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gte Wctote Sa gaglje: f rxtoj fjforwhts, lime 27, 1890,
w mwmm
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of purity,
etrcJijrfh and uliolcsomecess. 3Iore economical
thau the ordinary kinds and cannot bo "old in com
petition with tlic jnultiti:d of low test, short weight
jilnm or phosphate powders. -old only in caro.
Itojnl Baking Powder Co.. 1CW Wall at. X. V.
ldi A. MA J.V S T.. WIC 1ITTJL.
compelled Demand 25 Each.
o L. M. C kaivfokd. Manaser
One Xlght Only, Wednesday, July 2.
For the Benefit of the City Hospital.
Tirst presentation in this rity of Bactetonc's beauti
ful romantic dnmu. In 3 acts entitled
iteplctc with Scenir and Mcclmnical effects, elabor
ate wardroljch and entrancing music.
A Beautiful Idyl of Gypsy Life and
Reserved snots on s-ule at the bot ofilce af ter 9 a.
m., Monday, .Mine SO.
o I. M. CiiAwronD, Ma&eas
Rgy. T. Dcwitt Talmadgc
Friday Evening, June 27,
"BIG blunders;
This w ill be a rare ehanco to hear America's most
celebrated pulpit onttoi.
Tickets for sale at the following plnces: C. T.
Champion's. Hyde A llumble's, Kowi'V Drue Store.
"wttSld. l'lcoof us 2.c to 1.00. No ctra.
charge for reserved sreit.
To the Editor of the Enulc.
Please announce moasa candidate for re-election
to the oflite of t'lerlv of tlie District court of edg
v ji count j . subject to the action of the Republican
county cou enliou. Respect full,
C. II. LrLiNO.
"Wichita, Kan.. June fl. ISM. dU) tf w tf
(Furnished by the Deam Abstract Co.")
The following transfers of real estate
were filed for record in the oflice of the
register of deeds yesterday:
Lafayette Simpson toChas C Judy 40
44 JG4S University avo University
add, 4 and 10 Glenn ave Lawnfield
add, IS and 20 Davton ave Glendalo
add, 12S Main street city, C4 and IW
Lawrence avenue English's. Sixth
rid, 17 Chicigo ave Mattinson's
Third and half interest e hf .s e qr
.'!1 and w M b w qr 32 27 lw and 2ox
140 feet in s w qr s w qr20 20 1e,
half interest in 10 12 11 10 block 4
Allen & Smith 'sadd and half inter
est in (is IH (? 70 St Clair st Univer
sity Place add, half interest in 1
and 2 and east half n w qr 2S cw
wd $25000
Alarv Largo to Owen D Phillip1; 21 2;5
blk 1, 15 17 U) 21 22 2.? 21 blk 2. 1 10
12 17 10 blk 3, 1 2 S 10 12 14 blk 4
Garrison's siib-div "Wichita, Gar
(iMls, wd 2S1
Ad im G laser to-John Glaser s e qr
24 le. wd 2000
Line Fisher to "Wichita Loan and
Trust Co, 583 5S5 5S7 5S9 Rosenthals
sub div w d 1000
ZUury Gates to J W Shultz, 07 Church
M, citv 1550
"Wm Crawford to Aug Fast, 45, blk 0
Carton Car wks add w d 1
Fourth Xatn'l Bank to E K Powell
1 !? "Water street, city q c d 602
Oh c r ic Imboden Co to H T Rogers
:U Indiana ave IMathewson's 'M add
wd 1000
II J Heinz ft al to Fenelon Cannon
S9 91 93 Strong ave Logan add w d. 1
Fourth of Jaly KxcursJon.
Tickets sold July 3 and 4, limited for re
turn July 5, for one faro for round trip to
points; 2(H) miles distant on Santa Fe, Frisco
and Wichita & Western railways.
W. D Mcrdock,
34 St Pass, and Ticket, Agt.
Balbricrgan at ?c a suit.
