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gfee imicMia gailij gagfc: ftSUauesctaj gfanar&tg gtt 30, 1890.
ris ' ''LB6fci,r7'
All Valuables Collected liy the
Piobbers and Dropped in
a Sack.
The Victims Laconically Eequested to
Shell Out-The Sheriff with a
Posse in Pursuit.
Only a Small Amount Supposed to Have
Been Secured A Pad Scandal Un
earthed in Council Grove Society
The Day's Eecord of
Signal Office, "Wichita, Kan., July
9. The highest tcmperatuie was '.)7
the lowest up to 7 p. in. 72 , and the
mean 84 with warmer, cloudless weather
nnd nearly stationary pre&siire, fresli
southerly winds.
La.sc year ou July 29. the highest tem
perature was Sl, the lowest 02, and
the mean 72, and two years ago the cor
lesponding temperatures were 100, 73
and 86.
Fred L. Johxsox, Observer.
War Department, "Washington; D. C,
July 23, S p. in. Forecast until 8 p. m.
For Missouri Fair, southern winds,
warmer except in extreme northern Idis
fcouri, (stationary temperature.
For JCansas Fair, i-outherlj' winds, sta
tionary temperature.
Through a
VALENTINE, Neb., July 29. The passen
gers on the Black Hills express on the Elk
horn road, which left Omaha yesterday
morning, encountered a brace of real live
train robbers at 8.30 o'clock last evening
at Arabia. The two men boarded the
train at Arabia and went into the two day
coaches, where they began to hold up the
passengers. One of the robbers went
through the day passenger cars with a
revolver in each hand, calling out: "Gents,
get your valuables; my purtner'll put 'em
in his sack."
Behind him came his "partner" holding
a bag. After the collection had been com
pleted, they shot at the rear biakeman and
missed him.
The sheriff of Cherry county has gone
after the train robbers with a po-e of men.
They rode a mile on the train and jumped
off as it was moving. Just how much the
robbers secured is not known but the
amount is thought to be small. Botli were
young men, but they went at the job very
Kansas City, Mo., July 29. Mavor J.
M. Henson and Druggist M. T. "Wboster,
of Council Grove, Kan., came to this city
last Sunday as a committee to investigate
the charges that C. "W. Long, a horse trad
er and stock dealer, of Council Grove, was
here violating the regulations of the Ma
sons, of whom ho is one. llenson and
"Wooster returned home today, having
proven the charge against Long, as well
as unexpectedly proving the infidelity
of "Wooster's -wife. The charge against
Xong was living m Kansas City with a
woman in adultery. The investigation
proved the woman to be the wife of Woos
ter, of the Masonic investigating commit-
lee. i.ong anu Airs, wooster left council
Grove nbout the same time, the former on
an alleged business trip and Mrs. "Wooster
on an ostensible visit to her family in
Illinois. Mrs. "Wooster's illicit relation
with Long was neer suspected and its
discovery was a surprise to their friends,
the lady's character having always been
above leproach.
Bradycrotine cured Headachas for J. F.
Clarke, Macou Ga Bibb county.
Cleveland, O., July 29. Anton Nowak,
n niolder, and his wife have not lived to
gether for three years. Nowak boarded
on the Sawhill avenue in this city and his
Avife, who gained a livelyhood by washing,
on Braba street. A deep gully separated
the two street from each other Early
this morning Nowak, dressed in his best
Miit of clothes, went to tho brow of the
hill above the gaily and lay in wait for
his wife She appeared about 7 o'clock,
being on her way to her day's work. Ho
drew a 1 evolver as she appeared and fired,
t lie bullet entering the woman's head be
low tho left ear, and she fell to the ground
fatally wounded. The murderer then
placed the muzzle of the weapon to his
light temple and fired a second shot. His
death was instant. The woman died two
hours later at St. Vincent's hospital.
Beecham's Pills act like magic on a weak
ST. Locis, Mo., July 29. John "W.Doug
lass, secretary of the Knapp-Stout Lum
ber compan j , arrested yesterday, charged
with killing Charles Dost, an einplojo
who had inadvertently broken a board,
was discharged, nothing developing at the
inquest tending to connect him with tho
man's death. How he received the blow
which fractured his skull is j'et a mystery.
Mr. Selby Carter, Nashville, Tenn:
"Aycr's Sarsaparilla cleared my system of
CHKXENNE, Wyo., July 20. George L.
Thompson, the postmaster at "Warren,
, "Wyo., has been requested to resign by
Postmaster General "Wanamaker It is
said that Thompson has been charging 5
-cents for2-cent stamp-., telling the patrons
that tho high rates on freight-rendered it
impossible for him to sell for less money.
