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fee Wcfrite fpailg gaylc: jbnvsOss ptacuiufl, S'MW" 30, l """,
WirATnF.n Bitkeau, 1
Wichita. Kan., Nov. 29. ISJ3. l
Forecast for Wichita and viciulcy
F.iir; hlisbtly colder.
Dunns; the past twenty-four honrs the
hichest ' temperature was 4S. the lowest
2 and the mean 40,Avith colder, clouay,
tallowed bv clearins weather, high south
wind about 3 o'clock a. in , changing to
li"ht south during the afternoon.
Thus far this month the average tem
perature has been 4".
For the nast live years the average
temperature "tor the month of November
oas been 43, and for the )th day 37.
Fr.ED l-i .JOHNSON'. Observer.
WASHINGTON', Nov. 29. The following
Jithc forecast up io S p. m. Thursday:
For Kansas Fir; winds shifting to
lortberlv; much colder Thursday night.
For Missouri Geneially fair; variable
rinds: colder Friday morning.
NEr York, Nov. 29. The seventeenth
lonual football prmne to be played tomor
row between Princeton and Yale promises
to be in inanv le-pects the most successful
content of Che kind ever pjaye-l. lnis
ivcnlnsr some bets were placed at o to 4 on
Yale The indications M-fin to show that
..t these figures the Piinctoii:ans will
keep their money. It i- gener ly conced
..d that the style of play will beof the
,pen variety, and that Yale especially will
defuse io mass her men, except when no
other cour-e is open to her.
The prospect- tonight are for rain.
Should the I'oivcast piove true the Yale
Warn would have a material Hdyautage.
CAMHKIDOF, .Mass., Nov. 29 The Fenn-ylvani.i-H.trv.ird
game tomorrow will ln
for blood. Ho'h sides are determined to
.rin and to play gamely. II -.i yard ieels
the chsgiaco of her defeat by Yale, and she
will do or di- this time. Pennsylvania
nas been woiking with terrific energy tor
this game, and has come to towu feeling
that she can wiu and is bound to be vic
torious. IJoth j-ides play an atrgressive
.nine, lelviugon wedge and mass play,
iiid the c'hnces are that substitutes will
ls needed by both before the game is over.
In practice the men seem posbesed of de
mons, and play with phenomenal dash autl
-pint. In comparing the elevens, man for
man, thtv are about even. As far as team
play goes both sales play the same hard
riisiung game, with Huivaid baying the
idvamage in moie new plays.
Bkihj.n, Nov. 2tL Chaucellor von Ca
pnvi today had an audience with Emperor
William hi regard to the infernal machines
lent to them. Emperor "William is re
ported to have expressed the belief that
I he culprit was insane. The machine sent
to Chancellor von Capnvi was evidently
made by an inexperienced person, and was
inilv dangerous inasmuch as it might have
Kinged t he chancellor's hair. The machine
icccived bv the. emperor was moie danuei
nus, and would undoubtedly have killed
the person opcuiug it.
T-n a nurKiiUh. imvrt nppn arrested in
Phiis upon suspicion of being connected
with the plot to cause the death of the
emperor and the cuanccllor.
' The Socialists' newspaper Yorwnerts
publishes a srcict Government order, sign
id by Count Eulenberg, the Piussian
prime minister, oared in July, to the
presidents of the provmces advising them
to take measures to light Socialistic views.
The publication of the order has caused a
heusation, as it shows that every secret
order of the government finds its way Into
l ho Socialistic pi ess.
MADRID, Nov. 29. The Anarchist news
paper Eltibelde ot Saragosa has been sup
pressed, JUid several an eats made. A bomb
has beeu tfound in the church of the
Templars at Granada.
ST. Lot is Nov. '-'9. A crank named
Kalhan urth of Byrnesville, Mo., who
dad come from his native town to kill
"Secret Service Operator John McCullongh,
Iter having a tussle with the latter in
his office today, was placed on a train
tud ticketed for home. Worth had writ
ten McCullough a letter tellinir him that
lie was coming to kill him McCullough
svni waiting lor his visitor, and wheu at
:30 o'clock p. in. Worth appeared at the
foiniei's olhce door in the federal build
ing, McCullough did not move, but said,
"Come in and make yourself at home."
The crank, taken by surprise, walked in.
McCullough leaped up, seized him, took a
levolver f i om the fellow's trousers' pocket,
and shoved him into a chair. The follow
ing inteitstiiig colloquy then ensued, Mc
Culluugh taking the inilia' ive:
"Why do you want to kill me?"
"J do tint aut to kill you, but they tell
me to kill on. Pietidergast did not want
to kill Carter Harrison, but they told him
to kill the mayor."
The crank was soon arrested, but later
a as put on a train for home.
