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ilf' 4 JL
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vqlusxe xxxrv.
Speculation Runs Riot Regard
less of Consequences,
i f.
1 1
Aid Millions of Dollars
volved in Transactions.
Wildness of Speculation Is
Viewed With Misgivings.
Nw York, April 4 -Today was one of
-"t -xcnement, nervous tension in the
n mirket Prices fluctuated and in
edentedly violent and erratic man-
lla'S" lnf speculative spirit had
nty run wild and no feats seemed
t'r- t to atumpt in the fevfnsh im-
i n of thf fxcltd speculators The
mrLS ali recklessness of the mampu-
ion hae pivbaolv never equalled on
Vew York stock exchange and vari-
ionS 0f a poiat or more between sales
r- viewed ith as much equanimity
a fluctuation of 1-8 in an ordinary
irtrt Blocks of thousands of shares
st" were tnssed backward and for-
rd i rid million of dollars were ven-
'il .th no m it conetrn than though
wire being pitched ?sws or
lJ f editions of properties played no
v'iiteer In the speculation. The
( f operations -was largely to fol-
emt,nated lead rship A sudden and
t-t idance in any stock was suffi-
t to attract an overwwhelming fol-
i ig in whkh the scramble to buy
o a volatio rise with quick profits
tni. leaders who hastened to unload.
r -1 i seemed a remote period in the
x f the speculators and their opera-
'1 not apt r to be designed to go
id the dajs trading1 The market
n admirable one in which to unload
" rj it Is within reason to suppose
t th excitement was stimulated by
T r sslble artful device to further
nh1(ct How far it was tdn art.
if? of ma b inferred from the
i rpantuely small number of stocks
v'wfch retain i.n important net gains
'- p!te of the appearance of extreme
anrv which the marker had fore-
t ot the time The trunk line stocks,
's (mtral, Amalgamated Copper,
" ! Fuel and some of the doimant
-'met stocks mav be set anart al-
th uKh none of them closed near the
lsUist prices otherwise small gains or
Mai'mble losi-ei, will be found to be
tii rui- The prr clpitite m inner in
h the long vu ck wis unloidod on
j mng buL -howtd the e.isxrness
. ' ulls to i kf tht lr pmflts The
t rranner i which pne s broke
1 tn .t a i int in the matter of
w is of htn account in considera
" rmkin? quick sale The out-
t iiilithe i He were excit-d bu-
i tin v n t itti icted l vrster-
- irdmm idvances an 1 the ex-
i ! ot th r orders, which were
ilv w!tliit limit as to pnee.
t opening Profit tak
lnmediaHj "W hen
liquidation hid spent
m de to rrvive the
si i.sm by bidding up
utt. mpt met with con
though profit taking
i I r co1 er of the late
i i in the 'i r nk lines and Amalg
ul ( opner J he mirket's sensitive.
was (Uarl iiiJlrated bv its lotion
r h influent of the flurry In call
v i aN e six per cent &imt stock
1 1 Mie low--t Wel of the day in the
n t liquid ill m thus fori t d When
i rev rate fll b ick co onng by
s (11 -d s-nie violent recovering
Ux cl King w is exceedingly feverish
nrculir '1 hi. large d minds of
t ii r tor ish ind the prospects of
k bnik stitenitnt explained the
s!pic fo- i s an extended t num-
f the r n c chmges It is suf-
t t sptclf thi extreme idvnnces
n X. w 'i i r-k Central, 4 in Penn ,
i K i k -land s 5-s in Am ilga-
i i I i -i 1 4 in Illinois Central
in lorad I'uel 10 1-S in the pre-
tl( 1
i l
' in rlmil
in t the ad
nrst storm
f Ports w .
in line enth
-i Kks Th
1 success
i i d nt a v
much of the buying was for Investment
by bankers and capitalists and by rep
resentatives of other railroads seeking
extension of interest and control. This
supposition cannot ba very strong in any
authoritative manner but it is manifest
to a tyro in market affairs mat speculat
ive buying plays the most Important part
In the market for the recorded transac
tions in many stocks within a short time
are sufficient to have ertected a control
of the properties several times over if
they had represented in any considerable
proportion genuine transfers of the
shares traded in. There has been enor
mous profit taking at every stage of the
advance and this is adduced as evidence
of the health of the market and as show
ing a process of digestion of long stock.
But it is to be oorne In mind that the
taking of profits involves a buyer at u-e
high level as well as a seller. No ade
quate judgment can -e formed - u-e
health of the market until the character
of these buyers, who are the present
holders, becomes better known. This can
only be by a considerable reduction in
prices. So far as the baying has been
by investors who are satisfied with toe
return on the money they pa-a for stocks
or wlio will hold them for purposes of
control or in the confidence that they will
increase'ln value, there is no danger to
be apprehended from a relapse in prices.
But if the buyers who -ave afforded
profits to the alert professional operat
ors are more widely scattered speculat
ors who have bought with borrowed
money on a margin with the purpose to
sell out a higher evel at a profit, it is
easv to see that the market's technical
position is much weakened as a result of
the week's happenings in the stock mar
ket Such holders lack both the skill
and the resources to protect their hold
ings by supporting prices either by confi
dent buv lng or offerings or manipulation.
