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Coagrcu To-Day.
Senate.?A largo number of executive docu
ments were laid before the Senate, and ordered
to be printed.
Mr. Clemens guve notice of a joint resolu
tion conferring tho brevet rank of lieutenant
general on Major General Scott.
Mr. Fish gave notice of a bill for a branch
miut in New York; and Mr. Gwin introduced a
bill for one in California.
Mr. Footk introduced bis joint resolution of
sympathy for the Irish exiled patriots.
Also his resolution declariug the Compro
mise measures a definitive settlement of the
Bluvery question; wbich was made the special
order for Monday next.
Mr. Hale offered a resolution inquiring
whether there had been any violations of the
law abolishing flogging iu the navy.
Mr. Footjk, in consequence of the unexpected
opposition, and tho want of time for tho House
to act on it, uskod leave to withdraw the Kos
?uth reception resolution; nud the leave was
granted. Mr. Seward gave notice of a similar
resolution; and theu the Senate adjourned.
House of Representatives.?This, body
standi adjourned until Saturday.
Proceedings or Conuress.?The Intelligencer
this morning gives a report of a column and a
third, the Republic two and a fifth, and the
Union quotes and adopts our clear and concise
report, given yesterday afternoon half an hour
after tho adjournment. This latter is, in our
opinion, quite ample enough for any journal
that is not an authorized and compensated re
porter of proceedings and debates.
The Pooa.?"Please, Mr. Telegraph, "?(thus
writes a fair and charitable correspondent)
" say a word to the dear public to prepare them
for the Fair of the Ladies' Union Benevolent So
ciety, commencing on Monday next, December 8,
at Odd-Fellows' Hall. Just tell them, in your
felicitous way, what real benefit they will con
fer upon the suffering poor, while, at tho same
time, the beautiful articles to be found there
will suit the taste and please tho eye of the
' dear ones' who expect to be remembered at
Christmas times. If it be a greater pleasure i
'to gtvo than to receive,'surely the poor, at
this season, should be remembered by those
whose homes are exdmpt from the ills of pov
erty. The 'Benevolent Society' is too well
known to say more than this : it assists the
poor and destitute of all denominations, whose
claims are poverty and suffering." We cannot
strengthen this appeal, and will not mar it by a
The Difference.?The National Intelligencer J
quotes the rumor^ that has reached us from
California, to the effect that three vessels had
departed from San Francisco for the Sandwich
Islands, for the purpose of ? taking possession
of them either by suasion or force." The In
telligencer remarks ironically that'"it is of some
consequence as showing the progressive spirit
of our people in California." When, however,
a ferocious and vindictive regal tyrant of tho
Old World destroys the lives <Tf thousands of
the people of either a neighboring or distant
nation, destroys its nationality, and subdues,
conquers and humbles?not annexes it as a
constituent part of itself?the Intelligencer al
ways thinks with Mr. Toots that it is "of no
consequence !"
Interesting Lectures.?The Harrisburg
Union says that Lieut. G. W. May, late of the
Lnited States Army, has been delivering, in
that city, a series of brilliant and highly inter
esting lectures, descriptive of the "battles of1
Mexico, and the manners and customs of the
people of that interesting country. These lec-!
tures were attended by large audiences, who were
greatly delighted, and at their close a highly
complimentary resolution was moved and unan
imously adopted. "We are free to admit,",
?ays the Lmon, " that these were the most in
teresting lectures we ever listened to, and trust
that the distinguished lecturer may be liberally
encouraged wherever he may go." We hope
?o too. Instruction by lectures may be made I
*ery interesting and profitable; and many an
educated gentleman, not knowing what else to
do, may turn his talents to account in this wise.
Why are not lecturers induced to appear fre
quently in our public halls ?
A Valuable Invention.?A correspondent
of the North Bridgewater Gazette describes an
experiment tried on the Boston and Providence
railroad track, for the purpose of ascertaining
if letters can be sent to a distance by means of
atmospheric pressure. To test the practica
bility of the theory, thero was laid for about j
one mile a pipe, through which the paper or ;
papers were to pass. 1 am told that those who
have experimented are of opinion that commu- j
nication can be given in this manner from Bos
ton to New York in four minutes, and that they
we quite sure of success. j
The Atfaib or thb""prometiibus.?The Re '
public Of this morning says: "We are grati- I
fled to announce that, immediately on the re
ceipt of the intelligence of the firing on this
vessel by the British brig-of-war Express, a
competent naval force was, by the President's
direction, ordered to repair to, San Juan de Ni
caragua, to protect American vessels from like
outrages for the future, and inquiries were ad
dressed to the British government to ascertain
whether the conduct of the commander of the
Expresa was prompted by orders from his gov
School-Houses?With the reoent deplorable
calamity fresh upon oar minds, the matter of
improving school-houses should be taken into
?am eat consideration. In New York, on Mon
day evening, one of the ward school-houses was
disoovered to be on fire. There were nearly
fix ht.mdrrd children and other persons in the
building at the time, but through the presence
of mi nd and firmness of those who had charge
of the m, they were dismissed without the slight
est injury to any one. Unfortunately, however,
pri nce of mind and firmness are not always
present on such occasions.
WaV- A bitter cold day?very breezy?the j
Avenue dusty?the sun not visible-the clouds I
threatening snow-tbe poor shivering with cold, j
* "Cftnk of food? and raiment 1 So it
Senator from Florida.?The grounds of
the contest between Messrs. Vulee and Mallory
appear to be little understood. They are rep
reseuted to be various. Mr. Yulee, according
to a statement before us, contends that blank
votes in a legislature ought to be counted to
form a quorum, at least for the election of
officers. The legislature consisted of fifty-nine
members, and on the ballot upon which Mr.
