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"vashimu'I'QN I
ftc&l IHouday W?#k
Thk Skssio* is the grout eveat before ua.
The CoU(ir?s8 of the nation is uguin to assemble
at the capital, and our city is ugain to assume
tliW guy, the buoyant, the busy and the life-like
appearauce thus periodically imparted to it.
Already our hotels und promenades ure occu
pied by the forms of distinguished meu from
the various sections of the country.
This is all well for Washington. We rejoice
at it; aud hope is glad withiu uh. But is it j
not well far our nation, aud does it not call tor j
emotions of Universal pleasure and gratitude .
How often have the clouds of national wo
gathered around us, and how often have the
threat* of national annihilation and ignominy
been sounded in our ears? Hut they have
passed away, like the storm-cloud ot sunnnei,
and left a clear blue sky aud a gorgeous sun
above us. May their joyous beauty be ever
more seeu, undimmed by clouds of dark lore
boding, undisturbed by the commotions of dis
cord aud treason!
We do not agroo with a writer whom we to
day quote in regard to the character of the
proceedings of the approaching seBsion. We
have passed a fearful national crisis, aud theic.
is gratitude in the breast of every one who
looks back upon the dangers we have passed.
It is in such an hour of deliverance that men
are wont to cling closer together, and to rejoice
in the means of their escape. Those means
comprise the bond of fraternal union that binds
UB together?a bond that is now held doubly dear
to the heart of every patriot aud of every re
The Presidential question will prove of excit
ing interest this winter; but never were the
prospects fairer of entering upon its discussion
in a better spirit. There are many candidates,
many interests, many conflicting views; but
there is also a fund of .charity and good feel
ing that will not perish in the ardent competi
The legislation of Congress will be rapidly
consummated, and for the welfare of the coun
try. Questions of radical difference will not
soon be introduced. The high-tariff" party are
not going to urge their measures upou Con
gress; and the increase of duties upon a few
special subjects will be efl'eoted almost without
the appearance of an opposition. A postal law
will be enacted with the certaiu lights of expe
rience; a willing ear will be turned to the great
and glorious schcme of African colonization,
and beneficent results will be realized; and
the grand projcct of promoting the welfare of
the railroads in the United States, as proposed
by the Messrs. Green and Clarke, will find favor
in the eyes of wise legislators. This last sub- j
ject it may not be amiss for us here to explain.
It is proposed by these gentlemen to urge |
upon Congress a modification of the laws rela
tive to contracts for carrying the mail, so as to ,
authorize the Post Office Department to con
tract for the perpetual use of railroads, and, |
instead of paying, ns now, quarterly on con- |
tracts for four years, to advance, in five per ;
cent, bonds of the United States, chargeable upon
the revenues of the Tost Office Department, an
amount the interest upon which at six per cent, j
would equal the payments now made. The 1
effects of this scheme are thus explained by I
its authors:
"The Government now pays $300 a mile for
carrying the mail on first-class railroads. This j
ie six per cent, on *5,000. The undersigned .
would urge that, instead of paying $300 a mile
per annum, the department Bhould deliver, on
a contract in perpetuity, five $1,000 bonds, <
bearing an interest of five per centum. At this <
rate, the chargcs upon the departmeut would j
be reduced from $300 to $250 a mile per an- (
num, and the $50 per mile saved would create
a Kinking fund, which will in a few years pay
off the bonds, and give the use of such roads i |
forever thereafter free of all charge?thereby
effecting a vast saving in the present annual
expenditures of the l'ost Office Department, j
and a consequent reduction in the rate of post- j
?ge." <
The Case of Mr. Thrtilur.
The New York Courier and Enquirer has an
article fully justifying the conviction of Mr.
Thrasher under the Spanish laws?an article
that if credited will totally prevent the inter
ference of our Government in his favor. The
Courier states that he was cognizant of the '
plan of invasion, and had boasted of the ad- j
vantages he would derive from its success. ,
This is in character with that journal; but what
are we to think of the merchants of New York
by whom it is upheld? In every controversy
it is the enemy of America and American re
In a letter to the Journal of Commerce, dated at
Havana, on the 12th, it is asserted that his trial
was a mere mockery, no opportunity being given
him for defence, and no adviser allowed him as
is required by Spanish law for Spanish subjects.
This latter waH the more tyrannical, because,
In order to prevent the interposition of our
consul, it was expressly asserted that the priso
ner had become a Spanish citizen. The truth,
however, appears to bo that, although ho took
out letters of domicil, in order to enable him to
enter into business, he made no effort to natu
ralize himself; and of this the Havanese au
thorities were fully aware, siuce, a few mouths
ago, when he sought a license for his press, it
was denied him by a co-ordinate branch of the
government, on the plea " that he was an
American sitizen." It was sought to entrop
him, by sending a letter to New Orleans, there
to be mailed to him at Havana; but Mr,
Thrasher frustrated this nice little bit of vil
lany by refusing to rcceive the epistle. Thus
foiled in " making up" testimony against him.
the Spanish officials condemned him without
testimony. Even the laggard Mr. Owen was
rouwed to expostulation, by the grossness of the
proceedings; but he was not heard, nay he
was not even allowed a seat at the trial.
Tiik Difference.?As an evidence of our
superior manner of transacting business in this
city, we may state that the report of the pro
ceedings of our Common Councils is always
about three times as long as that of either Bal
timore or Philadelphia; and our city affairs are
therefore of course three times as well managed.
Eighteen hundred children were endea
voring to make their escape from the school
bouse in New York.
~i? - J
TU? Tlttiut? MtckkBlt
[A^il the luiouj
The following it an extinct from a letter to
W. P. Kljiot, es^,, Solicitor of Fatents, W*sh- |
ingum oity, D <' , iroiu u gcutlemai
| ciouaii, dute<l Nov T2, 1851:
"I had the pleasure of seeing Mi* Salniuoun
! new motive )iuw?r iu operation It works well, J
iu my opinloy. f cauuot see why it will not go
I into general use as soon as it can be brought to
! bear upon machinery. My respects to Mr. |
SmIoihou, ami tell him that 1 had the honor to
see hi* invention. 8. Huuiikb."
