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A. J. Boyd, Town Marshal,
Killed by E, H. Armstead
Armstead in Custody of the
Officers at Guthrie.
Guthrie, O. T., May 1L A. J. Boyd,
town marshal of Langston, (iwas shot
dead this mornlns by E. H. Armstead.
The cause of the killing was the posses
sion of a revolver belonging to Arm
stead. It appears that Armstead had a
row with a man named English over the
ownership of some chickens. They came
to fclows and grappled. English had a
little the best offhe fight, when Arm
itoad drew a revl.-' and was trying to
kill English. Bod,- the town marshal,
came upon them aud took, the gun away
from Armstead. The fight was stopped
and the two men were separated. A short
time afterward Armstead met Boyd and
asked for his gun. Boyd refused to give
it to him, saying that he was a danger
ous man. The request was renewed with
some hot words. Armstead went to his
home and procured a Vinchester rifle
and then hunted for the marshal. He
found him and asked for the gun. Boyd
refused and Armstead shot him, the bul
let penetrating Boyd's breast at a point
opposite the apex of the heart, killing
him instantly.
The killing caused great excitement and
soon the whole town of -Langston was in
an uproar of strife. Armstead endeavor
ed o get away, tout was captured by the
if friends of the dead marshal, ilob viol
ence was hinted, but with great care and
effort quietness was restorel. Armstead
was brought to this city under heavy
guard late this afternoon.
As soon as the killing occurred Sheriff
Rlnehart and County Attorney Jones wen
telephoned regarding the matter. They
left at once for Langston, taking with
them Arnett, the county coroner. Langs
ion Is the negro town eighteen miles
northeast of this city and is tho seat 'of
the colored normal university.
In tho Case of M. Tonilm, Who
Died In a Camp.
Oklahoma City, O. T., May U. It is sus
pected here that a murder was committed
nine miles oast of Okarche on the night
of Apr!) 10. Mr. F. M. Tomlln, father of
C. J. Tomlin of this city, and Mrsa Morris
of Chandler, haing died suddenly at that
time and place whKe in camp with a wo
man of Stillwater. Although the death
occurred on Anrll 20, the children knew
nothing of it until fifteen days later,
wh.en they learned of their father's death
through an item appearing in the terri
torial topics columns of tho newspaper,
"" whleh mentioned the .matter quite inci-
-' dentally, there being at tho time no sus
picion that a crime had been committed.
Aoeordinig to tne Times-Journal, as soon
as Mrs. Morris heard of the death of their
father they set about to investigate Mrs.
..-'Morris came here from Chandler and the
brother and sister, accompanied -by At-
tcrney Ii. G. Hay&, went to the spot
wre.-e the death and burial took place
and set about to thoroughly investigate
the whole affair. Tho results have bcn
. most sensational and leave but little room
for doubt of the commission of murder.
The story as worked out bby the inves
tigatio nset on foot Is as follows:
Mr. F. M. Toiplln. who was 67 years
old, resided upon a farm near Stillwater,
which he recently sold for $SO0. After soil
ing his farm he moved to Stillwater,
where he made tho acquaintance of a -s o
rotui there. Along about April 10 tho cou-
pie set out front Stillwater in a coeretl
wagon for "U'eatherford, where the wo
man claimed to havo relatives. They
Hhowed up at "U'oatherford in due time
and start' d en their re'urn home. The
second right out frim Weatherford they
rampod In a lonely 'pot near a little creek
you have it, you
know it. You
know all
'about the
heavy feeling
in the stomach, the
formation of gas, the
nausearsick headache,
and general weakness of
the whole body.
You can't have it a week
without your blood
being impure and your
nerves all exhausted.
There's just one remedy
for you
rrt -
i nere s notning new
about it. Your grand
parents took it. 'Twas
an old Sarsaparilla before &'
other sarsapanilas were
known. It made the word
" Sarsaparilla " famous
over the whole world.
There's no other sarsa
parilla like it. In age and
power to cure it's " The
leader of them all."
SI.W a bettte. All irerjfats.
Ayer's PjKs cure constipation.
After vrnrg tcrriWv I was
induced to trj mur Siriaparilta. J
ttk thrH bottles and now feci liko
a abw xoav. 1 -would odi ic all wv
f elldw crestsnvs 'o try th is medicine,
for it ha food th tt of time and
its curative pewer cannot be er-
i. v. uoon,
Browntown, Ta.
