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There was not a point in which you oould object
to honest old Jjho Muddler, Mine-Host of the
?4 White House"?for thus, patriotically, he had
?tamed his inu. It is not requisite to mention
that the iuu in quistiou was two stories in
height, built of the sandstone peculiar to the
district, and every window iu front and else
where latticed, and burnished like so many
minors?or that the house was white washed
without aud sanded withiu; nor is it uecessary
we should count the sparrows that are flitting
iu and out under the shingled roof, or the doves
that ure strutting aud pluming themselves by
the dove-cote, behind one of the two gable
chimneys. With all these we have nothing to
d<> just now; iu fact with nothing about the tidy j
little establishment but the merry party round j
the clean-sprcad deal tabic in the " best par
lor where prebides the most conspicuous
figure, iu a huge old-fashioned armchair, burly
John himself, with all becoming dignity. About
half a dozen others, all young men between the
ages of eighteen and tw, uty-five, were ranged
to the right and left of mine-host, who, at the
instant we speak of, was in the act of thumping
the table emphatically with a corkscrew which
he held in his hand. He struck the table vigor
ously once or twice, and exclaimed,
41 Well, boys, what say we?done?"
41 Aye, done!" echoed all, simultaneously.
" I'm to provide the eatables and drinkables,
hey ? They're going to be first-rate; you shan't |
complain o' them; the old 'oman can make as
good a cake or p'e as any pretty little mouth in
the village could wis!.1'?that they know*; and aB
fur the black bottles, wkj I guess you can all
say a good word fur them!' (Then, without
allowing time for a reply, miue-fcost continued:)
44 But I tell you what, boys, I don't think you
can get the young gals to go; they're so timid,
you know, poor things ! They 're dreadful
skeered 'bout that Witch, as they calls her, up
?there at Oolding Gorge; an' I don't b'lieve all
tbef pic-nicB in ther world could make 'em go
44There's no harm in asking them, I suppose,"
remarked a tall, handsome youth, with long
rich brown hair, who sat nearly opposite old
John. John raised his head, and, looking him
steadily in the face with a peculiar smile, said,
44 No?a, certainly not, Mister Ed'n! there
ain't no great harm in that; an' 1 thiuk ef any
body stands a chance o' gittin' 'em to go, you
do, you know! Jest you git that sweet little
angel o' your'n to agreo to go, and I'll bet a
bottle o' my prime ole beer there won't be one !
o' the sugars 'II stay behind."
4'HeiloI John, that ain't fair," interrupted
one or two Voices, as Edwin Kerry, who had
just been addressed, colored to the temples, i
44 Stop, old fellow," continued another; "why,
you've made Ned's cheeks fiie color of your
nose, he blushes so !"
44 No reflectious on my nose, ef you please,
Mislur Harry," siid old John, good-naturedly,
to the last speaker, 44 Mister Ed'n don't mind
me a bit 1"
" Not a bit," said young Berry, now quite
recovered, 14not a bit, as you say, John; and
if you think I could prevail with Miss Bell to
go, I've no objection to try it." i
'4 I've no doubt of it," said John ; 44 an' now, ?
boys, let's understand it. It's goin' to be a reg
lar pic nic?none o' your half-way things?
a ride in buggies an' on horseback twenty good
miles?ther day after to-merrow?dinner at 2,
supper at 6."
44 That's it," exclaimed all, laughing at John's
precise mention of the hour of meals; and in
ten minutes after, the White House was de
serted by the little party, and the preliminaries
arranged for a revelation of the mysteries of
Oolding Gorge.
(End of chapter 2d.)
Exchange Papers.?We continue to receive by every
mail newspapers containing our little card 44 To tlie Pub
lic," and asking an exchange. Our offer in that has been
long since revoked. tf
Consul Owen.
The letter from our intellectual, humane, and
intrepid consul at Havana, will, we are sure,
be pronounced by Concha, the Captain-General
of Cuba, and by one or two editors of the
United States, (but not by one in England!) a
triumphant defence against the charges of in
humanity and imbecility preferred by the gal
lant, but indiscreet, Americans, who embarked
in the unfortunate expedition against that
island. By all others in the United States, in
England, and throughout Christendom, the de
fence of Consul Owen will be declared wholly
unsatisfactory, puerile, and contemptible. As
Americans, we feel humiliated and chagrined
in the contemplation of the fact that there was
one of our countrymen, and be holding an im
portant position abroad, who could, on this la
mentable occasion, evince such cold-blooded
and craven qualities, or such pitiable mental
Let us, however, give the ignoble Consul the
benefit of his defence; it is his due, and he is j
welcome to all it can gain for him. Let it be
calmly perused by the world at large, but espe
cially by President Fillmore, who, it may be, i
feels some concern in the matter. It carries
with it its own eloquent commentary.
Whether Mr. Owen's conduct is to be as
cribed to his voluntary choice, or to the re- !
?training influence of the President's procla
mation and private instructions, we of course <
cannot know; but in either case he is a despised i
and a degraded man in the land of his birth. 1
The almost universal voice of his countrymen
condemns and execrates his conduct; and his
uame will in future be associated with events
as disgraceful to uur nation as they were cruel
and piteous in their nature. Let not, however,
this reproach fall upon the guiltless. The
names of Crittenden, Brandt, Kerr, Vienne,
and the rest, will henceforth be often spoken
in kindly accents; but let not the heart of
affection be saddened by the story of a hus
band and, a father's disgrace. Arnold and Bun
were false to their oountry ; but our Cousul at
Cuba has been false to every feeling of frater
nity, and has proved a traitor to every senti
ment of humanity. He cannot, even in distant
climes, find a refuge from contempt; for the
pity and compassion he shoulc' have shown his
countrymen were felt by the representatives of
other nations at Tuba; and offices of consoling
friendship, in the dark hour of calamity, were
rendered to American citizens by the consular
agents of far-distant monarchs.
