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isrious Husband
Story of a Wichitan and
n ufe:s Myslery,
The Eagle is in receipt of the fol
lowing; To the Editor of the Easle:
voting: in your paper an article entitled,
"A Wichita Romance," a story purpotingr
to contain facts and an. expressed desire
that there may be a Wichita environment
to contributed stories, I wish to relate
this. Some, I know, will recognize it.
My wife and I were married on October
14, 1892. 1 bought a cottage on South
Topeka avenue in what was once Ormes
& Phillips' addition, which we were to oc
cupy when we returned from the
World's Pair at Chicago. And returning
"We had occupied it for three days when
this circumstance occurred. Late in No
vember our house was robbed. A dia
mond brooch, a ruby finger ring and a
secklaco of pearls, all wedding gifts, were
taken from a small jewel box on the
dress-r. Three diamond rings were left.
I notified tho police, who at once had
n cle w, which, by the way, never panned
out. The next night my wife was natur
ally restive, and in the morning hours
she ijudyi-d me awake and whispered
that somf-oody was in the room. To re
assure hr-r, and knowing that her imagin
ation was playing its usual sorry game,
I jumped from the bed and walked, hur
ried! -ihout tho room saying that It
was r-thin. Something fell in the room
In the front. I rushed forward and saw
a form in the front door. I dashed into
it wildly and bore the intruder to the
floor All I distinctly remember is two
woir- n screaming wildly, my wife and
nnoth. r. w hom I realized vaguely I was
hold. .- ;o the floor. I cried to my wife
to q 't '-x rr-aming and light a lamp, which
she marifigpd to do, while I dragged my
hurp '-ir to the room. When she saw the
1i:r;-', -r my wife at once recovered, and
I re'- .pfd my captive. She stood in the
o-nt- r if the room, her face buried in her
h-inls. hrr bosom shaking convulsively
with s. ,s My wife was first to notice
a w m-"1 on her temple, from'Tvhich the
Moc! was flowing freely. She dipped a
tloth ii tho water and approaching the
won ir. timidly began to bathe the spot.
The m; n must have known a woman's
tou( 1 iv took her hands from her face.
ind .Mihoiit regarding me, said to my
wif V ill you lot me go?"
1 !-. w ; burglar was remarkably nret-
with tragic dark eyes and
iiout to put in, when my wife,
-:.t surprise, said:
'V ;. v.- will let you go."
Si" this with a sympathy that
was i . tif.;l to hear.
'T'r jit, pis." said the woman, "are
ther- i t'vnk I found the right place."
W. 1. b turned ti the little casket, my
wife t h an exclamation of surprise.
The .1 w Is were there, the jewels stolen
the n;'ht before. I picked them up and
turn- 1 t" the burglar who had returned
then-: She was gon
Wf U in t sleep that night. I spent the
hour? rxjdaining to my wife about con-s.'ier'-'
h)Vf the government received
vast r.ms from mm who had formerly
Mole 1 it. and so forth and so forth.
Bu' F ::?!! t explain to her satisfaction
or ir f n why a woman of such super
iorit ' 1:1 mind, as her composure evi
' -ric- v. hen she addressed my wife, and
in Tjf luty. should turn to burglary.
Thr- ks passed. One night my wife
and n !f were driving home in a heavy
f-now'.'-TT). On Gilbert street we saw a
W'ini-"' in the road ahead of us stumble
and f.: T jumped out and rushed to
lv. a ! .-f potatoes had scattered
f.; tv. s; ow and a bottle of whisky.
I 1 - it the potatoes go and put the
whisk v in my pocket. The woman was
vmco .-'i'ius. I picked her up, lifted her
Into the buggy and led the horse to my
Jkus I got the still unconscious woman
ir.t t .- house and placed her on a
l.'Unc.- !ieirc- the lire. Boih my wife and
I r"CO!:.id our burglar. When she came
to sh' ."-Y'-iiloci sweth-y and went to sleep
again i thought of the whisky, but said
iiothi:.'. The woman looked worn and
.lissij .!! d. Presently she arose and said:
"i tli.i i,k you for your kindness, but I
"It 1.- ery cold," I said.
'v: r. she asked, "did I fall?"'
"i d.'iTi t pet the potatoes," I said, "but
t sav-! the flask."
Khe lushed hotly. My wife looked hor-ror-stri.