An extensive reaction wipes out their
margins and uncovers stop loss orders
which may demoralize a market which
is overloaded with such speculative long
Such a condition is feared in the pres
ent market and the prices are considered
unjustifiably high. But so long as the
buying continues on the present large
scae, however speculative its character
may be, prices will continue to advance
as a matter of course. The continued
cheapness and abundance of money fos
ters the speculation and it is considered
improbable that it will receive any con
siderable check while the resources of
the money market last. The quarterly
disbursements of Interest and dividends
have afforded relief to the money mar
kets all over the world this week. In
New York, the purchase of short term
government bonds for the sinking fund
by the secretary of the treasury was an
additional factor towards relief. But in
fluences are at work both at home and
abroad to impair the market supply of
credits The subscriptions to the Ger
man loan of J73,U,000 have affected all
the great money markets of the world
and have undoubtedly occasioned In an
indirect manner the withdrawal of gold
from this country, although American
suoscriptlons do not figure largely in the
loan Paris has been a larger subscriber,
thoucrh, and has withdrawn credits from
London for that purpose. London has in
effect borrowed gold In New York as be
ing the cheapest money center, and ship
ped It to Paris in payment of obligations.
Looking to the future, it is expected that
the British government will offer its
$250,noonoo War loan for subscription dur
ing the latter part of April The eastern
movement of cash to the English coun
try is making heavv inroads on the Bank
of Fngland s reserve, this week's de
crease in bullion amounting to over $10,
000 ooo London financial . authorities do
not ex pect a large return flow during
April That the flotation of the loan will
lead to a considerable movement of gold
from Now York to London direct is there
fore to be considered as one of the proba
bilities of the future
The activity of the railroad bond mar
ket hs been affected by the interest di
verted to the stock market and prices
hae moved Irregularly. United States
refunding 2s advanced 1-4 and the 3s de
clined 1-4 per cent from the closing call
of last week.
Reads Statement Accusing
Himself of Murder.
Witness Jones Continues His
Accusing Evidence.
But Justice Jerome Protects
Him From Insult.
employer and benefactor to this stranger
for 1200?"
"I was to Mr. Patrick, yes."
The vallet then corrected Mr. Moore
to the extent of teling him that the stip
ulated price was ?25C. Court adjourned
until next Tuesday.
Will Have Keiunins of Her Husband
London, April 5. The Echo says it un
derstands that in consequence of certain
unpleasant rumors Lady Cook, widow of
Sir Francis Cook and formerly Tennle C.
Claflln has applied to the home secre
tary to have the body of Sir Francis ex
humed. Sir Francis Cook died February
Friends of Lady Cook say that false sto
ries have been circulated by a person
not related to Sir Francis, but who was
disappointed at not being remembered in
the will, Lady Cook desires that the ex
act cause of her husband's death, which
was senile decay (he was S4 years old at
the time of his death), shall be officially
certified to, so that hereafter, In the
event of her death, nothing can be al
leged against her. The relations between
Lady Cook and her late husband's fam
ily are quite cordial. Lady Cook, who
Is living In Kensington, London, made
the following statement to a representa
tive of the Associated Press this evening:
'Since the death of my husband there
has come to my knowledge a very thor
oughly laid plan, concocted before his
death, to attack his reputation for the
purpose of blackmail. It was about to
be put into execution when he died.
"Some parties to the conspiracy ex
pected to secure a large amount of
money during his life. His somewhat
sudden end prevented a fullfillment of
these hopes. The conspiracy reached a
culmination by the circulation of rumors
that Sir Franc's died an unnatural death
and owed his demise to me, the conspira
tors hoping in this fashion to blackmail
"Had I not ben a woman of world rep
utation, I could have afforded to let these
calumnies die. My own health also is
extremely poor. Should I die now these
lies might go on forever. I have therefore
resolved to refute them now. I propose
to go to the full limit of an autopsy if
necessary, in order that the world may
know how baseless these stories are.
Harrowing as it is, I shall not flinch. My
husband was beloved by me and 1 by him
and these inlquitious slanders shall be
stamped out if it costs me all the cour
age and wealth I have in the world. In
this I have the full co-operation of all
my step-children."
GOB tey tt fia JflSB Km S Mr
raflMr I TrVl
For Civil Office in the Philip
pine Islands.
c 3UJicnim ujmiii tfraaLe.
Wichita, Friday, April 5, 1901
Weather for Wichita Todar:
Kain or snow;eolder: northerly winds
All Office-Seekers Must Take
Oath of Allegiance.
Will be Given Preference in
All the Jobs. ;
r i
ii 1 id 1 to 4 p mi's in an txtended
is in
, I l es W t
il tin h
Is w is not so large
ks and the move-
irrtjular Total sales
I nitod Statts ola 4s
4 percent on the last
tne v
i roc
1 it
a rs
l vol
. notd
fairly ramptnt
i T- t dunig tht short
i It nt pnee pijvment
i i xi vo'ume ot the
vlds an' reckless
' ttiv fever i ev ulent
.'ni the tk grain
i ri in tht. lit ilmps.
