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Corner of 14th strut and New York Avenue.
Z. RICHARDS, Principal.
ii '? Assistants.
11. W. M0N111., (
A. Zapvox*, Pruteaaor of Modern Languages.
It. Uumkik, Teacher of Drawing ami l'aintlog.
Circulars ran be obtained of the 1'iiucipiil. <w a'
Faruham'a Bookstore. |oet I
L auined op the 29th of October. In the Soteutifli
School, now connected with the College, young men 1
advance of our academies oujoy rare facilities in preparing
'? 1 n tlw Mercantilo Department a thorough business edu
cation may bo had. . , .. .. .
In the Agricultural Department special attention ia
given to agricultural chemistry.
There is also a Teachers' Department, and a Depart
ment of Modern Languages.
Newark Academy opens on the same day, (J'Jth Octo
ber.) Applications for admission should lie made early.
Term bill S75. for circulars containing full information,
uddroaa Hey. W. S. F. GRAHAM,
Mn o 2awlmWAS] President of the College.
Tcachtr and Trantlalnr of French, .tyaniih and lUilian.
(The Classics taught also, if required.)
A FEW I'UPILS may be instructed on the Guitar.
Classes of gentlemen meet at his room on Pennsyl
vania avenue, north side, between 3d and 4% streets.
Pupils will be accommodated at their residences also,
sep 16?tf
Second story, Old Medical College, corner of E
and Tenth Streets.
mllE duties of our Institution will be resumed on Mon
1 day, September 1st, ensuing. Circulars may bo ob
tained at the bookstores of Austin (Iray, Taylor A M?UI7.
and 11. Farnham; or of ourselves, corner of K and leuth
street*. JAMBS NOURSB,
Under the care of Rev. Alfred Jlolmead, Rector,
and Mr. Charles Tucker, A. M.
rplIK DUTIES of this Institution will be resumed on
X the 18th of August, in the lower Saloon of Mr. Ca
rusi's building. .... v
lii English, Mathematics, Greek, I/atin, and J?rench,
the course will bo full and thorough. Pupils (itted for
the Counting-room or College.
The experience of fifteen years, in the management of
boys, induces the confident belief that the satisfaction ex
pressed by their numerous former patrons, both in Mary
land and Virginia, will be shared by those who may be
pleased to entrust the education of their sons to their
""for terms and further information apply to the Hector,
the Rev. Alfred Uolmead, at his residence on 9th, between
E and F streets. ? [jy
WHITEHURST'S new and ex
tensive 0 ALL EltY OF PREMIUM
Store of Duvall A Hro., between
i i]/, and Oth streets, Pennsylvania
ThS^iallery possesses many advantages over others,
being built on the second tloor, and arranged expressly
for this purpose. It contains one of the largest sky
lights in this country, and is the most extensive and
finest south of Baltimore. It possesses every facility tor
copying Paintings or Daguerreotypes, not having its^ su
perior in the world?where may be obtained beautiful
and highly-finished Daguerreotypes in all weather, though
cloudy is preferable, except for children, loat-mortem
cases promptly attended to. .
Awarded the first medal at the late lair of the Mary
land Institute. , , _ ... _ .
Galleries.?No. 205 Baltimore street, Baltimore, J17
Broadway, New York; Pennsylvania avenue, Washing
ton, D. C.; 77 Main street, Richmond, Viv.; Lynchburg,
Va.; Norfolk, Va.; aud Petersburg, Va.
These Galleries are open l'reo to the public, at all
hrp82^tfJ. H. WHITEgPRST, Sole Proprietor.
JAMES A. CONNER, proprietor of the CITY EX
PRESS, begs leave to inform the public that he
still continues to run his EXPRESS WAGON to George
town daily, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, lie will also
convey baKf?R&? to and from the Cars, and to any parvt ol
the city, at moderate charges. He hopes, by strict atten
tion to his business, and the prompt and faithful delivery
of all articles committed to his keeping, to merit a literal
share of the patronage of the public. .
Orders left with Mr. Lewis F. Perry, at Clagett A Dod
gon'a, Pennsylvania avenue, near 9th street, will be at
tended to with promptness au.l fidelity. { a" I?"
in store the following articles, particularly adapted
for gentlemen's wear, which are choice and elegant:
15 pieces French Cloth, black and fancy, of first grade*
20 do medium and cheap Cloth, black and fancy
10 do extra superior Scotch Cassimcre, entirely new
20 do fancy good styles medium
20 do black Doeskins and Casslmeres, all qualities,
and of the most approved makes
150 patterns of the most choice Veatings
25 embroidered Satin Vest Shapes, ru h and beautiful
Also, a very superior stock of Alexander a Kid
with all kinds of silk, woollen, aud cotton Gloves, hall
llose, Undershirts aud Drawers, Suspenders, Cravats,
Pocket Handkerchiefs, Ac.
| The whole of which will * ftfiSST*
sep 18?lm
EltBY A MILLER take great pleasure in announc
? in* to the Ladles that they have just returned from
New York, and have now ready for their napection the
most elegant assortment of Fancy Goods to be found in
the city, in our stock they will find?
10O pieces splendid Silks, embracing the newest and
most fashionable styles of the season
10 piece* splendid Watered Poplins, all colors
1 case new style French Moussehnca, prettiest
goods of tho season
10 uleces Cheue Poplins, very rich
Splendid Cashmeres, newest and richest P***?
Figured and Plain Mouaseliues de Laine, from 12^
" cents to $1 per yard
A large stock Krencli Mcrinocs
Do do English do
Palmetto Cloths, in all the best colors
10 pieces Black Grode Rhine, all widths
Snleudid Embroidered Linencambrie Handkerchiefs
10() down plain and colored Bordered do. from 0/4 up
Worked Edgings and Inaerting*
Splendid Collars and Cutfs, Undenloevel, Ac.
82 anil WtaTte'pialn and Ribbed English Silk Hose
Do do Kaw-silk do
40.) down Cotton Horns black, white, and mode co
lors, of the very best make
20 dozen best Black Silk Mite long and sih,0**
50 down Alexander's be.tmake 1 aria Kid Glove*
Itlaek, white, and colored Silk Gloves i
In short, our stock is complete and elegant, and wearc
thitamemlWr the place, No. 0, l'onna. av? ?t. Uh^and
8th Streets. , ?
11rK AIM.; NOW OPENING a very choioe and select
W I.tock of mack goods, embracing all desirable arti
cles for Ladies in mourning. We name, in part
30 pieces Black Alpaca, all grades
10 do choice Uoinbasins, Lupin a mako
6 do Black French Merinoos
6 do do Cashmeres
2 do do Cashmere de Ecosaa
fi do do Muslin do Laine*
5 do Second-Mourning Silks
4 do English Crapes
10 do Italian Crapes
1 carton Black Lore Veil*
2 pieces Veil Crape, very nice; with Black Silk, Kid,
and Cotton Glove*; and all kind* mTllEII,
w,p is lm No- r'< I'a. av.. "tli and Hth *t*.