Vulee contends he was elected, twenty-nine
votes were cast for him, and the same number of
blank votes were cast. Ou the next ballot, or
upon tho same day before adjournment, Mr.
Mallory received oO votes against 28 for other
persous, and was declared elected. In his printed
meuioriul, Mr. Yulee states that by the general
parliamentary law and the practice of such bo
dies on very momentous occasions, blank votes
may be counted to make a quorum. He cites
many instances in State legislation where such
has been the practice, and says that in the first
election of Jefferson the contest between him
and Aaron Burr was decided by the four friends
of the latter in the Maryland delegation throw
ing blank votes for him, and the same num
ber, composing half of the votes of the State,
throwing half their votes for Jefferson. The
voice of the State was in this way considered
to have been declared for him, and that turning
tho long-poised balance in his favor, he was
chosen President of the United States.
Shall Sixth Street he Cut in Twain??
A correspondent complains of the interruption
of tbis street by closing in the public grounds
south of the cnnal. He protests against this
measure ns impolitic and illegal, and adduces
many authorities in support of his views. We
may soon find space for'his communication;
but would, in the mean time, suggest to our
able and attentive Commissioner of Public
Buildings the propriety of giving serious con
sideration to the subject. Our correspondent
assures us that many property-holders north
and south of the canal, and other citizens, are
determined to oppose the plan of obstructing
this highway. They do not believe that the
public promenades can be benefitted by such an
arrangement, but would not, in any event,
sacrifice utility for such a purpose. They con
tend that Sixth street should be open through
[ out its whole length, aud that a good iron
bridge shouAl be at once placed over the canal
to afford the requisito thoroughfare to the pub
Criminal Court To-day.
A. McConn, charged with assaulting his wife,
was fined $5?Latham and Ratcliff for defence.
James Diggs, (colored,) charged with lar
ceny, was found guilty?Latham for defence.
Samuel Pnyne and Elias Sims, charged with
rioting, were found guilty?Latham for defence.
Sonny Matthews and Sam. Cooper, charged
with an assault, were found not guilty?Latham
for defence.
Polodoro Campbell, charged with rioting, was
fined $1?Katcliff and Latham for defence.
A Humank Order.?An eminent merchant
of Boston, the Alia* states, in his instructions
to the captains of his vessels, requires that a
man shall bo sent aloft every morning at day
light, and every evening before sunset, to scan
the horizon, to see if any vessels are in the vi
cinity requiring assistance. The Courier, ap
proving of the order, suggests further, that
every time the helm is relieved the man re
lieved should be sent aloft, and his report en
tered as regularly into the log-book as the
ship's progress. The reports of many vessels
in distress show that they have frequently been
passed by vessels which took no notice of them;
and, were a regular system of lookouts intro
duced into all our ships, it would be the means
of saving many lives and much valuable prop
The Last!?Not of the Wampanoags, but of
the Yankee jesters. Ilill is no more?Ilackett
seems to have passed away?and Valentine
alone remains to tell the tale! But well he tells
it. Yalentine has exhausted the cachinatory
powers of tho metropolis! * Everybody holds
his sides and declares Valentine has played the
deuce with him! He is a great Yalentine, and
will long be remembered by young and old in
this community. He is a host in himself?and
a queer, comical crowd is that host. Well, good
bye, old fellow! The latch will be out when you
come again.
The Treason Trials.?We learn that a num
ber of witnesses were examined yesterday, but
their testimony was unimportant. The defence
was expected to close this morning. It is
thought that the defendant will be acquitted, as
the defence shows that he was only a spectator.
The United States will call up rebutting testi
mony, when Mr. Stevens will close for the de
The Contest in Mississippi.?The Florida Re
publican, in remarking that Mr. Foote's majority
is set down at about 1,500, says that tbis is a
great falling off from 20,000, as first reported,
but very fair considering his opponent strove to
outshine him in being a "good Union man."
Mr. Davis must have been his own slanderer if
he ever avowed himself a disunion man. He
will fight at any time, not only for the Union as
it is, but for its extension also.
Capt. Buck, or the Post Office Depart
ment.?We some time since described the
wreck of the Baltimore schooner Tybte, on her
way to Savannah, and the trials of the passen
gers, officers and crew. The Jacksonville (Fa.)
Republican, of the 27th ult., verifies our ac
count, in a narrative communicated to the edi
tor by Captain Buck himself, and concludes by
saying: " We are happy to find Captain Buck
and family in snfety at the point of their origi
nal destination; bat regret that Capt. B., who
is in delicate health, experienced much physi
cal suffering from the misfortune of which he
was one of the sharers."
Children's Nurses.?Few can be found
worthy to perform a mother's duty, and the
children of the wealthy as well as the poor are
often mads to suffer fearfnl penalties for the
indifference of their parents in selecting nurses.
The Lancaster (Pa.) Whig states that an infant
child of Mr. W. If. Miller recently died in that
place in consequence of having been forced to
swallow pins and needles by its nurse, a girl of
fourteen years of age. The girl oonfessed the
horrible crime, and stated her object to have
been to render the child fretful, so that she
would b? relieved from the oar? of it I
Baltimore Dec. 4?8 p. m.
Sulfa of 900 bblB. Howard street Hour at
$3.87 ; grain firmer.
Piujuldblvuia, Dec. 4?2 p. m.
The treason trials for the defence have been
closed?rebutting evidence is now being heard
{or the prosecution.
From Bucuoi Ayrti.
Boston, December 3.?Letters from Buenos
Ay res state that Oribe had surrendered, and
that his officers had taken refuge on board of
foreign vessels of war at Bucci. This was ac
complished without firing a shot and without
aid from the Brazilian forces.
Prom Mexico.
Nkw O&lbaks, December ii.?Advices have
been received from the city of Mexico to the
15th ult. The news of the abandonment of the
siege of Matainoros by (Jarvajal had occasioned
great rejoicing.
