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The Wichita daily eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1890-1906, December 26, 1890, Image 8

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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QlxzWLxttxilx gaily gagle: rxctatj flaming, Jpcmtr.tr 26, 1890
Highest of all ra Leavening Power. -TJ, S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
DYxi Baking
i ik &&&& r
-L. JI. Crawford, Manager
r?"Strcct cars at tho door "after each performance.
Grand Chri-tma-i Matinee.
Equine : and: Canine : Paradox.
5 A Wonderfully Educated f(
J Podies and Dogs. JJ
Greater and Grander than Ever.
Prlc o-13 28. 5 and .Wc
Secure j oar scats at onco os the house is sure to bo
V o jr. It. CiiAwrono. Manager
tStrct cars at the door after wch peronna e.
KBRHRpmcnt of the Eminem Comedian.
In Edu
L. Kidder s ery successful
Corned" Drama
Supported by the weiie. entire companj that ap
learnl -with Sir. Justll during his two months' sne-
.e-wful run at nly's ThctUe In New York City.
.Sxtte on sale at box office.
15ERGER. Manager.
t o Li 51. Crawford, llaniser
nystreet Cars at the door after each pciformance
Two Mplits Only, December 29 and 30
Engagement of the Famous Original
c C a XT II
Monday Night, Von Suppc's Mutterplecc,
Tuesday Nlfjht. Millocker's Famous Opera,
Dicby Bell.
w llllam niuisdell.
W IVHoi healer,
('has. w . Dusrnn,
rrcd H. Trear.
Iatna.7oyr Hell,
Annie ilycr.
.Ti-.sIp Corlett".
MatlU'e Cottrolly,
Cora Henderson,
And Others
Augmented Orchestra. Chorus of Fifty.
Prices Rosen od tete 1.25, 100, 7onnd3lc
anco sale opens Thursday, Dec. 25.
v o M. L. CKA-wroKD, ilanagor.
E"i7Street cars at tho door after each performance.
One ISiglii and New Years Matinee,
January 1.
The ReltndnK Favorite of the Comedy Stage, the
Charming und Gifted Comedienne,
J MISS VJ3R'0TA "7""r
In Her Brilliant Musical Comedy.
Rcpleto with all tho Latest Opera Gems
Pretty Faces. Exqntsitc 1 olleU.
Company of Acknowledged Oomedy Artists
catchy Songs. Original M'isic.
New Gavotte br Handnome Girls. Beautiful lv Cos
tumed. W itty staying. Funny bituatlous.
Twnty Dollars Pnrch tied an Offlce and
Good Will in Wjomlng.
" JJcnght a newsps- V c for $20?"
'That's what I s. id,"' replied a tall,
lame man with a (5-. A. R. button.
"Young Smidgely went out to Nebiaska
in 1877, about the time Bill Nye started
his Boomerang in Laramie, Wy., and
bought out the Lone Tree Courier, good
will, office fixtures, plant and everything,
for 20. He hold the same paper in two
years for $G.2oO."'
''Great financier?"
'Yes; a judicious combination of
finance and journalistic instinct. Smidge
ly arrived in Lone Tree with only 25,
and put up at a hotel where the two men
or rather boys wh owned tho paper
boarded. One of tlnrn was a printer
the 3ounger on?; the other wa& a stock
m,in up on the Loup river who didn't
know an em quad from a tripenny lath
nail. The pnee asked for The Courier
was $1,400. Smidgely looked the office
over, said he'd take it. paid tho boys $20
down, pulled off his coat and went to
work. There was of course a mortgage
on tho outfit. I never saw a country pa
per in that btato without one. One note
of 700 was duo tho next week. Smidge
ly got out a rattling good paper it was
a weekly. Tho first itsue showed nn
signs of improvement, and then he went
down and introduced himself to the
county treasurer.