Undrr the dirrctvm of Aaron Hahjiit Palmkr, ?f
York awl Worthinoto* Oarrkttso* Hnktiieji, of JSrw
OrUant, AtUrnei/t ami (huntrWtrt of the Sup. (burl U.S.
This establishment i* formed for the Sdlowing objects:
1 For practising law in the Supreme Court of the Uni
ted'States, and conducting professional business before
C?r*Kor"the prosecution and recovery of allclaims, in law
or equity, gainst the United State* before Conjn-es* or
the KxJuUve Departments, or against foreign Govern
ment* beflire Boards of Commissioners.
a For the settlement of accounts with the State, Tre*r
miry, War, Navy, Post Office, and Interior Departments,
and obtaining the remission of fine*, penalties, anilfor
feiture* for alleged violations of the revenue, post office,
' ^For securing letters patent for invention* from the
United States or from foreign Government*, and procu
ring land warrant* and pension* under tho various pen
sion law* of the United State*.
5. For collections generally, embracing dobt*, legacies,
and inheritance* in the United States and foreign coun
fl. For the purchase and sale of lands In any of the
State* or Territories of the Union, and loaning money*
on mortgage of real estate lying therein.
7. For investment of funds in United State* and State
*tock* and loan*, collection of the dividend* thereon, and,
g?nerally, for the transaction of all business pertaining to
a law, loan, and banking agency.
All communications addressed, post-paid, to Messr*.
Palmer A Snethcn, American anil Foreign Agency, City
Washington, will receive prompt and fkithfkil attention.
.June :?>?l.v* Office No. ftCarroll Place, Capitol llill
i TTIIK. BIBLE DEPOSITORY, corner of Band 10th
\ streets. |*epl?tf] JAMES NOURSK.
fl'Al L(IK at HAunii nouMaciKra mil
1 Peniutylvauia avenue, near yth
Hired, have ouugtautlvi on hand a full auortment of
PAPER, of every variety, tor Dale at New York price*.
ilu 22?tr
T.1FUOOPAL l'rayer-book*.
A J Catholic Prayer-books.
Methodist Hymn-books
Unitarian Ily inn-books.
Presbyterian Hymn-book*.
Baptist Hymn-books. In evory variety.
For vale at the published price, by
June 28?tf Booksellers, near 9th street.
ALL of Harper A Brothers' Publication*.
All of Appleton's Publication*.
All of Putnam's Publications,
Little A Brown'*, Boston; and all book* published In
the United States.
For sale at the publisher*' prices by
June 28?tf Booksellers, near 9th st.
RULED LETTISH PAP KB at $1 26 a roam.
Kuled Cool Heap Writing Paper at $1 25 a ream.
Good Envelopes ut $1, $1 25, and $1 60 a thousand.
Steel Pen* at 25 cents, 60 cents, and 76 cents a gross.
Small Wrapping Paper at 26 cents a ream.
For sale at TAYLOK A MAURY'S
June 28?tf Book and Stationery store, near 9th st.
I0ME Ladies all, give us a call,
And read our Proclamation,
With beaux and pas, sis, brothers, mas,
And hear our conversation.
Our Qaiters, Slippers, Boots and Shoes?
Our Patent "Souukus d'Union;"
With Fairy Pumps, and Sylph ine Shoes?
Bright Fashion's contribution?
of tlie host quality, and the latest and most fashionable j
style, can be hod cheap, for cash, at
sep 25?tf 7th Street, near Louisiana av.
TIIK BUILDER'S GUIDE?containing Lists of Prices j
and Rules of Measurement for Carpenters, Bricklay
ers, Stone-masons, Stone-cutters, Plasterers,Slaters, Paint
ers, Glaziers, &c. Also, a table of lineal, square, and cu- |
bio measures, rules of mensuration, the building regular
tions, the laws relative to buildings, lien laws, Ac.
J ust published, and for sale by
sep 1G?lm D street, between 9th and loth.
HERE may always be found a general assortment ol
Religious and Miscellaneous Books, a large supply
of the various Prayer aud Hymn Books used in the dif
ferent churches, Music Books, Juvenile and Premium
Books, Lithographic Prints, Ac. Also, School Books,
Blank Books, and Stationery of every description, Per- |
fumery and Fancy Articles.
Here is the Depository of the Methodist Book Concern,
including Sabbath School Publications; here the Deposi- |
tory of tho Massachusetts Sabbath School Society; and
here is a constant supply of the publications of Robert |
Carter A Brothers, American Tract Society and other
religious houses. AUSTIN GRAY,
sup 2?eo 7th street, opposite Odd-Fellows' Hall.
DANIEL PIERCE continues to cover and re- j
pair UMBRELLAS and PARASOLS as usual, I
at his old stand, Pennsylvania avenue, south
side, between 12th and 13th streets, sign of the 1
black and white Umbrella. Xfc#- A general assortment I
of Umbrellas tor sale. Silk, Gingham, and other inatcri- ]
a Is suitable for every description of repairs, always on
hand. Jtcf Pa. av., south side, between 12th and 13tb
streets. J une 3?eotf
JAS. F. HARVEY, Undertaker,
Seventh ttreet, between G and 11 streets,
C ]t -i WOULD respectfully return his thanks
Wto his fellow-citizens, and those of the sur
rounding country, for their past patronage, and would in
form them that lie is fully prepared to fill all orders for
Funerals at the shortest notice. He would respectfully
say that ho has taken considerable pains to'provlde him
self with all manner of conveniences for an Undertaker.
His mode of preserving bodies in the warmest weather has
never failed to give the utmost satisfaction.
He keeps constantly on hand a large supply of I
ready-made COFFINS, of &U sizes.
June 2?MW&S?y [Marlboro'Gazette?ly]
1IIAVE JUST RKCEIVED a supply of tho following
articles, which I will sail as low as they can be had
in this market for cash:
Rooting Tin, bright and leaded, 14 by 20
Bright Tin, 10 by 14; Sheet Zinc
Bar, Round, and Square Iron?American, English and
Baud and Hoop Iron, Plough Plates and Landsides
Cart Steel, American and English Blister Steel
Cart and Buggy Axles, and Wagon Boxes
Horse Shoes, Horse Nails, and Nail Rods
Cut and Wrought Nails and Spikes
Pumps, Grindstones, Wheelbarrows, and Truck*
Ploughs, Harrows, and Cultivators
Corn Shelters and Corn Mills
Vegetable Cutters and Straw Cutters
Wheat Fans and Churns
Sausage Cutters and Sausage Staffers
Ox Yokes, Cattle Ties and Hull Rings
Root Pullers and Bramble Hooks
Fruit Gatherers and Corn Parchers
Shovels, Spades, Forks, Hakes, aud Itoes
Folding Ladders and Water Rams
Vegetable Boilers and Garden Syringes
Wire for Fencing and Screw Wrenches
Garden Trowels, Pruning Scissors, Ac., Ac.
au 11?eod2m Opp. Brown's Hotel, Pa. av.
