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tS&e TOcMta JBtiIi gajjlc: jpttutfaa IJltfintntg, ICmrciuhci: 3, 1301.
in. M. M'JRDOCK, Editor
Several hundred letters of sympathy and encourago
Iplect -were TVritten to the assassin of President McKin
ley, -which the authorities, of Auburn prison, yet have
ill their possession. These endorsements of the most
fiendish act and inexcusable crime that stains the record
Of years, were not burned or destroyed, as hasbeen sup
Posed, nor were they even seen by the ill-starred wretch
Tvfcose only defence for slaying the people's chief was
Ihat he was out of a job. Some of these communica
tions were indicted for the purpose of bracing Czolgosz
sip. There was an ardent fear that he might weaken and
in revealing the plot that other necks would stretch.
Others of these missives counsel courage, as something
Eaight turn up to defeat his execution. All or most of
let-m. it seems endorse the, foul murder. Those letters
should not only be preserved as possible future evidences
fcut the names of all the writers should be given to the
public. This is a counting of equal rights, of equal
chances and of equal privileges, and every community is
Interested in knowing if it is holding and protecting an
archists, and who they are. The names of these cow
ards undercover are desired for self -protection. This
trarming of snakes in the bosom is not void of danger.
fThis country of freedom-loving and open-hearted people
fcbould be made too hot for any one who is desiring or
Seeking to undermine its glorious institutions. Let us
liave the names of these traitorous hypocrites who come
e our shores swearing allegiance to its people, profess
ing a love for the land and for all it stands for in the way
bf civil rights and equal opportunities, and only for a
chance to strike it down. The people are entitled to
iuiow the names and the nesting places of these sneaking
reregrades, these traitorous conspirators who hold out an
open hand in pretended friendship while concealing a
Seath-dealing weapon in the other.
O . ..
Xo doubt Mr. McKinley counted upon years of rest,
peace and contentment, in his old Canton home, and
among those who had first honored him, and whom he
loved, after he had laid by, for good, the worry and re
sponsibilities of public life. But how uncertain is every
bay and hour of the future for one and all. On going
ifrorr. Canton to his inauguration the first time Mr. McKin
ley said: "To all of us. the future is a sealed book;
5)'it if I can, by official act or administration or utterance,
fin any degree add to the prosperity and unity of our be
luvcd country and the advancement and well-being of our
splendid citizenship, I will devote the best and most use
ful efforts of my life to that end. The assumption of the
c:.:f magistracy is of such grave importance that parti
sanship cannot blind the judgment or accept any other
C"r.:.!( ration than the public good of all, of every party
ami every section. With this thought uppermost in my
mind. I reluctantly take leave of my friends and neighbors
cherishing in my heart the sweetest memories and the
tenderest thoughts of my old home my home now, and,
I trust, my home hereafter, so long as I shall live."
This great country 'of ours is more prosperous than
probably at any time in all its wonderful history of de
vol -pment. This prosperity has come to us directly as
the result of the Republican policy of America for Ameri
cans, or in other words as the result of a high protective
policy. But a few years ago under a different policy
limes were hard and Cleveland was borrowing money
v.ith which to pay the running expenses of his adminie
Aration. Now the revenues produce more money than
the country knows what to do with, in the meantime in
dividual prosperity is universal. And yet it is doubtless
tn:r that a very large minority of the people of this coun
try, of those who are themselves prospering lis they never
'did ivfore stand ready to vote for a party and policy
tohi' h would inevitably pot the country back to the econ
omical basis of six years ago. With these a profitable
experience weighs as nothing against a pet theory, the
Itlioary of free trade.
Tlio Hon. John A. Kasson of Iowa, the well known
fii'iomat and tariff expert, made a notable speech in
Chicago the other evening before the Illinois Manufac
turers' Association on the benefits to bo obtained through
the execution of a reciprocity policy. Mr. Kasson quoted
tne fallowing from President Roosevelt's speech at Minne
apolis: "We must also remember that in dealing with other
.cations benefit must be given where benefits are sought"
A n port of Mr. Kasson's speech says that commenting
cu this utterance, he said in effect:
We could not get what we wanted without conceding
Bon thing the other party wanted. The unreasonable
cti;.fupcd protection with prohibition. They wanted
monopoly, and recognized no change, no conditions, not
em that the Dingley act itself provided for a 20 per cent
r .''". -t ion in its duties to encourage our export trade.
1l. accepted one part of the tariff law and repudiated
li.. "t'nr. This was not a party question, for while the
li :.:";lkan platform of 189G demanded reciprocity, neither
tv iHmoeratie party nor any other party had opposed it.
jN w. if on-? party opposed reciprocity because it dia not
give free trade, and the other party beeause it reduced
i.r.r.i-i eparily hitrh duties, there was great danger at the
i t cb ;tion f the fatal overthrow of the principle of
l rvteetion its If ."
The fight f r reciprocity should not be abandoned
fci.nply becauf-" there are tome who oppose it Such op
position is either due to mistaken ideas on the subject or
t unreasonable expectations and demands. For instance
the .same report says:
' T-.irning n--t to the treaties now pending 1 efore Ihe
note. jr. Ka?son nrocoodod tn mint .-.,
tonctssions ha. been obtained by the United States and j
41- counter - . nc ess ions involved, beginning with the
1 nt'sh coionia; treaties. He said there was no objection
t any of th- o treaties - v s t.t in the case of Jamaica,
v h r California objected : . jvr cent reduction on j
'craves. Ti.'s was mos: .n :st. he said, because the ;
1 neley duty on oranges wa., li.r.... t:mcs h,?h?r lhan py :
I - v-re. and t' duty under the treaty would be twico as
I.-h. and in ;.i.:.t:cn. the Jamaica crop did not compete
vjth the Cali:, ::.;a p:...:at. being marketed at a different
f .ion."