' stock t. t iianse
'lie mii all . , r the
it 1 ii ie i.i f ie mirif-
tUit tu m ik m st rnu i mflu-
i 1 een tie hih rade u.Miend
i nlroid st ks There hi been
a i iniorc n v iv ed reganinur thtse
s to carrv along th advance i
i .! ntws rejfardmg thru toere
"one f importance and the
- 1 be n m t with emphatic j
i. ' v in m"iv insianc- s These ,
. t . t -e- t n llv ignored bv the j
tt rs hn - , t. tonu-uHd ti buy I
lks on ar . i rmous sta! i d to
the prices Mi retklesg confidence '
i to cite t t cntinuii rst in I
,-. confinr ti n ot the rumors. I
t. . ng wn.it if th. sj , i,ia-
s i. en vlevtd w ih n hi ts hv
istrvers and in t of t' n ire
nitue commissi! h iss ., . j.
1 t ii customer to su. . ,. i tiv
I -orits But SUlh nU 'S
i htn the selling is , u
ti bv renewed buovanev t
it-d adv lus wh-th 1. i .
,m ipomte-1 -t 'ht- idi U
mmht 1 t j ea .
n little ( v a v
tk in at r i t w
. ltJreS fi - h
t i J. rsnip
t ri-ncea - .- J . ..
i h pirentlv, with abundant
it h c-puea the participation in
' u-"erf A cspi' lilMs
- l.ci . fc-is been v. ideeprcad Urn
Annie Gould Js Now Under French
New York, April 4. The appellate di
vision of the supreme court handed down
a decision today dissolving the injunction
in the case of Anton J. Ditmar against
George J Gould et al , trustees under the
will of Jay Goujd. The case was before
the court of appeals from an order by
Justice Beach continuing an injunction
granted by Justice Fitzgerald, which lim
ited the amount to be paid to the Coun
tess De Castellane to $200,000 a year pend
ing the trial of the motion.
Charles A Gardiner, attorney for the
Gould trustees, said of the decision:
' The Ditmar case involves nearly 2,000,
000 francs, and is in many respects a test
case On the points of law now decided
in our favor additional claims aggregat
ing nearly is,000,0u0 francs depend."
Ex-Judge John A. Dillon, counsel of the
Gould trustees, said-
' The majority of the court held that the
party substantially interested here is
Countess Castellane; that the complaint
showed on its face that she was without
the jurisdiction of the state of New
ork and within the jurisdiction of the
Republic of France, and that they could
not obtain service upon her within the
state of New lork. that in the absence
I of service of process upon the Countess
De Cattellane in the state of New York
the courts of New York had and could
have no jurisdiction to determine either
New York, April 4. There were at least
two incidents during today's cross exam
ination of Charles jj Jones, the valet
secretary of Millionaire illiam Marsh
Rice, which rose above the ordinary, one
was a remark made by Justice J erome
who presides at the hearing, and which
probably shows why Lawyer Patrick, ac
cused with Jones of the murder of the
former Texan, has all along taken the
accusations of Jones against himself
with a demeanor almost bordering on
Attorney Moore, for the defense, had
asked that when the hearing closed for
the day it not be resumed until Tuesday
Justtice Jerome seemed willing and then
added: "It is necessary that Jones' tes
timony as to this murder should be cor
roborated. He being a self-confessed ac
complice, his testimony alone is not
enough upon which to hold Patrick."
Attorney Moore tersely adde to this:
"We understand that, and we suppose
the district attorney does, too."
Tonight those who are watching the
case clesely are wondering what corrobo
rative testimony the state will Introduce
to sustain the claims of Jones. The other
incident brought out in the clearest light
the indomitable nervo of Patrick. In the
face of the reiterated story of Jones that
Patrick had Instigated the forgeries and
the actual muruer, the latter ttoo. his
place in the court pproceedings with the
utmost nonchalance. At one point it be
came necessary that a statement made
by Jones be read, and it was given Into
the hands of one of the counsel for the
defense for that purpose. This was the
statement in which the valet claimed
Patrick killed Rice and which he has
since denied. The reader hesitated and
stumblea on the written words. Suddenly
Patrick spoke up, exclaiming: "Here, I
guess J. can make it out; I'll read it."
This was agreeu to and in a loud, clear
voice he read:
" P' got a towel and a spongue and
saturated the sponge with a colorless
liquid he had In a bottle. Then he went
into the room where 'R' lay in bed. I,
(Jones) was not In the room but opened
the door and peeped in.
" P" was standing over R' with the
cone-shaped towel In his hand, and he
pressed it down over 'R's' race." Patrick
was still reading with no show of emo
tion when Justice Jerome ordered a re
cess for luncheon.
