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VOL. L?NO. 1?3.
On TtU at., opjioiK? 04d?F#Uowi' Hall,
At Ten Cents a Week, or
To Hubsoribera ??HrW by tho carrier*, the paper will
1st firiliahed regularly for tru centj }>*r wrnk, payable
weekly. Ci>- To mall subscribers, $6 a year; $2 60 for
six months; $1 *25 for throe mouths; 50 conte a mouth.
No paper mailed unless paid fur in advance, and disco n
tlnuud when tho term paid for expires.
Half square, (0 linoa or loss,) 2o cents for each insertion.
1 square, 1 insertion. $0 f>0 I 1 B'juaro, 1 month... $4 00
1 do 2 iuiortiona 0 76 | 1 <lo 2 months .. 7
1 do it inserUous I iw | 1 do 3 months . . 10 00
1 do 1 wuuk .... 1 70 1 do 0 months. . Hi 00
1 do 2 weeks . . . 2 75 | 1 do 1 year . . .. HO 00
Tuidue. line* (or utter six) niajcc a square?longer adver
tisements in e>;i t proportion.
Aiivkktisers will plea-ie endeavor to send in their, favors
before 11 o'clock, if po wible.
Gonoral Emigration aud Pasnago OtHco,
No. 37 ttttrling Slip, Xeu> York, tuar Pulton Ferry.
riniK subscriber begs leave to inform his friends and
X tho public, that his arrangements are such for briug
iug oat an l forwardiug passengers to and l'roui Liverpool
by the old anl favorite iilaolc Star Litlo of Packets, sailing
to ani from New York aud Liverpool every week, as to
ensure "cheap and quick conveyances. The Ships com
prising this line are all new aud first class packets, coui
wu-ided by old and experienced commanders.
Also, Agent lor the star Line ol' G lasgow Packets, sail
ing every month. Also, Agent for the splendid Line of
Nitw York aud Louisiana Line of New Orleans packets,
sailing every week.
Drafts at sight furnished for any amount on Kngianl,
Ireland, aud Scotland. TU0S. H. O'BRIEN,
mar '21? 37 Burling Slip, 2 doom from South st.
Tho Nevtf York and Livoryool United States Mail
Tile ships comprising this line are the?
ATL.VNT 1C, Gapt. West.
PAOllflC, Capt. Nye.
ARCl'IC, Uapt. Luce.
ADRIATIC, Capt. Graflon.
These ships, having been built by contract, expressly
for Government service, every care has been taken iu their
construction, as also in their engines, to insure strength
and speed, and their accommodations for passengers are
unequalled for el'^ane-o or comfort.
Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, $130; ex
clusive use of extra size state rooms, $325; from Liverpool
to New York, ?36.
Au experienced Surgeon will bo attached to each ship.
No berth can bo secured until paid for.
?Uef" The owners of tlfeic ships will not 1*3 accountable
for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones,
or metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, aud
the value thereof therein expressed.
for freight and passive npply to
EDWARD K. COLLINS, ">G Wall st., N. T.,orto
BROWN, SHIPLEY k CO., Liverpool.
E. (!. IU1UKit rs A CJ., >1, King's Arm Yard, London.
L. DRAPER, Jr., 8 Boulevard, Montmartre, Paris,
mar 21?d
I'AClt K'i'S? Sailing ;Yon\ Philadelphia ou the 6U1,
and- tr im Liverpool on the 1st of every month.
Ship S11KXAND0AI1, Capt. Wiu. il. West; Ship EIJ
ROPK, Captain William McDowell; Ship MARY PLEA
BANTS, 0ti.pt. Anthony Mi liaels.
Tho above tLytriUiss ships are built of the best mato
ri.itJ, and coramandod by experienced navigators.
Due reg'ird lias been paid to select moduls for spued,
with comtort for pasccugore.
Persons wishing to engage passage for their friends can
obtain certificates which will bo good for eight mouths.
Those wii" wish to remit money can be accommodated
with drafU for ?1 sterling and upwards, at sight, without
Goods for the continent will bo forwarded free of ex
pense of comnission, if addressed to Jumes McIIenry, No.
5, Temple Place. Liverpool.
mar 24?d No. 37, Walnut street. Philadelphia.
VT a meeting of the Hoard of M auagers of the Parke
ville Hydropathic Institute, held fifth month 16th,
18&0, -hxeph A. Weder, M. D., was unanimously elected
JUMeU I'nyncian in tile place of Dr. Dexter, resigned.
Having mode various improvements, this institute is
now prepared to receive an additional number of patients;
and from Dr. Woiler's well-known skill and practical ess
ptitmm in Europe, (enquired und?r yincenx Preissnite,
the founder of the llydrujmtliio system.* and 6>r several
years past in tUii onuiUry, aud particularly in the city Of
Philadelphia, (where be has had many patients.) the Man
agers believe the afilietod will find him an able and an
attentive physician.
The domestic department being und -r the charge of a
Steward and Matron, will enable tho Doctor to devote to
the patients whatever time may 1?> m-ccssary.
Application for admission to be made to
HAMUEIs WE11B, frcretary.
OIHco No. 58 South Fourth street, residence No. 16 Lo
gan square, Philadelphia.
(1'n-r il of Iht I'arb'rillrHydropathic Institute.
The main buiidin/ is three stories high, standing bark
from tho -:rout about one huudred feet, with a semicircu
lar gran plot iu front, aud contalu* thirty to forty rooms.
Tim grounds aroun 1 the house are tastefully laid out with
walks and planted with tree*, shrub*, Jtc. Ou the left of
tho entrance to these grounds is aeofta,-e containing four
rfHHDs, used by male patients as a bathing hou se, with
every convenience fl?r 14 parkin r." Imtliing. &e.; en the
right of the entrance, about two hundred fe. t dtsUnt.
