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YOUNG LADY who haa hud some two ye&rtt' expe
riuuoe in touching Music, principally on the Piano
^orte, wiahm to add three or four to the present uumber
or her Hcholarw, and reapectlully refers lor her add i t*# to
the editorb of th? American Tilt-graph, or to Mr* Ander
son, at her Stationery store, between 11th and 12tli
street*, Pennsylvania avenue. The most satisiactory re
ference* will he given on application to the lady herself,
dec 12?eo2w?
^ THE union academy,
Corner of 14th street and New York Avenue.
Z. .RICHARDS, Principal.
II. Cms*, i... .
11. W. McNm, J Aasl,,UllU
A. C. KiCUARMt, Teacher of the Primary Department.
A. ^APPOKI) Professor of Modern Languages.
R. Gumoh, Teacher of Drawing aud Pointing.
Mtt~ Circular* can be obtained of tlie Principal, or tit
H. JTariihain'i Bookstore, | no v 26?dtf
Corner of Third street and Indiana avenue.
O. C. WIGHT, Principal.
WM. T. EVA, Toucher of the Primary Department.
D. E. GROUX, Teacher of Modern Languages.
K. GIBSON, Teacher of Drawing.
tgf for Circular* apply to tlie Principal, or at the
bookstore of Win. M. Morrison. [uov 24? dtf
Corner of E and Tenth streets, (old Medical Col
lege, second story.)
Iter. JAS. N0UR8E, A. M.,1 ? . . ,
JOS. HARVEY NOUUSE, / 1 rirxcipuls.
Jam. C. Delljctt, AssiKtant.
X. Raoult, (of Paris,) Professor of Modern Languages.
Kach quarter is twelve weeks, commencing severally
September 1, November 24, February 16, aud May 0.
T K U M 8 .
1. Elementary Branches {0.00
2. Pull English course, except Mathematics - 8.60
8. Mathematics, Chemistry, Book-keeping, Ac. - 0.60
4. Latin and Greek, with above ..... 10.60
6. Modern Language* or Drawing, (extra) - - 4.00
A familiar lecture every study-day on Natural Philoso
phy; and on Astronomy, or some other science, every
Friday, by one or other of the Principals.
nov 11?tf
Boarding and Day-School for Young Gentlemen,
comer of K and 14/A streets.
G. P. MORRISON, Principal.
It. P. Latuam, A. M., Professor of Ancient Languages.
Mono. T. Raoult, 44 Modern "
O. S. Keecii, Tutor.
, Teacher of Penmanship.
Messrs. Caeoui and Iardslla, Teachers of Instrumental
Jab. P. McLean, Teacher of Drawing and Painting.
The course of instruction is designed to propare the
student either for business, for the study of the learned
professions, or for entering the higher classes in our col
leges. In every branch of tuition no pains are spared to
render the course as sound and complete as possible. The
usual branches of the academic course are taught, con
sisting of Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, English Gram
mar, Geography, Book-keeping, the Latin, Greek, and
Modern Languages, History, Chronology, Declamation,
Composition, both English and Latin, Grecian and Roman
Antiquities, Logic, Mathematics, Chemistry, Natural and
Mental Philosophy, Music, Drawing, Ac.
T'jrma of board and tuition moderate.
Rot. 8. Pyne, D. D., Rev. J. W. French, Wm. W. Cor
coran, esq., Thomas Ritchie, esq., Prof. A. D. Bache,
Prof. Gales, Chew, M. D., Baltimore, Capt. T. J.
Page, U. S. N., and Capt. G. Blake, U. 8. N.
oct 30?dtf
Under the care of Itev. Alfred Holmead, Rector,
and Mr. Charles Tucker, A. M.
THE DUTIES of this Institution will be resumed on
the 18th of August, in the lower Saloon of Mr. Ca
rusi's building.
In English, Mathematics, Greek, Latin, and French,
the course will be full and thorough. Pupils fitted for
the Counting-room or College. .
The experience of fifteen years, in the management ol
boys, induces the confident belief that the satisfaction ex
pressed-by their numerous former patrons, both in Mary
land and Virginia, will be shared by those who may be
pleaded to entrust the education of their sons to their
For terms and further information apply to the Rector,
the Rev. Alfred Holmead, at his residence on 0th, between
E ?nd F streets. [jy 20?dtf
Very superior old Pinet, Castillon A Co. Brandy, in
. bottles, vintage 1825.
Very superior old Jean Louis Brandy, in bottles, vin
tage 1804.
Very superior old Martell, in wood and bottles, "Lon
don Dock."
Very superior old do- do do pale.
Very superior old Ota-d, Dupey A Co., in wood aud bot
tles, dark and pale. ?
Very superior old Hennessy A Co.. in wood and bottles,
Very superior old Ph. Oodard, in wood and bottles, vin
tage 1838.
Newton, Gordon k Co., old South Side Madeira.
A. Aranzo k Co. do do.
Fine old Reserve k Bual Madeira, in bottles, vintage
1828. These wines are our own importation.
Superior old Golden Sherry, in wood and bottles.
Duff Gordon Sherry, pale do do.
Scotch Malt Whisky, pure and fourth-proof, bottled and
on draught.
Holland Gin, Jamaica Rum, and very superior Old Rye
Whisky, in bottles and on draught.
Mumm's Versenay, in quarts and pint*.
" Heidsick," in quarts and pints. Roth importations,
Renault k Francois and Jos. Engler k Co.
Rheinart, Versenay', in quarts aud pints.
Geislor's Anchor, ltose, at.d other medium Wines.
Sparkling Hock. .
CIGARS of various brands?
Ordinary Havana and London sizes.
44- Our express wagon will deliver goods to any part
of the city free of porterage, sale by
dec 13?MAF12w No. 6, opp. Centre Market.
PI A N < > S. We have for private sale
rV!J'-Uf^rBVerlll *erjr "uPcr'or Piano Fortes, which
dec 16?oo.1t
Will bo sold at very great bargains.
INFALLIBLE Yeast Powder?Just received
from Paston k Merrill, warranted to make light, sweet,
and consequently nutritious bread. For sale by
dec 12?WAFl2w No. 6, opp. Centre Market.
AMERICAN Tract Society's Almanac
Methodist Almanac
Presbyterian Almanac
Baptist Almanac
Poor Richard's Almanac?a reprint of Dr. Franklin's.
Also, the Family, Housekeeper's, Farmer's, Poultry
Breeder's, Uncle Sain's, and German Almanacs. Greeley's
Whig Almanac will be received as soon as out.
??( A. GRAY, 7th St.
doc 12?eo opposite Odd-Fellow's Hall.
SCHOOL BOOKS at Nnv York Prices.
A full assortment of all kinds now in use; and the
best STATIONERY of every variety, for sale by
au 30? 7th street, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall.
To Members of Congress, Citizens, and Strangers !
WM. H. FAULKNER, Shirt manufacturer, south side
of Pennsylvania avenue, opposite the U. 8. Hotel,
would respectfully inform members of Congress, citizens,
and strangers, that he is now prepared to supply them
with Shirts of his own make of superior style and fit.