XWE would invite the Indies to call and examine
our extensive Stock of Green, Blue, and Black
Watered, Bordered and Lined Silk and Satin Turc
PARASOLS?the largest assortment in the District, at
greatly reduced prices.
Also a choice selection of UMBRELLAS, all of the latest
fashion, and the work warranted.
JUST RECEIVED?a handsome variety of Silks and
Scotch Ginghams for re-covering.
?Jr Repairing and Covering faithfully and punctually
executed. A. CORB1T A CO.,
may t)?6m Penn avenue, near 4 street.
Portsmouth, July 9,1851.
Mr. J. E. Boi'SH?Dear Sir: I feel it a duty to make
known the benefit I have derived from Dr. Hampton's
VEGETABLE TINCTURE. For a number of years 1
suffered from disease, but to a greater degree for the last
three year*. One of the forms of ray disease was dyspep
sia. From this dreadful malady I suffered to suc h an ex
tent that life was really a burden. The attack of It on
me was different to that bn any other person of whom 1
have heard; at times it was like the palpitation of the
heart; thero was a constant thumping and beating with
out intermission about the region of my hoart, chest, and
stomach; somo of the attacks would last for weeks ; my
?tomnrh was much distended, with constant pain, great
weakness, and constipation of the bowel*. I could not
eat the most simple food without pain. I also suffered
greatly from disease of the kidneys, with constant pain
in the bark, thst I could walk only with great difficulty.
I tried nearly all of the most eelebratz-d patent medicine*
of the day, but fbund no relief. I had also the best medi
cal attendance. One of my physicians frankly told me it
was of no use for me to tie paying him for advice, as he
could do me no good. I gave up almost in despair, and
thought my disease certainly incurable.
At this juncture I heard of Hampton's Vegetable Tinc
ture. I refused to give it a trial, although persuaded by
my friends, until my son purchased a few tiottles, and
requested me to try Itafter taking it a few times, it hail
a most happy effect On me ; my confidence increased, and
after taking three bottles, my dyspepsia, or disease of the
stomach, was nearly If not entirely cured. I now feel
myself a new man, and In better health than for years.
I am certain the cure in my case was made by this Hamp
ton's Vegetable Tincture alone. Since my cure I have
recommended the tincture to a numlier of my friend*,
who have also been relieved by it. Some of the cures
have been as rapid and equally wonderful as mine.
I present my respects to Messrs. Mortimer A Mowbray,
the proprietors of this valuable medicine, and say to them
its value i* above price; and from my cure, and what 1
have seen of its effects on others, I shall ever feel it my
duty to r<sv>mmend it to the suffering. I have no doubt
many valuable lives will lie prolonged by it* use. 1 hope
the afflicted will cast aside their prejudices and give it a
trial. Yours most respectfully, (Signed)
John Lvkc.
The above Is extracted from a letter from a gentlemnn
sixty years of age, ?nd of high character. He says : " I
have given but a faint idea of my sufferings; I feel inad
equate to the task." We also have received. In the Inst
few days, letters from two of our most worthy and well
known citizens, giving two remarkable cures of spinal
disease. But yesterday one of the oldest merchants re
ported that, he wss cured of neuralgia of the head, of
years standing, and so bad that his teeth fell out from its
effects. Call and see letters. Was them ever so ninny
cures, wonderful cures, innde by any other medicine.
All we ask of the afflicted is that they try Hampton's
Vegetable Tincture, the great purifier of the blood nnd
cure for all chronic diseases, as dyspepsia, rheumatism,
scrofula, and all oomplaints of the stomach, bowels, Ac.
Oeneral Agents, Baltimore st.
Also for sale by C. fitott A Co., Washington. D. C.
Joseph MofTett, 7th st.. near K.
K. S. T. Cissell. Georgetown,
jy lft?3m C. C. Berry, Alexandria, Va.
HN. GILBERT has opened an office in Washington
. city, where he will give his prompt attention to
all those who will favor hiin with the agency to sell farms
In Virginia, Maryland,or the District of Columbia. Having
followed farming heretofore, and being a northerner by
birth, he can appreciate the wants of such as come from
the North for the purpose of locating farms in this vicin
ity. He has the agency to soli a goodly numlier of farms
in Virginia, and those coming from the North would do
well to call, before purchasing, at his residence on Penn
sylvania avenue, first square west of the Oapltol Gate,
may 20?y *2in
Gjcohujctown. October 1?12 m.
Next Friday night the Councils of our town
will be called together for the purpose of re
! ceiving and considering the resolutions, upon
the subjeot of charter reform, which were
passed at the town meeting held some two
weeks ago. As this is one among the many
subjects of importance which agitate the pub
lic mind, let every good citizen feel it to be his
duty to attend, and hear the different argu
ments for and against it; so that when the time
arrives for action, we may act understandingly
in the premises.
One Charles Carter, a free negro, was arrested
yesterday under a warrant charging him with
whipping his wife, and threatening to set lire to
the house. Justice A. K. Arnold committed
him to jail.
The Fall business lias fairly commenced with'
our dry-good merchants, and the footways are
literally lined with boxes and barrels of every
kind of goods, from fhe most costly silks and
broadcloths down to fip cotton and kerseys;
they having determined that, so far as quality,
price and assortment is concerned, our ladies
shall no longer have any excuse for going shop
ping elsewhere.
Arrivals.?Brig J. C. Fremont, Taylor, to J.
A. Grimes; brig L. P. Snow, Charles, Bangor,
to F. & A. H. Dodge ; packet schr. Hamilton,
Dayton, New York, to same. Elkctko.
A Cheap Place to Live in.?The London
Literary Gazette, in a notice of Mr. Neale'swork
on Syria, says: "People who love to live well
and cheap at the same tiime should go to An
tioch. Mr. Neale tried to be extravagant there,
but found it to be impossible, 'house rent, ser
vants, horses, board, washing and wine included,'
to spend more than ?40 a year."
Extension.?The Georgetown Advocate states
that there is a proposition started anew of ex
tending the Baltimore and Washington railroad
to a point on the Potomac direotly opposite to
Alexandria, there to connect with the Orange
and Alexandria railroad.
Resolutions in favor "f Mr. Douglas for the
Presidency were last week agreed upon by a
meeting at Knoxville, 111., who pledged them
selves to promote his nomination by the next
Democratic National Convention.