Stands a Similar cottage, used by the ladies for similar
p hi"the rear of the Institute, at the distance ?fone hun
dred feet., are three other cotl v/es. someeigbtv feet apart.
Oneof thexe is the laundry, with a hy lraut at the door;
the other two are occupied' hv tho servant*.
The hydrant water Is intro-luced inb> these cottages as
well as into the main building, atMl all the waste water
carried o.T by drains under ground.
tgl watbr wokks
Consist of a circular "tone building, standing on the brow
of a hill, surmounted by a large cedar reservoir containing
five hundred barrels, brought from a nevcpfhltlttgspring
of pure cold water lit the side of tho hill, by " a hydraulli
rain," a self-acting machine o! cast Iron, thnt Is kept con
stantly going, nl^ht and day, by tho desoentrof the water
from tho spring. The surpl us water Is csrrled from the
reservoir to a fountain In tho wafer-works yard, surround
ed by weeping Irillows. In tint fir-'t story of the water
works Is a circular room, containing the douche bath,
which is a stream falling from a height of about thirty
feat, an I can be varied In die from half sn inch to an
inch and a half in diameter. Adjoining the douche room
Is a dressing room, with marble tables, &r.; the ruiny
dnttahe (for the cure of piles. Ac.) Is one of the must com
plete contrivances of the kind, being entirely under the
oontrol of tho patient using the same.
There are many oilier appliances, which can be l>etter
undoritiwsl by a personal examination. mar 24?
MODLTO.N A OO., Miccessors to J no. K vm-oner A Co.,
Hi t'e lar sad 'il Pine streota. New York, Invite mer
chants visiting New York city to their immense stoOk of
Foreign and Domestic, fancy and Staple l>ry Utxxls.
Their stock is entirely new, and. In addition, still reel re
by every steamer new and elerant styles, eonflned exo. u
sively to this house, consisting of every variety of Dri *s
Goods to ho found in the Krcuch, Herman, Kn_(Iisb. and
American markets, and at prices that Will defy competitors.
Gash buyers and rnereliants generally will do well to
call and examine our stock, as our goods are adapted to
every soctiou of the country, and we are resolved to spare
no efforts to make It tho interest of every merchant to
favor us with their patronage.
New York, March, 185L may 24?
50 cases Gum OlHItl, med. and flnc Zanzibar, Ac.
400 bbl* superior Coach II).!/,Carriage Oil Cloth Polish
ing, flowing, Scraping, Cabinet and Vonltian Blind Var
nishes, N 09. i, 2, and 3.
10 bbls. ,-'lgn and Graining Varnish.
A do whilst flowing do
ft do outside do do warranted.
A do White do do for maps or whips.
10 do Iron Varnish.
2o do Pal.iters' Japan.
100 do Spirits Turpentine, In glued bbls or half bbls.
100 ) gallons American Linseed Oil.
10,000 lbs. pure White Lead, In oil, at manufacturers'
Also, Gum Shellac, Sandrac. Litharge, Red Iicad, Dry
White Lewi, in 100 lb. kegs, wholesale and retail, at the
lowest market, rates.
Persons purchasing the above will do well to call and
examine fbr them otves.
V. II. Persons wanting Varnishes manufactured will
nleaSfl call, as the subscriber Is prepar?d to manufacture
all kinds. BKMJ. C. HORNOR,
No. K La Orange street, running from Second to Third, be
tween Market and Arch streets, Phlta. mar 34?tf
To Persons out of Employment.
Juut published by R. SKAKS, ami for wU? at No. 128
Nassau street, New York.
American gift books for ih&i.?Ageuta ???
w-inted to circulate tile following new aud beautiful
work#, (retail price, fl 00 per vol.) A uew aud complete
with a descriptive account of those countries aud tlioir ?
inhabitants, from the earliest period of authentic Mstory |
to the present time. In wliich Uie editor has treated. not
only of the historical event*, but ai?o of the maniierH,
custom*, religion, literature, aud domestic habits ol the
people of those immense empires.
The embellishment* are about two hundred, and oj t
Urst order, illustrating whatever is peculiar to the iul.aW
tents, regarding their dries*, dOHl#*ti? <^CUP*tl^a'
uiode of agriculture, commercial pursuits, arts, Ac. 1 lay ,
are accurate, and each one has been made expresbly for
UThTv^lume form, a large octavo co?UlnSng betWeeu
five ami six hundred pages, printed in the bent style, ami
on irood HUbstantial white paper. His furnished to agents,
handsomely bound in muslin, gilt, or leather, as tile pur
chaser may prefer, at a very liberal discount, when quan
tities of not less than twenty copies are ordered at one
Thrilling incidents of tub wars of the j
comprising the most striking and remarkable event* of
the Revolution, the French war, the Trtpolitun war, the
Indian war, the second war with Great Britain, and the
Mexican war; with three hundred engravings! Hutel
price. $2 50. per volume. Orders respectiully solicited.
arc decidedly the best books that ageuts can possibly em
ploy their time in supplying to the people oi the tnlted
States. They are valuable for reference, and sliou 1 b
p.>sscKstid by every family in this great republic. 1 here is
not a city or town in these United States, not even tl ose
of small importance, but contains many citueus to whom
them) works aro indispensable. f hoy are adapted to the
literary wants of the Christian, the patriot, the statesman,
and the domestic circle, got up in a supurior st^le of art
aud workmanship; and are not only such books as wi
sell, but are such as an agent of good principle will teel
free to recommeud, and willing to see the purchaser again
after they have been bought.
