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The Wichita daily eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1890-1906, December 03, 1890, Image 5

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1I.M. 1Htriock.
li. r MrnnorK.
Huslness Manager.
M. M. MU1D0OK & BEO.
Publishers and Proprietors.
All Irtf r prrtatnlnc to 1 he btjlne of the prlnt
Jrc lf jinrtirmt or blncWr. or for jidrrtlslnir
rfinnM )" artrtreel to the business manager or
other commnntrnl Ions to tho editor.
Tho onlr ilnllv paper In Southwestern Knn"Aor
the ArVanft A alley Teeelrlncr loth the Uajr aim
nfclit Associate Iros Reports In full.
ii-iiuo or :rn'rBiPTiov r a u.v r gi.e.
Jn Advance Potnco Prepaid.
Dv, one copv one rear ... . . ..? JJ
Pnllr, one ropy, ulr month.. .. JJJ
pntlv, no copy, three month -55
J)11y. one ropy, one month. .. il
Three time a wwV, nny days dftrrt, per y'r... i
Tliren times a -week, nnv (lavs de1refl. fix mo... 2 i
f-unrtav Kdltlon, Ifi pose, one copy, one year ... 2 w
bunday Edition. 16 pr. one copy, dx months, l -
fneeopv. on rear "ffi
One copy, lx month. "
nemlttanrn may he mn-le at onr r!fc either hy
frntt, expre, expire money order. potomce order
or registered letter. Money pent In any other war
Isattherlkofthenernn cndlnc It. Olv pot
offlce addre In full. Inrludlnc "tnte nnd coiintv If
adrtrea Is to be changed, give old addrossas well as
TtirEAOir I delivered )iv carrier In Wichita
ndall ntrorhaat20centa weok The nnpermiv
he ordered hv potal card or hv telephone CSo. 7S1
and will be served early and recularly. Irrecnilnrltv
of service or chance of nddres should bo roporul
Immediately to The KA7.Eofflce.
Ponntinir Itoom vo.7
Ldllotla llcom No.Si
Our rates of ad vertlnlnir shall benlnwasthoeo;
pv oilier paper at eua value as jii adrertislnj:
All transient advertisements mnst be paid for In
Th proprietors reserve the rleht to reject and
fllscontlnne nnv ndvertlement contracted for
eltherhy themelves or their ni;etits.
Kntered In the pontofflon nt Wichita a second
class matter and entered for transmission Uiroush
the malls as such.
Eastern office at Poom . Tribune Tbjlldlntr. Voir
YorVCIrj and MT "Tho Roolcerr." Chlrntjo. whera
all eontracta for forelen ndvcrtUlnjr will bo wade,
and where file of tho paper enn bo scon. S. C
Ueclcwlth. A cent,
Jtesdera of the YAmr. when In Tfew York City
orChlcaco can sen copies of tho paner at tho ofilco
of onr acent at the address clven above.
All notice for entertainment of nnv kind In
which an admittance foe Is required will be charged
at the rate of five cents per line per day: nnd must
Wclasslflod and will not bo run as pure road in.'
'Hie Eaot.j! has the larjrest circulation of any
0all7 paper In Kansas nnd covers more territory
ban any two Kansn" da'lle combined: reachlntr IK
towns on tho day of publication In Kansas. Indian
territory. Panhandle of Texas and eastern Colorado.
The columns ot the Kaot.E have been tested and
proved to be the Iwst advertising medium In tho
southwest. The only dally that reaches all tho ter
ritory above named on day of publication. As an
advertising tnedlnm It Is unexcelled.
The TVaii.t EAOl.r can bo found on sale In Kansas
Cltv. Mo., at the book Btore of B. Gllck, 6S5 Main St.
Nelson liulldlnff.
Geo. A- Baily, of St. Joe, is stopping at
thu Manhattan,
H. L. Cochraino, Cleveland, O., is regis
tered nt the Carey.
A. C. Reynolds, of St." Louis, is calling
on friendsin tho city.
T. L. Fleming, of Kansas City, is regis
tered at the Miiuhiittnu.
W. H, Jonlon, of St. Louis, is stopping
a few days at tho Carey.
R. TV. TVntson and L. Batty, Welling
ton, spent yesterday in the city.
J. D. Shuford, of Sheridan Lake, Colo.,
is spending a few days in tho city.
