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p WiitWx gailtj ftagle: Eettujeatfitylttimiiftg 'fgDinrmtttx 12, 13913,
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
PritaJ Baking
1 ssssi Il3WlCP
Will 1)0 pnt on sale at 10 o'clock
tins morning.
Price 18c Each.
JOE, The Hatter,
149 N Main. Wichita
-M. L. CiiAwrortD, Manager
Carnival of Mimical Burlesque Extravaganza.
Wednesday and Thursday, Nor. 12, 13
Tlie gorgeously Illustrated poetic musisal dream,
under the direct personal management
of K. K. Itice.
The World's Fair
Rendered in all its elaborate completeness
by the celehra'ed
Kice's : Surprise : Party
Superlative in unexampled dnzzliug splendor.
regal in mngnltlcont scenery, prodigal in glittering
coitumes, replete with bewildering transformations
Full of be wltchlii g dances, sparkling fconxs of dulcet
melody, rippling wit and nuinor and brimful of
travesties on history, tragedy, couiccy, opera aud
A Marvel iii Theatrical History
PMCES-T1.C0, 73c. .7V 2. Tickets now on salo
-o 1.. M. Crawford, Mancag
Friday and Saturday, Nov. 14 and 15.
and Saturday Matinee.
Headed by Buffalo Bill's Only Rival
The Shootine Star Famous Scout, Actorand Cham
pion Rifle Shot of the World, fcupported by a
Specially Selected Eastern Dram
atic Company, and tho
Greatest Acting Dogs in the World !
Black' Hawks
"Wild Yiolet
Jumbo, tho Largest Rt. Bernard Dog in the world.
Introducing two horses on tho stage. Company
carry their own Special Scenery.
Seats now on sale.
' o L. 31. Crawford, JIanngor
Tnesday, November 18.
The Jolly German Dialect Comedian and Sweet
Supported by a Talented Company under the
.Management of
Producing on a Grand Scalo the Now Romantic
An Idyl of the Tyrol.
Hear Gardner's New songs. Including his Great Hit
the lilac."
TYBOIjEAF quartette.
Scenery Carried by tho Company.
Sale of seats commences Saturday, Noveraler 15.
Announcement to Publishers.
The A. N. Kellogg Newspaper company
have purchased the business of tho Wich
ita Newspaper Union and will formally
take possession at an early da'. It is tho
intention of tho Kellogg company to con
biderably increase the exist inc facilities of
the Wichita house, and within thirty days
or less they expect to be turning out ready
print hero in all ropects equal to that
.supplied by their Chicago. Su Louis and
Kansas City houses. dl5l 6t
Take the Frisco flyer to St. Louis and
the cast. It leaves Wichita at 2:25 p. m.
daily. 50ft
Notwithstanding statements to the con
trary, the Frisco lino is two hours the
quickest to St Louis. Try it. 50 tf
Our great
Hat Sale,
worth 7oc to $2.o0,
Sailors, all colors
Crushers, all colors
Childrens Flats,
Misses Flats,
Felt Hats,
Today, all
Don't Miss
Monday, Nov. 17, white kid glove sale. See our windows
GLOBE, M. B. COHN, 418 Easi Do Irene
U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. ij, 1889.
(Famished by the Deam Abstract Co.)
The following transfers of real estate
were filed for record in the office of the
recister of deeds.
Maize Academy association to Sarah
J Lodenslager 12 13 14 37 3839 40 41
42 43 block 1, 11 12 18 19 20 block 2
16 17 25 20 35 36 block 3, 7 8 13 1417
block 4, 1 2 3 6 7 8 10 block 5, G-7 S
block 8 all in Maize Academy add
to Maize wd
Sedgwick county to Concordia Loan
and Trust company 40 42 44 Em
poria ave Hiltons add tax deed....