I f't just a little dramatic.
"Minld.ni," I said, solemnly, "You will
My wife, to my annoyance, quickly as
sented. I stopped the horse. The woman
alighted, took the basket and disappeared
In a two-story house smothered in a
patch of dried sunflowers. I drove away
considerably put out. My wife that night
exercised a certain decision in her wishes
and actions that was unusual with her. I
could not understand why she had not
allowed me to investigate. The next even
ing my wife with the same decision, asked
me to drive her down the Schweiter
road. She took a basket along. I thought
I was going to get at the bottom of the I
puzzzle at last. But when we reached ,
the house my wife placed the basket on '
the front porch, got' back into the buggy :
and said: "Drive home." I
I did so. AH during the winter, once a j
day, we made that journey with a !
basket. I
I finally grew weary of asking my wife
for explanations, or requesting that we i
stop in and visit with our beautiful
friend whom we never saw. It was a
hard winter In Wichita; a hard winter on
top of hard times. I watched curiously
that old house in the sunflowers disap- j
pear. The fence disappeared first, then i
the front porch, then the weatherboard-
ing on the upper stories. It was not a )
strange proceeding in the suburbs that ;
winter. The Inmates were burning the I
house from around their heads to keep
themselves warm. They were not renting
it were simply Intruders.
One day we found the basket we had
delivered the previous day on the porch,
the front door open, the house vacant.
My wife steadily refused to talk about
the case. In 1S06 her pure soul passed
from me. On May 30, 1S97, the dark wo
man of the old days knocked at my front
door. A moment later we were seated
in the drawing room of my home. I
was at last to have the almost forgotten
mystery solved.'
"He is dead," she said.
"My wife Is dead," I said. "She never
told me about him."
The woman looked long at me. I
thought I detected surprise.
"I have come," she said, "today to place
some flowers on her grave. Will you
guide me to it?"
I did. In May, !S93, tho woman I had
thrown to the floor for a burglar be
came my wife. She bore the surname
which had been my wife's before she
married me. But she never told me the
story of her life, "or anything, except
that her husband had died and that she
was a widow. I never pressed her for
an explanation. We held the past to be
dead, and did not violate it. In 1S93 she
I have come upon an explanation of the
mystery of my life which satisfies me
sometimes. It is this: My wife must
have had a dissolute brother, a fact I
could never learn positively; he married
the dark woman. He did not support
her. My first wife came Into knowledge
of this fact and gave him the jewels to
save them from starvation. His proud
spirited wife returned them as we have
I say this explanation sometimes satis
fies me. And sometimes it does not.
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With all its claims to public generos
ity and large charities, America is behind
Europe in at lea- one methoa of dis
pensing aid to tho needy. That is in
bequests for the assistance of young
couples who wish to marry, but are
financially unable to do so.
In' Germany prizes are offered for the
marriage of the ugliest girl, the most
crippled girl and the wrcnen over 40 who
have been more than once jilted by
lovers. It is not to be expected that
this form of financial benefit will ever be
required in such a land of noble women
as ours, but uiero are doubtless many
young couples who would like" to see es
tablished some bequest for providing
house furnishing money for hard work
ing but small salaried lovers.
Great Britain is far in the leacL in put
ting such a prizo on matrimony. The
la to Marquis of Bute, a millionaire, es
I tablished a fund for the benefit of the
women of Cardiff, In Wales. To som
memorate his silver wedding In ISO? he
presented the town authorities with $5,000
to be held as a trust fund, the interest
from it each year to bo paid to whatever
pair of Cardiff jovers could satisfy the
trustees tnat they were the most in need
of the fund to help them establish a
home. Tho young woman must bo of
good moral character and her lover of
good repute, sober and industrious.
The first endowment under the fund
was made tho next year, when the year's
wwr inr'iitr"! '' ' n ' 1 "" ' 11 1 1
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nnrdon us for a little natural curiositv
on.- n-i-ht v..u took our iewels: the next interest had accrued. A nurse maid and
tu.rht returned them. Now hv chance iv a young man employed in a local paper
r-rk y..u up in the snow and bring you . factory satisfied the requirements, were
j,,.ro . adjudged true lovers and to have tho
Som. -how I wasn't making a vers- cood capacity of becoming useful members of
,v, it ana t hinrt nut "Wa tho community, and they were conse-
w;int to know who you are."