Cur Plan.?The plan the publisher has so successfully
cat ried out for several years, is the obtaining responsible
r en as agents, who aro well known in their owncounties,
owns, aud villages, aud have time aud disposition to cir
culate good and instructive books among their neighbors
and friends. Any person wishing to embark in the enter
prise will risk little in sending $25 or $o0, for which he
will receive au assortment as he may direct, at the wbole
^Bntarprislnf! and active men of respectability and good
address, would do well to engage in the sale of the above
volumes; and all postmasters, clergymen, book pedlars,
aud newspaper agents, are respectfully requested to act
as our agents. A handsome remuneration allowed to a!
who engage In their sale. For particulars address, post
paid, ROBERT SEARS, 128 Nassau street, N. Y.
To publishers of newspapers throughout tho United States:
Newspapers eopyirtg this advertisement entire, without
any alteration or abridgment, (including this notice.) and
uiviiiK it a few inside insertions, shall receive a copy of
auv of our $2 50 or $3 works, subject to their order, by
sending direct to the publisher. mar M? _
The Baltimore and Philadelphia Steamboat
virUf*-.-j, 11) . iWlIave resumed tlieir operations for the
--3 V^jivt.ar with increased means of acoommo
datiug tki?e between Philadelphia and Baltimore, in
the most regular and expeditious manner, aud at their
former materially rtduad jiricru, being, on dry 8??d*>
hardware, Ac., only 10 cents per 100 pounds, and but hali
the price charged by other lines.
Persons wishing to avail themselves of the facilities and
moderate prices or the Line, are advised to give explicit and
positive directions for sending their goods to the Ericsson
l,iue, and they should bo particular to posses* themselves
of the receipts which are invariably given for their goods, j
In those aro stated the price chained for transportation,
and it will prove a protection against the double rate* ex
acted by other lines, who have no published rate*.
Goods destined for the West, South, or other places be
vond Baltimore, forwarded promptly on the day of their
arrival, with every care and attention, iree of all charge
whatever for this service, in tho shape of commissions or
shipped from New York, or other
nlaoes eastward of that city, should be distinctly con
signed to A. Groves, jr., Philadelphia, to insure their con
VTr^ttoho^m Baltimore, a* above, 10 cent* per 100
pounds. Coarse freights taken at still less rates.
The established character aud known reputation of tliif
company is an ample guarantee to those dispored to con
fide their property to the car# of the company.
One or more ot the company'* boats leaves Philadelphia
from the upper side of Chestnut street wharf every day.
(Sunday excepted.) at 3 o'clock, arriving In Baltimore
^arly next morning. Apply ^/a^TES jr^Agent,
No. 19 South Wharves, above Chestnut St.
In like manner a boat leaves Baltimore, daily, (Sunday
excepted,) at half-past 2 o'clock.
Apply in Baltimore to ,, .
J. A. S11RIVER, Agent, No. 3 Light St.,
mar 04 noar the I>e|H?t of the 1J. k O. R. E.
New York India Rubber Warehouse.
UH llMiM AN,27 Maiden Ijiue uud 59 Nassau street.
. (flint corner from Broadway,) New York. Factory
foot of Twenty-fourth street, East River.
Merchants ihroughoulthe United States are
informed that my spring stock of India RubWGoods wUl
be found Jar superior to auy before offered, having !*?
stowed upon each individual article the benefit of my long
vxperienre in manufacturing, which enables me to war
rant entire #ati*faction. *
\ nit*tft<z the most Important, I would call attention i*
mv extensive stock of Carriage Cloth, of all widths, from
? \ ,,, Inclusive, and made on tb? choicest drills and ol
? ; Purchasers will find that It ? 1 I ne.th. -
erack^ peel, nor bei-oiue sti. ky, as Is the case with much
that ha* been and continue* to be sold in tin* city.
Const' ting of Coats, Cloaks, Capes, Pouches, Pants, Over
ails Legging*, Boot*, Caps, Ac., now so extensively worn
by farmers, physicians, drivers, sea captains sailors, Ac
Baptismal Pants, manufactured expressly for the clergy.
Ladies' and G on Heme n's Glove*?apertectenre for I''
pod hands by wearing them for a short time, at the sam
time bleaching and rendering them soft M(1
rhese (illivex are also much worn hy Hatters, Tannery
Milmihs, Ac., being a perfect protection against acid and
.ime. ^(a/Jtine Billing and Steam leading,
in every variety, and cheaper and better than any thing
which can bo substitute for cither. , .
Also, a large stock of Overshoes, Garden and Kngln.
MoWhips, liorse Covers, Horse Fenders, Hoof Boots,
Lis,' l.ifc Preservers, Breast Pumps, fringes, Tobacco
Wallets. Finger Stalls, Paper Holders, Door Springs, A ..
Ac., beside* an Immense stock of
India Rubber Rail*,
and other fancy articles, such as Elastics, Dolls^Dogs. an'l
other animals of various klnds- PureRuhberOwMnt for
hatters' use. All orders executed with
inar 'II?