The invention above referred to is Mr. J. C.
F. Salomon's Thermo Mechanic Motor, or en
gine operated by the power of liquified carbonic j
acid gas slightly heated, used instead of steam,
by which a great saving in expense is effected,
and the danger arising from the use of highly
heated steam removed.
Oeutml Pillow Cor the Vice Presidency.
! We have of late heard the name of this gen
tleman repeatedly .spoken iu connexion with this
office; and in the I'ennsjflvanian of yesterday he is
nominated by a correspondent, who briefly re
i views liia military servioes in Mexico, and says
that " his position as a Democrat, and his views
' on the various questions of national policy
' now before the country, are well known, und
1 ' it muy be believed that ho would bo an ac
' ceptod candidate for the position iu connexion
' with which his name lias been mentioned."
The editor of the Penneylvanian intimates that
as Mr. Buchanan will be brought before a Na
tional Convention with great unanimity, it does
j not become the people of that State to interfere
with the nomination of the second officer; but
that " it is duo to say that in the character of |
i ' General Billow, of Tennessee, there are many
'of those elements that command conlidence
' and success. Long and intimately identified
j ' with Southern politics?the bosom friend of |
! ' the lamented I'olk?an able lawyer?a soldier
' whose valor has been displayed on more than
! ' battle-field?and a citizen of Btainless j
i 4 character?he would, if nominated, make a
j ' most acceptable candidate to the Democracy
j ' of the United States." So, then, here is a
difficulty got snugly over.
An Atheist's Trutlifulnesa.
j " But, says the Washington Telegraph, 'We
don t believe him,' when he says he disbelieves
the existence of a Deity. Well, then, you can
j have no objection to his oath on that ground
j certainly. As the test with you is not truth,
I veracity or morality, but simply the belief in a
God ; and as you insist that he docs believe, he
must be competent eveu on your own ground."
yi'roi'tiicHce (-N. -//.J Mirror.
A man may deceive us by falsehood in say
ing that he does believe in God when lie does
not. That is his fault. But if he says he does
not, he cither does not or lies and blasphemes,
and it is safe to discredit him in either case.
I he arguments for refusing the testimony
of men who deny the existence of a God are
among the most silly and weak in Christen
We do not in legal trials credit the simple
assertion of a Christian. He must solemnly
call God to witness his sincerity. An atheist
believes in no God, and can make no such ap
peal. Are his natural moral sentiments so
much more elevated than those of a Christian
that his simple declaration should be received ?
We would place them on a just equality, and
believe neither in such cases unless under the |
solemnity of an oath or affirmation before God, i
which the atheist cannot make.
Schools.?They who would choose among
the schools of our city will do well to observe
the advertisements under the head Educational j
in our paper. A siogle pupil gained always de- '
frays the expenses of advertising, and an adver
tisement sorely never fails to bring at least that
ane pupil. He, therefore, who cannot see his
interest in advertising, demonstrates his uneuit
nblcness as a teacher.
Thk Creature Comfort.?One of the most
bloody domestic tragedies that has lately been
recorded occurred on Wednesday night, near
Albany. A husband and wife, named Moore,
had been to a neighbor's, in the early part of
the evening, where they both drank so much
liquor that thoy did not know what they were
about. On returning home, it is supposed? ' '
for the evidence is merely circumstantial? |
Moore took a double-barrel gun and killed his
wife with one charge, and himself with the
other. The most melancholy part of the hor- I
rible affair is, that, wlieu the discovery was
made, two little children, under five years of
age, were found weeping over the remains of
their parents. The effects of strong drink had
j made them orphans.
tatf" We learn that 11. J. Turner, the ex- |
^ quisite American vocalist, arrived in our city
this morning. He has been eminently success
ful in his Northern tour, experiencing nothing
' but a succession of triumphs. At Tripler Hall,
' in New York, he proved a wonderful favorite.
He is to appear at Odd-Fellows' Hall, on Mon
day night next, and will unquestionably be
greeted by a splendid array of the beauty and
fashion of the city. Mr. Turner is, in our
opinion, one of the sweetest singers we have
ever heard. The plaintive strain of the Isle
, of Beauty has not yet died upon our eor,
though many months have passed since we
heard it from his lips. Odd-Fellows' Hall, as
is well known, has been splendidly fitted up of
AgT Dress to suit the season. Comfort and
: economy call for this ; and William Wall, on
i the north side of the Avenue, between 9th and
10th streets, will he sure to show you the right
j articles. He hns a great assortment of the
I ready-madj for men and boys.
Bkif SnrsTKR & Co., opposite tho Exchange
! Mank of Selden, Withers & Co., present rare
attractions to ladies wanting beautiful dress
goods. This is henceforth to be a great place
of 1>ti??he*8 - this square on 7th street- and
. Shutter & Co.'s store will prove a good part of
the attraction. Go and sec it.
BUtf Two horses ran off with a hack this
morning on 7th street, making good their way
from the City Post Office to the Intelligencer |
comer, where they were brought up by a coun
try wagon, which they came nigh bringing
down. The damage inflicted was a severe fright,
and some little bruises to the wagoner, some
little iBjury to the hack, and the breaking off a
cow's horn in their speedy flight.
Keep good oompany or none.