The "P's" and "R's" in the statement
stand for Patrick and Rice. At another
point in tne proceeding Justice Jerome
gave his estimate of Jones with charact-
erstic terseness. Attorney Moore h id
been raking the witness with questions '
all tending to bring out the valet s lyintr
propensities. He showed that Jones had '
lie dto and deceived his own father when mny aiaddcn Ha Arrnnccd Match
the latter called on him in the hospital for the Giants,
after he haa attempted sucide, that he j st Louis, April 4. BUy Madden, Gus
had told untruths to Assistant Anornev i Ruhim s manager, today arranged an-
Jionjr Distance Telephone Proves a
Friend to Sampson.
Chicago, April 4 Michael J. Sampson,
formerly chief clerk of the bureau of
special assessments who was arrested in
London, brought back and Convicted
some time ago of forgery. Was by vigor
ous use of the long distance telephone
today, saved for the time being, at least,
from entering upon his term of impris
onment in the Jollet penitentiary. The
suprome court issued a mandate a month
ago refusing a ne wtrial for Sampson
and ordering the sheriff to take him to
the penitentiary at once. Shortly after
noon today Judge Gibbons granted a
writ of habeas corpus fcr Sampson, sob
ting his hearing forf tomorrow. The
writ was rushed over to the county jail
but the deputy sheriff and hte prisoner
had already departed and a wild race in
a cab thruogh the downtown streets to
the Union depot was without result as
the train had use left Sheriff Mager
staff was then hunted for, llnally found,
and the writ served on him. The long
distanoo telephone to Joliet was caled
into use, the warden of tho prison sum
moned to the wire and requested to stop i
the deputy and his prisoner at the door i
on their arrival this afternoon j
Sampson's fight for liberty has been al
most as remarkable as that of Former
Banker E S Drever and every legal re
source has been used to prevent his im
Osborne and that he had lied to his own
counsel. Here Justice Jerome struck in
with the remark: "This witness is a
weak, wicked and unfortunate man He
is a self-confessed murderer and deserv es
contempt, but I won t allow you to in
sult him."
At the atternoon session Jones admit
ted that in the statement he made to Mr
Osborne in the Tombs he had charged
other match between his protego and
James J. Jeffries, the heavy-weight
crampion Madden agreed to allow Jef
fries to select the date for the contest
anl the club offering the bet induce
ments will get the match. The gghters
wi'l split the purse on a bas.s of to per
cent to the winner and 2d per cent to the
1 srr
The mn will sign the same articles of put
"Washington. April 4. The first annual
report of the Philippine civil service
board was received here today. It says
the civil service act passed before the
organization of the board Is so explicit
that many important questions which
otherwise would have arlben In the prepa
ration of the rules were solved by the
passage of the act. The act makes dis
loyalty to the United States as the su
preme authority of the islands a com
plete disqualification for holding office.
Everyone examined must first take the
oath of loyalty. An amendment to the
act made January 28, last, to take effect
April 1, declares all persons In arms
against the United States In the Philip
pines and all persons aiding or abetting
them are ineligible to hold office. A min
imum ago limit of 18 ear8 and a maxi
mum of 40 years Is fixed for the lowTer
grades. The act provides for the ultimate
classification of all positions In the ser
vice from laborers to heads of bureaus
and offices, and the board is empowered
to determine tne efficiency of present and
future government employes. The classi
fication of policemen, firemen and guards
at penitentiaries and prisons has been
postponed until there are fewer disturb
ing elements in the Islands. This is in
line with the opinion of the military gov
ernor that the present svstem of select
ing these employes be not departed frccn
Owing to the urgent need of securing
teachers without delay and the larg-
number required these positions were ex
cepted from the provisions of the civil
sorvico act. It is believed that conditions
in the near future will warrant their in
clusion. The selection of skilled and un
skilled laborers has been left to the heads
of the several departments or officers
with certain conditions as to certifying
the facts on which any removals may be
based "V nils it is beaevea that the
board will in time find it adv isabble to ac
cept applications for employment as
laborers and to subject applicants of fit
ness, it is not seen how, under existing
conditions, this can be done.
The question of ascertaining the fitness
of employes now in the service will be
considered by the board at the earliest
practical date At the beginning of the
civil administration, says the report, it Is
essential that tho service should not be
embarrassed by the presence of Incompe
tent emploes The act. while giving
preference to natives and soldiers, still
safeguards the service by requiring tnat
they shall pass their examinations suf
ficiently high to have their names certi
fied for appointment. The report says
1 that natives found to have the capacity
I for positions now held by Americans
j should be advanced a3 rapidly as prac
j ticable.