New York, New Orleans, and Mobile Express,
{ DNNECTING with the swiftest and most responsibh
I i n?iiresse* lietween the principal towns in Maine, New
*vlvnnia Marvland. District of Columbia. Indian*. t?ii< ,
Illinois. tho We-tem St*t*? generally. ?>? M|^" F'P(,
Alabama river towns, and the prominent plares In (leor
Kia and the Carolina*. . . . n
our facilities aii< so extensive and perfect U*?
the safe and speedy transportation of freight,
trtHiks pa.-Uaires, and valuable parcels, from one end ot
the country to the other, and between tho most remote
^Kromour many years' experience In the express busl
ness, while (vinn.x ted with Messrs. Adams * Co., and our
numerous advantage* in other respects, (not thelewtof
which is the confidence and patronage of the New York
immunity,).we feel assured !hat we shal! never ecMe to
?ive tho most entire sntlslW-lion to our frWnd.s, the jewel
Vers, banker*, and merchant* generally. ., I
w(. 1h.it leave to call attention to our California Exprep
from New Orleans, and cur Express between New Orleans
"ot^'st. Charles Hotel Building, New Orieans^and
19 Wall str?H?t, New Vork. ? mar 24?tf
\ cine and the Collateral Science* for
March, 1 H 51 .?The March number of this well estab
lished journal is now before tliu public, containing original
oommurdnrtfons from the Mlowlng teiente.1writers of the
MiTlieal Profhwion: W. 11. V*n Ituren, M. D.,
rian tumor, in which death resultel from entertvperitot.lti
irisimr from a novel cause, illustrated by a plate: remarks
? I .i inns bv l>.ra P. Rennet, M. 1) . of Connecticut; rnp
tuWbhiider.by J. Knceland, M P.; reports of ho.rl??
hy V I> bciite, M. !?.. and others of much Interest
^r?Sn^AVeB^UM*dleal ^tros^^ ^ll
and complete: ltibliographli nl notice* of all the late Kng
list, and American \ ? p? lnlum; ?a<-h
Puhlislied every other month, at ? P
number ?uirdng 144 page^ of th# gratis
Hpeeimen number sent to any ? .jiTTxanN A rent.,
on^ppl^ion.post paid,to R ^ yo'rk
Ojjice, No. 1 litade Street, New York.
IN cousequeuce of tlie groat number of complaint* which
have for a long tiiuu Imwu made by Emigrants, of frauds
committed upon them in tho sending of moiiey to their
friends in Ireland, and to aid and protect thu Emigrant,
tho lriah Emigrant Society established a fund, deposited
in the Rank of Ireland, upon which thoy draw drafte,
payable at sight, at any of the luanolies of tli? Itunk.
I'crimus residing out of the city, by enclosing in a hitter
tlie sum they wl*h forwarded, with the plainly written
direction to w hum and where it is to be paid, wili have the
same remitted.
There is a great advantage in purchasing the Society'*
draft*?that lite Hank haw a branch in each of tho princi
pal towns in Ireland, and tliua the losses by disoouut, and
olhcrwiw, are avoided.
The Society keeps an office at No. 23 Spruce street, to
which Emigrants ean apply to obtain situations for which
they are tilted.
Orders from employers in the country, stating thu rer
vlcos required, the wages, nnd the cheapest modes of con
veyance, and giving a respectable rofereuoe, will meet with
prompt attention.
The Society will he thankful for ail circumstantial and
early information of any fraud, imposition, or outrage
committed on Emigrants, and will undeavor speedily to
apply a remedy, GREGORY DILLON. I'resident.
JAMES MATIIEWS, > Vice PnwidentH.
Kdwari) C. Donnllly, Corresponding Secretary.
KlXKNAN 11. Dalt, Recording Secretary.
Jotjcru Stuart, Treasurer.
Felix Ingoldshy, William Redmond,
William Watson, 1'rands Mann,
John Mauning, James Stuart,
Terence Donnelly, Stuart J. Molliin,
James Olwell, Cornelius II. Slieeh&n,
Charles M. Nanry, John Nicholson, mar 24?
Hardware, Cutlery, Edge Tools, &c.
CllAKLEa B. LITTLE, Importer and
^general dealer in English, German, and
(American Hardware, Cutlery, Edge Tools,
Ac., 33 and 34 Fulton street, opposite the
United States Hotel, New York, respectfully invites the
attention of Merchants, making tlioir purchases, to his
very extensive assortment, comprising every thing in the
line, and to which new and constant supplies are being
added. His variety of Tools is adapted to all tho various
branches of mechanics, especially Coopers and Carpenters.
Particular attention given to all orders, all of which are
offered at the lowest market prices for cash or on approved
Cut and Wrought Nails, Locks and Latchets
Knives and forks, 1'eu and Pocket Knives
Razors, Scissors and Shears, in great variety
Skates, Slates, Sleigh Bells, loose and strapped
Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Forks, Scythes and Snathes
Kittys, Black Lead Pots, and Sand Crucibles
Pumps, for wells or cwlerns; Force Pumps and Hydrau
lic Rams
Ames' Pump, Augers and Uunlve'rs
Turkey Oil Stone, dressed and undressed
Scotch Water of Ayr Stone, for marble polishers
Coopers'Tools, In great variety, of the most, celebrated
manufacturers, Albertson, Conger, Hortou, Barton, and
Coaclnnakers' Tools
House and Ship Carpenters' Tools
Blacksmiths' Tools, Cabinet makers' Trimmings
House and Shipbuilders' Hardware
House furnishing Hardware, in great variety
Iron, Brass, Copper, and Steel wire
Genuine Haarlem Oil, and N uremberg Salve.
Inventors and Manufacturers of the Ethiopian and Fire- \
proof I\iint, Wilmington, Clinton co., Ohio.
YIT MYERS, No. 319 Main street, near 8th, Cincinna
Vy ? ti, Ohio, to whom all orders must be addressed.
The superiority of this paint over all other, for carriage,
house, and ship painting, will be seen in its rapid sale. |
It is not over four mouths since this paint has been intro
duced Into mnrkot, and our agent has been able to ordur
i one hundred tons. The paint is ground in oil, and put
'up ready for use, from the finest black down to any shade
to suit the fancy.