Beforo ho left ho got that official to
promise to use hi3 influence with tho
county commissioners ia getting tho tax
list to publish, and finally succeeded in
borrowing 800 on tho promise of a good
bonus on tho tax list fat. The list came
to 1,100, all clear money by the way,
and then Smidgely got the county com
missioners to publish the official proceed
ings of the board something that had
never been done before and this at 40
cents an inch, he fatted up to be worth
at least 50 a week all net gain. The
whole town fell dead in love with
Smidgely, advertising rolled in, they
elected him justice of the peace, sent
him to the legislature and boomed him
for all there was in sight. Well, when
the man came along, as I said, Smidgely
sold out for $6,2o0, went to Denver and
sunk the whole in some mining specula
tion. Every word of this story is true,
and it shows the possibilities which are
always looming up in young states for
young, enterprising men." St. Paul Pio
neer Press.
Recent Importations' fax Millinery Hat
and Bonnets Seen fn the New Yorh
Sbop Windows and at the Aatnrau
Hats are all quips and cranks again for
the winter season. 0:i3 of a. very whimsi
cal shape in black felt, jecn at a recent
opening, had a small and perfectly round
crown. One side was ornamented with a
wreath of rany black tips, and tho back
was fastened up with a cluster of the same.
The hut was enlivened by a largo bow of
bright blue velvet. Another hat more
outre, if anything, in shape had a portion
of the brim on the left side cut off. The
other side came out in a wide poke in
front. This hat was profusely tiimmed
with mauve feathers. On one hat were
counted no less than nine birds. Many of
the French hats are trimmed with flowers.
The hats that are large and fiat are known
as plate shapes.
Turquois blue plays an all important
part in millinery. One very small bonnet
seen was composed of turquois and steel.
Velvet will be a very popular material dur
ing the forthcoming winter. Tomato and
capsicum colors, also a deep yellow, prom
ise to be largely worn. A bonnet that
excelled all other queer shapes seen was
heart shaped. It was made of blue velvet,
and trimmed with black rosettes and birds.
In the accompanying cut are shown two
imported bonnets. The iirst figure illus
trates a bonnet of heliotrope velvet with a
brim of applique black lace. Around the
small and peculiar crown is a jet coronet,
and jet drops edge the brim. The strings
are of velvet. The remaining ficure shows
a bonnet in sapphire blue velvet, with
black lace strings; the garniture is com
posed of lace, jet ornaments, a feather
aigrette and twisted folds of velvet.
What line rnns three through passenger
trains to St. Louis without change?
The Frisco.
What line runs Pullman sleepers and
reclining chair cars morning and night to
St. Lords?
The Frisco is the only line.
What line has the fast train toSt. Louis?
The Frisco, whose flyer leaves Wichita
at 2:25 p. m. dailv. arriving in St. Louis at
7:30 the following morning.
Does this fast train connect with other
trains from St. Louis?
Why, certainly, with all east bound
trains in St. Louis union depot. d50-tf
Old papers for sale at this office 25 cen
per hundred. 23tf
Pin This In Your Hat.
And vou will then know that the largest
auction sale of city lots ever held in the
southwest, and the great opportunity for
investments, takes place at Aransas Har
bor, Tex., Jan. 7 and S. 2S-14t
Indian Territory JIaps.
A perfect sectional map of the "Cherokee
Outlet," containing 6,023,244 acres, soon to
be opened for settlement, showing every
quarter section of land, every stream, cat
tle trail, railroad and station in that noted
country, and the whole Indian territory.
Size 28x36 inches, beautifully colored.
Price il.2o: fnllv mounted, cloth
back, on rollers, $2.00.
Also a perfect sectional map of the
"Iowas," "Sac and Fox," "Kickapoo" and
"Potowatomie" reservations, containing
2,408,422 acres, lately treated for, and to be
opened to settlement, also showing the
eastern tier of counties of Oklahoma terri
tory, railroad stations, etc., etc. Size 24x30
inches. Price $1.00: fully mounted, cloth
back, on rollers, 51.7.". Both maps to one
addreg for 2.00: fully mounted for $3.50.
Address F. J. ARNOLD,
d30-12t. P. O. box 803, Wichita, Kan.
New Pullman sleeping car service Mis
souri Pacific railwav Wichita to St. Louis
without change via the "Pleasant Hill
route. d3S tf
Three hours the quickest to St Louis
Missouri Pacific railway. 124 tf
That's i:nough, Don't You Think?
