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JPb SSKefcxte Jpailn gaglc: Imrsfej lminhm;, oioltti: 30, 1890.
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JI m. lU'UDOCK. Fdltflr.
cmcr justice.
Albert H.Horton Shawnee county
Lyman U. Humphrey Montgomery county
A.J. Felt . Nemaha county
"William Hlrcins Shawnee county
S.G.StOTer. Republic county
IB. Kelloci: Lyon county
George W.Wlnans Geary county
C.M.Hovcy Thomas county
oi Sedcwlck County.
For the State Legislature.
SM Dlotrlct-Georce L. Douelas.
f3A District E. W. PhUHpu.
th Dltriet-J. . Henley.
County Officers.
Probata Jndee W. T. Rnckncr.
Cornty Attorney W. S. Morrit
Clerk District Court-Cbas. II. Lullnc.
Superintendent Public Instruction .1). S Pence.
Commissioner Flrt District H. C. Smith.
SIuss, in his speech night before la&t,
suggested that there was more than one
jackass in that wagon at least live or
eix more.
The Newton Republican mentions the
name of the ex-rebel general, Longstreet,
in a patronizing sort of way. Another
sign of tho approach of millenialtide.
Rev. Botkin, who was tho prohibition
candidate for governor two years ago, is
stumping for Jerry Simpson. Docs a
"Wichita Republican or a Wichita Demo
crat want any stronger pointer on the
joint spotter?
That jackass that the Jerry Simpson
crowd set up to insult "Wichita is kicking
back in a way not expected by its pro
genitors. They wish now that they had
shaved his tail, elongated his ears and
called him "Jerry."
The now tariff bill increases the duty
on clarionets, banjos and other musical
instrments of torture, and also on ama
teur photographic outfits. The more the
new law is examined tho moro good
points it is found to contain.
It is announced that the Mexican gov
ernment has imposed an import tax of
$500 a car load on American cattle in re
taliation for tho McKinley bill. Mr.
Blaine wants to hurry iip with his reci
procity scheme, else Kansas will be mado
to bleed again nt every pore.
Tho term "carrying coals to Newcas
tle" was pretty nearly exemplified last
week. Tho first load of bituminous coal
sent from this country to England went
out last week. It is meant for experi
mental use of tho government's flotilla,
with a view to its future use if satisfac
tory. It is now stated that under the now
consus enumeration Kansas will get one
additional representative in congress. As
an eminent divine onco remarked, being
somewhat disappointed nt the smallness
of a collection that had been taken for
some urgent call: "A littlo is a prodig
ious percentage upon nothing."
The Democratic candidate for gov
ernor down in Texas weighs nearly three
hundred pounds and is almost as obnox
ious to a good many Democrats as. he is
gross in size; but if the test question of
party loyalty is put to the objectors, like
true Democrat they reply that they will
go tho whole Hogg if it kills them.
Tho voters of Sedgwick county will
make a mistake next Tuesday if they
fail to vote the btraight Republican coun
ty ticket. It is mado up of mon who
havo been tried and found worthy and
well qualified. Having served one term,
and only one, they aro entitled by the
rules of precedent and common usago
to a reelection.
The clever little Democratic coup per
formed by tho congressional district
committee at Hutchinson last week, of
declaring Simpson the Democratic nomi
nee, has had the eHect to materially
6trengthon Hallowcll and aid Humphrey
contingencies upon which the boss
tricksters did not calculate. Thanks,
awfully, b. t's.
Occasionally papers containing lottery
advertisements still steal through the
mails. The postal authorities, however,
uro enforcing tho law with a good deal of
vigor and succeN and thev will doubtless
soon "get on to' all the culprits. Abilene
Which suggrst thequestion "What will
the churches do al;out getting their raf
fles and other little money-getting de
vices before the people?" It is indeed a
gracious zephyr that blows harm to no
Kansas City Gazette: The just reform
asked for by the Farmers' Alliance can
never be obtained through a new party
nor by the Democratic party. Tho
strong clement of the progressive reform
is found in the Republican party, aud
the surest way for tho farmers to come
in control in legislative bodies is to add
their forces to the reform forces within
tho Republican party, and thereby con
trol its nominations not only, but legis
lation through it.