The Filipinos, the report says, have
aptitude and a desire for knowledge,
j v ashlngton. April 4 Copies Of two !m-
j porta nt acts of the Philippine commission
providing for the organization of the mu-
ricipil and prov Ineial governments in the
archipelago have been ret civ ed at the
i w-ir department Tho act f r the oryan!-
zition of municipal governments does not
apTlj to the city of Manila nor to the set-
1 tlements of non-chrlrtian tribes, for
whicji special legslaton is to be enacted.
el! pui-blis snail be recognized as
S. Croker a Cruador
1. Kxcltlns Day In Stock Market
Hearing: In Patrick Case-
Civil Service iteport
Longest Trip on itecord
2. JenklnV Candidacy Announced
Winkler Has Ambition
JLand Opening; Plan
3. Wichita 14 veKtoek SXarket
Kevle vv of the Grain Markets
Base Stall Schedule
City In Brief
4, Eacle's Editorial Paro
5, To Help Finance ths Orient
Old Landmark Is Sold
6, Pensioner of War of 1812
Set of Catholic Vestments
Will Travel 25,000 Miles on
OiiQ Journey,
For a Chief Executive of the
American Republic,
Cabinet Officers and Many
Clerks to be With Him,
eluded in tne province. The four other
officers of the provincial government
shall be appointed by the commission to
hold office during .s pleasur. Mth tne
exception of the provinrii) fiscal, after
March 1. 1902, they shall b selected un
der the provisions of the oiv II Mi-vie act.
On I'latt Amendment to the Cuban
Havana, April 4. The so-called Radical
element in the Cuban conatituttional con
vention Including Juan Gomez. Portundo,
Aleman ana Manduley. h!d a conference
today with Governor General Wood re
garding the Piatt amendment. General
Wood said that the United States govern
ment intended to deal justly and honest
ly by the Cubans, and had no desire to
retain possession of the Island
He pointed out that the Piatt amend
ment was drawn up primarily with the
view of protecting a weak nation araint
outsiders, as well as against internal
strife and would not Interfere with
Cuban independence. He explained that
the Washington Interpretation of clause
III of the scheme of relations was thai
the United States claimed the right to
intervene solely for the purpose of pre
serving the independence of the island,
maintaining an adequate force to protect
life, property and individual liberty and
complete the obligations imposed by the
treaty of Paris upon the United States.
He expressed the opinion, that In draw
ing up a treatv, many points In the fut
ure relations of Cuba with the United
States might be more clearly explained
to meet present objections The delega
tion retired apparently pleased with the
interview. Snor i'ortuntio said be
thought everything" would be settled eat
isfactorilv. lit was in favor of the ap
pointment of a commission to o to
Washington ard expecta fa.vor:ble re
sults from such a step
Orders were issued today directing the
holding of municipal election throughout
Cuban June L There wi! b fifteen da
for resignation, beginning April 19
Difficulty of IMirtiMtiinje tho itoxer
Berlin, April 4 The . ek!n correspon
dent of the Frankfurter Ziturg; wtrs ' mn-Iou t:sk
"Washington, ArQ i. Because one of
the new battleship, to e called the Ohio.
is being bu'lt la San Francisco. Oal .
President Mckinley Is going to take the
1 jogest journt ever made by a preetdent
of the United States. He had not thought
of an extent! d tour of ue country wbci
he first accrpteu the tntitetlon to attend
the launching of the battleehh? at the
L'nlon Iron Works, but what wb origin
ally Intended to be a straightaway jour
ney to San Fran -isco and return has now
k row n to a tnp which will tx4t &Jroot
the entire weet And w - Involve at Iai
. 'TO miles of travel.
The president, on his specKi train, w! 1
leave Washington on Mondav April 2
He will probably return to W aehlngton
about June 1" ifter having oeen In at
least thirty of the fortv-nve of i tee ra the
I rloa. and two, if not three, of the ter
ritories. In every wsv the president win travel
m a manner befitting the dlgn.ty ot bis
office. In the six cam eonetltqttng the
special train will be centred almost in
entire executive and departmental gov
ernment f i cnltet. State for the
president Is to be accompanied by his en
tire cabinet. . the except I .a of Mr
Gage, secretary rt the treseurv
President Mckinley and bis cabinet
ministers will ht with them their sec
retaries and nt tographrrt Secretary
Hay will direct foreign sffalrH, leaving
Pr aUII the futnl'tant seeretiirv of stat
to ses the dtrl msto repreeontatlvee rt
the foreign powers In person In Waahlnx
ton Secretary ot war oot Ir-ivlng t oL
Sanger, Ms aFlstant, the n-ntnal art
lng secretary nf war, will be la tout n
j with the war department and our Ineular
peesssatons by wire. Secretary I illtcho -tit
I will be able to turn the trip t much 1
ragtags la the way of meriting th
'public domair the forest pn . nrvn n 1
ntuaal pak beeretary lxnt M '
in t onetant communication wi'n bin h
r- tu chl f ar d of wam, w'J ' t m ii r
-f oinor i s at the launt 1 t a t '
'1- Mr Kn x the new ? -rey c
rl Poetmaster .eneral Smith tj 1 H -.
rt.ry of Arrirjlt ire Wilson are in tic
lip thir a" Ir9 r thy ui I f r t
frmthcir p
, Private Beretr Cortelyoi who ha
! nad such a npitation ss th ronfld-n
Ititi eld of the president t at he is fr
! .ftly mTti')nd for a cornet plar
h'ild a vjfiry occur. U n w arrang
I inn th Itlnerao end he i ' it a tr-
rhs ilmt l"rg top tlje
Patrick with muraerinp Mr. Rice He did I agreement thit were drawn up to the , municipal corporations, adhere to their
not "know that if Patrick wis convicted
of that murder he could n t undr the
law bo a beneficiary under the will
"What motive had jou In m-iking such
a statement?" askd Mr M-re
"I suppose that m llrst objtct was to
shield myself."
