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The Wichita daily eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1890-1906, April 17, 1890, Image 5

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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glxc ISJicftita gaxltj gagle: glntrsctatj XxmhxQ, &yxxl 17, 1890.
M 31 Mcnnor-K,
Business Manager
Publishers and Proprietors.
All letter perHlnlnc to tlio business of tlie print
ing department 01 bmderv or for adtcrtilne
fcliould Ik? aIlres' to the business manager all
other communication" to the editor
The onlj lail; paper In '-outuv cstern Kansas or
the Arkansas A ilie receiving both the aa and
altht .As'-oclate I'ress Imports in XU
In Advance Postage Prepaid
Daily, one copv one vear
Pally one copv, six months..
Pallv, one iop, thiee. tnontns
Ilailj.iHHMopj ont-montli .
Three time a -week, anv days desired, per r
Ihree tiire-a week an dav s desired, siv mo
-iiim1h Kditlon ! pawes, one f op onevear
tuuda) Lilt.on lOiiages, oneiojn, six mouths 1 io
One copy, one jear . fi Oft
One cop,fclx months , 50
ltemlttance raj lw made at onr rlsK eithf r h
draft, express express money order, postofliteord r
( - reeinterel letttr Monej sent in an other iv
in at the ri.K of tie person scmlinc It Me pt-ortk-e
-iildres in full, ineludltifr state and roiintt if
undress lb to be change, Eie old address a ill as
v r KirKs 1 Tir riTi i vr sent bus
Tbt EAGLr 1 delivered bj carriers in W .chlfa
n ud ail subuHis at ) cents a w eek The paptr mn
le ordered bv postal caid or by IcJephon (No 7ti)
and will oesened earlv rnl ifgnlarh Irreru!arit
of "-erilce or change or Hlit- should be reported
Immediately 10 Tur r am t office
( ountincr Hoora.. ... No 76
Editorial Room - No S
to APVFBTisms
Onr rates of advertisinp shill be as low as t'ioeof
an other paper of equal -value as an adiertislns
ii editim
All transient adA ertlements most bepakl for in
Hntertii In the postomce at "Whita as second,
class matter and enured for transmission through
the mails as such
t .astern of!iM at Room 4s! Trilwine Bnildtnp Nes
"Sork City and 09 'The Poker. flu iffo, where
elicontmctfl for foieiun cerlisinc will lie mule,
and where ni of the paper tan be seen fa C
IJeckw-Jtb. An nt
headers of rtw Farv iiben i Vew vrk City
or Chicago can see opies of the paper at tlie cilice
of onr agent, at the address Kiven above
All notices for entertainments of am kind m
which an admittance fe is requ'red will be har? I
rt te rate of fhe cents per lino per a, and inii-a
Ik cltHtsiued and, will not be run as pure reading
Ji etter
1 he Daii y Fart f can te found on sale In KirsTs
tin, Stomal the bookstore of IS Oiick 21 rasi i
The f AtLE has the lartfet circulation of m
daily paper in Kansas and covers more territory
tl hb any two Kansas dailies combined, reachinc I'M
tc h-ms on tlie day of publication in Kansas Indian
t rntorv. Panhandle oT Texas andeistern o r t ' i
TIeoolumnsof the Ku.ie liaie ben tetel and
proved to ba the lest advertising medi in in the
h lthwet The onlj dnily that reaches all the ti r
ritory above named on lay of publication As an
tdverttain? Hiedium it fc. unexcelled.
D A. Clark, of Cliicigo, is at the Metro
Air. G E. Bennett, St. Louis, is at the
f arey.
Mr A. T Reynolds, Quincj', is at the
Mr W ShHJly, New York, is at the
Mr D E. Miles, of Eureka, .vas in the
nty yesterday.
C G Iuthcr, of St Louis, is stopping at
the Metropole.
DrSH Parks, Purcell, I. T., Avas in
the city last night.
P A Bartholomew, of Boston, is regis
U red at the Metiopole.
j L McCandlea, of St. Louis, is spend
ing a lew daj s in the city.
Mr. C AV Mo: ton, of Hutchinson, spent
yesterday it h f rieuds in tlie citj
Ah S D Mohler of Ivioa, pent jes
terdaj calling on AViclnt.i business men
Air James Garey, of theAVabash, f.nor
cd the railroad lioj a lth a lit j esterdaj
M. N Marren and George AA7 Claik, of
Anthony, an ei-e at the Occidental j esreidaj .
T AT McConnell, ot Audale, was lotik
in,; after business matters in the citj
(). E Ilumard, of AVmfield, spent jeter
d ij inthecit, and Aas autographed at
the Occidental
Air AV AT Cook, of Medicine Lodce.-vMll
1h in the citj for secial dajs attending to
h gal business
Mr G T. Beatty, of Sinta Fe, Haskell
count , is a siting Mi. J. L. G. Carney, of
tLu AV est Side.