Those gentlemen that have Ih-cu troubled with bad fitting
Shirts, can, by calling at his Shirt Manufactory, have
Shirts made to their order, which he will warrant to fit
and give satisfaction or no sale. Also on hand a fine as
sortment of Silk and Mirlno Undershirts and Drawers,
Gloves, Collars, Suspenders, Cravats, and every article
suitable for a gentleman's wardrobe, which will lie sold
as low as they can be bought in New York. Thankful
for the Encouragement he has received from the members
of Congress, citizens, and strangers, he now hopes, by a
strict attention to business, and a determination to please,
to merit a continuation of past favors.
WM. II. FAULKNER, Sign of the Shirt.
The only placo in the city where Shirts are made
to ordor. [Intel.] dec 1?tf
those used In the private academics and institutions
in the District of Columbia and adjacent country.
For sale, at New York prices, by
Sep 1? Booksellers, near 0th street.
rilAVLOR A 1?I A ntY, ? Booksellers mid
1 Stationer*, Pennsylvania aveuue, near 0th
street, have constantly on hand a full assortment of
PAPER, of every Tariety, for sale at New York prices.
Episcopal Prayer-books.
Catholic Prayer-books.
Methodist Ifymn-books
Unitarian llymn-tiooks.
Presbyterian Hymn-books.
Baptist Hymn-books. In every variety.
For sale at the published price, by
.Tune 28?tf Booksellers, near Oth street.
ALL of Harper A Brothers' Publications.
All of Appleton's Publications.
All of Putnam's Publications,
Little A Brown's, Boston; ami all books published in
the United States.
* or sale at the publishers' prices by
Jnne 28?tf Booksellers, near 8th st.
RIGHTS to all the IMPROVEMENTS ill manufco
turiug, rectifying, purifying, aud rrttuiug Oil* from
Rtwiu, uid applying the suaiit iu tlie uiauuiaoture of Ma
chinery, Oil, Tamierit' Oil, Paint Oil, Varnishes, Ac., Ac.
ROBBINS'S PATENT.?Guarantied November 4lh,
18frl. Apply to J. D. WALLACE,
Agent for tin; A.saignce, ut E. W. C'aHk'b Newspaper
Agency, THIRD uud VV ALA UT sts., Philadelphia,
dec li>?dim
ANTED TO UENT?A comfortablo house
north of E stroet, suitable for a small family, by
a punotual tenant. A line addressed to H_, stating loca
tion and terms, and left at the Post Office, will be at
tended to. dec 17?4t?
"11/" ANTED?One hundred HORSES and CARTS, I
T V for gelling Ice. Inquire of JNO. PETTIBONE or
MM. MT.-K, Long Bridge. dec 17?it* j
I.^OK HUNT?A very handsome STORK-BOOM,Hit
uutrf-d on the Aveuue, between 8th aud 9th streets,
suitable for a shoe or fancy ttore. for terms apply to
doc 17?3t 3d door from 8th st.
fPO LKT.?Store No. 14, adjoining 8. Eddy's Jew
1 elry Store, near the National Hotel, 1'ennsylvaula
avenue. Inquire of J. P. PEPPER,
dec 111?4t?o? (Intelligencer 3teoj
I/OR RENT?The Room lately occupied by Mr. 8.
I Philips as an agency office, Pennsylvania avenue,
between 4% and Ctli streets, almost opposite Frauck Tay
lor's Book Store. It is a very largo Room, with stove,
lamps, oountor, a partition, aud other fixtures. It can
be rented by the month or by the year.
Also, two splendid Rooms, well furnished?ono as a
parlor and the other ivh a bedroom?on the second floor,
on 4% street, at Mrs. Youug's.
Apply to A. Zappoue, teacher of languages, at Mrs.
Young's, 4% street, near Trinity church. [dec 13?tf
DRESS CAPS, another assortment ju^t received.
Perfumery, Toilet articles, Gloves, Hosiery, Ac., at
dec 11?tr near cor. of Oth st. and Louisiana av.
M1NCE1) MEAT, prepared iu a superior man
ncr, ready for immediate use. Try it. For sale by
dec 12?MWAF3w No. 5, opp. Centre Market.
K W 8ugar Cured Himi, of very superior
quality. For sale by
dec 10?12 wF No. 0, opp. Centre Market.
|7*TRA Mess Shad,?Wo liavo just received a
1 j few New Brunswick extra mess Shad, in half barrels
aud kltts, selected expressly for family use. Fish of this
quality arc quite a rarity hero, anil being packed " nutt "
are quite as cheap as an ordinary fish. For sale by
dec 10?Tu&F8w No. 6, opp. Centre Market.
V - have just received a few boxes, (12 pounds each,) |
very superior. Have constantly on hand several high
grades of Black aud Green Teas, selected with great care,
and of fine quality. For sale by
dec 0?TuAF 12w No. 6, opp. Centre Market.
Y T & Porrin's, for roast meats, steaks, cutlets, chops,
Ac., possessing a peculiar piquancy, and, from the supe
riority of its zest, more genet ally useful t! an any oilier
Sauce. For sale by JNO. B. KIBBEY A CO.,
doc 0?TuKriASatl?w No. 5,opp. Centre Market.
I^XTRA FAMILY FLOUR, of the moat
approved brands, made of Genesee and Virginia
wheat. A few barrels of the celebrated " Hiram Smith"
brand, made of the finest Genesee white wheat, and a first |
premium flour. For sale by
dec 9?TuAF12w ? No. 0, opp. Centre Market.
Of Rich Silks, Cashmeres, Silk Velvets 4* Shawls.
CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY A CO., having determined
to sell out their immense stock of Silks, Cashmeres
and Velvets, will commence from this day to oiler them
at prime cost for cash. In the lot may be found?
Rich Moreen Antiques, rich BrocadeR, Chcno
Figured, plaid, striped, watered, plain colors, and
many other styles of handsome Silks
All the desirable shades of Satins
Also, rich Paris Cashmeres, Mousselines
Printed Flannels, 4-i colored Silk Velvets
Cashmere Shawls and Scarfs.
Members of Congress, strangers, and citizens of the Dis-1
trict are respectfully invited to attend the sales daily, as
wo are anxious to dispose of the entire stock as soon as j
possible. [dec 15?lw
rrUIE particular attention of ladies is requested to the
X following:
20 very superior and cheap Long Cashmcro Shawls
10 Fine Scotch Long Shawls, high colors
30 dozen superior Silk Hose, all grades
10 boxes superior Embroidered Handkerchiefs.
The above, with a variety of other cheap and useful
goods, are worthy the attention of buyers.
Penna. av., opp. Contre Market,
dec 17?lmif [Union] bet. 7th and 8th sts.
HAVENNBR A BRO. are preparing for the approach- I
ing holidays an extensive assortment ot superior
and handsomely ornamented Cakes. The flattering sue- |
cess of our efforts last Christmas induced us to renew our
exertion to please the public, and we fee I confident that 1
we will be able to give satisfaction to all who may lavor
ns with a call. Orders promptly executed.
N. B.?II. A B. keep constantly on hand a supply of |
superior Pastry, which housekeepers will find a great
convenience. Fresh Rusk, Buns, and Biscuit every even
ing for tea, and Bread made from Welch's Premium l'lour.
dec 17?dt2tth I
LADIES, have you tetu those
beautiful Waiter Boots at GRIFFIN'S, on
the Avenue ? They are the prettiest things you
ever saw. Call and see them.