Ribbed at 9Sc a suit.
Sold color balbrigtran at 75c.
Lisle thread at L76.
Worth, double what we ask.
Balbriggan shirts :25c to 33c.
Gauze shirts at 19c.
Bovs' llankel "shirts 75c, worth
Special 25c tie sale,
fecial hat sale, 5, 9. 10, 12 and
25 cents.
GLOBE, 418 Do Ave
H. L. Williams the Greatest
American at the Game.
A lively Tale Athlete Who Has Done
ISO Yards with Ten 3 Feet S Inch Har
dies in 1G Seconds How Ho Makes His
The world's record for the 120 yard hur
dle raco ten hurdles, each 3 feet 6 inches
high was lately made for the first time
in the United States by tkat very strong
runner, H. L. Williams, of Tale university
and the New York Athletic club. This
game is very popular in England, where
they run it on soft turf, which renders the
race much easier on the muscles than if
run on a hardtatck. The best record 16
seconds has been made by three or four
English runners, but until May 17 of this
year all attempts to equal it in America
failed. On that date at ths .spring games
of the Berkeley Athletic club, on the beau
tiful grounds at Morris Dock known as the
Berkeley oval, "Williams broke the Ameri
can amateur Tccord of 10 1-5 seconds held
by A A. Jordan, and did at last an even
16 seconds.
Williams is a very large and active ath
lete. He is about 21 years old, six feet tall
and weighs in athletic costume 172,pounds.
His chest measures 40 inches, thigh 23
inches and calf 16 inches. Ho takes a
longer stride than
usual over the ob
stacles, and he
runs in away that
impresses one as
showing power
rather than sci
ence, but during
the last several
months he has im
proved greatly in
the latter quality,
and on the occa
sion of his recent
victory he showed
so much of it that
these who were ac
customed to his
style were sur
prised. Hurdle racing is
essentially a scien
tinc game. Tho
difference in style
between a poor
! and good perform-
' er is very marked.
Sometimes, how-
L. Williams. ever, an unscien-
From an instantaneous pho-tific hurdler
tograph. makes up in speed
and spring what he lacks in knack, but be
fore ho can show speed-he must waste a
great amount of strength. Williams used
to have that fault, but now ho takes theob
stacles very smoothly and apparently with
little effort.
His first appearance in athletics was in
the spring of 18SS at his college games, and
he soon developed into a good running
high and broad jumper and hurdlo racer.
He took second in both the 120, 3 feet 6
inch high, and 220, 2 feet Oinch high hurdle
races at the intercollegiate games of 18S9,
being barely beaten in each race by Her
bert Alapea. Tliis year at tho intercollegiate
games on May 31 ho turned tho tables and
defeated his former conqueror, winning
the intercollegiate championship for tho
high hurdles, and taking second to J. P.
Lee, of Harvard university, in the low
ones. The high hurdlo race is his great
game, for to clear those obstacles well ono
must bo far more active and strong than is
necessary with low obstacles. His jump
over the high hurdles is about 15 feet, being
1 foot longer than that which other Ameri
can champions have generally cleared.
Ho won the late intercollegiate champion
ship by about 4 yards from Mapes in 16 1-5
seconds. The time does not look as fast
on paper as tho record performance ho did
two weeks previous at the Berkeley games,
but ho had during tho intercollegiate raco
a strong' breeze blowing directly against
him. The fact of his beating Mapes shows
what a fast race he ran.
At these games ho also competed in tho
running broad jump and cleared tho good
distance of 21 feet 10 inches, tieing for sec
ond placo with Victor Mapes, brother of
the hurdlo racer. On making one jump
apiece to decide the tie Williams stepped
over tho mark, which was a foul, and Mapes
won the placo. Williams has many of the
attributes for great performances in all
games requiring activity, and tho proba
bilities are that he will materially better
Eomoof his already high class performances
before long. Malcolm W. Ford.
