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8*k??flb?n.-Thoie of our aubaoritwra
ronidltig In U?? route eubraowl betwaan Tw.lflh ud Four
Vwnth ?treata, wi Mttflcd tiuu J. Ailiuii la so loafer
?atruaUd with that route. The paper hereafter will be
carafUlly served. _ [nor 11?tf
Koaautli In B*|Und.
His reception Las been highly gratifying. His
speeches have carried captive the public admi
ration, and the people and the aristocracy unite
iu honoring him. Nowhere does the voice of
disapprobation arise?nowhere docs the lip of
the proud curl in contempt at the man who
would have poor men for his friends! Repub
licans alone can be led into the wiles of impe
rial tyranny?they alone can traduce rfnd con
temn the great leader of " a people who are not
fit for self-government." It has been said that
any people may be trusted with freedom who
dare fight for it. If so, the deserts of the Hun
garians have not yet to be proved.
We shall see Kossuth about the last of next
week; and after he shall have penitentially
prostrated himself before a portion of the edi
tors of old fogeydom, we shall give him a cheer
or two!
The New York Herald well and truly says:
In reply to toasts and addressos, he delivered
Beveral speeohes, whioh are both eloquent and
perspicuous. From them we learn the real
sentiments of Kossuth concerning public mat
ters and governments. He iB at present no re
publican ; he is in favor of constitutional mon
archy as it exists in England, and is opposed to
socialism. Many of the American people will
be disappointed at this, but we are not so in
the least. A man cannot become a republican, 1
iu the American sense of the term, in a day.
To be a republican requires experience and ed
ucation under a republic. Were Kossuth, with
his present inexperience, to announce himself a
republican, as we understand it, we would be
inclined to look upon him as a visionary?as
an enthusiast?rather than as a practical man,
which we take him to be. He is in favor of
constitutional monarchy. And who would not
embrace such a form of government, rather than
despotism?and Austrian despotism especially.
Kossuth sees the comparative liberty there is
enjoyed in England under the one, and the ab
solute tyranny which the people of Germany
suffer under the other. Why, therefore, should
he not say he was in favor of constitutional
monarchy? It is the first step towards repub
licanism. We do not despair of yet hearing
from Kossuth's lips that he is a republican
When he arrives in this country, and sees the
beautiful and harmonious working of our system
of government, he will be converted, and will
as much prefer it to constitutional monarchy as
he now does constitutional monarchy to despot
Ism. In avoiding the socialists, and refusing to
accept a banquet from the English radicals,
Kossuth has shown wisdom, while he has disap
pointed the former, who expected to find him a
red republican of the deepest tinge. It is to
be hoped he will exhibit similar discrimination
when he arrives on our shores.
The Ipanlah Difficulty.
We find the following despatch from this city,
dated yesterday, in the Baltimore Sun of this
"We learn from undoubted sources that the
Spanish Minister to-day demanded, under in
structions, that our Government invite back the
Spanish Consul to New Orleans, bring him there
in an American naval vessel, salute his consulate
flag, restore his effects, and those of the other
Spaniards destroyed in the late riots, or Calde
ron de la Barca, the Spanish Minister, will de
mand his^iassports. It is understood that Mr.
Webster has promptly refused to comply with
these demands."
We have to add an important fact bearing on
the above, and on which reliance may be placed.
It is, that our Government is in possession of
the proofs that, firstly, no trial of Crittenden and
Ai? nun teat had; and, secondly, the bodiet of a
portion of them were mutilated after death.
In view of all this, Spain can make few de
mands upon our Government that will be likely
to meet with favor; and although we are as
sured she is prepared to do us sundry serious
evils, we do not think our position is therefore
one of very great peril. In any eontest she may
bring about with us, it is not likely the aid of
France and England will be successfully in
voked by her?partly because of their indispo
sition to interfere, and partly because they both
have other matters to attend to. And Spain
herself would not be a very formidable antago
nist. She is as helpless as she is Infatuated
with the idea of her prowess.
The London Timet, in a late review of her
resources, remarks:
"The home army, previous to the late ex
portation of troops to Cuba, consisted of about
100,000 men, and embodiod all manner of
worthless stuff, including the gen <Tarmerie, or
?Iliianr police; and perhaps the calculation
would Hatter, were we to set down the actual
military force of the monarchy, at home and
abroad, much within the limit we have named
for the domestic establishment. Add to these
considerations the fact that government bonds
are thn capital stock of English speculators,
and that the national obligations are so enor
mous as to require the permission of the Eng
lish broker before a declaration of war can be
issued, and we have several serious obstacles to
We would prefer a condition of peace, but in
a eontest between American freedom and Span
ish monarchy we should have few regrets. It
might be found a means of preparing, perhaps,
the darkest region of Europe for a republican
government at as early an hour as the most
enlightened shall be prepared to espouse it of
its own accord.
