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Kansfcistorical Society
TOL. XIII, NO 125.
WHOLE NO. 2002.
HI m m m m f V& f mT Hl V W W V m .d V 1 Htl(: IllB" latIM I lll JL . W A. m MM. HI VN. m m. MA m
sumowEi; state.
Kansas is supremely pleased at the visit of
the distinguished president today, and we
receive him with open arms and extended
hands, and gne him a thorough welcome.
I Applause I now present to you the
president of the United States "
Thirty Thousand Old Soldiers Greet
the President at
Tho Duty of Supporting the Constitution
and Laws of the Country
u.bly Set Forth.
Senator Ingalls Talks to the Crowd About
Early Days in the Great "West
The President and Party Ban
quoted at Kansas City.
Atchison. Kin , Oct 10 The president
aroe earlior this morning thin on any
previous morning during tho trip rlho
liist reception in the state of Missouri was
to take place at St Joseph As tint citi
was reached at about 6 ') a m , the presi
dent and his pirty had onlj time to h.ist
ilj inse and take a cup of coffee before en
lemig thecitj.
At the Union depot an immense crowd
was assembled ami the president wasei
elentl pleased at tlio generous reception
l elide red lnm at such an earl houi Con
npicuousin the assemblage was Custer
iwstof the Giaiul Army of the Itopublic,
which, drawn up in line, mude a p tssage
way for the president and his parti, aid
acted as their escort until the neighboring
hotel was reached, w heie the public recop
tion wan to take place As tlie president
and Secretary Tracy appc ired on the bal
eonj in front of tho hotel, under the escort
of Col A C Dime, gcneial passuurer
agent of the Hannibal and St Joseph rail
roud, a hearti cheer burst from the crowd
"Citizens of St Joscnh." said Colonel
Dawes, "it is uotnecessar for mo to make
an speech of welcome to the president of
t he L nitod States, his time w lth us being
limited I now haie the pleasure of mtro
ducmgto ou Benjimin Hainson presi
dent of Jtho United States" Gieat ap
plause J
tjtfst. josnpn srF? en
"My follow citi7ons." said tho president,
"if 3 ou are glad to see mo at this hour in
theflmorning if ou are so kind nnd
demonstrative bofore bre ikfast how great
would haio been your welcome if I could
h ne cornea little later in the d i Ap
plnuse I beg to thank ou, who, at, such
at inconvenience, nt thi earl houi. huo
turned out to speak these words of wel
come to us as we pass through i our beau
tiful oity. Many ears ago 1 read of St.
Joseph I know something of its history,
w hen, instead of boint a large city, it was
a place for outiitting for those slow and
toilsome trams tint borothe earlv pioneers
towards California and tho far west
Those das wcie daS not to be despised
Their means of communication were slow,
hut the bore men and women full of
courage and jHitriotism to do for us on the
Pacific coast and in tiie great west, work
of peaceful conquest that has added gieatly
tothegloi and prosjiei it of our countr
Andet we ma tougrttuluto ourselves
that the simpler means of communication
have taken the place of the old ones, con
gratulate oui selves that these conven
lonces.both of business and soc ml life, ha e
come to crown our da, and ct.inthe
midst of them, enjoMiig tho luiuucs
which modern civilization bungs to our
doors, let us not lose fiom our house
holds those plain aud stuid urtues
which ute osscntial to ti no American citi
zenship Lotus remember alwais, that
above all suiroundings, aboie all "that is
external, theio is to be prized those solid
and essential urtues that make home
happy, that make a countr gieat, thnt
enable us, in tual and iiccesit, to call
out fi om tho people some who aie lit to
loffll our armies, or to meet ei or emer
gonc m the histon. of the state AVe are
heie as American citizen, notas partisans,
we are here as comrades of the late war,
or, if thoie nio hoio thoso who under tho
other banner fought for what seemed to
them to be light, we are hero to sa,oue
and all. that God knew whit was
lufc-t lor this country when ho
cast the issue in faiot of the Union
and tho constitution Applause and
c litters j Now , again uuitcd under its am
pie guarantee of personal Iibert nnd pub
lie wcurit, united again under one llag,
wo haie stalled forward, if we aie true to
om obligations, upon a care t r of prosper
lti that would not otherwiso haie been
possible l,et us, tlurefore, in all kindli
ness and faithfulness, in devotion to the
light, a. God shall gne us light to see it,
g foi ward in the discharge of our duties,
fretting aboie ii inthnig else the flag, the
oust itut ion and the law, upon which all
our nght and all om securities are based
(Applause Now, mi comrades of the
Urand Armi of the Republic, and fellow
citironsof Mixsouii, ngiiu I thank jou
aud bid ou good b c " Cheers
At the conclusion of the president's re
murks, the paitv retired to the rotunda of
the hotel, and the president shook h nds
with the crowd as the tiled through
Postmastei Charles V Eauust on liehalf
of Custer iwst Vo 7, G A It , presented
the president with a handsome Ikmj net,
which wa.s giHCofulli acknowledged .lust
before the train pulled out, little Adelaide
Hah, tho little nieco ot Col Dawes, also
presented him with a beautiful boquet,
and w a i-owarded with a kiss from the
nation's chief executive At exactli 7a
in the train pulled out The run to Atcli
1MM1 was lunde without incident lieioml
the lust j chee'nng of tlie crowds jit dep ts
as tlio tram went b At the L mon depot
Go Huinjiliri'y, ex. Minister Osborn, Chief
Justice Helton, C1 Burgess, and Geneial
Maaagei Kobmson of tlie Atchison,
'lopekn and bmita Fe milwa, met the
president in a speciHl car, and nctenl as his
encmtov r the state line, and will act as
his escort until his arrival at Topeka.