Billions complaints, constipation, and
nausea, aro relieved and cured by Aver's.
Cincinnati. O., July 29. A special sa--
that incendiaries set fire to the reside: e
of Rev. David Plumb in Cale, Ind.. oh. y
this morning and destroyed its Mr. Pluu.i
was fatally burned and his wife and three
children perished in the flames. Mr. Plumb
is a prominent Methodist.
Sure cure Preston's "Hed-Ake"
Milwaukee, Wis., July 29. Dr. Thomas
Hatchard and his wife, Nancy Josephine
Hatchard, who were convicted of man
slaughter in performing a fatal criminal
operation on Minnie Beardsley, were ench
sentenced to four years imprisonment in
state prison this afternoon by Judge
It cures headache only Preston's "Hed
Baltimore, Md., July 29. Mr. Charles
York and his aged mother, living at Ber-
gies, were murdered this, afternoon. A
man named. Moss is accused of the crime
Chicago, 111., July 29. Justice Lyons
issued warrants for the arrest of tkirtv-
two bookmakers this morning and the
tablishment in which they carry on bu&i
ness were raided this afternoon.
Chicago, 111., July 29. The following
will appear in this week's Farmers' Re
view: A great decline has taken place in
the condition of corn during the past two
waeks. The Dakotas are the only states
that apparently maintain a hijjh average,
and in these states the condition is not
uniform. Since our last report the general
averages have fallen off 13 points in Ohio,
Kentucky and Nebraska. In Kansas the
decline amounts to 23 points; in Illinois,
Indiana, Missouri and Minnesota it ranges
from 3 to 10 points.
"Wo summarize as follows the reports of
our correspondents:
Condition of potatoes Illinois 40 per
cent, Indiana 30, Missouri 30, Kentucky 4 1,
Kansas 01, Minnesota 87, Dakota 90, N2
br.iska 50, Iowa G8.
Condition of corn Illinois 71, Indiana
83, Missouri 70, Ohio 60, Kentucky GO, Kan
sas 56, Minnesota 89, Dakota 99, .Nebraska
75, Iowa 90.
Condition of spring wheat Minnesota
79, Dakota 81, Nebraska 72, Iowa 80.
The State Association at Abilene "Well At
tendedThe Addresses.
Abilene, Kan., July 29. The annual
meeting of the Kansas State Swine Breed
ers' association Which convened here to
day was attended by about fifty hog
breeders from all parts of the state,
Wichita, Alden, Rossville, Topeka, Belle
ville, Wellington and Abilene being rep
resented. Many more are expected to
The annual address was made by Presi
dent M. Stewart, of Wichita. He reverted
to the present dull condition of the hog
market, but believed that there aro better
times ahead. He advised the hog raisers
to constantly cull out from the lower ranks
of their herds and build up the blood to
the highest possible point. Addresses
were made by M. B. Keagy, of Wellington,
J. M. McKee, of Wellington and O. B.
Stauffer, of Alden, on the score card. The
remainder ot the day was spent in score
card practices.
New York, July 29. An evening paper
cays: Large shipments of silver bullion to
London during the past few days has given
rise to much comment because it has been
predicted that as soon as the silver bill was
passed this country would be flooded with
the silver of foreign countries. The actual
facts have been precisely tho reverse.
A month or so before the passage
of the silver bdl London sent over a
million and a half of ounces of
silver bullion to this country. This was
not because the Englismeu thought the
silver bill would pass, but on the contrary
because they thought it would not pass,
and they wanted to profit by the high
prices over here. Now the stream has set
m tho other way and it bids fair to con
tinue until the demand for silver here to
meet the requirements of the new silver
bill becomes greater than the demand over
Kansas City, Mo., July 29. After one
day of restoration, the G. A It. rate to
Boston today fell down to 27.30 from
530 50, to which figures Chairman God
dard recently ordered the rate raised. To
day a private circular became public prop
erty in which the Rock Island, which had
been chosen as tho load to carry Kansas
veterans east, announced that the old rate
of S27.50 from the Missouri river would ob
tain until that rate was lowered by some
competing hue when the Rock Island
would oiler as low a rate as any other
road. The Wabash, which only obeyed
Goddard's restoration order today, imme
diately reduced the rate to the old figure.
It is supposed that the other roads will
follow suit tomorrow.
Chicago, 111., July 20. Texas fever has
made its appearance among the cattle near
the city limits and a portion of the Twenty
eighth ward of this city, and twenty of
them have died from effects of that disease.
Inspectors of the health department have
made post mortem examination in several
cases and pronounce the disease true Texas
fever. The supposition is that the animals
contracted it from refuse which was drop
ped from railroad cars in which Texas cat
tle were being transferred into this citr.
