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TUB UNDERSIGNED having removed to hisresidenoe
on L, between Ninth and Tenth streou, will be
hlj (mler" hereafter there, or throuiih
My 0?oe. He will continue inatructiug ou the
Haao, Guitar, Violin, Jflute, and in Vocal Jlu.Ic, after
the principle* of the Conservatoire of Huiic at Leipxiif, in
Germany. C. W. 80HUERMANN,
nor 4?<ltf Professor of Music.
Hoarding and Day-School for Young GenUetntn,
comer of K and 14<A street*.
G. F. MOKKIBON, Principal.
R. P. Latham, A. M., Professor of Ancient Languages.
Mom. T. Kaoult, " Modern "
C. 8. Kssoh, Tutor.
-, Teacher of Ponmanahip.
Meaara. Casusi aud Iabjdmlla, Teachers of Instrumental
J as. P. McLean, Teacher of Drawing and Painting.
The course of instruction is designed to prepare the
student either for business, tor the study or the learned
professions, or for entering the higher classes in our col
leges. In every branch of tuition no pains are spared to
render the course as sound and complete as possible. The
usual branches of the academic course are taught, con
sisting of Heading, Writing, Arithmetic, English Gram
mar, Geography, Book-keeping, the i>atin, Greek, and
Modern Languages, History, Chronology, Declamation,
Composition, both Engllah aud Latin, Grecian aud Roman
Antiquities, Logic, Mathematics, Chemistry, Natural and
Mental Philosophy, Musio, Drawing, 4c.
Terms of board and tuition moderate.
Rev. 8. Pyne, D. D., Rev. J. W. French, Wm. W. Cor
coran, esq., Thomas Ritchie, esq., Prof. A. D. Bacbe,
Prof. Gales, ? Chew, M. D., Baltimore, Capt. T. J.
Page, U. 8. N., and Capt. G. Blako, U. 8. N.
oct 30?dtf
Will be opened on Monday, November 17th.
rl MEET the wishes of my patrons and friends, and to
secure a proper ami thorough training of such boys
maj wiflh to Mjtur th? rMisLtir ringsft of th? -A.o*domy,
1 have eonolnded to establish a jrreparatory department.
Tuition $6 and $?, payable at the middle of the quarter.
Apply to the Principal, corner of 14th street and New
York avenue. Z. RICHARDS, Principal,
oct 39?dtf
Will be opened on Monday, November \7th,
THE design of the Principalin establishing this branch
of the Academy, is to afford an opportunity for boys
to receive a thorough training in the elementary princi'
pie* of an English education.
Tuition per quarter, payable in advance, - - $5 and $6
Application may be mado to the subscriber at his
Sahool-rooms, corner of 3d atreot and Indiana avenue.
oct 26?dtf O. C. WIGHT, Principal.
Corner of llth street and New York Avenue.
Z. RICHARDS, Principal.
H. Cuahk, 1 . . . .
H. W. McNhil, J AM",tauU
A. Zappons, Professor of Modern Languages.
R. Gibson, Teacher of Drawing and Painting.
Circulars can be obtained of the Principal, or at R.
Farnham'a Bookstore. |oct 1 tf
Under the care of Rev. Alfred llolmead, Rector,
and Mr. Charles Tucker, A. M.
THE DUTIES of this Institution will be resumed on
the 18th of August, in the lower Saloon of Mr. Ca
ruai's building.
In English, Mathematics, Greek, Latin, and French,
the course will be full and thorough. Pupils fitted for
the Counting-room or College.
The experience of fifteen years, in the management of
boys, induces the confident belief that the satisfaction ex
{iressed by their numerous former patrons, both in Mary
and and Virginia, will be shared by those who may be
pleased to entrust the education of their sons to their
For terms and further information apply to the Reotor,
the Rev. Alfred llolmead, at hia residence on 9th, between
E and F streets. [ jy 29 dtf
sumed on the 29th of October, lu the Scientific
School, now connectcd with the College, young men in
advance of our academies enjoy rare facilities in preparing
for practical life. V V B
In the Mercantile Department a thorough business edu
cation may be had.
In the Agricultural Department special attention is
given to agricultural chemistry.
There is also a Teachers' Department, and a Depart
ment of Modern Languages.
Newark Acadomy opens on the same day, (29th Octo
ber.) Applications tor admission should be made early.
Term bill $75. For circulars containing full information,
*ddre8f ? . , Rev. W. S. F. GRAHAM,
aep 0?2jiw4mW&3] President of the College.
~ aTzappone,
Teacher and TramlaUrr of French, Spanith and Italian.
A (The Classics taught also, if required.)
FEW PUPILS may be instructed on the Guitar.
Classes of gentlemen meet at hia room on Pennsyl
vania avenue, north side, between 3d and V/? streets.
Pupils will be accommodated at their residences also,
sep IS?tf
I those used in the private academies and iustitutions
in the District of Columbia and adjacent country.
For sale, at Now York prices, by
sop 1? Booksellers, near 9th street.
WORSDELL'g Vegetable Pills. ?These
very justly popular family Pills may always be had
at wholesale or retail, at the Drug Store, corner of E and
7th streets, of J^F. CALLAN^_
BROWN'S Kiieuce of Jamaica Ginger.
A constant supply of Brown's Essence of Jamaica
Ginger, for sale by the doien or single bottle, by
oet 29? corner E and 7th sta.
SCHOOL BOOKS at New York Prices.
A full assortment of all kinds now In use; and the
best STATIONERY of every variety, for sale by
an 30? 7th street, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall.
in store the following articles, particularly adapted
for gentlemen's wear, which are choice and elegant:
15 pieces French Cloth, black and fancy, of first grades
20 do medium and cheap Cloth, black and fancy ?
10 do extra superior Scotch Cassimere, entirely new
20 do fancy good styles medium
30 do black Doeskins and Casaimeres, all qualities,
and of the moat approved makes
150 patterns of the most choice Vesting*
25 embroidered Satin Vest Shapes, rich and beautiful
Also, a very superior stock of Alexander's Kid Gloves,
with all kinds of silk, woollen, aud cotton Glovos, half
Hose, Undershirts and Drawers, Suspenders, Cravats,
Pocket Handkerchiefs, 4c.
The whole of which will be sold at the very lowest
prices. YEKBY 4 MILLER.
Sep 18?lm . _______
Still ahead?cheaper than the cheapest!
English, Walnut, and Tomato Catsups
Mixed and Cucumber Pickles
Vardalles Olives, Capers
Canton Ginger
Sardines in whole and half boxes
Superior Salad Oil
Pure English breakfast Tea. All warranted to be fresh
and of the best quality.
