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~XxoaAVM Pacem.?W? continue to receive by ?very
mail newspaper* ?ontainlng our Utile card " To the Pub
llo," tiuil asking ?u exchange. Our Otlor In *i?t has been
long since revoked.
We receivo a great many communica
tions from persona *(11086 names are withheld,
or unknown to us, and of course we can pay no
attention to them.
European Negotiation* concerning
The Intelligencer of this morning says: "The
telegraphic despatches sent from London to
Liverpool, on the eve of departure of the Amer
ican mail steamer Baltic, just arrived at New
York, announce somewhat confidently that ne
gotiations have been opened between Spain,
England, and France, which arc likely to result
in a treaty, the object of which will be to pre
serve Cuba to Spain, with Bome such modifica
tions of her government as were mentioned in
a paragraph published in this paper last week.
A few days will solve the question."
This is a very grave subject, and worthy the
serious attention of our Government. We were
very unfortunate in having a representative at
Cuba unsuited for his station; and although we
entertain no unkind feelings towards Mr. liar
ringer, our Minister at Madrid, we are con
strained to say that we do not think diplomacy
is his forte, but that we feel assured he is en
tirely unsuited to the duties now devolving
upon him. Would it were otherwise.
Tint Union Academy.?We refer to the pros
perity of this school with pleasure. It has
opened under encouraging circumstances. Sev
enty scholars were received the first day, and
the number has increased to upwards of ninety.
Mr. Richards has been obliged to send to Bos
*?n for an additional supply of " Wales' furni
ture wbich will soon enable him to furnish
seats for Oue hundred scholars. By reference
to another coluJ111- i4 *iu be seen that he haB
ft Ml and efficient board of teachers, having
engaged Mr. ChaBe, froiJ Dartmouth College,
and Mr. McNeil, from Yale College. The phi
losophical and chemical apparatus is complete.
The school is open for visitation from 9 a. m.
to 8 p. m. The plan of the building, its loca
tion, its furniture, and its apparatus, give uni
versal satisfaction.
An End !?The story of " The Witch of Gold
ing Gorge," ai)d "The President's Progress"
done into rhyme, are both completed in to-day's
Telegraph. The cry for back numbers haB been
vociferous within the past few days, but could
not always be satisfactorily responded to.
Accident.?A boy, ten or twelve years old,
was this morning run over by a buggy, in the
First Ward. The wheels passed over both
thighs. Wo could not learn his name, nor the
extent of his injuries.
A Washington Inventor Abroad. ? The
Maysville Pott Boy, of the 26th ultimo, says:
"Mr. Edward I>. Tippett, of Washington city,
the inventor of several machines of great nov
elty and scientific skill, is ia this place with his
inventions, consisting of a balloon to be pro
pelled through the air, and serve as a means of
rapid transportation or machine of war?an
engine of the simplest construction, driven by
steam generated by instantaneous process from
cold water, obviating the necessity of boilers as
now used, and preventing explosions; a wash
ing machine, hominy mill, and centrifugal
churn?all of the highest utility, and curiosi
ties from their new and simple construction.
"Mr. Tippett seems quite enthusiastic in ref
erence to the practicability of navigating the
air by balloons, and intends lecturing on the
subject, when he will explain his views at
Fractious.?A horse ran off with an empty
cart at noon to-day, on Louisiana avenue.
When opposite Copp's, in consequence of a fat
old gcntlcman'B being engaged in drinking a
mint julep at that precise moment, the cart
turned over, and the horse fell on his back.
The animal jumped up when relieved of bis
harness; but the vehiele laid still. Cause why? ,
It waa smashed.
\Jnv\wrcii Gam*.?Men boys are shoot
ing at birds in the suburbs of tb^ ?ity> a&d oc
casionally pepper unfledged ones. Where arc
"our vigilant police?"
Approaching Elections in Virginia.?On
tho 23d of this month, (October,) members of
Congress and of the State Legislature are to be
elected, and a vote will be taken for and against
the new constitution. Voters under the new I
constitution are entitled to oast their votes upon 1
its adoption, but not for the officers to be
chosen. If the constitution bo adopted, an
election will take place on the 8th of December
next, for a governor, a lieutenant-governor, an
attorney general, and senators and members of
the House of Delegates?the seats of the mem
bers of the Legislature elected in October being
vacated by tho adoption of the new constitu
tion. At the December election, every white
male citizcn of the Commonwealth, of the age
of twenty-one years, who has resided in the
Btate for two years, will be entitled to vote.
Quick Work.?Aa ftn instance of tlie facility
with which large masses of stone are elevated 1
at the National Monument, it is stated that the
masBive and beautiful granite block from the
State of Massachusetts was raised on Tuesday, j
the 23d of September, from the earth, and
plaoed in the position it is intended to occupy,
at a height of one hundred feet, in three mi
Hard Lahocaob.?Men. who will not fight
?bould try to use that kind of speech that
" turnoth away wrath but the editor of the
New York Tribunt does not think this. In con
tradicting the Exprut, yesterday, he says:
*' Neighbor I yon are addicted to falsehood on
T?ry alight temptations, but this is so scanda
lous, baseless, abominable a lie, that we cannot
suffer it to pass unrcproTed. Remember that
we brand it on your forehead as a base, black,
wanton, calumnious falsehood, and charge you
with knowing it to be such when you uttered
it Will you attempt to justify it ?"
A Nobli B?qtj?st.?Fifty thousand dollars'
worth of property has been bequeathed to the
Pittsburg and Alleghany Orphan Asylum, by
th? late Dr. Thomas Hartford. He also left
property to the poor of Canton, Ohio, worth
ten thousand dollars.