Fred Douglass does not like Senator
Ingalls' treatment of tho raco question.
He says the senator's arguments aro
"narrow aud unsound, and he not only
contradicted tho facts and science of the
case but contradicted himself." Fred
erick ought to read what Sonator Joe
Brown had to savin Macon, Ga., last
week concerning his race. He might
like that better. It would, at least, make
him feel a tinge of gratitude to the Re
publican party, if he has a spark of such
emotion, that he and his kind are not
yet slave.
Tho leading issue in the present cam
paign, and practically the only ono as
far as this city and county are concerned,
locally, is thoroughly and fully, and we
may say only, represented by the Repub
lican ticket. There is, therefore, not
only no reason why that ticket should
n-it receive a large majority of tho votes
of the county, but to oppose it Ls gross
inconsistency on the part oE any one of
such majority, which includes all par
ties. To vote the Republican county
ticket is but to emphasize conviction of a
principle as no other can.
The Jerry Simpson procession, as they
marched through Wichita the other day,
protrayed the Wichita Eagle a3 a dead
rooster. That rooster, however, will
continue to startle tho whole Alliance
crowd every time it crows. We aro
warranted in the 'supposition that there
aro some men of common sense within
that organization. If there are, then
they know that tho Eagle has done
more effectual crowing against the abuses
of which the Alliance complains, than
any paper in tho state of Kansas. Some
of the articles of last spring against cor
porate greed, Wall street steals and
option deals, were copied in the
leading New York, Philadelphia and
Boston papers. These same article, have
been the texts and discourses of all the
Alliance papers in Kansas, which papers
aro even yet quoting our words and
appropriating our truths as their own.
There is this difference, however, that
even the men who were equal to pro
ducing a dead rooster and a make-believe
jackass ought to be equal of under
standing, and that is this, the Eagle as
a Republican paper was employing it
self in educating its party up to the possi
bilities within that party while the Alli
ance papers were appealing to the pre
judices of the members of a secret-oath-bound
society which is powerless to
bring about the reforms desired,
reforms which can only coma
through one of the two great
parties in power, and come in obedience
to tho demands of such a public senti
ment as the Eagle was endeavoring to
materialize. In other words, the Eagle
has done more to awaken public con
science on these and kindred abuses than
Jerry Simpson and his whole procession
of jackasses and dead roosters could do
in a hundred years, even if the Eagle
should continue to furnish them with
The Resubmission Republicans of
Sedgwick county, ' f all the parlies in
tho present campaign, can the least af
ford to bo dishonest with the public or
untrue to themselves. That for which
they havo denounced, others the most
vehemently was hypocrisy. The Resub
mission Republican element of Sedg
wick county controlled th last Repub
lican convention, drew up its platform
and named its candidates. The candi
dates from choice and conviction ac
cepted tho nominations and went to
work for a Resubmission Republican vic
tory. There has been various pressures
brought to bear to force these candidates
to say that they would go back on re
submission but not a single ono of their
number weakened. The Democratic party
which is not honestly for resubmis
sion or honestly for anything else save
its purpose to get into place and power,
is now claiming Resubmission Ropubli
lican votes for their county ticket.
Their organ openly and above board an
nounces that the Resubmission executive
committee will refuse to place the Re
Gubmission nominees of tho Republican
party on their ticket. Tho Democratic
party of Sedgwick county by stealing
Resubmission thunder beat tho Republi
can party last fall. If the Resubmission
Republicans permit the Democrats to
successfully play that game again then
good bye Resubmission, for decent Re
publicans who havo been honestly in
favor of Resubmission will wash their
hands of the whole matter, and the
Democratic party alono cannot bring
about Resubmission in a thousand
years in Kansas, even if they
wanted to, which is doubtful.
They like it as a hobby to howl about,
while it is just as certain that tho Demo
cratic party would oppose resubmission
today, or any other Republican move,
but for the hopes they have of electing
thoir stale ticket. Tho most intolerant
prohibition laws ever enacted in the
United States, and now enforced, were
enacted by tho Democratic party in
Democratic states. As for the legislature
of Kansas, ono Resubmission Republican
can do more in that body to bring about
resubmission than any dozen Dem
ocrats, for the simple reason that
the present senate is as overwhelmingly
Republican as tho state itself. If
tho Democrats were as honestly for Re
submission as are tho Resumission Re
publicans they would as readily aud
heartily support the Republican nomi
nees for the legislature in Sedgwick
county as tho Resubmission Republicans
are supporting Robinson, the Democrat,
for governor.
