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The Wichita daily eagle. [volume] (Wichita, Kan.) 1890-1906, December 10, 1893, Sunday, Image 1

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VOL. XX. NO. 21.
WHOLE NO. 2551.
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A Bomb Thrown From One of the
Galleries During a Sesion of
the Chamber of Deputies.
The Air Pilled "With Sings and Eullsts bj
the Explosion The Somber of Depu
ties Injured Placed at Eighty.
Two Members of the Assembly Said to
HayeBsen Killed by the idiSsiles A
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Unknown Cuinpauad Sup
posed to Have Been the
Machine Used A Sus
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Paris, Dec. 9 Ont of the most fiendish
attempts upon butnan life knowu in thu
Mnual-s of history, and which whs attended
with the direst raaults, whs perpetrated nt
4 o'clock tbts afteruoou, whan an Anarch
ist, who hud secured admittance to the
gallery of the chamber of deputies, threw
a bomb into the miilit of thu assembly of
deputies, woundit g perhaps sixty odd
deputies, nennpaper men, risitors and
others, some of whom may die.
The proceedings going on at the time
were uuintrrestlug, uud the lloor and gal
leries were not so crowded as usual,
though there was a fair attendance. The
deadly nnsMle exploded with a loud re
port, and coming, as it did, without the
lease warning, it created the greatest con
sternation The bomb n as filled with shot.
or slug, and when it exploded these mis
siles were throwu with the greatest force
in all directions, reaching cen as high as
the galleries, where many ladies weic hit
by them and badly injured.
The police immediately after the explo
sion closed all the doors of thecbamberaud
refused to allow anybody to pas in or
out until an investigation should be con
cluded Up to a I ite hour tonight, how
ever, the perpetrator of the deed was not
positive' knonn, though the police had
made a number of arrests. Thu explosion
occurred the moment the bomb left the
Auarchut's hand, and for tlmt reason
most of the injured were Hptctator.s.
Had the bomb not exploded until it re ac li
ft the boor wliera the deputies were seat
ed, a number of them would undoubtedly
have been killed.
The explosion caused tho grente3t ex
citement throughout Paris, and the most
conflicting rumors wt.ro circulated. To
night some people insist that tno deputies
were killed outright, in spite of the an
nouncement of the police that nobody wis
killed Kumora place the injured all the
way from forty totixty-six. Ihe yumbtr
In ordr to get medical tisistanc.. AU
hail bloody shirts ,iud cravat, and wounis
could be seen abuut their faces. Aiunmc
the persoa seeii to be wounded were a
number of women, who were weeplu -from
pain aul fright. Tha S-Ue dca
Qu-Ure Colonne, which leads uio the
J; ille drs Pas Perdue-, win coTervd with
p.ashes or blood. Amtiul mces in tho
meaimirle con mued to arrive Jnfron wp
the building, nnd oue by one tha person
wouud-d m the rxplo-tiou were removed
from thi chamber of d-paiie to their
hornet A number of strangers ami junr
nalist., all mora or less wounded. wer
picked up even oa the second Jl tor.
The crowd ouuido the building kept
constantly mcre.iit4 in uumiier. and the
public excitement was greater tuatt ever.
The Palais de Bourdon wa- XiiUd up as
a temporary bo-p.tai. Here, there nnd
ever where were t,ibl -, debits and chairs
encumbered with wtter bottles, basins
and blood-stained Imud-ices, wntlebundcat
lustrum-nt of ul kinds were to ! iecn
oa eveiy -itle Dcctor- lilet uud Godfrey
uureaiH n;,i,tcti by a number ot depu
ties, win. did all 111 tneir power to relieve
the -ulTrrer. f tst as they were brought
in from tiie cli unber.
In one room Abbo La M rre ws lying,
covered with blod. Too face of tun
wounded deputy was covered with
buidage, am! he appeared to be suffering
great pin. Oa adiair hi the, saline iomi
wis a lieutenant of lufantrx. Kight or
ten other pmple were found am uud n
table w another room, while their wnunU
wtre being bntheii ..nil tlre-std. 2erly
all the Abounds verc on the f tee, cheater
leg. A serious ense was th it of a lady
sntrenug from n fracture o! tha knee c.p,
ami auother Cie was that of in eleg-tntlv
dressed Austrt m lady, who wis idly
wuuuded about thu head, from whicu
blood was spurting.