Jan. . 1553
VMta tfio XJocfor.
If too have a bt complain -whsterer
4sir te Wkt edtel sdrtce Ton
cjui )dstb2T rrar. writ. Uk- doctor
i reefy Ton wll! recrtvv a prompt r
rjr, wltliottt eost iLMrtn,
US. J . W. A X JU IMVttM, Mil J.
trfVr-,fWy at,wrn
-- tfflviL mmsi Mr
lio kill HSIh biw!
c? PJ Pa Nn nu Rt-3 L3?t4 fe3 rcy ti n B Eft. D
1 1 rWwIk
rf AV
to v-
Acts gently on the
Kidneys, Liver
and Bowels
tf-JyH vii:K .""i.-S'
rcc saucy tu cnuGGiSTCi frtt sfc krotw.
nine mile3 east of Okarche Early the
next morning. April CO, the woman
aroused the nearest settlers and Informed
them that her husband had died sometime
during the night. She explained that he
had been subject to heart trouble for
years and had recently teen quite poorly.
The death was so satl tfactorlly explained
that no thought of an Inquest was en
tertained. Tne woman explained that
they were alone in the world save for one
son, who had disappeared, and, having
no fixed place of abode, she concluded to
bury tho remains near where the death
occurred. The neighbors gathered at the
p'ace and kindly rendered assistance at
the burial.
The burial over, the woman went to
Okarche, where she sold tho wagon, team
and other artic es and on April 25 she
purchased a ticket for Caldwell, where
she said she would remain a few days and
then go on to Colorado, where she had
The relatives notified the coroner, who
yesterday had the remains disinterred,
and tho stomach, liver and heart removed
and sealed in the presence of the coroner's
jury. The parts have "been forwarded to
a chemist for examination. A vKl was
al o found in the ashes of the camp fire,
which was also sent to the chemist.
Millions take It; thousands praise it;
YOU should test It Hood's Sarsaparllla.
Two Recent Hennessey Weddings..
Hennessey, Okla., May 11. Hennessey
has had two notable weddings recently,
the first being that of Mr. Fred Sponsle-,
a popular salesman for the Ehler Dry
Goods company, to Miss Enah Felt,
daughter of Postmaster J1. . Felt, and the
other being that of Frank L Raflff, son
of ex-Sheriff John A. Ratliff, to Miss Mat
tie Brown. A large number of guests at
tended these weddings, and each young
coupde received many kind remembrance j
from their lriends. The entire community
join in wishing them unalloyed happiness.
Hennessey's Saw City Officers.
Hennessey, Okla., May 11 At, a recent
city election tho following officers were
elected for the ensuing year: Police judge,
F. S. Cashlon; marshal, J. P. Redman;
treasurer, George Clark; clerk, Elmer E.
Swim; constables, G. S. Saunders and F.
M. Ingersoll; justice of the peace, W. S.
Spencer; trustees, "W. E. Mallaley, John
Smith, C II. Kemper, John H. Cochran
and Edward Gould The board of trustees
will meot Friday evening next to issue
certificates of election, after a canvass
of tho vote.
Cnshion .liomimcnt Located.
Hennessey, Ok .a., May 11. At a recent
meeting of the board of trustees of this
city is was decided to locate the Cashion
monument, for which the legislature mads
an appropriation, in the park just west
of theKck Island depot. Under the di
rection of the trustees the park has be
come one of the most beautiful places of
Hennessey, and its selection as a site for
the monument meets with general ap
proval. itough Riders Can't Go to Iari.
Guthrie, O. T., May 11. The Norman
Transcript says: Cliff Scott and the other
Oklahoma members of Roosevelt's rough
riders who engaged themselves to Buffalo
Bill's show, are. now In New York, suffer
ing tho keenest sort of disappointment
Bill has decided not to take his show to
Par.s, and tho boys can only tour this
country. '
Medical Association's Officers.
Oklahoma City, O. T., May 1L At tho
eighth annual session of the Oklahoma
Medical association the following officers
were elected for the ensuing year: Presi
dent, Dr. C. W. Fisk, Kingfisher; vice
President, Dr J. B. Kolater. Oklahoma
'City, secretary and treasurer. Dr. B. F.
j Ilarrlman, Chandler.