otr.where there lies an unquarried marble which may
? :"' iav--ed to commemorate the wisdom of the doctor
- ' - ci? natK'ETs ;ino nts beaue- he nr.?
jk unit! --as ions: ;w , n ri tarR a
a : -! T...V aivitrc i as a ::.?.:?
ciate of Virchow and Koch at Berlin, according
to the Philadelphia Record, seriously proposes to
substitute a curable for an incurable malady, or ague for
.cancer, the ague, being inhis opinion the more amenable
to medical treatment He announces that persons who
live in malarial regions are free from cancer, and he con
cludes that malaria acts as an antidote to cancer. He
suggests the innoculation of cancerous persons "either
with mosquito poison "or the blood of patients who are
afflicted with other malarial affections."
Professor Loeffier shows his lack of personal familiarity
with malaria especially in its ague form, when he affirms
that "it is established that malaria can be arrested by
prompt administration of quinine." Could the disting
uished physician be induced to spend a few years in the
the bottom lands of one of our western rivers, notably
of the Wabash, he would acquire a deeper respect for -the
persistence and .other qualities of malaria than he now
shows. Whether it would be a gain to escape cancer
at the cost of living with an ague is a question on which
the opinion of the cadaverous, saffron-hued, quinine-leaf and
utterly wretched victims of the latter ailment might be
worth taking. Those persons consume barrels of quin
ine in the course of their unhappy lives, not because it
cures, but because they have become addicted to its use.
When dissolved in the fierce product of the western still
quinine gives a momentary warmth to the chilled body,
though "it rings in the ears like the tones of a bell" and
dulls the sense to all external sounds. Perhaps it may
give the German physician a more distinct idea of the
ague form of malaria to quote from the recent issue of an
Indiana newspaper this statement: "Our report yester
day of an earthquake shock in this vicinity was an
error. It appears that the disturbance was caused by
the people along the Wabash, who all happened to have
their shakes at the same time."
However, it is not the intention here to oppose the
principle of substitution, but only to correct a light opinion
of the formidable malarial influence. If Professor Loef
fier happen to be "death on" any particular disease, and
can substitute that for an incurable malady, he should be
encouraged to uo it There are surgeons who have be
come so expert at cutting away inflamed appendices and so
accustomed to finding cause for the operation that a man
with a mere stomach-ache should keep out of their clutches.
If appendicitis could be made to displace rheumatism, for
example, the patient might be quickly cured, and the doc
tors could be relieved of the long-standing reproach of
their inability to cure rheumatism. Now that there is an
antitoxin for lockjaw it would be beneficient to substitute
that affliction for chronic dyspepsia, which oceans of
remedies have failed to destroy.
The principle of substitution is all right. It has the
advantage of allowing each patient to choose his disease
according to his convenience. For example, the preacher
who is afflicted with bronchitis which compels him to
abandon the vineyard for months to find relief in milder
climates can exchange it, say, for a gentle gout which
will merely force him to limit pastoral visitations.
There is a conviction which is well nigh universal that
aggregated capital does not bear its fair proportion of
taxes for which reason in part the rich grow richer. That
an income tax would be the fairest a majority of people
outside of the supreme court, firmly believe.
The supreme court of Illinois has just handed down a
tax assessment decision which is one of great importance.
The court holds that franchises and capital stock of cor
porations doing business in that state must be assessed
and taxed at their market value. The rule laid down
by the court is that the market value of capital stock
and of outstanding bonds shall be added together: after
deducting from this aggregate the assessment already
laid on the tangible property of the corporation in ques
tion the remainder must be assessed like any other prop
erty. The practical effect of the decision if it is strictly
followed by the taxing officers, will be to add to the tax
rolls of the state hundreds of millions of property now
untaxed. It is said that the 23 "public service" corpora
tions named in this case have property, coming within
the decision amounting to $236,000.01)0, which has here
tofore escaped taxation. Besides these corporations
there are the railroads of the state as well as many mer
cantile and manufacturing concerns, whose stock and fran
chises are clearly covered by the terms of the decision.
Strict enforcement of the decision also makes these com
panies liable to assessments for back taxes covering a
period of twenty-five years.
A Yale professor says that King Alfred was a rank
fake; that he was not famous until he had been dead
eight hundred years; that he never did anything of note.
All this proves that where Alfred fell down was in be
ing born too early to got an LL. D.
Shepard. Tammany's candidate for mayor of New
York, intimates that if he is elected, he will churn up the I
police force. Tammany will support him to a man. For
Tammany knows what an ante-election intimation amounts
to the day after election.
Richard Harding Davis threatens to sue Alger's publish
ers because Algjr refers to hkn in his book as "a timid
newspaper man." This is a shame when everybody
knows that Richard Harding Davis himself licked the
whole Spanish army.
Senator Hoar refused to deliver a public eulogy on
President McKinley because he could not endorse Mc
Kinley's policies. Which merely means that Hoar is
whacking away at a hair with a broad ax.
Those beautiful words of Shakespeare must recur often
to the Sultan: Neither a borrower nor a lender be, for
loan oft loses both itself and friend and borrowing keeps
the Mediterranean full of warships."
Schwab, the rich steel trust mapmate. recently tried his
first game of golf in Chicago. He paid two caddies $20
each not to laugh and with this help made the links in
2001 strokes.
"Ain't dat poor," said One Forty-tWQ,
as he laid a check for $30 on the.deste. It.
wnshis first appearance for nearly three
months ,'
"Have you been playlns the races, One
Forty-two, or is this the result of your
summer savings?"
