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The Wichita daily eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1890-1906, December 09, 1890, Image 8

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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xt Wlxtlxx(, patly ixU: trjostfccg Hcrrmn Jpeteralrjer 9f 1890
Highest of all in Leavening Power. XJ S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
m xzzL
I. x
-M. L. CKAWronn. Manager
tlT"Streot cars at the door after each performance.
Imre Klralf y's Grand Spectarnlar Production, Sur
pnsslDC all previous revn al t of
Under tho Direction of
A Grand Company of Tcrpslchorcan Artists.
The New Great Mikado Ballet,
ConsiBtlne of 100 Dancers,
The Suez Canal.
Tho Kccentric Palace.
The Garden In Tokio.
Wreck of the Henrietta.
The U. P. R. It. Train.
The Giants fctairway,
j , 0 UJL CBAwronn, Manaco
wntivetrCars at tho door after each performance.
Madison Square Tlieatrc, N. Y.
Jn Sir Charles Young's Famous Play,
(Furnished by the Deam Abstract Co.
The following transfers of real estate
were filed for record in tho office of the
rcjjister of deed.
A A Hvde to Mary G Tayloy 5 blk 5
Frisco Heights 2nd add w d 1500
II W Kendle to Albert White 177 170
181 "Water St Schwertrr's add and
07 C9 71 Market St Griffeustein's
add 13 14 15 G. A. Hatfield's add
and 5 0 7 8 Morris St G A Hatfield's
addw d 10300
L C Norman et al to W R Dulaney
61 03 Ida ave Hvdc's add q c d 1
Wm Stancer to W P Jaques 13 5 7
Stafford ave Stafford & Stancer's
add 14 10 IS Main St West Mt Car
mel add and 30 32 34 36 8S 40 42 44
Wabash ave Wabash sub-division
wd 1000
S Keiman to E Edward 2 4 0 8 10 12
Macon St Reiman's add q c d 3000
P H Duncan to Lucy J Taylor 5 7
Harveysaddwd A 238,50
Robert Duncan to Caswell & Buck
ley 23 25 Duncan's add w d 170
J W Ground to C Doney 145147 140
151 153 155 157 150 171 162 ashing
ton ave Kelsch's add qcd 1
Rufus Cone shf to Al E Davies 2 blk
H Merriman park add shf d 50
James A Wright to Al Bloch w hf
nwqr20252 e wd 1400
Ella Laverna Amidon executrix lo F
LFilIinghast 5 Fourth ave Eng
lish's Fifth add deed 710
Ambrose Whitecotton to Cleapatra
R Griffith sw or 20 26 2e wd 3650
Rufu& One shf to Mary J Bonton
1135 1147 1149 1151 Wichita stLewel
lens2d add
Charles F Lindsay to Charles F Alar
tin 19 Orchard st Kaeisers add wd. 050
The Nexr Dresses.
Alany of the new dresecs have one flounce
around the hem, whicn may be taken as a
premonition that tlie gowns of next sea
son will be flounced to.the'wait, after the
style of cir grandmothers. Thus gently
does fashion insert the wedge of an inno
vation in mode which presently develops
to exaggeration.
New Oriental Ferfauies.
Sandalwood and goolab are the names
of two fresh oriental perfumes. The last
is something like attar of roses, only less
pungent. The other scent will be appre
ci.yed by those who like the rather sickly
odor of sandalwood.
Fashion Echoes.
The tea gown is becoming more ornata
as well as more popular every day.
Many of the new morning wraps are in
the new turquoise color. This is rather
trying for morning complexions.
Some of the new evening dresses are de
uged with lace.
Jeweled nets will be much worn in tha
way of draperies this season.
"Winter dresses for day wear .ire made of
wool rather thun silk, tliough sometimes
there is a comblauxjna of the two.
"The Ereatept Success the Madison Square Theatre
li as i ex dnown .' 'New York H era I d .
Regular prices. Seats on sale Wednesday. Dec 10
rl RA WFOKD-GIiANu o .
' o Ii. M. CUAtt roiiD, Jlanacor
C7" Street Cars at the door after each performance
The Seasons Biff Sensation.
Triumphant Everywhere.
Imposing and Impressive Production of the Great
International Melo-Dramatic Success
Famous Tew Yor.t Cast!
Two Car Loads of Scenery !
Amazing AIechanic.il Effects
Beo the Bit: White YaohL with Real Masts and Sails
and Full-Rigged iu Every Particular.
