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be W&tlv&K 4$Kih k& ffticlag flaming, jfejrtttisttei: 4? 1891
Weathek Bukkau,
Department of AGRicuLTtmE,
Wichita, Kan., bept. J. ink.
Forecast for Wichita and vicinity
Hising temperature fair weather Friday
and Saturday.
The highest temperature was 72, the
lowest 4S and the meau CO, with
cloudless weather, cold mornings with
north wind followed by warmer light
ncrth-east wind, high barometor.
iFor the past three years the average tem
perature for the month of September has
been 66, and for theJSud day 73.
J Fred L. Johxsox, Observer.
Washejgtox, D. C, Sept. 3 Forecast
until 9 p.m. Friday:
For Missouri and Kansas-'Warmer fair
northerly winds becoming variable.
SAX Feakcisco. Sept. 3. The steamship
Gaelic arrived today from Hong Kong and
Yokohama. A Wucuango correspondent,
writing to the Xorth China Xews under
dnte of August 3, says that the patience of
the foreign population is well nigh worn
out at the tardine&s shown by Chinese
officials in punishing the perpetrators of
the Wusuh outrages. A second batch of
ofi'endors, eight i.i number, has been con
victed of murder, assault and pillage, and
sentences of penal servitude for life, ban
ishment for life and branding on the face
or back have been imposed. The corre
spondent says that it is stated one of the
prominent officials of Shanghai was im
plicated in the issue of the incendiary and
malicious placards which caused the up
rising against foreigners. These placards
were frequently brought to the attention
of the authorities prior to the rioting, but
at no time has anyone been punished for
issuing thorn. .
On Ju y 31 Admiral Belknap, command
ing the American souadron, received a
telegram from Foo Cuow. stating that the
Chinese had posted ptecmls with the
words, "Exterminate the foreigners." The
telegram also stated that 3,001 Honon
Mildiers. stationed ar Foo Chow, threat
en to join in the uprising.
The Japanese consul at Shanghai re
ports that Che cholera lias broken out at
Fc Chow. Ohe case is reported at Ybko
' HUia.
SpeoW Dfcpafc to tlw Daily Bnele.
VrwiELP, Kan., Sept. 3. The fair was
postponed yesterday on account of rain,
but made up for it today, as the attend
ance was cloe to eight th 'iisand people.
P. H. Chapin won the 2:30 trot, Myron
IMiiHenrv second, Unb Wiley third. Best
time, 2:35,i... Harry Lloyd -non the 2:40
trot, Bessie Allan second Altherleto Rex
third, and Chnmpma Wilkes fourth.
Be? time 2:87. The mile and repeat
was won by the Carlton mare. Best time
T!he grandest balloon ascension wns
made here today ever witnessed. Wichita
is well represented here, a d the whole
coimwv is awaiting the comiue great fair
at Wichita.
PlHIwUELrmA, Sept 3 Grand circuit
rataa. SriJO cIhhb (unfinished from yester
day), pur-e 81,000 Alfred S. Wilkes won.
Capt. Lyons f-econo. Best time, 2:20"i
Guaramecd Makes (52,500) for fonls of ISStf
Olivia won, Queen of Upiand second.
Btwt time 2:24. Gmtmntwd stakes
($08) lor ftmls of ISfeS Position won,
Lirzae 31ell second. Best time, 2:24'.
Gnnmotei stakes W..090) for fouls of 1&S9
lermoda Bov won, Captain second.
Bik't Uiiip, 2-M. :t!5 cIras, trotting,
purK tl 080 Mtsa Alice won, Walter S
second. Bent time, 2-17
Kaxsas City, Mo., bept. 3 At the
thiNi day of tii fall trotting meeting of
the Kansas Ctty Jockey club the large
crewvt pteoont saw some of the "best rnce-
Mint have ever leen seen m the wt.
Erory heat was hotly contested. Tbe
trnqk wws fast and the weather beautiful.
iiriW' clnse, trotting, pure $800 Andrew
Allison won, Bonnie Mack second. Mtkea
gao third. He time -l4- 2:15 clnss,
pucing, pur-o $1,000 Guy won, Telegram
sec-md, Mnlfor Wonder third. Best time
2:lh. 2:30 class, trot ting, Prse $600 Snow
ileu won, Mul F second, Maud third.
Bat UineSa34
Suhki'sheaii Bay, X Y., Sept. 3 Wiu
nPi s todny: Gee, Jy .Taj . Ivutg Cadmus,
L i Toe. Detnuth. Longford, Watterson.
( JUCACO. Seftt. 3, Hawtliorne winners:
Mi ie, Qiieeni'1, Trowbridge, Maggie E,
Gii ord, ljougafaot
i ivrrKXATl, tSept. 3. "kntonin winners:
Al.id K. Tenoi. Eli, Lillian, Beatrice,
Til iS. John Wiukie.