Ihmu 1?The Louisville Courier, a very de
cided Whig paper, alludes to the nomination of
Messrs. Tyler and Preston for Governor of
V irginia, by some of their respective friends,
and says that the Whigs in Virginia will be aa
oareful of being Uaiphinized as their opponents
seem determined to avoid b eing Tylerued.
We have to remark that the odium of Gal
phinism will prove but a lit clo mote in the sun
beam, compared with Uardinerism, if the latter
prove an itm at aU; and aa for Tylerism, we
believe the desertion of the friends who ele
vated him by that gentleman, and his taking
up with those who came to him in the day of his
prosperity, constitute a oaso not wholly unpre
cedented in modern history. The honorable
Secretury of the Interior, "Mr. Stuart, hus
avowed substantially the suane rule of conduct.
We of course do not object to it, and simply
state the fact for the saka of historical accu
Ma. Fillmore.?The New York Herald says:
"According to appearances, the Whigs of Vir
ginia are in favor of Mr. Fillmore as their can
didate for the Presidency at the next election,
lhere is no doubt that the present incumbent
of the national executive chair will be a promi
nent candidate for the same office, in the elec
tion of 1852."
tal amount of contributions received at the
office during the month of September was
?$3,019 73.
Democrats or New York City.?The Herald,
of yesterday, states that on Monday evening
the Democrats held a meeting in Tammany Hall
lor the purpose of endorsing the resolutions
adopted, and the candidates nominated, by the
Democratic State Convention at Syracuse. It
was very harmonious and; enthusiastic. The
factions, which heretofore were so hostile to
each other, met together on the same platform,
and were as friendly as if they never had any
Names.?Would that it were possible to give
to every city, county, town, and village in our
country some good original name?some signifi
cant Indian name as a general thing. The re
vival of old classio names, or the selection of
names elsewhere appropriated, is inconvenient,
and not unfrequently suggestive of a ludicrous
comparison. We have just rqad in the Mayes
ville l'ost Boy as follows:
tl.JfV0? "Citize.n" of yesterday furnishes
the following synopsis of the Rev. Mr. Robin
son s address before the Bourbon Agricultural
Thuik of this, away off" by tho side of the
O-HI-O, (The Bright and Beautiful !) Where
such a name is given to a river, ought not
names for towns and counties to be sought in
the same poetical language ? By such a course
the word nete, that has assumed the office of a
diminutive in our vocabulary, might be wholly
dispensed with. We remember on one day di
recting letters to four poBt offices in the South
ern States, viz : Rome, Athens, Panhandle,
and Polecat Village. Tho latter two had the
merit of originality, but the former were by
association rendered the more ridiculous!
Return ot a United States Diplomatic
Aoent.?We notice in the New York papers of
yesterday an announcement of the arrival in
the Baltic of Mr. Joseph Balestier, who was
sent by tien. Taylor's government in 1849 to
effeet friendly and commercial relations with I
Cochin China, Siam, Borneo, and the Malayan
A Nuisance.?We lmve been requested by a
number of persons, doing business in the
Northern Liberty Market, to call attention to
the disorderly conduct of a number of boys, from
fifteen to eighteen years of age, who are in the
habit of assembling there during the night mar
ket, insulting ladies, and stealing harness from
the horses, &c.
Excursion!?To-morrow the excursion of the
William Selden will take place. This is a most
delightful season for Buch a trip, and the W. S.
is just such a boat as every one will delight to
sail in. There will be a goodly company and a
pleasant lira*. Look to it?read the advertise
ment, ladies and gentlemen!
General ftcott'a Letter.
The New York Timet states that some few
months since a gentleman of Pennsylvania, at
the request of eight members of the State Sen
ate, wrote a letter to Gen. Wihfiield Scott,
addressing him as the undoubted Whig candi
date for the Presidency, and requesting his
opinions upon the various political questions
1 which have agitated the country.
j General Scott wrote the following quaint re
Sin: I have received your letter, (marked
" confidential,") in which, after committing the
j error of supposing me to be " fully before the
i country as the Whig candidate for the Presi
| dency," you proceed to interrogate me on many
points of grave public interest.
Permit me to say that, considering wc shall
probably only have a Whig candidate for the
Presidency through a National Convention, and
that I cannot be its nominee except by the force
of the unsolicited partiality of large masses of
my countrymen:
Considering, also, that if my character or
principles be not already known, it would now |
be idle to attempt to supply the deficient infor
mation by mere paper professions of wisdom
and virtue, made for the occasion:
And considering that, if I answer your que
ries, I must go on and answer others already
before me, as well as the long series that would
inevitably follow, to the disgust of the public?
1 will beg permission to close this acknowl
edgment of your letter by subscribing myself,
With great respect, your obedient servant,
Winfikld Scott.
, esq., Harrisburg, Pa.
P. 8.?I must add, that I write and say no
thing, on public subjects, which 1 am unwilling
to see published. W. S.
"To Mechanics."?Read the advertisement
in another column with the above head, and
profit thereby.
Nashvilli and Nkw York.?The distance
from Nashville to New York, by way of Lexing
ton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and New York and
Erie road, in 1189 miles.
Nashville to New York, via Mays
ville, Wheeling and Philadelphia, 984 miles.
Difference in favor of the latter route, 166 miles.
The remains of five or six bodies have been
taken from the ruins of the fire in Buffalo.
Arrival of (lie Gauntl*.
