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3?fa WiicWvc Ipailtjfptgle: ffrMay fpGrruittg, ritolret 3, 1890.
IHllll Wif.hitfl Wklflsalfi k Mflniifartiirinrt ffmiftpq
IT Ton Bay Imported Cigars It Will Pay
You to Take Heed of tho Various
Brands and labels What Most of the
Colored Posters Mean Homo Brands.
The interior wrappings and lithographs
tell about the cigar when the box is opened,
but more can be told about it from the
outside. It requires somewhat close ob
servation to note all the marks on a cigar
box. On a box of imported cigars, for in
stance, there is branded the name of the
manufacturer. That is usually tho name
of some factory and the placo where the
factory is. The name of the factory gives
an Indication about its location. The brand
"Campa Gral de Tabaco del Filipinas"
shows unmistakably where the cigars that
were put in thRt box were made, unless
the brand is a counterfeit. It is seldom
that counterfeit brands ore found on im
ported cigars, as the import stamp is a
guarantee that the cigar has gone through
the custom house. This stamp is put on
first. Each of the Havana factories has
Its stamp, the Garcia, the Clay, tho Caro
lina, or whatever it may be, on the lid of
the box. It may bo hid afterward by tho
revenue stamp and lithographs, but tho
Urst thing done is to brand that name on.
Tho Havana cigars frequently havo
stamped on them also "Unban a," with tho
Spanish abbreviation designating the qual
ity of tobacco or tho bize. This is put on
when the boxes are sorted out to be filled;
tho stamp of tho factory is put on them in
tho first place. This stamp also is not
branded liko the factory Btamp, but is put
on with a stenciL Tho name of the fac
tory can not bo taken off without planing
Into the lid, but tho brand of tho quality
and color can.
Before the cigars are put in the box is fur
ther branded with the color'cluro," "color
adoclaro," "Colorado," "coloradomaduro,"
"maduro," or, as known to Americans, very
mild, mild, medium, fairly strong and
strong. These aro not enough grades to
mark tho various distinctions in color and
strength, but they are generally approxi
mated. Borne brands of Colorado claro ci
gars are milder than the claro cigars of
other brands, but the mildest ones aro al
ways put into tho claro boxes. There has
been soma change iu the strictness of
marking in recent years caused by tho
fact that the American trade prefers
Colorado claro and claro to the maduro
and Colorado maduro.
When the box has beon marked in this
way it is filled and the llnal tacks are put
in. Tho manufacturer usually then pastes
somo advertisements on it in order that
tho box may not be oponed and other cigars
substituted without its being evident to
tho purchaser. Manufacturers have labels
which they paste over tho seams, which
contain advertisements and notices of va
rious kinds. If tho manufacturer has taken
prizes at any international exhibition fac
similes of tho medals will probably bo
found on the labels. Usually thero is a
picture of the factory, with tho firm name,
ooat-of-arms and other designs. In this
uhape the box is ready to bo sent here.
It arrives with tens of thousands of other
boxes and is examined by an inspector.
He pastes over it the import stamp so that
tho box cannot bo opened without destroy
ing tho stamp. Tho import stamp certifier
to tho number of cigars in the box and that
the tax is paid. Besides that thero aro
blank spaces on tho Stamp which tho in
spector fills out with n stenciL
When filled up the stamp shows not only
that the cigars went through the custom
house, but tho steamer in which they came,
the port at which they wero entered, tho
date on which they wero received and
stamped, and the name of tho inspector
who stamped them. This is an unfailing
certificate of tho length of time tho cigar
has been in the country. Tho stamps aro
linely mado, in ordor to prevent counter
feit; there is more tracery and vignetto
work than on the ordinary revenue stamp.
When the import stamp has been pasted
on tho box tho internal rovenuo stamp is
put on before tho cigars can bo sold. Tho
internal revenue stamp is a cheaper affair
on bluish-green paper. It is canceled at
the same time that it is put on, and with a
stamp which, if it were plain, might show
the date; but this stamping is done much
more hastily, and docs not aid in the his
tory of the cigar.