At tho Theatre.
In a vrell cushioned two dollar seat
An elderly gentleman sat;
But his pleasure was far from complete,
His vision -was barred by a. hat.
Theso lines aro adapted to American use
from a recent timely poem in Punch,
which has started a crusada against tho
wearing of lofty bonnets and wide hats by
ladies who attend the English theatre. Tho
spring styles seem to have a tendency to
largeness of brim or inercase of height,
and the query suggests itself, If those aro
to be the fashionable forms of headgear,
why not also make it fashionable for ladies
to remove their bonnets whilo present at
tho playhouse?
One of Pittsbnrg's 3Iainstays.
John J. Fields is ono of the mainstays of
tho Pittsburg team of tho Players' league
Ho has been a ball player mco 1SS4, In
1SS7 he was secured by the Pittsburg clnb
of the National league, with which ho did
good service during the past three seasons,
alternating as catcher and outfielder. He
is a remarkably hard hitting batsman, a
very clever change catcher and an excel
lent outfielder, ranking third in thatre
snoct in-the official fielding averages of the
National league in 1SS7.
v i
They "Were Satisfied.
A group of street urchins stopped in
front of an elegant uptown apartment
house the other day, and speculated as to
what it was.
"Kinder luks like der teayter,' said one.
"Naw it ain't," said another; "it's a moo
seem." Just then a wan faced little boy in an in
valid's chair was wheeled out of the en
trance by a white capped maid. The
urchins stared at the pair for a moment,
and then one baid in an awestruck whisper:
"Hully gee, lads! It's a hospital."
Then they passed on. New York Sun.
Knights of Aurora.
A. T. Foster, Supreme Commander of
the K. of A., is in the city for the purpose
of organizing a Temple of Knights of Au
rora, a new paternal insurance society;
which combines all the good, features of
other societies, with such additional ones
that make it par excellence for insurance.
Having the experience of all other socie
ties for a guide they have been able to
build a foundation upon which is towering
the grandest society the world, ever saw.
Being mostly composed of the best busi
ness men in the country it is certain to be
safe and enduring; and in no way can a
man so cheaply add to the value of his es
tate and peace of mind as by joining this
society. It is the only fraternal insurance
society in the United States that carries a
reserve fund, this feature being the same
as that of the Shepard's Home of England,
a society which is 75 years old and has al
ways fulfilled every obligation. It is also
the only society that is limited to a certain
number of assessments per year. It has
also a more extended list than any other
society. Among those excluded are all
wholesale and retail dealers in intoxi
cating liquors, and habitual drinkers. It
excludes all territory south of Mason and
Dixon's line on account of epidemics; tho
southern part of Missouri and Illinois and
Indiana on account of malaria, and the
Xew England states from the prevalence
of consumption. The insurance is $1,000,
2,000 and $3,000. The assessments are
graded according to the natural premium
plan. This society is only fifteen months
old and already has about 12,000 members.
The Knights of Aurora are taking the
state by storm, as the plan recommends
itself to all business men as being just the
thing they want. There are already twelve
temples in the state ranging from sixty to
175 members each, there being two in To
peka, one in Lawrence, Ottawa, Leaven
worth. Atchison, Holton, Fort Scott, Par
sons, Pittsburg, Abilene and Emporia; and
inside of a month there will be one organ
ized in Wichita, Hutchinson, McPherson,
Newton and Winfield. All those who
wish a reliable insurance and who does
not, for does not the the bible say, "He
that provideth not for his own household
is worse than an infidel?" can not do bet
ter than to join the Knights of Aurora,
and by going in as charter members they
can get a good insurance at very little cost,
as well as become a member of one of the
finest fraternal and social organizations.
Final Arrangement.
