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WllUIflbTOAl i
Kxcuous I'imu?Wo ctulinug to recelr?r by xvorj
mail nuw?j?prr* oouHuuing our little card " To tli? Pub
lic," and K?kiut! ?u exchange. Our offer In ttiat htut been
long ninoe ruvokwl. tf
Look to thh Notes you hkcbivb.?la the
present state of affairs it would be well for
our citizens not to receive the notes of the
People's iiank, P&tersun, N. J.; the Commer
cial Hank, Perth Auiboy, N. J.; the Farmer*
& Mechanics' Bank, New Brunswick, N. J.;
the Union Bank, Dover, N. J-; and tho Salis
bury Bank, Md.
The Baltimore Clipper of this morning says:
"Tho Farmers' & Mechanics' Bank of New
Jersey has no? faileil; and we have no positive
continuation of the report of the failuro of the
Bank of Salisbury, its circulation is said to
be about $20,000."
A note from J. Thompson, of the New York
Rank Reporter, says:
" in order to save the publio fVom loss and
inoonvenionoe, 1 would state that tbe following
banks havo not failed?their notes are bought,
and will oontinuo to be bought, at ? per cent,
"Government Stock Bank, Michigan; Bank
of America, New Jersey; Ocean Bank, do.;
Atlantio Bank, do.; Merchants' Bank, do.;
Farmers' Bank, do.; Delaware and Hudson,
do. Nor do I believe that any New York banks,
either in the country or city, will fail.
"Owing to the scarcity of money, the New
York brokers of uncurrent l'unds havo raised
the rates of discount?Jersey currency to 1 per
oent., Western Ne.v York ourrency 1 per cent.,
and Eastern currcncy J, and old established
banka of the eastern put of this State to ? per
cont. Even at these rates some few brokers
have ceased buying."
Ltkoh Law.?The following is said to be
copied from the Richmond Times:
"On the 13th inst., the Vigilance Committee
of the county of Grayson in this State arrejtfd
a man named John Cornutt, [a friend and fol
lower of Bacon, tbe Ohio abolitionist,] and after
examining the evidence against him, required
him to renounoe his abolition sontiments. This
Cornutt refused todo; thereupon he was etripped,
tiea t? * tree, and whippod. After receiving
a dozen stripCf. he caved in, and promised not
only to reoant, but to sell his property in the
county, [consisting of land and negroes,] and
leare the State. Great escitoment prevailed
throughout the county, and the Wytheville Re
publican, of the 20th instant, states that the
Vigilance Committee of Grayson were in hot
pursuit of other obnoxious persons."
Whether this man iB r.n abolitionist, seces
sionist, Jew, Turk, or Hottentot, we do not
caro to inquire. In auy case the "Committee
of Vigilance" deserve punishment, and a stigma
will rest upon the Commonwealth of Virginia
until they receive their just deserts. How can
that State cry out for the punishment even of
the Christiana murderers, and yet tolerate
within her own dominions such highhanded
deeds as this ?
Do Ghosts Aitia.b.7?The Washington Tele
graph, referring to the Rov. Septimus Tustin's
Lecture on Ghosts and Apparitions, thinks the
editor of tho Philadelphia Sun will be present,
in the hope that Bomo of the beauleas young la
dies will bo afraid to go home by themselves.
"There was a time" whim such an idea might
hava possessed us, but now the girls all pick
out youngor men than we are to go home with
them. We are " falling into the sere and yellow
leaf,"?wo are the setting gun, and our rising
ion stands a far better chance to be chosen as a
cavalier ttrvanle than wo do.?Phila. Sun.
This is very pretty, and quite an appropriate
story to tell at home; but we have heard tell"of
you, and how the young ladies of Philadelphia
" do wish married gentlemen would be less
gallant 1" Ob, you Bly old sinner 1
The Centre Market.
A writer in the Republic informs us that sev
eral plans have been prepared and laid before !
the Mayor of Washington for a new struoture j
of a market-house, to cost from $75,000 to |
$100,000, with a range of tlorc? upon Pennsyl- j
vania avenue, capacious hall*, and with neveral ?
office* in the eecond etory. He says it is presumed
that a daily market would then be established,
and that from such a building an annual reve
nue of $20,000 would be obtained. As to the
"ways and means," be says, tho Corporation
will not be compelled to incur, directly, one i
cent of expense; as a liberal oiticcn is willing |
to advance the necessary amount, on the credit J
of the Corporation, and look to tho revenue j
from the market, over tho necessary current
expenses, for repayment. A new market-house
would soon pay for itself; and he cannot con-:
ocive why the proper authorities should for a
moment delay this important work.
Permit us to remark here, that a piece of
ground has been given to this city by the United
States government for the ptirpotet of a market
place?not as a place on which to build " a
range of stores," "capacious halls," or "offices
in tli* second story." A market place is the
only object; and if this is not observed in good
faith by the oity, the ground must revert back
to the General Government.
The people of Washington want immediately a |
good market-house, and a good one can be
made for less than seventy-five or ono hundred
thousand dollars. Let the whoU apace given for
m market place be properly graded and well '
paved; let a simple market-house be built, so
open as to secure tbe best ventilation, and so i
ample as to shelter all the poople who come to ,
buy or sell. This can be done at so small a
cost as to require no delay, and can be done by
the eity, who alone should do it.
We do not want a daily market here; but on
the oontrary, we wish the smaller markets, in 1
the other parts of the city, to share with the
central portion the benefits of alternate market
days. Willow Baskbts.
"ShotI"?The word "ahot" hts many mean
ings. When ? man ix a little inebriated, he is
?aid to bashot. If he hac no money, be typifies
it by saying he h^i "not a shot in ths locker."
[ Penntylvanio n.
The Colonel ia a martial man, and knors ill
about all kinds of (.hooting; but if getting " a
little inebriated " ia the same as b.ing shot, -*?
know some right tidy chaps vho hii* more
lives thsn a oat??/ho get shot many tine*, but
can't be " kilt!"
