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,?im. iMi " EVERY 1FTBBNOOS,
O.i Tth .t., oppo.ue Odd.F.lloW.' Hall,
AI Ten Cents a Week, or
Tn subscribers served by the carriers, the paper will
be uruS regularly tnr ten cent, per
weekly W To mail suhacrlbers, $5 a year; $!t 60 foi
months; $1 25 for three mouths; 60 centa ? ?onth
No paper mailed unlcM paid for iu advance, and discon
tinued when the term paid for expires.
(0 .ir Ziii::?
1 wi:.,?r0' } Z.L .: 1 76 I 1 do 3 months . . 10 00
1 1?, iUii 3". }=*???:?
Twelve linen ("r over nix) make a s^uartr-longer adver
tisfeinents in exact proportion.
Advertisers will please endeavor to send in their favor* j
before 11 o'clock, if possible. ^
General Emigration and Passage Office,
No. 37 Hurling Slip, New York, near Fulton tVrry.
mau led 1>V old aud experienced commanders.
Also Agent for the Star Line of Glasgow taekete, sail
in- every month. Also, Agent for the splendid Line ol ,
New Voi-kTnd Louisiana Line of New Orleans packet., |
lr,daud, and 31ip, , door, from South st.
The New York and Liverpool United StateB Mail
The ships comprising this line are the?
ATLANTIC, Capt. West.
PACIFIC, Capt. Nye.
AIIC t'lC, Capt. Luce.
ADRIATIC, Capt. Grafton.
Mi"d^ and their accommodations for passengers are
unequalled fcl? ele3ance j130; ex.
clu,iv,? !S sixe state rooms, $326; from Liverpool
10 An exper^'aceil Surgeon will be attached to each ship.
^The own^s'of''theLUshii.sPwill not be accountable
for -olJ silver bullion, spec!'!, jewelry, precious stono,
or metal?*, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, and
the value thereof therein expressed.
For freight and passage apply' to
EDWARD K. COLLINS, 6tf Wall st, N. Y., or to
K O ROBERTS A CO., 14, King's Arm Yard London.
L. DRA-PKli, Jr., 8 Boulevard, Montniartre, Pans.
mar 24?il _ ? ????
PACKETS?Sailing from Philadelphia on the 5th,
H^aTrTm Liverpool ou the 1st of every monU.
:M sssta a&a jwatffcs
wass ssrs,
with drafts for ?1 sterling and upwards, at sight, without
5, Temple Place, L^rpooU ^^ McUENRT A CO.,
mar 24?d No-Walnut street, I'hiladelpliia.
. T meeting of the lioard of Managers of the Parke
* in kur..'.e I'acquired under Vincen* l'reissniti.
f'hitadoli.hla, (where ho has had many patients,) the Man
a -ers bf'iieve the aOlictod will find him an able and an
O.Hoe No. 68 South fourth street, residence No. 16 Lo
ir tin HviuarB. Phila'lelphia.
gh"rnh*r*?-^On'tho'leHL of
stEU to these j
for "imlUr
purp'Mje*. Institute, at the .llstance of one hun
, '? K Tre U rt othe -K^y feet aparL
laundry, with a hydrant at the door,
carried oil by drain* under ground.
ron-ist ?f a Circular -tone building, standing on the brow
n '^^barw'S {roulMfwm X? -WMn* spring
^?r,^ir Z a fountain in the water-works yard,
oont.rol of the 1,aUent nstng the samB^ ^
There aii? many other appliance., wnir
under?l?'M by anersonal examinaUon. m'ir ^ -
MOULTON * CO., Sucoewtors to Jl?0.fA.WO5?** 00.,
(U Ce<iar and 22 Ptae streets, New York, '"^te mer
chants visiting New YorK city to their lmmen? stoek of
foreign and Domestic, Fancy and ..
Th.or stock is entirely new, and, Iin addition, still rerrt re
by every steamer new and elegant styles, ?* "*
sivelv to this house, consisting of every variety of Dn ss
IJoo,hi to be found in the French, Oerman, English, and
American markets,and at prices that will dejV competiton,
Cash buyer* and mer.-hants generally will do well te
e.ui an 1 examine our stoek, as our good* are adapted to
* ' .u,,.. ,,f the country, and we aro resolved to spare
no effort* to make It the Interest of every merchant to
Tavor us with thoir patronage. JAMRg g yoTILTON,
New York, March, 1*51. _ J!!^
TTAK^ISIlKS oiim COPALS, SPllttTS, turpkn;
60 eases Oum Copal, med. and flne . ninth Polish
400 bbls superior Ooach lbsiy, Carriage ? Ml Clotl JPoUsh
ing, flowing. Scraping, Cabinet and Venitlan Blind Var
aishes, Nos. 1, 2, and 3.
10 bhls. Sign and Graining Varnish.
ft do white flowing do
ft do outside do do warrant**!.
5 do White do ' do for maps or whips.
10 do Iron Varnish.
10 do Painters'Japan.