I r S Nutson, of ATil5on & McMecham,
1 tt last e cuing for Topeka to attend to
sime legal business
All James Ilaj-, of Geneia, Til., is in
th city calling on fuends and looking
ai'er business mattcis
Air Cadet Taylor, of the Omaha Journal
ol Commeice, is in the city Msiting his
brotliei, Mi Lee Taj lor
Air Balph Milhson, fiom Kansas City,
is zn the city j esterday lsitmg fuends
and looking alter business
Arr AV 11 Gowenlock, of the C , St P
&. K C railroad, looked in a est erday good
u nuredlj on his friends m this cit
Mr. AV H Bojd, formerly of the L'nion,
f f McPhcrson, has accepted the position of
iv jht clerk at the Manliatl.in, Aheie he I
u ill be pleased to meet his many friends
Air and Mrs AV S Denton of Medicine
I odgearoMsitingMrs A. M. Burgett of
nurth Topeka a cnue
A'eslcrday's clearings Aere $180,231.0",
showing an increaso of ?13,567 oer the
'vinie day one j ear ago
Air. Clias Mosbacker, of the Sith ard,
sns he has disposed of one thousand
ijrars to friends already Aho mquiied
alwut the good health of the son.
Tho funeral of Mr IS Moreland amII
t ike place fiom his late i evidence, 1-107
Hiition street, on Thursdaj afternoon at
o clock. All fi lends aie m ived.
Air. Louis Soloman returned yeteiday
fr. m Galveston and his report of the lay
nt concsponds cxactlj with others Aho
in see no boom and htte else but shanties
ii poste and sand ci.tenM eljT.
" fr AVe-ton Pierce reached the city last
t ht to spend a few days with relatives
'iout two years ago he left the city for
i nver wliere he has been engaged m busi
i -s His many fuends Avillbe glad to
i e him.
Councilman AV. L Johnson has recen ed
n tny congratulation on his election to
j resident of tho council ecn by letters
tiom his friends m surrounding town
1 t is sUndmg the piossnro with little
tr nible.
Air Frank Smith has been advised that
boxes for the new poet office la e been
-hipped. Ihere are on thousand and
ftteenboes costing over 52.500 made in
I muecucut and are expected to arme m
tin days
T, F. McAIeohan, Esq , retnrned last
r eniug from Muskocee, 1 T , a here he
as looking after lecal busme-s. lie sa s
t e Creek and Cherokee country is look
in.: fine awl that Indian politics are com
mencing to boil jut a little
Air E.T Allen tells of a wonderful feat
which his friends are dispo-ed to think may
n ike him a hero. He started a message
to Gaveston and two days atterward kit
for that tow n and ten minutes atter he
n ached his lnend office a messene rbo
perspiring freely rushed m with the me
The srone for the Dougla-avenue paving
wa- j esterday contracted lor The hrms
a ho wall supply the stone are as follow -'A'rLcan
& Maitinson, Parmer & Sterling,
of Augusta, D M. Elder, of El Dorado,
and Joe Kenedy, of Augusta The con
tract for sand has been awarded Acker
n an A: Co.
1 he insurance on the Chicago Avenue
Lmise destroyed by Are j esterday morning
w is WO00 distributed as follows- Ameri
can 500,.AVebtem SCO. Xew Hampshire
$.30. Xorthw estem $730, Underwriters 7o0,
Btcheter $750 and Standard $1000 The
ow ner. h&d a thntj tlays' leae of vacancy
m order to make repairs so the ahc-ence of
unamsor watchman will not affect the
Its History and Growth In Brief A
Steadily Increasing Business Em
ploying a Great Many Hands
Pi eparations for a Boom
m Building.
OBE attention is paid
to the facilities for
ti?,iy son of the a ear. esnec-
'r-fi.a a . - -
5-f ialH' as the indications
SfeSgarc at present for a
building boom of some
magnitude this sum
raer Ihe planing
mills of the city are
more or less an object
of i? Hiest, in Aiew of the great number of
buildings that areat present contemplated
Ea erj contractor m the citj has plans and
specifications appiocd, and only Aait for
the settled weather, Avhith alwajs follows
tlie spring rams The major portion of
the building this spimg amII be residences,
although se eral large business blocks are
contracted for and others are undei ad
Aisement A contractor Avas making an
JS lfiIaf52
200 v i:g
v n mrg&
TZ2& rass)22
estimate iust recently th it at
tlie present prices of desirable
lesidence propertj and Labor that
the demand for tenement houses and bloeks
a ould be entirel j dependent upon the ira
migration in the next two jears The
owneis of such propei ty, hoAeer, are
Awlling to make the foiegomg admission
and feei confident enough in the immigra
tion mo ement to go ahead a ith the build
ing of flats and houses to lent
Such .in out look as a matter of course is
a ery promising for tlie planing mills and
the AVest William Street planing mill i
lidding some new machinery and othcrw is(
making preparations to mciease itspieent
It is ow ned by Mr Robert Carson and in
the last few jears has incieacd its liusi
nessA ith the growth of the city until it
ranks amongst the most successful enter
prises in the a est
Four jears ago the samemill AAas known
as the Applebj' and aa.is situated
on tlie corner of Mam and English
At that time, Mr. Carson, the
present owner bought it out, adding
new machinery and otherwise extending
the business A j ear later tho building
and room as ere altogethei inadequate to
the demands of his unceasing trade, and
the pie-ent lot, one bundled and fiftj' feet
deep, facing on AVest AViihams, AAas pur
chased Mi Carson then electing a build
ing 10100 ieet, two stones high, and es
tabhshed the piesent AVest AViihams
Stieet Planing Mill Since then, from
tune to tine, as occision demanded, the
plant was added to and enlaiged to enable
it to handle Us necessarj busines- Air.
