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Corner of 14thairetl and New York Avenue.
St. KICilAuUo. Principal.
H. Chasu, I Assistants.
H. W. MuNbil, )
A. ZAPfoNK, Professor of Modern Languages.
11. (ilUAOH, Teacher of Drawing ami Painting.
Circulars can l? obtained of thy Priueipal, or ?t K.
Faruhaui's lloukjitorv. loot 1 ti
Under the cart of Heo. Alfred Jlolmeud, Rector,
and Mr. Charles lacker, A. M.
riMIE DUTIES of thl.i lnstitutidn will be resumed on
X tlio 18th of August, in tho lower Saloon ol Mr. Ca
ruM's building. _ ? , .
In English, Mathematics, Greek, Latin, and trench,
tlie eoursa will be full and thorough. Pupils fitted for
the Ouuntiug-rooia or College.
The cxporieuco of fifteen yearH.intho management ol
boys, induces the ooutUlent bellel that the satisfaction ex
pressed by their numerous former patrons, both iu Mary
fund and Virginia, will be shared by those who may be
pleased to entrust the education of their sous to thur
C*Kor terms and further information apply to the Hector,
tho Itev. Alfred llolmead, at his residence on 9th, between
Kand F streets. [jy 29-dtf
. sumed on the 2'Jtli or October. In the Scientific
School, now connected with the Collate*!, young men iu
iidvanoe of our academies enjoy rare facilities in preparing
for practical life.
In the Mercantile Department a thorough business edu
cation may bo had. '
In the Agricultural Department special attention is
given to agricultural chemistry.
Thore is also a Toaohera' Department, and a Depart
incut of Modern languages.
Newark Academy opens on the same day, (Mlh Octo
ber.) Applications for admission should bo made early.
Term bill J75. for circulars containing full information,
address Kev. W. 8. F...GRAHAM,
H?p (J?2aw4mWAS] PrwMwt of the College.
Teacher and Translator of French, Xpaniflt and Italian.
(The Classics taught also, if required.)
AKKW PUPILS may be instructed on the Ouitar.
Classes of gentlemen meet at his room on Pennsyl
vania avenue, north Hide, between lid and 4J^j streets.
l'upils will bo accommodated at their residences ulso.
8ep 15?tf _
FIRE I F1UK 1?Oheever's Patent Fire
^ Kindling?the latest blessing to housekeepers ami
bachelors?is again in season, and is an articlc oi great
economy and convenience to all who have occasion to
kindle tires. Price 60 cents per pack, which will kindle
240 fires. For sale by ?4:QttAy',,
out io tr 7th St., opposite Odd-Hellows Hall.
E HAVE IN STORE the following, in plain colors?
;i00 pieces English Meriuoes and Paramettoes.
'o'loths of all grades and colors.
20 pieces French Meriuoes, all colors, and at tho very
lowest prices. . .... , ?R
Hep '24?dim YERB\ A MILLER^
those used in the private academies and institutions
in the District < f Columbia and adjacent country.
For sale, at New York pnees.b^ &
Bepl_ Booksellers, near 9th street.
nCHOOL BOOKS at New York >?*????;"?
O A full assortment of all kinds now In use; and the
best STATIONERY of every variety, for sale by
AUJbll^ uKAij
au 7th street, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall.
r> dozen Silk Mitts, suitable for house and street?ol
all grades, long and short, with and^wi j^^^^T'Elf
BLANKETS We have iu store 1200 pairs of bed
Blankets, all grades, and prices from $2.50 to $18.
2 bales, 100 pairs Servants' Blankets, which will b"
sold very cheap. VEHBY A MlLLi-lt.
sep 29-?lm ' - '
4 T THE BIBLE DEPOSITORY, corner of E and 10th
_J\_ streets. (sep 1?tf] JAMES NOUKSE.
WE have In store now a largo and general assortment
of Housekeeping Goods, as follows:
10 pieces superior Linen Sheetings
12 do Damask Table Diaper
Splendid Damask Table Cloths, all sites
10 pieces best Huckaback Toweling
6 dor,en superior Damask do
40 do Huckaback Towels, all priccs
Splendid stock Table Napkins
Brown Linen Table-Cloths
15 pieces French Furniture Prints
10 do Oil dressed do plain 4 liordcred
40 do 04, 10-4, and 12-4 Bleached Sheetings
Table and l*iano Covers
Curtain Muslins
50 pieces Irish Linens, all grades
. 10 do Pillow-case Cotton, Ac. ....
We invite persons in want of the above description
of goods to give us a call, as we pay great attention to
this class of goods. YERBV & MILLER,
oefi-'l No. 6, Pa. av., bet. 7th 4 8th sts.
All mast admit there never has been given such a mass of
genuine textim'my in favor of any ottter medicine. Give
it a trial! It cure* when all other remedies havfatUtl.
(1 renter weight nJUeftimony cannot 6cgiven?/rout Ute first
mtn in Uiti country.
Baltimore, Sept. 18,1851.
(Jknti.kmkn : After a full and satisfactory trial of the
medicine prepared by you, and very generally known as
Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, which you recom
mended me to use as a relief for the debility and general
prostration of my system, the result of taking three bot
tles of this wonderful compound has, I am pleased to say,
resulted In a restoration of strength, a keen appetite, and
an activity of body which I have not enjoyed for a long
time. So satisfied am I of the virtues of this medicine,
that 1 have confidently recommended it to many of my
friends and arquaintaBOB#, and am happy to learn that in
a irreat majority of cases the most beneficial results have
stumpy! tlie infaUHrOHytf the nocture. In myown cw,
1 am salUfl.-d that your advice to me to give It a trial has.
under the blessing of a kind Providence, resulted in a
* restoration to health, for which I am truly thankful.
Resms-tfully, JO?. K. STAII.ETON,
1 ljw? W. Baltimore street.
Messrs. Mortimer A Mowbray, Baltimore, Md.
Baltimore, w*pt. 13, lH&i.
Messrs. Mortimer tf Mowhrtiy?Gentlemen: This Is to
certify that in the year 18M 1 was attacked with a ner
vous affection, in consequence of Dyspepsia or Indiges
tion, which continued some eighteen months, during
which time my rufleringl were Intense, both of body and
mind. I tried every thing I could think or hesr of, (as
there was much sympathy for me,) and at length all ef
fort* failed to mire me. 1 became much weakened, and
could walk but a very short distance at a time, and was
often ill tho act of failing upon the pavement, (I would
stop in rome door or alley to prevent it.) in consequence
of frequent palpitations; and, from what I could learn,
I supposed 1 had dtstom <tf tt* heart, from frequent dis
tressing pains about Uic same; as also my chest and ab
domen?the latter being much distended. At this stage,
of my disorder I could neither eat. sleep or walk with any
satisfaction to myself. Life seenn-d to bo a burden te
me. My feelings were gloomy Is-yood description.
I at length heard of Dr. Hampton s \ egeUble Tincture,
ami made trial of it. I h?ul but taken the fret <to*when
I felt a change for the belter, and hope Imm.-diately
snranK up. 1 continued, with the use of this inrnluahte
Ttnrbne, to imprm-* doily, until I had taken the contents
of three l-Ule*, which, under Divine Providence, made a
perfect cure of me.