100 do Hpirits Turpentine, in glned bbli or half bhls
1000 gallons American Linseed Oil. ,
10,000 lbs pure White Lead, in oil, at manufacturers
\l?o 'fiTm*^hellae. flandrae, Litharge, Red l<ead. Dry
Wnlte le*ad. In 100 lb. kegs, whol-sale and retail, at the
10 ^g the above will do well to calI and
.x^mine Jbjr ?hem?lres. manufticture.1 will
pleas* 2JI. - ???. subscriber
Mo "h "rfTilrange strei-t, rnmUng from Seoond to Third, be
twaen Market and Aroh rtmti, Phila. mar U-ti
To J'ertons out of Employment.
Juat published by K. SEAIIS, and tor wile at No. 128
Nasi.au street, New York.
American out books for mi.-Agenta are
wan tod to circulate the following new and beaut I ul
works, (retail price, $2 00 per vol.) A new and oowplete
with a descriptive account of those countries and their
inhabitant*, from the earliest period of authentic history
to the present time. In which the editor h:u< treated not
only of the historical events, but also ol the manners,
customs, religion, literature, and domestic habits of tbe
people of those immense empires.
The embellishments are about two hundred, and ot the
first order, illustrating whatever is peculiar to the iuha >i
lanls, regarding their dress, domestic occupations, thai
mode of agriculture, commercial pursuits, arts, Ac. J hey
are accurate, and each one has been made expressly for
^The^volume forms a large octavo, containing between
five aud six hundred pages, printed In the best "tyle, and
on good substantial white paper. U is furnished to agents,
handsomely bouud In muslin, gilt, or leather, as the pur
chaser may prefer, at a very liberal discount, when 'luan
tiLiu* of not lens than twenty copies are ordered at one
! time. -
comprising the most striklug and remarkable events of
the ltevolutlon, the French war, the lripoUtan war, the
Indian war, the second war with Great Britain, and the
Mexican war; with three hundred engravings I Retell
price, 42 50 per volume. Orders respocttully solicited.
are decidedly the best books that agente can JwHSiblv em
ploy their time in supplying to the people of the Unite"
States. They are valuable lor reference, and *koula ,
possessed by every family In this great republic. 1 here in
not a city or town in these United States, uot even those
of small Imiiortonce, but contains many citi/.ens to whom
these works are indispensable. They are adapted to the
literary wants of the Christian, the patriot, the statesman,
and the domestic circle, got up in a superior style of art
aud workmanship; and are not only such books as wil
Wll, but are such as an agent of good principle will feel
tree to recommend, and willing to see the purchaser again
1 after they have been bought.
Our Plan.?The plan the publisher has so successfully
carried out for several ycarfl, is the obtaining responsible
n:en as agents, who are well known in their own counties,
owns, and villages, and have time and disposition to cir
culate good and instructive books among their neighbors
and friendV Any person wishing to embark in the enter
prise will risk little in sending $25 or $60, for which he
will receive an assortment as he may direct, at the whole
sale cash prices. . , , ,
Enterprising and active men of respectability and good
address, would do well to engage in the sale of the above
volumes; and all postmasters, clergymen, book pedlars,
and newspaper agents, are respectfully requested to act
as our agents. A handsome remuneration allowed to all
who engage in their sale. For particulars address, post
paid, ROBERT SEARS, 128 Nassau street, N. Y.
To publishers of newspaiwrs throughout the United States:
Newspapers copying this advertisement entire, without
any alteration or abridgment, (Including this notice,) and
'iving it a few inside insertions, shall receive a copy ol
any of our $2 50 or $3 works, subject to their order, by
sending direct to the publisher. mar II
The Baltimore and Philadelphia Steamboat
.Have resumed their operations for the
[year with increased means of accomino
"til nlUi ini/nnwuu ?
dating the traue between Philadelphia and Baltimore, In
the most regular and e*podltiou? mauner, and at their
former materially reduced pricrj, being, on dry goods,
hardware, Ac., only 10 cents per 100 pounds, aud but hall
the price charged by other lines.
Persons wishing to avail themselves of the facilities and
moderate prices of the Line, are advised to give explicit and
positive directions for sending their goods to the Ericsson
Line, aud they should be particular to possess themselves
of the receipts which are invariably given for their goods.
In those are stated the price charged for transportation;
and it will prove a protection against the double rates ex
acted by other lines, who have no published rates.
Goods destined for the West, South, or other plaw* be
yond Baltimore, forwarded promptly on the day of their
arrival, with every care and attention, free of all cnarge
whatever for this service, in the shape of commissions or
"lN?W York.?Ooods shipped from New York, or other
places eastward of that city, should be distinctly con
signed to A. Groves, jr., Philadelphia, to insure their con
veyance by this Lin?. lru.
Freight to or from Baltimore, as above, 10 cents per 100
pounds. Coarse freights taken at still less rates.
The established character and known reputation of thi>
company it an ample guarantee to those disposed to con
fld? their property to the care ofthecompany.
One or more of the company's boats leaves Philadelphia
from the upper side of Chestnut street wharf every day.
(Sunday excepted,) at 3 o'clock, arriving in Baltimore
No. 19 8outh Wharves, above Chestnut st.