Mv vif . Moss her and her sympathetic
h art. ii id disappeared. Sho came back
with d tr.iy of little slices of ham, some
t mptn.s: bread and butter, and said she
would t'i-ow tea quickly. Sho told the wo
man To rat.
quently awarded the prize, which amount
ed to $140.
An cx-soldier was the benefitter the next
year with the girl of his heart, a house
maid. Tho soldier was working at
building: trade at CardifT and the couple
were given tho same amount as their
With hesitation the woman began to predecessors, and with it rented and fur
nished a comfortable home.
Favale. the Italian composer, estab
lished a similar fund in England in 18S2,
which, however, has not yet become
available. It will be drawn in about
two years for tho llrst time. Favale,
te on n siU nee. I wont out for a moment with less knowledge of finance than of
. :id win -n 1 returned my wife said: "Give music, gave J3.500 to the London City cor
1. r tl. -1 isk." She had asked my wife poration to he held as a trust fund and
t re -t it. I handed it over rather the interest from it from each year di-i-h.-.-pt-Mv.
1 vided into three frads of $36 each, to be
Y.o v.. man said: "T must go now. I given to the three girls in London of
again. Perhaps God will re- good character who would thus be best
nibble ;t the food. An expression of sat
iM"actlo :n her eyes which I caught told
mo. wirh the woman's leisurely air.
what my wife had divined Immediately
th wrun had been starving.
She ill not answer my question, but
1 "
s; . otr
I lo.
1 Pi
ttratc : 1
ond "
I eer J
"Ma ! :m
Fo f re
MM P"" ' '
The v r
h' sa
!o a wonderful picturo thn otherwise being understood to be im
l:ke a shadow tragedy, a ' possible or possible only at great risk
j and inconvenience. As the Knglish law
ran to her and grasped her j requires trustees to invest the funds only
. i-ned: "Let us help you. " In certain classes of safe securities which
i Pt the blue eyes under tho bring a low rate of interest, they found
ir looking avralingly into the thej- had not the necessary funds for
u-.der the dark hair. tho division. So they allowed the in-
- :t a cig:r and lit it As a ' terest to accrue and be compounded, and
-i-and I fe t 1 ousht to demon- i now have so large a capital that in a
ray wife tb it no riddle was be- j short time they can begin making awards.
..Tim 1 was t ot doing my part. ( They will then have to decide upon three
m be zero the affair. girls between 16 and 23 years of age
' T said, sou-rnnly. "tell us. I whose characters will bear strict inves
If you ar to bo protected wc j ligation and who will be enabled to mar
rt ou. v may help." j ry good hard-working men to whom
:i studied tho floor long. Then . they are engaged.
Vome both of you. Let him
t. !1 '
I cat ht the infinito tenderness 1 1 her
-."r-ti of the word "him " Pome
tK inke: "-vashand. I e-njectured, a b .rg
lar W-hc h id stolen our jewels, and who?e
consolent-.ov.s wife hai returned th m.
"We w:i! go." I Said.
"I tlii: "k. r.ot." said my wife. "Wait "
She wei t into another part of the h v:c
nnd pr "t y returned with a basket,
loaded, i suppose, wiih eatables.
"Take t!v so." my wift said to th- wo
man ri v.ni; the basket upon her. .
ehall C'
I wo
id th
1 -:tb
.inother time."
r.i'. her you wor.!d come now."
s.r-.n, hr eyes lichilng up
i sImuw ' 'Ut
woman W i
l-.wiag tv v
s .uth v '
v vonm i:
road, o v. ;
run. "V v -'
the w
las: "ot -
She wrapped
"t' r -lbout the
t no n
her asi ?
..t Into V " ' - -v- "''' vl-
man's directions I drove
strvcV: in on the d'agona!
is l-"on AS Schweker's
i th motor line use.1 to
. . . rerh;ips a mile wh.-n
ie the siienro ssy-
g" t Let mc so alone."
Doweries for orphan girls are provided
by another fund, mysterious in ortglr.
which is distributed by the actios gov
ernors of the Endowed Charities of St.
George s-m-the-East. London. This
amounts to every year, and can be di-
ided t.s the trustees see lit. with the
aim of KSUag as aw srirls a3 pos
sible. The benefits from it. however.