Tho Associated Press representntlvi
during the eeniug h ul an interview wim
Dr. Mahay, w ho was promlueul among
thephsicians lit giving assistance tUio
wounded. Dr. Mahay said that the mmt
Of the wounds Were alight, but it wns.siill
impo-&ibie to civea cumpiete account of
their extent, as the projectiles winch wera
thrown from the bomb Dad iu many cues
pi-uet rated thu bodies of tho wounded,
Ciiisiug iutornal injuries wh.ch arc llabio
to h iv e serious results.
Up to n late hour all straugers prseuC
at totiaj j session of the ciiinuer were d
tallied at the Ptlais du Bjurbuu. TneJ"
were of all ranks and ages, ami collected
in groups ami engaged in discussing tho
outrage, ihe chief of the detective dc
pirimeut exiuulned the lulividimla Mis
pected of lung the bomb-thrower, ills
elloris to ferrut out the ueud, hoivaver,
were fruition, though the police are still
kerpitig spsciai watch over the htispLCts,
especially overall those who received in
juries iu ihe arms, n.s It is thougut the cul
prit received sticli h wound.
'1 he relatives and ft lends of the people
detained at the Palais de Uourbou crowd
ed around the chamber, so tar na the policft
cordon permitted, and anxiously inquired
for news Piople gathied iu i ik.er
groups, ud a number were addressed by
ixuted men Iu one group a well known
journalist ami .vie was advising the Koplu
to insure their lives.
Just then n greatly excited woman
rushed up to thu gated, frtntlotily ex
claiming "lou Alaril" '-Mou Maril" bhe
was thu wife of Deputy Catquet, Upuu
being refused admtilaiice to tue cbaluher,
Lo fell iuto a rlolcut lit of h sterlet, b'nti
was positively assured that tier bushmd
had not, been injured, and, recovering her
composure, departed, alter liUu olfered
her profuse thanks.
Later iu the evening the senior qursteur
of the chamber of deputies, who was ou
gu rd at the door leading to the pal ice,
permited the oflicers atiU attt-n.liims who
desired to do so to leave In order to rc-u.ii
thtir families. Souio of the dvpUile were
permitted to te ive thu building, and aiauc
with them other inj ired persons n.rii al
lowed to depart. The wounded leaueil
upon the arms of (riends. iiiiir heads
covered with b'oodv bttidagcx. llie bpoe
taclo excited tho crowd, which prued
around the building utterlu,; exeiam
llons of anger and sorro.v.
Jimt at this time the door of the Paints
do tluiirbou opbaed suddenly, and tvo
1 t rw, .1 m..i miruiiifrtii rtniiiitirtf 1 ti . it.r.w..ffi
rtf i...tt.irl v1in a ...ru w I.lC ..rlniluli ! .'. .,
ui.ujuicu nuunuuo. ","l-"l"",J them an liidtv luuul orefeaei tu gray mom-
"Wool Fascinators, black
and white, at 25c each.
"Wool Fascinators, all col
ors and black, 33c.
Chenille - Fascinators,
pink, blue or cream, beaded
150 sets child's op-
possum muffs and boas
made to retail at 1.25.
250 fine Pinched'
Coney Fur fluffs, reg
ular price 1.50. i
15 appossum mu&,!
regular price 3.00, I
75 extia fine fnri
muffs, woith 2.00,
500 black Coney furj
muffs, -woith 1.00, I
125 Feather Boas,'
foimerly 1.50, j
150 short feathered
Boas, formerly 1.00, 1
75 fine fm muffs,
foimeily 3.00,
75 dozen ladies and
gloves, all large
gents kid
si7es. formerly
Chenille Fascinators,
colois, beaded tops, 89c.
Fairy floss fascinators,
colors, S9c.
75c and 1.00; to close out at 39c. jciaY Supplies.
Chenille - fascinators,
beaded all over, extra large
giTDon't fail to visit our
many departments for Holi-
'V C.vl
'B aJP9WjWjVjS
MPttv 9m
hurt mcludes ten or fifteen deputies.
among them the following.
Deputv Abbe LeMre, socialist, terribly
Deputy Dumas, representing the district
of Aliier.
Deputy Casanove.
Comtede Tanguinoia.
