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JP WLxtlafta "EJailtj gaglc: am'sdatj f$0t'tmig; fulg 4, 1895.
Baltimore Takes it from Them After a
Close Strngglo in Ten Innings Gum
bert Slaughters Boston, and Stivetts
Gets Poor Support Cleveland Lands
Back Even with Pittsburg Again
Louisville Seems to have Quit Trying
Washington Defeats Philadelphia In
a Hot GameBig Scores.
Played Won Lost Perc
Baltimore 52 S3 19 .635
Boston 53 32 21 .&M
Pittsburg ..., 59 35 24 .593
Cleveland 59 33 24 .533
Chicago C2 3G 2G .581
Cincinnati 55 32 2 -57
Brooklyn 5! Si 25 .554
Philadelphia 55 30 2T .546
New York 56 27 30 .464
Washington 56 23 33 .411
St. Louis 59 18 41 .305
Louisville 55 8 47 .143
New York, July 3. New York lost
their eighth straight game. This time
the Baltimores took them into camp.
It took ten innings, however, to do the
trick. Attendance 2,000. Score:
New York .0001000030 4 11 3
Baltimore .101110000 1 5 10 2
Batteries Rusie and Farrell; Hem
ming, Esper and Robinson. Earned
runs New York 4; Baltimore 1. Base
by errors New York 1; Baltimore 1.
Base on balls Off Rusie 1; oft Hem
ming L Left on bases New York 7;
Baltimore 9. Three base hits Brodie.
Stolen bases Davis. Jennings 2: Glea
Ron. Double plays Hemming. Gleason
and Clarke; Jennings and Clarke. Hit
by pitched bail McGraw, 3rodie.
Passed ball Farrell. Umpires Ems
lie and Tuthill. Time 2:1L
Brooklyn, July 3. The visitors were
completely at the mercy of Gumbert's
curves. Stivetts pitched well but was
poorly supported, -which accounts for
at least thrj of Brooklyn s runs. At
tendance 2,o00. Score:
Brooklyn .... 2 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 6 7 4
Boston 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 13 4 4
Batteries Gnmbert and Grim; Stiv
etts and Ganzel. Earned runs Brook
lyn 2. Base on balls Off Gumbert 2;
off Stivetts 4. Base by errors Brook
lyn 2; Boston 4. Left on bases Brook
lyn 5; Boston 5. Struck out By Gum
bert 2; by Stivetts 2. Home runs
Duffy, Tredway. Three base hits Ban
non. Stolen bases Bannon 2. Umpire
McDonald. Time 1:45.
Cleveland, July 3. Today s game
was hotly contested from first to last.
The ragged fielding of the visitors,
coupled with a few timely hits, gave
the home team the victory. Attend
ance 3,000. Score:
01100021 5 10 3
10000100 2 4 10 5
Batteries Cuppy and Zimmer; Jor
don and Sugden. Earned runs Pitts
burg 3; Cleveland 1. Base by errors
Cleveland 3; Pittsburg 1. Left on bases
Cleveland 5; Pittsburg 5. Base on
balls Off Cuppy 1; off Jordon 5. Struck
out By Cuppy 3; by Jordon 3. Three
base hits Stenzel. Two base hits
Cuppy, Clinjrtiman, Stenzel. Stolen
bases Burkett, McAleer . Double
plays Blake to ilcKean; Cuppy,
Childs, Tebeau to McGarr. Wild pitch
es Cuppy, Jordon. Umpire Javne.
Time 2:25.
Washington, July 3. The Senators
gained a lead rn the seventh and it was
never overcome, but the Phillies made
a game fight and almost tied the score
in the ninth. Attendance, 2.S00. Score:
Washington ..00020270 011 11 1
Philadelphia ..13000020 410 15 4
Batteries Washington, Maul and Mc
Guire; Philadelphia, Lampe and Clem
ents. Earned runs Washington, 4;
Philadelphia. 6. Two basehits Thomp
son 2. Three basehits Cartwright,
HasFamaer. McGuire. Home runs
Hamilton, Delehanty. Stolen bases
Biyle. Cartwright 2; Glasscock. Base
on balls Off Maul 1; off Lampe 4. Hit
by pitched ball Glasscock. Left on
bases Washington, 4; Philadelphia 6.
Struck out By Maul. 2; by Lampe, 5.
Umpires Redhefer and Mayer. Time,
Louisville, Ky., July 3. Cincinnati
won today's game by superior work in
every particular. Inks was knocked
out of the box in the fourth inning.
Cincinnati's fielding was the feature.
Attendance 7S4. Score:
Cincinnati ..42142011 015 IS 0
Louisville .... 0210300006 3 5
Batteries Phillips and Murphy;
Inks, McDermott and Warner. Earned
runs Cincinnati 7; Louisville 5. Base
on balls Off Phillips 2; off McDermott
2. Base on errors Cincinnati 3. Struck
out By Phillips 1. Three base hits
Collins, McDermott, Latham. Two
base hits Latham, Miller, Hogriever,
Phillips. Warner. Sacrifice hit Hog
riever. Double plays McFhee. Smith
and Parroit. Hit pitched ball Pres
ton. Umpire Keefe. Time 2:00.
Wtrm l.oajjnc Ganio.
St. Paul, Minn., July 3. Score:
PL Paul 12 3 3 10 0 0 21214 5
Minneapolis ..00273703 22 24 4
P.atteries Jones, Pepper and Boyle;
Healey and Wilson.
Lincoln, Neb.. July 3. Score:
Lincoln 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 14 5 2
Rockford ....0 001000001 54
Batteries KImmerer and Specr; Un
derwood and Snyder.
Match Games at llerrlngton.
Herington, Kan., July 3. (Special.)
