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?XCUlMM Patmmh.?w? OOUUBU* to (WMlV? by OVerj
mail ne??p?per? containing our UUlu card -'To thr lab
ile," ?ud Mkiux ?u Our olI?t iu tfcat lu? W>a
loug iLoo* rvToked- w
Ncgru IlkTtrjr.
" The Colored Convention, which met at To
ronto recently, matured plana for the eucour
agemtuit of the concentration of the free colored
people iu the British provinces."
We ma/ err, but we think that these colored
people would carry out as wise a purpose in
" maturing plana" for transporting the orange
trees, the rice and the cotton of the South to
the British provinces. Whether (as some per
sona assert, and as we do not believe) the
negro was originally created a negro, or bccante
such in the lapse of many centuries, we do not
care to inquire. We regard as certain the fact
that ho cannot prosper in a northern climate,
and the statistics of our country abundantly
prove this fast. To enjoy life he must dwell iu
that climate to which his physical characteris
tics so well adapt him--in the sunny South;
and it is to war against nature to remove hint
from it. In oar opinion the widest field ol
benevolent enterprise, now open to the people of
the tlave State*, is the improvement of the moral,
intellectual, aud physical oondition of the Af
rican race in their condition of slavery. Iu
tho angry contest that has arisen, this bus
been lost sight of by too many, and abuses exist
that call for reform. If ever emancipation is
to take place, it muat be after the preparation
for it of the slaves to be liberated. While,
therefore, the slave owners are directly inter
ested in such a reform, the abolitionists should
hail it as an essential, or indeed the only means
of bringing about the object at which they ulti
mately aim. The reforms we would suggest
are such as can only be effected by the slave
owners themselves, and therefore cannot prove
a source of strife or dissatisfaction. If the
bondage of the African race be the necessary
means of redeeming them from savage barbar
ism, and introducing them into the light of
civilization aud Christianity, then these ends
should never for a moment be lost to view.
That the discussion of this subject, and the
adoption of State regulations for promoting the i
intellectual, moral, and religioxu welfare of the
i la vet, would cohtribute equally to their happi
ness and to the prosperity of their owners, we
firmly believe?nay, we know, for we have seen
the practical exemplification of the measure.
We have been upon plantations where severity
and immorality prevailed, and upon others
where kiudness, judicious instruction, good or
der, and correct morality were exhibited; and i
we have seen the effects of both systems of
governing, and the triumphant success of the
Much as slavery is discussed in public jour
nals, in pv,T1ultr assemblies, and in the halls of
legislation, is it u?' strange that a word is never
uttered haviug for its phject the promotion of
the present happiness of the poor slave ? Are
there not men in every Stale of the South who
can find time to turn aside from the discussion
of the abstract right of Blavery, to do great
good, and make smooth the way for any future
course of action upon which they may see fit to
determine ? We can assure such that there are
many in the middle and northern Stales who
would, without the least desire of dictation, do
all in their power to promote so good a cause.
Let the spirit of reform but assume this shape,
and while the welfare of the slave will be im
mediately promoted, the bond of good feeling
between the people of the North and the South
will be reunited forever.
Mr. i". de Gournat, who was for some time the
agent of Lopez in Cuba, declares that Lopez
had the most ample testimony ef the readiness
of a strong party in that island to revolt, und
says : " But lew Cubans joined him, it is true;
but how many tried to join him ? The jailors
of Havana may answer that question by stating
how mauy arrests were made on the roads since
the 12th of August; they can answer it by
telling what is the crime committed by over
2,000 wretches now in Spanish dungeons or
trausported to Spain. The soldiers, also, can
answer by saying how many have been executed
behind the bushes of the Agpacate and the j
Pena Blanca."
Back to Ireland.?We tee it stated that
two hundred Irish emigrants, who recently ar
med at New York from Ireland, started to re- j
tarn home by the ship Constitution for Liver
pool, from New York, on Monday. What a
pity, when each family could procure a farm '
for a hundred dollars, upon which an indepen
dent livelihood could be earned, and good ser
vice rendered our country by the improvement
of unoccupied lands! But it is the misfortune
of many immigrants to prefer squalid wretch
edness in the tLronged streets to abundance
and tranquillity in the open field and the wide
When these people leave home, they should
be impresaed with the conviction that the Far
West is their goal I As it is, however, they
aim for New York, and there finding tens of
thousands who, like themselves, have brought
poverty, laiiness, dissipation, and wretched
ness with A em, the/ conclude that America is
not an Eden after all, and relapse into their
original sloth to perish, or return to the hope
lees scenes of their native home*.
Wakhinotoh Market*?There was a fair
market tbia msrket. Prices were as follows:
Beef, 8(^10 cents per pound ; veal, 8c.; mut
ton, 8c. ; young pork, 10c.; lard, 10c.; hams,
12J?.; chickens, $2<a^$3 60* per doxen ; but
ter, 16(g}81c. per pound; eggs, 20c. per dozen ;
potatoes, 96c- per peck ; tomatoes, 20c.; green
tomatoes, 12^c.; green peppers, 20c. per hun
dred; cucumbers, 31e.; egg plants, 3c. a piece;
Lima beans, 10c. per quart; green corn, 12c.
perdoien; cabbages, 6c. up; apples, 16@87e.
per peck; peaches, 37@76c. ; quinces, 60c.