The steamer Union arrived at New York on
Saturday morning, in seven days and eight
hoars from New Orleans. She had on board
$39,080 in specie.
Ari*it tor
A United States warrant was this moruiug
issued by Justice J. L. Smith, for one Ilenii e
Ahna, upon the following affidaviU:
B. it remembered, that, on this 29* day of
September, 1861, before me Johu L. S;m ,
Justice of the Peace for the
ffB tnTh^",1ofXU^^Dist?k? aforesaid,
nho after being duly sworn, aud according to
law 'says: That a certain man naming himself
Henri de Ahna, who lately arrived ui this
jouutry from Europe, (and represents lumBeir
to l>e a native of Bavaria, aud to have been a
Captain in the Bavarian army,) is now in tins
city as a temporary sojourner, and baa been for
some da>'8 or weeks circulating a most wilfu
and malicious libel against this deponent a wife,
born Appollonia Jogiello, who, before she was
married to this deponent, came to this c?uu*?i
to seek asylum as a political exile, under t c
protection of Governor Ujhnzi, late of Hungary,
and his family. The deponent further says
that tho libel referred to consists of a printed
paper headed "Answer of Henri de Ahna to
the citizens of Washington, in regard to certain
imputed slauders;" which paper, under tho
above heading, coutains most malicious, lalse,
and unwarrantable libellous imputations, pu
lished ugainst said Appollonia Jagiello, now
wife of this deponent, in the form ot an
vit purporting to have been made before 11. C.
Browne 11, Justice of the Peace, of WiUiamsburg,
in tho county of Kings, State of New York, by
a German naming himself Charles Koelbol, anu
styling himself to be a M?yor in the late Hun
garian array. The deponent exhibited and filed
with tlii* affidavit two printed copies ot said
libel, to sbow that the lalsc, wilful, and mali
cious imputations made, published, and circu
lated against his wife, amount to a wilful
breach of peace against the United States; that
they are designed, maliciously, to impair the
-rood name, reputation, and character of this
deponent's wife; and that the offence of cir-|
culating them is indictable under the laws ot
the land. The deponent then said, that the
Grand Jury not being now in session, he applies
to this magistrate for a warrant against stud
offender, Henri de Ahna, to secure hisi appear
ance at the next term of the Criminal Court, by
committing him, said Henri do Ahna, in the
county jail until he gives a bail sufficient to
secure such appearance, and answer the great
offence committed against the peace of the peo
ple of the United States by reason of circulating
aforesaid false, malicious aud wilful libel against
the wife of this deponent. The deponent further
says, that he has no evidenee to prove that saul
iibel has been written, as it purports to have
been, by said Charles Koelbel, styling himself,
Major of the late Hungarian army; but to1
prove that it has been circulated by said man,
naming himBelf Henri de Ahna, he brings as
witnesses Messrs. T. C. Connolly and James A.
Berry citizens and residents of this District, to
whom said offender, Henri de Ahna, handed
personally the two copies of libel, which this
deponent filed in this office with this affidavit. ,
Tho deponent lastly says, that he has reason to
believe, and dees really believe, that, indepeud- |
eut of the personal jealousy and animosty con
nected with wilful malice, said offender, Henri
de Ahna, has been aided and abetted in circu
lating said libel by a foreign diplomatio repre
sentative and others, from politioal and other
motives, which this deponent expocts to prove
during the trial of the case. lie, the deponent,
makes this last statement, which he believes to
be true and correct, to Bbow this magistrate
that circumstauccs aggravating the oftence are
in existence; that, therefore, the amount of
bail should be ample and sufficient to secure
the attainment of justice, as a small bail would
defeat the end, and would encourage other de
signing and Undisposed individuals to harass
I meritorious persons by false imputations at the
expense of the people of tho United States.
expense oi v v oaspakd tocuman.
Subscribed and sworn before me this 29th day
of September, one thousand eight hundred
.and fifty-one. j l smitii. J.P., [s?al] j
The warrant was served by Officer Wollard,
who brought his prisoner before Justice Mor- |
sell. Edwin Morgan, esq., appeared for the
accused, and the case being submitted to the :
Justice, security in the sum of five hundred !
dollars was required for the appearance of Do
Ahna beforo tho Criminal Court at its next
term. Dr. Charles H. Lciberman entered tho
bond as his security. The amount, to say the
least, is very reasonable.
Subsequently to the above, another warrant
of like character wan issued by Justice Smith,
against the same, but based upon the utterance
of another libel, in the publication of a pamphlet
entitled 41 The Greatest Humbug of the Day."
The publications and conversations of the
above-named accused have attracted some at
1 tcntion in this city for a few weeks past, either (
on account of the faith reposed in his state- j
ments, or tho wonder that he could be permitted
to utter them. He is now, no doubt, in the
hands of those who will do him full justice in
the premises, and destroy either him or the
person whom he assails.
In the course of his pamphlet, De Ahna, in !
speaking of Major Tochman, says:
it i had. the very day of his complaint, left a j
printed affidavit for him with his friend, the
editor of the Telegraph, which is now ten days
! since."
He uttered this on the fourteenth of Septem-1
ber. The dsy of Major Tochman's " com- J
plaint," alluded to, was the sixth. We nover
saw Do Ahna, nor he us, till the eighth. He
called at our office to reply to Major Tochman's
?complaintand then presentod his printed
affidavit in the presence of witness. We are
particular to mention this, because it has been
commented on, because the falsehood of the
assertion should be shown, and because it is
all we know respecting the whole affair.
It is the pur^pso of our laws to do justice to
all, even to the most vile and wretched crea
ture that oomes before the bar of our criminal
courts ; and we trust tho present case may not
be prejudged. Either the reputation of Major
Tochman and his lady, aud nearly or quite all
the prominent Hungarians in this country, is
to be forfeited, or this man Do Ahna is to un
dergo a long period of imprisonment. Either
j evert is of sufficient moment to demand an un
I prejudiced an 1 impartial trial.