L MICAOO, Sept. S Garfield park win
ner: Ckfwoii. St. Albans. Aloha. Addie.
Ada Pickwick, Governor Ross. j
DKOATUfc, 111. Sept. 3. The world's re-1
cold for teud by jmeiag stallions on a
lmlftialle truck wt broken by Roy Wilkes
tod iy at the meeting of the Decatur trot- i
ni(5 association. The time bv quarters
wrh dSSJtf. :32?i, -MH, and mile 2:14.
T Iw eKhitoifeiou was. made with a running
KaXSAS CITY, Mo. SajiL 3. The races at
t lie track of the Kansat City Jockey club
hctttuted for tomorrow have been declar
ed iM ou account of meagre entries.
NKwYoUK, Sept. S. George E. Smith,
lle well known pluuger, who ws known
thrrMffhHt the countrj' as "Pittsburg
Phil," gave die bettiiis ring at Sheeps
lienll Bay todnv a "scoop" 'that will long
be iljineiubered by the bookmakers, as it
wa5 tlie lieaviest blow dealt that fraterni
ty ib many a daj. "Pittsburg Phil" had
Ids: coll. King Ondmns. eutei-ed in the
Sapphire sLnket race, winch wnsthesecond
evett on the card, and wns for two-year-oldp;
with twelve starters Iu the betting,
l v Wter. from the stables of Ed Corn
wall was a popular selection, while King
Cri'iuub; who opened at 20 to 1 receded to
SO t 1. Then it vs that Smith's com
mkionets got in their work.
Ex -v one or '.the pinter-seven
boostBakers on the line was handed sums
nttiiruiK from f75 to $900, and o much was
the colt despised tliat nian of Wie
"bo-iikiefe" whiwe limit is known'to be but
a f.i8 bet took hundreds of dollars. So
well wns. the money put on br the almost
ubk;uftius coitiniis:iouers tliat few peo
ple Uad their suspicion aroused.
When within a few jumps from the
win, Jockey Tnral, by almost super
httnfaa ltdmg got King Cadmus' head in
Irottv kihI aecordiBgly got the decision.
Rig-'it Klter the race the scene iu the bet
I inplrfug was nit commotion, the only per
sons perhaps ia t he whole gathering to Te
talft Vjuih- senses iiein "Pittsburg Phil"
and In? gallant lieutenant. ItJsostinm-
tefl that Smith is trom 575,0) toSWkOOQ
wmuec by his colt's victory .
Sions Crrr, la., Sept. 3. Sioux City:
Runs 8, base hits 7, errors 7. Kansas City:
Runs 7, base hits 6, errors 6. Pitchers,
Meakiu and Pears.
OMAHA, Sept. 3. Omaha: Runs 0, base
hits 4, errors 0. Denver: Runs 1, base
hits 5, errori 5. Pitchers, Stein and Ken
ClXCTXXATl, Sept 3. Cincinnati: Runs
8. base hits 13, errors 5. Philadelphia:
Runs, 13 base bits 11, errors 2. Pitchers,
Mullaneand Kling.
PlTTSBUEG. Pa., bept. 8. Pittsburg
Brooklyn game postponed on account of
Chicago, Sept 3. Chicago: Huns 10,
base hits 8,errors 1. Boston: Runs 1, ,base
hits 2, errors 3. Pitchers, Hutchinson
aud Clarkson.
Cleveland, Sept. 3. Cleveland: Runs 4,
base hits 8. errors 2. New York: Runs 7,
base hits 14, errors 2. Pitchers, Gruber
and Rusie.
Philadelphia, Sept. 3. Athletics: Runs
6, base hits G, errors 1. St. Louis: Runs 3,
base hits 9. errors 4. Pitchers, Weyhing
and Stivetts.
Washington, Sept. 3 Washington:
Runs 5. base hits 18, errors 5. Louisville:
Runs 5, base hits G, errors 2. Pitchers,
Cassinn and Fitzgerald. Second game
Washington: Runs 3, base hits S, errors 1.
Louisville: Runs 12, base hits 20, errors 1.
Pitchers' Carsey and Stratton.
BALTLMOHE, Sepf. S Baltimore: Runs 7,
base hits 13 errors 0. Milwaukee: Runs 1,
base hits 2, errors 6. Pitchers, Madden
and Davies.
Boston, Sept. 3 Boston: Runs 2, base
hits 5, errors 4. Columbus: Runs 8, base
hits 9, errors 1. Pitchers, Haddock and
Special Dispatch to the Dally Eagle.
OKLAHOMA. ClTr, O. T., Sept. 3. The
Oklahoma City base ball club played the
Guthrie nine today. The score stood 9 to
G in favor of Gulhde. Tne Oklahoma City
club is showing the visiting club every at
tention. Two more games are to be played.