Thi Camcvoss Familt will give a Concert
to-night for the benefit of the Ladies' Union
Benevolent Society. We are informed-that the
entertainment will be of the moat agreeable
and dignified character, and such as no one
who can relish innocent and pleasing songs
can object to. The object is highly commenda
M*. Ba.bti.btt ani? tuk Mb iigan Bouru
***??We designed giving place to the commu
nication of 44 Fair Play" in this number of our
paper; but on perusing it carefully, we find
that it contains nothing directly to the poiut in
?indication of Mr. Ba.tlett, while it coatauut
many expression* that would require our oom
nient; and we d? not think such a controversy
with the writer could profit hiui, us, or our
readera. The gist of Ins artiole in, that he does
not believe what has been said of Mr. Bartlett,
and that it is not fair to say any thing against
him in his absence.
I This Pknnstlvahian.?Colonel Forney, who
I conducts one of the best a.ad ablest papers in
the country, proposes to sell one-half of it '? to
a gentleman who is acquainted with printing,
and possesses good business qualifications.
The increasing labors of the editorial depart- l
ment render this course necessary on the part j
of the proprietor, who may be addressed on j
the subject."
Fbiqhtful Scene.?On Thursday afternoon,
Mr. S. A. King made his first attempt to asccnd
in a balloon fVoiu the Zoological Garden, Fair
mount, Philadelphia. Jle was unable to obtain
a sufficient quantity of gas, but not relishing
the idea of a failure, and desirous of preventing
j disappointment to the spectators, he undertook
to risk an ascent with a partial inflation, and in
doing so came near losing his life. His balloon
dashed against the enclosure, then came in con
tact with the Wire Bridge, and next struck the
telegraph wires?the car all the while swaying
to and fro in the wind. Finally it descended
into the Schuylkill. Tho balloon, after bounc
ing up and down in the water, and half drown
ing the intrepid voyager, at length rose to the
western bank of the river, where the teronaut
struck terra firm#. The scene was a most
thrilling one. Mr. King was not much hurt.
His escape was truly miraculous. The specta
tors bore the delay and disappointment patiently,
and a majority of them were opposed to Mr. K.
risking the danger he encountered. When in
the water, boats promptly put out to his assist
ance. The excitement was intense.
Nearly all the Cabinet are now in Washing
ton. Give praise!
Gubernatorial Candidates In Virginia.
The Whig State Convention met at Charlottes
ville on Thursday, and organized by electing
Col. Bondurant chairman. Mr. Segar nomina
ted George W. Summers, of Kanawha county,
for Governor, which was carried by acclama
tions Mr. Sheffey, of Augusta, stated that
Mr. Summers Would accept the nomination,
which announcement was received with cheers.'
The attendance of delegates was large, and the
utmost harmony and enthusiasm are said to
have prevailed. Speeches were made by a
number of distinguished gentlemen. The con
vention, after appointing Committees on Reso
lutions and State Organization, adjourned till
the next day, when an Attorney General and
Lieutenant Governor were to be nominated.
The Democratic State Convention met at
Staunton on Thursday, and it was believed, from
indications, that Green B. Samuels, of Shenan
doah county, would be nominated for Governor.
Considerable rivalry exists among the friends
of the different candidates. In the first ballot
Johnston received 14,000 votes; Samuels'
19,800; Floyd, 9,300; Wise, 800. The coun
j ties represented were entitled, respectively, to
I the Democratic vote polled at the last Presid'en
i tial election.
: Continental Gcabos.?We understand that
; this Corps was fully organized last evening by
the election of
Colonel Alexander, Captain.
Captain Thornton, 1st Lieutenant.
John L. Smith, 2d Lieutenant.
Kphraim Wheeler, 8d Lieutenant.
Doctor Morgan, Surgeon.
ltobt. T. Knight, Ensign.
D. B. Clark*, Quartermaster.
j John H. Bird, Orderly Sergeant.
Forty names are enrolled, and the best spirit
The Family Chbistjan Almanac.?We have
received copies of this popular little annual for
lh.?2 from Mr. Jas. Nourse, corner of E and
10th streets, and Mr. Austin Gray, 7th street *
opposite Odd-Fellows' Hall. It contains its
usual quantity of select reading matter, with
appropriate embellishments, and should be pos- '
1 sessed by every family. It is wonderftilly cheap
also. I
A Revival or Religion.?We learn from the
I.eesburg Chronicle that a revival of religion is
going on in the Methodist Episcopal church, in
Waterford, Loudoun county, under the minis
try of Messrs. Chenowith and Coombs. Madj
converts have been made, and, on Sunday last,
seventeen members were added to the church.
1 The Peesbttert of Wiuciierteb will hold
its next stated meeting in the Presbyterian
church at Leesburg, on Saturday, the Uth of
October. Opening sermon by Rev. A. H. Boyd,
moderator. The Synod of Virginia will meet
in Alexandria on Thursday, the 16th of October.
Re intbimbnt or Stkphin Oirard.?On
Tuesday next there will be ? grand Masonic
procession in Philadelphia on the occasion of
the removal of the remains of the late Stephen
Oirard from the place of their repose for the
past twenty years to their permanent sepulture
at the Oirard College. Joseph E. Chandler is
the orator of the occasion.
Asothbr Tom Thumb.?The "Eco Jt Villa
Clara," (Cuba,) mentions the existence at Han
Juan de los Remedios of a new wonder in the
shape of a small man ; the subject is Don Anto
nio de Jesus Oonzales, who is 28 years old, and
about thirty-eight inches high. Excepting his
arms and leg*, he is perfectly formed, and is
quite handsome. From the right shoulder to
the end of the front finger of his right hand is
only seven inches. The left arm, from the
shoulder to the point of the first finger, is
twelve inches long. His left leg is eighteen
inches, and his right sixteen inches long; his
hands haTe only four fingers each, but the feet
are perfect and well formed. He walks quickly,
but with a slight limp. It is said that this
prodigy will visit the United States. Where's
Spoorier??Phila. Hun.