Jr.rr D. HnnTF.iN, Prop'r and Manager.
nle of bok&s commences Monday, December 29th.
IL Xobnooo Mater.
Tho late Hon. Dnvid Dudloy , of Presque
Isle, wus a great tobitcco hater. He
would not sell the weed in his store and
would not allow anyone to sinoko on his
premises. While Hon. Hannibal Ham
lin waa vice premdent ho visited Presque
Isle, and being well acquainted with Mr.
Dudley called on him. The honorable
vice president was smoking a cigar when
he entered tha shop. Air. Dudley, glad
to see him, shook him by tho hand and
then said, "Mr. Hamlin, the boys and
men all know that I don't allow smoking
In my store, and to be consistent I must
ask you to either throw away your cigar
or step out on the platform." All present,
Mr. Hamlin included, respected him the
tuoro for his manly courage. Lewiston
Too Litor.l.
Mrs. Pussley You won't do a thing to
please mo now, and yet before we were
married you said you would ro through
fire and water for me.
Pussley So I would, my dear. The wa
ter would put the fire out, vou know
All Holiday Goods at a
Bic; Discount.
Mnrli VIrltie In Gulf Wator.
Probably you never heard of it before,
but the water of the Gulf stream is con
fidently believed by certain old people on
Staten Island to be a sovereign remedy
for disorders of the stomach. They drink
half a glassful after each meal, smack
their lips, and in about three days they
get well. So they say. So pilots and
other seafaring men who get out to the
Gulf stream are frequently importuned
to bring in jugs of tho gulf water for
the invalids. Thero is a saloon keeper
down thero whose faith in this sort of
thing is unlimited, and he has been be
sieging for about three years a certain
pilot of his acquaintance to bring him in
some of the water. But the pilot always
The other day, however, ho tickled the
old man almost to death by bringing
him three jugs of tho precious liquid.
The-Baioon keeper began to braco up at
once, and three days later ho chased the
pilot half way around the island to over
whelm him with gratitude.
"So it did you good, did it?" says the
"Good?"' says tho old man. "Why,
bless you, my boy, it has added ten years
to my life. I feel like a youngster again.
I'll bet I can beat you in a foot race
right here."
And the pilot did not smile nor jibo
nor jeer. But whnn the flood tide had
been running about nn hour that even
ing he went 'oftly down to the end of
Stapleton pier, drew out a tin bucket
and dipped up about a gallon of the
limpid stream. And the next morning
tho saloon keeper r: overjoyed to get
two more jugs of Gulf stream water
from his thoughtful friend.
"It's kind of a shabby trick," says tho
pilot apologetically, "but as long as
there are buckets handy around Staple
ton I guess Uncle Jo""i needn't go with
out Gulf stream water.' Kew York
Truth Is Stranccr Than 1'iction,
A well known nove ist of tliis city was
telling how he find his plots. "I have
found nearly all of them in real life by
intercourse with people in all sorts of
society. There are no plots to be drawn
from the imagination that are equal in
interest to those lhat can be learned bv
knowing the actual o -periences of many
of or.r men and won on. Here in New
York you can hoar cr plenty of lovelorn
damsels and bold s win"!: you can find
heroes and heroines a-plenry; yon can
hear of marvelous a lventnres; Vou can
find people whose career has been ro
mantic: you can hear of intrigues and
their denouement; yen can meet charac
ters who would shi le on the printed
nage: you can easily find in the actual
experience of your acquaintances all the
material needed for tragical tales or
humorous yarns. Why, the best plot I
ever wrote w was no of my invention,
but was in the story of her own life
given me by my cook.'" New York Sun.
New Woolon J'abrics.
The new patterns and new fabrics for the
coming season do not as j'et point to any
novel departure. Checks and stripes will
both be worn, the checks large and the
stripes irregular. One of the novelties is
the checks and stripes with an astrakhan
effect introduced, bluck and fleecy. A new
stuff called drap St. Petersburg has a
check formed with square, coarse stripes.