1 found 1 had an excellent appetite, and could partake
or any food, which I could not do for years previously
without the most distressing sensations. I now enjoy
uninterrupted good health, and have dono so for the Is^t
si* years; and would say to all Mlflicted as I have been,
to cast aside your prejudices, and try Hampton's Vegetable
Tincture.. Auy information beside this but meagre de
scrintion of my case will be given cheerfully for the bene
fit ?f the afflicted. Yours, WILLIAM M.OLDHAM,
Custom-House; dwelling, Fayette st., near Iremont
Baltimork, Sep. 18, 1851. |
Messrs. Mortimer ,t M'.wbray-Aienllemfn: The cure of
Mr. Robert llault, by the use of three boiHea of^
ton's Vegetable Tincture, as per his certificate, is, I think,
almost unprecedented. His e*m of extremely excruciating
sutTering, from Chronic luflammaterv Rheumst sm came
ImmedlSuiy and. r my o%n observation, through Ow last
four years, which I considered entin-ly ht-Hess. Through
my earnest persuasion, he was Induced to try yoiirinva!
nable Tincture. I was prompted to remark at the time,
that if medicine would cure Mr. (lault, It certainly would
" n?moT? mouvitMiiiH.''* The knowl^lge ??f ihli mirtruloup
cure compels me to consider it a duty I owe to the afflicted
(and particularly to those with complaints like his) to
make generally known the healing power of this truly
wonderful medicine. Yours, most respectfully,
187 Baltimore street.
HAMPTON'S TINCTURE is the great purifier of the
blood?will cure Scrofula, Rheumatism, Oolds, Cough,
Liver Complaint, Diseases of tho Throat and Hroa.it, Ac.;
? eertain relief In all nervous complaints.
As a female fnedicine It lias no equal. Thousands will
Hess the hour they ever heard of It. Call on onr agents
and get pamphlet* with certificates of wonderfal cures;
nl ?> tho history of the medicine gratis.
General Agents, Baltimore st.
Also for sale by C. 8tott A Co., Washington, D. C.
Joseph Moffett, 7th St., near K.
R. 9. T. Oissell, Georgetown,
net 21?3mtr C. C. Berry, Alexandria, Va.
riUYLOH * MADBT, ??okielltri and
X suiiuuer?, Pennsylvania avenue, n??r Wth
KlrvQt* luv? uuufeUuitlv on luuul * full tuMorluivut of
PAPEK, of every variety, for sale at New York prices.
nil 'SI?tr ( ______
i .EPISCOPAL Prayer-books.
2j Calliulio Prayer-books.
Methodist Hymn-books
Unitarian 11) uin-books.
Presbyterian Hymn-books.
Baptist Hymu-Usiks. In every variety.
for Mile at the published price, by
June 28?tf Booksellers, near Uth street.
ALL of Harper a Brothers' Publications.
All of Appletou's Publications.
Ail of Putuaw'g Publications,
Little A Brown's, Boston ; ami all books published in
the Uailed Stales.
for sale at the publishers' price* by
June 28?tf Booksellers, m ar 9th st.
RULED LETTER PAPER at $1 26 a ream.
Kuled Foolscap Writing Paper at $1 25 a ream.
t Good Envelopes at $1, $1 26, and $1 50 a thousand.
Steel Pens at 26 cents, 60 cent*, and 75 ceuts a gross.
Small Wrapping Paper at 25 cents a ream.
For pale ut TAYLOR A MAURY'S
June 28?tf Book and Stationery store, near Uth st.
O HAVING CREAM I?Jules liauel's aud Rous
ts sel's Premium Shaving Cream. Fur sale at
ELIOT'S Druu Stork,
oct 23?tr Corner of F and Twelfth streets.
BLACK French Cloths aud Cassiuieres; black and
colored Silk and Satin Yestiugs; green, blue, ami
brown Cloths and colored Cassimercs; all of which will
be sold very cheap. Also?
101) pieces white, red and yellow Flannels
6 cases bleached Sheetings and Shirtings
5 bales brown do do
25 pieces Bed Ticking
50 do Satinets, Tweeds, and Jeans
Lambs' Wool Shirts and Drawers
Hosiery, Gloves, Blankets,Couuturpains, Shawls, Mouh
selaiucs, Calicoes, Ac.
Customers will be pleased to give me a call, and T will
pay them for their trouble. WM. R. RILEY',
oct 10?tr cor. 8th st., opp. Centre Market.
'PIIE SUBSCRIBER has the pleasure of informing his
X friends aud customers that he has just returned from
the northern cities, where he*has been lor some time past
selecting his stock of FALL AM) WINTER GOODS.
He is now prepared to show such a stock of Cloths,
Cansimeri's, Voslings, Dress Shirts, Undershirts, Drawers,
Gloves, Stocks, Hosiery, Umbrellas, Ac., as he has never
before had the pleasure to exhibit, in style, variety, and
cheapness; which, together with the comparatively low
rknt he is uuder at present, enables him to offer unusual
inducements to those in want of any article of Clothing
in our lino, of a quality and style that may be relied ou.
P. J. 8TEER, Merchant Tailor,
sep 20?tf 8th st., 3d door from Penna. av.
JUST RECEIVED a large and elegant assortment of
Boys' Fall aud Winter Clothing, consisting of Over
coats, Jackots, Pants, Vests, Shirts, Undershirts, Ac., Ac.;
all of which are really fine and desirable, and worthy the
attention of purchasers. Also, a choice aud elegant as
sortment of Shirts, of all qualities and colors, Under
shirts and Drawers, Stocks, Cravats, Handkerchiefs,
Gloves, Socks, Ac.; to which the attention of Oentlemen
is particularly invited. WM. WALL,
oct 1?tf Pa. av., 10 doors west of 9th st.
For different Instruments, just received by Express.
(CONSISTING of Huuten's, Beyer's, and Bertini's Mc
J thods for the Piano Forte; Spolir's School for the
Violin; Maze's new and complete method for the Violin;
the American Violinist; Carcassi's, for the Guitar; be
sides Instruction Books for the Flute, Fife, Flageolet, Ac
cordeon, Banjo; Music i'aper, Ac., Ac. Also, a very su
perior assortment of Musical Instruments and Musical
Merchandise. Best Italian, French and German Violin.
Guitar, Violoncello and Bass Violin Strings. All of which
will'be sold at prices to suit the times.
GEO. Ill I.BUS'S Musical Depot,
oct 22?tr south side Pa. av., next to cor. 10th st.
J0IIN D. CLARK has removed his Magistrate's, No
tary Public, aud General Auency Office, to Twelfth
street, third door south of Pennsylvania avenue. Sol
diers' Claims for Land, Back Pay, Extra Pay, Pensions,
Claims before Congress and the Departments, promptly
attended to at moderate charges. Persons at a distance
may explain their claims, (post paid,) and suitable forms
will be sent back with instructions. sep 19?0m
JAMES A. CONNER, proprietor of the CITY EX
PRESS, begs leave to inform the public that he
still continues to run his EXPRESS WAGON to George
town daily, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. He will also
convey baggage to and from the Cars, and to any part ol
the city, at moderate charges. Hu hopes, by strict atten
tion to his business, and the prompt and faithful deliver)
of all articles committed to his keeping, to merit a liberal
share of the patrona^u of the public.
