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Kan Historical Soctetf
VOL. XX, NO. 9.
WHOLE NQ. 2539.
now the comDiny U in the hinds of re
ceiver, mid I have been Called mo:i.uud-r
sectiou 4 of the deed of trust, to pay the
funds iu my poesioa to muke good h
deOcit iu the company's earnings about
equal to the amount of cash I hold, and
which is tu be Hpplieil to the piym-ntot
the November coupons of the bonds. I
agreed to turn over tha money to tl. re
ceiveis ou an order from the court, which
has been applied for. During the pise
fourteen years nearly 4,W0.000 worth of
bonds have bem purrtiased with the
money received from land a!es, ud tho
amount of the outstanding bonds has b-en
rrduc-d from flu.000.000 to between $11.
000 000 and 12.(AXMW0. There is 1 io
amouut of land that remaius unsold. As
to my cUim for 170,000 for Sfrvtcs as
trustee, I do not think it will be cnusld
sidered unreasonable by disinterested per-
The Kansas Boys Outplayed at Every
Point by the Heavy-Weights
From Michigan.
day Opening Next Week
Don't Fail to Visit Our Display Whether You Wish to Buy or Not.
m cts.
15 pieces full
36 inches Cash
mere, all colors
cheap at 25 c,
This "Week
39 Cts.
12 pieces all
wool fine Il
luminated Hop
Sackings, w'th
This "Week
Dreess Goods
Daily you will find our
Dress Goods Department
thronged with eager buyers
picking up the different
fabrics found on sale.
Read of the few prices
made this week.
' Double fold plaids, stripes and
At 17 Cents a Yard.
Half wool double fold cash
mere, all colors,
At 12 Cents a YarcV
36 inch English Cashmere, all
J JJ- 9?nts a Yarcl
4A inch Euglish Bedford cords
requires only 5 yards to a dress,
At 39 Cents a Yard.
Fancy Suitings, now and styl
ish effects, changeables, 36 inches
At 22 Cents a Yard.
38 inch all wool flannel, regu
lar values 50c,
Only 39c a Yard.
3S inch all wool hop sacking8
jiew colorings,
Only 39c a Yard.
3S inch Plaids, good value at
50 cents,
Only 39c a Yard.
Imported hop sackings, special
vnlue, worth 1.00,
Only 50c a Yard.
Imported whipcords, beautiful
colorings, cheap at 1.00,
Now 71 Cents.
Biuernliues, all colors, season's
price 1.00,
Now Cut 'to 71 Cents
16 inch Serge, colors and black
72 cents.
Seal Piping at 50c a yard.
Beaver Fur Trimming at 75c. '
Black Fur Gimp Edge at 19c.
Grey Fur Gimp Edge at 33c.
Angora Fur, 9 inches wide,
white, tan and grep, only toe yd.
Ladies all wool hose, ribbed,
double heel and toe, only 19c. j
Ladies' fine Euglish Cashmere
Hose, regular made, 3 pr for 1.00
Ladies extra fine Cashmeiet
hose, cheap at 60c, only 45c. '
Misses' all wool, double heel
and toe Cashmere Hose. Only
19 cents.
Infant s all wool Cashmere
Hose. Only 10c.
Misses' all wool Cashmere hose
2 pr for 25 cts.
Children's extra fine Cashmere
hose, worth 2oc, only 19c.
Received this week per express. The cheapest lot
of garments ever put on the market. A careful inspec
tion of our cloak stock this week, will convince you at
once that no house in the city can equal our prices.
Among the above lot we have 100 Capes that go in
this sale at an extremely sacrificing figure.
With Every
$1 .00
Purchase, we
furnish a 10c
coupon, redeem
able in Silver
ware. Every body
wants - Silver
ware, will make
handsome Xmas
Presents, costs
you nothing.
Good black
Satine 9 cts.
Zaara Suit
ings, 30 in wide
new designs,on
ly 8 cts.
Cocheco chev
rons, 31 inches
wide, only 9 cts
Dress style
prints, only 1c.