J. M. Coff, of Lyons, was attending to
to Kotno bussuess matters iu tho city "yes
terday. Tho work on the city building is going
tlong quite rapidly. Tho stone work, as
estimated, will bo completed by the last of
tho month.
Rev. George TV. Miller will lecture in
tho First M. E. church on Friday evening
svening for tho benefit of tho Dodgo ave
nue M. E. church.
Tom Voss says yesterday was a northern
Indiana day and no relative of sunny Kan
sas. Ho thinks some national politics has
leaked out into the weather.
The court house is about supplied with
window blinds. It is so arranged now
)hat the mills ot justice can grind iu dark
fless or in light, according to will.
Mr. J. P. Allen leaves today for El Do
rado to attond to some business matters.
Kos Harris says tho pioneer druggist pro
poses to spend a few duys fishing for ico
Miss Emma Schaefer entertained most
pleasantly a number of her friends last
evening. The evening was spent in social
games and at a late hour refreshments
were served.
The Garfield post meeting tonight prom
ises to bo one of unusual interest. Tho
election of officers is one of the prominent
features, and by way of side attractions it
is said there is quite a list.
And now trouble is reported about tho
rafllo Saturday night when John Thomas
was given tho team of ponies belonging to
TV. It. McPhorson. Jack Thompson
claims he held the number that "trowed
do highest" and wants tho (onui.
Mr. S. TV. IJalch was in tho city yester
day and said ho had in the cribs 1,630
bushels of corn raised this year, SCO bush
els of last year's crop, and he did not want
the government or nny ono else to make
him a donation to help him through tho
A motion was made and prevailed yester
day to work a little at night on putting iu
tho government building heating ap
paratus. It is said the department at
Washington has hoard of a cold wave that
is likely to get lost and bob around in
The pencil wont off wrong in an item
in yesterday's EAGLK, stating that
Mr. Howard had been appointed receiver
of the Fir-t National bank at Newton.
Ho has been appointed receiver of the
Newton National, which appears to be a
very different institution.
A North Main streot business man and a
customer had a short libtic interview j-es-terday
morning on the street. There liml
been an understanding of their business
and bills paid, but it was couMdeml the
proper thing to take n little exorcise by
way of a reminder and good luck.
A series of revival mooting are being
held at tho West Side Baptist church,
corner of Seneca and Maplo streets, this
week. Rev. Hunt, representative-elect to
tho legislature from tho Eighty-third dis
trict, this county, is conducting tho exer
cises and preaching nightly to good congre
gations. A strangor very modestly walked into n
cigar store yesterday and culled for a fifty
cent cigar. Of course the proprietor had a
box of that kind, and in fact, would have
sold every cigar in the viciitit y nt that rate.
Tho customer got his fifty center and
quietly took to the struot. The police w
On Monday night a South Fourth ave
nue husband loft bom with tho promise
that ho would commit suicide. His wife
told him that she hoped he would not for
get it. He has not been heard from since,
and last night she took a policomnn into
her confidence and requested him to keep a
sharp lookout.
It is said to be given out officially that
the Douglas avenue bridge at Chibholm
creek will be completed at 2:15 p. m., Fn
day next. In the meantime the prices of
real estate have advanced near the Second
btreet bridge. It is reported the parties
interested In the vicinity are setting up a
petition to the council asking that body
to declare the new bridge unsafe and for
bid its use for tho benefit of the other
Tke Offices or the banta Fe Southern Division
to be Hrousht to "Wichita.
It is stated on good authority that the
headquarters of Mr. Parsons, superinten
dent, of the southern division of tho Santa
Fe will be moved from TVellingtou to
Wichita within a few days. Yesterday
the rooms formerly occupied in the Hart
wit: block by tho Wichita and Western
were rented and will be temporary quar
ters for the division. It is intended to oc
cupy rooms in the second story of tho
freight building now being erected, but
that building will not be completed for
iomo months, and hence it was considered
necessary to secure rooms for temporary
use. It is claimed the offices will be re
moved within three or four days.
It is claimed that for some time the man
agement has conceded that, the business of
the southern division could more easily be
handled from here than from any other
poiut. More branches from Wichita, and
any point could be reached from here
more quickly than from Wellington,
which fact suggested the change.