The clubs are strong ones, and the playing
whs excellent. Frank Dale umpired the
! Saved by His TkinseM.
Usually "when a man has been run over
by an engine and. a train of five car3 the
coroner sits on -what is left of him. With
the excoption of the coroner's inquest,
that is what happened to Jacob Kahn.
Nevertheless he is none ihe worse for
his remarkable experience. Nature made
'Kahn a very thin man, and to this fact
he owes his lif e. Kahn is about twenty
,two years old, and is a journeyman
1 baker. He is not very tall, but his thin
ness is a standing joke in the neighbor
hood. Being good natured, it never angered
him, and he was wont to laugh and re
ply that; some day they would envy him
for being slender. -About 7 o'clock he
was talking to some acquaintances at
Second street and Germantown avenue,
when a shifting engine, drawing five
heavy fright cars, came along. Just as
it was almost opposite to him Kahn step
ped righl; between the tracks. A dozen
people shouted and screamed, and Kahn
saw his danger. Whether he suddenly
realized 'that his remarkable thinness
might be the means of saving his life, or
whether it was merely fright is not
known, but he fell flat on his face as the
engine cime np and passed over him.
The engineer could not stop and went
right on, while the people stood trans
fixed with horror. The five cars passed
over him. A policeman and a big crowd
ran into the street to gather up the
mangled corpse. Imagine their surprise
when Kahn jumped up, apparently un
hurt, brushing the dust from hia new
trousers.Philadelphia Press.
All Hallows Academy
Free from pimple, spot or blemish is the
skiu preserved by CUTICUKA Soap.
St. LOUIS, Sept. 3. At a meeting df the
Southwestern Railway and Steamship as
sociation the rates on "salt were taken up.
It was decided to appoint a committee to
act thereupon, the action of said commit
tee, if unanimous, to be the ame its the
unanimous action af the rate committee.
The question at issue is the adjustment of
interstate rates on salt fram various pro
ducing poiuts in Kansas. Michigan and
Louisiana. There was also a disagreement
as reeards the adjustment of rates on
grain from Kansas and Nebraska, and, un
der the rules, the matter was referred to
the executive committee.
BCTTE, Mont., Sept. 3 The closing
scenes in the celebrated Davis will case
are now being enacted. All the testimony
has been taken. Colonel Ingersoll, for
contestants, will speak tomorrow. This
morning the arguments by counsel were
begun "by Judue Dixon lor proponents.
He w;is followed by Attorney Morris, for
contestant. He v,t followed by Colonel
Sanders, who had not coucluded when
court adjourned.
Nashville. Sept. 3. The lower housB of
the general assembly had two genuine sen
sat ionB toJay. The first occurred when a
reolut ion was offered (which was adop
ted) declaring that the general as
sembly wns powerless to "abrogate the
present lease of the state's convicts, and
the other gr-w out of the offering of a
resolution looking to an investigation of
the conduct of Labor Commissioner Ford
and Representative Alleman at Briceville.
The lRtter resolution charged that these
gentlemen were, in a measure, responsible
fore the Briceville trouble, and that they
had encouraged, aided and abetted the
miners by public speeches and otherwise.
After a red hot debate the resolution was
ndoptcd. aud the investigation will take
place at once.
The favorable impression produced on
the first appcarauce of the agreeab e liquid
fruit remedy Syrup of Figs a few years
ago has been more than coufirnied by the
p easaut experience of all wno have used
t. and the 'n ces of the proprietors1 and
manufacturer;., wie California Fig Syrup
St. Louis, Sept. 3 Recoipts of wheat at
St. Louis for the mouth of August were
the heaviest for one month in the history
of the city, being 5,191,505 i u hels an in- I
cren&e over August of last jear oi 3,035,015
and an increase over the highest previous
record of 718,235 bushels. If the claim of
the wheat men, to the effect that this
years ciop has not begun to arrive yet, is
tenable, the crop will go uLove the esti
Atlanta, Sept. 3 William Allen, the
nero who shot and fatally wounded E J.
Myers, marshal of Guytou, Ga., paid the
penalty of his crime last night. He was
taken from the officers who had him iu
charge, carried to the woods, chained to a
tree, and shot to death.
Another War Biblo Story.
George Althisar, a veteran of the war
and now filling the place of letter car
rier at tbe postoffice in Port Jervis, at
tended the Grand Army reunion at De
troit, and took occasion while there to
restore to a comrade a long lost Bible with
an interesting history. The Bible was
originally a gift to David Webster, a
Michigan volunteer, from his mother on
the eve of his departure for Virginia in
1861. Webster lost the book at the sec
ond battle of Bull Run.