For a eleir head ami steady ntrves
Take Hionio-cltei tiial bottle 10 cents.
VIENNA, Nov. 29 A mistaken foreign
nulicy has placed Servia in a dangerous
position. A complete change iu her sys
tem is necesscry to avert a financial catas
trophe and a conflict with Austria. The
internal conditions of the couutry are
dfsjieiate. Theie is no money to pay the
army and the sowrnmeut officials. For
this condition the radical government is
responsible, as, in order to remain popular
it failed to levy t he necessary tuxes.
Kansas Cm, Nov. 29 Ciiut Tillory,
)ue of the principal contestants in the pio-1
onged tight for the omce of collector of
internal revenue for the Kansas City dis
irict, has failed. His business was deal
ug iu boots and boe. If three iiteds of
rust, aggre.itin foO.OOJ, are not set
sside, his creditois will teulize nothing out
a( the wreck. Tilleiy is well known
.hroughout the state, and his many politi
iiil friends will sympathize with liim in
the uiiu which politics has wiought in his
peison.il a Cans.
Cleveland, O., Nov. 29. The Iron
Trade Review tills week says: "So far as
i he volume of ales is concerned the month
iiist closini: was the most satisfactoiv in
i he iron trade mucu thu beginning oi tho
iepression. No giound appears as yet,
however, for the confidence that beitrr
01 ICes Will tilrvai! m tlu nn.ir fi-mri Tim
early date hxed tor pmtiiie: into effect the J
new uunes niaKes the tantt lull atactor in
ceiy transaction tunning nuns; thau two
niouitis into the coming vear."
London. Nov. 29. Scheig and Floyd, the
Minneapolis fugitives warned by the police
o! that citv on thu charge of robbing thr
Bank of Minneapolis of 90,000, admitted
ttieir guilt today in the police court Thev
were willing to return to the United States
and weie committed for extradition.
New Yoizk, Nov. -.9. -At u meeting of
the dnectorsof the Erie Hailwnvcomptnv
held this atternoon, a committee was ap
pointed to consider the question of re
organization and report a plan therefor.
i tic m iisatia &y UJ- iLU sL;
A Happy, Fruitful
mn vra mil null one copy ii.?ircU
EBJE MEDICAL CO.. Buffalo. S.7
ALVA, O. T., Nov. 29. Special. Dep
uty United States Marshal Langley
brought in eight prisoners from the vicin
ity of the Cedar mountains, yesterday,
charged with cutting timber on govern
ment lands unlawfully, They were all
bound over to the next term of the district
Mrs. Charles Shrader, wife of Deputy
Sheriff Shmder of this county, died at her
home near Naynoka last eveuiug. Mrs.
Shrader, several days ago and during her
husb aid's absence, attempted to burn a
fire guard around some liiy-tack, when,
iu some unexplained manner, her clothing
caught fire and she was fatally burned be
fore the fire could be extitmuished. Sua
leave a husband aad a large number of
friends tojuourti her loss.
James Robinson, the athletic trainer at
Princeton College, Princeton, N. J., says:
I have found it imperative to have sure
and simple remedies on hand in case of
cuts, liruiscb, strains, sprains, colds, rheum
at ism, etc. Shortly niter entering upon
mv piof-s:du, I discovered such a remedy
in'ALLCocK's Porous Plasters I tried
otiiet masters, but fouuu them all too
harsh and irritating. ALLCOCK's POROUS
PLASTERS give almost instantaneous re
lief, and their strengthening power is re
markable. Iu cases of weak back put two
plasters on tliu small of the bnck and in a
short time you will be capable of quite
severo exercise. In "sprint" and "dis
tance" races and jumping, the muscles or
tendons in the leys and feet sometimes
weaken. This cm invariably be rehoved
by cutting the plaster iu narrow strips, so
as to give frpe motion, und applying on
muscles affected "
"WELCH, W. V., Nov. 23. Following
pay day at nine of the largest mines on the
Norkfolk and Western road, thero were
four murders nud three affrays which will
lesu't fatally. Of the dead three are
negroes, one of whom was killed bv Hiram
Djy (white), in a fight with the latter in
which Dev also was killed. A. S. Waldroa
was fatally stabbed by Jack Abbot iira
quarrel ovtr a &tore bill, and near Davis
station the body of Hulda Mitchell, a le
spectable white "woman, was fouint in the
woods. A French barber named Deeriug
has been arrested charged with tho latter
NEW York, Nov. 29. The grand jury
today indicted Polic Captain William S.
Devery of the Eldridge street station for
malfeasance in office and criminal neglect
of duty. The indictment is founded upon
charues preferred by Rev. Dr. Charles H.
Part-hurst. The captain is charged with
being aware of the character ot certain
Louses and with failing to close them after
being requested to do so.'