Elizabeth B Prichard to D M Kirk
bride 14 16 Munnell ave Glendale
add qc d 1
JohnD Richardson to H B Whit
more 40 Third st Valley Center
q c d 1
H Ji Whitmore to A F Massey 46
Third st Valley Center q cd 1
Caleb Teter to Mont Teter beg 30 ft
w and 330 ft s ne cor se qr 3-1 27 1 e
w 206 ft s 100 ft wd 1
Mont Teter to J R Blodgctt, begin 30
ft w and 330 ft s ne cor se qr 34-27-le
west 290 ft south 100 f t w d 300
John D Shaffer to W H A Karicaffe,
2 to 43 blk 8 South University Place
add, 32 and 34 blk 14 Orchard Grove
add, wd 2500
Thomas T Stansberry to Henry Mal
lard, 4 and east 20 ft 3 blk B Hunt
er's add, w d 1
Henry Mallard to Susan Stansberry,
4 and east 26 ft 3 blk B Hunter's
add, w d 1
Sedgwick county to Concordia Loan
and Trust Co 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 11
1510171819 2122 23 all in blk 7
Perry's add tax deed 7C9
John Strappel to Ellis B Ebert sw qr
27-2S-VC w a siaw
Charles W Eads to Silence E Eads,
J back of Mosley ave original East
Wichita wd 500
Rufus Cone, shfl', to V II Pierce
120 to 144, Ellis ave, Burr's add.... 500
J II Mulkcy to x'anics Marrill, east 61
rods of ncf c 7 27 3iv and e 32
rods of ne se se) 7 27 3 w, wd ... 330
E J Clark to J D Clark, njf sw 23
25 lw, wd 4 000
E J Clark to Oscar Kraft, 1030 1032
1031 113C, Carlos ave, Greiffeu
stein'saddwd 5 000
Rufus Done to J N Lowe, 32 34 Main
st, L E Ford's add, shff d 125
Rufus Cone shff to J N Lowe, 30
Main st, E E Ford'e add, shff d ... . 50
Rufus Cone, shff, to the Alliance
Trust Co, e 140 ft 23 Waca add,
shff d 1 000
Where there is true equity and satis
factory evidence, good title, will have fait h
ful attention, but deeds executed in blank
and printed copies abstracts will have no
attention. Wright & Miller,
dl52 2t 107 North Main street
At tho Roller Rink lots of fun. New
skates and music. dl52 Ot
Tourist Kxcnrslonn South.
Tourist excursion tickets are acrain on
sale to points in Georgia, Florida and other
"winter resorts." Tho conditions and lim
its on these tickets are reasonable. For
lull information call at 120 N. Main st.
149tf P. and T. A. Missouri Paciiic Ry.
The Roller Rink is now opened every
night. Special nights will be reserved for
parties. Music every Saturday nicht.
dl52 6t
W. C. T. V. National Convention.
The national convention of the W. C. T.
U. will be held at Atlanta, Ga. A rate of
one and one-third fares for t he round trip
will be made on this occasion. For full in
formation please call at 120 N. Main st.
149 tf P. and T. A. Missouri Paciiic Ry.
Take your exercise at the Roller Rink.
Peep Water Convention at Galveston. Tc.va.
The above meets at Galveston, Texas,
Nov. 20 and 21. Tho Atchison, Topeka &
hanta i'o will sell excursion tickets at one
lowest first class fare Nov. 18 and 19 with I
final limit until Dec' 16. Tickets are good
for stopover returning. For further in
formation apply to the undersigned at 122
North Main street, or Union passenger
station, Fifth and Douglas ave.
W. D Murdock,
d 151 tf D. P. A., Wichita.
Charity Hall.
The Woman's Relief Corps will give a
masquerade ball on the evening of the 13th
at Garfield hall. Tickets, with supper, .?1.
Dancing will commence at S o'clock to all
parties holding tickets without regard to
the masks. Neff's band in attendance. All
are invited. 1 19 Ot
An nven Climate.
New Mexico is noted as having one of
the most equable climatts in the world.