The steamer Canada arrived at Halifax, last
evening, with eighty-nil pa6?ujgwnj) among
whom is Lieutenant-Governor Sir John Harvey.
No American steamer has arrived at Liverpool
since the lialtio sailed.
The English news is without interest
Accounts from India state that the China re
bellion was subsiding.
The ceremony of lading the oorner-etono of
the new market by the President passed of
quietly at Paris. The journals still discuss the
candidature of the Prince do JoinvUle, and it is
supposed he will announce himself at the pro
per time. Documents secured iu the late ar
rest implicate the London Committee gravely.
The Government paper has been suspended cue
mouth, and tho editor fined and imprisoned
niuo months, for an article on the treatment of
foreigners by the French Government. The
"Messages," of the l<>th, says that important
despatches were received yesterday from Ma
drid at tho Ministry of Foreign Affairs. M.
Baroche went immediately to the Elysee, and
was joined by tho Spanish Ambassador and
Lord Normauby. France and England are de
termined to prevent a rupture between Spain
and America, and secure the island to Spain.
The treaty recently concluded between Prus
sia and Hanover, it is thought by some, will
break up the whole Zollverein. Tho Austrian
papers think that Bavaria, Saxony, and Wirtein
berg will seccde.
The relations between the Sublime Porte and
the Pacha of Egypt were assuming a hostile
character. The Pacha had armed forts on the
coasts to resist any attack.
Advices from Madrid to the 10th merely con
firm the negotiations between France and Eng
land on the Cuban affairs. Two war transports
were to sail from Cadiz on the loth with troops.
Markets.?Cotton was dull, the trade buy
ing sparingly, and holders anxious to sell.
Iireadstuffs were generally unchanged. The
demand for wheat and flour was fair. Corn
was scarce, and had advanced fid.?Yellow
26s.(a)2Gs. tid.; white, [email protected] 6d.
Clarke Mills' Statue of Jackson. The
Charleston Mercury, in announcing that the
equestrian statue of General Jackson is rapidly
approaching completion, and will probably be
ready for elevation-on its pedestal by the first
of January next, says:
"Although not born in this city, Mr. Mills
has resided among us since his childhood, and
looks upon it as his home, as his amiable lady
and four interesting children still contiuue to
live among us. Charleston may, therefore, be
excused in feeling a lively gratification at the
success of his labors, which have plaoed him
in the front rank of sculptors, and given him
at the early age of thirty-eight, a reputation
usually attained, even by the most fortunate
only after a long life of toil and application.
Ihe statue of Jackson is of colossal dimen
sions, and is remarkeble in its being self-poised
on the hind feet of the horse, differing in this
respect from all the equestrian statues of for
mer artists, which have been made to keep their
P^8'tl,?? by acce8aories that> in some degree,
j offend the eye of the spectator.
" The statue of Jackson, though tho most re
markable, is far from being the only proof Mr 1
Mills has given of high and original genius!
and a long future of fame and fortune seems !
now to have opened before him, which it will'
be hie own fault if he does not realix?.'*
The Whkelino Bridge.?The importance of
the long-contested " Wheeling Bridge Case " is
but little understood throughout tho country.
1 A writer in the Philadelphia Ledger thus ex
plains it :
" Four railroads are in progress through the
State of Ohio, which, in the course of two
years, or less, will meet together on the west!
bank of the Ohio river, at Wheeling. The first
and most important of these four roads is the
Central Road of Ohio, which forms part of the
great line from 8t Louis to Philadelphia. The
second, in commercial value, is the Cincinnati
and Marietta road, which is intended to draw
the trade of southern Ohio and Kentucky to
Wheeling, to pass thence by the Hempfield road
to 1 hiladelphia. The third is the Clevelaud and
Hellsville road?a line running in a direct
course from Cleveland, on Lake Erie, to the
Ohio river, five miles below Wcllsville?which
will shortly be continued on thirty-six miles
further to Wheeling. The fourth is the Steu
benville and Indiana road, which will pass
through Coshocton, and strike the Ohio river
between Wheoling and Steubenville.
" The trade of these four lines of railroads
| will thus be concentrated at Wheeling. The
Iiempfield railroad, starring at Wheeling, where 1
these four western lines come together will I
bring forward the trade and travel which they
bear, to the Pennsylvania railroad at Greens
burg. All this trade and travel must cross the
Ohto on the Wheeling bridge, which was originally
constructed with a view to its adaptation to this I
great duty. Now, it will he recollected that !
tor the purpose of preventing the trade of Phil- j
adelphia from crossing the Ohio at Wheeling
and forcing all the western business of this citv :
through Pittsburg, a suit has been instituted in
the name of the State of Pennsylvania, under
the sanction of the Legislature, for the over- ;
throw of that bridge, if this suit should pre- !
vail, then Philadelphia must rely on ferries to
get her trade and travel over the Ohio or, as
an alternative, go round the great northern bend
of the Ohio, through Pittsburg. She must sus
tain this bridge, or get all the trade of the West
and Southwest which she can then command,
through Pittsburg, and Pittsburg only."
Tns New J braky Hank Excitement.?A let
ter in the Herald states that the failure of the
"People's llank" in New Jersey, which has of
course swindled a given number of operatives
in the neighborhood of Paterson, has produced
considerable excitement in that community.
About three thousand persons assembled on the
2ttth inst. in front of the bank, and passed a reso
lution requesting the Chancellor to appoint two
receivers whom the people had confidence in.