I.aby Drtivned in aTub of W nter.
Guthrie. O T.. May 1L Tne Enid Wave
&as: The U-manths'-old ba.by of Mr.
anJ. Mrs. S. S. Groves, living: one mi'e
north and one mile west of the city, fell
ir.to a tub of wattr yesterday afternoon
and was so far sons before It was found
and rescued by its parents that it died
this morniar at 1 o'clock.
Jester Has Hopes of Acquittal.
. of Gorman is in roefctot of a letter from
' AIeander Jester, alias W. A. HilL The
oi'S man writes that he is well, weighs
; junds and feels better than he has
tjr years His trial Is set for Juy S. and
he seems to have no fer of the result.
Tecuinseh's Xcir C ty Officers.
Tecumjen. O. T., May 11. The newly
elected officers of the city are: Trustees,
Wliltam Dunnwoody, A. D. King. C, R.
ttard W. C Barker,. Wright Christ. an j
ana James Knoc; marshal. John M Law
son; cleric, A. V7. Smus; treasurer, G. A.
Ofiail; police Judge. J H. Daugberty.
Three Horses Killed by Jchtninr.
Guthrie, O- T,. May U.-TS SUIwam-
Gazette 9xn A fa-m r -n VermUUoa, I
uvin sro- - s --,-
&ut in , - f d vi",wifl1-' Fl - .
icrnooi. z .-. -..' u rsvri vrve up j
and lightning struck his team, killing the
three horses instantly. Mr. Vermillion was
badly stunned by the bolt, but soon recovered.
Supervisor Conllin's 1,1st Confirmed
With. Two Exceptions.
Guthrie, O. T., May 1L A dispatch from
"Washington says: TVilliam B. Merriam,
director of the census, has confirmed the
nominations for census enumerators in
Oklahoma made toy Ivan G. Cokling, cen
sus supervisor, of Enid. The taking of
tho census will begin June 1, and end
Junue 30. Almost tho entire number of
applicants nominated by Supervisor Conk
ling, was confirmed. There were two ex
ceptions, one In Blaine, and the other in
Logan county, where the applicants failed
to pass the test examination. These
places will -be filled later. The enumerat
ors, toy counties and districts ,are as fol
lows: Beaver Albert Hammer 1, Almeda Tay
lor 2, James W. XAcy 3, T. P. Braidwood
4, Perry B. Rasdelbaugh 5, Marcellua P.
Roberts 6, Andrew R. Hendorsen 7.
Blaine Peter F. Tyler 8, Charles H.
Xash 9, Henry E. Fee 10, Charles "W.
Sherwood 11, James E. Thompson 12.
Cornelius G. Graneau 13, 14 not filled,
Edwin H. X.ooka'baugh 15.
Canadian Henry Connelly IS, Judkln E
Jones 17, Thomas A. Cooksey 18, John R.
Cuykendall 19, Frank M. Saunders 20,
Frank A. Todd 21, Fred M. Loomls 22,
David C. Bothell 23, Wortn Farmer 24.
Cleveland Oliver J. Kennedy 25, Collin
McKinsey 25, J. S. Tarpley 27, Arthur
Petrio 2S, Orange J. Smith 29, Charles
Reynolds 30, Sylvester Carl 31, Thomas H.
Henderson 32, Douglass A. Minor 33, Pat
rick H. Barrier 34.
Custer Robert "W. "Wadsworth 33, Henry
B. Gallion 3G, Wallace S. Wood 37, Willis
5. Cooke 3S, L.eon I. Hoyt, 39, John W.
Craig 40 .
Day Charles J. Stanley 41, Otis H.
Richard 42.
Dewey James I. Sands, 43. George "W.
Cain 44, "William W. Patton 45, Fessenden
H. Hudson 45, John J. Keller 47.
OarHeld-'Scott E. Craig 48, Thomas A.
Wilson 49, Hiram "W. Lovett 50, Jesse M.
Rice 51. Charles H. Parker 52, George D.
Teeter, 53, Maldon W. Dixon 54 George H.
Goodhue 55, Archibald H. Munro 50, John
F. Danely Z. Lawrence "W. Combs ."S,
William J. Cameron 59, Nelson Hoffman
CO, "William H. Marble 61. Benjamin E.
Dllllon 02, Joshua B. Campbell 03.'
Grant Daniel H. Dyer 64, Charles C.
