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the completion of the grading and
B street north, between
went." was taken up, read tbiee times a ;
paaueil having beeu reported by Mr. Bhian,
ftrcuTtUe t>jmmittee on improvement., without
*tO?dmo<!Sn, the biU authorixiug the curbstones
to be set aud the footway paved on the north
front of square 876, was uken up, read the
third time and passed.
Mr. Uhkut, from the Committee 011 I olice, to
-which was referred the bill from the Board or
Aldermen for the relief of William Martiu, re
ported the same without auiendwout; aud it
was read tlitt third time aud passed. (1
On motion, the bill to grade and gravel h
utreet south, between Utb and llith streets west,
was taken up, read the third time, and passed.
Mr. Easuy, from the Committee on Improve- :
meats, to which wa9 referred the bill Irom the 1
Board of Aldermen authorizing the construction
of a flag footway in the First Ward, reported 1
the same without amendment; ami the bill was
read the third time aud passed.
And from the same committee, to which was j
referred the bill from the Board of Aldermen
authorizing the construction of cross gutters in
the First Ward, reported the same without
ameudment; and the bill was read the third
time and passed.
Mr. Brtan, from the Committee on Improve
ments, to which was referred the petition of
F. S. Evans, reported a bill eutitled " Au net
authorizing the grading aud paving of the alley
in square 808 j" which was read threo times
and passed.
On motion, Messrs. Miller and Easby were
appointed a committee to inform the Board oi j
Aldermen that this Board is now ready to as
semble in joint meeting, for the election of
trustees of public schools and police magistrate >
for the Third Ward.
A similar message was received from the
Board of Aldermen, by Messrs. Maury and !
And the Board adjourned for that purpose.
[For proceedings of joint meeting, seo Alder- j
men's proceedings.]
And the Board of Common Council having re- j
sumed its session?
Mr. WHtsEi.Ka presented the petition of Johu
P. Murphy aud others, for laying Hug footways ;
across certain streets in the Seventh Ward ; 1
which was read and referred to the Committee
ou Improvements.
Mr. Cai.lan, 011 lea\e, introduced a bill en
titled " An act authorizing the continuing of a j
newer in the Second Ward;" which was read j
twice, and referred to the Committee on Ini-1
Mr. Mohun moved that the Board do now
adjourn, which motion was carried by the fol- j
lowing vote :
Ykad?Messrs. Douglass, Keilj, Knni*. Bryan, Ilaxcn- j
tier, Mohun, Mutiny, Mider, .Johnson, Wheeler, Van Kin- ,
wick, and Hill?12.
Nays?.Messrs. Ear.l>y, Cull.-in, Dowuer, tYonnall, IVp- !
jter, Brent, and Morgan?7.
And then the Board adjourned.
Approaching Revolutions I
All minds appear to have attained, with tin- | j
usual unanimity, the conclusion that the era of |
general revolution is about to dawn, and that I
Europe is soon to witness a terrible struggle ^
between the fricuds of freedom on the one side ^
and the ruling powers and their hii-ed soldiery
on the other, 1 c
On the part of the republicans, such prepa
ratory measures are being concerted as time
and opportunity warrant, while there is little 11
doubt that the rulers of the different govern- v
mcuts, from the Emperor of Russia down to the 8
President, or whatever he may be called, of 11
France, are ngreed to make common their con- , ^
tests with the people, and to oppose and crush 8
each revolutionary effort by their united power, j 8
We look with awe upon the prospect, antici- ?
pating a dreadful conflict, a terrible aggregate 1
of human suffering, and the flowing of blood *
like water upon the battle-field and scaffold!
And what the great result will be, heaven only ^
knows! Whether it is to prove the triumph or ,
the prostration of civil and religious liberty (
may not be known to man until the great eon- (
summation is before us. II e are not without
our apprehensions as to this result. In the
right of the people of every clime to ibe enjoy- u
ment of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of hap- c
piness," we firmly believe; but it has not ap- t
peared in the past that a condition of thraldom ti
and oppression affords a good school in which 5 *
to acquire the moderation and liberality that j 0
will prepare men for self-government; nor is ^
the transition through blood and carnage ;
adapted to soothe the harsher asperities of our c
SU11, if this be the ouly avenue to freedom, j
let us enter it, and rest our hopes on the sue- i j
cess of a good cause and the courage and endu- j ,
ranee of its champions. The blasphemy of ,
those who claim the "divine right of kings"
will surely be rebuked, and the miserable ab
surdity must be swept from before the vision of
men. God, and nature, and human experience ^
concurrently approve the spirit of republicanism
and the representative form of government.;
peace and prosperity attend those governments
established iu obedience thereto; and the oc
cupant of every throne is unhappy and inaecorc
in his jealous regard of the growth of this spirit 1
in the bosoms of his people. These, things arc
but premonitions that the day ot regal and im
perial power is passing away, and that thrones ,
can heueeforth depend for their perpetuity upon .
nought but the power of the bayonet and tl?e
base servitude of parasites and sycophants. |
But how shall men arise in their disunited
helplessness, and oppose the organized tyranny
by which they are oppressed ? How shall the
lovers of pcace, whose path has ever been in the i
humble and lowly pursuits of private life, arise ,
in the name of freedom to oppose the tutored
and disciplined men of blood, who know nothing
of justice or duty beyond obeying a master and *
receiving for their maintenance the price of tk
blood they shed ?