ArraiiKements have been concluded for
a series of three games between the
Herington and Wichita baseball teams
on July S, 9 and 10. Exciting contests
nre expected, as the quality of the
Wichita nine Is well known, and the
Herington players last season demon
Ffated their superiority over other
teams in this part of the country. All
the men are strong at the bat and in
the field, but especial reliance is placed
in the battery work. Alexander Is one
of the cleverest, brainiest catchers in
the state, and under his, coaching.
Clark, who shows phenomenal speed
this year, and Switzer. late of Topeka,
who has been signed for the season to
reinforce him, are pitching ball that is
hard to beat. Three days of rare sport
is looked for. with the locals confident
of winning at least two of the series.
Kaglc'H Sporting Notes.
The National sporting club of Lon
don is going to raise a testimonial purse
for Peter Jackson.
Fantasy trotted the last half of her
ri'.Ie in 2:07 at Des Moines in 1:01. the
last quarter in 30U seconds.
Pitcher Weyhing has pitched good
ball since joining the Loulsvilles. but
his lack of support has kept him from
winning a game.
Lawrence Farrell, alias Keoug3, the
Denver pugilist, probably will not be
seen in the ring again for many years,
as he has been convicted of highway
robbery in Denver.
The sale of trotters of the Cedar Park
farm In Philadelphia resulted in and
overage of $434.00 for the thirty-e'ght
.head sold. Ella Vertuer, 2:19, by
J Epaulet, sold for $1,600.
Griffin of Chicago has wonderful con
trol one base on balls to a game is
about his average, and his slow curves
axe marvels. He Is a winner with men J
for 10 cents
fie Laraesi -Diece-of Good
tobacco..eve6o!d &Lihemonejj
on bases, and keeps hits scattered in
grand style.
Jack Dempsey will eave New York for
his nome in Portland, Ore., today. The
ex-champion is in poor health, but not
so seriously ill as reported. His benefit
netted him nearly $3,500, and J. P.
Dwyer forwarded the greater part of it
to Mrs. Dempsey.
The fastest mile ever made by a
Canadian-bred gelding was made at
Des Moines recently by Ben B, by Ridge
wood, a son of Hambleteonian, which
got a mark of 2:14 In a winnig race.
Alvin, 2:11, holds the record for Cana
diai -bred stallions.
A. G. Spaulding & Bros, have notified
Walter Sanger, who is riding in Ihe in
terest of that firm, that he Is to refrain
from contesting in race meets that are
not sanctioned by Chairman Gideon of
the L. A. W. This will debar him from,
riding at the Grand Rapids meet.
At the Corbett-Fitzsimmons head
quarters at Dallas, there is a confident
feeling that the Plimmer-Dixon fight
will occur some three or four days be
fore the big battle. Dan Stuart says
the $7,500 will be posted by the club as
soon as the bantams assure him they
mean business.
Shannon, the hard-hitting and fast
little shortstop of the Springfield team
of the Eestern league, Is talked of as a
successor to Fuller of the Giants. He
is smaller than Ihe latter, but much
more reliable, both in the field and at
the bat. and his presence on the team
could not fall to strengthen it
The National Baseball league board
will meet in New York on Monday, and
there will be a number of very serious
complaints from the Pennsylvania
State league managers, among them be
ing the4 Scranton-Hazelton fight over
Meaney and the Potts-Rochester fight
over Baldwin and Tighe, the two latter
having jumped their hegularly signed
Those who have used Dr. King's New
Discovery know its value, and those
who have not. have now the opportuni
ty to try it Free. Call on the adver
tised druggist and get a Trial Bottle,
Free. Send your name and address to
H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get
a sample box of Dr. King's New Life
Pills, Free, as well as a copy of Guide
to health and Household Instructor,
Free. All of which is guaranteed to do
you good and cost you nothing at the
drug stores of Charles Lawrence and
G. Gehrins.
Wichita, July 3.
Local forecast for Wichita and vicinity
Warmer and fair.
During the past twenty-four hours the
highest temperature was 81 degrees, the
lowest G7 dgrees and the mean 75 degrees,
with cloud v -weather and .01 inch of rain
followed in the afternoon by clearing
weather, gentle south to southeast wind
and slowly falling barometer.
Relative humidity at 7 a. m. 9S and at
7 p. m. 76.
Thus far this month the average tem
perature has been 75 degrees.
For the past sevn years the average tem
perature for the month of July has been
79 degrees and for the 3rd nay 76 degrees.
FRED L. JOHNSON. Observer.
Washington. July 3. Following Is the
forecast up to 8 p. m. Thursday:
For Kansas Fair: light southerly winds.
For Oklahoma Fair; light boutherly
Rc-oril of Temperature.
Following is the record of temperature in
Wichita yesterday:
For Colorado Fair; southerly winds.
7 a. m 75 4 p. m S3
S a. m 76 5 p. m 85
9 a. in 7S Gp.m M
10 a. m 79 7 p. m SG
11a. m SO S p. m S4
12 m SO 9 p. m SI
1 p. m Sl'lOp. m S3
2 p. m S2 11 p. m S2
3 p. m....
A conjuror was recently performing'
the old trick of producing eggs from a
pocket handkerchief, when ho re
marked to a little boy in fun:
"I say, my boy, your mothor cant get
eggs without hens, can she?"
"Of course she can," replied the boy.
"Why, how is that?" asked tho con
juror. "She keeps ducks," replied tho boy,
amid roars of laughter. Richmond
The Difference.
Judge How long has this difference
"between you and your.wifo existed?
Ollally Iwer senco wo was married,
yer anncr, oa'y it's changed a throifle
since thin.
Judge What do yon mean by saving
the difference has changed?
O'Mally At furrcst Oi cad lick hnr,
out sence Oi had tho rheumatiz,
wurral she's tho best man av the two.
A Poser.