As tho Eagle said at the opening of
tho campaign, if the Resubmission Re
publicans, who are in the great majority,
fail io act squarely by thoir own ticket,
then Resubmission in the state of Kansas
will get a much blacker eye than it
would in the failure to elect Robinson.
Resubmission liad its birth with Wichita
Republicans; not with Wichita
Democrats, nor with tho Dem
ocrats of any orther locality in
the state, thereforo the defeat of the Re
publican Resubmission party in Sedg
wick county at onco discourages every
Republican Resu omission organization
in the state, and the whole movemont
falls to pieces, or back into the liands of
the Democrats, which would be the same
thing, as the Democrats can't run Kan
sas without Republican help any moro
than Bellzebub could run Paradise. A
vote, therefore, for the Democratic nom
inees in Sedgwick county Ls a vote
against the final triumph of Resubmis
sion, and none but fools or insincere
demagogues will attempt to deny the
If there is a single possible argument
why a Wichita, man should vote for
Simpson we have never heard it. Even
if Wichita had no candidate of her own
there would be no wisdom in her peoplo
supporting a man whose speeches not
only show him to be an enemy, but a
man who represents, an element that
would force him into an attitude of
opposition to the wants and demands of
the city. But did Simpson even live m
Wichita, and uas he as closely identified
with our people as is Hallowell where
would bo the sense in voting for a man
who would, as an Alliance representa
tive, on the floor of congress prove a
figure of suspicion and as the repre
sentative of this great district but
a mere cypher, and where the
sense of voting against a man who is
identified with us and who will be a part
of the controlling majority of congress
and who has brains and the public ex
perience requisite to render him a power
and a success? So far as the people of
Wichita are concerned, there are no two
sides to this question. The one man is
of us and for us, the other is of opposing
elements and interests and is against us.
We would make no appeal to the Wichita
man whose personal prejudices out
weight any concern he may have for his
own interests or that of the community
in which he Uvea, but we submit that as
between this man Simpson andHallowell
there is no chance for discussion by any
man whose interests are in Wichita.
Even the Wichita Democrat who would
vote for Simpson will vote for his
prejudices or in obedience to the dictates
of a little Democratic ring, and against
his best material and political interests.
There is not a Democrat or a Republican
who has any interest in Wichita what
ever, who can afford to have Jerry Simp
son elected to congress any more than
they could an open and avowed enemy
of the city. On the other hand, it would
be money-wisdom and political wisdom
for every Democrat, and for every Re
publican in Wichita, to vote for Hal-lowell.
There are at least two or three inter
ests in the city of Wichita who ought
not to forget George Douglas on election
day and we don't believe the representa
tives of these interests will, one of them
being the hotels, restaurants and board
ing houses, and another tho stock yards
and packing interests. For why
shouldn't they? Well, for the reason
that he made a successful fight in the
legislature against two measures, the
passage of either one of which would
have crippled the live stock and packing
interests of this city in a very disastrous
manner. On one of the measures he
led the opposition and beat it
in a fair and open fight, and tho other
he helped to choke to death. As for tho
other interests alluded to, he went to
Wasnington at his own expense, where
he was largely instrumental in getting
the federal court bill through, which is
to give Wichita two terms by both the
district and circuit federal courts each
year, which not only was a great thing
for tlie hotel aud restaurant men alluded
to, but a great thing for the whole city.
There ought not to be a suspicion of a
chance to beat George L. Douglass, and
there surelv is not.
The Atchison Patriot expresses the opin
ion that Knnsas farmers ought to be pro
foundly grately to the Republican party
for placing acrons on the free list. This
seems to bo a favorite joke with Damo
cratic organs and orators. It is very cer
tain that farmere would much rather
acorns bhould go on the free list than that
wheat or horses, or cattle should. Acorns
is one of over u hundred articles from
which tho duty waa entirely removed, and
is about the least important one. Tim is
why it is selected from the list aud held up
for ridicule. Emporia Republican.