There is a smaller man than that at Havana,
a man by the name of Owen, and of some de
formities also; but he does not walk quickly,
and is of a timid disposition. He also will visit
the United States soon. Where is Crittenden ?
Where is Rrandt? Where Vienne f Where
are all the fifty-two I
Mora "AM
Misaas. Kmwwta: Mr. SmmUt/ Stuart Mid
some #f hia " dependant# " ae?m to b? getting
famoue for rendering "aid and comfort" to
Democratic oandidate# for Congreaa, and hop
ing to eleot them. The oaae of the South Bend
(Indiana) district, in which Dr. Fitoh, the Dem
ocratic candidate, wu handaomely helped, while
Mr. Colfax, the Whig candidate, was aeverely
damaged, has already been brought to the no
tice of your readers.
Mr. Secretary Stuart, while the campaign
was sharply going on in the South Bend dis
trict, sends to the Democratic candidate an ap
pointment worth eight dollars per day.
In the Whig portion of the district, Mr. Col
fax addresses the people, and asks for their
votes. He tells them that he and President
Fillmore and his Cabinet are Whigs, and that it
' they will send him to Congress, the Whig Ad
ministration will ask what his constituents
want, and will co-operate with him in obtain
ing what they want.
Dr. Fitch now speaks: Gentlemen Whigs,
you need not trouble yourselves to send Mr.
Colfax to Congress. 1 have been there once,
and I know all the ropes. Why, /, and not
Mr. Colfax, have the confidence of the Whig
Administration at Washington. Just look at
this important and responsible appointment
sent to me by Mr. Secretary Stuart! Is not
(hat evidence, strong as proof of Holy Writ,
that I am in favor with the Administration, and
can better get its co-operatiou than my com
petitor ?
And besides, has not the Postmaster General,
the intimate, confidential friend aud adviser of
President Fillmore, dismissed from office, as
mail agent, the stepfather of Mr. Colfax ?
Would my competitor be thuB damaged and
paralyzed in his campaign by the Administra
tion, if said Administration desired him to be
elected to Congress? The thing is preposter
How could Mr. Colfax make headway before
his Whig audience against such a knock-down
argument on the part of his opponent 1
In the Democratic portion of the district, Dr.
Fitch used another kind of argument. He
pounced down upon the Federal Whig Admin
istration as being every thing unworthy of
Democratic support?as being, in fine, no bet
ter than it should be.
A distinguished Tennessee Democrat, now in
this city, states another instance in which the
Secretary of the Interior, or some one of his
?? dependants," has rendered " aid and com
fort" to a hard-pushed Democratic candidate
for Congress. , , , .
Colonel Andrew Johnson, who has long been
a radical Democratic member of Congress, was
opposed, at the recent election, by Colonel
At Jonesborough, court-day, the fourth W ed
nesday in June last past, Colonel Haynes elo
quently rebuked Colonel Johnson for his con
stant neglect, while at Washington, to exert
himself to get the Government to issue land
warrrants to the East Tennessee volunteers, for
the Florida war, in 1836, who, although they were
not ordered to Florida, did good service in the
Cherokee Nation, in capturing runaway Creeks,
Seminoles, &c. The Government still refuses
land-warrants to those East Tennessee volun
But Colonel Johnson was pressed so hard in
the matter by Colonel Haynes at Jonesborough,
as aforesaid, that he posted off a letter to Wash
ington, declaring that he must have a land
warrant upon some one of the applications of
the East Tennessee volunteers aforesaid, which
were then on file in the proper bureau. His
request was immediately complied with. A
land-warrant for one hundred and Bixty acres ;
of land was made out in favor of Alphonso
Williams, of Captain Powell's company of the
| aforesaid volunteers, bearing date the 10th of
' July last, and sent under cover to the Hon. j
Andrew Johnson, M. C., Greenville, East Ten- j
nessee, and by Colonel Johnson, on the 19th of j
i the same month, held up to the crowd and read
at a public meeting. Colonel Johnson was thus
enabled to show that he had obtained at least
one land-warrant of the class which the Gov- :
ernment had condemned, and was greatly ben- ;
efited thereby in obtaining his re-election.
So ice go. j
Mr. Postmaster General Hall has decided in
favor of the proposals of Mr. Jones of Newark,
New Jersey, for supplying the Department with
mail locks. The first order will probably be
for twenty thousand locks.
Now for Mr. Hall's practical judgment as to
the safety and security of those selected locks.
After the decision had been made, one of the
competitors for the contract who resides at
Perth Amboy, New Jersey, in the presence of
the Postmaster General, picked the selected
Jones' lock with a shoemaker's awl four times
in about one minute.
So tpt yo dgmn. Comhemtator.
I'nton Female Benevolent Society.
A Cokckrt roR the Pook.?A/utri. Edilort:
We learn that, with a generous desire to do
good, our fair friends of the Carncrott Family
have set apart this evening for the benefit of
the poor, under the judicious care of the above
Society. It affords us great pleasure to see so
benevolent a move, at a season of the year
when money will do so much good, and we hope
our whole community will give a hearty re
sponse to the call. Let us one and all go, and
gladden the "hearts of the sick and suffering. ,
The Family will sing sweetly.
How thet Preserve Order is Austria.?