Orders left with Mr. Lewis F. Perry, at Clagett A Dod
sou's, Pennsylvania avenue, near Vth street, will be at
tended to with promptness and fidelity. | au 2?tt
? /^TT\ 9 WH1TEH UR8TS new and ex
^VtE't nW DAGUERREOTYPK8, over the
Store of lluvall A Bro., between
lagSjf 4% snd 6th streets, Pennsylvania
l ins uaiiery por^uaees many advantages over others,
being built on the second lloor, and arranged expressly
for this purpose. It contains one of the largest sky
lights in this country, and is the most extensive and
finest south of Baltimore. It possesses every facility for
I copying Paintings or Daguerreotypes, not lisving Its su- I
l>erior in the world?where may be obtained la-autifu! |
and highly-finished Dsguerrcotypcsiu all weather, though
cloudy is preferable, except for children. Post mortem '
cases promptly attended to.
Awarded the first medal at the late Fair of the Mary- i
land Institute.
Galleries.?No. 205 Baltimore street, Baltimore; 347 ?
Broadway, New York; Pennsylvania avenue, Washing-I
ton, 0. 77 Main street, Richmond, Va.; Lynchburg.
Va.; Norfolk, Vs.; and Petersburg, Va.
These Galleries are open free to the public, at all
hours of the day.
MP 20?tf J. H. WHIT1KURCT, fcki Proprietor
WE ARE NOW OPENING a very choice and select
stock of Black goods, embracing all desirable arti
| cles for Ladies in mourning. We name, in part?
30 pieces Blark Alpaca, nil grades
10 do ehoiee Bombasins, Lupin's make
6 do Black French Merinocs
6 do do Cashmeres
2 do do Cashmere de Keosse
6 do do Muslin de laities
6 do Second-Mourning Silks
4 do English Crapes
10 do Italian Crapes
1 carton Hlark Lore Veils
2 pieces Vvll Crape, very nire; with Black Silk, Kid,
and Cotton Gloves; and all kinds of Blark Hosiery.
sep 18?lm No. fl, Pa. av., bet. 7th and 8th sts.
V HATCH, Jr., would respectfully rail the attention
( of his friends and the public generally, to his as
sortment of LAMPS, OIKANDOLES, Ac., which he war
rants to be the most choir* and select that has ever been
offered to the Washington public.' consisting in part of
the Patent Double Deflector Solar Isimp, which tor light
and lieanty is unsurpassed by any other that tins ever
tieen invented; also, Girandoics, Camphine. and Ethcrial
Oil Lamps, in great variety.
A. II. would respectfully solicit the public to give him
a call, feeling assured tftat his assortment canno^fail to
plctnc the most hstldious.
Two doors west of Todd's new marble building. Penn.
av., andC at. nearly opp. the Bank of Washington,
oct#?tr _____
At the Cheap Cash Store I
I~"UST REGMVED another large lot of splendid Rib
bons?among them some beautiful plaids and other
styles. Bonnets, Bonnet Silk, Dress Trimmings, Ac.
Also?Bleached Cottons, over a ysrd wide, fl cts.; 500ft
yards Sheeting Cottons, a yard and a quarter, 10 rents
only I 10,000 yards heavy brown Cotton, a yard wide, fl
cents; all-wool Flannels, nearly a yard wide, 25 rents I
Beautiful Prints, Cashmeres, Mousselains, Ac. Ticking
as low as A rents, very good. Brown Cotton as low as :!
cents. And a thousand articles bougnt at auction, which
are great bargains. All to be hail at
BROWN'S Cheap Cash Store,
sep 26?tr Pa. av., opp. Brown's Hotel.
" JT in store tjie following articles, particularly adapted
Sir gentlemen's wear, which are choice and elegant:
16 pieces French Cloth, black ami fancy, of first grades
20 do medium and cheap Cloth, blark and fancy
10 do extra superior Scotch Casslmere, entirely new
20 do fancy good styles medium
20 do black Doeskins anil Casslmcres, all qualities,
and of the most spproved makes
160 patterns of the most olio ire Vestlngs
25 embroidered Satin Vost Shapes, rich and beautiful
Also, a very superior stork of Alexander's Kid Gloves,
with all kinds of silk, wool left, and cotton Gloves, half
Hose, Undershirts and Drawers, Suspenders, Cravats,
Pocket Handkerchiefs, Ac.
The whole of which will be sold at the very lowest
I price- YKRBY A MILLS*,
sep 18?1m _____ ? _____
wo DOZKN I.ADIRS' white, colored, and black Kid
I t) Gloves, a very good article, at cents.
Also the following at H7^ cents, of Alexander's make
and Stewart's importation :
2 cartons Ladies' white, nil nnmlters
8 do do colored, do
1 do do black, do
4 do Gentlemen's white, black, and assortisl co
lors, all numbers
Persons In want of a very superior Glove will do well
to givs us a call, as our stock is as good as any in this
sep 24?dim YERBY A MILLER.
QiuiKiKTOWA, October iu.
A break occurred on the cuuul uu Thursday
at Broad liuu Culvert, about thirty-three uiile?
from this town, which will iuterrupt the navi
gation for eight or ten days.
In my report on yesterday of the attack upon
Captain Enemyer uud his tow-boy, it is but
just to state thut Mr. Jas. Howard went to the
scene of action for the purpose of trying to
make peace and quell the riot. '
Drovers' Uest.?During the week cuding to
day, there arrived 600 head of beef cattle?160
bead were sold to Georgetown and Washington
butchers at prices lunging from $2.12^02.50
per hundred lbs. gross, and 450 head continued
on to Baltimore, liogs, $0.25^)0.50. Sheep,
[email protected] per head.
As the canal boat Lady of North Bend was
bound up on Thursday night, and while near
the Greut Falls, she accidentally took tire and
burued to the water's edge. She was loaded
with plaster and salt.
Our market this morning was well supplied
with the good things of this life. Best cuts
beef, 8c. per pound ; mutton, 008c. do.; but
ter, [email protected] do. ; hams, [email protected] do.; pork,
10c. do.; cheese, ^O012J do.; veal, [email protected]
do.; lamb, [email protected] per quarter; chickens,
!i>2.25(rt!.$2 50 per doz.; eggs, 25c. do.; pota
toes, sweet and Irish, 25c. per peck; tomatoes,
25c. do. ; apples [email protected] do. ; cabbage, [email protected]
per head; rabbits and partridges, in any num
ber from one to fifty, 12ic. each; other fruits
aud vegetables at moderate priccs.
Flour and Grain Market.?Small sales of |
Hour at !j>3.81.}@$3.874; wheat market droop
ing?prime red from wagons [email protected]; prime
white [email protected]; corn scarce?prime yellow [email protected]
58c.; small sales of prime white have been made
at 62c.
Canal Trade.?Arrived?Anna Marion, 77
miles, flour and corn; Eckhart, Cumberland,
Departed?Isaac Mottcr, Metacomet, Ilelen
Bruce, John G. Stone, T. W. Gale, and Tonol
oway. Electro.
Godfrey Kinkel at Buffalo.?Kiukel, the
German, revolutionist, poet aud orator, after
having been welcomed at Pittsburgh by a pro
cession of 5,000 people, including among them
some prominent citizens- of native birth, is
about to receive a similar ovation at Butfalo.
A mass meeting of Germans was held there on
Thursday last, to make preparations.
/ NIL.LA? For flavoring Ices, Jellies, Custards, 4c.
Also a superior lot of VANILLA BEAKS. For sale
at the corucr of if' anil Twelfth streets.
oct 24?tr WALLACE ELIOT.