It has been said that Mr. Owen could not
have so far misunderstood the views of the
President! Let us know what those views
were. We know them, so far as the Proclama
tion reveals them ; and it may be our fault, but
we caunot see that he has varied much from
the spirit of what ie there expressed. If he
had other and more minute instructions to
guide him, it i? right the publio should know
it. Whether obedient or disobedient to the
Executive orders, he is a fallen men. All that
remains to be decided is, it h? alone to/ ill f
An Op> Man.?There is now living near the
east end of Bridge street, in Georgetown, an
old gentleman by ths name of William Hardy.
He is a native of Ireland, whence he emigrated
to this oountry about tho time she gained her
I independence. He landed in Baltimore, but
removed to the former place many years be
fore the town was incorporated by the Legisla
ture of Maryland. He reoollects distinctly
when there was not an improved street iu
the town, and but three houses on Bridge street;
and when the Methodist denomination, which
now numbers some six or eight hundred mem
bers, white aud colored, worshipped in an old
cooper-shop, the preacher using the chopping
block as n stand to preach from. He does not
know the date of his birth, but judging from
circumstances, aud events of which he has a
distinct recollection, we have no doubt that he
hrts nearly, if not quite, filled up his hundred
Old Time seems to havo dealt gently with
him; his mental faculties appear to be unim
paired, and he will frequently run his mind
back to the days of his childhood, and trace his
history upward, and interest his friends with a
recital of many striking and interesting events
and strange coincidences through which he has
passed. His sense of bearing is acute; he never
used spectacles, and is very fond of conversa
tion. His disposition is lively aud cheerful,
sometimes even playful, and he walks erect aud
at a brisk pace. He is a regular attendant at
the Methodist church, of which he has been a
member for more than seventy years. May
repose and every comfort be his during the few
remaining days of his well-spent life.
The Man that loves a Muss.?Gen. Webb,
editor of the New l'ork Courier and Enquirer,
though no doubt possessing some very good
traits of character, is evex in a miut with some
body. He left the army at an early period of
his life, as is understood, on account of a must;
he had a mwi with the old United States Bank;
he had a mutt with General Duff Green ; he had
a series of muttn with James Gordon Bennett;
he had a mutt with the late Mr. Cilley; he had
a mutt with Tom Marshall; he had a mutt with
General Taylor; he had a mutt with the United
States Senate; he had a tnutt with N. P. Willis;
and now he has had a ?nutt with General Wool
of the army. One peculiarity about the Gen
eral is, that when he does not come off first
best?which he never does?he is sure to be
second; and that is very consoling!
Odd-Fellows' Funeral.?The remains of
our lamented fellowrdtizen, the late Captain
J. A. Blake, which arrived here from New
lork on Wednesday night, were yesterday
committed to the tomb. The obsequies were
conducted by Central Lodge of the I. O. 0. F.,
of which Captain Blake was an old and respect-1
ed member, and by the Grand Lodge, of which, |
also, he was Past Grand Master. The funeral
escort was conducted by the Washington Light
Infantry, Captain Tate, which was first com
manded by the deceased. The proccssion of
the Order was large and imposing, and pro
ceeded from the late residence of Captain B.
to the Congressional Burying Ground, under
the direction of R. W. Grand Marshal Hunt.
The Marine nnd Washington Light Infantry
Bands were in atteudancc.
Another State.?We see it stated that, by
he late treaty with the See-see-tran and Wah
>ay-toau band? of Sioux Indians, the United
Jtates obtain over twenty-one millions oi' acres,
ying east of a line drawn from the heau wa
rn of the Red River of the North, to intersect
.he northwestern corner of the State of Iowa.
The purchase includes part of the magnificent
Blue Earth River country, and that aivund the
head waters of the Dos Moines and St. Peter's
rivers. The Indians are allowed to remain on
the land two years. For this cession they are
to receive $1,665,000. The Galena papers
proposo that the name Dacota be given to the
new Territory, and such may yet be the name I
of one of the States of the Union.
Business Prosperity.?A fact related in the
New York Star the other day may be worthy
; the consideration of Washington business men.
The editor says that in running over the list of
heavy failures which have occurred in that city
during the past ten days, he does not find the
name of a single house that bad advertised ex
tensively in any popular medium!
Miss Catharine Hates.?The first concert
of this lady at New York, according to the
journals of that city, was a highly successful
one, and she is pronounced an accomplished
artist and exceedingly sweet singer. We quote
a few words of comment from the Tribune:
Catharine Hayes's voice is one of marvellous
compass, extending from the highest soprano
tones to the deepest contralto. Her highest
notes are inferior in purity, in strength, and in
sweetness to Jenny Lind's, but her lowest are
fuller and finer. She seems possessed of all
vocal accomplishments. Her trill, her persist
ency of breath, and purity of tone in crescendo
passages, her skilful blending of the different
i registers?all of this is unimpeachable, as be
| came apparent tn the progression of pieces an
nounced in the programme. Wo should not,
perhaps, lay so much stress upon Miss Hayes's
, ballad singing as seems to be dons by most of
her friends. She certainly sings a fine ballad,
i a finer in some (though not all) respects than
Jenny Lind; but, from what we heard of this I
| first concert, we cannot but think that in opera,
1 and in the warm Italian style, shs would please
us most.
Tna Stort commenced on our first page to
day will be found worthy a perusal and of pre
servation. It will be completed in three or four
Shot hixselv.?Mr. 0. Burch Suit, near Upper
Marlboro, Md., accidentally shot himself in the
leg, on Tuesday last. The wound is severe.