BOSTON', Nov. 29. The Nouautou Worst
ed company, with mills at Newton, has
fonnally notified its 800 operatives that
the reduction iu the tariff proposed uy the
new law makes it necessary to reduce
wag-s or stop th mills.
Pittsburg, Pa., Nov. 29. The W. D.
Wood lolling mills of McKeport, have
ordered a 10 per cent r due. ion in the
wages of all employes, numbering 5,000.
The men will piobably accept.
Catarrh is a constitutional disease, and
quires a constitutional remedy like
Hood's Sarsaparilla.
CHICAGO, Nov. 29. E. A. Kil bourne,
formerly auditor for thr General Electric
company, was anested this morning,
chatged with attempting to extort money
by threats to publish a libelous article
and threits to murder. The complainant
in the case in Bernard E. Sunny, general
manager of tho company.
Ivilbourue says that his arrest is part of
a systematic plan of persecution that ha
has been subjected to ever since, as aud
itor of the company, he reported a short
aee of 200,000 in the accouuts of Sunuy's
son at Omaha. He denies that he ever
asked Suuuy for mouey, except for salary
CniCAGO, Noy. 29. The Chicago Great
Western has made trouble for itself and
all other Chicago and southwestern lilies
by cutting the rates on excess biggago
f., (1 4I . C1 irl no. inn i.nnn.1 'PI. a
Chicago, Milwaukee and St." Paul hns an-1
nounct-d that it will meet the cut. Chair
man Caldwell has prououeced the action
of the Gieat Western a direct violation of
the association agreement, and has called
a meeting for Friday, when the Great
Western will be tried.
The western roads refuse to make any
teiritoriul exchange ot cheap rates iu the
districts ertst and west of the Missouri
river for the holidays.
CHICAGO, Nov. 29. Jurors Gates and
Wilson, who were charged with seeming
places on the Comrhliu jury in an irregu
lar manner, weie dischaiged today by the
presiding judge. The court adjourned till
Friday for the puipose of securing two
more jurymen. It is rumored that the
piosccution has reconsideied its an
nounced iutention, and will proceed
against Juror Wilson.
A story was current today that the in
vestigation had narrowed down so that
thiee prominent politicians are accused of
lmviog inspired l lie attempt to coriupt the
jury. Pi oof of this is alleged to be in the
possesion of the state's attorney.
LON'DOX, Nov. .9. MrB. John W. Mack
ay has left Carleton house, und has gone
to Paris, in older to be Willi her daughter,
Princess Colonna, who has commenced le
gal proceedings with the view of obtaining
a separation from her husband, Priuce
Ferdinand Gallairo Colonna, and toobiuin
tho custody of her three children. It is
understood that the princess charges
Prince Colonna with numerous acts of
adultery iu audition to general profligacy.
PARIS. Nov. 29. Senator Spullcr has
underutksu the lormatiou of a cabinet.
If he succeeds he will present a list of
new mmisteis to President Carnot at 10
o'clock tonight.
PARIS. Nov. 29 At a lata hour it is
stated that tbe uewc-tbinet will be com
p .&ed a-tollow.-: Premier and uiiuUter
oi foreign affair?, M. Spuller; iu tenor, M.
ilnyiial; liuance, M. Uuruau; public
works, M. Birthou; education, M. Pom
c.irt; husbandry, M. Kerj-gu; was, M.
Fcriou; mariue, Admiral Gervuis; colonies,
M. Deleave.
BEXXIN'GS, D. C, Nov. 29. Winners:
Chathe ll.sou, Yucatan, liOgau, Aure
lian, Bessie Bis'aud, My Gyp.
East st. Lons, Ills., Nov. 29. Winners:
FiawtJa. Bud Becocks, Merge, Roseberry,
Lizzie VI
GLOUCESTER. N. J., Nov. 29. Winners:
Spce-laway, Dutch Oveu. Kaucois,
Bloudys, Victim, Dock Birch, White
CUTTEXBCRG. N. J.. Nov. 23 Winners:
Einy B.O!.soui. Major General, Tartarian,
Souudmore, amt-eso, Donne.
MnilLLA, Nov. 29. An immediato ad
vauco of the Spanish forces upon the
Mcora is expected. The Arabs are prepar
ing to make a stubborn resistance and are
busily at work ftreugthenius their posi
tions. Twenty-live Sp-tuisu generals are
here aud reiaforcetEcnts continue to ar
Ca?e Tovrx, Nov. 29. A dispatch receiv
ed here Ir .m Peterburg reoorts thtCoai
iiicinucr Ii.i it has captured Kiug Loben
NEAy Yors, Nov. 2S. Judge McAdini of
the superior coujl has grained a decree of
divorce to Hrlen Duvray Ward, lbs actress,
from Johu M. Ward, the baseball player.