They then adjourned to the residence of the
Cashier, and burnt him in effigy. From thence
they went to the residence of the President, and
paid him a like compliment; thence to Mr. James
Jackson's, a director, and honored him likewise
with the same compliment, and then adjourned
quietly to their homes. The account Bays:
"The President, David llurnett, is an elder of
the 1st Presbyterian Church; the Cashier, H. C.
Stimson, is head man in the Second Presbyte
rian Church, and Director Jackson is a class
leader of the Methodist Church."
In giving the religions character of these
men, the writer omits to say whether it is for
the purpose of explaining why they failed, or
making it app?ar wonderful that they should
fail. Perhaps, as a religious man, he submits
the fact as a curious one.
The new steamer City of Qlasgow^ from Glas
gow, hivs arrived, but brings no later news.
Western steamboats muoh resemble old topers
?t present. They stop frequently at the bom.
Th? telegraphic report of the Northern Mar
kets had not Lnjen received at our hour for going
to press.
Duel at Charleston.
Charleston, September 80.?A duel oocur
red on Saturday at Vienna, S. C., between Mr.
Smyth, the editor of the Augusta (Ga.) Consti
tutionalist, and Dr. Thomas, of Augusta. On
the third fire Suiyth was shot in the thigh.
The wound is not mortal.
Affairs at Pittsburg.
Pittsburg, September 30.?The river is ris
ing, owiug to the heavy raius which have fallen
iu all directions, and a large number of boats
are at the wharf receiving freight. The river
is navigable for the largest class of steamboats.
The opening of (Jhartier's Coal Railroad, on
Saturday, was celebrated in grand style, Mr.
McElrath, of the New York Tribune, presiding
i The road cost $200,000, and is prepared to de
liver 540 tons of coal per day. A dinner has
been tendered Mr. McElrath to-day, which has
been accepted.
Gunpowder Explosion.
Norfolk, September 30.?A lot of gunpow
der in a grocery store under Garry's china store
exploded last night, and damaged Garry's stock
I to the amount of $9,000.
Major Weight/nan's Election?Corrected Account.
St. Louis, September 29.?The mail arrived
at Independence on tho 20th from Santa Fe,
accompanied by several members of the Boun
dary Commission, bearing despatches for?the
Secretary of the Interior. Major Weightman
is certainly elected a delegate to Congress.
Much trouble exists in the Courts becauso tho
Judges diifer widely in construing the laws, and
lawyers refuso to bring suits until unanimity is
restored. Five of Colonel Sumner's command
died of thirst before reaching Lagnus, and tho
horses were constantly giving out. It is ru
mored that tho Navajo Indians have planted no
crops, and intend making their stronghold in
the mountains.
Sir John Franklin's Expedition.
Nkw Yoiik, Sept. 30.?The Advance, one oi
the vessels of the Grinnell Expedition, has ar
rived at tho Brooklyn Navy-yard. She con
firms the previous accounts of the cruisings.
Nothing important occurred on the passage
home. She left Lancaster Sound on tho 6th,
and was nearly frozen up for the second time.
The Oirard Re-interment.
Philadelphia, Sept. 30.?Two thousand Ma
sons joined in the procession to-day on the occa
sion of the interment of the remains of Stephen
Girard, at Girard's College. The ceremonies
were very imposing, and the oration was deliv
ered by Joseph R. Chandler. Tho fraternity
partake of a grand supper to-night at the Musi
cal Fund Ilall.
Later.?Tho Masons turned out 1,519 black
suits, with white aprons and blue silk sashes.
Five bands are among them, and at the State
House the city councils and municipal authori
ties followed the Grand Lodge placed at the
rear, and thus in reverse order the line marched
to the Girard College.
Terrible Steamboat Explosion?One hundred per
sons killed?Fatal Rencontre.
Nkw Ohlkans, September 29.?The steamer
Brilliant, Captain Hart, exploded her boiler
near Bayou Goula, killing, as is supposed, over
one hundred persons. The number of passen
gers and crew on board was very large. Full
particulars have not reached us.
A rencontre took place last evening, between
Alderman Laughlan and Alderman Silk, in
which the former was killed.
Sierra Madre Revolution?Its Complete Success.
Nkw Orleans, September 30.?Tho steam
ship Yacht has arrived, with news from the Rio
Grande, Texas. Her advices from Northern
Mexico are of the most important character,
and thus far show a brilliant triumph in favor
of the liberating army. The revolutionary
movements in Sierra Madre are said to be com
pletely successful.
Review of the Northern Market* for
Office of the American Ttlegraph, Oct. 1.
Baltimore, Sep. 30, 6 p. m.?A small gale of Howard
ftrcot flour was made to day at $3.87%. We hear of no
large transactions in City Mills. Quotations are about
tlie same as before noted.
Nkw Yoke, Sep. 30, 6 p. m.?Stocks aro better?
Krio baa advanced 1%, and Canton %.
Sales of 0,000 bbls. Hour at $3.75(3(3 87% for Stat*,
brands, $4.12%<gl$1.26 for (Jenesoe, and $4.25 for south
ern. Kj e flour $3.26. Corn meal $3.12%.
Hales of 3,000 bushels southern red whrat at 80c.
Sales of 3^,000 bushels mixed corn at 60c. Ryo 70c.
OaU quiet. Sales of new mon pork at $15.76. Sales of
200 bbls. mess beef at $9<ti)$U, and 100 bbls. lard at0%@i
W%c. Sales of 000 bags Rio coffee at 8%@9%e., and 200
bags of Java at ll%e. Sales of 50 hbds. Havana sugar at
5] jia,!r}^c. Sales of 1,000 bales of cotton at 9^ for mid
dling Uplands, and 9% for Orleans. Sales of 1,000 bbls.
spirits of turpentine at 34($36c. Sales of 60 hbds. Ohio
whisky at 2'Jc.