Car-on handles some of the laigest eon
tracts that are open to bids in the Aest,
and the excellent and thorough Aork of
the null maj be reeogni7ed in many of the
magnificent buildinKs ot the city, Tho
mill is lifted at present for all kinds of
tinning, planing, sish and door frames,
casings, blinds, stair Aork. scroll sawing
plain aud fancj , railings, poieh columns,
pilasters, newels, and, m f ict, cerjrkind of
Aork done in thoroughly equipped mills
The machinei j is dm en by a tw ent j -li e
horse power engine and boiler The nio-t
improAed set of shafting runs toeei pait
of the null and a connection can be made
Avith anj of the machines that are desued
The ground lloor i-de oted to lathe Aork
of the hui ler Kind, planing, moulding,
casings, etc , a hile the lighter scioll w ork
and the like are done on the upper lloor
Air Cnr-on's linestment isat piesent oer
2.i 000 and the additions contemplated
tin-summer will bring the amount up in
clo-e proximit j to $30 000
The moulding machine is a ten inch four
side moulder, a, ith a capacitj- of 10.000 to
12 000 feet ier daj
The planer and matcher w ill haA e a ca
pacity for upwards of 15,000 feet per daj
A fini-hmg planer and a full set of circular
-aw- for nppm.: aud cross cut take up the
balance of the -pace on the low er lioor
Upstairs are the mom-ine and tenant
ing machines, band saw . jig saw and other
ornamental saws, a hand planer and
jointer, a shaper a sash moulder, boring
and ornamental machines The sash and
door and veneering departments re also
on she second lloor Three a ears, aco the
output of the mill for the v ear was uo-
w artls of V,0iO and this business ha m
creased since that time proportionately
with the the advancement of the city.
In an interview Mr. Carson said the
prospects for coming business are all that
could be desired and that there Avould be a
good opening for a new mill in the near
future unless the others were making cal
culations on an increase of business same
as himself and increasing their capacity as
Avell, The demand he said is for a highei
grade of Avork each year and a mill propos
ing to keep abreast of the times must nec
essanllj keep adding neAv machinery
new machinery. The demand for better
Avork Avas but a natural result of growth
and prppenty. A few jears ago
Ahere the plainest half or quarter
round would answer for a moulding,
a more complicated pattern and a higher
finish aa as demanded. This was simply in
keeping Avith the general progress. A few
j ears ago a four corneted frame cottage
Avith perhaps an ell, was the ideal resi
reidcnce and Avas in keeping Aith the
times, bat now a better class of residences
Avas being built each j ear and men a ere
able to indulge their taste and comfort to
ti greatei extent In order to assure one's
self of the general impro ement e en from
month to month it Avas only necessary to
Avatch anj one line of business Better
Avork requnes better tools, and increased
business simply meant increased facilities
In answer to the question he aid tne de
mand for different kinds of Aork Aas Aery
nearly the same and he did not know that
anj' one pieee of machinery got more rest
than another. The demand for a better
class of sash and door aa ork w as quite ap
p irent and fine stair a oik Aas getting to
be a Aerj impoitant part of the mdustiy.
Air Carson's null is situated on a large
open lot haA mg the river and the dense
fob lge of the bank on the west and is
loined bjT the jaids of the Rock Island
Lumber company on the east His stock
j ard and sheds are a pattern of neatness
ind e erjT place about the establishment
has an an of actn lty and being w ell kept
Tho engine room is particularly attractive
to the eye of a mechanic and the engineer
evidently takes much pude m his depait
ment ii vtij,i: or GL.rTsnuKGi
Briscoe's Battlo of Qettvsburg will be
given at the Opeia House on AVednesdaj
afternoon and evening next, April
23, for the . benefit of the gen
eral relief fund of Garfield Post and W.
R C The performance is under the aus
pices of Gai held Post, No o3, G A R A
prize of $10 w ill be giv en to the pei son sell
ing the greatest number of tickets for the
ev ening performance The w hole battle is
a stupendous work, showing ten great epi
sodes of the battle All figures aie life
size The following is a sjnopsisof the
production in brief
Scene first Opening of the battlo at Mc
pherson s wood Dt ith of General Rev
nolds Cutler's brigade fires the first shot
The Iron bugade going into action
Scene second Evening of the first da y.
Retieat of the Fir-t and Eleventh corps
Scene third General Hancock arm nig
on the field, assuming command and
checking the defeat Bnllimt gioup of
officers on Past Cemeterv lull Hancock,
How ard, Doubleday, AVarren, etc
Scene fourth Noon of the second daj'
The Devil's Den Teinble fighting ,ear
the peach orchard
Scene fifth Afternoon of the second daj
Little Round Top leinble hand to hand
fighting Death of Generals AVeed, Yin
cent O'Rourke Halette, etc
Scene sixth Pveningot tne second dav
The A'allev of Death
Scene seventh .ight of the second dav
East Cemetery hill
scene eighth Morning of the third daj
The Tw eltth corps dm ing the Confeder
au;s out of our w orks on t uln s hill
fcceue 2sinth Soon of the third dav.
The cavalrj fight on the light of our armv.