Best quality
oil cloth, only
15 cts,
Extra quality
scarlet - twill
fiaunel, 19 cts.
Bleached all
inen crash, on
ly 5 cents.
200 plucked Coney Muffs, extra fine, worth 2.00, only 98c.
Immense assortment of Plucked Coney Muffs, satin lined, 1.75,
2.25, and 2.18.
150 Opposum Muffs, satin lined, worth 2.50, at 1.48.
75 Plush Muffs, elegantly lined, splendid value, 2.00.
200 Children's Angora sets, worth 1.50, choice 75c.
Quantities of blankets
soia mis season at prices
unequaled. Another large
shipment received few days
eince go on sale this week.
1.50; fine Silver Grey Blankets,
extra long nap. Only 1.50 a pr.
2.00. Fine 5 lb silver grej
IBlankets, very serviceable, oheap(
t 8.00, Only 2,00 a pair.
1.95. Just received 100 pair
more of these all wool red scarlet
blankets. Only 1.95 a pair.
4.S9. Very fine all wool scar
let blankets, the regular prica
7.00. Only 4.89 a pair.
r3.99. Extra good all wool soft;
grey blankets, worth 5.00. Only
3.99 a pair.
3.99. Tery fine all wool soft
white blankets, regular price 5.00
Only 3.99 a pair.
Finer grades of white and
scarlet blankets 4.95, 5.45 and
6 95. j
Fine Silkoline and Sitine Com
forts, 1.99, 2.4S, 2.69, 2.9s, worth
iO per cent more.
Black Coney Eair Capes, 18! q q r
inohes long, worth 16.00, . 1 v.vO
Kussian Hair Capes, soldi r ryr
regularly at 18.00, . . . . j . O
Black Coney Hair Capes 27 in 4 a fT
long, worth 30.00, . . . 11.40
Fine quality Cheviot, tan col
ored cloth, tailor-made, satin C QQ
lined, mutton leg sleeve, umbrella 0 U O
back, worth 10.00, ....
Hillsboro Beaver Jackets,
black and myrtle, satin lined, fur J K
edge, large sleeves, worth 18.00, '
In this department we show a line of
styles unequaled anywhere.
300 Coney muffs, worth 1.00, only 49c.
.h "VS? '
For Ladies & Children,
In this department we are over
loaded, and will, therefore, put
the knife into former price, nc
matter how cheap they were
Child's white merino vests and
Size 18, vests and pants 12c.
Size 20, vests and pants 16c.
Size 22, vests and pants 21c.
Size 24, vests and pants 26c.
Size 26, vests and pants 31c.
Size 28, vests and pants 35c.
Size 30, vests and pants 39c.
Size 32, vests and pants 43c.
This line is fully worth 50 per
cent more.
Child's natural wool vests and
Size 18, vests and pants 16c
Size 20. vests and pants 21c
Sizo 22, pants and vests 26c.
Size 24, pants and vests 31c
Size 26, pants and vests 35c
Size 28, pants and vest3 39c
Size 30, pants and vests 43c
Size 32, pants and vests 58c
40 dozen ladies natural and
white union snifg. 49c.
30 dozen missus'' Egyptian cot
ton fleece lined Uvion Suits,
worth 1.00, for" 59 cts. j
60 dGzen ladies' natural heavy '
quality vests, worth fully 50 cts.
During this sale 29c
1'he assortment is fine and well
- "" " ",lfntion. '
aawaMMaaaaaMaaaaaMaBMM BMBBMMBMMMMBBaaiaaiaaMi j
Piece .
Por ,
You will find
it a nice or
nament for
your table.
A Great
Bargain in
,1()0 pair 3
yard - Lace
Curtains, tap
ed all around
bought at a
cheap at 1.50
only 89c a
100 large
size comforts
just received
t "We can show you better valuei
in clothing than any house is
200 men's good Union Suita,
fworth 8.00, at 5.00.
75 men's good Casimere Suits,
iworth 10.00, at 5.95.