For sale by JAS. T. LLOYD,
oet 18?tr Pa. av., 3 doors east of 16th st.
JOHN D. CLARK has removed his Maoibtrati's, No
tast Public, and Gsnkrai. Ahknot Owes, to Twelfth
street, third door south of Pennsylvania avenue. Sol
diers' Claims for Land, Back I'ay, Extra Pay, Pensions,
Claims before Congress and the Departments, promptly
attended to at moderato charges. Persons at a distance
may explain their claims, (post paid,) aud suitable forms
will be sent back with instructions. Sep 19?flm
AT THK BIBLE DEPOSITORY, comer of K and 10th
streets. fsep 1?tf) JAMES NOURSE.
"*T7"K have in store now a large and general assortment
fy of Housekeeping Goods, aa follows:
10 pieces superior Linen Sheetings
12 do Damask Table Diaper
Splendid Damask Table Cloths, all siici
10 places beat Huckaback Toweling
0 dosen superior Damask do
40 do Huckaback Towels, all prices
Splendid stock Table Napkina
Brown Linen Table-Cloths
15 pieoea French Furniture Prints
10 do Oil-dressed do plain 4 bordered
40 do 6-4, 10-4, and 12-4 Bleached Sheetings
Table and Piano Covers
Curtain Muslins
50 pieces Irish Linens, all grade*
10 do Pillow-case Cotton, 4c.
We invite persona in want of the above description
of goods to give us a call, as we pay great attention to
this class of goods. YERBY 4 MILLER,
oct23? No. 6, Pa. av., bet. 7th 4 Hth st*.
A General Assortment of Boots and Shoes:
Cor. of I and 7th streets, opposite Dor*ey'* Hotel
WAsnimiTON, D. C.
4f#-Th* best brands of Wines and Liquors In Bottles.
oat 18?if
IJAPKKa In the com of ThcuuM Crown, Government
X contractor for brick. Ac. The finder will b? liberally
rewarded by restoring thorn to the uffloe of the National
Hotel, or to we. 1JKVEKLE Y TUCKER,
oct 16?dim
II?NT-A'LAlUii~HOOMT suitable for a
JL Store, situated on the comer of 10th street and New
York avenue. This U a good location, anJ preeenU a
Hue opportunity for any one desiring to engage in the
'^22-If Inquire on the piemiaea.
i Pennsylvania avenue, near Wth
1 BUNK K"t^l!f u * fuH "?<"-tinent of
PAPER, of every variety, for gale at New York prices.
F^PIBOOPAL Prayer-book*.
-Li Catholic Prayer-books.
Methodist Hymn-books
Unitarian Hyuiu-books.
Preabyterian Hymn-books.
Baptist llyun-booki. In every variety.
tor sale at the published price, by
- * a8~ Booksellers, near ?th street.
ALL of Harper A Brothers' Publications
All of Appleton's Publications.
All of Putnam's Publications,
th"uu1udBsrteas',,J,<>8U>,,: ttU<1 h"*4 *nbU^ ^
For sale at the publishers' prices by
tf Booksellers, near ?th st.
1>ULK1> LETTER PAPEiTat $1 26 a ream.
<w.^U cap Writing Paper at $1 26 a ream.
Uood Knvelope. at $1, $1 26, and $1 60 a thousand.
hITh w"" , ??uti' 60 cunU' aud 76 ? gross.
?J,a ' Wrapping Paper at 26 cents a ream.
June 2a tf Book and Stationery store, near 0th st.
F*fi5lLi55$? I Cheever*g Patent Fire
. 1,^ H1" latest blessing to housekeepers and
bachelors?is again in season, and is an article of great
WnriffiL convenience to all who have occasion to
rl.cu. 60 cunts I,ur pwk, which will kindle
Z40 fires. For salo by A GRAY
net 1(1?tr 7thst.. odhokH/v rwM-F?iinw.r iiaii
??'f? Compound, for restoring, preserving
auu beautifying the hair, eradicating scurf and dandruff
aiwl curing diseases of the skin. Just received and for
8ttl? % . W. ELIOT,
nov 3?tr Corner of F and 12th sta.
MIR SUBSCRIBER has the pleasure of informing his
_ friends and customers that he has just reoeived
another supply of NEW FALL and WINTER GOODS,
which he wll take,pleasure in showing to all who msy
favor him with a call. His stock is complete in every
respect, and will be offered at such prices as cannot fail
ni ? ? they can save money by purchasing
of him. His Goods are of the best and most fashionable
sty es, consisting of Fronch, English, and German Cloths
and Cassimeres, of all kinds and qualities, and a full as
sortment of Vestings of the most prevailing styles.
... . I- MUDD, Merchant Tailor,
oct 10?tr D street, bet'n 7th and 8th sts.
"or. 4 J street and Penna. Avenue.
THE PROPRIETORS of this Establishment respect
A announce to the Public that they are prepared
to exhibit one of the largest stocks of Ready-made Clothing
n the city, having enlarged our Store to such an extent
that it surpasses any similar Establishment in tho Dis
' Vi, {\,nfLtbe of being supplied from our
own Clothing Manufactory North, we can offer induce
ments that will satisfy tho purchaser that we not only
keep the be't and largest variety, but at Uie same time
nny per cent, less than goods can be got elsewhere.
our stock'^ the MtunU?n of the PuWic ^ ? portion of
Overcoats of the latest styles, all colors
Fine Black Overcoats, fine Blue do
Fine Brown Overcoats, fine Olive do
All shades of Drab; Overcoats for servant*
Loose Sacks, all colors, latest style
Business Coats, a largo Variety; Hunting Coats
Blue Sacks, very rich; Double Overcoats, something
new; fine Dress aud Frock Ccats.
Tine Doeskin Pants; plain and striped Pants, a large
variety; Cassinet Pants; Tweed do
Grey Cassimere Pants; Vests of all qualities.
Boys and youths' Clothing, the largest variety in the
eity, at prices to astonish.
Call and examine for yourselves.
Don't forget the place. oet t4 tf
LACK French Cloths and Cassimeres; black and
?WMk ani* Satin Vestings; green, blue, and
prowu Cloths aud colored Cassimeres; all of which will
be sold very cheap. Also?
100 pieces white, red and yellow Flannels
5 cases bleached Sheetings and Shirtings
I bales brown do do
*9 pieces livj
60 do Satinets, Tweeds, and Jeans
Lambs' \V ool Shirts and Drawers
Hosiery, Cloves, Blankets,Counterpains, Shawls, Mous
selaines, Calicoes, Ac.