On Tuesday evening, 30th ultimo, by Rev. I/. F. Moa
McBAIN, all of this city.
In Georgetown, D. 0., on the 30th ultimo, Mrs. ELLEN
0. lABRKLIi, sg'-d 76 years, formerly of Donegal, Town
county, Ireland; but for tho la*t three years a resident
of this town. Iter friends and the friends of the family
are requested to attend ber funeral on Thursday, the 2<1
instant, at 4 o'clock, from the residenoe of ber son-in-law.
William Burks, on Bridge street, between l'otomac and
Market street*
Benefit of Mils Augusta.
1 fully announce a series of their inimitable Concerts
at the above Hall, consisting of Songs, Duetts, Trios, Quar
tettes, Italian Opera Soenss, New and Popular Dances,
Oooiic Singing. Yankee Burlesques, Sayings, 4c., Ac.?
making altogether a bill of great variety and excellence.
Tickets lit cent*. A change of programme nightly.
Doors open at 714, Concert commences at 8 o'olork.
Oct 1?11
W ASTED TO RKNT-A smolThouse in the
vicinity of the I'atent Office. Any one having
such a bouse to let may hear of a punctual tenant by ad
dressing "A B," offi'-o of the Telegraph. Oct 1?2t
WANTKD?A smart, active lloY, between the
ages of 12 and 10, to attend in an office. One who
can write a good band and come well recommended will
find a situation by applying at the National Kra office,
7th street. oct 1
WALLACE KL10T respectfully announces to the
pnblic, that he has recently refitted his old stand
and Increased his facilities for business. He has now on
hand a fVeeh supply of the various standard Medicines
Ibr the cure of diseases incident to the season. Also, a
fTesb supply of Drugs and Medicines.
Cor. of F A 12th sts.,sign of the Golden Mortar,
oct 1?St
article?for coughs, colds, asthma, consumption,
ami all other diseases of the lungs.
For sale at EL10TS Drug Store,
Oct 1? cor. of K A 12th streets.
j R. I IKK KICK, at the comer of I and 12th streets,
has for sale a few 100-acre Mexican War Land Warrants,
whieh will be guarantied s,t fair prices.
oct 1?it*
JUST RECEIVED a large and elegant assortment of
Boys' Fall and Winter Clothing, consisting of Over
coats, Jackets, Pants, Vests, Shirts, (Jndershlrts, Ac., Ac.;
all of which are really fine and desirable, and worthy the
attention of purchasers. Also, a choice and elegant as
sortmsnt of Shirts, of all qualities and colors, Under
shirts and Drawers, Stocks, Cravats, Handkerchief^,
Gloves, Bocks, Ac.; to which the attention of Gentlemen
is particularly Invited. WM. WALL,
oct 1?tf Pa. ar., 10 doors west of 9th st.
DR. DtTRHIN'S MAP of the Holy Land,
fbr sale by A. GRAY,
sep 17?tr 7th ?t., opposite Odd-Fellows' Hall.
j'wn rinss ^| gun Mt,a . . . jj, 44,^
"r' Gab*, newspaper agent, Is the only au
thorized agent for this paper in Philadelphia, and in duly
empowered to take advertisements and subscription* at
ruU,# rwluire<J br ??? His receipts will be regarded
M J w"tentf' ?fflCU at tUe northwest corner of Third
and Walnut Htrcota.
49" The privileges of yearly advertisers will con
fined rigidly to their regular business, and all other ad
vertisements, not pertaining to their regular business us
agreed for, to be paid extra. ousiness as
Every notice designed to call attention to private
enterprises calculated or intended to promote individual
interest, can only be inserted with the understanding
that the same is to be paid for. ulng
I^OR RENT?-Two pleasant communicating l'AR
-. . LORS, on the firBt floor, situated near the Avenue
and u the neighborhood of one of the best city hotels. '
Address (j. V., City Post Office. sep 30 2t
YV If*ost reHP?ctfully iuform the ladles of
i? i ;afikfngtou and the public generally, that we
have just received from the Northern Market an entire
'!m ?U",d H <H k I'O Ooods, suitable for the
lull ni>d Winter trade, lo those of our friends and cus
tomers who have heretofore putroniieed us so liberally we
desire to return our grateful thanks, and hope by polite
negs and strict attention to business that we shall still
merit u continuance of the* favors, and also the favor
of the whole purchasing community. Wo deem it useless
to enumerate goods, but would merely say that our stock
consists ot a general ussoi tinent of all kinds of fashionable
and desirable Dry Ooods, which will be sold very low for
cash. He invite everybody to give us an early call, and
wo promise to sell burgains.
, . Di, McLAIN & HARRY,
bet. 8th and Oth sts., next door to C. VV. llotelt rV
sep 30 d'Jw House-furnishing Store.
? [Nat.Intel.&Roubllc.]
MAG It l DER k CALVERT have this day received n
large assortment of Black Silks, purchased at the
i*ew York Auctions, consisting of?
20 pieces black boiled Poult de Solo
15 do . do Qro de Swiss
31 do do Mateoue Lustring
0 do do Kept
10 do do Figured Brocade
8 do do Satin Turc.
.A1'of w,hich will be sold as low as they can be had in
this city. Purchasers are requested to call, as we are
determined to sell cheap and give satisfaction.