Note Incidental to Act n, "Spike" Hennessey
nud "Kid" McCoy, the Eminent Reformed Cracks
men, will blow open a brand-how iron af. In full
lew of tli audience. KealiHlic and bcieutlllc!
Seats on sale Thursday, Dec 11th.
Dissolution Notice.
The firm of Ward & Varner dissolved
partnership by mutual consent on Dec, 4.
W. H. Varner still remains at 219 East
Douglas avenue, room 4, and will be
pleased to bee all his old patrons.
dlO 3 W. H. Varsek.
Smoke Bishop's cigars. d!9 lOfc
Take stage at Whnrton for Stillwater;
Billy Snyder, proprietor. d4S tf
Holiday Goods
Press tho Button and Get Mustard.
Everybody, no doubt, has long thought
that there was still a great deal to be
desired in the matter of cruetstands
pepper bottles with brassy tops that
come off when you turn them upside
down, and shower pepper in shoals upon
your underdone mutton; vinegar bottles
minus the vinegar; another bottle with
a thick sediinenty something inside
which you are informed is "Worsted
sauce," aud a mustard pot. At last,
however, invention has stepped in and
patents have been gone for, and there is
a real now thing called the patent auto
matic mustard pot. It is a very inge
nious contrivance and is made in an
electroplate or nickel silver case. It has
a sliding piston, which you press, and
then the mustard comes out, just as
much as you desire, and keeps fresh and
nice for quite a while. New York Jour
nal. Names with No Moaning-.
"Brussels carpet is not made in Brus
sels at all," said J. Al. de la Rive, of
Brussels. "Nor is French glass made in
France. French plate glass, or what is
known to the American trade as French
glass, is all of Belgian make. In Cana
da they call it German glass. I suppose
these names are given because the car
pets were handled by dealers in Brussels,
and the glass was first introduced in this
country by French houses and in Canada
by Germans." Chicago Tribune.
The ladies of St. Paul's M. E. church
will hold a Christmas market at their
church on Wednesday afternoon and eve
ning. Dec 10, at which many useful and
beautiful articles will be for sale. Supper
in the evening, consisting of many delica
cies, will be served. You are very cordi
ally invited to come and help. By order
of the president. 18 3
Fine Playlne Cards.
Send ten (10) cents in stamps or coin to
John Sebastian, general ticket and passen
ger agent Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific
railway, for a pack of the latest, smooth
est, slickest plaving cards that ever glad
dened the eyes and rippled along the fing
ers of the devotee to High-Five, Seven-Up,
Casino, Dutch, Euchre, Whist or any other
ancient or modern game, and get your
money's worth five times over. 16 tf
Tourist Excursions South.
Tourist excursion tickets are again on
sale to points in Georgia, Florida and other
"winter resorts." The conditions and lim
its on these tickets are reasonable. For
lull information call at 120 N. Main st.
E. E. Bleckley.
149tf P. and T. A. Missouri Pacific Ry.
It is Painted Red.
The Kansas City and Wichita special
train via the Santa Fe runs without
change of any class, and has in its equip
ment a new reclining palace chair car
which is free. 13 tf
Everything You "Want from
a 5c to a $5 Article.
This Hat 39 cents.
In Felt, All Colors.
GIM 418 E Dowlas Ay
Done Up by His Own Hand.
There is an author in this town, though
the world perhaps hardly knows it, who
writer a worse hand than did Horace Gree
ley. He hugs the delusion that he writes
beautifully all infernally bad writers do.
About a month ago a newspaper man
made the author you will observe the dis
tinctiona bet that if he sent a short story
to a certain magazine in his own hand
writing it would be returned to him with
or without thanks, and that the same story
type written would be accepted.
The bet was accepted, the trial made, and
the newspaper man won the bet. The story
written with a pen came back. With it
was a polite note stating that Air.
must not suppose that tho story was re
jected for lack of merit, etc., etc. The
type written story was accepted, and the
check somewhat recouped rhe author for
the money Jost on the wager Pittsburg
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Will be given away for Xmas with every Suit or Overcoat
bought of Tlie ITamo-as.
I will cany no winter stock over for moths to eat next summer I have made
another extra cut in my immense stock of
Clothing, Gents Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps, Etc.
And will give the benefit to my friends and patrons at any price, your price is mine.
Everything in the house must go, nothing reserved. I have no Baits,
no Trash, no Truck, Traffic, to offer but my entire stock
rnrowii on me mercy or tlie people.