We understand it is not the purpose of Major
1 Tochman to enter the civil courts for redress,
: but that he will be content with such protec
tion as.the criminal tribunals are competent to
Mr. G. T. Massst, late of Shuster & Co.'s,
has united with Mr. J. T. Raikjliff, in the
j Grocery business, under Odd-Fellows' Hall,
Seventh street. This is a great stand. Messrs.
Radcliff 4 Co. are the gsutlemen to please, and
they are fitting up and laying in a stock in
buch manner as to ensnie satisfaction to the
multitudes of eustomow of their fine establish
The steamer Baltic arrived at New York yes
terday, with Liverpool dates of the 17th, and
ninety-seven paasengera. She pas nod the Alia
on the l'Jth, west of Cape Clear. The Baltio
experienced heavy weaterly gales during the
whole passage.
We have but a limited sketch of general news.
Much disappointment was felt in kngland,
owning to the lack of definite news from the
Cuba Expedition. It is stated as the result of
negotitttious between England, ! ranee, and
Spain, that further expeditions against Cuba
iroin America will bo resisted by thcBO powers.
Political and religious ciroles ure engrossed
by the secession of the Duke of Nortolk from
the Roman church. Great feeling was mani
fested on all sides. Hon. Abbott Lawrence is
on a tour through England. The gold excite
ment in Australia was increasing. The receipts
of the Exhibition are ?3,000 per diem.
The India mail, with Calcutta dates to Au
gust 7, has arrived, but brings no news. Ster
ling exchange in Calcutta, 2?@2?.
Advices from the continent show the great
uneasiness for the future. The Department of
Ardeche, in France, was in a state of siege.
The Prince de Joinville is shortly expected to
formally announce his name as a candidate for
the Presidency. The Due D'Aumule is on his
way to London.
At Naples, forty-six State prisoners have
been condemned to death, including ten depu
ties, two ex-ministers, two priests, and one
Makukts.?Middling qualities of cotton are
n shade dearer; sales since the Africa left
19,000 bales, of which exporters and specula
tors took 7,000. .
Flour is dull and unchanged. Com is in
better demand at improving rates. Wheat is
dull and has declined Id. ; sales of red at 5s.
6d.@5s. 8d. _
Provisions are dull and unchanged ; cofleo is
very dull ; tea is unaltered. Trade in Man
chester is healthy at full rates.
The money market is sensitive on account of
the numerous failures, and the funds are uc
pressed. Consols closed at 90 ; foreign stocks
are dull. _
" His Gkack tub Archbishop or Nbw
York."?Bishop Hughes is thus entitled in the
official announcements of the Freeman'a Jour
nal, a prominent Roman Catholic paper. It a
secular paper had used the term, we should
have suspected the editor to be ignorant or
jocular; but the Journal is, of course, neither.
Archbishops Carroll and Eccleston, perhaps as
distinguished and elevated as any other minis
ters of their church our country lias over
known, and both of titled families in the Old
World, forbore the assumption of titles in this,
and yet fulfilled pretty well the duties of their
calling. " His Grace" of New York, however,
of far humbler origin, no doubt regards them
as a couple of plain republican Americans,
" well enough in their sphere," but ignorant of
high courtly notions. It is a small matter, to
be sure, but41 straws show," &c.
Mubdbk.?Messrs. Editors: Please insert the
following truthful lines from the Philadelphia
"Murder.?Much is said about the Christiana
murder. Strange that we should shudder at
one murder, and wink at a thousand. All through
our State, men are actually licensed.to commit
murder. The best proof lies in the notorious
fact that thousands of our citizens are actually
killed annually through the sale and use of ar
dent sjririts! Stand but an hour at your door,
' and you may sec some of the poor deluded vic
tims staggering, slowly, but surely, to their de
graded fates. Who cannot point to some bright
star of hope, amongst hia circle of relatives
and friends, who has been struck from the
galaxy by this dreadful traffic, and yet we are
calmly permitting its continuance. Strange
that familiarity with a crime so monstroufc
should blind us to the necessity of its speedy
destruction. Is there a political evil of ono
tenth the enormity as this? What are tariffs,
or sub-treasuries, or banks, or all other ques
tions combined, compared to this in importance?
Intemperance produces derangement in business,
failures, poverty, degradation, vmniiy, crime, and
even death! Here we should centre our whole
political strength, and until it is destroyed,
throw to the world all party alliance. On*."
Consul Owicn.?We have an idea that Mr.
Consul Owen does not hold a very high place in
Major HayneB's esteem, or in the esteem of any .
survivor of the Lopex expedition. He is likely |
to receive the cold shoulder from bis fellow-cit- ]
izens generally, should he return to the United
States. We condemn the object and purpose of
the Lopez invasion, but are far from sympathiz
ing with the indifference which seems to have
been manifested by Mr. Owen, in regard to tho
fate of hia deluded but gallant countrymen.
[Ar. Y. Star.
Exceedingly Intkrkstino?are 1 erby &. Mil
ler'a advertisements of new and beautiful win
ter goods.
On Th*irwlav efnins, 25th iocUnt, by Hot. A. H.
CH AUNCEY, both of Alexandria, Va. _.
On Wednca.lay.thr '24th of BepU-mber, at draceCl.ureh,
Hrmklvn br the ReT. Dr. Croswill, of New Haven, Ret
EDWARD (( Fi.AGO,Rector of Trinity Church, Norwich.
(Conn.) and ELIZA W., daughter of Gen. WM. Gum*
MeN^nx, of N'*w York.
On the night of the 27 th instant, In Georgetown, SI SAN
K., second daughter of the late A. 11. Mumut, formerly of
Baltimore, Maryland.
TuCTIoitl LOTS OF CARPKTB.-50 piece. !
i\ Ingrain medium and low priced Auction Carets.