A cigar box with an internal revenue
stamp on it and no import stamp does not
onco in 50,000 times contain imported
cigars, smuggled or otherwise. Some of
the fictitious smugglers who go around
among downtown offices and peddle cigars
which they say are imported produce them
in boxes with only the internal lovenuu
stamp on. Smuggled cigars have no
stamps whatever. Any cigars that go
through the customhouse havo the import
ed stamp and tho internal revenuo stamp
A cigar which has only an internal rev
enuo stamp iias been stamped at somo do
mestic factory. If it was smuggled it was
taken to u factory to be stamped, which
would bo foolishness nnd wasto of money
on tho part of the smuggler, and bosides
he would run a great deal of risk, as tho
internal revenue officer who stamped tho
box could readily tell, if ho was an export
in his business, the difference between tho
boxes used in the Havana trado and the
boxes used in the domestic trade. Thero
uro details in tho way of packing, litho
graphing and branding whioh show unmis
takably, unless they aro very cleverly coun
terfeited. A man who is going to buy cigars nnd
wants to be sure of what ho is getting can
tell by the box if it has not been opened.
It is moro risk to take an opened box, for
nome unscrupulous dealers will put cheap
er cigars into a box which hold high grade
cigars nnd sell them as imported cigars.
Still theso dealers often make mistakes, as
it is hard for them to got the same size of
domestic cigars nnd tho same color. If a
man is buying what is said to lw nn im
ported cigar, and sees that the cigar is
dark while tho box is marked claro, ho
may be sure that there is some imposition
homewbere, probably that the dealer in re
filling the box was not careful enough to
put in cigars of the same color But tho
bt'st way to do is to examine the box first
nnd then to have the dealer open it after
ward to see if the cigars aro what is wauted.
The age of the cigar can be told from tho
import stamp, the color from the brand on
the back of the box, the factory from tho
factory brand and tho bhaj)e from the size
of the box. Almost eerythiug about
cigars which go through the standard
Havana factories can be told without
opening the box. A cigar box with tho
blue label of the Cigarmakers' Interna
tional union does not hold imported but
domestic cigars. Domestic cigars can fur
ther be told by an examination of tho
1kx and the stamp and the warning not to
U60 tho box again, which has on it tha
district and the number of the factory.
According to law the warning must be on
the box; it is a sine sign of a domestic
cigar. New York bun.
rpa Didn't Interfere.
It was growing late, nnd papa crept down
stairs to warn tho young people that it
was too damp to sit outside any longer.
"I don't see why you have to ask me for
my hand, Tom," ho hoard, as ho ruaohed
tho door; "you've been keeping it all th
Papa retired quietly. Harper's Bazar
JLJL IvlllLUt jLJL HvlLrULilU W. xlXIXJLlilXiAvLIAJLlJLij llvUUvUi
The houses given below are representative ones in their line, and thoroughly reliable. They are furnished thus for ready refer
ence for the South generally, as well as for city and suburban buyers. Dealers and inquirers should correspond direct
with names given.
Mail Orders will Kcceive Prompt Attention at
118 East Douglas Avenue, "Wichita, Kansas.
Steam Engines, Boilers and Pumps, and Dealers in Brass Goods, Rubber and
Hemp Packing, Steam Fittings, Etc. Repairing of all Kinds of Ma
chinery a Specialty. Orders promptly filled for all kinds
of Sheet Iron work. All kinds ol castings made.
A. FLAGGr, Proprietor.
The Stewart Iron Works,
Architectural, Wrought and Cast
J ron Work for Buildings.
Factory: South. Washington Avenue.
Wichita, Kansas.
Artist's Materials, Picture. Moulding anil Frames
Wholesale and retail. Catalogue free.
F. P. MARTIN, 114 Market St.
iisi-tr iLLbpnoNE::.
Pianos and Organs
Sheet music And hooks. All kinds of mii.lca
pools. Tlraibanl and orchestra music 12JMain
btroet, " Ichita, Kansas.