Suits worth $400 and $5.00, - - Famous
Suits worth 87.00 and SS.OO, - Famous
Smts worth $10 and $12, - - - Famous
Overcoats worth $2.50 and 3.50 Famous
Overcoats worth $5.00 and 7.50, Famous
Overcoats worth $8.50 and 10, - Famous
slaughter price $2.13
slaughter price 2.95
slaughter price
slaughter price
slaughter price
slaughter price
Children Milts, t to II
years, pirated front and
hack, worth 13, famous
price SCc A handsomo
l'rrsj-nt kItcix rrlth each
ch.lds uiu
Our stock is yet large, sizes unbroken of Meltons, Kerseys, Chin
chillas and Cheviots; now, come and take them, your price is mine.
Ladies, we beg to call special attention to This great slaughter sale of chil
drens and boys clothing, and prices knocked silly. 'come before stock is broken.
Fine border handkerchiefs two for oc; mens heavy, seamless, cotton hose oc:
heavy all wool socks three pair gor 2oc: mens suspenders Sc; mens heavy under
shirts 17c; all wool 33o; mens working pants ?2c: "better ones 97c; four ply linen
collars six for 3uc; line dress shirts, line underwear, mufflers, etc.; 50c on the
dollar is the word, and that's the money that carries them off. 50 dozen men
and boys caps at lb'c. regular price oOc. Seeing is Believing-
Blank charters and all kind of legal
blanks lor sale by
The Wichita Eagle,
d71 tt Wichita, Kansas.
'ote the importance ofTliis.
The Alissouri Pacific railway is the only
line running three daily trains between
Wichita and Kansas Citv and Wichita and
St. Louis. Aforning train leaves Wichita
at 8:10 a. m.. arriving at Kansas City same
afternoon, Chicago next morning at 8
o'clock, and St. Louis 7::K) a m. St. Louis
express leaves Wichita at 120 o'clock p. m.
with through Pullman sleeper and chair
car Wichita to St. Louis without change.
Night express leaves Wichita at 9:45 with
sleeper and chuir car through to Kansas
City and St. Louis. This train also con
nects at Yates Center with the through
express for Little Rock, Ark., and Alem
phis, Tenn., via Fort Smith. Ark. If you
are going east, west, north or south, re
member you will save time and money by
going via the Alissouri Pacific railway. It
is the short line to all points east and west,
St. Louis aud Pueblo and Denver. For
information, Pullman reservations and
tickets to all parts of the globe, call at the
city ticket office, 120 North Alain street, or
depot corner Second and Wichita streets.
E. E. Bleckley,
96 tf Passenger and Ticket Agt.
"Wichita, Kansas.
Notice to Depositors.
Please present your savings pass books
at our counter between Dec. 1 and 10 for
the entry of the semi-annual interest.
Savings Bank of AVicdita.
d4-17t C. E. CURTIS, Cashier.
What line runs three through passenger
trains to St. Louis without chauge?
The Frisco.
What line runs Pullman sleepers and
reclining chair cars mornins: and niirht to
St. Louis?
The Frisco is the only line.
What line has the fast train toSt. Louis?
The Frisco, whose flyer leaves Wichita
at 2:25 p. m. daily, arriving iu St. Louis at
7:30 the following morning.
JJoes this fast tram connect with other
trains from St. Louis?
Why, certainly, with all east bound
trains in St. Louis union depot. doO-tf
Truly a Modern lnoatlon.
The Santa Fe's Chicago vestibuled ex
press, which leaves Wichita at 10 a. m. ar
rives at Kansas City at Dp. m.; Chicago
next morniu. 8:50" No change of ani
ens from Newton. Free reclining library
chair c.trs, vestibuled conches, Pullman
palace sleeping and dining cars. dl2tf
Arc You Going to
Topeka, Leavenworth, Atchinson. St.
Joseph, or Kansas City, take the 8:45 a. m.
train ou the S:mta Fe, it runs solid and
arrives at Kan&as City 5:30 p. m. d!2-tf
Kansas City and Chicago leaves Wichita
8:10 a.m.t arrives at Kansas City 5 o'clock
p. m., Chicago nexf. morning at S o'clock.
Colorado express leaves W ichita at 5:35
p. in., arriving at Pueblo for breakfast and
Denver for dinner. Chair cars and Pull
man sleeping cars throimh to Denver, via
the Alissouri Pacific railway. 107 tf
Foster and Talmage's stocks
are to be sold out under
Everything Goes.