"V1TOULD RESPECTFULLY make known to their
y \ friends and the public generally, that they have
just opened a large and varied assortment of Fall aud
Winter Uoods, of superior quality, such as Cloths, Cassi
inert-H, Nestings, 4c., and request thut their friends and
customers will call and examiue for themselves.
Ill returning their thanks lor the liberal share of par
tronage they have received, they now take occasion to
say that, having experienced the evils of the credit sys
tem to a great extent, they have determined in future to
furnish articles in their line very low for cash or to
prompt customers, aud solicit a continuance of public fa
vor. oct 9?2awlm
VT WALL'S House-furnishing Ware-rooms, on 7th
street, opposite the National Intelligencer office,
where may be found a very large and handsome assort
ment of every article neces.-ary for furnishing, to which
tile attention of purchasers is respectfully invited before
purchasing elsewhere; among which may be found a va
riety of styles of handsome sets of Cottage Furniture,
uiade iu tiie very best manner, of different colors?
Mahogany and Walnut Marble-top and Plain Bureaus
Do Sofas, Tete-a teles, and Divans
Do new style of Sofa Bedsteads
Do Chairs, Arm, Rockers, and Easy Chairs
Do Marble-top Centre, Split, Side, and Pier
Wulnut and Mahogany Washstands, several styles
Mahogauy Dining, Card, Side, and Sofa Tables
Walnut and Mahogany French, (Xittage, and other
Be Istcads
Mahogany and otber Wardrobes
Cottage aud variety of styles of Cane-seat Chairs
Cane-seat and Wood-rc.it Hocking Chairs
Large and small sir.es handsome (Jilt frame Looking
(1 lasses, with Brackets and Marble Slabs
Feather Beds, Hair and Shuck Mattres-es
M'lth ninny other articles, which will lie sold on the
most reasonable terms; all of which will he delivered to
any part of the city or Georgetown free of charge.
oct 9?2aw 1 tn
JAS. F. IIARVEY, Undertaker,
Seventh street, between G and 11 streets,
? I, 1 WOULD-respect ftilly return bis thanks
to his f'llow-citincns, and those of the sur
rounding country, tor their post patronage, and would in
form tliem that he is fully prepared to till all orders for
Funerals at the shortest notice. Ue would respectfully
say that he has taken considerable palils to provide him
self with all manner of conveniences for an Undertaker.
Ilis mode of preserving botiitM in IJie w inum! weal/irr has
never failed to give the utmost satisfaction.
He keeji* constantly on hand a large supply of
ready-made COFFINS, of all sixes.
June '1?MWAS?y f Marlboro' (iaxetto?ly]
M. McflREOOIl having removed to the new ware
, . rooms two doors from his former stand, and im
mediately opposite the Exchange lMnk of Seidell, With
ers A Co., ou Tth street, is now in receipt of a Very large
and line assortment of Furniture and other housekeep
ing Hoods. He deems it unnecessary to enumerate arti
cles, as be intends always keeping a full assortment iu
his line. Persons wishing to furnish houses entire or in
part will And his terms accommodating and prices low j
and he hopes by fair and honorable dealing, and prompt
attention to business, to merit and receive a full share of
public patronage
Also, two line lots for sale, about .19.000 square feet,
fronting on north L, between north Capitol and 1st street
e**t. It?
IX)UR PitIVATE SUPPER ROOMS, and several ele
? gant Boxes are just completed at the " EMP1HE
HOTEL" and RESTAURANT. The subscriber has also
now in his employ a very superior C<X)K. and promises
to satisfy the inosl fastidious in eating and drinking. Ilis
BILL (IF FARE will also lie complete, and his arrange
ments for gctUng Oame and fine t1)st?rs guarantors a
regular supply of both. He lio|>es to receive a share of
the patronage of the eituens of this Metropolis, and re
turns his thanks for past favors. R. W. AI.LKN,
oct 0?eo Pa. avenue, near street.
DAN IKL I'IKRCK continues to cover and re
pair UMItKKI/LAS and PARASOLS as usual,
at his old stand, Pennsylvania avenue, south
side, between 12th and 13th streets, sign of the
black anil white Umbrella. A general assortment
of Umbrellas for sale. Silk. Gingham, and other materi
als suitable for every description of repairs, always on
hand. 9if Pa. av., south side, between 12th and 13tb
streets. * June 3?eotf
Encourage your own Mechanics, Manufacturers,
and Seamstresses.
Xfm of th' Shirt, south side ot
rant, avenue, respectfully In
vites the citlsens of Washington,
and all others whodesire to have
SHIRTS of all sixes, qualities,
pattern, or price, to call upon
him at his Shirt Factory, oppo
site the United States Hotel;
where he will execute their or
ders, and warrants his shirts,
which are vuin^fuctuml by tin
Nntmtlrrttrt of WatUinghm only,
to be good tits and good work
manship. William II. Faulkner
has 30 Washington seamstresses
constantly employed in making
shirts, the demand for which has
greatly increased since they have
Will worn and testeil hv nicm
JT- hers of C-ongrcss and otiier citl
sens who have purchased tliem. Ilewould respectfully suls
mit that an establish men t like his, which gives regular
employment, at fnir liriiuj pricr*, to a large number ot
respectable and indust rious females, iadeservitif of liberal
encouragement from the citisons of Washington especial
ly) who are bound by principles of reciprocity and inter
est to encourage their own seamstresses, manufacturers,
and mechanic*.
Shirts, Dollars, Bosoms, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Sus
ponders, .ic., constantly kept for sale. Call and view the
Hood S IIRT-M AK BR8 can always obtain employment.
June [Intelligencer copy.]
I")l?PttIN, lite True Ulgcitlvc Kluld, or
_ Uaalrtc Julcc.-IL.lt a u?*puouful ol the Fluiu
totuned iu wuicr m ill UiMtulVf or <ljgeai /if-pound* vf ruatt
In<f in aboul tuxi houri, out ol the stomach.
Just received uud lor ??lu, at ?1 per JsHtie, at
K Llivra Dkuo hTva*,
oct 23?-tr Corner of If aud Twelfth ?troet?.
ingrain medium uud low priced A ucUou Carpet*.
Will be Mdd a very great bargaiu.
Sep 2U? lm YERBY * MILLER.
MI!S. COLLIS'.lAi will open Kail uud Winter
Millinery tin THURSDAY MOKM.NG, 16th iuat.,
aud iuvitcs ihe l<udit<alo her show-rooms ou tfixth
street, near tliu corner of Louisiana uveuue.
Opera, Dress, and Mourning Caps.
Mm. C. has also ou hund, und will open ou tho same
day, tliu prettiest assortment of the above articles in the
city, and at prices correspondingly low?selected person
ally from llie importers uud manufacturers. Ludie* are
invited to cull uud examine thriu ut her
Fancy 4 Millinery Store,
oct 14?tr Gth ct., uoar cor. of Louisiana av.