For the St. Paul excursion via the Santa
Fe route, leaving Wichita Monday morn
ing, July 7, 9 a. m. Special train to New
ton arriving in Kansas City at 6 p. m.,
giving ample connection with the special
excursion train via the official route, Chi
cago, Burlington & Quiucy, which is
scheduled to arrive in St. Paul the follow
ing day at noon.
The equipment will consist of free reclin
ing chair cars and Pullman cars. Diagram
for one Pullman can now be found at 122
North Main street, union ticket office.
Parties desiring space should not call later
than July 6 to obtain good location.
34 tf Pass, and Ticket Agt.
Snort Time Trails
Made on chattels and all good securities,
small or large amounts.
d32-6t 205 Sedgwick Block.
New Pension Laws.
All disabled soldiers pensioned, also
soldiers' widows and minor children and
dependent fathers and mothers, I have my
blanks and am now prepared to make out
applications. Come at once, as there will
be a great rush and a few days delay may
keep you out of j'our pension for months.
June 26, 1S00. A, A. GLEXX,
33 2 Pension Att'y, room 11, 205 N. Main.
Cars leave Douglas avenue and Main
street for Burton car works every forty
minutes, comnieucing at 0:20 a. m. All
cars leaving on odd hours run through,
also cars leaving twenty minutes before
and twenty minutes after the even hour.
For Fairview and Seventeenth street cars
leave First and Main at fifteen and forty
five minutes past each hour. Lesive
Seventeenth and Fairview at fifteen and
forty-five minutes after each hour. 33 tf
The Hxcclslor Sprint's, JIo.. "Waters.
Are sold only in bottles never in bnlk.
29 w fri sun-tf
To All Concerned.
At 7:00 p. m., June 30, the A, T. & S. F.
will discontinue the use of 'Oak street
depot, (old union depot.) All passenger
business at Wichita for the A., T. & S. F.,
St. L. & S. F., and W. & W. railways will
be transacted at the union passenger sta
tiou, corner Douglas and Fifth avenue,and
union ticket office 122 North Main strees.
A. Tuiinei:, W. D. MUIJDOCK,
30-10 Superintendent. Agent.
Swim! Swim! Swim!
In clear, fresh water heated to S2 deg.
Fahr. at the Natatorium. Ladies' days,
Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 to 12 m.
30 6t
Chronic Innauiatioii of the Bladder.
Is promptly cured by the Excelsior
Springs, Mo., 'waters. 29 w fri sun-tf
The rcrroOlangaiiese Water.
"For disorder, menstruation, anaemia
and sterility it may properly be termed a
specific." From Dr. W. P. Mason's re
port on this famous water of Excelsior
Springs, Mo. 29 w fri sun-tf
Meeting at SU Paul, 3IInn., July 4 to 11, 1MK).
The Rock Island, having been designa
ted as one of the official routes for teachers
contemplating a trip to St. Paul to attend
the annual meeting of the National Educa
tional association, to be held at St. Paul,
Minn., July 4th to 11th, inclusive, 1S90,
will run special vestibuled trains of ele
gant Chair Cars, Pullman sleepers and
Dining Cars from St. Joseph and Kansas
City through without change. This, in
addition to tho two regular scheduled
trains that run daily to St. Paulfrom Kan
sas and Missouri river points of first-class
Coaches. Chair Cars, Pullman Sleepers and
Dining Cars.
Tickets from Kansas will be sold from
July 1 to 7.
The rate will be one lowest first-class
fare the round trip (half fare each way)
plus $2 for membership fee, the return
limit extending to September 30, 1S90, tick
ets being good for return at any time to
that date after July 11. Stop over privil
eges will be allowed returning at any time
or place on the Rock Llaud and Albert
Lea route.
Further arrangements have also been
effected for low excursion rates from St.