WjJ!p?-Vm T*r7 ^""VCTBT k MILLBB.
SX\*Ha. IT T8?
36 down Silk Milt*, suitable for house and street?ot
I all grade, long and abort, with KR
pep 26?lm YEKHT * M1UU1*.
iTbETINUH.?130 pieces Sheeting, all grades?
cotton and linen. YERBYA MILLER.
sep 29?lm
ri'H K UNDERSIGNED having recently visited the.
I Northern Cities for the purpose of procuring the best
Instruments, takes pleasure in offering the finest assort
ment ever Wore predated toaW ashlugton pnblta OW
Rlsting of fine French, Spanish and Herman Guitar*
f'nelyinlaid with pearl; tine Italian Violins, French^
tatloas from dlfTcrent masters, Ac. Also?a very superior
lot of fine French F'.utes: together with ? general assort
m?nt of all kind* of Instruments.
m*- H#xt Violin and Guitar Strings and Trimmings for
.li^.H-nrnsntS GEO. HI 1.11118,
* Musical Depot, Pa. av., one door from 10th ?t.
sep 29?tr
A SPECIAL communication of Federal Txslgc, No. 1,
will be held on Tuesday erenlng, Sept. 80, it
r Hall corner of E and 10th streets, at 7 o'clock. The
meml?r* aT? earnestly guested to be punctual In *eir
attendance, as business of murta importance H to be
trMp*yilt Rj 0rd( r ?f H A. BCHW AR7.MAN, flee- .
AT THB NEW fmm* on Sllth -treet mill be found
the nrettleat assortment of theaboTe article* In the
Hty, and at prioee correspondingly low-selected pereo^
ally from the Importers and manufacturers. Ladlaa are
to call and examine them at
luvitoa to r oo^xaon'S Fancy * Millinery
asp 30 tr store, 0th st., near cor, of toulMana av.
ii a \I,OOM*R" RIBBONS, assorted colors, at 18H
I > cents. At
MRS.OOLLISON'S Fancy A Millinery Store,
Mp 59 tr fjlxth ?t., ngar cor. i,ouialan? av.
riMi?f!^?tLU17,01f 0P OOPABXSZSSHIP.
I was dLm ,*r*fl p 'dieting between the undersigned
L u*olvedou the 1 iUi iiutUmt by mutual consent.
JT. RADCLIFF has aamdfttod with him OcoMM T.
V ""mV*1? ?I ,he huuee of w- M Shuster A Co.
iTiu-i^iTJ i ^r"<kftt5r ** oouducUxl under the stjle of
HAVLUlelf * OQ. ^.p ?jU_3t
RADCLIFF a, CO. have just received a prime Jot
of Fauuiy Urocerioa. la part we name??
200 superior white Haius
1(56 bright dry Shoulders
20 bbls. crushed and powdered Sugar
1M bbl*. superior new wheat Family Flour
75 flacks tin? And coarse Salt
16 bbls. superior clarified Qider Vinegar
6 hluls. New Orleans and Porto JUco Sugar
1 do. Loverlng's superior table Sirup
Fresh, crude, and ground Spices
Fancy and family Soaps, Pearl liarley
Oatmeal, Corn, .March, fresh Pickles
Also?A large lot of Brooms and Buckets, Baskets,
lubs, Kcylers Brushes, Ac., and Demijohns of all slii*(.
I 'i \ K LIQUORS,?Wo have in store Ot&rd. Du
,PU' ? 8 ^'Kncttu and American Brandy.
*"d Monongahelu rectified Whisky
Holland and American Oiu
Madeira, Sherry, Malaga, and Port Wino, of superior
quality, which we will sell at the lowest price..
(T W* ,n ,eRTi"/ tlie house of Messrs.
Shuster A Co., res|>ectfully returns his thanks
to his numerous friends for their appreciation of his efforts
to please them, and asks their patronage for the new lirin
promising to he untiring to serve them us ever. '
BOp i.jf??-ofc
hR::e 1,1 store 200 p*1? ?f ^
.> lift g'ades, and prices from $2.60 to *18
? hales, 160 pairs Servants' B!auk?ts, which will be
A.gjy- mujy * mLL?
iod^hf^nH^11 ""JTW lnforms his friends
u"uill|y kept in a family Grocery
nrice* ? W ? inU,nd*i at the lowest cash
?ep 29-dlw* KKDSTItAKK.