Also, inventors and manufacturers of Tanners' Mark
ing. This article i* so universally approbated by all who
have used it, that It scarcely needs commendation. But
to give confidence to those who may not have tried it, we
would say that Z. C. Ryon, foreman to A. M. Taylor A Co..
Columbia street, Cincinnati, has authorized us to use his
name as a recommendation U> tanners in general. To ail
who know Mr. C. Ryon this would be sutlicient; but all
tanners iu the city and country, who have used it, have
granted us this privilege. If it were necessary wo could
fill a newspaper with testimonials; but where all who use
are pleased we deem it uncalled for.
The Tanners' Blacking is put up in kegs oontuining six
zallons, ready for use, and will lie seut to any point on
the canal, railroad, or river, at fifty ceuts per gallen.
All orders should be addressed, post paid, to
Wilmington, Clinton oo., Ohio; or
J. n. HAVENS, Cincinnati.
Also, inventors and manufacturers of a Water-proof j
Rtacl-xng for Oil-cloth,*hat will reduce the cost fifty per j
cent., and will soon be in market. mar 24
huubl Mi OODQXS i CD.,
IMPOllTKl.S AN 11 /PHiltl, 58 LluriiTT ITUrr, New
York, (between Broadway and Nassau,) are now re- ]
ceiving a rich and )>e:iutiful assortment of Fancy Silk and
Millinery Goods. U> which we would particularly invite the
attention of all Cash i'urchasors. and will make it an ot>- I
j ject for them to give us a call, as we are determine*, to sell
our assortment, for Cash, lower than ever be tore ottered in
'his market.
Milliners can supply themselves with every article in
their line, at about the cost of Importation or Auction
prices, Mmy of our goods are n: tnuCuctiired expressly
for our own sale, and cannot be surpassed tor beauty or
low prices.
Rich Hat and Cap Ribbons, a largo variety
Silks and Satins for Bonnets
Kmbroiderod Capes, Collnrs, Cuffs, and Chemlsett* """"
Embroidered Edgings anil Inserting*, Swiss and Muslin
Thread, Brussels Valeucieue, Silk, and Lisle Thread
Embroidered Reverie and i'.*i n Linen Cambric Ilkfs.
Gloves and Mils, Kid, Silk, Lisle Thread, and Sewing
Scarfs, Cravats, and Dress Ilkfs.
Swiss, Jaconet, Book Muslins, and Bishop Lawns
Embroidered, Dumask, and I'lain Canton Crape Shawls
A full assortment of Straw Good*
Trench ond American Artificial Flowers
With a large variety not mentioned above.
All wishing to avoid paying long prices will make mo
ney h.v calling and satisfying themselves. [mar 24?tf
Ac., Ac.?Wholesale anp Retail? No. 1941Markri
Mi'eet. Philadelphia.?We offer to our friends r.nd custo
mors the larg(*t a??<>rfmerit of Agricultural Implements,
lardeu Tools, and Seeds ever offered in this market, con
sisting In part of the fhllowlng. vlx:
PROl'TY A MEARS' Patent Highest Premium Sclf
?diarpcning PLOUGHS, right and left handed Side Hill
Subsoil, of various sires, of superior materials and work
manship. warranted to give satisfaction, or the money
-eturned. Hmtr Highest t'rrmiums amirdril to these
I'l/HTGIIS at the New York State Fair forlSOO. Also,
'tenches and Bar Share Ploughs.
Spain's improved Itarrel Churn, constructed In such s
manner that the dasher ma> lie removed from the inside
if the Churn by simply unscrewing the handle from the
Hay, Straw, and Corn Stalk Cutters in great variety,
imong which may be found Harvey's superior Premium
Straw Cfltter, of every also.
Also, Horse Towers, Threshing Machines. Fan Mills,
Corn Shelters. Cheese Presses. Seed Planter*. Dirt Scrapers.
Sugar Mills, Ox Yokes and Rows, Turnip Drills, Ilorse
I takes, drain Cradles, Expanding and Extra Cultivators,
Harrows. Snathe. Scythes, Concaved llors, Spring tem
pered Cast Stool Oval and Square tilled Manure and llsy
Forks, Pruning Shears and Chisels, Beach and Bar Shear
llcpairing Pecios and Cartings, Peruvian, Patagonia and
Prepared Guano, together with a complete assortment of
Grass, Harden, and Pleld Seed, all of which will be sold at
the lowest possible prices, at 194 'jJ Market street. I'hila.
French and Gorman Looking-Glass Depot,
No. 75 Baltimore Street.
HARRATT ,t DK1IEKT. Carvers and Gliders, manufac
turers of every variety of Plain nnd Ornamental
I <nnk in it-Glass ami Picture Framea, Window Oorniees.
Itrackets, Bracket Tables, Celling Mouldings, Ac.. Ac.
Also constantly on hand, a ftill assortment of Gilt snd
Mahoirany Framed I/ooklng 'Ilasses, did work re-gilt,
glasses Insert's! In old Frames, Ac. Prices low and work
unsurpassed in beauty of finish and durability by any
other establishment. The public Is resjvoetfnlly Invited
to examine our stock before purchasing elsewhere.
IMPORTKRS, No R* Market street, Philadelphia; No.
102 Broadway, New York, are now receiving and offer
for sale, at Market prices, an excellent assortment of the
following goods:
Cloths and Doeskins, of Gevers A Schmidt, Schnabel's,
Hocksehnrmann A Sehmeder, and others, consigned to
them direct from the manufacturers.
French. Swiss, and German Silks. Fancy and Staple
| Goods, of the best makes and styles, suitable forthe spring
Also, sole agency fVr the United States of J. M. Caron
A Go 's Fancy Gilt and Silk Buttons, and other fkbries.
mar 24?
i u ~ ~?t-'.? ?:=
For the Americati Telegraph.