In like manner a boat leaves Baltimore, daily, (Sunday
excepted,) at half-past 2 o'clock.
Apply in Baltimore to
J. A. SHRIVER, Agent, No. 3 light st.,
mar 24 near the Depot of the 11. A 0. R. ft. j
New York India Rubber Warehouse.
UHODOMAN,27 Maiden l/anu and 69 Nassau street,
. (first corner from Broadway,) New \ork. Factory
Toot of Twenty-fourth street, East River.
Merchants throughout the United SUtesare respectfully
Informed that my spring stock of India Rubbertloods will
be found far superior to any before offered, having be
stowed upon each individual article the benetit of my long
experience in manufacturing, which enables me to war
rant entire satisfaction.
Among the most Important, I would call attention te
my extensive stock of Carriage Cloth, of all widths, from
3-4 to 6-4 Inclusive, and made on the choicest drills and .
the best of gum. Purchasers will And that It will neither
crack, peel, nor become sticky, as is the case with much
that has boen and continues to be sold In this city.
Consisting of Coats, Cloaks, Capes, Pouches, Panto, Over
alls, I-egglngs, Boots, Caps, Ac., now so extensively worn
by farmers, physicians, drivers,sea captains, sal ore, Ac.
Baptismal Pants, manufactured expressly for the clergy.
Ladies' and Gentlemen's G loves?a perfect cure for chap
ped hands by wearing them for a short time, at the same
time bleaching and rendering theui 7, *"
These Oloves arw also much worn hy Hatters, Tanners,
Masons, Ac., being a perfect protection against acid and
"me' Machine frlting and Steam rncl-ing,
In every variety, and cheaper and better than any thing
which can bo substituted for either.
Also, a large stock of Overshoes, Garden and Engine
Hose, Whips, Horse Covers, Horse Fenders, Hoof Boots.
Bed*. Life Preservers, Hreast Pumps, Syringes, Tolwwiro
Wallets. Finger Stalls, Paper Holders, Door Springs, Ac.,
Ac., besides an immense stock of
India Hub bet
and other fancy articles, snch as Elastics, Dolls, Dogs, and
other animals of various kinds. Pure Rubber Cement for
hatters' use. All orders executed with despatch.
roar 24? D. HODGMAN.
[few York, N'W Orleann, and Mobil* Kipre*?,
C10NNECT1NG with the swiftest and most responsible
j expresses between the principal towns in Maine, New
Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Con
necticut, l<ovor Canada, New York Stele, Delaware 4'enn.
sylvania, Maryland, District of Columbia. Indiana, Ohio
Illinois, the Western States generally, the Mississippi and
Alabama river towns, and the prominent places In Geor
gia ami the Carollnas.
Our facilities are so extenslre and perfect that we can
secure the safe and speedy transportation of freight,
trunks, packages, and valuable parcels, from one mid of
the country to the other, and between the most remote
l' From our many years' experience in the express busi
ness, while connected with Messrs. Adams A Co., and our
numerous advantages in other respects, (not the least ot
which is the confidence and patronage of the New York
community,) we feel"assured that we shall never cease to
give th? most entire satisfaction to our friends, the jewel
lers, bankers, and merchants generally.
We beg leave to call attention to our California Express
from New Orleans, and our Express between New Orleans
and Mobile. .
Offices: St. Charles Hotel Building, New Orleans, and
19 Wall street, New York. mar "
clne and the Collateral Sciences for
Marcli, 1 851.?The March number of this well est?l>
lishcd journal is now before the public, containing original
communications from the following talented writers of the
Medical Profession: W. II. Van nuren, M. D., case of ova
rlan tumor, in which .loath resulted from entero-peritonltis
arl-itiit from a novel cause, Illustrated hy a plate: remarks
on teta-.us. hy Kr.r.i P. Hen net, M. I)., of Connecticut; rup
ture of bladder, by .1. Kneeland, M. D.; reports of hospital
n?s?s, hy K. D. Lente, M. D . and others of much interest
hy Drs.Sweat,Church, and Star. ' , ,.
The Foreign and American Medical Ketn.-pect l-full
and complete; Bibliographical notices of all the late Bug
Ikh and American Medical works, Ac.
Published every olher month, at $3 per annum; each
Office, No. 1 Heade Street, New York.
IN coiise.jueuce of the great number of complaints which
have for a long Uuie been mode by Emigrant!, of fraud*
uouiuiltted upon them in the sending of money to their
friends in Ireland, and to aid and nroUct the Emigrant,
the Irish Kmigrant Society establishud a fund, deposited
in the Bank of Iruland, upon which they draw draft*,
payable at sight, at any of the brandies of the Hank.
1'ersous residing out of the c ity, by enclosing in a letter
the sum they wish forwarded, with the plainly written
direction to wiioui and where it is to be paid, will have the
same remitted.
There is a great advantage in purchasing the Society's
drafts?that the Bank lias a branch in each of the princi
pal towns in Ireland, and thus the losses by discount, and
otherwise, are avoided.
The Society keeps an office at No. 22 Spruce ?treet, to
which Emigrants can apply to obtain situations for which
they are titled.