Shepherd Co, James H. Voris 65, Joseph
Mathews 67, Lorenzo D. Anderson 63, Mil
ton M. Runyon C9, -Lamartine Williamson
70, Philo R. Smith 71, Peter A. Becker 72,
Charles C. Brannon 73, Emmett B. Rober
son 74, Joseph A. Curtis 75, William N.
Hand 70, Charles Matthews 77, Abrlham
L.. East 7S.
Greer Benjamin F. Flowers ,79, John I.
Deer SO, Levi S. Welch 81, Elmer L. Gard
ner S2, David C. Young S3, Orvil J. Bacon,
84, Thomas N. "Whittehurt 85.
Kay W. R. Duvall S6. Fred C. Gross S7,
John R. Sumpter 88, William A. Smith
89, William McFadyen DO, Sylvester L.
Mechin 91. John C. Snyder 92, John P.
Baker 93, Philip S. Mason 94, William F.
Austin 95, Horner Hollister 96, James C.
McClelland 97, ."Wil'iam W. Fowler 93,
Samuel P. Burress 99, Edmund W. Kem
per 100, Jasper Danp, 101.
Kingfisher Charles E. Barrockman 102,
William Beckham 103, Willlim W. Hastla
104, J. Wright Sain 105, William F. Rainey
105, Robert L. Ferrevla 107, Isaac Nichol
son 10S, Thomas R. Kennedy .109, William
Ilsey 110, Harris Finley 111. Thomas P.
Crosthwalt 112. Oliver J. McDowell 113,
Frederick L. Allison 114, Jonathan O.
Wripht 115. (
Lincoln L. H Wray 116, John Benning
tos 117, N. B. Long US, Joseph C. Pringey
119, Henry R. Loot 120, James W. Gallo
way 121, Charles W. Robertson 122, Adoplh
A. Bcaslar 123, David S. Yates 121, Charles
F. Mears 125, Isaac Bennington 120, Sath
Prlddy 127, Ellas J. Babcock 123, Colum
bia W. Lewis 129, Samuel E. Deweese Bo.
Logan James A. Wattey 131, Thomas B.
Fernald 132, John W. Killough 133, .John
Edgar Rozertson 134, A. W. Saunderson
135, Victor G. Houston ISO, Orlin C. Brown
137, Thomas Morris 138, John L. Jones 139,
Burt S. Reeves 140, Ralph E. Freeman 141,
James D. Snow 142, John W. Rarcustrite
143. 144 not filled, William J. Dunlap 145,
Clifton W. Holden 146.
Noble William B. Poole 147, Charles S.
Minor 143, Frank Wright 149, Everett E.
Van Slyke 150, Robert H. Kindt 151,
George W. Crostoy 152, Frank S. Bowlby
153, George Y. Hart 154.
Oklahoma George W. Derrick 155, Chas.
H. Randall 156. Wilson Prather 157,
Wakefield Fisher 15S, Joshua W. Mark
well 159. CharlesN. Couch 160, Isaac G.
Denney 101, Flora B. Adklnson 162, Chas.
W. Olmsted 163, Germanus Wagner 151,
John Waner 165, James T. Wise 156, Theo
dore B. Jones 167, William W. Asher 158.
Isaac M. Holcomfo 169, John H. Palmer
170. William A. Knott 171, G. W. Fahs 172.
Pawnee William E. Foy 173. Lewis S.
BIpley 174, John C. Morphis 175, Fred S.
Bever 176, Solomon R Morris 177, C. H.
Danley ITS, D Frank Johnson 179.
Payne E. R. Showard ISO, Timothy Ni
hill 1S1, Fields B. Springs 1S2. Frank Wal
brlght 1S3, J. V. Koosle 131, John P. Hick
man 185, George N. Hutto 1S6, Christian
T. Wells 1S7, William C. King 1SS, Clark
son Ert in 1S9, A. A Stowe 190.
Pottawatomie Edward J. Gilfin 191,
Ewers White 192, O'.iver W Grimwood
193, John P. Bradbury 11, Samuel S. Ed
mundson 195, Joseph C. Orr 196, Peter B.
Stags 197, N. P. Wlilis 19S, William E.