It fell into the hands of a Confederate
Eoldier of Stonewall Jackson's command
named Hayes. Following the moth
er's inscription to her son on the fly
leaf the soldier wrote a brief statement
of the circumstances under which it
came into his possession. He abandoned
his knapsack containing the book on the
battlefield at Bristow's station.
Althisar picked the volume up and
had carefully preserved it for twenty
six: years as an interesting relic of a des
perately fought battle. Ho was for
tunate in finding Comrade Webster at
the Detroit reunion and in restoring to
him a relic doubly precious because tle
mother who gave it had died. Cor.
New York Sun.
This institution, situated in a most delightful locality
in the suburbs of the city and furnished with all , the
modern improvements, is under the supervision of the
The curriculum is so arranged ab to supply a complete
education in Classics, Mathematics, Modern Languages
and Science. Scholars desirous of pm-suing a course in
Art or Music only, may graduate in either with full hon
The faculty consists of experienced teachers, well qual
ified to sustain the high reputation which this institu
tion has acquired.
Pupils will not be admitted unless liighly recommended
by reliable persons.
Board and tuition per session of 5 months, $to.00.
Payments strictly in advance. -
No pupil received for less than a session. For further
particulars apply to
Was not included in the Seven Won
ders of Ancient Greece, but you can see an
immitation of it in the window at
118 East Douglas Ave
Swarmed on the Farmer.
Peter Gross, who lives near York
Springs, Md., had been working hard
all the morning and about 10 o'clock
concluded to take a nap under a cherry
tree. He had just fallen into a doze
when he heard a buzzing sound. He
awoke to find a hive of his own bees
swarming on his head. Rushing into
the field he thought that by covering his
head with earth he could get rid of
tbem. But that did not have the desired
Being on the crest of one of the high
hills which surround his house, he then
threw himself on the ground, gave his
body a shove and down he went, rolling
over stones, sticks and bushes, until at
last he reached the kitchen door. By
that time the bees had left him, and, al
though be was verj" much cut and
bruised, none cf the wounds were seri
ous. Baltimore American.
Snmmer Diversions at Bar Harbor.
A Bar Harbor man has 3 scheme for
amusing the summer visitors at Mount
Desert and making a few dollars for him
self. He proposes to entertain the tour
ists with a view of a genuine shipwreck.
His plan is to man a vessel with men
who are not afra;d of getting their feet
wet, and then, when it comes on to blow
hard, to run on the Tocks at Otter creek
or Schooner Head. Spectators will get
the tip, as at a prize fight, of the location
and will be charged so much a head for
seeing the fun. The crew take their
own chances of getting ashore, with the
assistance of a life saving crew, which
will be on hand with all the necessary
apparatus for fishing them out. Ear
Harbor Letter.
Remarkable Growth of Tobacco.
J. W. Cook came in Saturday and told
about some tobacco hp is raising. Last
year he raised a cror of the weed, and
after he cut it in the fall suckers grew
out from the stumps. These suckers re
tained their vitality all winter and in the
spring began growing with increased
vigor. Mr. Cook pruned them down to
one to the hill and cultivated the crop.
He says it is just as good as the crop he
planted last spring, the leaves being
broad and heavy, instead of narrow and
peaked as the leaves qf suckers usually
are. Elsberry (Mo.) Advance,
A Mean Swindle.
Newark, N. J., has a man with a novel
idea of the installment plan. He sells a
clock for one dollar down and fifty cents
THE COTTON CROP ; a wees, jh a, coapie oi uays ne visits
New Okleans. Sept. 3 Secretary Hcs-1 the buyer, saving that his employer had
tor of the .New Orleans Cotton exchange I sent a clock which had not been tested,
frwinv rnmmaf oil thh Imnf f1frnlc rr fli I
cotton crop movomeut. lie states that
Scenery versns Canned Goods.
Puget sound papers are now debating
the advisability of securing the enact
ment of a law which shall Euspend the
business of clearing during the sum
mer season in order that tourists may
see the beautiful scenery of the sound.
It seems that the:work of burning under
brush, which earsonly be carried on ad
vantageously in the summer, creates an
immense volume of smoke. The general
sentiment appears to be against the
tourists, as the people argue that if the
clearing was stopped they would all have
to subsist on a diet of canned goods.
San Francisco Post,
Collecting: a Debt.
A Gardiner man collected a bill of
$2.10 the other day and feels well over
his success. He rode ten miles into the
country and found his debtor in the hay
field just about to pitch on a load of hay.