TrirnWe Eros. & Tlirelkeld,
Special attention to mail orders.
110 E Douglas, - Wichita, Kan
ltbMiutllTfls the comploxlon and Veoo tlu
bkln Kf t. niuooth clear and healthy. For
sale by druggists and grocers.
520 Chicago Are. - Telephone OO
Dry : Goods, : Notions : and : Furnishing : Goods.
Complete Stock in all the Departments.
119, 121 & 123 N Topeka Ave. Wichita, Kansas.
L. M. COX,
Manufacturing -. Confectioner,
And jobber in Fijrs, Dates, Cigars. Foreign and Domestic Nuts, Cider,
Paper Dags, Paper lioxes. Candy Jars, Trays, Etc.
21o and 217 South Main St., - - - - Wichita, Kansas.
(Formerly Charles E. Potts & Co., Cincinnati, O.)
Goods Sold at Si. Louis and Kansas City Prices.
233 and 235 South Main Street, Wichita, Kansas.
Manufacturer wholesale, transfer and forwarding: aprenis, and dealers
in carriages, wagons, farm implements, wind mills, scales, engines and
threshing machinery. "We have on hand a full line of tho following mauufac-
iint-i-i Ki"'a ijj.ii u ciiu iii at quicti
MiuienaKcr uros. ;uig. Co., houtli JJend, Ind.; Enterprise Carriage Co.,
Cincinnati, Ohio; Hoover A Gamble, Miamisburg, Ohio; Esterly Harvesting
Co., AVhitewater, Wis.; Fairbank, Moore & Co., Chicago. 111.; Walton Plow Co.,
IJloomington, 111.; Pekin Plow Co., Pckin, 111.; Avery Planter Co.. Peoria, 111.;
.Tno. Dodds Hay Hack Co., Dayton, Ohio.; Frick Engine Co., Wavnesboro,
Penn.; Massilton Thrasher Co., Massilton, Ohio; Krugslorud A; Douglas Mfg.
Co., St. Louis, Mo.j Hubor Engiuo Co., Marion, Ohio.
Overalls, Jeans, Casslmcre and Cottonade Pants; Duck Lined Coats and Vests;
Fancy Flannel aud Cotton Overshirts; Canton Flannel
Undershirts, Drawers, Etc.
Factory and Salesroom 139 N. Topeka, Wichita. Correspondence Solicited
i tr
Tire 3Icn Docrlbe a GlRantlo Monstros
ity of I'lalt Trap Luke.
A party of va persons, all gentlemen,
arrived home from a four days' visit to
Fish Trap lako, about threo miles bolow
Galena, 111 , a place not only famous
among anglers thereabouts, but as being
the same lody of water in which was dis
covered the huge serpent fish which
created so much excitement among people
generally and discussion among naturalists
esecially about ten years ago.
The Intense interest which was then ex
cited has been greatly magnified by the
fact that this particular monster, judging
from reliable and detailed accounts that
have been received, has aqain made its ap
pearance, and was seen by every one of the
five gentlemen comprising the party above
referred to on the afternoon of the day
previous to their departure for home.
"We were out in the middle of the lake
trolling for salmon and pike," said one of
tho number on being questioned, "and
were drifting along almost imperceptibly
on its perfectly Bmooth surface toward the
western extremity, propelled by the lisjht
breeze prevailing from the east, when sud
denly the wr.ter about us became fearfully
agitated, the boat commenced to heave and
rock, and we were wondering with
blanched faces what could be the cnue of
the phenomenon when, beforo a single
word could be uttered, a sight presented
itself which not one of us will ever forget
to our dying day, though we live to be as
old as Methuselah.
"Can I describe it in detail?" said the
narrator in resoonse to an inauirv. "Yes.
Wichita, Kansas.
C. Elcnmayer Er. Milling and Elevator Co., of
Ualstead, Kan., carry a full line of hard and soft
wheat flour at their agency la thh city, bend for
prices and samples.
OTTO WEISS. Agent, 253 N Main. Wichita.
L. xi .A. x o,
Saddlery Hardware. Manufacturer of fpror.