Atchison w a, reached at fcSj here a largo
crowxl Hb assembled
The stopat Atchion was but a brief one,
ajmI the president did not loavc the car
Trom Uie rear platform ho bowed to tiie
last multitude, and little l'dna Eltuiboth
Downs, who was to welcome the nrv&tdeiit
in the name of the assembled childivn,
whs lifted in tho arms of a sturd citizen
and sjK)ke as f low s
"Wekwno Pisiiient Hainson Repi-e-senUng
tHir public schools, I present tbofe
llowers by little girls, one for each state of
our gieat Union These are our emb ems
ef iKintv, lepresenting our love and
atiiotisiii for the nation over wl ich ou
pre-ide You will not on h llud this true
of Au-lnwon but of all Kansas, and we
trut tin. sjune spirit prevados the length
aud lrea4tli of our land ' Groat ap
The presideut wk almost buried beneath
the boqiiots that greeted him at the con
eJuoion of the little uiaidou s speoch 1 bev
wereirfevtrv deigu and color, ami the
most lH-utrul wrm iMirfaaite the one pre
sented bv the Uttie speaker herself, which
was in the ohape of an immense "11 "
thief J list i . Hortoti of the Kansas sU
prenie court, also welcomed the president
to the hUte, and introduced him to the
Httdietice as lollovvs
Mi fellow cttisetiN of Kansas We are
gi'eatiy houoretl toda hv aj presence
XMthiu our hunts of the dUtincnnt4ieil
chief magistrate of the nation His exalted
(option and character, and his cottsaen
tious discharge of public duti, evoke the
ctjfideuc aiMl ntpeot of overy onizea
3ly fellow citizens," s-ud President
Harrison "I stand todav for t e first time
on the soil of Kansas I am glad to haie
been permitted to enter it by the lestibnle
of this attractne city, the home of one of
onr brilliant statesmen Cheers at this
reference to Senator Ingalls I cannot re
frain from saimg, God be thanked tha
freedom won its early battle in Kansast
ApDlause. All this would hive been
otherwise impossible You have a soil
christened with tha blood of those who
died for Iibert, and you have well main
tained tho lessons tliey taught, living and
ding It was appropriate that the
sun ivors of the late war, men
crowned from the consuming iic
tory of hberti, should make
the state of Kans is pre eminently the sol
dier stite of tho Union Xow. after telling
ou that I am icry grateful for our
fnendl greeting this morning, xou will,
I am sure, excuse me in this tumult from
attempting further speechmaking May
ever good attend you in our homes, may
the caieer of this state be one of increas
ing piospent in things m iten il, and may
our citizenship never forget thic the
spiritual things that take hold on liberty
and human rights are higher and better
than all m itcnil things Prolonged
cheering Allow me, now, to nresent to
you the only member of my cabinet who
accompanies me. Gen Irac. of New
York, the secrctar of the navy " Cheers
Secretan Trac bowed his acknowiedg
ments, and the train pulled out amidst
me applause ot the last assemblage
At Nortoniille, the next stop, the child
ren turned outenmasse ind give the pres
ident a he irt welcome President Har
rison was introduced b Governor Humph
ri, aud spoke as follows "Mv fellow cit
izens, this brief stop forbids that I should
sa an more than to thank ou and to ex.
tendtoou inj most fnendl gieeting
rlhc sky is ovci cast, but in this assembl io
of ur school children with flags and
flowers and in this gathering of thesturd
men who lino made Kansas great among
the states, theie are suggestions th it
spread a sky of beaut and hope abov e
our countrv and ltsdestiui It mves me
great ph. asm ( to make this first visit to
this state Itjjives me pleasure to see,
both it Atchison and here, tho Interest,
which the presence of these child
ren sJiows, ou take in public educition
There aie many here who, in their earl
days, experienced the hardships and pnva
tions of pioneer life The avenues of
learning were shut against them, but it
is much to their credit that what the
1 icked in earl hfe.the impediments which
have burdened their careers, they have
bravely resolved sh ill not burden then
children I thank ou ag un for this pie is-
ant nception, and bid ou goodbye, as
we must proceed on our jouine."
In bchnlf of tho school children a little
girl presented the president with a collec
tion of beautiful bouquets "M little
girl," said the president, "I -will haie to
kissou for gmng me all these." Ashe
leaned over the rear railing to meet the
lips of the little miss, the crowd applauded
vigorously, and then gave three cheers for
the president of the United States
As the tram pulled out a letter was re
ceived fro-n Col E T lownsend, of the
United States Twelfth mfautr, muting
the piesident to usit the United States in
fantry and cavalry school at Fort Leaven
worth during his western trip, but he dc
clined because of lack of time
banner, provided especially for the occasion
At Vallev Falls mother ciowd w as as
scnibjul The piesident was introdutid
and thanking the citizens for the ovation
tendeied him, said th a he would not at
tempt ai speechmaking furthei than to
s i that this greeting put him, if possible,
under still stronger obligations in ciei
othcial duti that deiolved upon him to
consult the interests of the people mil do
that which seemed to be the most promo
tive of public good. Cheeis
A basket f line apples illustrative of
K uisas fuut, was picnentcd to the piesi
dent at this poiat b Mr M M iwvell, for
merl a friend of the president m Marion
count, Ind , but now a citien of Kansas
At 10 30 the president's tram rolled into
Topeka, amid the cheeis of the populace
Senatoi Ingalls received tho president at
this point, and at once bo irded the special
trim Ihecit was beautifull decorated,
as the occasion was also that of the re
union of tlie state soldiers of the late wai
'1 ho president was escorted to the Stato
house hi Goi Humphre and his staff,
and there reviewed the immense parade a
it marched b
It took over two hours for the president
toievicw the vast parade of m ui thou-,
amis that inarched past him in front of the
capitol First uidlorciuostin the column,
were hie companies of 1 mud State-
cavalr followed bv one companv of in
fantrv ami a eompaii of Kansas state
guards i ne t-ons ot leteians werefol
lowed by the Kansas organization of ex
ptisouers of war, who cheered iianticall
as the passed in front of the president
This marks the occasion of the largest
reunion Kansas, the great state of ex
sohliers, has ever had, and it is estimated
th it A) 000 pa-ssed the rev lew ing stand
As the colored contingent passed the
president their band struck up "March
nu Through Georgia," and the crowd
cheeicd its apprcci ition. As tho large bod
of Illinois volunteers passed, Itev. Allen
Buckner, ' the fighting parson," cried
Let Illinois, the homo of Lincoln, the
home of Grant, the home of Logan, give
three cheers for tho president of the United
Suites" The vvi re given .vitli a heaitv
i igor w Inch inspired the surrounding mill
titude to join the "tiger" which an enthus
nistic leterau proposed
As the Indiana contingent, in which
were man of the members of the presi
dents former First brigade passed, tluir
enthusiasm knew no bounds, and the
cheered and cheered over nnd over again
1 he president bowed his appreciation of
their lovaltv but this only inspired them
to renew their cheers which continued
almost as long as they were in hearing
When the huge bodv and banner lasar
ing the words U S Xai" appeared, the
president came m for another cheer, but
this tune secretary Traci fulli shared the
honors that were laiished bv the ex
wlors on their distinguished iisitors,
and cheer after cheer went up for "tecre
tan Tracv '
Senator Incralls, too, was wannly ap
plauded hi the Kansas loteraiis, and
usiiallv came in for munition after the
first ovations had been extended to the
Ono of the amusing incidents of the
parade occurred when an enthusiastic In
diana veteran who had evideml inti
mat elv known the president, shouted out
from the line, "Hello, Ben how are ion
Ben" Iho president recoguized the gra
lied countenance that crei'ted him, called
the leteran bv name, and, lxwinc snul
lucly, filled one honest heart with jov
As the New York soldiers passed they
loudh cheered Gen Trac.