:.ever fall below $50 for each girl, and
rft-'n reach $!& None can receive aid
frm this fund until they can satisfy the
t rasters th.it they ar able to perform
fie duties of a housekeejer, are suited
io no..kc oox boniemakers, aad are in
love with men who are steady and in
d istriouit.
Scoti ii;d b-is a similar institution la a
trust establish J isary v.irs ago by a
V.. -scow rr.-'. h t'-.t ani. iuing tn J13A0.
Tins is u;. .'.t ir. N ii.f; ;nter.dd to en-vv-'tii-Ke
ih'." to do exactly what the
0!l.iffom man never did marry. This
pem'eman. who.e name w.-s rdersoi.
I v-. ii n'l hi? hfe a I a"helor. and thus N
c?me so cor. inoed of the blesedr. ss of
the roamed state that he indert . k U
led nil that he c-!d that way. For
some reason unexplained, after he had
listed tho usual classification for the
young women who could draw from the
Interest of the trust, he added the pro
vision that they must be able to dance
well. Under these, terms each year three
British maidens are presented with $100.
In France, where the marriage of con
venience and the natural inclinations of
the population make matrimony and the
birth rate matters for careful considera
tion for the state, a society has ben or
ganied along the lines of a building and
loan association by which a man or wo
man can securo at small expense enough
money to enable him or hr to marry.
It is a sort of Insurance society, con
ducted hy a number of persons, of whom
M. Paul Deschanel is at present the head.
The members are artisans, young men
or women, and each contributes 40 cents
a month to its support. After a member
has made such contribution for Ave years
in which time ho has paid $21. he Is enti
tled to draw out 90. If two members
desire to wed each other they can thus
get J1S0, which Is something of a wind
fall as doweries go among French work
ing people.
But in Germany the matter has its most
unique development, for there, by the
will of a financier, pries are offered In his
native town for the man who will marry
the ugliest, the most crippled, and the
woman over 40. This town is Haschmann
and the financier, realizing that beauty is
an attraction hard to overcome, provides
that out of the income of the fnnd not
less than $90 shall go with the-ugliest
girl in any year, and the cripple shall
receive $68. The four women not under
40 who have been, more than once Jilted j
by a lover receive, when funds permit.
A pistol was lying by Snyder's side and
it is supposed that he killed the girl and
then committed suicide. Tho couple left
a letter in which they said -that their love
affairs hud been interfered with and that
they had decided to die together. Snyder
was 20 years of age and' the girl 2L
Strange Investigation Is Going On in
Spanish Royal Circles.
Madrid. Nov. 1. The name of Sackvllle
is figuring in strange investigations which
are occupying tho attention of the court.
A local lawyer has applied to the courts
to recognize the legitmacy of a client,
who claims to bo the son of a certain
"Lord Sackvllle" secretary of legation at
Madrid about the year 1S5S. Tho claim
ant alleges that tho displomatist mar
ried a well known Spanish dancer, Pepita
addicted to excessive cigarette smoking
and was therefore unable to give a clear
version of tho kidnapping.
Chief Donahue swore to Callahan's ar
rest and statement that he could prove
an alibi. Court then adjourned until 2
o'clock to await tho result of Callahan's
When court convened this afternoon
.Callahan was still in a nervous state
and few witnesses were examined. Their
testimony was a repetition of that given
at the first trial. P. J. McGrath, who
accompanied Mr. Cudahy tho night be
deposited tho money in the Center street
road, was recalled and reviewed that
Callahan's illness began with a nervous
chill. He became much excited when
young Cudahy reasserted his recognition
of the prisoner as one of his abductors
who thrust the pistol in the witness face
and almost fainted. His physicians fear
Duran, and had three daughters and
son by the marriage, but the marriage' a collapse of his nervous system.
register was subsequently tampered with
and the name of Pepita Duran's dancing
master. Antonio De La Ollva, was sub
stituted for the original entry- The ex
amining magistrate annointed experts to
examine the register, and the experts'
Some Doabt Abont the Cntlt of John
(on at W Infield.
Wlnfield, Kan., Nov 1. The preliminary
have confirmed "the statement that tho . hcarIn f the f the,f if 0h":
ruU UllUUi ail W tut lilQ iilHtuci wa
stan Habibullah Khan has caused to be
spread aoroad a proclamation informing
all Afghans who have fled from their
country because of sxterfor oppression
or fear of arrest on falso charges that
they can return safely and that lands
confiscated from them will be restored,
that loans will be advanced for lirprove
menas and that a year's taxes will h remitted.
original name of the husband whatever
It waa, had been scratched out and that
tho name of Ollva had been substituted.