Tho reader should not take the admis
sion in tho foregoing that tho free list
has been largely increased by the new
law as evidence tliat the trend is towards
free trade; the increase in rates of im
port duty on many of the remaining arti
cles on the dutiable list has been suffi
cient to dispel that notion. Besides,
hogs are fond of acrons and it is said they
"do mighty well on em,"' and if wo
can't market our hogs and hog products
in furrin countries we cm get acorns
cheap to feed them on and keep thorn at
Will some Democrat who proposes to
vote for Simpson, if such there be, tell
us why he is going to so vote? There is
no reason under heaven why the Demo
crats should vote for Simpson, and wo
don't believe that they are going to do
it. We have never heard anybody say
that the Democrats would vote for him
except a few self constituted bosses who
fixed up the job whereby the Democratic
convention at Pratt was forced to
endorse him. If Simpson had a drop of
Democratic blood in his veins, or if he
had ever been a Democrat, there might
be some sense to such talk. It would bo
a very amusing sight to see a lot of
Democrats go marching up to the polls
with Parson Jerry Botkin to vote for
Jerry Simpson. We don't go much on
tho average Democrat's politics, but we
happen to know that they are not all
Some ono started tho report a short
time ago that Mrs. Lease had threatened
to knock the teeth of some defamer down
his throat. When asked about it by an
enterprising newspaper reporter she de
nied the mild impeachment, and explain
ed how the report probably originated.
Said she:
"I will tell you of a littlo incident that
happened a few days ago in a town in
which I spoke. Before the hour for
holding the meeting I was told of an old
soldier who had remarked that I ought
not to be allowed to speak and should be
run out of town. I sent him an urgent
invitation as a soldier's daughter, and in
tho name of the Women's Relief Corps,
to come and hear me speak. Ho did so,
and after the meeting was over he came
up and shook hands with me and said
that if he heard anyone abusing me
again ho would knock their teeth down
their throat
The Eagle once encouraged the Alliance
by ''rebellion" talk, by incessantly warn
ing the politicians and "rings"' that the
fanners were rising up to smite them, and
it otherwise aided the organization in get
ting the big-head of which it is now dying.
It is not incorrect to say that the insane
recklessness of some Alliances has pro
ceeded naturally from the unwarranted en
couragement which was vouchsafed at tho
beginning by the Eagle nnd other influen
tial Republican papers. Whereby hangs
a tale. Xewton Republican.
Upon the same line of reasoning Jesus
Christ may be held responsible for the
destruction of Jerusalem and the disper
sion of the Jews. He knew these events
would come as the inevitable sequence
of the trend of events at the time and
He had the courage to foretell it. He
did not live in the flesh to see it verified,
but His prophecy was none the less liter
ally fulfilled.
The dispatches mention a new and
monster combine in process of forma
tion, i. e., the manufacturers of spring
tooth liarrows and hay rakes. The com
biners are careful to state that this will
effect a reduction in the prices of these
necessary implements. If the anti-trust
Jaw can't reach them it is hoped they
will uoluntarily live up to their promise
as to lower prices, though we confess a
degree of skepticism. As Mr. Plumb
remarked in his speech in this city, we
are hardly prepared for tho miitanium
yet, and such an act would bo a strong
indication of the approach of that long
prayed-for era.
Old October's purt' nlsrfi cone.
And the fro.-U is comln' on
Little heavier every day
Like our hearts Is that way
Leaves U cianjrlu' overhead
Rack from preen, to cray and red.
Brown, and yeller. with their tems
Loosenln' on the oaks and e'ms
And the balance of the trees
G Ittln' balder every breeze -,
Like the heads we're scrathcln oc
Old October's purt' nlfih gone.
I lova old October so.
1 can't bear to see her co
teem to me like losinrbome
(lid-home relative, er chum
'Pears like tort o'settln' by
i-ome old friend 'at sigh by slch
Wan o-passln' out o' &!ch
Into everlastln' night:
liickemuts a feller hears
liuttlia ilown is more like tears
Drappln' on tne eaves below
I love old October so!
Can't tell what It Is about
Old October knocks me out!
I Siteii well enousn at night
And the blamed est appetite
hver mortal man possessed
Lat thine et, it tastes the bet!
warnuta, butternuts, pawpaws:
lies and limbers np my Jaws
Ker real service, slch as new
Pork, sparerlbs, and suasace. too.