Scene tenth Afternoon of the third daj
End of tlie battle Pickett s charge and
total defeat of the enemj Five thousand
pri-oner- fifteen thousand stands of small
arms Thirty three battle flag- A'ictorv
General Sfc."Clair A. Mulholland wall tell
the itoi v of the fight
Y. A . c. A.
The young w omen of this association are
trj mg to do a good work in this city. They
need the sympathy and encouragement of
everv- one The attendance at the rooms
eems to be increasing The Bible tram
ing clas- l- growing m numbers and inter
est The gospel meeting la-t tabbath was
in impressive one. Some new faces w ere
tre-ent and the work seems to widen and
deepen AA'hen there is so much work to
be done, great activ it m v anous lines of
benevolence, charitable and Christian
w ork, one is too apt to become weary m
well doing Although this l- one of the
more recent organisation- -till it should
come m for at least a -hare of support The
v ar ou- committee- are hard at w ork rur-ni-hmg
the cottage They have rented a
pano and its sweet tones render the rooms
more attractive and pleasant. A supply of
Gv.-pel Hymns No 5 has ju-t arrived Mt-s
chafer, t'ie general secretary, is untiring
(m her efforts to pu-h forward the work.
j Tie classes are gradually filling up. es-f-cally
that one in dressmaking Any
( i ne wanting to join this class wall plea-e
' leav e their names at the rooms. Their
inends have kindly aided so far, still thev
need a number of article to make the
rooms comfortable and attractive. More
chair- are needed, a eouch, tables, lamp-,
pictures, a few yards of oilcloth, etc AVho
wall help them?
It was quietly rumored yesterday that
the plan toon of the Knight Templar win
mng the badse for best drilling has made
a second contest of itself to -elect the best
drilled man nnd that Mr C M. Jones
was compelled to release the badge ra
favor of Mr J. H Aley Some of the
members of the plauoon are responsible
for putting the report n circulation.
2 -'- imL.
Col. Murdock, the Eagle's chief, was
attacked violently with neuralgia of the
left side and hip Tuesdaj morning, and
has been prostrated therebj since that
time. The poignancy of his snffenng had
been somewhat mollified yesterday even
ing by the heroic application of nervines,
but he was still prostrate. His physician
and familj- are hopeful that he will be able
to throw off the attack and recover in a
day or so.
Dr J. S Foote recentlj received a batch
of papers and books from his grand father
back m New York He looked into the
box yesterday and found many old relies
of striking interest. There wpre two copies
of the Norwich, Connecticut Courier,
one bearing the date of January ISth 1S15,
and the other February 10th 1S13 They
w ere fiv e column, four pages and the latter
was filled mostlj with war news A long
article showed the danger of the British
demoralizing New Orleans and something
about incompetency of some of the United
States officers. The latter give figures on
the expense of the war and sometmg of the
Everyone was talking about the rain
yesterdav. The advance in the price of
corn and wheat and the advance m pros
pects for the crop of the present j ear vv ere
quite enough to make the average Kansan
happy. On mquirj' at the signal station
it was learned that the lainfall here up to
b o'clock last evening was 84 of an inch,
and that the ram had extended ov er the
entire state, the Terntorjxnorthern Texa-,
Aikansas and as far as Tennessee J F
AIcAIechan , Esq , who reached the citj'
last night, says it commenced to rain Sun
daj noon at Muskogee and kept it up un
til he left From information gained it is
certain that Kansas and the southwest has
been greatly benefitted
. Ben Bailj and Joe Schoonov er had for
some hours been "legally fighting" in court
parlance, aud at lunch hour jestei day met
at the same counter. Thej w ere stationed
over the beans side and side and commenc
ed to talk over the battle The fust thing
that attracted attention Joe cast an em
phatic reflection on Ben's statement, w hen
the latter responded with a blow which re
sulted m Joe going backwaidsoff the stool
Ben condescended to go after him and v erj
soon condescended to get directljr under
Joe and also permitted some strong love
taps about his face and whiskers In duo
time the fellows present took a friendly
pirt. Air Naftger thought it a good
chance to commence school board reconcil
iation and vv ith one hand remov ed Joe and
vv ith the othei elevated Ben and held them
apait gently until thevr promised to do bet
ter Hairy Kis-lej', the propnetoi, ad
dressed them "You ought to be ashamed
of your-elves " Ihej leached the court
room soon after and gave the bailiff no
trouble Their friends were inclined to
smile around the court room m the after
Air J. M. Berger, of Alma Stone fame,
is giv mg some attention to the city build
ing stone question Hj nfiiims that he
has much business on hand looking after
coal mines and stone business, and that
he was un ible to get around to AVicluta
vv ith oil foi the troubled vv aters as soon as
those inteiested in the matter here might
think he should. He says the stone is all
light, of course, admits that the car louls
fiist sent may have been defective, but the
stone sent m the futuie will be good
enough to accept Should the aichitects
and others of authority on the question
protest he cl urns nuldlj that lie will be
able to establish the fact that the stone is
in lact all right, and hence w ill expect to
enforce the contract as far as the moncj
part of it is concerned
The new building committee, accoiding
a member, will probiblj give the question
some attention befoie the meeting of tho
council Alondav evening It is hoped bj
some the oue-tion maj be near a settle
ment at that time, rind work on citj build
ing not delajed Before ruanj- dajs the
contractor will want to know what stono
is to be used in the building
From tht AV extern school Journal
The last meeting of the Sedgwick county
teachers, for this school jear, was held at
AVicluta on March S Chancellor Everest,
of Garfield universitv, addressed the
teachers on "AVaste of Educational Forces "
There was waste in unnecessarj embellish
ment of buildings, in too much money for
libraries and app iratus Instead of this
increase the salaries of teachers Prof
Navlor, of Lewis academv, asked the
teachers, in a brief address, to senouslj'
rev lew the w ork ot the year Prof Kemp,
of the Wichita univcrsitj, spoke on
'Thought Expression " It is expression
that gives value to thought, hence the lm
poitance of clear expression Superintend
ent Stevenson, of the AVichita schools,
said the real object of education is to get
childien to think for t hem-elves Brief
addi e es w ere in ide bj ev oral other
teachers Superintendent Pence compli
mented and thanked the teachers for the
oirfllf nt snint -houn bv them durinr? the
vear, and for the good work done bj' them I
Sedgwick couutv is indeed fortunate to
have such a superintendent as i-rofessor
Pence, as lie 1- untiring in his efforts, pro-gres-ive
in spirit andiias greatly advanced
the cause of education in the country
schools bv grading and classifying them,
by giving them a svstematic course of
tudj and bv organizing a sv stem of gra
dation which isalready bringing forth good
The concert at the Central Christian
church last night was well attended in
spite of the bad weather, and a hand-ome
sum Ava- realized which will be devoted to
the general fund of the church. The pro
gram was under the direction of Mrs.