He would also say to the Gentlemen, call and seo his I
beautiful French Opera Boots and Gaiters. They are cer- j
tain Iy the prettiest you ever saw, and cheap at that.
JES~ Call and examine. [dec 15?tr
C^ALiTaT ECKARDT'S, ou the Avenue
j between 12th and 13th streets, and look at his fine
Ornament. lie lights it up every evening for the inspec
tion of the public?it is something handsome.
He has also on hand Fresh Figs, Oranges, Lemon.*,
Grapes, Preserved and Dressed Giuger, together with
everything in his line. It will do you good to see the
1000 lb. Plum Cake ho is preparing for Christmas. He
wants everybody to get a slice. [dec 16?tr
BLACK French Cloths and Cassimeres; black and
colored Silk and 8atin Vestings; green, blue, and
brown Cloths and colored Cassimeres; all of which will
b? sold vory cheap. Also?
100 pieces white, red aud yellow Flannels
6 cases bleached Sheetings and Shirtings
5 bales brown do do
25 pieces Bed Ticking
60 do Satinets, Tweeds, and Jeans
Lambs' Wool Shirts and Drawers
Hosiery, Gloves, Blankets,Counterpains, Shawls, Mous
selaiues, Calicoes, Ac.
Customers will be pleased to give me a call, and I will
pay them for their trouble. M'M. R. RILEY,
oct 10?tr cor. 8th st., opp. Centre Market.
Pennsylvania Avenue, between and 6th streets.
THE SUBSCRIBER takes this method of ln
~Nj?& forming his friends, and strangers visiting the
llA Metropolis, that he has just received from the
?JUL North a very large and splendid assortment of
French and English CLOTHS, CAi-SlMERES and VEST
INGS, and all kinds of Gentleman's Furnishing Goods,
together with a large and superior stock of Ready-made
Overcoats, made up in the best and most fashionable style,
all of which he respectfully recommends and warrants.
Garments of all descriptions made to order, and at tho
shortest notice possible.
dec 0?tf GEO. W. HINTON.
rpHI Subscriber begs leave most respectfully to inform
X his friends and the public generally, that he has
opened on tho south side of Pennsylvania Avenue, l>o
tween 10th and lltli streets, a NEW and FASHIONA
He keeps on hand constantly an assortment of Cloths,
Cassimeres, Vestings, nnd Gentlemen's Furnishing gen
A practical experience for many years, in the principal
cities of Europe, justifies him in promising to satisfy all
those who may favor him with their patronage.
nov 28?Cm G. F. 8CHAFER.
For the Fall and Winter Trade.
IF. MUDD has constantly on band a general assort
. ment of Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, such as
Silk Cashmere and Fancy Velvets, to suit the taste of all.
A fine lot of BlnHi Doeskins and Fancy Cassimeres.
Persons about purchasing Clothing for the winter will
find at his establishment a superior assortment,
""wl well-adapted to their wants.
llA Every artlclo will be niado of tho best materials,
Ull and warranted to give satisfaction.
A flno article of BEAVER CLOTH, for Overcoats, which
will be sold at a bargain, and no mistake.
Call and examine before purchasing elsewhere.
nov 20?tr D street, bet'n 7th and 8th sts.
HF. LOUDON A CO., Men's Mercers and Tailors,
. Brown's Hotel, Pennsylvania avenue, have just
opened their new store with a largo and well-selected
stock of goods for gentlemen's woar, such as Cloths, Cas
simeres, Vestings, and Furnishing Goods generally.
Army, navy, marine, and revenue officers will find an
assortment of the bent Swords, Epaulets, Sashes, l'asssnts,
Laces, and such other articles as the latest regulation of
their respective corps prescribe.
An experience of many years in legitimate Tailoring?
a new and select stock of Goods?a desire to please?with
the cash system to protect customers against"high prices?
are inducement* thst we oiler, and most respectfully so
licit patronage. n?* 17?tf
Giokubtowji, December 18?12 m.
Our river ami canal are both completely
blocked up by ice, from fivo to six inches thick,
and our ice-merchants are all busy filling their
bouses. Everything liko navigation is com
pletely suspended, and but little produce is
coming into market; consequently our wharves
and Water Btreet wear rather a dull aspect.
Foul Chimney.?The chimney of the dwelling
of John Marbury, near the west end of Bridge
street, took fire yesterday afternoon, and the
sparks communicated to the roof and damaged
i it considerably; it was, however, subdued bo
fore it had made much headway.
Owing to the closing up of the canal and
river by ice, there have been no sales of flour
of moment for several days. It remains firm
at [email protected]$4, as in quality. Wheat and corn
The supply of pork from wagons is limited,
and selling readily at $6.81 J, and from stores
at $0.00. Electro.
Willabd's Hotel?E lliggs, N Y; D.W Ilurd,
do; C Kribben, St Louis; E Fornsworth, Detroit;
F Knight, N Y; C C Jones, Phila; S Cob well, do;
W Benson, London; J C Gallahcr, Porto Rico;
Mr Vincent, Phila; G W Doty, N Y.
Brown's Hotisl?Egar T Bentley, Va; G S
Morris, Bait; W L Shepherd, Va; C W Blincoe,
do; W T Weir, do; J W Norton, N Y; R II Jack
son, Mass; E Woods, Bait; I W Denning, N Y;
G W Wysong, Va; C Ballance, Illinois; A R II
Ranson, Va; L Botts and lady, do; E L Whip
ple, Concord; G C Ashton, N Y; E Stem, Ut;
H W Daingerficld, Va; T Miller, Bremeu; A B
Taylor, N Y; W R Jones, Va; J Rider, N Y; W
M Berry, Bait; B G Halsy, La; T W Betts, Phila;
S Gillock,Va;T P Fryatt, do; A W Kirkwood,
Bait; S C Brown and lady, N Y.
National Hotel?J 51 Page, Md; II Bcck,
do; F A Doud, do; Mrs Doud, do; C C Mngru
der, do; Mrs Magruder, do; M N Falls, Bait; J
H Alexander, do; T G Odiorne, Ohio; J 11 Gra
ham, N J; J II Stansbury, Md; C llidgelcy, jr,
do; J II Hoblitzell, do; J G Gallaher; Rev R
Glen, Pa; D Aman; C Paine, Vt; Mr J Hender
son and Miss Henderson; E llall, Bait; R Fur
guson; W Furguson; J R Bateman; W Posey;
T Y Elliott, N Y; A Johnson, Va; J Waterhouse,
do; E Brawner, Madame Bvawner, Maryland;
W F Walker, Miss; J J Mcllay, do; J Good
man, Va; W Ball, Mass; A G Nalle, Va; A
Adams, Ga; J M Bland, N C; D McCormick,
Va; W F Blodgett, NY; R Chen, jr, Va; M
Chamberlain, Ga; A J Summers, do; Van Wick
Wickes, N \r; 11 T Mygatt, do; G Little, Ala;
R J Bradford, N Y; J B Miller, California; B
Cliilds and lady, Md; W B Tillingbast, do; A
Doubleday, Army; J B Framcr, Md; F Arm
strong, N O; W Van Cott, N Y; T Van Cott, do;
E G Allen, Boston; J A Woodbury, do; G W
Longdon, N Y; J J Wright, N 0; Mr Stawns,
London; W W Anderson, Jamaica; Mrs^Jen
kins and sister, Albany; W Humphrey, N Y;
J McDowell, Bait; J C Abbott, N H; A Potter,
Gadsby's Hotel?A W Buell, Detroit; B
Kraft, Pa; J A Egerton, D Vinett, N C; J Hoop
er, Bait; W 11 English, Va; L Gettings, Bait;
T J Howell, N J.