MAiroK'ti Urfic*, Uirv or Washwoto.t
Wheicu* tUe liuwti of Aldenutju und Uotrii of Oumuiuu
Council of thin city, ou the 7tl? ultimo, adopted the follow
ing preamble and joint reaoluUon, to Ml it;
?lotlit rcsolutiou le^ue^tlng the Muyvc to mi uparl it day
ot genural Thaokag i?4 ug
Whereas wv KHOguiMi with gratalM.1 heart* the mercies
of u kind and Uuaftcaiit l'ro? ideuc* , |>y which the blen?
iugii of life, health, and erur} uweawi} cotutort haw
boon liestoWud upon u?, ?ud fe*liug the solemn obligu
tiou, iu u christian coinmuuity,ol relui ning our heartfelt
thuuks U> the Supreme Hitler of the Universe for thoc
inestimable blessings: Ite it lUerefore
Knott ed by the Hoard "J AhUrmfUl <UUl Ikntrd oftlna
ition (iiiincil of the City of Wiithiui/tvn, That the Mayor
1kj and lie Ik hereby re<|intatud to wt apart for that pur
(xirtc, by publlr. proclamation, the twenty-seventh day of
the yiexeut month, that we may unite with our fellow
oiU/.eiiK of thiM happy T'nlon who Imve adopted that day
for the purpoA of offering up their tributes of praise and
thanksgiving to Almighty Clod.
.Now, in coiupiiauc* with th<* above resolution, 1 hereby
designate Th ursday, the tweuty-seventh of the present
month, as a day of general Thanksgiving, to be observed
and honored in this city by the suspension of all secular
burinoRK, and by public worship. 1 also most respectfully
recommend to the pastors of the several churches, as
highly appropriate hi the purpose* of the day, to take up
public collections in aid of the suffering poor of our city.
lu testimony w hereof, 1 have hereunto set my
[l. n.| baud and the seal of the city of Washington,
this 2'Al day of November, A. I), lbal.
Ckntbk Market.?This was a fine morning,
and there was an abundant supply of everything
desirable, including fruit, domestic poultry, and
game. The choice cuts of beef sold at 8 cents
per lb.; yea), 8; lamb, 8; pork, 10; lard, 10;
sausages, 10; hams, 12^ ; butter, 20@31; eggs,
25perdoz.; turkeys, 87(?;:f>l. 12^ apiece; geese,
02(2)76; tame ducks, ([email protected] per pair; wild
ducks, 40@75; chickens, 50(5)02; partridges,
12? apiece; pheasants, 37?; Irish potatoes,
20(a)87 per peck ; sweet potatom, 25 ; tomatoes,
25; turnips, 16; Onions, 20; cabbages, 2(?j,8
per head; caulitlower, 25 ; celery, 0 per bunch;
apples, 37 per peck; dried apples, 12 per quart;
dried peaches, 12 ; walnuts, 25 per peck.
Mr. Klojnan, who keeps an establish
ment on 7th street, just above the Intelligencer
office, sent us at noon to-day one of the most
jolly good lunchcns a good appetite could de
sire. Its groundwork consisted of mammoth
oysters, raw and fried, and the superstructure
and embellishments were all highly appropriate.
It is evident that Mr. Kloman knew we are
distinguished for good taste, and he arranged
things accordingly. Nota bona.?Divide and
conquer was the only maxim under which the
bivalves could be subdued. It is important to
remember this.
The Rotunda of the Capitol is to be
lighted up with gas this evening, experimen
tally. Over each of the eight panels in the
Rotunda has been placed a beautiful bracket,
the point representing an eagle's beak, holding
horizontally a rod, in which eight gas-burners
are arranged. We shall have a bright time of it.
Licenses.?The whole of November is usually
allowed to persons who wish to renew their
licenses. \Ye suppose this mouth and sundry
shops will close together. Should tiny grog
seller desire to enter upon another pursuit, we
hold it to be the duty of all good temperance
men to encourage him. " Lead us not into
temptation" is an important petition. Let it
be remembered.
quire Donn has had nothing to do
with obtaining the Council Hall for the trial
of the three-cent case; and we think the Clip
per correspondent is in error about Mr. Robin
son's being retained on either side.
Jknnv Lind's Concert.?The popularity of
this lady appears to be none the less, now that J
she is without hoaxing managers and an ex
pensive retinue of singers and others. The
Ilarrisburg Keystone says of her:
"Mile. Jenny Lind gave a concert in ilarris
burg last evening at the Methodist Church,
which is capable of holding a larger audience
than any building in town. It was filled in
every part, though the notice of her entertain
ment was short; and, notwithstanding the high
expectation raised by her world-wide fame,
none present were disappointed. The prices ol
tickets were two, three, and four dollars, ac
cording to the situation of seats The gross
receipts, wc understand, amounted to $3,000."
giaf' The New York Courier and Enquirer
lias an article of five columns relating to Kos
suth, and takes the same grounds in oppositiou
to him that are taken by th? Loudon Timet.
Does it take the same amount of Austrian
money in compensation ?
The party of Gipsies who have been
seen near Jersey City and elsewhere are now
encamped about midway between New Castlu
and Wilmington, Del.
Fatal ArrnAY.?At Morgantown, N. C., last
week, Col. Avery shot Samuel Fleming, in the
court-house, killing him instantly. Both were ;
members of the legislature.
This California Thaok has decreased in the
last ten months five hundred and forty-six
vessels. At present there are but eleven vessels
loading for California at the ports of Boston
and New York, whilst at this time last year
there were forty vessels loading at the same
ports ; besides seven at Baltimore, six at l'hil
I adelphia, and one at New Orleans.
#aT It is said that California sheriffs are
; marvellously well paid ; that the law in regard
to them allows <#3 for serving a summons or
any other process by which an action is com
menced; for travel, 60 cents per mile; for ft
I bond, $2; for a certified copy of the bond, $1;
for serving a subpu>na, for each witness, $1 ;
and for every mile traveled serving it, $1.
The execution of (Mark and Sullivan, which
was to have taken place at New York yester
day, was stayed by their counsel taking out a
writ of error, so an to carry their cases before
the Supreme Court.
Hens' Eugs.? A writer more than two thou
sand years ago mentions the fact that hens'
eggs which are nearly round invariably produce
female chickens, and those which are long or
pointed produce males.