Johnston 199. Albert L. Gilliam 00. Frank
W. Boggs 201, Henry A Hyatt 202.
Roger Mills Jacob Beard 203, Gratton
M. Kutsell 204, Perrv C. Hughes 295.
Washington William T. Phillips 205,
Jdm E. Loy 297, Robert L. Harvey 208.
HIrasn M. "West 3M, Arnstead M. Hurst
210. William De Lesdernier 211.
Woods Emery A. Jones 212, August T.
Snlggs 213, William Vorhees 211. J. L.
Watkins 21a. William J. Scates 216, Chas.
A. Wright 217, Ezra E. H-u-norn 21S.
Albert D Page 219, John Young ir9, Mel
vin H Deem 221. Joseph H. Couch 222.
Wlluam McClure 223, David Frecinyer 3M,
Benjamin W. Payton 225. Denver Bojrgs
386, Chas. C. Rlggs 227. Otis H. Patterson
221 Jacob Faxnsworth 2. John F. Pieler
236. Harry H. George 2M, J. B. Cooprlder
332, Samuel Tolbm 23S. William G. Gor
man 2W. William N. Hosklnson 29i, J. M.
Row. 235, Martin L. Guffey 237, Dadlay
Nash 238, Luther Martin 239, Chas. A.
Otbler 24ft. WUliaca D. Close 211. Clinton
5. Flora 242. Albert R. Phiilipps 243.
Woodward Johanthan McGrath 211,
Hinun J Vincent 24t Vl-gil M. Funk-
Liver and
if it's Headaches, Backaches,
Biliousness, Diabetes,
JUteamHiism. or Dyspepsia
tfcai troubles yoa.
SoWbyilldroesritU. Prepared oely by Tfet
Dr.J'.H.J:cLeaa Mediate Co,SLct; l!o
TO ml m
lLll WI
lonser 246, Richard F. Mackey 247, Albert
N. Roberts 245, -Lew Sargent 149. Eli Rob
erts 251, J. I. Steadman 251-
Ponca Reservation Christopher D. Jan
sen. Otoe 'Reservation Ward W. Graves.
Gilbert M. Parks of Enid was confirmed,
hut has not been assigned.
O. A. Mitschcr, "United- States Indian
agent, will select eight enumerators for
the Osage reservation, and Major Rand
lett. TTnitwi fitatos Indian arrent. will sug-
fgest six erfumerators- for the Kiowa and
Comancho country.
Oklahoma Pastor Comes to Ikansas
for His Bride.
Guthrie, O. T.. May 1L A dispatch from
Arkansas City says: Yesterday at high
noon Rev. Cole of Newkirk married Rev.
Thomas J. Crumley of Billings, Okla., to
Miss Mary Cori ell of this city. The wed
ding took place at the home of E. J. Par
ker, east of this city. The ceremony was
very impressively performed. Miss Hallie
Tucker acted as tho maid of honor. Af
ter the ceremony tho guests partook of a
nelicate luncheon and at 6 o'clock sat
down to a very elaborate wedding dinner.
The groom is a minister of Billings and
the bride for several years has lived in
this uty. She graduated from the High
school in the class of '95, and has many
friends in this city who wish her a lonr
and happy voyage through life. The
guests yesterday from cut of the city were
Re'. and Mrs. Cole of Newkirk, Mr. and
Mrs. J. B. Tucker and daughter of Black
well and Miss Sarah Crumley of Ponca
City. T heyoung couple left last night for
their home in Billings.
Attornc3"s .Brown mid Tyler Crcato a
Five-Hollaris-Apiece 5iversion.
Guthrie, O. T., May 11. The Oklahoma
City Times-Journal soys: The hearing in
the matiter of the writ of habeas corpus
of A. J. Gibson In the court of Judge
Jones was held this afternoon and at one
time the proceedings became quite excit
ing between J. L. Brown and District At
torney Taylor. In the hearing, when
Judge Brown had sworn to an affidavit
setting up an amendment to his original
petition, Mr. Taylor asked that he swear
positively, and Brown remarked that the
district attorney had scored a failure In
trying him on a perjury case already. To
this Taylor replied that if Brown had his
deserts he would not be in the county
now. Brown then said: "You are a d
liar." Taylor started for him, but was
caught and held, and Judge Jones fined
them both ?5. This closed the incident for
the time.
Few Collcse students ile.