If by various indications it has been
made known that the Administration has been
indisposed to hcroise Kossuth, it docs not ne
cessarily follow that Mr. Webster participates
in their feelings. Mr. Foote's resolution has
been withdrawn. We are sorry for this; but
perhaps it is well enough to know whose thun
der we are dealing in before we launch it forth.
But never mind: Congressional resolutions are
not altogether essential. The nation has re
solved, and Kossuth will encounter a glorious
rcoeption. _____
jfcjy- Everybody is every day looking through
our columns to see what everybody else has for
sale; and nobody is anybody, or deserves to
sell to anybody, who does not advertise his, her
or their goods, wares, and merchandise, in the
columns aforesaid of the American Telegraph.
A Serenade.?Last night, after the adjourn
ment of the Jackson Democratic Association,
tho members of that body, (numbering about
two hundred,) accompanied by the celebrated
Infantry Band, under the direction of Mr. Mar
soletti, proceeded to pay their respects to the
Hon. Linn Boyd, Speaker of the House of Rep
resentatives, at the Potomac House. After the
Band had executed two or three beautiful airs,
the honorable gentleman made his appearance,
and welcomed the party in a very neat and ap
propriate speech, concluding by cordially in
viting them to "come in." On entering the
large dining hall, the company were greeted
with a profusion of good things; and, after
having partaken of them, the "flow of soul
commenced. Mk. F. McNerhany proposed a ,
glowing sentiment in compliment to the noble
hearted Kentuckian, who made an excellent j
speech in response. Capt. Robinson also made
a speech; and Mr. J. D. Hoover, president of
the Association, was called out by a complimen
tary seutiment offered by Mr. McNerhany, and
made a handsome acknowledgment. The lol
lowing toast by Mr. J. F. Ennis was^nthusias- -
tically received: "The Hon. Linn Boyd: The
record of his Congressional career is his proud- (
est monument, and the profusion of his table
evidences the liberality of his heart." Having
spent a truly delightful hour at the " Potomac,"
tho company proceeded to the house of Mr. ^
McKnew, who did not appear on account of in- l
disposition, and thence visited (stopping on :
their way at the Union office) the residences ol
Mr. J. D. Hoover and Mr. F. McNerhany, by
both of whom they were hospitably entertained.
^ 1
Mkssagk or the Governor of Texas.?This i
document, dated November 10, is very long and ^
ably written. Its most important part relates ^
to the bonds of the State. Tha following ex- s
tract will serve to reveal the views and policy <?
of Governor Bell:
"The republic of Texas having executed her
bonds and other evidences of debt in an exceed- r
ingly dark and gloomy period of her history, it t
became necessary to issue them for nominal ,
amounts, tearing no sort of proportion to the e
amounts actually received, and to pledge her i
resources, arising mainly at that time from her
revenues, for their redemption. These securi- ,
ties, generally speaking, were concentrated at ,
very low rates in the hands of moneyed specu- ,
lators, who had contributed nothing to the t
achievement of her independence, or to the re- t
lief of her actual necessities in the administra- t
tion of the government at the time they were t i
issued. 1
"This consideration, well understood and
appreciated, induced an inquiry in respect to
the mode of redeeming these securities; as no
one could entertain the opinion for a moment,
that the Government was under any obligation,
either in justice or morality, to redeem them by
paying the amount expressed on their face;
and that inquiry resulted in the passage of
the act of the State Legislature of March
20th, 1848, 'to provide for ascertaining the
debt of the late republio of Texas,' which
act required tho Auditor and Comptroller of
the State to reduce all claims presented for
liquidation to the actual par value which was
realized by the republic, at the time of their
issue. The evident meaning and contempla
1 tion of that act was, that the holders of the
claims should be paid in accordance with the
amount thus ascertained by the Auditorial
Board, subject to the revision of the Legisla
I ture ; and the amount so ascertained was con
sidered as all that was actually due from the
State to her several creditors."
Probablk Imfanticidb.?A new-born white
infant was found yesterday at the foot of Col
lege Hill, between 14th and 15th streets, by a
couple of boys and a colored man. It was com
j pletely sewed up in cloths of various kinds. An
inquest will be held this afternoon.
*3- Art Union of Philadelphia.?The pair
of engraving" for the member* of this Institution, for
1861, are now remit tor delivery. Huntington'* " Chrii
tiaiia and her Childrenand the companion, " Mtrcy'i
Dream," are admirable engraving*, and may be seen at
thi* office. The Art Union ha* adopted the following plan
to Ncurn the object* It aim* at:
. |f|r*t Bach peraon subscribing five dollar* lieoome*
thereby a member of the Art Union.
The money obtained from *ueh subscription*
1* appropriated, In the flr*t place, to the production of
large and costly enjfravlngs, from original American pic
ture*. The re*ldue, after paying the necessary expense*
of the In*tltuUon, I* made the ba*l* of certain certificate*,
of various amount and value, which are annually dis
tributed, by lot, among the subscriber*, and the*o certifi
cate* are available for the purchase of painting", draw
ing*, sculptures, and other work* of art, from American
artist*, and tor no otheT purpose. They are redeemed by
the Association, only on the endorsement of the artist or
artist* from whom the purchase* are made.
Third Kach *ub*c.riber I* entitled to one chance In the
distribution of certificates, and to additional copie* of the
engraving* for the year tor which he (ubscr!!**; and each
additional contribution of five dollars entitles him U> aa
additional chatica, with the privilege of selecting other
engraving* from among those previously published by
the Art Union.
Person* wishing to subscribe can do so by applying to
A. M. OAN'itwrR, Honorary Pecratary, who will receive
and receipt tor rohscripUons.