JrNNY Linii sings at Boston without an or
chestra?ticket* $4, $3, and $2. Salvi is the
only other singer. Sig. K. ltelletti plays the
clarionette, Mr. Burke the violin, and Otto
(Joldsohmidt the piano.
It is currish to bark at a man when he is
dowu.?Phil. Sun. t
Who has incurred your displeasure by such
an act ? How wow !
Waif' Another chimney took fire last ni ght.
on the corner of 12th and F streets. Where
are the sweeps ?
jA liuree tbiel, whose uuuie w? could not
i learn, nun lust uigkt wrested at West a Hotel,
by aouie olli*:?rB tVoui Alexuudiia, wl?o " oar
| ried biui back to Old Virginity !"
! The Continental (iuunlh eoiiteinpltiKk
giving a git?u<t military aud civic birlh-iiighl
j ball 011 the uigl.t ..I tbe 22d Feb. uni n tht v
ou wliwch they iuteud making their firat parade.
ytftV" (Stkvkns is iu bid marble store, anu
will boon feel perfectly at home, ami bus an
immense lot of goods in store. It would be
diflicult to cull for an article be lm? not.
111 man Flksu.?A recent book on New Zea
land says tlint human flesh is tough, and, to be
j palatable, requires more cooking thuja any other
meat, but, once "done to a turn," it is of sin
gular tenderness and sweetness. A highly civ
ilized New Zeohinder, who had become partner
in an English commercial house, was addicted,
iu his younger days, to human flesh, and evin
now the recollection of his cannibal feats is not
disagreeable to him. The Hesh of young le
males is preferred to any other. The book has
this curious remark: "The cannibal propen
sity is deeper in the highest conditioned races
of men than most people imagine. Why n-as
pork, for instance, 'prohibited to the Jars '/ Why,
but that it so closely resembles human flesh, that
people in a stale of semi-barbarism might yet into
the habit of overlooking the distinction .
A bill has been introduced into the
Tennessee Legislature, and will propably pass,
prohibiting the emancipation of slaves in that
?State, unless heavy bonds be given, providing
for the removal of the slaves forthwith from
the United States and Territories.
Goirfi to Oiiehon.?Delazon Smith, fami
liarly called "Delusion Smith" or the "Lost
Tyler man," announces his intention of emigra
ting from Iowa to Oregon next spring. Well,
joy be with Delusion. His is a restless spiiit.
[Dubuque Herald, Nov. 15.
Philadelphia Markets.
l'llILADBLPHIA, NOV. 21?0 p. 111.
Flour is dull at $3.67^@$4 for common to good brands.
Nothing doing in rye (lour or corn meal. Red wheat SI
@81^c.; white 88c. Uye 70c. Yellow corn 60@01c. Outs
3Go. Whisky 21@22c.
New York Markets.
Nkw York, Nov. 21?C p. m.
Slocks are active and tending upward-Seles of F.rle
at 85'4, and Heading at 87J-?.
gules of 7000 bbls. tiour at $3.81 ft>r State brand.", and
$4(tt#4.25 f?r Southern. Rye Hour $3.2.r>. Corn meal
^3.25@$3.50. Sales of Genesee wheat at 07c., aud Michi
gan white at SOc. Sales,of 8000 bus. mixed corn at 60<To
file. Kye GOe. Out* 38c. Mess pork $14.!>0 for old. and
$16, for new. Kurd IUo ootlee Cotton
is heavy-?sales of 600 bales.
^>To Subscriber*.?Those of our subscribers
residing in the route embraced between Twelfth and Four
teenth streets, are notified that J. Q. Adams is no longer
entrusted with that route. The paper hereafter will I*
carefully served. All payment* will 1m; made to Mr. Roll
KRTOoooW. [uovll-tf
Brief Lectures 011 Special Subjects.?The thud
of the series will be delivered at the 9th street Meth<>
,11st Protestant Church on to-morrow evening, at 1 oclotk,
by the Pastor. Subject: Tnr. 1 ntehmediatb State.
Public Temperance Meeting.?Equal Division
No. 0, Sons of Temperance, will hold a public temperance
meeting at Temperance Hall, on Sunday evening, the
23d inRtant. at 7 o'clock p. m., to which Sons of Temper
ance. Rechubites, and the public are ro-pectfully invitee
to attend. Messrs. John C. llarkness. (I. M . Cutter, and
Dr Macruder are expected to address the meeting,
nor?? ALBKRT K. II. JOHNSON, W. 1>.
Unitarian Church.-Rev. Dr. W. P. Lunt, of
Qutncy, Massachusetts, will preach in this Church t<>
morrow at 11 o'clock a.m., and at a quarter before .
o'clock, p. ai. [nov *2
iVuilK IRISH WHISKY.?We have on hand
1 one puncheon very superior old fourth-proof malt
Whisky, imported in 1847, which we will sell on reason*
bleurms, on draught or b,medozeUBB)Y & ^
no* 22?Ctoo . No. 0, opp. Centre Market.
HOYS' CLOTHING.?Having enlarged and ex
tended my establishment, for the purpose of keeping
011 hand every article of Boys' Ready-made Clothing, i nui
now prepared to offer the largest and most extensive as
sortmeut to be found this side of New York, for children
aud boys, from three years old nnd upward*. All of which,
for neatness, durability, style, aud finish, cannot be excelled
in the District. W M. WALL,
uov 22 3t Peiina. av., 10 doors west of ?th St.
. $5 REWARD!
' STRAY?D from the owner, eppoeite Boteler's
tfll Stable, O street, a small Black Setter DOU,
Urn J ? with white spot on the breast. The finder, hy
returning him, will receive $V Ibot il*
TTTILLTAM WALL, Mttnvfncturer, wholesale antl rtLlil
W dealer in Kendy-mnde CLOTHING, I*nnsyh<atiia
nifnur, ten do,,r> west ?f KintH street, would respectfully
Invite tlie attention of buyers to bis present hirge and
extensive assortment of Ready-made Clothing. The style,
duality, and finish of the goods need no recommendation,
and are unsurpassed hy any in the United States. II s
superior facilities for manufacturing enables liim to offer
the very best goods at the lowest possible prices.
nov a?3t ??