Thi Steamer Mississippi.?She got aground
near Smyrna, on her way to Constantinople to
receive Kossuth, but was got off undamaged by
taking out her guns and other lading; she
would be able to get to Constantinople in season
to accomplish the purpose of her mission.
We omitted to state yesterday that the Friend
ship and Sun fire companies, of Alexandria,
! came to the aid of our firemen on Wednesday
night. They were gladly welcomed by our
I firemen.
The September numbar haa been prtaenUd
to u. by our friend BhUlington. It U full of
good thing., and thi. u aaong them :
Xil# ya^L^***41* tw "*??*?? DMU."
,* Uw">Li ?*Ul to -X'UWB
Ilia good. for exhibition;
t vary body ran him down,
Th .iUu*{,,<l" hl* |h?1Uob :
liin thought him *11 th, world behind:
A gouey, uiutf, or noodle;
*u*h ou. KO-xl people?never mind?
S?>* quiet Yinkik Doocls.
Chorus.? Va.n km 1>oodl?, Aa.
^ an&KM DooiiLB had a crafty
A rather tidy clipper,
u? while they Uughod.
qn Hriti#h?rt) u> whip her.
Their whole yauhtsqundrou alie outsped.
' 0,1 water;
Uf all Ihu lot she went a-bead,
And they euuio nowhere arter.
Chorus.? Yam CM Dooulk, to.
Ccr Panama there w*? a acheiae
i.ong talk'd of. to pursue a
Short route?which many thought a dream?
By i.nko .Nicaragua.
John Buj. discussed the plau ou foot,
n ith alow irresolution, '
I While Yaxkkk Doodle went und put
It into execution.
Chunts.?axkm Doom.*, Ac.
A steamer of the Coluns line,
A Yankkb Doodlk's notion,
lias ulao quickeat cut the brine
Across the Atlantic Ooeun.
And British agent*, noways alow
Her merits to discover,
U"e been and bought her-just to tow
Ihe Cunard packets over.
Chorus.?Yaskkjs Doodl*, Ac.
Y0HntK,wmitItU 0,f,h,rlr gkin Ul?y ?ack,
But that again don't mention;
ml!e8,B that Cow's revolvers whack
Their very firat invention.
By i A.VKEt Doodlk, too, you're beat
u %lWu.Ti*bt !* Agriculture,
nltli bis machine for reaping wheat
Cbaw'd up as by a vulture.
Chorus.?Ya.\kk? iJooDUf, 4c.
You also fancied, in your pride,
Which truly is tarnatiou,
Them British locks of your'n defied
The rogues of all creation;
But Chubb'* and Bramah's IIobus has picked.
And you uiuat new be viewed all
Aa having been completely licked
By glorioua Yanklk Doodlx.
Chorus.?Yakku HOOPLA. Ac.
[From the Baltimore Sun of this morning.]
The Christiana Outrage.
TnfTn{ Jusll"Jteiyarl?-Pri*oneri committed
on the Charge of Treason and Murder?Recovery
of Dickinson Gortvch, #c.
inat?on nf th* ?A:' 8ept 26, 1851?Tbe exam
lnat.on of the prisoners charged with a partici
pation in the murder of Mr. Edward Gorsuch
was closed at Lancaster this morning, when the
Keigart^ lon was giveQ ^ Justice John F.
?i,Afttr a c*roful examination into this melan
rt10'1 oc.curred on the morning
o t September 11th, in the county of Lancaster,
annd i solemn oaths and affirmations of
before u? resPectl?ble citizens?their testimony
before us?we are satistied that Edward Gor
such, of Maryland, whilst in pursuit of his own
property, in the township of Sadsburg whs
cruelly murdered by an armed band of blacks
aided and abetted by whites. That others were
aererely wounded, and the officer of the United
States Government was resisted by force and
arms, whilst in the performance of his duty
i? LiSi"?0nt7 " "" ?f c??ere?. '?
Without commenting upon that which will
connt la?ented bj the good citiiens of this
obpv 7h , are eTer Teudy t0 resPect and
obey those laws made by the people them
selves, we feel it to be our solemn duty to com
mit Gastner Hannaway, Elijah Lewis, John
Morgan, Henry Simms, and Jacob Moore
paLtieS wero "^mediately committed to
J an, the offence not being bailable.
G<r,n^ !larpy.^ iuform you that Dickinson
be able 11Sfitra^1^ recoverin8> and expects to
?e able to start home next week.
? . Tsecond despatch.!
,Z.y? lfcnnaieay and Three Negroes Com
milted f -jr Treason? Discharge of Six and Com
mittal of Seven others?Contest of Counsel, J-c.
Lahcasticr, September 25._The magistrate,
n Jho ? cloc.k/kbl? morning, gave his decision
n the case of the Christiana rioters brought to
t ewi- ?'h lI/0?(1,rected that the two whites,
Lewis and Hannaway, and three blacks, be
:omm?tted fo the custody of tuo U. S. Marshal
.0 be taken to Philadelphia, and there to be
aT [?r -g. ,re^sou a?Hinat the United States.
At ten o clock the examination of the thirteen
Pmoners commence^ The magiatrate directed
that mx of them be discharged, and that there
mining seven be taken to Philadelphia for trial,
luc excitement here has subsided, and the
magistrate.&r? 8lUi8fiCj ^ ^ decision of j
course? Bparrin^ between the '
counBel at the winding up of the cuse Mr
Thompson, the District Attorney, deserves much
playld energ} " ^ #kiU Whicb hc h*8 tUs"
Ieslaa d.?There was lately a horrible acoi- I
dent at Uallyclare; a floor fell, on which were
hve hundred persons assembled; great loss of 1
lile and many^serious wounds resulted.