"When did you make the statement
contemplated battle recently at Cincin-
Inati Madd n ajrre'Hl to permit Jeffries to
name the date because th champion had
I a Lid krop, whlc- he injartd while tram
' insr fo- hi last match w.th Riln He
J will "ot nght u itil he pets oor th'i
j treble Jefiies thought h.s knre would
i I e all risht acam as soon as he got a
former names ord continue to hold ail
property rights vested under their former
crpanization. The government proper of
rich pueWa Is vested n a president, rice
P'ldent and a mjniclpa! council, to be
ch-;en at large br quati' ed Hectors, for
a trm of two yar, frm and after the
the substance of an intervU-w he had had
with the German minister to hina. Dr.
Mumm Von behwartzensteLi, who is r p
resented as hiving said
"Great difficulty is caused b this ques
tion of punish. tig the guilt v. Russia will
not abandon Prince Tuan V-uso ah
owes Manchuria to him. It is impossible
to designate PHnce Tuan as a rebel. In
as much as tne etnprecs dowagrr Is still
too powerful. Phe will continue to direct
with Prince Turn Chinas future fate,
"The developments rgard!ig Prince
Tuan s negotiations with rtuia fully ex
plain the impossibility for H mmi. to
abandon him
Dr Mumn Von Sehwrtntein, -
i r'dent Wi . mane will be in New Or
'l inv .i tff first Stage of ths pr'
ilert a Jnurt iv - i i take him thr ugh tr
f a of irgl-!- North farM", Bi"itt
ar Una, ,r .-. t, Alabama n 1 Ml-U
air-r i
I I'avlrg Vw rrlan. Mr MK!nr
t 1 peas nvf-r t? Southern i'eille route
through Txaa Nrw Mexico, Arizona and
'alt'orai J'e will make eereral iK"t
'n 1xa oii l-4y has aever-U tsvtta
Mona fron th U'gs cttlsa In fie jmr
Ptar state. - . president wt 1 prsbeJHr
pnd a w In raluoml. 4 ir- g wbicu
tlxre he will 'do the tate pretty ther
otishly, visiting lbs Yosemtt National
park and othr r lata of lrt. Thle
cording to a dispatch from Peklo to the W,J "" l"' """- - '- v
r-. a... - - k . - ... ' The third at, ge will ke t . pTe!4efit
through the ' of reg' n 'A 'asfct-m
t j- Mortal v, 1 if4y Wjrw' g, T"tn
Lokal An2elgr gave a banquet yester
day In honor of ths birthday ef Count
Von Waidersee, the entire d .iometic
corps In Pekin atndirg
' 1 Colorari fl wll nH a.! of tr -
; r t-t-lpal - I- Oregon and v'ashlia
t and wU r"?Wy mak xym mr
rtrM In Pa!t I,. Utah a-ii 'elorafl
P'lr 1-esV'i '"fllorad.. ? iU tra
vente the attm t JCaneajt J nd 2 tt-
! Tvof'biy a!o . ' a pf-
that you could get the old nan to sign hiuce to t?kc a short rtt.
1 1 Is fir the bi? flgrht are expertM from
California and possibly Connecticut.
any paper when he was ap.
"About the first of the ycir
"What uid you say you ,ave him to
make him 'dopy7 1
"I said I gave him sapoho to weaken
him. I said that to Captain Baker "
"When you made this statement to As
sistant District Attorney Garvin," said
Mr Moore, picking up a typewritten doc
ument, "had you communicated to Mr
Osborne that the death of Mr. Rice was
due to chloroform?"
"I did not say." witness ea.d. "that the 1 Kentucky Heroes Have a
death was due to chloroform, because I 1 Hand Kn counter.
The fighters will post forfeits aa soon 1 Monday In Januarv, 232, and the second
a they receive a sat.s'actorv bid for the 1 pet one year aftT th'ir successors have
Psrht. Madden said tonight that the con-t-t
will take place inside of two months
Jeffries and Ruhlin are In St- Louis play
ing engagements at rival theatres. Geo.
Siler will referee the fight.