WT M SHUSTKR * CO., Seventh street. near the
W Avenue, would respectfullj Inform the ladles of
WKshiugton, and ttraagnra vlnitlng the District, that they
have on hand, at the lowest prices?
Fine printed (all wool) Cashmeres and Mousselines
Medium-priced do do
French and KnglUh Men noes, In every variety of
Also, long Cashmere Shawls, In all colors, from >20
to >40 _
Black and colored wide Silk Velvets, In green, blue,
garnet, purple, and maroon
With a great variety of Silks, worked Collars, cheap
cambric Handkerchiefs, aud a general stock of House
keeping Ooods, Which we will offer at the lowest market
P not 22?8TuTh2w] W. M. SHUSTKR A 00.
I^CR SALE?The oAce at present occupied by the suh
scriber, on the west sloe of 7th street, just above the
City Post-office, It 1* In jierfeet order, and can be exam
ined at any moment between the hours of sunrise and
three o'clock in the evening. It i* well calculated for a
magistrate's office, an attorney, or, In fact, for any other
reasonable purpose which will not require too much room.
For terms, inquire on the premises.
nov 22?eotf J. R. ROOKKR.
'IMIK UNDKRSIONRI) will sell the good-will and flx
1 tures of his Confectionery aud Tave.ru stand, if early
application Is made.
The location Is very desirable, Wing one door east of
i National Hall, and is well adapted to the above business,
i Anply on the premises, to
nov 21?at* J. K. BAILKV.
? I the pleasure of Informing his numerous customers and
' the public generally, that he has removed from his old
I stand on Sixth street, to one of those handsome stores in
Brown's Hotel, and is now prepared to furnish all kinds
of Boots and fboes for Gentlemen's wear, in a style and
quality not surpassed hy any other establishment in the
United States, and at all prices. The public are res pec l
fullv Invitssl to call and examine for themselves.
nov 81?At] JOHN MILLS, Brown's Hotel.
N- OW KKCKIVI NO from New York, Btl.lKXi of the
choicest brands In the markets, which he confidently
! believes to be s? fine a lot of ('Hi ARK as can be found In
the country. Connolssenr* are requested to call and
: judge for themselves.
Also receiving, 50 boxes of Virginia Chewing Tobacco,
of different gmdes. together with Anderson s Solace, (lood
win's Patent Pressed. Mrs. Miller's and Appleby s Hne^
cut Chewing; Martinique and every other variety of
1 Snuffs; genuine Hmyrna and other Smoking Tobacco,
Snuff-boxes and Pipes, of various kinds. Ac.
The attention of til* trade is particularly onll"! to the
! nnd to the *tock of Clffftrs, ol every ?h'Pf r P
lion, of the subscriber's own manufaeture, which he war
rants to lie as represented, and U> give satisfnctlon
All which will be sold as low as they can lie purchased
In the Northern markets for cash or to punctual cus
nov i()??nj)t| 7th st.. 4 doors north Odd-Fellows' Ilall.
\N Invaluable remedy, never known to fail, and has
saved thousands of children. I'riee 2f> oents.
Cor sale at BUTT'S Dium Stoih,
Corner i*enna. av. and 12th St.
(? nov 21 ? 2t [News.Repub.AUoion. |
(IARPKNTF.RK1 TOOLS A gisnl assortment
j on hand and for sale at reasonable prices by
y 4. W. BABRN,
! hot 18?law6w l'enna. av., near 'Hb street.
Ou the 'A)tli iiihUut, by thu Rev. Mr. IIiu, Mr. W1L
I.I AM U. BROCK, of Norfolk, Virginia, to Mies MARY K.
JAMES, of Rockvllle, Maryland
Ou the 20th instant, by the Rev. W. T. Eva, JOHN
LACK Y aud JLIZA BEAGLE, all of this city.
? m ? i up ,, . i *
ftLKD, .
? )U tlie ereiiinj; of the gfitli iiJ^aut, alter * brief illn?cn,
at lib futbsTh lUdenoe, BAN (MB KING, o?,., eldest*>u
ol vV. W. Of llii? oS.
O* MouSy, i Ut 10th i|i -.Unt, at the residence
|||<4??<1 In rii??> .ullufc'i'lMHUMfocii, Urn .Jhl/i^liBd II
JUUM.SllM, the tf"U. OaVK JuHMtKi*,
Great Medioal Discovery!
I TKM.? 1 limt discovered this preparation iu 1840,
?iince which time 1 have found but little ditMeulty iu cu
ring moat NERVOUS DISEASES, but very recently I
have added nu Ifipe^tjpt which acts like magic in ren
dering uiy'NERVOUH CORDIAL 1'ar more certain iu cu
riug M?t|BII| Tremor of the Mantled, Shaking yf Jhe,
Head, Palpitation, Flatulence, Ileurt burn, Tic Dolor, or
Pain iu the Face, with Twitching* of the Murn-leu or
Flesh, \V akefuluowi, lteart Diseases, Neuralgia, aud for
the mind or body, attuctcd by cure, labor or study. This
truly wonderful Medicine, from it* peculiar happy etf.ct,
in allaying the most violent Nervous utlncUous, mid com
pletely eradicating them from the system, may justly be
termed the grandest discovery iu the science of Medicine.
It subdues and averts all those NERVOUS DISEASES,
over which the rnoj.it profound medical skill has hitherto
hui,! "0 control. It in a grand restorer in building up a
weak constitution, alreajj worn down by disease uud de
bilitated by other Mediciue; its iuvlgorallng properties
act like a charm, and Its bcneficlal effects are almost mi
raculous. Hie weak, the nervous, and those suffering
with constant pains uud uneosiiicss, are frequently cured
by using a cingle bottle.