London. Nov. 1. In conneotion with the
Madrid dispatch referring to "Lord Sack
vllle"' it Is pointed out that the present
Lord Sackvllle, the former minister of
Great Britain at ashington. although he
was In the diplomatic service prior to
1SS3. was not attached to the British lega
tion at Madrid until eleven years after
George C. Montgomery was not com
pleted tonight and will not be finished
before tomorrow. It Is generally be
lieved here that Johnson was not im
plicated In the murder and interest In the
case Is not general. It is possible, how
ever, that Johnson wiH be held, as ev
idence need not necessarily be as strocg
to hold as to convict a suspect. Thre
is well sustained evidence that John-
Close Friend of President Says He
Favors Single Statehood. ft
Kansas City. Mo., Nov. L A disputes
from Topeka says:
It was given cut here today by a dore
frind of President Roosevelt that, if he
made any r commend tations whatever.
In regard to statenObd for Oklahoma in
his forthcoming iressage. ho would ad
vocal single statehood for both Oklaho
ma and the Indian Territory, aad he gave
it out further that, in Ms opinion, th
president would treat too subject in bis
State hoed is tho all-absorbing topic now
In the two territories. It was kept to th"
Delegate Flyna. of Oklahoma, will jwrb
ably intrjduce a statehood bill dMnf the
early days of tho eomtiig season of con-grena-
Being a doubt statehood alv.x-at
his bill -h 11 probably only auk tor the ad
mission of Oklahoma, stoma But hn
congress gets hold of It. the mmsur will
bo amended so as to tak both tf-rri-It
is the opinion of some of th ongrM
men that the bill will not pass ;t the com.
ing session of congress, but tat it will
go through at the sh rt trm beginning
one year from next Iecmf-'r
At a mflinr of the executive tonimiN
te of th William Mc-Klnl'v X&tfeutal
Memorial Ar : assortatlnn hrt today it
was d-t rmlr l. on motion r Socrtary
Oage, the tr. Mirer th Mriattftn.
to itUoiM ' ris ll.2nt.Qhf f .r cmMrurt -ing
th ir!K,".id rrh Ma'erlai pro
gress w.m rt.ri by thf- Itlve cow -mtttee
In h work of pr;nraton foe
raising uh-r.r tlons.
Cecil Rhodes Repudiates Bills,
CpUn. S t. 1 -The !T Oattftx E
"cfl Rlvwlrd rrpttdisling bills aggregat
ing SX'W p" tnu, drawn la fMr of ih
that date Moreover, he did not succeed
$40 each. But the trustees can vary from I to the title until 1SSS.
this rule to give large rewards when ever j
necessary to induce some one to marry
an unusually ugly girl, or one whose de- I
formity is an especial drawback. j I Charged With JInrdcrof Constable
It does not appear likely that sjch a I , William ISoyd.
set of prises will ever be necessary in I Toronto, Ont, Nov. 1. Fred Rice was
America, but there may be room here for convicted here today on the charge o
some such organization as the French so- murdering William Boyd.
ciety, in which young people may help
each other to get ahead. In France the
membership of the organization is al-
son not ny ui prea , A minotftr m Oklahoma, however,
tha eveoing of themurder. r&vors slngie statehood.
12-YEAR-OLD KIDNAPPER Ihe Indian Territory surtcsMoa ahv
t . favor single stateoood that 1. most of
backsrroiind When frf tK h,mM mraat: 1
was beins agitated, but now that It Is out I I'Hnc" the 'hrM bnnh
of th .-. t .h- fi .iw i f,f Ranrtswni scilv t and rortlng
of is sfaUehood. The Okiahootia politicians
mostly want doable statehood. Thoy don't
want to be attached to th Indian Terri
tory for state purposes. They advance two
reasons. One Is that it would bo Iscnos
sitle to levy a tax against the land la th"
Indian Territory and that tho fcwden of
taxation for tho support c; the state
would fall on Oklahoma proper. Tho other
is that it might snake the state Dssso-
ready more than KO,GX). a".d it is ex
tremely popular and is growing rapidly.