Sabbath School Umiox.?Quite an interest
lag meeting of this association occurred last
evening, at the Methodist Episcopal Church
Booth, on Eighth street. After some remarks
by Mr. Pascoe in relation to the recent estab
lishment of the school in connexion with the
Chnreh in whioh the meeting was held, the
offering np of prayer by Rev. Dr. Junkin, and
the singing of appropriate pieoee by the schools
ef Weetey Chapel and the Fourth Presbyterian
Churoh, Mr. J. C. Harkness offered a resolution
recommending to the several schools composing
the Union the formation of 8abbath Sohool tcm
peranee soeietiee, and setting apart one meeting
of the Union in eaoh quarter for the especial
?nnanl?r*tion of the subject of temperance, to
be addressed by some minister, or other advo
cate of the cause. This resolution gave rise to
?a animated debate, in which Messrs. Hark
nees, Johnson, Roth well, and McKelden advo
cated ite adoption, and Meaers. Wilson and
Rieharde oppoeed its Utter clause. The whole
resolution was Anally adopted by a very decisive
vote. After which, prayer was again offered,
aad the meeting was eloeed with a doxolorv and
the titilntlrm
rsaoa ? Late accoaate stale Ikkt tke Etniw
government inteads U altar the law villi rogard
to tli? Mtaui of tkoso propriotors wko cannot
(m?j up Ui<- Lataiit of their drbi to tbe erowa. i
The goveromcat, wkone oty?ci it kas U?a
gradually to change tke eer* ot lb* Bo bio. taio
crown peasants, baa boon in tke habit of ad
vancing money to tbo proprietor*, it tbo rato of
from two hundrod to four hundred row Woe for
each aorf oa tbo ratate, for wbicb, of course,
the soil tu also engaged. The iotoreot la filed
at seven per cent., and tbe regular payment of
tkia amount paid off tbe debt la tweaty-sls
years. But tbe payments la many casee are
irregular; and whenever tbey art interrupted
for a torm of ten yoars, tbe estates are Bold by
auction to tbe bigboat bidder. Tbe proprietor,
however, by putting forward a fictitious pur
chaser, in the person of a friend or relative,
generally oontrivea to keep posaeaelon of tbe
land, especially aa the other noblee, for tbe
honor of the " order," will seldom compete for
the purchase, and men of the eitisen clasa are
not qualified to hold land at all. To prevent
this evasion, and facilitate the conversion of
aerfs into crown peaaants, a ukase is to be pub*
lialied, according to wbicb, If tbe interest re
mains unpaid, the government will have the es
tates valued, and, by paying the proprietor the
differenco between the value and the incum
brance on it, take possession of the soil, and
declare the serfs peasants of the crown.
Thk Land or Plenty.?Such is ours. It has
plenty of every thing neceaaury for man, and
yet, in the midst of his abundance of good
things, he cried out about the scarcity of money;
and lo, that too is abundant! " More than three
years have passed," says a writer in the New
York Tribune, " since gold was first discovered
on the banks of the south fork of the American
river. These years have been big with events,
and will mark the commencement of a wonder
ful era in the history of the world. The fable of
Aladdin's Lamp has been changed to a verity.
In 1849, on the reception of the first news of
the discovery of gold, a gentleman of this city,
speaking with a friend of mine on that event,
remarked: * That discovery of gold in Califor
nia is just what we want. We need a source
from which a supply of two or three millions of
dollars per annum can be drawn, with certainty,
to keep things steady here, and give confidence j
to commercial affairs and business generally.'
Two years have elapsed, and the supply from ]
that * source' exceeds, semi-monthly, the sum
then deemed an adequate annual regulator. In
two years more, the shipment of gold-dust from
California will be more than doubled?probably
We have received a copy of the speech
of C. G. Baylor, esq., delivered before the Con
vention of Cotton Planters recently held at Ma
con, Ga. The theme of Mr. Baylor is embodied
in the proposition of a direct intercourse be
tween the Southern States and continental Eu- J
rope. We cannot see how any Southern man can
withhold his assent or his means from the en
couragement of such an enterprise, and are as
sured that Mr. Baylor's efforts will entitle him
to the thanks of the entire South.
Ths First axd Second Assistant Post
masters General.?The announcement of an
exchange of the duties of these two officers
was made by us in advance of all others, and
was made correctly, just as it is given in the
official papers of this morning. We state this
to prevent misapprehension.
Impartiality or thk Pop*.?It is remarked,
among other late items of Italian news, that
although last year the Pope, in an impulse of
gratitude to Mr. Cass, the American charge
d'affaires, granted special permission to the
Americans in Rome to celebrate Divine wor
ship in the National Chapel, yet, in ordor to
deprive all other Protestant congregations of a
ground of complaint, the Papal Cabinet has
decided to withdraw the privilege.
ftajp-Thc papers of the United States generally
discountenance the notorious Lola Montes.
It is proposed to hisa her from the atage. We
protest against this, for she is a woman and we
are Americans. We propose, however, to hiss
her managers, the proprietors of theatres in
troducing her, and all other abettors, out of the
community. But if they aro tolerated, and our
people fill the theatre on the announcement of
her name, why then let the play go on. Hisses
and hooting will bo out of time, and the tastes
of the community established.
jJtay .lKNNY Lind has been singing at Colum
bus, Ohio, and the Journal describes her as
looking and singing better than when there
before. In the exuberance of its praise, the
Journal says : " Thoso who know her will say
she has a bad-looking nose, but nobody ever
notices this when she is on the stage." We
think it wrong not to notice her nose, good or
Bad-looking, and Jenny will not thank her au
diences for slighting an organ of so much
importance to herself! We should be greatly
delighted to see the criticised nose on our
boards, and the lovely Jonny behind it!
gfcay-We recently strolled through tho grounds
of the Smithsonian Institution, and were highly
gratified at the improvements being made there;
the walks are most beautifully laid off, and in
our opinion there is no public ground in the
city that will compete with it when finished.
From present indications, we would infer that
it will next summer become one of the most
fashionable promenades in the city. We aro
also pleased to see the improvements in build
ings, &c., in the neighborhood of the Institu
tion. Ere long, this will be one of tho most
: desirable places for public residences.
tfsr His excellency Gov. Call, of Florida,
has arrived in this city, and taken apartments
! at Gadsby's Hotel.
'The steamer William Selden is to be re
painted, not repaired. Captain Page's work
does not soon need any thing of that sort. His
establishment at the foot of 7th street presents
a busy and a lively appearance.