In "quick successi u ex soldiers' from
Michigan, Massachusetts, Mar land,
Minnesota, Tennessee, Kentuckv, Mis.s
oun. New Hampshire, New Jersei,
Nebraska, Ohio, and nearh every other
state in the Union, passed, until the dose
of the line passed at 1J A)
In the rear came marching the students
from the State Normal school aud other
colleges, the Topeka high school aud ward
schools, and the parochial schools ihe
children bore flags which they waved en
thusiastically as thev parsed in front of
the nreMeleut Altogether, 5.CO0 school
children w ere in line. Among the old vet
eraus, the honors of the day were gained j
uie lortner Illinois soictorc, wno iur
nisbed the largest contingent m the line of
MtMrch Thjslwinnr whs evMonod bv th
presentation of a beautiful embroidered
Lunch was taken at the Coleman house,
and, following it, tho president recened
the leterans of his old brigade, state and
city officials and prominent citizens.
To the fairgrounds the president, Secre
tary Trac, Governor Humphrey and Sen
ator Ingalls proceeded m the first carriage,
and were follow ed in others by the other
members of his part and distinguished
citizens of Kansas The address of wel
come at the fair grounds was deln ered by
the governor of Kansas and was very
"I am strongly tempted to omit even the
attempt to speak to you today. I think it
would be better that I should go home and
write ou an open letter Great laughter
and cheering I haie been mo-t pro
foundly impressed with the incidents
which haie attended this tremendous and,
I am told, this unprecedented gathering of
the soldiers and citizens of the great state
of Kansas No one can interpret in speech
the lessons of this occasion NTo power of
descrmtion is able to coniey to those who
hai e not looked upon it the spirit and
power of this meeting This assembly is
altogether too large to be greeted individ
ual! , one cannot get his arms about it,
tL lughter and cheers and yet, so kmdl
lave ou received me, that I would be glad
if to each of i ou I could convev the sense
of gratitude and appreciation which is in
in j heart There is nothing for any of us
to do but to open wide our
arms and let those elevating
suggestions tako possession of them
I am sure there has been nothing
seen toda that does not point in a direc
tion of i higher individual, social and na
tional life Who can look unon this last
array of the soldiers who fought toanc
tonous consummation the war for the
Union, without bowing his head and his
heait in grateful leverence Great cheer
ing Who can look upon these Sons of
Veterans, springing from patriotic ances
tr, full of the spmt of '61 and coming
into the iigoi and strength of manhood to
take up the burdens that we must soon
hi down, ind who, turning from the-e to
the sweet f.iced chndien whose hinds ire
filled with flowers and flags, can fail to
feel tli it these institutions or Iibert aro
secure for two genentions at least I
never knew until toda, the exteutoftho
injur which the stite of Kausus h id in
flicted upon tl e st tte of Indiana, Laugh
ter .ind tpplaue
"Never, until I looked upon that long
line of Indiana soldieis that you plucked
from us when the w n was over, bv the
supenor inducements which our lields
and cities offered to their nmoition In
dian i grieves for their loss. but rejoices m
the honoi and nrospent they hive found
here Cheers Ihe are our proud con
tribution to the gre it development w Inch
tins st ite h is m ide They ire our proud
contribution to that great reput ition
which our stite has established as-the
friend, is well .is one of the bulwarks, of
Iibert and of 1 iw Cheei It is not
unnaturil th it thev, coming back from
scenes where comrades hid shed their
blood for liberty, should choose to lincl
homes in i state th it had the baptism of
in irt rs' blood upon its infantbrow Pro
longed cheeinig The future is safe if
we are but true toourselios aud true to
rhese ciuldren whoic instruction is com
mitted to us There is nothing to obstruct
oi hindei our onward progress except
treason in our ow n midst The g'-eat fun
dnmen il principle of our government is
obedience to the 1 iw The 1 iw, the will of
the majont. expressed in constitution il
methods, is tho only king to which we
bow, Prolonged cheers but to him all
must now Let it be understood in all
lour communities that no sellish interest
of the individual, no class interests, how
ever mtienched, sh ill oe permitted to as
sert their convenience igamst the 1 iw
Cries of 'Good," 'Good" and cheering
'I his is good American doctrine and if it can
b made to prev ul in .nll the states of the
Union, until eicrv in m secure under tho
law in his own right is compelled b the
1 iw to ield to cveij other in m his rights,
nothing can shake our repose
sow, tc now citizens, ou win excuse
me from the attempt at further speech
Cries of "Go on " I ask ion again to be
lieve that 1 am griteful so far asourpres
eneo here h is an personal reference to
mi sell, and grateful as a public oflicer for
this c ldence of our love and affection for
the constitution and the couutr which we
' I hear there is some grumbling in
Kuieas, and I sometimes think it is be
cause lour advantages are to great
Laughter A single ear of disappoint
ment in agncultur il returns should not
in ike ou despondent of the future, or
tempt ou to make unsafe expeditions
Life is made up of un iges, and I think
ou will show up a good aierage Cries
of good' good' and cheers Let us look
forward with hope, with courage, with
hdcht, thrift, pttience good neighborly
hearts, and patriotic love for the Una
K uisas and her people have an issured an
hupp future " Prolonged cheering
Vt the conclusion of the presidents ad
dress there were loud cries for senator In
g ills, w ho throughout the w hole day h id
been ouite as much the object of nuolic
ov at ion as t he president beuator Ingalls
spoke .is follows
"Gov ernor Humphre , comrades of the
G A It , ladies and genthmen It gives
me pleasure to say to you that the state of