Singer, who was highly complimented bj'
all on the success of the entertainment
The following program was given, each
number receiving generous applause:
Overture Lu-t spiel . Keler Bela,
Misses Je le Clark, Ede&sa John-on
A'ocal solo Thv Name Millard.
Mr. I N Sincer
Duet . Reuben and Rachel.
Mis.- Evangeline Burgesser,
'i Master Howard RickartL
Solo and chorus - Jmacle Bells
Mis-eIreland,Patton.Henne Campbell,
Misses Garber. Ireland Craig. Benn,
Messr- Mun. WelLs, Snively, Singer,
AVight, Johnson, Hoicrumb, Pierponk
ocaf solo Serenade . . Scnnbert.
Mis- Clara Jescnch.
Quartet Our Cnoir .. King
t Misee- Johnson and Pipr,
"( MessHr-. AVriEht and SniTely.
A'ocal solo AVhen the Tide Comes in,
Mi, Louise Gray.
Instrumental sol ... The Dying Poet,
Mrs. Georgia McCoy
Double quartet Mortgaging the Farm.
I Mrs Singer, Mrs GUI, Misses Proer
4 and Ireland, Messrs. John-on, VTigJit,
naively and Weiis
A'ocal solo In Springtime Feaca.
Miss Jennie 2acClung.
Trio Se D Frate! - - . Belkiario.
Miss Nell MePheroo, Mr. Fred
Reasoner, Mr Earl Blake.
Regular meeting of D. of H. tonight.
Mrs. Emma Caswell. C. of H.
Mas. Helev H, Cabltox, Recorder.
K.T. IrtttLL.
Commandery drill a( Masonic hall tfci
evening at 7-45. AV. S. Cokbftt, C G.
The meeting of the "humane society"
director-, called for Thursday w ill be post
poned until Fndaj- afternoon at 3 o'clock
at Dr. Stevenson's office. Inportant bus
iness! be prompt' By order of president.
Mr. E. J. Foster, Secretary.
Cases of cruelty to animals or children
coming under your notice report promptly
to the president of humane society, Mr.
AYilham Mathewson, at the savings bank.
Membership cards please fill and leave at
same place, or with the treasurer, Mr. R.
M. Piatt.
The real estate exchange transacted con
siderable business v esterday. At a direc
tor meeting it was decided to allow free
listing of propertj one month j et; it being
an extension of a month over the time
originally decided upon. Quite a large
amount of property has been listed, city
as vv eil as farm It is especially desired to
get a large list of farm lands to accommo
date those coming into the state desiring
to locate on farms
The Guild of St John's church will meet
with Airs. Mj ers, 1013 Lawrence av enue,
Thursday, April 17, at 3 JO o'clock.
Mrs MrLRS, Sec
Tonight, Fndaj, Saturdaj and matinee
the Nellie Walters company av ill present
at the Crawford Grand a repertoire of new
and pleasing plav s The companj opens
tonight and the adv ance sale indicates a
big business
Yesterday vv as a tj-pical April day, but
w ith darkne-s there came signs of a ces
sationofthe ram, and a good audiente
greeted Mi-s Nellie Aralters in Criss Cro-s.
Theplaj affords an opportunitv forplentv
of acting, and Miss AValters know s how to
please audience She is a charming little
ladj, full of ambition, onguality and
energj, and a captivatiUK coubrctte She
plays three parts in Criss Cross a romp
ing school girl whom no bodj can manage,
not even her parents, that of a Dutch girl,
and a jockej' Mi-s Av alters' songs and
dances are fine and her support is good.
The costumes of the star are attractive.
In the AValters Dramatic company Au
gusta has a first cla-s attraction Miss
alteis will establish herself as a favorite
before her engagement clo-es, and, if un
stinted applause is aujr sign ot an au
dience's plea-ure, last night's audience
w is highlj pleased. Augusta (Ga ) Chron
The following from a late Louisv llle ex
change A big and brilliant audience filled the
Buckingham theatei last night to welcome
the great McCabe & Young's operatic
minsuels, their first appearance in the
citj Hie companj' po-sesses merit far
about the average minstrel shows, show
ing the demand of modern civ lli.it ion for
something to laugh at McCabe .v: Young,
in then song and d nice entitled "The I p
per 10 s and Lower .Vs," carried the house
bj stoim in their cla-sic.il grace and
beautv Moonlight tcrpsichore won t .o
esthetic souls of theaudienee Hunn.IIill
man, Dixon and Miner are a strong big
4-card, in fact thev are four big acies It
is woith thepnceot admission to see this
ebon j son of Monus, John Brewer, in his
side splitting comical comicalities and
funnj' falls, The Drum Major Drill can't
be excelled mfacteich and everv; artist
in this companj is a hv ing photograph of
fun, and taken in till it is the best .ill
around minstrel snow that lias visiteu
Louisv llle for a number of j ear.