PROPOSALS win be received by the undersigned
? 9"? d?y of October next for the extension
of the Northern Market House, according to tho following
MarkVnousT"0" ?f ^ WMt Wi"R 10 th? Northern
Dimensions.?Tho length to be 72^ feet from the centre
building to the outside of the front wall on 8th street ;
the width to bo 37 10-12 feet in the clear of the walls
Foundations, to be of best quality blue rock, laid in ce
\? b<v.,t,W0 f*1 thlck> 8tjrtinK from trenches
dug out 1j inches below the present surface of the ground
and brought up to a level line 8 inches below the top of
the stone foundations of tho present building; the top
course of stone to bo neatly jointed wherever exposed be
yond the brick-work; the outside and inside faces of tho
stone-work which show above the pavements to bo laid
to line and neatly pointed; the top of the stone founda
tions between tho two doors on 8th street to be covered
with sills of Now York stono 4 inches thick, each sill to
bo in one piece; foundations for the support of a stop to
each door to be connected with the main wall, to project
18 inches, and brought up sufficiently high to receive a
granite step 9 inches thick.
llriik-H<.rA\?The thickness of tho walls, style of finish,
and character of the material to correspond with the
brick-work ol the present building; to commence eight
inches below the top of the present stone work, and to
finish in height even with east wing. The 8th street
front to bo fiuished with a pediment corresponding with
tho pitch of tho present roof. From the stone founda
tions to the window-sills the brick are to be laid in ce
ment mortur, the remainder in mortar composed of best
quality wood-burnt liuio, and Hharp Hand in due propor
tions. There are to be the same number of windows and
doors in the west wing as are In the east wing. The floor
against the walls to be filled up from the present surface
to ono inch of the pavement with oyster shells, gla#s,
blacksmiths' cinders, or marble or granite spauls, at least
two feet broad; the remainder of tho grading to be of
clay; the whole to bo solidly rammed and insured against I
undue settlement; tho floor to be pared with bast quality
paving brick, on four inches of sharp sand, and to be
neatly fitted to tho outside walls and to the present pave
ment; the floor to decline one foot.
Cut Stone- Work.?Sixteen window-sills, 5 by 8 inches,
and of a length suited to the breadth of the window
frames, to be of granite; two stops of granite, 6 feet long,
18 inches wide, and 9 inches thick; eight granite hinire
blocks 18 inche? long, 8 by 13Uinches.
OarpmtUr*' Work- awl MaUrutl.?The roof to bo con
structs of common rafters of K. S. pine, 8 inches at the
bottom and 6 inches at the top, and 3 inches thick, placed
two feet from centres, to be butted together at the crown,
and notched into the ceiling-joists at the heel; the ceiling
joists to be good E. S. pine 3 by 10 inches, and, if neces
sary, may be in two lengths by using a full lap and key
splice; a strong brace of 5-4 yellow pine 8 inches broad to
be nailed on each side of the rafter down to tho bottom of
the ceiling-joist, from which braces of 6-1 yellow pino are
to bo nailed, extending near tho centre of the rafters, and
from tho plaoe of intersection of tho braces with the raf
ters, other perpendicular braces to be nailed to tho ceil
ing-joist; the sheathing to lie of good sound culls; to be
shingled in the best manner, with tho best quality cy
press or juniper 12-inch shingles; the wood cornice to be
extended round the west wing corresponding with the
east wing, to lie of well seasoned white pine, free from sap
ami loose-knots; the window-frames to be made of 2%
inch all-heart yellow pine, each frame to have six wrougiit
iron bars 3-4 inches diameter and supported in the contre
by a horizontal bar 1U inch by % inch, through which
tho bars are to pass; the frames to be so constructed a?
to admit of sashos in case they should bo desired hereaf
. .5 .? to ?*< mad., like those to the present 1
building, to be hung with 14-inch strap hinges and hooks,
put on with rivets; each set of shutters to be fastened
with middle Slip shutter-bolts; the lintels to lie of wood
like those over the present windows; the doors to be of
the same size as those on 7th street, to be of all-heart N*.
C. 6-4 thick, dreaaod, tongued and grooved, and bead?],
lined in tho inside with dressed 4-4 tongued and grooved
and beaded white pino strongly nailed together with
wrought nails, and hinged with two feet wrought iron
strap hinges, put on with rivets or screw taps, to be fast
ened at the top with spring-bolts and chains, and suitable
swinging iron bars and staples. The racks, hooks, and
side benches to be made same as those in the east wing.
1 Minting.-?The cornice, frames, shutters, liars, racks,
and doors to bo painted three coats of pure lead and
boiled oil.
The top of tho horizontal cornice to be covered with tin.
The contractor to have tho earth well filled in to the out^
side of foundation wail* and solidly rammed, and to re
place whatever of outside pavements may bo removed or
injured in the erection of the west wing, lie is also to
have the entire work done in a faithful and workmanlike
manner, to the satisfaction of the Mayor and the Com
missioners appointed to superintend the erection of said
wing: and, upon the completion of the work, to remove
from the premises all the offal arising from the work.
The brick work to be finished on or liefore the 20th
day of November next, and tho entire work to be com
pleted by the first day of January next.
iwp 20?3t Commissioners.
Encourago your own Mechanics, Manufacturers,
and Seamstresses.
Riffn of thf, Shirt, south side of
I'enna. avenue, respectfully in
vites the citizens of Washington,
and all others whodosiretohave
SHIRTS of all sizes, qualities,
Eattorn, or price, to call upon
im at his Shirt Factory, oppo- |
site the United States Hotel;
whero he will execute their or
ders, and warrants his shirts,
which are nuinnfacturnl by Ihr
,Vra mxirfsirx of Wushin/jtnn only,
to be good fits and good work
manship. William II. Faulkner
has .'10 IV ashington seamstress"*
constantly employed in making
shirts, the demand for which has
I greatly increased sine*, they have
J been worn and tested li? mem
i w . , of Congress and otlier citi
: h*T* purchased them. He would respectfully sub
mit h*t an establishment like his, which gives reguUr
employment, .// fair living jrrics, to a large number of
resjiectable and Industrious females. Is deservlnuof lils ral
encouragement from the citizens of Washington esm-. tal
ly, who are bound by principles of reciprocity andinter
ZfcSZff**? manufacturers,
Shirts .Collars, Bosoms, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Sus
M^rtole^t '' n?n"ta"U7 k,"l>t for "alp- and view the
?!mi ?Ju' U A nR'.<Si.7,n *'mKyn "''N^mployment.
June I *V--eoM Pntelllgenoer copy.]^^
Gunsmith, Locksmith and Hell-1 tana er
Www>n 3,1 ?""> M streets.
l V"1 moun,ed; Machinery and Lamps
JunTV?eo <K ,lone ,n Ivory and Metals.
"tram marble wobks.
Co* "tr of North >ud Honuiueut ftreett,
Baltimore, Maryland.
SlfMjtj ^ * HAIKU having completed their extensive
work. S (which hi now one of the largest establish
went* of kind In thin country,) are prepared to fill
all orders iu tholr line vU: MARBLE MANTLES, MON
Til'ICS, (for tk ?<"??,) MAJUII'K LETTERS, Ac., at as rea
sonable rales aa be had In tills or any other city iu
the Union. Vor beauty of execution and originality of
design, their stock oannf't be surpassed. They would re
spectfully invito ArcJiiia U, JJuiliUrt, (MbxwJrMakm, and
others, to call and exanil ne t>efore purchasing. They are
also prepared to furuid U the trade with Slabs, Bloc Its,
Ac., to order.