Deputy LeClecho
Deputy Coutes.
iiuitou Tiaibin, a newspaper man, bitlly
wounded in forehead.
Dcrcr's coolness.
Ihe president of 'he chamber of depu
ties, ii. Dupuv, behaved with the most
admirable eooluess and courage, and dnl
1 everything possible to restore order and
1 prevent the spread of the pinic which
seized upon eer body pre-ent when the
I explosion took place. hen quiet was
I 'mevvh it restored, and it was discovered
that nobody had bcn killed outright, .M.
Dupuy rang the Iwll of the pnsideut of
thb chamber, calling the deputies to re
ing. Ihe I'll him cro tue atutmaiit to
the curb, called a vehicle, and all inreu
were qttlekiy driven to tho prefooturuof
polioe. boon a bimil ir incident wn -acted,
nnd, natural!, tho mysterious pro
ceedings aroused the greatest curlOstty
among the witnesses to it.
Late touUht it was announced that tho
police have in custody a mn,who.ou oter
mg the tribune t day, refused toreinv
his overco it when n quested to dM tu
ihe clonk room, uud again at iht
entrauco of the tnuuno. Th
man referred to is wotimtod awl
wastheom first takn ouu Uimmmiki
Louulr. and roma of tho pecu.wire reco.
nie him as the thrower of the bomb. It
tranxpirfd tlmt Deputy M-gurur Kav
Lonoir, without kiiuwiuc it, a tlektit of ad
iniKSion to the gailr. Ionoir, who ww
taken to the ponce station, gate his nil
d reus ns li IJ11-nil tiulsf, i lid. In litw
to inquiries, d.elared empiiatioaUy time
them was no cue else lu tile chamber
known to him "bisi.tatemeni, however.
sume their feat". About on- third of tho J Was shortly affrvrards proven to lua fatat.
numoeroi uepuues present at me ume 01 beciuso wliile lMioif's vroumts were luig
the explosion ob-ed the summons. When i drsed auother injured man npHOaeJ'sii
the were seated M Dupuy arosj and said, j j,,,,, jn n stIthy manner, and. altrt1 wftW
asuilmly as If nothing hid happened: I perlng Iono r,s name, sani "I mo goiitg
"Such attempis should not disconcert I to th- hospital." y this remark he u-thecbamb-r.
I invite you to continue thorlties discovered thii fwuirtr had ImmI
our discissions with calmness, until the to tiUm. and thai be lu reatuy had an ao
onler of the day has b"n delt with Tho i complice in the building,
proper ollieials will do their duly." lLoud r moir recentlr arrivni from Hanlaanr.
and prolonged cueers.1 I auij UH, been under police Aurrtdltac
In the midst of the commotion the dis- , eVer eince.
' cu-sion of the verification of the deputies, An oflictr of the marine Infuntrr, who
I which had been bo rudel interrupted, was ,r, 0 the fccod IS xir of to oi,iHilt-
resumeu. uunus niia wine me nuuuuni , when tile bmO Was tbrvMrn. saru Uttu tm
' porsous had Deen assisted to the refresh
ment rooms, where they were attended by
' a number of pbyBician. who hail Leea
bust iy summoned by the police irntu'-
dlate.y after the botnb exploded. As thr
di-cussion proceedetl tu-irightfneu spcti- J i,n, a
tors gradually resumed their places in the j inched
believes that the botn-t rower whs tdy
woanded in th- arm, as tbr dsdlr ntiMl
exploded febottir af er Iraring Urn hai
the thrower, whlcts lead propie to IfiUrtu
thatttWKs not a prcuiHu 0j ln.
bomb witn n time tti-v aU
to i. and that the Jencic.
g t Icr f h. 0f the Ian-, or Its duration !ut
boon after Premier Ciiimir-Perfer ' lighting. Wrt tnlcalcuUted, mm! thus i!
mounted the tribune and cougratnlsted i dnl not cet off at the prtcbve Uinr d"nt
Eead how cheap:
Ladies' Rubber Sandals, only
25 cents.
Men's heavy arctic rubbers,
only 99c
Ladies belt sole felt slippers
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Ladies felt slippeis, leather
sole, only 69c.
Ladies felt bal shoes, felt sole,
only 09 cents.
Misses felt slippers, felt sole,
only 4b cents.
Gent's -velvet house slippers,
only 59 cents.