Mr. Turner for tome time had thought
Feriously of a change but his surround
ings were such as caused him to remain at
Wellington, Mr. Parsons taking charge
the division a short time ago had no diffi
culty iu deciding that he would rather
have the offices at this point
The southern division which will have
headquarters here embraces about 1.000
miles of road going to Purcell on the Gal
veston line and taking in the lines in the
southwest. It is thought, however, that
within a short the division will be cut
down to about 700 miles which will more
nearly conform to the ability of one man
to haudle successfully.
John Conly had quite an experience with
a customer last evening. He was so badly
frightened that very soon he went home
nnd fell in bed. He admitted in a whisper
last night that ho had not been scared so
bad since tho war. Looking back over tho
stormy moments ho would change color in
quick succession, and pnysicians who
make a specialty of nervous troubles were
in great demand. Tho plodding Tobias
was also in the same little boat. Ho also
went home and alternated hot bricks and
ice cakes at the foot of tho bed.
Everything was quiet just before the
after-supper trade. A well dressed woman
of apparently 25 years, brunette toa finish,
and, withal, decidedly attractive, called at
the store. She wanted a poison often used
for suicide and small tricks of that kind.
Conly replied with one of his Irish league
smiles that ho was very sorry that
ho did not have tho drug,
and at the same time give her tho com
mon observation that ho was expecting
to have some on hand within a very few
da'.s. Sho replied to his mild answer.
There were very few present but no one
failed to observe that she replied. Con
cerning other features of tho story all do
not lollow the same in their statements.
But sis to the ''replying" part all agree
there appears littlo doubt but that it is
correct. John even remembers this fea
ture of it. In tho midst of tho reply ho
tried to disappear. In fact ho did disap
pear leaving Tobias to prance- around in
tho flames. There was very littlo smoko
but an abundance of hot fire and no cold
lire. In the course of time two policemen
appeared. John was on tho outside. The
officers had trouble and forced John as a
spectator to come to their assistance. He
did tho "come" all right but was of littlo
assistance. The crowd by this timo num
bered apparently from two to
five hundred souls and some with
out. The "without souls" were making
quite a noise. They thought it very fuu
ny. The active customer finally reached
the sidewalk assisted by a number of act
ive fellows. Tho captain in charge decid
ed that an cxpi ess wagon was necessary.
It was finally secured and the combination
tool: a ride to tho calaboose. The custom
er was given accommodations at that
point. She refused name and any infor
mation about herself, but it was learned
that sho came hero a few clays ago from
Kansas City under tho guidance of n
rather well known railroad man who calls
Wichita his home. Sho is known as
Stella Brassfield and her parents live at
The ladies of tho South Lawrenco
Christian church opened their fair in tho
Sedgwick block last evening. Although
tho weather was somewhat inclement, the
attendance was very good for the first
Tho displa-s are very beautiful and
attractive, especially the designs in crochet
ed and fancy needle work. Tho display
contains many articles appropriate for
Christmas presents, such as tidies, quilts,
sofa pillows, dolls, embroideries, etc.
Everything on exhibition is for sale aud
the money will bo used to liquidate tho
debt of the South Lawrence church. The
ladies will serve a substantial dinner and
supper at the hall for 23 ccuts a meal each
day during the fair.
The music for tho fair is furnished by
Neff's band, and is first class. Among tho
musical features last evening were, solos
by Al Bradstine, baritone, bimouds B flat
cornet, and TV. II. Young, tuba.
A silver cup is to be voted to tho most
popular councilman of tho city, voting to
bo continued until the close when the
votes will be counted nnd the award made.
A fine top buggy is to be drawn on Thurs
day evening aud chances are sold at 50
cents each.
Altocother tho fair promises to be a
success if tho opening evening can be taken
as an indication.
The sewer committee of council held a
nicotine yesterday morning and considered
some right of way matters. There is yet
about seven hundred feet of right of way
to be secured. It is the "touch links."
The properey owners concerned would
rathor the straight lines go around them.
Somo are afraicl of tho sewer and same
want money to allay their fears, while
others are not prcnured to take money and
run chances of having by day and uightji
constant rauiimcr ot a bad trade. I he
sewer committee, however, is figuring
quite lively tinder the inspiration of a rep
rimand from the council Monday night.
The momborsof the council not on the
committee claim they are pounced upon
daily by property owners who want tho
sewer completed or at least the objectiona
ble features increasing to be removed.