These are fearful ?|uestions, and well may we
tremble in anticipation of the realities before
us; but let it be remembered that the indomit
able will, the coosctoueae? of right, and the
glorious end in view, have heretofore inspired
such strength and peowens ne hnw hwnfaM the
most magei&ceet ef tyramu m th* and
borne the standard * KixrtJ aa>4 to
triumphant victory
It is the omfc/Ttaae ?f m**,. m <4* ?**&?-**??
nees of a dinwganiserf ow**ub, to wtmrk Wv
vaguely upon the fearfai mm ?<f wimAwGh* shHI
the failure to raecend ia Lmk*. I7 -fit* ?uwn**f
of fir?dons, interprets* to tut ?tmsmmm
of thnir cauae Often have u* 1mium y**
poses been thus muliguel, aiul the beet of men
traduced. . I
At the present moment, however, another;
course is being attempted; and meu ot wi e
reputation and acknowledged iutegnty uU
deavoring to unite tiie sentiments aud e
menus of lbo republicans of Europe i" one
gruud concerted struggle lor political emanci
pation, and they are everywhere calling upon
the family of man for sympathy and aid. Shall
that call be made in vain? Will the people of
a new born, successful, and glorious republic ,
turn to it a deaf oar, or disregard the cause for I
which the blood of their fathers was poured out
as a willing oblatiou? Never, never. In e>eiy
camp there may be traitors-among the scions
of gallant men there may be bastards and de
generate nous?but among the true republicans
of America there arc not, and cannot bo, those
who would scorn, deride, and repudiate the
cause ol republican freedom, or silence its cry i
for sympathy and succor, whether proceeding ,
from Spanish or Italian dungeons, or the gory 1
fields of France, of Poland, or of Hungary!
Vihoinia Elections.?An election will bo
held this day for fifteen Representatives in Con
gress ; for State Senators for the Amelia, Bed
ford, Spotsylvania, Albemarle, Fauquier, Au
gusta, Shenandoah, and Monongaheladistricts;
and for Delegates to the Assembly from all the
counties. This election will be held under the
present constitution, and those persons only
will be entitled to a vote who are qualified un
der its provisions. The election will be limited
to one day, unless kept open for the special j
reasons now allowed bylaw. A vote will be j
taken throughout the State on the question of (
ratifying or rejecting the amended constitution
recommended by the late State convention. On
this question the polls will be kept open three
days, beginning with to-day, and all persons
qualified under the txitting or amended constitu
tion will be entitled to exercise the right of
suffrage. If a majority of the votes taken on ,
these three days be for the ratification of the >
new constitution, and the Governor having pro- .
claimed the fact, an election will be held,
throughout the State, on the 8th of December
next, for a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and
Attorney General, and for members of the
Senate and House of Delegates. All persons
qualified according to the provisions of the new
constitution, and no others, will be entitled to
vote in this election; and it will vacate the
seats of the members of the General Assembly
elected to day.
Mr. Weusteu.?This great statesman was
enthusiastically received at Miss Hayes's con
cert, at Boston, on Tuesday night. He on the j
same night was serenaded by Bond's Cornet j
Baud. He appeared at the window, and was ,
received with tremendous cheering, and ad
dressed the multitude substantially as follows:
"Friends?1 am greatly honored by this call,
I assure you. Nothing is sweeter than the con
rratulatiou of friends, such as has now been
;iven me. Sleep is sweet, but 1 am always
'lad to be waked up on such occasions, and at
uch times. Best assured, fellow citizens, I aui
leeply thankful lor this kind remembrance. I (
rish you all a good night.
IVlr. W. retired amidst the most enthusiastic j
Baltimore Shows.?Tho Clipper of this morn- ^
ig sayv, that this is emphatically a utilitarian j
eek in that city, being devoted by citizen# and
reat numbers from the counties to the exami
ution of things of practical utility. The "lii- j
itiosis at tho Maryland Agricultural Society s
rouuds, near the city, and at tho splendid and ;
piwcious Hall of tho Marylaud Institute, en
ross public attention. They have attracted
housands of persons to that city, and are
rorthy ol all consideration.
fydt" So clicerfully aud pleasantly docs the
Philadelphia Sun treat the lato Democratic tri- ,
impb, that we really feel glad it has been j
ammed so considerably! 1*. S.?Wc condole
rith the Xorth American.
Lola Monies.?The Philadelphia Sun says,
iany editors are advertising this woman by dis- | ,
us sing her demerits ?( we have Been editorial ,
oologies for them I)?but that the best way to i
eat her is not to notice her at all. She is a
fry bad woman?a bawd?but she will soon
ucupy a prominent place on our theatrical
oards, and be patronised by thousands of
iincrican ladies. It is a pity, to be sure, but
nunot bo helped!
Taylor & Mauby have received Blackwood,
or October, containing the Essays of Mr. Helps,
dy Novel, or Varieties in English Life, part
liv. ; the New Zonlandcrs; the Italian Bevolu
;ion; Levantine Rambles; Day-Dreams ot an
tixile ; a Voice from the Diggings: the hxperi- |
menu ^ _
Tub CtMi'i comimg 1?The great Southern
establishment of Johnson & May, organized I
under the name of tho ? People's Circus," will
visit this city on Wednesday next. Their great
success, and the high reputation they hare ac
quired during the past summer, prove that the
attractions are of the first order. Messrs. Jen- j
aings and May are the clowns?each acknowl
pdged as unsurpassed in his peculiar vocation.
Two W'ayt of Thinking.
A writer in the Norfolk llrrald of Wednesday
makes the following announcement:
"Goon Work Commknckd?Thomas Harri
son of Frincess Anne, has l?een appointed
Lighthouse keeper at Cape Henry. He is a
good Whig, and takes the place of a Democrat
that has long enjoyed the ' spoils.
The Argm of the same day treats the subject
"Off with ins Head.?Two days just be
fore the election a rescript is received from the
Treasury Department for the removal of James
Atkinson, the keeper of tho Cape Henry Light
house. This is one of tho most petty and vin
dictive species of vengeance recorded in the
black catalogue of proscription."