Willard's Hotel?Hon Q E Badger, N Cj
JI Dutheki, lady and boh, Pa; 8 8 Jennings,
Mobile; N 0 Boardwan, Troy; J H Beck, steamer
Mt Vernon; Hon J C Breckenridge, Ky; L L
Breeite, U 8 N; J Fuirley, DC; I) J Andrews,
Albany; M M Noah, N Y; H B Tebbetts, do; J
Hall, Albany; M Derkhiem and Mrv't, Bremen;
J F Steele, U 8 N; Mr Knoll, Germany; Mr
Ebrmunu, do; Mr Weiss, do; Mr Qerhard, do;
Mr Muller, do; Mr Scbaubinger, do; Mr Fritshe,
do; Mr Schmatz, do; Mr Liebtscb, do; Mr
Schutter, do; G W Parker, Manchester, N H;
J H Lathrop and lady, Washington; Mr Ilan
ken, N Y.
Buown'h Hotkl?W J Berry, Md; Hon L St
Martin, La; Mr Belt, Md; A 8 II White, D C;
A bischoff, N Y; E Fontaine, Va; T Hunsuh,
N Y; M Duval, Md; R L Butcher, Va; B Barnes,
N Y; Col J Pitt, Platte City, Mo; Mrs Mtgpr
How and family, Wisconsin; Dr B F Brown,
Va; Hon P Ewing, Ky.
National IIotki.?C Gillespie, N Y; II Exall,
Va; Misa Looinis, Boston; Mr Davis, Md; 8
Marean, Bait; k 0 Reed, do; 8 W Green, Va;
L Butler, Pa; 8 Fiss and lady, Phila; H Mc
Laughlin, Ct; Z N Oltou, Md; Mr Hyneman,
Phila; J Hohnsack, Trenton; B 0 Titus, do; M
Potter, Va; H Smith, N Y; E V Price, do; M
R Brewer, do; H H Miller, Miss; Jas A Speel,
I Phil; W Nelson, Hartford, Md; J A Hoteen,
l'bila; 11 L Laws, U8N; J Stewart, Scotland;
P Blackiston and lady, Phila.
United States Hot^l?M T Gooch, Va; N J
Mills, do; Capt Hardy, Md; Hon L V Campbell
and family, Ohio; B F Haymer, Phila; J Hart
well and lady, Mass; W 0 Johnson, Va; Miss
Harper, do; A L Whaling, do; 8 II Allen, N Y;
F M D Chew, Ohio; Miss Heron and Bcrvant,
Phila; C W Himan, Ct; G D Mingu, do; J Ry
an, Ireland; L Baker, Washington; B Douglas,
Ct; Hon L Clark, Mass.
Uadsby's Hotel?Mr Mayer, Bait; J Hen
derson, N O; 0 Barrett, Pa; L F Dinsmore, N
Y; Mr Adams, Phila; A A Kenuard, Bait; Mr
Gibson and family, do; Mr Cushman, Ala; J
Wood, Va; L Mintor, Del; A McDowell, do; J
Scott, N Y; C W Wall, do. Mr. Williams, do;
J S Ensor, Md; J B Ensor, do; J T II Ensor,
do; T M Burche, l'hila; G Potter, N C; G A
Fairfield, U S Coast Survey; W T Biser, Bait.
Irvino IIoTEL-?J A Greenwell, Md; II G
Smith, England; G R Rumsey, Bait; W II Su
ter, Md; E D Scott, Phila; Mrs Heron and ser
vant, do; J F Voorhics, do; Mr Anchor, Bait;
A G Sharpe, R I; J A Johns, Fla; R Law,son,
Va; G R Washington, do; Col W Young, N Y;
J 0 llemdale, Phila; Mrs Russel, do; G R Hun
ter, N Y; Hon D K Carttcr, 0; Hon Asa J
Drummick, Pa; J B Wolfe, Va; E II Simpson,
N Y; J T Berry, Port Tobacco.
Imtohtant and Seasonable.?We are as
sured, upon reliable authority, that Gautier'a
Ilerb Candy, advertised in our columns, has
been prepared at the iustance of an eminent
physician whose reputation is well kuown to
;>ur citizens. _
Baltimore Marketa.
Baltimork, Dec. 3?0 p. ffi.
fc'ale* of 1600 bbl*. Howard street flour at $3 87^, and
1150 City Mills at $3.87%. Sales of good to prime red
wheat at [email protected], white at [email protected]? and family flour
white at [email protected]'J5c.; Pennsylvania wheat 87o. for white, and |
i2o. for red. Sales of new white corn at [email protected], and
aew yellow nt 63(<$55c. Pennsylvania rye 73c. Data 33
g)3!lc. Whisky [email protected]^c.
Philadelphia Market!.
PllILAUKLl'IllA, Dcc. 3?5 p. in.
Flour has advanced to $4 for State brands. Com meal
>3. Sales of wheat at 83c. for red, 88%C^$K)c. for white
Itye 70c. Yellow corn 67^(g/58c.; old 60c. Oats 36(w
10c. Whisky 21^<$22o.
New York Market*.
New York, Doc. 3?8 p. m.
Stocks are depressed?Sales at the First Board of Krie
it ?8, and Canton at 68}^; at the Second Board, of Krie
it 87V?, and Canton at V. B. O's, 1807, at 116. |
Sales of 9000 bbU. flour at [email protected]$4.06 for State brands,
ind [email protected]$4.25 for Southern. Kye flour $3.25. Corn meal
f3.;il(af'i.50. Sales of 5000 bus. Genesee wheat at 103c.
Jale* of 30,000 bus. mixed oorn at [email protected] Kye 72c. ,
>ats 43c. Mens pork $15.12%. Cotton is heavy?sales of I
.000 bales.