Thb Christiana Affair.?A murder has been
committed, and the murderer has been arrested
and will be tried and punished; while theminis
U,r.8 ?f.Vh? 'aw an,J the people have been prompt
and faithful to act. What more is required!
v. ... C Wra#A. Telegraph.
Nothing?-if what the ?? Telegraph " predicts
turns out to be as true as what it has narrated
rhe murderers have yet to be tried and pun
'!h?d* should the furors of Pennsylvania do
their duty, and the law be executed, we shall
have new confidence in the fidelity of Pennsvl
vania to the Constitution, and in the stability
of the government.?Rich. Republican. '
And if they do not, we shall unite in denounc
ing them, and in demanding all that our friends
of the Republican can desire.
?*Ellg 1N PH,LAD?">hia.?The reign of
the ' Bloomer." in Philadelphia may fairly be
said to have begun. On pleasant evenfnes
Cheanut street is alive with them generalfv
promenading in parties, and attend'ed bv Ken^
tlemen. For several weeks indeed thi new
style has been increasing in favor an an ;n i
costume, but the natural timidity of the sex
prevents as yet the adoption of the fashion f"
promenade to the samo extent. We have nub
lished one or two communications on the sub
tr^rth?- R|di'P0'?i011 ?fmunerou8 ^dies
to adopt the "Bloomer," and we have received
other contributions of a similar purport We
fully coincide in all that our fair correspondents
the ankle' S PP'Dg ?f " WCt Hkirt
the ankle 8 a sure provocative of cold" vet
while females continue to wear long drosses
the skirts must become wot in rainv ??thnr
ofTon win'le'nH78 PerhRP9 ?"e ?f ?Ur lc,v,er8
or ton will lend her countenance to a reform in
attire and then the modifications, which now
hare to struggle against fashion, will i,? ftc
credited in all circles?Phtl. the. BuUetin.
Intercepted Correspondence!
M&aKgo to b. let * y'Z,;
Millwd, m? B?j:
mux cm, Youri,
OaomoiTowa. September 26?12 m.
S*riou$ AcmUnt.?A valuable horae belong
ing to a poor man b7 the name of J once, from
Washington, ran off yeeterdaj with a cart at
tached to him, and as he ran down High street
he came in oontaet with a wagon, the pole of
which ran into him, injuring him so serioualy
that be died in a few minutes.
The third atory of the fine building of Mr.
James Hicks, which is now in course of eroc
tiou on the corner of High and Prospect Btreets,
has been leased by the Sons of Temperance,
Rechabites, and Mechanics' Lodge I. O. O. P.,
lor a hall in which to hold their meetings.
There is a revival of religion going 011 in the
Methodist Protestant Church, and meetings are
held nightly. This church is under the pas
toral charge of the Rev. Dr. Murray, and a
more zealous and industrious minister no
church can boast of.
Messrs. Rarnard & Buckey offered the fine
warehouse on the canal, in Market space, at
public auction, on Wednesday, which was bid
in for the owner, Mr. A. H. Bouch, by J. E.
Carter, at $4,000.
In my communication of yesterday, it Bbould
be Dr. J. Rickey, instead of Dr. Riley, whose
horse ran off.
The flour market firm at $3.81 J @$4, as in
quality, with sales of 1200 to 1500 barrels at
the above rates.
Mr. Kennedy, agent of the Union line of
omnibuses, received this morning a telegraphic
despatch informing him that the Commercial
Bank of New Jersey had failed.
l'he Rev. Mr. Lanahan has been confined to
his bed by sickness for several days.
Arrivals.?Schr. Lucretia, Lewis, Port To
bacco, to Boyce, Taylor & Co.
Canal Trade.?Arrived?Helen Bruce, (new
boat, first trip,) Augusta, Eckart, C. B. Fis
dalc, (new boat, first trip,) James Terrill, and
Freemau Rawdon, from Cumberland, with coal;
Captain Walker, 09 miles, lime and limestone;
Daniel Wobstcr, G2 miles, limestone.
Departed?Massusoit, M. B. Ilalc, S. Perry,
Morning Star, Thomas Charlton, Potomac.,
Annawan, Eagle, W. B. Clarke, Oregon, Thos.
Jefferson, B. Stone, P. F. Thomas, Col. Crocket,
and the packet-boat Fashion, for Cumberland.
Review or the Northern Market! for
OJice of the American Telegraph, Sep. 25.
Baltimore, Sep. 25, 8 p. m.?Sales to-day of 300 bbls.
Howard street flour at $3.87}^, anil 200 bbla. choice brand*
at $3.93%. No sale* of City Mills flour. The market
price is $3.875^
PmLADKLPtiiA, Sep. 25, 6 p. in.?Sales of 800 barrels of
flour at $4(ij>$4.12!,? for standard brands, Eye flour
$3.1234 Corn meal dull.
Nkw Yom, Sep. 25, 6 p. m.?Stocks are down. Can
tou lias declined %, Brie and Reading
Sales of flour, State brands, at $3.75@$4; pure Genesee
at $4.26, and southern at $4@$4.25. Rye flour $3.25.
Jersey corn meal $3.12" Sales of Genesee wheat at 96c.
Sales of 40,000 bushels mixed com at 60@61c. Byo70c.
Sales of 000 bbls. pork at $15.75 for new mess, and $13.37XA
for prime. Sales of 000 bbls. lard at 9(3>9}^c. Sales ol
300 hhds. Porto Rico sugar at 4^@5^e. Rio coffee
8%c. Sales of 800 bales of cotton. Sales of 200 bbls. crude
turpentino at $2.S7>^, and 100 bbls. spirits at 34c. Sales
of linseed oil at 7 5c.