JOSEPH NICHOLSON, proprietor, opposite Itay'ij Mill,
llere may be inul, ut ull timer1, all kinds of Oak, l'op
lur, Hickory, und Walnut Lumber, ("round Plaster ill
uny quantities, uud ull kinds of smithing and uiuchine
work done to order, und on the most reasonable terms,
oct 4?S4T;Un
MAGRUDElt k CALVERT respectfully aunounco to
the citizensnf Washington, Alexandria, aud George
town, and their vicinlticH, that tlicy liuvu Just made un
additiuu to their present stock, which renders it very
large and complete. Their stock consists us follows:
10 pieces 4-4 damask I'oult de Sole Silks, rich shades
10 do do llrocailcs, very cheap
11 do fine Turc Satins, embracing ull the different
8 do very heavy Brocade Silk, surpassingly rich
und beautiful, and prices cannot be equalled
iu this city
10 do black and colored Watered do., every shade
aud price
10 do light do., much lower than usual, bought at
12 do plain I'oult de Sole, uud glacod do., rich lustre
8 do do do suitable for evening dresses
10 do plain black Silk, prices ranging from 76 cts.
to $2.
5 do black Brocade Silk, designs entirely new
10 do tine French Cashmeres, exceedingly rich and
5 do do do Plaids, do
15 do do Moussclaines, styles entirely new
5 do do All-wool, suitable for children
15 do do Meriuoes, ail shades aud grades,
very cheap
25 do Lyonese and Coburg Cloths
10 do Hungarian i'laid, all pure Silk and Wool
plain MousselaincB, containing every shade and
5 do Lupin's best black Bombazine
5 do do medium prices
100 do black Alpacas, from 26 cents to |1
10 very lino embroidered Crape Shawls
5 do plain do., with deep fringes
20 do Cashmere Long Shawls
25 do do Scarfs
130 do Plaid Long Shawls
10 pieces colored uncut Velvets, about half price
5 cases tine bleached Shir ings
5 rounds best Shirting Linens
Black Silk Laces and Fringes; black, whito and colored
Kid Gloves, Alexander's and Uajou's make; fine Table
Damasks; Huckaback, Russia und Scotch Toweliugs and
Napkins, Doulas and Crush; and many other goods, too
numerous to mention.
All persons wishing to purchase will find it to their
decided interest to examine our stock before purchasing
elsewhere, as we arc determine J to sell ut moderate pro
fits. Every article recommended by us will be found as
represented, and fair dealing may be relied on.
oct 20?d2w [Intelligencer 3tw2wJ
YK11UY ? MILLER take great pleasure in announc
ing to the Ladies that tlicy have just returned from
New York, and have now ready for their inspection the
most elegant assortment of Fancy Goods to be found iu
the city. In our stock they will find?
100 pieces splendid Silks, embracing the newest and
most fashionable styles of the season
10 pieces splendid Watered l'oplins, all colors
1 case new style French- Mousseliues, prettiest
goods of the season
10 pieces Clicue l'oplins, very rich
Spleudid Cashmeres, newest and richest patterns
Figured and Plain Mousseliues de Laine, from
cents to $1 per yard
A large stock French Meriuoes
Do do English do
l'almetto Cloths, in all the best colors
10 pieces Black Urode Rhine, all widths
Spleudid Kmbroidered Lincncambric Handkerchiefs
loo dozen plain und colored Bordered do. from 0*4 up
Worked Edgings uud Inserting*
Splendid Collars and Culls, Uudersleeves, Ac.
Black Silk Lawns
Black and White Plain and Ribbed English Sllkllose
Do do llaw-silk do
400 dozen Cotton Hose, black, white, and mode co
lors, of the very liest make
20 dozen best Black Silk Mits, long and short
60 dozen Alexander's best make I'aris Kid Ulorcs
Black, white, and colored Silk Gloves
In short, our stock is completo and elegant, and we are
determined to' sell at tho lowest prices. We therefore
respectfully invite the Ladies to call, whether they wish
to purchase or not, as it will uITord us pleasure to show
them our stock. YERBY & MILLER.
Remember the place, No. 6, Penua. av., bet. 7th and
8th streets. oct 21?lm
HN. GILBERT has opened an ofiioe In Washington
.. city, where he will give his prompt attention to
all those w ho will favor hint with the agency to sell farms
iu Virginia, Maryland, or-the District of Columbia, llaviug
followed farming heretofore, and being a northerner by
birth, he can appreciate the wants of such as route from
the North for the purpose of locating (arms in this vicin
ity. He has the ijmcy to sell a goodly nutulnr of fsnns
iu Virginia, and those coining from the North would do
well to cull, heforn purchasing, at his resilience on Penn
sylvania avenue, first square west of the Capitol Uate.
may 29?y *2m >
Office Eighth Itreet, op pot it e Market.
BUSINESS of all kinds requiring the attention of an
Attorney, Magistrate, or Agent, will be promptly
I attended to. Claims brought before Congress and the
Department* will receive prompt attention by being
placed in his hands.
Fee moderate. June 12?J
For Fitting up Stores with Fancy Fronts.
I K. OKIOsk, Hull'Jer and Architect, would rcspeet
1 . fully inform his friends and the public in general,
tLat he is prepared to fit up Stores and build Fancy Fronts
on an entire new plan, embracing all the latest improve
ments. The work can lie done without stopping the busi
ness while the work is gniugon.
11a is also prepared to do all kinds of work in the build
ing line, at the shortest notice and on the most reasonable
terms. All business entrusted to bis care will be promptly
attended to.
Place of business on D street, between 9th and 10th.
may t?ftm
XWE would invite th- Ladies to call and examine
our extensive Stock of Oteeii, Blue, and lllnck
Watered, Bordered aud Lined Silk and Satin Turc
PARASOLS?the largest assortment In the District, at
<reat!y reduced prices.
Also a choice-selection of UMBRELLAS, all of the latest
fashion, aud the work warranted.
JUST RECKIV KD?a handsome variety of Silks and
Scotch llinghams for re-covering.
? Repairing and Covoring faithfully and punctually
txacutod. A. COR BIT A CO.,
may H?Am Penn avenue, near 4 street.
With 12J Centt to nave four Poundt of Coffee!
'IMI1S ESSENCE has been proved by many thousands
I of the richest and most respectable families, as well
as by the poorer class of (teoplo. almost through the whole
United States, to lie by far the b-st preparation of Coffee
ever offered to the public. Ooffee made by this Essence
Is much more wholesome, more delicate, fine flavored,
perfectly clear, and, in every Instance, superior to the
iinest Java coffee.
In order to give full satisfaction and proof that the
above article is perfectly healthy, and to show something
of the deaerveil reputation it has gained and justly enti
tled to, we annex a fcw certificates and recommendations,
particularly relating to health, from Dr. Booth and Dr.
Chilton, practical Chemists and Analysists of the cities of
Philadelphia and New York: also, from our Agents, all
nf whom are prominent Chemists and Druggists.
College Avenue, Tenth st.. below Market st.,
Philadelphia. Sept. 4,1*81.
I have examinod the Essence of Coffee manufactured
hy Hummel, Bottler k Co., and find that it* constituents
are not In the least degn-e injurious to health ; it may be
used freely and with perfect safety.
JAMKM BOOTH. I'rofr. of Chemistry,
applied to Arts, Franklin Institute.
No. 73 Chambers st., New York, An ;, it, ISM.
I have examined an article prepared by Messrs. Hum
mel, Bohler A Co, of Philad'-lplila, called Essence of Cof
fee, which Is Intended to be n-ed with coffee for the pur
pose of improving It. 1 find it free not only from any
tiling injurious to health, but, op the contrary, the in
gredients of which It is oornported are (sTteetly whole
some. JAMES R. CIIILT.tN, M. IK, Chemist.
Yohk, Penua., Aug. I. 1S51.