Yit. fer all, they's somepln 'bout
Old October knocks me out!
James Whltcomb Riley.
The lowering of the import duty on
lumber brought into the United States
and the lowering of the export duty on
lumber exported from Canada into this
country should not only lower the price
very materially to the consumer here,
but will serve as the best if not the only
protection to our forests that has ever
existed. It -will check the rapid des
truction of our forests and in a few years
render them doubly valuable as com
pared to present prices of timber.
There are two papers in the state that
favor tho constitutional amendment
providing for extedmg the legislative
session from fifty to ninety days, and
they are the Atchison Champion and
Lawrence Journal; but neither of these
is urging it with enthusiasm. Strange
to say the Topeka papers are as silent as
shrimps on the proposition. This in one
thing in which they aro showing un
wanted smartness. If they wanted to
defeat the proposition they would urge
its adoption.
The Leavenworth Metropolitan Polioo
commission case seems to be a veritable
Banquo's ghost to the governor. The
board has been changed three times
within the past three weeks, and now an
other change becomes necessary. It is
stated that McGohey, one of the last ap
pointees on the board, is an unnatural
ized Irishman, which, if true, of course
disqualifies him from holding any civil
office in this country. After next Tues
day it is hoped that this mud hole will be
permitted to settle.
Jim Troutman has hastily called a
grand temperance(?) rally for Friday
(tomorrow) night at representatives hall
in Topeka. A Topeka paper is unchari
table enough to intimate that this is
done to counteract tho Resubmission
rally with Governor Robinson as the
center of attraction arranged for the
same evening. Jeems is probably re
minded by the falling of the leaves that
tho beatitudes havo all times for their
Wichita, Kan., Oct. 2S, 1S90.
To the Jvlitorof tlia Eajle.
To dec nk an argument plea.e inform me
through your paper as to which is tho
largest congressional district in regard to
size in the United states, aud oblige.
A. E. McVicak, City.
The Eleventh district of Texas '3 tho
largest district in area in the United
States, being composed of ninety-seven
counties. The largest district in point of
population is the Seventh Kansas, con
taining 380,000 people. Ed.
Topeka, Kan., Oct. 28, 1890.
M. JC Murdock. Wichita, Knn.
Dear Sir I notice in a late issue of
your paper an item something like the
following; I have not it before me, but I
think I give the substance: "It is said
that Father Baker owns a controlling in
terest in the Capital." I wish to say that
I have no control whatever over the Cap
ital, and have never had, and I say this
in justice to Mr. Hudson, and trust you
will make this as public as you did the
other statement. Yours trulv,
F. P. Baker.
To the Editor of the Eagle.
I wish to enter my earnest protest
against this every day abuso heaped
UKn my Brother Grangers for the little
amusement furnished for themselves
and by themselves while marching
through the streets of Wichita the other
day. Do you pretend to deny these
boys the right to select their own com
pany? Do pou pretend t& say that the
innocent jackass they brought with
them was likely to demoralize, or de
grade them? This i3 simply absurd. After
looking the outfit over carefully, and
considering duly the character of each,
it is a hard-hearted man who will fail to
sympathize with the poor jackas3. But
then you should not blame him. He
tried his best to get away. I again pro
test against you city people interferring
with our "home-made" amusement. We
must have it. Granger.
From the New York Financial News.
We hear from time to time of the
ultimate injury to bo done to the coun
try by the coinage of silver. Since tho
passage of the silver bill the government
up to date has invested only about
12,000,000, and if the purchases were to
extend for a period of five years, it would
only resujt in the expenditure of $22o,
000000. Now there is no question but
that there are some advantages accruing
to the people directly through the pur
chase of silver, and that in case of war it
would be good security to have on hand.
But were it valueless in either of these
senses the enhancement to the value of
our wheat, corn and cotton and other
exports which is directly attributable to
appreciation of silver since the passage
of the silver bill, has more than paid for
proposed silver purchases of a number
of vears. The exchange in silver has
almost revolutionized the commerce of
England. Europe no longer finds the
advantages of buying wheator cotton in
India and shipping silver in payment,
but takes our wheat at an improved price.