JMr All orders by mal 1 punctually attended to.
sep 20?d2m
C1ANTICA LAUO.IU, or American Book
/ of Church Mum tc, by Lowoll Mason <v, (J. J,
Webb?just out, anil uni versally recommended by thu
Press as superior to all it* predeoesaors.
Forsuloby A. GRAY,
sep 17?tr 7th St., opp. Odd-Fallows' Ilall.
BAKKY'S Trlcopheroua cures all diseunea of
the skiu and hair, and is for sale at, the low price of
26 cents per bottlo at tho Drug Store, corner of K and 7th
streets. J. F. CALLAN.
sop ?]?
TARRANT'S Kffervenceiit Seltzer Ape
rient.?This highly valuable preparation is the
most convenient and isfncncious aperient in use, and may
bo htul at $1 per bottli? at the Drug Store, corner of K and
7th streets. J. F. CALLAN.
sep 23?
BULL'S 8aruapn.rilla.
Also, Townsend's do.
Schwartz's do.
For sale by J. F. CALLAN,
sep 23? corner K and 7th streets.
I1ANCY PAPER.?Eiubosstwl (lold and Silver,
' Ultramarine, Enamelled, Ureeu, Glazed, Blue, Yel
low, Tissue, 4c., Ac., at moderate prices, for sale by
A. GRAV, 7th street,
sop 17?tr opposite Odd-Fellows' Hull.
A GOOD OPPORTUNITY is now presented for those
who desire to have their parlor and chamber furni
ture restored to its original !>eauty. Pianos, etc., polished
at reasonable rates. Tho ailvortiser has hud ample ex
perience in varnishing and polishing household furni
ture, and Is prepared to execute all orders entrusted to
him. His process does not requiro tho articles to be re
moved from tho room, nor will it prove injurious to the
carpet or lloor.
Orders left with Mr. J. T. RadclilT, Odd-Fellows' Hall;
J. M. Bonn, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 10th
street; N. M. M'Greggor, 7th street, near D, and Mr. M.
Thompson, Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and \\'-? I
streets; at which places reference will also be given, if |
required. au 11?eod3m
HYMNS of the Methodist Episcopal Church
Hymns of the Methodist Episcopal Church South
Hymns of the Methodist Protestant Church
Lutheran Hymns
The Psalmist, with supplement
Watts aud Rippon
Watts and Select Hymns
Parish Hymns
Psalms ami Hymns
Episcopal Prayer-Books, with Lessons
Bible and Prayer?bound together
Catholic Prayer-Books
Bibles and Testaments; large and substantial Fami
Bibles, Pocket Bibles, etc.
All of the above in every variety and style of binding.
ap 26?eodtf 7th street, opp. Odd-Fellows' Hall.
JOHN D. CLARK has removed his Magistrate's, No
tart Pcbuo, and Gknkral Aoenct Office, to Twelfth
street, third door south of Pennsylvania avenue. Sol
diers' Claims for Land, Back Pay, Extra Pay, Pensions,
Claims before Congress and tho Departments, promptly
attended to at moderate charges. Persons at a distance
may explain their claims, (post paid,) and suitable forms
will be sent back with instructions. sep 19?0m
Oar. of l'ennsylvania Ave.nur. and Thirteenth street,
may 26 Washington City, D. C. d A y
Old Wines, Liquors, Segars, Fresh Foreign
Fruits, Comestibles, etc.,
Pennsylvania avenue, 3 doors east of Fifteenth street.
may 17?ly
Surgeon Dcnttat,
Office near Jtrown'i Hotel, lYnnsylvania avenue,
Charges New York and Philadelphia prices, and guaran- ]
ties his work to be equal to any done in those oitlea.
ap 6?tf
Dealers in
Np. 6, opposite Centre Market,
ap 10 Washington City. D. C. d A y
Oj/ice Eighth street, opposite Market.
BUSINESS of all kinds requiring th<- Attention of an
Attorney, Magistrate, or Agent, will be promptly
attended to. Claims brought before Congress and the I
Departments will receive prompt attention by being
placed in his hands.
Fee moderate. June 12?y
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
T)RACTJSES in the Courts of the District, and prose
X cutcs claims of every description before the several
Executive Departments and before Congress.
Office and residence 21st street, two doors north
of H. ap 11?tf
House and Sign Painter, and Glazier,
South side Louisiana avenue, between 6th and 7 th stroets,
(Dwelling South F street, between 7th and 8th streets, I
Island,) is prepared to execute to order all descriptions of ]
work, in his line. ap 18?6m
Attorney at Law,
Will practise In the several court* of tho District of |
Office on street, near First Presbyterian Church.
Jy lft?tr
"VtTM. INOMAN, Cabinet-maker, Carpenter, and Prin
VY ters' Furniture-make*, can be found by inquiring
at NOKLL A BOYD'S Venetian Blind Manufactory, Penn
Slvnnia avenue, between Otb and luth streets, south
to. jy 81 8m
Officer, Collector, and General Agent.
USINESS entrusted to him will lie attended to in a
proper manner, and mrfy bo left with any of the
Magistrates. Residence C street, between VX and 6th
stroets, 'Washington, D. C. jy 29?tf
(Late of the firm of Walker 4" Wise,)
H AS opened a shop on E street, opposite Temperance
Hall, between 9th and 10th streets.
Residence on I street, north side, between 6th and 7th
streets. mar 24?tf
STILL< ANOTHER of our most talented and
highly respectable citizens speaks for Hampton's
Baltimore, July IS, 1851.
Messrs. Mortimer d'? Mowbray:?Gentlemen: My daugh
ter having been affiicted for more than a year with the
spinal disease, and having tried every remedy that wns
prescribed by some of our best physicians, without afford
ing her any apparent relief, I fortunately was advised
by a friend to try a bottle of " Dr. Hampton's Vegetable
Tincture," which relieved her of her pain in less than
twenty-four hours. 1 am pleased to say that since she
took it she has been free from pain, and she is gradually
gaining strength, which I attribute entirely to the restor
ative properties of this medicine. I believe if it were
more extensively used, it would do more good in the re
moval of such diseases Incident to the huuiau family than
what Is usually prescribed.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
Robert Kerr,
Principal Western F. II. School.
Call and get pamphlet aud see certificates of wonderful
For sale by MORTIMER A MOWBRAY, 240 Baltimore
street, General Agents.
Alao by O. Stott A Co., Washington, D. 0.
Joseph Moffelt, 7 th st. near K.
R. 8. T. Cissell, Georgetown,
jy 1ft?3mlf C. C. Kerry, Alexandria. Va.
S.'ir''' always on hand, tnr sale and to rent on
*1 7 iTTl moderate terms, at the I'iano Store, on
J V II ?l 12th street, above'F street.
New MUSIC 8TOOI?S for sale.
jy 1?d3n?* F. 0. REICH KN BACH.
For Fitting up Stores with Fancy Fronts.