Customers will be pleased to give me a call, and I will
pay them for their trouble. WM. R. RILEY
oct 10?tr cor. 8th st.,opp. Centre Market.
rI"HIE SUBSCRIBER has the pleasure of informing his
JL friends and customers that he has just returned from
the northern cities, where he has been for some time past
selecting bis stock of FALL AND WINTER GOODS.
He is now prepared to show such a stock of Cloths,
Cassimeres, Vestings, Dress Shirts, Undershirts, Drawers
Gloves, Stocks, Hosiery, Umbrellas, Ac., as he has never
before had the pleasure to exhibit, in style, variety, and
cheapness; which, together with the comparatively low
Rknt he is under at present, enables him to offer unusual
inducements to those in want of any article of Clothing
in our line, of a quality aud style that may be relied on.
P-J-STEER, Merchant Tailor,
sep 20?tf 8th st., 3d door from Penna. av.
TUST RECEIVED a large and elegant assortment of
tj Boys' Fall and Winter Clothing, consisting of Over
coats, Jackets, Pants, Vests, Shirts, Undershirts, Ac., Acj
all of which are really fine and desirable, and worthy the
attention of purchasers. Also, a choice and elegant as
sortment of Shirts, of all qualities and colors, Under
shirts and Drawers, Stocks, Cravats, Handkerchiefs
Gloves, Socks, Ac.; to which the attentlou of Gentlemen
is particularly invited. WM. WALL,
oc' '? __ 10 doors west of 0th st.
J AS. F. HARVEY, Undertaker,
Seventh street, between O and II streets,
C~ T? i WOULD respectfully return his thanks
to bis fi'llow-citixens, and those of the sur
rounding oountry, for their past patronage, and would In
form them that he is fully prepared to fill all orders for
Funerals at the shortest notice. Ho would respectfully
say that he has taken considerable pains to provide him
self with all manner of conveniences for an Undertaker.
His mode of preferring bodies in the warmest weather has
never failed to give the utmost satisfaction.
49r He keeps constantly on hand a large supply of
ready-mads COFFINS, of all sixes.
Juno '.4--MWAS?y [ Marlboro'Gazette?ly]
WHITEHURSTS new and ex
Store of Duvall A Bro., Ix-tween
|and 6th Btreets, Pennsylvania
This Gallery porM'sses many advantages over others,
lietng built on the second floor, and arranged expressly
for this purpose. It contains one of the largest sky
lights in this oountry, aud is the most extensive and
finest south of Baltimore. It possesses every facility for
copying Paintings or Daguerreotypes, not having its su
perior In the world?where may bo obtained beautiful
and highly-finished Daguerreotypes in all weather, though
cloudy Is preferable, except fbr children. Post-mortem
oases promptly attended to.
Awarded the first medal at th? late Fair of the Mary
land Institute.
Gai.liriks.?No. 305 Baltimore street, Baltimore; 347
Broadway, Vew York; Pennsylvania avenue, Washing
ton, D. C.; 77 Main street, Richmond, Va.; Lynchburg,
Va.; Norfolk, Va.; and Petersburg, Va.
tf These Galleries are open free to the public, at all
hours of the day.
sep 20?tf J. n. WHITEHURST. Sole Proprietor.
WE ARE NOW OPENING a very choice and select
stock of Black goods, embracing all dexlrable arti
cles for Ladies in mourning. We name, in part?
30 pieces Black Alpaca, all grades
10 do rholce Bombasins, Lupin's make
6 do Black French Merinoea
6 do do Cashmeres
2 do do Cashmere de Ecosse
6 do do Muslin de Laines
6 do Second-Mourning Silks
? do English Crapes
10 do Italian Crapes
1 carton Black Lovo Veils
2 pieces Veil Crape, very nice; with Black Silk, Kid,
and Cotton Gloves; and all kinds of Black Hosiery.
**p 1"?lm No. fi, Pa. av., bet. 7th and 8th sts.
A HATCH, jr., would respectfully call the attention
? of his friends and the public generally, to his as
sortment of LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, Ac , which he war
rants to be the most choice and select that has ever been
offerod to the Washington public: nonsistlng in part of
the Patent Double Deflector Solar Lamp, which fi>r light
and beauty Is unsurpassed by any other that has ever
been Invented; also, Girandoles, Camphlne, and Etherlal
Oil Lamps, In great varletv.
A. 11. would respectfully solicit the public to give him
a call, feeling assured that his assortment cannot fail to
please the most ftistldlous.
Two doors west of Todd's new marble building, Penn.
av., andC st. nearly opp. the Bank of Washington,
[Despatched to the American Telegraph.]
New York, Not. &?2 p. m.
The Ohio from Chagres is cowing up.
The Niagara sailed to-day with twenty-one
passengers and nine hundred and forty-five
thousand dollars in specie. Markets steady.
New York Klectlou.
In New York city, the Democrats have elected
fourteen aldermen and sixteen assistant alder
men, and the Whigs have elected five aldermen.
Reports from the interior counties indicate
that the State has gone largely Whig.
New Jemey Klectlou.
New Jersey has gone Democratic by a large
majority. There has been an immense vote.
HUilnlppl Klectlou.
Foote probably has twenty thousaud majority
for Governor. Neighbours, Freeman, and Daw
son, Union candidates for Congress, are certainly
elected. In the third district, McWillie, Seces
sionist, is polling a heavy vote, and may be
Baltimore Markets.
Baltimore, Nov. 6?2J p. m.
Markets unchanged; sales of flour and grain
at yesterday's prices. Snowing here this
Rumored, Mutiny on board the Prometheus?Judge
Sharkey and Mr. Owen.
7Vj7u/w? Has a riimnr that tLo paoaongora
of the Prometheus had mutinied, taken posses
sion of the vessel, and plaoed the captain in
We learn by the Empire City that Judge
Sharkey's appointment as Consul had reached
Havana. The Diario says that Mr. Owen was
sacrificed for having been faithful to his duties
under the law of nations, and says that he had
fallen a victim to the outcry raised by dema
gogues in the United States.
From Salt Lake?Difficulty among the Officers?
Governor Squandering the Public Funds.
St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 3.?By the arrival of
the muil from Salt Lake we have information of
serious difficulties among the territorial officers
from Utah.
It is asserted that, in consequence of the
proceedings and seditious sentiments of Mr.
Brighain Young, the governor, most of the State
officers, including B. 0. Harris, secretary of
the treasury, G. R. Bradenburg, chief justice,
P. C. Bruce, Charles Asserate, and H. R. Pog,
Indian agents, and Messrs. Sillon and Young,
were preparing to leave for the States. Many
others were shortly expected to follow their ex-!