United States Hotel?R Mason, Bait; J H
Read, do; J Ball, do; J F Luckett, Md; E V
Edelin, do; G W Simpson, do; J L Budd, do; J
D Humphrey, Boston.
Irvino- Hotel?C H Myers, Bait; W A Pen
dleton, Va; J II Ifcxmpton, do; II D Carter, R I;
J F Voorhies, Phila; J II Bruce, 0; J Welch, N
\r; 11 Cresmond, Pa; II Campbell, N 0; J Crog
gin, Cincinnati; T 0 Daly, Boston; T H Bell,
Md; L Marlow, Port Dep; II C Smith, N Y; G
L Hart, Bait; II Carrington, Alex; H G Oliver,
Va; G H Hartwell, R I; Wm S Comstock, N Y.
Presents for the Holidays.
WE HAVE a handsome assortment of 'Dry Goods,
suitable for presents for the approaching festive
season, to which your attention is invited.
YERBY 4 MILLER, Pcnna.avenue,
dee 17 lm bet. 7th and 8th sta.,opp Centre Market.
]^IlKNCH SAUSAGE?Jutt received, imported
* and for sale by JNO. B. KIBBKY * CO.,
| dee 9?TuAFSw No. 6, opp. Centre Market.
Offict, 1 Todd's Budding, cuijoining Urown's IIuUI,
Waskinuton Cut, D. C.
Cash Capital - - - - $300,000,
{All paid in and securely invested,) betides a large
WILL insure Merchandise, Dwellings, Household Fur
niture and other property, anywhere in this IHs
trict or tlf. adjoining States, on the most favoruble terms.
The public may rest assured that all losses sustained
by this company will be liberally and promptly lufjusted
at their office in this city.
ISAIAH BLOOD, President.
T. C. MOROAN, Vice President.
P. J. Avert, Secretary.
J as. A. Kequa, Assistant Secretary.
SAMUEL B. H1CKCOX, General Agent.
JOHN L. EVANS, Agent for
dec 9?tf Washington city and adjacent country.
HATS. FUltS, &C.
W. B. TOD1), Halter and Fur
I rier, tenders his compliment* to liis friends]
? find customers, n n * I iutornis Lheiu that helm
re-entered his former premises, now appearing us the West
kkx Stoke in the Now Marble Hotel Building of the
Messrs. Brown, where lie will be ple:ised to ljeejve his
city and country acquaintances, trusting that his new
bufineusarrangements may tend to add to the satisfactory
intercourse experienced in tho old stand for the past
twenty-one years, and hopiug that an increased and
continued acquaintance may be mutually plessant and
profitable. __ _ nov lift?tf_
Hats, Caps, and Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods
Just Received.
r~*, BE KB K'5 superior New York style of llfcls^**^
m and Caps; Philadelphia, Paris, anil Ixindon/^fcjja
beautiful and much admired; Washington
style Slouch Hats, of every style mid rrlce; Children s
Knncv llats and Caps, in pleasing variety. Also a Isrge
and elegant assortment of Gentlemen's Fancy Good* and
Toilet Articles.
Gentlemen in wsnt of the at>ove articles are most re
spectfully invited to call and examine my stock, which is
now complete, and of superior quality, at moderate prices.
New Hat, Cap, and Gentlemen's Furnishing
dec2?3w] Establishment, Pa. av., bet. 4'/i A 0th sts.
Express Mail Line from Baltimore to PitUburg.
(Through in tuvvty-twi and n half hour* )
' I Ml 18 Line to Pittsburg over the Baltimore and Susque
I hanna and Pennsylvania Central Railroads is now
lit successful operation. By it passengers leave Baltimore
at 714 p. m. (half an hour after the tiuio of arrival of the
evening train from Washington) and proceed to llarris
burg, where they are transferred to the Central Hnilroad
train, and proceed immediately on without dflay. cross
ing the mountains in daylight, and arriving in riltsburg
attip. ni. tho day after starting. The entire distance Is
performed by railway, with the exception of 2* mdes,
which is done in first class coaclics. ,
Leave Pitisburg in the cars of the Central Railroad at i
a. tn., and arrive at Ilarrisburg at 4 the next morning,
where the Kxi ress Train of the Baltimore and Susque
hanna Kailronil will be in waiting, and proceed Immedi
ately on tn Baltimore, arriving there at 8. a. in., in time
for tho train to Wa?hlngton, which leaves utJv* "? "J
This route is as reliable as any offered to the public.
Fare through (either way) $11.
For tickets apply to the Ticket Agent of the Baltimore
and Susquehanna Railroad Company, fct Calvert 8-ation,
Baltimore, or the Ticket Agent of Pennsylvania Central
Railroad Company, Pittsburg. ALFRED GAIT Hi It,
dec l:i-dlm Suj>erlntendent of Transudation.
*v ^ W K would invite the Ladies to c:JI and examin
our extensive Stock of OrMin, Blue, fctid lilftck
Watered, Bordered and Lined Silk and Putin lure
PARASOLS?tho largest assortment In the District, at
areatlv rtnlucnd priceR. _ . .
Also a choice selection of UMBRELLAS, all of the latoft
fashion, and the work warranted.
JUST RECEIVED?a handsome variety of Silks anu
Scotch Ginghams for re-eovering.
?#-Repairing and Covering faithfully and punctually
executed A. CORB1T * CO.,
may ft? 6m ? Fenn avenue, near 4 % street.
ius rtiei - ? ? 7b. 13m. | HiuwU ? ? - 4b 40m
An 1mmtiNot Castiko.?An iron drum weigh
ing nearly nine tons, twelve feet in diameter,
eight feet high, and un average of one und
three-eighths inches thick, wus cast on Satur
day last, at the foundry of Freeman Wood,
esq., in Rockaway.
Fohkion Tradk or the Sooth.?The move
ment to secure a direct trade between Amster- 1
dam aud Mobile is beginning to assume a defi
nite shape. Mr. Baylor, I). S. Consul at the
former place, is the European agent, and Messrs.
Harrison and Robinson arp organizing the mat
ter in Mobile.
The South and the whole country will owe
Mr. Baylor many thanks for his able and faith
ful prosecution of this subject. Railroads
through the Southern States, and merchant j
ships from their harbors, will, within a few
years, work wonders for the South.
The young ladies at the Utica (N. Y.) Female
Seminary were a few days since dosed with tar
tar emetic by a malicious cook. The eineses
?were copious, and the cook herself was thrown
up and has not since been heard of.