Kansas has alwais been renowned for its
hospitalit Upon this occasion she has
outdone herself pplaus-e P,vervtlnng
is possible m Kansas Laughter and the
spectacle w Inch it presented to us today
could occur no where elsj within the
boiders of thecmlized world Cheers
Whenever a Kanis man is told th it a
thing is impossible, he goes and does it
Great laughtor and applause Had any
one told m advance th it a spectacle like
that which we see here toda could have
occurred, he would have been treated with
uoirbt ind derision "
At this point one corner of the speakers'
stand began nipidlv settling with the great
mass of humanity imon it and President
Harrison warned Senator Ingalls that the
stand was going Women were frimiteued
and men rapidlv vacated the stand, thus
relieung the pressure
"This is the second platform," said Sen
ator Ingalls, ' that I haie broken down
since I came here. Who will doubt that I
am a man of weight' Laughter and ap
plause As I said, Kansasis hospitable,
and it gives me great plea-sure in her
name and m her behalf, to welcome Che
president of the United ttes of America
aud a member of the cabinent to the con
fines of the great American desert Great
applause and cheers Less than a genera
tioa nuo this splendid capital of a majestic
common w eat h where we now stand,
adorned hi all that exalts and embellishes
cmlixed life, wa a remote hamlet upou
the western irontier, less than a geuera
tiou ago St. Louis wa an out
post of civilization, les-s than
a generation aw Jefferson City
was the farthest western point reach
ed by a railroad and withm that space of
time, which marks the period of mv rest
deuce wnh you, there was not from the
sparse line of settlement alone the west
ern frontier of Kansas to the summits of
the fcierra Nevada .aountaiiis, from the
British possessions to the canons of the
Kio Graude, a haoitatiou or a house save
the hut. of a trapper or the tepee of toe
savage Applause Add from that vat
area, witma that brief space of time. I
hai e myself i oted to admit sx iudepend
ent states into the limits of the American
union It seeuis as if the great column of
emigration iu Us majestic march across
the continent paused to erect in
the-e tranquil valleys and upon these fer
tile plains a fabric of civilization that has
no precedent or parallel in the history of
mankind, a community embracinc a mil
lion and a half of people a community
which is rich in every element of proa
peruv, hot fwr richer in every prophecr of
i toture -rwtaejib ani renown. a
oommnnKT ia wuca tsere is
R. G. Dun & Co.'s Weekly Review
of the State of
Two More Race Records Lowered at the
Terre Haute Race Meeting
Government Report of the Condition of
Crops of the Country for the
Month of September
News Items.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 10, 4 05 p m It is
reported that Justice Miller of thesupreme
court while on his waj home fro n the
capitol a few minutes ago was stricken
with paralsis The report is not yet
L VTfcu It is now authenticall reported
th it as Justice Miller of the supreme
court was crossing the street car track at
Thomas circle, ne ir his residence, ou his
ii aj home fiom thecapitohhe was stricken
with paralvsis in his left side, but is now
resting comfortabl His mind is per
fectli clear
Dr Lincoln has just left Justice Miller
He sas the justice's condition is not
nearl sofaiorable is it was two hours
ago aud the case is now very serious
Nfw Yokk, Oct. 10 R G Dun & Co's
Weekl Rev lew of Trade s is
Business in all branches shows improve
ment Prices of commodities are a shade
stronger than a week ago, gram and oil
having adv meed, with many kinds of
m mufactured products But the ceneral
advance since October 1 is not a quarter of
1 per ct nt .is et Ihe movement of com
modities is very he iv The monev mar
ket is now here a source of embarrassment,
and the feeling of confidence everywhere
increases The great industries are gaining
Breadstuffs have been advanced in spite
of small exports Wheat ha risen 3
cents lor tlie week, and corn nearly cents
'Ihe state of forenrn trade i fairly satisfac
tory for, wail e exports of grain are re
stricted, cotton moves largel, and al
though the lalue of ex-ports last
week showed a decline in comparison
with last year, the movement then was
remarkabl hcav in October, but tho
weakness of American securities m Lon
don and the disturbed state of the stock
market there, appro idling a pnuc on
Thursday, affects prices here and lessens
the cli nice of early imports of specie The
business fulurcs occurring throughout
the country during the Dist seien days
number 215 as compared with a total of
197 I ist week For the corresponding
week of last year the figures were J14.
Tfi:r 1. Hautf Ind, Oct 10 Two more
recoidswere broken here todav, the last
d i of this most successful meeting W. J
Andrews diove IMIe II ir'linand Justins
ag nnst the world s record v "Owing to the
sh irp turn in tho track the fiist half mile
w is onl nude in 1 OSf, the third quaiter
in 33 and the mile in 12 la Cheers upon
cheers qreeted the successful driver mil
the wonderful tcam 'Ihe second world's
record of the d i and the fifth of the week
was the aver ige time for foit three heats
in cLass races of 2 19 The unfinished 2 IS
trot was won b Mockingbird, Veritas
second, best time - 13
The 2 lb trot went to Allerton, the great
stallion w inning h mdil , best tune 2 r3
Tlie 2 2S trot was w on b Kellar 'lhomas;
best time J n ., 'Ihe 2 23 pice wis won
by " inslow Wilkes, best time 2 164
of duty included horses, cattle and sheep,
distilled spirits, works of art, ehemicals,
gums, eggs, uncut diamonds, coffee, drmr?,
fertilizers, fish, fruit, hides nnd skins,
ivory, oii, ores (gold and silier), paper
stock, spices, raw silk, tea, tin, wood,
and under reciprocity treaty with
Hawaiian Islands, nee", molasses and
brown sugar, in all, 22,0s,3U3 m value.
Th? value of dutiable articles for the same
period was $39,116,001; in all, $61,203,904.