A Patriotic Poem.
Paet 4th.?VtmUuning two rtecflrnl ipeechieii ftiUowtti
by a hapjiy auit?awl ?' The End."
'Two* soon explained: from old TV in theater
i The Mayor anil Council now request n
\ isit from the President;
So, ''open locks," and in they went.
His Excellency rosn in haste,
llut droppod with all hi? usual taste,
While Sandy, quite sublime la pride,
His Excellency's 'kerchief tied.
Arrived at "Indies' jiarlor'' door,
There Hunker with n gentle roar,
And heroine, and Drum, also,
Stood ready, in with them to go.
And ladies, ladies.' filled the room,
A very wilderness of bloom,
Till of "the thirty," two or throe
Wore all who could "insidors" be.
The rest, witli many others, stood
In door, and passage, where they could ;
And even tiio Barrow window-places
Were piled, and piled, with pulling faces.
xx. ,
The Chairman of Committee rose,
And clapped his handkerchief to nose,
Then coughed a little cough, and spread
His right arm out, and bowed his head :
"Mister?Mister President!"
\U\slcft ann now at angles went]?
"1 am a-purpose, sir, come down
To-day from old Winchester-town,
"Me and the other twenty-nine,
To ask your Excellence to dine,
In sort of quiet, family way,
When you can freely say your say.
"We honor, sir, the Head of Nation,
And thcruforo bring this invitation,
Expressing not aloue vur mlud,
But that of all the town, you'll fiud.
"The Chief of Drum, and Sandy, too,
Wo trust to see along with you;
And also Banker, sir, and?air?
The lady with tho buttons: her!
'?We wish to show our high regard;
For though our hands, sir, may be hard"?
[ In proof whereof, a chair he hit]?
"Our hearU are toft! no doubt of it!"
Then, so oppressive was the air,
He sank and fainted on a chair?
Or 'twas his "feelings" overcame
The orator's o'erlabored frame.
xx vu.
But water presently restored
The gentleman ao sadly fluortd;
With mouth a-wide, be gaxed around,
Until bis wandering wit* he found.
The ladies murmured soft delight;
Doors, windows, piL-isages unite,
Applauding! in tho Chairman's breast
Was pride, that could not be expressed!
Ills Excellency auswered: "Sir,
It will great happiness confer
On me, and my associates all,
To make your ancient town a call.
" Sir, when I was a little boy,
I sat beside tho Are with joy
1 n bitter Winter nights, and heard
IIow Washington your town preferred?
"And how, my dear grandmother said,
lie dwelt among youl Sir! she's dead?
That good old lady, fir, Is gone,
To dwell in heaven with Washington!
'* 1 trust, sir, you'll forgive these tears?
1 lost her in such loving years;
1 was but five?my feelings still
Remain, sir, and forever will!
" But this is private grief. To you
1 now return, as needles do
When jarred a moment?faithful yet?
The msgnet, sir, I can't forget!
" Within your town a hero's dust
Reposes?lis a sacred trust;
A Revolutionary hero,
Who fought ng&lnft the English Nero !
"A town so honored, sir, as this,
Ou no account 1 d choose to miss,
But future times shall tell I came
And wept beside the grave of fame!"
(To be continued )
For the American Telegraph.
in six cHArruu.
Ciumt VI.?The Kksult.
Supper was over, and cheerfulness pretty
much restored. Annie hnd been induced to
smile several times, for Edwin exerted himself
I to please, in order to divert her thoughts from
the prophecy of old Dame (Joldison. lie had?
; evch while the vivid recollection of the impres
I sir* manner and looks of the mysterious old
lame haunted him far from pleasurably?lie
had, notwithstanding, related all the circum
stanccs of the ??fearful interview," with many
comical embellishments, to the party at table,
and affected to treat it so lightly that sweet
little Annie Bell began quite to look like her
self again, when she saw that everybody was
littpoaed to view it only as a romantic adven
ture, aud nothing more.
The blue wagon was packod?the donkeys
brayed?buggies wero rcsumod?horse* re
mounted?the bugle breathed forth the liquid,
I tender notes of
'? Home, rwoet home!''
and once more the party was in motion, ''Eddy"
in front, and who with "dear Eddy ' but Ann.ie,
I of course. After them caino the next courting
| couple?(nearly all the young folks were paire <1
i in Woodfield Hamlet)?Harry Lee and Eflto
S Bradley. llarry wouldn't change partners Ln
| the buggy, though some of the others had agreed
to do so. Harry was very well contented, and
I so was Effie, as her ringing laughter clearly do
I noted. After them came tho rest of tho beaux
and belles?some in bnggies, somo on horse
? back?galloping, trotting, pacing, and coming
! sideways; but nil as merry m youth and good
fare and light hearts could make them. Jolly
John Muddler, tho boat of the White House,
brought up the rear. Tho rattling blue wagon
wasn't as full as it had been, so the donkeys
I trotted along faster, and kicked up higher, as if
they knew it was tall fun for the girls and boys ;
nyc, they kicked up twice as high as they had
done in the uioruing, overy time old John hit
them a crack with an extravagant hickory stick
he had got purposely "for tbo fun ot the
thing," And every time he jerked the reins,
and hallooed Ilo-o-o o! like a professional jockey,
and "lay hack on 'em," as he called it, the
wags of donkeys, as they were, would prick up
their ears, and make believe to run away in
downright earnest; while old John would bawl
out, every now ahd then?
" Awful papers! awful papers! Go it, boots !
I'll never be able to stop 'cm?I know 1 won't;
they're off now !"
But they were not, and ho always eunld stop
them. If he would only wink to those donkeys,
ten chances to oue, they would understand hiut.