Paul to all points of interest to tourists
and nleasure seekers, and especially to
I Fort snelling, Minnehaha Falls, Falls of
) St Anthony, Lake Minnetonka, White
, Bear Lake. Lake Osakis, Geneva Beach
I and Alexander, through the "Park Region
of Minnesota. ' (About 2o'J lakes are lo
cated within ninety miles of St. Paul and
Minneapolis, all pleasant resorts. vutli
good facilities for boating and fishing.
Alo to Duluth and Ashland, or for those
who desire it, a complete tour of Yellow
stone Park, or the Canadian National Park
at Banff.
Returning via the lake The Rock Island
has, also arranged that t he passengers can
return via thelakes from Duluth to Chi
cago on payment of ?1S (which includes
meals and berths), affording them the op
portunity of seeing the great copper re
cion, the" ports of Houghton and Hancock;
the city ot Marquette with its iron ore
docks. "the Pictured Rocks, the straits of
Mackinaw, where the largest ship locks in
the world are now in course of construc
tion: the historical and picturesque Mack
inac islands, the Snow Islands, and thence
via Lake Michignn to Chicago, from which
point tickets will be good via the Rock
island, passing through the cities of Otta
wa. La Salle, "Mohn and Rock Island,
where the government arsenal is located,
thence through Davenport to Missouri
river or ulterior western destination.
Any further information in regard to
rates." time of tT&ins, reservation in sleep
ing cars, etc., will lie cheerfully given no
on application to any of the agents of the
Rock Island or at city ticket oftke, 100 E.
Douglas avenue, corner Main street, Wich
ita, fe. F. BOVD.
A. G. T. & P. A., TopeLa, Kan.
Jno. Sebastian,
2W5. G. T. & P. A, Chicago, I1L
Ottawa Chautauqna.
The twelfth annual session of Ottawa
Chautauqua Assembly will be held at For
est Park, Ottawa, Kansas, June 17 to 27,
inclusive. The Santa Fe Route makes an
open rate from this town on that occasion
ot one fare for round trip. Tickets on sale
June 16 to 27. good to return June 2S.
Grand Army Day, June 27, is the great day
of the Assembly. Ex-President Hayes,
Gen. Alger, Hon. Wm. Warner, Gor. Hum
phrey, Hon. Ira F. Collins and Hon. Geo.
T. Anthony, have promised to deliver ad
dresses. Lectures will be given on other
days by Rev. F. W. Gunsaulus, D. D. and.
Rev. Geo. C. Lorimer, of Chicago. Col.
Geo. W. Bain, of Kentucky, Prof. W. D.
McClintock and Dr. Price.
Inquire of local agent Santa Fe Route
for further particulars regarding train ser
vice, etc. Yours truly,
i4-24t Geo. T. Nicholson,
G. P. & T. A
All Aboard for St. Paul.
National Educational association meets
this year at St. Paul, Minn., July 4 to 11,
the cool belt; just the place for a summer
You can buy a round-trip ticket via
Santa Fe route to St. Paul, July 1, to 7,-at
one lowest first-class fare, plus $2 member
ship fee, with final limit September 30.
Kate is low, limit long, occasion interest
ing. The Santa Fe gives choice of routes east
of Kansas City, and will arrange to run
through sleepers or chair cars via "official"
(Burlington) route, selected by Kansas
committee of transportation, or by any
other regular line between Kansas City
and St. Paul designated by parties order
ing such cars.
For information about special parties of
teachers, and details of rates, train service,
etc., call on W. D. Mukdock? agent Santa
Fe route, or address O. T. Nicholson, gen
eral passenger and tickel agent, Topeka,
Kan. w 23 tf
On and after June 9th the Santa Fe
route will resume tariff rates in effect
March 1st, 1&90. G. F. Nicholson,
G. P. &. T. A.
Wichita, May 29, 1S90. dl2 tf
A Fable.