Orders froui employers in the country, stating the ser
vices required, the wages, and the cheapest modes of con
veynuce, and giving a respectable reference, will meet with
prompt attention.
The Society will be thankful for all circumstantial and
early information of any fraud, imposition, or outrage
committed, on Emigrants, and will endeavor speedily to
apply a remedy. OK KOOKY DILLON, President.
JAM KB MATHEWS, >- Vice President*.
Edward 0. Do.nnkm,y, Corresponding Secretary.
Klcknan B. Dalv, Recording Secretary.
Jomki-h Stuaht, Treasurer.
Felix Ingoldsby, William Redmond,
William Watson, Francis Mann,
John Manning, James Stuart,
Terence Donnelly, 8tuart J. Mollan,
James Olwell, Cornelius II. Sheeh&n,
Charles M. Nanry, John Nicholson, mar 24?
Hardware, Cutlery, Edge Tools, &c.
CHARLES S. LITTLE, Importer and
igeneral dealoi' in English, Oermau, and
^ American Hardware, Cutlery, Edge Tools,
? Ac., 3a and '.U Fulton street, opposite the
United States Hotel, New York, respectfully invites the
attention of Merchants, making their purchases, to his
very extensive assortment, comprising every thing in the
line, and to which new and constant supplies are being
added. His variety of Tools is adapted to all the various
branches of mechanics, especially Osipors and Carpenters.
Particular attention given to all orders, all of which are
offered at the lowest market prices for casli or on approved
Cut and Wrought Nails, Looks and Latchets
Knives and Forks, Pea and Pocket Knives
Razors, Scissors and Shears, in great variety
Skates, Slates, Sleigh Hells, loose and strapped
Shovels, Spades, IL.es, Forks, Scythes and Snathe*
Hides, Black Lead Pots, and Sand Crucibles
Pumps, for wells or cisterns; Force Pumps and Hydrau
lic Rams
Antes' Pump, Augers and Runivers
Turkey Oil Stone, dressed and undressed
Scotch V> ater of Ayr Stone, for marble polishers
Coopers' Tools, in great variety, of the most celebrated
manufacturers, Albertson, Conger, Ilorton, Barton, and
Coochmakers' Tools
House and Ship Carpenters' Tools
Blacksmiths' Tools, Cabinet makerr' Trimmings
House and Ship builders' Hardware
House furnishing Hardware, in great variety
Iron, Brass, Copper, and Steel wire
Genuine Haarlem Oil, and Nuremberg Salve.
Inverdm t and Alantrfacturtrt of the Ethiopian and Fire
proof Paint, Wilmington, Clinton on., Ohio.
W MYERS, No. 31U Main street, near Ktli, Cindnna
, ti. Ohio, to whom all orders must be addressed.
The superiority of this paint over all other, for carriage,
house, and ship painting, will be seen in its rapid sale.
It is not over four months since this paint has becu intro
duce! Inw> market, and our agent has been able to ordur
one hundred tons. The paint is ground in oil, and put
up ready for use, from the finest black down to any shade
to suit th" fanr.T.
Also, inventors and manufacturers of TVinneri' Hlack
ing. This article is so universally approbated by all who
have used It, that it scarcely needs commendation. But
to give confidence to thosu who may not have tried it, we
would say that Z. C. Hyon, foreman to A. M.Taylor A Co.,
Columbia street, Cincinnati, has authorized us to use his
name as a recommendation to tanners in general. To nil
who know .Mr. 7.. C. Hyon this would lie sufficient; but all
tanners in the city and country, who have used it, have
granted us this privilege. If it. wero necessary we could
till a newspaper with testimonials; but where all who use
are pleased we deem it UDcalled for.
The Tanners' Blacking is put up In kegs containing six
gallons, ready for use, and will l>e sent to any point on
the canal, railroad, or river, at flrty cents per gal I en.
All orders should be addressed, post paid, to
Wilmington, Clinton CO., Ohio; or
J. H. HAVENS, Cincinnati.
Also, Inventors and manufacturers of a WaUr-pronf
Mucking for OiLcloUt, that will reduce the cost fifty per
Pent, and will soon be in market. mar 24
rMPORTERS ANI) JOBBERS, 68 Liberty strhst, New
1 York, (lietwcen Uroudway and Nassau,) are now re
ceiving a rich and beautiful assortment of Fancy Silk and
Millinery Goods, to which we would particularly invite the
attention of all Cash I'urchnsers, and will make It an ob
Ject for theui to give us a call, as we are determined to sell
our assortment, for Cash, lower than ever before oflcred iu
thh< market.
Milliners ran supply themselves with every article in
their line, at alsiut tne cost of Importation or Auction
prices. Many of our goods are manufactured expressly
for our own sale, and cannot be surpassed lor beauty or
low prices.
Rich Hat and Cap Ribbons, a large variety
Silks and Satins for Bonnets
Embroidered Capes, Collars, Cuffs, and Chemlsetts
Embroidered Edgings and Insertings, Swiss and Muslin
Thread, Brussels Yalenciene, Silk, and Lisle Thread
Embroidered Reverie and R.aln Linen Cambric Ilkfs.