At this headlong speed it didn't take long to
arrive at the Ford of the Panther Blufl ; and
the two giant figures upon the top looked lonely
and grand by the soft eiFoct of the moon's light.
But another tiling than the sublimity of this
effect engaged the attention of the little pin 'y
at this moment. The violent rain had made
the ford all but impassable. The prediction oi
the Witch of Golding (Jorge Hashed instantly
ucross the mind of all the party; and one pro
posed to go back to the hamlet ol' Petersburg,
a few miles distant, and to return in the morn
ing. There was nothing young Berry shrunk
from so much as a suspicion?much less an
imputation-?of cowardice, and consequently,
when Harry Leo called out to him?
" 1 say, Ned, you'll go back for one, certain !
The Witch, you know, old fellow; the Witch ! i
Better not try the ford, 1 guess."
"l'shaw!" cried Berry, "I was goiny to]
cross, anyhow; but I'm bound to do it now, to
let you all see how much 1 carc for the old
"Never mind, Ned, boy; don't. think ol it!
don't try it! we don't doubt your courage, but
it's no use, wo can't get over?at least the girls
can't!" exclaimed another of the party.
"I go over, if I come back again, and return
to Petersburg with you then ! but I'm going to
try it now." He rode up to Annie, who sat
like a statue upon her horse, blanched white as
the lilies in her own li'tle garden, before the
door at home, with the apprehensions that
filled her mind, and the presentiment she l'elt
but feared to impart. She could only whisper
to him earnestly, when he was near enough :
" Pray, don't go, dearest Eddy ! For my sake
don't attempt the Ford !?1 tear "
And, burying her face iu her handkerchief,
she burst into tears.
"Poh! poll! Annie, child! don't bo afraid
on my account! 1 warrant 1 have gone across
as bad places before, in perfect safety, as this
bug-bear Ford of the Panther Bluff Why, look
up there at him iu the moonshine! he looks as
if he thought lie could clear it himself with
such a bound as that he seems prepared for !
Good-by, love," he addud tenderly, and stoop
ing over, unobserved by the rest, lie pressed
her lips, saying?
"Good-by, dearest! it'll not be very long
before you're by my side again! Good-by,
good-by !" and dashing the spurs into his steed,
he plunged into the boiling Hood. His horse
stumbled once or twice, but regained his foot
ing speedily again; though once he sank to the
thigh of his rider. The current was ao over
whelming, it was as much as the noble animal
could do to breast it; and he was kept with his
head up <he stream as much as practicable.
(Conrlusion in our next.)
[ Coin iu uuirattetl. J
American* at tl?e Crystal Palace.
To the Editors of the. American Teleyrajih.
Gentlemen: 1 have observed lately in some
of the French journals?La J'resxe, Le Siecle,
// AseerubUe Nationale?a paragraph which may
serve to amuse, or to mortify, or to provoke an
American; according to his idiosyncrasy. I
first saw it in La 1'reste, Emile Girardin's
paper, where it appeared as an editorial, or
piusi-cditorial. The followiug is a translation :
" The most remarkable productions of the
? United States to be seen at the Universal 1.x
i 4 position at London are, beyond all contradic
' lion, Uie articles of perfumery exhibited by
'Jules llauel, of Philadelphia. This nrtizau
? excels in his line, and his articles cannot bo
' surpassed by any thing in it to be seen at the
' Exhibition."
1j Assemble improves upon this, and says
that Queen Victoria and I'rince Albert "ex
pressed their astonishment (out erprime Uur
rtounemrnt) at seeing tho perfumer's art car
ried to so high a degree of perfection by an
If all this is intended for praise by tho French
editors, they are bestowing upon an American
what belongs, judging from the name, to a com
patriot of their own, for Jules Haucl is clearly
Krencli, and nothing else. Besides, who ever
beard of nn American's excelling in the per
fumery line 1 I never did, and hope 1 never
shall. "Most willingly would I yield .the palm
to a Frenchman, or to anybody else, in tho
scicncc of sweet scent*, though sweet as
?'fiihwui (Ktor* fW>ni the ?h?ro
Of Arubjr the Went."
In that department I have to nay, qui meruit
/>a!niaii> ferat.
Our fellow-countrymen appeared under great
disadvantages at the World's Fair. They arc
regarded as rivals of the old world, and known
to be formidable ones, too; and from this cause,
and some not yet entirely obliterated grudges
and antipathic* of lung njnt, they met at the
going ?Ji with no friendly greetings, and but
cold civility from the English press, which a'
first certainly eviuced a disposition to ridicule
and to undei rate the American contributions.
But as the Kxhibition progressed, a better and
much more amiable feeling began to manifest
itself, and, 1 most willingly believe, manifested
itself from a sentiment of justice and good-will.
The English journals?even tho ferocious
Time*?became first softened, then conciliated,
and, finally, openly laudatory. It is true that
the merit of many of the American articles could
not be overlooked by the British publio, and
was not, the journals to tho contrary notwith
standing. These, nevertheless, made the amende
honorable in good time, and so let us forget the
sneering and insolence that characterized some
of them at tho beginning ; tftough to tho Us:,
one?a London paper of world-wide circulation,
though in other respects pretty fair?makes i n
following absurd remarks, though coupled wi >
others that are not only just, but decidedly
friendly and flattering: " in H?s depsrtmeut ^
.Articles of Food-the ^menoans come out^ >
intri >duce the true system of preparing Hitches.