"The money is up to the house," ex
plained the farmer, "and I'll get it just
as soon as I get in this load of hay. Do
you mind getting on and building the
load?" The Gardiner man got on and
when he reached the barn he found the
lady of the house, who had charge of the
money, out blueberrying. So he stayed
and built another load and then got his
money. Some folks think he had earned
it. Kennebec (Me.) Reporter.
the military school , County Officers'
onuiinn, - ixnnono. trn nfiRwn
AUWlliMlip UJLLUjOia
lithographers. Publishers, Printers,
Stationers, Binders, and
Blanlr Book Makers.
One of the most complete Job Pritir Offoea i th
State. Letter Heads, Bill Heads, Cams, Catalogues,
Price Lasts, Premium lists, Stock Certificates,
Checks, Drafts, Book Printing tte. News aaa
Job Printing of all kindi.
All branches of LithograpaiBg, Bobo, Checks,
Drafts, Bill Heads, Letter Head, Cards, etc. W
have lirst-olass designers and ejrTa,
Wedding lnntations and Anaoxocemejit Cards
Luncheon Card, Calling Cards, .
Blank Books of all kinds n&de to order, Bask, &t.
County, and commercial work a specialty. Sol
agents for Kansas, Oklahoma and the Indian Terri
tory for Bronson's Patent Automatic Level Joint
Binding. Emdorsed by book-keepers, bankers aid
ounty officers. Nothing made equal to it for
strength and flat opening. Will open at any pae,
and lie perfectly flat whea opened at aay partof tn
frook, permitting writing across both pages as easily
as one. It is the only book taat will open oat per
fectly flat from the first cage so the last, tbms saabl
tng one to write into the fold as easily as aisay part
ef the page. Send for circular.
Magazine, Law Book and P&apUtt Madiaf of all
kinds, rebinding, eta
Blank Department.
All kinds of Legal Blanks for city, coxrary an4
tovrnahip officers, Deeds, Mortgages, Abstract
Receipt and Note Books, Real Estate and IWataJ
Agency Books and Blanks, Attorney's Lfw3
Blanks, etc.
City Officers'
Books and Blank.
Fourth year "begins Sept. 9thf
This scbool lias a superb Imilcling',
beautiful i-ounrts, an exprianci
iaculty. A t'oiiimanuant oruie U.S.A:
and aims to be the ideal Uoardln
School of tbe West Address
ST. JOHN'S bCHOOL, Salina, Kan.
The hou' owned by Moliere's -widow,
Armande J.Jejart, the actress, is etiU
standing in Mendon, near Paris, and has
just been classed among the historic
monuments of France.
Among recent inventions is an auto
matic electrical pump. It shuta off by a
Blow closing switch wben the tank is
full, and starts again just before the
tank becomfts empty.
- ;
A new American machine, recently
patented, is designed for the rolling of
continuous 6teel sheets Trith an aim to
cheapening their production.
Books and Blanks.
Bank and Corporation
Iathographii& printing aad SooksMkfisf.
Complete ontiit furnished for abstracters, abstract
blanfcs, take-off books, tracers, and all Idnds ol
blanks used fry abstracters.
Legal Blanks
Of every kini as used by lawyers, real estate sgents,
connty, city aad township officers Justice si ths
Af peace books and blanks.
jj Far Township Officers.
we have a coapieteme or blan&s and books suck &
are used by township officers.
DsaisiorJNotariea Public, corpora
tions, stock companies, lndg eta.
Orders filled promptly.
the cotton crop of the United States for
the year ending Aua; 31, 1S61, is 8.052,579
bales, the largest crop everbrown by 1,3-11,-275
St. Petersburg, Sent. 8. A partv of
oflieials sent to kill animals infected with
disease, in order to prevent the disease
from spreading, wns attacked at Maikop
by the inhabitants. A detachment of
Cossacks, ordered to quell the disturbance,
was received with si shower of stones
The Cossacks then fired a volley, killing
seventeen persons
and wounding many
Inflictwi by tfee drand TorquBmada have
iiboi'.iiimbte orotetypes in the shnpo of
cuwHifce rbeuiRRt4fa and neuralgia At
tack ttaee tucouisiti complaints before
ty Mtoii the chrome stttc with the
superb fetwd ijntrut, Hotters Mom
noil Sitter,, which will assumllv expel
thi4r virtH-from t he life st renin. T pro
cras'Mte is to rarourxge the grow th of
iuaiptant rhuniAtism. which rapidly
Ugtneas its grtp upon the svstem It is
tl -oery ocwpts of diseA-s. n& pninful
ioded is the dnpof itsiredf ul tentacles.
Be prompt, tberutArr . take time by the
roreick, always remembering tht both
rhtiiKtfera aad cout, eke relatives, are
dtiap.eretis as watt as painful. Debllitv,
chilis and fever, bilious remittent, dyspepl
sia, (.ontaoariOB, liver complaint, nervous
ness aud kidney disease succumb to the
Bit is. Appetite and the ability to sleep
wHure improved by it.