49" To Subacrlliera.?Those of our *ub*cribera
?riding in the route embraced between Twelfth and Four- |
eenlh streets, are notified that J. Q. Adams is no longer
intrusted with that route. The paper hereafter will be
carefully served. All payments will be made to Mr. Ko?
irt Good*. |nov 11?tf
4S~ Near the northern gat* of the Cap*
tol is the MOUNT PLEASANT HOTKL, kept by JOHN
TOY, whose table, whose chambers, nud all other
ipartmeut*, are in good order, and inviting to all who
lo?ire good cheer vnd comfortable accommodation*. He
las at prevent a few rooms that will be let, with or with
>ut board, and goutlcmen who study comfort and conre
.U'nrr would do well to oall upon Llm before locating
?hcmselvea forjlie season. dec 4?It
MC3S3H toned second-hand PIANO, in first rate
order. Addresi N. it., Ijox 211, City
\I <* W y 9 Post-offlce. [dec 4?4t*
I_ VBIN'S EXTRACTS?Boquetde Jenny (.ind.
J De Caroline, Heliotrope, Verbena, West Knd, Sweet
briur, Jasmin, Hose, Patchouly, and Jockey Club.
04- A frevh supply this day received, and for sale at
ELIOT'S Druu Store,
dec 4?3t Corner of F and 12th *ts.
Almond, Kose, and Ambrosial. Nothing has given
more general xatixfactton to gentlemen in shaving than
these emollient preparations.
Mir A fresh supply just received and for sale by
dec 4?tr Corner of f and 12th sti.
X announcing to their friends and the public generally
that they Will give a Cotillon Party, at Potomac Hall, on
MONDAY KVKMNO, December 8th, 1851. The mana
grrs pledge themselves to spare neither Ume nor ex pen* -
to make this party one of the best of the season.
Tickets $1, to lie had of any of the managers, or at the
door on the evening of the party.
Positively no hats or caps allowed in the saloon.
4V* Supper will be served for the gentlemen.
dec 4?Tb. Hat. A Mon.*
OAUTIEB'S herb candy,
For Coui/fui, Coldt, Bronehitit, Atthma, etc.
riMUS INVALUABLE CANDY has the extraordinary
X property of immediately relieving enughi, c<>Uir,
hixirsenfl, difficulty r\f brushing, ItronchUit, (uthmn, and
AiuA-in** of the throat. It operates by dissolving the con
gealed phlegm, consequently caning a free expectoration.
Those who are troubled with that unpleasant tickling
in the throat, which deprive* them of rest night after
night, by the Incessant oongli which it provokes, will, by
using this Candy, find Immediate relief.
The subscriber, in presenting this Candy to public no
tice, wishes to be expressly understood that he does not
claim Ibr it anv mimeuloui curing properties, nor does he
present it with a long string of certificates of recommen
dation, as he considers these altogether needles*.
Thi* Candy Is composed of six simp/r inffrntitnU, prin
ciprilly nf hr.rb*, which are known to be very efficacious in
the cure of diseases resulting from colds, and some of
which, being rather nauseous In their natural state,
would deter many from resorting to them; but, when
made into a candy, become palatable, without losing any
of their valuable properties.
It ha* been prepared at the suggestion q/" rm* 0/ our
most rmivmt physicians, and ha* been used by many of
his and my personal friends with signal success, and at
whoae earnest solicitation I have been Induced to enter
largely into its manufacture, assured by him and them
that when generally known and tried it will supersede all
the various cough candles and mixtures now in use.
As for myself, I ain confident, from the Ingredient* of
which It I* composed, that, should it not effect an entire
cure, It can do no injury even to the most drticate in
health, and therefore have no healtanoy In Introducing it
to the citiien* of Washington and vicinity.
Directions for use: Use one stick per day?in th*
morning before breakfast, in the middle of the day, and at
night on going to bed. Price 12U cents.
Prepared and for sa'e, wholesale and retail, by
0. GAUTIKR, A la V11U de Paris,
dec 4?Ira Corner l'onna. av. and 11th it.
A??t?n?r.-F0r thirty yeara past,
them Luu boon going on in this city a curious process by
w bleb the bona* of skeletons are dissected, purified, scraped
and varnished, when Uxijr are again replaced by weans of
wires, rivets, Ac., tvjxl reappear in all their l~t.nttr u
strength, beauty, and lov#linosa, braving the uoounlay
sun of the xuauuer aalstic*, or the paltering rain or ball
of wore Inclement Beacons. Person liatlag good wlfi?
bona umbrella or parasol skeleton# are jwspectfullyin
vlted to leave them with the subscriber tar resuscitation
Pennsylvania avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth
nov 7?eotf
?1 frequent changes of the weather bring with It bad
SOUK THROAT and BRONCHITIS, all of which can
cured, and tho system fortified against frequeut attacks
by using Dr. J. 8. ROBE'S Celebrated COUGH BYRUP.
Price only 60 cents.
CHILDREN are also liable to Croup, which dangerous
oomplaint yields immediately to l)r. J. S. Hose's never
fWling CROUP SYRUP. Price 26 cents.
All of l>r. Rose's valuable Family Medicines are for sale
by 'L. D. Oilman, W. U. Oilman,
Chas. Stott k Co., Samuel llutt,
J. P. Callan, John W. Nairn,
dec 3?tr ^ Washington city, D. C.
Groat Medical Discovery!
TKM.?I first discovered this preparation in 1840,
since which time I have found but little difficulty in cu
ring most NERVOUS DISEASES, but very recently I
have added an ingredient which acts like maglo in ren
dering my NERVOUS CORDIAL far more certain in cu
ring Nervous Tremor of the Muscles, Shaking of the
Ueud, Palpitation, Flatulence, Heart-burn, Tic Dolor, or
Pain in the Face, with Twitching* of the Muscles or
Flenh, Wakefulness, Heart Diseases, Neuralgia, and for
the mind or body, affected by care, labor or study. This
truly wonderful Medicine, from its peculiar happy effect
in allaying the most violent Nervous affections, and com
pletely eradicating them from the system, may justly be
termed the grandest discovery in tho science of Medicine.