Sep 30?dlw [Republic k Nat.Int.]
Tn? UNDKIlMONilD having recently visited the
X .Northern Cities Tor the purpose of procuring the best
Instruments, takes pleasure in offering the finest assort
ment ever before presented to a Washington public. Con
sisting of fine French, Spanish and Ocrman Guitars?
finely inlaid with pearl; fine Italian Violins, French imi
tations from different masters, Ac. Also?a very superior
lot ol fine French Flutes; together with a general assort,
inent of all kinds of Instrument*.
?flttf-Bcst Violin and Guitar Strings and Trimmings for
all Instruments. OKO. HJLBCS,
Musical Depot, Pa. av., one door from 10th st.
sop 29?tr
Auction lots of carpkts.-dopieces
ingrain medium and low priced Auction Carpets.
Will be sold a very great bargaiu.
sep 29?lm YERBY & MILLER.
35 dozen Silk Mitts, suitable for house and street ol
I all grades, long and short, with and without fingers
I wep 29~lm YKRBY k MILLER.
(JBGGTING8.?130 pieces Sheetings, all grades?
IC5 cotton and linen. YKRBY A MILLER,
sep 29?lm
riMIE copartnership existing between the undersigned
X was dissolved on the 10th instant by mutual consent
JT. RADCLIFF has associated with him Georoe T
. Massev, late of the house of W. M. Shuster k Co.
The firm will hereafter be conducted under the style of
RADCLIFF & CO. sep29 3t
RA lit 1,11- |. CO. have just received a prime lot
of Family Groceries. In part we name?
200 superior white Hams
106 bright dry Shoulders
20 bbls. crushed and powdered Sugar
125 bbls. superior new wheat Family Flour
75 sacks fine and coarse Salt
15 bbls. superior clarified Cider Vinegar
5 hhds. New Orleans and Porto Rico Sugar
1 do. Lovering's superior table Sirup
Fresh, crude, and ground Spices
Fancy and family Soaps. Pearl Barley
Oatmeal, Corn, Starch, fresh Pickles
Also?A largo lot of Brooms and Buckets, Baskets.
Tubs, Keyler's Brushes, kc., and Demijohns of all sizes,
sep 29?3t
[^INE MltlOltS.?We have in store Otard, Du
. puy k Co.'s Signette and American Brandy.
Pure Rye and Monongahela rectified Whisky
Holland and Americau Gin
Madeira, Sherry, Malaga, and Port Wine, of superior
quality, which we will sell at the lowest prices.
sep 29?3t RADCLIFF k CO.
C; T. MASSE Y, in leaving the house of Messrs.
M? W. M. Shuster k Co., respectfully returns his thanks
to his numerous friends for their appreciation of his efforts
to please them, and asks their patronage for the new firm,
promising to be untiring to serve them as ever.
sep 29?3t
BLANKETS.?W, have in store 200 pairs of bed
Blankets, all grades, and prices from $2.50 to $18.
2 bales, 150 pairs Servants' Blankets, which will be
sold very cheap. YKRBY k MILLER
sep 29?lm
JUST OPENED at the new store on Sixth street, nqar
the oorner of Louisiana avenue, a largo and select
assortment of Ladles' Dress Caps, from 75 cents to $3.
Head-dresses, French worked Collars, Embroidered
Fall an<l Winter Ribbons, Edgings, Silk Braids.
Dress Trimmings, Fringes, VelvoUlottcd Flowers, Bu
Velvet Ribbons, Lace Trimmings, new stylo.
Extracts, Colognes, Fancy Soaps, Sccnt Bags, Ac., Ac.
? , M?r??ntlp,,u'n'1' oloTI*. Hosiery, Shaving Creams.
Hair, Tooth and Shaving Brushes, 'Handkerchiefs, Cra
vats and Perfumery, and Fancy Articles in general.
MRS. 0O LI, I SON'S Fancy A Millinery 8torc,
Sixth st. roar of National A Brown's Hotels,
sep 2ft?tr [Nat Intel.?3t]
rIHIE SUBSCRIBER respectfully Informs his friends
I and the public generally, that he has removed his
| Grocery Store to the corner of Cth street and New York
avenue, where he intends keeping constantly on hand a
choice supply of Teas, Coffee, Sugars, and all other arti
cles (except liquor) usually kept in a Family Grocery
. tore, all of which he intends selling at the lowest cash
sep 29?dlw? .
RBCKVKD BY EXPRESS a small lot of that superior
/ Chewing Tobacco, "JENNY LIND TWIST." Call
while It is on hand, and supply yourselves at
BUTT'S Drug Store,
Sep 29 old cor. I'enn. nv. A 12th St.
At llic Chenp Caih Store !
JUST RECEIVED another large lot of splendid Rib
bons?among them some beautiful plaids and other
styles. Bonnets, Bonnet Silk, Dress Trimmings, Ac.
Also?Bleached Cottons, over a yard wide, 0 cts.; 5000
yards Sheeting Cottons, a yard aud a quarter, 10 cents
only I 10,000 yards heavy brown Cotton, a yard wide, t.
cents; all-wool Flannels, nearly a yard wide, 25 cents!
Beautiful Prints, Cashmeres, Mousselains, Ac. Ticking
as low as 6 cents, very good, lirown Cotton as low as 3
cents. And a thousand articles bought at auction, which
are great bargains. All to be had at
BROWN'S Cheap Cash Store,
T 2ft?tr I'n. ?v.. opp. Itrown's Hotel.