The nature and particulars of the difficulty
are not stated. It is said, however, that
.$20,000 appropriated by Congress had been
squandered by Governor Young, and that an
attempt had been made by him to take $24,000
from the secretary, who refused to comply, and
applied to the court to sustain him. This was
done, and an injunction granted restraining the
proceedings of the governor.
Delaware Election.
Wilmington, Del., Nov. 4.?The election in
this State was in relation to calling a conven
tion to frame a new Constitution. The majori
ties in favor of a new Constitution, as. far as
heard from, are as follows : Wilmington, 425;
St. George's, 91; New Castle, 77 ; Red Lion,
72; Lewes and llehoboth, 192. From these
returns there can be no doubt that the conven
tion has been carried by a large majority.
Louisiana Election.
Nkw Orleans, Nov. 4.?The election in this
State was for members of Congress, members
of the legislature, and an auditor of the State.
In the city of New Orleans the Whig candidates
for senators and representatives are elected by
large majorities. Bordelon, (Whig,) for audi
tor, carries the city by a large majority. In the
first congressional district Louis St. Martin,
(Dem.) is elected to Congress, and in the sec
ond district J. Aristide Landry (W.) is chosen.
There is no returns from the other districts.
Steamboat Sunk.
Buffalo, Nov. 8.?The splendid steamer Em
pire State ran against a pier at 3 o'clock this
afternoon, and sunk.
From Buenos Ayres?Oribe still trying to leave.
Boston, Nov. 4.?We have advices from Bue
nos Ayres to the 12th September, being two
days later than by the storeship Relief. Gen.
Oribe had made a second application to the
English and French admirals to take himself
aud his troops away. He says if he can dis
pose of his property he will resign and go to
Europe. The fears that had been entertained
of a blockade have subsided.
Kentucky Legislature.
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 4.?The legislature of
Kentucky met at Frankfort to day. The Senate
organized by electing a Whig clerk and ser
geant-at-arms, and a Democratic door-keeper.
The House has not yet organized.
Failure of an Insurance Company.
Louisville, Nov. 4.?The Lexington Insu
rance Company has failed, and made an assign
ment for the benefit of its creditors.
NM. MoGRIGOR having removed to the new ware
? rooms two doom from his former stand, and im
mediately opposite the Exchange Hank of Selden, With
ers 4 Co., on 7th street, is now in receipt of a very large
and tine assortment of Furniture and other housekeep
ing Goods. He deems It unnecessary to enumerate arli
eles, as he Intends always keeping a full assortment in
his line. Persons wishing to furnish houses entire or In
part will find his terms accommodating and pricbS low ;
and he hopes by fair and honorable dealing, and prompt
attention to business, to merit and receive a full share ol
public patronage.
Alao, two fine lots for sale, about 39.000 square feet,
fronting on north L, between north Capitol and 1st street
east. sop 13?2mThAS
? TIIK SUBSCRIBER has not yet disposed of his
LANDS near Hrentsville, I'rince -nufiam wuuij,
Virginia, or his HOU8E8 and L<)T8 at Buckland. They
are still for sale on accommodating terms. Mr. Roliert
llodgkin, who lives adjoining these lands, will show them,
and the boundaries, to any one wishing to purchase My
terms as heretofore advertlsi-d?one-fourth in cash, the
balance in one, two and three years credit, with interest,
secured on the land. The property at Bucklaud will be
disposed of on application to Kppa Hunter, esq., at
Hrentsvllle, on the same terms. The title, which is indis
putable, will be made by Kppa Hunter, esq. letters ad
dressed to mo at Salbysport, Alleghany county, Md., will
be promptly attended to.
sep 19?lawtf HHNRY A. BARRON.
1'. 8.?II. A. B. will bo at Hrentsvllle on the lith of Oc
tober, and remain some woeks.
JAMES A. CONNER, proprietor of the CTTV EX
PRESS, begs leave to inform the public that he
still oonlinues to run his KXPRI83 WAGON to George
town dally, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. He will also
convey baggage to and from the Cars, and to any pnrt of
the city, at moderate charges. He hopes, by strict alien
tlon to bis business, and the prompt and faithful delivery
of all articles committed to his keeping, to merit a liberal
share of the patronage of the public.
Orders left with Mr. Lewis F. Perry, at Clagett A Pod
son's, Pennsylvania avenue, near !>tli street, will at
tended to with promptness and fidelity. [ au 2?tt
For Fitting up Stores with Fanoy Fronts.
I.l K. dJtiOall, Ituilder and Architect, would respect
. . fully inform his friends and the public in general
that he Is prepared to fit up Stores and build Fancy Front*
on an entire new plan, embracing all the latest improve
meats. The work ana lie done withoutstopping the busi
ness while the work is going on.
He is also prepared to do all kinds of work in the build
ing line, at the shortest notioeand on the most reasonable
terms. All business entrusted to his care will be promptly
attended to.
Plane of business on D street, between 9th and 10th.
may 1?6m
?uu rises ? ? '? Ob. 31m. | Sunsets ? ? -4h. 67m
U' Ml. A. W. C akk, newspaper agent, is the only uu
thorimd qseut for Uiis paper iu Philadelphia, Mid la duly
empowered to tuku adrerUselutsuts aud subscriptions at
the rates soquired by us. llis receipts will be regarded
as payments. Office at the northwest corner of Third
and Waiijit streets.
4E#" Tli| privllages of yearly advertisers will lie oon
flued rigijy to their regular business, aud all other ad
vertisements, not pertaining to their regular business as
agreed foJ, to be paid extra.
4W* Every notice designed to call attention to private
enterprises calculated or intended to promote individual
interest, can only be inserted with the understanding
that the smio is to be paid for.
') DOtKN LADiKS' white, colored, and black Kid
O Olif en, a very good article, at 02U cents.
Also ths following at U7}.? cents, of Alexander's make
and Stewart's importation:
2 cartons Ladies' white, all numbers
3 dp do colored, do
1 (|> do black, do
4 4> Gentlemen's white, black, and assorted co
lors, all numbers
Poraops iu want of a very superior Qlove will do well
to give us a call, as our stock is as good as any in this
sep i?dim YKRBY & MILLER.
A0OOD OPPORTUNITY is now presented for those
#ho desire to have their parlor and chamber furni
ture ^stored to its original beauty. Pianos, etc., polished
at re<--onable rates. The advertiser has had ample ex
perience in varnishing and polishing household furni
ture, and is prepared to execute all orders entrusted to
him. His process does not require the articles to be re
moved from the room, nor will it prove injurious to the
carpet Qr floor.