The Vienna correspondent of the London \eic?
describes the following shocking affair as having
taken place at Sxent Maria, near Gross-Wardien,
lately. It is no wonder that such narratives
should excite incredulity in this country:
" At a peasant's wedding, when the proces
sion of the betrothed was moving towards the
church, tho gend'arme approached tha bride,
and summoned her immediately to divest her
self of the red, white, and green ribbona which
she had in her dress, according to the custom
1 of the country girls, saying that these colors
' were revolutionary. The bridegroom objected,
saying that after the ceremony the bride would
comply with the desire of the gend'arme, but
' that now they could not keep the priest waiting
at the altar. The gend'arme retired, the pro
cession proceeded to the church; but, at the
moment when the bride was kneeling at tho
steps of the altar to receive the benediction, the
gend'arme rushed forward and cut her tresses
and ribbons with scissors from her head. In
Hungary it is considered a great insult to a
fetnnle to cut her hair; it conveys a notion of
infamy. Naturally an affray took place; the
gend'arme was assailed by the bridegroom; other
gend'armes arrived in aid of their fellow-official;
the people, though without arms, rushed upon
them, und the result was the slaughter of seven
men, three gend'armes and four peasants, among
them the bridegroom and the brutal assailant
of the bride." _
Plutarch PcrrER.?In the 24th verse yes
terday the second line should have read?
h HI* rilrer, and In low ton* *ang.''
Mr. McCormick, inventor of the reaping
machine which has attracted so much attention
j in England, ia a native of Rockbridge county,
| Virginia,
Qsobovtowii. September '27 12 m.
Tfee &tT. Mr. Caldwell, of the Episcopal
church, is expected to return with his family
next week. , . .
Drover*' Rut.?Arrived, 426 head of beef
cattle; 160 head *>ld to Georgetown and Wash
ington butchers, at prioes ranging frou $- to
$2.60' per hundred pounds gross; 230 bead
drove to Baltimore, and 86 left over. 426 sheep
Bold from $2 to $2.60 per head. Hogs selling
at $6.
The supply of edibles of every kind was un
usually large. Best cuts beef 10c. per lb. ;
mutton 6@8c. do; hams 12Jc. do; pork 10c.
do. ; lard 12*0. do.; butter 20@25c. do. ;
lamb 87$(2).02Jc. per qr.; potatoes, sweet, 25c.
per peck ; Irish 26c. do. ; apples 20c. do.; to
matoes 20c. do; beans, green, 25c. do. ; Luua
8@10c. per qt.; chickens $2.50(<tj,$3 per doz. ;
ducks 50c. per pair; other fruits, vegetables,
&c , at moderate prices.
E. S. Wright, auctioneer, sold yesterday a
small brick bouse and lot, on north side ol
Water street, to Joseph N. Fearson, for $505.
A number of our merchants, together with
many persons from the country who attend
our market, found themselves yesterday and
this morning minus a few, by having in their
possession notes of the Commercial Bank of
New Jersey.
The flour and wheat market remains firm at
last quotations. We notice a sale of several
hundred bushels of prime yellow corn at 57c.
Arrival*.?Packet schr. Fairfax, C. Pennfield,
New York, to F. & A. H. Dodge.
Sailed. Packet schr. Mott Bedell, Wicks,
Canal Trade.?Arrived?D. & H. Clagett, 81
miles, flour, &c.; John G. Stone, Cumberland,
coal; John Lambel, 86 miles, wood; George
Waters, Cumberland, coal; Rambler, 45 miles,
wood ; Yankee, Cumberland, coal; E. A. Cook,
do., do.; Gov. Sprigg, do., do.; and Delaware.
Departed?Thomas Jefferson, A. B. Stone,
Star, Metacomet, Ann, P. F. Thomas, Colum
bia, Charlotte, John Vanlear, Hugh Smith, Col.
Crockett. | Elkctro.
Review of the Northern M*rlcet? for
Office of the American Telegraph, Sep. 27.
Pmi.ADtt.rHlA, Sep. 26, 6 P- no.?Stocks are quiet.
Sales of flour at $4@$4.12% for standard brands. Rye
flour $3.12^.
Salea of red wheat at 80@82c., and white at 82@8oc.
Yellow corn 62J ?@63c. Rye 61@65c. for southern and
N?W York, Sep. 20, 6 p. m.?Stocks are depressed
Erie has declined %, and Reading V4 u-8- 1867' havo
Salei of 11,000 barrels of flour at $3.75@$3.87V<J for
State brands, $4.1S%@$4.31 for Genesee, and $4.26 tor
southern. Rye flour $3.25. Jersey corn meal $3.12,$.
Sales of Genesee wheat at 95c. Sales of 65,000 buabels
mixed corn at 00c., and 2000 bushcla rye at 70c. Oats are
steady. New mess port $15.75; prime $13.25. Lard 9(<o
9^c. Sales of 1900 bags Rio coffee at and 200
hhds. Cuba sugar at 43?@5c.
Sales of 800 bales of cotton at 8% for middling Orleans,
and 9}/? for Upland.
Whisky 22?23c.
On the 26th Instant, by the Rev. W. B. Edwards, Mr.
FRANCIS J. GIBSON, formerly of Philadelphia, to Miss
SARAU JANK HALL, or this city.
[l'liila. Ledger please copy. J
In Alexandria, Virginia, on Saturday, the 13th Inst.,
after a long and paiuful illness, KST1IEK 1)., wife of Y\ u.
KowiA, esq , of that place, in the 62d year of her age.