A Radish.?We this morning received as a
present from Mr. JaineB Cunningham, of Rock
Creek Farm, near Georgetown, a white aud
firm specimen of this vegetable, weighing four
and a half pounds, and measuring eleven inches j
in length and seventeen in circumference.
Naval.?Samuel T. Hartt, esq., Naval Con
wtwt?r, has been detached from the Gosport
**?7 yard, and ordered to the navy yard at
f ISiM'-'l
krvrrt0iiw Dow*.?The Winchester Virginian
-4 VkLg&tf
By the ?* U* !(?<???
Whekeas there is reuon to belivva that a
military expedition is about to b? lilted out iu
the Uuited Statca tor the purpose or iuvadiug
the Mexican republic, with which this country
iu at peace: Ami whereas there in reason to
apprehend that a portion of the people of thin
country, regardless of their duty aa g*?od citi
zens, are concerned iu or may be reduced to
take part iu the uuine: Aud whereas such en
terprises- teud to degrade the character ot the
United States in the opinion of the civilized
world, and are expressly prohibited by law :
Now, therefore, 1 Miave issued this my
Proclamation, warning all persons who shall
oonnect themselves with any such enterprise,
! in violation of the laws and national obligatious
! of the United States, that they will thereby
subject themselves to the heavy poualties de
nounced agaiust such offences ; that if they
should be captured within the jurisdiction of
| the Mexican authorities, they must expect to be
tried and punished according to the laws of
Mexico, and will have no right to claim the in
1 terposition of this Government in their behalf.
I therefore exhort nil well-disposed citizens
who have at heart the reputation of their coun
try, and are animated with a just regard for its
laws, its peace, aud its welfare, to discounte
nance, and by ull lawful means prevent, any
such enterprise; and I call upon every officer
of this Government, civil or military, to be
vigilant iu arresting for trial and punishment
every such offender.
Given uuder my hand the twenty-secoud duy
of October, in the year of our Lord one thou
sand eight hundred aud fifty-one, and the
seventy-sixth of the independence of the United
By the President:
Acting Secretary of State.
[Correspondence of the American Telegraph.]
Death of Mm. Bailey Tyler?Fatal Accident, and
Death of Washington Carr?Religious Revival
.?The Elections.
Lkesbuiiu, Loudoun Co., (Va.) Oct. 21.
To the Editors of the American Telegraph.
Gentlemen : I have painful news to impart
to you. William Bailey Tyler, esq., is no more!
lie tarried in town on Sunday night, on his
way from Prince William couuty to Davis's
Mills, in Maryland. Yesterday morning he left
for the Mills, and arrived there iu the evening,
and died iu about teu minutes after getting out
of his buggy.
This morning a distressing and fatal accident
happeucd near Leesburg : W ashiugton Carr was
out gunning, and having stopped at a mill near
Mr. N. ?5. Bradcu's to see a friend, was stand
ing with his foot on a log, when a fine team of
horses passed by. He turned his head to look
at them, when his foot slipped from the log,
aud striking the trigger the gun went off nud
the whole load passed through his head. lie
died in about three hours after he was shot,
having never spokeu. Mr. Carr was very rich,
and is one of the best young men in this county.
The M. E. Church, South, have had some
very fine meetings within the last few weeks
at Farewell, Belmont, the Grove, Secolin,
and White Post, all withiu a few miles of this
town. Some fifty or sixty converts have been
made, the meetings being conducted by Rev.
G. W. Carter, D. P. Wills, and Wm. Berry.
The electious are at hand. Morton will beat
Strother in this couuty roundly. The " Fill
niorcists" don't like either of them, as they are
too strongly southern. The Whigs have pro
mised to give Summers 1,500 majority in Lou
doun. I hear a good deal of complaint in their
party, and they don't like mixed basis.
Yours, Loudoun.
The Aquia Cheek Affair.?A misstatement
has been going the rounds of several newspa- ,
pcrs in relation to an affray which occurred at
Aquia Creek, on Tuesday last, between J. A.
Morrison and J. Cantwell. These papers have
it that Morrison stabbed or cut Cautwell so that
his (CuntwcH's) life was despaired of, &c. This
is wrong. Morrison had no weapon at all. It
was Cantwell who cut Morrison in ten different
places: but, as good fortune would have it, _
none of the wounds were very serious. Mor- ,
rison is now at the United States Hotel, nnd j
doing well uuder the care of Dr. May; and
Cantwell was arrested promptly, and lodged in
jail at Fredericksburg.
Diplomatic.?A despatch from this city yes
terday says:
A communication was recently addressed to <
our Government by Lord l'almerston, respect- 1
ing expeditions fitted out in the United States
against Cubd, in violotion of the spirit of treaty
stipulations; but it was answered in a dignified
nnd truly American paper by Mr. Crittenden,
Acting Secretary of State, who intimated in
very plain terms, that England had better oc
cupy herself with her own affairs?meaning, in
downright vernacular, mind her own Yiusiness.
This reply will probably prevent all European
interference, or, at all events, will warn those
Powers what may be expected should they ob- j
trude in our concerns. The document docs Mr.
Crittenden and the Administration great credit.
Sir Henry L. Bulwer has retired from the ,
British mission at Washington, and, it is said, i
is to receive a European appointment.
Anticipated Removal or 0^ ice-Holders.? ;
A special correspondent of the New \ ork Ilerald
" It is believed that the personal abuse in- j
dulged in by the Johnston papers in l'enusylva
nia, nnd especially by the Harrisburg American, j
(edited by Johnston's brother,) of Mr. Fillmore j
and Mr. Webster, will have the effect of stirring
up the administration to a defence of its friends
in that State, and the removal of the Johnston
cliijue, who now fill almost every office in it.
There will be some shaking among the dry
bones there before long."
Wyman, the Magician and Ventniloquiit,
fills Odd-Fellows' Hall nightly with delighted .