Paris Sapc 3$. Some of the uewspaoars
of tfeie aktv recall the portion of the late
.biBHrferor Frederick 'k duu-v which Prints
Bisittftrk tried to Mipiarer-h. revealms Kmc I
"ii-JiV: a wnKraiawwoas to ltmperor
WHhaai on th victory at Sedan, aad
later Bvjr. LopokiV imriac with Bs
mark aad TtteirsitrnritrattHi t.v m T-.
aiist- aaa puWtcos) t -t
mas kwg of vombraefl France .Had Bal
inaiP. The l.jt of te reaiiader i to
ljrst-.ala Premier Defrrciiit u Wp a
straff; fre ttlna easy timtaace oftbo
Me8f,e, oh the groana Mmt King Leapeie!
is tiJ iucfiued to violate the UfotmUcy af
lMg.uni is tbe interests of i-rniHtiv Le
i-kdei; le!i-ve. that a secret entente to
taat cod cx.si between Empeuu William
and ivi'i I,. p..ld bai thr tu- iirtr has
! c lipt'Va to tc tni-i-- -iuoe tie
, UeL.ih.cn rtetdtions.
Oxford, Miss., Sept 3. A necro. who
I assaulted tbe wife of a planter aud fled,
was captured last night by several hun
dred men and hanged.
Helena, Mont., Sept. a News was re
ceived from Custer count j today that Jerry
Thompson nnd his companion, who were
caught stealing cattle, have been lynched.
"Washington, Sept. 8. The secretary of
war, upon tbe request of Secretary Rusk,
has issued orders that no cattle from the
Gherokeo strip will be permitted to be
driven north of the quarantine line, but
that such cattle must go south of the line
established by the department of agriculture.
and therefore might not keep good time.
Then he tekes the timepiece away, prom
ising to bring another next day, but
never shows up. There are about a
dozen casfs of this kind charged to his
account in Newark alone. Philadelphia
A "Brass Sewing: Machine.
A sewing machine that was exhibited
in Boston a few days aero stitched easily
and rapidly through layers of leather five-
eighths of an inch in thickness. In a
second trial stitches were made evenly
and rapidly through a piece of birds
eye maple three-eighths of an incb. thick,
and in a third testthe machine sewed
through a layer of brass one-eighth of
an inch tlnck, placed between pieces of
leather. &ew iork JournaL
Lafatette, Ind , Sept. 3.-The Lake
Erie and Western conductors and brake
man's strike which begun last Tuesdav,
Was declared OtT mn lit- lhA ctril-nn tVTe
afternoon, and all the men are again at ) mania.
. ami urains are ruuniug on time.
A recent order from an Australian
firm for 0,000,000 feet of lnmler will
require twenty-five large vessels to carry
it. Receni extensive developments in
mining interests in Central and South
America have led to large shipments of
timber from this countrv.
A Small Boy Suffers Under the Lair.
One of the cases where injustice may
be legally done was witnessed here re
cently. Ervin Hodgdon, a little boy
who knew nothing of the fish law, saw a
large trout in the Mousam and managed
to catch it with an unbaited hook. For
this he was arrested by Fish Warden
Lord, of Aoton, carried to Biddeford,
and fined twenty-six dollars and costs,
amounting to forty dollars. Springvale
(Me.) Advocate.
Photographed by Lightning.
When Charles Tunnison and Ed Cald
well were killed by a stroke of lightning
at the ball game at Warren, O., they
were sitting beneath a tree. On the chest
of Tunnison, the white man, the under
taker found photographed, apparently by
the flash, upon the skin, the image of a
branch of a tree and its twigs. The
strange freak is the talk of the town.
Cincinnati Commercial-Gazette.
Also stock
for corporations and
stock companies, either printed m
lithograph Ux elegant deaififc
Attorney's Poeket Dockets;
The Lawyers' " Vade Mecum" can bt ml M any SUtt
atnd in any court. Tne most complete Md conven
lent pocket docket erer pubUshed, with two lndxe
an alphabetical index and a diary Index; shows at a
glance juat what date a lawyer has a case In court:
eeps a complete record of the case. Handaomely
bound In flexible back, a convenient suse to carry in
the pocket. Endorsed by attorneys eTerywhera.
Ti TaDrwtac edou? eaiantmmnt fram Carina
Wrcarf a. XtK, rJw M, m
I aar la aa yaw "Attorn ! Doakat,
&ad find It Ttrj ccnrtaUnt aad w 'jmifM ft
kptnraemrtBacrmadf e&ek tu. II U
Jtaswbatt Uwm aa4a la KMplaf a aput
rvctrtt of k!a work.
Taar neat rwpMtfaHa,
Tf. B. XOS&I3. Cimr Attara.