Frahkiwo.-?The franking privilege in this
country does not include the right to frank let
ters to foreign countries. Neither the inland,
sea, nor foreign postage will be abated in respect
to tbe frank.
WOT Turner, the vocalist, is singing in Balti
more. A sweet singer, and will always be wel
qomtd here.
[D*f<xUktd to tk* American Telegraph.)
Boston, Not. 11?1J p. m.
The entire State Is heard from. No choioe
for goveraor by the people. The Mount* prob
ably coalition; House doubtful.
Nbw Yobk, Not. 11?2 p. m.
Tbo Methodist property suit was decided by
Jldfe Nelson in the U. 8. district oourt to-day.
lie decided that the complainants are entitled
to their share in the products of the Book Con
cern ; and the decree was ordered to be re
corded accordingly.
Baltimobk, Not. 11?2 p. m.
The Northern and Baltimore markets un
! changed.
' Massachusetts A'Uctivn?Late from Buenos Ayrss.
Boston, Not. 10.?The election of Governor
and Bute officers took place to-day. The fol
lowing Is the result in this city for Governor:
Winthrop, Whig, 7,887; Boutwell, Democrat,
3,007 { Palfrey, Free-Soil, 1,271. At the eleo
tion last year the vote stood: Briggs, Wbig,
6,U6U: Boutwell, Democrat, 1,1*07; Phillips,
Free-Soil, 1,076?Wbig loss, 477. In Worces
ter, Winthrop loses 800. In Lowell, the Coali
tionists elect ten representatives, which is a
The brig Palmer has arrived with Buenos
Ayres dates to September 17 th. The prospers
of ltosas were not so desperate as represented
by previous accounts. No accounts had been
received from Oribe. Tbe representatives of
the Province had been cited to assemble iinme
| diately to cousider matters of grave import
I ance. It is stated that tbe house of represent
atives at Buenos Ayres had elected Rosas
governor of the republio for life, and had de
nounced Oribe as a traitor.
Advices from Port-au-Prince, to September
23d, state that the ?mperor Solouque had com
plied with the demands of the French, English,
und American Consuls, and had concluded the
truce with the Dominicans, by the terms of
whic^i a year's notice must be given of a re
newal of hostilities. This will tend greatly to
euhancc the prosperity of tbe island. Coffee
was selling at tbirty-five per hundred, with the
prospeot of a large crop.
Opening of the Nova Scotia Legislature.
Halifax, Nov. 10.?The Nova Scotia Legis
lature opened on the 4th with a speech from
Sir John Harris, chiefly devoted to the railroad
question. He distinctly stated that the Havre
government had offered aid to both lines.
Steamers?Death of Rev. Dr. Crot well?-Dis
graceful Affray.
Nbw Yobk, Nov. 10.?The Cambria takes the
place of the steamer Canada, and was to have
left Liverpool for Halifax on the 1st of Novem
ber. She is now due.
The Kev. Dr. Croswell, pastor of the Episco
pal Church in Greene street, was taken sud
denly ill in the pulpit on Sunday afternoon,
and was conveyed to his residence, where he
expired at 6 o'clock.
A disgraceful affray occurred yesterday be
tween two parties of men, relative to the pos
session of a dead body. It appears that a man
named Georgo Hartline died at the house of a
negro man in the 6th ward. While he was
being brought out for interment, an attack wus
made by a party of men, who seixed the body
And placed it on another hearse prepared for
the purpose. A fight then ensued between the
party who first had possession of the body and
those who rescued it.
We learn that a novel suit at law is now
pending before a magistrate in this city. It
has been described to us as follows: William
Cole, constable, while in the office of Justice
| John D. Clark, picked up a three-cent piece,
I and asking the Justice if he was the owner, was
informed that he was not. Mr. Cole, there
upon, put the turn found into his pocket. The
Justice then demanded the money on the ground
that he was the rightful owner?the money
having been found in his office. Mr. Cole re
fused to deliver, on the ground that the Justice
said it was not his money. The Justice has
commenced suit before Thomas C. Donn, esq.,
against Mr. Cole, to recover the said amount
detained by him. How the matter will be de
termined we shall see.
Militabt.?^We learn that the Continental
Guards, a new volunteer company being raised
in the Seventh Ward, now number upwards of
seventy members. They have two drills a week
at Potomac Hall; and we hear that they are
making fine improvements in tbe exercise. We
are told by one of their members that they ex
pect one of their uniforms on from Philadelphia
by the next drill-night, which is to-morrow.
?3^11. Finley Hunt, not J. Finley Hunt, as
reported in the papers of this morning, was
, elected Grand Representative to the Grand
! Lodge of the United 8tates.
Staff" It will be seen by the advertisement,
: that at noon to-morrow the cargo of th^sehooner
1 Louisa and Margaret, from Porto IUeo, consist
ing of sugar and molasses, will be sold at pub
lic sale, in Georgetown, by Edw. S. Wright,
gfcjJT Mrs. l'earce and Miss E. Davis have
goods to suit the tastes of ladies, on 7th street,
above the Patent Office. Such loves of hats
and ducks of bonnets?oh, goodness !
g^TWe are informed that the Secretary of
War has called for a list of the militia offioem
of the District, in view of a contemplated re
vival of the militia, which it is said he intends
speedily to effect.
gfgrThe expense per annum to each person
of the population in supporting tbe President
of the United 8tates, by paying his salary, is
one-ninth of a cent?or four-ninths for the term
of four years. This must be the reason why
some don't care a cent who is President.
Thb Tariff.?The Washington correspondent
of tho N. Y. Journal of Commerce writes under
date of the Oth inst.:
It is believed that Mr. Secretary Corwin, who
is now preparing his annual report on the state
of the finances, will present strong views and
propositions in favor of such modifications of the
Tariff as well afford adequate protection to iroa
and other domestic products and manufactures.