Come Everybody.
For Christmas Presents
E.J. Foster's Stand
219 East Douglas Ave.
Hallow-ell, Hume it Gordon,
Attorneys for Alortgagees.
A Bare Chance for a First-Class
Hardware Merchant,
We will sell all, or a part
of our stock, and give our
good will and aid the purch
aser on line of credit as
shown br our books. We
desire to selT, as our object is
to engage in the wholesale
hardware business in Wich
ita at an early date. Call on
us at 110 E. Douglas Ave.,
Wichita, Kansas, or address
us at same place.
Trimble Bros. & Threlkeld
d IM.lmo
We are not Going Out of Business.
But will Close Out Cloaks, Bonnets,
Astracan and Dress Lining
at Half Price.
Trimmed and untrlmed hats will be sold at less
than thirty cents on the dollar. Fine yarn", such
as Flcur ue Lees, Utopia, Gcrmanhmn, Shetland
Wool and Floss. IJerlin Zephyrs bct imported;
Senora and Standard fcaioray. Ice Wool. Fairy
Zephyrs and Flo3. and nil kinds of fancy poods
material-! on hand at reasonable prices, at 153 North
Main Street.
Deeds, Alortgages, etc., (Nebraska form
for Oklahoma, for sale at this oflice.
Aderss the WichitaEAGLE, Wichita Kan,
Three Tlirouch Trains.
Two night, one morning, Kansas City to
Chicago. The Santa Fe route. 43-tf
Notwithstanding statements to the con
trary, the Frisco line is two hours the
quickest to St. Louis. Try it. 50 tf
Low Kallrond Kates for the Holiday.
The Alissouri Pacific railway greets all
its friends with a wish for the merriest
Christmas and the happiest New Year,
and takes pleasure in nflering greatly re
duced round trip rates to enable them to
visit their friends at any point on this
road, not over JiOO miles distance. Tickets
are on sale Dec. 24, 25 and 31 and Jan. 1,
good to return until .Tan. 10. For tickets
and all further information, apply to your
local ticket agent. 16 tf
Kxcnrxlons via the Santa Fe Itente.
Semi-annual meeting of Kansas Traders'
association at Concordia. Kas., Nov. 22,
one and one-third fare on certificate plan.
Denver, Colo., Nov. II to 22, the general
assembly of the Knights of Labor, one and
one-thiid fare on certificate plan. Ottawa,
Kan., Nov. 27 to 29, Southeastern Teachers'
association, one and one-thin! fare on cer
tificate plan. W. D, AllituoKK,
d 151 tf D. P. A., Wichita.
This oflice is prepired to furnish all tho
blanks s Inch are u:-ed in connection with
proving up homesteads in Oklahoma. Wo
nso Coop's blanks, which are the only
blanks printed that have been approved by
the land commiiouer at Washington.
Cherokee Outlet.
We have for sale at this oflice a sectional
mnp of what is known as the Cherokee
outlet, together with a map of Indian ter
ritory, Oklahoma and al! the Indian reser
vation 32x27, on paper 1.50, printed on
cloth $2.50. 120-tf
"it iWmSbWlfm Vtlf HnMKiiiiBnF" '
$2 TO $3 PER DAY.
All Goods Warranted.
Tel. 205. 221 E Dougla3
The Finest.
The Santa Fe's new vestibuled train,
leaves Wichita 10 a. m.. arrives at Chicago
next morning at 8:50. This is the fastest
?mn rnirln trt f liiswirrrt A Vint It fiftl mftoc
thn shnrtost lino nud' CC3 miles tho J,t M. Stewart, Owner and Prop.
liue to Chicago. dl2-tf I Koher, Clerk.
Rates, 32.00 to $2.50 Per Day.
I InllflllUliB 422E Douglas Avenue.
No Reasonable Offer refused on any Article in the house.
Look before vou leap. Take the Frico
Flyer to St Lotus. dll3-tf
"W here Kolls the Orecon."
California, Washington and Oregon are
having a "boom" on solid basis thi?. year.
The country is fast fillincup with farmers.