Suddenly, in Winchester, on Wedneaday
BROCK KNB ROUGH, second daughter of the!"on. ? 1V.
locoudt Niwton, of Westmoreland, Va., in the 18th year
?fAtru?c'White Sulphur Springs, (Va.,) on Wednesday,
the 17th instant, Mrs. COLUMBIA CALWELL, wile ol
Wm. 11. Calwjbx, and daughter of Bobi&t T. Gwathm*Y,
?fOnTu^v, the 16th Instant, at Wallow Glen, the resi
dence of her father in-law, lluxKiAH Braw nie, In Charles
county, Md., MARY JANK, wife of Jas. f. Braw*?r, in
the 23d year of her age.
Jir E street Baptlet Cixwrch.?The Rev
R. W. Cishman will preach in this church to-morrow
morning and evening.
tj- j, o. of It.?The members of George Washing
ton Tent, No. 265, are hereby notified to attend a meet
"CSS'CO"'U,UUSBW'w'ttmf.!?i.. 8. pn, to.
?6p 517? It* ??
' I 'O 600D SERVANTS.?A Cook and Washer
X and lroner wanted. Inquire at this offlcc.
sep 27?It*
Merchant Tailors and Clothiers, |
RUMP Kef FULLY announce to their triends and the j
public, that they have just received a very |
assortment of New Wood, to suit the present and ap
seasons. We have fine Cloths, Casslmere* and
V^stlog^flrTvariety, which we are prepared to make u,, j
Clothing our supply U now good, and
we WCto It every day. It Is our determination
lo have none but the best. Alaoa good stock of Fu
niching Goods, Hue ShirU and LolWs,^
aep 27?3t C street, tot. fith k 7th streets.
r 7. Boston edition. ? .
The Bible in the Family; or Hint* on Domestic Ilappl
"The^luman its TOnn'x'on wilk'lnilm"
WlArnnld>rFir?t "i^tin Book, remodelled and rewritten;
bv Albert Ilarkneas. . ,
Chouauet'a French Conversations and Dialogues.
Byrne's Dictionary of Engineering, No. 4?X, complete.
The Iris; au illuminated Sonvenlr for 1852; an addi
tional supply.
Thiaday received for sale by MA,,RV(
I sepZT ? Booksellers, I'a. av, near 9tb st.
iiri; have just opened a large and well-selected lot of
which we invite onr customers and the ladles of W ashlng
ton and the adjoining city to call and examine before
purchasing elsewhere. We feel confident that they can
I not find a better assortment In the city, and that tho
s prices will please all who may favor us.
Is Embroideries?
Chemisette Worked Collars and Cuffs
Worked Sleeves and Buttles
Worked Muslin and Cambric Bands
Muslin Inserting and Edging
(!ambric Inserting and Edging
Cambric Habits, with sleeves to match
Kmbroidered Fronts for Evening Caps
I,nee Cape* and Collars
In La csx?
Vallanee Lace and Edging
Kegency and Brussels Thread Lacs
Point de Unn and Monlton
Gimp, Wiregmund, and Plait Lares
Thread. Lisle, Plait, and Saxony Edging*.
Also a variety of goods, which It will give us pleasure
to show to all who will oall. J. B. k A. TATE,
jl. b ?A lot of Dress Caps just received, of the latest
^Cp 27?3t [Intel.]
W1IITKIIUR8TH new and ex
Store of Duvall k Bro , between
and 6th streets, Pennsylvania
many a<lvantages over others,
ie seeond floor, and arranged expressly
A in* > |x
ng bullion th^ ..?, - ? -
for tnls purpose. It contains one of the largest sky
lliihts in this country, and la the most "tensive and
llnest south of Baltimore. It possesses every facility for
copying Paintings or Daguerreotypes, not baring Its su
nerior In the world?where may be obtained iieaiitiful
Tml hlchly-finished Daguerreot vpes in all weather, though
cloudy is preferable, except for children. Post-mortem
rHfio* promptly attended to.
Awarded tlM first modal at the late Fair of the Mary
''oaIXXIUw'?NO. 205 Baltimore street, Baltimore; 347
llrt>adwat? New York; PennaylTanla avenue, Waehing
ton D. C.; 77 Main stn-et., Klchmond, Va.; Lynohburg,
Va! Norfolk, Va.; and Petersburg, Va.
These Galleries are open free to the public, at all
hours of tho day. _ . _
?p 36?tf J. H. WUITEIIUR8T, Sole Proprietor.
'ub risen ... Sb Mm. | Sou ?et? ? - ? Ih. 61m.
Mr. K. W. Cab*, newspaper agent, U the only au
thorised u^uut lor this paper in Philadelphia, and la duly
empowered to take advertisement* and attbaoriptiona at
the rates required by us. Ills receipts will be regarded
as payments. Office at the north welt oorutr of Third
and Walnut street*.
Jt&r The prlvllegoj of yearly advertiser* will ba con
fined rigidly to their regular business, and all other ad
vertisements, not pertaining to their regular business as
agreed for, to be paid extra.
Kvery notice designed to call attention to private
enterprises calculated or intended to promote individual
interest, oan only be inserted with the understanding
that the same is to be paid for.
Corner of North and Monument street
Baltimore, Maryland.
StISSON A HAIKU having completed their extensive
) works, (which 1* now one of the largest establish
ment* of the kind in this country,) are prepared to fill
ull orders in their line, vie: MARBLE MANTLES, MON
TILES, (for floors,) MARBLE LETTERS, Ac., at us rea
sonable rates as can be had in this or any other city iu
the Union For beauty of execution and originality of
de>ign, their stock cannot be surpassed. They would re
spectfully invite Arc/tiltda, liuildcrt, (iibiiirt-Makers, and
others, to call and examine before purchasing. They are
also prepared to furnish the trade with Slabs, Blocks,
Ac., to order.
