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'gkt WatW, Sails fae: $fiitfallrrmittg-lt mxc 27. 1890.
v h'1 " srS "s?"
A Full Investigation of the Case
Clears the Dead Cali-
The Charges Refuted by the Disclosures
Adduced Under Governor Eagle's
Taking of Testimony in the Cross Case
Resumed Ten Days More Likely
to be Consumed The Mis
deeds of the Day, Etr-
SioxAii Office, Wichita, Ivan., June
20. The highest temperature was 04
1 he lowest up to 7 p. m. 72 , and the mean
S33, -with warm, cloudless weather, fresh
southeasterly winds, and stationary press
ure. Last year on June 26. the highest tem
perature was 84, the lowest 62", and the
mean 73.
Fr.ED Li. Jonxsox. Observer.
War Department, Washington, D. C,
June 20, S p. m. "Forecast until 8 p. m.
For Missouri and Kansas Fair weather,
except showers in eastern Kansas; con
tinued high temperature, except slightly
cooler in western Kansas; southerly winds.
Investigation Clears Him of Clayton's
Little Rock, Ark., Juiie2G. Hon. T.
F. Gibbon, a prominent young lawyer of
Los Angeles, Cal., formerly a citizen of
Little Rock and a prominent politician,
has been in the city several days. His
visit here was supposed to be a social one
to his friends and associates until today,
when it became known that his services
had been engaged by Governor Eagle to
make a report as to the whereabouts, at
the time of the assassination of the late
J Ion. John M. Clayton, of Thomas
Hooper, of Los Angeles, Cal., who, at the
recent investigation in this city, it
was alleged, was the assassin. The story,
it will no remembered, was telegraphed
from Los Angeles, and it was given out
Hooper assassinated Clayton because of
injuries done to his father by the militia
when Powell Clayton was governor of Ar
kansas. Mr. Gibbon states that his report,
which has been made to the governor,
shows that Hooper ban no connection
whatever with the assassination. The
gentleman declines to be interviewed, and
will make no statement further than that
his report lias been turned over to the
proper authorities, and it is understood
that Governor Eagle has forwarded it to
Congressman Breckinridge at Washing
ton. This removes entirely suspicion from
the family of Thomas Hooper and brands
the story of Jared Sater as a falsehood.
Paris, Tex., June 20. The Cross case
was resumed this morning, Ed. Bowden,
the defendant who has beeu sick since the
10th inst.? being able to be in the court
room. Five witnesses were examined in
the forenoon, who testified that Ed. Short,
a dignity sheriff of Stevens county, Kan
has, who resided at Woodsdale, went
to Hugotou on June 5, 18SS, accom
panied by two men, and fired at Sam
Sam Hobiuson and. J. B. Chamberlin.
Short was riding a very fast horse
and ran out of the town. The men with
him, after going about a half mile, cut the
horses loo-e from the wagon; mounted the
hor&es and escaped. This testimony showed
the bad feeling between the towns of
Woodsdale and Hugoton.
At noon Cowden became worse, and
counsel on both sides agreed on a mistrial
as to him and the case was proceeced
with as to the remaining eleven de
fendants. The defense then proposed to
introduce testimony to show that Sher
iff Cross had made threats against
Sim Robinson, but Judge Bryant
ruled that it was not admissible at the
present status of the case, because Sam
Robinson was not on trial. The defense
then introduced more witnesses to
strengthen the alibi as to O'Connor,
Grnbbo and Calvert. In order to dispone
of the case as soon as possible, Judge Bry
ant has announced that hereafter court
will remain in session nine hours a day,
the forenoon session being from Sto 12 and
the afternoon from 2 to 7. It will proba
bly take ten days longer to linish the case.
New Havkx, Conn., Juno 20. Lucien
W. Sperry, one of New Haven's most
prominent citizens not many years since,
shot and killed himself this morning at 11
o'clock. Ho was 70 years old and had
served the city as mayor and represented
in in the legislature, lie was a descendent
of one of the earliest families of New
Haven. The suicide was caused by finan
cial troubles. Mr. Sperry was some years
atro appointed to be trustee of an
estato valued at 100,000. Within the
past few weeks, relatives have been
trying to get control of the estate and Mr.
Sperry was ordered by the court to reuder
his account. He could account for but
50,000 or $7,000 and was practically ad
judged an embezzler, and would probabiy
ltavo been arrested had he not shot him
self. Besides he had worsted several men
in different ways to the extent of several
thousand dollars and was under at least
$30,000 criminal indebtedness without a
dollar with which to clear himself.