Gloves and Mita, Kid, Silk, Lisle Thread, and Sewing
Scarfs. Cravats, and Dress flkfk.
Swiss. Jaconet. Rook Muslins, and Ilishop Lawns
Embroidered, Damask, and Plain Canton Crape Shawls
A full assortment of Straw Goods
French and American Artificial Flowers
With a large variety not mentioned above.
All wishing to avoid paying long prices will mske mo
ney by calling and satisfying themselves, fmar 24?tf
Ac., Ac.?Whoi.wai.k AM) Retail?No. l'J4J^ Market
.Street, /'hUaitrtphia.?We offer to our trleods and custo- |
mem the largest assortment of Agricultural Implements, i
Oarden Tools, and Seeds ever offered In this market, non- 1
silting In part of the following, via:
PROUTY A MEARS' Patent Highest Premium Self
sharpening PI,OUGHS, right and left handed Side Ilill
Subsoil, of various sines, of superior materials and work
manship. warranted to give satisfaction, or the money
returned. f)'ur lhghett Premium* mounted to these :
PLOUGHS at the New York State Fair for 1860. Also,
Beaches and Bar Share Ploughs.
Spain's Improved Harrel Churn, constructed In such s
manner that the dasher may lie removed from the inside I
of the Churn by simply unscrewing the handle from the
Hay, Straw, and Corn Stalk Cutters in great variety,
among whirh may lie found Harvey'* superior Premium
Straw Cutter, of every sise.
Also. Horse Powers. Threshing Machines. Fan Mills. 1
Corn Shellers, Cheese I Ye sees, Seed Plsnters. Dirt Scrapers.
Sugar Mills, Ox Yokos and Bows, Turnip Drills, Horse
Rakes. Grain Cradles, Expanding and Rxtra Cultivators.
Harrows, Snathe, Scythes, Concaved Hoes, Spring tem
pered Cast Ste?-1 < Its I and Square tlned Manure and Hay
Forks. I'railing Shears and Chisels. Beach and Bur Shear |
Repairing Pedes and Castings, Peruvian. Patagonia anil
Prepared Guano, together with a complete assortment of
Orass, Garden, and Field Seed, all of which will 1* sold at
the lowest possible prices, at 194 V, Market street, Phlla.
mar 24?tf PROUTY A BARRETT, j
French and German Looking-Glass Depot,
No. 75 nalt.imort Street.
I)ARRATT A DEREET. Carvers and Gilders, mannftc
> turers of every variety of Plain and Ornamental !
Iiooklng-Glass and Picture Frames, Window Cornices.
I<rackets,. Bracket Tables, Celling Mouldings. Ac., Ac. !
Also constantly on hand, a full assortment of Gilt snd
Mahogany Fram<-d Looking Classes. Old work re-gilt,
glasses inserted in old Frames. Ac. Prices low and work
unsurpassed In beauty of finish and durability by any ?
other establishment. The public is respectfully invited
to examine our stock before purchasing elsewhere, /
IMPORTERS, No. 88 .Market street, Philadelphia: No. )
1 102 R road way, New York, are now receiving and offer
for sale, at Market prices, an excellent assortment of the
following go?*ls i
Cloths and Ifcieskln*. of Oevers A Schmidt. Schnabd>,
Rockschurnuinn A Sohroeder, and others, consigned to
the? directTrom the manufacturer*.
Fr-nch. Swis*. ami (Jerman Silks. Fancy and Staple ;
Oooda, of the best makes and styles, suitable forthe spring
Also, sole agency for the United States of J. M. Caron j
A Co.'* Fancy Gilt and Silk Button*, and other fabric*,
mar 24- I
'it.., ? rr- 1 :r ?' ? -U.' .? '? - ? ?? ? ??
Kossuth.?The Courrier (let Etats-L nit bujb
that after Kossuth had urrived on board the
Mississippi, he received a despatch from the
Turkish Government informing him that Aus
tria had taken seriouB umbrage at his libera
tion, and suggesting that he should delay hiB
departure until the difficulty should be ar
ranged. The generous Hungarian was dis
posed to accede to this request, but the Captain
of the Mississippi interposed, and declared that
ho would not suffer such a violation of Ameri
can hospitality?that Kossuth, having stepped
on board an American vessel, was upon Ameri
can soil.
Koasutli is the son of a lawyer, nnd a small
laud owner in Zemplin, and was born in 1800.
lie is therefore now in his forty fifth yeur. lie
was married in 1841. Previous to the llunga
riau revolt he was distinguished for his eloquent
advocacy of liberal principles, in the Hungarian
Diet, but it was in the character of an editor
that his influence was most exerted and deeply
felt. He is said to have commenced his career
as a reporter for the Hungarian Diet.
Diukct Trade of the South wjth Europe.?
Hostility to the North may suggest this to some
minds; but there is a better basis for the en
terprise of the South. Self-preservation is a
duty, and is by no means incompatible with the
kindliest feelings toward our Northern fellow
citizens. This it is that demands the measure.