Messrs. Hummel. Ilohler A Do.?Oentlenien: We take
pleasure In tec immcniling your "i'.ssoiiee of Coffee"' lis a
very superior arth'le; It isctlcnsively us?*d in our county;
I we have only had it one year, and have sold over 10,000
(lockages. We Ix-lleve it to la1 one of th kc articles that
?vill remain in constant use, and tlic more it beoomcs
| known the greater will lie t in demand for it.
Your.-, respectfully, C A. MORRIS k 00.
j This Kssence of Coffee mar be had, wholesale and re
I tail, at the corner of B and 7th streets.
I oct 4?dtf J. F. CALLAV.
Ii.VilCT PAP1CK.?Jtn.l.iwod Gold and 8?lyw
* ?/(t i .iMbr.ii' , huainclieU. treeu, 01aatsi, BIim, Yel
low. 'i'n-oui, ?c., it., at pnc?e, tur aale by
A. UitAY, Till elr.ut,
j7 tf opposite Orid'NIiivn' 11 nil.
R. UUKMIBCS NAP of tile Holy Laud,
I fi.r uiiIm Ktf A* '* 1 AY.
~M'\> 17?tr 5th Ht , I'l'l"""1'n,la K'll""r 1,1,11
WM. INOMAN, CttMuat-maker, Carpenter, and I'rlu
tern' Furnitureniaku*, cu" '* found l>y ?u.|Ui> mg
at NOELL A BOYD'S Venetian Blind Manufactory, i ei.u
gylvania Munui, between tttli and loth str< "joL-Oin '
Sid*. _ ?T
. Kttrul, UIm YM)i and \Uh, Washwi/UM City, U. t.
MAKDLK MANTLES, Monuments, Tombs, Head and
Foot 8tout'*, Ac., constantly on hand, of the best
tiimiity and woi kniauahip. All kindM of 6t*?n*, for Bulla
ing, to. All kinds ot work In UU line faithfully hwuN
ittkl rtiMtut notice. Jit. "\IzL
General Banking and Exchange Buainess.
rilHK undersigned rwipoctfiilly announce to the public
I that they have eutored into copartnership tor the
transaction of a general Exchange ami Hanking busint-M
in the city of Washington, under the hruj of
All business entruuted to them will be attended to with
promptness and fidelity.
LaU* Trt'&Murvr of tbc Uuitfed hJtattfu
Of Alexandria, Virginia.
Of the city of Washington.
L. P. liAYNK,
m.ir 24 tf Of HalUmore, Maryland, j
Attention, Chewers and Smokers
DOWNElt'S popular Cigar and Tobacco stand Is well
supplied with the bent Havana* ami Principee.
AIho a splendid lot of Chewing Tobacco, U> which he ex
tciulH a cordial invitation to his friends and to g-intlemeu
ot taste. generally. **'P "
Officer, Collector, anil General Agent.
1 )U3I.\ESS entrusted to liiiu will be atteuded to in a
I) proper manner, and may be left with any of the
Magistrates, Residence C street, between i/^ and bth
streets, Washington, I). C. if J?
Oar. of Pennsylvania Avtn w. and Thirteenth. tiretL
may 2tt Washimotoji CiTT, P. C. day
Old Wines, Liquors, Segars, Fresh Foreign
Fruits, Comestibles, etc.,
1'rnntylvania aveiiur., U doort east of Fifteenth street.
may 17?ly
Surgeon Dentist)
Offtcs. ntnr Brown's 1/nUl, I'tnnxylixinm avenue,
Charges New York and Philadelphia prices, and guaran
ties his work to be equal to any done in those cities,
ap 5?tf
Dealers in
No. 5, opposite Centre Market,
ap io Washington City. D. C. dAy
Attorney and Counsellor at Laic,
RACT1SE8 in the Courts of the District, and prose
, cutes claims of every description before the several
Executive Departments and before Congress.
tfrf-Office and residence "21st street, two doors noitli
of 1L ^EilTiL
House and Sign Painter, and Glazier,
South side Louisiana avenue, between 6th and JO> streets,
(Dwelling South F street, Iwtwecn ith and 8th street)-.
Island,) is prepared to execute to order all descriptions ot
i work in his line. ?p 16-fim
Attorney at Law,
Will practise in the several courts of the District or
Office on street, near First Presbyterian Church.
jy 10?tf . -
(Late of Warrenton, Va.)
OFFICE and Residence?F street, north <jW"> <MW" ^??r
?bov? 10th. mar 27-Th*8tf
Devoted to African Colonization and Civilization,
to Literature and General Intelligence.
rpllE undersigned propose to publish, in the City of
I Washington, a weekly newspaper, bearing the above
title, and dedicated to a sound morality in I olitic*, Uithi
Union of the 8UUis, to the cause of African Colonisation
soil Civilization, and to all topics of a genial
interest to their country and mankind. ??y W|H
deavor to impress upon the People and Government of
the United States and of the several States the importance
of colonizing in Africa, with their own consent, the free
iiconic of color of tills country, and such as may become
free They- will couunu11ic*te to the public all important
information they may obtain in regar.1 to the tleography.
Exploration, Resource*. Commerce and Population of At
ricn- the state of the Slave Trade, and the measures best
adapted for its silppreasion; and will enforce the duty of
??Tn among all ChriM.andenominations K, ,^ . d f
fuse the knowledge of our Arts, Liberty, and Christianity,
among the barbarous people of that Continent.
They will aim to render the journal an instructive and
useful Family Newspaper, and to -ccure for it*^ciluinns,
as the public favor shall euable them, contributions, liU
rarv and scientific, of decided merit. .
The Christian Statesman will be of the sixe of the
I{?mr J.mrnal or .\a(,',nal tura, and exceed in slxe Uie
tntrlliomcrr or the f?i?H of Uiis city; and. with but few
a-lvcrlisements. will be nearly filled with matter designed
to 1m* of interest to its reader*.
It will be printed with new typo, on fine whit* paper,
and, In mechanical execution, be e<iual to the bust news
papers in the country.
Tekks'the Chrittian .SIataman will be two dollars a
Year, payable In advance.
y Postmasters or others, who may be pleased toartas
voluntary agents, will l? responsible to thoso who may
,.ay over to them subscription*; and to the order of such
igents. or to any who may make remlttancs for the
Chnttian Matrsmvn, it will be supplied on the following
Single copy for one year "
Single copy fornix month* ? t""
Three copies for oue year . - ? ? ? w
Six copies for one yenr - - ? }?
Twenty copies for one year ?w
Twenty copies for six months ? ? "W
The first nnmlor of this paper may exp?-et?l to *p
?-ar early In August, and II is desinni that th.s<e who are
disiH?>e<l to further its great objects, by their patronage,
should indicate tlieir wishes before that time. Ordersand
communications, addressed (post paid) to Hurley 4 Oood
loe, will receive immediate attention. ^ (jfp.LEY
? D. K. OOOOUiB.
COLONIIMION Rooms. Washington, June 11, 1H51.
At a m-eting of the Kxecntive Committeeiof tl.e Ameri
can Colonization S-s ietv, held on the loth instant, the
Socn ury laid befofe the Committee the Prospectus of a
I neWMmper. to be called the Vhrilian MtUtm,,* and to
' he devoted "to sound morality in Politics.to the Union ot
! the States, to the cau?e of Afrl.-an ColonlxaUon and Clvili
S xation, and to all tuples of a high and general intcn'st to
: their efuintry"?to be published In this city, by the Itcv^
K. R. Ourley and D. K. (Lsslloe; afb r the reading ol
| which, it was
fc,x>lrrd. That wc cordially and earnestly recommend
, the Chritlian StaUrman to the patronage of the friends ot
ni. OOODH1CH A <?'?> SIB1U vnth.k A LAW
AGENCY, No. 11# Market *t., I'hiliuMi nU.