Fort Worth, Ark., June 20. Claude
McDaniel, prosecuting attorney for the
Canadian district, Cherokee nation, shot
and killed .lames Stubblefield, an intimate
friend, yesterday. McDaniel and his wife
quarreled and the woman went to Stubble
tield's house. McDaniel followed and told
her to return home. Stubblefield tried to
act as a peacemaker, when McDaniel
threatened to shoot him.
''Shoot, if you want to," said Stubble
field, and McDaniel fired twice. He then
mounted a horse and rodeawav. Both
tnen wore among tho most prominent in
the Chorokee nation and were wealthy and
CAMEitox, Mo., June 20. At 12 o'clock
ust night, a mob of forty men gathered
twelve miles northwest of hero and went
lo the farm house of Walt Squires to tar
and feather his son Bud, aged 21, whom it
Was alleged had cau-d tho ruin of a
young woman in the neicuborhood. The
Voung man and his father commenced fir
ing and the crowd did likewise, about fiftv
loads being discharged. Old Mr. Squires
was hit in the stomach but his injury is
not fatal. A young fellow in the crowd,
Will Noland, was also hit in the pit of the
stomach and it is feared his wound will
prove fatal. Intense excitement prevails.
Sax Francisco, Cal., June 26. Edward
rogan, a moulder's apprentice emploved
in the Vulcan Iron works, was shot and
instantly killed this morning bv James W.
Kerr, of the firm of Steiger "& "Kerr, pro
prietors of the Occidental foundry. The
shooting was. the outgrowth of an assault
on C. J. Olaussen, a non-union moulder.
Claussen and Karr were assaulted by a
crowd of strikers on the street and being
worsted, Kerr drew a revolver and fired.
The ball struck young Cogan and he died
on the way to the hospital.
Do you fool that you hnvc one of those
temblor Headaches coming on? Bradv
crotine will prevent it.
St. John, N. B., June 26. A. Ferguson,
a lumber operator at Sussex, has disap
peared. Ferguson handled over $50,000 for
other people, half of which was furnished
by Ml S. White. What disposition Fergu
son has made of the money is unknown.
El Paso. Tex.. June 20. C. It. Walters
was sentenced by the courts of Paso Del
Norte yesterday to be shot and I. R.
O'Loughlin sentenced to ten years impris
onment for killing a lewd woman ia Paso
Del Norte in Mayl8S9. The condemned
men are both citizens of the United States
and have appealed for protection.
Cures in fifteen minutes; Preston's
Chicago, HI., June 22. A dispatch to
the Times from Topeka, Kan.,says: Har-
rv Mansfield, manager of the Topeka Coal
Comnanv. has left the city for parts un
known and the coal company is said to be
out 3,000. Bucketshop speculation is said
to have been the cause of his downfall.
JACKSON, Miss., June 26. At 9:30 this
morning the jury in the case of Heming
way rendered a verdict of guilty. Judge
Chrisman has overrruled the motion for a
new trial.
Preston's "Hed-Ake" is a specific for
Harrisburg, Pa., June 26. After the
platform had been adopted by the Repub
lican state convention yesterday the chair
man announced that the placing of candi
dates in nomination for governor was the
next thing in order. Colonel John J. Car
ter, of Erie, who was to nominate Delama
tyr, was the first to catch the chair. When
Mr. Carter mentioned Gedrge Wallace Del
amatyrthe convention broke forth into
the wildest cheers. Flags were waved by
the excited and enthusiastic Delamatyr
men in the galleries. This was, however,
the only great outbreak, except at the fin
ish, when they once more cheered. C.
Stuart Patterson seconded the nomination.
George W. Orlady then took the floor
and placed Hastings in nomination. As
he proceeded with his speech tho enthus
iasm became so great that he had to stop
and say to the galleries: "See here! if you
fellows are going to nominate Hastings,
we'll change places."
On the second ballot Delamatyr received
99 votes and Hastings 61. Before the bal
lot was announced George S. Graham, of
Philadelphia, started the stampede to
Delamatyr by changing his vote from
Hastings. Then other delegates followed,
nominating Delamatyr. Tho second bal
lot, as corrected, stood: Delamatyr, 105;
Hastings, 59; Montooth, 15; Osborn, 4;
McCormick, 25.
Delamatyr's nomination was made unan
imous and the convention then took recess
till 7 o'clock.
On the reassembling of the convention
Senator Watres was .nominated for lieuten
ant governor on the first ballot, receiving
1G5 votes against 36 for E. K. Martin.