Wo observe in the Charleston Courier, of
Wednesday, the following :
" To-day we have the gratification of notioing
a circumstance which may well be regarded as
an era in the commercial history of Charles
ton?tli.it is, the arrival of the British ship
Grasmere, Captain Vaile, from Calcutta, with
800 bales of gunny bagging for the house of
Messrs. John Eraser & Co. This is the first
direct communication with the East and this
city that has taken place within the recollection
of our oldest merchants; and with a tonnage
which is rapidly increasing, and which would
do credit to any port, we venture to say that
the day is not far- distant when our commerce
with the East will be in no measure inferior to |
even that of Boston. Messrs. J. Eraser & Co.
are likewise the importers of 1,980 bags ot
coffee, by the Hanoverian schooner (hie, which
arrived yesterday from Rio de Janeiro?thus
setting an example which is worthy of imita
tion, and for which they deserve the thanks of
our citizens. Let the suggestions of our cor
respondent " G. " be adopted, relative to the
deepening of our harbor, and the system of di
rect trade?export as well as import?systemati
cally pursued, and Charleston must become the
Emporium of the South "
Reduction of Sewnpaper Pontage.
We are glad to see that Barnabas Bates ia out
again in the advocacy of the great postage re
form so miserably botched at the last session of
Congress. In an article in the New \ork Her
ald ho says:
" The complaint is universal that the recent
act of Congress imposing new rates of postage
ou newspapers is burdensome and complicated,
iind that the construction of the law by the Post
Office Department makes it peculiarly obnoxious.
The newspaper press feels the burden in a pecu
liar manner ; as the present rates, especially on
transient papers, amount to a prohibition.
" From the information received from several
members of Congress, 1 am certain that, at an
early period of the next session, measures will
be taken to remedy the evils of the present law,
and that a rate, simple, uniform and cheap, will
be adopted. It is the intention of the Hon. Mr.
Gwin, Senator from California, to offer a reso
lution on the first day of the session, instructing
the Committee on Post Offices and Pout Koada |
to report a bill reducing the rates of postage on
newspapers. The people of California teel the
I oppressive effects of the present law in a pecu
! liar manner; and, iudeed, all the distant btates,
i which ought to be favored, if possible, complain
of the intolerable burden of the present law.
Besides this, the rules are so complicated that
not one postmaster in ten can easily tell what
postage should be charged on transient news
papers. Instead of one uniform rate, the present
law imposes at least seventy-two (72) rates on
newspapers, according to weight, size, and dis
?' It is my determination, if sustained by my
friends, to devote myself to this cause, until wo
have ns cheap postage as any other people,
and our post-offices the best managed iu the
Go ahead, Mr. Bates, and the honor thall be
The Washington R'pullic takes ground that
the proposition for a German National Loan is
n second Cuban bond speculation.?I'kila. Sun.
An error: the Washington Republic takes no
ground, but regards all as pirates who do. It
would hardly approve of the Cubans' assuming
a title to their own ground ; and would vote our
ancestors outlaws and pirates for taking that
which belonged to the aborigines. It is a con
scientious paper, is the Washington Republic,
and the Sun should not cast a shadow upon its
purity! ^
A Washington Built Steamer.?The Fred
cricksburg Nttct of yesterday says:
" The ' Wm. Selden' arrive i at our wharf on
Wednesday afternoou, and will hereafter, we
learn, perform her regular trips between this
and Baltimore. We understand from those who
have seen her that she is light but elegant, and
trips through the water ' like a thing of life.
Commodore Fairbanks (waggishly but familiarly
known as old 4 Diagram ) is her commander.
He is an 1 old salt' whose skill is known to the
traveller ou the Rappahannock, tor more than
half a century he has been fighting successfully
the winds and the waves."
Tub Will ok the Late Francis Dodo*, of
Georgetown, was, a few days since, proved
before Judge Pursell, of the Orphans' Court.
The executors were required to give a bond,
wiih security, in the penalty of five hundred
thousand dollars, or twice the amount of the
personal estate, which only it proposed to cover.
[ Republic.
They talk in Maryland of Senator Pearce ns
a candidate for the Vice Presidency. He is an
able statesman and accomplished gentleman. j
Spare the Flowerii
Tin well, young girl's, your iwy hour*
To pasa in frolic gay ;
liut, heedful, spare the tender flowers
That blossom in your w??.
Oh, crush thrin not! but love them well,
And li?t to what they any ;
A warning tale to you they tell,
Of sad and ?wlft decaj !
For you, like these fair fragile flower*,
Hut biosaoin for a day :
Like their* are hrief your sunnr hours,
Like them you pas* away!
And though you Idly put thein liy,
In Ule's froth morning hours,
A time shall tie whi n you will nigh
For these- unheeded flower*!
Wlmii sorrow* come, and friends retire,
And early dreauis depart,
And hope* are tied, you'll then desiro
To press them to your heart,
And they *hull wako your dreams again,
To bless your elosing hour*,
Whi n none of all you loved remain,
Uut these sweet sister flowers.
[Correspondence of the American Telegraph.]
Portsmouth, Oct. 2ii, 1851.
To the Editors of the American Telegraph.