The death rate in colleges is extremely
low. The strict attention to the phy
slquo is given as the cause. People out
side of colleges, as well, may have
health and strength. Hostetter's Stom
ach Bitters is recommended most highly
for preventing as well as curing bodily
weakness. It is for the blood, the nerves
and all stomach disorders, and its cures
of constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia,
sluggish liver or weak kidneys, arc most
Suit for .lO.OOO Jnmases Asainst the
A. . V. W.-Ono Murder Case.
Kingfisher, O. T., May 11. District court
mec hero today, with C. F. Irwin judge.
The bar docket shows an immense amount
of business for the term. The percentage
of criminal cases is small in comparison
with the civil suits. Among the sensa
sational suits is Chapman against the A.
O. U. W. lodge. The plaintiff brings suit
for 150,000 damages on account of Injuries
sustained while being initiated into the
order. The case will probably be carried
to the supreme court before it Is fina'ly
adjudicated. Unless Walcher, the slayer
of Colonel Stone, is apprehended .only one
murder case, which came by chansre of
venue from Day county, will be tried this
term. Temple Houston, the picturesque
and eloquent advocate from Woodward,
will conduct the defense.
The Sheldon edition of the Topeka
Capital was a success for one week, but
E. F. Andrews of Newton, Kans., says,
"Beggs' Blood Purifier has been a stand
ard spring medicine in his family for
twenty years. Permanently cures a 1
skin and blood disorders. J. P. Al'en,
Dockum & HIgginson, Geo. Van Wcrden.
Through tho Efforts, of Senator linker,
During: the Past Week.
Washington, May 11. During the past
week Senator Baker was successful In se
curing the allowance of the following pen
sion claims of Kansans: Milton EI iott,
Thayer, increase, $10; George C. Kent,
Fort Scott, restoration and reissue, $5;
Alcinus Bruner, Fort Scott, increase, $10;
Polly A., widow of Abner C. Knapp, F03
torla, accrued, $17; Rudolph H. Mundville,
Wichita, Increase, $14; Roger J. Maxfleld,
Carmen, increase, $17; James A. Harness,
dead, Leavenworth, increase, $10, George
W. Wallace, Scammon, original, $S; Mrs.
Mary Ryan, widow John Ryan, restoration
and allowed, $12; Charles M. Stockhara,
Topeka, increase. $10.
Unusual Case In tho Iand Office, From
Guthrie, O. T., May 1L An item in the
Stillwater Gazette says that when Will
iam Harbison of Eden townhip attempted
to prove upon hl3 claim last Saturday be
fore Judge Burns parties were on hand to
file a protest upon the ground that he had
not resided a sufficient lensth of time
upon the claim. Seeing that a legal fight
for the c'aim was cormng. Harbison with
drew his application to make final proof.
This is the first protest filed against a
final proof here for year?.
Bear . y? TfS Krf Y H8TS AJsap BjfgS
Bis Decrease in the Tribe In Six
Montlin Hayracnt totbclowas.
Guthrie. O. T.. May 1L The Sax and
Fox Indians received their seral-annoal
payment Monday and Tuesday of ?aat
week. They rcceied $32.4 a pice. The
Sac and Fox trtt now masters 17. a
decrease- of fifty-nine In the last elx
manths. The Jowas were aawS Wednes
day There are oniy 6t?aty-elghi. saesabera
of that tribe,
Hennessey I 3?tt.r ItnUdia?.
Kennsspey. Okla.. May U. Htsneefey
seeras to be cajoyki? a real buildtas
boom. Xew residences are going tip every
day. while the new Christian caurca. tra
der process of erecticr wSj be one of Use
finest edinc-s In tfeJa part of the territory.
San FriEcisoo, May 1L Tao steamer
California, the largest vesel erer instit
on this ooast. wJU bo kutsslied, at til-
She is 8S feez. loaz. with a fa. iis-
j Ftaaesient f 3?5 tas and a. decui wtita:
( capecity of 13,505 una.
Continued From First Pace.
made- an ineffectual try for the head.
Three clinches followed with the honors
in Jeff's lavor and Corbett wai com
pelled to shift continually to avoid the
champion's lead. Corbgtt used his Icg3
for safety to the end of the round with
out having scored a semblance to a
Round 7. They rushed to a clinch. Jeff
got light left on the wind. Again they
went to a clinch and in the break Jeff
threw his left over to the ribs. Corbett
played for the body but Jeff called him
and olocked neatly. Jeff tried left lead
to the head, which Corbett ducked beau
tifully, -out Jeff was hard after him and
sent right and left smashes to the body,
which almost sent Cor5ett off his feet.