Business is lively in all branches. If on
happen to be one of the many who are
thinking of taking a tnp to rhe Pacific
const, for pleasure or business, wnt to G
T. Nicholson, G P. and T. A.. A. T. & S.
F. R. R., Topeka, Kan., for Pacific coast
literature, or appl v to local agent Santa Fe
route, 122 North Alain street, or Union pas
senger station, corner Douglas and Fifth,
nd leora all particulars about personallj
conducted names. 129 tf
Old paj-ra for Kale Ht tbie office:
per hundrea.
er Plnirz Car Srrk-e.
Hereafter passengers leaving Wichita
on the Alissouri Purine fast through train
atl20ji m . for St. Louis or points east of
Fort autt. will enjoy the benefit of har
iog "supper -erred in a dining car at Fort
Scott at 7ri5 p m. Likewise passengers
ItifiviDg St Louis at 5:20 p m. will be
ervd breakfast at 7:SJ a. m. In tle Kinie
way. fbiis is the "Pleasant Hill route"
Ix-comin more popular daily with the
travrflins pabHc. E. K Blecklet.
PasscBjrabd rYetslK; aM.
.Missouri Paefcc Railway.
IS) North ALdc, &
( ABihridt.
coa ciry.
CriOid Co'xa.
PrUtmout SrcltMsLr.
lTard.itl Wt DcriclM.
Braaeh oSm 137 Jferth Main. TWepSrene 1S1 AVSU
Our Annual Display Opening
Takes Place this week. Come and Inspect
Below we give you a fac simile of Coupon fournished with, every 50cpHrcla
Every 50 cent purchase entitles yon to a guess, every $1.00 purchase entitles
you to two guesses on so ou.
1ST PRIRE Handsome Double Reed
and Double Cooper Organ, Valued at
Xinetu Dollars.
2ND PRIZE Handsome Bed Room Suit
16th Century Finish. Valued at Sixty
3RD PRIZE Siuger Sewing Alachine,
latest improvements, 5 draws. Valued
at Sixty Dollars.
4TH PRIZE Gents Gold Watch. Valu
ed at Fifty Dollars.
5TH PRIZE Ladies Gold Watch, with
Diamond in Center. Valued at Fifty
6TH PRIZE A Verv Fine Side Board,
16th Century Finish. Valued at Forty
Five Dollars.
7TH PRIZE Silver Service, comprising
five pieces. Valued at Thirty-Jive
Dolt a vs.
8TH PRIZE An Artistic Dinner Sett
comprising 110 pieces. Valued at
Thirty Dollars.
0TH PRtZE Ladies Writing Desk, oxi
dized trimmings, handsomely carved.
Valued at Thirty Dollars.'
10TH PRIZE Silver Tiltu gPitcherwith
Gold Lined Goblet. Va uod at Twen
ty Dollars.
11TH PRIZE Fino PIupIi Clock, metal
trimnipd. Valued at Twenty Dotla rs
12TH PRIZE-Beautiful Chamber Set,
comprising 12 pieces. Valued at Fif
teen Dollars.
My Name.
Aly Postoflice.
Aly Guess
P. S. Write plainly your name and especially your guesH. Return thin
ticket to the oflice of the Boston Store, where it will be Hied until Dec. 31,
1890, when a committee will be appointed to count the beans, and then tho
winners will be announced. BOSTON STORE.
A chance to buy your Holiday Goods and jaretonc of the above Prizes.
, r -
Our unloading Slaughter Sale on Suits, Overcoats
and Furnishing Goods will be continued as advertised in
last Sunday's Eagle.
One-Price Clotniers.
The Chance of (he Season.
Three Thousand Dollars' $.1,000) worth of Holiday Goods to bo closed ol
before January 1. As we move, w e will cut the piofit Hquari' off. and give all
a chanco to buy their pre&ents at cost. Our stock is large and complete, con
sisting of
Fine Dolls, Toys, Plus Goods,
CHINA and GLASSWARE, LAMPS, etc., which must be sold before January
1, to biivc moving. To do that we will sell at prices that will iiiotc the good;
so that all who rornc will get more for their money than elscwhore. Ho
guarantee to sell so you w ill go away satisfied that you have saved money by
going to d 13-lSt
Palmer's Toy Store, 258 N, Main, Cor, 2d, for Your Presents-
158 N Main, Corner First St.
&J ?uB m1 A
CrllfornU and the Nortb-rrU
If you are going to California, Oregon.