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than othera and enjoy life more, with
le3 expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to- health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced ia the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its .presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the iJfreshingand truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative ; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowei3 without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from,
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and 1 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered.
"This talk," said the bachelor, "of
woman's engaging- in tho pursuits of
man is ail nonsense."
"I don't know," said his friend,
"There's no doubt about it. Suppose
a war should arise. Yomen couldn't
fight, could they?"
"What's the reason they couldn't?"
"Why, because they are not natu
rally constituted for warfare."
"ITumph! Just come over to the bar
gain counter in our dry goods store
some day and j-ou'll change your mind."
Washington Star.
As to Their .Relationship.
Tlibbs (at the Blobbs reception)
Glad to meet you, Mr. Nobbs. I think
I may claim to be a sort of relative.
Nobbs Pardon me what is the
Ilibbs Our fathers, I believe, were
second consins, or something of that
"Ah possibly. They may have been
distantly very distantly related."
"Not so distantly related, sir, but
that your father borrowed one hundred
dollars from my father once and never
paid it. Fine old painting this, isn't
it?" Chicago Tribune.
Jfot IaU Bridget.
Wife (away on a trip) I don't be
lieve Bridget wrote that letter that I
received this morning.
Husband Why, it tells you all about
everything at home.
Wife Yes, I know; but it's signed:
"Your obedient servant."4 Judge.
Algie She took the cigawette wight
out of me mouth and threw it in the
Chollie What did you say?
Algie Nothing at all; just cwied.
Tlie tongod-ror Question.
Mr. Caller Miss Antique, I hare
been wanting to ask you something for
some time.
3Iiss Antique (blushing) You may
ask it.
Mr. Caller My mother wants to
know if you are not the Isabel Antique
she used to go to school with. Truth.
Conld Kat II in.
Freddy Sister must like you a heap.
Freddy's Sister's Beau (beamingly)
Indeed! I am delighted to hear you
say so. "
Freddy Yes, when she saw you
coming to-night she said she felt as if
she could eat you. She was going out
with Mr. Featherly. N. Y. Journal.
The Obedient Servant.
Mistress Do you mean to tell me,
Bridget, that you let baby eat seven
Bridget An' sure, ma'am, didn't yez
tell me, the last thing goin' out, to
'moind the baby,' an' sure he ordered
the whole siven. Ilarper's Young Pe"o
Ue of I'arrotc.
He I asked your parrot if she wanted
a cracker, but I coujd not quite make
out her reply.
She Polly speaks very indistinctly
at times. Perhaps she was trying to
say that she preferred chocolates.
Ile Una I'll bring a box nest time
and see. Good News.
What I Keallj- cued.
Senator What we need in this conn
try is a school to fit men to be news
paper men.
Newspaper Man By Jove, we don't
need to have it half as much as one to
fit men to be United States senators
Detroit Free Press.
A Rlalculons Motion.
"Doctor, when I bend ray body for
ward, stretch out ziy arms horizon
tally ,and impart to them a circular
motion, I always feel such a pain in
my left shoulder.''
"But what need is there for yon to
perform such ridiculous antics?'
Do you know any other way. doc
tor, of getting on your top coat?"' De
Amsterdamm ex.
W ? cSrT &a5cr-'
v jBFMm ml
To A
I l r I
fp 111
i i ilv"
. 1X
SIT Bii-
It Is Almost Always Totally Inadequate
to .Secure Identification.
"He was a young man and fairly
good looking; smooth face and without
glasses; wore a dark suit; was about
five feet in height, and looked like a
married man; anybody would know
him." Such was the description turned
in by a young woman who slipped
quietly into the city editor's ofiice and
wanted to advertise for Chalmers, says
the Boston TJeraltL It appeared that
Chalmers had left home, and nobody
knew why, and this young woman had
faith that her recital of his personal
traits would bring him back. -It was
a good example of the average per
son's power of description of a fellow
It is totally inadequate! Though man
be fearfully and wonderfully made,
there seems to be an unaccountable in
ability in .nine persons out of every ten
to give a creditable word picture of
anyone whom they have seen. Because
we understand the looks of a person
when we meet him it never occurs to
the mind that other people do not
grasp a thorough idea of his appear
anco with a few passing phrases of de
scription. Your friend comes in, and yon ex
pound to him that such and such a man
has just called for him, but almost in
variably your exposition is a jumbled
lot of used phrases which apply to the
human race in general.
The other day when I rushed into my
office room; with a column story on the
end of my tongue or at least at the
tip of my pen, to be more accurate I
was given this greeting:
"'Hello! A man has just been in to
Bee you."
''What did he look like?"
"Oh. he was a jgood-looking fellow;
not very tall; rather heavy, but not too
mnch so."