They not being on the committee could in
sist on the work being rushed along. The
sewer contractors also claim to have an in
terest in tho matter. They represent that
they could have gone ahead and had the
job completed many months ago had the
council furnished the right of way. They
have been somewhat disturbed over tne
delay and in due time may apply for
Wichita division 105, O. R, T. is taking
the Initiative steps toward having a law
passed making the telegraphic proCession
subject to certificates issued by n state
board of examiners showing thorouch pro
ficiency in the profession, under the same
principle that dentists and pharmacists
now are compelled to do. They take the
position that while au incompetent phar
macist might kill ono or two persons in
making a mistake, an incompetent tele-
graph operator might kill a hundred the
first one he makes, and, therefore, that
profession has much greater need of a
state regulation than nny other. Move
ments will follow throughout the different
states to this end.
The order held a meeting last night
xvhich was attended by quite a number
from surrounding towns. It was decided
to go before the next legislature and ask
for a law in the direction mentioned.
The Caronado directory held a meeting
last night at the club rooms and made ar
rangements for issuing stock to the mem
bers. The treasurer reported the finances
in a flourishing condition. The following
were elected members: L. D. Skinner, M.
B. Cohn, M. H. Crily, R. A. Hamilton. TV.
P. McNair, and Thomas Shaw. Some
routine work was attended to as it was
the regular monthly meeting.
Wichita Chief a fine bay horse, the first
foal of the Toler Stock farm, died yester
day morning at 5 o'clock of pueumonia.
He was sired by Judge Salisbury, dam by
Administrator. He was a fine individual
of royal blood and valued at 3,000.
Wichita Chief was taken sick Sunday
morning. He was given all possible at
tention day and night but all to no pur
pose. This is the first loss at the Toler
farm of any importance.
A physician was on the warpath yester
day. He had a telephone call at 3 a. m.
yesterday. Was assured of his pay, and
took a chase of three miles against the
raw, biting wind. Cured the patient nnd
got left on pay. Was mad when ho left
the house. Attempted to ventilate his
feelings on his horsp, when the animal
objected and gave him a runaway of a
mile. By that time the aforesaid physi
cian was not so mad. After breakfast he
thought the matter over and concluded to
get mad again and remain in that condition
for one week.
On the evening of December 1, by Rev.
Sam'l L. Hamilton, at tho residence of
Geo. A. Bradshaw, 1237 South Lawrence
avenue, Mr. Darwin Hutchinson and Mi-s
Marguiritta M. McDerraid, both of Wich
ita, were married. The parties are well
and favorably known in tho city, Mr.
Hutchinson being connected with the J.
A. Wallace carriage depository and imple
ment house, nnd sho whom ho led to tho
hymeuial alter, is a prominentand popular
young lady of the south side. Only tho
relatives of tho contracting parties wit
nessed tho nuptials. An elegant dinner
was given by Mr. aud Mrs. Bradshaw.
Tho wedded pair take possession at once of
their home on South Lawrenco avenue.
A. O. U. "W.
At tho regular meeting, Mondav night,
of Wichita lodge, No. 22, A. O. U. TV., the
following officers were elected for tho term
beginning January 1:
John L. Carnev, Master Workman.
Jacob ileisel, Foreman.
John F. Reese, Overseer.
J. It. Dutton. Recorder.
O. Mulvey, Financier.
John A. TVallace, Receiver.
B. E. Hilliard. Guide.
C. O. Albert, Inside Watch.
J. T. Holmes, Outside Watch.
S. D. Hallowell, Trustee, long term.
C. C. Furley, J. TV. Kirkwood, B. Y.
Boyd and J. II. Terrill were selected for
recommendation for medical examiners
for the ensuing year.
II. L. Taylor was elected delegate to
Grand lodge, and J. TV. Wingard, alter
"M. TV. Levy vs. City of Wichita" is tho
style of a suit filed in the common pleas
court. It concerns the much talked of
bond sale made last May. At that time,
it will be remembered tho council sold to
Mr. Levy, bonds calling for $2G4,5C0. The
form of bond as made out by tho city was
not acceptable and, after two or three ef
forts on tho part of the city to get n bond
that complied with the law, according to
those making a specialty of that business,
the city sold the bonds to Spitzer & Co.,
nnd up to this day some of them have been
delivered. The petition alleges that the
plaintiff made a tender of tho money to
tho city on July 19. but it was not ac
cepted. The damages asked for are embraced in
the amount of $10,500, tho amount tho
plaintiff had sold tho bonds for above tho
purchase price. It is said that the form of
boud fiually given to Spitzer & Co. was
practically tho same as that asked for by
Mr. Levy, and denied.