Sudden changes ot temperature are almost
unknown. It is an ideal place for winter
residence. Very low excursion rates to
Las Vegas Hot Springs, where the cele
brated Montezuma hotel is located. It
docs uot cost much to ruu over from Hot
Springs to Santa Fe, the capital of New
Mexico, noted for its many scenic attrac
tions. Inquire of local agent of Santa Fe
route, 122 North filaiu street, or union
passenger station, or address G. T. Nichol
son, G. P. Sc T. A., Topeka. Kansas, for
copy of New Mexico "folder, just issued.
Brittingham & Sawyer are turning out
finer photos than ever. 112 E. Douclas
avenue. 14S-12t
Our grand
All silk
Black satin
Tvo. 25
" 4&
7 &: 9
1615. 2219.
Edge gro grain "
.bancy "
Ribbon "
Attend this sale.
Tajk it to vour friends.
Slmple Combinations by Which Are Pro
duced Beautiful Transparent Crystals.
A Remarkable Sutxtanco Pharaoh'
We often see in chemists' shops large
glass jars, the insides of which are covered
with beautiful transparent white cryds,
which are formed over a red powder iced
at the bottom of the vase. These crystals
are the result of a combinatiou of cyanogen
and iodine. Nothing is easier than the
preparation of iodide of cyanogen, a very
volatile bod', which possesses a strong
tendency to assume a definite crystalline
form. We pound in a mortar a mixture
of fifty grams of cyanide of mercury and
100 grams of iodine; under the action of
the pestle the powder, which was at first a
brownish color, assumes a shade of bright
vermilion red. The cyanogen combines
with the iodine, and transforms itself into
fumes with great rapidity. If the powder
is placed at tho bottom of a stoppered glass
jar the fumes of the iodide of cyanogen im
mediately condense, thereby producing
beautiful crystals, which often attain con
siderable size.
Cyanogen forms with sulphur a remark
able substance- sulpho-cyanogen. One of
its combinations, well known owing to its
singular properties, is sulpho-cyanide of
mercury, with which small combustible
cones are made and generally designated
by the title of Pharaoh's serpents. For
making thesesome sulpho-cyanide of potas
sium is poured into a solution of nitrate
acid on mercury, which forms a precipitate
of sulpho-cyanide of mercury. This is a
white, combustible powder, which, after
passing through a filter, should be trans
formed into a btiff pulp by means of water
containing a solution of gum. The pulp is
afterward mixed with a small quantity ot
nitrate of potash and fashioned into cones
or cylinders of about an inch and a quar
ter in length, which should be thoroughly
The egg thus obtained can be hatched by
the simple application of a match and gives
rise to the phenomenon. The sulpho
cyanide slowly expands, the cylinder in
creases iu length, and changes to a yellow
ish substance, which dilates and extends
to a length of some twenty inches. It has
the appearance of a genuine serpent, which
has just .started into existence and stretches
out in coils, endeavoring to escape from its
prison. During the decomposition of tho
Eulnho-cvanide of mercury quantities of
sulphurous acid are thrown off, and it is
to be regretted that Pharaoh's serpent
should prove his appearance by such a
disagreeable suffocating odor.
F?t Tclegmms.
The fastest telegram on record, according
to one authority, was icut by the late Mar
quis of Normanby to the queen in 1SS0, an
nouncing the opening of the Queensland
exhibition. That message, which con
tained seventy-eight words, occupied twenty-three
minutes in transit, including repe
titions. The cable message which conveyed the
result of the last English Derby to the An
tipodes occupied the short space of one
hour and thirt'-three seconds in transmis
sion, which gives it a prominent place in
the records of rapid transmission between
England and Australia.
Interesting Statistics.
According to The New York Sun, at the
beginning of this century 21,000,000 persons
spoke English, 31,500,000 French, 30,000,000
German, 31,000,000 Russian, 20,000,000 Span
ish and IG.000,000 Italian. Now, 125,000,000
persons talk English, 50,000,000 French,
40,000,000 Spanish. 70.000.000 Russian and
30,000.000 Italian.
Scientific News and Ncts.