"Was he old or young?"
"'About twenty or twenty-five, I
should say."
"What color of hair?"
"I don't remember now. However,
I don't think he had a mustache."
"How dressed?"
"Oh, ju3t in ordinary business suit."
Have you ever heard such a descrip
tion? If not, watch yourself next time
yon tell of some one's call. You will
bo surprised to find that your descrip
tion would fit almost any member of
the human race.
Why is it?
I don't know. We read in books that
it's because we don't cultivate the hab
it of intelligent observation.
There was once a boy who learned
how to describe what ho saw. Every
morning he wa sent by his father to
walk rapidly by an elegantly arranged
window,and then af terward to repeat to
him all the things he saw at this one
glance at the panorama and to'describe
them. At first the lad could remember
but fewthingsfthat his dye may have
caught in"the passing glance, but in
time he could remember almost every
thing in a show window by merely
glancing5 at it once. -
rier Appearance When on the Throne Dis
illusioning. As the French press were too much
ubsorbetf with the Russian visitors to
think of anything else, the one bun-
dredth anniversary of Marie An-
toinette's execution, the Paris cor
respondent tells the London Daily
News, was kept by different royalist
Some of them in'supplements gave re
prints o sensational pictures of her
trial, and copies, tinted and in black
and white, of her portraits. The mem
oirs of Earon M. Thicdbaud, the friend
of Frederick tho Great, which has just
come out, contain a 'description of her
as she walked from the chapel roj'ale
at Versailles to her private apart
ments. It does not accord with the idea gen
erally entertained of her sumptuary
elegance. She was, the baron says,
dressed in white percale, or a kind of
thin cotton. It was so soiled and
! shabby that he would have taken her
for an under servant, had she not
walked at some distance before a bevy
of splendidly dressed ladies. Her
whole appearance denoted careless
ness. When the baron mentioned his sur
prise to some gentlemen of the court
they shocked him by the things they
said about her want of neatness and
incapacity to feel what she owed to her
Indeed, whenever people about
court spoke of the king or queen to tho
baron if was in a tone of sneering
levity, not to say of ribaldry. In the
Arnoth correspondence Maria Theresa
frequently chide,Marie Antoinette for
her untidy liabitfe, thus corroborating
Baron Thiebaud's impressions.
Xtoatningr Chinese Tribes.
In the plains on the western borders
of the 'Chinese empire, in the very
heart of Asia, there live roaming tribes
who seldom vhsit towns, except it may
be in theSvay of trade. They dwell in
tents which thoy pitch wherever they
may happen for the moment to be
wandering or working. Tho tent
used by soma of the roving Mongolian
folk is made of felt and is usually low,
small and pointed toward the top.
The wooden door-frame is no higher
thau half a window-frame in our
houses, but the tent, although not
equal to the wants of a large family,
is snug and comfortable enough in
summer, but cold, cold in winter.
.V I'lei Tor I'eaco.
Tbe cur cried boMty: "GItc ra peaceP
The Frenchman cried: "Of cacrsel"
Thca cacii one hastened to Increase
Els lsci and naval force.
Cleveland rials Dealer.
vrbat made her boantifaL
Yet it's onlv what other
women know. Wealth of j
healthy body. Health is a j
set of goon habits, uoctor
Pierces i-avontc iTesrrrp-
cssbts natara inesuib-
lishing thews habits.
Wbinsn have taTiovr
faces, dull fyes and
hollow cheeks, to- i
.i i.u i
spirits, when ihj ;
are maa? miscraDUf ;
with disorders, ds-
25Z"& !
?CTmcd,afUTivriod- '
tothairsex. Hcaith is ref-a-sod.
V-& -Htf
L tioa
cf rhrrirnya, nervous preparation and exntn- Ise has discovered a smre curs for diph-"-OitT.
or other znapueslaatKis of taranse- taeria. He has bsen successful in tair-
meet or dlsTrfsccxsKit of the womanly rrpars,
-bea the IVescristicn is ced. Ucsues,
it's sold on its merits. The prcprictora lite
Ifcn rist
It k gxiaranltid to benefit or csre all tb .
cr menev is refunded.
rigr-k i diwi bv Dr, 5S&oWs t?prr:T.
An Animal That Is Full of Life
aad Resources.
Ha Is Ever on the Alert and JSetwith
standing Ilis Piifcrias Tenden
cies Is in Troth a .'. - "
ff--Merry Itcast. . v-SkJJ
"Hbw'fejw people know wha!an.in-teresting-chap
the fox is,'' said a. nat
uralist -recently. "They know'hiin
onlv V w.nntfit'nn. nnrl t.hnTw-"ni n.
chiclccnvthief, which he is. Bui he has;
lots of points, I tell you. A merry, sly
dog is rei'nard. All summer he lives--in
luxurious ease, roaming the woods
and sauntering by the pearly brooks,
or basking in the noonday sun.