Leather and tiiidings, hides, furs, wool and rooes.
HI Douglas Avenue, cor. Water St., "Wichita, Kan.
And Jobbers of Woolens and Tail
ors Trimmings.
145 X Main Street, - Wichita.
Bottlers of Ginger Ale. Champagne
Cider, Sada Water, Standard Verve
Food, also General Western
Agents for Win. J.Lemp's Extra Pale.
Cor. First and WacoSts., - Wichita.
E. VAIL & CO.,
10(1 E Douglas Are., - Wiihifa.
f ior u. so viuaiy impressed itself upon my
mind that were I an artist I could dra v
tho scene with lifelike perfection and ac
curat''. I was looking down into the lake
from the sternsheets of the boat to discov
er, if possible, some cause for the singular
movement of the water which threatened
to submerge us, when like a flash there
emerged from its seething breast, and not
more than ten rods away, a half fish, half
serpent monter, fully thirty feet m
length, the exposure from extremity to ex
tremity being complete, as it lay upon the
water after reaching the surface.
"Its appearance was heralded by a shont
from the huge creature, exactly like that
of a fretful horse, which threw a column
of water into the air like the spouting of a
whale, the mist from which completely
saturated our clothing. The head and
body of the animal to its middle were
shaped like that of a sturgeon, with
a long, narrow top fin and a forward fin
on either side, just back of the gills. The
eyes were black and beadlike, and two
holes for spouting or throwing water were
plainly discernible cs top of the head. The
body from the center to the after extremity
was that of a serpent, without fins of any
kind, tho tail tapering to a point like tha:
of a pilot or bull snake.
The hiaeous monstrosity lay prone
upon the water for a half dozen seconds or
more, when it started for the mouth of
the lake, swimming with great Tokxaty,
its body partly out of the water. Stricken
with awe mingled with terror, we watched
it in silence until it paused out into the
Mississippi, when it dove downward on
reaching the channel and was seen tu
mora. Fortunately Adam Bell, a trusts
Cigar Headquarters. Cor. 3Tain and Pirst Streets.
Send us a Trial Order or Call and See Us.
The Largest Establishment in the State.
Nos. 119 and 121 Main Street, Wichita, Kansas.
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers la
All goods of our own manufacture warranted. Orders by mail
promptly and carefully tilled.
135 and 137 N Market Street, Wichita, Kansas.
Jobbers and Manufacturers, Teas,
Coffees, Spices, Extracts, Baking
Powders, Bluing, Cigars, Etc.
112 and 114 S Emporia Ave.
Manufacturer. Wholesale and RuUll
Dealers In
Correspondence Solicited.
121 E Douglas Ave, Wichita, Kan
Wholesale and Retail
125 East Douglas Ave.
Wholesale aud ltetall Dealers In
C O A. L!
Weir City and Rich Hill Coal
a Specialty.
119 2f Water St., - i V ichita, Kan
Wholesale and Retail
i o.iI, ii'raul Itimiw;', Kouling and
TtiiiMinir Materials.
Telephone 101. ISth St. and 4th Ave, Wichita, Kan.
Wholesale Grocers,
Keep everything in the grocery line, show rases, Scales and grocers fixtures
Sole agents for the state for '"Grand Republic" cigars, also solo proprietors of
the "Royalty" aud "La Iunoceucia" brands. 15
L -tfiGHIIA CTjvi
Do not
stood the test
vocirs! nffflinct. nl nPW- 5
Jlll "&LV"
pnmoi-c min
:?Twn o nrettflfllTSa
-iA.il iii.oir.uu30 iiuvgio
1:5yicHiTAfKANSsasell them
worthy gentleman or Uh -i . was witft us,
and was also one of the party who discov
ered the huge marine monstrosity of ten
years ago, and described it as being iden
tically the same in size and general appear
ance as that which we witnessed this after
noon before we struck camp for Galena,
and expresses the opinion that its home is
in one of the partially submerged caverns
which abound along the bayous in the
vicinity of New California."