1,1 E. GKIGEH, Builder and Architect, would respect
. . fully inform his friends and the public in general,
that he Is prepared to fit up Stores and build Fancy Fronts
on an entire new plan, embracing all the latest improve
ments. The work can be done without stepping the busi
ness while the work is goingon.
He Is also prepared to do all kinds of work In the hnlld
ing line, at the shortest notice and on the most reasonable
terms. All husinessentrusted to his earo will lie promptly
attended to.
Plaoe of business on D street, between 9th and 10th.
may 1?flm
Kttrtri, l-dwtm ISth afui l-U/t, tVoi/un^Um City, D. C.
MAKHI.K MANTLKS, UouuiuttuU) Touts, Uewl ind
foot Stone*, Ac., constantly on hand, of tin- best
quality aud workmtnship. All kinds of stone, for build
ing, Ac. All kinds of work in his lino faithfully executed
at the shortest notion. up 10?tf
General Banking and Exchange Buaineaa.
IMiK undersigned respeotfhlly announce to the public
that they have eutured into copartnership for the
transaction of a general Exchange and Banking business
in the city of Washington, under the firm of?
All business entrusted to thein will be attended to with
promptness and fidelity.
Late Treasurer of the United States
Of Alexandria, Virginia.
Of tbo city of Washington.
L. P. 11AYNK,
mar 24?tf Of Baltimore, Maryland.
Dr. Stickl&nd's American Family Fills.
BESIDES the cathartic and anti-dyspeptic qualities of
thoso Pills, their adaptation to purify the Mood?to
euro tho Liver Complaint, Urinal and Abdominal Diseases,
mid especially tliat class of inaladicH known ax Female
Complaints; to rttliuvo tho system of Worms, and pimples
on the skin?may be soon, as sot forth in a pamphlet,
which can bo had gratuitously of the wholesale agent.
A. 11 KAY, Bookseller,
7th street, opposite Odd-Fellows' Hall.
N. B.?Tho above I'XLLS come to me so highly recom
mended, from so responsible a source, that 1 do not hesi
tate to believe that they will prove to lie as good as the
ujst ever introduced, and that it will not l>e long before
their popularity and sale will be unjHiralitled.
June tt?eotf A. OKAY.
18 circulated extensively among the Merchants of that
city, and travellers find it in all the Hotels, Steam
boats, and ltAilroad conveyances diverging from Phila
delphia. It contains a correct list of the names of those,
persons arriving at the principal hotels daily, and conse
quently is tho best means the Proprietors of Hotels in
other ciliejt can have for extending their business among
the travelling public.
. for tho use of Merchants, Storekeepers, and others;
a full assortment of various sizes now in store. Tho above
Chests are warranted equal to any other make for security
against Fire or Burglars, having withstood the test of botb
without injury or lows to the owners, in any inctanco.
Also?In store and for sale:
Seal and letter Copying Presses and Books
Trucks, for moving Boxes, Bales, Ac., in Stores
Druggists' Presses, with Cylinders and Pans
Packing levers, for Dry Good Stores, ic.
Portable Shower Baths, of new construction, suitable for
warm or cold water
Refrigerators, for keeping Meats, Butter, Milk, Ac., in
dining room, hall, or cellar
Water Filters, for purifying muddy or bad Water,caused
by Rains, Limestone, Marl, or other causes.
81 8. Second, 1 door below Chestnut street,
mar 24? Philadelphia.
OWING to the lato revolutions and counter-rpvolutioiiF
among the nations of Europe, which have followed
each other in such quick succession, and of which " the
end. is not yet," tho leading periodicals of Great Britain
have become invested with a degree of interest hitherto
unknown. They occupy a middle ground between the
hasty, disjointed, and necessarily imperfect records of the
newspapers, and the elaborate and ponderous treaties t/",
be furnished by the historian at a future day. Whov,ex
reads these periodicals obtains a correct and (.onnec^^j (ir.
count of all the important political events of the Old
World, as they occur, and learns the various conclusions
drawn frora them by the leading spirits of t'no age. The
American publishers therefore deem it PToper to call re
newed attention to the works they publish, and the very
low prices at which they are offered to subscribers. The
following is their list, viz:
The London Quartehi.t Review,
The Edinburgh Review,
The North British Review,
The Westminster Review, and
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine.
In these periodicals are contained tho views, moderately
though clearly and firmly expressed, of tho throe greatest
parties in England?Tory, Whig, and Radical; "Black
wood" and the " London Quarterly" are Tory, the " Edin- |
burgh Review" Whig, and the "Westminster Review"
Liberal. The " North British Review" owes its establish
ment to the last great ecclesiastical movement in Scotland, I
and is not ultra in its views on any one of the grand de
partments of human knowledge. It was originally edited
by Dr. Chalmers, and now, since his death, is conducted
by his son-in-law, Dr. Hanna, associated with Sir David
Brewster. Its literary character is of the very highest
order. The "Westminster," though reprinted under that
title only, is published in England under the title of the
" Foreign Quarterly and Westminster," it being in fact a
union of the two Reviews formerly published and reprinted
under separate titles. It has, therefore, the ad van tage, by
this combination, of uniting in one work the best features
of !?oth, as heretofore issued.
The abovo Periodicals are reprinted in New York,imme
diately on their arrival by the British steamers, in a beau
tiful clear typo, on fine white paper, and are faithful co
pies of the originals?Blackwood's Magazine being an ex
act foe simile of tho Edinburgh edition. *
For any one of the four Reviews, $3 00 per annum.
For any two, do 6 00 44
For any three, do 7 00 "
For all four of the Reviews, 8 00 "
For Blackwood's Magazine, 3 00 "
For Blackwood and three Reviews, 9 00 ?*
For Blackwood and four Reviews, 10 00 '*
DtytnenU to be made in all cases in advance.
Remittances and communications should be always
addressed, post paid or franked, to the Publishers,
79 Fulton street, New York,
mar 24? Entrance 54 Gold st.
RKAT chance for Book Agents to clear from $500 to
T $1,000 a year! Book! Of universal utility. SEARS'
N KW AND nVDLAK WORKS?the most splendidly
illustrated volume* for families ever issued on the Ame
rican continent, containing more than four thousand en
oravin'is, designed and iMMM by the most eminent
artists of England aDd America.
The entire series have been carefully examined, and
?trongly recommended to Superintendents, Trustees, and
Teachers of Schools, by the fo!lowiiigdistinguish<'d gentle
men: Ilis Excellency Hamilton Fish, Ex-Governor of the
State of New York; Christopher Morgan, Secretary of
State, and Superintendent of Common Schools, N. Y.; T.
Romeyn Beck, esq., M. D., Secretary of the Regents of the
University, N. Y.; tho Legislative Committee on Colleges,
Academies, and Common Schools; Rev. Edward Hitch
cock, LL. D.. President of Amherst College, and Professor
of Geology, Massachusetts*
Amlierst College, Dec. 25, 1848.