Jeff then got wild, swinging both hands
to the body and Corbett sprinted to avoid
punishment. Jeff landed left and right
to the body and Corbett. after jumping
back, ran into a straight left' on tha
face. The round was altogether in Jeff's
favor and Corbett seemed to be weaken
ing at the close.
Rouni S. Corbett rushed in with a left
to th-3 body, which was blocked and Jeff
forced him to the ropes with right smash
to the chest. Corbett hooked left to
head and Jeff counterca to stomach.
Corbett hooked left to head and got away
clean. Jeff made a bull rush, sending
his left to wind without a return. Jeff
kept on forcing -but was very wild in his
delivery, as he missed three left hooks
for the head. Cor&ett dodged all three
in thesmartest manner. Jeff kept on
forcing the pace and landed left on neck,
Corbett countering with right hook to
the head. Corbett stepped in and got in
a corking good right to tho rlbb and
ducked Jeff's counter. The bell found
thbm sparring.
Round S.-Both led left for head and
clinched. Then Corbett hooked left to
head and skung right to jaw, staggering
Jeff. Corbett followed up with another
right swing to the juw, but It was not so
hard as the previous one. Corbett, see
ing his advantage, put his left and right
quickly to the head and hooked another
hard left to the jaw. Jeff sent back hard
left swing to the head. Coroett was the
cleverer In exchanges which followed and
he landed his left with provoking t sut
arlty on Jeff's face, much to the litter's,
detriment. This was certainly Corbett's
round and the -best round thus far.
Round 10 Cc-rbett led with left to the
head and ducked the return. Again he
hooked to tho head and countered Jeffs
loft to jaw. Quick as lightning Corbett
sent right and left to face and had the
big fellow guessing before he knew where
he was at Corbett kept forcing and with
another left to tine nose made the boiler
maker's nasal organ bleed profuselj. Jeff
was very wild, swinging at random, w;hlla
Corbett kept landing left-hand jabs on
neck and face. Jeff made several rushe,
but to no purpose, and Corbett stock
went booming. Corbett was loudly cheer
ed at the end of the round.
Round 11 Corbett opened with left to
body and Jeff rushed him to the comer
but failed to land eftectively. Ho tried
a left swing for Corbett's hood, but Cor
1)ett dodged it and sent right and left to
tho body. Corbett sent two left jab to
Jeff's month, bringing the blood from
the ohampiDn's lips. Jeff seemed to be
rattled at this stage and Corbett found
no difficulty in getting left to face. Jef
fries tried several left swings, but Cor
bett got under them and hooked his right
hard over the body twice. Jeff jabbed
Corbett in the face under the Jaw. Cor
bett did not seem fazed by this blow,
and walked to his corner smilingly.
Round 12 Even money was now the
betting. Jeff started out with left hook
to head, but Corbett ducked it and a
clinch followed. They clinched three
times without a blow. Jeff got right to
the body and left to the ohest, Corbett
hooking straight left to the face. In a
breakaway Jeff tried a right swing, but
failed to land, and Corbett led twice to
face without a return. Jeffries assumed
a more crouching position that that
which he usually assumed, but Corbett
straightened him up with a right on tte
nose and left on tho nose which brought
the blood more freely, but In a break
from a clinch Jeff crossed rlpht to the
had and at the close of the round Cor
bett put a. light left to chest. ,
Round 15 Both were carrful. Jeff tried
left half a dozen times, but Corbett got
out of ranee. Jeff, tried right again to
head but Corbett shifted Inride of tho
lead and clinched Jeffrie hooked left to
neck and rushed Jim to the rope? Cor
bett came back quickly and they clinched
twice without dolnc any inpury to eschj
other. Jeff made a bulldog rush. sndins
left to body and riht't head, putting
Corbett to the ropes. siaKserlng him.
Jeff crowded in and forced the pace
which was evidently too hot for Corbett,
and the bell sounded none too soon.