South Carolina.?The defeat of the Seces- j
sionists iu South Caroliua, which is complete in ,
every Congressional district except one, affords
a striking illustration of the power of a few
agitators to make n great noise, and to give to I
their own clamor tho outward appearance of
the expression of public opinion.
The co operationists in South Carolina, it i
may be urged, are in favor of secession, as well
as their adversaries ; they only wish to defer it
until sonic other Southern State is prepared to |
seccde with tlicm. If there was no contest then
in the State, avowedly on the abstract right of
secession, it matters not much since the ques
tion of its practical enforcement has been pretty j
decidedly settled. So long as the question re
mains abstract, it cannot do a great deal of
harm. . . . %??
The result of tho elections in fieorRia, Mis
sissippi, and Alabama, gives a fair assurance
that in the determination of South Carolina not
to attempt secession until some of her sister
States are prepared to go with her, there is to be
found a guaranty against the danger of any such
attempt by her. The co-operationists have
gained a victory for the Union.
There is however, one thing to be especially
noted; and that is, the inflexible condition upon
which Union men of the South stand, requiring
the faithful observance of the oompacts of the
| Constitution by the people of the North.
R*t,#w ?' H?rth?ra N*rk?li for
<Mne nf the American 1\Uyruyk, Ocl.^.
lIU-TiMoar, Ow. 22, 0 p. IU.? S*l?a to-day of 000 bbl?.
Howard street flour at $3.87}/r Sole* of 1000 bbls. City
MM* flour at $8.8114, ,wh.
I MilAliCLI,iml Oct. !^| 6 p. ni.?Hales of *2000 bbla.
flour at |4 for 8Ute brands. Rye flour $3.26. Corn tueal
$3.12}^. telea of nd wheat at 7o^80c., and white at 80^
Nkw Yo?, Oct. 22, tt p. m.?Salon of 7,000 bbl*. of
flour at (3.7b<^,$3.61 for State, and $4(t?$4.26 for South
ern. Rye flour $3 31. Corn nieal $3.12V$. Hale* of WJOO
bushel* Michigan white wheat at 86c. Sale* of 20,000
bushels mixed corn at 55<jj;5Cc. Salon of 11,000 bunhelii
rye at 7 lc. Outa 40o.
Sailing of Ocean Steamer*.
SliijiM. Leaves For Date.
1'ioneer - . New York - Liverpool ... Oct. 15
Canada - - Boston - - . Liverpool - - - Oct. 15
liuwboldt - New York - Havre .... Oct 18
Asia ... New Yoik - Liverpool ... Oct. 22
Atlantic - - New York ? Liverpool ... Oct. 25
America - - Boston * - - Liverpool ... Oct. 29
Hermann - New York - lireuicu .... Nov. 1
Niagara - - New York ? Liverpool ... Nov. 6
Pacific - - New York - Liverpool ... Nov. 8
Kuropa - ? lioatou - - - Liverpool - . - Nov. 12
America - - Liverpool ? Boston .... Oct. *
Hermann, Southampton - New York - - - Oct. 8
Niagara - - Liverpool - New York ... Oct 11
Pacific - . - Liverpool - New York ... Oct. 16
Kuropa - - Liverpool - Hoe ton .... Oct. 18
Franklin - - Havre - - New York - . . Oct. 22
In Philadelphia, on the 21*t instant, by the Rev. Mr.
IIowk, J. MUNHOK CllUBli, of this city, to CAROLINE
AUGUSTA, daughter of Amok Lkla.mi, esq., of the former
One humlrod and twenty in number.
For one night only!
flMIE MANAGER lias much satisfaction in announcing
X that, in coniiequence of the encouragement he has
received from many influential quarters, ho will give in
Washington (on liia way to Richmond)
A Single Grand Opera Concert,
In which all the great Artistes who compose his Company
will make their firat and only appearance!
It will positively take place
At Caruhi'b Saloon,
The Columbia Musical Society having mont kindly uost
ponod their own Concert.
This being the only Concert that can be given in Wash
ingtou, the Programing will be arranged with a vie* of
producing on
One and the same evening nU the Artistes of Uit, Italian
In their gems of all the grand Operas thoy have been
lately | erformiug with immense success ih New York,
Philadelphia and Baltimore.
Admission (and secured seat) $2 each.
The entire Saloon has been numbered, and with every
ticket will be given a certificate bearing the number of
the corresponding seat.
A large number of ushers will be in attendance to seat
the audience.
A diagram of the Saloon has been carefully prepared,
and may be seen at the Music Store of Mr. Richard Davis,
where seats may be secured every day, beginning from
Thursday,October 23, from 10 a. m., until 4 p. in.
Particulars in Programme. [oct 23?d4t
'|MIK most stupendous auil unique Equestrian Kstab
I_ lishmcnt extant, based upon and forming a OHAND
QUADRUPLE ASSOCIATION of the four most celebrated
Southern Amphitheatres, viz:
Stone AfcCollum'ir?The Original National?
The New Orleans?Xorth ?$? Stick net/ n.
With a stud of performing
Unequalled in blood, beauty or training, by any other
Of Equestrians, Acrobats, and Dramatists, comprising the
most celebrated stars of either hemisphere; and tlio
great expounders of motley wit,
\\ ill have the honor of appeariug in Washington City on
Wednesday, Thursday, ami Friday,
October 20, 30, and 31,
lu a series of the highest order of Equestrian and Olym
pian performances.
II. K. Gail's great Southern Military Hand is perma
nently attached to this Kstablislimeut.
Admission 25 cent* only.
The spacious Pavilion is located on the lot near Hurt's
A performance for Families and Children at 2% o'clock
p. m., Thursday, October 30. oct 23?tf
Young Men's Dramatic Association.
flMIK Young Men's Dramatic Association beg leave to
J. inform their friends and patrons, that they will on
I'll UK 3D AY EVENING repeat Kotzcbuu'a celebrated
play of theSTRA \'G KK, it having been received with great
applause and satisfaction by a very large audience at its
llrst representation. To conclude with the new Farce of
Omnibuses will be in attendance.
