was
I rejected.
Mr. Maury presented a petition from James
, Crutchet and others, for paving the footway on
| the south side of C street north, between Dela
ware avenue and 3d street west; which was
' referred to the Committee on Improvements.
| The bills from the Board of Common Council
entitled, An act for grading 14th street, between
K and 0 streets north;
An act authorizing the application of a por
tion of the appropriation for the grading of M
' street north, from 9th to 10th streets, to the
graveling of said street;
An act for cleansing the streets, alleys, and
gutters in the Seventh Ward;?were severally
taken up, read three times, and passed.
The bills from the Board of Common Council
entitled, An act supplementary to and amenda
tory of nn act supplementary to an act concern
ing free negroes, mulattoes, and slaves, ap
proved December 10, 1860;
An act in relation to vagrants, disorderly
| persons, prostitutes, &c., and repealing certain
acts on the subject;
An act supplementary to an act regulating
j omnibuses, and for other purposes;?were sev
j crally taken up, read twioe, and referred to the
' Committee on Police.
Mr. Maury submitted a joint resolution ap
plying to the President of the United States for
the improvement of Eleventh street east, be
tween Pennsylvania avenue and the Navy Yard
Bridge ; which was read three times and passed.
Mr. Wirt, from the Committee on Improve
ments, reported a bill entitled an act authoriz
ing the curbstones to be set and the footway
paved on the south side of C street north, be
tween 8d street west and Delaware avenue,
hlong the north fronts of reservation No. 11 and
squares 674, 683, 684, aud 686; whioh was
read three times and passed.
Mr. Dov*, on leave, introduced an act for
the relief of Daniel Linkins; which was read
i three times and passed.
Mr. Dove, on leave, introduced an act for
I laying a gutter across loth street west, on the
: north side of K street north; which was read
| twicc, and referred to the Committee on Ira
j provements.
! Mr. Magruder submitted a joint resolution
appointing a committee to represent this Cor
1 poration at the meeting of the Chesapeake and
Ohio Canal Company; which was read three
times and adopted.
And Mr. Magruder was appointed oa the
eonunittee on the part of this Board.
Mr. Wirt presented a petition from Benja
min Bean, asking remuneration for the loss of
hia horse, which fell from the guard wall into
the canal at L street north; which was refer
red to the Committee of Claims.
Mr. Thornlky, on leave, introduced an act
to erect a wutoh-houso east of the Capitol;
which was read twice, and, on motion of Mr.
Magruder, amended by adding u section au
thorizing the Mayor to rent a room in the First
Ward for watch-house purposes; and it was
then read the third time as amended, and
Mr. Wilson, from the Committee on Im
provements, reported without amendment tho
bill authorizing tho construction of a bridge
across H street ncrrth ; and it was then, on mo
tion, ordered to lie on the table.
Mr. Iowkhs, from the Committee on Police,
reported, by way of amendment, a substitute
for the bill entitled an act amendatory of an act
entitled an act relating to the enclosures of
streets and avenues, approve^. her 22,
1842; which wae .cmtaidoied and ag(*ed to;
aM the bill a a amended was then read the third
time and passed.
Mr. VVmr, from tho special commit tea to
which was referred the bill ? directing bread to
be sold by the pound and ounce, nnd repealing
nil acts relating to bread and the assize thereof,"
reported, by way of amendment, a substitute
for the sumo; which was considered, and on
motion ordered to lie on the table and be pub
lished with the proceedings of the Board.
An Act directing broad to be sold by ounces and pound*
thereof '?g a" fonnor acU to tho njsizc
lk it enactcd by tlte Board of Aldermen and Board of
l^'Zr.w. 'ST''' "LC/U/^ o/ WuUKglm, That It tthaii
De unlawful hereafter for any person or persons to make,
se.l, or offer for Bale within the limits of tins Corporation
any description of wheat, rye, or oat bread, that in not well
baked, iu loaves weighing not less than three ounces,
half pound, oue, two, or four pounds, and composed of
pure, sweet, superflne wheat, rye, or oat flour, regu
larly inspected, and free from adulteration or adwixturo
W? f- matter; any person or persons convicted
?l ? J"'1'11* ??ai??t any of the provisions of this Portion,
shall forfeit and pay a fine of not less than two nor more
t.ian twenty dollars; to be collected and applied as other
lines. r
Sec. 2? -And be. it enacted, That any person or persons
who shall sell, or offer to sell, within the limits of this
Corporation, a loaf or loaves of bread without weighing,
or allowing the same to be weighed at the reiiuest of the
purchaser, and thus convicted, he, she, or they shall pay
a line of not less than one aor more than five dollars, to
be collected and applied as other fines.
8cc. 3. And be it enacted, That all acts or parts of acts
relating to bread or tho assize thereof, heretofore passed
uy this Corporation, be and the same are hereby repealed.