It subdues and averts all those NERVOUS DISEASES,
over which tho most profound medical skill has hitherto
hud no control. It Is a grand restorer in building up a
weak constitution, already worn down by disease and de
bilitated by other Medicine; its invigorating properties
act like a charm, and it* beneficial effect* are almost mi
raculous. The weak, the nervous, and those sufferiug
with constant pains and uneasiness, are frequently cured
by using a single bottle.
J- 8. ROSE, M. D., Philadelphia.
Price 60 cents. For sale by
Z. D. Oilman, W. II. Oilman,
Charles Stott A Co. Samuel Dutt,
J. F. Callan, John W. Nairn,
dec 3?tr Washington city, D. C.
IOST?On Tuesday night last, on Pennsylvania av
J enue, between 4)4 and 6th streets, a roll of Virginia.
RANK NOTES, amounting in all to $l>0. Th.; bills were,
as far as recollected, one $20, one $16, and the balance In
$10 and $5. The finder will be liberally rewarded upon
leaving the money at this office. [dec 3 3t*
rL J\ MRS. D'YOUNO respectfully announces to tho
.Mfjjladics of Washington that she has taken rooms in
/P^Laue A Tucker's building, where her splendid as
sortment of PARIS MILLINERY will be opened on to
morrow, (tho 4th Instant.)
Her stock of LADIES' DRESS GOODS embraces all tho
latest patterns from Paris, among which are Embroidered
Handkerchief, Laco Collars and Sleeves, with sot to
match; Yalenciene, Frcnch Caps, Bodice, etc.,'etc., which
she will dispose of at moderate rates.
W Lane <fc Tucker's Building, (up stairs,)
dec 3?tf Penna. av., bet. 4J.? and 6th sis.
MRS. JC. MOFFETT, having taken a room at
Miss E. Martin's, one door west of Mr. Lane's Fur
nishing Store, (up stairs,) Pennsylvania avonue, between
4/1 and 6th streets, will open Pall and Winter Millinery
to morrow, (Saturday,) November 1st. oct 31?tf
-V"'* Hie cortmr of Louisiana avenue, Washington,
Are visited daily by crowds of Ladles, and her pattern
Bonnets are pronounced the prettiest in the District.
Her large and beautiful assortment of DRESS CAPS
Vi0i')e,t in t'1B ?'^? an<* we'l worth examination.
J|f(? 10 tho ?bove is a complete outfit for a LADY'S
,, ,T, ' I'ac<"s> Embroideries, Edgings,Cambric and Mus
lin flouncing*, Silk and Velvet Dress Trimmings, 4c., Ac.,
and Fancy Goods in genera), which are sold at accommo
dating prices. mt- Also Hilk and Merino IIOODS.
Store on SIXTH STREET, near Louisiana av.,
doc 2? tr Rear of the National and Brown's Hotel*.
4c., <tc., at the Millincrv and Fancy Store,
SIXTH St., near Louisiana av.
M vron's Oiticb, City ok Washisotox, )
Decern l>er 1, 1861. J
REWARD OF $500. ?
'ABOVE SUM will be paid for th#conviction In the
A Criminal Court for this District of tho person or per
sons guilty of the act of incendiarism perpetrated last
night on Four-and-a-half street west. A liberal proper
. ?f the above reward will be paid for such information
ns f., , n,y opinion, lead to the discovery of any one
guilty of tho offence, although no conviction may en me
toc Ur-3t WALTER LENOX, Mayor.
r|MIK COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between
J. Penwiuk & IU Rule is this day dissolved by mutual
consent. All persons having claims against the Aim will
present their accounts to Albion IIikoi.k, who Is duly
authoriied to settle all claims; and all those indebted will
ptoaie make an early payment to the same.
Washington, Dec. 1,1861.
*m"? ~rh* ,>alDtinK business In all its branches will
still be continued at the old stand, on Pennsylvania av
enue, opposite U. 8. Hotel, by
dec 2?3t? ALBION HURDLE.
Hats, Caps, and Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods
Just Received.
rBEEBE'S superior New York style of Hata^^^^
*nd Caps; Philadelphia, Paris, and London.^^^r
^^lieautlful and much admired; Washington
style Slouch Hats, of every stvl# and price; Children's
I raney llats and Caps, In pleastng variety. Also a large
aiKl elegant assortment ol Gentlemen's Fancy Ooods and
Toilet Articles.
Gentlemen in want of the a?rf>ve articles are most re
spectfully Invited to call and examine my stock, which is
now complete, and of superior quality, at moderate price#
? ? , CUARLK8 H. LANE,
New lF.it, Cap, and (Jentlcmeo'i Furninhintr
^pc2?25w1 Establishment, Pa. av., bet. 4A flth *U.
n ^ ? B. TODD, Hatter and Fnr-^^
JmI rier, tender* his compliments to his friends^^V
?^and customers, and informs them that hehas
re-entered his former premises, now appearing as the Wm
*** Stork in the New Marble Hotel Building of the
Messrs. Hrown, whero he will be pleawd to receive his
city and country acquaintances, trusting that his new
business arrangements may tend to add to the satisfactory
Intercourse experienced in the old stand for the past
twenty-one years, and hoping that an increased and
continued acquaintance may be mutually pleasant and
profitable. nov 26?tf I
SEYMOUR, Ilrldge street, r-^
10 doora eaat of High afreet, / M
^^lOeornetown, D. C., Respect fulhdM
to the ladles that ha has for insp^T
tion and sale a splendid and varied selection of Fresh
London, Pari, and American FI RS, of late and beautiftil I
patterns, as follows:
Piteh Flat Boas and Cuffs to match
Stone Marten do do do
Rock Marten do do do
Mexican Sable do do do
Fitch, Rock Marten, Genett, White Ermine, Swan
,nv(i5)rn' aml Ul**k ''J11* Vlctorlnes and Muffs
Children's and Misses' Fur Oooda In the greatest va
riety and stylo#.