Butler & Fisher vs L E Hobon, judg
ment for plaintiff s .issignee for s7o4 Aler
rimau Park and Land Co. As Wm. Davis,
judgment for plaintiff for $1,120 50, vs N.
Baldw in for ei,o02 40 D. T. Duubars vs
I AV. Stevenson was on trial bj jurj. M.
Lee v s Agues Lee, dismissed at cost of
plaintiff Motions and demurrers con
sumed the balance of the daj at this court.
Settlement of executrix m estate of L.
D Dew ey, deceased, filed. Report of S.
Ingram and resignation as special admin
istrator Vv in Craig filed.
Account and settlement of administra
tor of estate of Christopher Perschbacher,
deceased, filed
A marriage license was issued to Morti
mer Gillies and ATma McMillen, both of
A ichita.
Bennett Bros vs Abe Siu.th was still in
hearing before Judge Balderston s court
The evidence was all m when court ad
journed A'olk v a Sullivan c Stemniet.
dismissed Rock Island Lamber Co vs
James E Fletcher, judgment for plaintiff
vs A. E Bond of 1,012 J. Riser vs C. A.
AVaddell et al , judgment for plaintiff for
i&'A A.VolfvsH. Frank et al , judg
ment for plaintiff for $534 50 Sev eral mo
tions and demuriers were dkpooed oi.
The usual round of civil work occupied
the justices courts j esterday.
The case of V. A". Barnes charged w ith
shooting with intent to kill was continued
until i ndav morning at 0 o clock and the
bond wai. "fied at $1,0X Two parties,
prov ed that tliej did not keep a dog sev
eral minor off eners were disposed ot m the
usual waj.
Ho Had licen AnxitrnMy Awaiting Thot
tndiuiii fur Tvto vulT9..
On one ocean on, vrhen with the govern
Ewntsuri ey party in Texas, a man rode into
our camp on a mule ami gave us the uf veg
that a baud of Indians bau attacked a rancher
about sev en miles an ay We made up a party
of twelve sokhers and ciriiian bad covered
the distance a.- fast fe our horses could co
Sure onongh, mere vrere fifteen or tweaty Ia
dians baaagin: a cabin, and tbey were jot
petting rewij to ; fire to it by backing up a
wagon loaded with hay We got two of tbetn
and captured hi ponies, and the others were
not jet out of signt -when tbe settlor opeoi
bis door and stepped out, folio-red by hU
v-ife. He bad a ne and she a fbotgmi, and
the first words tbe man vnd -e.
"2ow, you dog-goned ooery lot, bat "what
does this 'era mean' Who ar younna, and
tvhat brought you heref
"Why, nsan" aid onr captain. "We coa
from ocr camp, ierea aula, a -.cay, to car
"SaTe aothin,r' roared the man. "Who
axed for any of your beipP
"Y, ptat Bins outr addi his trif.
"Why a 'rtiilar rode to on a male and said
you wer attacked, and, of coerae, ire cams
to yoar help "
"Well, dod rot yee, yoa faer spOt afl tbe
fsa! We've bees waitm right yre far five
years to her then lajuas rbo-r op, and wed
Jofel got 'eta red hot for fan, when 70a bad
to cum ehargia cp an' fcastsr Va oSt It
trss dead trroeff on roe and NaacK."
Yoo bet, bam, dead trrong'" she added.
"Why, roa'd dat bw horsed eat to too
raisetas more'' errimiwri tbe ao&zed cap
taie. "We TToold. thi In tbe One ptara tbat
bay it sstll wc from tbe raia. In ib- nxt
place, I draped oat tbe axb pta. &ad every
irbeei would her ran off is baekiag Uxi fe&
la tbe but place, " jwt xaiA to g: ibt
crod ia raag, aad tbe rrreep 'eea rf th tbe
old reirei P'tf bad avocztad b& yere for
- two yar I reeioo job r&aat nzat
aniT, be: is wm mil "rang as & and
Haace, and after tbtt 111 Uwud: je uo xsAmd j
TflrauaoK. Taem Injoc goo, and lor
Lord only kn wbro iectbw gaa?-ul cam
And u pea-picted up tber bc mad weat
o work ia tbe eera jsifc -aTJboas giria at
aotfcer -rrore or loot 5w Yort San.
123 to 127 S. Main Street
The bargain interests are in
creasing daily here, onr buyer
is in tlie market and new bar
gains will come Avith. every day.
Fine close cliallies in newest
di ess styles on sale tomorrow at
o cents a yard.
The best quality of dress
prints now offered at o cents.
The 12 1-2 cent seersuckers
are going rapidly at S 1-3 cents.
And the Toil tin Xord Cham
brays at 11 1-2 cents are the best
bargain of the season,
This will "be Bargain Week at the
Tew York Store.
In the dress goods department.
In the domestic department.
In the notion department.
In the Avrap department
In the carpet department.
In the curtain department.
Home Errors in Selecting GlavMH A Valu
able I'iijalololcal Truth.