The Pcnnsylvanians are very active on the
subject, and public meetings are held by men of
all political parties for the purpose of promo
ting tho measures for tho encouragement of the
iron interest. It is well known that a strong
effort will be made, as I have heretofore stated,
in behalf of some scheme that will afford relief
to the iron interest exclusively.
They suppose that this interest will concili
ate the favor of politicians; and that both par
ties, in anticipation of the Presidential election,
wiJIl go their death on the iron.
In Montgomery county, Ohio, one of the
representatives and the prosecuting attorney
| vers each elected by oat Tote.
lKTftovnuuna.?In our rambles about town on Sutur-!
day, we wore struck with the vut number of builUiu^s
and Improvement* being made In > arious portioua of the
city. At the oorner of H and Fifteenth streets we notice
that B. jiailth, Mq., U erecting quite a flue brick dwelling,
thirty-seven fcj.it front and aixty-three feet deep, stucco j
front*. The work I# progressing finely under George T.
Laiigley, bricklayer, and William Mohun, carpenter. We I
notice also, in the name vicinity, immediately opposite
Lafayette Square, that heujauiiu Ogle Tayloe, esq., is hav- j
lug placed to his already superb residence a handsome
verandah, of malleable and cast iron. This is oertainly an
improvement, and it will prove quite an ornament to his |
bouse. Hubert Wood, esq., of Philadelphia, is the gentle
man who has the execution of the work, and he U now
fitting it up. By the way, this gentleman has also the
plauiug of the railing around the square immediately in
flront of National Hall, which will soon be placed on the
coping now ready to receive it. That very pretty two
story and attic frame house immediately opposite frank
lin row is in a state of completion, and we are told that
it Is to be the residence of the Rev. 11 r. Turner, to whom
it belongs. Adjoining this we notice the foundation for a '
brick, which we are told is being built for Mr. Clainpet.
This portion of the city is wonderfully and rapidly filling
up, and there are many fine sites and locations for dwell
ing*. We are told by a gentleman who advertised a resi
dence for rent here, that the applications wero numerous?
exceeding anything he ever witnessed. (So much for ad
vertising in the Telegraph 1)
Review of the Northern Markets for
Office of the American Telegraph, Nov. 11.
Baltlmorx, Nov. 10?6 p.m.?Sales of 300 bbls. Howard
street flour at $3.81}^. No sales of City Mills. Sales of
good to prime red wheat at 70(gi73c., and family flour
white at 82(g>88c. Sales of corn at 62(<j)54c. for new white,
aud 64<$p6tic. lor old white and yellow. Outs U2(g)36c.
Philadelphia, Nov. 10?6 p. m.?Flour has declined?
Sales of 2000 bbls. at $3.8V/^ for State brands. Rye
flour $3.37 ]/r Corn meal $3.25. Sales of rod wheat at 81c.
aud white at 88(g>89c. Yellow corn 60c. for old, and 46c.
for new. Whisky 22c.
N*w York, Nor. 10?8 p. in.?Stocks are active with
an upward tendency?Safes of U.S. ti's, 1807, at 116;
Canton at OA and Krie at 86%.
Sales of 8000 bbls. flour at $3.76@$3.81 for State brands.
Itye flour $3.31@$3.37%. Corn uioal $3.37 >^@$3.60.
Sales of 6000 bus. Michigan white wheat and 6000 bus.
Canadiau at 80c. Kye 71c. Sales of 30,000 bus. mixed
corn at 68(q)59c. Oats 3Sc. Sales of pork at $14,810(16
lor old and now mens, and $13.02% for new prime. Lard
8J-i08-Vc. Kio coffeo 8(g)9c. Cotton unchanged?sales
ofIGOO bales. Whisky 21<g>21^c.
By A. GBEEN, Auctioneer.
J\_ and Jewelry, comprising a stock of $30,000 worth, at
auction, on Wednesday, the 12th instant, at 7 o'clock p.
m., at my sales-room, and will be continued Thursday,
Friday and Saturday afternoons and evenings. The stock
comprises an assortment of flno Gold Watches, Guard,
Fob and Vest Chains ; Chattelaines, for ladies; Gold Me
dallions, Lockets, Bracelets, Breastpins, Ear and Finger
Kings; Gold Thimbios, 1'ena and Pencil-cases; Silver
Fruit' and Butter Knives, Card-caseH, Ac., Ac.
The above-mentioned stock comprises the greatest as
sortment of fine Gold Watches and Jewelry ever exhibited
in this market, and from the same source that has given
such universal satisfaction at my former sales. The goods
will bo warranted as represented.
nor 11?4t A. GREEN, Auct.
WfK HAVE JUST OPENED another lot of cheap and
YY desirable Dry Goods, suitable for the present sear
son. We deem it unnecessary to enumerate all our goods,
but would politely invite purchasers in want to call and
examine for themselves. Wo will try to pleaae both in
goods and prices.
nov 11?dlw _ McLAIN A HARRY.
Kid gloves. ?We have an elegant assortment
of Ladies' and Gontlemen's white aud colorod Kid
Gloves of the most celebrated makos and quality, which
we are selling at old prices.
nov 11?Ulw _ McLAIN A HARRY.
(CALICOES, CALICOES. ?Wo have the most
j complete usiiortmont of Calicoes in this city, of all
makes and qualities, ranging in prices from 4 to 12 ccuts,
of beautiful styles and patterns.
nor 11?dlw McLAIN A HARRY.
NELS.?McLAIN A II AUK V have in storo an
elegant assortment of all-wool Flannels, of superior qual
ity, from 26 cents up, extra cheap. [nov 11?dlw
Mouellna and Cailimerei.?We have just
received some very handsome styles of the above
goods, which will be sold very cheap.
nov 11?dlw _ McLAIN A HARRY.