Bv mail postpaid to any !
l7. Aaaress.
Boys in J Crawfordsville, Ind., have a
balloon psrachute craze, and cats are
daily sent up, the parachute being so ar
ranged that it will detach itself from the
balloon at a certain time. The cats are
not taMnu kindly to this aeronautic
GSTTT5BriW.JPa., Sept 3. Illinois today
The famous manufactory of porcelain
at Sevres is likely to be closed. The
sale of this stvle of china is said to have
rWli. fvJ .rl.l. .. 7- ..,- IMHC UJ
SZZZZ nVouuTeuirTt maT thTrT f 8tfr as to make the man-
prions held by her soldiers on the lerrible
nrst day of July, lSfct Governor Firer of
Ithuois made the pnucipal addies?.
ClKCtsXATl. Sent. S At r.h- cicnn f
hineK j the Cmcmuan conference or the Me tliorf-
i4it question of women serviajj as dele
pates to the general conference was under
debate. The conference adopted a resolu
tion ittstrnetinc its delegates to the gener
al ceafcreaoe to vote la favor of the admis
sion of women as dtslepates.
MAE3HAX"L'KW !.. Soat. 8. A .n.vl
i from Rotik Rapids iys that black frost
killed the corn iu Lyon county last night.
ufaoture oi it unremunerative,
Ritnie Fiber for ripen.
Steam pipes are made of ramie fiber,
hardened under tremendous hydraulic
pressure, and possessing a tensile strength
5 equJ to two and one-half times that of
st-eL The ramie fiber, or China grass,
has the property of bping unaffected by
moisture; is will not shrink aor swaU, it
is & nonconductor of heat, it cannot
rust, and these features, together with
its great strengthr are all dearabie in
Steam pipe its ucQiz&tion in this line
nerasr regarded, therefore, as ae of tie
possibilities of tha future. New Yerkf
Four Little Girls Kill 37 Snake.
Four little girls went berrying on
Ward's bill, in Wmsted, Tuesday, and
encountered a nest of thirty-eight snakes.
They succeeded in killing thirty-seven of
tbem, the largest one 3 feet and 9 inches
long. On Wednesday the girls went
over the same ground and killed three
more of the same kind" of Enakes. Jvew
Haven Eegister.
Useful as Well as Ornamental.
The man who lost his false teeth at the
depot a few daya ago can have his prop
erty by applying at the conductors'
room, where they are now doing duty as
a paper weight. Springfield Republican.
Jinks" Son.
WinksYour son is a mighty clever
fellow, isn't he?
Jinks (proudly) Wbo told you so?
Winks He did. Good News.
Dr Tcrrill ha? Jnst returned frenn Chicago, where
he has ben lakl-jp a cour&e in the Pent Oradnnle
School, and also a special coarse In Electricity, thfe
being tne wcor.' coarse of the klod tfis lor hu
taken wlthta thi Jau tro years. The dolor Is the
only physician la the Soathwm who -has tak"o
hese special coorses in EJecirta-ty, cod Is conse
quently the only one familiar with Its laust bcln:l- '
fie application. I
DISEASED OH WOME.V-Dr. TerriU, has made !
diseases of Wom.-n a specialty for the pa&t twenty
years, and wuhcH to slate that he has all tb late
Instruments. Batteries. Electrodes, and appliances,
etc Xor their sncccsetol treatment, inclbttlnc Tlb-
rold Tumors. Dtf placements, Enlnrements. Prolap-
us. XHcerntions, lactKrhea, Irts-aws of the Orar-
tcs. Paln'ol, Irn pular or PrctBe Meastrwttlon. etc,
XEKVOUS DltsESES Ths AccUte, ha a ner.
twenty -lpht ineh, fonr plate. Satlc Battery. ta
hest made by thjs use eT which. IWt Power la either
t ex. and all weakness la onkskly and penriasectly
restored. He hat the flnet fltty fell, galvanic and
Poradlc. cabinet Eattnry in the Wet, which he eac
cetst dly uses la cnrtni; aM Serrota iitev e. Para
lysii. Nervona Fcstrauoa. Ithctmausai, SemiBtl.
Weaknfa. etc
He ha also tiA new CaJdwell Battery, called the
Anesthetic Ban vs. torthe lattaa tens rci let el pala
With taH Battel j thf docor will cure htadache or
reliere any paints fire minates-r'eeof chrge.
Tbe doctor aa jileo the Accio-Amertcui Cue-
ty BaBery Xw tie treatroat ot sfl h'oe aad
Throat dteeaM. asdferaU diee where caater-
lilse is recalred.
CATARRH ljte doctor wJM raarantee a carets
erery cae of-Ca.Urch he treau.
SSI' DlEAi;K-AH Wta cared wtffc ctiera
hare failed.