Gentlemen : The 19th of October, the sev
entieth anniversary of that great and fiDnl bat
tle fought on the plains of Little York, in this
State, during that dark and gloomy period in
the history of the revolution, the year 1781, and
which had the result of terminating that long
yet glorious struggle between the then colonies
and mother country, was celebrated in this
town on Monday, the 20th instant, with the
usual display of our military, on the advent of
this, a day held in high veneration by the good
people of the Old Dominion. Why is it that
this day, which is second to none in its results
on the destiny of our beloved country, should
not be hailed as one that deserves a nation's
homage ? and not suffer State pride alone to
keep in remembrance that to which a grsiteful
people should be proud to do honor.
The news of the detachment of Samuel T.
Hartt, Naval Constructor at the Uosport yard,
was received here by the men counected with
the yard, and the people generally, with feel
ings of regret. Mr. Hartt was deservedly pop
ular both in and out of the yard, for his agree
able and gentlemanly manners, and his high
attainments in his profession. Complimentary
letters have passed between him and the Heads
of the several Departments, and also from the
workmen, that are flattering to Mr. Hartt, and
highly creditable to all the gentlemen con
The polls closed here at sundown, and I am
only able to forward you the following returns.
Portsmouth gives for Congress: Millson, (D.)
526; Cooper, (W.) 2U8.
Legislature.?Wheeler, (D.) 556; Portlock,
(D.) 542 ; Holla day, (W.) 311; Scott, (W.) 299.
Norfolk City,?Milisou's (Dcm.) majority 108.
Robinson (Whig) elected to the Legislature.
The vote on the amended Constitution is
nearly unanimous, both in the city of Norfolk
and in Portsmouth. Yours, &c. Nadel.
Clerk of the Home of Representatives,
Messrs. Editors: Having seen several com
munications in the " Union, " recommendatory
of the claims of several gentlemen for the po
sition of Clerk of the next House of Repre
sentatives, permit me to name a gentleman for
that office who is really more entitled to the
honor than any one individual in the Democratic
ranks?I allude to Col. John W. Forney, the
talented and accomplished editor of the " Penn
tylvanian," of Philadelphia. If any single in
dividual is justly entitled to office from the
Democratic party, that individual is Col. For
ney. The gratitude and thanks of tho Democ
racy arc due to him for the late signal victory
obtained in Pennsylvania; to his untiring and
active exertions must be mainly attributed that
result?a result which has placed the old " Key
stone" where she should be, among the topmost
of the pillars of Democracy. It will be recol
lected that Col. Forney was the prominent can
didate for the same post at the last session of
Congress, and that the opposition of the Abo
litionists of the North and the Disuuionists of
the South prevented his election. Subsequently
Mr. Campbell was elected. Now is the time
to do full justice to Col. Forney, (when bis party
is in full power, without the extraneous support
either of abolitionism or disunionism,) by his
election to the Clerkship of the next House of
Representatives. 1 trust that the Democratic
party will never forsake such a friend.
Mr. Forrest made his last appearance at the
Walnut street theatre, Philadelphia, last even
ing. His engagement has been triumphantly
A ScRirrtiLors Sheriff.?'Bennett, convicted
of murder at the late term of the Ripley (Ind.)
circuit court, has been sentenced to be hung ou
the first Friday in December. It is said the
Sheriff will resign rather than exccute the sen
tence of the court.
In this, according to our way of thinking,
the Sheriff is right; but he would have been
riyhter had he never taken an office that called
for the performance of such duties.
Senator Owin.?We regret to learn that this
gentleman has been so much indisposed since
his arrival at New York, that his friends have
been denied access to him. He has, of course,
been unable to attend to bis correspondence.
We understand that the fever which confines
him made its appearance on his route across
the isthmus, and is one that is fast yielding to i
medical treatment; so that no fears need be
entertained of his convalescence. This state
ment is made that his numerous friends may
not ascribe to any neglect his failure to answer
their letters.?Union.
A Public Improvement.?Workmen are en
gaged in sotting the coping stone at the trian
gular piece of ground between Thirteenth and
Fourteenth streets, and Pennsylvania avenue
and E street north, on which is to be placed
beautiful and substantial iron fencing, five feet
in height. The trees skirting the aveuue are to
be removed to the northern line, and others, of
choice varieties, planted within the enclosure
which fronts on Thirteenth street three hundred
and thirty-two feet, and on Pennsylvania avenue
three hundred and fifty-two lent.
Mr. Downing, the rural architcct, furnished the
plan for this improvement.?Republic.
An insane Irish girl leaped out of a third- |
story window in Boston, on Tuesday etenlng, i
and alighted on an Irish woinin who was pass- j
ing. Neither was much hurt.
Gicf. Wm. 0. Butler.?This gallant Bon of
Kentucky is often named in connexion with tho
Presidency; but tlie Waysville Port Jloy says
the Democratic party in that State are not fully
wtiafied with him, and quote# from the Ilopkins
ville l'res* the folio wiug:
"Various matters which we have heard len
der it imperative that Gen. Butler s sentiments
should be known before we can ever vote for
him. It is requiring too much ol a southern
mmi, in these days of political apoftaoy, to ex
pect him to support a man whose principles bo
loathes and abhors, merely upon the old thread
bare and hackneyed cry of democracy
The General will no doubt speak out with
effect. He always does so at fitting times.