On the 21st instant, by the Rev. T. Myers, Mr. ED
WARD KVANSto Miss RACHEL A., ouly daughter of
Mr. Wm. Reeder. of this city. *
On the 26th ult., by the Rev.T. Myers, Mr.G.W. 111. II)
to Miss MARY E. SIMMONS. *
SAn adjourned meeting, for the purpose of form- I
ing a Military Company on the Islund, will Ik- t>,
held this (Friday) evening, 26th instant, at Poto- Tf*
mac Hall, corner of Maryland avenue and 11th j't
street. All persons desirous of joining will please attend
By order. -P 2fl-~u
I 66 barrels prime Leaf Lard
1500 small siie Family Hams
1^2*^31 B. J. SEMMES A IWO.
pep 26?3t
J 40 lihds. handsome medium Sugars landing this
Jay from packet "Hamilton." Forsale by
MP8ft?5t H. J. SEMMES A BK<>
M to dispose of a Business Work, on which they ran
ruaku from $70 to $100 per month, 'lhis will command
llie services of first class agents. To such, the agency of
exclusive districts will bo given in Maryland, Virginis
North and South Carolina. Apply to publisher, W ash
iugton and Baltimore House, (old railroad depot.) second
floor, from 7 to 11 o'clock a. in., or from 2 to 5 p. m.
N. n. All letters to receive attention must lie prepaid
sep 2ft?31"
JUST OPENED at the new store on Sixth street, near
the corner of Ixiulsiana avenue, a large and select
assortment of Ludies' Dress Caps, from 76 cents to $3.
Head-dresses, French worked Collars, Embroidered
Fall and Winter Ribbons, Edgings, Silk Braids.
Dress Trimmings, Fringes, Velvet-dotted Flowers, Bu
vet Ribbons, Lace Trimmings, new style.
Extracts, Colognes, Fancy Soaps, Scent Rags. Ac., 4c.
AUo?Gentlemen's Gloves, Hosiery, Shaving Creams,
Hair, Tooth and Shaving Brushes, Handkerchiefs, Cra
vats and Perfumery, and Fancy Articles in general.
MRS. COLLISON'S Fancy A Millinery Store,
Sixth St., rear of National A Brown's Hotels,
?ep 26?tr [Nat.Intel.?3t]
At the Cheap Caul! Store !
JUST RECEIVED another large lot of splendid Ril>
bons?among them some lM*autiful plaids and other
styles. Bonnets, Bonnet Silk, Dress Trimmings. Ac.
Also?Bleached Cottons, over a yard wide, 6 cts.; 6000
yards Sheeting Cottons, a yard and a quarter, 10 cents
only! 10,000 yards heavy brown Cotton, a yard wide, ft
cents; all-wool Flannels, nearly a yard wide, 25 cents !
Beautiful Prints, Cashmeres, Mousselains. Ac. Ticking
as low as 6 cents, very good. Brown Cotton as low as 3
cents. And a thousand articles bought at auction, which
are great bargains. All to be had at
BROWN'S (.'heap Cash Store,
sep 26?tr Pa. av., opp. Brown's Hotel.
WBITEHUROTS new and ex
Store of Duvall A Bro., between
k I' and 6th strveta, Pennsylvania
Hf^^M^er^poTTeHses many advantages over others,
being built on the eacond floor, and arranged expressly
for this purpose. It contains one of the largest sky
lights in this country, and le the most extensive and
finest south of Baltimore. It possesses every facility for
copying Paintings or Daguerreotypes, not having Its su
perior in the world?where may be obtained beautiful
and highly finished Daguarrootype* in all weather, though
oloudy Is preferable, except for children. Post-mortem
cases promptly attended to.
Awarded the first medal at the late Fair of the Mary
land Institute.
Galuemm.?No. 206 Baltimore street, Baltimore; 347
Broadway, New York; Pennsylvania avenue, Washing
ton, D. C.; 77 Main street, Richmond, Va.; Lynchburg,
Va.; Norfolk, Va; and Petersburg, Va.
4?- These Galleries are open free to tho public, at all
}our* of the day.
?ep 26? tf J. H. WIIlTEHUItST, Sole Proprietor.
Corner of North and Mnnnment streets,
Baltimore, Maryland.
SIS80N A BAIRI) having completed their extensive
works, (which is now one of the largest establish
ment* of the kind in this country,) are prepared to fill
all orders In their line, vU; MARBLE MANTLES, MON
TILES, (Ibr floors,) MAIIBLK LETTERS, ko., at as rea
sonable rates as c an be had in this or any other city In
the Union. For beauty of execution and originality of
declgn, their stock cannot be surpassed. They would re
spMtfully Invite Arrhiledt, Bliildfrt, Chhitirl-Malrri. and
others, to call and examine liefore purchasing. They are
also prepared to furnish the trade with Slab*, Blocks,
Ae., to order.
All orders by mall punctually attended to.
?ep 26?d3m
Sunriw* - . . &b.Wm |8u?a?ta ? ? ? ?h. 52m.
Mr. K. W. Oa*u, uewapaper agent, la the only *u
llioriaed age*ut fur this paper iu Philadelphia, and 1* duly
empowered, to take advertisements and subscriptions at
the ruti'.n required by ua. Ilia receipts will be regarded
an payments. Office at the northwest corner of Third
and Walnut street*.
M?f The privileges of yearly advertisers will be con
fined rigidly to their regular business, and all other ad
vertisement*, not pertaining to their regular business as
agreed for, to be paid extra.
Kvery notice designed to call attention to priTate
enterprises calculated or intended to promote Individual
Interest, can only be inserted with the understanding
that the same is to be paid for.
T)RB8S?BOYS WANTED ? To whom good
1 w?fcs will be given. Inquire at the office of tho
American Telegrapn. sep 2ft?
WANTED?A good COOK?for n small family.