180 men's fancy "Worsted Suits
Vorth 12.00 at 7.95.
125 boys' Union Cassimere
Suits, 14 to 18 years, worth 7.00
at 4,S5.
75 boys' fine "Worsteds, worth
$.00, at 5.95.
Hnee Pants at 19c, 25c, 35c,
45c, 59c, and upward. An im
mense variety.
Children's Suits:
5 00 Suits 3 49
4 00 Suits 2 99
3 00 Suits 2 19
2 50 Suits 1 89
2 00 Suits 1 39
1 50 Suits 69c
Ladies all wool black mittens lac
Ladies wool mittens, black, nice
quality, 23c
Ladies wool mittens, double knit,
35 cents.
Ladies' cashmere mittens 48c
Misses' black wool mittens 14.
Children's colored mittens 5c pr.
Children's black wool mittens 15c
50 Cts 1 25 Cts
. 12 pieces all
iwool,' extra fine
imported Hop
Sackihg,all the
nejv -shades,
reg. price $1.00
50 Cts
50 doz, wool
Fascinator, blk
&. white, cheap
at 50c,
This "Week
25 Cts
Ladies fine Feather
Boas, worth 1.00, only 69c.
50 Ladies1 fine Fur Boas,
worth 3.00, only 1.98.
Eascinators, Bootees.
"Wool Fascinators, black and
white, at 25c each.
"Wool Fascinators, black, white,
pink, blue, red, buff, beaded Fas
cinators, 39c.
Chenille Fascinators, pink,
blue or cream, beaded 5Qc.
Extra large wool Fascinators,
beaded, 75c.
Infant's bootees, 15o.
"Wool hand-made bootees 23c.
Infant's knit sacques. 50c
Crold plated spectacles at 49c
Gold plaited bow spectacles at
69c each.
Gold plated nose glasses, worth
3.00, only 69c
As the season drawb to a close,
we propose to close out our entire
stock of Millinery. Not one Dol
lars worth to be carried over if
prices will move them.
100 choice Trimmed Hats,
worth 2.00 and 2.50, at 98c
100 elegant trimmed pattern
Hats, formerly 3.50 to 4.50, now
Choice of any of our French
Pattern Hats, some of which sold
as high as 12.000, only 3.50.
200 velvet top sailors only 29c,
100 satin top sailors 29c.
50 extra high grade, high top,
satin sailors on 49c,
100 wool felt low crowned
sailors, to be closed at 39c
200 Cashmere sailors only 33c.
Ladies who are making fancy
articles for holiday gifts will cer
tainly do well to attend this, our
Annual Holiday Bibbon Sale.
1000 pc3 all silk baby ribbon
7 cents.
1000 yards o. 4 Satin Edge
all Bilk ribbon, all shades, 3 1-2 o
2000 yards No. 5 Satin Edge
all silk ribbon, all shades 4 1-2 c
300 yards 2o. 7 all silk satin
edge ribbon. 6 1-2 cts.
5000 yards No. 9 all silk satin
edge ribbon 9c
3000 yards No. 12 satin edge,
all silk ribbon, lie
Satin and gro&3-grain ribbon,
all silk and a full line of bright
and pretty shades.
No. 2, 4 yard 35c piece.
No. 5, 6 1-2 yard 55c piece.
No. 7, 9c yard, S2c piece.
No. 0. 12c yard, 1.05 piece.
No. 12, 15c yard. 1.37 piece.
This is extra jjood qnlitr.
Yale Scores Her Seventeenth Victory Over
Harvard Several Playera Irjured
Daring tbe Progress of the Game,
Tha Kansas Team Worsted by & Score of
Tweaty-twoto Nothing Harvard De
feated by tha Olosa Figures of Six
toNothing-Uniou College Vic
torious Ovjr Rochester,
v Virginia, and IT ssouri
- 01ub3 Triumphant-
General Notes.
Kansas Cut, Not. 25. The Kansas nni
versity eleven weut down before the Ann
Aibor team today iu a football game.