Order* lea with Mr. J. T. Hudcliff, Odd-Fellows' Ilall;
J. M. lAmn, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 10th
N..M. M'<irejreor. 7th street, near 0, and Mr. M.
Thompson, Pennsylvania avenue, between au aim
streets, at which places reference will also be given, if
requfred. au 11?eodUm
WE HAVE IN STOKK the following, in plain colors?
300 pieces English Merinoes aud l'aramettoes.
Cloths of all grades and colors.
25 pieces French Meriuoes, all colors, and at the very
lowest prices.
sep 24?dim YKRBY A MILLER.
With 12J Cents to save four 1'ounds of Coffee !
r|MIIS ES8KNGE has been provod by many thousands
X of the richest uud most respectable families, its well
as by the poorer class of people, almost through the whole
United States, to be by fur the liest preparation of Coffee
ever offered to the public. Coffee made by this Essence
is much more wholesome, more delicate, fine-tiavorod,
perfectly clear, and, in every instance, superior to the
finest Java coffee.
In order to give full satisfaction and proof that the
above articlt is perfectly healthy, and to snow something
of the deserted reputation it has gained and justly enti
tled to, we annex a few certificates and recommendations,
particularly relating to health, from Dr. Booth and Dr.
Chilton, practical Chemists aud Analysists of the cities of
Philadelphia and New York; also, from our Agents, all
of whom aru prominent Chemists and Druggists. *
College Avenue, Tenth St., below Market st.,
Philadelphia, Sept. 4,1851.
I have examined the Essence of Coffee manufactured
by llummel, Bohler A Co., and find that its constituents
are not iu the least degree injurious to health; it may be
used freely and with perfect safety.
JAMES 1100T11, L'rofr. of Chemistry,
applied to Arts, Franklin Institute.
No. 73 Chambers st., New York, Aug. 22,1851.
I have examined an article prepared by Messrs. llum
mel, lkihler & Co., of Philadelphia, called Essence of Col
fee, which is intended to be used with coffee for the pur
pose of improving it. 1 find it free not only from any
thing injurious to health, but, on llie contrary, the in
gredients of which it is composed are perfectly whole
some. JAMES It. CHILTON, M. 1)., Chemist.
York, Penua., Aug. 4, 1861.
Messrs. Hummel, Bohler A Co.?Gentlemen; We take
pleasure in recommending your "Es-enee of Coffee" as a
very superior article; it is extensively used in our county;
we have ouly had it one year, and have sold over lti.000
packages. Uu believe it to be one of those articles that
will remain in constant use, and the more it becomes
known the greater will be the demand for it.
Yours, respectfully, C. A. MORRIS A CO.
This Essence of Coffee may bo had, wholesale and re
tail, at the corner of E and 7th streets.
oct4?dtf J.F. CALLAN.
JONES'S Coral Hair Rentorative.-This
is the best preparation of the kind now in use. It not
only strengthens and beautifies the hair, but it renders it
soft, pliaYit and glossy, and prevents it falling off. Light
and red hair are made dark aud silky by its use. It re
moves dandruff, and keeps the head iu a he.tlthy condition.
50 cents per bottle. For sale by J. F. CAlil *
oct z5? corner is and i th streets.
TWENTY ROOMS to let, for single gentlemen, by
the month or year, on'Pennsylvania avenue, near 4j^
street. ' JNO. A. DONOHOO.
sep 1?M3m*
1\. ingraiu medium und low priced Auction Carpets.
Will be sold a very great bargain.
sep 29?1m YERBY A MTLLKR.
YERBY A MILLER take great pleasure in announc
ing to the Ladies that they have just returned from
New York, and have now ready for their inspection the
most elegant assortment of Fancy Goods to be found iu
the city. In our stock they will find?
100 pieces splendid Silks, embracing the newest and
most fashionable styles of the season
10 pieces splendid Watered Poplins, all colors
1 ease new style French Mousselines, prettiest
goods of llie season
10 pieces Chene Poplins, very rich
Spleudid Cashmeres, newest and richest patterns
Figured and Plain Mousselines de Laine, from 12}?
cents to $1 per yard
A largo stock French Merinoes
I)o do English do
Palmetto Cloths, in all the best colors
10 pieces ltlackGrode Rhine, all widths
Splendid Embroidered Linencambric Handkerchiefs
100 down plain and colored Bordered do. from up
Worked Edgings and Insertings
Splendid Collars and Cuds, Uudersleeves, Ac.
Hlaek Silk Lawns
Dlack and White Plain and Ribbed English Silk Hose
Do do ltaw-silk do
400 dozen Cotton Hose, black, white, and mode co
lors, of the very best make
20 dozen iiest Hlaek Silk Mils, long and short
60 dozen Alexander's best make I'sris Kid Oloves
Black, white, and colored Silk Oloves
In short, our stock is complete and elegant, and we are
determined to sell at the lowest prices. We therefore
respectfully invito the Indies to call, whether they wish
to purchase or not, as it will afford us pleasure to show
them our stock. YKRBY A MILLER.
Remember'the place, No. 6, Penna. av., bet. 7tli and
Sth streets. Oct 21?lm
HN. GILBERT has opened an office in Washington
. city, where he will give his prompt attention to
all those who will favor him with the agency to sell farms
in Virginia, Maryland,or the DistrirtofColumbia. Having
followed farming heretofore, and being a northerner by
birth, he can appreciate the wants of such as come from
the North for the purpose of locating farms iu this vicin
ity. He has the agency to sell a goodly number of farms
in Virginia, and those coming from the North would do
well to call, before purchasing, at his residence on Penn
sylvania avenue, first square west of the Capitol Gate,
may 29?y *2m
WK would invite the Ladies to call and examine
our extensive Stock of Oreen, Blue, and Hlaek
Watered, Bordered and Lined Silk and Satin Turc
PARA&0LH?the largest assortment in the District, at
greatly reduced prices.
Also a choice selection of UMBRELLAS, all of the latest
fashion, and the work warranted.
JUST RKCKIVKD?a handsome variety of Silks and
Scotch Gingham* for re-oovering.
Repairing and Covering faithfully snd punctually
executed. A. COKBIT A OO.,
may 6?6m Penn avenue, near 4 street.
WM. INOMAN, Cabinet-maker. Carpenter, and Prin
ters' Furniture-make*, can be found by inquiring
at NOELL A BOYD'S Venetian Blind Manufactory, Penn
sylvania avenue, between 9th and loth streets, south
side. jy 81?fiin
C. H. uUilli&,
/ < UNS AND PISTOLS constantly kept on hand, on
\]f D sireet, between 1th and 7th, Washington, D. C.