One sourco of error in buying glasses is
mentioned bv ifadical CIibioB. ThLs is the
hurried trial giren them. Many persoun find
afterward that while everything appeared
bright and clear from a. few minutes' uso of
the glasses selected, after continued wear
they tire the eye or tlie print becomes
blurred Tim may happen in eitlkjr near
sighted or farsighted persons, for. whn tbe
nearsighted patieut is allowed to Ktlwt his
own glass ho tv ill ir&OO per cent of cases se
lect too etrong a ghuo, becauso it will pve
him a brighter or clearer picture; wberaus
tho patient electing glasses for oULage will
t-ke a glass lu most instances which enlarges
tho prmt, thinking that tho larger the pnnt
appears to him tho better ho sees; or, on th
contrary, bo will bo guided by th number
of tho glass, bohoviug m the genoral falsa
opinion that tbe longer one delays in putting
on glasses, or that by Uhiug tho weakest glaM
poaiible, he is preserving his sight for a long
er timo cither of which selections is, of
courso, wrong.
ClicerfalneM a Sourco of IleKlUu
"Whate er else you do, dont worry your
self to death, if you never die," was tho saga
if somewhat erratically put odvic of an old
lady tv ho nearly attained five oore years
"A nierrv huart doeth good like a nifii
cine,""is more than a pootlo metaphor; it is
physiological truth of Immense practical
value It is a fact, not so difficult to explain
as might be supposed, that many pwrtona sno
camb to an attack at a time when numbers
are sick of the some malady and not a few
uro dying from it who would have recovered
if they hod been the only sufferers. Tho
effect of the mind upon the body ia uo strong
ly inarkM that tho first effort of all well in
formed physicians, when call's! to attend a
person wvui with any malady, is to e;uro
mental tranquillity and a hopeful spirit.
Whatever may bo paid cf tbe powr of
faith to-cure dinoso and restore the nek, no
one who has bad any experienc with inva
lids will d"ny that tbe want of it bos left
many to die who wonhl have recovered if
they bad been sanguine of tho result. A
fright w ill caeck toe action of tho heart, and
tbouft&nd: parish annually rntawit any or
ganic disease simply from the shock of a rod
dea alarm which has Ollod tbein with terror
Tbe power of tae wid to prolong life in afmO
body has been to often witscicd that the
medical authorities new accept it as estab
lished beyond all cootradicUoa.
The Hour at YHilcli Ietb Occurs.
From a study of flf ten tbaorasd eaas, ex
teadiog over a period of twelve ye-urs, Dr J
F. Burns states Ui TW Xw York ilwiical
Journal that death occurs vemingly without
any parttcular predilection for any certain
boar, and teat the number of deaths for each
hour is very evenlv proportioned, cenidar
ing the large number of omw takea and ths
time covered. Tae oaiv very posture coo
elusions tae aotaor has fooal from tbe Sg
vres are ill tbat tt. idea that mor- deaths
take plise in tbe Cirly moratag hars is an
erroooCfCJ one, U if stimaiaata ari to be
ptub'd in daw donag tbna hoars, to
practsce xthss be jaUlWl apon szrzy other
ground tbin to avert tbe posiatlity of dan
ger supposed to be vt-ry protwthle at tbis po
rted, (& teat tee viUuiy of aa indivtciaal ia
duwaii m act regaltd by tcesaaae i&fioioNi
ar sab,ct to tbe &s&e biws tbat govftrs the
vitality cf a healthy nttsaaa Ixiag, tbe nor
mal aqciherhim raaintniaf.i in health be
trreea (be bmbI tad pfajacii states being
OiUHcr tbe rt.
Dr Mande says tbat to tbe baprod'-si act
of getttag oot of bd wltboat proVfAizg tie
fee oa so cocDzcaaly o&mxastud by womea
wiOMOt taoogat of tb ooaeqr-ace csay be
traced assay aa mti&cz ot otiiitls, Lroaght
ae by tb saddta tooaga soocaatrj rxposars
of tbe fe to ootd. It has easts&d oar eas
eac to woav prtrvoasly be&ltbyuaa eotdd
reaalt from aoy oiter sbtgki act of iatprs
desiee. TJzit CoUxn aA 5bort icbu
A aw saeory of abe oacoe of sbortffigbvd
b u tbat of Dr Forsler director of tbe
OpbtbAbase aarverscty of 3rmsae. H de
elam tbat bt Xtt ca- tbat foe bos stodied
tae piuauia of ttgbt aoQars opon toe msarUe
f toe neck bu tassUsrt4 Sbetrcalatisa cf
tbe biood a lo acs Ht rvessgat.
A1 ISntar" Ibjt ajtd Aflno "At
Hoo"-al) tto HmImi XoCrotJaav?
xJQ "At iioa? iz.T tbo'jsa not aa tst-
123 to 127 X. Main Street
Another shipment of onr cele
brated fast black and sweat
proof sateens at 25 cents, with,
Henrietta iinish.
Our sateens at 11 1-2. 12 1-2
and 15 cents have no equals out
side. It will well pay you to
see them.
JSew hosiery and new gloves
just received and put on sale an
popular prices,
Tlie French ginghams are
marvels of beauty. Twenty new
patterns put on sale today.
noon paiy uroa-H rv wear 10 ona
when acquaJntnuceK crr nHm-nu, awl tba
"At home" day wawe41 Mtafctabed fact
Ou the other hand, au At hoow" day way
bo vtry dparsvly atteudad. lm.4 weather per
haps bong one caare for this Aa "As
home" dav being of wfKly ecowrreaoa, It it
almost icuunterial which wek the eu.il Is
made, wlulo as regardii an aftoraooa "A3
hoxae," it U uneotnultmnatarv not to Iks
Ireent afu-r having aoceptii Ute invitation.