Ike Ooldsmith says that people b-.iy
novels largely from the backs. They
have heard of the book, see the title and
take the book quickly. Per-le whe tuy
BiUe buy slowly, examining the volume
closely as to print, concordance, maps
and so forth. When people buy diction
aries, the whole family is cvnsulfd. par
ticularly the children who are n hvii.
Occasionalsy in Wichita a bek buy-r
appears who announce? ira-k!y that
sho has a book ease at home which has
been empty long enough and must be Till
ed up. Sh buys sets of lwks with
beautiful impartiality as to k:r. I
Changes In Wichita ar rn-id ihi : ""ar.
Old and! familiar locations are disappear
ing. One of the notable dlsappeftraace?
is that the ston of Ktehum & K-t ch
um, two doors eist of th- E-ie! 'fS -The
same store has rerr:.fl t. r. i r
twenty-ftve yearj. H th' !
ness Iniildir'S.in Wic.ii? fr u , .
sign evVr hung-
Two Lovers Found Dead.
F."Jlns. Pa-. N'v 3 - At : . t
the bodies cf W t!tr S . ! r .. t Mr :
R:ch;tJ! r wre fur-.-l r. M. . : i .
with br.lit holes thrcugu r t
Young Montanan Abducts 6-Year-Old them. They say that the claim of tfc
. Child and Demands $1,500. i oKlahatea poiMielans In' regard to tb
Helena, Mont. Nov. L A special to tho ! taxation question is not Jbundod.
Independent from Great Falls says that, that th" Inilar. Territory if SBod with
a B-year-nsd bey aaraed SouthwicK. JciI- minerals and nil, and that it would soon
Rice is the i napped the 6-year-old son of G. W. j bo Xvr-i mo highly that tho tax oo
nniv mim-ivor nf ih. notorious trio of 1 it Jan, a prorament grocr or tnat city, persona iTop-ny iw awnevais mm ag-
Auro bank robbers. The murder occur- i J H a note to the fatiur demanding : gregat" a m h as Oklahoma s prsml ,or
rd on the 4th of July. last. Bovd and W-ww ransom. iziTat-niT.x o ram noe ; lfrrl-i -j ..... i o wmw un;
to have bn ntrnsd by M JCh tdos. h
arrived h"r Ths supr"m" e.rt has i
ud a irit ff lntprisonsrrrt tgalnst th
prtneswi. o jtcconnt of a ntt t 4trt -f
HZ poutvjx.
President Gompcra' Aid Needed.
Cincinnati. N -r. L Jr irM. nt OoMtrv,
of tho Aiwri.an FdrU .r, f Utmr.
has hn rj-t'lr. y mtm"i. eem t?
f: net nnatl to -lm anvmg
r"wery wrtr' 7 hk-h Xhr n to pr
rij.itat" a iri Tlw dirn-.tjr art
tvr th U!i.,t titw"n th. hr-ry
flf-ssm aod tl; nrniy wrk-ss im.
J. Relff Vtes Two Raoea,
.Vw Karkx. Nov. 2 It - r7?.
U. HtS wn the eying harJi-tnn pUUt
distanco lr fvi'vmg. at th V'-a- MArVt
Mo jghton w"tlnr todar 14' u ttn JMir
(J-nJct'S wm a irr hrxJj- ; srx tnr-
T"ofjw U KlfT, - tho en
another wnsuble w esrr.rtlr.ir the ! Ptecs or etass int" tne cnita s eyes soa me i j in-.
thre prisoners to the jail when someone ; t hi hands of unless tho dowaod vras : on rod, ijt rt". if lifcse stAt- j -
, threw two loaded revolvers Into their ear- cowpl with. hood w-rs granted it w Jd aaho iw, BlaeK Troops Rastod and Eaten.