PUBLIC SCHOOLS.?The Teacher of Male Pri
mary School of the Fourth District having resigned,
the Board of Trustees will fill the vacancy on the 13th
iustant. Salary $460 per annum.
The undersigned will receive applications, and will meet
at the City Hall, on Wednesday, 12th instant, at 8%
o'clock p. in., for the examination of candidates.
nor 11?21 Committee of Examination.
Seminary for Young Ladiet.
MR. NOBLE having opened an additional room, is
now prepared to accommodate fifteen more pupils.
Young Ladies can enter the Seminary at any period of
the quarter, and are charged tuition only from that time.
Terms made known on application to the Principal, at
his residence, oorner of Thirteenth and H streets,
nov 10?1 m
Corner of E and Tenth streets, (old Medical Col
lege, second story.)
Rer. JA8. NOURSE, A.M.,1P . , .
Jas. C. Dillitt, Assistant.
T. Kaolxt, (of Paris,) Professor of Modern Languages.
Each quarter is twelvo weeks, commencing severally
September 1, November 24, February 16, and May 9.
1. Elementary Branches $ft.00
2. full English course, except Mathematics - 8.60
3. Mat hematics. Chemistry, Book-keeping, Ac. - 0.60
4. Latin and Greek, with above ..... 10.60
6. Modern Languages or Drawing, (extra) - ? 4.00
1 A familiar lecture every study-day on Natural Philoso
phy ; and on Astronomy, or some other science, every
Friday, by one or other or the Principals.
nov 11?tf
TJKOFESSOK WAGNER has the honor to Under to
X the public his services as Instructor on tho PIANO
should lie find a sufficient number of pupils to warrant it,
be would open a class for the Instruction generally of all
the various Instruments used In an orchestra. He refers
I to the President of the "OolumMa Musical Association,"
and any commands which may be left for him at R.
j Davis's mustr store will have his attention.
nov 11?eo2w
An External Kerned#?the greatest ever knotcn ! !
ItOR Til F. CL'HF. of Consumption, Liver Complaint,
Itheumatic Pains, Pains on the Lungs or Breast,
I Pleurisy, all acute pains, inflammations, swellings,wounds,
! bruises, sprains, oM sores. Toothache, Knlargement of
| the Spleen or Ague-Cake, W hits Swellings, Lumps on the
| side of Nrek or any part of the system, Neuralgia. Burns,
Scalds. FrnelhiU-, Chilblain, Tetter, Scald lleed. Sun
Pain. Headache, Earache, Cramp, Chuile, Cholera, Ac.
For sale by A. (MAY,
7th et, opp. Odd-Fellows' llall.
?AT 11?tf fWash. Sal News.]
I-I M i
I I r\l UI lirsiIRL* LINK jusl laadnL fresh from the
I liA/l' kiln?a superior article?which will be sold
low. Alao oa hand, Oak. Hickory and Pine W'MtD, aud
*11 the different kinds ofOUAL, of the beet quality, all of
which will be sold low for cash, <h to punctual customers.
Corner "f 12th and C streets,
nov 11?eolt [Sat. Int.) near the Canal.
J UST RRCKIYF.D. tmm Albany. New Yorh,?
eu.WS) fret * bit* l*i m, panel and merchantable,
1 te 4 Inches thW-k
?.,issi M % Poplar, from IS to 33 Inches
lO,UU0 feet ft Poplar, from 34 to tt Inches, for
ao.ouu foot 7-4 Chair rieak, merchantable
UMRsi fcet I to 4 inch goal White Ash
> 10.011* foet I to S IsfltVrrt
b.i?M fret ?*, awl 4-4 ?lark Walnut, prime.
This lumber Is In |ss4 < edsr and trsU snaeonsd, and
will to eoltf tow, If taken at the wharf Call at
J. B. WAItir* Lnmher Yard,
lath divet east side, aadOaaal wharf,
no* II?S4* Jlatoi. A He pub )
thihdwamd" ~
Etmhlh Mtrtrt, nemr the Market.
ritni SL'RsCKI IIF.K, felling to he sleeted ISMee Magls
I irate of tl>eThird Hard, iwcnnee he waa, flrtim a com
Idmtion of etumnstoei n, nnetos to remove hie fkmlly
Into the Ward, as reunited W In* <4 the Ooaaetia, reepect
?Mk thai I
fullr Informs the public that he aw still he fonnd at the
<)U> aTA?n, to Eighth Straai. opposite the Market hones,
ready to traamet all kinds of bwsinaas requiring the at
teattasi of ? mnglelrals. Tliere taay to fonnd at all times
i at his (dhe the meet rasas its Hi eonetahtoe to the Hty,
and Mils, antes, bonds. Ac . left at hie eAee for eelleettoa
will be promptly allsi lil to by them, and the money
) tSmSv.ar'?"""
The n*Aentoa?d being alee a mumber of the Wsailing
ton Bar, "ill Mtoad b ?>,? proeeenttoa er tofoadlag eaeee,
? either civil, corporation, or United Mats*, hefors other
magistrates, at at either ef the Courts of the Metrirt, and
will aie<> attend to he proeeratton of < lahne before Oon
graas ? the DeparUnmts ot the Government.
no* 11?tf JOttX L SMITH.
*> married, ?
Cu the tth In*taut, by .U2^7h^B6aMW?LaK1),
LI AM l?. hfcKKIN to Mlim 8ARA11 A.
?U of thl* city. ^??
in Baltimore, on Monday, November 10th, WILLIAM
o. hadclSS, lath* m,y?f f(-nny u*
111* friendB M**? Wend, of hi. IkUwr ?