A remarkable thing, it may bo said,
about Fish Trap lake is its extreme depth,
the bottom in some places never having
been reached with any of the lines used in
sounding. It sets directly beck from the
Mississippi river, and is a mile and a quar
ter in length and a half mile in breadth,
its banks being bordered with heAvy tim
ber and thick shrubbery. Its junction
with the Mississippi is formed by a mouth
thirty or forty rods wide. It vr&s former
ly a veritable haven for anglers, but since
the discovery of the half nab and half ser
pent monstrosity of tec years ao it has
been deserted, except by the more intrepid
sportsmen of this section. Cor. St. Locis
Rural Ixrer on the Et Hd.
It was a warm and sunshiny afternoon
on the oast side and everybody was out of
doors. A couple came sauntering up Eld
ridge street toward Houston, hand ia
hand, and talking m the smiling sort of
confidence that betokens lovers. Both were
young, and he was dark and stalwart and
she bad the blue eyes, golden hair and
plump form bequeathed by Teutonic an
cestry. They itood at the corner clasping
hands ia farewell, when suddenly a &hrxH
The quickest, strongest and purest
Dry Hop Yeast on tho market. "Will
keep a year in any climate.
Price, 5 cents per package of 7 cakes
For sale by all wholesale and retail
Manufactured by Corner & Farnnm
factory oorner Kellogg and Moaley
Wholesale and Retail
Paints, Oils and Glass.
150 y Market St., Wichita, Kan
Pliotograkrs' : Supplies!
102 E Douglas A venue.
Wichita, Kan. Telephone Connection
Manufacturers and Dealers In
All kinds of cans for shipping purposes, rulta,
luklns powder, etc
213 South Main, Wichita, Kan.
The Hyde & Humble Sta. Co.,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Books : and : Stationery,
Wall Paper, Wrapping Papers.
IU y Main St., - Wichita, Kan
"Wichita Trunk Factory
II. HOSSFIELD, rrorietor.
Manufacturer Of, Wholesale
and Retail Dealer in
Trunks, Valises, Satchels,
Shawl and Trunk Straps,
Pocket Books, AVil-
lov Ware, Etc.
125 W Douglas.
Sf-.tfTfTHlTAcrro- ss-X
with new FLOURS. 'Wltm
livnnflj llHVA r- . . .-'A I
for sixteen
, r
iflVA TlPVPr .
- 92
been befeated. MTff-Hi
voice smot tfcc sunny atmospnere that en
veloped them and cried, ixiy. Muter,
you've forgot something " He tuml and
looked the question wh'.-h be aid not
speak. "You've forgotten to put a kiss on
her head," was ebouted derisively. Two
pair of hands parted suddenly, a young
man strode briskly toward the Eat nver
as if he had just recollected an appoint
ment in Brooklyn: a yoaag woaaa pd
swiftly down EW ridge street with her chin
in the air, and a tattooed urchin stood
upon his hands on the pavement and clap
ped his heels together in gUw. 2ew York
A Sacaclso Magpie.
Out oa Fillmore street tore is a big
magpie that is never ia iu oage, bet mean
ders all over the neighborhood. It Ft&ad
on the curb, with bedraggled tail and
drooping wins. and whL-U "Any Old
Knives to Grind?" If any nun come up
and whistles to zszkc it reprsat it leta out a
wailing shriek expreMre of lb suprrat
di&gnst- A favorite trick of thin bird U to
whiUe for oogs, when every ear withia
three blocks rata to it. Whoa the kp)
oosgresate the mfpie foes p oa a batch
er's boo, and jeers at litem. Of lata the
poandkeprs deputies hn emntfhi ou
the bird and it habit of attracting dogs,
and the harvest faa beo bountiful. Sao
Fraacuoo Examiner.
Thsre are about 105 urdiae factorkn ia
France, and the produce at eeca Uetmrj is
4.0C0or, MceovsUiaiagKObexaa. The
total produce for t year 1K, wMdi I
not fr from the average, was 3iZJlcb,
and there i a net pi oft: on cms C2eW
.iut 56 cents.