The horizontal and perpendicular stripes
are frequently of a totally different color,
and in contrast to the ground. One of the
most delightfully soft stuffs of the year is
a pure, self colored vicuna, made in over a
dozen shades, fcerge is always in fashion,
and nearly every one has one serge dress
at least in her wardrobe; the novelty is
the Sergino Haye, or striped serge, with
white and brown stripes on the blue
ground, the colorings varying according to
taste. A new fabric is "poile." It is
checked and striped, and the patterns dif
fer greatly. Some of the tailor tweeds are
close and line as delaine, only thicker, and
others as rough and coarse as Bath blank
eting. An Item for the Slaseulinc Sex.
It has been decided by the Association of
Master Tailors of Paris and Lyons that the
masculine sex is to lay aside its dark gar
ments, and to appear henceforth clothed in
lively colors. Coats are to be made in
bright shades, and there are to be gorgeous
waistcoats, lace jabots and knee breeches
and stockings to match. A ball will be
given in Parisand Lyons during the course
of the winter to inaugurate this revival of
elegant clothes for men. Paris decrees
the fashions for women, but from London
comes the word that decides thoe for men,
and London has not yet spoken in favor of
many colored coats and knee breeches.
Eicning and Dinner lire.
For evening wear many of the be;t En
glish gowns arc made with polonaises,
some with a few delicate g.it hers concen
trated at the back just below the waist
line. Lace is profusely used on some as
bodice trimming. In the height of fashion
are black gowns trimmed with jet and tur-
If you are going to any point north or
east be sure and take the Great Rock
Island train that leaves Wichita every day
at fc55 a. m. and reaches Kansas City 5
o'clock the same day and Chicago early
the next morning. Remember the Rock
Island Route is the only line between
AVichita and Chicago on w hich you do not
have to change trains. Evening train
leaves Wichita at 9.55 p. m. City ticket
office 100 E. Douglas avenue, corner Slain
street C. A. Rutherford,
111-tf Ticket Agt
ChespliOtsat Aransas Ha rbir.
City lots can be bought In Aransas Har
bor, Tex., today cheaper than the average
price paid in villages located in the inte
rior containing one thousand population,
and yet no city was ever started in the
United States with greater resources of all
the essential requisites to make a great
city than Aransas Harbor. 2S-14t
New morning express. Kansas City to
Chicago. The Santa Fe route. 43-tf
Christmas and New Year Holiday Kste.
The Great Rock Island route greets all
its friends with the compliments of the
season and begs to announce that tickets
will be sold from Wichita to all stations
within a distance of 200 miles at one and
one-third lowest first class fare for the
round trip. Dates of saie December 24, 25
and 31, 1S90, and January 1, 1S01. good for
return passage to January 5, 1S91.
City ticket office 100 East Douglas ave
nue, corner Main street Passenger station,
corner Douglas and Mead avenues.
Annual Meetlne Kausan State Teachers, To
pefcj, Kan., December 29-31.
For the above the Great Rock Islana
route will sell tickets to Topeka and re
turn at one aud one-third fare on certifi
cate plan. Trains leave Wichita at 8:55 a.
m. and 9:55 p. m. Remember the Rock
Island route is the only line landing pas
sengers on Kansas avenue in Topeka, con
vienent to all hotels. Free reclining chair
cars on all trains and Pullman sleeper on
night frains.
City ticket office 100 East Douglas ave
nue, corner Main street Passencerstation,
corner Douglas and Mead avenues.
The popular Frisco line sends greeting
and begs to announce that holiday ex
cursion tickets will be placed on sale at
Wichita and all other points at verv low
rates to stations 200 miles distant. Dates
of sale Dec. 24, 25 and 31, 1890, and Jan. 1,
1891, with a final limit to Jan. 5, 1891, re
turning. Union ticket office, 122 North
Main street Union Passenger station,
corner Douglas and Fifth avenues. 22-20t
Make a Fortune.
Don't fail to visit the auction sale of city
lots at Aransas Harbor, January 7 and S.
BIk Sale of City 3tB.
The largest auction sale of city lots ever
held in the south will take place at Aran
sas Harbor Jan. 7 and 8. :8-14t
Will 3Iako a Great City.