At Capo May it is contemplated to have a
very large hotel next season?large enough to
entertain about fifteen hundred persons.
At Old Point Comfort they will no doubt do
quite as well in the way of improvement and
J8?j5"*Tlie bridge at 10th street will soon be
passable. J'he gas pipes are waiting to pass
over it. As soon as it is completed, they and
the beauty and intelligence of our city will lend
their light to the Smithsonian, and wc shall en
joy some delightful evenings within its halls.
At its Old Tricks.?We haven't seen the
Philadelphia Sun for three days?and of course
we feel a little cool.
DIf.. JOHN RICHARDS, lute of Alexandria,
Virginia, having located himself in Washington,
olfurn his professional service? as a practitioner of Surgery
and Medicine.
On Penn. Av., below 3d street, near Adams A Co's Ex
press Ofllce. dec 2?3awlm
Notice to the Citizens of Washington.
rpUE BOARD OK ASSESSORS hereby give notice that
X tliey will meet daily at their room in the City Hall,
from ten o'clock a. in. to two o'clock p. m., from the 16th
to the 81st day of December instant, inclusive, Sundays
and Christmas day excepted, for the purpose of correcting
any errors that may b(t pointed out in the lists of persons
subject to a school tax for the year ending on the 31st day
of the present month, (December,) and of adding thereto
the names of any jmrsons subject to the said school tux
which may have been omitted therefrom.
The Board would particularly call the attention of all
to the fact that no person can vote next year at any elec
tion in this city whoso name has not been returned as
subject to the school tax for this year. Every free white
male citizen of this city of the age of twenty-one years aud
upwards would therefore do well to see whether his name
be on the said lists, und, if omitted, to give notice to tbe
Hoard of Assessors, that it may be added and returned for
this year. T. F. IIARKNESS, I
dec 12?eot31J DA\ID Hfcl'BUKN,
Pennsylvania avenue, have just received
from English and American manufacturer* |
large uddltlons to their stock, making
their assortment very complete.
Also on hand, Bar Iron of all Kites, Steel, Axles, Cart
and Wagon Boxes, Hubs, Springs, Zinc, Tin, Lead and
Ixjad Pipe, Rooting Tin, Wire, Copper, Bras?, Cut and
Wrought NailH and Spikes, Ac., Ac [nov 28?eo3w*
SEYMOUR, Bridge street,
O doors east of High. street,
Georgetown, B.C., Respectfully
annouuoes to the ladies that he has for inspec- j
tion and sale a splendid and varied selection of Fresh
London, Paris and American FURS, of late aud beautiful
patterns, as follows:
Fitch Flat Boas and Cuffs to match
Stone Marten <lo do do
Rock Marten do do do
Mexican Sable do do do
Fitch, Rock Marten, Gcnett, White Krmine, Swan
down, aud Black Lynx Vktorines aud Muffs
Children's and Misses' Fur Uoods in the greatest va- j
riety and styles.
Prices very moderate.
French and American FELT BONNETS, for Ladies and
Misses?wry low. A call is solicited, at
dec 3?lm] Fashionable Hat, Cap and Fur store.
KOSSUTH may be expected hereduily, and ladies wish
ing to receive him In proper costume may find a new
style of Kossuth CAP at
dec 8?tf Penna. av., bet. 6th and Tth sts.
rpo THE LADIES I?Jus* opened at STEVENS'S,
X Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel, ano
ther supply of Colored Plush lion nets, Ribbons, Lace aud
Dress Trimmings. [dec 8?tf
re-opened an office for the transaction of law and
agency business, on F street, near the Department of the
Interior, and nearly in roar of Willard's Hotel, where he
boards. dec 9?3in
rpHE UNDERSIGNED respectfully informs the citizens I
1 of Washington that he liasopeneda JOB PRINTING I
OFFICE, corner of D and 8th streets, where he is prepared
to execute every description of Job Printing; and he
hopes to be aide to give satisfaction to tboeo who may
favor him with their orijers.
Cards, Handbills, Notice*, Insurance Policies, Bank
Checks, Labels, Pamphlets, Ac., printed nt short j
W tgHiNQTox, Sept. 13,18*1.
tj- Any orders lefVat the office of the American Trie? I
ffrajih will he promptly attended to. sep 13?tf
JOHN MILLER, Confectioner,
Between 10<A and 11 th streets, J'enna. avenue,
forms his lricnds aud enstomers, and the public geu- ,
erally, that he lias on hand atid is daily receiv inn a choice
assortment of almost every article in his liuu of business,
to which he culls their attention, lie would enumerate j
in part the following, which are all warranted of the first I
quality, viz:
Large size Pyramid Cakes, Fruit Cakes
Pound Cakes, fine Cakes of all kinds
Candies ol every description, variety, and flavor
Sugar Plums, Almonds, Raisins, Filberts, Walnuts,
comprising a general assortment.
To the ubove, J. M. is prepared to sdd the following,
which can benr the highest commendation, viz:
(jrecti Peas, Asparagus
Mushrooms, Truths
Green Corn. Stewed Tomatoes
Pickles of every variety, Tomato Catsup
Brandy Fruits, Peaches
Preserved Fruits, very rich
Preserves of all kinds, Currant Jelly, Ac.
J. M. is well prepared to ftirnlsh Balls. Parties, Ac., at
the shortest notice, and in a style which cannot fail to
please, as is well known U> many In this metropolis,
dec 12?
A FINE as<orUnentvf Guitars, Violins, Accor
deous, Flutinos, FluU's, Kxnjos. Tnmbourines,
J"*Instruction Bot>U?, Ac., Ac., for sale < heap ut
II1 LBUS'fl Musical Depot.
South side Pa. av., noxt to cor. of 10th st.
XT6 A fresli supply of Violin and (iuitar Stilng* just
received. dee tt?tr
|)ERFI'M K It V?Such as Double Extract Cologne,
1 l.uhin's, PiverV and other Extracts, together with a
tine assortment of foaps. Pomatum, and Shaving Creams.
##~Call at the Musical Depot, south side of Pennsyl
vania avenue, next to the corner of loth street.
dec 9? tr GEORGE HI LRUS.
A HATCH, jr., would respectfully call the attention
J\, . of his friends ami the public generally, to hi* as
sortment of LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, Ac , which he war
rant* to be the most, choice and select that has ever been
offered to the Washington public: consisting in part of
the Patent Doublo Deflector Solar Lamp, which for light
and lieauty Is unsurpassed by any other that has ever
been invented; also, (ilrandoles, Campliine, aud Etherial
Oil Lnmps, In great variety.
A. II. would respectfully solicit the public to give liim
a call, feeling assured that his assortment cannot (iiil to
please the most fastidious.
dec 2 9if C st. nearly opp. Bank of Washingtop.
JOSEPH NICHOLSON, proprietor, opposite Ray's Mill.
Here may be hail, st Ml tiiftes, all kinds of Oak, Pop
lar, Hickory, and Walnut Lumber, Oround Plaster in
any quantities, and all kluds of smithing and machine
work done to order, and on the most reasonable terms,
oct 4?SAT3m
T1 .".IKS. D'VOUNG rc?[H." .fully nuuuiuiwr to the
\jjli.di>? ui Washington tl:H* she hk< taken a store on
.. VPennsylvania avenue, opposite the I'nited State
Hotel, where her splendid aaeuitqMUt of PAULS MILLI
NERY will he opened <>a Saturday, the 13th iosuiil.