"He loves fish; and going down to
the stream he waits till he spies a
plump trout. It's over in a twinkling.'
A leap, a snap, and eff he trots with
his juicy morsel. A stupid crawfish
snoozes by his hole near the water's
edge. Reynard drops his tail in tho
water and tickles him with 'it Tho
angered crustacean comes out of his
hiding place and is seized and crushed,
armor and all. When the ripening
corn is ready to drop, and the luscious
fruits have reached their maturity,
and all nature is plethoric with ripen
ing fullness,' then Master Fox is in
clover. Timid rabbits prick up their
ears and run, unconscious of danger,
along the hillside; the quails skulk
noiselessly in the wheat stubble; birds
pour forth their notes of praise and
he catches them alL He loves fruits.
Stealthily he steals into orchards,
where apples and plump pears tempt,
and in the vineyard he fairly revels in
grapes. His cubs grow fat and saucy.
Ho shows them how to pilfer honey,
and when the busy bees have laid up
a winter store he crawls to the hives
near the garden fence and, jumping up
to the small opening, licks the sweet
drops with pure delight. Out come
the stinging, humming hbneymakers"
and settle like a ball on his thick
pelt; but he doubles up in a twinkling,
and, rolling over and over, crushes
them by the score and eats them as a
"Cunning? No animal beats him.
Look at his brainy head. His delicate
ears broad below to catch every sound,
from the highest note of the shrill
warbler to tho low crooning of the
cricket, or the distant murmur of storm,
or the fevered pants of the prancing
hounds, and tapering so sharply to a
point that they can shape themselves
to every wave of air that makes the
tiniest rustic of noise. Note the crafty
calculation and foresight of the low,
flat brow. What a nose! Now full of
resolute purpose pointing straight for
ward, and anon turning up with con
centrated malice and scorn. The eye,
deep-set, a, regular robber's eye, lack
ing the soft beauty of the timid deer,
or the fascinating glare pf the cat's, yet
it trembles with modest humility, or
glares with murderous rage, flashing
fire and fvengeane'e. Energy and-se'f-control
speak in the thin, cynical lips
and the .mouth opens from ear to dare
He can leap, crawl, run and swim with
the velocity of lightning, and his wiry
body is carried so noiselessly along
that scarce a trace is left. His deli
cate footfalls echo no response even
among the dead leaves of the forest.
, Ilis walk is treacherous, his crlanca-.in
ister. Scizincr a bunch of trrain in-hia
mouth, he will swim into the midst of
a flock of ducks and seize the plumpest
for a dinner. .
"He is voracious, is reynarcL. When-
hungc-r pressed, and gauut -and lean,
from starrvation, he'll not refuse ser
pents and toads and moles and rats,
lie has been known to attack and kill
oung calves and lambs, and if the sea
shore is near. will revel in oysters and
shellfish. A group of rabbits are feed
ing in a clover patch. He'll crawl J
I along, nibbling the J111C3' flowers until
near enough to make a grab. He'll
stalk a bird, with his hind legs drag-
, ging behind him, until near enough to
, spring. How farmers dread his inroads
) in the poultry yard. Fasten the yard
, up tight and he will burrow a winding
! passage into the ground beneath and I
suddenly appear among the drowsy
chickens and stupid geese, whose shrill
and alarmed cries arouse the farmer
from his bed to sally forth, finding all
safe. Then the fox will sneak back
and pack away with the plumpest pul- i
let or the fattest goose.
"February is the month when rey- j
nard goes awooing, and a wide range :
he takes, flirting and toying with
every vixen that chances in his way. '
It is fully sixty days before madame i
clears the rubbish all out of her bur-
row and brings forth her young, from t
three to six at a litter. It will be fully '
a month before the sharp-nosed cubs i
begin to play and gambol about tho ,
doorway of their home. Perhaps it ,
will be at the root of an old tree, be- ,
neath a ledge of rocks, or in the hollow J
of a dead tree trunk, or a burrow with j
several entrances in the sand or loam.
Tell-tale chicken bones, and feathers
and furs strewn about the entrance,
speak of many a hen roost robbed, or
of foolish rabbits and over-confident
grouse that have furnished food for
the ever-hungry cubs. The mother fox j
faithfully feeds her young and boldly
steals to support them. She knows, as J
all sportsmen know, that the hounds J
will not follow her -while she has a
family depending upon her. j
"A merry, devil-may-care life does j
the fox lead, indeed! It may be a short i
one, for traps and snares are many,
hunters are alert and the scent of s
hound is keen. But reynard rollicks
and roisters, and plan's the bold free
booter amid it all."