Jhjf All orders by mail punctually attended to.
sep 20?dlim
PHE8S-BOYH W ANTED ? To whom good
i wages will be given, inquire at the office of the
American Telegraph. Bep 20?
/'ANTED?A good COOK?for a small family.
Apply at the "Telegraph Office." [sep 22?tf
WANTED?An APPRENTICE, 16 or 17 years ot
ago. A stout boy, well recommended, will boai
of a good opportunity by applying at this office.
tip 1?"f
JUST OPENED at the new store on Sixth street, near
the corner of Louisiana avenue, a large and se.'eci
assortment of Ladies' Dress Cups, from 7 6 cents to $8.
llead-drehses, French workod Collars, Embroidered
Fall and Winter Ribbons, Edgings, Silk Braids.
Dress Trimmings, Fringes, Velvet-dotted Flowers, Bu
Velvet Ribbons, Lace Trimmings, new style.
Extracts, Colognes, Fancy Soaps. Scent Bags, Ac., Ac.
Also?Gentlemen's Gloves, Hosiery, Shaving Creams,
Ilair, Tooth and Shaving Brushes, Handkerchiefs, Cra
vats and Perfumery, and Fancy Articles in general.
MRS. COl.,LI SON'S Fancy & Millinery Store,
Sixth St.. rear of National A Brown's Hotels,
sep 28?tr [Nat.Intel.?3t]
55 barrels prime Leaf Lard
1500 small si it Family Haws
For sale by
sop 26? lit B. J. SEMMES A BKO.
40 hhds. handsome medium Sugars landing thi?
day from packet "Hamilton." For sale by
sep 26?at B. J. SEMMES A BRO.
At tile Cheap Cash Store !
JUST RhCfclVED another large lot of splendid Rib
bons?among them some beautiful plaids and other
styles. Bonnets, Bonnet Silk, Druss Trimmings, Ac.
Also?Bleached Cottons, over a yard wide, 6 cts.; 500o
yards Sheeting Cottons, a yard and a quarter, 10 cent*
only I 10,000 yards heavy brown Cotton, a yard wide, t
ccuts; all-wool Flannels, nearly a yard wide, 25 cents !
Beautiful Prints, Cashmeres, Mousselains, Ac. Ticking
as low as 6 cents, very good. Brown Cotton as low as 3
cents. And a thousanil articles bought at auction, which
aro great bargains. All to be had at
BROWN'S Cheap Cash Store,
sop 20?tr Pa. av., opp..Brown's Hotel.
1_ to dispose of a Business Work, on which they cai.
make from $70 to $100 per mouth. This will command
the services of flrst-class agents. To such, the agency ot
exclusive districts will be given In Maryland, Virginia.
North and South Carolina. Apply to publisher, Wash
ington and Baltimore House, (old railroad depot,) second
floor, from 7 to 11 o'clock a. m., or from 2 to 5 p. m.
N. B.?All letters to receive attention must be prepaid.
Sep 26?at*
HAVING RENTED that large and lieautiful rcsidenci
lately occupied by Kirs. StettiniuB on Ijouisiann
?ivenuc, nearly opposite the City Hall, I am now prepared
to take Boarders by the week, month, or year. The
rooms are large and airy, and the situation is one of the
most delightful in the District.
COME Ladies all, give us a call,
And read our Proclamation,
With beaux and pas, sis, brothers, mas,
And hear our conversation.
Our Gaiters, Slippers, Boots and Shoes?
Our Patent "SOUUEU d'L'xioh;"
With Fairy Pumps, and Sylphlue Shoes?
Bright Fashion's contribution?
of the best quality, and the latest and most fashionable
style, can be had cheap, for cash, at
sep 2.r>?tf 7th strict, near Louisiana av.
T1TE HAVE IN STORK the following, in plain colors?
\\ 300 pieces English Morinoes and l'aramettoes.
Cloths of nil grades and colors.
2.f> pieces French Mcrinoes, all colors, and at the very
lowei-t prices. .
sep 2*?dim YF.RBY A MILLER.
DOZEN LADIES' white, colored, and black Kid
I ?) Oloven, a very good article, at cents.
Also the following at 8"J>? cents, of Alexander's makr
and Stewart's importation:
2 cartons Ladies' white, all numbers
3 do do colored, do
1 do do black, do
4 do Gentlemen's white, black, and assorted co
lors, all numbers
Persons in want of a very superior Glove will do well
to give us a call, as our atock Is as good as any In this
sep 24?dim YERBY A MILLER.
rriHE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between the
J. subscribers under the name of " Keesidc A Vander
werken" was dissolved by mutual consent on the 22d daj
of August last.
All persons having claims against the said firm prior to
that date will present them to Mr. Vanderwerken for
payment. 0. VANDEKWEKKEN,
sep 23?6t J. K. REESIPK.
1th Street, opposite Odd-Fellow*' I/a 11,
A N ASSORTMENT of rich Fall styles of Ribbon, vary
J\ ing iu price from 12J/4 to 76 cent* per yard, and to
which the attention of the ladies is respectfully soliciteil.
Also, rich Belt Ribbons, Flowers, and various other Mil
linery goods. Also, a lot of well-selectod Straw and other
Bonnets. The ladies will also find a few lieautiful pat
terns of Gold CulT Pins, imitation do., with a general as
sortment of ladies' toilet anil other article*.