Apply at the "Telegraph Office." [sep 22?tf
Servants wanted.?a timi-rute c<m>k
for a Refectory, and an OYijTKR-Ol'ENElt, will flinl
a perinaneut situation and good wages by npplyiog im
mediately at ALLKN'jj
Kmplre Restaurant, late King's Hotel,
sep 22?eo Pa. avenue, near 4J^ street.
WANTED^An Al'l'RKNTICE, ltl or 17 years of
age. A stout boy, well recommended, will hear
of a good opportunity by applying at this office.
sep 1?tf
HAVING RENTED that large end beautiful residence
lately occupied by Mm. Stettinius 011 Louisiana
avenue, nearly opposite the City Hull, 1 uiu now prepared
to take Boarders by the week, mouth, or year. The
rooms are large and airy, and the Hituatlon 1h one of the
most delightful in the District.
sep 26?4t? MAHY ANN FOWLER.
OME Ladles all, give us a call,
And read our I'roclamatlon,
With beaux and pas, sis, brothers, mas,
And hear our conversation.
Our Gaiters, Slippers, Hoots and Shoes?
Our Patent "Soulikrh d'Union;"
With Fairy l*umps,and Sylpliine Shoes?
Bright Fashion's contribution?
of the best quality, aud the latest and most fashionable
stylo, can be had cheap, for cash, at
scp '20?tf 7th street, near Louisiana av.
il and Board Wanted.?A small family hav
ing a house too large for their use wishes to rent it, and
would, if agreeable, remain in it us boarders.
Address <k HOUSE," office of the American Telegraph.
Bep 24?tf
1/0It SALE, at the Restaurant under Brown's Hotel.
_ corner of 0th aud C streets, ten Oyster Booths and
a large Oyster-box?all but little used and made in the
most modern style. The owners having no use for them,
they will be sold at a great sacrifice.
Any persons wishing to purchase will please call on
the premises. sep 24?31
W/~E IIA"\ E IN STORK the following, in plain colors?
Y f 300 pieces English Merinoes and l'aramettoes.
Cloths of all grades and colors.
25 pieces French Merinoes, all colors, and at tho very
lowest prices.
sep 24?dim YERBY 4 MILLER.
"TO DOZEN LADIES' white, colored, and black Kid
I *J Gloves, a very good article, at t)2y, cents.
Also the following at 87^ cents, of'Alexander's rnak.
and Stewart's importation:
2 cartons Ladies' white, all numbers
3 do do colored, do
1 do do black, do
4 do Gentlemen's white, black, and assorted co
lors, all numbers
Persons in want of a very superior Glove will do well
to give us a call, as our stock is as good as auy in this
scp 24?dim YERBY & MILLER.
rI^IlE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between tlx
_L t-ubscribers under the name of " Reesidc A Vandcr
werken" w as dissolved by mutual conscnt on the 22d day
of A ugust last.
All persons having claims against the said firm prior to
that date will preseut them to Mr. Vanderwerken for
sep 23?5t J. E. REESIDE.
HAS OPENED IN THIS CITY a branch from his
Holding Establishment, and is prepared to supply
the Hotels. Ac., with his superior Ambrosia Mineral
W aters, Porter, Ale, aud Carlsinatcd Cider.
sep 22?lwj Office at the Empire Hotel.
IJROPOSALS will be received until Friday next
JL (inclusive) for doing the necessary excavation t>
change the course of Tiber Creek through square 630, to
the culvert now building, and also to turn the stream
east of the Tiber into it on the south line of Massachu
setts avenue; proposals to state the priee jmtcubic yard
for excavating, to include all; the earth to be deposited
where the Commissioner may direct. It will require
nearly all the earth to form the necessary embankments.
The work must Ik; commenced immediately, or done a
soon as possible, with as large a force as can Iks work<d
to advantage. None need bid that are not prepared to d<
thia. FRA. K. LORD,
sep 24? Commissioner Third aud Fourth Wards.
JUST RECEIVED, at the Musical Depot, a fiuo lot o;
Violin A Guitar Striugs, direct from New York. Alsn
a fine assortment of Violoncello and tenor Violin Strings;
together with Violin aud Violoncello Bows, of all quali
ties, auil at all prices, from 25 cents to $5. Persons wish
inn to secure a bargain in M usical merchandise, should
call at once and make a selection, as my stock ofinstru
ments Is at this time complete.
sep tv? tr south side of I'a.av., next to cor. 10th st.
7th Street, opposite Odd-Fellows' l/alt,
A N ASSORTMENT of rich Fall styles of Ribbon, vary
j \ ing in price from 12U to 76 cents per yard, and t<
Which the attention of the ladies is rcspoctfully solicited.
Also, rich Belt Ribbons, Flowers, and various other Mil
linery goods. Also, a lot of well-selected Straw and other
Bonnets. The ladies will also find a few beautiful pat
terns of Gold Cuff Pins, imitation do , with a general as
sortment of ladles' toilet and other articles.
The attention of gentlemen is requested to a fresh se
lection of Silk Cravats and Pocket Handkerchiefs, all 01
which will t* sold low for cash. Sep V??tr
f PHE SUBSCRIBER has the pleasure of informing his
1 friends and customers that he Ims just returned from
the northern citiHS, where ho has been forsome time past
Selecting his stock of KA1.L AND WINTER GO<>I)S.
He is now prepared to show such, a stock of Cloths.
Cassimeres, Vestings. Dress Miirts, Undershirts, Drawers.