J. 8. ROSE, M. I)., Philadelphia.
Price 60 cents. For Pale by
Z. P. Oilman, W. If. Oilman,
Charles Stott & Co. Samuel Butt,
J. F, Callun, John W. Nairn,
H0M -0 --tr Washington city, IV C.
I / is decidedly the most valuablo Compound for Coughs
and Cold*. Even Consumption is curable, if attended to
iu time. It allays irritation of the Lungs, removes all
llronchial affections, and is a certain cure for a sudden
(<old, accompanied with soreness of throat and cough.
The great demand for this medicine in Philadelphia end
elsewhere is tho strongest evidence, us the thousands who
are using it will testify, of its superiority over every other
cough preparation. Price only 50 cents per bottle.
All of Dr. How's valuable Family Medicines are for salu,
by Z. D. Oilman, W. U. Oilman,
Chas. Stott & Co., Samuel llutt,
J. F. Callan, John W. Nairn,
KovlT tr Washington city, I). C.
The Medical Wonder of the Age !
IT CURES Neuralgia, Tie Doloreux, Convulsions and
Fits, Delirium Tremens, Low Spirits, Physical Decay,
and Hysterics. Price $1. For suie only at
IIUIT'S Dri-q Stork,
Corner Penua. av. and 12th st.
nov 21?2t ( News,Kepub.<kUnion.]
Dr. Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup!
1.10R the cure of Consumption and other Diseases of the
Dungs and Respiratory organs. For sale at'
BUTT'S Drl'o Stork,
nov 17?Ot Corner of Penua. av. and 12th st.
(Wash. News, Repub. A Union. |
j At Mrs. Fowler's, on I'cnnxylvania Avenue,
' Also Hoarding without lodging,
nov 18?4teod*
i>OB. ItENT -A LARGE ROOM, suitable lor i,
1 Store, situated on the corner of 10th street and New
York avenue. This is a good location, and presents a
fine opportunity for any one desiring to engage in the
Orocery or other business, inquire ou the premise*.
OCt 22?tf
J .TOR RENT ?Several desirable ROOMS, opposite
Odd-Fellows' Hall, on 7th street. Apply 011 the
premises, to
I > AN AWAY' from the subscriber, on Monday, the 14th
JLV instant, my indentured apprentice, Rohkht. (negro.)
aged shout 17 years. When he left home he had 011 a
green-baize roundaliout and striped pantaloons. The
above reward will be paid on delivery to the subscrilier
I at his residence, near the city, or If lodged In jail.
nov 20?-'It* WILLIAM 1). BELL.
UAILY RECEIVING additions to the stock of MILL!
TRIMMINGS, consisting of?
Latest style llats and Dress Caps, Opera Caps
Embroidorod and French worked Collars, CuHs'and
Embroidered Handkerchiefs and Chemisettes
Inserting*, llruids, Oimps
l.inen end pressed Laces and Edgings
Plaid, figured and plain Rilibotui. extra widths
Bouuet Silks, Frames, and other materials
hid, Silk, Lislc-tbread, and Cotton Gloves
Plain ami embroidered Cotton and Woollen Hosiery
('rat e.% Illusions, Tarletons, Sewing Silks, Zephyrs
Coinlorts, Ladies' Scarfs, Woollen Cops, infants' Socks
Silk and Merino Hoo<l?, on hand and made to order
Portrait Breastpins. Finger Kings. Rets
Fancy Soaps, Extracts, Cologucs, Penil Powder.
Scarlet and Kid-lined Gloves, Hosiery. Toilet articles
Shaving Soaps, Hair Brushes, Tooth llrusbos, aud a
variety of other articles, at MRS. C0LL1S0N'8
Mii.ljmkky AND Famci Stork,
Qo SIXTH st., near ixuislana av., and rear of
nov 20?tr the National aud Brown's Hotel. I
For the Full and Winter JYade.
j F. MUDD has constantly on band a (reneral assort- i
1 . nicnt of Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, surli as
Silk Cashmere and Fancy Velvets, to suit the taste of all.
A fine lot of Black Doeskins and Fancy Cassinieres.
Persons about purchasing Clothing for the winter will i
, aw find at his establishment a superior assortiitent.
jPB well-adapted to their wants.
IflC Every article will be made of the best material*,
<1 Hi and wnrrauteil to give satlsfiu-tion.
A tine article of BEAVER CLOTH, for Overcoat* which
will t>e sold at a bargain, and no mistake.
? t> Call and examine before purchasing elsewhere.
nov 20?tr D street, bet'n 7th and #th sts. 1
I 1 F. LOUDON A (X)., Men's Mercers and Tailors,
II, Brown's Hotel, Pennsylvania aTcnue, have just
opened their new store with a large and well-selected I
stock of goods for gentlemen's wear, such as Cloths, Gas
simere*, Vestings, and Furnishing Goods generally.
Army, navy, marine, and revenue offl<-ers will And an
assortment of the l>est 8words, Epaulet*. Hashes, Paasants. 1
l.sces. and such other artk-les as the latitat regulation of
their respective corps prescribe.
An experience of many years In legitimate Tailoring? I
a new ami select stock of Goo<ls?a deeire to please- with
the cash system to protect customers against high prices? !
are inducements that we offar, and most respectfully so
licit patronage. nov 17?tf
I flf W \ TONS of Red snd White Ash Coal, of every
H /' 'v desirable si*e.
Also, a good supply of Wood.
Dally exported ltxi tons of Cumt>erland Coal.