Compressed air, supplied from a central
Btation to different houses, has lately been
applied in Paris as a rival to hydraulic
power for the working of elevators and
According to the government statistician
of New South Wales diamonds are found
in that colony, as well us Victoria and
Queensland. The principal fields in the
former are situated at Biugora, near Inver
ell, and the mining has been fairly success
ful. These diamonds are on a par with
those found in BraziL
It Is believed that the hollyhock was
bronght to Europe from China as early as
the year 1573.
There is a waterfall of 2.400 feet in the
Alps in Switzerland. .iid to be the highest
in the world.
An interesting discovery made in Pales
tine during the present year is that of the
ancient pool of Bs:hosia.which has hither
to been confounded with the Birket Israel.
Recent excavations of the Algerine monks
under the ruins of the Crusader Church of
St. Anne at Jerusalem have laid bare two
rock hewu wells eui-'.ming water, which
have been re putted built over. These
correspond with the d-acriptions of Beth
esda as given by tne f hers of the church
and the pilgrim of t- Fourth century.
She Got a Servant.
Husband (married one year) Why,
Etta, what has beoome of your wedding
Wife I wore it oat.
Husband How could you wear it out?
Wife Doing the housework. Epoch.
.Nf fenny
0S$uP r' - w
Gcncron rl!ow.
GosKn I ju: gave him a piece of my
mind, doncherfcaow.
Dolly (aaiioosIy)-How could yon
Rum it? 2TiKrt.Je v ailc
Another "Way or Calling a 3Iaa aa Ass.
"That fellow Bonsalini, tho portrait
painter, is a brute."
"What has he done?"
"I wanted him to mate a portrait of
me, and he said he wasn't an animal
painter." -New York Son.
Stocking Should Fit Perfectly.
The stocking is entitled to more than a
passing notice, since its relation to the foot
and the shoe is so intimate, and so much
of the comfort of the former and the
satisfaction of the latter depend upon
it. The fit of the stocking mast be
perfect, if that of the shoe is to be
tolerable, while nrhing is more dis
comforting to a person of sensitive
nerves than a feeling of wrinkled slouch
iness about the toes, under the heel or
in the hollow of the foot. A great deal
depends upon properly changing the
stockings, both as to their comfort, and
the wear which my be expected from them.
No stocking should be worn for more than
a day or two without washing, even on
the best cf feet, while in all other cases a
daily chnnge should be insisted vpon.
Good Honiekeeninc.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Maverick National Bank
- - - - $100,000
- - - - 800,000
Accounts of banks, bankers and corporations so
licited. and wo re-discount for banks when balances war-
'i;ostonla Reserve Citv. and balances with us
iroiu uanKH (uoi locaieu in uiuer xicseno .iues
count as a reserve.
We draw our ovm exchange on London and th
Continent, and make cable transfers and place
money by telegraph throughout the United States
and Canada.
We have a market for prime first-class investment
securities, and invite proposals from states, counties
and cities when ifsnins bonds.
We do a Reneral Uunklnz Business, and Invite
ASA A. POTTER, President.
JOS. W. WORK, Cashier.
wCms d3
Gcr mania, Westell ester,
Milwa uJcec Mecli an ics,
People's, Security,
Providence- Wash ington,
Oakland Home.
135 North Market rtreo
Telephone tUT.
Take stage at Wharton for
Billy Snyder, proprietor.
City Map.
A handsome lithograph map of the city,
showing all the streets and location of the
public buildings, etc., for sale at this
office. 59-tf.
Go east via the "New Short line, Mis
souri Paciiic "Pleasant Hill route."
Through sleeping and chair cars without
change Wichita to St. Louis. 5Sd tf
Buy Magnet soap.
The best on earth.
138 tf
New Pullman sleeping car service Mis
souri Pacific railway Wichita to St. Louis
without change via the "Pleasant Hill
.Advice to Mother.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup should
always be used for children teething. It
soothes the child, boftens the gums, alleys
all pain, cures wind colic, and Is the best
remedy for diarrhoa. Twenty-livecents a
bottle. Used by millions of mothers.
dt4 tf w4G tf
Night express for Kansas City, St. Louis
and the east leaves Wichita ac 9:40 p. m.