Her stock of LAD1KS DKKSK OOODH embraces ml the
latent patterns froni Paris. among which are Embroidered
Handkerchiefs, Lace Collars and Sleeve*, with set to
mutch; Valeaciene, French Cups, Bodice,et#.,etc.,which
she will dispose of at moderate rate*,
Pcuna. av., bet. 3d and 4l .j ots.,
dec Mf opposite U. 8. Hotel.
ON 81 X'fH STilKfcT,
Xr/ir the corner of Louisiana avenue, H'asMngton,
Aro visited daily by crowda of Ladies, aud her pattern
Bonnets are pronounced the prettiest in the District
iler large and beautiful assortment of DB ESS CATS
U the best in the city, and in well worth examination.
Added to the above is a complete outlit fcr a LADY'S
I01LK1', l.aoes, E'nt broideries, Edgings, Cambric and Mus
lin 1'louncings, SilR and Velvet Dress Trimmings, Ac., 4c.,
and Fancy Goods in general, which ure hold at ucrnoiino
duting prices. Msr Aim. Siik aud Merino 11001)8.
Store on SlX'l'll 8TKKET, near lxiulslauu av.,
dee. 2?tr Hear of the National aud Brown's Hotel*.
Attention, Chewera and Smokers !
^WNER'ri popular Cigar and Tobacco stand in well
supplied with the best Havana* aud I'riucipoH.
Also a splendid lot of Chewing Tobacco, to which hu ex
tends a cordial invitation to his friends aud to gentlemen
of taste generally. sep 9?tr
RADWAl'S Chlnete Aledicatcd Soap I
This is the best Bpecilic ever used tor the removal
and permanent cure of all lilcmlsheg, Krupiious and Dis
figurement of the 8kin. For sale at
dec 11?tr ELIOT'.S Dnuu Stout.
JIjS'1' RKCICl V K I>?Another assortment of lion
net Bilks, fSutius aud Velvets, which will Ihi bold low
tor the cash. P. J. STEVENS,
dec 8?tf] Opp. lJrown's Hotel, bet. Oth and 7tli sts.
(Writing of all kinds carefully executed.)
43" Private instruction, or classes In schools, on most
reasonable terms. "&J0i
ROOM?Ninth Stejskt, neab. E.
dec If?3m
Fruits, Confections, <J-c.; Wines, Liquors, Ha
vana Seyars, .J-c.
J AS. T. LLOYD Intending to remove from his present
place of business, will sell his stock of goods, com
prising principally the above-named articles, cheap lor
cash. Tills is no humbug, as a great many similnr adver
tisements are. He will sell cheap for cash; but docs not
say less than cost.
Conic and see for yourself, us ho is desirous of closing
out immediately. JA8. T. LLOYD,
dec 13?tr l'enn. ar., 8 doors cast of 15th st.
TO CAPITALISTS seeking GoocMnvestments.
<HiQQft ruin B1X PBK UfcNT. STOCK for sale.?
<)POOiJThe Bank of the Union offers lor
sale the ubove amount of six per cent, stocks, most of
which are coupons, and running twenty-flvo years, inter
est payabli* at this liank or iu New York city. The fol
lowing stocks are offered:
$3,600 Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (preferred) Bonds
$1,100 Corporation of Washington six per cent.
$1,000 Chesapeake aud Ohio Cunal, guarantied by the
State of Virginia
$1,000 City of Nashville
$1,000 Little Miami, seven per ccnt.
$1,000 United States, and $220 Corporation of Wash
ington, five per cent. [dec 16?tf
EXPRESSES his thanks to those friends
who during the past year have extended to
him so liberal a share of patronage, and
would respectfully-inform the public that he
still continue* the practice of his profession iu all its
Artificial Teeth inserted on Gold and Silver plate, or on
pivots. Also?Killing, KiB?g, clcansing and extracting
performed In a manner warranted to give general satis
faction. My work guarantied, and terms reasonable.
Kif A superior article of TOOTH-POWDER, prepared
by the subscriber. 4
OFFICE, Utermehle's row, Seventh street, near the
Northern Liberties market-house.
N. B.?The superior quality of my work can bo attested
by the most satisfactory references.
nov 17?lm J. W. C.
I^AGLE, Ellsler, Merry Andrew, Steamboat, and fine
li French Playing Cards.
Also?I'ort Monnaies, fine and plain, suitable for holi
day presents.
One very fine Accordeon, of superior tone, unsurpassed
by any in this city.
Can eh?Whalebone, Malacca wood, rattan, and hickory.
Oerman pipes, Pocket Looking-glasses, Fine Shaving
Soap, Shaving Brushes, Ac., 4c. For sale by
dec 8?tr Pa. av., 3d door east of 15th st.
JL'ST EKCK1VKD from the North, at
the old-established Variety Store, l'enn- j
sylvania aveuue, next to the corner of j
fiUulU street, a general assortment of the above-named
articles, consisting in part of?
Table Cutlerj', fine and common '
Albata Ware, Shovels and Tongs
Coal-hods, of copper and iron
liocks, Butt Hinges, Screws, Ac.
Feather and Bristle Brushes, of all kinds
Clocks, at from $2 to $0 each, together with a collec- '
tlon of miscellaneous goods, among which are many artl- |
cles not to be found in any other store in the city, all of \
which are offered as low as articles ol the same quality can
be purchased in the city.
nov 26?lm GEOltGK SAVAGE. |
JOHN D. CLARK has removed his Magistrate's, No
taut Public, and Oeneral Agency Orncr., to Twelfth j
street, third door south of Pennsylvania avenue. Sol
diers' Claims for Land, Back I'ay, Extra Pay, Pensions, j
Claims before Congress and the Departments, promptly 1
attended to at moderate charges. Persons at a distance '
may explain tlicir claimsi (post paid,) aud suitable forms |
will be sent back with instructions. sep l'J?6m !
For Couyhs, Colds, lirouchitU, Asthma, etc.
rpillS INVALUABLE CANDY has the extraordinary j
L property of immediately relieving Ci/f(//<*, colds,
hoarseness, difficulty of breathing, brimdiUis, asthma, aud |
hUtkiness iif the. throat. It operates by dissolving the con
gealed phlegm, consequently cau-ing a fieo exptciorstion.
Those who are troubled with that uupleaaant tickling
in the throat, which deprive-, them of reft night after ,
night, by the Incessant cough which it provokes, will, by
using this Caudy, find immediate rebel.
The nubocrilier, in presenting this Caudy to publir no- ,
lire, wishes to be expressly understood that he does not
claim for It uny miraculous curing properties, nor does no
present it with a long siring of ocrttfleaiM of reooinun n
dation. as he considers these altogether needless.
This Candy I* com)?sed of *i> simple, ingrerlients. prin- I
ripnlty of herbs, which are known to be very cflicncioiis in |
tin- cure of disea.'iM rurultiug fiom colds, and fouic of ?
which, Ix'ing rather nauseous in their natural stale,
would deter many from resorting to th?yii: but. when
made Into a candy. l>eeomu palutable, without losing any
of their valuable properties.