The state chairmanship was tendered Mr.
Hastings, but he declined it, and Chairmau
Andrews was re-elected.
Pimples, blackheads, red, rough and oily
skin prevented by Cdticura Soap.
CHICAGO, III, June 26. A crisis in the
big strike of the Illinois Central trainmen
was reached this evening. After an all
day session tho conference between the
strikers' committee and the Illinois Cen
tral officials ended with a positive refusal
on the part of the company to discharge
Superintendent Russell. This was the
ultimatum as far as the company was con
cerned. The ultimatum of the emloyes,
and indeed the occasion of the strike,
had been a demand for Russell's discharge,
the reason given being his alleged "gen
eral obnoxiousness." How far the lines
of other companies will be involved was
also the subject of much discussion among
those interested.
Cairo, 111., June 26. A committee of
the strikers came here today and on their
orders every freight train between here
and Centralia, on the Illinois Central, was
sidetracked. The passenger coaches were
detached from two trains and local roads
were notified not to handle Central cars
going to other lines.
Scrofula, boils, pimples and all humors
are cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla. Give it
a trial now.
Boston, Mass., June 26. The sessions of
tho National editorial association were
continued today in the state house. Vice
President E. W. Stephens, of Missouri,
opened ;i discussion on the question
of advertising by a paper on
"Newspaper Making for Profit." He held
that the present lack of uniformity
in advertising rates is due to the lack of
knowledge on the part of the newspaper
publishers of what space is worth.
Chairman Parker, of the committee on
advertising, made a report of a schedule
of uniform advertising rates running per
inch from 75 cents per week to S10 per
year and per column from 10 per week to
$100 per year.
Immediate relief by using Preston's
Chicago, 111.. June 20. The committee
appointed at the recent meeting of the
Western Freight association to consider
the question of restoring Missouri river
rates, has called a special meeting of the
association for next Wednesday, when a
rejiort will be submitted. The committee
will recommend a complete restora
tion of merchandise rates from
Chicago to the Missouri river to
the former basis of 75 cents, firstclas.
Tho present basis is 00 cents first-class. It
will also recommend that the 80 cent rate
from Chicago to St. Paul on traffic origin
ating at eastern points bo cancelled and
that tho 40 cent scale be supplied to both
through and local shipments. There is a
prospect that the committee recommenda
tion will be concurred in and the rates ad
vanced. If von have headache try Preston's
Kansas Citv. Mo.. June 25. John Will
iams, a colored porter in a saloon, started
toward Willis Allen, also colored and em
ployed by a bookmaker, with a knife in
his hand in a saloon at the corner of Ninth
and Delaware at 0 o'clock lpst everinc.
Allen fired four shots at Williams, three
of which took effect, one entering the
heart and causing death. An old quarrel
is given as the cause of the shooting.
Allen was arrested.
Remove boils, pimples, and skin erup
tions, b' taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Chicago, 111., June 20. The Wabash
road has given notice that, taking effect
Monday, it will further reduce the rate on
dressed" beef by way of its Detroit line and
the Canadian Pacific to the basis of 30
cents per 100 pounds from Chicago to Bos
ton. Tomorrow the Lake Shore will an
nounce its intention of meeting the 30 cent
rate of the Wabash.
Ayer's Hair Vigor restores gray hair to
its original color mrkes it vigorous and
St. Joseph, Mo., June 26. The work of
census taking was practically closed here
this evening, the announcement having
come from Washington that no further
time could be given. It is believed thous
ands of names remain unlisted. It is learn
ed from reliable authoritv that the popula
tion is about 65.UW. This is at least 10,000
below what was expected.
Sheetshead Bat, June 26. The winners
of today's races were Bella B, Struthrenth.
Recluse, Firenzi, who knocked a second off
the mile and a half record, making thr
distance in 2:33, and Seuitora and Philoso
phy. Chicago, 111., June 20. Tho winners of
today's races were Racine, Prophecy, Pal
estine, Work and Robspierre.
If fails, money refunded: Preston"?
Cincinnati ..2 003001208
New York 1 201000105
Base hits Cincinnati 8, New York 5.
Errors Cincinnati 12, New Yorlc 9.
Pitchers Rusie and Mullane.
Cleveland 0 003001004
Philadelphia 1 110112008
Base hits Cleveland 6, Philadelphia 8.
Errors Cleveland 3, Philadelphia 5.
Pitchers Wadsworth and Smith.
Chicago 4 0 0 2 0 0 5 0 011
Brooklyn 0 410000005
Base hits Chicago 10, Brooklyn 7.