--Why," asked the philosopher, "why
is "t that a man tho noblest created
object why is it that a man should
have doubts of his ability to win a
woman's affection, when he considers
the success in that line of a pop-eyed,
puddjng-shaped, pretzel-tailed pug
Bnt tho assembled listeners answered
him not. Toledo Blade.
Fishing Tackle.
The daughter was going over her
father's fishing tackle, straightening it
up for him to bo ready for the spring
campaign, when she came across a
"Why, mamma," she exclaimed,
"what is this for?"
"Ura!" sniffed mamma, "I gness that
is a hook to catch bait with." Detroit
Free Press.
Haw He Gave Himself Away.
Mrs. Oldboy On account of the
house-cleaning Mrs. Newed learne1
two things about her husband that he
camo in late, and that he is a profane
Mrs. Xabor Why on account of the
Mrs. Oldbcy lie took off his shoes to
steal upstairs and ran into an ambus
cade of neglected tacks. Psaifc
Rattle Ax
Weather is Favorable and the Free-for-all
Infantry Class Program is Carried Oat
with Zest and is well Appreciated Five
Prizes Offered and Six Companies Com
pete Fourth of July will be Celebrated
by the Artillery lriii and a Sham Battle
Prizes will be Announced Sunday
Names of Companies which Participate.
St Louis, Mo., July 3. The third day
at Camp Hancock opened with fine
weather. After the ceremony of guard
mount at 9 o'clock, the competition In
the free-for-all Infantry class for
prizes aggregating in value $7,100 was
begun. The program was very well re
ceived. The following companies par
ticipated: National Rifles, Washing
ton, D. C; Bullene Guards, Kansas City
company F. First infantry. National
Guards of Missouri. St Louis; Phoenix
Infantry, Dayton, O.; Branch Guards,
St Louis; Belknap Rifles, San Antonio
Tex. In other parts of the grounds
there were exhibition diills by several
of the artillery and infantry compa
nies. Who the winners of the prizes are
will not be known until Sunday when
the presentation will take place. The
contest seems to be the closest between
the National Rifles, Branch Guards
and Belknap Rifles, which have been
through many prize drills. Five prizes
are offered in this class and there are
six companies, one will have to go
home disappointed.
After the usual dress parade, which
was witnessed by an immense crowd
this evening, theie was a grand prome
nade concert by the bands present and
an exhibition bugle drill by company
A, First infantry of this city.
Tomorrow will be the big day of the
week, the Fourth, which will be opened
by the firing of the national salute.
The grand artillery contest will be the
principal feature of interest in the
morning, four of the most noted na
tional guard batteries being entered to
drill for 53,000 divided in three prizes.
They are Battery A of St. Louis; Rock
ville Indiana Light Artillery; Dallas,
Tex., Artillery company and the India
napolis Light Artillery.
Following the exhibition drilling will
be a sham battle participated in byy all
the companies present. There will be
the usual dress parade in the evening
and a grand display of fireworks.
New York Jadgo Cuts Several Figures In
tho Air.
New York, July 3. Right in tl centre
of Justice of the Peace J. C. Lowy's
head is a bald cpot It is one of the
baldest spots anywhere in Jersey City.
Mr. Lowy is very proud of it. He says
it Is the effect of deep thought and a
noble exemplification of the power of
concentration of intellect. When Tie is
deciding a case he rubs the spot for in
spiration. The more he rubs it the
shinier it gets, and the shinier it gets
the more inspiration the justice de
rives from it
Mr. Lowy sat in his office yesterday
morning reading a newspaper and sun
ning his center of inspiration. He was
sunning it through his new straw hat
which is perforated in the middle. Mr.
Lowy bought the perforated hat as par
ticular fitted to the needs of his bald
epot, and not, as his enemies allege, for
conversational purposes.
Through the hole In the hat a ray of
bright light reflected from the sunshine
beamed in brilliancy. An inquisitive
bee flew in at the open window, and on
hovering wings sunned itself in the ray.
The justice batted at the bee, which
buzzed away around the room. It cir
cled about in a narrow course, coming
nearer and nearer to the hat. Perhaps
it was hypnotized by the shinning spot,
for it suddenly swooped down and
crawled through the hole.
Justice of the Peace Lowy signalized
the entrance of the bee with startling
ceremonies. He removed his perforated
hat and cast it upon the floor. Thn he
smote the roof of his Intellect violently
and chanted a sonorous ehant, after
which he waved his hands in the air
and leaped around the room. The bee.
having no hold on the slippery perr1'
slid off and fell on the table, where Mr
Lowy pounded it to death with an iron
paper weight Then he went to the drug
store and put his head under treatment.
The pain was soon gone, but right at
the middle of the candid and symmet
rical circle of Inspiration there Is a
small Ted pyramidal hump. It is a
mound to the memory of the unlament
ed bee.
Send your address to H. E. Buckln
& Co., Chicago, and get a free sample
box of Dr. King's New Life Pills. A
trial will convince you of their merits.
These pills are easy in action and are
particularly effective in the cure of Con
sumption and Sick Headache. For Ma
laria and Liver troubes they have been
proved Invaluable. They are guaran
teed to be perfectly free from avery de
letrious substance and to be purely
vegetable. They do not weaken by their
action, but by giving tone to stomach
and bowels greatly invigorate the sys
tem. Regular size 25c per box. Sold
by Druggists Charles Lawrence and G.
ITaU Had Experience.
- A New York undertaker, or funeral
director, as the reader may prefer, ad
vertised for a driver for a hearse, and
among tho applicants he selected a
good-looking, strong fellow, with a
solemn countenance, and took him into
his private ofiice.
"Before employing you," said tho un
dertaker, "I want to know if you hav
had experience in this business?'