4#" l*ricrt vrry inodrraU.
French and American FELT BONNETS,for Ladies and
Ml#se#?ttry low. A call Is solicited, at
, , , , W. F. SKYMOUR'S
dec 8?lm] Fashionable Hat, Cap and Fur store.
To M'mbm of Congrc.u, Citizens, and Strangert!
WM. II. FAULKNER, Shirt manufacturer, south side
of Pennsylvania avenue, opposite the U. 8. Hotel,
would resjiectfully infirm members of Congress, citizens,
and strangers, that he Is now prepared to supply them
with Shirts of his own make of superior style and fit.
Those gentlemen that have been troubled with bad fitting
Shirts, can, by calling at his Shirt Manufactory, have
Shirts made to their order, which he will warrant to fit
and give satlsfiictlon or no sale Also on hand a fine As
sortment of Silk and Merino Undershirts and Drawers,
Gloved, Collars, Suspenders, Cravats, and every artiole
suitable for a gentleman's wardrohe, which will be sold
as low as they can be bought In New York. Tliankfnl
fbr the encouragement he has received from the members
of Oongrws, c.l11 sens, and strangers, he now hopes, by a
?trlct attention to business, and a determination to please,
to merit a continuation of past fevor*.
WM. H. FAULKNKR, 8lgn of the Shirt.
Th# only place In the city where Shirts are made
to order. [Intel.] dec 1?tf
NOW 18 YOUR TIME TO BUY COAL-the w.atber
Is becoming cold, and winter is almost here.
W# have a good supply of CUMBERLAND COAL on
band, which Is very desirable. Aisq Anthracite Coal for
grates and stovea, and Red anil White Ash Coal.
WOOD, WOOD, WOOD!?We have on hand a good sup
ply of Oak, Pine, and Hickory Wood.
By calling at our office vou will find the above articles
as good and cheap as can be had In the city.
nov4?oolm 14th street Bridge and Canal.
. *lw will write us ? brief Letter ever J Btornijig, and
fjpcrvlae <fce (MBrwy V pin ptpw thtw In mi evening.
i vR. JOHN uicHAHUI, Ute
XJ Virginia, having located Mmaelf iu Washington,
utfew UU prutoaalonal aer vices U a practitioner of Surgery
and liediolSe.
0* l'euij. At., Wow 3d (treat, near ? * Go's Kx
prilia Offa*. H dec 2?Sawliu
LOST'?Early on Saturday afternoon, (Nor. 8,) in the
lower portion of Sixth or Sevauth street, a aelf-sktu
POCKET-BOOK, containing $12, In one and two dollar
notea, and some papers which are of no use to any one
but the ownor. A suitable reward will be given for the
aaiue if ieit at the office ol the American Xelegraph.
nor 13?tf A. BBnTER.
jk#- REMOVAL."**
A HATCH, jr., would respectfully call the attention
? of his friends and the public generally, to bis as
sortment of LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, Ac., which he war
rants to he the moat choice and select that has ever been
offered to the Washington public i oouaisting In fart of
tiie Patent Double Deflector Solar Lamp, which for light
and beauty is unsurpassed by any other that has ever
been invented; also, Girandoles, Catnphlne, and Ktherial
Oil Lamps, in great variety.
A. H. would respectfully solicit the publlo to give him
a call, feeling assured that bis assortment cannot fall to
please the most fastidious.
dec 2 tgr 0 at. nearly opp. Bank of Washington.
rpilK DIRECTORS of the Washington Bcilmnu Asbo
X cuTio.N of the city of Washington, will hold their first
stated meeting at the Academy of Mr. Richards, oorner of
14th street and New York avenue, on FRIDAY, the 6th
instant, at 7 o'clock p. in. Stockholders are required by
the conktitution to pay into the hands of the Treasurer,
at this meeting, their first monthly instalment on the
shares of stock held by them, and as some of the stock
has not yet been disponed of. books to receive subscription
are now open at the office of the Secretary, on F street.
do<) 2?4t* NICHOLAS OALLAN, 8ec'y.
Seventh street, opposite Odd-Fellows' Hall,
TITOULD respectfully call the attention of the Ladles
VY to a new selection of BLOOMKR COMBS, which
will be sold at reduced prices. Also?New patterns Imi
tation Cuif-pins at 25 cents per pair, fancy Baskets, Soaps
and Perfumery, with a variety of other gooda, at the
lowest possible' prices for cash. [nov 16?tr
rriHE UNDERSIGNED respectfully informs the citicena
I of Washington that he has opened a JOB PRINTING
OFFICE, oorner of D and 8th streets, where he is prepared
to execute every description of Job Printing; and he
hopes to be able to give satisfaction to those who may
favor him with their orders.
Cards, Handbills, Notices, Insurance Policies, Bank
Checks, Labels, l'umphlets, Ac., Ac., printed at short
Washington, 8e.pt. 13,1851.
Any orders left at the offlae of the American TWa
| graph will be promptly attended to. sop 13?tf
' I Ml i: SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform their friends
X a?d the public generally that they have just received
and opened a beautiful assortment of French Confec
tioneries of every kind, suitable for Balls and Parties,
for the coming winter. They will also keep on hand and
make to order CAKES of every kind.
Pyramids for Table Ornaments.
WATER ICES, flavor.