Ukase No. 227 makes 150,000 more
Russian soldiers.
Oaklet Tixvu in Evtxt a property
of GOO acres in good order, valued forty
years ago at 2S,000, hs been bid o2
f or jmj j
The diocesan conference of Truro
concludes that great harm has been j
Hrn in thp cjinw at nnntv bv the re-
.: vi : t ,a
-"- "- "- '" -.
Tn2 question whether a ;-naie
claiming to be a "lady" was KbelW bv
1 V..r uvllu . i m-r T.M-.C- siArr'.trz
uuiUif tiiucu a. wiu.u - v..-.-.x -
by a Iintish judge andjnry :n tee ncg-
rot. Kix-Wj of Carlrahe , who has j
-aodifled advantageously Prof. K&:
tuberculin for consumption, says that
teen aisu-ictcases.
The Paris exposition oi "C-SO will be j
in a more central site even tnan the
one. It will extend from tbe
Trocadero to the Taileries Cfcrdes. io
that -visitors will v.ot be taken so far
Athletes Eat
" f
(A fair iachk at Football) Won't they break their bones? Not
, if they have trained on Quaker Oats I It makes the bones
hard, the muscles strong.
Only in
A Physician Who Was Consulted on This
Subject to Ills Sorrow.
Sicily, the classic haunt of brigand
age, seems ambitious of showing that
highway robbery does not quite ex
haust her methods of breaking the
eighth commandment, says the Lon
don Lancet. Some days ago, in Pal
ermo, a well-dressed, pleasant-mannered
young man was ushered into the
presence of one of the leading alien
ists and proceeded, on painfully matter-of-fact
lines, to state the object of
his visiL Ilis dear Avife had during
the few months since their inarriago
dovelopcd the most distressing, most
incorrigible habit of kleptomania, Not
only in public shops and private visits,
but even in her own house, she could
not keep her hands off other people's
property, which, however, on coming
to her real self some hours afterward,
she invariably returned to their own
ers. Medical treatment had hitherto
failed to wean her from the habit, and
in his despair he bethought him of
the Palermitan expert, whose success
in such cases had come to his knowl
edge. The consultant, having put a
few questions which were intelligent
ly answered, expressed his willingness
to take the young lady in hand, and
appointed an hour the following day
when her husband was to bring her to
him.- ; )M--
True to time' the pair arrived, and
the lady had hardly been introduced
to-therconsultant when hqr beauty and
frank,? engaging manner imparted
a quite peculiar, interest to- her
hase.( During the interview sJie con
ducted Jtorsplf like a higb-brd woman
of the worldj except for the unfortu
nate failing she labored under of pock
eting articles of value when &he
thought she was unobserved. Among
these the vigilantcyeof the consultant
missed a photograph framed in bril
liants (thoift of a patrician patient),
and also a beautifully modeled statu
ette of pure gold. He also remarked
that just at the moment of bidding
him good daytshe relieved Jiim in the
quickest and most gracuj'iil manner
possible $f a valuable fcrava.t pin,
which became "secrcted;abo.ut her per
son' with the snddenness of magic.
"You see yourself," groaned the af
flicted husband in anastde to the con
sultant, "how possessed she is with
the thieving instinct. Oh, my poor,
unfortunate wife! I will bring you
back all the missing articles to-morrow
at any hour you may appoint,
when j'ou will kindly give rue your
opinion of the case and advise me
what to do." To-morrow came aud
with it the appointed hour, and the
consultant waited and is still waiting
for the "well-dressed, pleasant-mannered
young man" and his stolen
goods. He was as cleverly swindled as
Gil Bias was by Don Raphael and Ca
milla, "niece of the governor of the
Spanish colonics in the Philippine
How a IS'oTellit Spoiled Himself for Ills
Krcnlar I'rofsion.
The novelist had thought that at the
end of the year he would make the
farmer a present of his labor, buvhcJ
had thrown himself with so much zeal
into this hircd.man condition that now
he wanted every cont due him. How
weU had his imagination played its
part! The. farmer hemmed and hawed
out a price aud Bill grumbled at it, but
finally they struck an agreement, and
off liill marched with his earnings in
the pocket of his jeans trou&era.
When he reached the city he dressed
himself in his former apparel and went
to the club to see hia friends, writes
Opie P. Read in Fetter's Southern
Magazine. They were glad that he
had returned from abroad; hoped that
his voyage had been pleasant; were
sure that he had brought back great
material; would anxiously await the
coming of his nest book.