The Indiana association will hold its
regular meeting on Friday evening in the
tho Sons of Herman hall, over 117 N.
Market street. A full attendance is de
It was reported last night that Amos
Hartson, four miles south, had been found
dead on his farm. That ho was out hunt
ing alone, and when found was shot in tho
breast, and it was concluded that he had
accidentally shot himself. Tho coroner,
however, last night had not been notified
of nny such an accident, and the chances
seemed to be in favor of tho report having
been untrue.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mead were made
happy Thanksgiving morning by the
arrival of a most welcome guest, who
proved to be of tho gentle sex. Her lady
ship kicked tho beam at nine and one-half
pounds, and was as robust as she was
pretty. Mr. IV. B. Mead, the grandfather
to the occasion, seemed no less happy and
proud, than will be the maternal grand
father, who is in the American consul at
Massilan, when the news reaches him.
And Thanksgiving day, up at the Mead
mansion, is not over yet, we suspect, for
there is the new grandmother and young
aunts, from whom wo have not yet heard,
but who no doubt think the little stranger
too sweet for anything.
A number of handkerchiefs and some
baskets were waved vigorously on Main
near First yesterday by two ladies standing
in the middle of tho street. They wanted
an electric car to stop. The car passed
them fifty feet and the ladies quito delib
erately reached the car. They paid their
fare and by the time the car had ttartcd
they discovered they were on the wrong
car. The car stopped and the ladies looked
at the money box and the two dear little
nickles making one dime. They did not
want to leave. There was no hammer in
sight or the glass would have been broken
sure. They donated the man in charge a
few very hot words but he was afraid to
Yesterday was the first touch of winter
for 1S90, in south Kansas, and it wasn't
wmterish either except in the outlook.
The heavens were shut out by impeDatra
ble clouds ami all the lowsr atmosphere
was thickened with a white moisture that
was neither fog iior frost. It was not cokl
enough to freeze, but overcoats were but
toned up and hauds went down Into pock
ets. It has l-n no long open and beauti
ful Autumn wth no intimations of snow.
There mav be countries of equal autumnal
days, but none, we imagine, where they !
are more openly delightful. Bnt the year
growing aucient and even br the time
when this item shall be read the tksreod
ing year may Iwve pot or Its sbrood.
which so becomes tho naked woods and
deserted fields by hiding their desolation.
Members of the Fraternal Aid associa
tion will please take notice that the regu
lar meeting night is Thursday evening at
K of H. Hall, corner of Main nnd Second
streets, fourth floor. There will be con
siderable buniness of importance come
up before the meeting. All members
should look to their interest nnd be pres
ent. Please bear this in mind and attend
to it. J. TV. TVISGA.BD, Secretary.
Regular meeting this (Wednesday) even
ing at our hall at 7:30. Initiation and work
iu the degrees, also election of officers.
All members are requested to be present.
W. P. McNair, Dictator.
There will bo a social gathering of all
the friends of tho Plymouth Congrega
tional church and society at the residence
of Mr. Caswell, on West Third street, this
There will he a meetiug,of the directors
of the Wichita Hospital (formerly Benevo
lent Heme) today at 3 p. m., at 721 N. To-
peka avenue. Business of great import
ance will come before tho board. A full
attendance of directors particularly re
quested. MRS. A. BASLEY, President
Do uot fail to hear George TV. Miller
Friday night at First M. E. church. Tick
ets are on sale at Champion's book store
and S. F. Rowe's drug store, West Side.
A. A. Bass, M. D.
The ladies of the German society will
hold their monthly meeting next Thurs
day, Dec 4, at the residence of Mrs. Tony
Bruhn, 1000, corner Wichita and Gilbert
streets. All the members nnd friends of
the society are cordially invited to attend.
Mrs. M. Sommer, Sec.
Regular meeting of Peerless lodge, No.
271, A. O. U. TV. Work in both degrees
and election of officers.
S. Donkin, M. TV.
E. J. Spencer, Recorder.
The Ladies' Benevolent society of tho
First Presbyterian church will meet with
Mrs. Winters, 1145 North Topeka avenue,
on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Mes. Geo. Bl'cener, Sec'y.
Meets tonight at which time'the annual
election of officers will take place. Will
all comrades take notice?