Later on, in spite of the many predic
tions to the contrary, our surplus silver
will likelv be in rood demand also, and
at good prices, but if it i3 not Uncle Sam I
can use tne "metaF for decorating pur
poses and rely that it has earned its cost.
A Common Sense View.
From the Ea;rU Repobltean- j
"Plumb's eloqnence didn't capture me i
at all," said a Sedgwick county Alliance J
man. "It was his common sense."' Tho j
ilain story of what the Republican party
las done, in contrast with what the Dera- j
ocratic party lias done, told in a common i
sense way, ought to catch anybody that I
Ls possessed of patriotism and is open to j
honest conviction
The day of a package original joke seems
to have gone.
Xewton registered 1.2S4, exclusive of
Judge Peters.
In the bitter lexicon of "off" years, there
is no such word as "certain."
Ingalls thinks the best way to purify
politics is to purify the Democratic party.
Fred Willard was marshal of Leaven
worth just one hour and forty-eight min
utes. A man recently described a certain Kan
sas town by paying it was like Troy with
Sol Miller left out.
Some of the candidates will be more on
the "spit" than they ever were before,
when they see the returns.
The Kansas City Times is not taking part
ia the present campaign in Kansas but
wait until after the election.
Distinctions differ. Nobody ever called
Ed Howe, the editor of the Atchison
Globe, "major" or "colonel."
Senator Ingalls has not done much for
Noah Webster in Kansas this fall. He
uses very small words in all his addresses.
The Emporia Republican's objection to
Senator Ingalls can be summed up shortly.
It is: So long Solon. It's plea: How
Luther Challis says the Democratic
party of Kansas may always be depended
upon to do the wrong thing at the right
There are no mutes at a political funeral
in Kansas. Everybody, including the
corpse, is willing to tell you how it was
It may yet be discovered in Kansas that
the "old ring" and the "new ring," if given
"largo tempo," will not make a discord
ant duet.
Is there a military title higher than
"generalr " This is suggested by the pos
sibility of CoL Tom Moonlight being elect
ed to congress.
The important discovery has been made
that the letter "A" occurs in the name of
every president of the United States ex
cept Tyler. This includes Blaine.
The toll bridges on the Missouri river
ought to charge twenty-five cents to a man
who wants to go over into Missouri and a
dollar should he desire to come back.
John Anderson has come back to the
sunflower realm. His identification with
Kansas would be more startling, however,
if President Harrison should make him
first assistant postmaster general.
Under the present apportionment of
representation, Kansas gains one congress
man by the new census. The chance for
politicians going to Kansas is increased
one seventh. Still immigration is not
considered in tho political line.
"Pa," said a littlo Salina youngster who
had played "hooky" to go and see Senator
Ingalls, "it ain't so; it's as white as snow."
"What ain't so?" thestern parent demand
ed. "Why, that what you said about his
head; there aiu't any copper about it.
Senator Ingalls says every inun had the
right to invent the Bell telephoue. When
a boy he placed his ear to the end of a
sixty-foot rail and heard a companion
stratch the other end with a pin. Nature
was trying to tell him her secrets. It was
not the opposition of the Republican party
that prevented him from inventing it. He
did not know how.
The counter-hoppers talk McKinley bill;
the dry goods merchants harp on that
string; the picture frame men apologize
for their prices on that score; and tho mil
liners and grocers. The women are all
stirred up. The McKinley bill is doing a
wonderful work for woman suffrage.
There is one counter-point, however cheap
sugar makes cheap candy.
Senator Plumb said something at Em
poria last Friday evening that Seuator
Ingalls never said at Atchison. He re
marked: "When in a short time I shall
relinquish my position to a younger and
more efficient man, I will come home to
Emporia and the stato of my youthful
choice, and I wish at that time to come
among you as a friend, as a neighbor and
as a permanent resident, and spend the
remainder of my days in my home.1'
The house of representatives in every
legislature since Kansas was admitted sis
a state, has contaiued a majority of farm
erssome of them very large majorities.
The smallest proportion was one legisla
ture when the number of representatives
was seventy-five, which contuined forty
one farmer to fonrof all other callings,
being a majority of seven over all others.
The senate, as a rule, has not contained
so large a proportion of farmers as the
Clark "I thauk God I belong to no
Daniels "I object to tho word 'heaven'
biing used in this house."