: "Well, I never drove a hearse, ad
"mitted the applicant, "but I've drove
the next thing to it, and I guess I can
givo you satisfaction."
"How do you mean? I don't under
stand," and it was evident from tho
undertaker's troubled look that he was
'6pcaking the truth.
"Why,' said the applicant with confi
dence, "I drove a rapid delivery wagon
in Philadelphia for seven years."
He got the job. N. Y. Sun.
A Stamp-Album Geographer.
Nobody can deny that postage-stamp
'collecting is a great ielp in teaching
boys geography. Jack showed this at
school when his teacher asked him
where Nicaragua was and what it pro
duced chiefly.
"It's on page ninety-eight, said
Jack, "and it produces more sets o
stamps than onv other country of its
size in the world." Harper's Young
The form of the young and beautiful
.girl was drawn up to its full height,
and, quivering with rage, she pointed
to the door. "You told me it would be "
With a commanding gesture she hand
ed him back the ring he bad just ten
dered her
" at least threo carats." Detroit
Free Press.
Love oil trie Utke.
He tl-eJ: -Give rna :sy acrwer cow."
SBC said: KisJ sir. ny heart la raise."
Bbi xriea sie spied that bristle cow
"Wita cruizpled Jaora and horrid low
She rasped: -Dear Georje, ri tMa!"
GreatRecord in Wichita
The Generous and Honest Methods
lie Adopted in Introducing
Rain Water Maker Uni
versally Admired
and Appre
ciated He
Wins the FigM Fairly
and Sqnarely.
When the announcement first appear
ed in the Wichita newspapers that
James S. Kirk & Co., would distribute
free from the newspaper oflices 10,000
packages of Rain Water Maker, and
that the distribution would be made
under the auspices of the press and that
the full results of the free distribution
would be published day by day in the
columns of the Wichita newspapers,
and that this preparation should stand
or fall upon the results of this investi
gation, it marked a new era in the in
troduction of honest goods.
That Kirk has won the fight honestly
and squarely, we leave the public to
judge from the column after column of
testimony published In this paper,
which are but a few among the thous
ands who have gratefully testified to
the merits of Rain Water Maker since
the free distribution two weeks ago.
"Woman's Friend.
Mr. T. G. Parham, the head of the
Peerless Picture company. 239 North
Main street, told a reporter for the
Eagle, yesterday, his wife's experience
with Kirk's Rain Water Maker. Mrs.
Parham used it to prepare hard water
for washing, some lace curtains and
other delicate fabrics. Its effects were
magical as compared with that ordin
arily experienced in the use of broken
hard water. The softness of the water
seemed to be imparted to the articles
in the wash, while the dirt stains dis
solved and parted from the tissues of
the goods almost without effort to re
move them by the lightest rubbing.
The saving in the wear to light and
delicate articles will alone more
j than compensate for the small
cost or me discovery, to say notning ot
the satisfaction a woman feels at hav
ing things clean and white and fresh.
Mrs. Tarham is more than pleased with
her experience, and denominates the
discovery "Woman's Friend."
Possesses Genuine Merit.
An Eagle representative yesterday
called on Mrs. Lotta McNicol, wife of
D. A. McNicol, janitor for the govern
ment building, to ascertain her estimate
of Kirk's Rain Water Maker. Mrs.
McNicol was very frank to admit that
she had given it as severe test as she
could, being skeptical of its claimed
virtues. She used it in the hardest
water she could procure, following the
introduction of soap into the water Im
mediately after applying the resolvent,
and to her surprise the water took up
the soap at once, contrary to Its action
when "broken" with the ordinary alka-
tis. The cleansing of the textiles was
easily accomplished with much less
labor than with the use of any other
preparation she has ever used, and t'he
effect upon the blueing water was even
more noticeable, not the slightest trace
of curdling or settling being seen. She
is altogether satisfied that the discovery
is an article of genuine merit
"Kirk's Kain Water Maker."
Will hold colors from running in print
ed goods. Flannels and woolens wash
ed in water prepared with this most
valuable preparation will positively
not shrink. It breaks the hardest water
For the bath or toilet it is indispen
sable, making the water soft and vel
vety, accelerating the action of soap,
giving the skin a healthy glow and
helping to remove any superfluous ex
cretions that may adhere to the body.
For the dishes and general washing
es it is very essential, as it
s. - !oth labor and soap.
'I s preparation is not to be con
tour. ! J with soap powder, as it con
tains no soap, lye, ammonia, borax,
lime or any deleterious lngrodients.
For sale by all grocers. Price, 25c.
Airy Swinging Nest That Is 8afa from
Cat and Boys.
At tho intersections of streets where
electric arc light aro hung, says tho
Kansas City Star, is a curious bit of
city bird life. The lights are covered
by big metal cones, inside of which a
board crosses holding the bar that sus
pends the lamp. One day the man who
replenishes the lights with carbons
lowered the lamp to the street While
he was putting in the carbons a hen
sparrow flew about his head chirping
angrily. A crowd was attracted by the
novel sight and when the people got
near enough they saw the sparrow's
nest on the board inside the cone and
in it three young birds with gaping red
mouths. The lamp man attended to
his business as though it wero nothing
"Is that a sparrow's nest?" asked the
man who always wants to know.
"No, it's a man in swimming, re
plied tho lamp man, sarcastically, for
he had evidently answered tho question
Later he said that almost eTery larp
cone in town had a sparrow's nest in
side it. At first the lampmen tore
them out whenever found, but the I
sparrows would rebuild tbe nest ia &
day or two and the men gaT it up aad
let -them remain- The ip&rrors find a,
high, swinging, airy home in the coses
safe from cats and bad boys.
eyewitness Bravo, my friend! You
have exerted your utmost strength to
save poor Ho&enstein from a watery
f Mandi And for a good rcasoa. Urn
lowes jae fifty marks.- " """ ""' '"
wlfF i
Wheat Succumbs to the Extent or Slre
Eighths of a Cent, Being Aided by the
rack of Outside Speculative Invest
ments Cora is Firm oa Good Seaboard
Orders for Export Good Basinets in
Oats and a Quarter Cent Gained Pro
visions Strong and Advances are 3ade
Bog Receipts Light.