H. T. Kramer, Adjutant.
State vs K. Allger; dismssed.
N. A. English vs W. H. Black; given to
Caswell & Buckley vs Fairmount col
lege; judgment for plaintiff for $2,3S7.51.
Bond of M. Busch, guardian of Busch
minors, filed nnd approved, and letters of
guardianship issued in the estate of John
G. A. Busch and Ambrose Busch. minors.
Trial of John Nau on information of in
sanity, verdict of Insanity rendered. Ap
plication for the appointment of TV. II.
Turner in the estate of T. F. Drake de
ceased; bond filed and approved and letters
H. C. Day vs T. D. Carkhill; judgment
for plaintiff for 5930.
II. Schnitzler vs George TV. Bartholo
mew; judgment for plaintiff for $3,S46.
It Sandford vs H. TV. Lewis; on trial by
Mr. II. C. Day of Arizona, who is spend
ing a few days here attending to court
business aud visiting friends, say he has
almost concluded to remain in Wichita.
Having lived hero a number of years ho
fee.s very much at home here and possibly
he would never have left for the cattle
ranch in Arizona had ho known Wichita
was likely to grow so rapidly.
A. Midnight Victor AVho Wan Dorldodlr
Down on IIU Luck.
My room in a Virginia hotel was a large
one, and the bed stood in the middle of it.
As I lay on my right side I faced two win
dows opening out on a veranda. At 1
o'clock in the morning ninddcn draught
of air woko me up from asound sleep. It
was bright moonlight, and a man had just
entered one of the windows. I carefully
lifted my hand and clutched the revolver
under my pillow, and then I waited to see
what the intruder would do. Ho kept per
fectly quiet for five minutes, and then tip
toed over and took up my trousers. Thero
wasn't over thirty cents in change in tho
pockets. Ho then tried my trunk, but it
was locked. He picked up my coat and
vest, but I had removed everything. He
stood for a while as if in doubt, and then
started to come to the bed.
"Want anything" 1 asked, as I covered
him with tho pistol and sat up in bed.
"Oh, shucks!" he exclaimed, as he sat
down on a chair.
"Who are you?"
"Nobody nor nuthln'I I hain't fitten fur
hogs. If 1 knowed anything I'd hev pizened
myself last year."
"You seem to take it hard, old fellow."
"Can't help it. Everything i go into
busts up on inc. I've busted a fawmill, a
sand bank, a yoke of oxen, a tobacco crap
and a saloon, nnd I was in hopes to g-t
cl'ar of this county when this had to hap
pen. Git up 'n tote me off to jail, and fin
ish mo up, fur I hain't fitten to be around
I talked with him a while, and, finding
him down on hi" luck, I let him out by the
windowand closed itafter him, giving him
$2 to start tho world anew on.
"I'll try it, stranger," he said, as he
climbed out, "but I shall look for n bust
up. When a feller hain't fitten with flt
tenness then he hain't, and all the fitten
he kin do won't gin him proper fiUenness.
Good night." New York Sun.
In the tropics men sleep in hammocks
or upon mats of grass.
The Japanese lie upon matting, with a
stiff, uncomfortable wooden neck rest.
The ancient Greeks and Romans bad
their beds supported on frames, but not flat
like ours.
The Chinese use low bedsteads, often
elaborately carved, ad supporting only t
mats or coverlids.
The Egyptians had conch of a peculiar '
shape, more like an old fashioned easy
chair with boliow bock and seat.
The East Indian nnrolls bis light, porta
ble chorpoy or mattres, which in the morn
ing is again rolled together aod carried
away by him.
In England the old foar posted bedstead
is sfall the pride of the cation, hut the iron
or bras, bedstead i fa: becoming nairer
sai. The Knglifc bcus xe the largest bed,
in the world.
A peculiarity of the Graan bed is Its
shortness; beMdeo that, it freqceBily eon
j4mj In part of a large Sown pillow ar up
per mauress, which ppreads ovar the per
son, and useeliy answer the porpoa of all
the other ordinary bed ctathine; oainoiaed
Boston Bodjeet.
Mill Freh.
Chapppie I had a tec mik: gaOap this I
afternoon and got bacK :eeuag a.5 Ire as
Maud You have jastrajBraed, hane yon
not7 New York HanU
TIkto ii no 1 n e lc3t Lt en them" oc
rur3 in ':o ol ! ballad of "llie Bube in the
Wood," aud u atale of the days of Shake
speare, entitled "Montchesney."