C. II. MtJNcK also offers for sale some double and singlo
barrel duns, Powder Flanks, Shot Pouches, and Percussion
Caps. oct 4?tr
s rr, ?' ?...
f JV J, ** now on* tht> iari'uiit MUkiUh
moot* o/ the kind in thin piuu.j^ *
all order* iu their line, vi?s W AIIBI K MA vR11^ in/l"
TILES, (fcr floor*,) M AHULK LETTEKS, A " J^re^
?onable rate* as can be h*d in this or .DJ 0'ull!r "
the Union. *or beauty of exuoutiou mid onKiualitv I
their .U?ok (??nu t be suri.aiwed. They would re
speotfully invito Architects, Huiidert, CUbitiel-Maker, and
other*, to call and examine before purchasing The*
also prepared to furnish the trade with Slabs, itluck^
Ac., to order. '
Atr- All order* by mail punctually attended to.
sep 26?d2in
AU must admit then, tuvtr has been given such a mas, of I
genuine testiniony m favor of any uther medicine. (five
'SI??'"" atl u""r 'emtdir, have /ailed.
^ZultT,ujny ct>unot b"iven-sr?
Baltimo&k, Sept. 18, 1861.
ukntlkmkn : After a full and satisfactory trial of the
medicine prei.ared by you, and very generally known us
Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, which you recom
mended mo to use as a relief for the debility and general
prostration of my system, the result of taking three bot
tles of this wouderful compound has, 1 am pleased to say,
resulted in a restoration of strength, a keen appetite, and
an activity of laidy which I have not enjoyed for a long I
time. So satisfied am I of the vlrtuos of thla medicine,
that 1 have confidently recoil,mended it to many of my
Irieuds and acquaintances, and am happy to learn that in
a great majority ot cases the most beneficial results have
stamped the inJallitnUy of Ute Tincture.. 1 n my own caw,
am satisfied that your advice to me to give it a trial has
under the blessing of n kind Providence, resulted iu a'
restoratu,n to health, lor which I am truly thankful
Kenpectlully, JOS. K. ST A I'LKTON,
\jr ** . W. Uultiuiore street.
Messrs. Mortimer St Mowbray, Baltimore, Md.
]HV I I *nii uii ouiiiiu. woMiii;iiyiii ami* iiL<i)
?*.. .. .. . . IUltimokk, Sept. l.Ti8f,i
Mtssrs. Mortimer it- Mowbray?Gentlemen ? This in'tn
certify that in ?e year 18? I was aCk^" wiUi a ner
vous affection, in consequent of Dyspepsia or Indiges
whfch Timer ,'<l"t",U1/'1 ??ighteon months, during
mind I H suffering* were intense, both of bodv and
mind, i tried every thing I could think or hear of, (as
r, m I.nU< h BJru|P?thy '??? U|e.) and at length all ef
rm.i,i ik i? ?"r" Ule' 1 ,)op?mo much weakened, and
often lVubhort "t ft time, and was
t< n iu the act of lulling upon the ]>ttveineut, (I would
Step some door or alley to prevent it.) in coniequenc*
of frequent palpitations; and, from what I could learn
I supposed 1 had disease of the heart, from frequent dis
tressing pains about the same; as also my chest and ah
domeu?the latter-being much distended. At this stage
??'r .T' 1 co,,ld m'ithcr ??'?*l"l> or wall- with any
sa islaction to myself. Life seemed to be a burden to
me. My feelings were gloomy beyond description.
I at length heard of Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture
and made trial of it. 1 had but taken the first dose when'
LanVu* T J "'I ,l"J hHl'n 'mmediately
spiang up. 1 continued, with the use of this invaluable
of t/!r7i ll]1"pr0l'i u"'/v' until 1 haU th'- contents
perfectcurc of me ?'?vlne Providence, made a
ofn^USl{ hwLr? excellent appetite, and could partake
any lood, which I could not do for years previous) v
without the most distressing sensations. I now ffi
uninterrupted good health, aud have done so for the last
six years; and would say to all afflicted as I have been,
ZrLT l y0fr,?,n'Juices, and try Hampton', VeyetabU
nurture. Any mtoruiation beside this but meagre dc
H. r .'i0" ?J,lIly <'a*e wi" be given cheerfully for the bene
fit of the afflicted. Vours, WILLIAM M. OLDHAM
Custom-House; dwelling, Fayette st., near Fremont.
,, ? .. * Bil.TiMORB, Sep. 18, 1851.
i/?5rj. Mortimer tt Mowbray-Oeotlemen : i'he cure of
Mr. Koburt (lauIt, by the use of three botllea of Hamp
ton s Vegetable lincture, as per his certificate, is, I think.
MilWin"" fr?<:elJ,MUt,'U' V*?caw of extremely excruciating
in,mil? ? ( <:hronic Inllammatory Uheumatism, cam
immediately under my own observation, through the last
tour years, which I considered entirely hopeless. Through
my earnest persuasion, he was induced to try your i>>v..i
uablo lipcture. 1 was prom l?d to remark at the time,
that if medicine would cure Mr. Gault, it certainly would
" remove mountains." The knowledge of this miraculou
cure com j>els me to consider it a duty 1 owe to the afflicted
(and particularly to those with complaints like his) to
make generally known the healing power of this truly
wonderful medicine. Yours, most respectfully,
187 Baltimore street.
HAMPTON'S TINCTURE in the great purifier of the
blood?will cure Scrofula, Uheumatism, Colds, Cough,
Liver Complaint, Diseases of the Throat and Breast, Sc.
a certain relief in all nervous complaints.
As a female medicine it has no equal. Thousands will
bless the hour they ever heard of it. Call on our ageuts
and get pamphlets with certificates of wonderful cures
also the history of the medicine gratis.
, , . _ General Agents, Baltimore gt.
AUo for *ale by C. Stott & Co., Washington, D. C. 1
Joseph Moffett, "th St., near IS.
R. 8. T. Cissell, Georgetown.
j)ct -1?3mtr C. C. Berry, Alexandria, Va.
(Late of Warrenton, Va.)
OFFICE and Residence?F street, north side, one door
above 10th. nmr 27?ThAStf
Ettreet, between 1 ilth and Nth, Washington (My, D. C. I
MARBLE MANTLES, Monuments, Tombs, Head and I
Foot Stones, Ac., constantly on hand, of the tiest I
quality and workmanship. All kinds of Stone, for Build- |
ing, Ac. All kinds of work in his Hue faithfully executed |
at the shortest notice. ap ift_tf
General Banking and Exchange Business.