The officers of the department say that the
only means of preventing the disease from
spreading to all of tho cattle in tho neigh
borhood is to shut them up until frost
comes next fall.
Est Saginaw, Mich., July 29. A dis
astrous fire started in the lumber yauls of
Owen, Hutchinson !c Co., in the northern
part of the city about noon, which com
municated to the planiug-mill and lumber
yaid of H. B. Nease, Son& Co , and thence
to tho lumber yards of J. II. Owen and the
saw-mill, salt block and lumber yard of
Brown & Ryan, all of which were totally
destroyed. Losses including planiug
mill, saw-mill, two salt blocks, four drill
houses 4,000 barrels of salt 19,000,000 feet of
Umber, ten dwelling houses, 12,000 cords
stove wood and other property, also sixty
six railroad cars, valued at 5-40,000. Total
loss $373,000. Total insurance $1S3,000.
Athletics 1 010300117
Toledo 0 000000000
Base hits Atheletics 9, Toledo 2.
Errors Atheletics 1, Toledo 1.
Pitchers Seward and Cushman.
Rochester 0 000002136
Louisville 0 00 2 010003
Base hits Rochester 9, Louisville 10.
Errors Rochester 2, Louisville s.
Pitchers Titcomb and Hhret.
Syracuse 0 0010000 23
St. Louis 0 101011103
Base hits Syracuse 9, St. Louis 9.
Errors Syracuse 0, St. Louis 1.
Pitchers Cassey and Stivetts.
Cincinnati 1 0 5 0 0 0 0 0 511
Boston 0 030000003
Base hits Cincinnati 16, Boston 5.
Errors Cincinnati 2, Boston 2.
Pitchers Mullane and Getzein.
Cleveland 1 010000103
Brooklyn 4 0 0 0 5 10 2 012
Base hits Cleveland 7, Brooklyn 9.
Errors Cleveland 5, Brooklyn 4.
Pitchers Garfield and Lovett.
New York Pittsburg, postponed rain.
Chicago 0 3 0300011 S
Philadelphia 2 110 10 0 0 10
Base hits Chicaco 12, Philadelphia 3.
Errors Chicago 2; Philadelphia 4.
Pitchers Stein and Vickery.
Buffalo 1 010001003
Philadelphia 0 042000309
Base hits Buffalo S. Philadelphia 9.
Errors Buffalo 3, Philadelphia 3.
Pitchers Keefe and Buffingtou.
Cleveland 3 0 0 3 3 115 117
Boston I 000001000
Bae hits Cleveland 20, Boston 6.
Errors Cleveland 5, Boston 6
Pitchers O'Gruber and Kilroy.
Chicago.- 7 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 1 S
Brooklyn 0 0120000000 S
Base hits Chicago S: Brooklyn 6.
Error Chicago 2, Brooklyn 2.
Pitchers Baldwin and Sowders.
New York Pittsburg, postponed rain.
Pottsville. Pa.. July 29 Hon. James
eV-IB. Reilly was yesterday renominated for
congress by the Democrats of the Thir
teenth district.
Indianapolis, Ind., July 29. Advices
from all sections of the state are to the ef
fect that the growing crops and fruits are
badly injured by the drouth -which has
prevailed for three or four week. The
melon crop has already been cut down one
half and the berry crop has been unusu
ally small. The "growing corn owing to
late planting is very backward and the
drouth has proved disastrous; that but
little will silk out udless rain come within
a few days. Pastures are burned out and
in many sections the new Jiay is being fed
to stock.
Atchison, Kan., July 29. The carpenter
shop of the Missouri Pacific here together
with all the tools, machinery and other
contents was destroyed by fire at 1 o'clock
this morning. The loss is about $3,000.
The Missouri Pacific freight depot at
Downs was burned at 6:30 o'clock yester
day evening. The loss is not stated. The
greater part of the contents of the build
ing were destroyed.
Washington, July 29. The senate com
mittee on judiciary has practically con
cluded its consideration of the bill for the
relief of the supreme court and will report
it to the senate in a few days. As stated
heretofore the committee will recommend
a substitute for the house bill creating an
intermediate appellate court.
If you need medicine it is not safe to de
lay till hot weather. Take Hood's Sarsa
parilla now.
New York, July 29. The directors of
the St. Louis & San Francisco railway met
today to take action 011 the dividend of the
first prepared stock. They decided to pay
nothing. One of the directors states that
the reason for suspending the dividends is
simply that there was nothing to pay
Clironlc Inflamatlon of the Bladder.