"Tree months ago," ho went on, "I
fought I had it ail framed up fer a big
kiliin. I had all de kids nt Sixteen offis
on de string an' I was good fer all dey
pulled off. It was like dls:
"lie an" T'ree Twenty-seven goes
against de night school game an' gits
wise dat what we needs better ventila
tion. Dat bad air stops up de pores on
puts a kid on de bum. We makes a spiel
to de Main Cheese dat we got to have
a electric fan to keep de gray matter cool
out In de waitin room. He takes It up
,wid de Board of Directors and dey pass
a appropriation of two sixty-t'ree to
make de great reform. So we gits a fan
wid four paddles what you turn on like
an incandescent, au' when a kid goes tq
sleep we turns it on his face, an' he
wakes up dreamin dat ho's de driver on
a Ice wagon.
"One day when I comes down to the
ofils T'ree Twenty-seven has it all set fer
de klllin.' He has de flggars. one, two,
free, four, pasted on de paddles of de
fan, an' down below he has de layout wid
de same numbers pasted on a card. It's
a regaler roulette wheel. Down at de
bottom of de fan Tree Twenty-seven has
a needle fixed, an' when do kids has coin
dey pick out de number what dey bets
will stop nearest to do needle an puts
dere dough on de layout, lie an T'ree
Twenty-seven is de house, an' we has
t'ree chances out of four to win.
"We has a bankroll wid six eighteen in
it, when one day de Main Cheese dat's
de manager goes against dc wheel an'
drops two twenty-six. Dat makes him
sore, an' so he makes a order dat gamblin
is de curse of de nation, an we got to
pay back all de dough dat we worn All
de kids makes a claim dat dey lost a
bundle, an we pays out nine forty-seven
an' licks four kids to put ourselves square
wid de front ofils.
"De only odder good t'lng I had dls
summer was de Doc. De Doc runs
a dope parlor down on. Dearborn. When
a guy gits just about ready to cash in hc
goes against Doc's game on a marker, an'
when lf gits all lit an' in trainin' again
he welches an' forgits all about dv
" One Fortey-two,' de Doc says to me,
when a guy gits up against de real t ing
an' Jiggers out date de only t ing between
him an' a hole in de ground is a drug
store, he's dead willin to sign notes fer
any amount. After he gits well he t inks
dc Doc ought to be well satisfied if he's
paid fer de prescriptions an' not charged
'em up to him.'
Dat's de way I got on to de fart dat
dere's more in de doc business dan cut
tin' Qff a guys what awin' him. De worst
of de bunch is a ole daisy what de Doc
says suffers from too much nerves. De
Doc sends her a bill by mail till Hstag
stamps amounts to half as much as de
marker. Den be hands it over to a col
lectin' agency, but dey can't never find
de ole daisy at home. De Doc can't
prove dat she ever got bis bill, an' he
sends me up to make connections. He
hands me de bill In one of his envelopes,
wid his name printed on de corner, an'
says dat I'll know her by de butter color
fmnt she puts up. Den I says, Doc.
frimme a plain envelup widout no name
on an" squirt a little stinkalorum water on
so it'll smell nice. Den I'll get next to
hr-r.' 1
"I goes up an de ole daisy sends out
her st-iol pigeon an' wants to know what
I got fer Sliss Jones, an' dat she ain't to
lnm; anyway. I'ut I gives her de wie
wink, en' says I g't a private an' confi
denshiil note fr her, wid Instructions dat
nobody else kin git dere lamps on it.
" "O. come on, show it to me,' she says,
an' I gives her a peek at it. It's In a
pink envelope, an' it's all smelled up wid
newsmowrd bay, so de stool screws in de
fat an' puts de ole dame wise dat dere's
p mash note waitin' fer her.
"Pretty soon she lets me in herself an'
takes de note an' tears open de envelope.
But first I gits her to sign de book fer it.
s I has her to do good. When she se s
lie Doe wants her to pay de marker she
turns on de hot air an' gives me de merry
ch if". Put I got her sig to show de Doc
p.n' he says dat's de nearest he ever got
to collet-tin' de bill yet.
"I did a lot of turns fer de Doc, an'
him an" me gits to be pardners. Dat was
de way I gets de check ror fift."
"Rut this check is signed by M. J.
"Well, ain't you wise to Rafferty. de
great referee? He's de guy what tipped
off me tin' de rest of de kids at Sixteen
offis to de game of golluf. He runs de
joint down on Sout Clark. Two months
ago Rafferty telephoned over, to m- at
Sixteen offis an' says fer me to come
right over.
Rafferty says to me dat he's got a
n-w barkeep what's a-knockln. down on
him nn' dat he can't get nest to his graft.
H's tried all de regaler scheme an' he's
fell down. His brudder-in-law. what de
hartend's never seen, has wnt in an'
bought !v cents' worth an' it3 been
rung up on de register all O K. He's
Irid de eye what never sleeps peeled for
him for a mont," an' dey can't git wise.
Ko hn send fer me. He says fer me to
go up on de tloor alwve an' bore a hoi
t rough de plaster an' keep my lampa lit
fer de grafter t'rough de hole, an' 1 tries
dat game, but it won't do. De work is
too coarse. De bartend nevtr bats a
ve. an' plays 'What are you going to do
about it' on de machine all day long, nn'
I can't git wise dat he make! a miscue.
' Finally I goes to see de Doc. 1 tells
de Doc dat I knows dat bartend la hold
out on Rafferty. but I can't git next
Piracy Is still an occasional nlaasantrv
of Moorish life, writes Fanny Ward frpm.
"But my prayers are nbt answered."
complained-a parfehonsr to the late Rev.