PSf BY EXPRESS a Mn" lot oftL superior
_LL* Chewing Tobacco, "JENNY LIND TVVNT" pnii
?mi. it u o? hud. ,?a .?pp]?;?S,v "6T- '?*"
of the Northern Market House, according to the follbwing
Market llousc.011011 ?f thU WMt W'Ug to tho Northern
lcn8thto be 72!4 feet from the centre
uilding to the outside of tho front wall on 8th street
the width to bo 37 10-12 feet in the clear of the walls
foundations, to be of best quality blue rock, laid in re
mcnt mortar, to be two feet thick,'tarting tornTencC
dug out 15 inolie* below the present surface of the ground
Lhotlnn' f UP, ,?, a 1 IiU0 8 iurllea ^''OW the top Of
the stone foundations of the present building- the toi
course of stone to bo neatly.jointed wherever exposed bo*
jond the bnek-werk; the outside and inside feces of the
fj; n,t WOr^ 1?, sUow ab0T0 the pavements to lie laid
!?' iV1 "^'y pointed; the top of the stone founrta
wUh8sU?h,W,ofnv lv? ^??n ?,a 8fh etreet 10 ** ' overed
with sills of New lork stone 4 inches thick, ea h sill to
J!'.! P,?!: f?undations for the support of a ston to
oacJh door to bo connected with tho mnin wall, to project
'3 inchefc. and brought up sufficiently high to recede a
granite step 9 inches thick. Te a
.n^' ^ -T,h? thick,'?Bs of the walls, stvlo of finish,
h aractor of tho material to correspond with the
brick-work ?i the present building; to commence eight
fljfuh l50 ?Wi ?1 P ?f the Ilr,'He,lt stono-work, and to
finish in height ovon with east wing. The 8th street
thi" j( v, fi''i?ho(l With a pediment corresponding with
the pitch ot the present roof. From the stone founda
tions to the window-sill* the brick are to be laid in ce
ment mortar, the remainder in mortar composed of l*>st
'juallty wood-burnt lime, and sharp sand in due propor
tions There are to be the same number of window^and
doors in the west wing as are in tho east wing. The floor
To on? ,nhK W?' l10 b" fiiled "P from ?'? present surface
to one inch of the pavement with oyster shells rlaaa
bli^ksmiths' cinders, or marble or granite spauls, 'at'east
two feet broad; the remainder of the grading to 1* of
clay; the whole to be solidly rammed and insured airaintt
ua^nff'hrfC2nimt; fhe tl',R,r 10 1,0 P"Tctl w'th best ijuality
paving hrfck, on four inches of sharp sand, and to he
neatly fitted to the outside walls and to tho present pave
ment ; tho floor to decline one foot. Prel*ni P"e
"^ ?Sixteen window-sills, 5 by 8 inches,
and of a Wngth suited to the breadth of the window^
frames to bo of granite; two steps of granite, 6 feet Ion*
18 inches wide, and U inches thick ; eight granile hiu^'
blocks 18 inches long, 8 by lSUlncher. 8"
Oarpmtert' Work and Mai,rial.?The roof to be con
structed of common ratters of B. S. pino, 8 inches atThe
bottom and 6 inches at the tup, and a inches thick, placed
two feet from centres, to lie butted together at the crown
"1?^ ^ tho ceiling-joists at the heel; the ceilinf
joists to be good IC. S. pine 3 by 10 inches, and if nee*.
sarp, may be in two lengths by using a full lap'and kev
:. *' "trong braco of 6-4 yellow pine 8 inches broad to
Isb nailed on each side of the rafter down to the bottom of
the ceiling-joist, from which braces of 64 yellow pine arc
to be n?iled, extending near the centre of the rafters and
from the place of intersection of the braces with the' mf.
ters. other perpendicular braces to be nailed to the ceil*
??nX:iihVh^ln* 10 ?f ?'**> ^und cul 1 s ' to^be
shingled in the best manner, with the best nual tv cv
press or jun^rl^nch shingles; the wood coraice u, be
extended round tho west wing corresponding with th<
wing to U, of well s^ned white ftne.Y? from it
neh ?lTh ^ ii window-frames to be made of 2>l
" ^ W. *, /8 ..1' ':ach inme h*T" ">> wrought
iron bars 3-4 inches diamet.-r and supported in the centre
by a horizontal bar ll< inch by inch through ?),i v
the bars are to pass; tf?e frames 2 bTwtn.l?Sc^ '
to admit of sashes in case they should be desired hereaf I
wUV" ! to 1,0 m,ulc llke those to the present
building, to be hung with 14-inch strap hinges and h^k. '
put ou with rivets; each set of shutters to it ? I
with middle slip shutter-holts ; tho lintels to be of wood
lh,?..mRe 7" L present windows; the doors U, l? of
p /T, l \as ,h?*e on Tth street, to be of all heart N
C. 5-4 thick, dr<*sse?), ton^ued and irroovivi ?n<i t
' ,?Tdiln inKi?le with dr?ssed 4-4 tonguod and grooved
and beaded white pine strongly nailed together with
h}n?*X ?'th two fe.t wroughtTnm
, strap hinges, put on with rivets or screw taps, to f??t
, |-ned at the top with spring-bolts and chains, and suitable
w " ""'i staples. The racks, hooks ami
| side benches to be made same as those In the east wing
Jhinhtif;.?The corntoe, frames, shutters, Imrs racks
mUZ," 10 U' thm- ?r P"re lead an*
llie top of the horlionUloornke to bec?vfre<l with tl*.
xgxziz aassris^ acH
musioners appointed to ftup??riDt4'rid the erection of **S<\
win^; and, upon the eompietiou of th? work ii
to' i
Wp2!)-3t UlLT0" Mf ^ AHD
? - . tomininsiunern. f
\VhVas?aBs: ?
i WnlU'T'Jf Worko,J c""?rs and Cuffs
M orked Sleeves and Kuffles
Worked Muslin and Cambric Bands
Muslin Inserting and Edging
Cambric Inserting and Edging I
Cambric Habits, with sleeves t* match
Kmbroidertsl Fronts for Evening Caps
Lace Capos and Collars
In Lacks?
j Vallnnce Lace and Edging
| Regency and Brussels Thread Lace
Point de Lance and Honlton
, Oimp, Wlrcground, and Plait I .aces
( Threiul, Li,lo. Plait, and Saxonv Pdirinvs I
j ?"? -
I style B'~A l0t ?f Dr,M C*'"' j""k received, of the West
I "P X-'t [Intel.)
WHITIIHURSrS new and ex !
DAOUKRRE0TYPEfl, over the !
Store of Duval I A Hro., ts-twe-,, I
4"/^ and 6th streets, Pennsylvania i
belns bl.'thT7.m*nJ a<lvantages over others,
being built on the second floor, and arranged expresslv
In 1 contoin,, on* of <he largest sky
lights In this country, and is the most extensive and
i n'li,'n;;r" u i'0""""" ?""'?t Nnnty f,)r
P??/( r In tl e wohT ,)*?"r^^,,otyP<?^ not having Its su
! ?d bUdvilnl.h h?CT "" m*y obtained Is-autlful
lo i ?. n "'ICrrMtt|wi" a" weather, though
I l.-VKS!,;'' m",*, ?' ,b? '1' ?' Mm,
Rr'f^dwaT^New ?V BalUmore; 347
ton V C- TMtl i ' ennsylvanla avenue, Washlng
, ^5?^ TVVft': Lyncl,,"jr?