1th Street, oppotite. Odd-Fellow t1 ] I all,
VN ASSORTMENT of rich Fall styles of Ribbon, vary
ing in price from \2]/, to 75 cents per yard, and to
which the attention of the ladies is respectfully solicited.
Also, rich Belt Ribbons, Flowers, and various other Mil
linery goods. Also, a lot of well-selected Straw and other
Bonnets. The ladies will also find a ft-w beautiful pat
terns of Gold Cuff Pins, imitation do., with a general as
sortment of ladies' toilet and other articles.
The attention of gentlemen is requested to a fresh se
lection of Silk Cravats and Pocket Handkerchiefs, all of
which will be sold low for cash. sep 12 tr
rIMIE SUBSCRIBER lias the pleasure of informing his
I friends and customers that he has just returned from
the northern cHie*, where he hn* )w?en fornome time piwt
selecting his stock of FALL AND WINTER OOODS.
He is now prepared to show snch a stoek of Cloths,
Cassltneres, Vesting*. Dress Shirts, Undershirts, Drawers
Gloves, Stocks, Hosiery, Umbrellas, Ac., as ho has never
before had the pleasure to exhibit, In stylo, variety, and
oheapnefw; which, together with tbe comparatively low
TtKNT he Ik under at present, enahlofl him to offer unuftual
inducements to those in want of any article of Clothing
In our line, of a quality and style that may be relied on.
1*. J. STNKR, Merchant Tailor,
_ *ep 20?tf 8th St., 3d door from Penna. av.
rilHE Undersigned would respectfully call the atten
1 tlon of his friends and the public generally to his
stock of the above article*, which he has selected with
care to snit the Metropolitan market. He has on hand
and If) in dally receipt of the following OIIiS, which he
will warrant superior to any now for sale In this city:
Etherial, ('amphine, I.ard, Solar, and Winter Strained
Sperm ; with a great variety of LAMPS of all descriptions.
A. HATCH, Jr.,
two doors west of Todd's new marble building, Penn.
av., andO it. nearly opp. the Rank of Washington,
sep 17?tf
m .*1] "" js The superb, swift, and oomfortablo
Steamer WILLIAM SELDEN, Captain
(i uy, will make an Excursion Trip to the above place on
THURSDAY, October ZU. The services of Captain Guy
and the Stoaiuur having been toudered by Captain Uenrgo
Page to Osage Tribe No. 6 of Improved Order of Kod Meu
of the City of Washington, for tlie purpose of giving an
Excursion, and a Committee of Arrangement* having
been appointed in accordance with tliO above by the Tribe,
it Is hoped that the friunds of the Order and the lioat will
patronise this Excursion, as uiaay of the citizens havo
expressed a desire to have a trip on the new boat, sho
having been built in this place by our enterprisiug citi
zen, Capt. Qeorge l'age. The opportunity is here offered
to our citizens to have the desired trip in her, and view
this splendid piece of machinery, before she leaves for
her destined route. The Steamer will leave Capt. Page's
whart, foot of 7th street, at 10 o'clock a. ui. Navy Yard
at 10>^, and Alexandria at 11?passing down as far as
Aquia Creek, returning at a seasonable hour in the eve
ning; thus affording citizens an opportunity of viewing
the beautiful scenery on the Potomac by day-light.
Tickets one dollar, admitting u gentleman and two la
dies. Number of tickets limited. The tickets to be had
at Stott's drug store, Pennsylvania avenue, at Mr. D.
11. Clarke's drug (-tore, on the Island; at Mr. W. J. Jef
fers, Navy Yard; Mr. Stephen Shinn's, Alexandria; and
at the office, foot of 7 th street.
There will be a dinner served up on l>oard. Refresh
ments of all kinds and in abundance to be had on board.
The very best liand and Cotillou Music has been en
gaged for the occasion. A select committee has been ap
pointed to preserve order on the lloat; in fact, the com
mittee beg leave to state that there shall be nothing left
undone that can be done to render this one of the most
agreeable Excursions given this season. There will posi
tively be no boat-racing upon this occasion.
Osaye Tribe, No. 6.
W. W. Tucker, J. Kersey,
George l'age, II. Cravour,
Charles B. Church, George Evans,
J. Drommond, Wm. llassee,
J. B. Green well, C, C. Mills,
J. Dulin, J. F. Bradley.
l\>whaUan Tribe, No. 1.
8. Carsou, K. MuCubbin,
J. liuiplo.
Anacostiit Iribe, No. 3.
0. II. Gordon, J. B. Tench,
J. Webster.
Tuscarora Tribe, No. 6.
L. Oaddis, . I'. Otterback,
sep 30?2t] G. Aaron.
Servants wanted a arst-rate cook
for a Refectory, and an OYSTEK-Ol'EN ER, will liud
a permanent situation and good wages by applying im
mediately at ALLEN'S
Empire Restaurant, late King's Hotel,
sep 22?eo Pa. avenue, near 4% street.
WANTED?A good COOK?for a small family.
Apply at the "Telegraph Office." [sep 22?tf
WANTED?An APPRENTICE, 16 or 17 years of
age. A stout boy, well recommended, will hear
of a good opportunity by applying at this office.
sep 1?tf _
"I1LOOMER" RIBBONS, assorted colors, at 12^
I I cents. At
MRS. COLLISON'S Fancy & Millinery Store,
sep 29?tr Sixth st., near cor: Louisiana av.
J\_ CI AN, price 26 cts., a ready prescriber in cases of
sudden illness and accident.
Guide to Health ; or what to eat, drink, and avoid; by
Br. Culverwell?price 25 cents.