Tangiers. Recently the Prosper Oprin-. a ! Dr. Patten, of Mew Haven. Gonn. "Pos
vessel engaged in the French-Spanish sibty that's because-"your prayers are
trade, was looted on the Mediterranean Hke soma promissory notes presented be
by Reeflan pirates. The forengn minlst- -or they are due."
ers went in a body, accompanied by thir S
dragomans, to demand restitution m be- DroHchoa bought a phonograph and
half of France and Spain from Moham- Insisted upon his mother-in-law having
med El Torres, the Shereetten minister hr voice registered by the Instrument,
of state. They will get it soin day , As th good woman rtfusod. he addd.
but never so long as the Sultan can find maliciously:
excuse for delay. "Oh! conve, now. Just a few words. You
Only the other day, a few miles off th . think how aoeh pleasure It wfll
coast of Morocco, and almost wlti srv m to hear your voice when you arc
range of the guns of Gibraltar, a Brids! ; sone! '
felucca was driftly placidly on the tH 13 S 8
in a dead calm, when eight long- boat? Marius is a famous cyclist, and his sa-
fllled with swarthy Moors, pulled out Penortty is uix;uestkd by all wao Know
from tho shore with vigorous sweeps ot
their oars. It was the Riff parties agaii.
descendants of that famous band oi
"water-rats' which swept these seas In
the Middle Ages, and despoHed eTery
vessel they could put their claws on. A
felucca is only a small craft, whose full
complement Is nine sailors. Therefore,
resistance was useless, aad the Rift's in
the long boats were, masters of the situa
tion. They did not kill, as their ances
tors would have done, merely for the fun
of the thing this piracy being too easy.
In the twinkling of an ye they stripped
the little ship, taking away the entire
cargo, all the spare canvas, the captain s j
One of his acquaintances Informed him
the other day that he was trying hard to
go f.ster than he.
"My dear fellow." said Marias with a
compassionate smile, "I've tried to do
that myself, but I've never been able to."
s s &
When Bishop Porter was asked, the
other day. what he thought of woman
suffrage, he made the diplomatic reply:
My dear madam. I have gotten away
Deyood that: "I am trying to make the
Kst terms with the sex that I can ob-ta'n-"
This brines to mind the mot of
William M. Evarts when asked by a lady
It ). A ,41 rt ,1,1.1. -k.
belongings and about in silver coin, j i'c- ,, " tt. V.L,
Ihen, turning their attention to the ervw ,r 'rV ' iLJ,lT k w TiL w T
they tore the clothing from their backs ! but the beet
even suppeu on weir snoets, wnuw me
victims, afraid of their lives, submitted !
without a murmur. When there was no 1
more to steal the followers of Captain i
Kidd sent a few parting shot at the ship, j
flourifhcu tbeir long sharp knives ner.3
ingly and pulled back to shore. ,
Nothing has yet been done ahou. me
outrage, but England never let? h;n jus
go unredressed of foreign wron?, ;nd It!
Is probable that before long th will be !
music In the air about the S' . :i s ears. I
In this case the Sultan was r . to blame.
5 51 5-3
A story is told ot a conscientious min
isterial golfer, who had been offrHl an
other pastorate, much better than the
one he held, and with an ideal aolf course
attach. The family were all enthtsstea- j
tic players. Happening to call ne day j
at the minister's dwelling, a friend of j
the family and a golfer himself mt the j
daughter In the hall and aaked her: "I !
vour father going to accept the offer?" I
"Well," the girl replied, demurely, "pa- I
nn Is nraviny for tnn.l inre in th I'lirirv I
He has many timea marched troops , aml msmma lltviU,lrs packing."
against the Riffs, but all in vain; and
now he has set a large price on every
pirate's head. It is another case of
"first catch your hare." In Moroccan
dialect, 'Riff" means seashore. 'The range
of coast hills, in whose secluded valleys
and hidden pockets these people have
their settlements, are called el Rlf by the
Arabs. Safe in their fastnesses, the
Riffs have proved themselves to be even
more ferocious landsmen than sea-robbers,
a thousand times more feared by
the peaceful subjects of Southern Moroc
The public schools of Aadarki start
ed Thursday., high school and ail.
Some of the stook in th Wichita gold
mines Is selling, for fifteen cents a share.
Oklahoma City's contingent will go to
the Muskogee statehood convention In a
VVltdman down In t&e new country is
sufficiently Col&radoish to have a Miaers'
Rest Hotel.
If the flow should iacwase In strength
Blackwell wilt be tnffted to chog her
name to Gfeswell.
That Kingfisher College football team
is still making ft extremely warm for
everything it tackles.
The imst raenttoaad public instintifvc
In Oklahoma, te the poor hous-. They
don't seem to thrive.
The way the sltuattoa Is sizing up now
if a Daraecrat is nominated for congress.
Roy Hoffstax will be the man.
Eastern pai.rs are jNtbltshine long ac
counts of MJa MulhaM's vsnit to the
White House w.i'ch is to take nUice this
The Btackwell Nws says that 1 few
shallow wette will produce an ab;:-. taac
of gas. But the main well will r sunk
La?t week a man wandered dawn to
Oklahoma City and dacMod not to start
a newspaper. The ooinwaalty iras
greatly startled.
The paaers la the new town of Kiowa
land hav started a fight on the Uv.
They always come in early and havre u
be roond out.
A IHmocratlc member of the fcool
board at Molbart has declared tht .t
Hepubikn .shaII be elected to a psttltvi
in the m hoots there.
The other day a farater wnlkel int
an Oklahoma editors olBoe an.! pit v
sweet potato on hut table. It iut: t the
buldlnc kwn and cnitpied tho editor.
H U satd that th distant b ; veen
Cleo ar.d Alva is twtnty-nim- mi- . but
that the hoc taw in kcIuk rrm p iawi
to th other travels forty-four Trile-t. it
must be kinky.