Blf Sams Paid Members of editorial
Staffo Hard and Fast tines Within
WhicU Reporters Toll The 'I'rlnt
er's" Unties and Wide Anthority.
Copyright by American Press Association. i
News gathering, as it is understood and
practiced in America, is tabooed in En
glish journalism. Reporters work in
restricted paths. They cannot interview
and must not anticipate anything in the
way of news. If Bob Smith, after a long
career of brutality, is at last arrested for
beating his wife, tho bare fact may bo
stated, but the details of the assault must
not ba given until they are bet forth ofli-
'S fs
dally In tho police court next day. Should
Sir Humphrey Makeshift elope with
Squire Bolingbroko's wifo a discreet silence
must be preservod until a bill for divorce
is filed, and then it is of ten prudent to only
hint at the names of the parties until the
trinl begins. No comments must be mado
on a case sub judice. Everything must
"happen" in the fullest son- of the Urm
beforo it can be presented to novtpior
readers, and then it must bu set forth in a
stiff, established form.
Sensationalism is frownwl upon, person
alities rigidly prohibited aud pitpmnt gos
sip strictly forbidtlwn. In fact an Knglnh
reporter gets no chaaco to "spread" him
self. He may report a speech in the bust
stylo known to the stenographic wit; he
may write up a flro in storootyiKsd phnwrfv,
or give tho list of prizes at a liower show
with the descriptive aid of the catalogue,
hut to presume to exerciso his fancy iu re
cording tho shifting scenes of life would
entail upon him the severest kmd of
censure, if not instant dismissal, with tho
editorial verdict that ho was a disgrace to
the profession.
One result of this policy of repression is
that the reporter becomes a more machine.
He goes through a daily routine mechani
cally, takes and transcribes hia shorthand
notes like an automaton, and luldlitt his
brain with parrot like phrases that have
done duty for tune immemorial, and will
probnbly continue to enhance tho dnincss
of British journalism uiitil the crack of
doom, lie is a reporter pure nnd simple,
whose ears have to be acuter than his eyes,
and whose usefulne5s is graded according
to his ability to write shorthand and his
celerity of transcription. Whatever de
scriptive matter is needed by a British
newspaper is generally done by a "special
commissioner," whose work is heavy com
pared with thut of the average American
news gatherer, but who would feel insulted
were he classed with the ordinary reporters
of his journal.
The highest ambition of an English re
porter is to bo employed on tho parliament
ary staff of a London daily. Great pains
aro taken with parliamentary reporting,
each journal maintaining a separate forco
of from five to eighteen men. Som of tho
newspapers only give the leading speeches,
but Tho Times prints a very full report,
devoting three or four pages a dny to tha
proceedings of both houses. Tho Ilau
sord.iwhich is recognized as the official roo
ord of the debates, is made up largely from
Tho Times' report, member having tho
privilege of clipping from its pages and
extending nnd correcting their remarks
before publication in the oilicial volumes.
The Times lias the largest reporting staff
in parliament. The men begin uilh
"turns" of half an hour or twenty min
utes; late at night the "turns" are cut
down to five or ten minute, and tho re
porters drive Ut Printing House square to
transcribe their notes Tbear quarters aro
very comfortable. An extensive reference
library is at their command, ami so that
they may nut be disturbed in their work of
transcription servants are constantly at
their elbows to supply every want.
In tho matter of accommodation, both
for editors aud reporters, the Koglwh Jour
nals are very liberal. Kach writer ha a
separate room, and an electric bell within
reach to summon an attendant, and flvo or
tix rooms aro usnaliy Mt apart for the re-
porters, who? work ia not very arduous m
rule. In the event of a speech by men
tike Gladstone or Lord Swliebvy Iron six
So eight nva are detailed to report it. awl
their "copy" ia all in y the tle the f-ch
Li delivered. Neither the typerrrU'-r nor
the phonograph hae yet b railed in to
uwist in reporting or trawwriV'K. rtoe
KBinent men hare gradoeted from tins re
porters' gallery of the houae of eomiaoe.