"At hotn" uVivs are now beenmiajc very
gcnornl, but it by no raenns follows that call
muy not be ratnle on otitw uiya of tbe wek,
but aicroty tnat ou one day at tbn wdc thrrs
is a certainty of timliAg a lady at homo,
while ou other duyN hr Vlig i doubtfal.
Tho otPr s.d of the jnrttKu w, tbat aa "A I
home day" rony prove a tie in nouw instancre.
and prevent otbM,igagt,mntbHncforni4Pft
for that day Abo, when a numhrr of prop!
are present, ery little eonvsrwtvm eitn b
bad tv ith nc.y one in jmraosilnr, and tb "AS
homo" 'ley Lv-om a plaoaruift reatlrKvoaS
for mutual fr.mi(, the bstnsv. iteyond sbatk
ing hand with Xitn who cooia and ge, wri
but little morn of Xitrnn
A lady accustomed to having "At horns
days" aeuahy knowshoT many to cpet as.
aflernoou ta and bir daintistt and preetiel
china Is in rnadhura on a. tea table ia a 001
corner of tho drawing room, aad sh or br
daughters pour oat the ta Uc tba visitors.
At of rnon 'At bora" tb dining rwa
thefceiie of ariiaa, with maids aad aswn trr
vants 111 ntU-rulruH-r, when a grest dttspiay ot
dairty refreshHisiU is oe rijf&Mir
The queMtton of Intrtyt'irtiinri at tatte MAI
hoinea and at homo day u vrry bron (
cw, ladiot hold differ Mt vtws repecUag It.
At ome heueec it is a more general practt-i
than at others. Perbapn tb eret f ttis'l
being done lies in tfa fort tbat poa! tttfif-t
T"ry mo'-h In th fame Hs aad it to takr
for granted tbat thv kaow rara oeber mm
or li-, aad Introdactloas la tbwsr esn wui4
thereforp be nprikious. Asrybow. it ht tbe
fashion in many boue to iatredaoe bat very
little, ox a gPBersU rale, hi tarri, wer-,
Sr.trtduUoa ar- whu1 vrh Uu iUr of
pouuthig srAWalky btiH Ibe meet vs
ud ua iatBi.t rod of a bontewn, lb a
is VMnatbuig irvf ruftttrvd wkei mntrtasf l
trclcrtJonn stoan to sJBy snrotaca aeaxw,
f ud ta lf too I eeraave i-X eac j
ftbT, doabUai vbat to eay ftrwt, or maathir
to yak at ad It rrqatred a fw f aot
many kiadlv word frexa tbe a Una, aad si
reqairw tbat she saenM horaiy inavc tbna trt
t cdflrn vaUl she iU stare tbwt tbay mfi
Zvtvknz oa veH toetber It W mllrr to
gtbl tbe Miy, or to roausrb aaw ptaseasrt a
bostrec can ruVj hur ''At aoeaa days- so baf
azrr friends, or bow little . " ,
FSrsnllCui Krrrast.
The ivaaU JeraeJl ara vry par, i?J
high prtcftd. aad very tord to get. Tae a
ceasity of bavlag Ut wt to Bra aT- bv
Ing toefae a f-n roabty in tar ees, tbe
cotusder it rataer a fava tbaa ottwrwav irx
fact uit- x cvomescMwav U 4o majtktKg sS
any prire. A omk, for nastaac. aadt aot i
gwd a 4r, wiu nomtn at batf-fat it
ia tbe Ktoraun, ceav Tav breaiiaat, sjt
leaves btwrri ttaU art t nod a ossartT to
7 at oigbt, af Vr tMa iimxtmr, nymt tZ
gata, Irota rreatr to Htbty saVrewa ataatb ;
1. a., at prwea raV of xra-.j aljoat fmi
Sto0 Hedsaoiwaab bUa, ai
woaai iaare ta p)MJD bs aa asstna. tf aatsd
to da tt. ?oe cf tbe sarraate aW-p b tba
bcrjzn wbere tbey wori Tbry caavo ia tba
aorsfag, cad Icive tt aigbt by s odok t.3
tbe very la&s&t. Tbey ae dm ah given V
svalhsg, acd, if Uuud, da aart frri'tae
titztft sb&sat, bet rsbsr abraid tbe aw
tr.aad aot as tf ba bad fcsWtcrtd wita Bosaa
of tbetr preragoiivesL. 7v Yarfc. Ladtr.
?! V? litaii'i,
"T cspywe ytai aaarstad sbni yaar toanj
hfi! u payable ia 4vaacr" ao4 fiOgrStir
eoa busdiady b poaVesee had tmr Mass
teas goa aarewaravd
-Ss, saa sas," saal BfQy, "I sat say ta&t
I da. Uadar tb praseat rtrcaasHimon at is
tecdraiy aa-pa-jabu. Its my cn-bk."
Watactoa rat
cd B'rjl-t.
Cbaasa LosaV) (o acabiel jwathyPat m
tbat uw as, mi jmm saast be aS w!,
AJaaxo WbyF
Caasaa Lotase Beaaosa jm kxJcseabaejtaX
ia b. CietbUc sad rrasabr.
A HnUrnnA Ciaa.
Fk-irt Oaaarsar- Dao" y Saiax ttat Qa
pea1 rtySe U loo taaasadl
Seeoad Reporter Yea, bssC wbst tasid yew
extern of a saaa wbaa & aaaajcajf wgSar
gW bua a bfcrtoc o? rverr Vayl

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