Michigan won by a score of 22 to 0. Aun
Arbor clearly outclassed Kansas iu weight
and experience. Their contempt for the
"Jayb.awkers," as they were ploaseil to call
the Kans-'aus, was undisguised, and befora
the game commenced they expressed entire
confidence that they would thrash them.
The teams lined up as follows:
Setiter lrf t-end Steruberuer
Griflin left-tackle Mntteson
Hooper left-guard Hutu til
Smith center. Coleman
Hrnninger. rit;ht-:uiird Griffiths
A'llla righmackle I'Utt
Aldritu right-end Shephnrd
Baiid quurter-back.. . . Mc.Murray
D.rer. lrf r hHlf-bncfc,.:3heItenbVr
llollister. right half-back.. .Chumpltu
Dyet full-back Johnson
Kansas did hur best work in tha first
half, but depended entirely upn the
puutiug of Johnson, her full-back. In
the early pnrt of the first half Kunsns
reached "within five feet of Michigan's
goal, but lost on a fumble. .Mtciiiuau did
not core till thirty' seconds bafore the
half closed, wheu Griflin gradually forced
his wity over the line and kicked a goal.
Score: Ann Arbor, G; Kausas, 0.
Iu the second half Kansas got rattled,
and was entirely out of the game. .Michi
gan threw liersalt against Kansas' center
and aiouud the end, making successful
gains each time, llollister, .Miuhigau'-
right half-back, secured a touchdown, mid
GiiUlit kiuk-d the go.. I. Hoilister again
earned the bail over me line, but tbe goal
was missed. Near the close of tlie second
halt lloliUter made his third touchdown
and Griflin kicked u goaL 'Score: Aun
Arbor, 22; Kansas, 0. .
Though considerable rough play was in
dulged iu, nobody was Seriously injured.
Tlie MaBfpart of tile giime Was pUyed iu
the dat kns A. I out olWO people wit
nessed the game, most of whom cheered
for Kaurfay.
Springfield, M iss , Nov. 25 IIrrard
was outpiited aud outgeneraled ou lht
Hampden park gridirou by the eleven lit
tle boys in blue. The sous of E.iliu Ifala
won their seventeenth victory from the
crimson bois by a score of 0 to 0. Sot. far
from 25.00J people witnessed the great con
test, including the governors of three
states Itusseil of Massuchusett", .Mc
Kiuley of Onio and Morris of Connecticut,
liuttervvorth, Yale's great full-bick, is tha
hero Of the hour, for it wa he who made
the touchdown from which the god was
kicked. Fiom n p'nyer's standpoint It
was an ideal day, but it whs uncomfortably
cold for spectators.
Ttie came was exiled nt 2 o'clock. Yale
non tbe tons and took the north goxl, Mlli !
tbe wind iu uer favor, which mms blowing
strong. The first half wms almost a drawn
battle. At the end Harvard had the bull
ou her 25-vard line, no points having been
scored. The game .s .Mopped twice
during the first half on account of two of
Harvard's phyers being hurt. Mackic
vvk.s smashed n the fhee aud another man
w.is rendered insensible.
In the second half Yale went in to win.
Play was calleil at 3.J2 o'clock and in ix '
Illinuies x iwu iimu sturcu a luucniiuvrii, me
lir.-t in the game, 'le goal was kicked
ai d the )core w.is G to 0 in li-r favor.
Ten minutes later II irvard got the ball
on downs on her 20-yard line. Oiic ol J
Harvard's men wms disabled and lmon i
the held. At d.W o clock ilarTHrd Im'l
gained ten yards around Y.ile's left aud
ten more around Yale's r.gtit. One minute
later Harvard was on the center line.
Then she gained sven yards In thre
downs. Thornr of Yale v di-tabied and
lyin prone on Ynle'--yard iiue.
Ou throe down Yule failed to gain.