Doors open at 7 o'clock; curtain rises a ^ to 8 o'clock.
Admittance 25 cents. [oct 21?3t
\]irYMAN'8 Exhibition of Magic and Ventriloquism,
> V Life-Moving Figures, Ac., at the above Hall this
MONDAY") evening, October 20, and every evening du
ring the week. Particulars in bills.
oct 2<>?tf
SHAVING CREAM !?Jules Ilauel's and Rous
sel's Premium Shaving Cream. For sale at
ELIOT'S Druo Store,
oct 23?tr Corner of F and Twelfth streets.
I)EPSIN, the True Digestive Fluid, or
Gantric J u Ice.?Half a leaspoouful of the Fluid
Infused in water will dlaaolveor digest five pounds of roatt
href in about two him it, out of the s lorn at h.
Just received and for sale, at $1 per bottle, at
ELIOT'S Druo Stor*,
oct 23?tr Corner of F and Twelfth streets.
WK WOULD PARTICULARLY . all the attention of
T V our customers and the Public to our large and
complete assortment of BOOTS and 8110KS, of every de
scription and (juality,consisting, in part, of the following
kinds and prices:
Ladies' black, blue, green, and colored Gaiters, *1.50 to
Misses' do do do do $1 to $1.50
Childs' do do do do 62 to 87e.
Y'ouths' patent-leather Shoes, a beautiful article, $1.25
Congress gaiter, cloth, and patent-leather, $3.,'i0to$l.50
Patent-leather Pumps and Montereys, $2 to $4
Boots aud Shoes, sewed and pegged, fur $1.50 to $0
Fine calf sewed Boots, water-proof, at fd
Single and double-sole*! Hoots, of our owu manufac
ture, $3.50 to $4.50
Men's kip and calf Boot*, from $1.50 to $3
Hoys' do do from $1.50 to $2.25
Youth and children's do from $1.20 to $1.75
With a complete assortment of all kinds and qualities
of Shoes usually kept in a well-regulated Shoe-store. All
that are in want of a good article and at low prices, we
would Invite to call and look at our stock, for we know
V*,"t ??? "ffpr inducements to buy tiiat cannot fail.
Do not forget the store, but call at
.. ., A. HOOVER A SON'8,
south side Pennsylvania avenue, next to U. L. Jack
son and llro.'s, bet. 0th anil 7th ats , opp. lirowu's
""W. oet? eoSt
f|MlK SUBSCRIBER, by the latest arrivals from I'lilla
JL deiphia and the North, has received a vnry large and
well assorted stock of BOOTS and SHOES, which were
purchased upon such terms as to enable him to sell at
prices altogether unprecedented, and which only require
examination to ensure a large portion of public patron
age. Attention is requested to tho following list and
Gentlemen's fine Boots, from $1.75 up, a portion verv
Gentlemen's water proof Boots, from $(2 up, a i>ortion
very superior
Gentlemen's patent leather Gaiters, Oxford and Tavlor
Ties, vory beautiful
Gentlemen's fine and stout Brogans and Oxford Tics, of
all descriptions
Boys', youths', and children's Boot* and Brogans, at
every price and of all sorts
Ladies' Gaiters and hnlf Gaiters, the very finest
Ladies' Kxcolsior and Buskin Walking Shoes, in sreat !
Ladles' while, black, and bronie satin and kid Slippers
Misses' and children's work of every kind, and at all '
To the Planters I can offer bargains such as they are '
not accustomed to, as my stock of coarse Hoots and Bro- 1
gans is prime, and laid In at remarkably low prices. I
enumerate Brogans from 75 cents up.
Army Brogans, from $1 up.
Gentlemen s Army Brogans, something new
Do Plantation Boots
Do Hungarian Boots
Also, Boots of every description, suitable for farm use,
from $1 up. ' j
In fact I am determined not to be undemold, and that
all who will favor ine with a call shall be oonvlnned that
the prices paid for Boots and Shoes in times past were
exorbitant, and at least 25 per cent, can be saved by call
?o, 1?1 ? T"y8. A. HCOTT,
oct 23? 3tJ Pa. at., 4 doors east of the Centre Market.
iuu rises ? . ? tiblhui | Buu k(< ? ? ? 6h. 13in .
4W blr. ?. W. Cam it, newspaper agent, in the only ?u
thorium) agent Ibr thb- paptr in Philadelphia, and if duly
empowered to take advertisement* and suiwtcriptioos at
the ratea required by ui. Ilia receipts will be regard ml 1
as payweuts. OlUoa at the northwest corner of Third I
and Walnut ?trout*.
49" The privileges of yearly advertiser* will be con
fined rigidly to their regular business, and all other ad
vertisement*, not pertaining to their regular business as
agreed for, to be paid extra.
#4- Kvery notice designed to call attention to private
enterprise calculated or intended to promote individual
interest, can only be Inserted with the understanding
that the name is to be paid for.
By A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
Valuut>le. BUILDING LOTS oil Four
and-a-half Street at auction.?On Fri
day, the 24tli instant, I shall Hell, on thu premises, at 4
o'clock, p. m., Lota Nos. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 10, and 17,
in miuiivision of square No. 637.
The above-described lots front, rorne twenty, and some
thirty-two feet on Four-and-a-half street, between Vir
ginia avenue and E street south.
1 shall sell alio two lots in square 535, having a front
of twenty-five feet each ou Four-and-a-half street, next to
the corner of boutli 1) street. The above-described pro
perty is handsomely situated, and rapidly improving in
Tkrms : One-third cash, balance in six, twelve, and eigh
teen mouths; the purchaser giving notes bearing interest
from the day of sale; a deed given and a deed of trust
oct 23?d A. GREEN, Auctioneer.