Appius Claudius, a Roman censor, in a
speech delivered by him 450 years before
the Christian era, used the common sense
proverb, "Every man is the architect of his
own fortune."
"Better late than never" was used over
300 years ago by Thomas Tucker, in his
"Five Hundred Points of Good Hus
bandry." Later on Buuyan used it in his
"Pilgrim's Progress."
"Tipping the wink," generally regarded
as a vulgar phrase, is to be found in a
grave historical romance. It occurs in
"Valerius, a Roman Story," by John Gib
son Lockhart, Sir Walter Scott's son-in-law.
The origin of the phrase, "I tn't see it,"
is traced to Lord Nelson, who at the battle
of Copenhagen was told that a signal was
given to cease firing. Seizing a telescope
he applied it to hi3 blind eye and exclaim
ed, "I can't see it."
Not a few of the phrases in use at this
day originated with Lyly, and are found in
his "Euphues," published in 15S0. Among
them are "caught napping," "brown
study," "catching birds by putting salt on
their tails," etc.
"Hauling over the coals" dates six or
Eeven centuries back, when feudal barons
often used harsh methods of exacting
gold from tho rich Jews by suspending
their victims above slow fires until they
paid ransom or died.
The term "blue stocking" was originally
used in Venice about tho year 1400, to des
ignate literary classes by colors. The ap
plication of the term to women originated
with Miss Hannah Moro's description of a
"Bluo Stocking club" iu her "Bas Bleu."
"I acknowledge the corn" originated
with a slave in the south. He was charged
with stealing corn. Having a sack with
him, he was also charged with stealing
that. His reply was, "No, sir; I 'knowledge
de corn, hut I ain't gwine to 'knowledge to
de sack."
"Drowning the miller" originated from
the following fact: If the mill stream be
low the mill is dammed or stopped the
water is ponded back, and tho mill be
comes "tailed." There is too much water,
the mill will not work, aud the miller is
said to be "drowned out."
"Corporations have no souls" originated
with Sir Edward Coke, who in the Six
teenth century was considered one of tho
best legal writers. He says in one of his
treatises: "Corporations cannot commit
trespass, nor bo outlawed, nor excommu
nica'ted, for they have no souls."
Two elder sons of Prince Albert have
learned enough of masonry to be able to
build a small paviliou.
The queen of Roumania carries a gold
cigarette case attached to her chatelaine,
and smokes whenever she feels liko it.
Alphonse, Spain's boy king, did not in
hcrit a strong constitution, and there are
thosowho believe he cannot survivo his
Grand Duko Nicholas is about to bo trans
ferred from Yalta to his residence in St.
Petersburg. His doctors declare that he is
incurably insane.
The ex-Empress Eugenie is a daily visito
to the graves of tier hu&band and son. T
say mass in the chapel of tho mausoleum
sho emplojs six priests and four monks.
The little son who has just been born to
the Princess Sophie of Greece has already
been photographed, in order that his por
trait may be placed in one of the two brace
lets always worn by Victoria.
Prince Maximillian, nephew of the grand
duke of Baden, will shortly bo betrothed
to Princess Victoria Louisa of Schleswig
Holstein - Souderbourg - Augustenborg, a
granddaughter of Queen Victoria.
The Maharajah Dhuleep Singh, cvho has
recently begged to be received buck in
favor with tho queen, has petitioned her to
restore him his grtvid ctom of the star of
India, which he returned once iu anger.
Tho Princess Lotitia, the late Amadeo's
widow, Is living in Rome. She is very
young herself, and was opposed to marry
ing her old uncle, and only did so at the
insistance of her mother, who wished to
please her favorite brother.
The Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria
feels very proud of his new recruit, Prince
Alexander of B.ittenberg, who lately joined
the Austrian army with the rank of colonel.
Von Moltke pronounces Alexandor aa one
of tho best strategists in Euroje.
All of Emperor William's Hohcnzollcrn
ancestors born since 1722, as well as him
self, his brothers nnd sisters, have been
rocked in the same cradle. Around the
four sides is cut iu Roman letters the text:
"Ho hath given bis angels charge over thee,
and they keep theo in nil thy ways."