All of which will lie sold at the very lowest cash prices,
at the new Coal and Wood-yard of
corner of 12th and Canal streets. j
N. B.?Orders for Wood or Coal left at the store of Mr.
W Imsatt, corner of 1.1th street and Pennsylvania avenue, I
will he Immediately attended to. [nov 'JO?r?m
I^OR THK DESTRUCTION ot all kinds of Insects, such
as Cockroaches, lled-hugs, Moths, Anls, File*, Fleas, I
and Invents on Plants; also for the destruction of KaU
anil Mice, within five minutes after being thrown in their I
vicinity. HhwaiW withimt fad. Price, flask or box,
50 cent*.
This preparation is a powder compounded of Plants,
Herbs and Flowers, free from any snbeUnce which could
poKslbly Injure man or domestic animals, and is devoid of
any disagrrenhlc odor. It has been examined by (he
Medical 1 acuity of France, Russia, Swollen and Denmark, I
from all of whom he ha* ample testimony of its efficacy, j
For sab' In Washington by J. F. CALLAN,
nov ?tr Corner 7th and E streets.
Serenth sir ret, opposite Odd-Fellow j Hall,
IITorLD respectfully call the attention of the Ladies
V T to a newwnlecMon of BM)OM K.R (NiMIlM, w hich
will I*# sold ?t rmluiwd prices. Also?New patterns Imi
tation t'uff pins at 2.'i cents per pslr, Fancy Baskets, 8<<aps
and Perfumery, with a variety of other goods, at the
lowest possible price* for caah. |nov lti tr
\1 W>- K. MOFFETT, Seventh street, opposite Qdd-Fel
1?J lows' Mall, is prepared to supply tlie ball-going |<ub
lie with White KW1 and Silk Gloves, SUtct, Fstiey and
Plain White Wreaths; White Silk and Linen Omhrlc 1
Handkerchiefs; Extracts for the Handkerchiefs- Per
fumery, *c., Ac. Also- filch Silk Scarfs for gentlemen,
W hite Kid and Silk Gloves, with many other desirable
KOfl*. nov 6?tf
\Vf E have now in store the following ?
v Y ^ plei'es Beaver Cloths, some very fine
10 pieces Petersham Felts, vefy heavy
10 do llaln Felts. do
25 do Fine French Cloths, very snperior
20 do Fsncy-colored Cloth*
10 do 111 licit French Dooskln, all grades
60 do Plain, Plaid, and Fnney-colored Caaslmercs
With a variety of Vestings, Cravat*. HearfN, Pocket Hand
kerchiefs, Undershirts, Drawers, Half Hoee, Gloves, Sus
penders, Ac , Ac. YKIIMY A MILLER.
nov7?d2? No. 0, Pa. av., bet. 7tb and 8th sts i
\\r ARTJUD?III au Apotfcec&i7 ana Orug 8tor?} ?
f f youth 17 or 18 Yeaft of *|n, W lean tlu? biuine**.
A young mail of pleading 9&<\UK* mid ^reooiiiiueiiUa
lic-iMf of a goo4 pfttmtiou t?y udct retting 4'llitua
p|hl. [uov 17?bt
through the Washington nMtKxAei) ]
4NTUO, A 'I* * A ?]C X A NDJH.IA, u pernio
who will wi'Uo tin iv brief Letter every Biirnlng,and
?Uj'. iT<-v ife* dulivcjy i f our pap*r the it iu the evening.
IoctM~ M ? M \ i
WA I* #tE 1> -An AITR*N~I ICK. ?KBpCr
age. A stout boy, well reconjineuded, will bear
of a good opportuuity by applying at Ui# otllc?.
aep 1?tf
P?nor?iuk of tine Holy, Luud.
The Last "Week I
Admission 12% Cents!
r'B NOW pPflp A'P TKMPKKANyiC 11ALL, ami will
l>e exhibited every evening, at'7j4 o'clook, and ou
Woduesday and Friday afternoon at 3 o clock. Doors open
mi tatMir previous. tW*v IT?tf
rM|ti-8 NATIONAL GREYS have the (ijciti-ture of an
JL nounoiug to Unulr friends and the public generally,
that their ANNUAL BALL will be given at Jackson Hall
on Monday evening, November 24, 1861.
Lloyd William*1 celebrated cotillon band ban been en
gaged lor the oooaaion.
No hats or cap* will be allowed In'the room.
Tickets $1, to be had at the uauul places, and of the
Executive Committee.
l/adien who have not received invitations will confer a
favor by leaving their address with Capt. Bacon, corner of
Pennsylvania avenue and Seventh street.
A. E. TA1T,
nov 10?13,16,20,22,24 Executive Coin.
AHTK PAPER.-A lot of good Waste Pspcr,
for wrapping, can be had at this office.
nov 15?tf
IOST?Early on Saturday afternoon, (Nov. 8,)'in the
j lower portion of Sixth or Seventh street, a calf-skin
POCKKT-BOOK, containing $12, in one and two dollar
notes, and some papers which are of no use to any one
but the owner. A suitable reward will be given for the
pame if left at the office of the American Teirgrapb.
nov 18?tf A. SENTER.
BLACK French Cloths and Castdmeres; black and
colored Silk and Satin V us tings; green, blue, and
brown Cloths and colored Cassimeres; all of which will
be sold very cheap. Also?
100 pfeces white, red and yellow Flannels
5 case* bleached Sheetings and Shirtings
6 bales brown do do
25 pieces Bed Ticking
50 do Satinets, Tweeds, and Jeans
Lambs' Wool Shirts and Drawers
Hosiery, Gloves, Blankets, Counterpains, Shawls, Moua
selaines, Calicoes, Ac.
Customers will be pleased to give me a call, and I will
pay them for their trouble. , WM. R. RILEY,
oct 10?tr cor. ftthyt., opp. Centre Market.
rpiIE UNDERSIGNED respectfully informs the citizens
X "f Washington that he lias opened a JOB PRINTING
OFFICE, oorner of D and 8th streets, where he is prepared
to execute every description of Job Printing; and he
hopes to bo able to givo satisfaction to those who may
favor him with their orders.