Mr. Robert Sear*?-Dear Sir : 1 have looked over tho en
tire series of your valuable publications with much in
terest and profit; and am quite surprised at the amount
of literary labor you have performed, and the research it
must have cost you to obtain so many fine Illustrations,
while you have an active superintendence of an extensive
business. 1 am also gratified at the decidedly moral and
religious influence which your Issiks will exert, nnd can
not but hope that they will do much to counteract the
effects of that light and immoral literature which deluges
the land, aud, like the frogs of Egypt, comes up even to
the kneading troughs of our kitchens. May you live long
ti> follow your plans.
Respectfully and sincerely, your obliged servant,
?The works alluded to as having been examined and
recommended, are as follows: A new and popular Pictorial
Description of tho United States, Pictorial History of the
American Revolution. Scenes and Sketchesof Continental
Europe, Description of Great Britain ami Ireland, Picto
rial Family Annual, Treasury of Knowledge, Information
for the People, The Family Instructor, Pictorial Sunday
Book, Bible Biography. Bible History, and second series
of The Wonders of the World.
Gentlemen of respectability and of good address wanted
to sell the above popular Pictorial Works. Full particu
lars of the principles and profits of the Agency will be
given on application either personally or by letter. The
postage must in all cases lie paid.
Please address ROBERT SEARS, Publisher,
mar 24? 128 Nassau street, N.Y.
YV AGENCY, No. 110 Market st., Philadelphia.
associate orrrcKS.
K. RUSSELL A CO., (late Geo. W. Gordon,) Boston.
J. I). PRATT A CO., Baltimore.
WM. B. PIKRCK A CO., Cincinnati.
CIIAS. BARLOW * CO., 8t. l-ouis.
WM. B. PIERCE A CO., Louisville.
This well known and extensive establishment invites
Merchants, Manufacturers, and Bankers, to an investiga
tion of its system, and gratuitous test of its records of the
standing and responsibility ol traders in the U. States.
Our increased patronage has enabled us, during the past
year, to open offices in Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Ixmis,
and New Orleans; these, in connection with our long es
tablished offices in Boston, New York, and Baltimore,
enable \is to offer facilities and advantages which time ami
experience alone could accumulate, and which we believe
are unequalled.
We are prepared to make collections In any of the States,
Territories, Canada, England, Ireland. Scotland. France,
Germany, and in any commercial port of the world, mvl {
will pay particular attention to old and doubtful debts, iti '
the collection of which class we have extraordinary facili
ties, and have been unusually successful.
Having full lists and reports of nearly all the Attorneys
In the United states, we are at all times prepared to fUr
nish y?u, gratuitously, the names of good and responsible
lawyers In any part of the United States and Canndas. ;
Connected with our Agency Is a
i. *11 stiit'v*. who I* to afford pviry IWrilitjr
and legal tbrm for preparing *0:- J^MrtJunn
use, thereby avoiding a delay oftwn fatal to the collection
of a debt. 34
Gregory'" California Package Expreai.
^ THK UUHBCH I UiiKU will deatwtch
'w-tJV BPKCIAh MJC&-.J>JNGK8, twoor more
AjTLalfJ^ times per mouUi, by Steamships, vi?
CHAtiltKti and PANAMA, in eharge
of puree It,,jowelry, t aluables and uiail
?I<1h matter, which will iii all case* arrive iu Han Fran
cisco by tiiij mail oUiamers, and b? deli verud in advance of
the mail.
We bug to announoe to the public that ?e have entered
into oouneiiou with the heaviest transportation house on
the Isthmus, who are bound to us to transport our good*
from (Jhagr.-a to Panama, >n advance </ aii utiter exyreMt*,
and baviug made arrangements with the U. 8. Mail and
aii other steamers ou tile Pacific, for the carriage of our
goods, we are prepared to guarantee their delivery in Ban
{Francisco within a specified time.
In addition to the superior qualities of thu line, for the
transaction of Merchandise, its manifest advantages over
the V. H. Mitil and all other competitors, iu the transpor
tation of letters and parcels between the Pacific and At
lantic tituU-s, are well known and already generally ap
preciated by the public. The value of a mercantile letter,
delivered by us three or four days in advance of all other
competition, being properly estimated.
We have also established agencies In GUAYAQUIL,
OA I.LAO, and VALPARAISO, for which ports, and other
cities on the South American coast, we are prepared to
receive LKTTKKSand PAKCKLS, which will be promptly
despatched to their destination by our agent in l'anama.
The mail for South America is made up but once a
Managers and Agent*,
149 Pear, cor. of Wall tit., New Yortc.
REFER, BY PERMISSION, to Messrs. JohnHon A Low
(len, 115 Wall St.; Spofford, Tileston 4 Co., 48 South st.;
Ncsmith A Co., 60 line st.; anil Levi Apgar A Co., 76 Bey
street. mar 24?
"lUM. II. CAltY A CO., '243 and '246 Pearl street, New
YV York, invite the attention of the City anil Distant
Jobbing trade to their largo and varied stock of goods
which they offer at the lowest rates, either for cash or ap
proved credit.
Under their present arrangements they can offer great
inducements on all their Foreign Goods, and will give
their customers the benefit of the large discounts which
they have gained by the increased amount of their pur
They pledge themselves to sell many style* of American
Goods at manufacturers' prices.
Their stock will be kept full during the whole year, and
all orders will ho promptly supplied. They particularly
invite the Mexican and South American dealers to exam
ine their stock of Jewelry, manufactured expressly for
those markets; also their slock of Ivory Combs, adapted
for exportation.
The following articles constitute a part of their stock.
Linen Threads?Various makers, plain and satin finished,
black, drab, white, brown, and colored. Nos. '20x80
Spool Cotton?Clark's, Alexander's, Smith's Kagle, and
Refflngton's, white, black, and colored, Nos. 10x160,
'25 to 300 yards
Tapes and Dobbins?Linen and cotton, assorted colors and
Cutlery?Razors, Knives, Shears, Scissors, ar.j Table
Knives and Forks, Wade A Butcher's, Wop/cenholm's,
Rodgcrs', and other celebrated makers
Brushes?Hair, Cloth, Teeth, I'aint, Varnish, Shaving,
Shoe, Crumb, llorse, Scrubbing, Ac. ?c iu great
Musical Instruments?AccordionB, Violity Flutes Fifes
Clarionets, llarmonicans, Ac.
Fans?A large and rich assortment, f ,nHi(,ting of beauti
fully carved pearl, vory, bono and wood Htk.kH. h1(IO
plain sticks with plain. Our and Hilv(TwJ m*r
Ivory Combs-Fine S, Sfe, _ ,/?a N,,u< inches
Combs 1 bun and fancy IV (.^ Dressing, Pocket, and Side,
of shell, buffalo, and uorn
Guns Single and Do>- ()j(^ nnj American, real
. a.n .vint; also a variety of Itilles
[ istols?-hngli^h 'amj German, roc ket, JJelt, nnd Ilolnter;
Colt s am Allen and Thurber's Revolvers; also, a
complo e tu^ortment of Sporting Apparatus
I eriumur^?Lubin's, Mangenet & Coudray's, l'iver's, Pin
BU a's, and Kde's fine Extracts
Soar s?Low's White and Brown, Windsor and Honey;
Lubin's, Guerlain'B, l'inaud's, and Mangenet A Cou
dray's assorted styles, Ac., Ac.