Chicago, July 3. Trade was dull to
day in all repartments of the specula
tive business. The holiday tomorrow
had much to do with the small trade,
but besides that there Is a great lack
of outside speculative Invesments.
Wheat was weak and about X cent low
er, corn averaged firm and gained
U cent for September and oats closed
"4 cent higher. Provisions were firmer
and shoy small gains.
Weakness was the feature of the ear
ly trading, the opening transactions
taking place at from KQz-k cent below
the closing figures of yesterday. The
main source of the weaker feeling was
in the northwest, where the wheat was
of the most favorable character for the
wheat plant. Outside of that feature of
jthe situation, the news of the day was j
more bullish than before, as tne lollop
ing enumeration of the principal Items
will demonstrate. The Chicago receipts
were only nine cars, two of which wro
new wheat, one car grading Xo. 3 hard
and the other No. 3 red. Minneapolis
received 9S cars and Duluth 65 cars, or
163 cars in all compared with 406 cars
yesterday. The chief western winter
wheat markets received wheat as fol
lows: Kans.rfj City, 4.S00 bushels; St
Louis. 17,379 bushels. Toledo, 2.000 bush
els and Duluth 692 bushels. The ship
ments from Duluth today amounted to
2S0.G00 bushels, making for two days
520.000 bushels shipping. The export of
wheat and flour from the Atlantic ports
were heavy m comparison wuh m
average of the last ten days, the total
amounting to the equivalent of 420,000
bushels, 234,000 bushels of which were
in the shape of wheat. The early Liver
pool cables quoted an advance there of
14 'pence per cental, but the later cables
reported a decline of U pence since yes
terday, the latter decline resulting prob
ably from the weak opening at Chica
go. Berlin cablegrams reported firm
ness and a slight advance while Paris
sent no report and Antwerp repeated
yesterday's quotations. The seaboard
reported some Inquiry for export, but
chiefly for Hour, and Dulth wired that
there were buying orders from abroad
for flour in the market The market
here, after a decline from around 71
cents at the opening to a point below
71 cents and a recovery to around 71U
cents, settled into sluggishness and as
sumed the usual characteristics of the
day preceding the great national holi
day. The business of the board was in
terfered with in the latter half of the
session by the patriotic zeal of some of
the younger members and trading was
spasmodic. The price of September was
kerjt between 1W 71 14 cents, with the
lower edge of the range prevailing near
the end. The closing price tor Septem
ber was Tl" cents and for July 69Vs
34 cents.
The corn market had some weak spots
but on the whole ruled firm compared
with the limpness of the wheat market.
The fluctuations were confined to a
range of about 1 cent. The seaboard
advised a good export Inquiry and sent
their orders for execution here. About
forty boat loads were reported sold at
the seaboard, which means tne snip
ment of that Quantity from here. The
receipts were nominally 104 cars, but
two of those were merely transterreu
from Irregular houses. September
opened easier at 46 cent?, declined to
45 cents, rose to 46 cents and after
fluctuating between 46 and 46 cents
the most of the day, closed at 46itJ
The oats market was quite the re
verse. Parties who of late have sold
freely and weakened prices were buy
ing today and caused a sharp advance.
Some good sized short lines were cover
ed during the latter part of the session.
September started at from 24 to 24!i
cents, weakened to 23 cents, rallied to
24g cents, back to 24 cents and final
ly recovered to 244 cents.
The provision trade was rather dull
but the market was strong and it was
found difficult to buy much without ad
vancing the price. July deliveries were
principally In demand. Indicating an
unliquidated shortage for this month.
The hogs receipts were only 22,000. and
for tomorrow's run but 21,000 are look
ed for. Prices at the close showed the
following advances for the day: July
pork, 10" cents; September 2 cents:
July lard, 5 cents; September 2 cents;
July ribs, 10 cents; September 5 cents.
Estimates for Thursday and Friday:
Wheat, 10 cars: corn, 130 cars; oats, 200
cars; hogs, 21,000 head.
Chicago Market.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Articles. ' Open. I IIlgh.7 LowTrcios7
Com, No. 2
Oats, No. 2
Mess Pork
July Sept
July Sept
Short Itlb3
71 U
! 12 30
I 12 27H! 12 174 12 17
12 43 12 22 12 23
6 I12V 6 32 6 52
6 SPA 6 C C C3
6 42 6 23 6 40
6 57 6 52 6 35
12 43
6 524
6 67k
6 35
6 55
Sept ..
Cash quotations wero as follows:
Flour eak.
2 oas. 24Jc: No. 2 whlt. 2SA&2; No. 3,
27 02ShC. No. 2 rye. "XSsl r. No. 2 bar
ley. W-ftSlc; No. 3. 43fiT4; No. 4, nominal.
No. 1 nxsaeed. 51.31c. P".nne timothy feci.
S3.yfiS.iO. M"ss pork, per bbl., J12.l&gl2.23.
Lard, per 100 lbs.. 562. Short ribs sides.
Ooos"). 5.2T,fi.40. Dry eated shoulders.
(hoxel), SV5-3. Short clear sides, (boxed).
64W- Whisker, distillers' ftnlshM
goods, per gat, 51.24. Sugars Cnchaastd.
Flour, barrel
Wheat, bu'heis
Corn, bushels..
Oats, bushels
Rye. bushl
Marlcy. busheLi
On the Produce
huttr market was
Receipts Shipments.