Once upon a time the Queen of all the
"Flours," whose name was Imperial, gave
a luncheon to her subjects. When all
were seated at the banquet table some of
the "low grades" became envious of the
queen's charms and popularity and cried
out "We are as good as Imperial." The
royal court messenger, Prince Tally-Ho,
arrived at that moment in his coach and
proclaimed the verdict of the people: "Im
perial is supreme. Long live Imperial."
Then the low bread rebels made rye faces
and said "Our cake is dough; we knead no
more. Long live Imperial." 15 tf
The JLone Mar" Limited.
Are you going to Kansas City or east
thereof? If so, why not take the 12:40 p. m.
train via the Santa Fe route, arriving in
Kansas City the same evening and Chica
go the next morning, making east-bound
connections. IStf
Winilcld Chautauqua Assembly.
The fourth annual session will open at
Island park, June 24, and continue eleven
days. The class work and platform will
be under the supervision of Rev. B. T.
Vincent, D. D., of Buffalo, N. Y". The
music will be directed by Prof. George F.
Brierly, Erie, Pa. Classes in elocution
and oratory under Prof. W. W. Carnes, of
Chicago, III. School of Kindergarten in
charge of Miss Kuhlman, state normal
school. And stenography under Prof.
Van Wye, Southwest Kansas college. Sun
day school normal, instruction by Dr. Vin
cent and Prof. Gridley.
Among the prominent lecturers are Rev.
George W. Miller, D. D., of Kansas City;
A. Miner Griswold, Texas Sittings; Gen
eral Russell A. Alger, commander-in-chief
G. A R.; Rev. Robert Mclntyre, of Chi
cago; Rev. Dr. Talinage. Brooklyn; Rev.
David Winters, D. D., Wichita: Rev. R.
T. Savin, D. D., Wichita; Rev. P. S. Hen
son, D. D., Chicago; Prof. T. H. Dinsmore,
Ph. D., Emporia; Hon. A. W. Smith, Mc
Phcrson; Hon. Ralph Beaumont and Hon.
L. L. Polk, president National Farmers'
Alliance, Washington, D. C.
All railroads will sell tickets at one fare
for round trip, good to return July 5.
Special trains can be secured for excursion
parties. Elegant camping, good water,
luxurious shade, splendid boating, tents,
lodging, board, provisions all on the
grounds. Street cars from all depots to
the park.
or piogram, giving particulars, aouress
A. 1
I. Limerick. Secretary,
155 tf
Winheld, Kansas.
Old papprs for sale at this office 25 cents
per hundred. 23tf
Sealed Proposals.
Sealed proposals will be received at the
oflice of the secretary of the board of edu
cation until 10 a. m. June 30, 1S90, for the
erection of an addition to the Wichita
High school building, according to plans
and specifications on file in the office of C.
W. Terry, architect, room 16. Bitting block,
Wichita, Kan. A certified check lor $200
must accompany each bid. The board re
serves the right to reject any or all bids.
M. Stewakt,
Ch. Com. Buildings and Grounds.
Wichita, Kan., June 19, 1S90. 2S 6t
The grub that makes the butter fly
Wailles from Imperial flour. 156 tf
Three hours the quickest to St. Louis
Missouri Pacific railway. 124 tf
Win Held Assembly.
If you wish to combine pleasure with
profit and get a taste of outdoor life, buy
a round trip ticket via Santa Fe route to
Winfield at one fare, June 23 to July 4,
and attend the Chautauqua assembly at
Island Park, near that city. The lecture
corp includes Gen. Alger, Rev. T. DeWitt
Talmage, A. M Griswold, of "Texas
Siftings" fame. Rev. Robt. Mclntyre and
other celebrities. 27-17t
National Educational association, St. Paul.
Minn., July 4th to 11th.