\ orkshiremen and Irishmen introduce the
true system! They Lave been emigrating to
tins country for two Jiuadml and thirty years;
and if tliey have not yet introduced it?for the
pig has been in plenty aJl the time?they must
be singularly awkward at imparting instruction
or we must be singularly slow to profit by it.
iv it, ,"'e,icttD exhibitors appeared at the
01 li s I air under great disadvantages, I say
again. At such exhibitions, articles of taste,
ot luxury, and of virtu, always attract short
attention, and 111 that fit-id we cannot be?I hope
wo never shall be?successful competitors of
old, corrupted, decaying communities that have
been manufacturing ouch articles for the last
two or threo thousand years. In the depart
ments in which we are the strongest and undo
niably ahead of the Europeans, and of all the
rest ot mankind, we cannot be, from the nature
of the thing, adequately represented at such an
exhibition. We cannot take to it our steam
boats, our railroads, our corn, wheat, and to
bacco-fields, our cotton and sugar plantations,
our commercial marine of three million tons
our common schools, our two thousand news
papers, or our social and political institutions ?
or any thing that is best calculated to show
how prosperous, how opulent, and how powerful
we are. And yet, nevertheless, towards the
winding up of the exhibition, the Americans
have, in many particulars, bentrn all competi
tors, all hollow. McCormock's reaping ma
chine, for instunce, which has been fully tested
in England, is acknowledged to bo wonderful,
and will probably receive tiie first medal given?
I mean the most complimentary one. The
American planing machine, American ploughs,
carriages, garden tools, sitting chairs, school
furniture, and India-rubber articles, are al
lowed to possess groat merit, and to be in many
respects superior to every thing else of the
kind. To which may be added, Newell's lock,
which is the only one in the world that cannot
bo picked, and as far excels Brahma's famous
loci; as that excelled all that preceded it.
Though iu haste, and disposed to bo brief, I
must fay a word about the American yacht,
America, which has outsailed all tho English
yachts, royal and all, running far ahead of
them and beating them one mile in eight, which
is indicative of unapproachable superiority.
And England, let me observe, is par exccUencr,
the yachting nation, which has for hundreds of
?years arrogated to herself pre-eminence in all
nautical matters. Three months ago John Bull
would much sooner have believed that the moon
is made of green cheese, than that a plain,
modest-looking Yankee craft was to walk over
the Atlantic and beat him on his own waters, in
his own harbors, i,n the very line which, of all
others, he believed himself to be first, tliero
being 110 second. This has made the old chap
look about him, and he begins to sec that there
is another nation as well as his own of whom it
may be said?
" Iter mareli is o'f r the mouuLun wore.'
As we contribute to other nation's fairs, and
do it at a disadvantage, why not get up a
World's Fair on our owu account, and invito
the other three or four quarters of the globe to
visit it and see, and bring their productions with
them if they choose? Here they will see some
thing more worth crossing the Atlantic to look
at than Koh-i-noor diamonds, Malachite tables
papier-mache articles, clocks that go a hundred
years without beipg wound up, and ten thousand
other very elegant and very useless trifles.
They will see our counfry. P.
A Persian Ambassador in England. Soma
j excitement among the fashionable and political
j circles iu England lias just been created by the
arrival in that country of an Ambassador from
I Persia, with a view to promote the arrangement
and settlement of commercial relations between
the two countries. The name which be rejoices
in is Shefiah Khan, and an interesting dcscrip
tiqp of the nppearuuee of this distinguished
stranger is thus given iu the latest London
" As an accredited ambassador direct from
the court of Teheran has never been known in
1 thi3 country, some considerable interest was
i excited in Southampton by tbe arrival of his
excoUeuoy. lie is a line, handsome man, about
j turty years of age. He wus dressed in the
costly and pictuiesquo costume worn by the
highest ranks in Persia. The sleeves and col
lar of his cloak were ornamented with gold em
broidery ; the clasp of his girdle wak studded
with diamonds, and a brilliant star was suspended
on his breast. He wore the high conical cap
| of the Persian country. Ho was accompa
nied by a dragoman and a servaut. An exten
sive suite accompanied him from l'ersia to Tur
key, nearly the whole of which lie took leave of
1 at Constantinople.
"The ambassador reached Constantinople by
way of Trebisond and the Dlack Sea. During
his voyage in the Euxine, he sat at table in the
saloon with the other passeugers, and was not
more particular in his diet than liberal Mussul
men usually are. He drank his tea out of a
glass tumbler, making it sweet and hot, without
milk or cream. He rigorously abstaiucd from
wines and spirituous liquors. He smoked much.
His manners on board during the voyage were
extremely gentlemanly, and lie is evidently a
man of education and refiueiueut. lie cannot
speak English. His secretary, and who acted
j as dragoman, is a true born Persian, and was
; educated in India. His excellency is a Mussul
1 man, belonging to tbe great Mohammedan sect
? ?'f Ali. lie is remarkably strict iu his religious
observances. Every evening, while on board
the Euxine, he prostrated himself, and said
prayers for about two hours. He had a num
ber of ornaments in his possession, adorned with
jowels and precious stones. One of these orna
ments contained an emerald as large as a small
plum. Most ol these bad been presented to him
by tht; Shah of Persia, to mark the favor and
' esteem of his sovereign."
Look out for changes of weather peculiar to
, this season, and see that your children are pro
perly clad, to guar.l against the cold.
The Susquehanna river is not knee-deep op
posite ilarrisburg.
TuKffKR, the ballad singer, makes his first
appearance iu New Vork, on Wednesday.
Ten thousand tons of lard oil were imported
from the United States to England last year.
Mrs. and Miss Pillmork have left New York
to spend a few days in Albany.
Miss Kimukrlt is giving her beautiful Shak
I spearian readings in Boston.
Lath brink IIayks continues her triumph in
New York.
Better is it to be of an humble'spirit with tho
i lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.

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