Gloves, Stocks, Hosiery, Umbrellas, Ac., as he has never
l>efore had the pleasure to exhibit, iu style, variety, and
cheapness; which, together with the comparatively Lou
iti.NT ho is under at present, enables him to offer unusual
inducements to those In want Of any article of Clothing
in our line, of a quality and style that may be relied 011 I
1'. J. STEER, Merchant Tailor,
Sep 20?1j? 8th St., .'id door from I'enna. av.
f|MIK Undersigned would respectfully call tho atten
I tion of his friends and the public generally to his
stock of the above articles, which he has selected with
care to suit the Metropolitan market. He has on hand
and is In daily receipt of the following OILS, which lie
will warrant superior to any now for sale In this city:
Etherial, Camphine, Lard, Solar, and Winter Strained
Sperm ; with a great variety of LAMPS of all descriptions.
A. HATCH, Jr.,
two doors west of Todd's new marble building, Penn.
av., andC at. nearly opp. the Bank of Washington
sep 17?tf
'IMIE BUILDER'S GUIDE?containing Lists of Prices
1 and Rule* of Measurement for Carpenters, Bricklay
ers, Stone-masons, Stone-cutters, Plasterers, Slaters, Paint
ers, Glaziers, Ac. Also, a table of lineal, sqnsre, and cu
bic measures, rules of mensuration, the building regula
tions, the law? relative to buildings, lien laws, Ao., Ac.
Just published, and for sale by
Sep lft?lm _ D street, between 9th and 10th.
HERE may always lm found a general assortment of
Religious and Miscellaneous Hooks, a large supply
of the various Prayer and Hymn llooks used In the dif
ferent churches, Music Hooks, Juvenile and Premium
Hooks, Lithographic Prints, Ac. Also, School Books,
Blank Books, and Stationery of every description, Per.
fumcry and VaiMjr Articles.
Here is tho Depository of the Methodist Book Concern,
including Sahheth School Publications; here the Deposi
tory of the Massachusetts Sabbath School Society; and
here is a constant supply of the publications of Robert
Carter A Brothers, American Tract Society and other
religious houses. AUSTIN GRAY,
sep2?en 7th street, opposite Odd-Fellows' Hall.
jf DAN I EL PI EltCE continues to oovor ami re
^ r >> pair UMBRELLAS and PARASOLS as usual,
at his old stain), Pennsylvania avenue, south
side, lietwcen 12th and 13th streets, sign of the
black and white Umbrella. Kf A general assortment
of Umbrellas for sale. Silk,Gingham, and other materi
als suitable for every description of repairs, always on
hand. Pa. av., south side, between 12th and 13th
streets. June 8?eotf
hibition tlint e?er visited this country will be held at
CAllUSl'8 SALOON ou Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
and Saturday-?tb? 24 th, 26th, 2bth and 27lb?lour nights.
The universally acknowledged best 1'hihtuuju in Alex
ander's magnificent uud picturesque HISTORICAL l'A
NUK AMA of the Antediluvian W orld ! I Together with
the beautiful Scene* of tbu Lord's Last Supper, and the
The sublime and magnificent Painting, intended to
illustrate the Oreat Work?TJ1K CREATION OF TUB
W OK LI)?as described in the Book of Genesis, with 1'auo
rauiic VIEW OF TUB UAKDEN OF EDEN, with ail its
sublime aud beautiful scenery, correctly takcu from the
Admission 00 cents. V
Doors open at 1% o'clock?Panorama will commence
moving at 8. sep '^3?6t
Overflowing Humes !
First Grand Hloomer Concert.
X fully announce a series of their inimitable Concerts
nt the above Hall, commencing on Monday evening,
September 22d ; consisting of Songs, Duetts, Trios, Quar
tettes, Italian Opera Scenas, New Mid Popular Dames,
Comic Singing, Yankee Burlesques, Sayings, Ac., Ac.?
making altogether a bill of great variety and excellence.
Tickets 26 cents. A change of programme nightly.
Doors open at 7J4, Concert commences at 8 o'clock,
sep 22?tf
Attention, Chewers and Smokers !
DOWNEK'S popular Cigar aud Tobacco stHnd is well
supplied with the best Havana* and Principes.
Also u splendid lot of Chewing Tobacco, to which he ex
tends a cordial invitation to his friends aud to g?utlemcn
of taste generally. Sep 9?tr
BR. HI KBIN'M MAP of the Holy Land,
lor sale l>y A GRAY
Sep 17?tr 7th st., opposite Odd-Fellows' ilall.
emperajicb nil, HO I?Amsrietn Tem
po ance Spelling llook, tor the use of common and
_ . , ? >?> ni' unc oi common ana
Sabbath schools; by Rev. T. Sovereign. AIho Temper
ance Tract*, for sale bv A. ORAY,
Hep 18?tr 7th st., opposite Odd Fellows' llall.
J. those usi-d in the private academics and institutions
in the District of Columbia and adjacent eountry.
For sale, at New York prices, by
sep 1? Booksellers, near 9th street.
SCHOOL BOOKS at New York Prices.
A lull assortment of all kinds now in use; and tho
best STATIONERY of every variety, for sale by
au 30? 7th street, opposite Odd Fellows' XJall.
C|TBTKK8 (at the Atlienoium) has just received a fresh
supply of the following standard articles for toilet
use, viz:
l'halon's Chemical Hair Invigorator
Barry's Tricopherous
Jay lie's Hair Tonic
Guerlain's and Ilaules's Kau Lustrallo
Rowland's Macassar Oil, Ox Marrow, Ac.
Also, a full supply of Lubln's Extracts, Soap, Cologne,
Ac., all of which will be sold low at moderate prices.
sep 20?6t] At tho Atlieumum, opp. Adclphi Theatre.
fPIIK UNDERSIGNED respectfully informs tho citizens
X of Washington that he lias opened a JOB PRINTING
OFFICE, corner of D and 8th streets, when? heis prepared
to execute every description of Job 1'riuting; and he
hopes to be able to give satisfaction to those who may
favor him with their orders.