PILES, ri'TTLA Aad aM rectal 1-am enrsd.
3o tai fe, no pab- A care jtarx e
CHrrHRALTKlCTtrKE oaJetly aa5 Teraa
rtitir eared y l-!3eetrortt. No eatas, to pads,
IK) nosey until cured.
C1THO.VJC W(KASr-S-AH ChresSc dlraae tac
cersfaily trealcd
STPSIL,1-Tl't dresdl dHese of nasttad
Oitckly td p-r'oaaewwT eemti tf ffce sew ett
ateat wKfcooj th fmmotm drars 1 41 JWie r
TSt&tctae km. an parts mt (ke eovmy. CWl
tattftare. Sesa tor qoes Maa&
134 'orth VfaJn Street Over Hyde
and Humbltl a Book Store.
TATursso st TBoais x. xorvex.
I? ready agghatt aotfac to efefcc Privy Vaska tad C&msto ,k tmvmmn- ttmm ' eky
tomd harsm &Bd mmi.4mi bcv asd dk, ske ms4 iaafcr, ar jBujifilwr t yrm w$fae m
itmniA. ah wrtwaBtet tnayeas;ffiMMs, rwmm mr wma m "mf,
4rAlaSeaireBetrl(ti S.(r. C-Trtralvemta6fei!i!i;U E rr BsSnteW
aia,orcaSatresaQesice1SS2s. coATtse. Te?siB'535.
rr Ik U at j
Sehs H. Aak. i-Jdee t th t$th Judicial DlMrtat
kuu of ZadUaa. Ha writes aa loUows;
JK to the moti complete and coeetse work or the
tact I hfiva rf set with. leannotwohow tha
watomatlc. -ractlcine lawyer caa do withetu it.
fittiaald J aaUiled Th Lawyer' Vada Macum."
Traly and alncerely yonrs.
JOHN H. ASH. Attorney at Law,
Wichita, Kantaa.
Price of docket 31.00.
dress uoon recelDt of 8L0
Businesss Manager. Wichita, JEansa.
8000 COPIE)S rnoH okb onnnitxu
WriUac Drawlac, Made. eta. Of Trv-VHtUr
feta OKS original. rtotaanJ4 hy t(
80,000 USEB&
The EAOLS is afcst for th wtl tit. tk
albert mehla, xtra fappllet, to.
A4dn JL 7. SfURSOCX,
Vieahfa, Tatrtn
in Premluin Lists can get them oat on shorter notto
tb&n any othet firm. For school catalogues we hava
5ieac type faces for that especial yorfc. Oonstltutlowi
and By-Lawa Tor Lodges, Building Loaa AwooUb
tions, etc
Sehool Records, Etc.
We desire to call the attention or county ropertataa
tendenta, school district oriicersand teachers to oar
tin of Kchool onblications as elven bsloTT. Our eohool
records and boofcs are no-w oelng used exolualrBiy la
auite a, number of coontlea, and are anpenor toany
In the market: Classification Term Kacora. v
InnnrHnnTnanr. CT Sta.t and COtintT 8COO&1
SCil.ftteiunfD VMfr.rri rT RchOOl Visits. O
glze). Eecord or Teachers' Ability, CPoofcet Sie, Bo-
Bual Statistical Beportu, School Wg&gl Qm
JSLecoTd, School DL-trict Treasurer's SrtLSoJool
IMstrict Treurer3 Warrant e. iSphoolJricf
Clerks Order Book. School Teachea Dally f
School District Bonnaartea, Becord Teacha Jtoplpy'
ad, Receipt, Tuition formal Intltut, Baoalpta,
Teacher's ibxaminaUon, Blater ironaallnatttutft
Orders on Treasurer. Orderaon orlnjutFund
Orders for Apportionment StaW EchcolFu2id. Ordera
IttTicend State and Cc 1 FTOCOrdarea
F-nd rrom Sale of School Land. ISorrthJy Bepon
School District, Promotion DitrgtSchool,
Diplomas District School. Papiis Monthly Bport.
Loan and Investment Companies.
BooJes and blanks. Our Loan Bezlxr Is now la xm
by loaa companies generally.
Th8 Daily Eagle.
Elsnt D&ee3-Conta4ns the day and nlht assodated
press i dSpatches la iuU. and tha latest marit imports.
Sample copy free.
The Weekly Eagle.
Eeht na--Contala5 more state and geaeral ny3:
a asn duspatefcae tnaa any wtSCty tmpzr ,&&'
South wt- 1 he latent warkat rtspocto ofto tim bam
of going t pris. Samp!e copy free. . .
ctlffiAtaaBrompUymni&hed upon work of any kind, Arfklreea.
EL PrmUBDCK, Busiaei Manager.
Ji - ji

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