9.CO V'J
. 141.00
.. WW
.. 12W
Exchaacc today th
eacy creamry, lit
:$c. dairy. 10314c E553,
Cheese. 6Sr5c
St. Loots Grain.
St Louis, July 3. Receipts Flour, 1,
000; wheat 17.0; corn, 2.000; oaia. 15.
OGO Shipments Flour. 1.000. wheat 3.
000; com 7,000: oats. 7.M0. Flour Hard
ly and demand; market heavy and de
clining; patents, J2.&5&4.05. extra fancy.
53.65g2.75; fancy. i3S$2-4S. cboio?,
W.10g30; rye flour, "3,75424- Wheat
Market continues unsettled and
appears to be Jut trembling in the bal
ance, awaiting the movement 01 tne
new crop to market ere taking a deefd
d move one way of the other ia price.
The Inclination was downward today.
especially for July, which closed with
sellers 1 cent below yesterday's bid,
while September wa salable ? cent
below what was asked at the cJo ytf
terday. No. 2 red. cash. CSi cents; July
65 ceata bid; September, 79 cais bld.
Com Still weak S-yptember cnt kw
er early. The market recovered from
Ita early weakness oa reports of terse
export sates fit the seaboard. A eu
er3 became scarce the price advasDed
i cm: and tis cloe was atar the top.
tNo. 2 rnixed, cash, 31 cesu bid; Jslr.
42 cents bid: September. 44U cents.
Oats The tendency was still downward
this morning in the future market In
sympathy with declines elsewhere and
on the crop prospects. September sell
ing off s cent but toned up under
better buying. A recovery of cent
took place but did not hold, though the
close vcas slightly better than yester
day. Spot stronger; No. 2. cash. 254
cents bid; July, S3 cents asked; Septem
ber, 22js cents. Hye Lower; No. 2.
east track, 60 cents. Barley, flax and
grass seeds, nominal. Cora meal. $2.15
2.23. Bran, quiet and unchanged.
Hay Timothy. ttOSrlS, east side; prai
rie, $7.00$10, this side.
Kaaan City Grain.
Kansas City. July 3. Wheat Irregu
lar; No. 2 hard. 6S6S: No. 2 red. 6S?2
cents; rejected. 60ST63 cents.
CorniA cent lower; No. 2 mixed, 39
39"A cents.
Oats Steady: No. 2 mixed, 22 cents;
No. 2, white. 25 cents.
Rve No. 2. oOCfoS cents.
Bran Wtk; 5605S cens.
Hay Steady; timothy, J9.3011.50;
prairie. 5S.00g9.50.
Butter Firm; creamery, 1215 cents;
dairy, Sll cents.
Eggs Weaker.
St. Louis l'rodnc.
Louis. July 3. Butfer Shade
easier: choice grades in demand: sep
erator creamery 15?lt cent.?: fancy
Elgin 19 cents. Eggs steady. Lead
Late dullness and depression recover
ed and market stronger, sales ranging
from 53.00J?$3.12'. Spelter Strong
and advancing, selling at $3.43 S3.50,
with S4.t0 bid for more. Whisky. $L25.
Cotton ties and bagging, unchanged.
Pork Standard mess $12.50. Lard
Prime steam $6.37c. Bacon Boxed
shoulder S5.50: longs 57: ribs 57.12u.
shorts 57.25. Dry salt T.ieats
shoulders $3.75; longs toSTfe
56.62"-shorta 56.75.
New York.
New York. July 3. Cotton Steady;
middling 7 3-1G cents: sales 39S bales,
spinners 797 bales; stocks 22S.439 bales.
New Orleans.
New Orleans. July 3. Cotton quiet;
middling 6 11-16 cefits; low 6 5-16 cents:
good ordinary 6 cents; net receipts iw
hnles: trross 26S bales: exports to the
, conlinent 900" bales; coastwise
bales; sales 150 bales;
St. Louitt.
St Louis. July 3. Cotton Quiet; no
sales reported; receipts 1 bales: ship
ments S10 bales; stock 21.953 bales.
New York.
New York, July 3. In the way of new
business there was very JIttle done. The
shipment of goods from the dry gooda
district proper has been exceptionally
large. The cotton market In its entire
ty Is the strongest since July, 1SJ3. The
advance In the price of wool at the
London sales, which is expected to be
increased, and especially on the light
wools, has had a healthful Influence on
wool goods, particularly oii blankets,
flannels and similar fabrics. Print
cloths firm at27& cents bid for fA square
regular; 4 cents for 64-72 and,5?i cents
bid for 72-SO cloths.
Chicago. July 3. Ilogs Receipts. 22,000.
M.irhAf artlvo and 5 cents hefc cr: light.
t7i&5.10: mixed. $4.75g3.15; heuvy. $4.7tU
5.2i; rough. S4.70ff4.tf.
Cattle Receipts, i.500. Mark et strong
on most grades; 10Q15 cents higher, bulk.
Sheep Receipts. 12.000. 'Mart et steady.
St Louis. July 3.-Cattle RccHpt3, 2.S0O;
shipments 1,200. Market ttronc and fairly
active: dressed beef and shipping steer.
54.00fi4.23: llsht. 53.2G&4.00; stackers and
feeders. 522 3.30.
Hogs Receipts. 4.D0O; shipri lents. jQrt.
Market firm; heavy. SI.STyJM.M ; puckers,
54.S3ii4.S5: lights. 51.SOfH.iw.
Sheep Receipts. Jwo; shipments none.
Market dull.
Kansas City. July 3.-CattIe Receipts,
2.000; shipments. 1.500. Markot strong to
10 cents higher: Texas steers. 52.1054.tS:
beef steers. 52.233.40, stockera and feed
ers. 52,f&t.0. ,. . mrM
Jlogs Receipts, E.0: shipments. 2.00.