Is promptly cured. bjr the Excelsior
Springs, Mo., waters. 29 w fri sun-tf
Perfectly Satisfactory.
"What are you doing up here?" was
nsked of tho bouncer of a Scith street hall
who was encountered on theBowery'the
other evening.
"Out of a job."
"How does that happen?"
"A chap comes in as needs bouncing. I
goes to bounce him. I foils. The .proprietor
bounces me and hires him.'
"Is that the unwritten law?"
"I don't caper to law, written or unwrit
ten. I simply shoots out with the left,
catohes 'em on tho chin, and away they go
out doors, all tangled up."
"But in this case?"
"In this case the feller parries me blow
and settles mo with his right, all according
to Queensberry."
"Then it's a case of the survival of the
' 'Snnthink like that, with a nose twice too
big thrown in as extra. It belongs to tho
occupation, however, and I'm perfectly
satisfied. There be bouncers and thero be
bounced. Some be bounced, and some
bounce tho bouncers." New York Sun.
A Bemedy.
"I see -you wear a monocle. You are par
tially blind in your right eye, I suppose?"
"No, in the left. I wear the monocle to
injure my right eyo so that my sight will
bo just as good with ono eye as the other."
Munsoy's Weekly.
In Training.
Harry (looking over manuscript) Yon
don't suppose any editor will accept such
stuff as that, do you?
Jack Certainly not! It has been refused
by seven already.
Harry Why under the sun do you keep
on sending it round?
Jack I'm trying to discover in how
many ways a thing can bo courteously de
clined. Harry What for'
Jack I promised to go with Imogens to
tho dinner of the Mystio Cooking club.
Not His Kind.
''I wish you would take back these beans
and bring mo seme cucumbers in place of
them," said tho man who sat at a aide tablo
with his hat on.
"I can bring you some oucumbers," said
the waiter, "but I can't take the beans
back. You've eaten half of them."
"Well, I haven't hurt the other half,
havo I? Ain't they just as good as they
were before? You can bring me a half
order of cucumbers in place of them, can't
"No, sir."
"By gum!" grumbled the guest, as he
paid the cashier a few minutes later, "I can
tell you right now you don't keep the kind
of eating houses hero we've got in St.
Louis." Chicago Tribune.
Wanted t Protect Himself.
"I want a life insurance policy."
Tho clerk handed him a blank to fill out.
"But I sea you are a government em
ploye?" that official remarked as he turned
the blank in.
"Yes; but doesn't your policy protect
against loss from fire?"
"Oh, no; by no means."
"Then I don't want it. There's been a
change of politics in the head of our office,
and it was only to guard against loss from
'fire' that I wanted tho policy. Good day."
Philadelphia Times.
An Ajsrrieved Menial.
J-t C
.Mr. Yerger TThat makes vou look so
Servant (cowling furiously No wonder
I look sulky. Here yen are gotagout again
in that, dress which you promised rae when
you don't wtjar it any more. Texas Sittings.
lh- WW)
Something Ancrct The Atlantic's Retir
ing Editor.
Special Correspondence.
Boston, July 2L Mr. ThonSis Bailey
Aldrich, who has recently been succeeded
by Mr. Scudder as editor of The Atlantic,
had one of the most beautiful homes Imag
inable at 63 Mount Yernon street, Boston.
I had the pleasure of calling upon him
there not long since, and was ushered into
the large, did fashioned, roomy parlor, up
one flight of broad stairs, the poet's favor
ite study being on the first floor, near the
entrance. One could not be more charmed
in any place than upon entering this beau
tiful large double parlor. The very spirit
of refinement was everywhere manifest.
The mantel in each room first attracted
and strongly riveted attention, each bear
ing a large altar piece of gold, and all at
once the visitor found his fancy wandering
across the sea to their ancient home and
forming eolemn pictures of cavaliers,
monks, maids, princes and peasants who
had often made their weary pilgrimages to
the shrine of which these had formed a
The windows, too, were all in keeping
with the sanctuary, being similar to the
elegantly colored windows ordinarily seen
in churches. Books were laid about in
great profusion almost everywhere, yet
not at all with that seeming negligence so
often apparent in the homes of book lovers,
and more especially makers of books. A
volumo of Holmes' poems lay upon a table.
I took it up, opened it nnd found upon the
fly leaf nn autograph inscription to "my
esteemed friend, Thomas Bailey Aldrich,
with tho sincere regards of the author."