. viUi ti) attend bii funeral, from lii? iaujer?
JSJXoVauSwd * W??r?w afternoon at two
and Cold*. K"" 0f the Lung", remove* all
lu time. It all*?" trr'^ ?artaln cure for a sudden
bronchial airoctiouB. aiul of throat and cough,
cold, accompanied with 80TW , i_ Philadelphia and
The great demand ft>r this ,i.,t thousand* who
zsssss ott"'
-S^srass-Tisa.' ^-K*"""
ML? ' W?btg^n=lty.liOL_
| deranged '"^^"^^ucnt arc first Dyspepsia, known
ysss&M'sr^taiai?., ?j
tlto, 4c. . or three thousand cases
1 have been called on by o th(jm had trled tho
within the last fow yeWB. anJ *?*lry(leluHion ; fortunately
various bitter con?l>ounds to t^lr aei . aboye
the most were to time, and ^ ^ ^
lirwi'.'yX""- c.?.U.aU.n,? U?-?*
?S,S?.-K?P?? xsja'Sffi SSSSE
happens, take this dOBeJ?(jjJ0ajs, M. D., Philadelphia.
Price 60 cents. For Bale by Oilman,
A Co Samuel Butt,
Charles Stott A Co. fau w Nairn,
J. K. Callan, Washington oity, D- 0- __
novlO?tr ?-?? r~
1. of more importance even t ^ chuu, resets the
the one, when properly used, ?P alld fortifies the
various organs, wato?*8it.he (^ (m thelr way rejoio
norvous system, enab 8 curing Dyspepsia and Con
ing In their strcng h, therein ^ depundl)) the
stipatlon, upon which tno ftnticipatory days specified
Hucond (by bcing take liability to relapse at the
in tho directions) destroys ^^ fcurteenth, twenty
Druggist, corner of i th and E strcem. i ?
i.,S? w5?f? sg?Sl SK
Thursday evening, Noremto ' t f nn who may
meut will bo made for the enjoymt
?*&u or cm* ?ltow?l tb? ???
? && ISS
"KT?" ? ???'?"*" "*
J. 0. Venable, v R. Trlay,
J- W,1f,?? ' W II. Woodallj
n' ? Q?u?Per' J. M. Carrico,
D. B. Suit, T Mansfield,
trSgSS* G.W.IIussell.
nov 10?*t* ATT
rplIE IBANK - frieuds and the public Kener*uy
1 announcing to their "'*n? MPLIMENTAKY BALL,
that they will W\?%^yDc^nin ^November 17, 1861,
at Jackson Hall, onMon y iwd stotes Ilose Com
in honor of the ft"1?1 ^ .rrive in this city on the
pauy, of P.hJ'^c17P^ ^ud "depart on the morning of the
evening of the li th, ana u p procession in Baltimore.
19th, to join the grand F ^"^es^spar* noither tiBlu
The managers pledge them-Uves w sp^
nor expense to make this llal MdJlery>g g. Butt's, and
J. II. Sessford, - _ Mitchell,
Joseph Williamson, R- K' x^yie,
?' Williams William Durr,
L- Williams, A Sioussia,
C. Can field, j Reeao,
William Caminack, j
r " !*SS?r K &A*.
iT ' James King,
A. ?? JOWj ip j fisher.
A. Jacksou,
nov 4?eotd ? ?
?AT*T?KMPKBa"CK^IIALL, and will
I^^hS^e^nl^and on Wednesday and
UoAu K~
pirAedmitUnce 26 oe?U; children half price. [novS-tf
LADIKS' IIEAD-DBK8SKS, embboidkbkd hand
KKKCII1KF8, and OIX)VKS are now opened at Mrs.
Culusok's, on SIXTH street, near Louisiana avenue, for
ladies attending the balls of the season. [nov ??tr
MRS. K. MOFFKTT, Seventh street, opposite Odd-Fel
lows' Ilall, Is prepared to supply the ball-going pub
lie with White Kid and Silk Gloves, Silver, Fancy and
l*lain White Wreaths; White Silk and Linen Cambric
Handkerchiefs; Extracts for the Handkerchiefs; Per
fumery, Ac., Ac. Also?Blch Silk Scarfs for gentlemen,
White Kid and Silk Gloves, with many other deslrabU
goods. nov 6?tf
MRSi K. MOKFETT, having taken a room at
Miss E. Martin's, one door west of Mr. Lane's Fur
nishing Store, (up stairs,) Pennsylvania avonue, between
4*4 and 6th streets, will open Kail and Winter Millinery
to morrow, (Saturday,) November 1st. oct 31?tf
The Police officers of the several Wards give notice
that Uioy will pfroceed on Monday next to enforco the
Corporation ordinance against Swine running at large,
nov 8?3t
1/LANNKL8 ONLY 13U~cent?t
. A lot of good White Flannel at 12^ cents, at
j nov 8?tr BROWN'S Cheap Cash Store.
Blankets at 91.35 ? pair!
I<arge lot of Blankets from $1.26 to $10,001
[ nov K?tr BROWN'S Cheap Cash Store.
60 doaen Ladies' KM Gloves, from 26 cents up, very
cheap. Alao 20 dozen Gentlemen*' best Kid Gloves, al
<12 oents!
?or I?tr BROWN'S Cheap Cub Store.
VV SOAP?The quality of which is unequaled. II
poHsossrs a delicate anil permanent perfume, yields n
splendid and emollient lather, and may he relied nn af
Iwing eompoawl of such mntcrials as will soften and
hmiitifv the skin. For sale by W. ELIOT,
nov A?tr Corner of K and 12th sts.