Market strong to 10 cents higher: bulk of
sales. S4.C5frM.S3; heavies. S4.63'JH-fc: puck
ers. U.mt l.fc: mixed. 54.504.S3. Ughts, 54Xo
64.75; yorkers. 5-63ri4.7o; pigs. 54.1O&4.60.
Sheep Receipt, 6.WJ; shipments, none.
Market tteady
Union Stock Yards. July 3.
Market strong.
2 stoekera
1 hclfr
3 hollers
1 heifer
Ave. "Price.
. srr ' 2 t,
. 4V " 2 25
.220 2 Ut
.cio J: 10
.730 2 10
Markt weak and 5 cents lower.
Dock Av PrlcetNo. Dock AvPr!co
.... 2M 4 53 17 SO 213tf4 K
.. . 233 4 30 9 .... WU4 47
SO 211 4 40 3 . . 17SF 4 3)
110 4 00 I 5 ISO 2it 3i3
ltal Jtte Tronmfer.
(Furnished by the Wichita Abstract
and Land company.)
The records In the register of 'deeds
ofiice show the following transf.rrs:
J W Ferguson lots 115 South Law
rence ave Lees add ad 5. 200
Mary E Flood lot 3 In blk ID Town
of Goddard qcd r 1
George A Stull tract 100x112 ft In
large lot 2 Westmans add wd.... 230
Hiram IJlak ne qr and w hf of
qr and east CO acres of sw qr 23 .
26 lead MO
Mary E Flood lot IS blk 13 City of
Goddard wd ' 1
J L Dodge und hf lots 6 and 7 t
and 10 S-nca st Humphreys add
also lots 1 and 4 cons 22 23 blk 3
Qmncy add and lota 1 and 5 Mar
xinsona and Lawrence 4th add
wd -
Amount of mortgages released
904-906 E. DOUGLAS AVE.
Wichita. July 2.
W offer you the following prices for
Produce. We pay all the freight or tc
press. when the rate U not over iOs per lii.
Fresh, per do2- Ooss off) c
Choice and fresh 5
Common... C
Poor 5
CenU pr lb.
Spring Cblx. 14 lbs and over
Turker Ker.s i
Turkey Toras -.
Rootle? larse................... V.i
Dux. (full feathered and ft) 4
Gee. tfull ftherd and rat.. 4
By ront of the foUorrtciir saoed arms
In thu dty we refer joxi a to oar rpoo
slbltlty asd nsaccUl tasl!njr
J. M. Moore, cashier Fourth Natfezal
bank. A. Bet, treasurer Wichita Whit.
sale Grocer Co. : L- It. Cox. )o!Jt eos
ielios.r. Bryaa Broa., whcleaal fruits
and eoafectlor-ery. Leiusas-Iilcxl&aoti
Gro. Co.. J. C Caaell. At- PacJac asd U.
& ExpresaCo.. C U. Caxspb:!. Act. WHj
Fargo Ex. Co.: W 8 Grant. wholal
jrclt ad prolace; J. D. iIi"Ewj. w&o
al fruit aaS prodse. G. 11. Jtina. Art.
Mo. Par By., Wichita Pr&doca Co . Th
McKsurht w. Hart-ware Co : WJcalta
Creaserr Co.: Jchnatos-Lartsrer D. G.
h '
Wa alx carry a stack cf cs ea- "&lch
tt can fcrclnh is lata of S or &r at l
fzAlowiss pnea:
No. 1 Cas. ...-...-
Xa 2 Whit Wood X. D.. ..-...17
No. 2 White Wl C cpj- ,.
No. 2 Ve2jreS K. I .....!
No. 2 Veae-ered (t ?)..-.
OM StarlM are Sf- m?m4 tke ClMatnft
Bell Seem K--Mj EgfrcU-e -iTDf-peiac
et thcai Tkey Ari racism
Bajlac aad SUlax Akeata StMrf
OS mad of little Acceeat Alteeta-r
Grmac are Sqoeeseda OtUe, Late ht -ta
Day, bat tae Market CleMa Geeet
ally Steady aad la tae MaU Higher.
New York. July 3. Speculation oa
the stock exchange was featureless to
day. The foreim selling was about
equal to the buying and both combin
ed did not add materially to the vol
ume of business. A noticeable fsatura
was the absence of rumor save foe
the revamping of old stories, such as
the decision to suspend dividends oa
Chicago Gas and the acquisition of th
control of New England by the New
Haven management Little ir no men
tion was heard of these rumors and the
market moved in its sluggish course a
the buyers or sellers were more numer
ous. The opening was generally firm.
Trading soon became stagnant and for
want of support prices receded ?li
per cent. Chicago Gas, Tobacco and
Colorado Fuel benig the chief sufferers.
Chicago Gas vas sold down mainly on
orders from Chicago. Shorts begnn to
cover at lower figures which had the
effect of moving the figures upward
along a range extending ls per cent,
the latter for New England, which
made the gain on very small buying
owing to the scarcity of the stock. Su
gar, Chicago Gas. Rubber common
and preferred. Tobacco and North
west being also prominent In the ad
vance. The appreciation In Rubber
was due to the tiling of the company's
financial statement with the stock ex
change. On purchases of 300 shares.
Colorado Fuel rose 5 per cent, to SO
per cent, common advancing 1 per
cent In the hour realizations caused
a reaction of S1 por cent, the latter
In Chicago Gas- There was a slight
pressure against the grangers !n the
final sales but the market closed gen
erally steady and in the main higher
on the day. Chief among the advances
are: Rubber preferred 1" per cent:
Manhattan and Colorado Fuel and
Colorado Fuel preferred 2 per cent LV
ellnes: Chicago Gas 1 per cent and
Louisville and New Albany preferred 1
per cent
Bonds were dull but higher. Galves
ton. Harrlsburg and San Antonio
firsts sold at 103 per cent against Wi
per cent, the last previous sales. Chi
cago Gas firsts were bid for at 9S per
cent ag.tinst a sale at 90 per cent Sat
urday last Savannah and Western
firsts trust receipts reacted 1 pet
cent, to 57 per cent, and recovered to
G9i per cent
l.ondna Murk Kichftngc.