I riage. In the desperate tight for liberty j ilr. Ryan , notified the polios ho ar- por.r etates. I4r.. N-, - n dispatch
which followed Constable Boyd was shot rested young Southwk-k shortly after th- i PrwUnt Ttf-relt U xil 4eqoaint"d fnn Antwrp my ttt l'lssoct 1
through the head. Ryan boy had arrived at his father's ! with cndltSons l-s th two t. rrltortos. It : bifc troop f. 41y rr.t t
Cour.sel f .r the prisoner was granted a tore .wharmed. having be-c r"lmed hy g't th- rrt f hit r-, .tth r..!. oat cf j a-Jthorstirrs t, - .n r t 3haiixurV
reserve case because the Jury found he Southwlck. South kV: caf"el that l.frlth?n ar.'J hs vubu-S thr. ;rwr"ot)y ; n Kssi. tr. 1. that t
' did not actually do the shooting. They did the deed of his own vtohnioa and that j The two umuma havo a rwrm pteee la ; ". r-. f . 4
found that he was guilty of aurder. j he had no acconrptices. Ho expressed no! his heart aed he ht pnrthrnhuiy slrj ; "if a.
however, on the ground that there was a repentance and said: "I would hsr. bit ' to i tb-an devHopsd into ahtg eocsavm , . y Kjj. .
the ehl mat: fcr SMJSta II I Oiougnt ne w-itr. ourtng bi aABBieistmtuo. Tor
conspiracy between ..aself and tho oth"r
two rri"nrf. Jones and Rottedge. n
ther rotbr are dead. Jones was killed '
in tho fight m which Officer Boyd was i
killed, and Rutledgo cosisaltod suicide.
would have, stood for it.
News From Klondike I Krousht by j
Steamer V.Hy f Heattlft. '
Vaacouwr. B. C. Jfov. 1. The tsn"r
.,, , , . . , , , , City of SeatHe xrrived today frosn Ska-
Alleged Kidnapper cf Cudahy Is Car- uUh Th. Tuion
ned from Court Room. I 0 two ro r ,,tJ
wBa, t.-v. l. vjanjes iauanas. on
tefi thss weeS: for Dawson. Th Hon. i
trial for petlnrv In the Cudohay Udnjw m ttum j, --u- it o....
pin? ri." r f wxy this momlng to live j -lrMt t-w. .-.wm- -mt, jLi xi. ! ai property, laicidksg th vnst beds
this reaarn h '. liXsty l- say sonmhag
ufn th- rjct Ir his lawwag
Th pisn t stncio stsu-hcod 4 ---irs
Is to har both tiiiHssliis nsnii mo taw
1 'b r a st once and dfvhtc th ladsaa Tr
nu ry tntc ctntatu-m tor jtttvml purpemr a.
ar-d thrrrw tb lands isU. tr at I . r.
t cojr. tj-s lend cowfcl not trr ixx-i
in tf Ind.an rj.-,trj -r'u t l4tia '
ZJtiw4k tf- : .-f.r ) th las- '
pvovesoeRt. th sslmml and att sho pr-1
v . T-u ov i J
' and bi wjff wrm t
rr, the bsr.i -f th Krz
Fall w,;i.:r Bft et-i
: Thry wr tr-.- IriUnr a"
, thir t'r.t mtm "-
i HSU.
trv rmr
m tam.
rn'. r which a has laho-
! : i rzmvri fntn the c":rt
th-- adjoarred The
-r.5tJ.-ral-. frc. .-. M -f
ad t re strain of the past Uw of tr DiainVxi
- r: - - r
:rt rt sti
nvr.th h- l rigJit hi nervosa yr:0'
t-- ".' t t ooMajuf.
(-jsti-.ued hH nrr.t:
th- k -. "i-i.f tl-iy. jrol?c: o"r t'!
:rr Tt J'ft.ns- i crjs 'is. -
:t t r-J t- st wtrj.t the t-y was
when the steam-r left as4 ttv-r wer
cm-spd t'-i pej ie who still wttb-l & c&ic
rwi--' 'rc. r.s -r -.T a t. g r-i
OvtaAs had
r i 's fat"-
r i.
v..t tm gt
at rr.'-' b as i:
tak'--. wt
-"r fut.
r- t it was tbsl
tr -fi had
X-1he A2nr -i Afjlxci-1 Jl
ir.g ; i t:jt -f is- rw tnari-t
- !-.- '. .1 in jt:--a 9--r-
Nero Astatiaot Fownd Daut.
who s-.f-!-. ' ! .jmmtuH VLr ' igWr
th i l.iptisfnt'. i : Sshf-r-.
M :-mxtA hsnagliis t - .pi, s
!tfc-- ae-r-i-'-t t An-- - t
V.-ntr hm 'um -vrthHt "-
, f-"v- r .tr. ft 'j' -
. . r- '

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