Errors Chicago 2, Brooklyn 5.
Pitchers Lovett and Lubey.
Pittsburg 0 000000000
Boston 3 010200006
Base hits Pittsburg 6, Boston 8.
Errors Pittsburg 3, Boston L
Pitchers Clarkson and Bowman.
Kansas City.- 0 020010209
Denver 2 000002004
Base hits Kansas City 9, Denver 5.
Errors Kansas City 4, Denver 3.
Pitchers Smith and Flood.
St. Louis, Mo., June 26. Yesterday and
today were exceptionally warm, the ther
mometer registering from 90 to 9S degrees
in the shade from early in the morning till
nearly sundown, and up to 3 p. m. today
nine deaths and sixteen prostrations, some
of them serious, had been caused by the
Columbus, O., June 20. Hon. Joseph
Outhwaite was today renominated for the
fourth term in congress by the Democrats
of the Ninth district.
Call Ctesar back and bid the world stand stOlI
Thou Brutus, pluck tho laurel from thy brow:
3Iark Antony, forsake thino amorous Iovel
And Cleopatra, all unvirtuous prido;
But thou, Imagination, art a king,
Tho universe thine empire timo thy thronol
Aurora's beams do fashion thee a crown
And Luna's crescent is thy signet ring.
A tiara bright of jewel stars are thine '
Endymion, Venus, Jupitor and Mars!
Thy palace is ths rainbow's glorious arc.
Thy fount-the crystal of a thousand rills.
Thou art an artist; in thy grand design,
"With infinite touch, the modest colors blend;
Bold Phcebus lends theo ample light and shade,
And lo! the gorgeous East is richly drest
Not less the daisy, in her modest garb;
The lily in the vale, with rarest grace.
Then poisy comes and thou hast taught her
Like that of Orpheus, in tho days of old,
To sing of love, cf virtue and of fate
Alas! that fate should consecrate thy name
And well she leads in animated choirs
The soajsS of birds, the humming of the bee,
The liquid music of the waterfall. '
And joins them all in one harmonious chant.
Philadelphia Ledger.
Phenomena of Hurricanes.
Professor Loomis gives a very interest
ing summary of his investigations on the
subject of tornadoes. He finds that while
no season of the year is exempt they occur
for the most part in May and June, and
generally between noon and sunset. Tho
usual accompaniments are a rise in tem
perature, lightning and rain, and frequent
ly hail. Their progress in this country is
invariably eastwardly, the mean being 12
degs. north of east. Their average breadth
is 129 rods; length, 15 miles; velocity of
progress when violent, about 30 miles an
hour; duration of destructive violence, 45
seconds. The loss of human life is remark
ably small considering all tho attendant
conditions, being about one to a tornado.
In passing over ponds and rivers water
is invariably raised in large quantities.
Leeward roofs are generally taken in pref
erence to windward. Light objects are
frequently transported three to twenty
miles, and fowls are not infrequently picked
of most of their feathers. This though a
singular is undoubtedly a true phenome
non. The attempts to prove that it could
be caused by the expansion of air in the
quills, duo to the passage of a vacuum,
have not been successful. The most sin
gular fact is that the fowl lives under the
depluming process. In some cases roosters
have been seen walking around after a tor
nado crowing, and without a feather on
their backs. A feasible explanation is that
an electric charge threw off the feathers
much in the same way as it now and again
strips the clothes from a person. New
York Commercial Advertiser.
Not Used to Litigation.
Ono of the judges of the superior court
of Cook county tells this:
"It is astonishing how much ignorance
there is among men about the rules of a
court room. When I see so much of it I
can understand why there is so much liti
gation. .Not long ago a case was tried in
this room before a jury. After the jury re
tired I was making some minutes on my
book. The lawyers had stepped out and
only a few persons remained. A man
camo to the bench and asked me if I
thought the jury would bo out long. I did
not look up at him. supposing that he was
a reporter or an attache of tho court. I re
plied that I didn't know. 'What do you
think they will do?' ho asked, and then I
did look up. There stood tho plaintiff in
the case. Before I could reprimand him
ho said:
" 'Judge, if you will permit me to go into
tho room where the jury is I can tell them
something which wasn't brought out in
the evidence, and it may change their opin- '
ion and hasten a verdict.'