On motion of Mr. Towers, the Board re
sumed tho consideration of the nomination of
Burrill Cornwall, as wood-corder in place of S.
Killman, deceased; and the nomination was
And the Board adjourned.
Board or Common Council, |
Monday, September 22, 1851. j
All the members present except Mr. Callan.
Mr. Douglass presented tho petition of L.
Storm and others, asliing a change in tho pres
ent mode of weighing hay, straw, aud fodder;
which was read aud referred to the Committee
on Police.
Mr. Mohuk presented a petition from Nicho
las Hopp and others, on the subject, and at the
same time, on leave, introduced a bill entitled
" An act authorizing the curbstones to be set
and the footway laid on the east front of square
484;" which was read twice, and referred to
the Committee on Improvements.
Mr. Brent, on leave, introduced a bill enti
tled " An act authorizing the curbstones to be
set and tho gutters laid on the east side of
square 572, and west side of square 073," ac
companied by a petition from Wm. B. Todd aud
others on the subject; tho bill was read twice,
aud referred to the Committee on Improve
Mr. Van Riswick, on leave, introduced a
bill entitled "An act restraining the speed of
steamboats," accompanied by a petition from
Henry W. Williams and others on the subject;
and the bill and petition were referred to tho
Committee on Police.
Mr. Pepper, from the Committee on Im
provements, to which a resolution on the sub
ject was referred, reported a bill entitled " An
act to repair the stone pavement on 7th street
west;" which was read twice.
Mr. Brent, from the Committee on Police,
to which were referred sundry petitions pray
ing certain modifications in the laws licensing
the sale of liquors, asked to be discharged from
their further consideration; aud they were laid
on the table.
And from the same Committee, to which was
referred the bill prohibiting the sale of intox
icating liquors to free negroes and slaves, asked
to bo discharged from its further consideration;
and it was laid on tho table.
And from the same Committee, to which
were referred sundry petitions on the subject
of weighing hay, straw, &c., asked to be dis
charged from their further consideration ; which
was agreed to, and they were laid on the table.
Mr. Brent presented the petition of A. Bald
win, respecting the wideuing of an area in front
of his property; which was read and referred
to the Committee on Police.
Also, on leave, introduced a bill entitled "An
act for constructing a gravel footwalk in the
Fifth Ward;" which was read twico and referred j
to tho Committee on Improvements.
Mr. Brent, from the Committee on Police, to
which was referred the bill from the Board of ;
Aldermen authorizing the erection of hay-scales I
at or near tho intersection of 7th and K streets,
reported the same without amendment.
Mr. Hutchtnoson, from the Committee of
Claims, to which was referred the petition of
Z. D. Oilman, asked to be discharged from its
further consideration ; which was agreed to.
Mr. Douolass, from the Committee of Claims, j
to which was referred the bill from the Board of
Aldermen for the relief of O. J. Preston A Co.,
reported the same without amendment.
And from the same Committee, to which was
referred the bill for tho relief of Columbus <!t ,
Burch, reported the same without amendment.
Mr. Brt vn, from the Committee on Improve
ments, to which was referred the bill from the
Board of Aldormen for constructing a gutter on
tho south side of I street north, between 13th
and 11th streets west, reported the same with
out amendment; and the bill was read tho third
time and passed.
And from tho samo Committee, to which was
referred the hill authorizing the construction of !
flag footways in the Fourth Ward, reported the
same without amendment.
Mr. Easbt, from the Committee on Improve
ments, to which was referred the bid for grav
eling and grading 19th street west, from K to j
M street north, reported the same without i
And from th* same Committee, to which wns
referred the bill for laying certain flag footways
In the First Ward, reported the eeme without I
I Mr. lhtran, from the Committee on Improve
ments, to which wan referred the bill from the
Hoard of Aldermen to grade 5th street west
ftom New York avenue to Q street north, re
por'cd the some without amendment. '
And from the same Committee, to which was
! reierred the bill from the Hoard of Aldermen
authorizing the grading and paving of the alley
| in square 400, reported the tmnie without
And troru the snme Committee, to which was
, referred the bill from the Hoard of Aldermen
! authorizing the grading and paviug of the alley
; in square 455, reported said bill without amend
And from the same Committee, to which was
referred the bill from the Board of Aldermen
for setting the curbstones and paving the gutter
in front of square 280, reported the same with
out amendment.
On motion, the bill which was made the or
der of th? daylyjr tiiih day, entitled "An not
regulating tavern*, ordinaries, and shops," was
taken up for consideration; when
t"4 fcundry amendments to
the oiil, but before nuy question was tukeu
Mr. Mohun moved that rtie bill be postponed
until next Monday, and that the amendments
proposed by Mr. Miller, together with those
reported from the Committee on Police last
-Monday, bo published with the proceedings of
tho board; which motion was agreed to by the
following vote:
Vkas?Mews. Douglass, Kelly, Downer, Knnis, H?.
iss, sw,Riz'A-i'r
The following are the amendments referred
to above:
Amendments to Tavern Bill proposed by Mr. Miller.