Also?Percussion Caps, Needles, Tins, Hooks and Eyes,
Steel Pens, Suspenders, Buttons of all styles, Pocket
hooks, Port Monnaies, Purses, Stationery, Beads,
Whalebone, Looking-glasses, Ac., Ac.
Ivory, Tortoise Shell, Pearl Shell, Horns, Tips, Ac., for
Catalogues in the French, Spanish, German, and Eng
lish languages. mar 34?
STATIONERS' WAREHOUSE, 26 South Fourth Street,
7 Philadelphia. (Wholesale only.)
HYMAN L. LII'MAN, Importer of French and Eng
lish Stationery, offers to the trade, at Stationers' Ware]
house, a complete assortment of
of the best quality, s.t the lowest rates. mar 24?
BRINK & OUKBIN, Iron 4 Steel Mer
chants, Importers and dealers in American,
Swede, Norwegian, Refined, Cable, and common English
Iron; manufacturers of Boiler Rivets and Spikes, Hoop,
Band, Scroll, Flue, Boiler, Sheet, Small Iron, Axle Iron,
113 North Water street, and 64 North Delaware avenue,
mar 24?
^IlIEPPJeRD A VAN HABL1NGEN, No. 274 Chesnilt
street, above Tenth, Philadelphia, have just received
l" r Steamer splendid Table and Piano Covers,1 Damask
Table Cloths, Napkins, Moreens, and Worsted Damasks.
mar 24?
First Premium Grand and Square Pianos.
ijjljri KNABK A G.EIII.K, Manufacturers,
B|f~ t?- ? i ?S'tfl Nos. 4, 0, 8, 9, and 11 Eutnw street. Bal
timore. New tributes to the excellence
?? * \J ? of Baltimore made Piano Fortes. The
Maryland Institute, at their last exhibition, awarded to
us the First Premium for the best Grand Piano, and also
the First Premium for the best Square Piano exhibited.
It will be recollected that in 1848, our Piano also received
the First Premium by the same Institute.
Such testimonials are not easily earned, and are not to
be lightly regarded. We may therefore say that having
taken the First Premium, wherever our Instruments mi t
with competition, we offer them to the public with a con
fidence we might not otherwise avow, guaranteeing all
Instruments made by us to give satisfaction, or they may
be exchanged within six months from day of sale. Tbo
durability of our workmanship we further guarantee for
five years.
Having just completed large additions to our Manufac
tory, we hope now to supply all who may honor us with
their patronage ; and we invite all who desire a su|>ertor
Instrument, carefully adapted to the climate?-a very im
portant matter, and which wo have mule our careful
study?to call and examine our various styles, which we
are constantly finishing, and which will pe sold at the
lowest market price for cash or approved paper.
In addition to the atsiva public testimonials, our Pianos
are recommended in terms of the highest praise by the
following eminent artists, whose certificates can be seen
at our Warerooms: Charles Boehsa, the great composer
and musical director to Mad. A. Bishop; Mr. Geo. Knoop);
Miss Adele and Charles Hohnstock, and ether distin
guished performer*. To the many accomplished Professor*
and Amateurs, by whom our Pianos are constantly used,
whilst making our thankful acknowledgments to them
we refer for further testimonials.
Old Pianos taken in exchange.
Pianos hired and tuned. mar 24
BOWKN A McNAMEE, 112 and 114 Broadway, New
York, have now in store, and will receive by early
packets and steamers, a very extensive assortment of
rrenota,German, English, Italian, and India
embracing every variety of the newest and richest styles
offered iu this market. Sample cards are now ready
for exhibition. Merchants from every section of the
country, and particularly our old friends and custom
ers, are assured 4hat every attention has been paid to
present a stock of goods, uuequalled, either in extent or
variety, by any similar establishment in the country.
Many of our richest goods are manufactured from de
signs or samples furnished by us, and will be found
adapted to the best trade in the larger cities and towns.
The following embrace Ihe leading articles of our stock
Extra rich Chcne and Brocade Silks.
Rich Paris Bareges, Muslim, ami <>rgandies.
Rich printed Silk Tissues, new article.
New style English Poplins.
Barege de Lai lies. Paris patterns.
New style French Prints.
English. Scotch, and American Printed Lawns.
Super Blnck Gros de Ithines.
French and English Ginghams.
Plain and embroidered Canton Crape Shawls.
Rich Paris Ribbons, large assortment.
Millinery Silks. Crapes, Ac.
Dress Trimmings, newest style.
Bombasines, Alpacas, anU Muslin de L&ines.
Laces and Embroidery.
Linens and White Goods of every description
Kid Gloves, best manufacture.
English and German Silk and Cotton Hosiery.
Long and Square Cashmere Shawls.
Rich Silk Mantillas, great variety.
Pongee and Spitalfield Handkerchiefc.
Italian Cravats and Sewhig Silks.
Also, a great variety oi rich goods for evening dresses
not enumerated ?> the aboTe.
Also, Sinchews, Sarnets, Fancy Silk Crsvaf". Bsy State
Plaid Long Shawls. Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs, Green
Bareges. Satins, Silk Scarfs, Suspenders, Plain black and
hiirh coloml Moumllfw I-nino*, Turkey red 1 nnt?,
Curtain Muslins, Oil Silks, Belt Ribbons, Serges, Satin
^ '?i"L't)iose who visit this market for Ml- Ckxxh, who
would consult their infer*, and who desire to See a
unsurpassed In every department st the very low
efd marke"prices, are resp.-ctft.lly invited to call.
mar 24? . . _____________
I MPORTERS of Brandies, Wines, and Segars, No. 1 Ex
change Place, Baltimore, offer for sale an extensive
assortment of?
BRANDIES?J. Hennessy, J. J. Dnrand, superior old
Jean Louis. 1811 and 1838; Maglory; Otafd, Dupuy A Co.;
I'inet, Castillon A Co.; Martell; J.Dnrand A Co.; A. beig
nette; J. J. Dupuy snd J. Brand brands.
WINES?Champagne, Claret, ami Hock, of various
grades. Also, Port, Sherry, Madeira, Sicily, Lisbon, "Bur
gundy, Malaga, and other Wines, In great variety.
SEGARS?Havana and Principe Segars. of npproved
brands, constantly receiving from the manufacturers.
HOLLAND GIN?Grape and Gray Mare brands, of fine
flavor; also, London Brown Stout and Porter: Bordeaux
and Marseilles Sweet Oil. Sardines, Maccaronl. Vermicelli,
Olives, Capers, Castile Soap, Bay Am, Roll Brimstone,
Canary Seed, A a. ?*r 24?

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