Round 14 Both were fast In answering
the gong, each leading left, but they
failed to land, and a clineh followed. In
the breakaway Corbett triad to el
right over, but Jeff dodged It. Then Cor
oett sent two straight left to raouth, ana
Jeff responded with hard lefu to tie
body Jeff sent a backhand left smash
on Corbett's face, and Corbett responded
with a straight loft to iJte noee. J-C 2led
freely from the nose and Corbett nt
two more lefts to that organ. Corbett
had the call at the end "of the round
Round 15 Corbett wa tha a5Tee-ir,
sending left twice to tha face. Jeff rush
ed, drivirtf a pile-driving riht for tho
body, which Corbett blocked clever'v
Then Ccrbet hooked left to to nrk
while Jeffrie trie three wild ewiocs 'or
the cead. Jeff bored in bat Corbett
docked toeaettfulty. At cioeo quarters
Coroett tried to evade a left lead for the
head, and slipped. Altbo;h the Ww
landed, ha recovered and stood up, right
whVn it looked as If he pbowld have ;o go
to he floor. Cornea's work wa wonder
ful and tho JaffrW people looked wor
ried. Rourad IS-Corbett wm Hp on bis toes
at the call of tisae aad pent left to JTs
body. He booked loft to Js Sace bat
received a bard sc:fcecka the bo4r from
JeT rigfct. Corbett joiaped arotrorf .
Mrely &s a cricket aad wbes JeC slM4
a rl;fat swisr &e la6td i-U. oatright is
Jeffs f&ec In a break way Jeff put Ms
rJsht to the ear. mt Corbett eoantrod
on the body. At eioe tpnu.K s2
Jeff hooked right t, tke id of the bead
aad th reftr? wu rd In sparatta?
them from a nine ,wfe3 tse bH raac
R-wnd 17 Corbett ran !no a !fi maah
on th face hot coontrHI wi'h harS le
oa t2e ear. Jeff !oofceS detperat aal
CcatJawsd oa Thirit Pav.
A pr ta be- sSaks lato lb saoes. i
yvsr ti fl wlw stb tout Sm. i
aaa st tir4 easiJy It re bar M&crt
bis i ? Upas Kjflpftn. try AtnV Trt- ,
East Jt cm ihe Ui. zaA gs 3r- '
lax rT Care voliea. '&ctitfmg it.
Utgrmrle aai iSnf ajrl "ra o
- - j a- rj re s4 cmUm. Try I .
A -IslVvWv
Strengthens Muscle Tissues,
Invigorates the Nerves,
Makes Rich Blood.
0. T. Crump, Richmond, Va., writes:
"For several weeks before I commenced iwinsfpyiw
Celery Compound I hatUa tired and all-gone feeling. nv
bipod became impure, and I was daily losing flesh. O
of my friends advised me to use Paiiie'n Celery Ciu
pound, and I found relief from the first bottle. I iw '
three more bottler and it made my nerves strong, mv
blood pure, and muscles firm."
Paine's Celery Compound is a re
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1 The Man of the Hour...
A nanificcnt Portrait of
I President McKinley
H Reproduced isi Ten Colors from a Late Photograph, for wlifc'i
o the President Specially Sat, at the request of the Publisher
tz (Size 14x21 inches).
same an4 aUr patol. aae rK eois or stMs.
To WICHITA &ACLZ, WfcWta, Kjmm. j
Foe the k&dotcd rcmitUaceof ...,cento
voefrzk ia oolora detertbed ta ttday'i tper .
lSvBEse?BSaia9Bat,asOBB8g3swaasJssce2l c
Til! be ?uhtthe "Wf M akout Jm i. I:
! nn bein printed for oo fcary piat
paper, la form soft&Me Ur tmattig. ty
& of the ia'jat art- EtTpa .
'n Aaertca. la the iiun rrf
' color ! -worX. Ever Asu1cn
frany !!J waat oe of t . Uwtmn
p! ur-n bt the frmtitut. 1: to
r cumbered that ti Pe ' '
r M.jut a Jp croaK. ' Ui
EiRipe .f tha rtry klJ. & 4 K
Jjmiaat ;.rtaUrjt- I: w" e a ars.
r. r.t tj aoy ithrxrr .af raeat.
rr trsAr-v 'a ba UcKWer r
f. ncs wt tlMt ms Sw. ac wa.
c U to tfcu ffflSee AT CXCX. Tlr rJo
7fe8afee4 toat w cvIm ra4faz
la aaraaoa A ma.& 9tc as
. 50o PEfi YEAR.

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