Chair cars and Pullman sleepers on this
train. Missouri Pacific railway. 107 tf
Excursions via the Santa Fe Rente
Semi-annual meeting of Kansas Traders'
association at Concordia, Kas., Nov. 2i,
one and one-third fare on certificate plau.
Denver. Colo., Nov. II to 22, the general
assembly of the Knights of Labor, one aud
one-third fare on certificate plan. Ottawa.
Kan., Nov. 27 to 2i), Southeastern Teachers'
association, one and one-third fare on cer
tificate plan. W. D, MunnoKK,
d 151 tf D. P. A., Wichita.
If you are going to any point north or
cast be sure and ,take the Great Rock
Island train that leaves Wichita every day
at 855 a. m. and reaei.es Kansas City 5
o'clock the same day and Chicago earl
the next morning. Remember the Koc
Isiand Route is the only line between
Wichita and Chicago on which you do not
have to change trains. Eveniug train
leaves Wichita at 9:55 p. m. City ticket
office 100 E. Douglas avenue, corner Main
street. C. A. Bctherfoku,
111-tf Ticket Agt.
This office is prepared to furnish all the
blanks which are used in connection with
proving up homesteads in Oklahoma. We
use Coop's blanks, which are tho only
blanks printed that have been approved by
the laud commissioner at Washington.
Three Through Tralni.
Two night, one morning, Kansas City to
Chicago. The Santa Fe route. 4U-tf
Cater hi un.
What line runs threo through passenger
trains to St. Louis without change?
The Frico.
What line runs Pullman sleepers and
reclining chair cars morning and night to
St. Louis?
The Frisco is the only line.
What line has the ftist train toSt-Loni"??
The Frico, whose flyer leaves Wichita
at 2:25 p. m. daily, arriving in St. Louis at
7:30 the following morning.
Does this fast train connect with other
trains from St. Louis
Why, certainly, with all east bound
traius in St. Louis union depot. d50-tf
For fine holiday photos see Brittincham
& Sawyer, 112 E. Douglas avenue. 14M2t
If you have a railroad ticket to sell or
want to buy a cheap ticket to any jwrt of
the country, don't fail to call on W. II.
Baker, the ticket broker. Office in Man
hattan hotel. Itetf
Note the importance of Thl.
The Missouri Pacific railway is the only
line runninc three daily trains between
Wichita and Kansas City and Wichita and
St. Louis. Morning train leaves Wichita
at S:45 a. m.. arriving at Kansas City same
afternoon, Chicago next morning at S
o'clock, and St. Louis 7:30 a. m. St. Louis
express leaves Wichita at 2 o clock p. m.
with through Pullman sleeper and chair
car Wichita to St. Louis without change.
Night express leaves Wichita at 9:40 with
sleeper and chair car through to Kansas
City and St. Louis. This train al-o con
nects at Yates Center with the through
express for Little Rock, Ark., and Mem
phis, Tenn., via Fort Smith, Ark. If you
are going east, west, north or south, re
member you will save time and money by
going via the Missouri Pacific railway. It
is the short line to all points east and west.
St. Louis and Pueblo and Denver. For
information, Pullman reservations and
ticket. to all parts of the globe, call at the
city ticket ofhee, 120 North Main street, or
depot corner Second and Wichita streets.
W tf Passenger ami Ticket Act.
Wichita, Kansas.
ote Chars ' Tlme-
Commencing Sunday, Oct. 5th, the Mis
souri Paciiic Fast Mail and Eip-es will
leave Wichita at 2 o'clock p. m., arrivias
at St Louis next morning at o'clock.
Chicago Lxnrts will leave at S:4 a. m .
arriving at Chicago via Kansas City at s
o'clock next morning. Tfeis makes the
fastest trains, for both St. Loni ad Cki-ca-.