ASSWIATE orricwt.
taPPAV k DOUGLASS, New Y'ork.
K RUSSEL^A ?>.; tlate Geo. W. dordon.) Boston.
J. D. PRATT A CO.. Baltimore.
WM. B. PIERCE A CO., Cincinnati.
CII AS. BARLOW A CO., St. Loul*.
WM. B. PIERCE ft CO.. Louisville.
This well known and extensive establishment invitee
Merchants, Manufacturers, and Banker*, to an "nvestiga
I tion of its system, and gratuitous test ol Its '
standlna and rvspoosiMllty i itnrfer* in the U. ^>vu*.
Our increased patronage has enabled lis. during the past
vear to o;H-n otB.^s in Cincinnati, Louisville, St Is.uls,
and New Orleans; these, in connection with our long es
tablished offices in Boston, New York, and Baltimore,
enable us to offer facilities and advantages whh h time and
experience alone could accumulate, and which we believe
?T,*k" -^leetlot^sIn anj-of the SUb-s,
Territories. Canada. England. Ireland, Scotland, prance,
Germany, and in any commercial port of ^"- woMd;
will nay particular attention to old and doubtful debts. In
the collection of which class we have extraordinary facili
ties, and have been unusually successful. kttMrnmwm
Having full list* and report* of nearly all the Attorneys
In the United States, we are at all times prepared to fur
nish von, gratuitously, the names of good and responsible
lawyers in any part of the United SUtes ard cana.la*.
, Connected with ,.ur Agency Is a Conimissl''"^ h.r n.*r
! ly nil the SUtes, who is enabled 10 "n''r,'r )inM1(.,
and legal form for preparing ,p ^ipvtion
use, then-by avoiding a delay ofw n .? ? ni#r
ofad-'bt. - ki
ttregorjr'? California P?ik.*g? ?xpi?s?.
XUK will db?pAU'b
SPECIAL Aihb. i.N4j|iKS,tkoof iuoii
<N tune* per lOMllli, h) **?? ? !? ?->- lit
" CU.k jiu.d alio I'AN.OiA, iti charge
uf psiceli.,^. weiiy, t ?J liable* and mail
able ui?iu-x, wliii'li will in nil uh*?? arrive iu Hot frui
cieoo by Uic umil rlufcUieirc, *liii be u< iilej.d in advance (if
liit) uuiil.
We beg U> announce U> tile public that we have entered
III tu I'OUUrMull With til" UlJiVJert Uaii*|KirLatkUU hoiUM) OB
Hie isthiuu*, whu wr bound U> U* U. life lit'purl our good*
Ironi Chugies to Panama, in cuivatu* J uU nUtcr acyresstt,
and having made arrangement* with the U 8. Mail and
*11 other steamer* OH tU Pacific, tor U.* mrria^e of our
good*, we are prepaled ui ?iui rati Leu tneir deliver. iu tuu
f IMIII'IM'u K itllill a HjIMliflui tllutf.
Iu addition Uj the mptiior qualities of the '.ine, for th?
iT'IT .rl *",lisu'1,s "?<""ie*t ud ventage* over
the U. h. JJail auii all other competitor*, in ''m nan*por
tatlou of letter* and larcei* 'jetwuen the PuclUv and At
lantic Mates, are well kuuu md udy t eneialiy ap
preciated ,, the iiublir. The value of u ueuantlle latter,
delivered by u? three or lour dnj. iu . utuiw. o: Ul other
competition, being properly e?'_ini:iied.
Mu Imve also est abli; Led agencies iu GUAYAQUIL
CAUiAU, and VAU'AUAlJXj, loi which joita, (Uiu other
cities ou the South American coast. we arc prepared to
receive LETTERSand PARCKL8, which will be promptly
despatched to their destination by our agent In i'auama.
'llio until for South America is inaoe up but once a
?"""Ik. llloail'KoN Jt HITCHCOCK,
Manager^ and Amenta,
HO Pear, cor. of Wall at., New York.
REFER, BY PERMISSION, to Messrs. Johnion A Cow*
den, 116 Wall at.; gpo fiord, Tileston A Co., 4H South *t.;
Ncsniith A Co., bl) l'ine at.; aud Levi Apgar A Co., 7ft Dey
"SHfe uiari*
\\TM. II. CAUY A CO., 24:S uud 24'i Pearl street, New
T T * ork, Invite the atti'iition of the Cit)' and liiataiit
?lobbing trade to thi ir large and varied Ktock of aixali
which they offer at the lowaat rates, either for ca&h or ap
proved credit.
Under their pre*enf arranRi-menti" they can offer great
inducements on all their Foreign Good*, and will give
their customer* the benefit of the large discount* which
they have gained by the increased amount ol their pur
They pledge th?m*i lven to sell nuiny styles of American
ataxia at manufiu'turtrs' prices.
Iheir stock will be Xept full during the whole year, and
all orders will be promptly supplied. They particularly
luvite the .Mexican and South American dealers to exam
ine their sbxk ol Jewelry, manufactured expressly for
those markets: also their stiajk of ivory Combs, adapted
lor exportation.
. ' 'lu following articles constitute a part of their stock .
Uncti Threads?Vari< us makera, plain snil satin finished,
black, drub, while, brown, and colored, Aos. 20xb0
Spool Cotton?Clark'j, Alexander's, Smith's hagle, and
llefllngtou's, whiiu, black, and colored, Nos. 10x160,
-0 to yot) yards
Taj as and ikibbius?l.irien and cotton, assorted colors and
I si/.es
Cutlery Haxors, Knitea, Shears, Scissors, and Tabla
Kuives and Forks, Wade A Butcher's, W ostenholm'a,
Rodger.s', and other celelirated makers
"ru*!'t's Hair, Cloth, Teeth, i'alnt, \ arnlsh, Shaving, >
"hoc, Crumb, Uo.'fv, Scrubbing, Ac., Ac., in great
Musical Instruments?Accordions, Violins, Flutes, File*,
Clarionets, liarnioaicans, Ac.
Fans?A large and rich assortment, consisting of beauti
fully curved pearl, ivory, boue, and wood sticks; aiuo
plain sticks, with plain, funoy, aud silvered l-.iper
Ivorv Combs?Fine 8, SS, ESS, and NPU, 1 ]/,x\ ufiiichea
Combs?Plain aud fan.jy Tuck, Ureasing, I'ocket, and Side.
of shell, buffalo, a ad horn
Huns?Single aud Double, Knglich and American, real
aud imitation Twi.it; also a variety of Klflen
Pistol*? Cngllsh and Herman, Picket, Uelt, and Holater;
Colt's and Allen and Thurl?er'8 itevolver*; also, a
complete a-rortmout ol'Sporting Ai'puratus
Perfumery?Luhin's, Mangenet A Coudray's, PiverV, Tin
aud's. and I.tie's fii.e Kxtracta
! Son^s?Low's White mid Ilrown, Windsor and Iloney;
Luhin's, Ouorlain'a, Pinaud's, aud Maugenet A Cou
dray's assorted styles, Ac., Ac.