A splendid large volume bound in the
best morocco lay beside it. I took it up,
unfixed tho hasp9 which clasped it and
found that it was a copy of "The Poems of
Thomas Bailey Aldrich," and on the fly
leaf found that this beautiful volume
which, by tho way, was illustrated by
members of tho Boston Paint and Clay
club, was presented by him to his wife, in
the following lines:
Take them and beep them. '
"Woe can tell? Some day, dear,
(Though they bo withered ,
Flower and thorn and blossom) t
Held for an instant j
Up 'gainst tbjr bosom I
They might mafco December
Seem to theo like May, dear.
To my wife Lilian, after seventeen happy years
with her.
Nov. 23, 1682.
Upon the next blank sheet was written
in the same small but remarkably plain
handwriting of Mr. Aldrich tho following
very pretty verse: .
Two things there aro with memorywDl abide j
"Whatever else befall white life flows by:
That soft, cold hand toueh at the altar side:
The thrill that shook j ou at your child's first cry.
June 15, 18E4.
J. P. S.
A Story Ho Couldn't Use.
New Yobk, July 21. It has no doubt
been a source of wonder to thousands of
after dinner listeners where Clhauncey M.
Depew got all his fresh and original stories.
His supply of humorous anecdotes ha3
been practically inexhaustible for many
years, and it has seemed almost impossible
that ono small head could create all tho
yarns he knew. The other day ex-Post-nvaster
James met tho railroad Fahladeen
and said to him:
"Mr. Depew, where do you get all your
"I have got a most valuable and far
reaching lot of correspondents in all parts
of the country," replied Mr. Depew.
"Scarcely a mail arrives but brings a yarn
of some kind. Most of these stories aro
poor, some improper and many flat. But
mingled with the chaff are a few grains of
wheat. Sometimes I cannot uso a story,
even when it is 0 yard wide, all 'vool
and warranted nol to fade, because it
has a personal application. For in
stance, in this morning's mail I received
a capital thing. It appears that Sn a nnall
town in Nebraska tho corpse of an un
known man, reputed to be the father of a
wealthy citizen, was found. The citizen
was sent for to identify the remains. In
lifting the head of the dead man his jaw
fell and a Bot of false teeth rolled out upon
the floor of the morgue. Tho citizen, much
relieved, exclaimed, 'That's not my
father; he never had false teeth.' The
citizen went away, leaving the undertaker
to readjust the teeth. As he placed the
now useless grinders in position he shook
his fist in the face of iho dead man and ex
claimed angrily, 'If you'd a knowed
enough to keep your mouth shut you'd
had an honorablo funeral.' Of course I
felt obliged to my correspondent, but"
looking pathetically at Mr. James "upon
what occasion can I use such a story as
this?" E. J.
Prominent in Honduras.
SAN Jose, July 1ft The postmaster gen
eral of Honduras, Mr. Bertio Cecil, is a
young American. Ha "wont there three or
four years ago to assume charge of the tel
egraphic and telephsaio aystem of the en
tire republic. Being an energotio young
fellow, as well as an admirable electrician,,
his success was immediate, and the appre
ciative government iboughC It well to placa
him also at the head of the poatofSce de
partment. Another important foreigner,;
and after the president perhaps tho most;
important person in the country, is Dr.
Boinhold FritsjrartnCr, editor Of Honduras
Progress, a valuable Ut&o Enggsh paper
published a$ Tuspicigalpa. Tfchj is a man?
wih an cvontf ai Ufe$ Prussian born, grad-'
uate of Freiburg and Stuttgart universi
tiesrand serving ia th iTraaoo-Prussian:
war before ho -was HX A Utile later he
came to America and engaged In scientific
work. Besldas being editor, be Is also gov
ernment geologist and inspoator general o
mines. Nearly all the latest valuable sci
entific discoveries in Honduras have been
made by him almost unaided. As a supe-
rior linguist Dr. Fritzgartnar's services are
continuallyin demand to interpret nnd ex- '
plain. He is besides the best informed
person as to tho country's natural re
sources in all the republic, as well as the
most truthful end disinterested.
The Rnzllsh Complexion.
Tho "fair English face" is charming.
English girls, a a rule, have lovely com
plexions. As they grow older the roses aro
apt to turn to peonies and the lilies vanish,
but whde they last they are beaatifnL "It
is the climate, you know," said &n Ameri
can woman, sallow and brown, & not
unusual type. "I am going to stay over
here a year for my complexion," and
she spoke as though she really thought
that a year of English air and London fog
would change her skin. The English wom
an, "decent," "respectable" and thence up,
is as daintily clean as a lily. She regards
her daily bith as a necessity, and would
almost as soon dispense witn her breakfast,
A basin of water, a sponge and a couple of
towels is all the equipment & resnires,
but every inch of her skin is fairly polished
with heilthy friction. But net eVen the
Italian lixzaronl are dirtier tkan the low
class Enrlish woman. She wears no Knen,
and looks as though she ccrr ouched
water. The very violets which a jondon
flower giri sells smell of t'n wd dirt.