For the above named occasion the Mis
souri Pacific railway offers a rate of one
lowest first class tariff fare for the round
trip, plus $2 membership fee. These tick
ets will be on ale on July 1st to 7th, in
clusive, with final return limit of Septem
ber 30th. Persons wishing to isit the
northern lakes during the heated term can
avail themselves of this rare opportunity
of obtaining cheap rates to St. Paul where
arrangements have been made for reduced
rates to other points. For further informa
tion apply at ticket oflice, No. 137 North
Main, or depot, cornerSecond and Wichita
stseet. E. E. Blecklet,
27 tf Pass, and Ticket Agt., 137 N. Main.
Excursion to Denver via Santa Te Route.
Account of the National Association of
Plumbers, Denver, Col. The dates of sale
are June 14 and 15, at one lowest limited
fare in effect for round trip, thirty days'
Also June 22 and 23 same rate, limited
thirty davs. For tickets and other infor
mation apply 122 North Main street and
new passenger station, Douglas avenue,
and Oak street depot. lfetf
Scaled Proposal
Will be received at this oflice until June
27 for 1,000 cubic yards more or less of clay
or black loam dirt free from sand, to be
delivered on the race track at English's
park. Bids must state the kind proposed
to be furnished and price per yard. Right
reserved to reject any or all bids. Ad
dress. r. P. McNaik. Secretary,
d2iHSt Southern Kansas Fair Aso'n.
Special Train Service.
For excursionists to Chantaaqua
assembly, Ottawa, JCan., from June Id to
2T. inclusive, a soecial coach will be at
tached to train leaving Emporia atSn.ni. i
Bv this arrangement passengers can kfive
ichit at 12:40 p. m.and arrive at Ouw j
at a p. m. jne xare ior rounu inw.w.;
27 9s Pass, and Hckot Agent
Ate you going west Are yoo soiac
efc If to. take the Great Rock IsUuid.
FiBft-t aecaramodatioos and lowest raws
to all paints. City ticket oSiee, 16 Haai
Doucbis avenue, corner Main street.
110 tf
Occidental Hotel.
Tracscient rates HM per day
Day board .. $perweeic
Room and board S5 to J7 per weet
q!02 FKANK WILLIAMS Proprietor.
Smithson -&-Oo.
Mrebauffh Bmlding
132 Tf. Market St.
Loans, Keal Estate & Insurance.
Mrs. LS. Carter
Wichita, Kan.
General Agent For
Elk, Cowley.
rVirmf ip3
Eeliable Agents "Wanted in eYerv Township
Now ready to supply all wishing their Pure Distill
ed Water ice, at usual prices. Othce and Factory
Cor. Osage and Pearl streets. West Side. Order
Books t W. W. Pearce 05 East Douglas Atc, and
Occidental Hotel Cor. second and Main.
FelephonoNo.2li J.A.SOHN
dill tf Secretary.
$2 TO $3 PER DAY.
I have moel my office into the Smlth-Sklnner
buficlinK. No. 133 N Market Street, ground floor. In
writiiiK Insurancoltlsmy aim to wilte it correctly
and by so doinc aoid any misunderstanding be
tween the companies anil the assured.
It is too lute to coiTcct mistakes In the writlnc of
an insurnnco policy after the tire hns occurred and
it is of the utmost importance to everyone holding
an insurance policy to know that It Is correctly
written. Tho companies that I represent havo paid
to the people of Wichita many thousands of dollars
and their policy has alwajs been fairness In adjust
ment of losses.
135 JV Market St.
Telephone 257
C- 0. PAGE & CO,,
ardware:-: Merchants
Carry the largest stock ot
Rubber and Oak Tanned Leather Belting
In Southern Kansas.
Correspondence solicited. 613 East Douslas ave,
Artist's Materials. Pictures. Moulding and Frames,
Wholesale and retail. Catalogue free.
F. P. METIS, 114 Market St.
Elerator. Steam Heat, Bath Room, Electric Bll.
Oood Sample Rooms LUrhted by Elctrldtr Ele
cant rooms with bath HJJB per day Terms t! and
tS0 per day. Flrl-cUA la all rejpecii.
Corner First Street and Lawreaca ATcaua.