He sat in his library musing. To
morrow he would begin "The History
of the Hired Man." The teenes were
all mapped out. There were plctcrcs
photographed on the spot; iancs in
which he knew every torn. What rue
tie love he could poor into tlm work;
what rude passion, jealouey, bucolic
hcanbreakinga! Sclilcaly it occurred
to him that he had not enjoyed hlj
luncheon at the clnb. HLs mind ran
on boiled dinners, hosr fat. He &tni!ed
at this. Ah. ho could write from thj?
very cravings, the AOcl, of ths hired
The nest morning he awoke early
and bonaeed oat ot bed to fed the cat
tic. TVn he- fTthoucht bimlf that
;vt.s; h1-. 'j ft it r-v. asiid works
7 Pfc. -
iJ -o.
i &$W flMn
pfssggfe Brag
aSarS SI. . JiaTrPi"Hr 15f
Absolutely Pure - 3ustTryIt
cr.jAour.5 t. ca.r-j-.n5LA?. ci-rv " q
of art, surrounded by books.' ne lay
down again, but ho could not sleep.
He was hungry. Ho looked at his
watch. Six o'clock. lie went out to
get something to cat. The restau
rants were not open. He ate corned
beef and cold cabbage iu an all-night
"joint." He went back to his room
and took down a book that had often
fired his brain and s.ent' his fancy fly
ing. It was dulh "liy the gods!" he
exclaimed, ": am so much of a hired
man that I don't want to read. Hut I
can work. I will begin my book."
He sat down, with pen in hand, but
no thought came His hand waa
horny; his thoughts were among iho
clods, held down by New England
boiled dinners. He struggled in vain.
Ilis litqrary work was done. He wa: a
hired man and his genius was gon.
rhotojjrmphr In Crtmn.
Photography aids all classes. Tho
latest to adopt it as a useful assistant
is the scientific burglar. From New
Zealand it is reported that two men
armed with photographic appliances
have been traveling aroifnd the coun
try. Arrived at a house, one of them,
by absurd prices, induces the tenant
to have a photographic gr. ap made of
the whole family, bcrvants included.
While ho carefully poses them all in
a group in front of thu house his part
ner in crime has entered the back door
and is removing such articles of value
as arc conveniently portable. The op
erations are gone through and the
photograpber promises to return next
day with the proof.
i'ecallaritlcs or lrmtherrl Creator H
i;ar!lnx Their Hath.
The feathered tribes Iirto many pe
culiar ways and fancies about tho de-
i tails of their toilets, born birds uso
water only, .some water and dust, while
others prefer dust nnd no water. Birds
are not only exceedingly nice In their
choice of bath water, says New York
Home, but also very particular about
thfc quality of their "toilet dust."
Wild ducks, though feeding by .alt
water, prefer to bathe In fnh water
pools, and will fly long distance1 in
land to running brooks and ponds,
where they preen and dress their
feathers in the early hour of the
morning. Sparrow bathe often, l6h
In water and in dust. Thev arc not o
particular about the quality of tho
water as about the quality of the du-t.
They prefer clean water, but I hate
heen them take a dip in f.hallow p'w 's
that were quite muddy The city par
row must take a water bath where L
can get it in the street or on the tops
of houses but he is tnost careful In
his choice of his dust bath. Kond dtnt.
the dryest and finest powible, -t M
him best. I have noticed the t-f
sparrow taking his dust bat Ii in t.
street ami invariably he clioo i
place where the dust Is like po -'t
Partridges prefer dry loam. I i y
like to scratch out the ioil from nr.-lcr
the gra.s and fill their feathers with
cool earth. Most birds are fond of
burnt ahc. home morning earl l e
a walk across a ld that has bees
burnt over and see the number oi
winged creatures that riMj uddeny
from the ash heap. A darting form,
a small cloud of ashes and Iho bather
niowior it.
Mudge I was just thinking of th
resemblance between my halary antl
my breath.
Yabslev How' that all wind1
"Xo. Not that exactly. Jiutansoon
as I draw it I have to blow ft." lu-
dianapoliu Journal.
A N II Atljvrtlf.
"That isa pretty good itory of youn,"
.aid the editor, "but you have fallen
into a redundancy of expression.
"In your reference to the hero ax 'a
wealthy plumber.' "Washington bU.r.
Mr. Younghusband (reading from
paper) Married: Blanche, de braythn
to Walter Wellington Jonca. What
old memories that name awakens!
Mrs. Y. (blmJjisg) I never imagine!
jou knew of my engagement to
Mr. Y. (chiUingiy) I was alluding
to Blanche. Boston Globe
I.ltll" lifotber' Tlirry.
Small Brother! should think df-!T
would a good deal rather have you call
to we her than Mr. Gctthcrc.
New Adorer (delighted) Would you?
Small Brother 'Cauxc h always
miiwx cp her hair fco. ood New.
- f
r ut-k 2
. r.
i--i-Ss- V jv& vg3&B8j'JV-$ ' -iiSxS'" "
JwA s,$-&&S&& -&

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