Of all the imports, $7,435,031 was brought
in American i easels and $oO,23I,707 in for
eign The total value of ex-ports of domestic
merchandise for the same period was $35,
359,654, of which agriculture furnished
$35,G9o430,mimng.$,224,524. forests $2,6c4,
107, fisheries, $423,7X. miscellaneous, $91.
97'', and manufactures, $14 23a Ss4 The
totrl exports of foreign merchandise were
mined at $729,834
The number ot immigrants that arrived
in the same time were 37,363 of thee,
4 511 were from Austria and Hungana,
s.Sll from Denmark. 528 from France.
7,579 from Germany, 5.3Sa from England.
S72from Scotland, 3.81S from Ireland, 2.S87
from Italy, 1.&32 from Poland, 3,b39 from
Russia and 3 04S from bweden and Nor
wa. Of the whole number 30 3o3 landed
in New York. The increase in immigra
tion over the corresponding mouth for
1&9 was 3,9u9
W vsniNGTOV, Oct 10 The treasurp de
partment is in receipt, bi reference from
the first auditor of the department, of a
letter from the customs collector at De
troit, askmsr information as to the nroDer
classification of frogs (uot ahv e ) The de
partment has informed the auditor that
the question has never been decid
ed by it, but in a letter to a
gentleman from Rochester it was
once suggested that such frogs were
dutiable at 35 per cent ad valorem as
"prepared meats " But this suucestiou
appears to be untenable, as it is under
stood that the frogs are not prepared in
an manner, but are merely dead frogs
Thj department is of the opinion that they
are unprov ided for in the act of March 3.
1SS3, and should nave been classified as
raw J unmanufactured articles under sec
tion 2,513 dutiable at 10 per cent ad i a
Washington. Oct. 10 Judge Lewis A
Grotl, commissioner of the general land
ofiice, has submitted to the secretary of
the interior the annual report of the opera
tions of his bureau for the fiscal ear ended
June 30, 1S90 Tho report susthatan
agricultural domain of nearl 19,000 000
acres has during the year been transterrcd
to enterprising and Industrious settlers b
patents issued to them, w bile the are is
patented to the states under the swamp
grant and to corporations under spec i il
grants havo been great, although some
what reduced as com pired with previous
ears At the same time, the area of coal
and mineral lands patented has been
greatl lucre ised over th it of the fiscal
i ear ended June 80, 1S89 The area patented
to the states under the grants for educa
tion il and internal improienient purposes,
has increased 300 per cent.
A Convention of Women Ask the
Legislature for Prohibitory
The House Does No Business of Import
ance Except the Passage of the
Pish and Game Law
Meeting of the Territorial Democratic
Convention at Norman Yesterday
J. G. McCoy Nominated for Con
gress on the Pifty-Pourtb
Ballot Notes.
W vshington, Oct 10 Tho October esti
mates of the ic Id, per acre for the entire
breadth of the tot il crops, es consohd ited
bi the department of agn-ulture is as
follows Win'er w heat 10 S per acre,
spring wheat 11 " the wheat crop 11 1,
oats 19 9, barley 21, rve 11 b Ihe condition
of corn is 70 b, instead of 70 10 as a month
back, buckwheat M) 7, instead of ) ",
potatoes 61 7, instead of 65 7, tobacco b3 4
instead of S2 4 Ihere is pnctically no
change in the general aver igo of condition,
except a reduction of four points in pota
toes, and an increase of two points in
tobacco Ihe etlect of winter frosts upon
w heat is show n b the low rate of v leld to
have Ihhjii severe The figures would have
been lower but for the reduction of area
by plowing and planting of the worst
fields in other crops Some of the
higher rate in principal states are Nc w
York 1" 2, Pennsvlvani v 15 2, Ohio 12 ,
Michigan 15 2, Illinois 11 5 Missouri 11 2,
K msns IS 5, California 12. Oregon 15 1 he
crop made a very low yield throuehout
the south, w here the acrenge is small In
the Ohio valle the variation in ield in
different counties, as on farms in the
same county, has an extraordtn iry range
of from o to 2o bushels and m extreme
cases of from one to thirty bushels One
countv in Illinois claims "the best crop
in the year, ' and another "about the beat
crop v et All reports that show good
condition had thorough tillage and made
the best vields The Rock mountain
areas made high aierace in spring wheat
of hunted areas 1 he Dakota s yields iar
from a bushel or two to 25 bushels.
Washington; Oct. 10 Assistant Sec
retar Chandler has made a decision on
the case of Joseph Serb ich, late of Com
pau L, Second Missouri artillery. 'lho
record shows that in April 1HA. while
claimant was on detail, watering horses,
he w.is assailed b a comrade w ho w ith
his revolver beat him over the head,
fracturing his skull, which resulted m a
permanent diabiht The evidence show s
that the assault was provoked The
.isMStant secretar holds that the injury
was recened in the lino of duty and is
therefore, pensiou ible The former ad
icise decision of the pensiou bureau is
accordiugl reier-ed
The Irish Nationalist Leaders Jump Their
TJrBLTV Oct 1 ' The case of the crown
against William O'Brien and John Dillon
was asain called in the magistrates' court
at Tipperary this morning Messrs
O'Brien and Dillon have hitherto been
present at all the hearings, but this morn
ing when the court opened the) did not
put in an appearance. Both the defendants
are members of the committee w Inch was
appointed at the conference of Irish
Nationalists held in Dublin bust
Frid iv to viit America, for the purpose
nf Qnimlf.mr nifl ftr tli XoflnnftltutL
W MUU.V... ..... w .. A...M.W...... -V-. i
have forfeited their bail of X10 000 each in complete paradox- that its daqi tint of
Special Dlitch to the Dally Bvela.