Pollmau hleepars ami ebair can.
lorougn w su ix)Ul witosu'' cuoec i
d!20-tf I
If not, why not? They cannot be equalled. Finest lot ever given
Attend Our
Boston Stqrr
ItStfi'irJtdri ii3wSMg ffifgJrlJMffifJ
$2 TO $3 PER DAY.
Is the Latest and Best
See it before buying.
c. o. page & CO
51S E Douglas Ave.
!St. Iannis to Colorado via Wichita.
Commencing bunday, July 13,1890, tho
Missouri Pacific railway will run through
sleeping cars from St. Louis via Pleasant
Hill, Rich Hill, Fort Scott and Wichita to
Genesco and from thence to Pueblo. Colo
rado Springs and Denver. This change
was made on account of a great many peo-
le from the east goinc to Colorado being
esirous of going via Wichita. The train
will stop here two hours, giving all a
chance to view the "Peerless Princess" and
still land passengers in Colorado -ame
time as if they had jjone via Kansas City.
It also gives the citizens of Wichita sleep
ing car service from here to Colorado. Re
turning, it gives us through sleeping car
service Wichita toSt. Louis, and gives tho
Colorado people a chance to go east via
Wichita. This change will undoubtedly
be appreciated by the traveling public, and
especially by the citizens of Wichita. If
you are going east or west go via the pop
ular new through route. Through chair
and sleeping car service. New route just
completed between Fort Scott and Rich
Hill goes through the tlnest mineral and
agricultural country in the west. Don't
forget the new sbort line to St. Louis or
City ticket office, 120 North Main street,
Wichita, Kansas.
40-tf E. E. BLECKLET. P. fc T. A.
Take the Frisco Flyer at 2:25 p. m. to St.
Louis fair, it is the fastest train in and out
of this country as the time will sh6w.
The Santa Fe is the short line Pneblo, to
Colorado Springs and Denver. Note the
time: Leave Wichita 4:10 p. m., arrive
Pueblo 6:35 a. m , arrive Colorado Springs
7:40a, m., arrive Dener 10:30a. in. Through
Pullman chair car and dining car service.
Do not be deceived by speciously worded
advertisements of other lines. The Frisco
Limited is the fastet train to St. Louis by
more than one hour with incomparably
the finest equipment. No charges and no
delays at junction points. dll3-tf
W here Rolls the Oregon."
California. Washington and Oregon are
having a "boom" on solid basis this year.
The country is fast fllhncup with farmers.
Business It lively in all branches. If yon
happen to be one of the many who are
thinking of taking a trip to the Pacific
const, for pleasure or business, write to G.
T. Nicholson, G P. and T. A.. A. T. & S.
F. R. R., Topeka, Kan., for Pacific coast
literature; or apply to local agent Santa Fe
route, 122 North Main street, or Union pas
senger station, corner Douglas and Fifth,
and learn all particulars about personally
conducted parties. 129 tf
Are von going wen' Are yon going
east? If so, take the Great Rock Island.
Finest accommodations and lowest rates
to all points. City ticket otnee, ICO ut
Douglas venue, corner Main street.
m tf
Ha it erer occured to yon that the
Santa Fe route has a Tery fa.t train to
Chicago and the east leaving Wichita at
12:40 noon, arriving in Chicago the next
morning, making all eastern connection.
It is a fact. d 50-tf
Chicago expre? via the Mlwrari Pacific
railway, leave Wichita at S:45 a m. Chi
cago next znorning S o'clock. Mioari
Pacific railway. l(7 U
St. Louis express leaves Wichita at 2
o'clock p. m. Through sleeping and
chair car Wcaita to St. Louis, via Mis
souri Paddc railway. 107 tt
Look before you leap.
Flyer to St. Loois.
Take the Frico
OH pajrv for eaie at ths offct 25 een
Ir bendreo. SSJtT
Bin! 1 I
I W s .
i rr novrs ;ce qi
Mfcmri laci&: rail
by any concern in the
Great Money Saving
Our unloading Slaughter Sale on Suits, Overcoats
and Fiu-nishing Goods will be continued as advertised in
last Sunday's Eagle.