Frank Greer makes a Rood deal of fun of
Kansas to be a Jayhawker.
Nobody has ever discovered any rag-carpet-baggers
in Oklahoma.
Eight hundred and ten Delaware In
dians will receive .3,000, this week.
The signal service station will begin to
make observations this coming month.
The question of mixed and separate
schools will have to come to a popular vote.
Oklahoma has proven that wecond crops
like second thoughts are sometimes best.
Next Tuesday, we will have the poll
that never falls to knock the persimmons.
The Creek nation is in better shape fin
ancially tban it has been in for twenty
Ardmore has applied for articles of in
corporation as a citv, having a population
of 3,000.
Judge Harvey would have worked just
as hard for Dennis Flynn if he had received
the nomination.
Supplies have been contracted for until
the hrst of next April for the soldiers at
Oklahoma City.
The Guthrie Capital is authority for the
statement that the old cow trails make
good cotton ileitis.
Oklahoma City expects to get coal as
good as any in Pennsylvania for 1 a
ton when tlie Choctaw is builL
It must be dreadful hard for a man who
likes Kingfisher as well as Colson does to
be a representative-at-large.
One of the queerest things in Oklahoma
is an advertisement of a Guthrie establish
ment in an Oklahoma City paper.
The fattest cattle and the best range wo
saw on a tnp of 00 milea were in Beaver
county, says Payne in tne Advocate.
The legislators can interrogate one an
other wittily now, bat the people will ask
a question or two later on and will insist
on an answer.
A man who lives near Kingfisher was
fined two dollars for whipping his wie.
Two dollars is a creat deal of money to
some people bat us not enoagh to one a
man who beats his wife.
The "W. C. T. C. of the Indian territory
have made a request of the officials of the
Missouri, Kansas and Texas read, asking
that they u more care in preventing the
shipment of liquor over their road into ttw
Indian territory.
Kingfisher Conner About forty team.
ronLajninc over lMaersann n-LMed tbroUiCh
this city yesterday oa their way to the
Chickasaw nation, there to await until the
new country opens for euIeaeot, this is
simply an index of tho-e who are daily
coming into the territory for the purpo
of settling and pcrdtoig Oklahoma
larms. ,
The Oklahoma City Times has qH !
spelling the goreraor name "Steal." it
say.: "Therere a good nwiBy people wb ,
do not like Governor Steele per-llr. j
politically or otherwise, butlfceyare ready i
Don't Forget This
The largest carpet stock in Kansas at 25 per cent less than
tliey can be bought in this country. Beautiful patterns and
latest styles of Body Brnssells, ifoguettes and Tapestries.
Curtain Department must be Closed Oat.
line Brnssells Ket Curtains.
New Swiss Lace Curtains.
Irish Point Lace Curtains.
Nattingham Lace Curtains.
Poitiers, Plain and Fancy.
Now is the time to furnish your house at less than cost
White House of Innes A Ross.
hiladeiphia Store
Extraordinary "Values
"We place on sale Monday morning a good quality of plain
red flannel at 20 cents a yard (all wool) real value 30 cents and an
extra heavy all wool red troillest llannei at 25 cents, which tho
shrewdest buyers will call cheay at 3o cents. We have the same
quality in a blue gray at the same price.
All wool red blankets at $3.00 a pair and a hal wool silver
grey blankets at $2.00 a pair are two notable bargains which
should not be overlooked.
Our line of comforts at 90 cents $1.25, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50,
$3.00 are well worthy your attention, and are being sold much
below their real values.
If in need of anything like the above Dollars will be saveil
by calling on us.
Dissolution Notice of Kansas Bnggy
Tocloie oatoulok part of our FlnlJhffd Cnrrlef?.
Phaeten-. Hupslen and SprlnK Wagons offer Uhto
stHctunl cost to produc them. Tbey aro our owu
rrmko. luind made nml flrst-olni.
This 1 no "cheap trap" buslnwj but jnit what we
moan and have arrancd to do. You can aotHr
gavo tho manufacturers and dealer profits by bar
lag now. It In money we want.
to concede that he is endeavoring to build
up Oklahoma as a territory and will do hii
utmost to bring her in as a state at the
earliest possible date. He ia nlo very so
licitous for the poor and the old soldiors
within the limits of tho territory."