"I saw that tho man was perfectly honest
and was not aware of asking anything out
of tho way. I explained to him why I
could not grant his request and he seemed
to ba satisfied. He said it was tho first '
lawsnit ho ever had, and ho didn't think j
his lawyer had done as much as ho might
have done.'" Chicago Tribune j
An offer of $10,000 was recently made for I
Miss Alice, by Alcantara, dam Thorndale i
Maid, but it was declined, $15,000 being the ,
amount asked for.
The fastest time on record for six fur
longs is 1:10, by c. f. Fides, 4 years old, by
them Used Fillette, 116 pounds, at Mor
ris pari "Westchester, N. Y., on May SI,
Lord Falmouth's famous paddocks at
Newmarket, England, have been sold at
public auction for 10,700. They include
about twenty-four acres of the best land
around Newmarket.
In tho first quarter of the present year
Great Britain exported horses to the vaJue
of $344,819, against $595,-439 in the same
part of 16S9. Imports were ?36a,S72 this
year, against 222,330 last yeir.
Touts in nine casea out of ten, experts
say, do not and cannot know any more
about a race on which thoy dispense tips
to strangers in the hops of a generous re
ward thereafter than does the veriest
stranger himself.
There is yet a chance that Hanover will
bo seen at the post this year. He is at the
Elisabeth track, whare he had the firing
irons applied to him. He was also blistered.
He is rapidly recovering from, their effects,
sud if all go3 well will race before the
reason is over.
rtr. Vj tnif Virt .ictAti wMnf- anarr tAr "
is Jack McDonald, the bookmaker, who is
reported to have won $30,000 on Daisy
WoodrufL "Pittsburg Phil" has gone in
."or steady prollts, and is backing at least
'to books besides making his own outside j
.... l
'Precept sA Practice. '
Cbe stood oatto fcifcscheol platform
Trom her eaay ft rifeboa fettered.
And It dealt TjidHappiiiss3." j
It Is -wh&t wo txi ftpothera,"
Eha said, tthat mart briDg-nsblissf
The highest ddigbt the selfish.
Can neror fall toenss. x
"Just In giving there ts gaining1.
He who stops to coast the cost
Loses all tho good ha xaight get
If the thought of Jielf were lost.
And her mother heard the essay,
But her thoughts seemed bound to roam
From its subject; and aha pondered.
For she'd seen tha girl at home.
Somerville Journal.
There Ia Kothing like Them in Congress
Besides How the Orotor Shakes His
Finger How Sam Cox Stopped Hi
Pointing Instantaneous Camera Cats.
I Special Correspondence.
Washington, Juno 19. la the Ameri
can house of commons there axe about a
dozen orators and two or three million
gestures. Only one of these orators em
braces within himself all of the mechan
ical auxiliaries to eloquence. Need I say
that this great American gesticulator ia
the witty, the ardent, the rhetorical
member from Danville, the Hon. Joseph,
G. Cannon? ilr. Cannon's repertoire of
gestures is com
prehensive and
complete. He ia
the model for all
aspiring youths,
the object lesson
"which, all new
comers in the-forensic
field care-
fnllif aii-nAv
:ti M$H When Mr. Can
non rises in his
Eeat and calmly
addresses the-pre-siding
Pf'l i H
"Mr. Speakerl"
there is little pre-
monition of the storm that is to come.
But for his curling lip and flashing eye
the stranger in the gallery-might be mis
led into supposing this another dull and
drowsy speaker not worth hearing on a
hot summer day. To miB3 hearing one
of Mr. Cannon's speeches is to visit
Washington in vain, and if the stranger
have experienced friends at hand they
pull him by the coat tail and bid him
The stranger is amply repaid for fol
lowing their a'dvice, for in another mo-
ment this incar
nation of gesture
has eaid good-by
to his Beat and
taken up position
in the aisle. Here
he stands, with
either hand rest
ing upon a desk,
the nervous,
rnrithiricr vf bin Of-.
fircrora nlrnio ttv. i.ui
dicating the im
patience of his
soul. Heis eager
1U1 bUt) UiUUlCillr
in which his"'
words shall have "Never, sir I Never P
brought on the serious business of the
moment the mechanical eloquence in
which he so delights. A few more sen
tences and this moment has arrived. Up
comes the strong right arm, and the or
ator, with that member raised aloft, be
gins shaking his index finger.
Beproduoed by instantaneous camera
that finger describes tho upper half of a
cart wheel in mo
tion. You know
the spokes are
there, but you
cannot see them.
The stranger in
the gallery be
comes alarmed.
"Th e man -will
lose his finger
he will shako it
off I" exclaims the
stranger. But
his friends only
laugh and tell
'Tra talking sense to yon him tho story of
noTvi" anewpagowhom
a waggish member once sent round to
Joe Cannon's desk to pick up that gen
tleman's lost finger.