All tho different forces and interests
essential to the building of the largest city
on the Gulf coast, after months of negotia
tions, have combined to make Aransus
Harbor, Texas, the largest city in the
whole southwest. Great auction sale of
lots January 7 and 8. 28-14t
The regular annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Fourth National bank will
beheld on Tuesday, Jan. 13, 1691, at 4
o'clock p. m., in the office of the piesident
in the bank building, to elect directors and
officers for the ensufng year, and to trans
actuch other business as may come be
fore the meeting. E. R. Powell,
d00-20t President.
A small black Indian pony mare from
residence of J. S. Garrison, West Side, last,
night. Return to J. S. Garrison, 116 N.
Osage, Y"est Side, and receive reward.
The Finest.
The Santa Fe's new vestibuled train,
leaves Wichita 10 a. m.. arrives at Chicago
next morning at S.50. This is the fastest
time made to Chicago. About fifty miles
the shortest line, and 683 miles the best
line to Chicago. dl2-tf
Tourist Kxcurnlons South.
Tourist excursion tickets are aeain on
sale fo points in Georgia, Florida and other
"winter resorts." Tne conditions and Jim
its on these tickets are reasonable. For
lull information call at 120 N. Main st.
E. E. Bleckley.
149tf P. and T. A. Missouri Pacific Ry.
It is Painted Red.
The Kansas City and Wichita special
train via the Santa Fe runs without
change of any class, and hn in its equip
ment a new reclining palace- chair car
which is free. 13 tf
All Holiday Goods now on Hand
to be Saerifieed at 50e
on the Dofiar.
Guessing afrthe beans4n the jars will
be stopped December 31st, at 7 p. m.;
bring along your coupons as after above
date we cannot accept them.
Every 50c purchase entitles you to a
The Boston Store
9:30 P I
Every Evening.
o-no P 31
Kvory Evening.
Gold Speetaeles and Eve Glasses.
Toys, dolls, albums, tables,
colognes, mufflers, handker
chiefs, plush setts, games,
all to go at cut prices. "We
dt) not carrv anv over.
Wandering Jtno.
From the time ot Abraham to the pres
ent, the migratory iastijicr has been strong
amonj: Jews. McNoot.-vmin P, nun..
Egypt, Canaan oaee more, Assyria. Baby
lonin, Persia, Canaan a third" time, and
then the whole world, is the route of mi
gration, the Itinrrary, as it were, of tht He
brew race Thr Jew, lire iudeed the "tribe
of the wandering foot." The existence .
Jews in out of tbe way corners of the earth
the Felashas and Beci-lsrutl and tke
Corttia .W4-is only Kxatd for by their
wandering m-t.ilj No (LjuLr tbt in
Miact bA. been Mrwiiea! iy pe.-sr
tkm. but now win jitjk-c prevail, the J--,
still rotniKS h, fotMiutte Sir -.ruveUrag.-Nw
York Ldgcr.
quois and worn with turquois orna
mont". One recently made was of black
satin, with the frout ez.tindy covered with
embroidery of jet The bodice ws- en s-uite.
on one shoulder being ft rosette of blue vel
vet and on the other jet fern leavea which
stood nmzhr.
The princess? robe form1 the model of a
charming "Vcnt-h ui niter tc.et saown ia
our cut This Paris sown has a long, ser
pent like train in roe colored silh. and
opens on the left side to show off n panel
in apple gron gatuc arranced in HceordioB
plaitiugs A beaded edging follows tht
outline of the opening, under which th
go rn is in. isibly fastened. It jala car
ried along the g-een gauze bertha, cmiclr
up in tne cea'cr wirn a jeweled ciai-;
while htnuss of peari er-.circie the puffe
epaulet on tho right side, the neck an
the Diana coiffurr. A green velvet plat
ing projects from under the tmin. an
clusters of rccs arc fastened on the lef
An OM Prlnlln; Press.
Stowed away in one of the rooms at tm
capitol in Montpelier, Vt.r are the renuur
of the first printing press brougat to tht
country. L'poE it wa- printed the free
man's oath lor Ma.vaelsuet&, the ttre'
thiug printed in 3mih North Araence
It ws last ned at Vindsor, at Teen
yeer ago. printing a cheap uoveL It w
artcrw&iu stored in a barn. asi xzms rical".