1 yEttST* Rro open ^ 40 the publ,e' *?"
-V 28-tf J. H. WHITISHUR8T, Sole Proprietor.
???nn Him - . . 6h.66m. | Sun net* ? ? - th. 47m.
K- W- now?i>?i*,r agcat, U the only au
"10Ut for 11118 pap*r ln 1'hiUddphla, and U duly
.. in 10 ***? advertiwiuenU and subscriptions at
theratear^uir^byu,. Uis ^ ^ J ^
ifssr^sr* nonLwBflt?- ?**
prWUeKU# of y^'y advertisers will be con
fined rigidly to their regular busimsa, and all otber ad
vartiaement*, not pertaining to their regular btuia<*? M
agreed for, to be paid extra.
? - ? WOp <40?
WANTED?A good COOK?for a small famiW.
APP'y Bt fhe " Telegimph Offlco." |m p 22?tf
\\r ANTED -A? AI'i'KKVI'lCE, lti or 17 years ot
f T ?45?*. A stout boy, well recommended, will hear
? * *0,*J orP?rtunity by applying ut this oflloe.
?wp 1?tf
\_J 7. Boston edition.
The Bible iu the Family; or Hints on Domestic Happi
nt*hh; oy it. a. Jioardman. f
The Human Body and its connexion wMh Man, illus
trated by the principal organs; by James J.G. Wilkinson
Confessions ol a Housekeeper, by Mrs. John Smith,
with illustrations.
Arnold's First Latin Book, remodelled and rewritten;
by Albert IlarkneaH. '
Chouquet's French Conversations and Dialogues.
Byrne s Dictionary of .Engineering, No. 40, complete,
lhe Iris: an illuminated Souvenir for 1802; au addi
tional supply.
This day received fpr sale by
Booksellers, Pa. av, near 9th st.
R Mereh^t Tailors and Clothiers,
ESPECTFULLY announce to their friends and the
public, that they have just received a very nrcttv
assortment of Now Goods to suit the present and aii
proaohing seasons. We have fine Cloths, llossimeres and
Vesliugs, in variety, which wo are prepared to make up
in superior style. 1
Of Ready-Made Clothing our supply is now good, and
we are adding to it ovtry day. It is our determination
to Pave none but the liost. Also a good stock of Eur
nishing Goods, Eino Shirts and Collars, 4c.
sep 27?3t C street, bet. 6th & 7 th streets.
rpiIE SUBSCRIBER respectfully informs his old cus
JL toiners and others, that lio is prepared to furnish
Coal suitable for Grates, Stoves and Cooking-ranges, equal
in quality, and at the lowest cash price, compared with
any other yard. Those who wish to study econoun
would do well to call, as I am prepared to sell lower at
this time than atuny time for the last five years. Orders
received at Mr. John E. Callan's, comer of 7 th and 1
streets, and at my Coal Yard, 13% street, Maryland ryl
_ seplfl?fiteod
J f'-> barrels prime Leaf Lard
1600 small sue Eamily Hams
For sale by
sep 20?3t B. J. SEMMES A BRO.
40 hbds. handsome medium Sugars landing this
lay from packet "Hamilton." Forsale by
sep 26?St B. J. SEMMES A BRO.
HITO/J.1"111"" a ,jranch from hie
Bot. l.ng Establishment, and is prejiared to supply
uie Hotels, Ac., with his superior Ambrosia Mineral
>V aters, J orter, Ale, an?l Carbonated Cider.
sep 22?1 wj Ofll.-e at the Empire Hotel.
T At the Cheap Cash Store!
UST RECEIVED another large lot of splendid Rib
l)Ou?? among them some beautiful plaids and other
styles. Bonnets, Bonnet Silk, Dress Trimmings, Ac.
Also?Binached Cottons, over a yard wide, 0 cts ? MXK
yards Sheeting Cottons, a yard and a quarter, 10 cent
only 1 10,000 yards heavy brown Cotton, a yard wide, t
cents; all-wool Elannels, nearly a yard wide, 26 cents!
Beautiful l'rintp. Cashmeres, Mousselaing, Ac. Tickin
as low as 0 ceuts. very good. Brown Cotton as low as ;
cent*. And a thousand articles bought at auction whici.
are great bargains. All to be had at
BROWN'S Cheap Cash Store,
sep 20?tr Pa. av.. opp. Brown's Hotel.
to dispose of a Business Work, on which thev can
make from $70 to $100 per month. This will command
the services of first-class agents. To such, the agency ol
exclusive districts wUi be given in Maryland, Virginia.
North and South Carolina. Apply to publisher, Wash
ington and Baltimore House, (old railroad depot,) second
floor, from 7 to 1 i o'clock a. in., or from 2 to 5 p. ra.
B.?-All letters to receive attention must be prepaid
sep 2ti?3t"
HA ?BXTKD that large and beautiful residence
lately occupied by Mrs. Stettinius on Louisiana
avenue, nearly opposite the City linll, 1 am now prepared
to take Boarders by the week, month, or year. The
rooms are large and airy, and the situation is one of the
most delightful in the District.
sep 26?it' MAKY ANN FOWLER.
C10M E Ladies all, give us a call,
/ And read our Proclamation,
With beaux and pas, sis, brothers, mas,
And hear our conversation.
Our Gaiters, Slippers, Boots and Shoes?
Our l'stent "Soumkks d'Usioji;"
With Fairy I'umps. and Sylphlne Shoes? J
Bright Fashion's contribution?
of the best quality, and the latest and most fashionable
style, can be had cheap, for cash, at I
sop ...? tf 7th street, near I?uiHiana av. 1
\1TK HAVE IN STORE the following,in plain colors?
? T 300 pieces English Merino** and Paraincttoes.
Cloths of *11 grades and colors.