Then Buttrworth went through the cen
ter for three yards, and Thornt around the
right end for three more. Ou two downs
Yale made four yards Tlieu Thome wm
put through the center for three more. Ho J
was forced around the right for five yard,
aud the bul was on the &-j(r.I line. Hut
terworth made two yards and TLorue
made a slight advance through the center
Butterworth marts four ynls nround the
right -ncL Yale made atwperat- effort to
get through the Harvard line, but Iva tbe
tall ou four downs. Harvard ,a nrd iht
yurds L5rewr punted for forty yard", and
the referee gve Yale five yards for an off
side pl.y. Armstrong fumb,-d and 3ot
mo yrtl, but Yale fell on the bait Arm
strong tnen weut through the center for
ten yards Thome came ibrougu for fire
yard. Acton and '1 borne ero burt.
1'j.ij ws resumed in two minute, and
tims WB1 call-u, with th bll oa Yale'
35-yara line. Harvard laded to .rj and
Y.!e won lb icarnr by a j'core of 0 toft
ST Lot I.-. Xov. 24 lootsii Ctiicajco
aciti u. 7, st. IjO"hsoc a.ioa. U.
IlOtHEaTEK, N Y , Nov. 25 L'nion col
lege detrain! Kocbotcr umver-ity here
this aftrt.Oon ly a score of 5 0.
NfcW YORK. Nov 25L-iiigb Univeritv
defeated the Lairersiiy wf North Caroiia
al.Maubatuu Odd urJUy by a score of
LEXINGTON, V , Nor. 25 Umveraity of
Virginia, 22, Virgluia Military Ifcsti
tutt 0.
Denver, Nov. 5 Football. Dearer Atb
lettcclub, 30; suae scbooi of Miucs of
Golden. 12.
isT Louis, Nor. 25 Tbe University of
Missouri defeated me PaU:xis Athletic
club of it. Loui 24 to 12.
NiTK" YORK, Nov. 2.. la rw of tbe
coatraver-y bctvtetn the holds;- of Kania
Pacific sccantirs and iiuseli S-ge, tru
tre of tbe corolidati-d tnongags beads of
ibe Knsas Pacific Iill;ay com;tar,orrr
the (tireri:in of tbe funds is tbe hacdt
cf tLe trcstee drrired frzn s-Ufcs of t.e
c mpanjV lantLj, Mr. Sage mid tclay.
In the first, place. i amount I ta
obi.g'd to toM a truster. realtiug I runt
anu lr. ks b--n grratly X.gjrtrtL
It j oaiT aiiout I30.CA Hef0ttte tbJ
money could rrof-t1y b- aud ha Lrra j
useu to is tire t& tciMjIida'.' botidt; bit
Topeka, Kau., Not. 25. The story pub
lished this morning of an alleged secret
meetincr iu Kansas City last night to turu
down the state administration and to re
organize the People's pirtyis deuied la
toto here by the populist leaders and sUUo
officers. Theysiy that no meeting was
ever called for the purpose named; that
Jerry Simpson is in Washington and
Cyrus Corning in Ottawa, and that tha
meeting was composed of friends of Peto
Kline, who desire to create public senti-"
mtnt against Governor Levelling because
he has Inaugurated a crusade against
Kansas CtTV, Not. 25. An evening pa
per pimuastory today Af th populist
meeting heal yesterday in this city, tho
gist uf which was seut iu ihe dlsDalcnes.
The story o'f yesterday Is substantiated,
aud the following additional details rn
printed: Jerry Simpson is charged by tha
faction that is loyal to Lewelliug with be
ing the fattier uf the movement. V. A.
Harris, Senator PeiTer mid some of tho
other members of cougres-. were represent
ed by frieuds. It is ttiu old story of Kan
sas the state houe ring aud tbe federal
ring. Tim new party, according to those
who were present, is to make iu stand ou
the single Isnue of the free coinage of silver.
AH the socialistic or semi-socialistic the
ories which ptayo 1 so Importaut a part iu
the formation ot the populut partr am to
be tbrewu aside, aud the new party, which
ih to arise suddenly in an unexpected
place, is to be u silver party nothing moro
and nothing less. "Ttie Idea," says a welt
ktiown populist, "is to form a party that
will carry the silver states from the first
aud to unite ail the friends of sliver, re
gardless uf their icwsouauy other sub
PARIS, Nov. 25. 'the French ministry
has resigned. As soon as the chamber
was ready Jor business tbe debate on M.