The Oklahoma Cltv peop4
an Inditmation that !a an:
a New York travel: man i
that the Santa iV rtmot ai
i-um, x timing m a uorirmu m vi
co than by their countrymen who do com- the was her sK husband
In Paris they tell a story illustrative of
the slimness" of Mrs. De Wet. Aa
English officer was pointing out to her
how Impossible It was for her husband
to escape the cordon of troops which t City is the worst t;-. tt counm
were arawn rounu mm. as .Mrs. ue I
Wet seemed unable to understand him. j
the o ftlcer placed a dozea eggs In a circle '
on the table with a half-crown in the j
middle. The eggs, he explained, point
ing to himself, were the English: the!
coin, pointing to a portrait of De Wet on
: -t with
K--1 leep
mercc- on the
tively little is known about, the Riffs.
The tangle of wild mountains within
which most of them live, almost over-
Mediterraneon. Compare- j waa gn ,xcn.nt obiect-leon and if was wHI a PPr.
i perfectly successful. "I see. ' said the
simple Dutchwoman, m excellent Eng
lish. "But where is D Wet?" And the
caught under a bowlder and Instead
using his advantage he sympathetically
came a pet and followed Jim about and
guarded him as watchfully as a doe;.
One night he was awakened and. mlsslng
Whil cleaning a msn th : - dy an
Oklahoma City ron dicbarK. i n an. I
hit a mandolin sou.) re In in.- t :na-h
The Oklahoma n reiortr who , x d it
says that mandolin now look i!e ?
wrecked Colorado potato Suu
Biwm league recently .net m i':k-
A letter rtifiv." th'.i
week . x plains who T ague w H- wm
an Karfllshman who left his n r i
daughter Id Enaland sr;tVnt.n
and th-y never heard of him ibi l
after his death.
Wllllam Shawcrow was Jtll!1 j- -nw
nee Saturday evening. fn!.t:it,
Lowr ;i:d Rjino Hamlin were o.j
Lowe tried to nboot Hamlin.
struck his arm und th hiiii
flhT", who m,m arrow i.
and knew nothing of the i..
the men coocernfd. There : ..
for a trn hde .it Hhnwn. .
rne KnJd E.ur)e jrs th
rii.nv 1-emocmtlc huie.n ,-..?
rial men left Knid for tb- t
looking the southern coast of Europe is , half-crown had disappeared
as unexpioreu today as tne neari qi vi- 152 "ST "H1 62
rica. It is aid that the men and wo- j -Rattlesnakes are grateful If vou aln
men descend from the Barbary rangers j thHr affctton R correspondent of
are skillful farmers and make their val- The rorjrtcana (y , XtV9. -My brota.
i. s iMossoin ; s wie su.tvuwms rr Jim foulMj a alx.foot nutir near town
tnemseivts wnn many luxuries oy ine
simple arts of smuggling and robbery.
uuveyner. a t rencn explorer sas; 51 the 9nak-. which thereupon be-
sessing a formidable armament and sev
r:.l thousand tip-to-dat guns.
In view of these drawbacks, one's es- 1 th snake In Ita usual olaee at the foot
plorations of Morocco are somewhat lim- ! of the bed. he knew something was
itea. uitn only one somier guiae 01 wrong. He got up and lighted a match' Klowaiand as did KpuMi
whom there is pronawy as mucn reason 1 tn investigate, and found a burgl.;r In only those Halmtng r. klen .
to ne ntraui ot its any otner pirate you the next room In the colls Of the snak .
may visit the envlrous of Tangier, seeing which had its tail oat of the window r -all
of consequence in one day's time. At tling for the police,
low tide um may ride down to the beach j -g fgj g)
and off to the eastward, where massive j ..But j don't know you madsm." the
ruins of Roman walls, temples and am- j iank cashier said to the vom.-.n who had
phitheatres ten of a great city which once : presented a check. The woman, how
stood upon the shining sands. This was , evvr instead of saying haughtily. " I do
the ancient Tingls. which tradition say : not wjah your acquaintance, sir!" mere-w.-s
founded by Sophax. a son of Her- , Iy replied, with an engaging smile:
cu'.es and the widow of Anbaeus. In its j "Oh, yes. you do, 1 think. I'm the
neighborhood was long pointed out the j 'red-headed old vlrxfo' next door to you,
grave of the fabled giant, said to con- whose scoundrellv HtI boys are always
tain his skeleton sixty cubits long. At j reaching through the fence snd picking
any rate fhe numerous legends that cling , v ur flower. When you started for
to it attest the annuity of the place, j town this morning your wife said. Mow
history tells us that the Emperor Augus-j Henrv. if you want a dinner fit to eat
tus raised it to the rank of a free city: tnia evening, you'll have to leave ma a
anrt that in the time or tJiaufllus it oe- '
k ih
little money. I can't keen this bonso on
came a Romm c-jlonia and capital of the plain water and sixpence a day-
province of imgitana. Hera in ancient
times, the gailerl. were laid up in mid
winter Just inside the mouth of a small
riw r which flows into the Mediterranean
but is now useless for any sort of ship
ping, the one-time harbor being complete-I lady seemed overjoyed when hr mother
ly cut off fnm the pea ny a huge sand-! promised to tak her to a concert on the
bar. Across this historic stream (now following evening, and. rushing off to her
Here's your money, madam. " said
the cashier, pushing It towards her and
coughing loudly.
5? m; si sb
The in-year old daughter of a portly
known as Qued el Yehoud, or "Jews
River may still be traced the ruins
of a Roman bridge; and near by are the
remains of an extensive acqoeduet.
Another hour's ride brings you to Cape
Spartt 1. with Its celebrated light house,
which t'nele Samuel helps to maintain.