Everybody Wm Ported-
Gns Snooks Good morning, parson; I
want to get married.
Parson Bledsoe Have the bans been
"Not that I know cL"
"Then I cannot marry you. The public
must be previously informed of your in
tention to marry ""
"Then it's all right. Ton can just go
ahead and marry me. Three or fear days
ago I told an old aunt of mine in the strict
est confidence that I kos going to be mar
ried, and you may be sure everybody
knows all about it fcy this tiae.H Tesai
The Excelsior Springs, Ho., "Waters.
Are sold only in bottles never in bnlk
29 w fri sun-tf
A Xeadluf Question.
Teacher Give me an example of a lead
ing question?
Student Aren't you a liar?
Teacheir How's that what does such a
question lead to?
Student A fight. New York Herald.
Too Early in the Season.
"Did you propose to the beautiful Miss
Box last night, Charlie?"
"I did, and she also proposed."
"That I wait till the end of the summer
for her answer." Boston Courier.
By His Company, Etc.
Bowles I have always had a high opin
ion of Fassett. I've ever considered him a
candid, open hearted, honest, generous
and loyal fellow.
Knowles Yes; even his watch has an
open face. Jeweler's Circular.
Time, One A. 31.
"I know I have my shortcomings, Miss
Edith," began the young man deprecat
ingly. "Yes, George," she replied, "but they
don't hold a candle to your long goings."
Dry Goods Chronicle.
Why suffer?
cure you.
Preston's "Hed-Ake" will
Didn't Want to Bother Him.
To tho Landlord of tha White Horse, Rouen:
Sra PJeasa send tho sword cane I left under
ray bolster in Room 23. Cxunorr.
Boforo sealing tho letter the cane was
found, and the writer added:
"P. S. Don't trouble yourself to look for
tho cane: I've found it."
"TVhat's the use of doing that?" asked a
friend, "since you've found it."
"Good heavens!" cried Calinot, "do you
want the man to worry himsolf hunting
for it?" Detroit Free Press.
Sbo Wore It .Tnst the Same.
She (starting for tho theatre) How do
you.liko my new hat?
He Very becoming; but you are not
going to wear it to tho theatro?
She Of course; -vhynot?
Ho Because it is too high.
She (innocently) Why, it wasn't very
high; it only cost $13.
And she wore it just the Bame. Wash
Inaton Star.
relief by using Preston's
tlvsUionatle Parasol.
The handles of fashionable English par
asols aro much ahorter than heretofore,
but the parasols aro larger. There has
been an effort made to bring in tartan cov
ers, but it is doubtful whether they aro to
bo much used, except with special dresses.
For full dress occasions the silk sunshades,
trimmed down the ribs with frilled chiffon,
having large bows of ribbon on the top,
made in any color to matoh tho dress, are
quite well worn; so are the mousselino de
sole, edged with lace, double Vandykes of
laca carried above. Sometimes frills of
chiffon are arranged in double rows, so
that a scallop comes in the center of the
divisions between th rib
If you have
headache try Preston's '
OiUy .uoi'u bo.
"I feel," said the young man to her fa
ther, "that existence without your daugh
ter would bo only a dreary task, whose
completion could not come too soon."
"Very well," said tho old gentleman,
"take her, and presently you'll feel the
Bame way, only more so." Washington
Mother What did you learn at Sunday
Tommy The lesson was all about man's
Mother What did it say about it?
Tommy It said "Jacob's well." Law
rence American.
If fails, money refunded; Preston's
JJruugiit Homo.
Romantic Miss Did it ever occur to you
What wonderful sights the deep sea divers
must behold?
Practical Man Yes, once. It was when
I waa at sea in a storm. Life.
Sure TWnjj.
"Don't you think Smith is a crank?
"Well, I could hardly say. Do you think
him one?"
"Of course I do. He never agrees with
me in anything." Boston Courier.
On Broadway.
HayseedV-What building is that?
Smart New Yorker That's a ten etory
building. Can't mu count? Texas Sift-
Preston's "Hed-Ake'
is a specific for
E.-eroUij; the Itrdcr.
A. womca who is trying to reform her
housekeeping finds that her affairs more
moro satisfactorily during tho weok if the
usual order is reversed, and Saturday in
stead of Monday is taken for laundry
work hat is, for the washing part of it.