Charles Dtckeoa we a perUatoeeiArr
aaad, and Xr Locy, the able dior-io
shief of The Deiiy Xewa. begM m a r
pornv en toet paper.
Th: city editor of a Lmdoa Jonnwl an
iwers to our fine oriel editor; he i note
rag to do with the new enhaaeaa. eod U
bald solely reapourfbie im toe report f
Stock Exeb'Oge and other flaeineial trar
factions. Tbf chW rrparter hem eftury '
th locsd tnri i j the prt lirea Ie lAHi,r,
lb aainoT couru. ecrtdea, iiren, ee . a
rappUed by "ponT--He " Roerte-i
py j rtii Oel'T-wd t tJ- oaeaptwag
-oeea without rrvitien: thu oewu.y
Je cam at si cot wfceu aruaat sM ixf).
That then art sot saatenra eerrtcttoni
to be aade by political 4keri, woo are
keenly mmiUtc to error of itotMeaes',
show. tL&t tb Kogiftnh reertr. however
defictosl he may l is. otter rort. as
bo reJvd upon iar tb greatest aoearnry 'c
wp-irune: toe uUntaem of public nva
Rr-a when oeodfand work i refliJr 1
fall ebenbaod notes are V&m. T-t
mark ers made by the Mde of importeot
fcrotoeer-4, with tue noit tbet notejsuc
motoriU m ci initial e if a eoeseh be to
b est down a naif or im-Jexrem.
Alamo rrory enajomi.e em apeo r !
England U mwerooa in ttcaealteap wwb
ImmulC drtow roeetre aauroU nmuwe
of from see vz'zzjl to tfte. rtoorften bate
Mt '-lX
JllJflrSi !
ft2?KJ i '( V! -T- -rSi4 -
I At J- v
i iii xrniuud nHii liciiuai lmuimsrt
Werti & guinea SaxP tat Kii
for 25 Cents,
iiuu... m . tutir, ana
the comiKHittirs, ,jrrssraen and atercotyp
ers are granted at ieast a week in the year
with full pay. Then there is a system of
rvmcinne fr nl.l wrvontv in ovfr ?jnjsrt
ment. Englishmen do not chango their
situations mucu. It is no uncommon;
thing to find reporter who have been con
nected with the same journal for thirty or
forty years. When they roach the retiring
age in some oflices they receive n third or
half their salary fer bfe. Compositors fre
quently step in fer pensions af:er loos ser
vice. The "printer." r& the foreman of a Lon
don daijy is called, is a very important per
sonage, and eorrspoeU in omo respecut
to our night editor f ' "make up" la
completely in bit. L.i.i ' keeps careful
track of the copy, ai tl ...-. i i.rd jjoea a long
way with the sub-editor aa to what shall or
shall not run near prow time. Ills men aro
the pick of the craft. Earh one acquired
considerable editorial abtuty: he in not a
; slavish follower of "copy," but reads for
I tho sense, and is on the alert for blunders
of omiion or commission. Hid proofs aro
remarkably cleoq, and tho printer keeps
him up to the highest notch of perfection,
bome of the printers ire a little too auto
cratic and exacting. One on The Standard
some years ago forbade the use of slngt to
protect the realtor after dumping. Thi.1
rule developed exceptional steadiness of
nerve in the chapel, since the slighter
shakines wns dL-AtroiM in the small
1mui-s wheu the 'takes" ran about tho
linos each.
Tho identity of writers fe carefully con
coaled by Enguah journal. Bvun tha
names of the wjftori arc not known out
side th? proft...i n I is always Tho
Times, The Telegraph. The Standard thaB
addroses the public, and in no other cou:
tryistheetiitorial"wo"9opowerfuL Manr
of tho minor correspondent areas ignorant
of the personality of the manager of tho
papers as the readers. They deal with Tho
Standard, 3'he Daily News, or The Time".
Tho pay for newspaper work varU witlv
the cias of journal served. In Louden tS.CXX)
a year is easily tterned by a leader writer,
and there an several w no run high a-i
?10,OOiJ. Eililor inrhief reeive from 113.