Tub Assassination Story.?There is no con
firmation, by the Georgia, of the report that
the Spanish officers engaged in the cap ture of
Lopez have been assassinated at Havana.
Opknino a Mound.?The workmen on the
Baltimore and Ohio railroad opened an (tuliau
mound on Saturday last, on the farm ol B.
McMeahcn, esq. Tho Wheeling (jutettc saj s:
" The mound was about seventy feet in diam
eter, and eleven feet high. Nearly on a level
with the biitrounding earth were found an altar
of stone, evincing the action of the lire, west of
north of the altar the head and body of' an In
dian extending west of north, at a slight decli
nation from the head to tho feet. Thi? body
was covered to the depth ol a loot or more with
ashes, in which the salt was still manifest to
the taste, as we arc told. The body was re
markably perfect, and was mostly preserved.
Around this body were twelve others, with their
heads centering toward it, and feet projecting.
No articles of art were found except a polished
stone tube, about twelve inches iu length."
The Rotunuo of tub Capitol will, during the
coming winter, be much better lighted than
heretofore. Gas jets, ornamented, are to be
placed near the paintings ; and by this arrange
ment the rotunda will be brilliautly illuminated.
ColoredDaoukrrbotvl'es.?This important
discovery appears to have been made simulta
I neousVy in America by Mr. Hill, and in France
by Mr. Niepce. Specimens have been exhibited
here and there, but no clear explanation of the
process has been made known in either country.
The Poor have had enough of it ?While
the city marshal was engaged in destroying a
iiuantity of liquor that had been seiatfsd, some
one in the crowd inquired, " Why was not this
sold for three huudred pence and given to the
poor?" A voice at some distance replied, "The
noor have had enough of it, let it go!
[Bangor {Me.) paper.
Extract from Dickens.?" Confound that
fat boy," said Wardle, "he's beeu fighting
again, and has a black eye." "How did you
get it?" benignantly inquired Mr. lickwick.
" Why, I was a pitching into a man, and some
chap come up and held my head, and then the
man punched it." " You say so, fat 'un, re
marked SamWeUcr, "but it was the man vot
held your cocoa nut in chancery that punched
it, sonny. Thut vos the uay, and vere vos tho
Police ?"
"Oh! thou invisible spirit of Wine, if we
had no other name by which to call thee, we
would call thee Devil." A tree is known by
its fruit.
On Sunday last two shocking murders occur
red in Boston. A brute of a husband beat his
I wife to death; and a drunken wretch cut his
sister's throat with a razor, and then mutilated
her remains by tearing them to picccs.
[ Rochester Timet.
Removal of tub Massachusetts Sbat ow
Government.?The Boston Advertiser .gives a
history ot the attempts to remove the Massa
chusetts Seat of Government from Boston?re
[ marking that the subject will probably be re
sumed this year, if the State Reform party suc
ceed in controlling a majority of the Legislature.
Orange wine is a new curiosity introduced in
the New Orleans market. It is made of the
juice of the wild or sour orange, which abounds
in almost every plantation in the State, but has
I hitherto been regarded as a useless product.
Webster Convention.?The Mayor and Al
dermen of Boston, on Monday evening, granted
the use of Fancuil Hall to the friends of Mr.
Webster, to hold their convention, on the Gth
of November.
Naturalized Citizens.?Over six hundred
persons have taken their papers this month
from tho Common Pleas, and a largo number
' from the Superior Court, in New 'i or!t.
The Scotch and Irish landlords are crowding
Canada with paupers, and one person otonc had
sent 1,100 from Scotland.
The immense coal deposit in Iowa extends
two hundred miles from the l)es Moine; river,
and embraces twenty thousand square mles
so it is said.
A letter in the St. Louis Republican states
i that the cholera is raging amoug some ti.be* of
the Rocky Mountain Indians. At Fort Berthold
and Fort Clark it has been very fatal.
A business firm in Rosion is loading a 1
with ice and apples, for Alexandria, Egypt
Sue is to carry out an ice house Mao.
The York (Pa.) Advocate has placed tho name
of Henry Clay at its head as the Union candi
date for President.
W. W. M auimrk, senior editor of the Mobile
Herald and Tribune, is a candidate for Mayor ol
that city.
i On one of the flreek manuscripts pretended
1 to have been recently discovered by gi.aonides,
has been discovered the Parisian water-mark
They are represented to have been as ancient
as tiie days of Homer. ^
The wife who would properly discharge her
duties should never have a soul " above but
tons " Thus remarked " a Roman Counsellor
as iic fastened on his dickey with a skewer.
The Fire Annihilator is still figuring in the
New York papers, the only place where its
merits are at all exhibited. Like 1 ajne s
St is talk and nothing else.
The Hon. Hamilton Fish, Senator elect from
the State of New York, arrived in this ci?y Inst
evening, and took lodgings at Willard s Hotel.
? [I mow.

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