Sbo has bread and cake made en Friday,
which la the sweeping day, and tho bed
aro also changed on that day. Saturday
afternoon is used for extra preparations
for the Sunday dinner and in putting the
kitchen in order; so that when Sunday
dswns it does not brlnarith is the blue
shadow of Monday. It is a day of rest for
mindand body, and, betterstill, it is found
on Monday morning that her servants are
well rested from tho work of Sa.turday,.and
in better trim for ironing than when two
heavy days' work follow each other. Nevr
Cures while you wait Preston's "Hed
Ake." "o Cload. IVithvut it Silver Lin In x.
.A B
Loy Are you not ratLer Tall far
Bridget Oh, that Troatmaka no diiTcr
ence, mum; the biby 'HI hurt hl:lf iew
when I lei his: fail. Hartr'.c Zizzzz.
harmless Preston's "Bed
me and Fall la PaU-e Teeth.
Pete The price of everythiny nustnates
Now yon would think there woeM not be
much change in tae price of fake teeth, I
wouldn't you? !
Ed I shock! think not. j
peteWeU. that's where yo are rafct- j
tfiken. I called on a taliativ. yoeug lady
last evening and I was UwflCt the
rapid rise and fall of fake tcotfc. Texas
' UR k l-n--, ..& I
' Ir t P 0
r 'vrs x
Cures in
That the past week would have enabled
us to close out all our surplus stock of summer
dry goods, in this we acknowledge we over
estimated the demand or else we put too
many goods on the counters. This week will
most certainly clear us up and we most earn
estly urge our friends and their friends to
come and secure the bargains for this week.
These goods are out on the counters and are
marked at extremely low prices, far below
actual New York cost, but we feel that a
small loss is better now than a Greater one
later on. One lot of odd corsets at $S cents,
worth 1. 00; one lot of babies lace caps at iS
and 25 cents, worth 35 and 40 cents; half
wool henriettas, worth 30 cents, cut to iS cts;
a new China outing, worth 25 cents, cut to
10 cents; satines worth 5 cut to 15 cents.
Special to Gentlemen: We are closing
out a fine line of balbriggan underwear far
below their real valve, and 100 gents French
silk ties, worth $1.00, but we wish to close out
this line and they all go at so cents each.
ARCADE leads with low prices,
Wichita Trunk
Overalla Jeans, Cassimcre and Cottonade Pants: Duck Lined Coats ami Vostaj
Paucy Plaunel and Cotton Overshirts; Canton Flannel
Underbhirts, Drawers, Etc.
Factory and Salesroom 139 X. Topeka, Wichita. Correspondence Sol iritcd
41 tf
A Woman' I ucisn.
Now, there is oneva ia v.'oich a iup'
may inour tho undying enmity of a wom..n
Let him affront her in public, where every
one may see her humiliation, and nothing
he can ever do will restore him to tho good
graces of that woman. Ho might conquer
nations or rescue nunsj from nob3, only
to meet the haughty glance of cold indiffer
ence. So lam free to confess that the man
whom above all men I hate most, the man
who is my natural enemy and will alwaya
bo such as long as there are men, women
and street cars, is the driver of a surfaco
car. How often have I braved the danger
of madly driven trucks, wagons and cabs
to stand in the street and hail a passing
How often have I seen that car go roll
ing past me, no one on it giving a sign of
acknowledgment that I was In this world
The sensation of standing in the street as
you beckon to a driver, w ho looks straight
ahead, utterly ignoring you, is, boyond de
scribing. And wo are forced to look calm,
cool and indifferent. We cannot betray
our real feelings, for a woman must al
ways bo a dissembler look unruf3cd when
her bosom is torn with distraction, appear
interested when she ia Ixjred to death, and
always fit her mood to the moods of other
people. But I will confide to yoa that my
mortal enemy is tho driver of a street car.
Interview in New York Tribune.
Ambition Defined.
"My son, defina ambition "
"Well, it's always feeling that yon want
to do something that you know you can't."
Bo other Cigar has Such a Eecord aa
jyr.i? -.. -
154 ' 3IAI ST., yn. CHITA, KA
Cnres diseases of women heretofore
abandoned by the profession. Such ad
ilbroid tumors, displacements, m
larirementH. nralansuij.etc.. bv the uu
f of electricity, according to the meth
ods elaborated by the great French
Surgeon Apoatolj.
' wishes to call the attention of iho
( suffering from nerrons disease, par-
aiybia, nervous prostration, etc. to the
wonderful curative eflW-tH to b de-!
rived from 'electricity" when scion-
tiQcally applied, and desires to state '
that be makes the application of ele -tricity
in nervous UiaeiueH a special I
feature of his practice. The doctor
has the linest fifty diamond carbon I
cell battery ever seen in the west and
all the appliances especially adanted
lo wie treatment or Io-ti mnnhnsi.i '
, or seminal weakness, which he quick-'
ij ana permanently cure by the aid
of electricity.