Hand to
whether she owed the aebt or what was 1 -aras not satisfied that It was But I told
a proper allows. ice for her support, in j him that chloroform had been used
fact, could determine nothing whuh af- was It not the anderstanding at he
fected her substantial rights in anv case I time that r Rice had did from mcr
in which she was not served with pro- 1 curial poisoning'"
Emperor William SleHily t enormia
late rialiaw
Ponetsntlnool Anrll t The fV.netseM- "'v Ht- W ! y.'biy a!
f "t Monaav in Jenuaxy next, ifter their , nop3e papr, pubi'ah today tb fart f a I vn Ml"" ''
flection Councill i--ctd In M "trUi teleCTaw sent by Emperor W. Sara to the ' ll h4 r' x " "t,1 " "-
divide themelvs lnt- two classes, the j gujtn lnunedinf 'y after V r-crt !,t)t' tr!p " ' "1 w r3 ' tnA tr'
f"it set vacating their seats on the first j partiMtik in the ettv " m'srtsg av i " Tfs'a s
a t r lor. if-! I! ' ;-rtlrt
. . . . A , A tV. marl t
t-. T V... A-. 1 m w . t ' 9 m ' 1 Mr-w w .,
1. tj t . Lim 4. x iii . M lmi t.
cten cnoin ana quau"o. ao max one-
h df of the council wi 1 b- chosen annu
ally. Municipalities will be divided into
four classes those containing not less
than 25,000 inhabitants to have U coun
cilors, those containing 1&,. and leee
than 2S 000 inhabitants, to have 14 coun
cillors. ths having 10 fM) and laa than
1? X inhat tarts to have 10 cocncUlar
and those containing less than 10,ww In
habitanta to have 8 ooundllora
The quaiificatiocs of ejector anthor- 1fn'r pTV'
lxed to ch-vee the oSBcers of the ntuaicl- J r!tv
T.-! mmnt n rs that Kv II -. V7" "a
Charred With Stciliiis Fify Cases of
MtHx, April 4 1 ie i "int Frederick
Boer of the Thirtv n "ih vo anteer tn-
fartrv chitf commissary for the Second I
distr -1 of the department of Southern
Lu7on has arrived at Caiamba, province 1
of Irunia.. where he has been charged 1
witn miippropnating fttv cises of
"I don t know what Mr Osborne J
thought. I told him that Mr Rice had
been murdered, that chloroform had ben
used and J. told him that Mr Rice had
taken mercurial tablets. I left it to tJv
district attorney to decide what caused
I death."
I Lawyer Moore iext cross-examined
Jonss on his testimony given during his
hearing regarding the first visit of Pat
"When did Patrick tr-ake th" pr-r-".
tion to vou to write the r - s i't
which Patrick wanted tj 'iar i- t
Isuisville, Ky , April 4. Gea. Jnhn B
Castleman. wh was colonel of the nrst
Kentucky reimert and was later appoint
ed bv President McKinlev to be a brts-
irale prs-a over 23 yearn rf ng tnd ! kI-
.' J the ens
Jear-rd what
danger your rnajty was in at i& tins
of ths feast at B.lrara a-d w ma-i:
fet y God haa ?t terted yt.jr rnajst a
pr-'ous lif
I- offerlrg rry 1ncer r - rratu a-ti"-
on your ira)tya ac-.r- fr m da.n
F" I cannot cotcsJ my adr-'r'tcvn
' 1 sttftnd t uT majesty or' ed st!
th examp ' f bravery gl "i k 7 ywr
majestr f " r fsjecta arl ' be fr-
laa H ;-- ir -r.'
sill r !-' N-hrarts
I preset' g '-- tsi ft
snasy q mr jm lt
- CECtnr ia as to
eadol' 1 ' MS tSe
I-d to e"--'.
f b' id
d bofy
l wster managing eoitor of the mu,t have a ij rridecc in the muni--
LouisvUle Commercial, fought on the tpeJUy in which they exercise t-e right !
streets today No Wood was ahed and of suffrage for a period of ax months t
the affair was quickly over j pieced leg th- election. m m-st not b '
There haa ben bad feel.ng b-twn the , ?!tlsers r (rebuts of a-y foreign pow
men sin'-e th Spanish-American war, rg T'y tA mjiift be mrrt-n 'A ot"
hc F Tet was assistant adjutant gn- 1 of t i ii w - trre daseea
enU it tventuvky Thy met face to lace j The win; jtior to Aug-jst 13 V&l heli
on Fourth avenue today wwnen oneral the office of municipal captain, or mto
CasUeman struck Forrester In the face, j tr of any ayuntsmiento, thos wo own
F rrester struck back and General Cast- ' real rroreny o th vaJrie of & nesos. er
SZewiriile aaMl
Me VtnMM
al prof-
t bacon 1" 1 w h cither irreg-uljj-iti's
It Is -.td that the shortage in the 1
commissary aepanmriu tu hsqiii aggre- .s tw umI a- ikint 4w
"And yon Immediately feil in with the
I did. yes."
' Pattick did not on r' "-t v-11 f- -
lean f'l to half recumbent position.
Fr" -nds st-pr-d between them ar.d each
f C e 1 vt-b' Lints proceeded q- csiy to
bis ofiice
a s
,ry uepartment in Manila agjsre-
g-ittb S'V) In contrast with the soan-
rial n the commwRirj' department the
c-utt.iion ard amnutrarion of the i-su-n-
iu d- hi matters for congratU
' i iu t f the n-w CufTi
house, internal revenue department and
license office have Oven inspected and
are reported prfectlv straight.