How to be Happy: an admonitory essay on regimen, ex
pediency, and mental government?price 25 cents.
Hydrophobia?its origin, cure, and prevention?with im
portant instructions to every person keeping a dog; by Win
Osborne, chemist?price 25 cents.
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, and other diseases of the chest?
with remedies?price 25 cents.
For sale at TAYLOR & MAURY'S
sep 30? Bookstore, Pa. avenue, near 9th street.
Attention, Chewers and Smokers !
DOWNER'S popular Cigar and Tobacco stand is rell
supplied with the best Havanas and Principcs.
Also a splendid lot of Chewing Tobacco, to which he ex
tends a cordial invitation to his friends and to gentlemen
of taste generally. " sep 9?tr
those used in the private academies and institutions
in the District of Columbia and adjacent country.
For sale, at New York prices, by
sep 1? Booksellers, near 9th street.
SCHOOL BOOKS at New York Prices.
A full assortment of all kinds now in use; and the
best STATIONERY of every Variety, for sale by
au 30? 7th street, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall.
4 T THE NEW STORE on Sixth street will be found
XV the prettiest assortment of the above artioles in the
tfity, and at prices correspondingly low?pelected person
ally from the importers and manufacturers. Ladies are
invited to call and examine them at
MRS. E. COLLISON'S Fancy & Millinery
sep 28?tr store. 6th st., near cor. of Louisiana av.
?_)/ j PIECES rich Black Silk tacts. very cheap
?J\J 10 .do. Black Oro de Rhine Silk
50 do. Moussclaine dc Laiues, at 12c., very good
25 do. Extra do 25 cents
100 do. Calicoes, from 5 cents up
100 do. Bleached Shirtings and Sheetings
25 do. All-wool White and Colored Flannels
25 do. Bleached and Brown Canton do
25 do. Irish Linens, very low
Cloths, Cassimeres, Tweed*, Silk and Satin vesting*.
Also, white, grey, black, and fancy-colori'd Yarn. Custo
mers will do well to give me a call, as I have in store a
good assortment of fall goods, and will sell at low prices.
sop 6?tr. oorner 8th st.. opposite Centre market.
\\TE HAVE IN STORE the following, in plain colore?
T V 300 pieces English Merinoes and Paramettoes.
Cloths of all grades and colors.
25 pieces French Merinoes, all oolors, and at the very
lowest prices.
sep 24?dim _ YERBY A MILLER.
*70 DOZEN LADIES' white, colored, and black Kid
I O Gloves, a very good article, at 62cents.
Also the following at 87% cents, of Alexander's make
and Stewart's importation:
2 cartons Ludies' white, all numbers
3 do do colored, do
1 do do black, do
4 do Gentlemon's white, black, and assorted co
lors, all numlwrs
Persons in want of a very superior Glove will do well
to give us a call, as our stock is as good as any in this
r|1HK UNDERSIGNED respectfully Informs the citizens
J. of Washington that he hasopeneda JOH PRINTING
OFFICE, corner of 1) and Hth streets, when- he is prepared
to execute every description of Job Printing; and he
hopes to be able to give satisfaction to those who may
favor him with their orders.
Cards, Handbills, Notices, Insurance Policies, Hank
Checks, Labels, Pamphlets, Ac., Ac., printed at short
\V ashihoto*, Sept. 13,1861.
Any orders left at the ofP.oe of the American Tile
graph will Ih- promptly attended to. Sep 18?tf
we offer at very low prices.
sep 20?1m*] 8lgn of the Anvil, opp. Brown's Hotel.
WE have in store now a large and general assortment
of Housekeeping Goods, as follows:
10 pieces superior Linen Sheetings
12 do Damask Table Haper
Splendid Damask Table Cloths, all sixes
10 pieces best Harkabark Toweling
6 dozen superior Damask do
40 do Huckaback Towels, all prices
Splendid stock Table Napkins
Brown Linen Table-Cloths
15 pieces French Furniture Prints
10 do Oil-dressed do plain A bordored
40 do fl-4, 10-4, and 12-4 Bleachod Sheetings
Table and Piano Covers
Curtain Muslins
50 pieces Irish Linens, all grades
10 do Pillow-case Cotton, Ac.
Wo Invite persons In want of the aliove description
of g<KHls to give us a call, aswe pay great attention to
this cIbfs of goods. YERBY A MlI LILEHt,
jr ]m No. 0, Pa. av., bet. i th A 8th sis.
I- NAME IN PART, Wines?lleldselck A Co.'s Chnm
pagne, Claret, Hock, O. L. P. Madeira, Sherry, l<on
don Dock Port, Hunt A Co.'s Port, Listen, Cldly, Malaga,
Ac., Ac.
Brandies?Old London Dock, Otard, Dupuy A Co., ?
Plnct, Castlllon A Co., A. Seignette, Ac.
Whisky?Irish, Scotch, Monongahela, and Old Rye.
Also, Stoughton's Bitters, Swiss, Absinth, Ac., Ac.
Fresh Peaches received every morning.
sep 11?tf Pa. av., 3 doors east of 16th st.
HAVING fitted out a room for the sale of Carpetings,
wo intend to keep a large and general assortment.
We have jnst received a large assortment of all grades.
Also, Rugs, Druggets, OU Cloths, heavy Ms ( tings
Damask Linen, Floor Cloths, Stair Linen, Ac.
Those in want are respectfully invited to give us a call.
sep 18?lm No. C, Pa. av., bet. 7th and 8th sts.

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