'I^IIE undersigned respectfully announce to the public I
I that they have entered into copartnership for tl'e
transaction of a general Exchange and Banking business I
In the city of Washington, under the firm of?
All business entrusted to them will be attended to with I
promptness and fidelity. |
Late Treasurer of the United States
Of Alexandria. Virginia,
Of the city of Washington.
niRr " Of lialtlmore. Maryland.
Attention, Chewers and Smokers .'
| ^OWNER'S popular Cigar and Tobacco stand is well
xy supplied with the best Havanas and I'rincipes.
Also a splendid lot of Chewing Tobacco, to which he ex
tends a cordial Invitation to hi* friend* and to g -ntlemen
of taste generally. w.|, 9_tr
Officer, Collector, and General Agent.
BUSINE8S entrusted to hint will be attended to in a
proper manner, and may be left with any of the
Magistrates, ltesidencu C street, between 4li and flth
streets, Washington, D. C. JT 30- if
Oar. of lYnmylvania Arenue and Thirteenth itreel,
may 26 Washington Ciit, D. C. d A y
Old Wines, Liquors, 8egars, Fresh Foreign
Fruits, Comestibles, etc.,
rOR 8AhR ur
Pennsylvania avenue, 3 door, east of f\flrenth street
may 17?ly
Snrgeon Dentist,
Office near Hroum'* Hotel, Pennsylvania aventie,
Charges New York and Philadelphia prices, and guaran
ties his work to be equal to any done iu those oities
Dealer$ m
No. 6, opposite Centre Market,
?P 10 WashinotowCitt.D. C. d A y
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
I>RA CTISES in the Courts of the District, and prose
cutes claims of every description before the several
Executive Departments and before Congress.
Office and residence 21st street, two doors north
of ap 11?tf
House and Styn Painter, and Glazier,
South side Louisiana avenue, between 6th and 7th streets
(Dw.?lUng South K street, between 7th and 8th streets!
"?'.)'? prepared to execute to order all descriptions oi
work in his line ap 10??m
Attorney at Law,
Will practise in the several courts of the District of
Office on street, near First Presbyterian Church.
_ 'y 1ft?tf
Office Eighth street, opposite Market.
BUSINESS of nil kinds requiring the attention of an
Attorney, Magistrate, or Agent, will lie promptly
attended to. Claims brought before Congress sod the
Departments will receivs prompt attention by being
pliu ed in his hand*.
f?? moderate. June 13?J
Corner of F and 12th sit., Washington D. C.
'THE LECTURES will commence ou the first Monday
1 iu November, ami coutiuuu uutil the Utter part of
Nobli Youao, M. D., Proltwsor of Principles and Practice
of lucdiciiit*.
Charles II. LiKUKKMA.f, M. D., Profesaor of IiutituUM
ami Pracfcw of Surgery.
Flodoa*i>o Howard, MR., I'rofeisor of Obstotrlcs and
Diseases of V? oinen aud Children.
Juunhon Eliot, M. 1).. Prolessor of Anatomy.
dkiii" ^TCUI*. M.U., Profcwor of institutes ofMe
auJ*?rspuutli"'"' M D" 01 M"UrU M*dl
Hlm.'.Tw '"2"*' M D? Pp0f??0'- of Chemistry.
??2S?i?S2Z?-*- *-*? "d
Clinical Lecture* will be delivered and operations per
asLftcssti"'??"""??'?? ???-?!?
The College building ha* been recently erected at great
expense, provided with large and conveuleut Lt-clure
Hail* and AoAtonilcal Rooms, and I* admirably adapted
for medical instruction.
F?es for a full course of Lecture* 190.00
Matriculation (paid only once) j 00
Demonstrator'* Ticket - ' loloo
Graduation 26.00
Perpetual Ticket IMjou
Fee for those who have attended two Aill
courses in other Colleges ...... JO.OO
au 20?lawtNov Corner of 10th and V streets
Gregory's California Paukugo .hx press.
THE bURBCRlHEKS will despatch
SPECIAL M ESSEN( i ER8, two or more
\ times per mouth, hy Steamships, via
IIAURE8 ami PANAMA, in cliurga
oi parcels, jewelry, valuables and mail
able matter, which will in all cases arrive iu Han Irau
cisco by the mail steamers, aud be delivered in advauce ol
the mail.
We beg to announce to the public that we have entered
into connexion with the heaviest transportation house on
the Isthmus, who are bound to us to transport our goods
from Chagres to Panama, in advance <<J all other txjiraset,
aud having made arrangements with the.11. 8. Mail and
all other fiteaonTH 011 the Piuiific, for the carriage ol our
goods, we are prepaied to guarantee their delivery in ban
r ranclsco within a specified time.
In addition to the superior qualities of the line, for the
transaction of Merchandise, its manifest advantages over
the U. 8. Mail and all other competitors, in the transpor*
tation of letters and parcels between the Pacific and At
lantic States, are well known and already generally ap
preciated by the public. The value ol a mercantile letter,
delivered by us throe or four days iu advance ol all other
competitiou, being properly estimated.
We have also established agencies in GUAYAQUIL,
CALLAO, and VALI'AKAISO, ibr which porta, and other
cities on the South American coast, we are prepared to
receive LETTERSand PARCELS, which will \* promptly
despatched to their destination by our agent in Panama.
Ihe mail for South America is made up but once a
Managers and Agents,
149 Pear, cor. of Wall st., New York.
REFER, RY PERMISSION, to Messrs. Johnson A Low
den, 115 Wall st.; tfpofford, Tileston A Co., 4h South st.;
Nesmith A Co., 60 Pine st.; and Levi Apgar A Co., 76 Der
gtrw)t. mar 24?
\\r M. 11. CAllY A CO., 24!1 aud 246 Pearl street, New
T T York, invite the attention of the City and Distant
Jobbing trade to their large and varied stock of goods
which they offer at tLe lowest rates, either for cash or ap
proved credit.
Under their present arrangements they can offer great
inducements on all their Foreign Goods, and will givs
their customers the benefit of the large discount# which
they have gained by the increased amount of their pur
They pledge themselves to sell many styles of American
Goods at manufacturers' prices.
Their stock will l>e kept full during the whole year, and
all orders will be promptly supplied. They particularly
invite the Mexican and South American dealers to exam
ine their st<Kk of Jewelry, manufactured expressly for
those markets; also their stock ol Ivory Combs, adapted
tor exportation.
The following articles constitute a part of their stock.