It was built at the expense of the Moors j
by a French architect, but Is kept up by
the various foreign governments which
are interested in the Mediterranean trade
each contributing its annual quota. Af
ter ascending its tower and enjoying a
wide view of sinning sea, and haae-envel-oped
hills, and f ir away on the horiaon's
rlm a glittering sliver line which marks
the northern border of the desert you
are offer! cofree and bread by the care
takers of the light house: and never was
nectar and ambrosia so acceptable.
If cr.rly enough in the day you may
diary And made a ftw notes In It
"I should dearly like to see what the
darling girl has contidod to her diary?"
said the mother to her husband, when
the child had gone to bed. "What do
you think?"
"Oh. read It by all means," he answer
ed. "It's sure to be something wetly
So the portly lady, not without a few
qualms of conscience, opened the newly
blotted ntry. which rr-ad as follows.
"Tuesday Am going to th concert to
morrow with mother. Wish I could
leuve h!f of her at home. It's so un
comfortable to sit on tho edge of a chair
11 night "
S 5
A good story is t"ld of aror!!l. Itary
famoim painter, which will bear repetition
continue th rule to the caverns Of Raa 1 An autnorss or note m in apis ano
Ashukkar. near the village of Medluna. j very much desired to know him. but
nhirh tinv, ervel n stone nuarrles nine 1 coiiM n'ifl no one to a 1 mm rai-nn"niir.
i the (Ihvo of the Romans, and from which , So at Is.-t she took hr courage m her
, a'l the mill-tones for grinding wheat thst bands ar d resolved to Introduce herIf.
ar- used in the rrovlno of Tangier, are . but nt without oualme As she approacn
Pl'M ut I d he found the st i'Ho door open one
' Retrm.ine to the city-whose gates you i mr 7" for . tnhmrnsmnt -snd.
j nisrht outside you may vary the excur- j
sion bv i rossing the plain, instead ot
fore the rtit at work, who lo.,ki! r at
her absrt-mlndedly said: "Th- in.
to him. an' de Doc says dat I'm morally; :.., th(. u.af h r,a), oa thl,t part of m tn " 4o ynu
sure but can't prove it. an' T says dat's! !j fat?a 'n"ar..Jt v th, T Lh or ci- And to her murmured rewpons wet
right. Den de Doc says dat de only way $ZJU. 'Jl x SmSE Wv- "D: lb " of ,h" ,M,f! dft Bot M,t
to make dat kind of a guy cough up is to miri in" the living rock, which trad!- m" rn,v u A::n moment; yours are
wait till he's ready to croak an' den put r t,OJ, savs th. burto, pUce(t of the Juf '.."JS ,h- I. rfo
.1- vise on him. An' I asks de Doc If he ,t h,-n!ciar,s Horrible to relate wuh !nwar4 delMtht the lsdy Mt down
ain't cot some kind of done what 11 make ZT ' tn -uJlIlL LV-i and sef-l as modH t,.T an hour aftd a
got some Kinn 01 tiopw wnai 11 matt' rnr.i,v .r. hrr Mmm hove
a cuss t lnk dat he's all it an' de Docjan unt rrtrruptfn wrought Its perfect
liughs an says he shouldn t wonder if w,(fk ar1 ,lW u,,Ji2.d aa prison celts,
he had. Ertch contains nom- wretched bing,
"I gits a bottle, cf dope from d Doc wn,, mrtm ftttnmtI u probably that of
an' ruts ft up wid Rafftrty s brudder-in- t ir,K ah1r tn y hla tm. held fst
law .lat he 11 pour de dope in de harten- ,.. hair. ,t i..n mmirh to permit bim
to squat in the door or ais tntnD ov aay
The rest of the country regarded the Booker Washing
ton dinner as a mere incident. The Maryland Republi
cans, however, view it as a prairie fire. It will probably
beat them.
A. T. Bjermm of New York wants all Americana to boy
cott England, refusing to buy English good, until England
calls of! the war on the Boers. Mr. Bjerrum has a pjipe
John Keating who wrote: "Just One Girl in this World
for Me" has been sued for breach of promise. Apparent
ly the others he knew made Pearl go way back and ait
The Cubans are taking practically no interest at all in
th-'r election. Now that the Cubans have freedom tht-y
wui probably insist on being hauled to the polls election
Roosevelt wouldn't be Roosevelt If he did not invite
Booker Washington to dinner again, to let the south
know incidentally that it never touched him.
. I
Theatrical people complain that Kansas audiences are '
invariably cold. Probably the reason for this is that I
the theatrical people consider themselves hot stuff.
drr's beer, while me an' Rafferty waits
Tip-stairs till we sees what happens.
"Pe bnidder-ln-law com-n It wid a
gang what he s put wise about 1J o clock,
an' asks de bartend to have a drink wid
dem. an' while de bartend's got his back
turned he pours in de dope. In about
five minutes 6V bartend says dat he s
lin" terrible bad. an' de gang te'.Is him
to brace up an' not be a gussy. Den de
bartend gits worse an' tips over, an'
hollers fer a doctor, an' one of de gang
nine back an' asks de bartend to look
at hto tongue an' feels his pulse.
" 'Too bad.' says de guy. 'Ton got a
stroke of paralysis. Jt's all off wid you.'
he says. "You ain't got no show,' we
says. "You're got about nften m:r.;tes to
now. You got about fifteen minutes to
make yere win.' he says. 'Shall I send
fer do priest.' be says.
" 'Send fer de boa first." aars de bar
tend, proanin' terrible. I war.t to see
him firs..'