WE have in store now a large and general assortment
of Housekeeping Moods, as follows:
10 pieces superior Linen Sheetings
12 do Dnmask Table Diaper
Splendid Damask Tabic Cloths, all sizes
10 pieces best Huckaback Toweling
<S dozen superior Damask do
40 do Huckaback Towels, all pricos
Splendid stock Table Napkins
Drown Linen Table-Cloths
15 pieces French Furniture Prints
10 do Oil-dressed do plain A bordered
40 do 64, 10-4, and 12-4 Bleached Sheetings
Table and l'iano Covers
Curtain Muslins
50 pieces Irish Linens, all grades
10 do Plllow-caso Cotton, Ac.
We invite persons in want of tho above description
of goods to give us a call, as we pay great attention to
this clars of goods. YERBY A MILLKIt,
oct23? No. 6, Pa. av., bet. 7th A 8th sts.
For different Instruments, just received by Express.
CONSISTING of Ilunten's, Beyer's, ami Bortini's Mo
/ thods for tho Piano Forte; Spohr's School for the
Violin; Maze's new and complete method for the Violin;
the American Violinist; Carcassi's, for the Guitar; be
sides Instruction llooks for the Flute, Fife, Flageolet, Ao
cordeon, Banjo; Music Paper, Ac., Ac. Also, a very su
perior assortment of Musical Instruments and Musical
Merchandise. Best Italian, Fronch and German Violin,
Guitar, Violoncello and Bass Violin Strings. All of which
will be sold at prices to suit the times.
GHO. HILBUS'8 Mu?lcal Depot,
oct 22?tr south side Pa. av., next to cor. 10th st.
NOTICK 18 HEREBY GIVEN that a deduction of six
per cent will be allowed upon tho tuxes for the year
1851, if paid within the current month.
oct 18?cotd Collector.
X taining nine rooms, together with carriage or wood
liouse, stable, Ac., on H, between 17th and 18th streets,
near Pennsylvania avenue. Possession given immedi
ately. Apply to L. L. Loving, Navy Department, or to
R. B. Hackney, Potomac House, Pennsylvania avenue,
oct 22?3t? _ _j
I'lOH. RENT?A LARGE ROOM, suitable for a
^ Store, situated on the corner of 10th street and New
York avenue. This is a good location, and presents a
tine opportunity for any one desiring to engage in the
Grocery or other business. Inquire on the premises,
oct 22?tf
Rowand's Tonic Mixture is warranted to cure Ague
slid Fever; and the price of it?$1 per bottle?will bo re
funded whenever it fails, when used as directed.
For the genuine, apply at the corner of E and 7th sts.
oct 22? _ J. F. CALLAN.
J new supply of this valuable family Medicine to-day
received, for sale for 3714 cents per bottle,
oct 22? J^F. CALLAN.
C^OD LIVER OIL.?Pure Medicinal Cod Liver
J Oil, warranted free from adulteratiou.
For sale by J. F. CALLAN,
oct 22?tr Corner of K and 7th streets.
Bookbinder and l'aper-ruler.
BLANK Books, Manuscripts, Periodicals and Old Books
ro-bouud; and Maps varnished and mounted on
rollers. All of the above done in the best style and at
the shortest notice.
oct 22?lm StirV street, near Navy Department.
The daily increasing visiters to the new Fancy
and Millinery 8tore on SIXTH Street arc not long
in discovering that by stopping a few doors above
the Avenue they can save from 10 to 15 per cent,
on many of their purchases.
Mrs. COLLISON is constantly receiving additions to
her stock of Millinerv and Fancy Goods: Dress Caps
Dress Trimmings, Laces, Fringes, Ribbons, Gimps
Silk Braids, Materials for Fancy Work, Perfumery
4ifr-Worsted (Zephyrs) 12 cents a dozen skeins
Gloves, Hosiery, Kinbroiderod handkerchiefs, Scarfs
New Patterns Tuck Combs, neck and side do.
Gentlemen's Hosiery, Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Suspen
ders, Toilet articles, Hair ami Tooth Brushes, Ac. Ar.
Store on SIXTH STREET, near Louisiana av.,
oct22 Rear of the National and Brown's Hotels.
(lOI/OGNK, In small and large bottles
j Velou's Magic Hair Oil, warranted, without fail, to
Iiromote the luxuriant growth and Iteauty of Uie
i air
Fales' Cyprian Hair Tonic, for the growth, preserva
tion and restoration of the hair
Dr. Marliof's Medicated Soap, for the cure of diseases
of the skin?such as eruptions, pimples, freckles,
sunburn, Ac.
Dr. Marliof's Erosive Soap, warranted the best in
use for removing grease, tar, oil, Ac.
Crystal Pomade
Pomade l'hilocotnc
Macassar Oil, the original and genuine
Bears' <>11, genuine article
Tooth Taste, no lwtter in the worl 1
Brown Windsor Soap, Egg Soap, Shaving Soap, Ac.
For sale by A. GRAY, BiHikseller,
oct 22?tr 7th st..opp. Odd-Fellows' Hall.
1th Street, opposite Odd-Fellows' Hall,
HAS JUST RECEIVED her Fall supply of l^idieH' and
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods. Consisting in part
Of rich Bonnet and Neck Ribbons: Ijuiies' French-worked
and other Collars; Kid, Silk, und Thread Gloves; Ladies'
and Children's Hosiery of all kinds; Ladles' Straw and
Silk Bonnets; Bloomer, Twist Back, and common Tuck
Combs; Shell and common Side do.; long do.; Hair, Tooth,
and Noil Brushes: Gold Cuff-Pins; Imitation do.; Black
do.; Soaps of all kinds; Colognes, Oils, Pomades, Powders,
and a general axsortmciitof Perfumery and Ladies' Fancy
and Toilet articles.