One-Price Clothiers.
158 N Main, Corner First St.
DISKASFS OK M031K Vr Tcrrlll him made
2lsue ot "women a upeclalty for tbr past twenty
jean aud nlstm to alate thbt lie hag u.l the 1a to ln
atruinenrs hattcrles, eItrod-. etc , for their suc
cessful treatment. IDclurtltiir fibroid tumor. dU
tilJtraents, enlarcnu-nts. proUiu. ulceration,
leucorrbaca, dlm-astf the owrlr. paliitul, irrtu
Ur or profuse inrn.Mtriitlon. etc lir Terrlll has re
cently fpent several month In the lare hoiitlali
ot me ca&i in tne t-vcciai Many 01 neiinciry ami is
the only pbj!clan In
mthi-i thoroughly
familiar with ItHnientiflr anullc.itloii
XKkVOlN I)1M.asK- br. U-rrlll wlxte to
call the attention ofthoi auRerlnsr from nerrous
deo-iee, tarily . nervou r-roMration, ctr.. to tho
wonderful curathe effects to lx derived from elec
tricity when Cleutlftcaly applied and deMre to
tate that ha rnars the application of electricity In
nervous ulcer - it hdco
lat leatnro or nifl practice,.
The doctor has the tlnet fifty cell
t!nct fifty cell dlu
lluraond carbon
battery ever reen In the wnt, aud all ttxtappjlanrx
especial!) aconteU to the treatment of loat luantHiod
or irrnliial urakne-, which he quickly and pennau-
tn:iy cu re ly tlie aw or ncctriciiy.
CA'lAUKll fcvtry caee ot 'atarrh k curable If
properly treated. Dr. 'Icrrlll ucci llalteyVi nenr
SKIN IMSKASHSofall Vlnd cured whoa othen
have failed.
I'IIjKS. KJsTCfjA nnd all xeCjl dlscaaea cured.
ro Knife no pain. A cure cnranieei
l.KK'I HKA1. JjTlCH-ll UK
quickly and per-
manently cureil hy electrolyiH. No cufti
tinc. no pain.
no money until cured.
OIUOMl llKASHS-RmnchltK asthma, hy
fever, alt 'hrortt aud lane tnoie". dypepla, dto
eaveofh loiv.l. heart and ' er rheaiiiatlam.
dropsy, brlcht dWeare. bladder, k dne aixt ureu
ary dlwae, blixMl polror. and prn jt dlKearea.
NYTHIIilh- That dread dleaeo ot manklml
quickly and permanently lured )y the new treat
uient without the po.onon drujp of day cone by.
ilrdlcln) hent to all part of the roustry. CotwtA
oatlufree. bond for (jueuonlank
Rates, $2.00 to $2.50 Per Day.
M. Stewart, Owner and Prop.
J. K. Koher, Clerk.
Sacccwaer to KHeter it WaJlare. !(rtikeat oerr
of Dorl aal Tseka A
A fall W f Trk Irff. CVearteaJa ms4 H"H
else. cMtMaatty ea haat. A very lanr aa4 weO
timM ajerlawFM af TUt AnMm td Vrztt
We pay fc-ectal atieatvn to 9ylrta raaasV.
tweaty yrar la )n tte !. Mr K S. w
wffl bive cATEt or tU- presrtpMac 4jrsea.
Fine CasBimere and Wortd.4 Pnta
Heavy Storm King Orerr oU worth $3.no, only l-75. Children Suits. 4 to 1J.
worth $-.50. only ifttr. Heavy undershirt a,Dl drweru worth Q6v
only 23c Boys ad Hiru ept. worth iOe, now Jij. At
422 East Douelas Avenue.
Sale this Week.
hl'KOKON llllllsr AMI AfUlST-OIra
FpeOal attention tu il -iie i f the eye. teldlnj
tbeMterllflc adjumeat of Klnaitex to corroet ln
perfect vtHlou
l A'l Kit T rrmoretl ftnd lht restored to many
who have loos lteen totally trtlnd.