000 to Stt.100 Tlw Trleraph pay ltd ParU
corrnspondttut 4t.'0U and xpensen. He IS
a very able writer, and sends daily two
colnmnn of th munt rMlahle mattrr
printetl in Ennland, in'til, hU lettera ami
perfoet jwn pictures of life in the gay mr-
tropoli, and are cotapemble in point of
attrctivrne)w to the work of the beat jour
nalism in America.
Men of nut like Kdwln Arnold, De IHo
witz and George Augnettu Sela aro said to
earn fabulouw Mima. Arnold i at prHeti&
writing to The Telegraph frutu JapaH, and
Snla haa written a daily editorial for tho
same paper for twenty year. beidea con
tributing largely U periodic 1 literature.
The Timea hae the largeet fcUiff of artlcio
writer f any jonrual in the world. A.
number who havo made their mark in dif
fcrniit branfhci of bw and wlence hnvo
reUinera of from f 1,000 to 91000 a year,
and rtfetve IV) for ich lMtl they ar
called upon to contribute. War eorr
spondcntM Hitd sfjciul eommieetoHen- -men
who do the ilrint4ve work receivo
from 9i ftfK) to 110,000 per annum. Arch
timid Forbe had the MtOr aum. wr i
carte blnnchu tut to expenaea, when he
was with The Daily Xewa After hfe bri I i
iant work during tho wnr.betwern Bam v
ami Tnrkey the proprietor preeented hit .
with a check for &9jm in addition to bU
falary. From tU5 to (flu per column Is th
remuneration nt foretirn i orwupomlentj
not oa the aaiary ht of the b'.'uUng new- '
papers. The rataa paid by toeprioeipU
jfmrnala of the prweincea are aboui ow
third letM all round.
Ijondon reportera receive front tO to f 50
per wrrk. in the provinrMi junlote K't
from W to 110. twnond and third nnni4
from tS to tli&. aud chief of mtjdt from I-
to 140. The Iondon prnea mrelveN mnatfold
reporte of the tranaactiona at the minor
noorts, accidente, Are, eir . and per tktt-t
and four rent per lino for wUl U pui
llabrd. The Time employ eeeeral yon n
leuTbtere to moke report of tho prate!
log of toe higher courte. When race '
unosnaj public intereat ore on aborShnri'l
rfporter are ngnged to furaieh vedmtini
microti nts.
ComfMMltors work on "piaox" mm! mm
in IndoM from 112 to IO week, oeobn!
ng to ability and ItiHl ia "Ufc" iJai
other Engiieh workmn, tbry do not o-r
exert thctualttM A "alogger." er ouo
who la ronUnaelly on the ruan to mek a
"atnng," 1 frowned upra by the ehwprU
They get their hwc or fin nt rogolar itr
ral during tha nini, Ui cbnoel noftafC
man Ve wntt neon tb"on in UkU teoy irt
Time nanda get tr'mt (U to &9 a week. I'l
certoln piovinr',J iovaa time n'a .
peid, uauaily t0'A per wek of fifty tw
boar. roofreederk r!mve from f !' Vo
iL&awnea. Jilit W liJiiATt.
- m uerman peoeamtry a bLf
kmg ezlatud tha tee orI -.f tki pttr trt
or. ae wisf th:::. u n.nery Dryad ir
habiting tt. y.nm ! t rr. ipunet tie
you hare, a
arute or Jeadinx to J
awd nTropno3Pnm;s
or LtstR juro soda
xr tmxrxxt crxrji-w ron xt.
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t. rrrrt-t. ' t. eiU.
Ufcr V'.-T'io '! I'l JlyfpAfMtf
Vy fhjabM a . 'e " rv It
r ie Oft Ur on A ?Ue
riM. iaor IM kuOM im4 rr
coss cjrpTioy.
Sorofwte, Flesh Producer
maee H aowrtec 23 TT 5 IMSIWOI.
KhMkt r lbMMi tw-i.r

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