Linen Threads?Varit us makers, plain and satin finished,
black, drab, whit", krown, <vu.i colored. Nos. 2UxfcO
Spool Cotton?Clark'i, Alexander's, Smith's Eagle, and
Reftlngton's, white, black, and colored, Nos. 10x150,
25 to 300 yards
Tapes and Robbing?Linen and cotton, assorted colors and
Cutlery?Razors, Kniies, Shears, Scissors, and Table
Knives and Forks, Wade A liutcher's, Wostenholm's,
Rodgers', and other celebrated makers
Brushes?llair, Cloth, Teeth, Paint, Varnish, Shaving,
Shoe, Crumb, Horse, Scrubbing, Ac., Ac., in great
Musical Instruments?Accordions, Violins, Flutes, Fifes,
Clarionets, llarmonicans, Ac.
Fans?A large and rich assortment, consisting of beauti
fully carved pearly ivory, bone, and wood sticks; also
plain sticks, with plain, fancy, and silvered paper
Ivory Combs?Fine S, SS, SSS, and NPU, 1 }4x*l/? inches
Combs?Plain and fan ;y Tuck, Dressing, Pocket, and Side,
of shell, butfalo, aid horn
Guns?Single and Double, English and American, real
and imitation Twi.it; also a variety of Rifles
l'lstols? English and German, Pocket, Belt, and Holster
| Colt's and Allen and Tburber's Revolvers; also, a
complete assortment of Sporting Apparatus
Perfumery?Lubin's, Mangenet A Coudray's, Piver's, Tin
I aud's, and Kde's fire Extracts
j Soaps?Low's White snd Brown, Windsor and Honey;
I Lubln's, Gu. rlain's, I'innud's, aud Mangenet A Cou
dray's assorted stvles, Ac.. Ac.
Also?Percussion Gaps Needles, Pins, Hooks and Eyes,
Steel Pens, Suspenders, Ruttous of all styles, Pocket
f>ooks. Port Monnaies, Purses, Stationery, Reads,
Whalebone, l-ook'ng-glnsses, Ac.. Ac.
Ivory, Tortoise Shell, Pearl Shell, Horns, Tips, Ac., for
Catalogues in the French, Spanish, German, and Bug
lish languages. 24
I vll. 1)1 KUIN'K MAP of (lit Holy I,and,
U for sale by A. GRAY,
s. p 17?tr 7 th st.. opposite Odd-Fallows' llall.
STATION ICRS' V\ A KEHOUBl, 96 South Fourth Street*
Philadelphia. (Wholesale only.)
I1YMAN L. LI I'M AN, Importer of French and Eng
lish Stationery, offers to the trade, at Stationers' W are,
house, a complete asfortmerit of
of the best quality, it the lowest rates. mar 24?
BRINK <fc DI RBIM, Iron AlBtccFMer
clinnts, Importers and dealers in American,
Swede, Norwegian, Refined, Cable, and common English
Iron; manufacturer!! of Roller Rivets and Spikes, Hoop,
Itand, Scroll, Flue, Boiler, Sheet, Small Iron, Axle Iron,
113 North \\ ater street, and f?4 North Delaware avenue.
street, above Tenth. Philadelphia, have just received
|wr steamer splendid Table and Piano Covers, Damask
Table Cloths, Napkins, Moreens, and Worsted Damasks.
_ mar 24?
HOWFJN A McNAMEE, 112 and 114 Brosdway, New
York, have now in store, and will receive by early
packets and steamers, a very extensive assortment of
French, German. English. Italian, and India
embracing every variety of the newest and richest styles
offered in this market. Sample cards are now ready
for exhibition. Merchants from every section of the
country, and particularly our old friends and custom
ers, are assured that every attention has been paid to
present a stock of goods, unequalled, cither in extent or
variety, by any similar establishment in the country.
Many of our richest goods are manufactured from de
signs or samples furnished by us, and will l* found
adapted to the best trade in the larger cities and towns.
The following embrace the leading articles of onr stock
Extra rich ("bene and Brocade Silks.
Rich Paris Bareges. Muslins, anil Organdies.
Rich printed Silk Tissues, new article.
New style English Poplins.
Barege de Laines. Paris patterns.
New style French Prints.
English. Scotch, and American Printed Lawns.
Super Black Gros de Khines.
French and English Ginghams.
Plain anil embroidered Canton Crape Shawls.
Rich Paris Ribbons, large assortment.
Millinery Silks. Crapes. Ac.
Dress Trimmings, newest style.
Bombazines, Alpacas, and Muslin de Laines.
Laces and Embroidery.
Linens and White Goods of every dessription
Kid Gloves, best manufacture.
English and German Silk and Cotton Hosiery.
Long and Square Cashmere Shawls.
Rich Silk Mantillas, grest variety.
Pongee and Spitaltield Handkerchief*.
Italian Cravats and Sewing Silks.
) Also, a great variety of rich goods for evening dresses
i not enumerated in the above.
| Also, Slnchews. Sarnets, Fancy Silk Cravats, Bay State
; Plaid Long Shawls, Linen Cambric Handkerchief)), Green
I Bareges, Satins, Silk ScarfV, Snspenders, Plain black and
; high colored Mouselinc de Laines, Turkev red Prints,
j Curtain Muslins, Oil Silks. Belt Ribbons. 'Serges, S?tin
Vestings. Ac.
Those who visit this market Ibr Sill- Goodt, who
would consult their Interest, and who desire to see a
stock unsurpassed In every department at the very low
; est market prices, are rcspectftilly Invited to call.
I mar 24?
i ~ ~ Whence Thomson & co.,
MPOKTKKS of Risndles, Wines, and Segars, No. 1 Ex
change Place, Baltimore, offer for sale au extensive
assortment of?
RKANDIES?J Hrnnessy. J. J. Durand, superior old
.lean l#ouis. I Ml 1 Mid lS.'W; Maglory; Otard, Dupuy A Co.*
Ptnet, Caatlllon A Co.! Martellj J. Duroml A Co.; A.Selg'
uette; J. J. Dupuy snd J. Fraud brands.
i WINES?Champaitie, Claret, and Hock, of various
1 irrades. Also, Port, Sherry. Madeira, Sicily, I.iebon, Bur
gundy, Malaga, and other Wines, In great "variety '
SF.tJAR.H-?Havana end Principe Segars, of approved
brands, constantly receiving from the manufacturer!
HOLLAND GIN?Grape and Gray Mare brands, of fine
flavor; also, Ixvndon Brown Stout and l'orier; Bordeaux
nnd Marseilles Sweet (HI, Sardines, Mawaronl. Vermicelli,
(?lives, Capers. Castile Soap, Bay Rum, Roll Brimstone,
Oanary Seed, Ac. mar

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