- t
IIev ltj dticttnn in aze
V i ' r ch ? a 1 vr-i 4 -Tt is
- -1.. ;.. . u,c wj;e of the blast
furnace men will be reduced tl per cent
for inn-e months and that the wages of
the Nor'-iirbe-iard miners wJU be re
duced hii pr cest.
us has right same. Ho ccU
Smith. kl he not'"
' "Yes."
1 rOW 9,iriM
"On the ppropoition o th-s rt-a"geT , ,
jou vrere uns 10 cjttr x a rei-nv
' I didn't exactly knnw t w a - '
' It was part f a s v to s; 1 r. .
Mo froaa Rice was it act" '
"I knew iorgsry was a mire, but I
did net know the writing of the letter
would Involve forgery '
"But you ware wililag to cell your old
British Interests Arts llcnsoccd j
London April i. The Tfenes has reoerr- j
1 fol.'-wls.g from its correspondent
1 V ngton. .New Zea.'acd
a' aftr efab ish'g a "avil
who par ar-aliv pre r a.or o- t
estahl.h"d fuc-s and th'sse who rpak.
rsd or wrte Kilih or Spani4!.
Thoss tbwirT irfted trom m& tikdods
detinqsest Jxpayen of taae lasted stace
August U. fm. Insane or feefcie mlrxled
( peor tnose wo voja'ta the oath ef
ijlaa-e to 'he Ua'teu Prates the-
V rt t- afte r - w-- in nrrrtM
agaltt the svr'(r'"v f tv C"t-J
Jslj 1
Kansas Otv M --' 4 r rssi-t
vi-.fto i r' M-: ' ' t
4r tvt tv r,-r,-.' i 'atohm f
the Mrmjrhim a&4 t f l, Will O Is
sf?en in Its f iliest essss sboat Ju r 1
Ths twelve m'i of track eitr.dJsig -n
Mlaxnl L T t: f ta 1- aj t
tmtl st wvc. T-e cj-t t w'.i b 1
Ha wek ' '".t t if t
it wi trf- f -S6 1 t J y I Tt b-T. h
line of the : ptes from Ba'r Srtags
fTm V' tK' ' rt.
, m not ilf1 t r
' r -rtfc I ' x
r -'rslr! - -
Sostnl,- a 'n
Ui stax- j1
it 'ry
N rtlag has rt een ea 'U04A4
t fctfcn r-eSeo o " Uaf
-" end frii-t iMas of -h rsiau'
' Va mt mi, trse la Kl i'aes 1
' ai aa4 ry jx ssrir i '-
; t ass -- !"-"t4 to sf 4
' -'-tlns - ttt1!mi 't M
-it hvrw - '"fcHe i4"- 1n
) a a- t'l r 4e!l - kri
. r frw ri t xt a e-es
;lf-sK - .- ftfp f ifntt. a. few
station la the Paetnc sad. Jocreasrsg her J a?., j. ,.hJt-. fc- . . . "
-.- v. . .- .. - Z.. . ftte ad those wto faj say wy sM or
ee . AU t tjm iLf hC s VaaU sV 4 W W BMJf IS
engaged .n streegtheaing her lan4
me actxy is regarded ajt n
b a x i'tJVStB 13 !' fc. .
prviatn th insurreecten.
Tint cirJ-ej vC-n- ahaS ! aa
b an - !at'- ' ? wr liir 'n ict
A-'n0-fT-' If Mftg Okete - ?
& t ssrKj-irr v rt ti svn ery -i
Ar&irV-- sii- - - fNiCk-o
- Mp 1 ''- ell. ' - fe
w' tlfc- .. mtA 0 - gm;n
! jb - f -ue rv ws
a r 4 tigr k $ at
1 "f Pimtit V XteMr
rt r ' t tu tAr 'u km
f eh w v S " rfSil ' n '
I orr a. 'h J e werVar t tn i.
o XiStsi will be rhci.t wit 7-rraa tie ! -1. Tte-rrr a uf fas
J ri.a F-r ik.9 tB-r5esBe-? 1 (xsr-r - cbaee: br " uaw&
to -a rf r. cave vrn ormr 'jt iao I' - t fe ( .
,. s,t , tr- 1 f, i-j, j u jrt V. r - ' . n t"r
f '. t Kis T " r r 4a-t a ! 1
and 'fcianor-ua mam inn. 1 .". 6 , be mi .- - rr t-, '
that t.e f-s:?fcla ci o9etS wzU Im s" "&' E 4T Se t ' ' '
r-KV?-C i" tr. K-t tr t-. it, L'.a 'v "- t t " ?
Marlon. Ind., April 4. The carpeate-a
her- declared their strike off to.a.r
sca'e ut -t an hour asd f'c-' c
a dav being trtv! upon. At. 1 s.
are tovolved.
j mem are to oe prfnrtal goeea'aor . 1 tax; t
I re' a "7 trsnrer a-jw-nis- M f-' t t '
"te vrorter'al f-- r-r ., v- al .r i
ed tv r (-,". - r-i;x" . "
t KfC ' i.,rs : i. Le s .& rue it 1.. t
& st'esf

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