Iwugbt br the SiRte Press Maoruitloa r z
icf? with the ilarorioal audetr Rat!-
The Santa Fe is the short line Pneblo, to
Colorado Springs and Denver. Note the
time: Leave Wichita 4:10 p. m.. arrive
Pueblo (5:33 a. m.. arrive Colorado Springs
7:40 a. m., arriveDenerlO:30a. m. Through
Pullman chair car and dining car service.
This office is prepared to furnish all th
blanks which are used in connection with
proving up homesteads in Oklahoma. We
Use Coop's blanks, which aie the only
blanks printed th.t have been approved by
the land connnisMoner.it Washington.
ofp Clianue of Time.
Commencing Sunday, Oct 5th, the Mis
souri Pacific Fast Mail and Exp-ess will
leave Wichita sit 2 o'clock p. m., arriving
at St. Louis next morning at 7 o'clock.
Chicago Express will leave at 8:4." a. m.,
arriving at Chicigo (via Kansas City) at 8
o'clock next morning. This makes the
fastest trains for both Sc. Louis aud Chi
cago. Pullman sleepers and chair can
through to St. Louis without change.
"o New City
Will be started during the next quarter
of a century offering such grand opportu
nities for investments as Aransas Harbor,
Tex. 2S-14t
NeTT- Dining Car Service.
Hereafter passengers leaving Wichita
on the Missouri Pacific fast through train
at 120 p. m., for St. Louis or points east of
Fort Scott, will enjoy the benefit of hav
ing supper served in a dining car at Fort
Scott at 7:25 p. m. Likewise passengers
leaving St Louis at S:20 p. m. will be
served breakfast at 7:-G a. m. in the -amc
way. Thus is the "Pleasant Hill route"
becoming more popular daily with the
travelling public. E. E Blecklet,
Passenger ahd Freight agent,
Missouri Pacific Railway.
120 North Main, dG tf
The Fine Lino of Ladies and Gents
fine slippers; Velvet, Plnsh. Embroid
ered, Goat, Calf, and Genuine Alli
gator Slippers, and warm lined, good
and all felt shoes and slippers of all
Anything in flip line of leather foot
wear you may desire or wish for the
Hoilidays you will find at Jno.
Draitsch's, 120 East Douglas Avenue,
Largest Stock and oldest established
house in Kansas. Quality and. prices
compared are the lowest in the city.
And Upwards.
Ami upwards.
Opera Glas.se.s $2.23 and Upwards.
Parisian Novelties, Elcjrant Designs. Superior Goods. M will exchange
spectacles and test the eies after (.'lm.steias without charge.
SPECTACIE JSAZAfi, 142 North Main Strcel.
158 N Main, Corner First St
f Anthracite.
Canon City.
Crushed Coia.
Weir City.
Peldmont 8m!thlnff.
Yard. 641 West Douglas.
Branch office 137 North Main. TeKvhone 192. d!33tr
Gevmanici, Westch ester,
Dl ilwaukee Moch a n ics,
J'orpje's, Security,
I'roridcnce- Washington.
O Ida ml Home,
. J.. . jllLlzmij Telephone' 237..
We are not Going Out of Business
Go east via the "New Short line, Mis
souri Pacilic "Pleasant Hill route."
Through sleeping and chair cars without
change Wichita to St Louis. 5Sd tf
will Close Out Cloaks, Ronnets,
Astracan and Press Lining
at Half Price.
nisLAStS Or WOMK.N Dr Ttrrlll 1ih made
(llf-ensea of women a rrrjalty for thuixnt twenty
3 cars and Mlslx- to tl.ifo tluit lie ha-tull I lis Into in
struments, battf-rlu, elr- trode, etc., for thWr uo
ceseuul treatment, ititliuiinj fibroid tumom, dt
pljccmcnts, rnlarcemrntji, prolapsus, lc ratloa.