' Rafferty a;.' tne hustles down from up
stairs, while de bartend fro&rm dat he s
going fast, an' fT us to hurry up quick..
ma of hiinVlcnt Urn- to en!::l. f .. m 1
a vot- voted In the t. '.en eiiu.. th
new co-itry. the f.v t th? th.- f w-.
went Democratic recently H exH.i -rd
Alva Review: Tvputy PhT't '" nk
Harmon and Col. J4r.feckr Lr. 1: t l-j
a man from Cleo who give, ttis . .
Vhaa. Chapman. '., nnl krr t tsn i
him on the stre.tn .f i!,. .. ...
morning acting very Strang-!-. r 1 .
ing signs of insanity Xo o .e
know who fc Is or hwre h- -
Ho has a mooomatti.i for nirr;,-
phonv. sad a hen first noticed n
streetci holding his hand to h:
cslllng up friends at4 hi m 1
he sas is In Kar.s.m but f !
connt-ted. H :,. .ded. j w.
calling up the Inssnltv bord
tnv.-stlantlon. found that h-
ed with a bad caso of txvoae .
bibed too freely of 'li wt'
1 f
p- 1
' - .
ar.d rrawl into it at night for shelter.
it take two day" to go to Tetun on
muie-lack. and the government insists on
fvrnishing a soldier escort-Ht yo-:r ex
prse. The customary M)ncrt ' ' a
foot soldier Is half a dollar day snd
his "keep." that nf a mour.td .ldtr
double the price. Leaving rir' r y
the at gate you follow the ba-h at -out
a mli and then turn iniaod a. :d the
said hills. By and by you cci' to ;
little stream, fringed with ptnk and whft
oleanders, whlh follows the mad all the j
way to the mountains. ;
At a mtserable clay village eaiif r..n- ;
: tk yo-.i pass th night, pitching tt In .
the o;en. If vru hav them: or. If r.i. .
f-:r"rii2:i4j t wretched cara nseri ,
The latter is an Immense square b-jiidlrg. .
c rtaining a large open eovrt, wit a !-!
t it ade around It. Into which a oambr .
r ; roomo opn. Tas apartment con-,
t -fn notb;-ig In the world but dirt snd :
(trol!. j
Fftn F""-.dsrk th- stty road Is Hk-'
half, during which writer and rrtlat tank
ed thowgh the 7 had been friends all
their lives. At a cr-ivin poiit M ,rH
stop;e! shruptly. to- k off his gtass,
p- red At his hAr.dP'.me modt. srsd said.
"But excua me. who are you1
5? X
J pf -rwnt Jworrsn maks hhi biwt
thst he ' ver has b intrviwd ad !
decleres than In th lst SMrn yar bt
one 1- en-lewe- h t.n abie to ,p- j
preh him. This w..s oa a nt "tp ,
to Kur ; hn r-iMwnUthr -f h:
!.nnd r T ,m we -; 1 n, i take yo fr
ni" sn'-wr 1 r.-r imn w. i my
time worth tn r-"Jnd a iw!!Ut at t - !
last Mid 5lortt r. The TlSA trr-. "r j,
h- II tttkr two tni"t t that. 'wrae j
rthru repty in iir.'irwr ps"';
Mr M'tiria twr'-.- r ;B'5s t;k-t ;"tst
tH'r.' : v both ratr
r- t,4' g hlasflf ro-
0 -r lo Allen rnuut f the .t
Slippet follows the n,n0d!rir vl i
bride prepared with h-r own h. . '
If th- Oregon iimn who :-!!u
diet uf nand Is if -"I for ' . :- r
right. ihfSe high Kanfss wind ar.
a grens work.
At K! Dorado a prrspertiv gr
duUiatiisjMtf alwityw by the f. t
whf.i b- entrs the j.r ,tt- .
he io! h th door ft r him
Thre is danger of i um t-'
ed with Preeident K, !t
ben .1 fight oi e K.w.a
merit to come h fo-. m. a rt:
age flghf. and the eh ie- r-
arowi'-g tlrerr!i 1: t. a
ous. h t ii man.
The so Is I hf of Nton Is .r t
pnpM!tn. The n.arrtnl mr-n
vo;ng unen do r..t :,k t. 't
thm the marriel vr mtn j.t "
marri'! men n". r a k th m
h-i'-e tbt maniM f. hv '
to oraar; lae a don 'ub - f '
A Knnu man mrlU
lvek to "Mee J A. F.rtn ot !
ofT i- world, wer t jr.to the 'r,'-
nlllfig. waa srt .y t rh:r h
Rc. w,t& hard a miu - -y-sxrH
nti-i the thr -Imr
district jads by t.- go,. . r
At Vewton 1 h- 'it-er da v !- . '
Woman KW iHHKt'"-: 'iy b'-r
with questfots un't! mt.-t wmHl r
a Itttle Miorw) t-, J'.hr
don t !rv up I'll trn'- t'-D '
rf-rd b V." The r- . ' sun.)- 1
led n'!e ssd tic
what v "i trade :v
if he sh ild b M-l
Th lwre' '
thSt Ml '
waa :; as trH
f". ! -t r 1 '
h-"5 i rw-'d.r ' t
V.s a. or. l v !
f-:'l rw-rm ' ;
th 'K oa of ' '
1 -thn
1 S
Hr If-
i iv.n .
r jit
n. '
Tr - -
a tr-
tl.tnbiEg stairs, now stralht :p. '-b :
Rafferty leans over him an' he whis- j Cown. orw a. sertea of low tout rntg4 j
pers th Rafferty's ear: "I pinched 3W j hJISs ar.til you reach the brV waicit j
bucks from you la de last eight moot .' i siv.ns the B u 8 fihs Jtrwr. Here you
".Vrre Is it" sa-s RaXferty g--T the frst gTimpae of Trtuar aTid he J
Lcm4c in de inside pocket o? ve. j r -st ri -firo-.te mv in Maroro. Ee-
hnrtend. an RaJfenv makes I'tlt' te. a k w' "t t mn.
book wid a t o-jsa.id
Henri "Watterson 5s not wholly hard hearted and if
he had toon in Noah's place he would probaMv have given i
Ham a i'.fo preserver before he put h;m off the boat. j
Roosevelt's rcessage to coagTess, It is advert!sed. will
be short, but nc one need expect to find it as brief and as j
spicey as his last public one the round robin.