The attention of gentlemen Is requested to a fresh se
lection of Silk Cravats and 1'ocket Haudkerchicfs, all ot
which will he sold low fbr cash. sep 12?tr
r|MIE SUBSCRIBER has the pleasure of Informing his
1 friend* ami customers that he baa just returned from
the northern cities, where he has been fbr some time past
selecting hi* atock of KALI. AND WINTER GOODS.
lie i* now prepared to show such a stock of Cloths,
C.axsimeres, \ est)ngs, Dress Shirts, Undershirt*, Drawers,
Gloves, Stocks, Hosiery, Umbrellas, Ac., as he has never
before had the pleasure to exhibit, in style, variety, ami
cheapness; which, together with the coin|>aratively tow
RENT he is under at present, enable* him to offer unusual
inducements to those in wnnt of any article of Clothing
In our line, of a quality aud style that may be relied on.
P. J. STEER. Merchant Tailor,
sep 20?tf 8th *t., 3d door from Penna. av.
'IMIE Undersigned would respectfully call the nttcn
1 tlon of his friends and the public generally to his
stock of the above articles, which he has selected with
care to suit the Metropolitan market. He has on hand
and is in daily receipt of the following OILS, which he
will warrant superior to any now for sale In this city:
Etherial, Camphltie, l.ard, Solar, and Winter Strained
Sperm ; with a great variety of LAMl'Sof all descriptions.
A. HATCH, Jr.,
two doors west of Todd's new marble building, I'enn.
av., andC St. nearly opp. the Bank of Washington,
sep 17?tf
1MIK BUILDER'S GUIDE?containing List* of Prices
and Rules of Measurement for Carpenter*, Bricklay
ers, Stone-masons, Stone-cutters, Plasterer*,Slater*, Paint
ers, Glaziers, Ac. Also, a table of lineal, square, and cu
bic. measures, rules of mensuration, the building regular
tions, the laws relative to buildings, lien law*, Ac., Ac.
Just published, and for sale by
sep 1ft?lm D dtreet, between 9th and lOtb.
A T TUB BIBLE DEPOSITORY, oorner of E and 10th
Mp tf*"' JAMES N0UR8E.
hibition that ever visited this country will U> held ut
HUBl'S SALOON uu V\ edueeday, Thursday, Friday,
and Saturday?the Wth, 26th, tftith aud 2i th?four nights.
The uul vernal ly acknowledged brut Pawrama is Alex
ander's magnificent aud picturesque HISTORICAL PA
NORAMA of the Antediluvian World !l Together with
tliu beautiful Scene* of tli* Lord'a Laot Supper, aud the
The sublime and magnificent Painting, intended to
illustrate the Great Work?THE CREATION OK TUH
WOULD?as described in the Hook of Geuesia, with Pano
raiuie VIEW OF THIS GARDEN OK EDEN, with all iU
sublime and beautiful scenery, correctly taken from the
Scripture, to the AWFUL DESTRUCTION OK TUJfi
Admission 60 cents.
Doors open at 7V? o'clock?Panorama will commence
moving at 8. aep 23?6t
Overflowing Houses !
Firat Grand llluomer Concert.
J_ fully announce u series of their inimitable Concerts
at the above Hail, commencing on Monday evening,
September 22d; consisting of Songs, Duetts, Trios,Quar
tettes, ltaliim Opera Sceuas, New und Popular Dances,
Comic Singing, Yankee Burlesques, Sayings, Ac., Ac.?
milking altogether a bill of great variety and excellence.
Tickets 25 cents. A change of programme nightly.
Doors open at 7}/?, C-ouoert commences at 8 o'clock.
?op 22?tf
largest aud handsomest Btocks of Dry Goods ever
brought to this city, comprising a general assortment of
Freuch, English, Canton, Scotch, Swiss, and American
goods, to which we invito the atteution of buyers. In
the lot will be found
100 pieces rich pluid aud brocude Silks, a, beautiful ar
100 pieces 3-ply aud ingrain Curpetings
25 do velvet do
15 do Tapestry Velvet
10 do velvet pile Druggotts, extra rich
75 Hugs, some extra bcuutiful.
sep 23?eo.lt HALL A BROTHER.
and Board Wanted.?A small family hav
ing a house too lurgo lor their use wishes to rent It, and
would, if agreeable, remain in it us boarders.
Address " HOUSE," oflice of the American Telegraph,
sep 24?tf
Attention, Chewers and Smokers !
DOWNER'S popular Cigar and Tobacco stand is well
supplied with the liest llavanas and Principes.
Also a splendid lot of Chewing Tobacco, to which he ex
tends a cordial invitation to his friends aud to g-ntlemen
of taste generally. sep 9?tr
npEMPERANCE MEN, HO I?American Tem
1 perance Spelling Hook, for the use of common und
Sabbuth schools; by Kcv. T. Sovereign. Also Temper
ance Tracts, for sale by A. GKAY,
sep 18?tr 7th St., opposite Odd Follows' Hall.
1 those used iu the private academies and institutions
in the District of Columbia and ailjncent country.
For sale, at Now York prices, by
sep 1? Booksellers, near 9th street.
SCHOOL BOOKS at New York Prices.
A full assortment of all kinds now in use; and the
liest STATIONERY of every variety, for sale by
au 30? 7th street, opposite Odd Fellows' nail.
JUST RECEIVED, at the Musical Depot, a. fine lot of
Violin A Guitar Strings, direct from New York. Also
a fine assortment of Violoncello and tenor Violin Strings;
together with Violin and Violoncello Bows, of all quali
ties, aud at all prices, from 25 cents to $5. Persons wish
lug to secure a bargain in Musical merchandise, should
rail at out* and make a selection, as my stock of instru
ments is at this time complete.