Jaures' motion was resumed. After
speeches on both sides M. Pailetan mount
ed the tribune and demanded to know
whether he had thu entire cabluet or only
a portiou of the cauiuet before htm.
To this Premier Dupuy replied: 'The
whole cabinet Is here; you ctu speak."
M. Dupuy'a remark was greUd with
loud clients, but also caused a vloli-uc
tumult ou ttie part of the Extreme Left,
many mumbern of tho latter party declar
ing that M. Peytral had handed lu his
naignatton. This canned M. Pallrtuu to
exclaim iu a loud tune: "Not having a
united c.tbiuet before mc, I decline to
speak." '1 hl caused the Left to break out
iuto renewed applause, which was inter
mixed with considerable tumult.
M. Hi issou declared that tbe ministry's
conduct. vas unconstitutional, and timtic
whs i.npos'dblu to coutinue tho debate,
'lreitu-udoiis cheering greeted toe remark,
and theie was more .moult mid considiT
ablu dtolder on all stduH of the chamber,
after which M. Jatirei withdrew his Inter
polation pudliig a nc uslructioii ot tha
cabinet. This caused renewed disorder,
durtuir which it a announced th.it tho
cabinet hail resign d Iho chamber theu
adjourned u.ilit .Monday.
It in lelievd that President Carnot will
ask M. Dupuy to ncoiiH ruct the cabluet.
M. Jeuert is rrgaidrd as likely to succ-ed
M. Yelelte, and It Is thought that M. Ilui
ileau will leplace M Peytral.
Fort Scott, Kan , Nov. 25 Georg
Klucksou, the Fott bcott merchant, and
grand treasurer ot the Knl guts of Honor
of Kansas, who mysteriouly disappeared
from home two months ago, was today
ideutttled in a hospital at ban Francisco.
He had been injured iu a railroad wreck
and was taken to the hospital for treat
ment. How he got to C'nllloriita Is still t
mystery. When he Us tppeared ho hail
xbuut ttWO of the lodge's money, aud f
Oiteu-ibiy on his way to attend n meellu,
uf the grand lodge ut Lravcn worth.
Cincinnati, Nov. 25 The govrnment
Iims lost its first case lu Ohio under the
Geary lnw. Four Chinese who arrived
here on Monday from Detroit were arirst
ed by a Coiled fctates inspector on suxpl
clou that thrj were Ji-wjy imported and
were being !iitigj!ed !rm Cauda to Nw
York. I j on a toll hiring italay laitom
United fc'tes f'oiiiiiils.loiier JJruscw, that
oflicial held that the government bad
failed to make its cue aud duchargtd tLn
BelgRAUK, Nov. 25 The brvla n cb
iuel has r'Sigued. 'i he teou given ta iLv
taiiff conflict with AnstrU-Hungary. TJi
real leaffeii Is that the radical party de
clines to give uy further aiippuri to tim
government on the grond that th lat
ter'a policy is bng direct-d by Kiig
Milan, The ruics want M iiaolca, tht
new minbtr to t. l'ciritariZ as pre
mier, aud tue king is ld to opjo iut.
Toe Scltig bu not -t accpted the resfg
fiatioa of tbe cabinat.
LlSBOV, Nov 20. It ! atated that tbi
goverum-nt Is txut to dlolve tb
cort's, flndlnx it lmpositble to cJiittoUo
busiueas with lb preeut memberabip.
more frequently find fault wiih
the butter than any ether arada
on the table. How to iztMy
everybody, and alay In tile
particular' is a proWcfn. W
have the anyA'er to iu
made of the purest raatcrhll
by a new and special precede.
It pleases guests on the table;
it gratifies cooks in the pastry.
Write for omt free Booklet ol
Information and name oi near
est wholesale agent.
Kmusms City, USA
, XA

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