Meanwhile the orator has reached an
other stage of hi6 object lesson in the pos
sibilities of gesti
culation. Now he
is emphasizing a
particularly em
phatic and bellig
erent sentence,
and as each word
flies forth, tho
right hand, on
which all five fin
gers remain, falls
shoulder of Mr.jj
Farquhar, of?
New York, who
is so unfortunate?;
as to sit hard by.Wi
Mr. Farquhar.. , ,. .
, n n "Tiepeoplewon'tstacdltr
knows Mr. Can
non, and he knows what is coming. He
knows that Mr. Cannon's blows of em
phasis have a crescendo movement that
they gradually gather force and increase
in recklessness and he soon retreats
amid the smiles of his more fortunate
Yet Mr. Cannon must strike some
thing with his hands, and he instinctively
looks about him for another victim.
Judge Caldwell, of Cincinnati, is sitting
cloe by, but he is a Lame man, and the
orator is too brave and manly to strike
him. Mr. McKinloy is alio conveniently
near, but no one was ever known to slap
the back of the leader of the house, nor
to call him "BilL" Mr. Henderson, of
Illinois, was in
the nert eeat a
moment ago, but
he also i3 experi
enced, and when
ha saw bis friend
and colleague
rise he had con
cluded discretion
was the better
part of valor and
Thus left without
a human striking
"1 appeal t the ether sid." bag Mr. Cannon
begrna to pound the air. rsow more
fierce and warlike than ever he draws
his right fist to hid shoulder and then
hurls it forth hie a prise fighter who ia
ahemt to tra: thu finTtMni touches UDoa
I vffiaF7ffrlu
i i
k J f"i
vr&- f J s
Wife. Vfffl&i
Pit .. 4 m
a - i" vjx
warn Tf&
&' - A r
jfWStW ww i
g-SEsgiv '""
the peepers or an already watenoggea
antagonist. Blow f allows blow with in
credible rapidity, and Henry Cabot
Lodge, of Massachusetts, and William
EL Crain, of Texas, the best boxers in
congress, shake their heads, at each other,
as much as to say: "How would! you like
to meet TJnclo Joe with hard gloves?"
The orator now changes his movement.
He points his finger at his imaginary
enemies on the other side of the hall, and
keeps it thus
pointed with an
energy and per
sistency which
rouse the admira
tion of all the
sportsmen in the
house. "There,"
says the man in
the gallery to his
friend tho stran
ger, "i3 TJncle
Joe's first gest
ure. When he
"That Is what your party first came to Con
didl" gxess, about fif
teen years ago, that was the only motion
he had. He brought it out on all occa
sions. One day he leveled his finger to
ward the Democrats across the aisle, and
happened to point directly toward the
late Sam Cox peace to his ashes. Cox
jumped from his scat as if he had been
shot and dropped under his desk, crying
out as he did bo: "Don't do that I Don't
do that it might go off!" This sally
was met with roars of laughter, in which
TJncle Joe heartily joined. But it cured
him. Yes, sir, it cured him of pointing.
He at once went to work evolving his
present system, in which years of prac
tice have made him perfect. He never
dared resume pointing till after poor
Sam Cox was dead and buried."
By this time Mr. Cannon has tired of
prancing about in the aisle, menacing
his enemies. Much of his energy has
Deen expenuea m y
mauling raits,
driving spikes,
cartwheeling his
finger, and in im
itating the old
fashioned wind
mill with his long
arms. But plenty
of energy still re
mains, and he
quickly fo 1 1 o w s
menace with at- "Ah, mv friends, that will
tack. Rushing never do."
along toward tho Democratic side of tho
house, overturning a chair and-upsetting
two or three cuspidores as he goes, he
finally pauses near tho aisle, which is
neutral ground between the two armies,
and there stands as if daring tho bravest
of tho foe to cross the line and meet him
in deadly combat.
Now his manner changes again, and
with one foot upon a chair and his arms
outstretched entrentingly he appeals to
tho gentlemen of
tho opposition to
think as he thinks
to have some
reason and under
standing. In this
stage Mr. Can
non is winsome,
even fascinating.