Gentlemen will find an excellent, selection of Black and
Fancy Silk Cravats and Scarfs; Cambric and common do.;
Shirts from 76 cents Uj |2.W); three-ply Shirt Collars,
good shapes; Hoys' do.; Silk, Linen, and Cotton Pocket
tlaiidkerchicfs; Kid, Silk, Berlin, and common Gloves;
Merino, Hungarian, Lambs' Wool, Yarn, and Cotton
oolored and white Hosiery; Suspenders, Porte-Mounaics,
Kazors, Strops, SliavingGlassesaiid Boxes; Soaps,Creams,
I'mbrellas, Ac , with many other desirable goods; all of
which will be sold low for cash. Call and see.
oct 0?tr
rriHE SUBSCRIBER respectfully informs the Public
1 that ho has taken the Store at the corner of F and
1 Ith streets, where ho intends to keep constantly on hand
a superior assortment of FAMILY GROCRRIKS, which
ho will sell at the very lowest prices for cash. The Pub
lic. may bo assured that they will be furnished with the j
very liest articles in his Hue.
Corner of F and Eleventh streets,
OFFF.RS for sale family, extra, and superfine Flour; I
old .lava, Rio, Maracaibo, and l^oguyra Coffee; fine ,
Imperial, Gunnowder, Young Hyson, and Black Teas;:
Clarified. Crushed, Loaf, Pulverised, Porto Rloo, and New !
Orleans Sugar; superior Hams, Cornena, Farina, Water '
Buckets, Keelers, and w>?iiing requisites; Spe'm, Mould. 1
and Adamantine Candles; Maccaroni, Olive Oil, Olives,
Capers, Ac., Ac. oct 18?2w [
Still ahead?cheaper than the cheapest!
Knglish, Walnut, and Tomato Catsups
Mixed and Cucumlier Plcklos
Vardalles Olives, Capers
Canton Ginger
Sardine* in whole and half boxes
Superior Salad Oil
Pure Knglish bri nk fast Tea. All warranted to be fresh
and of the best quality.
For sale by JA8. T. LLOYD,
oct 18?tr Pa. av., 3 doorseast of 16th st. ^
WAXTBD?Id. IfUKTOl, u ? ?
A ?tout boy, well recommended, will hear
?':^ytK>rtunlty bjr ap''i'iu?111 u,ij
W* H,^y? reoelved a large assortment or
English and American Uuus, consisting of flue L)?
iumcus 'twist, Single and Double Barrel Fowling Piece, ?
Boys Single aiul Double Uum; two large Hiver Duckiug
Guns; together with a good supply ofOun Fixtures All
of which we offer at extremely low price*. Those in waut
of a good Gun will fliul it much to their interest to rive
us a call. LINDSLEY & BADEN,
oct 22?5t Penn. av., bet. Oth and 10th ?U
[Sat. Eve. News.J
20 kegs frcf>h Orange county Butter
20 boxeH ground Coffee
20 boxen family Cheese
6 bags burnt Coffee
16 baskets Salad Oil
6 boxen Maccuroni e
6 boxen Rice Flour. W. ORME,
,M't 21?:tt Pa. av., bet. 10th and 11th sts.
nPIIK UNDERSIGNED respectfully inform* the citizens
-I "/.Washington that lie hasopeneda JOB PRINTING
OFFICE, corner of D and 8th streets, where he is prepared
to execute every description of Job 1'rintiiig; and he
hopes to be able to give satisfaction to those who may
favor him with their orders.
Cards, Handbills, Notices, Insurance Policies, Bank
Checks, Labels, l'amphluts, ic., Ac., printed at short
no'lroe- ? JONATHAN K1KKW00D.
\> A8I1IN0T0N, Sept. 13, 1861.
*S- Any orders loll at the office of the American Tele
f/rajj/t will be promptly attended to. Sep 13?tf
I S UNUSUALLY ATTRACTIVE this season, being full
1 of fresh and brilliant Fancy Uoods, all of the newest
patterns and most fashionable styles. In
300 dozen Paris Kid UIovor, all colore and numbers
manufactured expressly for his store. In
j 40 cartons of the richest styles Paris Ribbon, all colors
and widths. Some very beautiful for saslies and the
neck. In COMBS,
15 entirely now patterns Shell Tuck Combs, Puris make.
100 entirely new patterns Buffalo do do
A very large assortment of Shell, Buffalo, and English
Horn Dressing Combs; and Ivory Fine-teeth Combs, very
superior; a few dozen Barbers' Hair-Cutting Combs.
A very large and superior assortment of English,
?rench, and American Hair Brushes, some expressly for
Hair-Dressers. SCISSORS.
A small assortment of very fine Scissors, made by Hein
isb, of Newark, and Tiernan, of New York, expressly for
our sales. PERFUMERY.
10 cases of Perfumery, containing Lnbin's Extracts,
Oils, Soaps, Moel do Beauf, Lustratc for the hair
Batcliclor's Hair Dye, which we warrant to change the
hair iu fifteen minutes to a dark chestnut or jet black.
The dye wo confidently recommend as the best article
ever offered for dying the human hair.
Fancy, Perfumery and Comb Storo,
oct -1?6t Pa. av., under National Hotel.
_ [Wash. Eve Ncws.J
PAI F.RS in the case of Thomas Crown, Government
contractor for brick, 4c. The finder will be liberally
rewarded by restoring them to the office of the National
Hotel, or to me. BEVERLEY TUCKER
oct 15?dim
Ml must admit there never has been given such a mass of
genuine testi mony in favor of any other medicine. Hire.
U a truil! It cures when all other remedies hare failed.
UreuUr weight of testimony cannot be given?the first
men in this country.