26 pieces French Merinoes, all eolors, and at the very
lowest prices. '
sop 24?dim YEKBY A MILLER
70 DOZEN LADIES' white, colored, and black Ri.l
Gloves, a very good article, at IVU cents
Also the following at ocnts, of Alexander'* make
and Stewart s importation:
2 cartons Ijadhis' white, ull numlxrs
3 do do colored, do
1 do do black, do
4 do Gentlemen's white, black, and assorted ro
lors, all numbers
Persons in want of a very superior Glove will do well
country!" * ** ?Ur ,t0<* U M Kood U any ln thl*
~th Street, opposite Odd-Fellow*' Hall
\ N AS30KT.MENT of rich Fall styles of RlbNni, vary
?i J1!? 12U to 75 routs per yard, and to
which the atu-utlon of the ladies is respectfully solicited
Also, rich J kit itihbons, Elowers, and various other .Mil
linery goods. Also, a lot of well-sclccted Straw and other
EnlTnVu ,ind " ?"'?ut"rul pat
terns of Gold Cuff I'ins, imitotion do., with a general as
sortmmit of la-lles' toilet and other articles.
i T!'? of gentlemen is roquest?i to a fresh so
^hllhn-ni (.*n'1 Handkerchief., all of
which will bo sold low for cash. s< p 12 tr
I IIh 9UBSCR1 ItK.lt has the pleasure of Informing his
A friends and customers that he has just returm d from
the northern citiw, ?hm he has l^cn forsome time past
selecting his stock of FALL AND WINTER GOODS
lie is now prepared to show surh a stock of Cloths,
Ca.simeres, Veatings, Dress Shirts, Undershirts. Drawers
Umbrellas, Ac , ss he has neve^
Iwfore had the pleasure to exhibit, In style, variety, and
cheapness; which, together with the comparatively low
Rmit he is under at pn-sent, enablos him to offer unusual
inducements to those in want of any article of Clothing
in our line, of a quality and style that may lie relied on.
'*? J- STEER. Merchant Tailor,
8th ?t, 8d door from Penna. av.
I i "'nderslgned would respectfully call the ntten
JL tion of his friends and the publie generally to his
stock of the above articles, which ho has selected with '
care to suit the Metropolitan market. He has on hand I
and is In daily receipt of the following OILS, which he
will warrant superior to any now for sale in this city ?
r.therlal, Camphlne, Lard, Solar, and Winter Strained
Sperm ; with a great variety of LAMPSof all descriptions
. . . ? A- HATCH, Jit.,
two doors west of Todd's new marble building, l'enn
av., andC Bi. nearly opp. the Bank of Washington,
sep 17?tf ?
THE BUILDER'S GUIDE?containing Lists of Prtoes
and Kales 'if Measurement fbr Carpenter*. Bricklay
ers, Stone-masons, Stone-cutters, Plasterers, Slaters, Paint
ers, 01a7.lers, Aq, Also, a table of linnal, square, and cu
bic measure*, rules of mensuration, the building regula
tions, the law* relative to bnlldlnga, Hen law*, Ac., Ac.
Juat published, and for sale by
sep lfi?1 m D street, between 0th and 10th.
R. DlIRBIN'g MAP of the Hoiv Land,
fbr sal* by' A. GRAY,
17?tr 7th *t., oppo*ite Odd-Fellow*' Hall.
Overflowing 11 onsen I
mHB Blo#u,er Concert.
I V.'n CARNCilOhfl FAMILY respect
1 fully auuounoe a ?rle* of thoir iuluntablu Concert,
?1.1 on Mou(J?y evening,
September 22d , consisting of Son^s, Duett*, Trio* Guar
tottes, Italian Opera Weenie, New*^^^'^
Comic Singing, Yankee Burlesque*, Sayings, Ac _!
makingal together a bill of great variety and excellence.
tickets 'in c?nt?. A change of programme nightly.
Doors open at 1%, Coucert commence* at 8 o'clock
sep U2?tf
Comer of North ami Monument atreeta,
Baltimore, Maryland.
S'-80^ k, "AmD h"viu? completed their extensive
montlUof .'h(W v l'h. '? "uf ?ne ?* th* 'argent etitablish
a) I on,.?' - , tbls oonntrr,) are prepared to till
!onuh^rH,L .??"') MAHULK LKTTER8, Ac., at n* rea^
the Union i'?/?" ^ or a"J other city in
Ue; ign, their ?teu! fn oiecut.on and originality of
^ mail Puuctuu"y attended to.
pepl?M3m* JN0- A- *>*OHOOr
wonw'T" ^-^hTto ^'ft.td
35^?- - a ~
Dnw^!??*1?11', Chewers and Smokers !
OWNERS popular Cigar and Tobacco stand I. v?n
( UsoaWdtl lot of ChewtoJ Tol^to which* he1*"'
17^rsiir;itaUou to ^
-5- rJ _____ Pep 9?tr
i Spelling Book, for the use of common ?4
wep 18?tr 7th St., opposite Odd Fellows' Iliill.
[ ?E Pl "LI1C SCHOOL BOOKS, and ail
in the JD?stX^nA^B Pr!Vttte academies and institutions
in the District of Columbia and adjacent country.
lor sale, at New York prices, by
? Li Booksellers, near 9th street.
S?CI^99I< BOOKS at New York Prlcca.
Sat statu ) v i?it v1*? 1 ?r llli Hi1"'8 now in U8e;and
ijest STATIONERY of every variety, for sale by
an in ,.v . . ' AUSTIN GRAY,
au csu? 7th street, opposite Odd Fellows' llall.
?I V^Ilin the MuHioM Depot, a flue lot of
U % iolin A Guitar Strings. direct from New York. Also
h flneassortment of Yioloncello and tenor Violin Strings ?
together with Violin and Violoncello Hows, of all quali
ties, and at all prices, from 25 cents to *5. l'ersons wish
lug to secure a bargain in Mufiioal merchandise, should
ail at once and make a selection, as my stock of instru
meats is &t this tixtio complete.