Wahington or any point in the north
wftst, be Mire to Ive your nam with the
ticket agent of the Alissouri Pacific rail
way who will book you for tne regular
weekly excursion via. the Alissouri Paclnc
railway and Denver and Rio Grande r2il
wav through the Grand canon of Colorado
and Salt Lake city. The AIKouri Pacific
railway will run weekly excursions to Cal
lfornia and the north-weat, 1 earing Wich
ita every Sunday evening at 5:15. These
eat jriioa xre idl taken charge of by regu
lar est arioa agents who rna through to
the Patinc coast, looking Xtr the want?
of aecu nd every passengrr. The Denver
and Rio Grande rallwAy'ii now a broad
iraa.2e road and the Pullman tourist cars
roa through without change. liernesifrxr j
iw rood and the ti:e Low fare ad ;ze
best aceommodatioovt bat cna be yiTtR.
Per further fnfrmtJH anlt on or-ddftw,
E. E. BlJXKtrr
P. &T.A.AI0 Pac. Ry
dl tf ISO N. Alum Si.
di" u( yotutn a tjllf for Ui5At ialjr
year, ami "'"In toute iiutt he Uua .tllthi ll id
itrararnu bat-rie-. J trcd. tor tfaWx uc
reMful trealajint. uiclcdt&ir nurcrid tun or. J
pUiemenU, M,lrzement. prolapMu alcrrattDv
lcucorrbaea. cthrmretut the trrtrir, iatntnl. macu
lar or vrifuu o MrAtiiHs etc Ir TttUi hr
crstljr spent several month in th- Urwf atmpttafo
of tlie past in the pe -1 tdy rf eimiUitr il i
th only pfayttrtan In h 'iffcwt Uiri:tilr
familiar .'ch it w lestlSc fcp;.nOoo
EKVOlS ll.fcAMiH-Ur rrrfll wUtr lo
call tho sueatton of ttt tuZftlug Imm eron
woudifrfBI curat. rr rZr,X Xv I- rif"4 from !--rrtrltv
nheo vBt.3r. T p.'.-4 u4 r- I
!tr tbt fc mtVn - t&pljaiiou of eltr,rUr ta
SCTxiltM a ?ciI Intr vf Jkl prmeiie
Tbrv.ua ir baa n bt tft cM 4bwm nrt.i
Ym. try net -en. ts ifc il.a all Ui . u
t.pr.-inllT W4 unl tfumcmt : it e -t
r aewlR .I ' -. wbJeh h'fmtilj Aaa ---tar-atlywr-
, t -. -. ot HrJUJr
(ATAItMH rtjt ratarrk U r-.r'i, I!
poftr " irim. ur. jtnw - inn'. .w
K1' 1 IKAMlSofalt alaiesr4 kft UZ
lutre Uil
lII.. r 1-TVLA Dd alt al la ctt.
ykai'.' t .aain A rnrr rr-4
IM.IHMl. STKKll KK nlrlr 4 VT
nstitrfHi? - ir4 T rlctrol7iM. No nttnc ;-fcn.
t wj - cerl.
IHiKi1, UIEaRS BrfrtnH. aUuEa.fcr
IntT .i M'a fttv isrc tnan1 .. rla. d)
ttl bow.l, lean - ' rMautaai,
dr9). U.rbtA AUttr M44r. k r .tltf
arr iiiri , b.oxl vAftt. M ftMtr .
!VI'HI1.1 - Tlit drtsjt 4i T k4
iralf ilr and jrtoaeUr trl uy tl w rr
C.t w ttljerjt thr piio ante dr xea br
XedtrU "t tollrrtn t 'fc" nmnirj. C
oatirfrtc bed for i;anusUaV
J. H. TEHBIU-. K. D.
t KOIiON fill tMT AM At KIr-0
rimctal tUrmf.ttt. I J 5 af t r. toMi
tertrtlft idjiHiaMiil (la MMrlln
rfert rlaiwfi
A 1 1CA T rTnov nf tht tt'rt4 U naay
wfcn hare IpBir W Uttl7 0Mt
tltOHKKl fi lralehlsl. la man caart wtis-
uitAM urrt) Mini cd au turn of of r
nuMmri. AnlSkil f - ltl.
Jt- A I NKso Aii viTAtf t-n- pnHOpttTWvi.
l.ANiOBlr tlw)ufcaadp"MlraUu
toC b tA M gla-. ,C thrf aai
tattM tnnr fcarta Un &"- n.
wrrf srrtfy irai. aA6a. r
' mtA . t ufWT t 'I''in" i '
4ft wawt.Kfw ai rri ai tr m J th p-tiUmljmvtyrrrz--
K JJatol O
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