A sweot smile
dances upon his
mouth, his eyes
sparkle with good
humor. But
none of the foe
will respond. Not
a man would
come over and
fight him, nor
"There's the record; read will any rise in
it for yourselves." liis place and con
fess himself in tho wrong. Whereupon
the orator's mood changes once more,
as the sky in the west changes at the ap
proach of a funnel shaped cloud. Ho
warns the opposition of the consequences
of their perversity, their folly, which ho
declares will "never, never do," and in
his eagerness to impress this upon their
minds Bhakes his head till the stranger
in tho gallery becomes alarmed at the
prospect of beholding a suicide by de
capitation. The wicked foe staring blankly at Mr.
Cannon or smiling incredulously as if
doubting their own sins, tho orator
rushes to his desk, picks up a book and
raises it where all may see. This is ono
of his greatest acts, one in which tho
art of gesticulation reaches its climax
the right arm as
rigid as tho ped
estal of "Liberty
Enlightening tho
World," the left
sinuous and snake
like, tempting the
enemy to behold
and bo destroyed.
A smile of tri
umph is upon the
orator's face as ho
assumes that the
enemy are a3
much discomfited
as he thinks they
ought to be. Then
he shakes the vol
ume violently in
well simulated
indignation till
"These are the facta V
the leaves drop out and flutter to the
floor like exaggerated snowflakes. But
no snow or storm can cool the ardor of
the orator. He is afire and must burn
out. A few more gyrations, a few hard
blows at an imaginary antagonist with
the now sadly wrecked book as a weapon,
and the volume is flung upon a desk with
so much violence that the ink will slop
over and the penholders dance a jig with
the eraser. Then Mr. Cannon sita down,
the coolest man in the house, and there
is applause on the floor and in the gal
leries. Walxzb. Wellxan.
Cevejiai. bottles of Fwif'A Speriac (S.S. S.)
-' entrreiy ciaased a.y svstom of coatzgwoa
blood poises of the very wst trp.
m. S. LoOKis,SfczeT-pcr!, La.
T hkt scEorrxA la 1SH, asd clsamed srr
srstsss tssazvtf freca it br tajdag sirrea
bottks of S. S. b. 1 brre oo; hid aay syrap
tcsstisce. CW T.'rurox.
Spartzsbsrc, S. C
TreiUie on Bked ad SHs Diseases sstfjci
free. Swift Srxciric Co. Athsta. G.
& UF'tl'P Iff
Just Trhen tho nijht shadoTrs haver,
Jast Tf hca the dew f alleih down.
Just when tho bluffs brightly over
GlearcetJa a crescent, a crovrn;
Just when the crickets are chirpinjj,
Just when the gold stars oat peep,
Bweet tis to sit In the twilight,
Booking the bahy to sleep.
Oh, the dear little bands that ore stirring
In tired and tender unrest!
Oh, the murmurous voice thais purring!
Oh, the head cuddled close to my breast!
Flcateth in fragrance of flowers
Sorrowful swift the tears leap
Sad lis to sit ia the twilight.
Rocking the baby to sleep.
Hcsh ! for the white iids ore f oHlng,
Hush! the rose lips are apart,
Hush ! for I hear a voice calling
Deep in the heart of lay heart:
Trust your lamb to the Shepherd,
Trust him your treasure to keep V
Hush! lsstyoa waken the baby,
Hush for the baby's asleep.
Good Housekeeping.
In the year ISO the waters of tho Rhine
and the Danube wero partially dried up,
and people passed over on foot.
In 1227 it is recorded in Germany that
many men and animals came by their
deathithrough tho intense heat.
W. H. Breariey, of The Detroit Jour
nal, is receiving many contributions to
the fund for the purchase of a testi
monial from America to Franco, The
subscriptions are limited to $1 each, and
among those already identified with the
movement are President Harrison and
the governors of nearly half the states
ofrthe "Union.
Among recent novelties-in jewelry are
cuff links of gold mounted and diamond
tipped tigara' claws and a scarf pin with
tho moonstone head of a cherub and
Eilvpr winrp.
Dumping : Bargains!
5 and Children's
We are selling them cheaper than ever heard of before.
This serious decline in prices is deplorable, but it
cannot be helped, the goods must go.
We must and shall have a
Live Business.