GUTHP.IE, Ok.. Oct 10 In tho council
this morning, next Mondny evening was
set apart for the discussion of the question
of mixed schools
A formnl petition was read, coming from
the Women s Christian Temperance union,
in convention here assembled, asking for
prohibitor legislation
I-ater, the members of the convention
entered the council in a bod, under the
escort of Councillors Smeltser and Linn
The president of the society for the terri
tory occupied n seat beside President
Ganlenhire and the rest of the ladies had
tho council completel encompassed about,
and gallant speechts aud motions became
the order of tho dav by com in n
consent It is probable thnt the ladies
could have secured an kind of legislation
then nnd there, had thev wished, upon it
'Ihe president guo the ladies a cordial
word of welcome and introduced Mrs
She said "We aro here before ou w ith
burning hearts, on account of thesin, and
miser, and degradation produced by alco
hol, and with our minds determined to not
cease our labors until this terrible evil is
removed We come to ou a.s helpless
woman, without votes, but with onlv a
will to work for what we deem is right,
aud beg of ou to give us good, wholesome
prohibitor legislation
Mr McOartne was then introduced
lie said I probibl owe this honor to tho
fact that I reeentl offered an amendment
which would admit women to
membership of this house, but in good
purpose w is defeated by an oxreMvely
zealous member, who wanted to have the
legislature composed of women exclu
sive! I aKSiire jou, ladies, that our
cause will receive at the hands of this lody
the careful and honest consideration
which lUs merits entitle it to "
Mrs Murra, in behalf of the conven
tion, thanked the councillors for tho cour
teous audience the had given them
On motion of Oklahoma Brown the
councillors thanked the ladles for their
Apropos to the occasion, and In comph
meut to the Indies, Oklahoma Brow n m
trodiicc-d an amendment to the school bill
giving the women a vote upou all school
Xo one dissented from the spirit of it.
How could the, while thus encircled
about? In fict most of the oouuullom
had a little word to sa m its favor.
The ladies looked pleaded with their
visit as the filed out of tho chamber.
The following is tho report of Thunt-
da's proceedings in tho council, which,
for some reueou, failed to reach thin office
in time for pubheation-
Tlie last act of the legislature in the
spectacular drama of house bill Xo 7
locating the capital at Oklahoma ( tty,
was unacted this morning in the council,
nnd witnessed b a crowded1 houe At
last the bill is signed and in tho iHmpaiou
of Gov Steele 'Ihe reis no end of hm iiIh
tion as to what he will do The Oklahoma
C'ltv people are hopeful, but by no means
sanguine of i u torr at this "court of hut
resort On the otlur hand. Republican
pol.ticians say that his aaeut would m a
.... ..W "V fwu lit i -.- ... ,-
the conspirac c ise, and that they sailed corruption is w en Know n oy me governor.
ivn for the Luited """ """" '" "" " n",uw" .,
poverty Uwt is sot -rolcatarr.
Washington. Oct 10 Pensions were
granted to the following Kansvtns
Oncinal Charles Chambers. Hutchin
son. Benoni Pool, Madison Xatban F
Ingle, Heyto, Augustine E Boland. Leo
burg, Thomas W. Hunt, Wichita, John M
Stokesberr, Covert, Everall Powell. Mun
cie Jacob Lines Jingo, William M Allen,
Xorth lopeka, Benjamin F Roberts, Em
mons, William Davis, La Cvene. Charles
B Hayes, Whiting James V Hickman,
Iathain, Francis NL "W llliams, Richland,
William Blair, Cherryvale, Joseph Holt.
Hollowell James H Davi-, Andover, Al
bert hargent. Holton Ernst F Lmder,
Humboldt. John W Davis Rice William
II Kirison, Winchester, Gilby Tipp.e, Xe
odesha Daniel Gannon, Arkansas Cit,
Moes Payne troncOity, Lemuel M Cox,
Cedarv ale. frank s vi.tcneu. Hutchinson
Increase Lewis R. Starr, Scott City,
Obed X" Hedges Elk City; Jes.se Spncer,
Admire. Xicholas J Jame-.. Xickeroa,
Levi Blenns Middleton, Edward Long,
Elsmore, Adam Bitter, Olpe, Ephraim
Owimrs. La Ccne, David t Kersnner,
Clayton. Levi C Salmans, Kingman,
James Burns, Galena, W llliam McDaaieJ.
lioodland. James L. Powell, Cedarvale,
James M Wokey, Independence, Abl F.
Peter-on. Coffeyiille. John Keller, Con
nor, Thomas R. W helaa, Cherryvale, Hi
ram M Brown, Jetroore, Alvia Bnggs,
Xational Military home. William Cxppts,
Julia. Benjamm'F Racey. Macon Jona
than A &hzer, Atchison, Wilson Rodger.,
Reissue aad increase John Beaver,
Witt nip
Oneinal willows, etc Julia Pop for
mer widow of Jame- P Harper. Gcddard.
Marv J , widow of John Beveos, Bhe
W.UsHtx6TON Oci. W. The bnrmo of
sAU5&fes of the traaser rieparunenl today
lamed a summary statement of the taporta
aad export- of V L mted State for the
Esoath of Ausust. It&J. Tfce istsorta free
i esterda from Queenstown
States Much excitement prevailed
Tippcrar when it became known that
Messrs O'Brien and Dillon had abandoned
their defense nnd left the place Confirm
ation of the rumor that the have left the
countr h is been receiv ed Tln.ro is no
confirmation, however, of the report that
they sailed from Queenstown esterday
for "the United fctates All the other de
fendants who are jointly charged with
conspiracy with .Messrs Dillon aud
O'Brien, were present in the court.
Tiie jirosecutor for the crown annonnced
the absence of Messrs Dillon and O'Brien
and asked the court toapDend totheirbail
bonds the usual certificate of non appear
ance Mr Healy, of counsel for the defendants,
submitted an argument that the sureties
on the bail bonds had fulfilled their oblica
tions when Messrs O Bnen and Dillon
appeared1 in court on the first day of the
trial Ihe crown, he wild, had subce
quentl amended certain particulars of the
charges and, therefore, the bail given for
the defendants no lonter held good
After listening to the nrguments on this
point, the court announced that in its
opinion the charges against the defendants.
he could not sign it anil that every noliti
cal and partisan reason leul up to iu re
jection corvcu.
The council went directly into a com
mittee of the whole, with Xosbet in the
chair, to eonsich r the sectiouH of the bill
under consideration yesterday afternoon,
providing for the leasing of school land,
and the disposition of moneys thus ob
Mr Brown of Ixan, rmd the bill, Mic
tion b section It provide for the loan
ing of school money with approved eur
it, the securities to be iiivotit-d
by the county clerk when dfmd
expedient by the county commi
sioners It alo provida that sales
of mortgagwl lands shall 1 attended by
the county attorney, or Nime othr quali
fied person to ee that the bidding ia hiKh
enough to protect the county interna.