Baltimore, Sept. 18, 1851.
Gentlemen: After a full and satisfactory trial of the
medicine prepared by you, and very generally known as
Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, which you recom
mended me to use as a relief for the debility and general
prostration of my system, the result of taking three bot
tles of this wonderful compound lias, I am pleased to say,
resulted in a restoration of strength, a keen appetite, and
an activity of body which I . have not onjoyed for a long
time. So satisfied am I of the virtues of this medicine,
that 1 have confidently recommended it to many of my
friends and acquaintances, and am happy to learn that in
a great majority of cases the most beneficial results have
stamped the infallibility of the Tincture. In my own case
I am satisfied that your advice to me to give-it a trial has',
under the Messing of a kind Providence, resulted iu a'
restoration to health, for which I am truly thankful.
Respectfully, JOS. K. STAPLETON,
198 W. Baltimore street.
Messrs. Mortimer A Mowbray, Baltimore, Md.
. Baltimore, Sept. 13,1861.
Messrs. Mortimer d Mowbray?Gentlemen: This is to
certify that in the year 1843 1 was attacked with a ner
vous affection, in consequence of Dyspepsia or Indiges
tion, which continued some eighteen months, during
which time my sufferings were intense, both of bodv aud
mind. I tried every thing 1 could think or hear of, (as
there was much sympathy for me,) and at length all ef
forts failed to cure me. I liecame much weakened, and
could walk but a very short distance at a time, and was
often in the act of falling upon the pavement, (1 would
stop in some door or alley to preveut it.) in conm-quence
of frequent palpitations; and, from what I could learn
I supposed I had disease of the heart, from frequ. lit dis-'
trcssing pains about the same; as also my chest and ab
domen?the latter being much distended. At this stage
of my disorder 1 could neither cat, nUe/> or walk with any
satisfaction to my??lf. Life seemed to be a burden to
me. My feelings were gloomy beyond description.
I at length heard of Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture,
and made trial of it. I had but taken the. first dose when
1 felt a change for the better, and hope immediately
sprang up. I continued, with the use of this invaluable
Tincture, to improve daily, until I bad taken the contents
of three bottles, which, under Divine Providence, made a
perfect cure of mo.
1 found 1 had an excellent appetite, and could partake
of any food, which 1 could not do for years previously
without the most distressing sensations. I now enjov
uninterrupted good health, and have done so for the last
six years; and would say to all afflicted as I hare been
to cast aside your prejudices, and try Hamr,ton's Veaetahle
Tincture. Any Information beside this but inea -re de
f.r,5t'?n ?1"7 r-V111 given cheerfully for the ben. -
St Of the afflicted. Yours, WILLIAM M.OLDIIAM
Custom-llousc; dwelling, Fayette St., near Fremont.
Baltimore, Sep. 18,1851.
Messrs. Mortimer <t Mowbray?Gentlemen : The cure of
Mr. Robert Oault, by the use of three liottjps or Hamp
tons Vegetable Tincture, as per his certificate, i?, I think,
almost unpreccdcnU-d. Ill* case of extremely excruciating
suffering, from Chronic Inflammatory Rheumatism, came
immediately under my own observation, through the last
four years, which I considered entirely hopeless. Through
my earnest persuasion, he was induced to try yourinval
uablo Tincture. I was prompted to remark at (be time.
that If medicine would cure Sir. Oanlt, It certainly would
" remove mountains." The know)<>dge of this miraculous
cure compels me toconslder it a duty 1 owe to the afflicted
(and particularly to those with complaints like his) to
make generally known the healing power of this truly
wonderful medicine. Yours, most respectfully,
187 Baltimore street.
HAMPTON'S TINCTURE is the great purifier of the
blood?will cure Scrofula, Rheumatism, Colds, Cough,
Liver Complaint, Diseases of the Throat and Breast, he.;
a certain relief in all nervous complaints.
Asa female medicine It has no equal. Thousands will
bless the hour they ever heard of It. Call on our agents
and get pamphlets with certificates of wonderful cures;
also the history of the medicine gratis.
General Agents, Baltimore St.
Also for sale l.y C. Stott A Co., Washington, D. C.
Joseph Moffett, 7th St., near E.
K. S. T. Ctsscll, Georgetown.
<K't 21?3mtr C. O. Berry. Alexandria, Va.
A General Assortment of Boots and Shoes;
Cor. of I and 7th streets, opposite Dorsey's Hotel,
Washington, I). C.
#9~The best brands of Wines and Liquors in Bottles."Sift
oct 18?tf
J NAME IN PART, Wines? Heidseick It Co.'s Cham
pagne, Claret, Hock, O. L. P. Madeira, Sherry, Lon
don Dock Port, Hunt A Co.'s Port, Liston, Cicily, Malaga,
Ac., Ac.
Brandies?Old London Dock, Otard, Dupuy A Co.,
Plnet, Castillon A Co., A. Seignette. Ac.
Whisky?Irish, Scotch, Monongsheia, and Old Rye.
Also, Stoughton's Bitters, Swiss, Absinth, Ac., Ac.
Fresh Peaches received every morning.
S*p 11?tr Pa. nr., 3 doors east of Ifith st.
'IMIK SUBSCRIBER has the pleasure of informing his
| friends and customors that he has just received
another supply of NEW FALL and W'I.nTKR GOODS,
which he wiil take pleasure iu showing to all who may
favor him with a csill. His stock is complete in every
respect, and will lie offered at such prices as cannot flail
to convince all that they can save money by purchasing
of him. Ilis Goods are of the best and roost fashfonahln
styles, consisting of French, English, and Gennan Cloths
and Cassimeres, of all kinds and qualities, and a full as
sortment of Vestings of the most prevailing styles.
I. F. MUDI), Merchant Tailor,
oct 10?tr D street, bet'n 7th and 8th its.

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