JJ Ljj
The One-Price Clothiers. 208, 210
Cures diseases of women heretofore
abaudoned by the profesHion. Such aa
flbroid tumors, displacement, eti
larernenta.pralapbus, etc.. by thou to
of electricity, according to the meth
ods elaborated by the great French
Surgeon Apodloli.
wiuhes to cull the attention of Ukmo
suffering from nervous (llaa&nas, par
alysis, norvotis prostration, etc.. to tho j
wonderful curative cn'ectH to b le- j
rived from "electricity" when scion-
Ulically applied, and desire to tnte j
that hu makes the application of elec- j
tricity in nervous dieatea a Miocial i
feature of his practice. T) doctor j
ha the flneat fifty diamond carbon
cell buttery ever een in the vriwt and '
all the appliancea especially adaptel j
to tue ironunem oi kwi uianjtoou
or seminal weakness, which ho quick-,
ly and permanently enre by the ski i
of electricity. j
CATAKItH Every cac of catarrh
is curable if properly treated, regnrd- j
e.8ofwhal others hare wild. Many;
capes enred by a single treatment- j
PILES. tiHtula and all rectal di.easo ;
cured; no knife, no palnj a cure gtiAr-
an teed.
Iretheral Strictnres quickly and
permanently cured; no cutting ur,
pain: no money nntil cured. t
s-thm.'t, hy fever, all thro and lung
troubles, kln eruptions, rheumatism, J
dropsy, Drlght's diee&o, bladder. ;
kidney ami urinary diearfee, blood i
pohou and private dlHeafeeg. !
SYPHILIS The dre&d disease at
mankind, quickly ami permanently '
enred, by the new treatment, without)
the poloonous arugs of days gone by.
3Ied!cine seat to ail parts of the
country. Send for question blank.
MUX -She UUa't laz-
A KcaaJl girl, 8 year oW laiad yes, they
are brtlhaot ha Boctoa at 3 ye&n woat ta
a csfldrea " party tbe (Akrr aiteraoos.
Alter b had rotcrsed borne the said to
her parecU:
"At the party a Bui girl fall through a
chair to th flosr. All the other girb
brasiMd, bet I dkta't,
"WU. wfcy dlda't yoo lacgh"
Caa I ws tfefr Bihat Mi tirough."
It wa tUs ease Stile girl rrhm, after a
trip ia tba eeuacry, narked wfetfsfiyt
Iwlrii !bd& hves oct ml doorsT
Tisaamr 3ff.U4
40c mohirs cut to ISc
25c double challies cut to
13 cents.
50c lisle thread vests cut
to 25 cents.
Mothers Friend Yests.
Soc fast black sateens cut
to 16 3- cents.
Outing cloth at S cents.
Beaded capes at 9S cents.
Prices are being badly cut
at the Arcade to sell surplus
and 222 Douglas Ave., TVlchlta
Sunreon. Oculist and Anrlst
The doctor gives npeclal attention
to the treatment of all dlhcanos of tho
HYK, including the wieutlflo adjnut
jm'nt of glae to correct Imperfect
CATAJIACT roraoved and Bight ro-.
stored to many who hsro been totally
CROSS EYES straightened in one
SORE EYES enred without the uuo
of eauHtlcnor other harmful agent.
ARTIFICIALEYKS carefully select
ed and applied.
DEAFNESS AH rnrable canca of
defne promptly cured.
(i LASS Kb Only those who have had
a thorough training should attempt
to fit gliumw,. lett tkey do the patient
mori' harm than good. Many aae of
nervoujineMt, irritability, inomina,
heiidftclte, vertigo and ticeming tu
pidity in children are due to defective
viwioit and are removed at once by tho
application of proper glance.
Doctor Pnrdy linn achieved a puc
ces HtUe 1' th&n pheuominal xu a
general surgeon, treating with great
acceiMi deformities, club foot, eurva
tore of the ptne, hip otnt dbeaae.
white aweiling. diseewwK of the bone,
cor. nicer, tumor, old storm, hair
lip. facial btewimhe, kia and blood
duViteif etr. Svphile absolutely
curtni. Doctor luniY waji la.t pro
UmT of surgery u the Wichita Medl
cal College and Surgeon to St. Francis
Hottpitttl, having retinqiekfhed th
abovo poaaUloBa in order toderute bu
entire time to hVa spoeialtieH.
N. 15. Superfluous hair, facial blera
hthats, molea. etc., removed Uf eicc
trtity. CorrapondoBC4 aolleltcd.
CoaaItati0na free.
K... P. PtJItDY, If. D.
Bcr- wibt tEs waii raaa t.
He eref2 ytA &im.
Is ArSI j dr'JJ as rer by rrr.
Th mots be hcxjtZit ia larva.
A par la4; ter klat ws SBc
Wis Joy fucJt Uy kf-
1m a jrostrsdl la b Jr-M
TrTilT tine t B3v 0f-9 dAr,
X3d tizM $ 1 UmnJ
Tie pofrt krr fcfarw wy
mm SM!

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