Icucorrhaca. llvac of the tariff , jtMiiiful, im-ipi-lar
or prnftiee menstratloi. etc. Dr Ifrrlli Imhtk
tontly Fpeiit trtpral month In thelarcr liMpltal
of tha east In the nedal -ludj of eWtrUilj nml is
tht only physician In the Mutlit-t thorouirbly
familiar Tilth itM.Irni!!li. application
M.KVOUS DliLAUV Dr. Ieirlll !trt to
call tlie attention of llio- Miner ink' from ncr(m
dbewes. paralyh r. mrvoii!! protlri lion et., totb
ill cur!lTf -ficf 10 I r flptirrd fruio i-l-ih-r.
tntifU.al applied ..ni 'IfOre fo
piiCMiMxi 01 cirmci 111
ftatnrn of hit practice
Mat-that lie trinket, thenpplictitiou 01 tlrlric)l In
The doctor ha thn lltirst tiftv cell dlmnotnl caibon
neroui,duse m.s .1 t.ecl
Trimmed and nntrlatmed hats will be told at less
enora and fcmndard fcaiomy Ice Wool, I'alry
Zephyr aud Floss, and all kinds of fancy coods
matt rials on hand at reasonable prices, at 1S3 North
ilain btreet.
Holiday TrareL
A holiday excursion ticket make an ap
propriate Christmas present. It fits any
size stocking and suits any ize purse.
The favorite Santa Fe Route has made
very low rates from this place to points on
the A. T. & S. F. R. R. Within a distance
of 200 miles for holiday business.
Tickets on sale December 24th, 25th and
31st and January 1st, good until January
5th returning.
Call on local agent A. T. & S. F. R R
for particulars. d22 J0t
Take tage at Wharton for Stillwater,
Bill- Snjder, pioprietor. d4i tf
"W here Kolls theOrectn."
California, Washington and Oregon are
having a "boom" on K)lid basis tbis yt-ar.
The country is fast filling up with farmers
Business i Uvely in all branches. If you
happen to be one of the many who are
thinking of taking a tnp to the Pacific
coast, for pleasure or bnwne-t, write to G
T. Nicholson, G. P. and T A. A. T. & i
F. R, R.. Topeka. Kan . for Pacific eou.
literature: or apply to local agent SantR Fe
route, 122 North Main "street, or Union ps-
sencer station, corner Douglas and Fifth,
and" learn all particulars about personally
conducted parties. 1S& tf
St Louis express leaves Wichita at 120
o'clock p. m. Through sleeping and
chair car Wichita to St Louia, rfc Mis
souri Pacific railway. 107 tf
mJi. .
battery ever yeen in the ivwt.ar d all the npiiMiM.-t
especially adopted to the trtatmenr -r loet manhood
orteminaI weakne. which heouUklj andperuiau.
ntlycure by the aid of electric iiy
CAl AKKli hery cacc ff catarrh 1 cnrahle If
properly treated. Dr. lerrlll umm llatley'a new
shl.N DlhKASESofall kind cured when others
bare frilled.
riLKS r Ivrt'IiA and all rectat dl-easog ctiruL
No knife no pain. A cure- rnaranteed
I'M-nil'tAIi hTKUIl "Jr. nulckly ami pr
manenUy cured by electroljms. Nocotiinr, no tain,
no money until cured.
tllltOMt JlhASKS Uronehltlij. nrtlima, hay
fever, all throat nnd lnnit lrcjl'!". dyj pia. dis
eases of the howtL. hen and liter, rheumatism,
dropsy brlcLts dleae. bladder, kidney and uren-
ary dleMh, blood poison ana prlTute aieue.
stnt.i.o.N 011 i.isr ami At-iusr-oiT
special attention (o l es vt the rje. lnehidlng
the xi.lei title jdjtutmeut tH cIwmc tu correct lm
perfect -rlsloti.
AT I KaCT rwoTel and eight rettored toman'
wlu haTe Iuiik been totally blind.
I'OoM.l KS strmhtetted. In many caj with.
oni operation.
I.KAM LAThI) I.1I) ami aU forms of oryt
quit kly tnrtd. An ISMm! ejeo Innerled.
1 l Msv- Ml urnhit-cjsp promptly eurwl.
(.I.ni s- Only itMjewliuliMrehadatHlaltraln.