( K(is,1.1 l.s eiralKhteued. tu maay caaea with,
out operuiliHi
(.RAM UT1'1 1.1 1).SaBdcUfrmar Hire eyni
(Mli Lly cured. Arlinclal eym rerel.
IU A I MjN- All i Mrublecwe. prwwtptly cured
Of. AS'' US flulr t ioe who have had (Mflal train.
Inc thmiM utamiH to 0t k1imvm, lrt they doiba
I at lent murr tuu-m thaji rw- JUiBy me f
liervi tteutrr. trritaMllly. tuMHuit. healhe. r-r
tlco 'd eeailiii; MHpMlty b bllrtrefl are dx 'o
dcf-rtlre -)nlBn4 aio rHved tu im n by fce a p-dm-ation
of prnper lwme If vn tutv mln In tha
t ye ball, orbfta, leniplew or fi reheatt. If ihe eyr
water. 11 the letlera rim trlhr when r.adlri(. If
everything wlni or become dim wha aMoMpUn
to wn the eym for a very lKrt Unto, there I MB
fault in 'be organ f elht h- emn tie reHevel ,
the appllratlon ot pmix flii,iin Afmr hat ro
Ulipleaetint leelUitfa bat nrntolmiM well aa their
Irteortx -lab perot wiel aJtva er a frown.
Incexprenl which I ranpttm ad dleHor.
In. eelally Mi youitf Ixdle. lAber rnmplAln t
jMin Intolerai ce of ttftit with trH1ktt of ey
esetnlly by nrtfleutl lltht Alt rh rmn h r.Uer.
-lTby the M ,nii1Vr a4jnmnmt o KM,
AS A (.IC.NKit l. M lt(;. In lfty h.eo
furertorln the iMivt. bavtair lately ralraet
the hair of Purgei J la the H k hltn MrflraJ I oila
In order to devote hla lre tlMe. Iu hi eclailK,
which ltKlode defannltte. ! foot, carva
lure at the p(e. trip tM dtxe. Ml
welllnit dl-ewie bMMr, Gmmttr IMnrv
oM ore Bleer, haea Up, rter"le,
hydrorlle, elari aMMte, Me la MuMt. pl.e-t.
fMabt. dHeaXM of the etin. kMa.y awl uuury
Ur)M.lf.MA OK IMtKJ'.t if ntfed by aa eettr.ly
new tr-utmmt.
(.bUMuioUea aMl atanateaWMti trtt
K. r. It RDV. JI. D.
All Goods Warranted.
Tel. 20S. 221 E Donglai
Should yon Insure with tbc Connecti
cut Mutual Life Innuranon Co?
T.tt AlR t mtthM a ht3hrrla4a4 t tTr
th a say Lkrr rvmpmr
BKil'DR H par caw Uifclna -fry yar. Ikaa
Ctvtar lnraae at al as, aarf tmmtu m Jot.
MMft f aay prt rf prmmltm.
8'At'NK n kH tme tunm-tme yo ?M lnrjer
dtvMewd Dm afsareataaaT
JiEt AlMf ft a-swraafc"-. Him trte. a Jarr
CMssi .wvvfar rat, tmr uM yrvartMa pld. Oaa
tmt Mr casaaaay
H9CAKHK rtrrr sua taai torn r-M Aa Z&mKA
Isacaagr eaa aaainHiarf m asasvaau.
Jr tvnifr r wt aa4 HftaMsi p44Ma, a.
t. Rlalac am .
1S1 N Mala SU, Wiahita, Kxn.
n r4T b rasyly all wlter tkr rsrspUUZU
rJwx "l
. tsam a&4 rwury
94 a&4 V
(vr ee a4 Peart MTec.
Vtw HA. Orll
KM Obf . ctel ab4 fas.
bMk .JtX
worth fcS.OO, IG.QO, 47.00, choice
9 9 HBilli
YV -,, r- eoJbr-t-jtfyrfcfe- .
. Se-aSWl-fcijV

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