Chtcaco Yard. 56th aad Iron ttrl. CMcaco. W
A. Smith, Salesman. Geo. L. Pratt and Oeg. D.
Cross. Resident Partaers. 1"
Caaoa City.
Truth d CoVa.
Weir City,
i IXlcdea.
LTard. MI Wcl Docflaa.
Braach cSee 137 "crta Mala. Telphoae Ytl. dKSU
Baths. Baths. Baths,
The "Wichita Steam Laundry has just
opened the nicest line of Bath Ecxjmw ia
the State. Laundrv and Bath Kcotas
117, 119 and 121 W. First St
Advice t Mothers
Mrs. "Wint4ow's Soothing Syrup sbonid
always be used for children teething. It
scothes the child, softens the snias, alltrrs
all p-iio, cares wind cobc, and. is tb best
remedy for diarrboso. Tweoty-Sreois a
bottle" d64tfw48tf
The "Wichita Prodnce company hjw beeo
made tb wholesale and retell asaat for
the eoJobrated "Ferr-Man5aeesl,' waters
of Exeeiilor Springs, Ma 23 tt tri an-tf
Only a Few More Days
Every $2.00 purchase entitles you to a coupon to make
your guess upon.
rvAo m
7 Jmm0m
Wiehita Trunk Factory
H. HOSSFELD, Proprietor.
Wholesale Grocers,
Keep everything in the grocery line, show capes. Srnlcw and grocers fixture.
Sole aKeiits for the state for Grand Republic" cigars, ubjo ol propriutora of
the "Royalty" and ".La Innocencia" brand. "5
Overalls, Jeans, Casaimcre and CottonadePnnta: Duck Lined Coats and Vestj;
Fancy Flannel and Cotton Overahirl; Canton J'lannel
Undershirt, Drawers, lite.
Factory and Salesroom 139 S. Topeka, Wichita. Correspondence Solicited
--a t
As it is ninallv cuatomarv to hare dealing sales after the 6th ot Jnly when
the public is through buying and have no use for good at nay
price, we have oonrlnded while our stock itf com
plete j'et to Slaughter them at
Suits for men and yootha out of our great April p-nrehaa In lxht Trdsrht
cashmeres, clieriotd, worsted. unels asd erge, Ult rl2bt for
the hot ware. In all the nobby style of wck d cutawaya
and frock at about one half the prW tfaer were made
up to fell for $27. $Zo and 85 ttlts ail tailor
made, elegantly trimmed. 05 btylea.$15.
'obby suit 1S,$20 and 25 eiUi
in Hue rhevioU, sark and eat
away, at only A.5.
$2, 2.50and$3pantaai$i.SO;$3. $.W and $7 paoto at $2.50; $4, $4.50
and 55 pants at 5'0; $7, $5 and $10 pasid at $.
Furnishing Goods and Straw Hats at One-Half their Real Value-
One-Price Clothiers.. Douglas
First-Class Goods I
Star "W" Sucrar Cured Meats.
Pore Unadulterated Lard,
Refrigerated Dressed Beet
If your grocer does not supply
you with our ejoods send us
your address ancl we will send
If your grocer does not supply ;-
you the name of one that will.
Now that tho travollnj neapon In
luro those in need of a. Rood trunk or
"v nine should not fail to jjo to tho fac
tory. Wo aro headquarters. Ruy
from ilrst hands and t factory
prior4. "Wo havo marked thrm down
lower than they can be shipped In
for, and are making many now htyl
in Indies' and KentV drew) trunks. Wo
also tarry n Hue lino of HatehelH.
pocket and bill book-, sample Hint
meuicul cnum, also lunch lutMket ami
boon. Our stork in complete. lfoiir
trunk or valice is out of order havo
it repaired at tho Wichita Trunk
Factory, No. 125 West Douglas Ave.
& Lawrence, i. GROSS & C04

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