CATARRH-Rvery ca?e of catarrh
is curable if properly treated, regard-
lees of what others haTj said. Many
cases cured by a single treatment. '
PILES, fistula and all rectal diae '
t cured; no knife, no pain: a cure xraar- rP1 ' ," u',, lhMn Puminul a a
aatced. ' ffenoral surgeon, treating -srlih rreal
! Lretheral Strictures qnieklr and fHccw deformities, club foot, curra
t permanently cured; no cnttfn;r or ttt of tfa, "e' hiP )t disease.
j paint no money- until cured. ! 'VTH! w elite , dieea.a of th bone.
asthma, bar fever, all throat and lau?
troubles, skin eruption, rheumattew,
drop-y. Bright dtoeaee. bladder.
kidney and urinary dfeteaesj, blood
pS?i?lffr,l!!riX2f d iT3T'
cured, hy the new treatment, wttfcont
tne poisonous iruz of day sonn hr
I Medicine ent to all part of the
country. Send for qaoUm blank, '
J. li, TiSL.2.ILL 21 V.
'or that tho traveling season fy
hero those in need of a. good trunk or
valise should not Tail to go to the fac
tory. We aro headquarters. Buy
from first hands ami get factory
prices. We have marked them down
lower than they eau be shipped in
for, and are making many new styles
in ladies and gents' dress trunks. o
also carry a fine lino of satchel:,
pocket and bill bookn, sample tint
medical cases, also lunch baskets, ami
soon. Our stock is complete. If your
trunk or valice is out of order havo
it repaired at the Wichita Trunk
Factory, No. 125 West Douglas Aev.
If. JIOSSFELD, Proprietor
. . ....... . vri.U.
Augustus Li.it, I inra, kwuruam at a dol
lar x plato is pretty expensive.
Clura (haughtily) That la enough, sir.
1 do not believ you are a plnmber at alL
Ycnowiuo's New.
A rhtutitble I'.cnmn.
"Why is it that woiihmi always carry
their wallets iu Untir UAmii"
"1 suppose it fat hmuwkt they wlah their
hand sought Mfter "Boston Owrier.
A Urrlou Lui.
Fred Tha ide tf Ben blowing into a
loaded ganl Hr miut davo kt his head.
Jlenrv u ' . -i!i.w whuthegun
PURELY a vegetable compound,
made entirely of roots ana herbs
gathered from the forests of
Georgia, and has been used by millions
of people with the best results. It
All manner of Blood diseases, from the
pestiferous little boil on your nose to
the -worst cases of inherited blood
taint, such as Scrofula, Rhcumatiar
Catarrh and
Treatise on Mod and SlriaDlusuvs maHed
free. Swirr brxciric Co.. Atlasu, Oa.
Surgeon, Oculistaad Aurist
The doctor 1to MpnHal attention
?Shii trftrnentor all deiue f th
KYK, including tha MrleHtlfle djut
weiit of glaimaa to correct w perfect
CATARACT rcworl jh1 sight r.
stored to many wko hare bewa totally
CROSS RYK8 traffhtncMl la ono
WORKKTRS cured without the ne
orcauticor other harmful ajrente.
A RTI Kiel A LH l'b careriiliy select
ed and applied.
DKAF.VBi-AlI rurftVI coa of
doHfneMK proiaptly etrl.
GLASHrJS- OHiTthw.ca-kokai'phn,!
a ioro;rn training hfMtJ! uttmn
to at la- 't th-y to tfce patient
Ia"rt "r m eowi. Hauy east of
nerrousnoe, Irritability, Inoniina
hfj,lhcT1e.rtiS0 jum1 "miajf tu.
Pwl3r lB rhildrea are due u defoctlTa
rMf,B alMi re removal at oneo by the
a - PP"" of proper Kias,.
xft5r J. lr ht achieved a imr.
Jr! u,V,ra' ". wa aorea, hair
. 4.-Ui uieiuaneffi. nicm and blood
weiMM. eie. nyp&Uea ah...t.i.iir
rnred i)orir Jiirdy Vu jAtw pro.
7?L7f "r",77 the lVlhlt MWt
eal t oll;e aad urzm t jfc. Praneta
fUwptUl. bar iajf retlnctui)nd tW
airr plU,n in oMw u3, rM hU
eattre tim to hi pedal Uo.
. a. an paru uon hasr, ftuoiat Main.
bp" wwypwcwwwj
st retare4 W leo
""Jaliy. Correspondence botlot':A.
tL, P. I'CIZDY. iL O.

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