Chloride of gold is used to produce the
beautiful purple of Cassim, a compound
of tin and gold of uncertain composition,
but yielding a magnificent ruby color when
melted into glass. A hundredth of a gram
of gold will deeplv color a cubic in.h of
On account of a change to
bp made in my business,
January 1st, next, I offer
my entire stock of Holiday
and House Furnishing
goods at a Great Sacrifice.
My stock is new, includes
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Ilaviland's French China
Dinner ware, English Deco
rated Dinner and Chamber
Sets. Imported, and Domes
tic Xovelties in Table Glass
ware, Hanging and Deco
rated Vase Lamps, Dolls
and Toys of ail descrip
tions. This is an opportunity
seldem offered at this sea- jg
son ot tne year.
An early investigation
will prove to your advan
tage. S. II. Nelson's
Bare ain House.
2.22 X MAIN ST
F3 0
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In the aosoace of a complete obrmiml
tent, tbo high apaciflc Krarlty of goki 19 3,
is the test of its parity.
Pare rbM kt amid to bs fwcatj-foor carats.
Thcs, eighteen earat gald contains eighteen
carats of tbe pun mt&! la treaty-tear, or
Is Ihrco-qaarters pure.
Pure pokl Ik h fiott tfcat it woeJd woa be
vrorn av7sy bj ue, nod U Is cbrayj fcOoyed
with a TorjiD proportion ot eoppcr or U
vcr. osoally &bjat om-lenth.
Gold, like all lb mM; oftUh.ii an
cbaaged by bwtiag Jn the air. Its azWes
can be ofasaiacd by chemical reaodeos, btt
tbey are very vastAbi tl easily ra&MMd
book to tbe metal
Gold is vary totHe tfct Is, it can be oat
am! bfttti! wttfc a knife. Hie a pieoe of
weod or berB. wfeUe partem and other
wortbltMA auseraia will crumble andcr tbe
fcntfe Made Hie a )op ef cogac.
Very ier ekemicU bre ay effect n
gold. Sctewe seM will dimolvc U. bt ftrr
ebemiste b&vc er Men tM rtrj rare tmb
sfcMwe. A miaan of sltrie aad byrfro
cMerto Mtdb sttta. rgla) wOl afeo dlorre
la tbe Moatraesare of gofcl thread lev
eabcoMry a eytaNir of utiTtr iovn4
mik gold &ad ftvrvrard drevra et tato
wire. In tbi ir&T fix ovaot ef cokl have
ba xaade to yiaid over SCO milt of gilt
Dy feeaOea: oat bKte jscr af saaci
braoeaatd naratfaraMd take kirns of
ocft tr-7- tfcM WM$ . tbea -tfl
B2fe ' if ' r cpV ulagk
vOMt , - : J ' -y
"Wichita, Kansas,
A i Juil Sort ofTwi.
t stttl rontly a grocer vrfco dec boil
',eu at limy City, liieh., hw teiUd tb
gsoi offorcd bin by ahatlotj. Un&tr tbl
rtl th etbr day lie rejected about Wll
Umi "toa fruit" offered him by ra osciens
groj(er of the rlciojie. The sett xsorn
ts? tbe fcstR farmer eppea fi with an
otber lot and tbe ttkaklng tet tailed to rat
tie a 4tu;J esse. But (be ktocst tu rt
tJed later on -" toft a ldy tent back a
on yl - . ! raw etsasd
t 2 t f jnaer ! Ull
"by Scrofula
Itt m1 t-7 ' ar Pre rs.4. szttmtU
tbfac!i 9 UaJt oi itMr a. Scrofaia u xvn
lurQtkt if fin rea -ArtJar:ra ts7v 4
tefitet MvA. el XwxUa Hclf a U
Tfac. wk r taws f wMl U2t.
doffed f ' v" li vVvC
rf ) B, a4 l&rvr U
attorn N4 U -sZ7 fttcvU t Ua rU
JUtt Tlicrtt Is a Remedy
tt tone. wftsr trtwiitary er eriri.
U lUr4' b&rMarSU. wdai ty Um
ytwrttii irt ?ca 1A t'ai, ttsm
rrj tr fcf ti dtwM taA riM to
a4ikli!tberr &4 teter fcaari. ft
Ts to UV Jfc&Tt ffrttrau 9 v. Meat
Hood's Sarsaparilla.
MM Vr B itrtrrl.i. f k l( r VL TrfrtA !
100 &0M9 Qn Dollar.

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