Cards, Handbills, Notices, Insurance Policies, Bank
Checks, Labels, Pamphlets, Ac., Ac., printed at short
Washinuton, Sept. 13,1861.
# t> Any orders loft at the office of the American Ttle
grap/i will be promptly attended to. sep 13?tf
JUST KKCKI Yi:i) a large and elegant assortment of
Boys' Foil and Winter Clothing, consisting of Over
coats, Jackets, Panto, Vests, Shirts, Undershirts, Ac., Ac.;
all of which are really flue and desirable, and worthy the
attention of purchasers. Also, a choice and elegant as
sortment of Shirts, of all qualities and colors, Under
shirts and Drawers, Stocks, Cravats, Handkerchiefs,
G loves, Socks, Ac.; to which the attention of Gentlemen
is particularly invited. WM. WALL,
oct 1?tf Pa. av., 10 doors west of 9th st.
fTHIK SUBSCRIBER, thankful for past favors, would
J[ most respectfully call the attention of his friends
and the public generally to his PROVISION STORK,
south side Pennsylvania avenue, tietween 4]^ and 6th
etracts, :uid immediately opposite National Ilotel, where
an be had at all times, and ou tite most accommodating
Summer and Winter Cured Bacon
Lard, l'ork, Smoked Beef
Beef Tongues, Ac., Ao.
I"** A new throe story and basement BRICK HOUSE,
ijlljll containing two parlors, four chambers, basement
fci J lining-room and kitchen, furnished in a genteel and
comfortable manner, pleasant!/situated in the neighbor
hood of the General Post Office, will be rented (or the fur
niture will be sold) upon reasonable terms, and possession
given immediately, on application to
uov 7?dtf Corner of 10th st. and Penns av.
1 10 pieces 4-4 oolored Velvets
6 do .'i-i and 4-4 black Velvets
12 do <V-4 Ermine Cloths and Flannels
15 do One French Merinoes
20 do very heavy Poiplins, all shades
6 do very heavy black Silk, suitable for
(Soaks, Ac.
With a large and general assortment of all kinds of
seasonable Dry Goods, at the lowest market pricos.
nov 12?lm YKKBY A MILLER.
\\TV' ARE NOW OPENING a large and sessonable
}\ assortment of Dry Goodta. to which we invite the
attention of buyers. We name in pert?
250 pairs of all grades Bed Blankets
M0 " of low-priced Servants' do
a0 pieces Fine Flannels, suitable lor families
10 " Welch and double-milled Flannels
50 " Low-priced Flannels, from 18 cU. up
30 " Satinetta, all grad* s
25 " Tweeds do
100 " Cheap Mons. de Lalne, 12Vf ets. up
fiO " Parfcmetta (Cloths, all grades and rotors
25 " Low priced Cashmeres
15 " French Merinos, all colors, and cheap
125 " Silk *, embracing a variety of styles.
A large and cheap lot of Carpet.-, with a good assort
ment of Rugs, Oil Cloths, Ac.
nov 7 ?d2wif YKRBY A MILLER.
\\TK would respectfully inform our customers, an<l the
\ \ Ladle* generally, that our stock of all kinds of
SHAWLS Is at this time ootnpIeU-, and almost any style
and price can be bad <)f us as cheap a* they can be ob
tained of ajiy retail house in the country. Our stock
consists of?
Long Krocbe, in white, green, orange, scarlet, and blue
Hay State f/ong and Square Shawls, of every quality
and style
Square Broehe Shawls, from (Aj>0 to $16
Cashmere Starts, in all the deairnblc styles
ltsy Stat? 8earfs, In blue, orange, and scarlet
Also. Kmbroldemi Thibet HhawU, in all colors
One lx>x white Thibet Shawls, beautifully embroidered
with white.
We have also on liand a full assortment of Long Black
Thibet Shawls, with Thibet and Silk Fringe
Square do do
All Blnc.k.and lllaek and Lead-colored Ray State Shawls
also on hand.
?sT A very large lot of colored ami black VELVETS,
very sdperlor and wide, at the lowest prices.
Persons In want of any of the above named goods will
find our stock larger and, we think, cheaper than any
other In the District. W. M. SHVSTER A CO.,
nov 1ft?3aw8w 7th St., near the Avenue.
flMIK general estimation long enjoyed by the Perfumes
I issuing from the premises of LI BIN, having led to a
variety of worthless imitation* and counterfeits, notwith
standing the signature nfflxed tonneh label accompanying
the genuine article, M. KKL1X I'ROT, proprietor of the
establishment LIIBIN, has the honor of Informing hi*
friends sinl the public that he ha* now *ub*tltuted fir his
former label* one of a wholly different description, and
that he has oaulSd to be manufactured *>r his envelope*
a description of paper presenting in form of a watermark
the seal of his house.
In order, therefore, to avoid deception, he respectfully
begs them to pay *peclal attention to the label, appended
to *uch article* a* near the nsme of M* house, and to en
trust the exectition of their order* only to dealers of
respectability, or address them directly to hi* premises,
No. 55 Rue Ste-Anne, Pari*.
Ol'KMNtl t/vday. in Extracts?Heliotrope, Geranium,
Musk, Winter Blossom, New-mown Hay, Jockey Club,
Mouanllhe Amber, Ac., Ac., Ac., with many other choice
article* of the above house. PARKKR'S
Fancy, Perfumery and Comb Store,
nov 8?eSat under the National Hotel.
r|MlK most splendid lot of Kngravings ever imported
I to this country Is now ojien. Also, cheap publica
tions liy all the most celebrated publishers; Dr Young's
great Physiological Work oti Marriage, a new edition ;
Life and History of Koasuth, with a portrait..
l>adies and gentlemen are Invited to call and view the
Engravings,'HP they are selections from the most, esteemed
French mAst**re. Sii1 Also,old Books bought and sold.
On! Penna. avenue, next to R* press Office,
nov IS?3teo*

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