Minco Minatrel: The Caddos and
Wichita? are looking for the com
mission down to treat with thorn
as soon as the Cheyennes and Arapa
hoes are disposed of- IJitt we henr nothing
from the Kiowas and Comanchas, except
the general expression that they do not fa
vor disposing of their reservation. Noth
ing regarding theo tribes has been said
uy me cummi'-sion so inr as ivc Know, aou
whether it is the intention toopeii nesotia- ,
tions with them at once is not known, but
it is supposed the uusineea will be pro
ceeded with in regular turn. Old Hun
Boy should be alive now to make things
interesting for the commission.
Chickasaw Chieftain: "From what we
can learn from competent minera who hare
prospected the Wichita and Arbtickln
mountain ran tic and contingent country,
the former region is richer in gold and the
latter in .silver and lead, nltnongh it In
doubtful if gold exists in vory large quan
tities anywhere in the Indian territory.
There is home placer gold along Sandy,
Pennington and Mill creeks, and probably
the Washita river. Gold also exist in the
quartz in the region described in the char
ter granted, ami in tho Arbnckle and
the Washita mountain. If we mistake
not, the richest mine of th Chickasaw
nation will be lead minen, aUbotiKh there
is no doubt as to the richness asu extent
of the silver deposit Im&A that will awy
nearly 100 per cent i tt, be found In rant
deposits in the Arbnckle mountain, and
we venture the prediction that tb neur
future will develop here the greatt lead
mining region in the country Irou. vrhirb
today w patted over almost unnoticed, will
one day be worked with grat prof
it to its developers and tb CbJckaaw
nation, and the vart conl fiHdg awaiting
development throughout the nation, w.-il
be a powerful adjunct to the iron iadutry
Tae day is at haad when the Chickasaw
nation is to take its place among to
iniawsi insula iimtoun oi toe coucn
state. -
Everybody Admits It.
Frora tk E;orU Ke?Mteaji
Jacob Stotler has boon, a faithful
worker in the Republican party for
many years, and so tar has nevar reoatr
od any official recognition of importance.
The next legislature coukl not do batter
than to eU-ct StoUer state printer.
"Bresa Se Laard."
Fraw U Atcfetam Cttaptos.
About GOO speeches have beca made
daily in Kansas for the past thirty 4f&.
Thialc of it, the poor poopl of Kanmm
compelled t listen to 1&J&S pottdawl
har&Bgttfeg iaeide of a stagte moath. Dot
the end near.
And So Have the Teopie.
Freci tk A taM as -
Tbe battle ia the Mate eMHfeiga-wfit
reach ita crim this week. Tke IfniWi-
caxuf have made a sensible and gallant
fight, nnd havo much more than held
their own. The Democrats and People'
party orators have made coiwiderablo
noise, nnd have become worn out and
weary by constant vociferation.
About Names.
There ia one furnituro man in Wtohtta
whoso namo ib pp"l!od by Bpeldni; that
number backwards. There is a family
in weetorn Kentucky whono nam, con
sisting of fceven letters, is bjm Mod alfko
from either end: it ia Diuguid. Jinny of
tho soldiers of the Army of the Potomau
often wondorod why that army coutd
never ovrtko and domolish the Army
of Northern Virginia, even after an
overwhelming defeat, until one of tho
former, a wagfeh sort of fellow, ug
gested Utat wIhhi Le wm rorersod ha
became an H.
Wnero Ia Shiraa Noso, Pra7?
Fren tfc Stat Jearaai.
Jiidgo Shira as good as wirn that
Judgoe Foster and Vhillipi display great
gall in moddling with tho original paolr-
3ge can. Mien cases s'Khimi go uirct
from th state courts to lit unitii
.State wjpreme court. The inferior
United SoIh courts are sUoWng their
nose into omthiog that w none of
thoir businftM whonthey takecognixanoe
of such caw.
C3 IS aClKccj of tf s
ct irf U rt UnJiwniMfcM m 'JU nmi,
tmtfti. UHZitii 6r. Jrv' C7t fui-
, 91 Ms4y to cm.
nucx ha kino rownrn co.
ev Xtet, Qotjcs. f mixta. fiLt
dct nrni
; $

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