Tlioy have also received the most beautiful assortment
I of frozen fruit moulds for parties and private entertain
ment*, to the furnishing of which the most particular at
tention will be paid.
A11 orders lett at the store on tho corner of F and Oth
streets, near the Patent Office, or on the Avenue, between
12th and 13th streets, will receive prompt attention.
P. S.?Servants and ware furnished on moderate terms
for parlies and dinnors. dec 1?tf
WM. SHUSTER ? CO., 8oventh street, near the
? Avenue, would respectfully Inform the ladies of
Washington, and strangers visiting the District, that they
have on hand, at the lowest prices?
Fine printed (all wool) Oiaabmtrea and Mousselinea
Medium-priced do do
French and English Merinocs, in every variety of
Also, long Cashmere Shawls, iu all colors, from $20
to $40
lllack and colored wide Silk Velvets, in green, blue,
garnet, purple, and maroou
With a great variety of Silks, worked Collars, cheap
rambrie Handkerchiefs, and a general stock of House
keeping Goods, which wo will offer at the lowest market
nov 22?STuTli2w] W. M. SHUSTER A CO.
riMIE Subscriber begs leave most respectfully to inform
his friends and the public generally, that he has
opened on the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue, be
tween 10th and 11th streets, a NEW and FASHIONA
lie keeps on hand constantly nn assortment of Cloths,
Cossimeres, Yestings, and Gentlemen's Furnishing gen
A practical experience for many years, in the principal
cities of Europe, justifies him in promising to satisfy all
those who may favor him with their patronage,
not 28?dm G. F. SCHAFEll.
Wlltar's Cough Loi?n(?a.?This moat con
venient and efllcacious cure tor Coughs and Colds
may be bad genuine at the Drug Store corner of E and
7 th streets.
dec 1?tf J. F. CALLAN.
* X these valuable Medicines are for sale at pie Drug
Store corner of E and 7th streets.
dec 1?tf J. F. CALLAN.
GALE'M Arenaceous Concrete?A desira
ble article for the hands, (highly perfumed.)
For sale by W. ELloT,
doc 1 ?tr Corner of F and 12th sts.
An External Remedy?the greatest ever known! !
]?0R THE CURK of Consumption, Liver Complaint,
Rheumatic Pains, Pains on the Lung* or Breast,
i'leuriey, all scute pains, inflammations, swellings,wounds,
bruiaes, sprains, old sores, Toothache, Enlargement of
the Spleen or Ague-Cake, White Swellings, Lumps on the
side of Neck or any part of the system, Neuralgia, Burns,
Scalds, Frostbite, Chilblain, Tetter, Rcnld Head, Sun
I'ain, Headache, Earache, Cramp, Cholie, Cholera, Ac.
For sale by A. GRAY,
7th at., opp. Odd-Feliows' Hall,
nov 11?eo [ Wajli. Sat. News.]
MAORIUER a CALVERT have the plea
sure of announcing to the citUens of Waahing^pn
and its environa, that they have thia day (Saturday)
opened a large and lieautiftil stock of DRY GOODS. Their
stock consists as follows :
10 pieces superb Brocade 8ilk, surpassingly rich and
6 do do do suitable for evening
11 do do do very rich?prices rang
ing from $1 to $1.60 per yard
11 dresses 4-4 do quality very superior,
designs entirely new
6 pieces Marquis Plaid do., centre varied In cbena
figures, only article In this market
10 do medium price do., in very rich colors
6 do light watered do., for evening?a lot bought
at auction
10 do black and colored do., for walking dreaaes
16 do plain changeable glace do , embracing all the
different shades
10 do neat striped, check, and figured do.
12 do Ottoman Satins, containing the moat choice
7 do Black Brocade figured do., exceedingly cheap 1
10 do Black Groa de Rhine, superior quality, very
rich and glossy
4-4 Mantilla Velvets, containing every shade A quality
10 piecoa Black and Colored Velvets, for dresses, 60
per cent, lower than usual
Another lot of colored uncut at 62% eto., worth $1.60
6 very heavy wrought Crape Shawls
16 do do prices ranging from $10 to $26
10 do do Plain, fringes very heavy A deep
10 do superior fine Cashmere Long Shawls
126 do do Bay State Long Shawla
10 do do do half mourning
26 pieces new style Cashmeres and Mousselainea
40 do medium do., and 60 do. at 12% cent*
10 do ailk and wool Scotch Plaids, for Misaea
6 do neat figured Mousselainea, do
28 do French Merino, embracing every ahada
60 do fine Lyoneae Clotha, do do
10 do Plain and Damask Popllna
10 do Plain Mousselainea, every shade, all pure
100 do Black Alpacaa, prices ranging from 26 centa
to $1.26
16 do fine and medium Black Rombaalne, Lupln'a
26 do White Flannels
20 do White and red do., at 26 cents
Table Damask Toweling, Sheeting and Diaper
Lace Capea, Collars, Chemizetts and Sleevea
Embroidered do do do
Plain and embroidered Linen Cambric Handkerchief^
Black Lace Kails, Fringes, Laces
Plain and embroidered Muslins
White, black and colored Kid Gloves, Alexander's
and Bajou's makes
Silk and Cotton Hosiery, Merino Shirt* and Drawera
Cloths, Caaslmeres and Vestings
Fine and medium price Bed Blankets, Servant's do.
A superior lot of 8 and fl-4 Full Cloths, rull Llneeya
Plaid Domestics, Shirting and Irish Linen, and every
other article pertaining to the Dry Good business.
All persons wishing to purchase will find it to thalr
decided interest by giving us a call before purchasing
elsewhere, as we are willing to sell at moderate proflta.
Every article recommended in the establishment, will
prove aa represented, and fair dealing may he relied on.
dac 1?diw [ Intel.?3aw2w]

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