Cards, Handbills, Notices, Insurance Policies, Bank
Checks, Labels, Pamphlets, Ac., Ac., printed at short
Washington, Sept. 13,1851.
Any orders left at the office of the American 7'ele
gruph will be promptly attended to. sep 13?tf
we offer at very low prices.
Sign of the Anvil, opp. Brown's Hotel,
sop 20?1 m* _
ITE have in store now a large and general assortment
\y of Housekeeping Goods, as follows:
10 pieces superior Linen Sheetings
12 do Damask Table ?iaper
Splendid Damask Table Cloths, all sizes
10 pieces liest Huckaback Toweling
6 dozen superior Damask do
40 do Huckaback Towels, all prices
Splendid stock Table Napkins
Brown Linen Table-Cloths
IB pieces French Furniture Prints
10 do Oil-dressed do plain A bordered
40 do 0-4, 10-4, anil 12-4 Bleached Shootings
Table and Piano Covers
Curtain Muslins
60 pieces Irish Linens, all grades
10 do 1'illow-eaxe Cotton, Ac.
We invite persons in w ant of the above description
of good? to give us a call, as we pay great attention to
this class of goods. YERliY A MILLER,
sop Is?lm No. (>. I'.H. a\.. I? t. 7th A: Mk sts.
/ 1 OODS BY THE PIECE ? Persons ?isliiiiK'
VJ to buy Bleached and Brown Goods by the piece will
tind it greatly to their advantage to give us a call, as we
have a very large stock of that class of goods, and feel
disposed to sell them at as low prices as they can bo
bought in any of the Northern cities. Wo name, in part?
1 case 10?I Ailvndalo Sheeting
1 case U-4 do do
1 case 5-4 anil 0-4 " Pillow-Slip" Cotton
1 case New York Mills Shirtings
1 case Lonsdale, first quality
16 cast's various good makes Shirting, from 6% to 12}.^
cents ? _ ?
20 bales Brown Sheetiugs and Shirtings
2 eases Illeaehed Jeana
2 cases l'iaid Cottons
5 cases Calicoes, from 0 cents up.
up is?lin ye
I'lECES all-wool Flannels, uearly a yard wide, 26c.
Brown Cottons as low as 3 cents a yard!
Beautiful Fall Calicoes, from 4 cents up.
New Cashmeres and Moussclaincs, pretty and cheap.
Ticking as low as 6 cents.
100 pieces bleached Cotlon from 5 cents up, very cheap.
Persons buying to sell again will here find au excellent
assortment of Hosiery, Gloves, Pins, Tapes, Ac., Ac., at
Baltimore prices. Also, an assortment of Extracts, Co
lognes, Soap, Brushes, Combs and Fancy articles, about
25 per cent, loss than regular prices I A few Fall stylo
Bonnets just received. T. 11. BROWN,
sep 6?tr Pa. av., opposite Brown's Hotel.
CfANTICA LAI7D1H, or American llook
J of Cilurcli Nn>lc, by Lowell Mason A G. J.
Webb?just out, aud universally recommended by tho
Press as superior to all its predecessors.
Forsaleby A.GRAY,
sep 17?tr 7th St., opp. Odd-Fellows' Hall.
1)ARRY'ii Tricopltcrons cures all diseases of
) the skin and hair, and is for sale at the low price of
?Zb cents per bottle at the Drug Store, corner of E and 7 th
streets. J. F. CALLAN.
sep 23?
' I 'A It 11A !\T'X Effervescent Seltzer Ape
1 rlent.?This highly valuable preparation is the
most convenient and efficacious aperient In use, and may
Is- hail at $1 por bottle at the Drug Store, corner of E aud
7th streets. J. F. CALLAN.
sep 23?
BULL'S Naraaparllla.
Also, Townsend's do.
Schw arts'* do.
For sale by J. F. CALLAN,
sep 2:1? corner E and 7th ?tre<-ts.
VT THE BIBLE DEPOSITORY, comer or E aud 10th
I NAME IN PART, Wines? Ileidseiok A Co.'s Cham
pagne, Claret, Hock, O. L. P. Madeira, Sherry, Lon
don Dock Port, lluut A Co.'s Port, Liston, Clcily, Malaga,
Ac., Ac.
Brandies?Old London Dock, Otard, Dupuy A Co.,
Pinet. Pastil Inn A Co., A. Selgnctte, Ac.
Whisky?Irish, Scotch, Monougahela, and Old Rye.
Also, Stoughton's Bitters, Swiss, Absinth, Ac., Ac.
Fresh Peaches received every morning.
sep 11?tr Pa. av., 3 floors of 16th st.
HAVING fitted out a room for the sale of Carpetings,
we Intend to keep a large and general assortment.
We have just received a large assortment of nil grades.
Also, Bugs, Druggets, 4HI Cloths, heavy Mattings
Damask Linen, Kloor Cloths, Stair Linen, Ac.
Those in want are respectfully invited to give us a call.
MP 18?lm No. fl, Pa. av., bet. 7th and hth sts.
>ii ? PIECES rich Black Silk Laces, very cheap
j)U 10 do. Black Grode Rhine Silk
60 do. Mousselaine de Laines, at 12c., very good
25 do. Extra do 25cents
100 do. Calicoes, from 5 cents up
100 do. Bleached Shirtings and Sheetings
25 do. All-wool White and Colored Flannels
25 do. Bleached snd Brown Canton do
25 do. Irish Linens, very low
Cloths, Cass interns, Tweeds, Silk and Satin vesting*.
Also, white, grey, black, and fancy-colored Yarn. Custo
mers will do well to give me a call, as I have in store a
ifood assortment of fall goods, and will sell at low prices.
sep 6?tr. sorner 8th St.. opposite Centre market.

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