_ _ _ 4_ fl GEO. HI LB US,
1 P 8 tr ^ pi(ie of Pa- aT-?next to ?or. 10th ?t.
n|UIE UNDERSIGNKU respectfully informs the citizens
i Ai4V,,. *? R 1 ltlat ho basopi ned a JOI1 PRINTING
JKUCK, corner of D and 8th streets, where he is prepared
to execute evtfry description of Job Printing; and he
??n?,\ ? b?(?b.l0 ,to "atislaction to those who may
?Hvor him with their orders. *
Cards, Handbills, Noticca, Insurance Policies. Bank
no.? ' Lttb4,I|,? I'amphleU, Ac., &C., printed at nbort
10'. JONATHAN KI it KM'001)
M AsnisaTox, Sept. 13,1851.
**' Any ordera left at the office of the American Trie
jruplt will be promptly attended to. sep 13?tf
^ KECK1 v^t) a lot of DOUBLE
?' auj ?UN FURNITURE, which
to uuer at very low prices.
sep 20?lm* Anvil, opp. Brown's Hotel.
no*al*rKe ""<1 tfonoral assortment
of IIous<-keeping Goods, as follows:
10 pieces superior Linen Sheetings
12 do Damask Table ?iaper
Splendid Damask Table Cloths, all size*
10 pieces best Huckaback Toweling
6 dozen superior Dama.sk do
40 do Huckaback Towels, all pricea
Splendid stock Table Napkins
Brown Linen Table-Cloths
15 pieces French Furniture Prints
10 do Oil-dressed do plain A lion!*?)
40 do 6-4, 10-4, and 12-4 Bleached SheUinS
Table and Piano Covers
Curtain Muslins
60 piece* Irish I.lnens, all grades
10 do IMllow-caae Cotton, Ac
,f ,*r"0n* ,n?W'",t of th0 8b0TU description
if goods to give us a call, as wo pay great attention to
this class of good*. YEKBY A MILLER
atip 18?1 m No. 0, Pa. av., bet. 7th A 8th'sts.
(S"'VTHVPiKi . wishing
ni i\ ^ Bleached and Brown Good* by Ilie piece will
Und it greatly to their advantage to give us a ckll as we
tZt/y UriX*,'tork of that class of goods, au<i feel
lisposed to sell them at as low price* as they csn be
bought 111 any of the Northern cities. We name, in part?
1 ca.so l'J-4 Allendale Shifting
1 case 0-t do do
1 case 5-4 and fl-4 " PUIow-Slip" Cotton
1 case New York Mills Hhirllugg
1 case Lonadale, first quality
C'?nTtJri0U" KOO<, n,ak0'' ShlrtIn?' to 12^
20 Ules Brown Sheetings and Shirting*
2 cam s Rlmched Jeans
2 casas i'laid Cottons
6 coses Calicoes, from 6 ecnt* up.
*ep 1H? lm VKRBY A MILLER.
Cnf ri" A tAUBIS, or American Hook
l?^Ur, ' Mualc, by Lowell Mason A G. J.
>\ebb just out, and universally ref\>iDmencl?Hl by the
Press as superior to all it* predecessor*.
For**lc by . nw*v
W I' ^?tr "th *t.. opp. Odd-Fellow*' ilall.
? Trlcopherou. rurea alTdiaea?es of
the skin and hair, aud is for su.lo at the low price of
io cent* per bottle at the Drug Store, corner of E and 7th
. ARRANT.. Efferveaccnt Seltmer Ape
1 rlent.?This highly valuable preparation is the
most convenient and efficacious a,^rie..t in use, and may
h? had at $1 per bottle at the Drug Store, corner of |J and
lil'LL'S Ma ran par 11 In.
I> Also, Tftwn^enii'n do.
Schwartz's do.
For sala by j. P. CALLAN,
? corner K and 7th streets.
F NAME IN I'ART, Wines?Heklseick A C.>.'? Cham
f R*!";.CUrr.t' ,lo< k. <? L. P. Madeira, Sherry, lx,n
Ac" * Co?,, I'?rt' U,,Uju' Ceil J. Malaga,
Brandies?Old London Dock, Otard, Dupnv A Co
I inet, < a-tillon A Co., A. Seignette, Ac.
?,?lta?x?Hootch, Monongahela, and Old Rye.
Also, Stoughton's Bitter*, Swiss, Alwinth, Ac., Ac.
r resh I'eaches received every morning.
,, . JA8. T. LI/0YD,
*'!' tr j>a. av., 3 doors east of lft th st.
HA\ ING fitted out a room for the sale of Cirpetings,
w? intend to keep a large and genoral assortment.
We have just received a large assortment of all grades.
Also, Hugs, Druggets, (HI Cloths, heavy Malting*
Damask Linen, Floor Cloths, Stair Linen, Ac.
Thoso in want are respectfully Invited to give us a call.
sep 18?lm No. ft, Pa. av., bet. 7th and 8tb *ts.
')/ \ 1'IKCES rich Black Silk Laces, very cheap
<)'/ 10 do. Black Oro de Khlne Silk
60 do. Mousselaine de Laines, at 12e.. vrrv crorxl
2fi do. Extra do *6 cents
100 do. Calicoes, from 6 cent* up
100 do. Blenched Shirting* and Sheeting*
26 do. All-wool W hile and Coiorad Flannel*
25 do. Bleached and Brown (knton do
25 do. Irish Linens, very low
Tweeds, j5ilk and Satin vcstlngs.
m, ?' ; V *1"1 "?nry-?ilore.i Yarn. Custo
# c * ?*U' ** 1 h"T# 1,1 "tor., a
good assortment of fall good*, and will sell at low prices.
*ep ft?tr, sorner 8th *t.. opposite Centre market.
OLATN A HARRY have in store a good a**ortmcnt
of the abdte-named goods, suitable for Men, Boys',
lilies , flUHfvs. and Children's wear, which must b? sola
for tome price by the l*t of September. | June 9?tt

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