Jim Crrxs :t f-t.U insists on having a fight with Jefro!
anl Jffrits raa fe-i constrained to ta. Jim Cor1 tt ,
u'y iatk and st him down,
- irvh " nigs up
b'jck In it.
- t dlsni Jest about m&k us
scuare. savs Rafferty. an' de bartend
s! dat s ail rbiht. only to forgtv him
. . naff-rtv writes o-st a ro. n
fe- de t-irtend to i!gn dat he plnrhed d
' .gh r paid tack d tc-JFir'i (..-.(,
a wc Linsnd sisr-s It
About half an bor afterwards de
bartend gifts well asain ' starts to
make a rcugh bouse, but aaffertt. has de
t.-t come over from Central. .d tie
t. rn to J.jm Mhen h gits v.Uv In
g5; 1 uv wid his per. a-, r- ni
rh- f - fft' A'" ''- -'
eminent German physician.
' agTrry of
Professor LoetEer an asso- i
if Pern lien's eggs are used for money. And in other
ways ther is reason to believe that Peru's financial sys
tem :s rotv n.
S-:ro f tof Kanss a.tx are rpf ;!r.r t &'-: jr. --rr.or-
uf-poaiu;. There Is a stringency ia tne yuk. ca-nacJtv.
Hard to Identify.
Tha : ;:mm s hair. s,-i-J
Hal. P;er is; -g
' t : th. .i-afR-. r-i
out h:-
-.t ' yo . r i.'.'r
dewt!fy thus sjger to saTe totu
r.'.jr American.
trva! w'th rrLlr eotjr tr. th ;
-,'. Ui frc ta Ciaance oc 7 a f :
t-i'-ei-.ti snd a heavy. frsritg keap of
n.-istr-.r that futas th citsdei Tr
-.V-" 2"P ft s nsseet'Hie bill f
f.- - . 'h- f " wtii Sows thrr -th
, - : .., .ri rh aith !. isnt hr -:
- s'tstt"
:i . !'. r-' rwlst'or. ' n r ?
a'!v Moor and Jew. BaCsns tb :
i:a-:h wa.r ther were maoy pair.:e .
ii'rr. trt "f aham were killed w hve
'.-. f; ;h j:c To pt;it.rry a j
..m' n t '.!. r. Th - r- s
j , i :!'. he rag fe--?r. 1r - -
j, . ; r tt v-d'--' "I'T ---
rs' tte !tt AphiKtt. Slid tfe
k- ,i iMir rtjit-v pala- i ir -. .
. .-..' t-a-i ; tte Katu ef. '
,rg. ' " ' ' ; - s '-.ci r'um, -wis
"Why di 1 ytvj '
rr., - Morgan mkd u rrVoM .
w .i , ir.tr ww yu r-mMinA!.''. h;s
all. " his rp Morg. jft!
ltd him -- r --!. d m
" r..mwor.; ; ZZ: rftad
rt wnt s- . ' f. nnwr 7 .r mj
k-pt th Krrgs-
r.-,f tirn h. - ' ati:tiB
nr. of & ' ny re;" at h '1
poJIc t: -n waa ti'i l-ri- .-
rl w.ks t hf.r i'. a "-'.tar
rr.-in who hA a nrr.l -"d T1a
rt '-. i- k-- eis mai ar-i Vad d
5-- t arr'
r. r
- if,' -ri.''.
ior - f
i -ler -i- .
- In ki ?f
. Bad (rt r
fit Kar -
tM f0t -'
Krrt r,'
' . eJ his nTA'
;!U- know:
ts m'-x-r-' to
safj ' n
Mutt''''- " -r
. th'- v.
, gAl ' .
' Ym a
- tmrr " ?
Mtn - - .
' r
ft SX.
.f 9?
a-- haUata J- ,
ept"' k attar k i v.,
dv-T f - 4 ar.i
aa wm r"wt4d Tf-
n-tr-y. mm rtr naa
wMh - (sreaw - tr-
yH.'i-y r jwru. .V
lAif, r--.d jir"
tr-m feast- P
A' h- -, (RrAje
rrt a ma wh-n ftni " " "dTa.' ;:
M'rr d-rct fl hla ttM tn t t I" . K away
Ht Ha warrwrt tato trts : . - TjA v
i diw?aSia ipei r-Titr5ng ' -' ' ta. ,
T.t'-, t r Utr I h Ka ft-;, - r ' a fr!.s '
k - hiv5 w fr. "t tlr-t; ' '
... ..tf. - - ar ua-.AlT , - 'A '
wrtr, tn- praee r-f aew -wrftts tMT ' 4"' - 1
te ,pts'.!h de and ffne-f sd wr in
sr'.--f r " mi M' on M. AS. -1
wr h " r"s. frM 1 '.'.it.: f. -f. .
)l m i' f- M v ta ;r ,,f tj. fc. 54. I iff At : "
"Tfcl Is I - t,
a f-...wi Xf
tjr that b
w 5 sac
r fr i'tt
' -
t t - .
t !-
w t x
H ' - .
ai : i
sx K-
k - ? t
f - .,
f' r.
, f ar' - ir,
' f a " r ';;
tf - - -. lt. 1
' ' t
.- , .
" . .

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