Also?IVronaaion Cap?, Needle*, Pins, Hooka and Kyes,
Steel Pens, Suspender*, llutlons of all styles, Pocket
books, Port Monnaies, Purses, Stationery, Peiuls,
Wlialebone, Look ng-gla.-*ea, Ac.. Ac.
Ivory, TorUiise Shell, Pearl Shell, llorna, Tip*, Ac., for
1 manufacturers.
Catalogues in the French, Spanish, German, and Ene
j lish languages. mar 24?
^TATIU.S KHS* W'A HEUoVSK, 26 South Fourth Street,
j Philadelphia. (Wholesale only.^
i! Importer of French and Kng
Ii?n Stationery. to the trade, at ?l&tioDers' M are
houNc, a com pit te a>M>r(nirnt of
of the1 best quality, at the lowest ruU-s. mar 24
BRINK a DUUBIN, Iron A Steel Mer
clianta, Isiporters and dealers in American,
Swede, Norwegian, hctined, Cable, and common English
Iron: manufacturer)! of Ikiiler Rivet* and Spikes, Hoop
Hand, Scroll, Flue, Boiler, Sheet, Small Iron, Axle Iron,
113 North Water struct, and 64 North Delaware avenue,
mar 24?
SllKPl'AKD A VAN I1ABLINGEN, No. 274 Chesnut
utreet, above Tenth, Philadelphia, have juat received
per steamer splendid Table and Piano Covers. Imma*k
Table Cloth*, Napkins, Moreens, and Worsted Damask*.
mar 24?
First Premium Grand and Square Pianos.
KNAHK A G.EiILK, Manufai:turcrs,
?r,-V'. ^ N'os. I, C, 8, u, and 11 Eutaw street. Hal
/ J If fl U ?*"'w tribute* to the excellence
" * ? " of Baltimore made Piano Forte*. The
Maryland Institute, at their last exhibition, aaarded to
u* the First Premium for the best Grand Piano, and also
the First Premium for the best Square Piano exhibited.
It will lie recollected that in l?4h, our Piano also received
1 the First Prenmun by the *ame lu*titute.
j Such te*tinMiials are not easily earned, and art- not to
be lightly regarded. We may therefore say that having
taken the First Premium, wherever our Instruments met
witb competition, we offer them to thu public with a con
fid-nee we might not. otherwise avow, guaiaui?eing all
Instrument* made by u* to give aalsfac^ion, or they n.ay
; be exchanged within six month* from day ot sale. 1 he
; durability of our workmanship we i'urther guarantee lor
j five year*.
Having just completed large tulditiona Pi our Manutac
( 'ory, we hope now to supply all who may honor us with
i their patronage; and we invite all who desire a sujierior
J Instrument, carefully adapted to the climate?a very im
portant matter, and which *i have made our careftil
i Ntudy?to call and examine our various styles, which we
! are constantly tini*hlng, and which will be sold at the
] lowest market price for rash or approved paper.
In addition to the alaive public testimonials, our Piaion
! are r?WMinimend<sl In t< rm* of the highest raise by the
following eminent arti*t*, who*e certificate* can be Keen
at our W are room*: Charles llochs^, the great < mposer
and musical director to Mail. A. Bishop ; Mr. Oeo. Knoop"
Miss Adele and Charles Ilohnstock. and otner distiii'
gulshed |HTforuicra. To the mat.y ai conipli hed Profesaora
I and Amateur*, by whom our Pianos are co'iat^rtly u*ed
whilst making our thnnkful aeknowledfmeiiui to ihi m'
I we refer for further testimonials.
j Old Piano* taken in cxchanfi .
Pianos hired and tuned mar 24
I >OWEN A McNA MEK, 112 aud 114 Broadway, New
1' York, have now In store, and will receive by early
packets aud steamers, a verv extensive assortment of
s French, German, English, Italian, and India
embracing every variety of the newest and richest style*
offered In thi* market. Sample cards are now ri'ady
j for exhibition. Merchants from every aection of the
country, i.nd particularly our oUl friend* and cu*tom
ers. are a?sured tbat every attention haa I>i-d paid to
j present a stock of goods, une<(usi|ed, either in extent or
variety, by any similar establishment In the country.
Many of our richeat goods are manufactured from dr
j *igns or simples fhrnished by ua, and will N- fiiund
adapted to the liest triwle in the larger citlc* and town*.
The following embrace the leading articles of our stock
Extra rich ('bene and Brocade Silk*.
Rich l'*ris llareges, Muslins, and Organdie*.
Rich printed Silk Ti*?ues, new article.
1 New *tyle English Poplin*. ?
Barege de Laines, Pari* pattern*.
New *tyle French Print*.
English. Scotxh, and American Printed Lawn*.
| 8uper Black Gro* de lthlne*.
1 French and Engli*h Ginghanfe.
Plain and embroidered Canton Crape Shawl*.
Rieh Paris ItiblMin*. large a**ortment.
Millinery Silk*. Oa|M>s, Ac.
Dress Trimming*, newest style.
Bomliaxinc*. Alpaca*, and Muslin de Lain**.
Lace* anil Embroidery.
Linens and White Goods of every description
Kid Glove*, best manufacture.
English and German Silk and Cotton Hosiery
Long and Square Ca*hmere Shawls.
Rich Silk Mantillas, great variety.
Pongee and Spitalfield Hanilkerchlefli.
Italian Cravats anil Sewing Silk*.
Also, a great variety ot rirh good* Ihr evening dre**e*
not enumerated in the above.
Ji'n?,bew*. SarneU. Funcr Silk Cravats. Bay St*te
I laid Ixing Shawls, Linen Cambric llandkerchlefr, Gr.-en
Barege*. Satins. Silk Scarfh. Suspenders. Plain black *nd
nijrn roloml Mou^?'lin<* ilf? Uiticfi, Turkey Md
| Curtain Muslins, Gil Silks, Belt RIMs.n*, S? rge.i. Satin
i Vesting*. Ac.
i ~ Those who visit thl* market for .%lk Oofxh, who
i would consult their interest, and who desire to see a
*tock Unsurpassed In every department at the very low
; est market price*, are respectfully invited to call.
msr 24?
I MPORTKKS of lltandies, M ine*, and Segars, No. 1 R*.
I change Place, Kiltirnore, offer for *alc an extenaiva
assortment of?
I BRANDIES?-J. Henne*sy, J. j. Durand, superior old
Jean Lot I*. 1S11 and lfUS; Maglory ; Otarrt. Ttupnv A Co ?
Pinvt. Castillon A O.j Vartcll; J. Ihirand A Co ? A S,
aette; J/J. Dupuy and J. E,*...l brand*. K
WINKS?Champagne, Clan t, and Ilock, of various
, gmiles. Also. Port Sherry Madeira. Sicily/LisUTu"
ilaiisui i^ "" lie*, in great variety.
brand. ^r*, ot approved
imi lTrn l x" r7T lnK rr,,,r ,h- m?n?r?ct?,ers.
(1.1 it l Ur*> y,hr* >'<-andN of fne
flavor, al*o. London Brown Stout aim Porter; Bordeaux
and Marseilles Sweet Gil, Sardine*. Maeraroni, Vermicelli,
Olive*, a?ier* CaeUle Soap, Bay Rum, Roll Brimstone,
Canary Seed, Ac. r' ' mar 24~

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