It has been prepared at the suggestion of one of our '
most eminent physicians, and has been used by many of
hi* and my personal friends with signal success, and at
whose earnest solicitation I have Is-en induced to enter
largely into it* manufacture, assured by him and them j
that when generally known and tried it will supersede all
the various cough candies and mixtures now in u.-e. |
As for myself, I tin confident, from the ingredients of ;
which It Is composed, that, should it not effect an entire
cure, it can do no injury even tr> the most dc'iade in \
health, and therefore have no hesitancy in introducing it
to the citisens of Washington and vicinity.
Directions for tss: Lse one stick per day?in the
morning before breakfast, in the middle of the day, and at
night on going to bed. Price 12j^ cunts.
Prepared and for sale, wholesale and re1 all, by
(?. GAVTIBR, A la Vllle de Pari*,
dec A?lm Corner Penna. av. and 11th st.
WII1TEHURRT8 new and ex
tensive U A LLKl'.Y OF PHEMIC M
Store of Duvall A Bit)., letween |
4*<?atel 6thstreets, Pennsylvania ,
S uauory oomTTsos many advantages orcr others,
Mug built on the second floor, and arrange.l expressly i
for this purpose. It contains one of the largest sky- j
lights in Ibis country, ami Is the most extensive and I
finest south of llaltimore. It possesses every fccilltr for j
copying Paintings or Daguerreotypes, not Laving its su
perior in the world?where may l?c obtained btaStlftil
and highly-finished DaftMfreotypcahi all weather, though |
cloudy is preferable, except Tor children. Post mortem ,
ca^es promptly attended to.
Awarded the first medal at tlic late Fair of the Mary
land Institute.
Galleries.?No. 20.V Baltimore street, Baltimore; -U7
j Broadwav, Xew York; Pennsylvania avenue, Wasldtig
i ton, D. C.: 77 Main street, I ichinond, Va.; Lynchburg,
! Va.: Norfolk. Va ; and Petenburg, Va.
tf These. Galleries are open free to the public, at all
hours of the day.
sep 26? tf J. II. WH1TEHUKRT, Sole Proprietor.
(~10NTlNtJTt8 TO PRACPrtSE LAW In the Supreme
J Court; to attend to cases before CoiigWSS ; to prote
I cute claims and settle account# against the De( axtmont*
I and Boarilaof OomnliuMlfs; to procure patents at home
i and abrosd; to obtain pensions and bounty lands; to
collect debts, dividends, legacies, and Inheritances, l'i
any part of the United States, snd iu foreign countrios;
to make investments of lumlH in loan* and sto-ks, atid
on bond and mortgage: and to negotiate the Purchase
aud sale of loans, lands and patent rights, In any >tateo
the Union. Particular stU ntion paid to California land
title cases coming up to the United States Supreme Court
Communications, prepoitl, addressed to W. G. fnethen,
6 Carroll PIt?o?, Capitol Ilill, >Vft?hington, D. 0., will raect
with prompt attention. oct 27?Jly
"NONE .NJBtiJ Dl.tPAlR.?
All mutt admit Hurt i^rer ha* best j/tten tut:h a matt <?
</rnuin/ UUiBioi,jf it, futor of any itfer medicine. (tit*
u a iruit / It ourtt when all other rcuttuiej hate fuilui.
ureuter tceiyhl uj IttUmumy autnUUeyiitn?frvm ItuJirel
??til in urn country.
UA1.TIMOB*. Sept. 18, 1851.
'va,"t'v : * full aiul satisfactory trial of the
uiidi.inc pre) noil by you, aud very gunerally known um
Ui^uijuou a Wgetabi# Tincture, which .you if com
vr^t^.? ^ Um""' " relk,r '"r ,Le drb,lKy end general
? S the result or taking three bot
rihu ll .^ Wou,1it'"u' compound haa, 1 a in pU-aaed to say,
S,! S.'^ratk.n of.trentftl.7a koe? apatite, and
"in" *hkh I have uot mjoyud for a long
tbut i 1 of ?? v,rlu**otiuuim^uSi
friends and to iSMt^
"'wy;;vaf l'" ?
Respectfully, J0H jt hTAPLKTON,
Muwira. Mortimer X Mowbray,'
MORK IfOMK TKBTIMONY.?N0N15 Ni ni iimdjvd
., ? , I'ALTJMOKK, fttiL't. 13. 1861
JuT'h frtTr Tblsl.to
lou* alt "h I y,:Ur i!,4:i ' wu* with a II' r
tZ u, fc.ll;'u'?""'""IImhic- of Dyspepsia or Indiac*.
hk;u ;;;';v,j',;,iur' w"uu ?iurW
mind I ,tn SS* w,'r,' hoth of bodv and
^rVai'a1:,ut ih
"top ill ?0U,U door or'nlley (!, W""iJ
t?f frequent palpitation*; anil, from wh'ut I couid'leVi'n'
supposed had disease. rj' IU, heart, Vum Cm,
tressiug pains about the mme; as u so rnv ebeif , .,i i
JoU."n-U.? latter being muul, distended " ;
of in.y dUorder 1 Id neither , at, lr wft withal
1 found I had attoxcellent appetite, and could i.artnkn
>1 any food, which J could not do fbr vears. JI.
without the most distressing sematUms. 1 now enjoy
uninterrupted g.aid health, aud have done no forThc iu.t
ix years ; and wuuM ,ay to all alilictod as 1 ha,? I,, , ,,
n*!?. U i > lT l"'(ju',"'"H' ut"' try Hampton's VeaetaUe
nnct or.. Any lulornwtiou U ?,de this but nioa^io de
','1"VV'U U,Blv,\n ''lieerfully for l|u: U;ne
3UCII'A CAlt?v
Mr^tTli m" '"h V' f{""'''ray~<h *U?M : The curi'of
Ir. lCobert Oault by tlie use of three bottles of Hamo
.0118 \e?BUbio liueture, as per his certilicato, is,l thinlT
ilmost unprueedtiib d. Hit cam of extremely exrruciatiuir
luffering from Chronic Inflammatory JUieumatUm'camf
nimodiately under uiy own observation, through the last
four years, which 1 considered entirely hopeless, 'i'liroueh
uy earnest perb.,,,.,i?n, he was induct to try yonrin?5i!
wblu Tincture. 1 was prompted to remark <?t the time
Lhat jf medicine would cure .Mr. tiault, it c-rUdnly would
remove mountains. lhe know ledge of this miraculous
-tirecompels mo to consider it a duty I owe to the uftlicted
and particularly to those with complaints like his) to
rtiake generally known tlie healing power of this truly
wondertul medicine. Yours, most respectfully,
JAAliJrf 1\ MKR1UTT,
, IIAMPTON'S TraoruRE i, 2"J^Z^r'L'
.looa?will curi) fM'rotuU, Rheumatism, Colds, Cough,
biver Complaint, Diseases of the Throat and Breast, ic.- ?
n certain relief in all nervouM complaints.
As a female medlciije il W no TliouhandH will
bless the hour tliey ever heard of it. Call on our agent*
n id get pamphlets with cerUfloatea of wonderful cures
ulso the history of the medicine gratis.