Ladies' velvet house slippers,
only tlSc
Ladies pebble grain
house slippers, at G9e.
Ladies carpet slippers 29c.
Ladies serge congress
only 7 oc
Gents' veal laco shoes, 9, 10
and 11 ouly, at 75c
enfant's dongola shoes at 15o
Child's dongola shoes 39c
Ladies' dongola shoes 92c.
Ask to see "Our Leader" Don
gola shoes on earth, guaranteed
to wear or money refunded.
Cot comforts, worth 75c
cut to 39c.
Full size comforts, worth 1. 25,
cut to 82c.
1.39 Comforts cut to 95c
1.69 Comforts cut to 1.19.
2.00 Silver Grey Blankets, cut
to 1.39.
2.50 Silver Grey Blankets
cut to 1.S0.
3.50 Dobson wool Blankets cut
to 2.74.
450 White Blankets cut to 3.39
Boys' Knee Pant Suits:
1.00 Suit to 69c.
1.25 Suit to 75c
2.00 Suit to 1.15.
2.50 Suit to L79.
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15.00 Suits cut to 9.95.
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35c Underwear cut to 19c.
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75c Underwear cut to 49c
Ladies Underwear.
Special reductions will be
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duce stock. Don't fail
At 19 Cents.
70 do7ej ladies' ribbed
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45 dozen ladies natural ribbed
vests, were 50c, now 25c
At 39 Cnts.
25 dozen misses combination
skirts, all wool, regular value 65c
now only 39c
This Department is complete
in every respect.
j the chamber upon having ud.pted the
adv ce of JL Dupuy. adding: "The chant
t ber Iihk done it.s duty, nd the govera
I ment will do the same" Loud cbtrx
j'ng "V hen the cuerriog bad Kibeided
j Premier Ctsimir-Perleraddsd. ' Ami tho
gjven meat will visit the attempt with
the m 'St severe penalties." Prolonged
' cheerint' 1
Amid eoe cheering tne cimor or dep
uties aljourntd lli pubdc left the g-lr-ries
very sluwly, many p-ciators ear
rving away witn th-in fimal! pi-aa 6l
ifoo, splinter of wood or other souvenir
of the explosion.
Alter tho chamber bad ndjoornd JL
Dupuy vis overwhelmed witu -congratulations
upon bis coolness an 1 curae.
He had given an example much to L
xdmircd, and spontaneously deptttle.
newapater men and ep-ctators burst out
with ringing che-rs for tb president,
Tne coumgeous president of tbe cnauibr.
who was deeply moved by this manifes
tation of sjm,atby and appreciation, re
tire from the chamber as quickly oa Le
coul t after the tdjcHirjimsaL
Ibv prefect of jxatcr, the procurator of
the repubi.e id the procurator g-neral
butritd to the chamber of deputies &
-oa as notiLsd of tie outmge. nd at
? o'clock p. xn. ail eatrnc- toine Palais
de lioarbon were gtiardt-U by ger,d-rrars,
but few sprCttors rsmataing in tne v
ciolty. Ifie wHnea of tfce exploioo
-re tbi eveaiag l-eiug mtenogatcd Uj
ue prefect ot jfolice. and tLe e'oor Is
suamled by soldier and gendarme.
iU- report of tne outrage pr&a Iik-s
w.tdflre taroagbout the city, aud enjist
eix."vdc!iscti in 15 the m-in ibreuii
f,rr. trading tbeccotints ot tbe rxpXmutn
pnbi.surd iu spetta editions of the nw
,prf., ailHo'.gti the latter wvr Cjt
meager au4 t.ircil-Qle, .it Je4t a
of n-ctator from tfte trthnne and zni-
!critatraersl the talis ds Pis iciJU
feoch of tae rrimias af me bouiii at bav,
bsen fuuoi are oia.1 f zmc Tue mwdH
of dcitruetiou wat probably a anlki bix.
more frequently find fatrftwif"
ihe butter than any other arise
on the table. Hov w tmbiy
everybody, and aJways In tv
particular is a problem. We
have the answer to It.
cade of the pcrest rsaisriai;
by a new and spadel fK3r .
It pleases guests on ihe'taW:
it gratifies cooks in the pttstry.
Write for our Ure Booldet ol
laformation and narae c near
est wholesale agent.
Kansas City, U. S. A,
f fi,f "&

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