Inif ho!kl all tti it ' f.1 ,iai.M!M, esi lkJ tatii
patient more kwm (tutn .- xatty cwi of
nertHie- . irntttulh t .n-uanla. h-ulahe, rer
:Uo aid eemii k mupmI't .n rblMreH are to
d'fccllte vi,.ru(M ate rM.eU at uhch hy th? -11
111 lit on or pr -wr !-. If onti hat imiH tn th
ebwiift, i.rl. t ."tuples or TnUful If the ejres
tter I. iho wtin r i Umrtttmr vft ir4las tf
tver'faiHk. in ear Votum dim wttcn tt' mptlat
tou-e lh"-ye for a ery abort tie e. .1 r u Hi
fault in 1 be criart of debt wbkJt tt rtretrl by
the npitU Ut4i ot protwe etwn x few twm no
nut I'KMnl m!Iu;-. but fttlirt weUaUll
frlemla. such jtetH'tt mol mitj mi n frown.
lisjjpreM n. wttlch I cvrBV'u' n4 ttUHr-
ltiC veiAUy in )ijib imII (Hit. luwpuiU of
Iln 1auriera1.ee l itrm wtui .rnxMXtao i er.
ejpectally by unJfkl li.bt Ail txA au t rll
edby therunliJt-dBtBHit (
A A l.l.Sr K SI. Si lll.MtS lr PufrifkUM
ureriorln th w.ti'hwwtit, liavloe totaly rt4nd
the cbair o' urir In the X u hit Vtmtt al oflec
In order l de. e hi a rm tlate ut Ma frwrtnltfw.
which 1st iud 4e(ortttttla i.S (, arT.
tur of th 'pitMt. tup jota 4Sas. whit
snellln; rtlee ot born. ear. tOMtoni,
old sores, aicn, up, rarltHKW.
byuroeiir, rMirfM k'o, ttca m utair.
IhtnU, auea of tee NtlB. k3leyi ad
s I'll II. Is That dread dlwase of mankind
nnlrlclrnnil rerminentlv rnrrd br the new treat, t orrans
ment without tb" j olMinitis dnics of day cone by. JlhUNlA OK
Irdleltin Kent to all turta of the country. Connuu new traatmmt
cbtintree Send for c,uetlon tutn k CtmattltatKm ad Biamtaltcw f.
j U.1UUULU. ji. v hr n,,
at K'Bd, Mca te blaiMer, pile-,
of the Mtln. kjleyi a4 urkary
IIKKKCIf cred by an eMlr.lj
T. Jf. D.
Iton't Forget It.
The great auction sale of city lots takes
place at Amiisss Harbor Texas, January
7 and S. 2S-1H
Children Cry for Pitcher's CastoriaT
Look before yon. ltap.
Fryer to Si. Lonh.
Take Uh Frio
UJack ciwrtccs ad all Ximd at kr?a.l
Utaks lori-lc by
71 ti lVfnhif a, Ka-r
Tak Ur I n o fiver to - I aawl
Utooast. ltcae Wichita at
'lie Entire Stoek of Jewcliy and Fixtures
Consisting of Diamonds, Gold and Silver Watche, Plated ware,
Clocks and a general assortment of fine jewelry. Cowin fencing
At 2 o'clock p. m. and 7 o'clock j in., and rontinning from day
to day at the same hours until closed out, at 'o. JW KortluKut
corner of Donlas Avenue and Main Srrt.
Ladies are Specially Invited to AtfencL
In jwlditJoB to a Tall ami most complete
ecoeii nt drjr- yon re&n no flnd an
lr3rt aeeirtiatMt f Holiday .Vorel-
ttfoftil tmd b.jHtifiil artfclas too an
erowfe to elaaeif r.
Price the moat rea;onahle.
Cf3. t3Slw
2ei$ jjx$ 3p
ILates '.im u, uu ivr Daj.
it. Stew rt, Owne-r aed Proji.
J. jr.. Koher, Cltrk.
abborand Leather Btiting, Uyd
rant Hose, Packing, BUs
nt Jmr PavTri4 Bt&m d lUnga
Cm. ltst, a U WorW.
East Dotigias Ansauo
Alt Cfo'Ml .ll'arrttutG'L .
Jarefsi. i i!j)wsit4

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