\\TK have now In store the following:
v T * pleoes (leaver Cloths, some very lino
I 10 ptA-?s Petersham Felts, very heavy
i 10 do Plain Felts. do >
I 26 do Fine French Cloths, vory superior
20 do Fancy-colored Cloths
. 10 do Black French Doeskin, all grades
60 do Plain, Plaid, and Fancy-colored Cassimores
With a variety of Vestings, Cravats, Scarfs, Pocket Hand
kerehief*. UndershirU, Drawers, Half Hose, Gloves, Sus
pendera, Ae., Ac. YERBY A MILLER.
? n?>v7?d2w No. 8, Pa. av., bet. 7 th and 8th st?
WI ARE NOW OPENING a largo and seasonable
assortment of Dry Goods, to which we invite the
attention of buyer*. We name in part?
260 pairs of all grade* lied Blankets
JOO " of low-pric?d Servants' do
$0 piece* Finn Flannels, suitable fhr families
10 " Welch and double-milled Flannels
60 " Ix>w-prlced Flannels, from 18 eta. up
M " Satinetts, all grades
2ft " Tweeds do
100 " Cheap Mous. de Inline, 12*^ cts. up
00 " I'aramette Cloth*, all grades and colors
2ft " Ixiw-priewl Cashmeres
lft u French Merinos, all colors, and cheap
12ft " Silks, embracing a variety nf styles.
A larn and cheap lot of Carpots, with a good assorts
?Bent of Kugs, Oil Cloths, Ae.
nov 7?diwlf YERBY A MILLER.
Manufacture ami Dealer* in Boots and Shoe*,
North side Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 17th and 18th it*.
49* Wasted?Ut apprentice. I110' ??lm
None need apply that cauuot bring aaUs&ctorv
ruoommeudatlons. Apply (lu the uveolng) at the south
east coruer of V and Sut xtreeU.
nor 10?4t? H. H. HUSH.
"Wiio will wrft? u* u brief Letter cterv inomifig, and
?upuryib# tli* delivery uf our paper there In the evening.
oct.OT? v
WANTBD-Ao APPRENTICE, 16 oTlt yean of
age. A stout boy, well recomimmded, will hear
of a good opportunity by applying at this office.
sep 1?tf
IN A 1)KY GOODS Store. To a young uian acquainted
with the business a good lalary will be given.
BROWN'S Cheap Cash Store,
nor 8?3t] Penna. av. opp. Todd's New Building.
MKS. 8. COOPER takes this method of informing her
old customers and the ladies generally, that she has
again commenced DKE8S-MAK1NG in all its branches,
and solicits a call at her residence, on Tenth street, be
tween G and II, as she flatters herself that she can please
the most fastidious. Jt&- Wanted, two apprentices to
learn the business. [nov 8?3t
By DY'EB ft HcGUIEE, Auctioneers.
rrRll?TKK'S BALK or Valuable Stock
1, ?f L,?ttor?, Wine a, Boots
and Shoes, Standing Casks, Store Fixtures, Ac.?By virtue
of a deed of trust, duly executed and recorded, the sub
scriber will sell at public auction, on Thursday, the 20th
day of November, 1861, at ten o'clock a. m., all the stork
in trade of the Grocery and Liquor Store of E. W. Hull,
on the oorner of 7th and 1 streets, consisting of?
White and Brown Sugars
ltio, Java, and other Cuffeo
Imperial, Young Hyson, Souchong and other Teas
Barrels of Flour, Sacks of Salt
Sperm Oil, Candles. Soap
Barrels of Mackerel, Herrings and Shad
Kogs of Lard, barrels of Molasses and Vinegar
Spices, Tobacco, Clears
Brooms, Wooden Ware
Crockery and Glass Ware
Scales and Weights, Standing Casks
Superior Brandy, Whisky, Gin and Wines, In casks
and bottles.
Also, an assortment of Men's, Women's and Children's
Boots and Shoes, together with all the Store Fixtures, Ac.,
embracing a large and well-selected stock, worthy the at
tention of merchants and housekeepers.
Tickmb: $30 and under, cash; over $30, and under $100,
two and four months; over $100, two, four, and six
months, for noto? satisfactorily endorsed.
CHAS. S. WALLACH, Trustee,
jioy 10?d] DYER A McGUIRK, Auct.
By DYER & McGUIEE, Auctioneers.
Household Furniture, ?fcc.?Ou Thursday
morning, November 13th, at 10 o'clock, we shall sell, at
the store of Mr. P. Em rich, on 7th street, opposite the
Exchange Bank, his entire stock, consisting of?
Gentlemen's, Youth's and Boys' coarse und fine Boots,
Shoes and Brogans
Ladies' and Misses' fine Gaiters and Slippers, together
with a good assortment of Servants' wear
Also, Rubbers, Blacking, Brushes, Trunks, Shoe Boxes,
and the Store Fixtures.
After which a variety of good Household Furniture,
several very fine Feather Beds, Mattresses, Ac., with the
Kitchen utensils.
Terms : $30 and under, cash ; over $30 a credit of two
and four months, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing
interest. DYER & McGUIRE,
uov _ Auctioneers.
BT E. S. WRIGHT, Auctioneer.
ed On Wednesday next, the 12th instant, at 12 o'clock
nx., 1 shall sell, on l'ickrell & Co.'s wharf, Georgetown,
the cargo of the schooner Louisa and Margaret, from
Porto Rico, consiyting of 113 hhds. Su#ar, part prime, and
30 hhds. Molasses. EDWARD S. WR18HT,
nov 8?3t Auctioneer.
Will be opened on Thursday, November 13, at
Mrs. M. A. HILL'S, Pennsylvania avenue, south
side, between 9th and 10th streets.