Sep 6?tr south side of Pa. av., next to cor. 10th st.
riMIE UNDERSIGNED respectfully informs the citizens
_|_ of Washington that he hasopeneda JOB PRINTING
OFFICE, corner of D and Stli streets, where he is prepared
to execute every description of Job Printing; and he
hopes to bo able to give satisfaction to those who may
favor him with their orders.
Cards, Handbills, Notices, Insurance Policies, Bnuk
Checks, Labels, Pamphlets, Ac., Ac., printed at short
notice. JONATHAN K1RKW00D.
Wasiiijiuton, Sept. 13,1851.
Any orders left at the office of the American Tele
graph will be promptly attended to. ' sep 13?tf
we offer at very low prices.
Sign of the Anvil, opp. Brown's Hotel.
sep 20?lm*
"117"E havo in store now a large and general assortment
\\ of Housekeeping Goods, as follows :
10 pieces superior Linen Sheetings
| 12 do Damask Table Maper
Splendid Damask Table Cloths, all slioa
10 pieces best Huckaback Toweling
6 dozen superior Damask do
40 do Huckaback Towels, all prices
Splendid stock Table Napkins
Brown Linen Table-Cloths
16 pieces French Furnituro Prints
10 do Oil-dressed do plain A bordered
40 do 6-4, 10-4, and 12-4 Bleached Sheetings
Table and Piano Covers
Curtain Mucins
50 pieces Irish Linens, ail grades
10 do Pillow-case Cotton, Ac.
We invite persons in want of the above description
of goods to give us a call, as we pay great attention to
this clans of goods. YERBY A MILLER,
sep 18?lm No. 6, Pa. a v., bet. 7th A 8th at*.
/ lOODS BY THE PIECE.?Persons wishing
\ J to buy Bleached anil Browu Goods by the piece will
find It greatly to their advantage to give us a call, as we
liave a very large stock of that class of goods, aud feel
disposed to sell them at as low prices as they can be
bought in any of the Northern cities. We name, in part?
1 case 10-4 Allendale Sheeting
1 case lt-4 do do
1 case 5-4 and fi-4 " Pillow-Slip" Cotton
1 case New York Mills Shirting!)
1 case Lonsdale, first quality
15 coses various good makes Shirting, from to 12}.?
20 bales Brown Sheetings and Shirtings
2 cases Bleached Jeans
2 cases Plaid Cottons
6 cases Calicoes, from 6 cents up.
?ep 18?lm YERBY A MILLER.
C1AMTICA LAUD18, or American Boole
/ of Cliurcli Music, by Lowell Mason A G. J.
Webb?just out, and universally reootnmended by the
Press as superior to all its predecessors.
Forsale by A. GRAY,
sep 17?tr 7th st.. opp. Old-Fellows' Ilall.
BARRY'S Trlrnplirroiis cures all diseases of
the skiu and hair, and is for sale at the low price of
lit cents per liottlc at the Drug Store, corner of K and 7th
streets. J. F. CALLAN.
sep 23?
tpARKANT'N EltVrvracent Sellzer Apt
1 rlcnt.?This highly valuable preparation is the
most convenient und eAoaciou* aperient in use, and may
he had at $1 per liottlc at the Drug Store, corner of E and
7tblUMU. J. F. CALLAN.
sep 23?
BULL'S Sarnaparilla.
Also, Townsend's do.
Schwartz's do.
For sale by J. F. CALLAN,
sep 23? corner B and 7th streets.
I NAME IN PART, Wines? Ilcldscick A Co.'s Cham
_ pagne, Claret, Hock, O. L. P. Madeira, Sherry, Lon
don Dock Port, Hunt A Co.'s Port, I.iston, Cicily, Malaga,
Ac., Ac.
Brandies?Old London Dock, Otard, Dupuy A Co.,
Pitiet. Castillon A Co., A. Seignette, Ac.
Whisky?Irish, Scotch, Monongahela, and Old Ryo.
Also, Stoughton's Bitters, Swiss, Absinth, Ac., Ac.
Fresli Peaches received every morning.
sep 11?tr Pa. av., 8 doors east nf Hit h st.
HAVING fitted out a room for the sale of Carpetings,
we intend to keep a large and general assortment.
We have just received a large assortment of all grades.
Also, Bugs, Druggets, Oil Cloths, heavy Mailings
Damask Linen, Floor Cloths, Stuir Lltien, Ac.
Those in want are respectfully invited to give us a call.
sep IK?lm No. ?, Pa. av, bet. 7th and 8th sta.
.), 4 PIECES rich lllsck Silk Laces, very cheap
10 do. lllHck Grode Rhine Silk
f,0 do. Mousselaine de Laincs, at 12c., very good
25 do. Extra do 26 cents
100 do. Calicoes, from 5 ccnts up
100 do. Bleached Shirtings and Sheetings
26 do. All-wool White and Colored Flannels
25 do. Bleached and Brown Canton do
26 do. Irish Linens, very low
Cloths, Cassimeres, Tweeds, Silk and Satin vestings.
Also, white, grey, black, and fancy-colored Yarn. Custo
mers will do well to give me a call, as I have In store a
good assortment of fall goods, and will sell at low prices.
sep 5?tr. aorner 8th st.. opposite Centra market.
SH0E8! SHOES!! 8H0E8!!!
Mcl.AIN A HARRY have in store a good assortment
of the above-named goods, suitable for Men, Hoys',
Ladles', Misses, and Children's wear, which must be sold
for aome price by the 1st of September. [J una ??tf

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