Section first, twenty-fifth line, strike out af
ter the word "white" to tho word - where," in
the 28th line, and insert "housekeepers then
residing upon the square."
Section second, third line, strike out all after
tho word "therefore" to the proviso, and insert
shall, upon conviction before a police magis
trate, for the first offence, be imprisoned at la
bor in the workhouse for ten days; for a sec
ond offence, shall be imprisoned for twenty
days; and for a third offence, shall, in like
mauner, be imprisoned for a terra of ninety
Section 7th, twelfth line, strike out after tho
word " shop" to and including the word " in
former," and insert " tavern or ordinary. And
any person who shall offend agaiust any of the
provisions of this section shall, upon conviction
before a police magistrate, be imprisoned at
work or labor in the workhouse for a period of
thirty days, and for a secoud offence shull be
imprisoned in like manner for a period of ninety
days, and shall forfeit his or her license, which
shall be annulled by the Mayor."
Same section, third line, before the word
" shop" insert " tavern or ordinary ;" in seotion
ytb, ninth line, strike out after word " shall "
and insert " be imprisoned at work or labor in
the workhouse for a period of ninety days."
Amendments reported by the Committee on Police.
Sec. 1. After words "real property" strike
?.ut word." and" in 20th line; after word " cer
tificate" in 47th Hue, ioscrt "said certificate \o
be filed by the Mayor in the Register's office ?"
and in the 29th line, after the word "charac
! ter," insert "said majority of the persons re
quired as signers to said certificate to be a
I majority of tlie aggregate number of those so
, enumerated and interested."
Sec. 2. In proviso strike out nil after the
words "five gallons," and insert " or to affect
or interfere with grocers' licenses."
Sec. 3. In ltith line strike out all after the
word " chambers."
Sec. 4. In Gth line, between words " house,
I accommodations," insert the word "and," and'
strike out the words "and stabling." '
S?*c. 7. In 13th line, afterword "informer,"
insert "and said license to be thereupon sus
pended at and during the discretion of tho
Mr. Burnt, on leave, introduced a bill enti
tled " An act to carry into effect the building
rules and regulations;" which whs read twice
and referred to the Committee on Police.
1 he bill from the Board of Aldermen relating
? to the gutters on C street north was taken up,
i read twice, and referred to the Committee on
I Improvements, and subsequently reported with
| out amendment, read the third time and passed.
Mr. E.\*ur, from tho Committee on Iinprove
! merits, to which was referred the bill from the
, Hoard of Aldermen for taking up and relaying
the pavement on the west side of 19th street
west, between I and K uortli, reported the same
without amendment; and the bill was read the
third time and passed.
The bill from tho Board of Aldermen author
ing certain improvements in the northern part
of the Fourth Ward, was taken up, read the
J third time, and passed.
Mr. Joiinson presented the petition of E.
Gannon, praying remission of a fine; whirh
w?s read and referred to the Committee of
I Claims.
Mr. Brknt, from tho Committee on Police,
to which was referred the bill entitled " An act
restraining the speed of steamboats," reported
the same without amendment.
Mr. Johnson moved to amend the bill by in
serting " fifteen" in lieu of " ten," as the num
ber of revolutions; which was agreed to, and
the bill was, on motion, laid on the table till
Monday next.
Mr. Pbppkr, from the Committee on Im
provements, to which was referred the bill au
thorizing the curbstones to be set and footway
paved on the west front of square 484, reported
the same without amendment; and the bill was
read the third time and passed.
The bill from the Board of Aldermen for the
relief of Baniel Linking was taken uj., read
three times, and passed.
The hill from the same Board entitled "An
act authorizing the curbstones to be set and the
footway paved on the south side of C street north,
between 3d street west and Beiaware avenue,
along the north front of reservation No. 11,
and squares No. 574, 633, 634, and 685," was
taken up, read three times, and passed.
Mr. Johnson move I to take up for consid
eration the bill trom the ll)srd of Aldermen
entitled " An act to provide for the building of
an iron foot bridge over tho canal at 10th street
west," but the motion was negatived by the
following vote :
Y*as? Me**r?. Downer. Wannall, Pepper, Brent, Mil
ler, John?on, Wheeler, ami Hill?8.
N*rs- ..e??re. Douglass, hn?bj, Kelly, Ktintu, Bryan.
Mnhua, llutrhingson, Mulloy, Morgan, and Cull?10.
Mr. Brknt, from the Committee on Police, to
which was referred the bill for the erection of
a watch-house, reported the same without
amend moot; and the bill was laid on the table.
The joint resolution from the Board of Aldsr

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