, , , General Agents, Ualtimore St.
Also for sale by C. Stott & Co., Washington, D C
Joseph Moffett, 7tb st., near U.
. 0 Ciw*ell. Georgetown,
oct -1?3mtr C. C. Berry, Alexandria, Va.
1000 T?'VS,f I,!cJ 11011 White A^' Coal, Of every
, desirable size, and of the best quality.
Together with Cumberland Coal.
Also, a good supply of Hickory, Oak and 1'ir.e Wood
Call and examine our stock of Coal; It is (we believe)
the largest and 1-eM in the city, and will be sold al such
prices as to make it the interest of all to L'ivc vu a call
previous ^purchasing.
v n a0, c?r,ll'r of 12"> ?tre. t aud Canal,
nr. ' B-"70rd',r'' for W otxl or Coal left at the store of Mr.
Wimsatt, corner of 13th street and l-enusylvania avenue,
win lMi nnmodi&U'ly atteD'ied to. [dec 8 tKob2:).
Cor. 4J street and J'cuna. Avenue.
J11"?, I'tOl'KlKTORd of this Bstablishiuent rnpect
? fully announce ,0 the Public that they are prepared
to exhibit one of the large-t stocks of Ready-made Clothing
in the city, having eularg.-d our ytore U. such aa extent
that it surpass ?ny similar Establishment in the Bis
owu'rirfMn^r advantage of being supplied from our
own Clothing Manufactory iNorth, we can offer indu<.>
mentsthat will satisty the purchaser U.st we not only
keep the bo?t and largest variety, but at the ?ame time
fifty per cent, less than goods can be got elsewhere
our itock. th<'' alt!nUon of ,he Pub,ic 10 ? portion of
Overcoats of the late t styles, all colors
Fine lwaek Overcoat?, fine Blue do
Fine Brown Overcoats, tine Olive do
All shades of Drab; Overcoats lor servants
Looje Sack*, all colors, lateft style
Business Coats, a la1(*e varietjHunting Coats
Blue f<acks, very rich; Double Overcoats, (.omethinz
new; line Dress and Frock Coats.
fine Doeskin I'ants; plain and striped Pants, a large
variety; Cassinet Pants: Tweed do
Grey Cassimcre I'ants: Vests of all finalities.
buys and vuutiis'cia>tmino.
B0^v^.yrthr,CI?thi1nf',he in U'O
city, at prices to astonish.
Call aud cxMUiiix* for younu-lvos.
03fmDon't forget tlie place. net 24 t f
^ Important to Dyspeptics!
DE. KOUtfluoVS _i t Dr.4.8. HOUOHTON'S
'< ? Av I'M#IN, the. 1 rut Dilifi
' iLt'<eJ'".'li:,/,{)r(j,i*lricJiiict,
prepared from Kuttr. cr
the I on.ru SxoHAcn oi th?j
Ox, utter din-eiions of
Baron Ur.twi, the great
s. Pbyt-inb^icai chemist, l?\
' I oV< i 11 Tt I.N, M. v.,
Ph'isdoipbia. Thi-Utru.T
? WuntJerlVll remedy f.P IN DIG I;.-? II ON, IlVsl'Kl'BlA
lltltll rrv"" UV'H Sl)M,,,"iINT' < ONSl'IPA'i ION nr.d'
IU.BII.IiY, curing after Nature's own mctiiod, bv .Sa
in re s own agent?tlie Gastlic J lie*. Ht/- Pbuuhlet.
containing sclentIfir evidence of iu tbIuc, turnisb<d by
agents gratis. For sale by
nov lo?tf J. F. CAtLAN.
,, W4su:s?ior, Juguai,1K,\.
^IH. After conrnlting mauy nersoos int. rested in the
v Railroads In th< United SI Ie?, the under
signed propose to establish agendas In this .Ityai.d in
New York, for the purpo-e of colhuting full and authen
Uc Railroad sUtist,(J< and such other Information as will
enable them to serve persons de.iring to invest in Rail
road securities, or to procure information of any matU rs
..""'"" '?'d ">e construction ami a<!minisir?tion ..f
Railroads. 1h-y also projoms aepecUlly, to urge upon
Congress a modifb ation of tlie laws relating to contracts
for carrying the mail, so as to authorize the Post Gfflce
Department U, contract for the perpetual use of Railroads,
and, instead of paying, as now. quarterly on .. ntrncts for
four years, to advance iu five per cent, bonds of the United
Mates, Chargeable upon the revenues of the Pi.st Office
Department, an amount, the Interest upon *1 ieh at ti i?r
?-nt. would ei|ual the pay manU i. w made. 1
The Government now- pays <::> u per mile for carrying
the mail on flrst-claas Railroads. This l? fi lereenUon
i ?n,|, islgnod would urge that, insu ad of pay
ng $.Xkl a mile, per am,urn, the I?epi,rtui< nt should de
lner, on a contract in perpetuity, five *i,UUtl U.iids
bearing an interest of bve ,, r c .num. At this rat.- .be
f tff??up0n l.-'' ^Hflment would Is; reducxl from ?:,i o
to t--.>0 n mile, )s r annum, and the ?:,(? ? ni.le saved
wou d create^a sinking fund, Which will. ,n a tew years,
pay off the bonds, and give the use of such r< ?.| f,.r. ver
thereafter ree of all charge; tb. r^.v ell.-cung a ,ast
ssv.ng on t.i;. present annusl expondituies of the l.it
? Ik-purtment, and a cons, .,neut reduction of the
rat< s of i>ostage.
i he effect will bo no less advsr.'.agi ous to IUilroa<l c?m
I panics than to the Government. For instance, such a
| contract would give to ibe Baltimore aud Ohio liailioad
! Company uiom than $2,tXHi.0t)0, which would enable that
) company to complete its road at an early day, and gitallv
increase its business and profits.
Hut to flwe' objections ai d impress the public mind
with a proper tense of the ben, fit* to result from this
: nieasme will re.,tiire e,i,,r?.it of acUon ami continued
! active effort, through the ji.,s ?n.l otfurwlse. The un
dersi^ned tender their services to your eomj any, ouect
I ing a reasonable comiiensatl n, partly coining, nt r.wn
i the siiccss of tlie rn.v-.stir.>; and respeetflilly suggest ibe
J prop!i?ty of your sending oto or m< re ddrgates to this
e,tv on the first W-dre?lay in D,.emb,r net, to confer
wit.i delegates Iroui other (.uilro^d companies es t,( ,i,,
; details of the proiiosed arrangement end the Ltd ui< . of
[ bringing the subject b fore Congress. * "" u< ol
Should It be your pic enure to iu-. pt of rnflp services in
thl? matter, we Wbl promptly atUndtO all f (l?> bu inesg
' ,Wil~ .rU' .?r ?V0U,' Ct,?l?"y..?:o- have with the Pert
OfBco Department, or other branch of lb. Onvtrt m. nt
Hoping to hd.r from you at your carMct convent, noe.
we are, respectfully, your obedient ?< rvtints,
_ ? . DUKFtiHKEN,
I nor 29?tf BUN. E. GREEN.

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