Ihe county clerk by it i rejnird to ren
dar an aorount every May and NoTPinbr
to the territorial auditor of interest re
ceived njron the chool fund, and to torn
over such interest to the wchc-ul fund, to h
expanded for choot purpo am provided
I he lot to this mad are to be barns b
although they hwl Ik en amended by the t county and warrant drawn npon the
crown, were suo-tantiaii tne same it
therefore granted Mr Ronan's requect
and the court's certificate of non appear
ance was attached to the bail bonds nf
Messrs Dillon and O Brlen. An adjourn
ment was then taken to enable the crown
to consider what ste( should be taken
Warrant? have been issued for the arrest
of Messrs Dillon and O Bneci.
Toledo O . Oct 10 The annual con
vention of the Brother hod of the Railway
Section Foremen, in the city yesterday,
made a thorough revision of the bv lw,
the most important change being that on
as-essinent i to b kept in the trea.-nry in
advance, ro that it can b paid at once on
the death of a member Kan-M City ws
made grand ba Iqunrters for the nxt Ave
years A committee was appointed to
frame articles of amalgamation between
he order of Railway Track mon and the
Brotherhood The convention will be m
session until Saturday.
Lovdon, Oct. 10 Lord Cohir was ar
rested yesterday at Corydoa, in Surrey, on
complaint ot one of his neighbors whom
h hud threatened with bouiiy oarm. He
was locked up in a cfll m the police station
over night, and was Hrraigsed in court
this morning When the cae was calfod
he took a place at the table d-vot-d to the
use of the solicitor, wore freely at the
maostrale, aad otherwise acted in a ttis
orderlv manner The magistrate com
nutted hiai to the workhoos. He L be
lieved to be insane.
CrscDrs-jiTl, O , Oct. 10 The rat war
between the Ohio z Mwssippt mtlroad
and itn connections ea-t aad west and tne
Big Four and it cocnectioos wtut ended
ended this afwnooo A compact ti
factorr to both partiw was brought about
through toe meditation of Third " use
President Lord, of the Baltimor & Onto,
w bo riitd alternative PreaUfent Inpsdfc.
of the Big Poor, and G tt B. sfcattndt.
annacal n&jvsansar aroal Ot tne O IL
The compact arcsages for tie eontf !
scorauen el rates en uetoter n.
county treasury for that purpoj.
Mr Brown of Oklahoma attempted to
work in an amendment protecting such
loans againt mechanics' lien whan sot
filed, ami one to nake narchaMtre for tax
take subject to school land mortpig.
The amendment waa not acted upon
The committee rose ami took a rNM
until 2M o'clock.
The hottee met thin morning with no
quorum prent nod went into executive
sion Xo other bueinew wm tmn-
At the afternoon at aria n, with vvpsj
prtment aou&9 bill Xo 14, tne same and
fifch law we, pnavxi.
An invitation m received from tne
mayor of Galveeton to the governor and
legislature to vfadt that city
A letter from the nrn4dent decllnta tne
invitation to vtit Oklahoma w readT
A drlfjUinm from the Woman' Chiiw
tian Temperance I a ion. beaded iry Mn.
V illmms. wetted npon the notnv.
Mrv Wilnams addreMed the hoo throe-
baarters of an hour
Mr Poet offered a eotaptimeaiary rtsvh
Tne hoof pad a r64ntkB granting
the bws of the hall for Um Ktpwattoui
oongreaaional convention Unaecrow after
noon Speaker Daniels hax retnrootL
MeaUag nf Jm Tnrntonal Onrarta at
ibt (Xtj of IToonae.
au netca t uw iMtir ck.
Xobkajj, t . Oct !. The TerrHneial
Demoerauc oonvenuoa mot at tne omm
boo at this place, poreoani to call, and
wae calied to oroVr by J Ed. Jonee.
Thomon HoriudaajCT' of Gothrie. wm
"ltcutd temporary chairman, and ft. H.
DkMon temporary 'errefary
After apeouui&f commit n orgaav
ucation. credmrufe and femlgtaana, taa
convenaioa adjoomed to t&m tne eeaeeanV
t time te injwrt.
Tne eezzeeanne TeifeoatMed u! js
at which time the committees made their
Hon. W W.Witten.of Oklahoma City,
was elected permanent chairman, and M.
A Driscoll, of Guthrie permanent secre
tary The committee on resolution then
submitted the following resolutions
Resolved. That we fai or the passuge of
such a code of laws for Oklahoma as shall
be most speedy in action, most plain in
practice, most direct in resulu, and freo
from the cumbersome forms of am
biguity or the ambiguous technicalities
ot tin? older state and that such articloH
should provide that when the rules of lavr
and eqtmr conflict, the nil, of equity and
conscience shall prevail
Resolved, Ibat we favor tho po-ssace of
abill giving the settlers on homesteads in
Xo Mans Land (now Beaver countr)
credit on their time of residonco for all
time which thev have resided ou their re
spectative claims.
Resolved. That we favor a railroad com
mission, elected b the people, with
adequate provisions for tlie protection of
the people against tho oppression of th
railroads from unfair legislation
Resolied, That we favor retrenchment
ami economy in all public matters, ami
that a revenue law shall be enacted plaui
m its provisions, and with the fewest
possible ollicers for its enforcement
ami most general division of common and
high schools accessible to all the people,
without an intermingling ot the races.
Resolved, That we are opposed to sump
tuar legislation, and desire and will sup
port a just anil reasonable granting of
w holesalu and retail liquor license to rt
spec table and responsible dealers.
Resolv wl. That we aflirui the platform of
the uional Democratic conumtiou, and
adhere to the principles and traditions of
the Democratic party
The above were adopted enthusiast!
An attempt was made to add a rcsolu
tion prov ldtng for the election of United
Mnte senators by a direct vote of tho pco
pie but it did not succeed
The following were elected members of
Territorial Democratic central committee.