N. B.?Also, a handsome assortment of Ribbons, Fea
thers, Flowers, Silks, and Satins. nov 10?lwif
MRS. M. A. EATON respectfully informs the ladies of
Washington that she has removed her Fashionable
MILLINERY and DRESS-MAKING Establishment from
9th street to Pennsylvania avenue, between 4]/2 and 6th
streets, over the jewelry store of Mr. 8. P. Eddy. All ar
ticles in both branches of her business will be constantly
kept in store. tSjr Orders taken at any hour of the day,
which will be executed with neatness and despatch.
flTr-a?I Mrs- E- Laving just returned from the North,
HHBm will open this afternoon, and on Monday next, a
QHT uew style of Paris Clouks and Visites, together
with a superior stock of WINTER MILLINERY,
and articles of Children's wear.
Also a rich supply of LADIES' VEST PATTERNS,
nov 8?Ot
.. JVear the corner of Ijouiriann avenue, WaMnaton
Are visited daily by crowds of Ladles, and her patu-rn
Bonnets are pronounced the prettiest in the District.
Her large and beautiful assortment of DRESS CAPS
is the best in the city, and is well worth examination.
Added to the above is a complete outfit for a LADY'S
TOILET, Laces, Embroideries, Edgings,Cambric and Mus
lin Flouncings, Silk and Velvet Dress Trimmings, Ac., Ac.,
and Fancy Goods In general, which are sold at accommo
dating prices. tOT Also Silk and Merino HOODS.
Storo on SIXTH STREET, near Louisiana av., 1
Rear of the National and Brown's Hotels.
Jj? M will open their stock of Fall and Winter MIL
II * L1NERY, on Thursday, November 6th, on Sev
enth street, adjoining Mr. Ilarbaugh's Drug Store.
A parlor and chamber, or two chambers, for rent.
Store, situated ou tho corner of 10th street and New
York avenue. This is a good location, and presents a
fine opportunity for any one desiring .to engage in the
Grocery or other business. Inuuire on the premises.
oct 22?tf
A new three-story and basement BRICK HOUSE,
containing two parlors, four chambers, basement
?dining-room and kitchen, furnished in a genteel and
comfortable manner, pleasantly situated In the neighbor
hood of the General Post Office, will be rented (or the ftir
niture will be sold) upon reasonable terms, and possession
given Immediately, on application to
| 7?dtf Corner of loth st. and Penna av.
r E have opened a good stock of the following season
, J able articles:
25 bundles flno Saxony and Merino Undershirts and
drawers for gentlemen
10 boxes fine Merino Vests for ladies
30 do very choice English Half IIosc, heavy and
good, for winter
20 do Gentlemen's Merino Half Hose
100 do Cotton Half Hose, cheap, from 12U eta. up
200 do Cotton, Merino, Cashmere, and Alpaca Hose
80 do White Silk Host*, some very superior
25 pieces Silk Handkerchiefs
30 do Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs for Gentlemen
10 do very superior Italian Silk Cravats
6 do Fancy Cravats, some very rich
2 do rich Satin Scarfc-for gentlemen.
nov 7?d2w YERBY A MILLER.
riMIE UNDERSIGNED respectfully Informs the citizens
A of Washington that ho lias opened a JOB PRINTING
OFFICE, corner of I) and 8th streets, where he Is prepared
to execute every description of Job Printing; and he
hopes to be able to give satisfaction to those who inav
favor him with their orders.
Cards, Handbills, Notices, Insurance Policies, Bank
Checks, Labels, Pamphlets, Ac., Ac., printed at short
WAsniNGToy, Sept. 13,1851.
Any orders left at the office of the American Tele
gray* will be promptly attended to. sep 13?tf
I" 1th Street, oppotile Odd-FeUota' Hall,
HAS JUST RECEIVED her Fall supply of Ladies' and
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods. Consisting In part
of rich Bonnet and Neck Ribbons; Indies'French-worked
and other Collars; Kid, Silk, and Thread Glovas; Ladies*
and Children's Hosiery of fcll kinds; Indies' Straw and
Silk Bonnets; Bloomer, Twist Back, and oomtnon Tuck
Com 1m ; Shell and common Side do.; long do.; Hair, Tooth,
and Nail Brushes; Gold Cuff-Pins; Imitation do.; Black
do.; Soaps of all kinds; Colognes, Oils, Pomades, Powders,
and a general assortment of Perfumery and Ladies' Fancy
and Toilet articles.
Gentlemen will find an excellent selection of Black and
Fancy Silk Cravats and Scarfs; Cambric and common do.;
Shirts from 75 rents to $2.50; three-ply Shirt Collars,
food shapes; Boys' do.; Silk, Linen, and Cotton I'ocket
landkerchlefs; Kid, Silk, Her I In, and common Gloves;
Merino, Hungarian, Lambs' Wool, Yarn, and Cotton
colored and white Hosiery; Suspenders, Porte-Monnaies,
Razors, Strops, Shaving Glasses and Boxes; Soaps, Creams,
Umbrellas, Ac., with many other desirable goods; all of
|whlch will be sold low for cash. Call and sea.
HATCH, jr., would respectfully call the attention
|c of his friends and the public generally, to his as
sortment of LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, Ac.., which he war
rants to be the most choice and select that has ever l?cen
offered to the Washington public: consisting in part of
the Patent Double Deflector Solar Lamp, which for light
and beauty is unsurpassed hv any other that has ever
been Invented; also, Girandoles, Camphlne, and Etherlal
Oil tamps, in great variety.
A. H. would respectfully solicit the public to give him
a call, feeling assured that his assortment cannot fell to
please the most fostldious.
Two doors west of Todd's new marble building. Penn.
av., andC St. nearly opp. th* Bank of Washington,

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