New York, July 3. The Evening
Post's London cablegram says: Tho
stocks were very quiet today except for
South African shares In which the ex
citement Is Intense. Americans wero
dull and as a rule prices were one
quarter to one-half dollar lower, -
Adams Express
Alton. Torr Haute..
American Express
lUltlmoro am! Ohio
Canada Pact tic
Canada. Southern
Central Paclllc
Che.peake and Ohio
Chicago Alton
Chicago. Rurllngton and Qulncy....
Chicaco Ga ,
Consolidated Cai
C. C. C. and St L ......
Colorado Coal and Iron..., 84
("otton Oil Certificates...- CU
Balawaro Hudson.
.-..-.., .121
Del. Iack. and West, cx-diT....
Illinois Central
Hansai and Texas prefd
L.iko Shore
......... 3TC
Loul:rvillo and XasuvlIIa.
Missouri Pacific , 31
National Cordage J
National Conlauo prefd 2
Northern Pacific....... 4'i
Northern Pacific prof d 17V
Northwestern JH
North wew tern prefd 1M
New York Central .lwJ
Pullman Palace 171
Reading 1S-S
Rock Jsland 71f
St. Paul 7i
St. Paul prefd 123
Southern Pacific M 32
Sugar Rfinry VO
Union Pacific - 12
unnci maics Mpnwi..
United States Exprai 414
... 414
Wabsha. Ht. I, and I'ac
Wabash. St. L. and Pac. oref d
Wall Farert 1-znreaa Vfl
Wcstrn Union I
Hi. LouU.
St LouU, July 3 Wool Stronjr but
quiet: Missouri, Illinois, etc.. combtair.
IS cents; combing and clohJnic 164
cents; coarae and bradd 1315 oentnj
medium clothing 14V;HV cnt; Uhc
fine 1213 cents: heavy fino 10104
cenuts; Kansas and NVbnwka medium
UftU cents: light fine 1011 cent:
heavy fine 6G9 cents. Txa, Arkansas
and Indian Territory fall and prJrisc
134214 cnts: caree and low IJS'll cents;
light fine 8310 cnts; heavy fine 63H
cents. Dakota. Wyoming and Uuli
mdlum 12&14 cent: coarao and lo
10S11 c-nta; light Una 10ll cent:
heavy fine SQ7 cents. Tub irahHl,
choice 204 crnu; fair UQIB cent;
coarse and low 14Q16 cenU.
Knmloa . action UmIm.
London. July 3. At th wool aactJosi
sales 11,403 bales were offered, of which
L00 werewlthdrawn. Tber waa a bet
ter selection of quality and the market
was good. The bulk of lustrous cro
breda was taken tor YorkuhlrcL Meri
nos were keenly contested for by conti
nental and American buyra. The tona
of tha market waa atronj at extreme
pricex. Following are the aaUa In 6
tall: New South Wale J-214 ba!e:
roured 8!.d&lfllH5; greaxy 240SvJ.
Queensland LC11 balrs; acoured VkiW
l144d; greasy 6gd. Victoria SM
baltf : scoured tdlit: ry 41
ai0L Tasmania 2 bale; piasjr
"Sd. New Zealand i.Ul bales; cour-f
1d$lj4rl; greasy &t19"-id. Cape of
Good Hope and NaUI 23 bales; acoor
td baL82d. greasy &hL.
BUt of thm Wool Trm4m.
Boston. July 2. Th American Wool
and CotUja lleporltr will say tomor
row: The situation In U wool trad.
a comjard with last welc. exhibit
undiminished strength snd actlrjty.
The advanc la price over thos ot
thirty days ao, belasc at leawt 2 cst
pound on the averas:. There has ba
a feeling of Tttzvs on the jrt of boll
dealers and manufrlorerr In the rar
kts of New York, Itoa and X'hltad'l
phia. awaltlsg report from the opi
Jor tzitz la London, while Cfcico aaa
the western market are watching tha
cnac?s Ss jc-ahoard markets with fcrv
terst Jlrporti frota th Londsa aJ.
TtgUier blb- prists for th-o arUci
and an advance of ihl5- vt cent s
cordlap to th jcrade and qcality. Mts
BfaeJartrj who have n skrplUzt-!t
as advaac- in th price Of raw zaalwrjaj
laave withdrawn latir ai till artts
July , whea thry will likely be rrpUo
rfl upon the rsarject at adraserf pticr.
The total aalea la the or et x
crra:e 1.33,CH pocsd?, of watea -7-oil
pouads wer M " Boin. i-
CTt r.nn, In V-rf Yafk. 2-1ALW lH
Pfc:l4lIpba and 7iJ ? po-sad Is Chi
cago. Is lieatea the ajarrai? 01
tats vu $&. f rfr
JbzK-ivixniT$ nJ dsJtJ. Th
asKKjntof Vwl wUfcS ch.aatt-1
Itasda during &- J 1 -jtesiJ
at btea 2iA& OJW
-.- 1 1 Sim evZaiea st efew-
will rrmIe r 1 that titt ot veol
-wtt .u.f.f ik tfcarv. Al 1st arrtt-
ktr is stark i alv a4vci4C
.... 5J
... CI
... C2t$
.... M
.... 1S
... 22,
... M$
... t
..-0rfjFi i.
3 -v- -s ' 1IV
VV -

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