R E. Dickson Boavor, F Sutton.QinadiHU,
W R. Ronf row, ("level mil, Kerfoot,
Kingfisher, A T (jleezwr, Logan, S M
Woodson, Oklahoma, Hayes Hamilton,
1'av ne
Hon John Wallace, of Oklahoma City.
was nominated for member of the Xatioimi
Central committee
Mai II J fc-impon was nominated for
member of the Xational Coutral commit
tee but his nomination was withdrawn
The convention prfKeoded U place in
nomination candidates for the Fift -second
Geo W Light, of Britton, was placed iu
Hon Ihos .Stockslager, of Logan,
placed In nomination Maj R. S Dodd, of
Mr Ross, of Cleveland, nominated J. P.
Lane of Norma n
Mr Hobbs. of Kingfisher, nominated J.
G McCoy, of Cauaillan countv
1 hore being no further nominations tho
convention proceeded to 1 hi Hot. An in
formal ballot showed the following result,
twent eight votes being ueceMiry to u
McCov 11. Dodd 11, Iianc 13, Sight Irt
Four ballots were taken and the oonven
tion adjonrmsl to meet at 7 p m
'ihe convention nt the evening session
proceesied to Iwllot, which ruaiiltod In J
fi McCo being numinatod ou the lift
lourth ballot
The convention then proceeded to nlml
nnte the delegate to the Fifty first con
gress (short term)
Mr Hilton, of Payne, placed in nomlnn
tion the liamo of John It. Clark, btill
Hon Thomas Stoekslager, of Iogan,
nominated J. Ii. Matthuwe, of Payue
Mr Berry seconded tho nomination of
Mr ClarL
Mr IS. j. Gay, of Beavor. Moudd thu
nomination of J L Matthewa.
The tlmt ballot gave MaUhewa 34 nnd
The nomination of Mr. Mattnaws wa.1
made unanimous
Fav FKAXfttCo, Oct 10 Tne stoamslilp
Belgic arrived thw morning, twenty four
iwiif u half daye from Hung Kong uta nf
teen duj s fnm okohoina Concerning
the los of the Tnrkinh frigate Krtongroul,
the catiMof the dipanter was trarel to tho
explosion of the Ixdlrni during a gale.
According to the rrporU of tho mirviror-
who were brought to Kobe the frigate lef
Yokohoma tv.pt. 15 fnrKobn On thu 1st U
n gale sprang up oil Kinghiftoeki, iSo miirs
from Yokohoma, and a heavy a was run
ning Snddenl a trrrifllr iioIm was herI
and all wkm confiiHion The oilkero wer
moetly below in their berth, and those u t
immeiliately killwi rutthed up to find
what remained of the vemel wa
foil ndr ring ( aptain All Bey wan
seen on the bridge for a moment with a
htmp in hie hand anI w a heard to cry,
Save jounwlf" Then ho dieapfieflrrxl
ami wu seen no more Xnviiratlo OUlc-r
Xotiri Bey abo perished The rbief en
gineor wmn alo the Jlrnt to die. He went
from the rnbtii to the engin room JnM )n
fore the exploaion and wax llternlly btomi
to atoms The wi wh noon fnll of debris
in which the men fought and utrtiggled
for life Csiman Paha tho admiral, wai
swiming toward the nhip when he wat
struck on the bead by a spar ami ank
(Jut of a total of nix hundred Mmle, only
six o(nren and ftfty-eveu of the erevr
rachei land Many of the wore baly
injurwi that they are not expected U r
covr The vee wiwi en old one ami wa
formerly naed an a training ahip Tlie rn
vinee were of hagluvh make and lore tho
ilHt-o(lHi The frl Mate wae overaanied
before nhe Mtarted Ur Japan and it wax iu
tended that the moat of the ?oye enould
he made a)r nail In eon qnce f
iter goin axbore in the hoex canntil. nee
aitaf ing dock ng for repaint and hr de
tention ia qnaraatine at Y'lXonoma on a
coont of cholera afcoard. nbe wm deiajeI
win months, tbna making a ehAna Iu
the ansnal phtne .SnberipUotM went
opened for the relief of the mtrrivot aai
the Japanese ami ierman rnabwita lent
ail the aeaietance polrde I p to the 71rt
of .SejKmber 113 eoty had toe reaov
ered and inont of tn- rrrvor kiui been
removed to Kobe far medical tmntiwam.
Itnrrr, Kan , Oct. 10 la tne ca of Jo
Mp Triboie the proMntkM ia making
tne cioaitMC argnnvnt at o'clock, and ttee
caee wilt go to tbe lory tonixbt. X wit
ne named Paee tne deienee. tentinel
thai be mw the killing aad that JCmeeel
firet atroi-k at TnbbH with a boaeaer t
Mael jcroobd to a polaC ie afterwaKU
served with Triblde in Uc Coniedemto
army thi yeara, tvre ream ia ta ui
raximeat and two yean ia the aame eom
paay bat they iwrrr peke of tle killta.
Trtboie toMUaHl that be went to the meet
log for the parp of celling Kineatd to
acrotint for tfamata maA asaenet kH
brotar that Kiaenid ocmek at him yrtth
tne -l but be warded off the Ww and
plnnfd hiikkmf into Kineaai tbraai
tnea caught him, wuax him arennd aal
9tuB7.nl the knfe tbree ar four Uaw U
hia back. V itbout wtapeaax to mi
wbethe-r Kincaid vta deed be walked
away Tber are no mean at gneadag
what the verdict will ba
Mt85(SdiPP1 JUOtCtAJTr.
jACXaoji. Altee. Oct H The flfoxttr
jadirtary bae w defeated in tne mv
atitartionei oanvtioo torlay Tne edMti
tav eaTered for the commiw m mUn
was laid on tna table and tbe ortsal
ivdaptiat It providee for tbe aayeMtmen
of aopreme caeirt jnd by tie jpyremor
by and with Lbe earn tt and adme of the
IxiHAJijjUa,Oet Mi-Tne Imtbmf oW
Car and Masaiactnrtac oamneny, a emv
carn mipeeia anVbitadU. wae pteoai m
tna ImtMM of a rater ska aHamwi 7
Tnyior MaWw
amlaii bond pmtad njAM
wu jrfgmd by me&ua L runmmc

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